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Describe the useless goddess he-

Sora Amamiya is a Japanese voice actress born on August 28, 1993. She is affiliated with Music Ray'n, and forms the unit TrySail with Momo Asakura and Shiina Natsukawa.

She began her voice acting career in 2012 as some minor characters in the anime adaptation of Aikatsu!. Then 2014 turned out to be a Star Making Year for her when she landed multiple lead roles in big name shows like Akame ga Kill!, Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah.Zero, and The Seven Deadly Sins, cementing her as one of the biggest rising stars of the Japanese voice acting industry during the 2010s. To further the point, in March 2015 she was one of three voice actresses who won the "Best New Actress" award during the 9th Seiyuu Awards held at the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting (JOQR) Media Plus Hall in Tokyo.

A Youtube channel focused on her singing and music videos was created on June 1st, 2020. On April 26, 2021, she created a more casual channel called "Tekuteku Tenchannel" or "10ch" with English-subtitled videos. The name is based off the Alternate Character Reading of the kanji for her first name "Sora" as "Ten" (heaven).

Roles done by Sora Amamiya:

Sora Amamiya and her works provide examples of:

  • Breakthrough Hit: Skyreach, her debut single and the first opening theme to Akame ga Kill! is this for her singing career.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Aqua hands down. Many of Amamiya's roles are stoic, serious characters who are generally good-spirited people. Aqua, on the other hand, is very expressive, incompetent, dim-witted, and a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
    • Rui qualifies as well. Aside from being a boy, he is Hot-Blooded, childish and quick to anger.
    • Miia is this as well, being a cheery and lovestruck teenage girl in demeanor.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • Voiced three lead characters in three of the biggest shows of the Summer 2014 season including Akame, Touka, and Asseylum.
    • Aqua is a unique case of this. While the above roles in 2014 were enough to make her a star, it also attracted a sizable hatedom for most of 2015 (especially on 2chan) that was infuriated at how many lead roles she landed out of nowhere and thought she was a heavily pigeonholed, mediocre actress who could only do polite stoic girls and had only gotten a big push from her agency for various reasons. Her role as Aqua promptly shut down those bashers as it allowed her to be the antithesis of the calm roles she was known for and showcased her voice acting talent.