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Manga / Madoromi Barmaid

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Cover for volume 6
Legend has it that there is a mobile bar somewhere in Tokyo, where one can ask for just about any drink one can think of. Or not, where in that case the resident bartender will make something she thinks will suit you. Anyway, your heart will be touched by her drink. This is a story about a female bartender and her special "my-pace" bar where she makes cocktails that leave unforgettable taste in her customers' hearts.

In short: Bartending, The Manga.

Madoromi Barmaid is an ongoing manga series by Pao Hayakawa. It has been serialized in Houbunsha's Shuukan Manga Times since 2017, and has been collected into 6 volumes so far.


  • The Bartender: A whole slew of them. All of Yuki's housemates are one, as are the Snakes, Ashley & Shannon Wu.
  • Mobile Kiosk: Yuki's bar Satellite wanders about Tokyo wherever she feels like setting up. She even takes it along on the Beach Episode.
  • Technician Versus Performer: While all of them are very skilled bartenders, Hiyoko is very much a performer with her flashy juggling techniques compared to Kiho and Yuki who are much more reserved and seem to treat their bartending as just a job.