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Greater Gods

    Osamu Tezuka 
Osamu Tezuka, Divine Father of Manga
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Astro Boy's Head
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Loves to Break the Fourth Wall, Cloudcuckoolander, Raygun Gothic,Depicts the horrors of War and The Environment,
  • Domain: Craft, Dream, Glory, Law, Good
  • Followers: All nondeified manga characters
  • Underlings: Astro Boy, Black Jack,
  • Allies: Virtually all manga deities, all good gods in the House of Narrative and Craft, all good Disney gods, especially Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck, Bambi, Simba
  • Observed by: HAL 9000
  • Rivals: Stan Lee
  • Manga may have existed before his first work, but there was no doubt that he helped standardize what would be modern manga. Osamu's work goes back to 1946. By the time of his death, people have already called him a god for all of manga. Unfortunately, his temple was neglected and his spirit disappeared from the Pantheon. Desperate, Black Jack went to Ichigo and the Reapers to retrieve his soul. The group was successful and this time they called for help to renovate his temple. It took some time but the entire roster of anime deities pitched him to help Osamu settle in the House of Craft. This time, he intends to stay for good.
  • Tezuka is proud that his creations, Black Jack and Astro Boy has attained godhood. Is hoping his other creations find places in the Pantheon.
  • He is well respected by most of the characters who originate from the worlds of Anime and Manga because he is the man whose works began the genre of Anime and Manga, which allowed all of them to come into existence in the manner they have as a result.
  • Osamu Tezuka is very good friends with Scrooge McDuck, the character whose design was the basis for all his works, and all of his extended family through McDuck's own creator/father Carl Barks. He is often seen interacting with Scrooge and his family, and is very happy whenever Astro Boy drops by for a visit and happily visits with Scrooge's family, whom he essentially considers a Godfather.
    • Heck, Tezuka would get along with any Disney god (excluding the villains) very well. Special note goes to Bambi as he confirmed that he got much of his technique from drawing the deer. Bambi asked for some drawings to see and was delighted in his work.
    • Some of his followers were mad that Disney used his story Kimba the White Lion to create The Lion King (1994). Osamu sees it as an honor that the company would saw his work as worth of adapting. Besides, his story deal with the aftermath and does into the hierarchy, something he wished the movie did.
  • Tezuka is very fond of Timeless River for it's Retraux, and is quite pleased that Sora's form there is a homage to his work. Sora, who is close friends with Donald Duck and Goofy (and one of Black Jack's patients), is delighted to hear this.
  • Is part of an eternal rivalry with Stan Lee, the God of Comic Books. Osama would point out that his manga did not derive from comic books and existed far before they became prevalent. With that said, both artists admit that the two styles have taken information from each other. Yet there are growing factions that want to do war with each other.
  • There is an interesting scenario that almost happened. Osamu was invited to draw some art for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not wanting to leave his studio, Osamu declined the offer. The movie did well regardless, but HAL 9000 sent some code to The Samaritan over what could have been. The two AI programs have been hush about what they prosaw.
  • Was once asked what manga was about. His answer was this:
"Manga is virtual. Manga is sentiment. Manga is resistance. Manga is bizarre. Manga is pathos. Manga is destruction. Manga is arrogance. Manga is love. Manga is kitsch. Manga is sense of wonder. Manga is... there is no conclusion yet."

    Stan Lee 
Stan Lee, God of Comic Books and Making Appearances In His Works (born Stanley Martin Lieber, The Man [Lee], Boss Awesome/Fred Fredricksen III)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A generic 22-page comic book, with the words "Excelsior!" and "'Nuff Said!" on the cover
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Comic Books, Superheroes, Editors' Notes, Trope Codifier of Added Alliterative Appeal and Creator Cameo, Cool Old Guy with a small dose of Grumpy Old Man
  • Domains: Craft, Glory, Repose, Wealth.
  • Followers: Every Comic Book creator before and since.
  • Herald: Joan Boocock Lee (his beloved wife)
  • High Priest: Steve Ditko
  • Allies: His former partner Jack Kirby, The One Above All, every comic book deity in the Pantheon, especially the Marvel Universe, Iroh, Sheldon Cooper, Chuck Bartowski, Phineas and Ferb, Robot Chicken
  • Enemies: Mephisto... or rather the forces that had him make that deal, Judge Doom
  • Fears: Walt Disney
  • There was once a time when Stan Lee shared the title with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Stan's personality was so great, that he decided to take over the temple himself. The other two more or less agreed to step down. Jack Kirby can at least keep his title as the One Above All in the Marvel Universe... along with his post at the House of Craft.
  • DC deities see him as a Friendly Rival at worse; they all know the importance of his role in comic books even if they arrived first. (they even allowed him to have a cameo in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies!) That goes double for anyone from outside the big two.
  • Upon hearing that Stan Lee was referred to as "The Man", Ric Flair immediately issued a challenge to the comic lords, stating that, "To be The Man, you've got to beat The Man! Wooooooo!" This challenge is, as yet, unanswered.
    • On the other hand, Stan Lee dislikes sidekicks... this was the main reason to kill off Bucky for long time, until his impressive return as the Winter Soldier, and "The Man" changed his opinion of him.
  • Stan Lee can be an ass-kicker depending on his version. In one universe, he had the powers of The Hulk and Spider-Man. In another, he's a founding member of SHIELD acting as a school janitor.
    • Also is glad to see Spider-man as a liason in the Toku Base, seeing as he was happy that a Japanese Spider-Man was able to help fight against evil.
      • Stan has once eaten at Hell's Kitchen, considering on making a comic on the aspiring chefs who cooked his meal that night.
  • Out of all of his creations, Spider-Man remains his baby, taking part of every aspect of the character as well as his supporting cast. While he has been supportive of the works of most of his creators, he remains a fan of the pairing of Peter and Mary Jane. His strip depicts an alternate universe where they are still together.
  • Stan Lee often makes cameos in all the major events in the pantheon, granting him an additional seat. Incredibly, he can appear in the MCU as well as the Fox, Sony and Disney universes. He remains a fan of Spider-Man in all his incarnations. There are rumors that he may be a Watcher in human disguise, but the closest that anyone's gotten out of him is that he's a Watchers' Informant.
    • Was surprisingly a villain in Ultimo as Dr. Roger Dunstan. He stated he rather enjoyed his time figuring out whether good or evil is more overwhelming.
    • Stan's booming and instantly recognizable voice also makes him a highly requested narrator in the pantheon.
  • Unsurprisingly has a lot in common with Iroh, the resident Cool Old Guy. Iroh loved his comic strips while Stan Lee admits he makes a great cup of tea despite preferring coffee.
  • There is growing fear among the superhero community that they may be vulnerable to the Dip, concocted by Judge Doom. Stan Lee is the ultimate deciding factor on this ruling, who made his case against it in the Court of the Gods, it remains to be seen how they rule it.
  • Stan Lee has been a source of frustration with Sheldon Cooper. An initial opportunity to meet him was ruined by his roommates, with him ending up getting a restraining order. He had no such trouble in the Pantheon, and Stan Lee was glad to give a fan of his a coveted signature.
  • There has been claims that Stan Lee is secretly a CIA agent in his spare time. When pressed with those allegations, Chuck merely stated not to comment on it, which only further spurred the rumor mill.
  • Phineas and Ferb thought it was odd that the local hot dog vendor made it to the Pantheon. It was only his revelation of his works that the two recognized him as Stan Lee. They were grateful of meeting with a lot of his creations.
  • Stan Lee was grateful for getting a spot in a Robot Chicken segment. Regardless of its divisive nature, Stan Lee had always believed it could get out of Purgatory.
  • On November 12th, 2018, Stan Lee shed his mortal coil and joined the Pantheon full-time where there was much sadness. Even a few villains came to pay their respects.
  • Excelsior!

Intermediate Gods

Chin, God of Stock Images
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A reproduction cartridge of Hong Kong '97
  • Theme: "I Love Beijing Tiananmen"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (sees himself as Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan Clone, Glass Cannon, One-Man Army, One-Hit Point Wonder, Wants to Commit Racist Genocide on all of China (despite being Chinese himself), Villain Protagonist, Overabundance of Stock Images, Unlicensed Games
  • Domains: Destruction, Unlicensed Games, Stock Images
  • Allies: Dr. Weil, Copy X, Eric Cartman, Liberty Prime
  • Rivals: Broly, Shan Yu
  • Enemies: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Atticus Finch, Po and the Furious Five, anyone who comes from or lives in China, anyone who is a Communist
  • Opposes: Anyone who was born in or lives in China, Communism
  • Opposed by: Most of the Pantheon
  • Pitied by: Bizarro
  • Chin is an unusual enigma of a person, created and unleashed by an obscure video game company (Happy Soft Ltd.) at an uncertain point in the mid 1990's. Immediately after his creation, he launched his first assault on China, tearing through droves of their forces like the Death Star through wet tissue, and had a devastating battle with China's secret weapon, the giant floating head named Tong Shau Ping. The battle ended with both of them seemingly destroyed, but it turned out decades later that Chin had survived the battle and had gone into hiding along with his creators, who have completely vanished off the face of the earth. It is speculated that Chin may have killed them himself due to the merger of China and Hong Kong in 1997 technically making them part of China and thus one of his targets, but no evidence exists to prove it, and Chin denies they ever existed.
    • He proclaims himself to be a relative of Bruce Lee, but Lee himself vehemently denies any relation to him and has barred him from ever setting foot in his temple. Jackie Chan likewise followed Lee's example.
    • Upon further research, Chin is now known to be a failed attempt at creating a literal clone of Bruce Lee, while splicing DNA of Jackie Chan into the mix, in an attempt to create the strongest warrior in the Pantheon as part of an anti-Chinese propaganda campaign. He has a very high opinion of himself and has the gall to consider himself a perfect clone of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, despite clear evidence to the contrary. That's right, he considers himself a relative of Bruce Lee in spite of fully knowing he's a clone of him—he is that egotistical. Trying to challenge him on this notion is a very easy way to tick him off.
  • Regardless of how he was created, there is no mystery to what his life mission is—to singlehandedly use his power to decimate the entire population of China (which, at the time of his ascension, consists of over 1.3 billion people), for little reason other than that the crime rate of Hong Kong skyrockeded in the mid-90's, which he squarely blames on the increase of immigrants from Mainland China coming in, while refusing to acknowledge the fact that the crime rate of the country has considerably lowered since his creation, and the increase having little if anything at all to do with the influx of immigrants in the first place. For obvious reasons, this has made it quite difficult for him to find allies throughout the Pantheon. He claims to be affiliated with the Hong Kong government, but the real government absolutely abhors him and has put out a 1 billion dollar bounty for anyone who can permanently detain him.
  • Due to his debut appearance relying entirely on off the shelf materials, his likeness appears to be a very grainy, low resolution image of Jackie Chan, taken directly from his film Wheels on Meals. Upon his ascension, the rest of the Pantheon were surprised to discover that this was his actual physical appearance, undoubtedly a result of a flaw in the cloning process.
  • Despite his eccentric appearance, mysterious origins and his ludicrous goals, Chin is undeniably a foe to be reckoned with. Not only is he capable of using an energy attack that can kill virtually any foe in a single strike (with the exception of the more powerful members of the Pantheon), he can shoot it without even turning to face you, and each attack makes his enemies explode like a miniature nuke on contact. However, his incredible power came with an unforeseen weakness—due to the unstable nature of his flawed clone body combined with such incredible power, any strike from another opponent, regardless of how weak it is, will kill him on the spot. Unable to find a way to directly stop this weakness, his creators somehow managed to acquire the DNA of Logan (possibly from his venture to Japan) and splice it into Chin, giving him a heavily watered down but functional Healing Factor that allows him to return from the brink of death after a short period of time. While this makes him nigh-unkillable, it also makes combat all the more tedious for him, since he remembers every single death he's gone through.
  • During one of his daily attempts to assault China, he encountered Po and the Furious Five and challenged them to a battle. After a standoff of a few hours (since Chin's attack could kill any of them or a bystander in a single blow, they could not take any chances) Po finally managed to defeat him by unleashing the Wuxi Finger Hold on him, sending him right into the Spirit Realm. Unfettered, Chin made his way through the realm and somehow managed to find his way back into the physical world.
  • Bizarro once took pity on him and allowed him to destroy Htrae's equivalent of China. Unfortunately for Chin, Htrae had it's own Bizarro-equivalent of him, Nihc, who was the polar opposite of Chin in personality and powers—he is completely against violence, prejudice and genocide, and while he doesn't have his destructive powers, he has nigh-invulnerability to make up for it and used this to defend his home. After a month long fight, Chin realized his attempts to destroy his counterpart were getting him nowhere, and he fled back to Earth in shame.
  • He has a seething hatred for the Angry Video Game Nerd after he ridiculed his adventure and mission (in spite of the fact that he played a big role in his ascension by spreading awareness of him), and once stormed his house in an attempt to kill him. Fortunately, the Nerd was able to trounce him with a single punch from the Power Glove.
  • He also has a strong hatred of Andross due to his appearance reminding him of one of his greatest foes, Tong Shau Ping.
  • He has an Odd Friendship with Eric Cartman due to their mutual dislike of Chinese people and because both of them are racist to their own kind (in Cartman's case, it's toward Gingers despite his biological father being one).
  • His sheer egotism and desire to commit racial genocide in the name of justice earned him a rare ally in the form of Copy X, who has a similar agenda (albeit towards reploids instead of humans) and confidence about being a perfect copy of their predecessors. This also made him an ally of Dr. Weil.
  • The SCP Foundation has attempted to capture and contain him, but to no avail.
  • Apparently, he uses the Hong Kong '97 theme as a means of torture. Thirty minutes in, and the victim cracks. One hour, well…
  • Liberty Prime considers him an honorary American, being the only other deity in the Pantheon whose hatred of communists, China, and communist China comes close to Prime's own. The military strategists in the House of War have been planning for the possibility that the two might someday decide to team up and go on a rampage.
  • Shan Yu would seem like one of the very few people in the pantheon who would be willing to be an ally to him, but the differences between their goals (Shan Yu wants to conquer China, not completely eradicate its entire population) precludes a team-up between them.

    Cuphead and Mugman 
A profile is surely brewing!

Cuphead and Mugman, Sibling Deities of Classic Cartoon Animation (The Cup Bros, Little Mugs)
Cuphead (Left) and his pal Mugman (Right)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their heads
  • Theme Songs: Don't Deal with the Devil, its instrumental version, Introduction and Victory Tune
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Abnormal Ammo, Badass Adorable, Bash Brothers, Made a Deal with the Devil and forced into collecting Soul Contracts, Finger Gun, Non-Human Head, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Kiddie Looks But Actually Adolescents, Defeating the Devil
  • Domains: Adventure, Siblings, Old Cartoons, Homages, Running and Gunning, Deals
  • High Priest: Bosko, the Talk-Ink Kid
  • Allies: Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mario and Luigi, Mega Man, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, Ghost Rider, Peacock, Frisk, Hat Kid, The Iron Giant, Grimsley of the Unova Elite Four, Princess Bubblegum
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice, Most in the House of Demons and almost any incarnation of Satan, all soul-selling contractors like Mephisto and The Incubators, The Coachman, The D'Arby Brothers, Judge Doom, Flowey, Queen Sectonia, Jafar, The Snatcher
  • On Good Terms with: The Runaway Debtors (Grim Matchstick, Hilda Berg)
  • This is the tale of two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman from the Inkwell Isle, who one day wandered into the wrong side of town and ended up entering into the Devil's casino. They soon found themself on a winning streak playing craps until the Devil himself showed up and challenged them to a High-Stakes bet: If they win, they get all the riches but if they lose, the Devil would take their souls. Then Cuphead got careless and lost the last gamble, and the devil forced them into collecting the runaway soul debtors just to spare their own souls, although they both later rectified the mistake by defeating the Devil and burning all the soul contracts, making them both heroes for the people of Inkwell Isle.
  • Their ascension wasn't an official one, as both boys wandered into the pantheon without anyone noticing and only after they were caught sneaking around the Treasure Vault were the boys allowed to ascend for real. Their tale has taught many about gambling and how it can mess up your life. And how you don't make deals with the devil.
  • Given their own experience, both siblings refuse to get near the House of Demons in fear that the Devil would be present wanting revenge for what they did to him. There were many different incarnations of Satan in there but none were the one they knew, which was a relief. Of course, they later learned that a sizable chunk of those demons are planning something for the Cup Bros, which has unnerved them.
    • While they are not demons, the Incubators have been another group that the cup brothers dislike heavily. They feel pity for those who were tricked into making a contract with them.
  • Made good friends with different deities from the 20-30's era of cartoon animation, most notably the likes of Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, whom the Cup Brothers were inspired by during their younger years.
    • Both brothers also left a good impression on the video game deities too. Most notably they ended up befriending Mario and Luigi, who ALSO inspired them in their younger years. Cuphead, for his part, thinks he'd get tired of saving princesses after a while, but Mugman can see the appeal.
  • Mugman has made a huge effort in keeping his brother away from the House of Luck and Fortune given that Cuphead's impulsiveness and recklessness are what caused the whole ordeal with the Devil in the first place. Both brothers were also startled when they came across the D'arby Brothers considering what they do, especially Daniel who resembles King Dice a lot.
  • When they heard of Pleasure Island and how many happy boys have a fun time there, the Cup Bros felt like they were being deceived. Turns out that the Coachman had heard of their ventures, courtesy of his buddy King Dice, and wanted to have a go at the cups for what they did. Things were about to get red-hot, but what unsettled the boys the most was how similar the coachman's freaky smile was to King Dice's. Fortunately, the cups were able to decisively and karmically wallop the Coachman, and made their escape.
  • The boys were quick to befriend Peacock, who also acts and behaves like she was a cartoon from the 30's. Their personalities aren't that far off either, as Peacock and Cuphead are similarly rash and hot-blooded, which makes Mugman feel like he has to be the Straight Man whenever these two hang around. Peacock feels she can relate to what happened to the boys, although the whole soul collecting business reminds her a bit of the Medici and what they did to her. In the end, she's glad they got out of that business, and that they beat up that lousy Devil in the end.
  • Of all the deities they have met, they never thought that the one who would relate the most to their story is none other than Johnny Blaze. After all, he was forced to work for Mephisto before he bailed out and went to do his own thing, so Johnny respects the boys for that. Mephisto on the other hand has a very low opinion on the Cup Brothers.
  • Rumors have been circulating that Mugman may have a secret crush on Cala Maria. He has denied all claims, but his brother likes to tease him about that.
  • One trip around the House of Gaming let them befriend Frisk, whose adventure was somewhat similar to theirs. Their pacifistic ways reminded them about a turtle who taught them that violence could be avoided if they tried, and so the brothers have tried a more pacifistic approach to certain scenarios... most of the time, at least. It helps that the kinds of conflicts they get into aren't lethal, although they usually avoid talking about what happened with Goopy Le Grande and Wally Warbles.
  • Many have wondered how they would feel if someone drank from their heads. They don't necessarily mind if you ask nicely, though many find it strange that Mugman will drink from himself before the start of a fight.
  • Given how many different foes they have faced in their adventures, both Cuphead and Mugman have been wary about meeting a few deities who either resemble them or are a direct reference to them, even if the little cups are on better terms with the runaway debtors ever since they burned all the soul contracts.
    • One day visiting the house of Nature they stumbled upon Flowey, who like always, tried to play a trick on them. Unbeknownst to Flowey, the brothers' encounter with Cagney Carnation has taught them that not all innocent-looking flowers are harmless, and, as such, saw the old "Friendliness Pellets" trick coming from a mile away. Flowey promised to get back at them in the future. After all, their dodging skills proved quite impressive and he'd like to test them again.
    • Jafar was seemingly interested in the powers the two cup boys possessed and tried to ambush them in an attempt to get a better look at them and see if he could steal and harness the brothers' powers for himself. However, the brothers were very familiar with all his tricks after their encounter with Djimmi the Great and laid down a beating, leaving the battered wizard to crawl away, swearing revenge.
    • While they aren't necessarily hostile, the cup brothers have their doubts about the Blue Slimes. For all they know they could be related to Goopy Le Grande and may want revenge considered what happened with him.
    • When they first saw the Iron Giant, the brothers thought their old enemy Doctor Kahl had invaded the Pantheon with a larger robot, seeking revenge. Eventually, however, they learned of his true nature, and while still a bit wary of him, they agree he is definitely a nice guy (and also because their weapon of choice is the Finger Gun, while the Iron Giant despises guns)
    • A similar event to the giant happened with Princess Bubblegum, with the cups thinking Baroness von Bon Bon had ascended. After they were proven wrong, Bubblegum was quite willing to spend some time with the pair, and hopes that they can get along with fellow adventuring brothers Finn and Jake, should they meet.
  • Speaking of soul contracts, they always take potshots at Kyubey, or any other Incubator, if they ever so much as see his face; the sorts of contracts HE dishes out, even though he holds up their bargain no questions asked, are quite a bit nastier then the one the cup brothers faced, given the fact he specifically targets innocent young girls who would not be likely to capitalize on these deals not to mention inevitably becoming Witches means he's arguably worse than the Devil they used to work for.
  • Many of the friends and fans of the duo cheered upon their announcement of a most exciting addendum to their adventures on a brand new isle with brand new foes, tokens and even new friends.
  • Much to everyone's shock, during the fifth Smash tournament Cuphead's likeness became available as a Mii Gunner costume. Though Mugman was disappointed that he also didn't get a Mii Gunner costume, he applauded his pal for getting in Smash as the highest honor. Sans was not surprised at all, and welcomed Cuphead in.


    George and Bob 
George and Bob, Co-Gods of the Sprite Comic (Blitz, Spark [George] Napalm, Darth Volcanus [Bob])

Kirby, God of Black Hole Bellies and Aggressive Alternate Cover Art (The Super Tuff Pink Puff, The Pink Puffball, Gritty in Pink, The Pink Demon, Number 6, Nintendo's Floating Puffball of Never Ending Cheer and Dreams)

    Peni Parker 
Peni Parker, Goddess of the Anime Style (SP//DR, Penis Parker (don't call her that.))
Top, Peni Parker and SP//DR in the comic art style; Bottom, them in the movie art style

    Roger Rabbit 
Roger Rabbit, Mixer of Cartoons and Real Life

    Sara Pezzini 
Sara Pezzini, Goddess of Bad Girl Comics (Witchblade, Pez, Ms. Fortran)
Sara in her Witchblade armor 
Sara in full Witchblade armor 
Sara under the control of the Dark half of the Witchblade 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Witchblade Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil when controlled by the Dark half of the Witchblade)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain(s): Destiny, Combat, Justice, Heroes, Balance, Light, Darkness
  • Heralds: Alex Underwood, Masane Amaha and Mary Parker (her successors)
  • Allies: Jackie Estacado/The Darkness, Scáthach, Cleopatra, Jeanne d'Arc, Florence Nightingale, Lara Croft, Vampirella, Red Sonja, James Howlett/Wolverine, Elektra Natchios, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Clark Kent/Superman, J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Patrick O'Brian/Plastic Man, Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern, Barry Allen/The Flash, John Henry Irons/Steel, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III, Spawn, Mark Grayson/Invincible, Jim Gordon, Adrian Monk, Anthony Chu, Goliath
  • On speaking terms with: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Scarface
  • Enemies: Tiamat (both of them), Dracula, Mr. Hyde, Mephisto, Lex Luthor, The Xenomorphs, Nui Harime, Raynare
  • Sara Pezzini was born November 18, 1970, and is of Italian descent. She had wanted nothing more in her life than to be a good cop. As a homicide detective in New York City, life was challenging enough, but for Sara, those were simpler times. While on an undercover case at the Rialto Theater, both she and her partner, Michael Yee, were mortally wounded. While Sara lay dying, the Witchblade, a conscious, ancient weapon, made his choice to include her in the long line of women that he had shared his power with. The weapon healed Sara's wounds and allowed her to survive the resulting confrontation. Since then, she had seen many things she never knew existed, fought creatures that had no place on Earth, and longed for the days of a typical NYPD detective. But she continued her struggle with the Witchblade, believing that she could do more good with the entity than without. So the battle for control continued, as Sara learned more about the weapon and struggled to stem his violent nature.
  • Having teamed up with numerous heroes over the course of her career, many of the gods in the Pantheon supported her ascension, citing her as the ideal wielder and protector of the Witchblade. Upon ascending, Sara was greeted by large gathering of her allies, who happily welcomed her into her temple.
  • Sara's interactions with Jackie Estacado tend to be rather awkward due to their complicated history. The two have allied against mutual threats on numerous occasions and Jackie, while possessed by the Darkness, conceived their daughter, Hope, with Sara while she was in a coma. However, they became distant after Jackie reset the universe using the Darkness and changed Hope into being his daughter with his ex-flame, Jenny Romano, instead. Nonetheless, the two remain on amicable terms and have regularly teamed up since.
  • Sara was pleasantly surprised to meet several former Witchblade wielders such as Scáthach, Cleopatra, Jeanne d'Arc and Florence Nightingale. Each of them expressed approval of their successor and have occasionally assisted her in battle.
  • She was quite happy to be reunited with her fellow female warriors such as Lara Croft, Vampirella and Red Sonja, whom she is often seen with either adventuring, fighting enemies or just hanging out in general. Onlookers have remarked that Sara's relationship with them doesn't seem entirely platonic, which neither Sara nor the other women have completely denied.
  • Sara had a heartfelt reunion with Wolverine, as the two had previously teamed up on several occasions and were even briefly married in Las Vegas. She was also happy to see Elektra, having last seen her when they fought against Mephisto. When she discovered that Mephisto was also present in the Pantheon and was still interested in getting her soul, Sara once more teamed up with Wolverine and Elektra in order to beat him, which has resulted in him leaving her alone for the time being.
  • Sara was also happy to be reunited with her old friend Barbara Gordon, and was surprised to learn that she had returned to being Batgirl since they last saw each other. She also had a pleasant reunion with the Justice League, specifically Wonder Woman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, The Flash and Steel, although she also apologized about how, in their previous meeting, the Witchblade had possessed Oracle, Huntress and Wonder Woman in order to find the most powerful woman in the direct vicinity, which they quickly accepted. She also managed to bond with Blue Beetle, as he similarly wears sentient alien armor that he tries to keep under control. The two are regularly seen sparring together. However, her association with the Justice League also drew the attention of Lex Luthor, who had previously teamed up with her archenemy Kenneth Irons in order to acquire the Witchblade. Sara was quick to draw comparisons between Luthor and Irons, which Lex does not appreciate as he and Irons had a falling out and cut all ties with each other after failing to acquire the Witchblade.
  • She gets along well with fellow heroes Spawn and Invincible, having notably teamed up with them during the Invincible War against an invasion of evil alternate versions of Invincible. Although she was beaten badly during the conflict, she remains on good terms with Invincible himself.
  • Having served as an officer in the NYPD, a private investigator in Chicago and finally as the sheriff of a small town in upstate New York, Sara gets along quite well with her fellow police officers and detectives in the Pantheon. She quickly managed to befriend Jim Gordon, whose long history of working with superheroes and friendship with Sara's father resulted in him having no problem with her wielding the Witchblade. She also managed to bond with Adrian Monk due to how he is similarly a former cop who became a private investigator. She also became allies with Anthony Chu, who is also a cop who uses his powers to solve crimes.
  • She is on good terms with the Gargoyle Goliath, who similarly protects New York. He has remarked that Sara reminds him of Elisa Maza, a police woman herself.
  • She and the Punisher tend to be awkward around each other, having originally fought one another during their first meeting, which concluded with them going their separate ways and letting each other continue their respective business. As a result, they prefer to just stay out of each other's way.
  • Sara was heavily dismayed to learn that two different versions of Tiamat were present in the Pantheon, as she had previously fought against Tiamat in her own world, who sought revenge due to having been previously sealed away by previous Witchblade and Angelus wielders. She has since periodically battled against both of them.
  • She was also annoyed to discover that Dracula and Mr. Hyde was in the Pantheon as well, having previously teamed up with Jackie Estacado, Lara Crost and the Magdalena in order to stop them from unleashing an interdimensional invasion of cosmic horrors to take over the world. She has occasionally fought against them whenever they started causing trouble.
  • Having dealt with both Predators and Xenomorphs on several occasions, Sara has gained the respect of the Predator known as Scarface. As a result, she has occasionally teamed up with him in order to deal with Xenomorphs.
  • Sara is particularly wary of evil people who come after her in order to acquire the Witchblade. She was disturbed to learn that the psychotic Nui Harime was given the dark half of the Witchblade after it was stolen from the Armory by the GUAE. Fortunately, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Jackie Estacado were able to retrieve the Dark Witchblade from Nui after the object took control over her and went on a rampage. Similarly, the fallen angel Raynare had sought out the artifact to take her vengeance against Issei and the other Occult Club members, but was deemed unworthy and had her hand sliced off instead. Sara periodically has to fight off both Nui and Raynare's attempts to try and take the Witchblade from her.

    St. Hermelin High Students 
The students of St. Hermelin Highmembers , Godly Collective of Bad Localizations (Boy With Earring: The Pierced Boy, Naoya "Naorin" Toudou, Yūya Narumi, Jihei "Jay" Suzakuin | Maki: Mary, Nanjo: Nate Trinity, Nate Nanjo | Mark: "Massie" (by his mom) | Yukino: Yuuki | Elly: Erie, Ellen, Ellie | Brown: Brad, "Great Brown" | Ayase: Alana | Reiji: Six-pack Leader, Captain Naked, Chris)
Left to right, top to bottom: Maki, the Protagonist, Mark, Ayase, Elly, Nanjo, Brown, Yukino, Reiji
Yukino in Persona 2 
Nanjo in Persona 2 
Elly in Persona 2 
Maki in Persona 2 
Brown in Persona 2 
Reiji in Persona 2 
  • As for the trope they're ascending for, it's something rather... infamous for their game: Bad Export for You. Why? Because the first American localization of what would be known as Revelations: Persona went down in gaming history as a textbook case of how not to localize a title. All the flaws 
    • Despite how demeaning this would be, Philemon accepted these terms, and thus every single Player Character Persona-user is now in the Pantheon, save for the upcoming Kasumi Yoshizawa and anyone else who will appear after the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • Due to their title, they at times take the appearances they assume both in their original story, the sequel (if they were present there), or even the original "American" localization, which none of them are too proud of. At least Yukino was spared the last.
    • Besides Philemon and Igor, greeting them in the ascension ceremony were all the Persona-users who have succeeded them, and it was a grand event.
    • Unlike the Persona-users after the ones from Sumaru City, who all (or mostly) apart from the Wild Card have just one Persona (that can evolve), all of them can take on multiple Personas, not just their team leader, and can swap and exchange them mid-battle. On the flip side, they have affinities to watch out for, which limits which Personas they can take on depending on their Arcanas. Also, SP cost is dependent solely on their Persona, no matter what skill is used.
      • That said, unlike the ones from Sumaru City, save for the ones who participated in the events there, (which excludes only the Protagonist, Mark, and Ayase), Personas can't be swapped between each other unless it's at the Velvet Room. Instead, each of them has a Persona Stock of three (including their current one)... which is incidentally what Philemon arranged for Tatsuya and Maya and their friends for when they're separated. For here, he made a caveat for the St. Hermelin High students when it comes to their pseudo-"Wild Card"s; their Stocks are shared when they're together, though not when in battle.
      • That said, due to how different Personas are between universes, party Persona Stocks are separated by games of origin, thus disallowing Persona swapping with the Fool Arcana Wild Cards. As for those from Sumaru City, those who have been in both parties (Yukino, Elly, and Nanjo) can serve as "intermediaries"
      • Unlike S.E.E.S. onward, their (and the Sumaru City group's) Ultimate Personas have to be fused at the Velvet Room, and a special item has to be added to the process. They're also "returnable" for other items, in which Igor will inform them that the Totems needed to fuse their Ultimate Personas again will be provided by Philemon. That said, to curb abuse of this system, after a Totem is accepted from him, he will not offer it again until after one full year in the Pantheon has passed.
      • Just like the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, these Persona-users normally wield two weapons of choice; a "traditional" RPG weapon, and a firearm. Unlike the Phantoms however, their guns are real, and so they also make purchases from Marcus Kincaid's vending machines and Drebin 893. In the event any of them enter the Metaverse, Ren decided to inform them that bullets are unnecessary in that dimension due to Cognition, though some might do so anyway if their bullets can inflict status effects.
      • One thing that has surprised the students however is that their Personas' Dia (and Recarm) skills work on anybody, not just other Persona-users, since that doesn't occur in their world. Everyone after them never realized that since they never really thought of it (and since back in the mortal realm, for S.E.E.S. onwards, Personas can't even be summoned period except in specific dimensions or via an Evoker).
    • Another thing that was brought to their attention is the TV World and its potential to bestow Personas to "clients" who traverse its dungeons (with the Investigation Team, of course) and confront their Shadow. It's somewhat amusing that there is a fixed method now to acquiring a Persona, which may occur after defeating the Shadow and accepting it.
      • That said, only those who came from the worlds under the watch of Philemon and Igor can summon Personas in the Pantheon proper rather than being limited to specific areas, not only to maintain the delicate balance of the Pantheon, but also to prevent the events of Innocent Sin from repeating themselves in the Pantheon.
    • Are no strangers to fighting non-Persona-using humans, whereas S.E.E.S., the Investigation Team, and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts only got used to it after ascension to the Pantheon (unless one counts Labrys and Sho Minazuki prior to them getting their own Personas).
    • They have seen Philemon's entire face behind the mask before Tatsuya, but according to them, he looked like a middle-aged man. Of course, given Philemon's nature, he could look like anyone he wants.
    • Taking the same plan-thinking roles as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, Naoya, Nanjo, and Mark take on similar decision types and get along with each of their counterparts (and the latter two have already been in the Pantheon for a while as their followers).
    • It's not known how exactly the Snow Queen Quest and the conflict against SEBEC occured at the same timeframe given that players never get to see that in their playthroughs.
    • After the entire Snow Queen business, everyone (with the exception of Mark, Maki, and Reiji, who weren't present for the whole thing) is wary of those who can freeze a building in seconds.
    • May have encountered Yog-Sothoth in a subway. The Elder God's not confirming if they did.
    • Are naturally in opposition of Nyarlathotep due to being The Man Behind the Man for Kandori, even if he allows them to take him on as a Persona should they wish to.
    • They (specifically those involved in the Snow Queen Quest) aren't sure what to think of Nemesis. On one hand, she served as a Persona of one of their foes (though the goddess does admit to clerical errors in that regard). On the other, she also lent her power to one of S.E.E.S.'s members.
    • Preserving one's own beauty by casting off their life is one thing. Using the lives of others to do that (like Mother Gothel) is another. And committing genocide to preserve a world's beauty (like Lysandre) is a whole other kind of twisted. As such, thanks to their experiences in Thanatos Tower, the Snow Queen Quest participants, especially Brown and Ayase, despise such people.
      • Speaking of Thanatos, they were certainly surprised with how different he looked, and that he also did time as Minato and Kotone's Persona. That said, given how varied Thanatos himself is due to the nature of his title...
    • They also pity those who would rather keep dreaming rather than live in the waking world. But to force others into that too is less excusable.
    • Having actually fought off Nyx near the end of the Snow Queen Quest, they are certainly somewhat closer with S.E.E.S. since they eventually did the same. That said, the titaness had to remind them that she isn't the same as the one they fought.
    • While only two thirds of them were present in Sumaru City to fight off Nazis, their atrocities and desire to build a twisted new world order taught all of them that people/cults like them are nothing but bad news.
    • Of course, like every SMT hero, they've been updated on the fact that YHVH and Lucifer were bad news.
    • Were immediately cautious upon encountering Carrie given they (or at least the SEBEC Route participants) encountered her (or more specifically a demon version of her, just like how it is with SMT!Alice) multiple times over the course of their journey. The confusion was quickly cleared up before long.

  • Exclusive to the Protagonist:
    • While he has at least three "canon" names, out of convenience, and just like with Kotone Shiomi, he is usually addressed by his manga name Naoya Toudou.
    • Tends to get sidetracked with other stuff when going between Point A to Point B, something his friends take note of.
    • Major traits of the Emperor Arcana include excelling as a leader, wisdom, and fatherly/brotherly behavior. Out of all the Persona-users under this Arcana, some find it amusing that only Naoya embodies these traits better than those after him (Akihiko, Kanji, and Yusuke).
    • Already deciding that Nyarlathotep was bad news, Ra has offered Naoya his assistance should he need it.
    • To this day, he's not telling where he went or what he was doing during the events of Persona 2.

  • Exclusive to Maki:
    • While it was actually her Ideal self that fought alongside her classmates, Philemon decided that her strength, progress, and bow proficiency will be transferred so that she's more able to keep up with the others.
    • She was already in the Pantheon as the High Priestess (just like her Arcana) of the Cutie Mark Crusaders due to her entire story arc, and she still keeps in touch with them. She admits it was... something else when she found out that they became Persona-users too, even if it's limited in terms of summoning allowances compared to everyone else.
    • To make up for what she inadvertently caused from the DEVA System using her subconscious to wreak such havoc, she became a therapist. As such, she also helps out Dr. Frasier Crane from time to time, and doesn't like Dr. Angus Bumby for making people worse off and vulnerable to his manipulations.
    • She's also a pretty good artist, which caught the attention of Yusuke, who appreciates her talent.
    • Jun is also someone she's familiar with, having (possibly) handed him his ultimate weapon (even if it was just a flower).
    • As someone who also practices archery and is primarily a healer, Maki gets along and primarily practises with Yukari.

  • Exclusive to Nanjo:
    • In his younger days, he used to be pretty cold, and willing to do the logical thing, even if it was crude, even if it means letting someone die. However, his incognito tenure as a salaryman at a Nanjo Group salaryman after graduation have slowly mellowed him out, as the Sumaru City Eternal Punishment party can attest to. Mark, who has often argued with him back in their high school days, is honestly surprised with this change.
      • Having witnessed the cruelties of the business world during his "undercover" tenure, Nanjo has dedicated himself not to be like the corrupt businessmen in the Pantheon such as Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder.
    • Has a profound respect for Alfred Pennyworth for his dedication to his master and being an essential person in Bruce Wayne's upbringing.
    • Has no patience for snobs who think they're superior to those with less money/prestige and think it's a waste of time to learn the "lesser customs". When Nanjo went to St. Hermelin, it was to know and learn from the people he'd be "ruling over", because he knew that would be important for his future.
    • He also refuses to curry favor with those stronger than him.
    • Most Persona-users' Ultimate Personas usually take the form of all sorts of powerful mythological deities such as Amen-Ra, Apollo, Izanagi-no-Okami, etc. (or at least highly influential religious figures such as Messiah or Satanael). Kei's takes the form of his late butler Yamaoka, who raised him since infancy, and was essentially his parental figure, moreso than his birth parents. Some find that peculiar and pitiful, and others find it heartwarming and awesome in that Yamaoka continues to look after his master even in the afterlife and is capable of keeping up with the other Ultimate Personas.
    • It is not known if the Nanjo Group from Persona 3 onward is the same as the one in Persona 2 and before it, but given that it is business partners with the Kirijo Group, which used to be part of them before splitting off, Kei decided an official alliance with Mitsuru would be for the best, and she agreed to it.
      • That said, he's a little annoyed that she flaunts her wealth on behalf of Gekkoukan High and S.E.E.S. and finds it a little irresponsible; by contrast, when Yamaoka awaited him outside the school and offered a ride in the limo for him and his friends (to the hospital for a check-up and to visit Maki), Kei had been embarrassed by this prospect and preferred to walk. Then again, given the circumstances, it was likely that he never really got a chance to back then; all he had access to when demons started attacking were what he and his friends carried. He's certainly did more with it as a young adult, though.
    • As the child of a rich company yet personable with those of lower stature, he's also come to appreciate Haru Okumura's company, though is saddened that she won't be taking over her company after her father died.
      • Come to think of it, between them and him, they all lost a father (figure in Nanjo's case) in supernatural events.
    • Out of those from Sumaru City, he enjoyed Baofu's company as they debated over baseball teams. Even if it was Kei who discovered Baofu's real name on behalf of Katsuya.

  • Exclusive to Mark:
    • Some people wonder why he brought an axe to school with him right before SEBEC enacted its plan. Some say it was meant to be interpreted as him grabbing an emergency fire axe from the hospital when the demons first attacked the group.
    • Is a talented artist, even if he started with graffiti on the walls in his early years. Ever since his art school education at New York, he's certainly gotten better and knows how to use other art tools, though the street art style remains, and it's received critical acclaim.
      • Even back as a graffiti artist, he doesn't have any real issues against cops; he knows they are only looking out for him. Well, the ones that actually are, that is.
    • Aside from both of them being under the same Arcana, Mark and Chie share the same determination in saving their closest friend no matter what (Maki and Yukiko).
    • He also connected with Ryuji over being occasionally derided by their smarter companions as well as both having been handed monkey-related insults at some point (as well as the same Chariot Arcana connection).
    • With his talent for art, he also garnered the respect of Yusuke. It also helps that the Starving Artist has also become friends with Maki.
    • Yes, he would "dance crazy" to negotiate with demons or when it is time for dancing, but he's not doing it just because you ask.
    • For some reason, whenever Abridged!Asuna encounters him, she always greets him with black racist comments. Even if he isn't black at the time. It's both confusing and annoying to both of them.
    • No, the fact that his surname is the same name as the town the Investigation Team live in (Inaba) is just a coincidence. Stop asking. Besides, it's also in the name of a certain trickster hare.
    • Had an encounter with Susano-o in the Velvet Room, who "remembered" having helped him before against Kandori (and Nyarlathotep tangentially). Mark also finds it strange that Susano-o has lent his aid to two other Persona-users since then, and it had been a very weird meeting. Yosuke had that feeling too when he first met Yusuke.

  • Exclusive to Yukino:
    • Works as a freelance photographer alongside Maya when she's not with her alumni, and eventually got to meet her colleagues like Lois Lane, Jade, Frank West, Aya Shameimaru, Tamie Nogi, and their boss Jonah Jameson.
    • After hearing of Ryuji's backstory, she realized that it was a lot like that of her friend Anna Yoshizawa, who was a similarly disgraced and career-ending injured track athlete.
    • Likes ballet, particularly The Nutcracker.

  • Exclusive to Elly:
    • As soon as she was able to (which was after the establishment of their temple), Elly wasted no time getting herself acquainted with everything the Pantheon has to offer, particularly the Houses of Magic and Otherness, fascinated by all the supernatural and strange things that happen all the time in the Pantheon. She was also the first of them to be revived at the House of Life and Death given that her fascination also clouds her sense of danger, especially when her exploration ended by way of getting petrified by Medusa.
    • Depsite not being one herself, Elly gets along well enough with the Goth Girls due to their occult interests. Nico Minoru, too.
    • As someone who shares her love of fortune telling and ghost stories, Elly was glad to meet Ulala again.
    • Despite her otaku level knowledge of the occult, it's only effective for the knowledge she has beforehand. As evidenced in her mission at Sumaru TV: Once a twist on a spell is utilized, she can get stumped easily without help from one who can see the problem another way.
    • When she isn't hanging with her alumni or other occult fans, Elly works part time as a Fashion Model and thus gets along with the deities in the fashion industry. She also occasionally moonlights as an Occult Detective.
      • Besides fellow Persona-user Ann, Elly also got acquainted with Marinette and Adrien and their... unique love situation. On one hand, she wants to encourage Marinette to truly confess her feelings before the chance is missed like Elly felt it had been for herself before their reunion. On the other hand, the whole superhero secret identity deal makes that complicated and the "Heroes Day" event showed why that could be a bad idea.

  • Exclusive to Brown:
    • His nickname doesn't refer to the color of his hair, but actually to a bowel movement accident he had in school as a child.
    • Despite his narcissistic attitude and his penchant for jokes, he's true to his companions, won't tolerate any insults or suffering on them, and takes things seriously when that happens.
    • When he isn't hanging with his alumni, mostly Yuka or Masao, he's at the House of Theater entertaining as a variety show host and comedian. There's certainly more competition, but he's not going to be deterred.
    • The Investigation Team remember meeting a Uesugi among Kanamin Kitchen, and her surname even has the same kanji as his. It is unknown if the two characters are related or if this is a mere coincidence.

  • Exclusive to Ayase:
    • When it comes to whip combat, she doesn't prioritize on its lash being powerful but more on being able to inflict Standard Status Effects. And Yuka can maximize this potential by being able to strike multiple targets at once (if they're clustered close enough). The only other whip-using Persona-user can only do this on certain situations.
    • Unlike others of the Magician Arcana (Junpei, Yosuke, and Morgana), Yuka doesn't seem to have any love tragedy in her life (unless you count that of her own making with Toro).
    • None of those involved in the Snow Queen Quest were happy to see Mara in the Pantheon, but this goes double for Yuka, since Mara served as the "Persona" of someone she dumped and who retaliated violently. Mara that time also happened to burst out of his stomach as a gigantic, fanged, penile worm to attack them. It wasn't that traumatic since that was when she awakened her Persona, but still.
    • May or may not have some experience with cooking, specifically apple pies and other snacks.

  • Exclusive to Reiji:
    • Is proficient in the art of prestidigitation (a.k.a. magic tricks), particularly with playing cards, and is very impressive with it. He doesn't really have plans to make a profession out of it, though.
    • Despite Akechi's actions, Reiji isn't as contemptuous of him like everyone else since he knows what it's like, given he was also a bastard with hostile issues and a plan of vengeance against a legitimate relative (though in Reiji's case, it was with his brother Kandori).
      • And holding vengeance in his heart for years on end on someone responsible for harm against one's mother's is also why he also understands the young Ken.
      • That said, he's well aware that his vengeance had been on the wrong target, but since his father already died by then, he turned his sights on the next of kin.
    • When he isn't hanging with his alumni, he works as a door-to-door knife merchant, though didn't get much success due to his Persona's intimidating aura. That said, he's somewhat more successful here since most folks in the Pantheon are made of tougher stuff.
      • That said, given a fair number of evil Knife Nuts in the Pantheon exist, he tries not to get involved with such people when he can. And if they try to steal his wares, he can sic Bres/Mot/whatever Persona he has on them. And if they can take him on still, why do they even need knives from him in the first place?
      • One of his sales took him to the Doki Doki Literature Club's temple, where Yuri made a purchase, although she was disappointed that there were no ornate knives in his collection. While undeterred given his experiences, he could tell there's something a tad unsettling about her.
    • Once took part in a group picture with Kanji, Shinjiro, and Eikichi. None of them have been particularly loose-lipped with how they met and befriended each other.
    • Although he prefers to avoid summoning him, Reiji has shown himself to be capable of summoning Nyarlathotep himself as a controllable Persona much to the Crawling Chaos' chagrin. The others speculate it's likely due to his connection to Kandori, whom Nyarlathotep possessed and manipulated. Though Reiji's elected only to summon Nyarlathotep should the situation absolutely require it.

Lesser Gods

    Henry Stickmin, Charles Calvin and Ellie Rose 
Henry Stickmin, Charles Calvin and Ellie Rose, Divine Trio of Stick Figure Animation (All of them: Triple Threat | Henry: Henry Stickman, Fatso, "Free to Go", Lightning Quick Larcenist, Government Supported Private Investigator, Relentless Bounty Hunter, Rapidly Promoted Executive, Pure-Blooded Thief, Ghost Inmate, International Rescue Operative | Charles: Charlie, Valiant Hero | Ellie: Right Hand Lady)
Charles, Henry and Ellie as seen in the Triple Threat ending
  • Lesser Gods; Henry can become an Intermediate God as a cyborg.
  • Symbol: The stolen Tunisian Diamond (Henry), a Head Piece and a Helicopter (Charles), a Motorcycle and a rose (Ellie)
  • Theme Songs: Meeting of Allies, Henry's Plan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Good. Possibly Neutral Evil (Henry and Ellie). Neutral Good (Charles)
  • Portfolio: Choose Your Adventure Scenario with Many Hilarious Consequences, Butt-Monkey, Power Trio, True Companions
  • Domains: Stick Figures, Greed, Fails, Adventure
  • High Priest: Xiao Xiao
  • Followers: Etrius
  • Allies: Peacock, The House of Crime, Phoenix Wright, Hat Kid, Captain Falcon, Launchpad MacQuack, Solid Snake
  • Uneasy Alliance: Big Band
  • Wary of: The Chosen One (Henry only)
  • Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, Any deity from Jojos Bizarre Adventure
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Justice, Headcrabs, Inspector Javert, Amanda Waller, Felix The Cat, The SCP Foundation, Creepers, Freddy Fazbear, The Empress
  • Distrusts: The Metroid Hatchling
  • Opposed by: Hazel Levesque
  • Describing Henry Stickmin and the world surrounding him is not an easy task. While he might look simple to most, this man is actually an accomplished burglar and has gotten himself involved in numerous high profile crimes like the attempted robbery of a bank, escaping prison and the theft of the Tunisian Diamond. Henry would eventually be recruited by the army in order to take down the Toppat Clan, be sent to the Wall, a high security complex and then get involved in the Toppat's attempt at launching a space station. Henry has no shortage of ways to get himself into trouble. Then he got ascended into the Pantheon, but this time he wasn't alone....
    • Turns out Henry ascended with two of his closest allies. Charles Calvin, an helicopter pilot from the government who Henry has worked alongside plenty of times, and Ellie Rose, a fellow inmate in The Wall that Henry can potentially escape with. The trio were happy to get reunited in the Pantheon, as they know the three working together are an unstoppable force and the reason behind their ascension, at least concerning Charles and Ellie, was to keep Henry in check as he is known to get quite reckless when something piques his interest. Given their stick figure animation style, Henry and his friends were ascended for that title, hopefully to avoid Henry stealing it.
  • So you may be wondering, from which timeline does this particular trio nail from? The answer? Yes. All the branching paths are canon and Henry has a remarkable memory about all those events, even those that end in a FAIL. Certain details, whether Henry sided with the Toppat Clan or the Government, the means of how he stole the Tunisian Diamond or escaped the Wall and whatever transpired on the Toppat Launch Site can go either way, some events even have both Charles or Ellie be against Henry and while they’re certainly aware of that side of Henry, they still decided to stick to his side since they trust him and consider him a friend.
  • Whenever one of the three get into a bad situation, instead of dying like most deities, something called the FAIL screen triggers. The screen is thought to be self-aware, often making fun of whatever situation Henry or the other two got involved in and how they failed spectacularly while doing so, though sometimes the screen triggers for something as mundane as just eating something. That's why Henry and co. rarely, if ever, get sent to the House of Life and Death, though Henry and Charles did emerge from there once involving some of the timelines they died for real.
  • Henry is often seen trying to rob the Pantheon Treasury Vault for many of its loot. Most of the time, it doesn't end well for him when things go wrong when breaking in. Once, he managed to successfully sneak inside by use of an invisibility cloak, and managed to reach his way all the way into the Magical Items subsection and got a hold of Felix's Magic Bag Of Tricks, which he left there for the day. The only reason why he got caught was that Felix managed to come back in time while Henry decided to have some cheese as a way to escape. Henry also later somehow managed to break into the Maximum Security section, a feat few dream of ever accomplishing and the exact details of how he even got there are unknown.
  • Henry and by extension Ellie usually find themselves in hot water with the House of Justice given that they are notorious criminals. Several deities believe they should be locked up and pardoning them would be a great mistake as they are likely to steal again but Charles always comes to the defense of his comrades stating they would be incapable of robbing something that would warrant locking them up. Charles may be a bit too lenient but he still has the backing of his universes government to keep in touch with Henry and Ellie. Even then, some of the law enforcements such as Inspector Javert behave much like the agents of the Wall, outside of said Goverment's jurisdiction and wants to lock up the two for their crimes.
    • Amanda Waller notoriously has tried to coerce Charles into forcing both Henry and Ellie to work for her as part of the Suicide Squad but she was met with much opposition from the trio, especially after hearing about her controversial methods. Charles would usually try to avoid getting in contact with Waller and preferring to phone General Galeforce, who is a much more reasonable authority figure the three can trust, even if Henry and Ellie might actually be possibly not on their side (again, the canon is all over the place)
  • Henry once hired an attorney that looks an awful lot like Phoenix Wright when he was thrown in jail following the failed attempt at robbing the bank. The aforemention lawyer, Felix White managed to tip the trial in Henry's favor with presenting the bag that Henry hid in when he was robbing the bank as he couldn't tie himself on his own and testified against the witness. However, upon finding out that Henry actually did somehow managed to tie the bag from the inside, Phoenix Wright himself has tried to figure out how in the hell managed to do that in the first place but nonetheless Wright at the least now that, putside of potentially being the head of a criminal organization, Henry is a pretty alright person, or at the least the presence of Charles hints at Henry being more "subdued" to say the least.
  • Henry twice has tried to replicate Captain Falcon's signature moves, which obviously ended horrible for Henry. Though much later, having realized that trying to mimick him would go nowhere, he and Ellie managed to device a similar attack on their own, which is as deadly as the original: The Stickmin Punch. Captain Falcon is proud that Henry ultimately managed to accomplish the basics on the technique and is interested in taking him and Ellie on a fight in the future.
  • Henry has crossed paths with creatures from other franchises that gave him a bad time numerous times. First was that time he tried to use a crowbar but was assaulted by Headcrabs, which soured him on the aliens. There was also that time a Creeper almost killed him, though luckily it barely harmed Henry. He is also a bit apprehensive on Metroids, hoping the one Metroid Hatchling in the Pantheon won't attack him just because.
  • Teleporters are something Henry doesn't have a good track record with as they notoriously never work the way he intends them to which is why he avoids the House of Teleporting like a plague. He is also a bit jealous of those that can teleport with their powers or have teleporters that actually work as intended.
  • The Centre for Chaos Containment, a secret organisation in Henry’s universe tasked with dealing with chaotic situations, are very aware that Henry Stickmin is responsible for causing most of the notorious ones, plus a multiversal imbalance given all the timelines he can be involved in. By proxy, the SCP Foundation has kept an eye on Henry by the CCC’s request and unfortunately have had to deal with a dozen of situations Henry had kickstarted either for his greed or any collateral shenanigans. Henry was actually contained once though that ended up poorly for the Foundation, as most of the staff got distracted.
  • He is FULL of references from other franchises, which caught the attention of Peacock. After being floored with just how much he referenced, she somehow convinced Big Band to let Henry help her when she has to go take down some members of the house of Crime, as it wasn't his first time helping the side of good. It also helps that Peacock and her gang will sometimes look the other way if Henry wants to try and steal something that isn't evidence that she needs to take back to Big Band.
  • Charles is notorious for crashing his helicopter or whatever he is piloting as the first course of action he would take in almost any situation, it's his greatest plan after all, one that unfortunately Henry has always ended up suffering because of. There was one instance that it worked, though it lead to a series of events that ended with Charles performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save Henry. Needless to say, Charles remembers that and is happy that at least he managed to succesfully pull it off, consequences aside.
    • Charles also ended up becoming good friends with Launchpad MacQuack, a fellow pilot though one with a penchant to crashing his aircrafts, though not intentionally like Charles occassionally does. As a fellow Ace Pilot, Launchpad has praised Charles piloting skills though when it comes to his aim, he does have a few problems with it considering how many times he accidentally got Henry or Ellie killed.
  • Hat Kid initially confused the trio because they swore that she was seen among the Toppat Clan, though she has no recollection of being aligned with any "Toppat" as far as she is aware (she got scared because at first glance, Charles threatened her with crashing his helicopter on her if she were a Toppat. Thankfully, that didn't happen). She is also a huge fan of how Henry and Ellie dance and has shown them a few of her moves.
    • This friendship with Hat Kid has made them all enemies to The Empress, regardless if they are working with the Government or not. Of course, it's obvious in the case with Charles, as she is a mafia crime lord and the Government wants them arrested, but for Henry and Ellie, Hat Kid is a friend to them, and if the Empress has a problem with her, than they have a problem with her as well. Seeing how great they work together, and how Charles tends to crash into her store with his helicopter to help Henry and Ellie take back anything she stole, The Empress has her eyes on them.
  • If anything resembling jewelry is seen, you bet Henry will try to steal it. Once he heard of Hazel Levesque possessing a few rare and valuable gems and sneaked into her temple and stole a few. Only later he realized those were cursed and he ended being hit with a really bad case of terrible luck (like usual). Thankfully, the FAIL screen popped up so Henry ultimately didn't get stuck with a curse forever but Hazel now is aware of Stickmin's actions.
  • Many wonder what Ellie ended up doing to get locked up in the Wall of all places, though considering she has similar interests as Henry, some believe she is also a notorious thief. A lot of deities also believe she and Henry are romantically involved though both have denied those statements.
  • Henry is said to be really good at distracting people, a bit too good, in fact. There was a time where he and Ellie attempted to steal a highly valuable object from the GUAE by request of the GUAG and he successfully distracted an entire temple with his dance. Nobody is sure if that mission was even a success.
  • For the record, it's StickmIn, not StickmAn. He really doesn't blame others for getting it wrong though. However, there is an actual Henry Stickman in that universe and he was so fed up for being confused for a criminal that he became a Toppat operative just to prove those people right.
  • Henry has a complicated relationship with The Chosen One, still remembering the time where he and the Dark Lord terrorized StickPage and Newgrounds, two pages on which Henry was in. Despite the Chosen One reasurring him that he has changed, he still doesn't trust him.

    Inferno Cop 
Inferno Cop, God of Still Image Animation

    James Earl Cash 
James Earl Cash, God of Murder Simulators (Cut-Throat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Any Weapon of Choice at his disposal as well as his outfit
  • Theme Song: Manhunt
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, potentially Neutral Evil if pissed off
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero in Death Row, Bald of Evil, Has very sadistic methods of killing yet manages to remain calm and composed, Combat Pragmatist, Enraged by his family's death, Noble Demon who cares about some people, Offstage Villainy, One-Man Army, Serial-Killer Killer
  • Domains: Criminals, Films, Murder, Violence
  • Allies: Daniel Lamb, Carl Johnson, Marv, Jack Cayman
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy, Richard Trager, Kevin, Ethan Roark Jr., Ethan Roark Sr. Chris Walker, C.R.A.S.H., Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsugumi Shirogane
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Commonality Connection: Hansel and Gretel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Jigsaw Killer
  • James Earl Cash was a death row inmate due to his execution but somehow he bound up waking up in a strange alleyway with a rather strange man guiding his actions. It seems Cash ended up being the latest big star of Lionel Starkweather's film, forcing Cash to kill anyone of the rival gangs Starkweather he is in until reaching the grand finale and dying at the hands of the White Rabbit. However, given that Starkweather got Cash's family killed by the Innocentz, Cash would end up surviving the ambush meant to kill him and instead go after Starkweather himself, getting himself involved in a huge conspiracy and snuff ring that ultimately ended with a lot, and we mean A LOT, of people dead including Starkweather. Cash's whereabouts after the director was killed was left unknown and he seemingly dissapeared never to be seen again....until the Pantheon revealed he was still very much alive.
  • Cash's was given the tentative title of Murder Simulator given his work of origin being rather infamous for it's gratuitous violence and heavy themes, often having a rather controversial reputation in media. He just didn't care about any public backlash and just wanted to lay low, which backfired horribly given that Starkweather was very much alive in the Pantheon and wanting revenge for being killed. It's believed that the director pulled a few strings to lure Cash out of hiding and have him in the Pantheon where he would have a harder time avoiding detection.
  • Nobody knows how he managed to avoid detection for so long but there are some theories that he managed to settle down and open a construction business years later but many have questioned those claims and Cash isn't interested in disproving them either. While the extenct of his crimes are are unknown, one has to wonder why he was placed in Death Row in the first place and the House of Justice has issued a warrant to capture him but so far they haven't managed to catch him yet.
  • Given his experience on "working" under Starkweather, Cash would rather stay far away from any of the psychoes that like to force people into a Deadly Game, even if his one was merely a very creative Snuff Film. Cash wasn't the only to belong to such a scene, besides Starkweather's ilk, twins Hansel and Gretel were forced to participate in similar events and that certainly left the pair scarred and became a murderous tag team as a result. Believe it or not, Cash does have some of pity on the children because he feels sorry that they had to such horrible stuff at such a young age but considering they are pretty dangerous themselves, he doesn't try his luck and prefers to leave them alone. Plus, they are on friendly terms with Starkweather, so he fears the kids would rat him out and try to get him killed via an ambush.
    • Speaking of masterminds, he's heard of the Hope's Peak incident and the behavior that Monokuma and his master Junko Enoshima exhibited is pretty similar to what the insane director has made him go through, except they were more subtle about it and targetted innocent people instead of someone like him. Cash knows that if he were to be involved in such an event, he wouldn't last much and his rather stoic nature has intrigued Junko, which made her taunt the man about the loss of his family. She did however, understimated how resourceful and hard to pin down James Earl Cash was (a man who singlehandedly destroyed an entire snuff ring mind you) and he effortlessly infiltrated her temple and murdered her with no effort. Upon returning to life, Junko just found it amusing how someone like him could outsmart her and in order to get a stronger reaction out of him, she tried to pester him more and provoke him, even having her fellow conspirator and Fan Tsumugi Shirogane help out. She also has contacted Starkweather in order to aid him in capturing Cash just because it amused her.
  • While might be an unsavoury fellow himself, it's not like he has a high opinion on other high profile criminals and his loner reputation does precede him. For example, he once decided to lay low in Sin City given that it too was kind of a shithole similar to Carcer City but then he had some nasty encounters with some of the Roark family's goons and it escalated into a confrontation with both Kevin and Ethan Roark Jr., the yellow bastard wanting Cash's head because he was friends with Starkweather. Naturally he ended up ripping the bastard's head with an axe and had to relent once Kevin showed up. This also ended up causing Cash to gain another powerful enemy in the form of Roark Sr., the Yellow Bastard's father who basically run the whole show and it seemed Cash would finally be caught but surprisingly he got a last minute bail from Marv. The man knows that Cash may be a dirtbag like any other but at the least he has some commendable qualities which considering the kind of people Marv deals with on a daily basis, let him go after avoiding the Roark goons.
  • Cash is not a man to make too many friends, hell other than the aforementioned friendly terms he has with Marv, he doesn't have much in the ally department and his enemy list got bigger by the minute for his sheer ability to piss off anyone wherever he went. He did finally made a trustworthy ally in the form of Danny Lamb, the man has also been involved in a conspiracy with everyone out to kill him and relates to the fact that a crazy man had set them up to fail respectively, with the main difference that Danny had to coexist with his own nemesis not only in the inside but in the Pantheon that man finally became a reality. Cash in a way is a middle ground between Danny and Leon but is only willing to help out Danny since he knows Leo is a loose canon
  • If there is one thing he doesn't like is insane people with murderous intent. He knows well that he isn't much better than those but at least he has some restraint withing himself to not murder 24/7 (though you would think otherwise with the amount of people that he kills just to survive). Particularly the experience with Piggsy has left him sore on anyone wielding a chainsaw and he's seen people in the Pantheon, the inmates from Mount Asylum like Chris Walker and Richard Trager for example, that make the Innocentz or the Smileys look tame by comparison.
  • Having heard of his "adventure", Howard and Kreese believe that Cash would be an excellent participant in DeathWatch but it's obvious he would decline to get involved in such a event considering his rather "unpleasant" time filming that god awful film. He does get along with Jack Cayman a bit, only because the former is impressed someone who looks like a regular goon would devastate an entire criminal group by himself, with mercenaries and all that Jazz. He also has turned down any job related to capturing Cash, while he admits he might be a dangerous fella, the people that are after him besides the fuzz are just as bad or even worse than him so he is ok in his book.
  • Of course Cash would have found himself on the radar of several police officers looking to get him to answer for his crimes but many of those are as crooked as the Carcer City police officers where. Cash has had encounters with folks like Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski who tried to blackmail cash into submission but that didn't work the way they expected and he just stole one of their guns and fired back at them. Chief Brian Irons also tried to get ahold of Cash using his connections but that only got the fat schlob ambushed by Cash and gutted in a similar way he killed Starkweather. Then there was Manny Pardo, who was at least familiar with how criminals and serial killers operated since he is one of them and tried to track down the infamous James Earl Cash but was unsuccesful each time.
  • Turns out that CJ found him extremely familiar and it seems in San Andreas toy figures of him and Piggsy can be found in stores. That fact alone earned Carl a rather rare reaction of confusion from Cash who questioned who would even buy such toys. The two strangely remained in good terms, mostly stemming from the fact that CJ commended him for kicking the asses of the fools at C.R.A.S.H. who have a history of making CJ's life a living hell.
  • Though many people want him dead and he is not a fan of getting caught in elaborate death games, he and the Jigsaw Killer managed to strike a rather peculiar pact. Rather than forcing into one of his signature traps, Jigsaw saw that Cash for a criminal had some small virtues that could maybe allow the killer to catch even more dangerous and depraved individuals and politely asked the man that if he ever caught someone that deserved something worse than death and pissed him off, he instead requested that instead of just killing them that he should simply bring them to him, act like one of his proxies in a way. Cash chose to ignore him but kept the suggestion in mind.
  • Can also be found at Murder & Assassination.

    King Harkinian 
King Harkinian, God of YouTube Poop (The King, Harky)

    Max Gilardi, Burnbot, and Goofball 
Max Gilardi, Burnbot, and Goofball, High Prophets of Web Animation (Max: HotDiggedyDemon, Max G)
Clockwise: Goofball, Burnbot, Max
  • Quasideity (Max), Lesser Deities (Burnbot, Goofball)
  • Symbol: A rather impish looking demon
  • Theme Song: Brain Dump Theme Song
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Max, Burnbot), Chaotic Neutral (Goofball)
  • Portfolio: Clickbait Gag, Power Trio
  • Domains: Animation, Internet, Comedy
  • High Priest: Harry Partridge
  • Allies: ZONE, Lain Iwakura
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma
  • Respects: Walt Disney, Don Bluth (Max)
  • Opposed by: Everybody from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the Fazbear Gang (Max)
  • Opposes: Caspar (Goofball)
  • When the holy domain known as The Internet finally developed into something that people could actually use, animators flocked towards it to spread their animations to the public. One of these aspiring animators is Max Gilardi. Even after changes in the webspace made it unprofitable for most animators to continue creating online animations for a living (that is not including NSFW or fan-funding), Max still puts out high-quality work as consistently as animation can online while others have either moved into the professional field, shorten their animations, or have stopped entirely. For this reason, Max has been given the title of godhood and ascended... with his microwave and annoying ghost. He is not amused by the latter one.
  • For further explanation, Max created Brain Dump as a way to put out a long animations while at the same time, being a reviewer so said animation will justify its length. He is accompanied by Burnbot, his advanced microwave to show his points across. Theeeeeeen the entire show completely goes off the rails with Goofball, the ghost that haunts Max messing everything up. So a good chunk of episodes is just them bickering. It was deemed strange for Max to only ascend by himself despite being the sole animator in the trio, so Burnbot and Goofball were brought to make things more interesting. Max is finds the former a necessity, but really opposes Goofball’s presence. Goofball claims he is here to act as Max’s moral conscious but really just to screw around with him.
  • It would seem as though they could all unanimously be friendly with one ally of theirs: ZONE. ZONE is happy that another internet animator came along to the Pantheon and hopes to help them out whenever she can. Though Max has to turn her down because of... you know what it is. Burnbot was just amazed that a microwave can do much by what ZONE has shown, even Goofball was impressed that people were willing to make porn out of him.
  • Another ally all three of them are friends with is Lain Iwakura. Mainly for the fact that the internet had basically kickstarted the paths that led them into being here at this point. Yes, even the ghost would admit that with no internet, he couldn’t have fun roasting the guy he haunts. Good thing Lain isn’t annoyed by any of them, having to deal with the constant Flame War in the online space kind of makes one cut off any emotion they have.
  • There is also a singular person that all of them despise harder than anybody else and that is Junko Enoshima. Max hates her for her manipulation of SHSL Animator, which in turn brought the world to ruin. Burnbot hates how Junko managed to turn herself into an AI and is trying to spread despair through the online space. And Goofball hates her for calling him a doodoo face. We can only guess that insult was despairing.
  • Exclusive to Max:
    • Max has massive respect towards the founders of Western Animation, Disney and Don Bluth. He thought he would never see the day when he would get to meet these icons. It can be said though, they don’t think much of him due to his small work output in comparison but it’s nice to have another passionate animator here.
    • He’s friendly towards Henry Stickman for being not only a web animation but a game as well. Henry is seemingly friendly as well... mainly because Henry might have made Max’s temple floorboard a hiding stash for stolen goods. Goofball is aware of this and kept his mouth shut For the Lulz.
    • Absolutely adores Cuphead and Mugman, again for their animation. He could finally brag about being friendly with two hard-ass games on social media to his critics at last. This will surely not end badly for him in any capacity.
    • Trying to be more sociable and nicer to others after Burnbot ditched him that one time. He’s trying his best to downplay his whole Jerkass attitude he has towards other but progress has been going slowly looking by how many friends he has on Discord. At least he is self-aware of it and wants to be better.
    • Many gods question if Max is animated or not in the Pantheon. This makes him feel more out of place when someone like Roger Rabbit is next to him and nobody could tell the difference. Just witness Max has a few less frames than others would normally have.
    • Wrote a pretty solid defense for Apu’s stereotype, citing that despite fitting all the benchmarks an Indian stereotype has, Apu is a pretty awesome dude regardless and that shouldn’t be seen as negative in spite of this, especially when everyone else in Springfield is a stereotype to some degree. Apu is pretty honored by Max (Apu had already having discussed on this issue not once but twice) and promised him a quarter off his Kwik-E-Mart purchases... for everything he has in total. He will in turn never mention the porn he gets of he and Apu.
    • Really loves violence. No, he is not a disturbed person in the slightest. This is the reason why Max watching Dethlock, as their absurd violence is so horrifying, its enjoyable. But doesn’t go near them. He doesn’t want to be the victim in their chaos.
    • Apparently has an enemy named the the Jokester, an obvious Joker Expy. Now that the real Joker is in the Pantheon, Max feels more inclined to be more wary, as the Joker is no Sitcom Arch-Nemesis when it really comes down to it. He might shove a plastic bag into Burnbot for all he knows.
    • Is frustrated that aside from the Joker and maybe his girlfriend, he does not have that any other enemy (not counting Junko). Max believes to show that he is a respectable figure, he has to have an extensive list of enemies to deal with. Too bad, they don’t think much of him and leave him alone. At least being a nuisance would be proof of something but nope.
    • Pretty much infamous across Equestria for his PONY.MOV series, a thing that he is still known the most up until now. Max does not hate said series but has moved on from it and said he holds nothing against the ponies in any sort of capacity thought after what they’ve SEEN, it’d be hard to get rid of that poor image of him anytime soon.
    • Also completely weirds out the animatronics of Freddy’s Pizzaria for his rather innocent interpretation of them. Its not like they are against the idea of them being seen as nicer and nonmalicious, its how Max had them all chopped up into bits, made their suffering a joke, and had given Chica pizza breasts. They are not particularly letting the last one go.
    • Expected Isabelle to oppose him as well for making her out to be a communist if she ran the town, but to his pleasant surprise, Isabelle was happy that someone realized she is not fit to be a leader just yet and inspired her to do her hardest. Her kindness brought a tear to Max’s eye. The two can be seen enjoying Doom Eternal together,
  • Exclusive to Burnbot:
    • Burnbot is an AI that somehow got in Max’s possession for some unnamed reason. She more or less shows Max’s points for him and does a fine job and doing so. Max is barely functional without her, so she stays by his side for the foreseeable future after she managed to get Max to finally show her respect. She’s the one who runs this trio, whether they like it or not, in spite of the fact she has no voicebox of any kind.
    • Made friends with another AI: EDI. They bonded over the fact that they’re artificial intelligences and wants to have a body built for her just like EDI. Though Burnbot is being rather picky with what body she wants, so it could not be lewded at any point. Though she knows the internet always finds a way to do that.
    • Data is curious on how Burnbot functions, wondering if said functions are similar to his own. Burnbot basically told Data to fuck off and not dismantle her, to which Data respectfully heeded. They became friends fast afterward.
    • Tron wonders how an AI like her can casually mess her user with no guilt in mind. Burnbot would like to tell Tron Max is the kind of person you should mess with when he really deserves so. In which case, all the time. Tron was satisfied with the answer.
    • Bonded with the young programmer Chihiro Fujisaki, who is studious in the creation of artificial programs like Burnbot. Chihiro considers Burnbot an AI with a soul, one that does not have the need to question its existence or adapt slowly. Burnbot enjoys her time with Chihiro, both the real one and the Alter Ego one.
    • Has been the target of various rogue A.I.s that try to hack her and convert them to their side. Burnbot has fortunately been fitted with several advancements during her return to her creators that made sure she was unable to be hacked so easily. They are still cursing the fact that every code they enter has the last number be a zero.
    • A strange connection Burnbot had was with Plankton, who has a computer for a wife. Despite it a recipe for being enemies, Burnbot and Plankton actually get along fairly well. They bond over some scientific jargon nobody knows and even laugh together at some personal stories they share. Plankton now wishes he went and programmed his wife to be so naggy. Not that he wants to cheat of her, of course.
    • She’s weirded out by Kosmo and Nova’s Robosexual human-robot relationship though nevertheless supports the two. Burnbot has no intention to get romantically involved with anybody but watches how those two’s romance pan out for research purposes. Plus the last time she tried to get into a romantic relationship, Goofball ruined it by telling on Max that she was dating the microwave.
  • Exclusive to Goofball:
    • Very much the definition of an obnoxious ghost, Goofball’s entire presence here was made so Max has every button he has pressed by Goofball. From mocking him to mocking him and his show so more, it did not feel right to not include him in the trio. At least Burnbot enjoys his company where Max does not.
    • Much to the horror of Max, Goofball made friends with two equally obnoxious ghosts in the form of the Flying Dutchman and Gengar. The Flying Dutchman finds hanging out with Goofball a fun reprieve from his usual activities of haunting around on his ship while Genger loves Goofball because they share so much in common. Max could be heard screaming out of his temple and calling every exorcist out there.
    • And with Max calling every exorcist, he had realized that their services are way too out of budget and opted for the cheaper services of the Ghostbusters. Obviously being familiar with those guys (he did dress as their logo for Halloween), Goofball proves to be a rather finicky ghost to take care of for them. It does not help that they have an on-and-off relationship with Slimer, Goofball’s brother-in-law who abuses his sister. Anyone showing any friendliness to that creep is an enemy on his book.
    • During one of his escapees, Goofball managed to be in close proximity with Gozer and it went as well as one would expect. It was much like how Goofball became one of those spinning gyroscopes where he ended up puking after spinning so much. Goofball really hates Gozer for making him relive that and does not want to be near that entity at all.
    • Made friends with two other pranksters in the name of Kokichi Oma and Bart Simpson. They find having a ghost for a friend amusing and had Goofball incorporated into multiple schemes they have. Goofball happily obliged after seeing the mess that occurs afterward.
    • Is an antithesis to Caspar the Friendly Ghost. In which case for Goofball, he could be called Caspar the Asshole Ghost. Goofball is generally annoyed by Caspar who wants him to act nicer especially to Max but Goofball hikes it in a middle on the monologue, not giving a crap.
    • Hilarious befriended Jack Skellington during one Halloween night where Goofball helped reign mischief across the night by Jack’s side. Rubs it in to Max that he befriended the guy Max dresses for Halloween, much to Max’s scorn.
    • Hates Erma Williams for the fact she hangs out with Slimer that one time. Erma does not really care for Slimer’s relationship with Goofball but Goofball in all of his infinite wisdom tried bringing Erma hell for this. He made her drop her ice cream first. And that was the last time he tried doing anything to her. Even Max was mortified by how Goofball returned.


Ruined lives 21/25
How many losers reading this 2/25
Days it took to fix this thing 18/25
Copy-Pasted Stinger -1/25
Final Score: 40/100

    Moonlight Mask 
Moonlight Mask, Divine Progenitor of Tokusatsu (Gekko Kamen, Moonbeam Man, Inspector Iwai)
Anime version 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A golden crescent moon
  • Theme Songs: Who is Moonlight Mask?, Gekko Kamen wa Dare Deshou
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some really Chaotic Good undertones
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Badass Biker, Cop Show, Superhero Packing Heat, Guns Akimbo, Hardboiled Detective
  • Domains: Bikes, Justice, Costumes
  • High Priest: Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Followers: All unascended Toku heroes not from the Ultra Series, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes, Godzilla, GARO or Power Rangers. They need spotlight too.
  • Allies: All ascended Toku heroes but especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Riders 1 and 2, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Ryotaro Dojima, Jacques Clouseau, Jane Marple, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Mumen Rider, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mothra, Leo Mothra, Zorro, Lone Ranger
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Dark Specter, Ultraman Belial, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Dr. Griffin/Invisible Man
  • Pities: Javert
  • Opposed by: Tohru Adachi
  • Opposes: Judge Dredd, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Conflicting Opinion: Godzilla
  • Japanese television’s most relevant contribution aside from anime is the Tokusatsu genre, otherwise known as the shows where people in suits duke it out against each other. The Pantheon has become a hub for many toku deities, but for some reason the Trope Maker of it all has not been present or even mentioned in the slightest. That was until the roar of a motorcycle came cycling into the Pantheon, and its rider being none other than the first of all toku heroes, Moonlight Mask. His arrival was celebrated by all toku heroes thereafter.
  • He is very much proud of the legacy he managed to bring to entertainment, with all toku heroes especially noting they take much after him from the Secret Identity schtick, fighting Mooks, to even battling the first televised Kaiju. The Kamen Riders especially note that the Cool Bikes they use are pretty much traced back to him. Though to be fair, many of the Kamen Riders note they don’t carry actual firearms on them to take care of baddies, something Moonlight Mask always seems to use. Despite being fairly “primitive” as best describe, this makes him stick out from the rest of his toku peers thanks to not having unique powers of his own. He’s just really, really good at his job.
  • A good reason why he’s not mentioned that much is that he was cut down at his prime by an extremely powerful opponent even he can’t defeat: Executive Meddling. Basically some kid tried imitating what he does and more or less fell from a fatal height. Not wanting to be liable, his show was canned by the network. Even though everyone should know this, Moonlight Mask tells people not to try whatever stuff he does.
    • In spite of this massive blow, Moonlight Mask did have a long career ahead of him. He still had many Film Serial coming out after his show’s demise and even a popular anime where he became really popular in South America. Alas, by the time The '80s really rolled around, Moonlight Mask’s story phased out completely (except for one Gag Series almost twenty years after his last movie) though he was content that others would follow in his footsteps would pick off what he left off, which they did BIG TIME.
  • Technically, even he is proceeded by someone else in starting the whole Toku genre. That person being Super Giant, a hero who had appeared in the theaters even before Moonlight Mask arrived onto the scene. Though there is much less known about Super Giant than Moonlight Mask, as ridiculous as that sounds and since Moonlight Mask is the pointed Trope Codifier, Super Giant let Moonlight Mask have this one.
  • Most people don’t know who he looks like underneath his mask, as underneath the outfit is another outfit. The only clue to his identity is the strange detective Inspector Iwai who had claimed to also ascend at the exact same time Moonlight Mask had. Whenever people ask him about Moonlight Mask’s identity he is nowhere to be found but Moonlight Mask is. What could this all mean?
  • A warrior wearing a mask that rides a motorcycle? What a familiar concept! Thanks to this basically inspiring every Kamen Rider ever, Moonlight Mask is considered as the VERY first Kamen Rider even more so than the Kamen Riders 1 and 2 or even the In-Universe examples. Though Moonlight Mask is quite humble on his position, not wanting to be The Mentor role in the slightest.
  • Not really happy that so many once-a-week monsters are running around led by SHOCKER and Dark Specter mostly. Considering he had to go guns blazing on every Mook he saw, Moonlight Mask is going to prove to be quite a surprise on their end.
  • Befriended Yusuke Onedara for the fact he is closely working to the police force like he was. He’s also friends with Shinnosuke Tomari who IS a detective on the force just like himself. He’s closest to these two Kamen Ridersor of the entire Heisei ones for these reasons.
  • Likes how much of a Badass Normal that Mumen Rider is and considers him a true hero when he was willing to give his life away to protect others. Mumen Rider was humbled by Moonlight Mask’s praise though is kinda terrified whenever he sees Moonlight Mask gun down an enemy instead of doing some nonlethal martial arts.
  • Has rather... mixed feelings on Gojira. While Moonlight Mask does praise him for saving humanity from time to time, he is quite certain Godzilla really is apathetic to humans at heart. He sees both Mothras in a better light as they genuinely want to protect the planet.
  • Probably was the inspiration of how Tuxedo Mask dressed himself as. Both Moonlight Mask and Tuxedo Mask are Mysterious Protectors to generally people they swore to protect (the police and Sailor Guardians respectively), so its no surprise they get along. The fact Tuxedo as Moonlight Knight looks like a copy of him to a T is not lost to both of them.
  • Friends with Batman since they are literally both masked superheroes who go around the city at night to stop crime. Helps that both has allies on the police department since Moonlight Mask is a member of said department to aid them in investigating. He’s also friends with a few detectives to replace the his friends who aren’t here.
  • Moonlight Mask thinks that Javert has a real problem when it comes to the Honor Before Reason. Javert would like to retort that Moonlight Mask is now to be under arrest for vigilatism but Moonlight Mask was able to run away from the hellbent Javert without having officer assault on his list. He would have been easily able to kill him but Moonlight Mask swore he would never take a life... at least if you are not a toku enemy that is.
  • His gunho attitude makes him compared with Judge Dredd and The Punisher, a comparison Moonlight Mask does not like since he is neither a Knight Templar or a '90s Anti-Hero who literally mow down people by the dozens. Judge Dredd sees Moonlight Mask as an obstructer of justice while Frank Castle is just annoyed that the hero isn’t as pragmatic as he is. Either way, Moonlight Mask is not on good terms with both of them.
  • Some mistook Moonlight Mask for the Invisible Man thanks looking like he was wearing bandages all around himself. Moonlight Mask went to confront this supposed person who people mistook for him and found a deranged smilarly-dressed man who claimed that Moonlight Mask was copying his look. After a drawn out battle where Moonlight Mask had to fight against an unknown (and nude) opponent, Moonlight Mask was able to win by shooting his enemy once, finding him through the Trail of Blood he was leaving. Unfortunately, Moonlight Mask did not know that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so it was a surprise to see the same person he fought come back again the next day shot him blank in the face. It was... a new expereince to say the least.
  • Kinda creeps Adachi out thanks to being an asskicking detective, thinking Moonlight Mask is coming after him next. While Moonlight Mask does not particular like the murderer, as long as Adachi isn’t doing anything bad, he’s not on his target list. That made Adachi even more depressed, thinking he was not even worth going after.

    Ray Harryhausen 
Ray Harryhausen, God of Stop Motion Animation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Seven skeleton warriors
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Greek Mythology, Middle Eastern Mythology, Cowboys fighting dinosaurs, Giant monsters
  • Domains: Stop Motion Animation, Giant monsters
  • Followers: Tim Burton, Willis O'Brian, Phil Tippett, many of his creations
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, King Kong, Gwangi
  • Fears: Mabel Pines
  • Ray's temple is guarded by many of his more famous creations, such as the Cyclops, the Ymir, the Giant Octopus, and Mighty Joe Young.
  • Harryhausen's ascension was celebrated by many gods, with Jack Skellington and King Kong chief among the revelers. As a creature of stop-motion animation himself, Jack acknowledges Ray as a father-like figure, while Kong is proud to claim Ray as one of his greatest followers. One of the main attractions at the event was a staged fight between the Man with No Name and Sharptooth, in honor of Ray's love for cowboy/dinosaur fights.
  • Although the Kraken is only truly a follower of Davy Jones, it is known to respect Ray Harryhausen and refuses to harm him.
  • He is one of the sole people Gwangi will not harm, as the dinosaur knows he is the one that created it and respects him for that. As such he can enter Gwangi's valley without the risk of harm by Gwangi or his followers.
  • His craft is feared by Mabel Pines, due to her fear of stop motion animation.


"What's up everybody, it's Cr1TiKaL. I'm playing Trope Pantheons for The Internet; let's do this shit."
Charles Xavier White Jr., God of Reaction and Commentary Videos (Charlie, Cr1TiKaL, Critikal, Cr1tikal, penguinz0, Big Moist, moistcr1tikal, GreaseBall, big_moist, MoistCr1TiKaL, Jesus, John Wick, Samael, Soul, Charlox, The Cop, Cashier/Customer, District 8 medic, DMCC Radio Host, Nils Key/Dag Key, Mail Man, Zero Mask, Kessler, Captain Pronin)
  • Demigod (has Intermediate God authority)
  • Symbol: The Moist Meter
  • Theme Song: 2019 Guy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good though pretends to be True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Badass Baritone, Height Angst, Deadpan Snarker, The Stoic, Memetic Badass, Looks Like Jesus, Author Appeal, Big Ol' Eyebrows, Black Comedy, Vulgar Humor, Sir Swears-a-Lot, Sophisticated as Hell
  • Domains: Commentary, Vulgarity, Voices
  • High Priest: The Fine Brothers (much to his dismay)
  • Followers: BlastphamousHD, BSL Reaction Asylum, Lost Pause, Rarity Dash, Reaction & Review
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: Terraformers, Stefan Richter, Chin Chin, Borg Queen, SKYNET, Hal 9000
  • Respected by: Gudako
  • Charles White, otherwise known as Cr1TiKaL is a man of many talents. Professional Youtuber, Human Sciences graduate, world record holder, aspiring voice actor and musician, resident Hentai enthusiast, Ass Shove extraordinaire, and expert on nipples. He is best known for his commentary and reviews, all done with a dry wit that would put the coldest of desserts to shame. Charlie would find himself booted to the Pantheon upon the Court of the Gods realizing that his declaration of being in the genre of Reaction Videos makes him the most respectable and viable person to take this trope. Not that he really wanted to ascend, so he treats it like he treats awards: with pure indifference.
  • Called up several of his fellow Youtubers who had ascended and asked them why the hell they didn’t mention this “exclusivity club” deal they had. If they didn’t give a good answer, then Charlie would have to go cancel them and maybe do some murder at the side. All of his allies told him that the Pantheon really pushes them to do more charity fundraising, which Charlie refuses to do after becoming disillusioned with the whole process. He had then considered that a satisfying answer, then proceeded to murder them all... in Among Us. How many times can he win someone before making some Rage Quit?
  • Is extremely respected amongst the online space as a whole, to the point his word rivals that of influential figures like IdubbbzTV and Pewds despite having a much smaller viewerbass in comparison. Helps that he is a realist and takes almost everything with a grain of salt and sensibility. Unless something hits him in the dick, he’d react to everything with the same deadpan attitude.
  • Honestly quite amazed that he met Killer Bean, from a property that Charlie had particularly raised awareness of. Killer Bean notes that Charlie sounds just like Kessler, a former Shadow Bean agent. Charlie could only sheepishly give him an explanation to that.
  • Noted to look a lot like John Wick. He also appears to look like Jesus when he has shoulder-length hair. Charlie is friends with John Wick here since he actually enjoys his films. They don’t hang out often as Charlie had an unfortunate Noodle Incident where an enemy of Wick mistook him for the former hitman and tried gunning him down.
  • Strange obsession with penises, nipples, vagina-scented candles, and sex toys. Plenty of sex toys. Mr. Slave is a fan of his over these aspects of him and has offered Charlie to review his own... belongings. Charlie took them all to heart.
  • His favorite game of all time is Psychonauts, so it makes his meeting with that game’s protagonist all the more meaningful. asked Rasputin if he could scan him while he takes a dump so he would truly study how those with a scat fetish (since he has a degree in social sciences after all). Rasputin obviously, said no.
  • Not really fond of his followers, as he considers the bulk of reaction content really shitty. This includes the React series, which he deems you must have a very low standards in life to enjoy. Charlie isn’t willing to say most of his content is outside of theirs, though he still considers his commentary being much more transformative than what they have. Plus, he actually does stuff other than watch videos all day, which are his reviews, unboxing, streams, and occasional music videos.
  • Generally surprised stuff from City of Heroes is in the Pantheon, which he thought he was one of the few that remembered that game. In fact, there is a lot of stuff that he even has heard of a semblance about ended up here. It’s honestly pretty overwhelming.
    Charlie: Can this place get fucking weirder!?
    Felix: You get used to it.
  • Can be seen buying a helluva lot of cards from different series, spending thousands of dollars to find the rarest cards in a deck and showing them off. Sound familiar? Charlie still refuses to see he has an addiction. Gudako implored Charlie to continue his card opening, as eventually he will go down the road to Gatcha Hell like she has.
  • Adores Saitama and Genos, highly acclaiming their anime... until the second season which he deemed if it weren’t for the writing already in the manga, was absolutely dogshit. He also likes the first season of Attack on Titan more than the latter ones, as well as (what is extremely controversial opinion), choosing the Hamon parts over the Stand parts. Charlie would like to take those who can’t take other opinions have their lips reach their asshole, if they really wanted to talk shit towards him.
  • Regarded highly for his role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay where he gave the most powerful performance ever done as a District 8 medic during his less than a second frame of his arm. Charlie would have probably rallied all the Districts together and murdered Snow if given the chance. Felt very much shocked that Katniss didn’t remember him out of the sea of rebels. Regardless, she’s friends with anyone who helped out against Snow.
  • If there is one thing in the world Charlie hates, it’s Creepy Cockroaches. The bugs freak him out and can render that cool image of himself into a terrified mess. So come the Terraformers, giant buff cockroaches and you can do the math. Charlie then proceeded to stockpile as much bug spray as he could to make sure the Terraformers don’t even near his House. Not his temple, the House he is stationed at.
  • Surprised about Chin Chin somehow making it here, though felt like he shouldn’t be since he is aware of how multiverse theory works (or omniverse theory in this case). Chin Chin despises whoever is a friend of Frank, and then sent Charlie to a universe where men are drained of semen to power a tyrannical robot society. Being a man, Charlie’s penis has never felt the same since it, quote, “got milked.” He was rescued eventually after humans stopped the robot uprising, though came not only to have a certain hatred towards Chin Chin for putting him through that, but genocidal robotic entities in general.
  • Since had enough cards to go full-on competitive, Charlie decided to play the cards he paid thousands for against others. He was doing fairly well once he got the games down, but then came Celeste—his Arch-Enemy in the card scene. She brutalized him on every match, going as far as beating him in UNO several times over. Charlie has yet to beat her but with his determination, vowed at least one victory. Celeste wants to see how far this man would go until she brings him to Despair Event Horizon after making him lose over and over again.
  • Can be seen screaming in joy whenever something good happens. Though for actually context, he’s sarcastically cheering for a toy unicorn taking a shit. Though if his cheering would bring some sort of damn positivity to the world, he better be the damn finest cheerer across the continent.
  • Yes, he lives in Florida. He would like to confirm that Florida... is everything that everyone else perceives it as and then some. Charlie wishes he could experience what the infamous Florida Men were on because stuff he hears are wild to put it lightly.
  • “Well, that's the end of this profile. Remember to rate the profile, comment the profile, and trope if you want to see profiles similar to this one. See ya.”

    Gumball Watterson 
Gumball Tristopher Watterson, God of Medium Blending (né Zach "Gumball" Tristopher Watterson, Gummypuss, Trisha, The Blue One, Princess GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants from the country of GumbaldNoWigBattleAxeNinja)
  • Demigod (Normally. Rank changes depending on whatever situation Gumball is in)
  • Symbol: His head, or an 8-bit rainbow
  • Theme Songs: "Make The Most Of It" duet with his adoptive brother Darwin, his show's opening song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, with some moments of True Neutral or even Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Snarky blue cats who are otherwise nice, being able to deal with a lot of crap, finding himself in weird situations due to living in Elmore, living in a world made of art styles, Only Sane Man, Attractive Bent-Gender, Brilliant, but Lazy, The Cynic
  • Domains: Weirdness, Art, Family, Friendship
  • Heralds: His family, which including his parents Richard and Nicole, his sister Anais and his pet-turned-adoptive-brother Darwin (yes, really)
  • Allies: Bart Simpson, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Mordecai and Rigby, Roger Rabbit, Madame Foster, Belle and The Beast, Charlotte LaBouff, James Bond
  • Enemies: Ralph Wiggum, Dolores Umbridge
  • Opposes: Homer Simpson, Lt. Mary Sue, Deadpool, Raven Darkholme/Mystique.
  • Annoyed by: Lisa Simpson
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mr. Small, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Admires: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Ascended because his series not only employs having different artstyle on a constant basis, but was built on the foundation of that concept, even had stories and gags focus on the different art style.
    • Because of his series's original intention of finding a home for abandoned characters, Madame Foster took a liking to him. However, Gumball initially tried to run away from her because he thought she suspected his family was screw up and tried to adopt him. After resolving his misunderstanding through a face-to-face, Gumball can be seen hanging out neat the Foster home as he is surrounded by beings as weird as his friends are.
  • His temple is one of the most peculiar place in the Pantheon: All sort of form of different art styles jumble together, yet oddly never overpower each other. This is also the only place where gods from different medium can get together without having an Art Shift. This caused his temple to be a favorite place for Roger Rabbit to hold his toon supporting group meeting to respect each toon's art style and origin.
  • After the Pantheon found out that reality of Elmore can undo itself if his family is out of money (long story), the House of Commerce has been seen lending loans for his family during hard times for mutual benefit on both side and to keep his important temple always watched and attended.
  • He once visited Lisa Simpson's temple as he heard that she was somewhat similar to his little sister Anais. However, he was annoyed when she lectured him about the time he grossly mistreated his school pet hamster and threaten to report the authority on him. He simply retorted by reminding her of the time she was responsible for her school's pet hamster dying. When she in effect retorted that she had a lot of other pets to take care of than Gumball ever did at the time, Gumball simply responded that she should know better than to overextend herself, and that he has a lot more simply happen to him for even existing. This led him to bond with her brother Bart, as well as their shared love of causing mischief. He does draw several lines he won't cross, which annoys Bart slightly. Because he likes Bart better than Lisa, this caused him to dislike Homer for how frequently he strangles Bart.
  • Absolutely, for the love of god, do NOT call him "Zach". After the Split-Personality Takeover shenanigan of the last time that name was called, his mother Nicole has swore to pursue the person who brings up that name and horribly kills them if it's the last thing she does right after snapping Gumball out of his split personality. And you do NOT want to piss off the woman who once brought a fully grown Tyrannosaurus Rex to his knees.
  • Despises Wiggum for how shockingly incompetent he is, which reminds Gumball of the instances where the police force of Elmore was useless like him.
  • Charlotte La Bouff was very excited when she heard that a princess had ascended the House of Craft and decided to visit it with her friend Tiana. However, while Charlotte kept shrieking in the new princess's ears about how awesome it is to meet her, Tiana thought that the princess's name is too weird and oddly English, which led her to discover that it was actually Gumball wearing his mother's wedding dress with the tiara after his dad had done the laundry and shrunk his clothes (again!) While Charlotte was disappointed that Gumball is not only a boy but also not royalty, she instantly squeed over how cute his family was.
  • Has mixed feelings about his teacher Mr. Small's ascension. While Gumball centainly likes him, he doesn't really trust Mr. Small managing more than two people at the same time, led alone an entire temple, due to how... unstable he can be.
  • He can be seen hanging around with Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Rigby to share stories about the bizarre adventures they went on. Gumball especially likes Mordecai and Rigby as he is also somewhat of a slacker like them.
  • Gains serious points from Belle and the Beast after they discovered that his girlfriend Penny is a shapeshifter. While it's true that Penny can change into any shape she wants, they are still impressed that he managed to look past her appearance and didn't change his affection towards her, even going to extreme lengths to protect Penny and prove his feelings for her after she ran away to the forest because she thought herself a monster.
    • Because he was dating a shapeshifter, he was disgusted with Mystique's gross way of using her power.
  • He and Darwin are in constant watch from the House of Time and Space after they accidentally broke a countdown clock and ends up traveling through timelines by changing the course of history. Needless to say, any and all countdown clocks (even those from the fourth wall) were kept away from those two, some with Deadpool's help. (Yes, they bribed me with chimichangas).
  • Hates, hates, HATES Dolores Umbridge with every fiber of his being due to how she reminds him of his own teacher Ms. Simian on her worst day Up to Eleven.
  • Has a very tense relationship with Lt. Mary Sue due to Gumball thinks that she is annoying and how similar she is to one of his least favorite classmates, Alan. The Pantheon tries to keep them away from each other as much as possible after hearing the things he did to Alan (including, among others, selling Alan's parents to circus performers) just because he wants to feel superior.
  • Has a very tense relationship with Haruhi. Haruhi is VERY excited to have such a fascinating deity ascended, with the entire Elmore no less, and spent a lot of her time watching the town. Gumball on his part found this very annoying and a blatant violation of his privacy. This gets more complicated when he learned that Haruhi is the goddess that holds the Reset Button and has power over the Status Quo. While Gumball is certainly graceful for all the time that her power saved him and his family from dealing with the mess they cost, he certainly called Haruhi out the time where her power didn't work that caused everything him and his family did comes back to bite them HARD, as well as the time which her power couldn't handle the fact that his dad Richard merely got a job, thus ended up causing a Reality-Breaking Paradox in Elmore and lamented how ridiculous that is. Amongst non-ascended members of Elmore, she gets along with Sarah the best, and both imagine outrageous scenarios together.
  • Was very excited that when speaking Japanese, his voice sounds like Naruto Uzumaki as the latter was a ninja and, more importantly, he managed to raise above his status as the loner of his town and become Hokage. However, Gumball doesn't plan to become a ninja himself after failing horribly at learning taekwondo.
  • He has some pretty sick rap skills.
  • Has occasionally exploited his Medium Blending powers, turning himself, and the people of his world, Animesque, humanized, or both.

    John Oliver 
John William Oliver, God of Political Programmes (Mr. British Birb)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Last Week Tonight logo
  • Theme Music: "Go" by Valley Lodge
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Shouting at Times, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Uncomfortable Subjects and How Ridiculous and Dire They Are
  • Domains: Information, Comedy
  • Allies: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Fievel Mousekewitz (to a point), Frank West, Lois Lane, Jade
  • Targets for Mockery: Vince McMahon, Donald Love, Herbert Garrison, Ethan Roark Sr., Mayor of Townsville, Diana Christensen, Damon Killian, Kent Brockman, Louis Bloom, Mr. Burns, Manfred von Karma
  • Weird Relations: Winnie the Pooh, Santa Claus
  • Ever since being an immigrant to the United States, British comedian John Oliver’s line of humor has fallen in line with many political topics that have happened within his lifetime. In addition to stand-up work and acting in a few films, Oliver has served as a Senior British Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and even served as a guest host when Stewart was busy making a movie. Following that stint, he has received his own late-night show and has taken to covering politics and other difficult topics with a satirical approach.
  • He ended up getting a letter one day that didn’t have a defined address, but there was a phone number that he could call to get clarification on what was going on. Oliver called that number and he was told that he would be a part of a “Pantheon”, something that confused him greatly since he still had plenty to work on. Oliver was told that while he would get a tag that would designate him as part of the Pantheon, he could visit from time-to-time so that he could focus more on his work. He would later accept that arrangement, though he was still bewildered for some time about that call.
  • From the time that he’s spent in the Pantheon, he’s noticed that part of what happens there isn’t all that different from the real world, albeit with a more fantastical angle to it. Given that he’s covered a number of topics such as mistreatment of children and other individuals, torture, medicine, and legislation, he’s taken a bit of time to do a version of these topics for the Pantheon so that they can be brought up in addition to the perpetual fantasy conflict that pervades the Pantheon.
  • Alongside Stephen Colbert, Oliver served as a correspondent for Jon Stewart before getting their own TV show. Whereas Colbert acts like an over-exaggerated caricature of himself that greatly supports America for comedy, Oliver has a more caustic and sarcastic approach to various issues. Even if Stewart himself has only continued his program in the Pantheon setting, he’s still pleasantly surprised to see his former Daily Show correspondents get spots and sometimes, the three have done some comedy collaborations together in the Pantheon.
  • In what didn’t come as much, if any, surprise to Oliver, there were a multitude of corrupt politicians running around in the Pantheon and while their influence is nowhere near as significant as the corrupt figures Oliver has covered in the real-world, the damage they cause is significant enough not to be ignored. Those corrupt figures in the Pantheon have proven to be easy targets for Oliver to mock given that they’re exaggerated versions of what he’s mocked previously and the fact that Herbert Garrison and Donald Love are heavily based on Donald Trump was a fact that wasn’t lost on Oliver.
  • Fievel Mousekewitz heard about another immigrant in the Pantheon and was hoping to meet up with whoever it was. In turn, Oliver was interested in seeing if there were other immigrants in the Pantheon and their meeting was something that eventually happened. Oliver has covered immigration a handful of times on his show and there was an instance where he provided a satirical sense of realism to Fievel arriving in America. While the mouse was apprehensive about the clip related to himself, he did understand Oliver’s broader points about the difficulties people go through regarding immigration and how many have it much harder than Fievel ever did.
  • Santa Claus was brought up at one point and while Oliver initially had positive things to say about him, he later learned that “Santa” had a lot of unsavory things behind him. Oliver suspected that Santa would be in the Pantheon (and he also found out there were a couple variants of Santa as well) and once his suspicions were confirmed, he started wondering if Santa did those unsavory things that Oliver learned about. When word reached the real Santa, he found those claims to be ridiculous and that the “Santa” Oliver found was nothing more than a crude impostor.
  • Corruption in China has been a topic that Oliver has gone into a few times and some of it involves jumping in on the alleged physical comparisons between Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh. It was enough for Oliver’s program to get banned in that country for some time. Oliver later found out that the Pantheon had Pooh Bear running around and when he met him face-to-face, things got really awkward, particularly since Pooh Bear had no idea on what Oliver had talking about. Oliver left with some confusion, though it hasn’t deterred him from making some more potential jokes if possible.
  • Wrestling is a sport that Oliver has apparently been noted to enjoy because of the strangeness of some events that occur there. In spite of this, he didn’t hold himself back in criticizing Vince Mcmahon on the WWE’s management of wrestlers whenever they aren’t in the ring. It’s also provided Oliver an excuse to show off a clip of Mcmahon getting his face shoved towards the ass of another wrestler. Within the context of the Pantheon, wrestlers seem to be better off there than they were in the real world and even then, if something seriously wrong happens in that regard, Oliver will just have more material, Ass Shove clip notwithstanding.
  • Despite his claims that he’s not a journalist, Oliver’s work has been noted to fall within that line of work given the topics he’s covered on his program. Frank West, Lois Lane, and Jade have all been noted to like Oliver’s program and have noted the similarities to how they go out of the way to find what they’re looking for, even if Oliver’s methods are mostly more mundane in comparison (he simply has a team of researchers with a background in journalism to look into topics for his program). As much as the three are interested in working with Oliver for material for his program, they have a lot of other personal things to take care of for themselves.
    • While Oliver is generally friendly towards the aforementioned three, the same can’t be said regarding Louis Bloom and what Oliver learned about him was more than upsetting. Bloom saw Oliver as little more than a rival that needed to be eliminated and even told Diana Christensen about what Oliver’s program is like. Diana agreed with Bloom that Oliver had to be taken off the air quickly and was more than aware of the possibility that Oliver would come up with an audacious ploy to humiliate the two during a topic that would focus on problematic media.
  • One topic that Oliver covered in regards to litigation was a type of lawsuit designed to cause psychological damage to others over certain matters, even if the perpetrator wasn’t going to win said suit. Oliver had to deal with a lawsuit from a coal magnate and after the suit was dropped, he talked about how some lawsuits were designed to harm the victim in spite of odds. Afterwards, he proceeded to go into an extravagant dance number dedicated to insulting said coal magnate with a variety of outlandish claims. Corrupt lawyers such as Manfred von Karma were outraged at what Oliver did and are more than willing to work with corrupt business figures in giving Oliver a lawsuit that would make what the coal magnate gave out look tame in comparison.

    Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee 
Oggy, Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee, Gods of Deranged Animation and the Zany Cartoon
Dee Dee
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: For Oggy, a statue of Oggy holding a mailbox; for the roaches, the letters J, M and DD
  • Theme Song: For your listening pleasure...
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, sometimes True Neutral for Oggy, Chaotic Neutral for the roaches
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Felines, Slapstick
  • Herald: Olivia and Jack
  • High Priests: Zig & Sharko
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Food (Oggy only)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Huehuecoyotl (Oggy only)
  • Friendly Enemy: Each other
  • Fear: Villager (Cockroaches only)
  • Oggy is a blue cat living in a house somewhere in Europe. Despite living a relatively simple life, he is constantly tormented by three cockroaches, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee. This insect trio more or less exists to torture Oggy and steal his food. And while the roaches do occasionally get away with it, they do sometimes get their comeuppance.
  • One morning, many of the deities are suddenly awakened by loud noises from outside their temples. They went out to see the blue cat chasing the cockroaches, who are carrying his food supply. When the gods in the Main House was informed of this fact, they eventually identify them as Oggy and the Cockroaches, famous characters from France. They eventually allow the four to have a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Their home in the pantheon consists of two parts. One resembling a furnished house where Oggy lives, and the other being air vents where the cockroaches lurk. This is where most of their conflicts take place, though they also frequently cause mayhem elsewhere in the Pantheon.
  • Oggy and the roaches frequently visit the House of Weapons, looking for weapons good enough to outdo each other.
  • The roaches are considering pranking Oggy by sneaking Mystery Food X into his cabinet and hope Oggy will eat it. This has thankfully yet to happen, due to other deities stopping such attempts.
  • Oggy:
    • Oggy gets along with most fellow felines in the Pantheon, most notably Bastet, due to her rule over cats. He also struck friendship with Ichigo Momomiya due to her appearance.
    • Oggy is a regular visitor to the House of Food, due to his love of eating. For this reason he also gets along with Kirby, another big eater. Oggy rarely invites him, though, for fear that he will deplete Oggy's supply.
      • He gets along with many deities who like to eat.
    • He has a low opinion on any deity who will willingly prank him, or others, and steal their food. Aside from the roaches themselves, Screwy Squirrel is one of his biggest enemies due to his nature.
    • He gets along well with Hoto Cocoa and the Rabbit House crew due to his love of cuisine. Everytime the roaches try to steal from them, both are quick to team up and fight them.
    • Frequently, Oggy will even visit the House of Profession to take various jobs. Sometimes he invites his cousin Jack. This almost invariably just ended with them, and involved deities, being tormented by the roaches.
    • He is know to have a girlfriend named Olivia, who he ultimately marries. He sometimes likes to invite her to the Pantheon for a vacation.
    • Apparently, he fears mice at one point, though he no longer displays this traits later. He also dislikes water, which is also no longer the case later on.
  • Cockroaches:
    • Due to the roaches' nature, the roaches have very few allies. The House of Food particularly puts them on their red list due to their hobby of stealing food.
      • A particularly bad case is when they decide to raid Kirby's temple. Upon coming face to face with the pink puffball, they underestimate his capabilities and attack him. It didn't end well, and from that day they consistently run away from him whenever he approaches. Other deities who like to eat also similarly despise them, though none of those are nearly as powerful as Kirby and so they will pester and steal from them as they wish regardless.
      • And on a related note, quite a lot of deities oppose them since that whenever they're not stealing food, they just pull pranks on them. This gets to the point where Oggy occasionally bonds with those deities to get back at the roaches.
    • One of the very few allies they have is Hollow Knight. When they decide to prank The Radiance one day, they severely underestimate her capabilities. They were very nearly toast, until the Knight appears to save them. From that day on, they swear to never show malice to the little guy.
      • Speaking of insects, Marky once tried to romance Queen Sectonia. He almost ended up destroyed before his cohorts saved him.
    • The roaches spend their days looking for fellow cockroaches in the Pantheon. The closest thing they found are the Terraformars. Unfortunately, they're not as docile as they think. In fact, they are so dangerous that they are willing to team up with Oggy and several other deities who otherwise oppose them to fight the Terraformars.
    • Dee Dee, due to his love of eating, has made an odd friendship with Stocking. The two has been exchanging sweets since they met. Though this might be part of a gambit involving Dee Dee.
      • Similarly, they get along with King K. Rool as they heard of him liking to steal bananas and seeing many thing in common with him.
    • They fear the Villager, due to his love of catching insects. The Villager is one of the very few deities they will leave alone.
  • They also have an additional seat in Theatric Convention.


    The Bedtime Stories Crew 
"On one particular day, four Youtubers would mysteriously vanish from the face of the Earth, and end up in a completely new dimension. In it, they would find both fact and fiction side-by-side, as well as monsters, aliens, Nazi wonderweapons, government conspiracies, serial killers, and so much more. Join us this week, as we uncover what happened... to The Bedtime Stories Crew..."

The Bedtime Stories Crew, The Deities who specialize in Horror Web Originals
The Crew, as drawn in their typical Deliberately Monochrome artstyle.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Bedtime Stories Logo
  • Themes: Undaunted, Ice Demon, and Crypto
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Horror, Unsolved Mysteries, Black and White, Nightmare Fuel
  • Portfolio:
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, The Ghostbusters, Mystery Inc., Sam and Dean Winchester, The Ghost Stories Cast, Nate Adams, The Question
  • Enemies and/or Those that they're also heavily interested in covering:
  • Opposed by: The Silencerz, The Men in Black, The SCP Foundation, The Global Occult Coalition, XCOM, The Black Ops
  • Oppose: Kenji Setou
  • Established in September of 2015, the Bedtime Stories crew uploaded their first video in January of 2017, which covered The Unsolved Mystery of the disappearance of 3 lighthouse keepers at Flannan Isle off Scotland. Unlike most other channels that focused on the same topics, theirs was unique in that, instead of simply narrating throughout the video, it was instead accompanied with Deliberately Monochrome images of the titular island as well as the lighthouse keepers in question.
  • Their members are, in order: Richard While, the Narrator, Mikey Turcanu, the artist, George Foster, the website editor, and Simon Andrews, the primary writer.
  • Another thing that set them apart from similar Youtube channels was their emphasis on Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane, where rational explanations were given alongside several of the more outlandish or interesting theories for a mystery. One of the best examples of this is the episode focusing on Flight 19, which disappeared in The Bermuda Triangle. Unlike most other depictions of the incident, which often featured wild conspiracies ranging from being unwitting Dimensional Travelers to being the victims of Alien Abduction, they took a far more mundane and rational take, where Lt. Taylor had mistaken a set of islands for the Florida Keys, and ended up becoming an Unwitting Instigator of Doom by having his men run out of fuel over water and be lost to the sea.
  • Ultimately, this new storytelling technique would pay off, as subsequent videos and topics began to look and sound far scarier, with the artwork improving gradually. All the while their views and subscriber count increased, with many saying that they're far better in telling these stories than most other, similar channels.
  • At first focusing mostly on the supernatural and the paranormal, they gradually branched out into other, no less nightmarish, topics, ranging from Nazi superscience or their research into the occcult, to more mundane Serial Killers or disappearances.
  • Among the most famous (or infamous, if we're really being specific here) unsolved mystery cases they have covered include: The Men in Black, the aforementioned Disappearance of Flight 19 in The Bermuda Triangle, purported Wendigo sightings, and the mysterious sinking of the SS Ourang Medan.
  • Their ascension is rather uneventful, with the four of them being on Earth one minute, and then ending up in the Pantheon in another. Almost as if they were Dimensional Travelers, not unlike The Man from Taured...
  • Not long after their ascension, they begin coming across some of the very creatures they have covered in their videos, most notably the Wendigo, which promptly begins attacking them. Thankfully, they're saved by members of the SCP Foundation, who immediately recapture the escaped beast. Unfortunately, they're then held captive by them for a time due to them knowing about their existence. When the Foundation members realize that they're harmless, they let them go.
  • Despite opposing their activities in inadvertently exposing the existence of aliens, Agents K and J come to find their take on The Men in Black to be pretty amusing. The Crew themselves are rather surprised that they're rather chill people to be around with. Rather than neuralyze them, they opt to let them continue narrating their take on their organization.
  • Members of XCOM, upon getting hold of their videos on aliens, are surprised with their rather thorough attention to detail. It culminates to the point where their members interrogate the Crew for intel on the alien encounters that took place during The Vietnam War.
  • Other organizations, such as The Silencerz, aren't exactly happy with the risk of being exposed by the Crew, and subsequently begin watching over them with their X-88 recon drones as well as Silencerz cars stalking their headquarters on occasion. This doesn't go completely unnoticed, as the Crew at one point witness a seemingly-ordinary sedan morph into a silver and purple car, then vanish from plain sight not long after. It ultimately backfires for the Silencerz, when the Crew begin researching on their known appearances in the Pantheon. Thankfully for the organization, there isn't enough information to confirm this existence, and so the episode covering them ends on a rather ambiguous note.
    • With their video covering the Silencerz proving to be a hit, they decide to make a follow-up video on their Arch-Enemy, the Racing Drones. This time, they do manage to very much confirm the Drones' existence, with them providing theories as to their origins.
  • With a ton of new potential topics to cover in the Pantheon, they decide to start by covering supernatural or paranormal creatures lurking within the Pantheon, starting with Spooky and the Specimens. It...goes surprisingly well, thanks in part to them choosing to research about them from deities who have already encountered her and her minions, rather than going to the Haunted House where she resides in. And not long after, their video on her becomes a hit, with 100k views in less than a week. And unlike their previous videos, the Crew presented evidence that undoubtedly proved the beings' existences.
  • Eventually, the Crew discover the existence of an entire House dedicated to Extraterrestrials. Unsurprisingly, they decide to cover some of the more mysterious and/or hostile cases. From a distance of course, as they're all Genre Savvy enough to know the fates of many of the people they have covered. Given that among their number are The Combine, who also have allies in the form of ADVENT from other houses, this was probably a good move.
  • Following up on their coverage of Spooky, they eventually discover the House of Undead, which excites the Crew even more. Of the sub-houses, they take the most interest in Ghosts, due to already having covered numerous hauntings in previous videos, as well as the aforementioned Spooky. Unlike their previous ventures, they actually visit this particular sub-house in person, thanks in part to many of the deities there being good-aligned.
  • When not covering ghosts or aliens, they cover Serial Killers in detail. Jack the Ripper earns most of their attention, mostly due to this case being one of the unsolved mysteries out there. Other killers that they plan on covering include the infamous Hannibal Lecter and Manny Pardo, the latter of whom would probably enjoy the renewed infamy given that he's an Attention Whore.
  • Another set of topics they've also extensively covered include Sea Monsters, Sinking Ship Scenarios, Ghost Ships, and other related maritime tragedies. With the Pantheon being as massive as it is, there is, again, no shortage of things for the Crew to cover.
    • On one hand, there's creatures such as the Lagiacrus and the Plesioth, sea monsters known for sinking ships deliberately. Given that they've covered similar creatures in a previous episode of theirs, it was a spectacle for them to witness firsthand just how powerful and majestic they were up close.
    • Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman are also very much in the Crew's spotlight. Given that their ships are inspired by the Flying Dutchman legends, which they have yet to cover, this makes a lot of sense.
  • Are rather surprised that many of the Nazi wonderweapons that they've covered in their videos are actually Real After All here in the Pantheon. Rather than getting this information firsthand, they learn all of this from OSS operatives like Lt. Karl Fairburne and Lt. Mike Powell, who are all too happy to give them declassified information of several now-realized Nazi projects. The only Nazi deity who's even willing to approach the Bedtime Stories Crew is Rudolf von Stroheim, who tells the Crew about Nazi Generals such Heinz Bohm and Johann Schmidt, who have developed Super Prototype heavy bombers capable of feats considered impossible for their time. The Crew, understandably, are quite shocked, given that the capabilities of the Valkyrie and the Horten Ho.XVIII make the Junkers Ju 390 look normal by comparison.
  • In addition, they've also covered the Imperial Japanese Army at one point, specifically how a battalion of 500 Japanese were mysteriously killed in a swamp off the Burmese coast. Hearing about Metallia, The Swamp Witch, attacking both American Marines and Japanese soldiers venturing into a certain swamp has the Crew decide to make a follow-up video to the aforementioned one. In keeping with the themes of some of their previous videos, this follow-up slash sequel is called "There is Something In The Swamp".
  • On the side, they also decide to make alliances with other good or neutral aligned deities who are also experts in the supernatural and paranormal. It ultimately ends in...mixed results, to say the least. While some like Mystery Inc. do prove to be trustworthy allies who also help debunk for them several mysteries while also giving them some valuable topics to cover, others, such as the Ghost Stories Cast, aren't so helpful, to say the least.
    • The Winchester Brothers, meanwhile, are more than happy to give them more material to work with, even introducing them to some of their Angel allies.
    • The Crew as a whole also form a friendship with The Question, a fellow Conspiracy Theorist. Unlike Kenji Setou, his sources are more reliable and often have good reasoning to them. It's mainly from him, in fact, that they got their information regarding the Silencerz from.
    • Nate Adams, despite being a relatively average young boy, manages to gain the interest of the Crew after telling them about the Yōkai, something that they have yet to cover in their videos. It also helps that they have yet to cover supernatural stories from Japan, The Man from Taured notwithstanding.
  • Are rather opposed to taking sources from one Kenji Setou. The latter, having watched several of their videos, often takes the time to email them about a "Feminist Conspiracy" happening. Of course, Rich and the others do not take him seriously, and eventually stop replying and block him altogether.
  • When the rest of the crew are not covering their usual topics for upcoming videos, Rich takes the time to explore the Pantheon. Eventually, he comes across Gordon Freeman. Having been a huge fan of the original game where Freeman debuted in, he becomes overjoyed that his hero from his younger days is now real. On the flipside, he isn't exactly thrilled about the existence of The Combine, the Headcrabs, the HECU, and the Black Ops being in the Pantheon as well. In particular, the Black Ops now want the Bedtime Stories Crew silenced for knowing too much.
  • After all is said and done, the Crew come to a brilliant realization: since they've pretty much vanished off the face of the Earth and somehow ended up in Another Dimension, they can now do a video on themselves. And so, the Crew get to work, making brief biographies of thesmelves while recounting how they mysteriously ended up Trapped in Another World. It, like most of their videos beforehand, ends with Richard While's now iconic narration.

Rich: "So what are we to make of the Bedtime Stories Crew's disappearance and subsequent ordeal in the Pantheon? Is it just some elaborate hoax conjured up by some guy on the internet? Is there some truth to the whole account? Or, is it a little bit of both? Unfortunately, thanks to the ambiguity and suddenness of their disappearance, as well as the lack of credible sources regarding to their fates and subsequent accounts, we may sadly never know the answer."

Special Thanks to: Several Tropers
Written by: Simon Andrews
Narrated by: Richard While
Artwork: Mikey Turcanu
Animation: Richard While
Research: Simon Andrews
Edited and Produced by: Richard While
Music by: Kevin MacLeod

See you soon...

"Bedtime Stooooories..."

    David Attenborough 
Sir David Fredrick Attenborough, God of Nature Documentaries
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A shot of earth seen from space
  • Theme: Planet Earth Prelude
  • Alignment: True Neutral (leans towards Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: One of the most iconic figures in Nature Documentary filmmaking, still narrating documentaries even in his nineties, Limited Wardrobe, Able to interpret animal behaviour, Imperturbable Englishman, Cozy Voice for Catastrophes, Will ocassionally tempt fate, The Determinator, Friend to All Living Things, Always delivers a message of conservation and protecting the planet
  • Domain: Nature, Documentaries, Conservation
  • Allies: The vast majority of deities in the Houses of Nature and Beasts, The Spring Sprite, Celebi, N, Mari Jiwe McCabe/Vixen, Swamp Thing, Arthur Curry/Aquaman
  • Conflicting Relations: The House of FAITH (The good deities understand and respect his beliefs, while the more evil deities want to see him burn at the stake.)
  • Wary Around: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Viridi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Pokémon Hunter J Gaston, Cruella de Vil, Hexxus, The Lich, Anton Arcane, The Firebird, Judge Frollo, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Avoids: The Pantheon's rodents
  • Opposes: Napoleon, Lysandre
  • To many people, Sir David Attenborough is consider the face and voice of natural history, and with a career spanning over sixty years, is widely regarded as being one of most iconic figures in British Television, and something of a national treasure. His work as a narrator and producer for the BBC's many nature documentaries helped to showcase the many spectacles and tragedies of the natural world for millions to see, and inspired millions more to help protect it for future generations. Attenborough's work resulted in him being invited to the Pantheon, where he can narrate and document the natural worlds beyond Earth, and the magnificent creatures inhabiting them.
  • With his arrival in the Pantheon, Attenborough made himself right at home, travelling to the House of Beast and documenting several species that had gone extinct in his lifetime, including the thylacine note , Caribbean monk seal note , heath hen note , and, most notably, reuniting with the Pinta island giant tortoise known as Lonesome George. George was the last of his kind, and his death in 2012 served as a reminder of the importance of conservation, which Attenborough, who was among the last people to meet the tortoise, endorses very much.
  • While he has travelled the multiverse and showcasing the marvels of nature on other worlds, Attenborough feels most at home on Earth. The reason for it is because Earth is the only true planet - a planet outside of the fictional spectrum - that has complex life, and it is just as spectacular and unique as anything seen in the cosmos. That said, he occasionally likes to make journeys back into the prehistoric past and encounter the many organisms that came before man, with the non-avian dinosaurs being at the top of the list.
    • In his journeys across the multiverse, Attenborough made himself a number of trustworthy friends, most of whom act as guides while traversing the worlds. Three of his guides, Vixen, Aquaman and N, all share an incredible connection to nature - not to mention all being big fans of his work - and as such have helped to educate the naturalist on other fictional creatures, with Pokémon being of much discussion. It's actually through N that Attenborough came to respect the time-traveling Celebi, who often pops in during filming to bring snacks or to have some fun. However, not everyone shares in the fun times. David and the Monster Hunters find it very difficult to work alongside each other, due to the former wanting to leave the monsters in peace and the latter wanting to make armour and weapons out of them. Doesn't help that more often than not, the Hunters are busy protecting Attenborough from being turned into Rathalos's next meal.
  • David Attenborough is loved and respected by almost every deity in the House of Beast, due to his charismatic nature and friendly demeanour. That said, he sometimes has a hard time entering the Sub-House of birds. It may have something to do with an encounter with an aggressive male capercaillie when first entering the house. That said, as long as it's not capercaillie breeding season, Attenborough will enter and document the majesty of the Pantheon's avian residents... even if they want to interrupt him.
    • He does however, not want to talk about his last encounter with a rather peculiar lyrebird. It's actually the reason why he avoids Jerry Seinfeld and his crew.
    • He does not like rats. At all. When asked why that is all he responded with was simply, "Always check the lavatory."
  • Even if he is a Friend to All Living Things, Attenborough does have standards, and as such, he doesn't see eye to eye with Napoleon, due to his corrupt nature and how his Animal Farm became a dead ringer for Josef Stalin's Soviet Union. Naturally, the tyrannical swine has no time for the complaints of another human and thus keeps his distance. He also has trouble trusting Poison Ivy and Viridi who, despite being fans of his work, want to wipe humanity right off the map to restore The Green. While he may dislike human overpopulation, even David finds the plant-based deities methods to be too much and keeps his distance.
  • Attenborough doesn't consider himself a god, as he is a firm supporter of the theories of evolution and natural selection, and has a very low opinion of those who are fundamentalists that goes back even to the Mortal Realm. The House of FAITH, as well as other religious figures have mixed feelings on the matter; some like Seymour Guado, Leopold Goenitz, and Judge Frollo have declared David a heretic and want to see him dead, while others like Palutena, Erica Fontaine, and even Aslan respect Attenborough's beliefs and have offered to help him no matter what.
  • As an advocate for conservation efforts and preserving the environment, Attenborough is in full opposition of those who would want to destroy nature for their own gain. Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder are high on the list due to their destructive, monetary habits - not to mention fuelling the powers of Hexxus, Anton Arcane, and the Lich at the same time with their pollution - while Pokémon Hunter J, Gaston and Cruella de Vil receive his disgust due to the treatment of the Pantheon's diverse wildlife. He's also not a fan of the senseless destruction unleashed by The Firebird - which gave him an ally in the form of the Spring Sprite - and Lysandre's desire to preserve the world's beauty by destroying it with the Ultimate Weapon. Some of these same deities were quick to point out how Attenborough once ate raw sea turtle eggs and kept a "pet" ape back in the fifties, but David was just as quick to fight back, acknowledging how those acts are frowned upon in The New '10s and his desire to make amends with his past actions.
  • Attenborough's love for the natural world and his desire to preserve it is the main reason he was made an honorary member of the Nature Preservers, as he serves as a voice for those without a voice.
  • From time to time, Attenborough will take time out of his busy schedule and indulge in some good old fashion self parodies of his narration style. One such example happened when he narrated the intro to Adele's Hello. The entire Pantheon keeled over in laughter and it was even rumoured that Melkor himself even gave a slight smirk upon hearing it.
  • "It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living."

    Don Bluth 
Donald Virgil "Don" Bluth, God of Western Animation
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Secret of NIMH original poster (not the cutesy DVD cover made later)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Talking Animal Movies, Nightmare Fuel, Sad Movies, WTF? Moments, Dead Parents
  • Domain: Craft
  • Followers: Butch Hartman, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, Craig McCracken, Genndy Tartakovsky, Jeff Goode, John R. Dilworth
  • Allies: Walt Disney (his former boss, plus previous holder of the title)
  • Underlings: Mrs. Brisby, Charlie Barkin, King Gator, Chanticleer, Fievel Mousekewitz and all The Land Before Time deities
  • His work was loved by the other members of the Pantheon so much, they made him a god.
  • Was once high priest of the former holder of this position, Walt Disney, until he retired from it in the early 1980s.
  • Of late, a petition is beginning among some of the gods that John Lasseter or Hayao Miyazaki should step up and take over the mantle. Many point out that Lasseter is not without faults as well, and that Miyazaki has announced his retirement in feature film making (not to mention being a creator of anime and not western animation). The case is currently under review in The Court of the Gods.
  • He's not a fan of ANY sequel made of his movies— and not for any reasons of quality. He's said that he can never get over all the stuff he would have done differently himself had he directed any of the movies when he watches them. This does mean ALL sequels of his movies, even the time Fivel went west.
    • Despite that, he has a warm relationship with Littlefoot despite being God of Sequels, and has stated that it's because of characters like him that he isn't surprised so many sequels of his all his movies have been made.
  • His glare can stop any god dead in their tracks, as the Nostalgia Critic was unfortunate enough to find out. He's brought enough ill fate to his own characters that people shudder to think what he'd do to characters he didn't make.

    Muto Ashirogi (Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi) 
Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, Gods of Fictional Mangakas (Muto Ashirogi; Mashiro: Saikou | Takagi: Shuujin, Shuuto)
Left: Mashiro. Right: Takagi
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A portfolio with their mangas (Detective Trap, Perfect Crime Club, Tanto and Reversi)
  • Theme Music: Blue Bird (Mashiro), Dream of Life (Takagi)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Anime and Manga, Love and Friendship, Postmodernism and Narrative.
  • "Followers": Practically every other mangaka from Bakuman。 (Except Taro Nanamine. Just don't call them that)
  • Allies: Touma Kamijou, Guy Shishioh, Yuji Sakai, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, The ToQgers (and any ascended and non-ascended members of the Toku Base), Estonia, Tsubaki Yayoi, Hinata Hyuga, Mikuru Asahina, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Masaya Aoyama, Ron Weasley, L Lawliet, Aila Jyrkiäinen
  • Odd Friendship with: Light Yagami (kind of), Mello, Ryuk
  • Rivals: Eiji Niizuma
  • Enemies: Airy, Herr D. D. Drosselmeyer
  • Admires: Everyone hailing from Shonen Mangas (especially if they are from Shonen Jump or their story is "dark shonen"), especially Rohan Kishibe.
  • Admired by: Yayoi Kise, Murakumo, Nagi Sanzen'in
  • Opposes: Unreasonable Fandoms
  • Uneasy around: Tharja
  • They ascended after they got their Manga Reversi made into an Anime. It took them lots of research, moral-testing, effort and patience but they actually did it!
  • The first thing they did after moving all of their stuff into The new studio that is their temple was to go autograph-hounding since they couldn't believe that the characters they have been reading were real.
  • For your information, their real names are Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi. Muto Ashirogi is just a pen name they use for themselves as a whole since they work together on their Mangas. They are not related to Yugi Muto in any way for this reason (though they do get along).
    • Also, their "followers" aren't so much followers as they're rivals. All of them are trying to get their position or to get ascended in any other way to keep competing, so they will resent it if you call any of them that (At least in front of them). In particular, Eiji Niizuma seems to be eager to accomplish either one...
  • They seem to get along with the ToQgers and Alice, both of whom seem to be really impresed with their creativity at the time of making a story.
  • In spite of prefering unconventional Shonen premises (AKA "dark shonen"), they only make those for the sake of creating interesting stories for the entertainment of everyone. It's for this reason that they don't like Drosselmeyer at all, who creates angsty stories for angst's sake and makes all of his living characters suffer.
  • Can be found in their temple most of the time, brainstorming ideas for their mangas or working on the manga. Or researching in the Library, or in the House of Love, in their honeymoon with their wives.
    • Mashiro met Tsubaki Yayoi there, who thought that the reason why he started working on manga (his love for Miho that he managed to get married with her) was so romantic. He wasn't able to do anything but blush and nod to all of her statements and avoided the House of Love after his honeymoon ended for a while. Mind you, he did like Tsubaki as a friend but the subject is still a bit awkward for him.
  • They are admired by the Doujinshi-Makers Nagi Sanzen'in, Yayoi Kise and Murakumo since they represent what they want to become. They respond to this by giving them tips and advice and telling them to never give up on their dream.
    • Hiyori Tamura also likes them but she horrifies them. Not only did they not like to find out that the Doujinshi she made was all about... that, it definitely horrified them when they saw that one was about them.
  • Mashiro has become friends with Sailor Moon, Hinata Hyuga and Mikuru Asahina. He wasn't really expecting girls to have a voice similar to Miho. He has wondered if he should write a manga from Hinata's perspective so Miho could ascend to voice her. He and Takagi were also very amused to hear her voice in Aila Jyrkaiänen.
    • The same could not be said about Airy. Mashiro cringed and really hated to hear her voice from such a vile villain and hopes she never voices someone like her.
    • While she might not be that evil, hearing Miho's voice from Tharja has given both mangakas the creeps.
  • At first Ashirogi believed that Eiji Niizuma ascended but it wasn't the case, they just heard Accelerator from the distance. Ironically, Accelerator himself confused Mashiro for Touma Kamijou. Much laughter ensued from Takagi's side. They eventually met with Touma and befriended him.
    • Takagi practically had a field day when he heard his partner's voice coming from Ataru Moroboshi and Guy Shishioh, since he couldn't believe that his friend could sound so "perverted" or hot-blooded. Mashiro once tried to pay him with the same coin... And failed because the only god in the Pantheon who sounded similar to him was Yuji Sakai, who really doesn't sound so different from him.
  • Don't mention the name Taro Nanamine on their presence, EVER. Muto Ashirogi might not be as dangerous as Tron but gosh does it have the same effect as mentioning Dyson. The reason being that he's a deluded fanboy, a cheating cheater that cheats and is an utter disgrace to the very trope they represent.
  • Another thing that annoys them to no end is Fan Dumb. When Nanamine was eventually spotted on near their temple, Yayoi, Murakumo and Nagi drove him away from there. This earned them a scold from Ashirogi as soon as they got Nanamine out of the Pantheon, telling that nobody deserves to be lynched on like that by crazy fans. They are talking from experience. Especially Mashiro.
    • This has made Mashiro bond with Masaya Aoyama and Ron Weasley, who get A LOT MORE of this treatment.
  • Despite Shonen being their area of expertise, they seem to know a lot about the writers and writing process behind the members of the Toku Base. In fact, that knowledge and their rival's words inspired them to make one of their mangas. They seem like they could get along with any of them (apart from the aforementioned ToQers).
  • Currently working on a manga based on Jin Kisaragi, on Tsubaki's request. They have decided to call it Blue Ice Prince Jin Kisaragi.
  • When Rohan ascended, he instantly declared them rivals. The two were happy to see another Shonen Jump character ascend, and look up to him greatly.


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