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"She wants a little bit of earth
She'll plant some seeds
The seeds will grow
The flowers bloom
Their beauty just the thing she needs..."
The Secret Garden, "A Bit of Earth"

Maybe it's just a tree they've been tending to for years, a farm full of fruits and vegetables, or a flower they've just planted. Whatever the case, the Gardener is someone who grows and takes care of plants, and can come in two types:

The Gardener may be a farmer, gardener, someone doing it for a hobby, or someone simply caring enough about a certain plant in particular to want to keep it alive. May use magical/enchanted or highly advanced items for better results, although regular shovels or watering cans are more likely to be in use. Often what becomes of those who experience Call to Agriculture. A Caring Gardener cares about everything from humans to the grass beneath their feet.

Compare Green Thumb, which is about plant controlling powers, and Fertile Feet, where a person's powers cause plants to instantly grow whenever their feet touch the ground.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • A Certain Magical Index: Harzak Lolas, the caretaker of Lindy Blueshake, also gardens as a hobby.
  • Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a former agricultural goddess who does volunteer farmwork in her spare time (and she does it all by hand rather than using her magic). It draws a sharp contrast with her normal role as a Comedic Shotacon.
  • Both Naruto and Gaara from Naruto tend to plants in their spare time. Naruto doesn't have any preference, but Gaara prefers Cacti.
  • Senshi from Delicious in Dungeon grows vegetables in the backs of earth golems. He's also highly respectful of the titular dungeon and always tries his best not to harm it in any way, even when harvesting resources (e.g. never hunting too many members of one species at a time).
  • In the second season of Princess Tutu, Duck meets a kindly girl named Freya who tends to the gardens on the academy grounds because she loves the beautiful way that the flowers bloom.
  • Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket has a private vegetable garden that he refers to as his "secret base". His willingness to reveal it to Tohru and letting her help him take care of it is a notable sign that he's opening up more to her.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • After awakening her Past-Life Memories at age 8, Catarina takes up farming to both increase her affinity with earth magic and so she'll have a useful skill in the event that she gets exiled. Even after finding out that it wouldn't help her with magic at all, she continues to do it as a hobby well into her teenage years, much to the confusion of everyone around her.
    • Mary tended the flowers in her family's garden when she was younger, and it was Alan commenting on her green thumb that caused her to fall in love with him in the original game. Catarina ends up stealing that line by accident, befriending her in hopes that she could help with the wilting plants on her farm.

    Comic Books 
  • Storm of the X-Men maintained a wide variety of plants in her attic room of Xavier's mansion and was genuinely remorseful and guilt-ridden to find them all dead after her long sojourn in space.
  • The DC Comics character Poison Ivy from Batman, is a subversion, as a villainous gardener, hurting people, instead of helping them, usually caring only for plants and not for people. Over the years has gained several plant-based powers, although her backstory is usually kept as her starting as a mundane gardener/botanist.
  • Wonder Woman (1987): Played With. The Amazon sculptor Iphthime values plants and gardens as a hobby and seems like a very mellow mediator rather than as stubborn and competitive as most Amazons. However she aided in the plot which kicked of the Themysciran Civil war even if she turned on the saboteurs once she realizes just how far they intended to go, she still aided in their plot to frame the Bana for defacing and mining the memorial at Dooms Doorway.

  • Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings starts the story as the Baggins family's manservant, who takes care of the gardens and grounds among other things and he seems to enjoy it, given the Ring's temptation to him. He becomes Frodo's caretaker and protector while he's on the quest to destroy the Ring.

    Live-Action TV 
  • From Star Trek:
    • Boothby is the groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy, and takes great pride in his plants. In addition, he's also full of advice that has saved at least one Space Cadet from getting into trouble — including one Jean-Luc Picard.
    • Garak often talks about how he was once the gardener at the Cardassian Embassy on Romulus, where it just so happened that one of the plants he tended to was very poisonous. It also just so happened that a Romulan official was poisoned while Garak was stationed there. Funny, that...

    Video Games 
  • Yandere Simulator: Uekiya Engeika, who's the leader of the Gardening Club, and gardens when she doesn't anyone to look after. She's known as 'Everyone's Big Sister'
  • A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky: Rose was liked gardening before her imprisonment, and cared about her fellow prisoner, Racoon, as well as the daughter of the Queen who had her imprisoned.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, Hajime's family grow herbs, so he himself also does so as a hobby, and likes to put them into herb sachets or tea bags. He is also generally a very kind, soft-spoken, and gentle boy.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: while Dedue looks very intimidating, his truly kind and nurturing nature is revealed by his love of gardening, which is the focus of his and Byleth's support conversations. For him, it also has special meaning because he grows many plants native to his homeland of Duscur, which is now a wasteland, so gardening is a way to feel connected to his heritage and preserve some of its culture.
  • Haru of Persona 5 is a polite, refined, and kind girl who keeps a gardening box on the roof of the school to grow plants. Growing your relationship with her will allow her to grow vegetables that provide gameplay benefits, too.
  • Harvest Moon:
    • Nina from Harvest Moon is the sweet and perpetually happy daughter of the local florist.
    • Popuri from Harvest Moon 64 is Nina's granddaughter and is equally as bubbly. She helps her mother Lilia with flowers at their shop. One of things that attracts her to Gray is that he plants flowers on his family's farm.
    • Dean from Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is an incredibly nice guy who absolutely adores flowers. Luckily, his mother happens to run the local flower shop.

    Web Comics 
  • Izzy Pritchard of Ennui GO! maintains a veggie and flower garden on the roof of her office tower. Izzy is a Rich Bitch with a drug habit, nymphomania, and other self-destructive tendencies. She likes her little patch of greenery, as it calms her down.

     Western Animation 
  • Steven Universe: Rose Quartz was the most caring member of her team, being the start of Gems caring about humans, and also has some plant-based powers, that she uses to garden.
  • Pa in The Crumpets, who does gardening as his hobby.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
    • Played straight with Perfuma, the hippie-ish princess of Plumeria, who's one of the kinder and friendlier princesses. While she has Green Thumb powers, she also seems to garden in general - in "The Valley of the Lost" she even complains about how hard it is to get it right when watering cacti.
    • Inverted with Shadow Weaver, who takes up gardening in season four without becoming any less of a Manipulative Bastard; as pointed out in this post (link contains season 4 spoilers), her garden, which she's constantly pruning, is a microcosm of how she treats people - she raises them to serve her own purposes, shapes their growth, and tries to cut away the parts that don't serve her ends.


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