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I rather look silly than YTPing myself. (not the opinion of DSYTP)
"Hello, my name is Dara. I make YouTube Poops (or YTP for short). Some YTPs are not for kids or easily offended people because it contains sex jokes, inappropriate humor, etc. If you get offended by my content, then get out!"
DSYTP's description

DSYTP is a member of YouTube Poop community since March 2017. He uses less-known sources (like Charmin or Audi Commercials) and well-known sources (such as History of Japan). Usually, his YouTube Poops can be dirty, either profanity, sex jokes, or other inappropriate things. He also posted remixes, meme videos, and YTP collabs. Once used ear-rape in his early YouTube Poops, now rarely and lightly use ear rape. He likes to stick with Cs 188's style because he just likes this style.

His Chewiki page is found here, so you can read more of his information.

His YouChew page. (you have to be logged in to be able to see his page)

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