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Greater Gods

    The Skylanders 
”Greetings Portal Master! Welcome to a brand new adventure in the Trope Pantheons!”

The Skylanders, Holy Army of the Toys-To-Life Game
Eon’s Elite (and Stump Smash)
The Giants
The SWAP Force
The Trap Masters
The SuperChargers
The Senseis
Sir Hoodington, an Imaginator

    Sora (Kingdom Hearts
Sora, God of Mascot RPGs (Keybearer, The Keyblade's Chosen One, Keyboy, Keyblade Master, Shadow, Roxas, Neo Darkside, Combatant 13, Armored Ventus Nightmare, Yozora, The Boy Who Found the Key, Child of Destiny, Chosen by the Keyblade, Number 82, The Keyblade Wielding Savior of Kingdom Hearts)
AntiForm Sora 
Neo Darkside 
Dream Sora 
Armored Ventus Nightmare 
Rage Form Sora 

    Steve and Alex (Minecraft
Steve and Alex, Divine Duo of Sandbox Survival Games (Both: World Crafter | Steve: Steve?, Mr. Minecraft, Minecraft Steve | Alex: Alex?)
Steve and Alex
  • Greater Deities (When on "Creative") or Lesser Deities (When on "Survival").
  • Symbol: A Diamond Pickaxe
  • Theme Song: Halland/Dalarna
  • Alignment: True Neutral but can change depending on the player that controls them.
  • Portfolio: The Aloner, Protagonist Without a Past, Hyperspace Arsenals, Action Survivor, An Interior Designer Is You
  • Domains: Mining, Blocks, Creation, Mechanics, Enchantment
  • High Priests: The kid from Terraria, Roblox Noob
  • Allies: Insert Name Here, Sackboy, Emmet Brickowski, Fix it Felix Jr., Maxwell, SMG4 and his Mario, Finn the Human, Most of the participants of the Super Smash Bros. tournaments, Several youtubers
  • Enemies: Ender Dragon, Zombies, Creepers, Piglins, Herobrine, The Wither, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Pities: Lemongrab
  • Oppose: Endermen
  • The world of Minecraft can be considered a peculiar place full of adventure and discovery where a player character wakes up in this unfamiliar world with the task of basically doing whatever they want, as the land is free to explore. This character in question can take many forms and names based on the player's choice but when the time came to select this entity to represent their world, the Court of Gods summoned the default avatars of Steve and Alex, who were perplexed to find themselves in a world that had no resemblance to the lands they were familiarized with but nonetheless happily accepted the role of a deity.
  • As stated before, Steve and Alex are the default names given to the male and female avatar respectively and usually they do things like wander around the Pantheon in search of new materials, often visiting houses that could hide precious items. Steve and Alex can often get a bit reckless when it comes to mining so authorities had to put restrictions on which places they are allowed to explore and freely act considering the potential destruction they can cause.
  • Steve and Alex actually have two modes, which greatly change the ranking depending on which is active. The lesser form is "Survival", describing the pair as the more adventurous of the two modes, being more prone on fighting monsters and constructing stuff on what theu finds naturally, mainly stuff what helps to survive. The stronger form is "Creative", which allows them to become nigh invincible and being able to generate almost anything from thin-air and destroy anything with one punch, allowing the duo to construct more impressive stuff.
  • Given their ability to build and place blocks of any kind (provided they have the right material), Steve and Alex have been mostly working on things like designing temples and rebuilding destroyed houses. Both ended up becoming friends with Sackboy given their similar background and there have been times where both Alex and Steve have been shown trying to out-do Sackboy at any opportunity in creating new items and sharing them with everyone else.
  • Sackboy would later introduce Steve and Alex to other important builders and engineers in the Pantheon like Fix-it-Felix Jr. or Emmet Brickowski, who were happy to received the duo and have heard of their impressive building and crafting skills. They are still working on a way to transform the creations of Steve and Alex into regular building and not pixelated like the ones in Minecraft but at least they appreciate the duo's help
  • As part of their daily routine, every morning they would punch down the nearest tree with their bare hands. When asked why, they always cryptically responds, "It gives me wood." People usually don't ask any further questions after that.
  • Were quick to find out that several of the creatures they tend to encounter during their many adventurers also were common in the Pantheon. With the Endermen at the least the duo knows better than to antagonize them or stare at their eyes but with Creepers they are not happy to learn that this incredibly dangerous monsters can sometimes spawn and ruin their day. Then there were bigger monsters like the Wither and even Herobrine antagonizing Steve and Alex just because. It didn't take long before Herobrine started destroying the houses Steve and Alex were building.
  • Steve is good friends with both SMG4 and Mario, at least the one from the former's universe but this version of Steve is slightly different, beign a bit more of an airhead than the usual Steve and this version also really loves chickens (and has a corn farm for some reason, don't ask). The authorities usually request Steve to reduce the time he hangs out with this Mario to avoid causing unnecessary destruction, which a common occurance with that version of the italian plumber.
  • They once witnessed the Earl of Lemongrab try to build a lemontree and it went as well as you expected it, they tried to help him but it didn't improve much. They are also good friends with Finn for being a fellow adventurer and they have tried to give him some pointers as to how to explore the world of Minecraft.
  • Some curious gods among the Pantheon have talked among themselves as to what a battle between Steve and Alex would go, suppodedly given that Alex actually debuted much later meaning she is much less experienced. Thus far, no-one has attempted to enact it due to either of them actually wanting to fight each others, but bets are already being placed for what the result will be when they are true equals to each other.
  • One day on the occasional mining session, Steve somehow ran into Mario, who had been knocked into the world of Minecraft during a Smash battle and Steve was very nonchalant about Mario's shock. Though they got off on the wrong foot after leaving Mario at the demise of a Creeper, Mario would eventually be impressed by the Blocky Builder's skills and give Master Hand a recommendation for the Smash tournament. Steve happily accepted and brought Alex with him. And somehow both a Zombie and an Enderman also entered the fray though they are somewhat amicable with Steve and Alex.
  • Steve and Alex are often seen around other personalities from Youtube, as Minecraft is a popular game to make videos of and naturally they are often featured in them. Many youtubers have expressed interest in the duo and they have found it completely stressful given all the constant attention.

Intermediate Gods

    The Nightwings 
The Nightwingsmembers , Celestial Team of Sports Games (Jodariel: Jodi, Demon Mom, Curly-Horns | The Stowaway: Vagabond Girl, Moon-Touched Girl, Bae the Bloodless, Chae the Changeling, Dae the Dense, Fae the Fair, Gae the Gray, Kae the Unkempt, Lae the Lonely, Mae the Moon-Touched, Nae the Nuisance, Rhae the Wretched, Shae the Shoddy, Tae the Tattle, Xae the Poxy, Zhae the Zealous, ?ae, *ae | Pamitha: Pam | Volfred: Sandalwood, Fred | Tariq: The Lone Minstrel)
The Nightwings Sigil
All their members (for scaling purposes). Left to right:Jodariel, Bertrude, Rukey, Pamitha, Ti'zo (right against the moon), the Reader, Sir Gilman, Hedwyn, the Stowaway, Volfred
The Stowaway 
Sir Gilman 
  • Between Intermediate and Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The sigil, a cresting moon
  • Theme Song: Never To Return or Will of the Scribes
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Legacy Character, Comprised of Members From All Races, True Companions, Opposing Sports Team and Threshold Guardians for the Rites, Hope Bringer, Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Domain(s): Exile, Rites, Ball Game, Freedom, Revolution, Peace
  • Heralds: The rest of the Downside Triumvirates, Sandra, Celeste The Gate Guardian (Tariq's Love Interest), Oralech, Fikani Shang (Hedwyn's girlfriend), Followers of the Eighth Word (to the Stowaway, should she be Liberated)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Fascist/corrupt governments and supporters thereof, Captain Beatty, Big Brother (especially for Volfred and the Reader, for stifling literature), Eldritch Abominations and worshippers thereof
  • Opposed by: SCP-516 (Hedwyn, Jodariel, and Pamitha)
  • The problem with Sports Games is that most of them are of real sports and are more about the game than its players, so it was a daunting task to find proper candidates for the trope. And then scouts of the Court found the interesting tale of the rise of the Sahrian Union. While trying to discern through conflicting stories whether or not they overthrew its previous government, the Commonwealth, through peace or through bloodshed, and members of importance in the revolution. Further research revealed the existence of the Downside, the Rites, the Eight Scribes that created it, and the Trumvirates that partook in it.
  • It was there that tales of the Nightwings were discovered, the Rites they participated in, and the revolution they supported, and it was there that the Court found their candidate. Or rather, candidates. As it was, due to the Multiple Endings nature of the tale, it was difficult finding the ideal method of ascending them to the Pantheon. But a solution was eventually found.
  • After enacting their solution, all of the Nightwings have been brought to the Pantheon, all with memories of life after the last Liberation Rite both in the Downside and in the Commonwealth/Sahrian Union. The conflicting memories were a bit confusing to possess and among other things, The Stowaway, Hedwyn, and the Reader are still human even after remembering remaining in the Downside after the Rites have ended, and Jodariel is still a demon even when she remembers life after returning to the Commonwealth, and won't be changing back anytime soon. Still, at the very least, they are all reunited. And it was surprising that Tariq has rejoined them given his departure with Celeste after the Rites have ended, but as he's technically part of the Nightwings, it made sense.
  • Applies to the team or some of them:
    • The Nightwings' temple takes the form of the Moonlight Alcove, the sanctuary the team rest in while waiting for the stars to herald the next series of Rites. They also have their blackwagon they use to travel across the Downside. It even has flight capabilities, and when in flight, the Reader occasionally directs their craft to other flying vessels/deities that happen to be in the area either to grief or greet them, depending on their mood, but also knows to flee if one decides at attack the blackwagon.
    • Thanks to the endeavors of Barker Ashpaws of the Dissidents, they are aware of the Rites being considered a game not just in the Downside after the Rites ended, but also in the world(s) outside their own. In fact, the House of Gaming and Technology are collaborating on creating a simulation of the Rites, and folks have compared it as a fantastical version of basketball.
      • Of course, given just how many different kinds of lifeforms (especially non-organics such as energy beings and robots) are in the Pantheon, a lot of work in the simulation had to be done to account for all of them and to give proper pros and cons of each (though the giant one such as Cybertronians and great dragons can't participate). And that's not counting the humanoids who can cast abilities without weapons, which aren't permitted in the Rites. Some are inconsequential (like Yang Xiao Long's damage-based Semblance, which is pointless since one hit from an opponent's aura is instant banishment), others might give an edge, while yet others might even break the game (like Ruby Rose's Speed-based Semblance) unless properly nerfed.
    • Eventually, the Sim-Rites Program was completed. The Nightwings are already in by default, but anyone else who wishes to partake in the experience has to register first as a Triumviratecaveat . Unlike the cases where Sir Gilman and Pamitha left their own groups to join the Nightwings, changing Triumvirates requires a lengthy procedure, so it's best to form large teams if they're more likely to play together (e.g. the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives, or the Mane Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Mons of deities, if they don't have a limited summon time (like an SMT!Demon or a Digimon, but not a Persona or Eidolon), participate as separate team members, but only if their owner/summoner/partner is taking part as wellexample .
      • Within the sim, participants are donned in raiments reminiscent of those the Nightwings posses, but in color themes decided by the Triumvirate they represent. New masks and raiments were also designed to account for those who aren't human (Nomad like Hedwyn or Savage like the Stowaway), Demon, Cur, Wyrm, Imp, Harp, Sap, or Bog-Crone. And the "Book of Rites" each player has to hold will float close by for those who lack the appendages to carry them.
      • Trinkets/mementos held by/in the possession of a player and/or Triumvirate get added in their inventory as equipment that can mildly enhance one's abilities, aid in the Pyre's survivability, give advantages at the cost of getting a handicap, or hamper the enemies' capabilities, though some of them are limited to certain people. For some, this means having a small set. For others (like Neku and friends with all their Pins), this gives them a large repertoire to choose from.
      • The simulation ensures that during any Rite, only one player per Triumvirate moves at a time by locking the others in place when one has already decided to move. Coordination and trust is vital, and can be made easier with an assigned teammate not actively participating serving as a Reader (coordinator), who can mind-read their teammates and telepathically communicate with them (those who already have such abilities can use them in the sim even as a player).
      • After each Rite, victory or defeat, all participants (save the maxed-out Nightwings) earn Enlightenment, which eventually unlock Masteries (maximum of 4, with a chain of wins required to change that up) uniqueto each player. All other members of both teams get Inspiration, which become Enlightenment should they participate in a Rite. They also earn points that can he spent on (temporary possession ofnote ) various trinkets the Nightwings have used throughout their Rites. These points can also be used to borrow other Triumvirates' trinkets, as long as both sides can reach an agreement.
      • Another feature from the Rites mimicked into the Sim-Rites is the Titan Stars Challenges that can be called upon for the sake of, well, a challenge, as well as bonus points for trinket loaning. However, to avoid any implications of unwanted pity or overconfidence, the Nightwings aren't allowed to use this feature, but all other Triumvirates can.
      • There is no equivalent for Ascension Rites, since the Sim-Rites are meant for fun.
    • One additional benefit the Nightwings got along with their ascension is to grant them the ability to project and cast Aura like if they were in the Rites (the Stowaway once defended the camp from Howlers this way, and Sir Gilman burst obstacles (and his former fellow Pyrehearts when they pursued him) hindering the Nightwings). These attacks are only as strong as a shove or physical charge from them, and in Ti'zo's case, since his Implosion is a Suicide Attack in the Rites, it merely renders him winded for a bit here.
    • The Reader's telepathic powers are common knowledge now, though they don't often use it. What isn't often known, though, is that they can also manipulate the minds of those they read. Few even know that Volfred also has this power, and he has less scruples when it comes to utilizing it against enemies to Mind Probe them.
    • Due to having been exiled for literacy and promoting literature against the government specifically respectively, the Reader and Volfred have it against Big Brother for stifling people's literacy.
      • With literacy not being illegal, it's been considered that the rest of the Nightwings be provided language writing lessons.
      • Other folks they oppose include corrupt cops and politicians (like Lendel of the Accusers and Manley of the Chastity), summoners of Eldritch Abominations (like Udmildhe of the Withdrawn), those consumed with hatred and desire for war (like Tamitha of the Essence) most Eldritch Abominations (like the Downside Titans), and oppressive governments (like the Commonwealth).
    • Due to its extreme prejudice against traitors to their nations, the Nightwings are advised to stay away from SCP-516 when possible, particularly Hedwyn (deserted his post in a war), Joadriel (unauthorized release of POWs), and Pamitha (betraying her sister (and her nation), even if in an attempt to save her from death).
  • Exclusive to The Reader:
    • Rumored to be an aspect of (Insert Name Here), the Reader's past is inconsistent (like if they were an old farmhand or a war orphan), if it's even known. What is known is that their crippled condition (as a result of being cast down or from old age) prevented them from participating in the Rites. With the upcoming simulation, they can have a chance of experiencing the Rites for themselves.
    • When not with their fellow Nightwings, or sometimes with one/some of them, the Reader can be found in the House of Knowledge... reading. Given they had probably lost their own library to the Commonwealth, it's relieving to be able to choose what literature to learn from. Of course, they know there are some works to avoid.
    • Never takes off their cloak, making much of their identity a mystery. Those who saw beneath it have deigned to keep it a secret, and the nature of the Reader's character makes it inconsistent.
    • Occasionally, when given some alone time, the Reader consults with a green crystal, which is found to be inhabited by a wraith named Sandra, of the Beyonders Triumvirate.
      • However, after an incident which ended up with the Beyonder Crystal nearly shattered, the Reader went around to find a way to protect it without interfering its ability to communicate with them. They eventually found one, and it came with a bonus of being able to summon Sandra from the crystal at times, though she's still bound to it like a genie in a lamp. Regardless, the Reader has become a lot more careful.
      • No, she won't be conducting Scribe Trials for anybody else; those days are over, the Sim-Rites already got that covered, and the Reader isn't that trusting of the Crystal to anybody other than themself.
  • Exclusive to Hedwyn:
    • Sometimes practices his cooking skills at the House of Food after rumors of how bad he was at it spread. He insists that was because of the Downside's food being pretty unpalatable overall. As such, he ends up not having much good ingredients, and he had been trying his best.
    • Has drawn the scorn of those who despise soldiers who go AWOL, a crime that Hedwyn was exiled for, and it got his comrades killed. Worse is that it was for something such as love, and with someone from the other side, no less.
  • Exclusive to Jodariel:
    • Due to having participated in wars against the Harps on behalf of the Commonwealth, she has trouble with trusting harpies of any sort. It took a long while (and the Reader's guidance) before she can even consider trusting and working together with Pamitha (assuming neither get Liberated before then).
    • Prior to and during the war, she's adopted and cared for orphans, among them Hedwyn when he was young. As such, she's gotten acquainted with and gets along with not only some of the children who can get past her imposing appearance, but also other orphanage protectors like Julis-Alexia and Kazuma Kiryu.
      • While it's what got her exiled, she draws the line against those who would execute children, even if they're from the enemy side.
    • As someone who would found a quasi-police force in the new Sahrian Union if she gets Liberated, she has cordial relations with law enforcement deities (as long as they don't exploit their authority).
  • Exclusive to Rukey:
    • It's not much, but there's been one little thing noted about Rukey; his stylish mustache, or the occasional lack of it, which depended on the Reader's critique of it.
    • Having once been a smuggler of goods, he gets along nicely with Han Solo; on top of their (initial) careers, both have also taken part in a rebellion against a corrupt government (even in the off-chance that Rukey never gets Liberated, he's still helped the Reader who would eventually lead the Nightwings and help Liberate his teammates, and Rukey would still be among the players to stand by their side).
    • At present, when not with his fellow Nightwings, he works as a merchant, mainly of trinkets (which can be used in the Sim-Rites, but at a premium) and other merchandise inspired by Falcon Ron's. That said, given that competition in the House of Commerce is much fiercer, he isn't as dedicated to it as he normally should.
  • Exclusive to the Stowaway:
    • Will answer to any of the following names (which are all pronounced as if rhyming with "gray"): Mae, Kae, Dae, Xae, Tae, Shae, Rhae, Lae, Chae, Nae, Zhae. Due to much potential for confusion or derogatory puns, the following have been removed (i. e. she's been instructed not to treat these as addressing her by name): Fae (there's a Manakete who goes by that name already), Gae (sounds like "gay"), and Bae (very memetic).
      • That said, given certain things like her leitmotif, and what she's addressed by the game if the player enters Versus Mode without loading a Campaign first (or at least one where the Nightwings find her at that point in the story), the majority default to Mae, and it's used in documentation, though the other names are still used. Isis hasn't deigned to confirm if this is indeed her true name or not.
    • Occasionally, she can be found preaching (not to an overbearing extent, of course, after the first few times) what she knows about the Eight Scribes' teachings, if she isn't marveling at all the things the Pantheon has to offer.
    • Used to eat the least she can, because she disliked to hurt animals to eat meat. Angès understands that feeling, having had a similar thought process and vegan diet before Ringabel of all people snapped her out of that when she and her party had been stranded out at sea and there was only fish to eat.
  • Exclusive to Ti'zo:
    • Despite his diminutive size and cute appearance, Ti'zo is actually not only very intelligent, but long-lived as well. The only thing keeping him from being as revered as Yoda is the fact that he can't speak the same language as Commonwealth exiles (and by extension the rest of the Pantheon). For some reason, he didn't get the same gift of tongues most every deity in the Pantheon gets. Only telepaths and Tariq can communicate with him easily.
    • Occasionally, he can be found swimming in lakes or shorelines to catch fish to eat. And even some other things even he's not meant to eat.
    • And when in the House of Food, he can end up consuming quite a lot for his size and his fellow Nightwings (usually the Stowaway, the Reader, or Volfred) have to keep him in check.
  • Exclusive to Sir Gilman:
    • When he isn't practicing speedy movements with Rukey, Sir Gilman can often be found perched at above-average elevations (perhaps even on other living beings if they're all right with it) to tame his fear of heights.
    • Having been under the service of a cowardly commander (in a race full of glory seekers), he has zero tolerance for such and think they're undeserving of their rank. Lord Djibril is on the top of that list.
      • Those who show incompetence or are otherwise unfit for command or have no business in it are those he won't tolerate, either, such as Zapp Brannigan.
    • While regaling his (and the Nightwings') tale amongst fellow soldiers, or at least those who would listen, when he reached the part where he underwent voluntary exile, one of them recalled an event experienced by Riven; she had underwent self-exile too, when her country used chemical Warfare to win a battle that destroyed allies and enemies alike. As a proud warrior, she found such tactics dishonorable.
  • Exclusive to Pamitha:
    • When it came to caring for a sibling who's... admittedly not the best of people, Pamitha thought she was alone in this regard. As it was, that's not the case in the Pantheon. As such, she can understand the situation of Jaime Lannister (though she's weirded out by the incest he has with Cersei) and occasionally share drinks with him.
      • She also gets along with Mokuba Kaiba (even if Seto isn't exactly evil anymore) and Zuko (even though he didn't start his pity until after Azula went mad for a while, and even hated her back then).
    • Coming from a race filled to the heart with vengeance, while not harboring much of them herself, Pamitha pities those who can't bring themselves to let go of their grudges over any sort of logic. Especially if they have enough honor not to accept any easier ways to achieve it.
    • Due to her wings having been clipped by the Commonwealth before being cast down to the Downside, you won't see her flying high in the sky, though she can remain midair for a moderate amount of time before needing to land.
  • Exclusive to Volfred:
    • While he opposes corrupt governments, he'd prefer that coups against it be planned out and done peacefully, though he's smart enough to know if that isn't an option, and is merely disappointed if that's the case.
    • He has aptitude as a leader, both as deviser of the Plan, and the fact that he becomes Prime Minister of the Sahrian Union should he be Liberated.
    • If the ground is soft enough (i.e. not much harder than rock), he can quickly burrow himself and resurface a short distance away in an emergency.
  • Exclusive to Bertrude:
    • Bertrude's trade revolves around potions, talismans and other powerful magic items, so she can sometimes be found at the House of Magic.
    • Some folks think her fireproof ink shouldn't have worked since that logically should've ended with burnt books and a puddle of ink on the floor where they lay. Unless the ink was specially hexed.
    • Something a little more significant than Rukey's mustache (or lack thereof), sometimes Bertrude is plagued by nightmares and sometimes she isn't. As it turns out, it's a side effect of being from multiple timelines, as there are three outcomes to when she asked the player to invoke Yslach while playing against Udmildhe of the Withdrawn to break the cultist's faith; either victory is achieved, loss is suffered, or the Reader chose not to risk it.
      • As such, she's become a subject of interest to the Pantheon's dreamwalkers, either to propagate the nightmares (like Freddy Kreuger) or to quell them (like Princess Luna). As such, her dreamscape has become their battlezone a little more often than usual.
    • While pretty slow normally (both in her age and as a Bog-Crone), she can surprisingly pounce forward with considerable speed otherwise.
  • Exclusive to Tariq:
    • Without the Rites to constrain him to his duty, when he isn't spending time together with Celeste, Tariq roams the Pantheon, relaying tales of the Nightwings and the Rites through his songs.
    • During his wanderings, he ran into the Bard, who had heard of his songs, was entranced by what Tariq was singing, and wanted to know more. He would also guide the Minstrel to Edward's temple to share his tale.

Opa-Opa, Avatar of the Cute 'em Up
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Music: Opa-Opa! (Round One)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sapient Ship, Cute 'em Up, Nintendo Hard
  • Domains: Ships, Cuteness, Weirdness
  • Herald: Upa-Upa
  • High Priests: Twinbee, Winbee, & Gwinbee
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Vic Viper, Star Fox, Luke Skywalker
  • Enemies: Vanitas, Dark Meta Knight, Dark Link, Bydo Empire
  • Dreads: Event Horizon
  • The forces of evil have attacked Fantasy Zone, a colorful world filled with strange imagery and it's up to Opa-Opa to fight back and dispel the darkness that threatens everything. There’s no actual pilot in control of Opa-Opa and the ship can access a shop every so often to expand its arsenal of weapons. Despite the bright and colorful setting and Opa-Opa being similarly bright itself, there’s some darker events going on during Opa-Opa’s fight against evil. Among them include tumultuous events related to his father and the fact that Opa-Opa is vulnerable to being corrupted to become an insane entity that spreads chaos across the world he was meant to protect.
  • Life continued on in Fantasy Zone for Opa-Opa and whoever else was residing in that place when another enemy attack began to occur. These particular adversaries looked nothing like the ones that Opa-Opa previously fought against, but the mission remained the same for it: keep Fantasy Zone safe against dangers of any kind. While some of the enemies that were attacking the moment were easier than normal, the attack continued on with enemies that proved to be a much greater challenge for Opa-Opa. Eventually, Opa-Opa was able to destroy the final ship that was leading the attack on Fantasy Zone, but when it exploded, some paper fell onto the ground, prompting Opa-Opa to read them and see if there was anything unusual on them. Said pieces of paper were listed as having originated in the Pantheon, a vast world connected to and far from Fantasy Zone and that whoever used to own that paper was intending to conquer various worlds throughout the Pantheon. Seeing that this meant that not only would Fantasy Zone be in danger, but so would many other worlds beyond it, Opa-Opa took it upon itself to be one of several entities in the Pantheon willing to fight back against anyone that threatened the peace of others.
  • It wouldn’t take long for Sonic the Hedgehog to befriend another entity dedicated to fighting against any sort of evil that threatens many lands. Upon seeing Opa-Opa as a ship that can control itself instead of having a pilot akin to something that Tails can control, Sonic saw the idea of a self-piloting ship as something that could go either way. A self-piloting ship made by Tails can be of use in fighting against Eggman and his army, but at the same time, Eggman can use something like that in his conquests, but regardless of what will happen, Opa-Opa has been an effective transport to get Sonic to very far locations if Tails busy with some other adventure that doesn’t require Sonic’s help. Sonic has even invited Opa-Opa to some races alongside other Sega characters and while it has taken part in them, Opa-Opa is one of the less frequent participants during such events.
  • A major source of help for Opa-Opa when it came to handling the different threats in the Pantheon came in Vic Viper, another starship with a history of shooting up different enemies. While Opa-Opa is consistently a living ship, there have been different versions of Vic Viper ranging from a ship people can pilot to a sentient ship similar to Opa-Opa, but this made no impact to Vic Viper’s usefulness either way. As the Opa-Opa has been mainly used to fighting colorful adversaries, Vic Viper helped it out in dealing with far more deadly enemies such as the Bydo Empire. As the goal of the Bydo is to assimilate everything into its rank and that Vic Viper is one of its potential targets, Opa-Opa knew that it had to step up its efforts to ensure that the Pantheon and the friends that the ship has made don’t fall to such dark forces, even if Opa-Opa itself is as susceptible to getting assimilated by the Bydo as much as Vic Viper or others are.
  • Even among the colorful and surreal worlds that Opa-Opa has traveled throughout the Pantheon and keeping them safe, Gensokyo was one of the stranger worlds that Opa-Opa became aware of. A world where many supernatural entities exist, Gensokyo has plenty of girls and many of them are capable of strong feats that would give Opa-Opa a hard time navigating if he were to end up in conflict against anyone who lived in Gensokyo. That said, the inhabitants of Gensokyo aren’t as antagonistic as some of the enemies Opa-Opa had to fight against in the Pantheon and seeing the kinds of abilities the girls of Gensokyo can do did inspire Opa-Opa to become stronger in order to fight against much more dangerous adversaries. If deftly navigating the attacks of girls in a dedicated setting can help Opa-Opa navigate deadlier areas, then it can certainly find an opening for attack when it needs to fight against a villain who is far more dangerous than anyone from Gensokyo.
  • It once worked with a team known as the White Nuts during a period in the future where Mars was under attack by the Nohzas and the White Nuts had to prevent the Nozhas from taking over the planet. Being in the Pantheon meant that Opa-Opa had some involvement in intergalactic adventures and sometimes helped such space-themed entities in protecting the cosmos from various threats. Star Fox was a team of space pilots who Opa-Opa sometimes worked with in shooting up enemies in the air and seeing a ship with no pilot help out was a slightly strange sight, but one who the team had no issues with otherwise. Deities that have had experience in protecting the planet Mars don’t mind Opa-Opa helping out in keeping that planet safe given its previous endeavor with the White Nuts.
  • Opa-Opa has an unusual relationship with its father as it initially fought against him, but later learned that Opapa wanted Opa-Opa to get rid of the darkness that could corrupt its mind and Opapa later died fighting against the Nenon forces, prompting Opa-Opa to avenge him. Opa-Opa would learn about Luke and Anakin Skywalker, their battle against evil, the possibility of corruption bringing about tragedy to everyone they once cared about, and their familial revelations during their confrontation with each other. Anakin was corrupted by the Dark Side he was supposed to fight against, becoming Darth Vader, and once Luke discovered his connection to Vader, it led to a battle against the once responsible for turning Anakin against his former allies, ending with Vader turning against Palpatine and reconciling with Luke before dying. Such an adventure was much grander in scale and personal stakes than with Opa-Opa had gone through, but it was clear that Opa-Opa was strongly sympathetic to Luke’s ordeal in fighting against an evil as dangerous as Palpatine and Luke has given Opa-Opa plenty of motivation to maintain its strong will and not succumb to corruption when fighting evil.
  • The darkness that was presented in Opa-Opa manifested as a dark version of itself who Opa-Opa had to fight against. There were plenty of villains who existed as a literal dark counterpart to numerous heroes that sometimes existed as a separate entity and Opa-Opa knew that such villains needed to be stopped. Among such villains included Dark Link, Dark Meta Knight, and Vanitas, with the latter posing a prominent danger to the Pantheon to the point where Opa-Opa was worried that if its own evil counterpart appeared again, it would be willing to work with such deadly characters to try and make Opa-Opa fall into darkness once more. While some dark counterparts who exist independently of their originals such as Dark Pit have proven to not be as bad as they appear, Opa-Opa has seen most of them as a problem, especially if Evil Opa-Opa decides to get involved with them.
  • Starships that can pilot itself akin to Opa-Opa are a fairly uncommon occurrence in the Pantheon and only some highly skilled engineers are able to design such things. There was one starship that can pilot itself that was sighted in the starry skies of the Pantheon and it was a ship that Opa-Opa was terrified of. The Event Horizon is a nightmarish abomination with a hyperdrive and those that explore the ship are subject to psychological trauma, with attempts at trying to get rid of the ship entirely proven to be very difficult. While Opa-Opa has already gotten over its personal demons with the help of its father, attempting to explore the Event Horizon could not only bring back said internal conflict, but it’ll be amplified to such a degree that it’ll put Opa-Opa at an even bigger risk of being corrupted than normal. While Opa-Opa would like to team up with other potentially sentient starships that are heroic and fight against others that are evil, the Event Horizon is something that would endanger Opa-Opa immensely even if it has access to weapons that can significantly damage the Event Horizon and no matter how strong the help Opa-Opa can get, trying to destroy Event Horizon will be a massive undertaking that could take a toll on Opa-Opa.
  • In order to upgrade its arsenal, Opa-Opa has to visit a shop and spend the money it's earned from shooting up enemies. As is to be expected from anyone fighting for a cause in the Pantheon, that vast world has given Opa-Opa more options on what shops it can visit and what weapons and engines it can potentially buy and use in battle. While some of these shops in the Pantheon have more potent options that Opa-Opa can purchase, there are a few that sell things that are too good to be true and those kinds of items are prone to putting Opa-Opa at a disadvantage once used up. Opa-Opa largely prefers to use what it currently has at its disposal (including any related upgrades for them), but if there’s a good option to give it an easier time against stronger adversaries and won’t inconvenience Opa-Opa later on, it's willing to take a chance on such options.

    The Sin and Punishment Cast 
Saki Amamiya, Airan Jo, (K)Achi, & Isa Jo, Collective Patrons of Boss Games
Left Image L-R: Airan & Saki with Achi behind them; Right Image: Isa & Kachi
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Kanji that translates to Sin and Punishment
  • Theme Music: Hakai (Isa & Kachi)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall (though Achi has Neutral Evil goals)
  • Portfolio: Rail Shooter, Strange Storylines
  • Domains: Shooting, War
  • Allies: The Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Fatalis, Terraformars
  • Uncertain Relations: Revan (Achi only)
  • To combat a devastating famine ravaging through Earth in the futuristic year of 2007, genetically-engineered species intended to be food are created in Japan, but end up rampaging throughout the country and are dubbed Ruffians. The Armed Volunteers, an organization ostensibly meant to keep the Ruffians in check, end up making things worse thanks to suppressing the population and causing collateral damage along the way. That’s where Achi, a mysterious woman with just-as-mysterious powers, comes in and she leads a resistance organization to fight off both the Ruffians and Armed Volunteers, with two other members of her team, Saki Amamiya and Airan Jo fighting alongside her. Naturally, things are much more complicated than that as Achi had her own intentions involving trying to make Saki a powerful warrior through the use of her own blood, essentially making Saki a hybrid of human and Ruffian, not only to fight off some unspecified enemy of hers, but to rule over a new Earth. Achi’s plan at the time didn’t pan out as Saki combined with Airan to transform into a full Ruffian and the two destroyed Achi’s copy of Earth that tried to replace the current one, sending Achi drifting away in space.
    • In the long run, things weren’t much better years later as an interdimensional war between Inner Space (led by godlike entities known as The Creators and home to a number of different Earths) and Outer Space has taken place and a girl sent by Outer Space ends up losing her memories while on an assignment to investigate humans. Isa Jo of Earth-5 ends up discovering the girl, who he names Kachi, and vows to protect her, resulting in the two being pursued by various enemies sent out by The Creators. Isa ends up having the ability to transform into a Ruffian, effectively making him the son of Saki (who had apparently succumbed to such powers) and Airan and he makes use of it by merging with Saki to stop The Nebulox from destroying them. Unfortunately once all is said and done, it turns out that Kachi was an amnesiac Achi the whole time and all Isa did was get Achi one step closer to achieving whatever her plan was.
  • As is to be expected by those present, the Pantheon found itself in the midst of yet another large-scale conflict perpetrated by forces that had yet to be identified. Giant creatures were running amok and their numbers and strength gave those who tried to fight them a difficult battle that left them exhausted, if not outright dead. Among those who engaged in battle with those monsters were Saki Amamiya and Airan Jo, both of whom had arrived in the Pantheon days before the invasion took place. Elsewhere, two other individuals named Isa Jo and Kachi, both of whom entered the Pantheon at around the same timeframe that Saki and Airan ended up there, were locked in a separate battle against a group of powerful monsters. A lot of destruction was left behind in the wake of this onslaught after it all ended, but a few things ended up getting the attention of those who witnessed this war, mainly that Saki and Isa had the power to transform themselves into a stronger version of themselves to right back and that familial connection was confirmed rather quickly. One of the more concerning things to come out of the attack was Kachi and how she seemed intrigued when Saki and Airan were brought up when a soldier engaged in a post-battle conversation with her. While that massive war had come to an end for the time being, what happens next, specifically whether something as destructive as that will occur remains to be seen and what will happen to those four individuals who were part of the conflict, remains to be seen.
  • While the Pantheon is connected to the world that this quartet came from, there’s plenty of things that are very different from what they’re used to. To start with, Saki has been able to get a better grasp of his Ruffian powers and not permanently succumb to them like what happened back then. The main issue at hand for them was seeing how each of them was doing, especially for Isa after hearing that his parents were alive. Saki and Airan had one meeting with Isa and Kachi in the wider world of the Pantheon, and it happened following yet another attack by outside forces that resulted in these respective pairs encountering each other after that enemy was defeated. Kachi looked at Saki and Airan with interest, worrying the two given what happened with Achi, not to mention that the two names sound very similar to each other. Isa assured Saki and Airan that Kachi doesn’t mean any harm given their adventures with each other, though Saki simply told Isa to be careful, especially with all the danger that is present in the Pantheon. There have been a number of instances where Achi has been going through the Pantheon to try and continue her plans while Isa isn’t looking, though that can be partially attributed to the place’s unstable nature.
  • The Terraformars were a group of genetically engineered monsters that Saki and the others have fought against on a regular basis. In a matter not that different to how the Ruffians were an unintended consequence of Japan trying to solve a famine problem, the Terraformars are a group of cockroaches that were mutated and gained superpowers as a result of being used to try and make Mars inhabitable for humans, resulting in space teams with insect-based powers being sent to fight them off. While Saki and Isa have partial Ruffian powers as a means to fight off some Terraformars, the fact that these cockroaches are very smart and are capable of copying the abilities of other creatures and a Terraformar with the abilities of any kind of Ruffian will make them much more dangerous not just to Saki and co., but to many others. Not helping matters here is Achi having some sort of interest in these creatures and what role, if any, they have in her plans.
  • Not only were the Ruffians a problem that Saki and Airan had to fight against, but so were The Armed Volunteers, an organization that’s supposed to fight against these creatures, but abused their power to oppress the very population they’re supposed to protect. One particular group in the Pantheon that Saki and Airan didn’t like were the Black Ops as they were rather similar to The Armed Volunteers when it comes to a group fighting against unnatural threats that end up being as dangerous as the monsters they’re up against. As that group is likely to end up fighting against many of the same threats that Saki and the others are confronting, the Black Ops are willing to eliminate them once any alien threats are gone, especially if Saki and/or Isa enter the area while utilizing their half-Ruffian powers, though it’s more than likely that Saki and Isa don’t need to use their strongest attacks to take down Black Ops troops as a means to protect innocents from further harm.
  • Saki and the others have fought quite a bit of smaller enemies throughout their adventures, but the majority of adversaries that they have come across are significantly larger monsters that require a lot of effort to take down. This particular trait of the group ended up being of interest to The Monster Hunters, a separate team of characters who are dedicated to fighting a multitude of massive threats in addition to fighting some smaller ones in between. In some ways, the Ruffians that Saki and co. have fought against aren’t all that different from the monsters the aforementioned hunters have come across in terms of size and power and while many of the Elder Dragons the Monster Hunters have gone up against are equally dangerous, there was one specific one that posed a great threat to Saki and the others: Fatalis, a dragon notorious for hating all other life that isn’t itself (especially humans). While Saki and Isa do have half-Ruffian powers to augment their abilities in especially dire circumstances, fighting against Fatalis or its variants will be nothing short of challenging even for the two of them and their respective partner if that kind of monster ends up on the loose and they cross paths with it. Genetically-engineered monsters such as the Ruffians were seen as a sort of oddity to the Monster Hunters, but if those kinds of creatures pose a danger to others, then those hunters are willing to help Saki and the others get rid of it (or help Saki and co. end up caught in a Fatalis attack).
  • Much of Isa’s adventure boiled down to protecting a girl he just met no matter what in addition to fighting everything that was getting sent his way. This particular aspect of Isa managed to get the attention of Wander, a young man who fought against various different Colossi in order to save the girl he loved from death. Whereas the Colossi that Wander fought are relatively benign giants, Isa fought a lot of monstrous creatures in addition to a handful of superpowered humans. Another contrast to be made here was that Wander’s devotion to Mono (the girl he wanted to save) gradually turned him into a monster which led to his death and although Isa had some inhuman powers to begin with, he put them to use in order to protect Kachi in the end. Although Kachi’s true nature is another discussion entirely, Wander does have some understanding towards Isa’s actions in protecting a girl he cares about and at least considers him an acquaintance of sorts.
  • Given how Saki and Airan ended up being pawns for Achi’s plans to turn the two into powerful warriors so that she can fight against an unspecified threat, Saki and Airan have taken issue with mentors who present themselves as having benevolent intentions, but have some sinister ulterior motive in the end. Adria was one such figure who the two have come to despise as she presented herself as a vendor for travelers, but was actually someone who served Diablo, a powerful demon, and used her daughter as a vessel to ensure the resurrection of said demon. In a number of ways, Saki and Airan consider Adria’s goals to be even worse than that of Achi’s, though Adria really didn’t care about what they think much like many others who dissented Adria’s actions. On the other side of the coin, Saki and Airan found good kinship with others whose mentors had a dark goal such as Gunvolt and Shanoa. Both Gunvolt and Shanoa were taken in by separate figures and trained to become fighters, only to learn much later on that they were intended to be used as a tool to fulfill their mentor figures’ goal, which was ensuring superiority for super-powered individuals for Gunvolt and resurrecting Dracula on Shanoa’s end. Knowing the varied kinds of danger present in the Pantheon, Saki and Airan are more than welcoming of help from outside sources such as Gunvolt and Shanoa when dealing with something that has great endurance against their normal gun-sword hybrid weapons.
  • The Pantheon being in a constant state of flux meant that Achi would end up alternating between herself and Kachi every now and then, and while it was difficult for her to find someone to hang out with outside of Isa or his parents, she did manage to end up in contact with Revan, another villain who underwent a quest working with heroes while suffering from amnesia. Although the reasons behind his temporary memory loss were very different compared to that of Achi, he had a benevolent goal in mind following that adventure that he sought to accomplish through extreme methods and Achi wanted to make someone into a powerful warrior to fight off some cosmic threats. Revan wasn’t entirely certain on what those threats Achi was talking about specifically, Achi did state that whatever is out there warrants powerful beings to take it on and that she’s continuing her plans to fulfill such a thing. While Revan did have some understanding of Achi’s plans and her own bout of amnesia that resulted in her working with Isa, Revan and Achi still keep an eye on each other in regards to their plans.
  • Isa and Kachi’s main adversaries in their adventure were The Creators, a group of godlike entities who created multiple Earths and wanted to enforce a warrior-like mindset across humanity, and The Nebulox, devoted servants to The Creators with different superhuman powers that ultimately ended up being a big-enough threat that The Creators worked with Isa and Kachi to stop The Nebulox. The Pantheon had plenty of godlike entities equal to power and abilities as that of The Creators and while some of them were at least amicable enough to not warrant hostilities, there were some powerful characters that proved to be problematic and Zanza was one of them. Zanza (who is half of a separate entity named Klaus and has inherited all his malevolent qualities) is responsible for a cycle of destruction of rebirth whenever his creations get too advanced, something that Isa and Kachi see as similar to (if not more extreme than) what The Creators if humans step out of line in The Creators’ eyes. Zanza simply saw the two (as well as Saki & Airan) as more obstacles in his path to living forever and is willing to make them suffer if they try to confront him.
  • Saki was among a handful of characters who served as an Assist Trophy for two of the Smash tournaments who would temporarily help whoever summoned them defeat their opponents. In his case, he would use his gun-sword hybrid weapon to attack others and while Saki considers this to be something of a break from his usual frenetic line of work, this ultimately didn’t pan out for him. Not only did he not return to that assist role for a later tournament, but that particular one had a cataclysmic event that resulted in several characters getting turned into Spirits by two powerful entities engaged in a war with each other known as Galeem and Dharkon. Saki and Isa were among those who fell victim to such an event and it was only once the participants of that specific Smash tournament defeated Galeem and Dharkon that things returned to relative normalcy. Given how big of a threat Galeem and Dharkon pose to the Pantheon, even Achi sees the two as major threats in whatever cosmic war she is about to engage in as part of her plans. Needless to say, if Galeem and/or Dharkon attempt to use their Spirit army to try and take over the Pantheon, Saki, Airan, Isa, and Kachi are more than willing to fight back against them and while the four have had their share of fighting powerful adversaries, going up against Galeem and Dharkon together will be quite a challenge by their standards (and going up against either individually certainly won’t be easy either).

Tomomo, Goddess of Party Games ("Magical Tomomo, the Great Ruler of Darkness", Sweet Eater)
Her "casual" form 
Her Sweet Eater form 
  • It all began when a midget of a little girl (who already had someone else's melon in hand) got in the middle of lunch between Mario and Peach and took the latter's cake. The pair (plus Eryi) pursued her into a portal, which took them to all manner of dimensions, where they faced off against all manner of characters, such as a dog girl with love for pudding, a Santa bunny girl, a super-fast Super-Soldier, a rocket-firing aviatrix, and a soft-spoken Super-Soldier, playing games with each of them and their companions along the way. Eventually, they reached the midget's master, who introduced herself as "Magical Tomomo, the Great Ruler of Darkness", and issued one last challenge before they can retrieve what Marie Poppo stole. Since the game board they were on could only accommodate four, Mario stepped up to the plate and faced off against the mastermind, her minion, and a megane school boy "self-proclaimed protagonist" named Kai.
    • After achieving victory, once the items were returned (and Eryi immediately leaving), Peach asked Tomomo about her motives, and the "Magical Girl" explained her story. When she heard of the Trope Pantheons (somehow), Tomomo decided to send out Marie Poppo to investigate it. And so a brief series of thefts occurred, though many of them ended with Marie Poppo's neutralization, which was fine since Tomomo had plenty of them to spare. She learned of the tropes available, and decided that Party Game would be the best fit for her and her game. As for why Marie Poppo stole from Mario and Peach (Eryi's was unplanned), she heard of the Mario Party games and wanted the evaluation of her game from those experienced in such games.
    • Verdict: They were actually satisfied with her dice (plus card) game, and (after she explained what exactly the other characters were) Mario and Peach escorted Tomomo to the Court of the Gods for her proper ascension.
  • Upon becoming an official Pantheon goddess, Tomomo got to work on making a version of her game for Pantheon residents to play. Right now, there are two versions.
    • The first one is essentially the same as the game players on Steam are playing right now. Players can participate, but have to take on "stats" of "default characters" based on Tomomo's renditions of Orange_Juice characters, including Original Generation-types such as herself, Marie Poppo, and Kai, among others. Tomomo takes part under "softened stats" since she's playing with friends there.
    • The second is where the players themselves can take part with their own abilities, but will have to be nerfed or buffed for the sake of balance, and a screening process is required so that Tomomo can make sure there's a sense of fair play. They also get "constructs" of themselves for her and others to play against in other games just like the Orange_Juice characters and the Original Generation characters have been. As for her "stats" there, they'll be the same she has used in her "inaugural" match against Mario.
    • No matter the version, three game modes are available: Normal, Co-Op, and Bounty Hunt. In the second version's Co-Op, bosses can take the form of select adversaries seen in the Pantheon (after Tomomo gets their permission to use their appearance if possible), and new effects and decks to match.
      • In terms of available bosses, they consist of a Special Infected Tank, a Doom Hunter, Nemesis, Trainer Red's teamnote , MONOCULUS!, HHH, King Tonberry, Luxord (though he occasionally participates as a player as well), Deviljho, etc.
  • In regards to those who try out her game, common players include all participants of Party Games, such as the Mario Party players (many of the Mushroom Kingdom denizens (Bowser and his minions included), Princess Daisy, DK and Diddy, Rosalina), White Bomberman, all Crash Bash participants, Nickelodeon Party Blast participants (SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron, Zim, Eliza Thornberry, CatDog), all SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! participants (Spongebob, plus Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton) Sonic Shuffle participants (Team Sonic and Amy Rose), the Tamagotchi, and the Pinatas.
    • Conversely, Tomomo also gets invites to partake in Mario Party games at Mario Land for the OG Party Game experience. And yes, she's also gotten frustrated with it.
  • Of course, Tomomo doesn't stay in her domain all the time and goes out in the Pantheon to explore it to acquire more ideas for her game.
    • One of the first she's met is the really friendly Harth Stonebrew, who invited her to his tavern, where she ended up playing a few games of Hearthstone. She also met the Dealer during her time there, who expresses disinterest in her game.
  • Tomomo has an alternate form called "Sweet Eater", one of six gods of sweets in her multiverse (aside from Saki, Sweet Breaker, Natsumi, and QP upon ascending as the Goddess of Pudding), and is more powerful than her base form. She cannot access this form without assuming a weaker "casual" form first. At least in her board game.
    • In the Pantheon, it's all but a power-up form for Tomomo; she just needs to get her hands on a bar of (Miracle) Red Bean Ice Cream first. However, if Tomomo is beaten as Sweet Eater, she reverts to her "casual" form, a la de-Digivolution. It would then take a while (and recharge of energy) before she can revert to her better known base form.
  • While she's a Magical Girl, unlike most who get their powers in their (pre-)teens, Tomomo was granted her powers in her mid-20s by "Magical Devil" Mio, who did it because she wanted someone to hang out with her. Unfortunately, her idea of play involves a lot of pain, so Tomomo ditched her to create her board game world and all its denizens, their personalities derived from their real selves at the worlds they originate.from.
    • As such, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood eventually reached out to her with an invitation. Given her interests, she wasn't exactly jumping at the chance, but given the threats in the Pantheon that could mess with her game worlds in ways worse than Mio or Star Breaker, she's willing to lend a hand if she's around.
    • Just like every magic-user, she's been told to avoid Tirek given his ability to absorb magic. And given what Tomomo is already capable of, nobody wants that happening.
  • As her "standard form" Hyper Card indicates, she's capable of performing a move called Magical Massacre, which comes in two variants.
    • One, during a free-for-all, the move incapacitates all units in top (or close-to-top) condition (herself included if it applies to her too), which then boosts the rate in which she gets back on her feet when she gets knocked out (even if it's by Magical Massacre).
    • Two, when she's cooperating with allies against a single "boss-level" foe, the move deals damage to the "boss" for every incapacitated ally.
    • For other engagements, Tomomo had to "experiment", given her games don't lend to much variations. So far, she saw that the first version also applied in battles against hordes and between teams, while the second version also applied against multiple "bosses", the damage being split between them.
    • She also has a couple of other moves as seen from her cards that she can use here:
      • First is Super All-Out Mode, which empowers the first attacks of everybody in the area, (though only for direct engagements, and does not count for area attacks).
      • Second is Serious Battle, which sets herself and her opponent on equal footing in terms of offense, defense, and evasion (vitality remains the same, however) for a short period of time.
    • And Marie Poppo, being Tomomo's minions, is always on call to assist her master (even if she can be just as much of an opponent in her board games), and possesses a few tricks of her own.
      • First up is her Hyper, Ubiquitous, which teleports her over to an opponent to steal something (usually currency or any objective-critical collectible like a Time Gear, a Starite, a Gym Badge, an Intelligence Briefcase, a Piece of the Mekhanites' Broken God, or whatever else she fancies) so she can make off with it, though since it teleports her to whoever she steals from, it means her target is in prime range to get it back just as easily.
      • Second—when she's in Mixed form—is the Subspace Tunnel, where she summons warp panels and teleports to one of them. They stick around for a while for Poppo to use, but others can use it too.
  • Tomomo doesn't like those who would mess up her world to do as they please, especially if they want to make it bloody as her "mama" Mio did when she intruded on her game worlds. Love Machine is at the top of that list given everything it's done.
    • This also extends to parents who believe they're within their rights to use their children's resources/creations however they like, just like how Mio also rationalized her actions against Tomomo's worlds.
    • She's been called out a few times for rigging dice rolls in her favor in her boss battle. Her response is that that is natural for a Final Boss, and that at least she's still beatable there.
  • Is deathly afraid of Esdeath, who is a far, far, worse sadist than Mio, on top of the whole idea of perpetuating war just to satisfy her bloodlust.
  • For a time, Tomomo didn't know how to swim, but was forced to learn after Mio had her swim ring stolen by a "Swimming Coach" monster she created.

Lesser Gods

PaRappa, God of Rhythm Games (PaRappa the Rapper, Success When He Believes In Himself)

    The Robed Figure 
The Robed Figure, Deity of Art Games (The Traveler, The Journeyer)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Its scarf
  • Theme Song: "I Was Born for This"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Player character with few characteristics, and it doesn't talk either, mysterious humanoid being, totally covered by a robe, powerful scarfs, supernatural jump ability resembling flight, warnings about resource abuse
  • Domains: Art, Video Games, Allegories, Nature, Adventure
  • Heralds: Several cloth creatures
  • Allies: The Colossi, Ico and Yorda, Amaterasu, Kino, Madeline, Diogenes, Nature Preservers
  • Opposes: House of Military and Warfare, Wander, The Narrator (Stanley's Parable)
  • Annoyed by: Captain Planet
  • The robed figure is a strange being called a Rythulian that set out on a journey to reach the top of a mountain from where a bright light shines. The Rythulians were desert-dwelling humanoids who discovered that certain creatures made out of cloth could be used as a resource and used them to build a technologically advanced society. However the cloth creatures eventually started to run out, leading to a resource war, which itself destroyed the Rythulians and reduced their cities to ruins. In its journey through the desert, a ruined city and the mountain, the robed figure learned of its species' tragic history and went through many trials before reaching the light at the top of the mountain.
    • When the robed figure came out on the other side of the light it'd been seeking for so long, it saw many intact structures of all kinds and people wandering around, a stark contrast to its world of origin. The white-robed guide then appeared and explained to the robed figure that the reward for completing the journey was deification, and that it was now in the so-called Tropes Pantheon as the God of Art Games, as many witnesses to its journey claimed that it was an emotional and cathartic experience for them.
  • The robed figure's abilities consist of flying for as long as the light on the scarf is shining, and flute-like singing, known as chirping, that can attract certain creatures or activate technology. With this set of skills it's fairly obvious that the robed figure is not a fighter. But it probably doesn't wish to be, considering what fighting has done to its world. It is not happy with the multitude of factions in the Pantheon all vying for supremacy, causing a lot of destruction that seems to have no end in sight. It stays away from the House of War for similar reasons.
  • Its temple is dedicated to showing a series of glyphs like those found in its world, detailing the history of how the Rythulians overused their primary resource until it escalated into war, the fall of their civilization, and the near-extinction of the Rythulians. The robed figure hopes it'll serve as a warning to other deities to avoid the same fate for their worlds. It has led to some pollution-advocating deities attempting to vandalize the temple, but these attempts are promptly met with retaliations from the environmentalist deities. The temple is mostly a replica of the location from the robed figure's world known as The Temple and is filled with cloth creatures of all kinds.
    • The robed figure itself is basically never at its temple, preferring to roam the whole Pantheon, presumably in some kind of spiritual journey. Sometimes it accompanies other traveling deities, who it tries to aid to the best of its ability. One such deity it tends to run into is Kino, who travels all around the Pantheon with no particular goal in mind.
  • It is rather vulnerable to ice; continuous exposure to cold temperatures causes its scarf, and therefore flying ability, to degenerate to nothing. Its chirping also becomes weaker. These effects can be quickly reversed if it enters a warm area, though. For this reason it avoids very cold areas like the House of Water and Ice, and tries to avoid antagonizing ice-wielders. Luckily, so far no ice-wielder has anything against the robed figure specifically.
  • Technically, the robed figure's cloth should be white as reward for completing the journey. However, the robed figure in the Pantheon remains red since that color is more iconic to it. Plus it avoids confusion with its white-robed guide. On the other hand, the robed figure did get the perks of the white robe, like its scarf now being able to regenerate by itself, without the help of cloth creatures.
  • Finds the colossi to be world-class marvels and disapproves of Wander wanting to destroy them, though it was also scared of them at first since their looks reminded it of the Guardians a bit. One time it was wandering around the ruins where Cenobia makes its home when it was attacked by the lion-like colossus. Due to panic, the robed figure ended up chirping without thinking, which caused Cenobia to freeze up and calm down, and then it walked up to the robed figure to allow it to pet it. The robed figure tried chirping at the other colossi and got similar results; now it sees them as friends similar to the cloth creatures. Its personal favorite seems to be Phalanx, possibly because of its peaceful nature and dwelling in desert areas that the robed figure favors.
  • Yorda, who's also friends with the colossi, happened to meet the robed figure one day as it was playing around with Phalanx making drawings on the sand. She was happy to see someone else treating the colossi with kindness and became fast friends with the robed figure, also introducing it to Ico. Occasionally they all play together, with the robed figure taking Ico and Yorda "flying".
  • Given reaching the top of a mountain was its goal (although It's the Journey That Counts), the robed figure made friends with Madeline, who climbed Celeste Mountain to rid herself of her depression, and Diogenes, who struggled with climbing using some unusual means.
  • Is annoyed at Stanley's narrator for constantly trying to show it games he created that he claims are artistic. The robed figure thinks the narrator doesn't understand there's more to art than forcing someone to do the same monotonous task for four hours. On the other hand, it's very likely the narrator is mocking it and art games in general.
  • As already alluded to, it gets along with many nature-related deities who think the lesson its tale imparts is a good one. But one it seems to be especially good friends with is Amaterasu (in wolf form), who admires the robed figure for going out of its way to free the trapped cloth creatures during its journey. The robed figure in turn enjoys the warmth that Ammy provides through the rising sun, which it thinks is similar to the light that enveloped it at the end of its journey. Sometimes the robed figure wants to ask Ammy to restore its broken world like she did hers, but maybe that's asking for too much.
    • It gets along less well with Captain Planet, since while the hero is one of the biggest admirers of the robed figure's message, it feels the need to spell it out for everyone else to the point where it feels off-putting and irritates the robed figure.


Oolong, Patron Saint of Fighting Games (Lee Young)

    The Souls Player Characters 
The Slayer of Demons, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One, Progenitors of the Souls-like RPG (Chosen Undead: Undead Warrior | Bearer of the Curse: Young Hollow | Ashen One: Champion of Ash, Unkindled One, Lord of Hollows)
Slayer of Demons
Chosen Undead
Bearer of the Curse
Ashen One
  • Demigods, though with enough persistence and skill they can defeat even Greater Gods and possibly Overdeities. At their highest, they can become Greater Gods.
  • Symbol: The Darksign for the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One, but the covenants they have joined also count too. For specifics:
    • Slayer of Demons: The Nexus (shared with the Maiden in Black)
    • Bearer of the Curse: A Human Effigy
    • Ashen One: An Ember
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A bunch of unknown adventurers who can take a beating and survive most encounters with persistence, can have various builts, no consistent past and can be with different pasts, lacks voicelines other than grunts, can be selfish bastards on their journeys if they wish, can be equiped with different weapons such as magic swords/pure-melee builds/bows and crossbows/or a mix of bow and sword, defies the odds and even the world by linking the fire or not, can sacrifice themselves to become a Monumental (Slayer of Demons), a random undead chosen to link the fire (or not) (Chosen Undead), undead seen as undesirables (Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One), can enter memories of past events in Drangleic (Bearer of the Curse), has the ability to merge the Dark and First Flame together (Ashen One)
  • Domains: Undead, Combat, Tenacity, Patience, Difficulty
  • Heralds:
    • Slayer of Demons: The Monumental
    • Chosen Undead: Anastacia of Astora
    • Bearer of the Curse: Shanalotte/The Emerald Herald
    • Ashen One: The Firekeeper, Anri of Astora, Ludleth of Courland
  • Allies:
  • Commonality Connection with: The Hunter, The Wolf, Tidus and Yuna, the Knight, William Adams
  • Additional Relationships:
  • Envied by: the Nameless God
  • Enemies:
  • Of the day of kingdoms past, there exist several fantasy realms, each planted with the seeds of man and their successful reigns as their dominions grew with magnificence. However, these would not last, be it some unholy plague or eventual degradation, the reign of such kingdoms would fall and with it, the lands surrounding them. The population became mindless and the lands would be rife with abominations such as demons, ghouls, undead or worse. These stories however, all had one unifying trait: an unknown traveler would discover these lands, in search of something hidden, fight against the horrors of the lands, and prevail against such odds, eventually deciding for the fate of their journey at the very end. One has to ask, how would anyone handle such a tenuous journey without going mad? That is dependent on these souls, as wherever they go, whatever they find, whatever secret they uncover, death will follow them.
    • "On the first day, man was granted a soul, and with it, clarity. On the second day, upon Earth was planted an irrevocable poison; a soul-devouring Demon." - A king from Boletaria brought unprecedented prosperity to the lands and his people but it would all come to an end when the Deep Fog was unleashed and the kingdom would soon become a host of countless Demons, killing all within. Such Fog was seen as impenetrable with numerous warriors from various lands entering the kingdom, yet none have returned, their fates unknown and all form of hope to save humanity would be extinguished as they face a slow but steady extinction. But Boletaria has one final hope: a lone warrior who has braved the baneful Fog and entered the kingdom. Will this warrior be humanity's saviour, or a slave to the Demons?
    • "Thou who art Undead, art chosen… In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords… When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know." - These words would mark the prophecy as the ringing of a Bell of Awakening sealed it, an undead champion would rise and take on a pilgrimage, an adventure to decide the fate of the world. This time, on the kingdom of Lordran and with it, an aging Age of Fire. This Chosen Undead, aptly called, has fought against fellow undead, various fantastical creatures both pure and corrupted, demons, dragons and eventually gods. Inevitably, said Chosen Undead would face his final choice, link the fire thus sacrificing his life to prolong the Age of Fire, or snuff the flame and bring an Age of Dark where humanity would become the new rulers. It would soon become clear what the cost is for the Flame to be prolonged for a long while.
    • "Perhaps you've seen it, maybe in a dream. A murky, forgotten land… A place where souls may mend your ailing mind. You will lose everything, once branded. The symbol of the curse, an auger of darkness. Your past, your future, your very light. None will have meaning, and you won't even care. By then, you will be something other than human. A thing that feeds on souls; A hollow." - Such is the fate of a Bearer of the Curse, a lone wanderer who has become a victim of the Undead Curse. Drawn to the forgotten lands of Drangleic, this Undead sought a cure to the curse, but was drawn, perhaps by an urge, to a new land. From here, said Undead faced the creatures of the land and with it, uncovered the secrets surrounding this once proud reign. Upon the discovery of a Throne of Want, the Bearer was faced with the option to continue the Flame or abandon it as what the Chosen Undead dealt with, but there is a third option, one that would reveal a truth that has been hidden by the sands of time.
    • "The Fire fades, and the lords go without thrones." - The old words discovered by the pilgrims who ventured into the North would soon realize this cryptic message, as the Age of Fire is threatened once again. The Lords of Cinder, who were prophesied to protect the First Flame and go to their thrones, would abandon their roles, resulting to the rise of an Unkindled. This Ashen One, one who is considered unfit to even be a Lord of Cinder, would take on the role to face the Lords of Cinder themselves and drag them back to their thrones. Their journey though would be considered the last as the secrets unearthed would become a key to not only the fate of the lands of Lothric, but would show the cost of prolonging the Age of Fire not since the first Chosen Undead and possibly by the Bearer on Drangleic. By the end, they are given a choice: prolong the Age of Fire one last time, finally snuff the flame out for good, or achieve what the Bearer of the Curse has done on a larger scale. Whatever the result was, the journey ended and only embers remained.
  • The Pantheon is no stranger when it comes to souls, after all, several houses and deities who have the expertise and knowledge of such phenomena are more than willing to spread their teachings to those interested. Those of the higher levels have foretold that a master of souls, a group that had the ability to absorb fallen souls and transpose these fragile entities into themselves for power, would arrive soon and many would dismiss the tale. One being in particular, a Maiden in Black, sensed the presence and traced it into the gates of the Pantheon where she waited for what seemed to be forever. Despite being challenged by other soul-related deities, none of them could sense the same feeling as to what the Maiden is waiting for, until four shadows from the background were seen within the distance of the gates. The rumor has mentioned a master of souls, yet many did not expect that they would manifest in four knightly warriors clad in full armor. Upon entering the gates, the Maiden, having patiently waited for their ascension, warped the four into her domain and the remaining deities that watched were dumbfounded at the discovery, that said master of souls was not some fabled legend but unnamed regular warriors.
  • These warriors of varied origin and different settings may seem as ordinary knights (or varied classes such as mages/thieves) but underneath all that lies an interconnected theme: determination in the face of opposing odds. Surely enough, the lands they have trudged are dangerous and are known for the ever-looming threat of death, yet they will realize that they would not be granted such and would return back, although in a weakened state. This case of death being more of a nuisance for them allows for multiple journeys and often times, dying repeatedly, be it a random creature both big and small, to beings of higher souls, even the environment would be against them for all the various booby traps and hazards. Even with this, they would slowly, through trial-and-error, find shortcuts, maneuver against large swaths of hostile beings, and kill higher beings to make themselves stronger. They may not start strong, but at the end of the journeys, they would almost always be of stronger power, all due to death, souls and a wee-bit of practice.
  • Once the four have become established all done by the Maiden in Black, several reactions were founded in various corners of the Pantheon, though this did not come from deities of other worlds but from their worlds. It would seem that despite them being nameless and faceless, their actions have done a lot to the gods in their own worlds, which shows that actions speak louder than words. Being the gods and other creatures that they have slain in their adventures, many have opposed their existence but a few have come to appreciate their presence. In some cases, a few have considered that being slain by them is more of a mercy kill, given that some have already degraded far beyond their control.
    • The first of many reactions came towards the Slayer of Demons, as both King Allant and the Maiden in Black have prepared for the Slayer's ascension. The Maiden has been patiently waiting for the only warrior who can potentially lull the Old One back to sleep but Allant is not allowing it and is more than willing to stop him in any way possible. After the entire presence of Boletaria wrecking portions of the House of Royalty, the Slayer of Demons was among the first to enter into the fray and help the other travelers bypass the various demons. It was also this warrior that warned many of the danger of facing Allant, or more specifically, his False King counterpart, as his many deaths and difficulties mostly came from him, other than the Penetrator and the Flamelurker.
    • The Chosen Undead's presence would become the loudest as the entirety of Lordran and possibly the other kingdoms in the foreseeable future would be due to the direct result of this warrior's choice at the end of their pilgrimage. Gwyn has great respect, albeit with suspicion, as him linking the fire would help save the age and order he sought to protect, though that is to say that in another what-if scenario, he would snuff the Flame and satisfy what Darkstalker Kaathe wishes: an Age of Dark. Solaire is more than glad to see a fellow companion to be on his side in the Pantheons, while the rest of the beings he slain have various outcries: Artorias, after having his sanity partially restored by the Maiden thanked him for ending his misery from Manus. Sif, despite him entering Artorias' grave without permission, has no personal harm for him, especially once he helped him defeat the Father of the Abyss to avenge Artorias, the same can be said for Nito and Priscilla, as the former has little care for anything, other than continuing his role as the God of Death and the latter simply sees the warrior as unguided, that is not to say he can kill her simply for her tail, or out of spite due to the harmful nature of the Painted World he stumbled upon. However, the duo of Ornstein and Smough still sends shudders within him, representing the notoriety the duo possesses and the number of deaths they have had to deal with (even with Solaire's help), as well as Manus, the very being the Chosen Undead slain after being whisked away into Oolacile in the past.
    • In another corner, the cries from Drangleic would be heard but it would be of otherworldly origin as the faint whispers of women pondered the return of the Bearer of the Curse. These whispers, coming from the fractured beings of Manus, have demanded revenge for the Bearer killing them, in particular, Nashandra, Elana and Nadalia, denying them their domains of the kingdoms they have seized. Before anything would be done by the three sisters, Alsanna would protect the Bearer's entrance via a blizzard, giving them time to escape but would not see the warrior afterwards. A Pantheon witness mentioned a being wreathed in flame snatching the Bearer the moment he exited the kingdom, thus giving credence that the mysterious "Scholar", Aldia, has awaited his return, longer than anyone as he is the only one the Bearer sees no ill will.
    • The last of the cries were founded within Lothric, as it was the last kingdom within the Age of Fire. This was where the Ashen One resided, deciding not the fate of the kingdom but of the world after countless linking of the First Flame have left it in a state of ruin. Very little allies can be gained by the Ashen One apart from Slave Knight Gael, who has thanked him for completing his quest to find new pigment for the Painter, even at the cost of his own life. The same cannot be said for the Soul of Cinder, the very last bastion of defense of the aging First Flame, of which the entity has slain the warrior but eventually was killed after several tries. Neither can it be said as well to the Abyss Watchers nor to the Nameless King as the former were in a civil war and the latter simply fought him on the grounds of trespassing his domain. The heaviest grudges are held by both Pontiff Sulyvahn and Friede and Ariandel, as the Pontiff was near completion of his grand plan until the Ashen One stepped in to disrupt it and Friede's hatred for the warrior stems from what he did to the Painted World of Ariandel.
    • Despite their separate universes, there is still the possibility of interactions from cross-worlds. Gwyn (and by extension the Soul of Cinder) not only respects the Chosen Undead but even the Bearer of the Curse, assuming that he too picked to restore the First Flame via the Throne of Want but has little respect to the Ashen One, for the reason that he ended the Age of Fire and revealed more secrets regarding his and the Gods' rule. Karla, the fifth Child of Dark has kindred to the Ashen One after finding her within a jail cell, thus earning the respect of Alsanna. And all, depending on their actions, have opposed King Allant on his nihilistic desire to bring the world to an end. All in all, the warriors, despite having little speech, have earned their reactions based on what they have done in their adventures.
  • It is said that the beginning of the trend of action-oriented RPGs all began by a band of warriors who fought against a looming evil with a Sword of Light, said adventure was also a Dark Fantasy setting but records of it have since disappeared and little was left to archive it by most Pantheon scholars. Another adventure, of similar setting would revolve around a Sword of Moonlight though little knowledge would be gleamed by those within the House of Gaming. It would not take long until the ascension of these four that many would slowly pick up the pieces and find out the "predecessors" of their own kind, with most seeing them, especially the Slayer of Demons and Chosen Undead, to be the successors of these types of games, a refined version of the mechanics discovered in the aforementioned adventures, with the addition that death would become a normal part of the experience. It further helps that each warrior has an explanation for their recovery after being slain.
  • The model of resurrection used by the four have been a mystery due to the very cryptic nature of their world and how death works, whether it be actual death, hollowing or other conditions but one thing is for certain, they will die more often and "respawn" back from a designated checkpoint, often known as "bonfires", places of comfort appropriate for lost souls like them though the Slayer of Demons uses Archstones, which are heavily connected to the Maiden in Black's temple, the Nexus. That being said, their temples have been a mixture between the two versions of Firelink Shrine and Majula, allowing them to seek items they need and use the souls they have accumulated. A common joke, thanks to the Bearer of the Curse's herald, has it best described by the Emerald Herald: BEARER SEEK SEEK LEST.
    • The discovery of their resurrection attracted those of similar mechanics although only one managed to visit them. The visitors, Tidus and Yuna, have seen their nature to be similar to that of an Unsent, people who have died but their spirit being unable to be accepted in the Farplane, thus having to remain in Spira. Studying their nature led to comparing the four to Auron, who also had a pilgrimage and fought against Gods and godlike beings while also having his soul tied into the mortal realm until his promise was complete. In addition, the duo has also had experience killing gods within their own, though when they compared theirs to those residing in Lordran and beyond, there was a bit of confusion on the realm between good or bad, particularly towards Lord Gwyn. Differences aside, the four were amused and have welcomed the two to the Nexus alongside the Maiden to let them learn of their worlds.
  • For the most part, the warriors are mostly lone wolves, fighting on their own to survive on a harsh world, though some situations will have available summons to call other Undead to assist them, best demonstrated with Solaire and the Sunlight Warriors Covenant. This also introduced them to the world of Covenants, with some qualifications needed to be accomplished in order to be accepted into the ranks. The Pantheon does not have such distinction but the closest they can get are of similar adventurers. This all began when the four met a group of kids who were controlled by an entity known as "the Dungeon Master". The roles of the group are rather similar to the roles the four can choose as their backstory, be it a warrior, knight, wanderer, thief, bandit, hunter, sorcerer, pyromancer, cleric or deprived. That being said, the adventurers felt heavy sorrow reading through the fate of Lordran and the kingdoms after, seeing it to be an extremely depressing setting. Even with such odds, the four warriors have climbed out of such adversity, thus giving hope for the adventurers to brave the lands of Lordran and Boletaria. It can also give them better experience fighting against unknown enemies they have not encountered.
    • Once their presence was recognized, a few fantastical adventurers have sought them for their experience and their tenacity, seeing that for such little specs they can be on the setting, they can make a big difference through sheer determination. Due to a lack of personality, let alone a voice, some are uncomfortable around them but those who have sought their help will be surprised at how helpful they can be, it should be noted that this can also go the other way around if the warriors want to be spiteful. Frodo and Bilbo Baggins were among the first to approach them with the idea that they can help in the War of the Ring, around the Third Age. Such request could not be denied and have been welcomed as assisting allied forces against Sauron and his dark servants. They have also been sought for help in less stressful worlds, such as Hyrule where Link is often seeing visiting them under the request of aid during conflicts with Ganondorf or just simple quest-giving that they can help with. However, the most common comparisons however lie in two settings:
      • The first comparison lies in a depressing setting where a Brand of Sacrifice determines the fate of any human, demonstrated by Guts and his own group. Guts has seen the gods in their own world, often bearing similarity to him, in particular, Artorias and Gael, as well as Ludwig, the Hunter and the Wolf based from their inspirations. Seeing the warriors that have braved the lands of Lordran and beyond has given him relief to see that they can be of good use against the God Hand and their Apostles but perhaps he sees more to them than that. The Darksign bears a semblance to the Brand of Sacrifice (though the closest match is that of the Hunter's Mark) as well as the "Disparity" brought by the Age of Fire being similar to the Law of Causality in his realm and various other similarities, so much so that Guts is seen as a source of inspiration to the development of their worlds, though he will not seek answers from the four, the answer lies within Lord Gwyn himself.
      • The second comparison is within Skyrim, via the Dragonborn, a human born with the blood of a dragon. Dragons are an uncommon foe in their own world all thanks to Gwyn during the war against the Everlasting Dragons that have left a few, but few dragons and wyverns exist between here and there. The Slayer of Demons have dealt with such like the Dragon God and other smaller wyverns following Boletaria's corruption, the Chosen Undead managed to slay Black Dragon Kalameet and Seath the Scaleless, two descendants of the fabled Archdragons, the Bearer has slain Sinh the Slumbering Dragon and an Ancient Dragon though the origins of the latter may seem to be of false dragonhood, and the Ashen One faced off against a true Archdragon, Darkeater Midir. These encounters have given the Dovahkiin a form of respect for the four and has seen them to be vital allies in the face of the upcoming return of Alduin.
  • As beings with the ability to gather souls, they have become a source of attraction to many fiends of such but are able to quell them with ease even with their frail bodies, but one deity in particular has seen great power imbued within them. This Nameless God, as some would call, has been eyeing on the four ever since they ascended given that he too has been inspired by their influence. The number of souls they have acquired could be enough to grant the Nameless God the power to rid of his envy but at the same time, could also be the source of his demise as proven by the Saltborn that ended his madness. This haunting memory has left him no choice but to continuously eye on them, hoping to find the right opportunity to take all of their souls and their domain to satisfy what he could not have.
  • Eventually, their increased presence would lead the four against unholy beings of raw power, almost equivalent to the gods they have slain in their own realms. With their ability to resurrect thanks to the Pantheon's rule, they have the opportunity to fight against such horrors, though expect failure at first attempts, though at rare moments, they can wear little to no armor and with enough persistence, can kill said beings either with a large club, or fists if lucky (or insane). Their introduction to Guts made them a target to Griffith and the Godhand with their ability to acquire souls being the main reason they have taken interest in them. The Godhand have imagined such power infused within them and their Apostles, leading them to order Nosferatu Zodd to capture or kill them, if necessary, all-in order to gain their power but thanks to their way of resurrection, this will be a fruitless endeavor. Sauron have also sensed their presence, appropriate for a deity with equal usage of Ages to describe important events in their own worlds. This has led to him making haste in eradicating the Age of Fire and Age of Dark in the hopes of bringing Lordran under his control, with the four among those who can defy his presence.
    • In the middle of all this, they were invited to a place known as the Darkest Estate, a corrupted land that has been a festering ground for all things evil, be it the eerily quiet ruins to the swine-ridden warrens. This place became a perfect spot for the four to practice and acquire more souls for them to increase their power but underneath a would-be easy task, is the feeling of sinister observation. Once the four moved into the Darkest Dungeon, its true nature would be revealed as the person that invited them in, the Ancestor, was nothing more than an eldritch horror who has sought their souls from the moment they entered the place. In particular, he has compared them to Reynauld the Crusader and, much like him and Dismas, were attracted by the letter as a form of help, only to be lured by a web of horrors done by a cruel man of the estate.

V.S.S.E.known operatives , Heralds of the Light Gun Game (Vital Situation, Swift Execution)
Richard Miller 
Keith Martin 
Keith in Time Crisis 5 
Alan Dunaway 
Wesley Lambert 
Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard 
Luke O'Neil 
Marc Godart 

    Wii Fit Trainer 
Wii Fit Trainer, Deity of Exergaming (Yoga Warrior, The BMI Bandit)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: The Wii Fit Board
  • Theme Music: Wii Fit Plus Medley
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Exergaming, Adaptational Badass, Practicing Their Yoga Skills Without Foot Protection, Everyone Calls Them "Wii Fit Trainer", Athletic Build, Purely Aesthetic Gender
  • Domains: Fitness, Gaming
  • High Priest: Ring Fit Trainee
  • Allies: Little Mac, Nekomaru Nidai, Samus Aran, most Nintendo deities
  • Enemies: Balrog, Aran Ryan, The Monstars
  • Odd Friendship: Morgl the Oracle
  • Feared by: Patrick Star
  • Video games and exercise are two decidedly different things, though it's possible to combine the two for an effective experience as these fitness instructors have proved. A lot of fitness-related information such as Body Mass Index is covered by them and there are plenty of activities to perform with them, including but not limited to: yoga poses, balancing tests, and running excercises.
  • In what was a bit of a surprise for most initially, they are also involved with the Smash tournament since the fourth iteration, with them bringing their lessons from the exercises and using it as combat abilities. Weirdly enough, they haven't tried a more traditional form of martial arts for combat such as kung-fu yet.
  • They have made a number of visits to the School, with them in charge of that place's physical education program and teaching that subject to students there.
    • Another frequent spot for them to go to is the House of Sports, with them helping visitors with exercise and training to ensure a better performance in the various sports that they specialize in.
  • They have a bit of an unusual friendship with Nekomaru Nidai, particularly in regards to how they work together to get others physically active to do sports or other exercises. While WFT is calmer than the lively Nekomaru, both won't hesitate to get serious in order to get others in good physical condition.
  • Some of the various people they had to deal with in providing exercises have been a bit weird, to put it lightly. During a yoga exercise with Samus, the latter rolled herself up in a ball. That didn't stop them from being good friends following that.
  • Acrofatic deities are considered to be a bit of a weird case for the Trainers since these kinds of people are very fit despite appearing overweight. Regardless, the Trainers are positive that these types of people will take part in the exercise programs.
    • Even weirder than the acrofatics are those that are capable of stretching their bodies to extreme degrees. While there aren't as many of them as there are acrofatics (Elastigirl and Mr. Fantastic are some of the only few capable of elasticity), the Trainers have noted that the extreme stretches could lead to certain stretching exercises becoming easier and then some for those with that ability.
  • There have been a few problems in getting certain people to visit their exercise programs frequently or at all whether it's for personal reasons on someone's end or someone is just not that interested in joining their program. They have tried to get certain unfit deities such as Patrick Star to be part of their exercise program but not much, if any, progress has been made in such.
  • Despite the Trainers being proponents in engaging in sports and physical activities, they don't tolerate those who are willing to resort to cheating during such, simply because their actions defeat the purpose of exercising for better performance in sports.
  • About the only thing that the Trainers and Morgl have in common is that they served as unexpected participants in competitions outside of their normal occupations (the Trainers being fitness instructors in the midst of a fighting competition and Morgl being a shaman who got involved with a card game). Despite (or maybe even becacuse of) that, they get along well with each other.

Worms, Heralds of Artillery Games
Scientist, Soldier, Scout, and Heavy Worms
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Worm with a bazooka
  • Theme Music: Wormsong (First; Armageddon; 3D; Reloaded)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Stupid tendencies
  • Portfolio: War Has Never Been So Much Fun and Glorious, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, This Banana is Armed (And so are some Other Unlikely Items)
  • Domains: Worms, War, Wackiness
  • Allies: Andy
  • Enemies: Ampharos, Killer Rabbit
  • Opposed by: Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Athrun Zala, Bomberman
  • Source of Interest for: Most Mad Bombers, Sundowner
  • Wars are known to be violent thanks to a variety of deadly weapons. Whenever these warmongering worms are around, cartoony and insane can be added to that description of war. A team of worms, armed with plenty of unusual weapons (and are able to get more of them via crates or money found during conflict), are in a battlefield, take turns for whatever reason, and try eliminate the opposition. Whoever is the last team standing wins the battle.
  • Various betting stations regarding colored teams for the Worms have been set up near their temple for others looking to do something for fun. The Worms have various battle arenas, including some in outer space to take their fights. That said, they can't use certain parts of the Pantheon due to risk of collateral damage or causing general annoyance towards others.
  • In addition to the standard Soldier-type Worms, there are three other types that can join the battle if need be. Scouts are slightly faster, but slightly weaker compared to Soldiers while Scientists have a better chance of getting better weapons and when it's their turn to attack, are able to restore a little bit of health to their teammates. As for the Heavy-type Worms, they're exactly what one would think they are: slower, but stronger in terms of offense and defense.
  • Andy caught wind of their various battles and decided to meet up with them after witnessing one firsthand. He does find their antics to be entertaining, but is aware that they are more unhinged than him in a number of ways. Andy hangs out with the Worms, partially to talk about their exploits and partially to make sure the Worms don't get too out of hand with their violence.
  • Of all the deities who can't stand the Worms, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is one of them and it's simply because they have access to the one weapon that killed him: the Holy Hand Grenade. What the Worms lack in long-winded dialogue before throwing it, they make up for the fact that their aim isn't quite accurate. That and the Worms prefer to after each other instead of other things such as the Killer Rabbit.
    • Ampharos, coming from a line of Pokemon based on sheep, is also highly offended at how the Worms use exploding sheep just for fun in their fights. The fact that flying sheep with capes are also usuable, as well as the fact that electric sheep can be designed by the Worms, simply didn't change Ampharos opinion of them and likely made it hate the Worms even more.
  • Concrete Donkeys, Banana Bombs, and exploding grannies are among the more unorthodox weapons that the Worms have used in their fights. Upon finding out that there was an entire house in the Pantheon dedicated to storing many weird weapons, the Worms have taken a great interest in them, especially if something strange can be done out of them. Only a small number of deities agreed to let the Worms use things from the House of Weapons as part of their fights. There's also the fact that the Worms are capable of making stronger versions of their existing weapons whenever possible.
    • The Worms also found out that there's a completely separate part of the Pantheon that houses some very unique and powerful weapons. Unsurprisingly, they don't have as much luck getting into the Great Treasury compared to getting stuff from the House of Weapons. Then again, considering that the Great Treasury houses some really dangerous weapons that carry the risk of corrupting someone, the increased security there is understandable.
  • Given that explosions are practically guaranteed to happen whenever they fight, plenty of deities who have an affinity for blowing things up have followed their battles on a frequent basis and have even tried to follow them around afterwards. Bomberman, on the other hand, isn't really fond of the Worms' antics and often has to stop the Worms from doing something stupid outside of battle, either by themselves or with other explosive maniacs.
  • Many deities who hate war are disgusted at these Worms not only because of their attitude, but because of how they manage to glorify war on top of making it look like a lighthearted matter. Those deities are also highly skeptical of Andy keeping them in check, as those Worms are very unpredictable and there's no telling that something bad will happen.
  • One deity who enjoys their skirmishes is Sundowner, of all people. Whenever the Worms aren't fighting, Sundowner has approached them numerous times with the intent of promoting his ideas of warfare to them. The Worms don't have any real interest in his products (and a few were actually disturbed with that he was talking about), but Sundowner is convinced that eventually they'll give in and buy something from him. Of course, he could just be taking advantage of the fact that the Worms are prone to buying weapons using money they find during battle.
  • Some of their fights add vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, or even mecha to the mix. The variety of vehicles present in the Pantheon has made the Worms very interested in them, but since they're very likely not going to be able to have permission to use them due to how much chaos could occur if the real things fell into their hands, a number of generic look-alike models were made by scientists for the Worms to use instead.
  • With the right materials, they are able to come up with strongholds that are able to house buildings such as science labs, hospitals, buildings that can create weapons, and buildings that have firearms built onto them. Unsurprisingly this is mainly used in their battles, but a number of other deities are interested in seeing if the Worms can use their building skills for others.
  • If they aren't blowing each other up in battle, then they might be playing trying out some sort of colored puzzle or going out golfing. Even if those activities are supposed to be more peaceful than what they're known for, things are still going to blow-up regardless (especially if their idea of golf involves tying up someone to a golf pole and hitting a grenade with a golf club to the hole). It's possible they may have attempted kart-racing, but their take on the idea never fully materialized as far as anyone knows.

ZUN, God of Doujin Games (Hakurei Jinja no Kannushi, Oota Jun'ya)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A blank Circle Cut
  • Theme Music: "Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Game Design, Moe, Bullet Hell, That One Boss, Alcohol, Questionable Artistic Skills (sacrificed for awesome music composition), Completely Non-Ironic Creative Encouragement
  • Domains: Craft, Creativity, Celerity, Celebration
  • Allies: Every Touhou Project deity
  • Followers: Those making Touhou Project doujin works, be it comics, music remixes, games, or anything else.
  • Although presently only a Demigod, he is a veritable powerhouse due to his extensive relations (no less than twenty) within the pantheon. Already the Pantheon is guessing where he'd take side in the conflict between the GUAG and GUAE. Of course, there's also that distinct possibility that he may leapfrog a step or two on the divinity scale...
  • Can be seen almost nightly in pubs in and around the realm, guzzling on beer and drafting concepts for the next Touhou game in his drunkenness.
  • For a while there were rumors that he had been seduced by either Aya Shameimaru or Sanae Kochiya, given their rising status in several previous Touhou installments. These rumors have died down now that ZUN is married and has a child.
  • Right now he has two beings related to him rebelling and hating him for constant humiliation: Sakuya Izayoi and Mima. However, after Sakuya was featured in two games in a row (one as a playable character and one as a boss), she has stopped her rebellion against him.
  • ZUN's standing amongst the gods of Music are also pretty good. He was once offered a place in that pantheon as God of Indie Crowning Music of Awesome for almost single-handedly powering the Comiket music scene both by creating fine music and fostering a great climate for people creating awesome remixes, but chose his place in this pantheon instead. To date, the gods of Life/Death pantheon dread the day Yoko Kanno, ZUN, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuuki Kajiura and Daisuke Ishiwatari would meet and create a music so awesome to instantly make all heads and brains in reality explode.
    • And explode even further if JAM Project is about to give a vocal version of it.


    Nintendogs + Cats 
The Nintendogs and Nintencats, Divine Critters of Raising Sims
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Nintendogs + Cats logo
  • Theme Song: Main Theme and Bath Time
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: All Dogs Are Purebred, Wrongly-named races in some cases, Raising Sim, Casual Video Game, Adorable Kittens and Puppies, Never grow up, Video Game Caring Potential
  • Domains: Animals, Caring, Cuteness, Gaming
  • Allies: Tamagotchi, Chibiterasu, Hachiko, Pongo and Perdita, Clifford, Rena Ryuugu, Schezo Wegey, Sakaki, Selina Kyle, John Wick, S.A.T.8, Hal
  • Enemies: Galeem and Dharkhon, Cruella de Vil, Napoleon
  • On good terms with: Every participant in Super Smash Bros. (Not always though)
  • Under the Protection of: the Halls of Canines and Felines
  • Welcome to the Nintendogs + Cats temple, full of puppies and kittens to play around with. These critters are composed of a series of breeds and races for several dogs and cats that deities can play around with and take care of. Given their status as pets and how a player must take care of them, the animals were awarded the title of Raising Sim in order to open a temple for them.
  • Like stated before, the dogs and cats come in several races and breeds, and all of them being extremely adorable. The opening of the Nintendogs + Cats temple proved to be a smash hit as several deities come in their downtime to visit the critters and most have left pretty good reviews after what they experienced.
  • Originally their title was used by the Tamagotchi but they were always open for more of their kind to join and they were overjoyed to learn about the arrival of the Nintendogs and Nintencats. In fact, their temples aren't that far from the other and they often like to share visitors so everyone can have a good time.
  • The Nintendogs are no strangers to the world of Nintendo, often donning items related to several nintendo franchises that their owner happen to like. They can also be summoned to assist fighters in the world of Super Smash Bros., the Labrado Retriever, French Bulldog and Toy Poodle breeds to be exact, but they are quite infamous for messing with the screen and not letting others view how the fight goes.
    • However, the aforementioned puppies were also unfortunate victims of Galeem and remained as spirits, making the Angelic Abomination alongside his darker counterpart Dharkon one of the few deities the puppies and kittens seem to actively dislike.
  • It's only natural that the critters would be smuggled by deities that are prone to Cuteness Proximity, the most notable one being Rena Ryuugu who loves all thing cutes and spends an unhealthy amount of time playing with the animals in this temple. A surprising visitor came in the form of Schezo Wegey who on a first glance would look like he wouldn't visit this house but he also loves cute things and visiting this house was a huge priority for him ever since he heard about it's opening.
    • The cats are usually visited by notable feline enthusiast like Sakaki and Selina Kyle, although there were a few deities that were dissapointed that the cat breeds are far more limited than the one for the dogs but they don't blame the little things for it.
  • Chibiterasu can often be found playing with the puppies in the temple, often getting confused by other deities to be a Nintendog even if he is totally unrelated to them. His mother, Amaterasu, is happy that her son has found a place full of friends and often keeps on eye on the little dogs when her son is present.
  • The Nintendogs have several canine deities that they look up to, one in particular is Hachiko for being the most loyal dog they ever known and Hachiko is happy to play with them when he has nothing better to do. A more literal example is Clifford, who is a gigantic dog but a kindhearted one nonetheless who is reminded of his little self when he too was a pupper and he would gladly entertain his puppy friends however he can.
  • Even if they are completely harmless they have still attracted the attention of unsavoury deities. Cruella de Vil being one of them, who wanted to kidnap a few of the Nintendogs and Nintencats to make exotic fur coats but she was quickly thwarted. That also led to Pongo and Perdita hearing about the Nintendogs and paid a visit to the temple. They tend to hang around the Dalmatian puppies who tend to remind them of their own children.
    • Another instance happened with Napoleon, who managed to make several puppies in his own universe become very aggressive towards others and he wanted more enforcers in the pantheon so he set his sights on the animals in the Nintendogs + Cats temple. He too was thwarted several times and he was swiftly banned from entering for several weeks.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Nintencats weren't present in the original version and instead it was only about the Nintendogs. It was originally believed that through some secret method you could unlock cats but that's was not true, although they were eventually included in the Nintendogs + Cats sequel. And as mentioned before, the owners of the animals are working to add more breeds for the cats and even potentially looking to include even more animals.
  • To nobody's surprise, this temple is one of John Wick's favourite places to visit, going as far as acting as some sort of Guardian to it, which explains why not many deities are likely to mess with the Nintendogs and Nintencats. That reason is why the Nintendogs adore John and whenever he visits, it's not uncommon to see John being snuggled by a legion of puppies.
    • Another dog fanatic with a similar devotion to this house is S.A.T.8, who would go as far to call her fellow T-Dolls if someone even dared to harm the little puppers. In fact, whenever she is off-duty the first place she is likely to visit is the Nintendogs + Cats temple.