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The eight-year Sequel Gap paid itself off in memes during the first week of release alone.


  • You are slave. Want emancipation? Explanation 
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  • "Yer a Persona user, Harry." "I'm a what?" Explanation 
  • Phantom Bandits of HeartsExplanation 
  • Ann's Persona is Carmen Sandiego. Explanation 
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  • Parts of the fanbase dubbed the Phantom "Chairy Potter" or "Chair-kun". Some joked that Kanji's secret weapon in Persona 4: Arena would be the Persona 5 protagonist. Note that this was before the shocking Phantom Thief reveal.
  • Haru tips her hat upon introduction and her persona is named "Milady". Cue fedora jokes.
  • Makoto's persona, Johanna, has been dubbed the "Popemobile" due to being based on a fabled pope and the fact that, well, it's a motorcycle.
  • Akechi/Robbie Daymond in Atlus's basement. Free him. 
  • Celebrating the release date of Persona 5 before it even came out. Explanation 


  • YUSUKE'S FUCKIN PISSED!! Explanation 
  • "Yosh!" Explanation 
  • Photoshopping Shinya Oda's "Get Smoked," hat onto other members of the cast caught on very quick once the character portraits were dropped online.
  • Pancakes Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • Trust no one not even yourself. Explanation (Spoilers!) 
    • lol2goros Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • "A RIVER IN A DRY LAND" Explanation 
  • SATAN'S SAVING CHRISTMAS! Explanation (Major Spoilers!) 
  • P5 FES / P5 Crimson soon Explanation 
  • The Ruse Cruise Explanation 
  • It's time to BUTTON MASH: Nyaaaa!! 
  • Being Goro is suffering Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • The Goropocalypse Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • GORO AKECHI'S WILD RIDE Explanation (spoilers!) 
    • stop talking about groo holy shit Explanation 
  • Ann's poor spine. Explanation 
  • #NotMyIgor Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • Aspects of the game (Dialogue box, Weather, and Day Info) are spliced to videos. This is one such example.
    • Putting the highly-stylized combat menu on any person or object. Examples include this, this, or this. Even the official Twitter account for Deus Ex jumped in on the fun.
  • Everyone is Shido's kid. Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • 7/7 Explanation 
    • "The tutorial ends on 7/7." Explanation 
  • You must be tired, why don't you go to bed?/Let's not do that today. Explanation 
    • Morgana in the Persona 3 Ending Explanation (Spoilers!) 
  • *interacts with anyone* *time flashes forward* Explanation 
    • Nasty Crimeboy Explanation 
  • Makoto's Browser History Explanation 
    • In a similar vein: "I would like your honest opinion...if you would." Explanation 
  • "The influence of ___ knows no bounds... I underestimated it, honestly." Explanation 
  • Lala Escargot is best girl. Explanation 
    • Yusuke, perhaps to an even greater degree, is given the same treatment.
    • Same with Ryuji. Explanation 
  • The Protagonist telling Sae about his life in extreme, borderline uncomfortable detail. Explanation 
  • Ooh, we can do this! Explanation 
    • Looking cool, Joker! Explanation 
    • What are your thoughts? Explanation 
  • #LetRyujiSayFuck Explanation 
  • The kid behind the Protagonist's desk. Explanation 
  • This portrait of Yusuke. Explanation 
  • I am certainly in the mood
    • For something salty today. Explanation 
  • Hoo boy Explanation 
    • You try anything with my daughter, and hoo boy. Explanation 
    • You've hoo'd your last boy.Explanation 
  • Photoshopping different characters into Kawakami's maid outfit Explanation 
  • "Let's do it in the student council room, I'll leave the back entrance open for you" Explanation 
    • Rank 5 CharmExplanation 
  • Train Missed. Game Over. Explanation 
  • John Cena's a Phantom Thief.Explanation 
  • "Cognitive psience, son."Explanation (Spoilers) 
  • The sex.Explanation 
  • Haru's forehead Explanation 
  • Futaba X Inari = Futanari Explanation 
  • "Damn brat, I'll sue!" Explanation 
    • "Damn brat!" Explanation 
  • Ryuji declaring that he's a Phantom Thief Explanation 
  • Ryuji IS the Phantom Thief Explanation 
  • Fursona 5 Explanation 
    • NO GLOVES! Explanation 
  • With the anime and dancing game referring to the protagonist as "Ren Amamiya", it has spawned a few memes in short notice:
  • Cowboy Bebop's opening syncs up a little too well Explanation 
  • Sojiro's shotgun.Explanation 
  • Haru is a sadist.Explanation 
  • Make Japan Great Again Explanation 
  • Goro Akechi is Mike Wazowski Explanation 
  • Captain Akechi.Explanation (spoiler) 
  • "I'm a teacher....and you're my student." "That's the best part." Explanation 
  • Retort it Explanation 
  • Bayonetta is Joker's mom.Explanation 
  • Futaba sleeping.Explanation (spoilers) 

P5: The Royal Pre-release

  • Persona 5 Racing Explanation 
  • Human Morganaexplanation 
    • "Don't worry, human Morgana isn't real. It can't hurt you."Explanation 
  • The Persona Girls! Explanation 
  • I made her less... Ugh! Hire me, Atlus! Explanation 
  • Goro in the backseat Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • Buses.Explanation 
  • Don't interrupt Ryuji's and Yusuke's beef bowl. Explanation 


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