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Greater Gods

Metron, God of Cool Chairs (God of Knowledge, Observer)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Mobius Chair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: New God of Knowledge, The Spock, Cool Chair with an Omniscient Database, Can Go Through Time With It And Teleport, Surveillance as the Plot Demands, Finds Good and Evil Irrelevant, Playing The Long Game, The Watcher
  • Domains: Knowledge, Travel, Time and Space, Divinity, Neutrality
  • Interested in: Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa, Yaldabaoth, Philemon and Nyarlathotep
  • Allies: The Justice League and the New Gods (occasionally) Stephen, The Three Seekers of Knowledge
  • On good terms with: Uatu the Watcher, Lucifer, The Oracle
  • Rivals: The Admins, Tzeentch
  • Enemies: Darkseid (though he's not above working with him), The Anti-Monitor, Krona, The Brainspawn, Merged Zamasu, Doctor Manhattan
  • Wild Card to: Cosmos and Melkor
  • Of the New Gods, Metron is one of the most enigmatic. A god of knowledge, he puts himself apart from the struggle of good and evil that New Genesis and Apokolips embody, searching instead to further enlighten himself. One of the smartest beings in the DC Multiverse, the Mobius Chair allows him to watch and explore along with having one of the greatest databases to exist at his disposal.
  • Peaking into some of his fellow New Gods' behavior led him to learn of other multiverses outside the DC Multiverse. He was very happy since as he puts it, the Trope Pantheon is a "nexus point" for said multiverses, giving him the chance to expand his scope of knowledge even further. The various alliances want to take advantage of his Above Good and Evil stance and curiosity to help their own cause.
  • States that he's not from New Genesis or Apokolips, though still qualifies as a New God. He's not giving any answers into how that would work. Those in the House of FAITH want to know and don't seem to trust him. Guthix however finds him tolerable so long as he is just a watcher.
  • Has sold technology to both the sides of Cosmos and Melkor. He is not too worried about the fallen Valar, considering him "painfully ignorant and childish". Cosmos and Melkor don't like him mainly because he won't commit and has no interest in, as he thinks it, "a small-time game of morality".
  • Has also made deals with Lucifer's side, with Lucifer being the only one of the four main alliance leaders who'd bother to hold a conversation with him. He isn't bothering with YHVH because unlike Darkseid the Great Will is disinterested in gaining great knowledge and awareness, and like Darkseid believes in The Evils of Free Will that might prove problematic. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction have even less to offer, and the Grand United Alliance of Machines is too cryptic in his eyes to get much out of yet.
  • Is seeking to bring about the Fifth World, a successor to the New Gods' Fourth World. Humanity is the forerunners to this, which is why he cares about what happens to Earth. Interest in humanity's potential is something that he and Lucifer share, which is why he's the one alliance leader Metron seems to get along with. He gets along well more with Stephen since he's better in Metron's eyes and more neutral in bringing this potential of humanity out.
  • As Metron believes humanity are the forerunners for the New Gods' replacement, those who embody humanity's aspects have his attention. He is mildly disappointed that Philemon and Nyarlathotep haven't been majorly involved in a while, as it might help with mankind's development. He is keeping an eye on Yaldabaoth (humanity's desire for control), and the Reasons trio for their ability to shape mankind's future.
  • Has a cordial relationship with the Three Seekers of Knowledge due to their appreciation for knowledge and wanting more. That desire for knowledge leads to competition with the Admins, who claim that they have the superior database and don't want Metron near it. The God of Knowledge is also one of the few beings powerful and enlightened enough to approach Tzeentch up close and keep his sanity and competes with his own plans.
  • Has some respect for the Oracle because of her skill with the long game when it comes to prophesy and humanity. Metron thinks that her aiding mankind in getting back its own freedom and organizing a peace with machines will help his own plans for the Fifth World. He also sees much of himself in Uatu the Watcher.
  • Zamasu was initially neutral on Metron until he learned that Metron gave humans fire in the first place. And the Fifth World plan. The mad Kai screamed at Metron for recklessly giving wisdom to the very mortals that'd abuse it and threaten the gods, and wants the Mobius Chair so he can travel anywhere and everywhere and using the massive amount of knowledge the chair to be more efficient in slaughtering mortals. Metron has nothing for contempt towards Zamasu for being such a dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance.
  • While he usually opposes Darkseid, it is mainly because his ambitions would hinder his own ambitions for knowledge. Metron is not afraid to make deals with him. He sees much of Darkseid in Thanos, but much of himself as well since Thanos was partially based on him and is a more philosophical villain than the Lord of Apokolips.
  • Sitting on his chair allows one to have access to almost all knowledge in the multiverse. Batman was able to learn who killed his parents (Joe Chill) and who the Joker is (he's three people). A lot of people want Metron's Mobius Chair. The Brainspawn covet the chair as they do all information. Metron had choice words for them:
    Metron: "You covet all knowledge, to the point of ending all existence so no more can emerge. But what do you even plan to do once you succeed? Bask in your wisdom? Feel happy no screeching mind grinds your lobes? Perhaps initially. But you'll have nothing to do with it. No foe to overcome. Nothing to improve or explore. Knowledge is power, but power without something to express it upon is meaningless. You'll be stuck with nothing to do but wish you could still hear the shrill minds of the rest of the universe as the deafening silence gets louder and louder. And you will wish you knew a way to stop it.
  • The Mobius Chair apparently used to belong to the Anti-Monitor. Monty wants his chair back. After trying to get that back, Owlman hijacked the chair and took Metron for the ride. Then Doctor Manhattan turned them into a greasy smear, and Metron was irate to learn that his killer was already present in the Pantheon.

Intermediate Gods

Bass.EXE, God of Cloaks (Forte.EXE, The Black Shadow, The Messenger of Darkness, Brave Fear Lord)

Clank, God of Awesome Backpacks (XJ-0461; Secret Agent Clank)
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable robot with a giant form, plays a secret agent on Holo-Vision, fluent in "Nerd" and monkey, son of Orvus and the (former) Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, adorable laugh
  • Domains: Backpacks, Secret Agents, Time
  • Allies: Ratchet, Captain Qwark, Aqua, Oerba Dia Vanille, Yuna, Bentley Turtle, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Melody, Jak, Daxter, Lea, Kairi, Absol
  • Enemies: Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Gleeman Vox, Lady Tremaine, Clu, Emperor Palpatine
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Ascended upon Ratchet's request due to their close friendship, and out of envy towards Jak, Sora and Sly being with their friends in the pantheon. In fact, before he ascended, Clank was able to get past the guards by posing as a backpack, but when he was caught, the gods decided that he more than earned a title and allowed him to stay.
  • Thanks to a certain adventure in which he finds out where he, or rather, his soul came from, Clank has gained the power of "Time". He was supposed to be the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, but decided he'd rather resume his adventures with Ratchet.
  • Clank seems to get along with Bentley quite well, probably because they are both intelligent and experts with technology and time. In fact, when Gleeber and Lunk forced them into their Galactic Games, they co-operated in the hopes of being returned to their original worlds.
  • Since Clank's programming allows him to start any ship he chooses, he's often sought out by villains, most noticeably Emperor Palpatine, to gain an advantage on their space battles. Because of this, Ratchet has set up security in the House of Time and Space to ensure Clank, as well as everyone else in danger of being captured, is protected.
  • Gets along well with the monkey gods in the pantheon, due to his ability to speak in their "language". He can also speak in Techno Babble (dubbed "nerd" by Ratchet), which is helpful in translating what the more "intelligent" gods (such as Tron) are saying.
  • For some people (including Dr. Nefarious and Courtney Gears), he's best known for playing the titular protagonist in Secret Agent Clank, and is constantly is mistaken for said character. Although Clank seems to enjoy the spotlight at first, he begins to regret the show because of this annoying fanbase's constant mistakes, as well as viewing Ratchet (who played a butler named Jeeves until he was fired and replaced with Skrunch) as merely a bumbling sidekick.
  • Once helped Aqua with dealing with Lady Tremaine and her daughters when they and Courtney Gears terrorized Blackwater City and killed it's mayor, and intending to do the same with the Castle of Dreams, while also planning on murdering Cinderella out of hatred. Clank considers the Tremaine family to be "witches".
  • Clank was drawn to the "Friendship Asylum" after Sora was lured in and corrupted. To learn more about the asylum and find out why it came to be, Clank co-operated with Lea and pretended to be corrupted.
    • Around the same time, Clank met Absol and learned of the disaster she predicted regarding the asylum. Unlike everyone else, Clank believed that she's not behind the upcoming disaster, and he became the first deity she can trust with her Telepathy.
  • Clank has heard several rumors of a masked thief snooping around the Pantheon and was sometimes sighted near the House of Love. Thinking that their old friend Angela Cross had returned, both Ratchet and Clank did some investigation to learn of the thief's whereabouts. When they did manage to track the thief down, they found to their shock that it was Kairi, one of the seven Princesses of Heart. After hearing their story about the original owner of the suit, she promises to help them find out what happened to the Lombaxes, and hopefully Angela as well.
  • After the ascension of Melody, the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, Clank has begun to investigate on a rumor that her arch nemesis, Morgana, might have been a disguised Ursula all along.

    Donquixote Doflamingo 
Donquixote Doflamingo, God of Fashionable Feathers (Joker, Heavenly Demon, Doffy)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God through Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: The Donquixote Pirates' Smiley Jolly Roger; alternatively, his sunglasses
  • Theme Song: Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Scary Sunglasses, Feather-based Fashion, Flamboyant Fighters, Razor-sharp Strings, People Puppetry, Constant Smiling And Laughing, Villains Adored By The Public, Social Darwinism, Arms Dealing
  • Domains: Sunglasses, Feathers, Strings, Charisma, Manipulation (literal and metaphorical), Businesses, Wealth, Piracy
  • Heralds: His pirate crew, the Donquixote Pirates
  • Allies: Kaido, Caesar Clown, Ragyo Kiryuin, Kefka Palazzo, The Joker, Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Dimentio, Clients interested in his Devil Fruit products
  • Enemies: He even has a list of them, some even with their own star rating:
  • Friendly Enemy: Blacker Baron
  • Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Albert Wesker
  • Opposed by: Sir Crocodile, Ho-Oh, Alice Margatroid, Carl Clover
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Risky Boots.
  • Formerly one of the Celestial Dragons, a group of nobles who hold the highest authority in his world, Donquixote Doflamingo's life drastically changed after he and his family lost their noble status after his father, Donquixote Homing, chose to live life like "humans".
    • When word about his (former) status reached the ears of the common people, him, his father and his brother Rocinante were endlessly persecuted and eventually caught, and he cursed and threatened the mob that were torturing him.
    • Doflamingo tried to get in the good graces of the Celestial Dragons by killing his father and bringing his head as a gift for the nobles. Unsurprisingly, he and his "gift" were rejected and chased off the nobles' homeland.
  • Doflamingo managed to ascend by taking hostage tributes that were meant for the deities of the Pantheon. While this tactic wouldn't usually work, many Gods were taken by his apparent charisma and eccentric, yet stylish fashion sense, so they gave in to his demands pretty quickly and gave him a seat in the House of Costumes.
    • Immediately after ascending, Doflamingo was confronted by his Arch-Enemy Law and his ally Harry Potter. With Harry's help, Law did manage to surprise hit Doflamingo with his organ-destructing Gamma Knife technique, but Doflamingo simply used his strings to stitch up the internal damage. Law and Harry ended up retreating in order to formulate another plan to take down Doflamingo.
  • Doflamingo is known for always wearing sunglasses since he was an 8-year old and has never appeared in public without them, to the point that no one has ever seen how his eyes look like.
  • It's unknown if Doflamingo's trademark pink feather coat was made with actual flamingo feathers, but considering that he once stated that a coat made with Ho-Oh's feathers would look great on him, it probably was.
  • It turns out that he is a big investor of the REVOCS Corporation, having a great interest on the selling of Life Fiber clothing, which he believes "will take over the world by storm". After all, he is a man that knows a thing or two about fashion and parasitic strings.
    • Has a generally positive opinion of the company's CEO, Ragyo Kiryuin, both in terms of business, fashion and sociopathy. Doflamingo doesn't appear to care about the fact that Ragyo is quite abusive to her daughters (in more ways than one) and has avoided commenting on the issue, but that might be because he is not one to talk about how people should treat their own blood.
  • Doflamingo often has the tendency to use his string powers to manipulate two Lesser Gods into fighting each other when feeling especially bored. He's been told to knock it off several times already, but it appears he still does it every now and then.
  • There are rumors that he started making deals with some of the Grand Alliances for Devil Fruits, using his position as a measly Costume God to avoid suspicion. Marcus Kincaid views him as competition, as his advanced and futuristic weapons now have to compete with superpower-granting fruits.
  • Doflamingo looked forward to Edward Newgate's death at the Battle of Marineford and took great delight when it happened, causing the world to fall into chaos and war due to the vacuum of power left by the Pirate Emperor. At the Pantheon, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they don't like each other.
    • Despite the fact that both he and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki view Newgate as an enemy, both also don't trust each other. Doflamingo views Sakazuki as too controlling and authoritative while the Marine views the Warlord as just another pirate to be magma-punched down.
    • He tried to start an alliance with former Warlord colleague Crocodile probably in order to take on both Newgate and Sakazuki, but the co-God of The Desert Sand wasn't interested. This ended up in a clash between the two, although both of them gave up on starting a real fight for unknown reasons. However, Doflamingo can still be occasionally seen stalking Crocodile in the House of Nature.
  • Being a king of his own nation and a noble by birth, he sometimes is seen hanging out at the House of Royalty. Most of the Gods over there don't appear to like him though, as his story about how he attained kingship is filled with shady details, not to mention the fact that he's a pirate.
  • He appears to be a big fan of The Joker, being inspired by his psychotic views, flashy attitude and even name. The Joker himself finds Doflamingo's Devil Fruit ability very interesting thanks to its high potential to cause chaos, destruction and pranks.
    • He has also grown fond of Harley Quinn, as her mad devotion for her "Mr. J" is not unlike the devotion his own crew has for him, so he encourages it, much to The Joker's chagrin.
    • His good relations with the Joker has also made him closer to Kefka Palazzo and Dimentio. It helps that they all share a penchant for colorful flamboyance and omnicidal madness.
  • Has a sort of silent rivalry going on with Albert Wesker, as both are charismatic, sunglasses-wearing manipulators who believe that only the strong should survive. As such, although neither of them is actively antagonistic against the other, they are both very wary of the strings the other could try to pull on them (literally on Doflamingo's case).
  • Despite sharing a lot of similarities in terms of flashiness and subordinate protectiveness, Doflamingo and Blacker Baron are enemies on the virtue of one being a pirate and the other a bounty hunter. They're still relatively non-hostile with each other, having some fun bantering during fights (mostly in regards to their own quirky fashion choices).
  • There are concerns that Doflamingo one day might encompass the entire Pantheon with an indestructible birdcage made of incredibly sharp and tough strings, with the purpose of turning all Gods against each other in order to get rid of certain deities that annoy him (in particular, the ascended members of the Straw Hat crew), essentially starting a divine cage match. He charismatically denies the possibility of such a thing happening, although there are rumors that he already has a list of Gods and Goddesses that he wants to see gone.

    Lilith (Shin Megami Tensei
Lilith, Goddess of Feather Boa Constrictor (Yuriko, The First Wife, The Black Samurai, Harlot of Desire)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A snake wrapped around an apple
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with strong leanings toward Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonized First Woman, Sexy, Sinister Reptiles, Mother of the Lilim, Yandere Towards Adam, Casting Temptation on men, women, and even demons, Biblical Villains, Manipulative Bitch, The Vamp, Optional Fights
  • Interested in: Quetzalcoatl, harem leads like Issei Hyodo and Shido Itsuka, Luka
  • Allies: Lucifer and the forces of Chaos (particularly Homura Akemi), Yubel, Flynn, Medea, Medusa, Boa Hancock, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Mad Moxxi, Calistra, Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Sekai Saionji, Alice(Monster Girl Quest)
  • On good terms with: Samael aka Lucifer Morningstar, Satan (South Park)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Slaanesh
  • Rivals: Calistra, Shelyn, Desire of the Endless
  • Enemies: YHVH and the forces of Order, Yaldabaoth, Gabriel, Satan, Apophis, The Ghostbusters, Merged Zamasu, Lucifer (Supernatural), rapists like Roose Bolton and Griffith, Judge Claude Frollo, Malthael
  • Opposes: Voldemort, Jafar, Cersei Lannister, the House of Angels
  • Opposed by: Laharl, Wonder Woman
  • Pities: Those who try but never can get their true love
  • The first woman created to be the partner of Adam by YHVH, she was originally a naive and idealistic soul who believed peaceful coexistence was possible between man and demon. YHVH, furious at the idea that humans and demons could coexist, demonized her and kicked her out of paradise. Although she would embrace her newfound nature as a demon, a part of her always yearns for Adam and those days of old. She was eventually manipulated by Lucifer using those same feelings, convincing her to join the forces of Chaos to be with Adam's reincarnation and to remove her replacement Eve. Eventually, Lucifer's honey-coated words made her realize she should ascend into the pantheon, in order to become powerful enough to be with Adam again.
  • Her most common design bears a lot of similarities to Gozer. The Ghostbusters mistook her for the destroyer having returned and hassled her for it. She's still pissed off by that. She's also taken a Fallen Angel look and acted more like a Babylonian goddess, though it's worth noting that's closer to where the name "Lilith" originally came from.
  • Extracanonical Judeo-Christian sources state she was kicked out for trying to be on top of Adam during intercourse instead of submitting. This has been perceived as an anti-feminist tale, though later on, some have seen her as a feminist symbol for this. She's taken great interest in Wonder Woman as she's a feminist superheroine who's people, the Amazons, were originally meant to represent the dangers of women in power before DC Comics flipped it around. While Diana notices a parallel, she's not a fan of her more amoral behavior. However, they do share a contempt towards Cersei Lannister because she's a Female Misogynist.
  • The snake wrapped around her is the Archangel Samael, taking the form of a simple serpent around one of the many women he has slept with. Lilith does not seem to mind his appearance, having been demonized to have reptilian traits herself like three fingers. The only time she is ever seen without Samael upon her is the form she takes that gives off a Fallen Angel vibe, even taking a human-like appearance that resembles Gabriels human form Gabby. She is also at her worse in this form, where she seeks to spread knowledge and wisdom without care and amused by the death caused by the formerly ignorant mindless people becoming demons due to the knowledge they gain. This form may be influenced by the Babylonian Goddess who shares the same name with her and the Demonic Gene experiments that happened in the past. Lilith was a failed test subject in those experiments.
    • In this form she goes out of her way to spite Gabriel, viewing her as YHVHs lapdog and a slave to order. Gabriel, in turn, comes to view her as an enemy due to mocking both her appearance and actions.
  • Her snake helps make her come off as even more attractive, and Sigmund Freud had a field day with it. Voldemort and Jafar were both interested in her due to their borderline fetish with snake imagery, however, she quickly rebuked them-Voldemort because he's completely incapable of feeling love, and Jafar because he's a creeper who probably just wants to marry her for power. And she considers Apophis' desire to destroy everything horrifying. On the other hand, she's on really good terms with Boa Hancock, and it's easy to see why they both wear a Feather Boa Constrictor that further extenuate their Proud Beauty and are in love with a man who won't reciprocate their feelings. She gets along with the lamia Alice as well. Lilith seems to be interested in Quetzalcoatl because of his busty succubus form, Lucoa.
  • Considered to be a succubus, if not the main succubus of her faith. As such, she gravitates towards Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, the latter even sharing her name. She also seems interested in Slaanesh, though She Who Thirsts has obsessions that disturb even Lilith. She sees Calistra, Shelyn and Desire of the Endless to be rivals, though is friendly with Calistra. On good terms with a number of the lovable sex maniacs like Panty Anarchy.
  • Men must be wary of her special ability to make all men blindly fall for her. While Mystic/Curse protection may help, this barely helps when she's just as skilled without even using her natural magic. Demons of both genders and women amongst the pantheon are more lucky, as there's only 1/3 of a chance it will work on them. Nevertheless, those that fall under her thrall follow her blindly to their deaths. She has an interest in Luka for his ability to attract various attractive monsters and is thinking of studying him to buff her own love potions. She's also interested in the power harem leads like Issei Hyodo and Shido Itsuka have.
  • Has nothing but contempt for the many rapists in the pantheon, which isn't too surprising given her background and mythology. She takes particular umbrage with Roose Bolton and Griffith. Roose considers his raping of lowborn women to be his right as a lord and wanted to kill Ramsay and his mother when she came back to him. That kind of patriarchal psychopathy utterly revolts her. Griffith she hates additionally for using his charm to ruin people's lives and being a demon who completely sold out his humanity.
    • Very sympathetic towards Medusa for how she was cursed for being raped by Poseidon and generally being seen as a villainess by their respective faiths.
  • Welcome in the House of Demons, for her desire to seek co-existence between humans and demons, and for siring many half-demons with other demons. This and her sexuality utterly disgusts Judge Claude Frollo, and she's rightfully disgusted by him. She also wishes to spread knowledge and wisdom to humans. This got Zamasu riled up, as she was both a mortal and demon(which he sees as even lower) spreading knowledge he believes mortals abuse. Were she a time-traveller, it would've hit every single one of his berserk buttons.
  • Sympathizes greatly with and developed an odd kinship with Yubel, both of them yearning for the one they love. She is happy that Yubel and Judai are united and hopes to one day be with Adam too. Yubel, in turn, has agreed to help her one day show Adam her bottomless love. Also became friends with Medea after the two let out some frustration about their past when they thought no one was watching. The two realized they had both been screwed by the Gods and then had the relationship with their first love completely ruined. Though Lilith does envy the fact that Medea found love again with Souichirou while she can never move on from her precious Adam.
  • Has taken the role of the GUAC's librarian. With the help of her myriad Lilim daughters, she cares for the various banned books that the organization has rescued throughout time and space to store in The Lab. Though she is all too willing to give them out, so that knowledge and wisdom can be spread to all, woe betide anyone who she believes is attempting to harm them. More than a few gods and goddesses were lured by the prospect of a library full of forbidden, arcane knowledge, only to find Captain Underpants or Fifty Shades of Gray among the enshrined volumes. When Lucifer says the library holds any book that has been historically silenced, he MEANS any book.
  • Wants to remind the deities of Neon Genesis Evangelion she isn't related to the giant Lilith angel Rei Ayanami was partly cloned from. And for God's sake, don't compare her to the Lilith in Supernatural. The Lucifer of that universe utterly disgusts her due to his complete contempt towards humanity essentially because "daddy doesn't love me most of all!" or how he tortures people in Hell into becoming demons.
  • While she hates the Supernatural version of Lucifer, DC Comic's Lucifer Morningstar is someone she can respect given his similarities to the Lucifer she follows. She called him by his real name of Samael to avoid confusion, he's told him he's not a fan and thinks she should refer to him as "Morningstar" to avoid confusion instead. She was interested to learn of a demonic Satan, and while thinks he's rather wimpy he is a courteous host and knows how to have A Hell of a Time. He's considering making her a VIP, and it's thought he may want some love advice from her.
  • Can also be found in Reptiles.

Lockdown, God of Creepy Souvenirs
Animated version
Click here  to see the film version

Lesser Gods

    Detective Pikachu 
Detective Pikachu, Divine Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal (Pikapool)
Game Version
Film Version
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Deerstalker Cap and Magnifying Glass
  • Theme Song: Holding out for a Hero or Carry On
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Volt Tackle
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Badass Normal and Badass Adorable, Can speak properly but only towards Tim, Loves Coffee, Uplifted Animal, Cloudcuckoolander, Cannot use any of his attacks because he forgot how to
  • Domains: Detective, Mysteries, Investigation, Animals, Accessories, Coffee, Friendship
  • Herald: Tim Goodman (His partner)
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Cole Phelps, Batman, Superman, Godot, Phillip J. Fry, Gamera
  • Enemies: Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Galeem and Dharkon, Ratigan
  • On good terms with: Mewtwo, Godzilla
  • Meet Detective Pikachu. While at first he may look like any other Pikachu with a funny hat, he is actually much more than that. This Pikachu belonged to Harry Goodman, a detective of Ryme City investigating a series of strange events happening around the city but then he mysteriously dissapeared to thin air, with his Pikachu remaining in the location where he was last seen. Once his son Tim came to the city, he discovered he and Pikachu could talk and understand each other and so they teamed up to find out what was going on in Ryme City and where the mysterious R gas comes from.
  • He wound up to the pantheon completely by accident after he got curious and decided to check a shifty looking portal that ended up bringing him here. He was then chosen to represent the title of Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, given that his hat is what makes him distinct from other Pikachu. He accepted, since he felt the pantheon could use a detective like him.
  • Speaking of the other Pikachu, both are good friends and Detective Pikachu has even met regular Pikachu's trainer, Ash Ketchum, who he is a little jealous that he lets his Pikachu climb to his shoulder, unlike Tim. Sometimes, both Pikachus like to switch positions to pull a prank on unsuspecting deities.
  • Shortly after ascending, he was visited by Mewtwo. The latter thanked him for helping him free himself from Howard Clifford's control in one timeline and is wondering how this Pikachu still remembers all the events that transpired in that timeline considering that Pikachu had the essence of Harry Goodman inside him. Pikachu just responded that some things are better left unanswered and left shortly, leaving Mewtwo confused.
  • Became an unlikely ally of the Houses of Justice and Investigative Work. Few expected him to be of any help but Pikachu turned out to be surprisingly good at solving mysteries. He tends to work a lot with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, usually competing with the former to see who can solve the case better.
    • Pikachu is also a frequent partner for Cole Phelps, ever since the two got involved in a pokemon related case that Phelps happened to be investigating with leads towards Team Rainbow Rocket. While Pikachu thinks his driving skills need improvement, he likes Phelps because at least he takes him somewhat seriously (even if he can't really understand Pikachu). This joint investigation has made the two keep an eye on certain members of Team Rainbow Rocket, with Giovanni, Lysandre and Ghetsis on top of their list.
    • Speaking of actual Partners, Pikachu found out late that all ascended Pokemon had a partner except him so he decided to look into potential candidates. While he was considering asking Sherlock to be his partner, he ended up noticing that he wasn't the only rodent detective and met Basil and Dawson, both being remarkably similar to Holmes and Watson. Both ended up accepting Pikachu's offer and while they are a bit taken aback by having a fellow rodent bigger than them, at least this Pikachu is in the side of good. On the other hand, this ended up putting Pikachu in Ratigan's radar, who scoffed at the idea of another mouse detective in the pantheon.
  • Sounds remarkably similar to Deadpool and the Merc with the Mouth quickly took notice of that. They hit it off immediately and Deadpool started calling him Pikapool, which Pikachu doesn't mind at all. Although he is a bit bothered that Deadpool keeps insisting that Pikachu should wear a custom made Deadpool suit made just for him. He tried it once and he felt it look a bit ridiculous but he secretly liked it anyway.
  • He can speak, but only to a select few. At first he only believed that only Tim was able to understand him and then he found out that there were other deities that can talk to animals. Batman can also understand him (Don't ask him how, you know what Batman will answer) and later invited Pikachu to the Super Café, where he met Superman who turned out to be a huge fan of him
  • He claims to always know about spoilers of the newer shows. Those who end up believing him are then surprised by a video of him dancing.
  • Likes coffee and frequently goes to the House of Food in his downtime to drink some. He tends to be joined by Fry and Godot, who also love coffee but unfortunately they also can't understand him and tend to find him mildly amusing.
  • Surprisingly familiar with Kaijus after he witnessed giant, genetically-altered Torterra emerge from the abandoned laboratory. He find Godzilla to be cool albeit a bit too destructive for his taste and surprisingly ended becoming friends with Gamera who was surprisingly friendlier than he looks. Pikachu even managed to convince the latter to aid him whenever Pikachu finds himself in trouble and Gamera was surprisingly ok with that.
  • He was mildly curious about the Super Smash Bros. tournament after hearing about it from the other Pikachu but that unfortunately just made him fall victim to Galeem's devastating attack and become a spirit alongside a hundred other characters. Once freed, he wanted nothing to do with the Smash Universe and decided to stick with detective work and once he heard that Galeem and Dharkon were part of the pantheon, he got a bit scared that they would break free and imprison him again. Thankfully, they have been subdued and locked up which he felt relieved after hearing that.
  • "I can feel it in my jellies!"
  • Can also be found in Beast Other.

    Leo Valdez 
Leo Valdez, God of Utility Belts (Commander Tool Belt, Bad Boy Supreme, Admiral Leo, Super-sized Mc Shizzle, Latino Santa's Elf, Leonidas, Uncle Leo, Supreme Commander of the Argo II, Flaming Valdez)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His toolbelt. Alternatively, the Physician's Cure
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Utility Belts that Serve as Bags of Holding, "Ladykillers", Comic Reliefs, Greasy Mechanics, MacGyverers, Fire Powers that Resulted in the Death of his Mother, Stepford Smilers, Those who Look Like Their Grandparents, "Ladykillers" in Love, Heroic Vows, Heroic Sacrifices and Recoveries, Chessmasters
  • Domains: Humor, Mechanics, Fire, Death, Resurrection
  • Heralds: Festus the Dragon, Buford
  • Allies: Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Chiron, Apollo, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Link
  • Enemies: Gaea, Caligula, Medea, Calypso
  • Pities: Kratos
  • Special Relationship: Vulcan (His father)
  • A child of Hephaestus and Esperanza Valdez, Leo lived a relatively simple life helping his mother around her mechanic shop. However, that life came to an end when Gaea, Goddess of the Earth, appeared in his workshop, and manipulated him into using his Pyrokinesis to start a fire that would burn down his workshop, killing his mother in the process. From that point forward, Leo would find himself down a road that would lead to him discovering that he was a child of Hephaestus, fixing Festus the robot dragon after it had gone haywire, and eventually building the Argo II, which would serve as The Seven's main mode of transportation as they travelled to Europe to defeat Gaea and her forces. This road would ultimately culminate in Leo sacrificing his life to destroy Gaea's physical form, but not before he installed the Physician's Cure into Festus so that he can come back to life and reunite with Calypso, whom he had swore upon the River Styx that he would return to her.
  • Upon his ascension into the Pantheon, he was immediately greeted by Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, and Chiron, with the former taking turns punching Leo repeatedly while the latter introduced a centaur hoof to Leo's gut. Percy Jackson, on the other hand, was so relieved that Leo had finally made it into the Pantheon that he had embraced Leo without even punching him. While many were initially confused by this eccentric welcoming, it was soon revealed that Leo had sent them a holographic scroll that informed them that Leo would be ascending to the Pantheon... well over a month before he had actually ascended.
    • Hephaestus roman form, Vulcan, was quite pleased that the child his Greek form had with Esperanza Valdez had ascended, although Vulcan was not there to greet Leo into the Pantheon. Leo didn't seem to mind though, as Hephaestus has explained to Leo that he wasn't very good with people, hence why he doesn't see his children often.
    • Apollo was ecstatic that the demigod who helped him fight against Emperor Commodus had ascended to the Pantheon, and figured that the only way to properly celebrate Leo's ascension was with a celebratory tune from the Valdezinator, a musical instrument that Leo himself invented. Unfortunately, the tune was ended prematurely by the Court of the Gods, who had received an influx of complaints regarding what sounded like a car engine blaring from Apollo's temple.
    • Not all were happy with his ascension, however. After hearing about Leo's arrival, Gaea was absolutely furious that the demigod who incinerated her had managed to ascend, and it reportedly took the entire House of Nature to prevent her from reducing Leo's temple to a pile of rubble. Leo himself isn't exactly thrilled to find out that the Goddess that killed his mother was already in the Pantheon, and is trying to get the House of Manners of Revival to develop a second Physician's Cure so that he can envelop Gaea in a supernova yet again.
  • Being a fellow Gadgeteer Genius whose parents were killed at a young age, Leo naturally got along greatly with Bruce Wayne/Batman, who seems to have taken an interest in Leo's Utility Belt, which is said to be enchanted to contain an infinite number of garage too. This has sometimes led to arguments between the two where Batman would argue that taco ingredients do not count as adequate supplies for a utility belt, to which Leo would often remind Batman that neither does Shark-Repellent Bat Spray.
    • Leo has also had a run-in with Link, who, having mistaken Festus for a dragon from his universe, tried to farm Leo's mechanical dragon for dragon parts. However, the two were able to get over their misunderstandings rather quickly and became fast friends, with Link sometimes serving as the Straight Man when having to deal with Leo's antics.
  • Given that she had not only tried to manipulate Leo and his friend, Jason Grace, into killing each other, but had also warned Gaea about Leo eventually rising up to oppose her, which resulted in the workshop fire that killed Leo's mother, Medea has naturally found herself pretty high up on Leo's shit list. The only reason he hasn't made any moves against Medea because he's waiting for his friend Piper McLean to ascend so he can allow her to do the honors.
    • Was also not thrilled when he found out that Caligula, the Roman emperor who attacked Camp Jupiter and killed Jason Grace was also in the Pantheon, especially since unlike Medea, Caligula had another form that could easily ward off any attacks that Leo could make.
  • Having heard about someone named Calypso in the House of Magic Casters, Leo swiftly raced towards the House to reunite with his Love Interest. His impromptu visit ended with Leo dismayed that the "Calypso" he was told about was actually a Jackass Genie that hosted a tournament that led to the deaths of countless innocents and Calypso disappointed that a pyrokinetic riding a mechanical dragon wasn't as interested in joining the Twisted Metal tournament as he was in burning down Calypso's temple.
  • At first, Leo, like his fellow demigods, had hated Kratos for what he had done to the Olympians, especially since he had killed a version of his father who was trying to protect his daughter from Kratos. However, upon hearing from Vulcan about how Kratos had tried to stop Pandora, Vulcan's daughter, from sacrificing herself, Leo couldn't help himself from feeling anything but pity for Kratos, and like his father, Leo mostly avoided Kratos from then on.

Lilligant, Goddess of Floral Hair Decs (Flowering Pokémon, Dredear)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The big flower on her head
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Own Tempo
  • Moves: Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain
    • Z-Move: Bloom Doom
  • Portfolio: Having a Giant Flower On Her Head, Plant Person, Grass-Related Powers And That's Basically It And That's All She Needs, Dance Battler, Glass Cannon, Always Female, Southern Belle
  • Domains: Flowers, Accessories, Plants, Grass
  • Allies: Yuuka Kazami, Kurama, Aki Izayoi, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Suiseiseki, Yumi, Yurika Kirishima, Hata no Kokoro, Shantae, Cosmo the Seedrian, Haruka Haruno
  • Lilligant is a humanoid-looking Pokémon with an appearance of that of a ballroom dancer. Oh yeah, and a gigantic flower growing in her head what looks like a really impressive hat. Still, not many people can claim to have an actual flower growing in their "hair".
  • The flower on Lilligant's head emits a really soothing aroma. However, it is a really hard flower to properly maintain, and even some of the more knowledgeable deities in the Pantheon have a hard time to make it bloom. Yuuka is one of the few ones who hasn't had a hard time with it.
  • No one is sure why Lilligant chose Durathror, of all people, as her partner. Not even Durathror knows it. The best what people can guess is that she can sense the good side of her. It does make them a nice Light Feminine and Dark Feminine duo, though.
    • Additionally, they are surprised that she didn't pick someone like Haruka, a "princess" with a fascination with flowers, to be her partner. It's not like they aren't friends because of that, but still.
  • Lilligant are known for being able to know plentiful of different dancing moves. Unfortunately, the type variety with them is rather sallow. However, when played right, Lilligant can be a force to be reckoned with thanks to being able to learn Quiver Dance and use Petal Dance without negative effects.
  • She seems to get along with Suiseiseki, surprisingly enough, due of their general appearance and due of both of them having plant powers. Though Suiseiseki does feel like Lilligant is pampering her or something like that.
  • She gets along with other graceful Dance Battlers like Yumi, Kokoro and Yurika. And yes, the irony of a Grass-type Pokémon getting along with an ice user has not escaped them.
  • They say that if a Lilligant finds a mate, her flower in her head will darken, droop and wither away. Uhh, yeah.

    Lulu (Final Fantasy
Lulu, Goddess of Having Lots of Belts (Lu)

    "Sheena Fujibayashi" 
"Sheena Fujibayashi", Goddess of Giant Waist Ribbons (Clumsy Assassin, Resolute Assassin, Violent Demonic Banshee, Shiina, Shihna)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Corrine's Bell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Cards of Power, Highly Visible Ninja, Summon Magic, Giant Waist Ribbon, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Absolute Cleavage, Action Girl
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Ninjutsu
  • Allies: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Presea Combatir, Bang Shishigami, Yuna, Rydia, Lucy Heartfilia, Shiina, Samus Aran, Kaede Nagase, Ayane
  • Rivals: Twisted Fate
  • Enemies: Lucemon, Princess Morbucks
  • Sheena Fujibayashi is a ninja from the mystical village of Mizuho. Per village tradition, she actually has two names: her public identity, and her true name which is only known to the respected family. She has plenty of experience with summoning but isn't a very good assassin as she found out after one of her last missions.
  • Sheena also has training as a summoner, but was originally very apprehensive to becoming a summoner as her first attempt to form a pact with Volt ended with Volt razing the original Mizuho to the ground and killing many residents at the same time. However, Sheena no longer has anything to fear when it comes to summons and pacts: she is now able to summon the elemental summon spirits of both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, as well as Origin and Maxwell.
  • Sheena fights with cards imbued with magic from the aforementioned spirits that can be used to hit her enemies, drain life or magic from them, or just knock them away.
  • It's not uncommon to see Sheena getting along well with Bang Shishigami or Kaede Nagase due to all of them being highly visible even though, being a ninja, they should all be better at hiding. This is especially true of Sheena, as she was raised by a village full of ninja, though the bright purple outfit, Absolute Cleavage and Giant Waist Ribbon really don't help.
  • Due to the way Sheena sounds, it's not uncommon to see Sheena with other deities who share her voice base such as Samus Aran, but not Princess Morbucks due to obvious reasons.
  • At one time Sheena went to the house of Combat and ran into Ayane, who shared similarities with fashion choices and skills at ninjutsu. Sheena can frequently be seen with Ayane as they get along well.
  • Became kind of a rival towards Twisted Fate, as Sheena was quite shocked that his card doesn't just explode, it also cuts first. However, her cards are augmented with the Summon Spirits, so Sheena was pretty confident that she'd have the upper hand…


    Elizabeth I 
Queen Elizabeth the First of England, Goddess of Regal Ruff (Elizabeth Tudor, The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, Good Queen Bess, Bloody Bess)
Elizabeth, as portrayed by Cate Blanchett

Gust, Goddess of Expressive Accessories

    Miles Edgeworth 
Miles Edgeworth, God of Cravats (Reiji Mitsurugi, Demon Prosecutor, Edgey, Edgey-poo)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His three-layered cravat
  • Theme Song: "Great Revival"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with shades of Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Awesomeness by Analysis, Badass Longcoat, Brutal Honesty, Chaste Hero, The Comically Serious, Deadpan Snarker, Defrosting Ice King, Gentleman and a Scholar, Internal Reformist, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, No Social Skills, Only Sane Man, Perpetual Frowner, Pride, Smart People Play Chess, To Be Lawful or Good, Why Did It Have to be Earthquakes?
  • Domains: Law, Good, Investigation, Nobility, Reform.
  • Herald: Dick Gumshoe
  • High Priest: Virion
  • Allies: Wright Anything Agency, The Judge, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, The Doctor
  • Rivals: Perry Mason, Godot, Shuichi Kitaoka
  • Enemies: Dracula, House of Crime, Lex Luthor
  • Annoyed by: Robin, Austin Powers
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Simon Keyes
  • Former Herald of: Manfred von Karma
  • Edgeworth's ascension was a long time coming. He had worked tirelessly with his legal partner Phoenix Wright along with Wright's assistant Maya Fey for many years, demonstrating his intelligence, logic, and legal prowess at every turn. However, it was his honorable neckwear which finally opened the door to his ascension. He was immediately hugged by Phoenix and Maya upon arrival, to his great embarrassment.
  • When he paid Manfred's temple a visit, all he did was stare at him, grin... and show the papers of his ascension, sending the Amoral Attorney into a fit of rage. Those who knew their history were already aware that von Karma had murdered Edgeworth's own father and then attempted to recreate his son in his own image — when that failed, he tried to dispose of Edgeworth through the legal system. The irony was particularly sweet since von Karma was the one who introduced him to the cravat in the first place!
  • Edgeworth also worked under Jack McCoy for a time, even helping him win the God of Prosecutors title from his former mentor.
  • Do not under any circumstances imply that he and Phoenix Wright are anything more than friends.
  • While both he and Godot work as prosecutors in the House of Justice, Miles has started to become more concerned with finding the right person guilty instead of just convicting the defendant. Their existing rival turns even more bitter if Phoenix sides with the accused.
  • Did not take it well when Robin called someone wearing his sacred cloth a "grown man in a bib." As if to spite the tactician, he quickly made Virion his high priest. Nevertheless, his fellow Awakening brethren were grateful to see him at least occasionally.
  • As a prosecutor, it is his duty to prove defendants guilty as charged. Before, he believed anyone who came before him must be guilty — if not of that crime, then something else. He grew out of it by learning to seek only the truth of the case, though that certainly doesn't mean he's gone soft. He has worked with Perry Mason in the past, who always seems to pick innocent clients: once Mason's client was shown to be innocent, the two would work together to force the true culprit to confess.
  • He also competes with Shuichi. The two have different motivations for their careers; the Kamen Rider only helps those who can return favor for him. Miles has always been more about the conviction over money.
  • He has a lot more in common with Matt Murdock, especially after his Heel–Face Turn. The two often help take down convicted criminals. And if further evidence is needed, Daredevil can provide some welcoming back up for the prosecutor during his investigations.
  • Most of his followers wear their cravats with dignified grace. Austin Powers is not one of those men. His flamboyant congrats on his ascension erred Edgeworth to no end. Still, the spy still knows how to make it look good on him.
  • Dracula once tried to use mind control to convince the prosecutor to give away his title. Luckily Phoenix Wright challenged him to court to defend his friend. Together, they won the case that very day and forced Dracula to pay a fine for the damages.
  • Criminals, in general, fear his ability to take down their lawyers, especially after working more closely with Phoenix Wright. Even Lex Luthor admits him to be one of his most challenging foes in the courtroom.
  • Before he thought bowties were cool, the Doctor was fond of cravats, especially the Fourth and Eighth versions. The time lord joked that meant he has been wearing them before Miles Edgeworth even existed.
  • Takes great pains to avoid the subhouse of Earth. He wants to make sure that no one else knows of his fear of earthquakes. He can at least be grateful that the Pantheon doesn't have as many of the sort as Japan.
  • Make sure never to mention his devotion to the Steel Samurai franchise. He will coldly scoff at you for associating him with such a childish endeavor... before hastily walking out.
    • He HAS been seen around Toku base a few times, though he claims he's studying the layout in case he's ever accused of something and ends up in the same courtroom as his abovementioned rival Shuichi Kitaoka. It pays to be able to defend yourself against a Kamen Rider, even in a court of law.

Olivia, Goddess of Jewelry (Lychee)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Rockinium Z crystal
  • Theme Song: Initially the Kahuna Battle Theme, later the Alolan Elite 4 theme on her Rank Up
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ms. Fanservice, Pink Means Feminine, Owns A Jewelry Shop And Decked Out With Jewelry, Badass Kahuna, The Ace, Girls Love Stuffed Animals, Uses Rock Types, Becomes Part Of The Elite 4, Hartman Hips, Christmas Cake, Implied To Be Waiting For A Good Man, Let's Get Dangerous!
  • Domains: Rocks, Jewelry, Affection, Challengers
  • Herald: Her main Pokemon, a Midnight Form Lycanroc
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Wary of: Guzma, Sableye, the House of Otherness Abominations
  • The Alola region's path to being champion is a lot different from most other Pokemon regions. Along with a trial or two, each island has an Island Kahuna chosen by the guardian deity. Tapu Lele and Akala Island has this in the form of Olivia. A shapely, kind-hearted and powerful trainer, she specializes in Rock-type Pokemon. Her ace in the hole is the Dusk Form Lycanroc. Later on she became part of the Elite 4 Professor Kukui founded.
  • Olivia is decked out in jewelry, and this isn't just a fashion statement-she owns a jewelry and accessory store in her hometown of Konikoni City. You can also buy some evolutionary stones, and one fossil per customer. She's made her temple that very store, and has opened it to serve as the pantheon's jewelry store. She was very happy to learn of the Mythical Pokemon Diancie, being both a Rock type Pokemon and capable of naturally producing gemstones.
  • Her expertise with jewelry made her an asset for Rarity, along with Rarity being a Fashion Designer. Keeps an eye out for Spike since he eats gems, but isn't too concerned since he behaves. She's more worried about the mischievous Sableye stealing and eating her products.
  • Smaug was interested in her jewelry, given he has never come across things like evolutionary stones and wondering if he could strengthen his hide with them. Olivia attacked him like he was a significantly stronger Pokemon, and her attacks were ineffective. Fortunately his flame breath retained its lack of effectiveness against her Rock Pokemon. Smaug was chased off by other members of the House of Costumes, while Ripto began pilfering evolutionary stones in the chaos to help fuel his own magical spells. She wasn't amused by these turn of events.
  • Her ascension was helped thanks to Professor Kukui. Tapu Lele helped, given Olivia is its patron Kahuna. She's friendly with all the Rock type Pokemon in the pantheon, who she sees as rugged and oddly enough adorable. She was especially happy to see Probopass, given she had one of them on her own team. Olivia has been using the House of Earth & Rock for training her Pokemon more. She was happy to meet Geb, due to him being a benevolent Rock Monster.
  • Has a bunch of Stufful dolls in her home, along with an actual Stufful. They're popular with single women. Along with her fondness for jewelry and pink clothes, she's pretty girly. She was horrified to learn of SCP-1048, and what it can do and make. She considers Lotso despicable as well. She was happy to see there's a good bear, Winnie the Pooh, in the pantheon. Her herald and ace is the Midnight Form of Lycanroc (Midday Form in the anime), and is hoping to get him in the pantheon one day. Experience with the Rockruff line has led her to get along well with other wolves, like Grey Wolf Sif and Zingore.
  • She and Ned Stark also get along, both because of the wolf symbolism and their responsibilities as Lord and Kahuna respectively. Ned advises her to cover up if she wants to visit the North, it's far colder than Alola. She's also friendly with Lilo and Stitch, given they are heroic figures from Hawaii, of which Alola is heavily based on. Seems interested in the different experiments, noticing that they're similar to Pokemon. Sparky could really help out her home town's light house.
  • Deeply disturbed by Ragyo Kiryuin. Lusamine(original Sun and Moon games) proved similar to her, being a public philanthropist seeking to turn the region into a place cosmic horrors would be free to cause havoc. Except Ragyo is far worse since she doesn't even have the excuse of being under More Than Mind Control and wishes to betray ALL humanity despite originally being human. She keeps away from the House of Otherness Abominations.
  • Olivia is the youngest Kahuna who was chosen and didn't inherit the job. She insists she's just an average girl. She's not as normal as she claims. Also, don't call her ma'am.
  • Has found herself fawned over by a fellow Rock-type Gym Leader named Brock. Surprisingly, she reciprocates those feelings as well. Gods are absolutely ecstatic to ship these two together.

    Tenryuu and Tatsuta 
Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Dual Goddesses of the Floating Accessories
Tatsuta Kai-II
Tenryuu Kai-II 
  • Demigoddesses. Lesser in Kai-II
  • Symbol: Models of the Japanese Light Cruisers, Tenryuu and Tatsuta
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Purple Is Powerful, Having Their Traits Exaggerated, Looking Very Attractive In Their Swimsuits, Older Than They Look (Shared)
  • Domain: War, Weapons, Personality
  • Superior: Admiral
  • Allies: Their fellow Fleet Girls (Naka, Yamato and Musashi, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kisaragi, Ikazuchi and Inazuma, Bismarck, Akagi, Ooi, Kitakami, I-19, Shimakaze, Ushio, Ryuujou Hibiki, Yuudachi, Sendai
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess), Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, The Neurois
  • Obsess with: The Puchi Idols (Tenryuu)
  • Ascended for their strange accessories that somehow are able to float around their heads. No one in the pantheon, including their fellow Fleet girls, know what those things are. Though, there are hints that Tenryuu's might actually be a sort of RADAR.
  • When ascended, Tenryuu proclaim to the Pantheon on whether they were scared, making the most furious face she could mustered. Which only made Tatsuta to comment that only made her look cute instead of scary. Which then made Tenryuu red and yelling at her sister who only smiled.
  • Despite Tenryuu's serious demeanor, she has been known to be real good with the little Destroyers and kids in general. It's to the point there are rumors she has her own kindergarten class.
  • Tatsuta has been known to tease Tenryuu. How severe is inconsistent; sometimes it's a gentle ripping, next it's her doing something embarrassing to her in front of the Admiral. However, she does care for Tenryuu. Maybe a little too much.
  • Seems like Tatsuta really dislikes submarines. Even I-19 gives her pause despite being allies. On that note, Tenryuu often go stiff with the mention of the Albacore.note 
  • Nobody knows what's under Tenryuu's eyepatch. Some think it's just a dis-colored eye. Others think she has a hideous scar. Some think she is a Chunibyo trying to act cool.
    • However, the most likely reason might be a reference to her real world ship having its searchlight shot at.
  • Some deities are a bit unnerved by the fact Tatsuta can be so serene no matter what, even during battle. Some have swore they saw her smiling while covered in her enemy's blood.
    • Some also swore they saw her threatening one version of the Admiral with her spear for either messing with her Tenryuu or paying too much attention towards her.
  • It seems that Tenryuu has gain an obsession with the resident Puchi Idols. It's to the point she actually set up traps to capture one of them. It usually ends badly for her.
  • Tenryuu has made good friends with both Ryuko Matoi and Raiden since all three have some similar appearance and attitudes. Tatsuta herself has been hanging out with both Princess Celestia and Palutena since they are a bit trollish like her.
    • The two have also made allies with both Optimus Prime and Grimlock and also made enemies the ascended Decepticons. The two have recall that at least one version of their Admiral was Prime himself.
  • Tenryuu seemed to have gained a new surge of popularity thanks to a certain swimsuit. Also, for some reason, she looks a bit thicker when she wears it. Not that that's a bad thing.
    • Tatsuta also gained a swimsuit of her own. Rumor has it she purposely chose a more revealing one to show up Tenryuu.

    Yogi Bear 
Yogi Bear, God of Delimitative Ring Collars
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Hs head with the ring collar
  • Theme Song: The Yogi Bear Show Intro
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The First TV Breakout Character who's "smarter than the average bear, Has 'Bear' as his last name, Loveable Rogue, Big Eater, a Funny Bear, will still give you a beating for hurting Boo Boo
  • Domains: Animal, Trickery
  • Herald: Boo Boo Bear
  • Allies: Casper, Mystery Inc., The Care Bears
  • Rivals: Fred Flintstone
  • Opposed By: Smokey the Bear, Justin Timberlake
  • Feared by: Billy
  • Observed by: Steve Irwin
  • Uneasy Relationship: Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear
  • Odd Friendship: Lazlo, Raj, and Clam
  • Fears: Zangief
  • It all started with reports in the House of Nature that campers kept on losing their picnic baskets. Sherlock Holmes and Watson were hired to find the culprit. Holmes' stellar detective skills deducted that the culprit resided in the House of Beasts. Clues led them over to a forest. It was there that the two encountered two bears who had already eaten the food. While the bears made their getaway thanks to a clever diversion, the detective had enough information to reach a conclusion; that Yogi Bear and his partner Boo Boo Bear have established a home there. Parks have subsequently blanked the area with 'Do not feed the animals' signs, but it's unlikely that will stop them. After all, Yogi is smarter than the average bear.
    • As with quite a few deities in the Pantheon, they have another show to thank for their meteoric rise. Their first appearance was in The Huckleberry Hound Show.It wasn't long before their popularity earned him his own show before becoming the mascot of Hanna-Barbera. The two are remorseful for the hound's failure to ascend and they hope to help him do just that.
  • Their ascension and subsequent mischief exposed a shocking revelation: there was no official park ranger in the Pantheon. As it is rare to have such characters as protagonists, the park rangers were divided into several fates. While Yogi was delighted that this makes the likelihood of the Park Ranger Smith ascending slim, he does miss the antics he played on him.
  • Steve Irwin was up to the task of tracking the two bears. But instead of capturing them, the Australian had decided instead to keep watch over the two. Sure he would try to get them to turn in any picnic baskets if he sees them in the act, but he figured it would be better if he teaches them how to eat a bear's natural diet. Steve has his work cut out for him on that, as Yogi has frequently voiced his disgust in such edibles.
  • One would expect for scouts to adhere to the notion not to feed the animals. Instead, Lazlo respects their free-thinking as bears trying things out of the norm. He has stopped short of openly helping the bears in their schemes, but he has offered food for them at times when pickings are low.
  • Shaggy and Scooby were already acquainted with the duo. While they haven't met before, he told a story of genies in their likeness in such a detailed way that one had to wonder if it was a real tale. Most would chalk it up to interpreting the classic Aladdin story, but the two bears have sworn that the tales were indeed true.
  • Fred Flintstone share a more antagonistic relationship despite having the same creator. Yogi can't help but steal Fred's lunch whenever he goes into the forest fr his lunch break. Fred does have ways around this though; for one, his bowling skills are more than enough to bowl the two over.
  • The two also were part of a crew that celebrated Casper's first Christmas. While things were delayed by a scrooge of a ghost, the gang was eventually able to change his mind on the subject. Yogi agreed to keep the friendly ghost company every Christmas since their ascension.
  • The wrestler Zangief was excited to have another bear to wrestle. Neither Yogi nor Boo Boo are the type to raise fisticuffs and instead have taken an astonishing amount of effort to avoid the Russian wrestler at all times.
  • Meanwhile, Billy has his own reasons for avoiding the bear. The two nearly assaulted him while he was walking down the park. The two admitted it wasn't their best picnic basket heist, blaming it on the last meal they had.
  • Bear deities Winnie the Pooh and Paddington do try to be friendly towards Yogi Bear, but have distanced themselves from their antics. It wasn't that they were antagonistic towards Yogi Bear, just that they didn't think it was nice to steal from others. Winnie the Pooh was especially against stealing from Christopher Robin. For their part, Yogi and Boo Boo have avoided doing so.
  • Smokey has been more antagonistic towards the two. While the two done a good job in preventing wildfires, he was not a fan of their basket-stealing ways. As the only park ranger deity, he tasked himself for keeping the bears from stealing food from campers.
  • Has been under the watch of the Care Bears for some time now. While the group is wary of his capers, the bears are alright with his healthy display of emotions. They also liked how Yogi cares for Boo Boo.
  • When Boo Boo found out his voice sounded like a certain pop star, he had an idea on how to use that to their advantage. The bears staged a meet and greet with a hologram and dome good old-fashioned ventriloquism. Boo Boo told his adoring fans to give them food in exchange for a conversation. The plan went well... until the real actor found out about it. Justin Timberlake marched over to the place and chased the bears away. He has since warned passer-bys of someone who may impersonate his voice.
  • Nowadays, Yogi can meet his dietary needs in the House of Food. He was astonished at the variety and makes sure to go there for items he can't find (or steal) anywhere else. With that said, he hasn't stopped pilfering baskets. Some say he prefers the thrill of the steal.


    Annie (Little Orphan Annie
Annie, Divine Wielder of Significant Orphan Lockets (Little Orphan Annie, Annie Warbucks)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her locket
  • Theme Song: Tomorrow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fiery Redhead yet Heartwarming Orphan to her fellow orphans, Plucky Girl, Wise Beyond Their Years, The Pollyanna, ultimately Wealthy Ever After
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Repose, Family
  • Herald: Sandy, her dog
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Pollyanna Whittier, Madeline, Anne Shirley, Sara Crewe, Richie Rich, Josiah Bartlet, The Baudelaire Orphans, Jake the Dog
  • Enemies: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Biff, Count Olaf
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Robot Chicken
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in an orphanage. The most prominent thing about her was one half of a locket that she owed in the hopes that her parents may come to pick her up. She may have never seen her parents, but her determination owned her a spot in the Pantheon. Oddly enough, it's not nearly as shiny as her home as a mortal, mixing it with items from her time as an orphanage.
  • Oliver Warbucks declined to stay with her full time, opting to help run both her temple and his own mansion in his world. Thus, the role of herald befell on her trusted dog Sandy. It went off to a rocky start, calling Sandy a "dumb dog" when he wouldn't stop following her. But she took a liking to the dog and kept him as her own. Jake appreciated her generosity and gave her a free ride through the land of Ooo.
  • One of the most famous Plucky Girls in the Pantheon. Dorothy welcomed her into the Pantheon. Their dogs Toto and Sandy also enjoyed the new company. Annie found the concept of Oz to be fascinating and plans to visit the place one day.
  • It appears that little girls with dogs are quite popular these days, as she found another one in the name of Madeline. The two share a spunky attitude as well as a love of living things. Both were fascinated with the others' cities and wanted to know more about them.
  • No one is as optimistic as Pollyanna, and even she was impressed with the redhead's determination. Despite never meeting her parents, she maintains hope that they may find her some day.
  • She may be a Quasideity, but don't think she frightens too easily. She once fended off a bunch of boys all by herself.
  • Starting out as a Comic Strip, she has later appeared as a play and even a few movies. While the first one was rather successful, the latest one wasn't nearly as successful. She remains positive that she will have another go at the big screen someday.
  • When she seeks out advice on how to become a more respectable young lady, she turns to Anne Shirley. It helps that Anne herself had to work hard to become the Spirited Young Lady she had become. While Nova Scotia is a completely different environment from New York City, Annie saw fellow redhead to be as relateable.
  • Has a sizable fanbase in the House of Commerce. Sara Crewe gave the orphan a beautiful dress for Annie to wear in parties. Meanwhile, Richie Rich offered a few contractions for her use. The latter had to come by later to work on the kinks when they went out of hand, but Annie enjoyed them by the same.
    • Not everyone there is willing to accept her presence. The Reagan siblings were quick to belittle Annie for her upbringing. What they didn't account for was the redhead's purchase to get her hands dirty. The two had to run for dear life when she charged up towards them.
  • Cartman saw Annie as the perfect person to fight. Ranked two positions higher than her, he thought that it would be a piece of cake for him. Instead Annie defeated him with ease, mirroring his fight with Wendy. This time, Cartman didn't care that he lost, knowing no one would think any less of him for losing.
  • It is obvious that she would not be a fan of The Child Abuse Supporters in general. While they don't have an Evil Orphanage Lady in their ranks, there are plenty of bad caretakers in that house. She's especially vindictive of Lady Tremaine and Ghetsis Harmonia for being terrible parents to their children.
  • As with many in the Pantheon, she wasn't a fan of her depiction by Robot Chicken, portraying her as a spoiled teenager.
  • To Annie, Josiah Bartlet reminds her a lot of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The fictional president was just as friendly to the girl when he visited.
  • She may not go to a school, but is no fan of bullies anyways. Biff doesn't see much of the girl either way, continuing to focus on Marty and Doc Brown.
  • Was drawn to the The Baudelaire Orphans, interested in how they became so unlucky. After hearing of their story, she firmly believes that it was Count Olaf that burnt their home. Unfortunately, there is no proof of the matter, and Annie isn't skilled in that type of work. Annie was at least willing to let them stay in her own temple whenever they want.

    Linus van Pelt 
Linus van Pelt, God Of Security Blankets


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