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This sub-house is one gigantic love hotel. For the heroic deities, please do not mistake this for a brothel; it won't end well for you. Also don't imply that the house is full of "Bitches and whores" (Adachi got banned for saying that).

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Slaanesh, God/dess of Sensory Obsession (Dark Prince, Prince of Excess, She Who Thirsts, the Serpent, the Great Enemy, the Bright God, the One Who Never Went to Rehab)

Greater Gods

Eos, Goddess of Deities Dismissing Mortal Consent (Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A painting of sunrise with roses and saffron
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (was likely True Neutral before the curse)
  • Portfolio: Extreme Libido Due To Being Cursed By Aphrodite, former Love Goddess, Repeated Double Standard: Rape, Divine on Mortal (And Female On Male), Really Gets Around, Wed To The God of Dusk, Light Is Not Good, Light 'em Up
  • Domains: The Dawn, Light, Lust, Abduction, The Accursed, Divinity
  • Herald: Astraeus, her husband
  • Allies: Helios and Selene (her siblings), Inanna, The Kankers, The Cicadas, Yuno Gasai, Alex Forrest, Tsumbai Kamoni, Mad Moxxi, Calistria, The Black Queen of Sogo, Vlad Masters, Necrozma
  • Friends with Benefits: Glenn Quagmire, Zapp Brannigan
  • On speaking terms with: Ares, Brynhild
  • Enemies: APHRODITE, Kratos, Slaanesh, rape victims, Fused Zamasu, Ann Takamaki, Griffith, Molag Bal, SCP-166, Arael, Tanukichi Okuma, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon
  • Opposed by: Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Princesses Celestia, Luna and Candace, Ezalor
  • Feared by: Luka, Youta Tada
  • Pities: Johann Faust VIII, Belarus, Lumi the Paladin
  • The Titans Hyperion and Theia had three children; Helios for the sun, Selene for the moon and Eos for the dawn. Once a Love Goddess, she got on the bad side of Aphrodite for sleeping with Ares, and was cursed with unquenchable lust. As such, she always ends up taking handsome men to have their way with, whether they want to or not. Of course most Greek gods don't give a crap about consent.
  • While the Ancient Greeks didn't consider rape a big deal if it was the powerful on the weak, the Trope Pantheon and most of modern society is hell no on that. As such, she is detested by rape victims of both genders. Tanukichi Okuma is reminded of Anna at her worst, who fortunately improved as a person but it still doesn't change the fact he only avoided it because she didn't know the mechanics of sex.
  • Unlike Zeus, Eos does have a reason for why she's a Serial Rapist; Aphrodite cursed her with unremitting lust. As such, she absolutely despises Aphrodite for cursing her and taking her position as goddess of love. She doesn't like Arael for inflicting Mind Rape, which she considers her own curse to be something like it. She also despises Slaanesh for corrupting people with lust of various degrees, and especially Kratos for killing Ares.
  • Though she is quick to blame Aphrodite for her rapaciousness, the Phantom Thieves believe she is using it to not tackle her own problems. Ann especially, given she was a sex abuse survivor, and plan to pay her a visit. Unfortunately given Eos is a literal god (not some product of the collective consciousness like Yaldabaoth, a bonafide deity) it is unlikely to end well for them.
  • She is feared by Luka and Youta Tada due to their aphrodisiac nature, which combined with Eos' insatiable sex drive would spell death for them. She does get along with the Kankers, given their double standard of obsession with other men. Interestingly despite Innana's similarities to Aphrodite the two get along, mainly because the goddess of the Dawn can relate to how Ishatar is Not Good with Rejection and her Woman Scorned tendencies.
  • She was happy to meet her siblings in the pantheon, wondering where they had been the past couple years. She recognized some similarities between them and the alicorns, though neither of them wanted to associate themselves with Eos. Neither did Ezalor, despite Eos liking him for being a benevolent god of the light. Interestingly Eos is married to the god of the dusk, Astraeus. If he cares about her sleeping around or not has yet to be discovered.
  • Her arrival was met with intense anger from Chernabog. As the rising sun forces him away, the fact that Eos is the goddess of the dawn makes her one of his gravest opponents. Conversely, she finds Nightmare Moon's desire to prevent the sun ever rising again to be utterly opposed to her role as goddess of the dawn. It also defies her husband's role as god of the dusk. However she has no hard feelings towards the House of Darkness and Shadow, given she's married to a darkness-related god.
  • Despite her dismissal of consent, like Zeus she has had a number of willing lovers. However her gifts can backfire. One time she wanted to avert the Mayfly–December Romance trope by granting Tithonus' wish for eternal life. However she forgot about eternal youth and Tithonus continued to get older until he was too decrepit to move and begged for death. In later retellings he was given a mercy and became a cicada, thus making the cicadas sacred to her.
  • Among her most common male lovers are Glenn Quagmire, who shares similar issues with respecting consent, and Zapp Brannigan. Glenn was able to keep up with her libido, and it's assumed the only reason Eos didn't catch all his STDs is because of her divine nature(explains why Zeus never complains about it). Zapp had trouble keeping up and Eos was more the pursuer. Of course, Zapp doesn't have real angst when he was almost snu-snued to death as a prisoner of the Amazonians. Plus while not a rapist, he still pulls dirty tricks to get laid.
  • The Forms of Immortality sub-house was paid a visit by Eos, which they were initially opposed to given the fate of poor Tithonus. She said "that was the one time!" and had arrived in order to learn how to give her lovers proper immortality. There are a number of different immortal deities to take an example from, after all.
  • Though not exactly happy with her "meh" view on consent, Necrozma is on good terms with Eos. It's down to the two seeing in each other a fallen deity, far more severe in the Blinding One's case. Its crippling left it in a bad place, and as an act of kindness Eos is working to restore the Prism Pokemon to its full power without the need of Nebby or Ultranecrozium.
  • Hypocritically has it out for Griffith and Molag Bal. While a very understandable disgust, most think she fears they will rape her. Griffith made it clear that what he did to Casca was about spite, not lust, and believes she fears his ambition and supplanting him. Molag Bal is someone to be more scared of, but he approves of her making men her boy-toys given his spheres of rape and domination. He feels deities can get away with it because of the rule of the strong, and would be welcome to a consensual one night stand with her. Given his appearance, she's grossed out at the idea.
  • Zamasu was pretty disgusted by her. Publicly it's because she disavows her for being a rapist, though really it's because he considers the idea of sex with a mortal to be gross and humiliating for the god. There's also the fact that as Kais are born from divine fruits, their sex drives would be at most limited (Old Kai has the excuse of having merged with a witch in the past). For a brief moment there was silence at it seemed for once Zamasu wasn't being a Hypocrite. But then Eos shot back
    Eos: "Oh, you think you have the moral high ground because you don't force mortals to be your lovers? Let's put aside your genocide of man and god alike and point out you stole Goku's body as Goku Black, and twisted it into a thing of terror. If rape is forcing someone's body to your own ends, then that makes you a rapist, just not the sexual kind. So don't play Even Evil Has Standards with me".
  • Tends to get along with yanderes and those who feel entitled to relationships, like Alex Forrest and Vlad Masters. For what it's worth she's genuinely fond of them. However she also has genuine pity for more moral gods like Lumi due to needing to Mate or Die, and Johann Faust for the woman he lost and wants to see again. She seems to be fond of Brynhild due to the tragedy of her love.
  • Hangs out with lusty deities. Some like Panty are a bit too concerned with her kidnapping of men to hang out with her despite wanting to do so, others like the Black Queen of Sogo were more willing.
  • Was intrigued at how the common theory on how the Moon had formed was an impact by a Mars-sized planet called Theia, named after her mother. She was rather disappointed to learn the moon named after her father was a glorified asteroid, and she couldn't find anything named after herself.

    Kiara Sessyoin 
Kiara Sessyoin, Goddess of Naughty Nuns (Heaven's Hole, Last Prophet, Alter Ego, Moon Cancer, Sessyoin Lily, Beast III/R, Beast of Lust, The Demonic Bodhisattva, Melon Mountain, Cow Woman, Wench from the Gutter)
As Heaven's Hole 
As the Mermaid Bodhivattva 
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity as a Beast
  • Symbol: A Copy of The Little Mermaid
  • Theme Song: Anima Ataraxia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Messiah, Sickly In Love With Humanity, Loving Receiving Pain and Giving It, Lustful Demons, The Corrupter
  • Domain: Sex, Religion, Destruction
  • Allies: Akasha the Queen of Pain, Calistria (maybe), Mad Moxxi, Panty Anarchy, Morrigan Aesland, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Enemies: Nero Claudius , EMIYA, Gilgamesh, Gaia, Viridi, Aphrodite, Shelyn, Lisa Simpson, Byakuren Hijiri, Zenyatta, Ganesha, Maitreya
  • Person of Interest: Shirou Emiya, Wonder Woman
  • Absolutely does not give a flying fuck about: Hans Christian Andersen
  • Kiara Sessyoin was a leader of a Buddhist sect that believed the only way to achieve true enlightenment is through sex. Dressed in a not so holy garment, she entices others into her wings.
  • Kiara's end goal can be summed up as wanting the entire world to participate in a giant orgy and merge together to reach true Nirvana. Despite the fact that this would end human consciousness, in Kiara's twisted mind, she believes this would also end human suffering. These goals have not changed since she ascended to the Pantheon.
  • She has a very dark past that pretty much shaped the way she is today. She actually grew up in a decadent Buddhist sect, ignored by her parents, exposed to the rampant coitus of its members, and suffering from a curable disease that went untreated until late in life. When she tried to help people as an adult, she was hunted down by different organizations all while not understanding why she was being hunted down. Many wonder if she led a more normal life she would have been seen as a true savior to humanity.
  • The sex-crazed angel Panty Anarchy really likes the idea of a religion centering around having sex. The only reason why she hasn't joined yet is because of the end goal. Though, Kiara did invite her to try it out for a week. It lasted a month.
    • There are other deities out there who don't mind joining Kiara's sex religion. Like Mad Moxxi who had her own trial run to get in. Not too surprisingly, succubi Morrigan Aensland and Akasha have also joined her cult. The latter she especially gets along with since both can get off through pain. But maybe her most enthusiastic new members would be Charlie Harper, Glenn Quagmire, and Zapp Brannigan.
  • It seems her sexual urges are so great that she even uses the Earth itself as her own pleasure device. This really didn't sit well with Earth Goddesses Viridi and Gaia who don't like their Earth being violated. She is also opposed by love Goddesses Aphrodite and Shelyn. While these two are okay with sex, they are not okay with ending the world in the process.
  • Heard about the sexual frustration of Judge Claude Frollo. Believing she was helping his suffering, she offered her body to him. Though, nothing came out of it as Frollo was either too shocked or scared to do anything.
  • Has a soft spot for the story of The Little Mermaid. In her childhood, she admired the fairy tales written by Hans Christian Anderson. She even had a copy of the book as she lay dying from a disease.
    • On an unrelated note, Kiara would deny any assumption of ever meeting Anderson or doing anything with him. Nope, she has zero recollection of ever being bad-mouthed by him.
  • Being a fellow Buddhist, Lisa Simpson has expressed utter disgust at Kiara's own perverted views of the religion. Especially since Buddha himself abstained from any form of desires. The same goes for Ganesha who couldn't help but roll his eyes at Kiara's actions. In addition to these two, the only other prominent Buddhist practicioner in the Pantheon, Byakuren Hijiri, has effectively banned her from ever setting foot anywhere in the Myouren Temple or its premises.
    • Kiara herself does not have a high opinion of Lisa Simpson, often calling her an "omnipotent moral busybody", and sniping at her by saying "My lust can be sated. What about your need to control how others think?". As for Byakuren, she uses similar comments and questions, in addition to some real low-blow accusations of some...rather risque interactions with some humans, whether it'd be her followers or even Byakuren herself. Neither targeted party were amused by Kiara's callouts towards them, and especially the youkai monk in particular.
  • Truly believes that humanity is the only beings to express emotions, particularly love. She especially looks down on A.I.s as she sees them as lesser beings to be used. Because of that, she can't understand how artificial beings like Yui can be given parental love from Kirito and Asuna or even robots likes WALL-E and EVE falling in love or a human-like Kosmos romancing a robot-like Nova. To her, it's unnatural and shouldn't happen.
    • Because of this mindset, she made enemies with the Omnic monk Zenyatta who believes that robots are able to gain a soul and develop human emotions.
  • She might not look it, but Kiara has a degree in computer science. Her skills are at a level in which she is able to rewrite an entire A.I.'s program. So far she has zero desire to use her ability with dealing with any machines or robots unless it furthers her own plans.
  • Kiara's pleasure isn't limited to the carnal of the flesh. She also draws from pain, both in delivering and receiving. Any battle with her sounds as if she is reaching a climax.
  • Has shown a surprising interest in Shirou Emiya. Or maybe not that surprising, knowing her relationship with his Archer selves. She seems to be attracted to his tragic past and wanting to "heal" that emptiness of his. Some have compared it to a twisted version of falling for an injured animal and wanting to heal it.
    • She has also shown interest in Diana of Themyscira. She wants to transform the embodiment of truth, peace and love into one of lust and desire so she can spread her Mad Love to the entire world. So far, any attempts to do so have failed, but she hasn't given up.
  • There are two known alternate versions of Kiara Sessyoin. One was part of a cult that had ties to an alternate version of a Shirou Emiya. This version of Emiya would have a very twisted love/hate relationship with Kiara that ended with him murdering her and her cult and causing him to end up as an Alter. Another version was a simple therapist working at Chaldea Foundation's Seraphix project. This version, with some manipulation from the Demon Pillar Zepar, saw visions of her other-selves. This ended badly as she transformed herself as Beast III/R, The Greatest Enemy of Humanity. Unlike the normal version of Kiara who loves humanity, no matter how twisted, this version was a monster who saw herself as the only true human and her actions lead to hundreds of deaths.
  • She's also part of The Great Triad within the House of Religion and Faith.

Intermediate Gods

Calistria, Goddess of Lust (The Savored Sting, the Lady in the Room, the Unquenchable Fire)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Three daggers facing away from each other.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
  • Portfolio: Is associated with wasps, Has a tendency to betray others at a whim, Switches between gender, Has hooked up with ''many'' other deities, Also the Goddess of Revenge in Golarion, Is not a fan of true love
  • Followers: Bathamel, Happosai, Killer Diller,
  • Herald: Menotherian
  • Allies: Virtually everyone in the sub-house of Lust, the Pantheon/GUAC
  • Rivals: Cayden Cailean (friendly), The Count of Monte Cristo, Loki
  • Opposed by: Asmodeus, Judge Frollo (to an extent), Beevis and Butt-Head
  • Annoyed by: Simon Belmont
  • Unknown Rival: Zapp Brannigan
  • While the sub-house of Lust is one of the more popular locations in the Pantheon, there was an odd lack of a deity that had the official title of the Lust Goddess. Slaanesh had it unofficially, but there was hope for someone that would be a more appealing fit for the place. Cayden just happened to convince the denizens of such a candidate. Not long after, Calistria accepted her new position overseeing the sub-house.
    • Cayden celebrated the same way their meetings usually happen: a pint of beer shared between the two followed by a visit in the sheets. The God of Blackouts is wary of her more shady dealings, especially with Revenge. Nevertheless, their followers work in unison more often than naught, especially against more lawful opponents.
    • No one was able to take a good look at Asmodeus when news broke out about her ascension, but it was probably agreed she the goddess he liked the least in his homeworld. He has been outspoken against her in the past for being the opposite of his perceived version of the proper woman.
  • It didn't take long before a massive amount of observes lined up for a taste of the Savored Sting. With that said, she is much more fickle with who she chooses to bed. She's hardly ever seen in her temple; her followers do most of the catering. She would rather play around with those interested in her as well as those who would rather kick her out.
    • Poor Zapp Brannigan thought it would be his one chance to date someone in his house. Too bad she hasn't even bothered to visit his temple. Any attempts of Zapp doing the same have been severely hindered through multiple unfortunate events. Trollkaiger is a likely culprit.
  • Is actually on good terms with the majority in the House of Tainted Love, just to remind everyone she isn't entirely on the side of the angels. She approves of all forms of lust, good or evil.
  • Has been blamed by Frollo for causing him to develop feelings for that gypsy woman. Calistra nonchalantly replied he should have just gone after her if he wanted her that badly, all while reminding him that her clergy has no such restrictions.
  • Lucifer welcomed her into the GUAC with open arms. Calistria was glad to find a group entirely dedicated to her chaotic side.
  • Would bluntly point out that while bees may be similar to wasps, that does not make them allies with her. She would love to create a temple for them, but that prospect looks unlikely. Bee deities have declared war on her kind, blaming wasps for many deaths. Beedrill cast itself on the frontlines in that battle.
  • She also holds a spot as the Goddess of Revenge in her world... but doesn't extend any further in the Pantheon. She paid the house a visit to find the god of revenge. Her meeting with the Count was a mixed bag. She wasn't sure that the man can be a sponsor for those who seek revenge and forgiveness''. Nevertheless, she does admire his revenge story.
  • Maintains a reasonable relationship with the resident God of Trickery Loki. While they sometimes team up in their antics, they usually spend their time trying to one-up each other with pranks. Their followers have followed suit, thinking of it as a competition.
  • As with most other deities in the Pantheon, she was less than impressed with Beavis and Butt-Head's innuendos. Those types of people give her followers a bad name. She does hope to find someone worthy of the title Innuendo God.
  • Decided to pay Simon Belmont a visit. As a whip-wielder, the vampire hunter holds a lot of sway over her followers who use whips as their main weapons. The man himself is reluctant to side with her, pointing out her lip service to vampires if they don't already have her approval. This is especially true with perennial enemy Carmilla.

Jiraiya, God of Smut (Toad Sage, Ero-sennin, Pervy Sage, Jiraiya the Gallant)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using Sage Mode)
  • Symbol: Random Icha-Icha novel (Most likely a special edition)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dirty Old Men, Summon Magic, Hidden Badasses, Love Charts
  • Domain: Lust, Water, Peeping
  • Allies: Tsunade, Naruto Uzumaki, Might Guy, Ryu Hayabusa, Issei Hyodo, Kakashi Hatake, Erza Scarlet, Taki, Jack Rakan, Greninja
  • Rival: Master Roshi
  • Evil Former Friend: Orochimaru
  • An old ninja who first learned his craft as a student in KonohagakureAKA , Jiraiya led an illustrious life as an eccentric prodigy from his days in the Academy and at the side of the Third Hokage all the way up until his tragic death at the hands of Pain (more on that below). Following said death, the Court of the Gods quickly noted his stories—both the one of his own life and the many which he wrote—and decided he had to come in. Of those that would apply him, the Smut seat was the most uniquely available one, and the one he was most excited about taking up. Therefore, it is now his.
  • Most of the books in the explicit wing were penned with his input, at the least. Has novels read by nearly everyone in the Pantheon, whether they admit it or not. The only Ninja who's a drinking buddy of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • One of his favorite skills that he uses in his "research" is an invisibility technique called Transparent Escape, which he mastered during his time as the Third Hokage's student.
  • To some surprise, some female deities actually respect him to a degree. This is thanks in part to the fact that, though he may be a huge pervert, he actually goes out of his way to treat women with respect and care, treating them as people and not (just) as lust objects/'research material'. Tsunade, who once beat him to within an inch of his life when she caught him peeping on her, still will vouch for his virtue especially in serious times.
  • Despite his position in the Pantheon and his usual mannerisms, Jiraiya is actually respected by several of the Pantheon's combat-oriented deities, and feared by several evil ones. Jiraiya may act like a perverted goofball most of the time, but — as with Jack Rakan — this is because he is such a skilled and powerful warrior that not many people can pose a serious threat to him when he goes all-out. In battle, he will fake his opponent out with grandiose and foolish movements and behavior, only to respond to their attempt to attack with quickness and seriousness, taking them out with a fast, economical, efficient and frighteningly powerful blow. The few who have seen him when he gets 'dangerous' and takes a fight seriously have praised and marveled at the frightening power, speed, and skill with which he fights, bringing his considerable raw power and arsenal of techniques and skills learned over the course of his long life to bear. And when he uses Sage Mode, he is capable of matching or surpassing several of the Pantheon's stronger members. Some of the less-powerful evil deities will even flee in fear from him upon seeing him on the battlefield, much as they would from Superman, Goku, or Nanoha.
  • In a world where ninja teams are typically formed in groups of three pupils underneath a senior teacher of higher rank, Jiraiya, along with fellow Third Hokage students Tsunade and Orochimaru, earned the title of Konoha's Legendary Sannin. This occurred when they engaged the fearsome leader of AmegakureAKA  and earned said leader's respect by becoming the only Konoha ninja to survive his onslaught during the Second Shinobi World War—after they'd already broken off as a team.
  • After being told by some wise anthropomorphic toads whose secret sage land he discovered that he would find and train a child of prophecy who would either save or destroy the world, he would train two trios of his own following the Second Shinobi World War. One was a group of orphan friends in Ame he stayed behind to take care of right after the war, the other was a trio assigned to him when he returned to Konoha In both teams, he discovered and gravitated towards an ace who had potential to be that child of prophecy. One of them was a child called Nagato; the other was Minato.
  • He was later reluctantly roped into training Naruto, after the latter's trio had split up due to Sasuke's defection to Orochimaru's side. Around the same time, Tsunade had started teaching Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke's teammate, meaning they were all being taught by one of the Legendary Sannin at the same time. Despite his initial reluctance to teach Naruto, he became very proud of the young man upon seeing that Naruto has become a fine ninja on his own. This is because Naruto is Minato's son who was named after the main character in Jiraiya's rare non-erotic action book, making him Naruto's godfather.
  • Kakashi, the original teacher of Naruto's team, is also a huge fan of Jiraiya's books. Each subject comes up in conversation between the two about as often as the other.
  • Jiraiya's jolly exterior also hides the fact that he is, or at least was, a very lonely man who lived with regrets and failures. He couldn't win Tsunade's heart—the only woman he ever really wanted—and never got to have children; he could never find a way to bring peace to his war-torn violent world; he couldn't stop Orochimaru from abandoning the village for his amoral pursuit of lethal experimentation; and in his final battle, he discovered that Pain, leader of Akatsuki and destructive successor to the Sage of Six Paths, was, in fact, his former student Nagato having succumbed to despair after the death of one of his friends. He's even stated at times that happiness was simply not part of his destiny. Those who know this think it might just explain everything about him.
    • He finally found peace in his death thanks to the successes of his time as Naruto's teacher, deducing that Naruto was the Child of Prophecy he was looking for. The events and aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi World War proved him to be correct.
  • Jiraiya takes deep pride in his writing. When fellow god Master Roshi desecrated one of his books for not having pictures, the offence led into a life-or-death struggle between the two experts. Sadly, Jiraiya was outclassed and met his end, though Master Roshi cooled down after the fight and was willing to bury the hatchet and resurrected Jiraiya with the Dragon Balls.

    Kyu Sugardust 
Kyu Sugardust, Goddess of Lustful Women

    Queen Medb 
Queen Medb, Goddess of Slutty Women (Maeve, Meadhbh, Méabh, Rider, Saber, Zero Two, CBS, Celt Super Bitch, Thot, Queen of Thots, Saberthot)
A rendition of Medb by J.C. Leyendecker
Click here  to see her as a Rider Servant
Click here to see her as a Summer Saber Servant
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A piece of cheese
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alas, Poor Villain, Anti-Villain, Arch-Enemy of Conchobar mac Nessa, Awesome Ego, Killed by a piece of cheese, Dark Action Girl, Hypocrite, Lady of War, Manipulative Bastard, Raped by Conchobar mac Nessa, Really Gets Around
  • Domains: Queens, Warriors, Lust
  • Allies: Master of Chaldea, Mitsuko Souma, Paathurnax, Esdeath, Queen Maeve, Starlight
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kyu Sugardust
  • Rivals: Panty Anarchy, The Red Queen
  • Enemies: Scathach, Molag Bal, rapists, Princess Cadence, Raynare
  • Evil Counterpart to: Aphrodite and Kyu Sugardust
  • Avoids: Sheogorath
  • Lusts over: Cu Chulainn, James Bond, Issei Hyodo
  • Annoyed at: Fionn mac Cumhaill
  • Pities: rape victims
  • The warrior queen of Connacht and believed to be a reincarnation of a sovereignty goddess. She is known for her countless marriages, lovers, and affairs thanks to her endless lust and need for satisfaction. She favors warriors, those who are strong in her eyes, and those who don't have any cruelty, fear, and especially jealousy. Medb rose to power after marrying Conchobar mac Nessa, the king of Ulster. Their marriage was horrible and Conchobar was often unfaithful, so Medb left him after bearing him a son. She also killed his new wife, her own sister, when she got pregnant, and Conchobar raped her in revenge. They became arch-enemies after that, and led the two to fight a war over Ulster's prized bull. She was later killed by a piece of cheese while bathing in a lake.
  • It is not known what she thinks of Cu Chulainn in the legends, but her Servant self loves him too much because he doesn't love her. In the American singularity, she created an Alter Berserker self of him using the Holy Grail, whom she loves even more because he is everything that she imagined of him. Cu is horrified upon seeing her that he uses Scathach as bait because he knows that they're at odds with each other and it is one of his only ways of escaping around her. Medb is annoyed upon seeing that Fionn actually ascended, one of the only warriors she doesn't lust over because of how much he simply annoys her by talking about Grainne and his constant jealousy and plans to stay away from him as far as possible.
  • She's happy to see the Master of Chaldea and asks if he's been thinking about her. He doesn't respond regarding that but he's happy to see her ascended and wonders if more Servants of his will ascend in the near future. Not happy to see that Fergus hasn't ascended yet, she asks her Master if he could help her to ensure that one of her lovers has ascended because she's sure that he's willing to help any of his Servants no matter the circumstances and she trusts him enough that he could help her with it, which he gladly accepted.
  • Princess Cadence considers her to be a bad example of a wife and a ruler as well. She isn't pleased by her lustful behavior and her constant need of wanting to have more lovers just to gain satisfaction. The fact she needs seven men (or Fergus and he wasn't in the Pantheon yet) just to be satisfied horrifies her. Medb isn't happy to hear her opinion and commented on how it is somewhat similar to that of Scathach. While Kyu is happy to have someone that she could be a potential date for her clients and is willing to do that, she thinks she's not suitable enough for them upon hearing her history and how one time one of her lovers killed Fergus out of jealousy. She also thinks that her satisfaction level is just too much for her clients to handle. Medb is somewhat at odds with Kyu because of this, not pleased that a love fairy is doing this for reasons that she thinks are unfair.
  • She can be considered the evil counterpart of Aphrodite. While they are both known for their lust, cheated on their lovers multiple times, and actually respect said lovers despite cheating on them, Aphrodite truly regrets her actions and wants to use her beauty to stop a war from happening, whereas Medb still remains the same as ever, without any remorse and wants to continue her lustful ways and still wants to participate in wars. Medb isn't happy to see a love goddess in the Pantheon that could rival her in terms of how many lovers they have, while Aphrodite isn't happy to see her and is easily reminded of her old self. The Pantheon don't want to see the day that they'll fight each other.
  • Hearing about an angel nympho named Panty Anarchy, Medb wanted her to be her rival in terms of how much men they managed to have sex with. This results in them having a sex contest....which resulted in a tie. In order to determine the real winner, they decided to fight each other out since there is no man left that wanted to sleep with either of them, but the fate of the match is not known. But since that day, Medb and Panty have become great rivals who started their own personal contest to see who would triumph as the greatest Lovable Sex Maniac.
  • She hates rapists and she does have an actual excuse in that one of her ex-husbands raped her. She doesn't love Molag Bal for this reason, doesn't help that he committed the first rape in history in his world. She also hears how he can easily corrupt people and claiming their souls, causing her to stay away from him even more.
    • Other rapists she hates are Griffith, Wyald, The Yellow Bastard, Shinji Matou, and Glenn Quagmire and vows to kill them sometime soon. Griffith and Wyald aren't afraid of her as they could easily overpower her. The Yellow Bastard and Shinji is afraid at the sight of her as they are powerless against her and Quagmire couldn't give any of his justifications to her as Medb doesn't want to listen. However, Shinji actually gets bonus points from her hatred due to the fact they live in the same universe and would be appalled if he became a human vessel for a Pseudo Servant and would do anything to convince her Master to removed him in Chaldea
  • Because of her experience of being raped, she has a soft spot for rape victims like Mitsuko Souma, Casca, and Ellen. She feels bad for the former that her experience leads her to insanity and worries for her sanity. The warrior queen hopes that there may be a way for her to soften up because of that experience. Upon seeing Medb, Mitsuko started seeing a lot of herself to her and requests to be her enforcer, which the queen gladly accepts. She feels bad for Ellen that her experience leads her to fear the color yellow and is happy for Casca for choosing an amazing lover like Guts. While the latter two are scared of her, they are flattered by the kindness she offered to them.
    • She also feels pity for Sakura Matou. Hearing her backstory causes her to feel pity for her and thinks her excuses are justified in that she suffered so much and doesn't have any hope left in her until a man named Shirou Emiya came to her. While Sakura is unsure about Medb in general, she thanked her for the kindness she offered even if she thinks she's unsuitable to be her friend.
    • Hearing about a rape victim who is also a warrior and is planning to get revenge on them, she wanted to meet Red Sonja and is willing to help her with her vengeance. She feels pity to her upon hearing her hometown is destroyed by those same men who raped her. She also sees some similarities with her in herself in that they both sleep with those that are warriors in their eyes (although in Red Sonja's case, they needed to beat her in combat), but she doesn't give a shit because of the whole rape victim side and is willing to help her if she needs it. Though it's one-sided on her part because of Medb's history surrounding her.
  • Hearing about James Bond's womanizing ways, she visited his temple to see if he could satisfy her lust. However, James Bond doesn't want to do anything with her upon hearing her history, and that means he refuses to sleep with her as well. This causes her to lust for him even more, which certainly reminds her of her situation with Cu and will do anything just so he could sleep with her.
    • Speaking of lust, she admires Issei Hyodo being a chivalrous pervert and respects him for that and hearing about his adventures causes her to lust for him even more. However, Issei doesn't want to do anything with her because he thinks she's a bastard in that she's manipulative just to get what she wants and uses bribery to do it and that she can be a huge hypocrite. That many of her lovers are jealous of each other and kill each other because of the constant cheating doesn't help the cause.
  • Medb started wondering why Issei would greatly oppose her, until the day she met his ex-girlfriend, Raynare who wanted to forge an alliance with her. Medb actually hated her guts, as she couldn't believe she would ditch an amazing guy like Issei and leave him to die. At least she treats her husbands/lovers with respect and doesn't kill them if they bored her satisfaction. Raynare is disappointed she couldn't find another ally while thinking Medb shouldn't get worked up over such a minute slight.
  • She forged a rivalry with the Red Queen as they are both evil queens whom a lot of people despise and could never imagine working for. The difference between them is that Medb actually has people that respect her in her own universe while the Red Queen's subjects didn't give her any kind of respect, not even once. It's why the two will never truly get along.
  • Because of what happened in her life, she thinks it's wise to ignore Sheogorath, whose domains happen to be cheese, the cause of her death. That, and his status as a Mad God and loving every second of it are the reasons why she avoided you , though he reasons her out upon hearing about it, but what he said drives her to avoid him even more.
    Sheogorath: "Oh no, I won't kill you with cheese. That's... too orderly! And after all, would it not be a celebration if I did not kill you with cheese? For example I could... tear out your lungs and sing songs with it to you. Some jigs too. Or maybe I could smash you too pieces with a mountain of Argonian concubines! And they have apples in their mouths, along with venison! Courtesy to the hunters revered throughout Nirn... except perhaps Cyrodiil. Imperials never did like them. Always introducing their blades to their chests and what not when they came after the game. Every. Single. Time! It never, ever, gets old. Hmm. I should think this over."
  • Queen Maeve of The Seven is named after the anglicised version of Medb. Medb liked to be homaged by a very powerful woman, even if one with some reservations for how much Medb likes to kill, and both have been seen sharing some drinks and picking up men to sleep with (Medb is still pushing for them to one day go out in matching outfits). Medb also managed to bond with her teammate Starlight, a fellow rape victim.

    Xenovia Quarta 
Xenovia Quarta, Goddess of Those Who Just Wants to Procreate (Power Idiot, Slashing Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Crimson knight piece
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Church Militant, Cool Swords, Cloudcuckoolander, Spandex suits, Book Dumb, Wielder of Durandal, Says she wants to make love with Issei out loud and in front of everybody, Brawn without much brains, aims to become the new Student Council President (...And eventually managed to.), Italian origins
  • Domains: Faith, Exorcism, Fighting
  • Allies: The Occult Research Club (ascended: Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory, Asia Argento, Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba, Irina Shidou), Luka, Alexander Anderson(?), Elsa la Conti, Cosmos, the entire Council of Cloudcuckooland, Mordin Solus, Tedeza Rize, Yukari Hinata, Jeanne d'Arc, Clarice di Lanza, Mion & Shion Sonozaki, Minazuki Karen, Mana Aida, Reika Aoki, Myoudouin Itsuki, Hinagiku Katsura, Sayumi Takanashi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vali Lucifer
  • Rival: Ryuko Matoi
  • Enemies: Bryan Fury, Demitri Maximoff, Satan, Ornstein, YHVH, Judge Claude Frollo, Raynare, Shinnok, Gul'dan
  • Opposes: Excalibur
  • Respects: Arturia Pendragon, Asuka Kazama
  • Compared to Akeno who loves to tease/seduce Issei, Xenovia upright and says she wants to have sex with him, even in front of other people. Originally just wanting to make the perfect child, she's surprisingly a-OK if they use protection. Which is why she carries a bunch of condoms with herself.
  • The first thing Xenovia and Irina done after ascending is greet their ascended ORC pals, and suffice to say they were all happy to see the two here in the Pantheon.
  • Xenovia and Irina are friends with Alexander Anderson, with which they often ally in various adventures. Though they're sometimes uneasy with him, given his unscrupulous views against those who are not Christian and the fact he's affiliated with the GUAL. Irina has made sure not to mention the fact she's actually Protestant anywhere near him.
  • Both Xenovia and Irina really hate Ornstein and Shinnok for messing with Issei: respectively, Ornstein is obsessed about killing him, being a half-dragon; Shinnok, instead, is planning to steal his Boosted Gear to gain its powers and become the only god of a certain position.
  • Xenovia is shown to be a very socially awkward goddess in the Pantheon, as she talks about sex and condoms out loud with Issei. Many perverted gods snicker at this fact, and thanks to this, she is friends with Mordin Solus.
  • Xenovia found out that there was another Durendal in the Treasury. She was disturbed about how who ever touch it go berserk and that the only way to control it if all three Symphogear wearers use it.
  • Since both Xenovia and Irina have their wackiness, they are also allies with the Council of Cloudcuckooland.
  • She and Irina have a certain amount of dislike towards YHVH. They find him to be "too iron-fisted and too evil" to be the God they truly believe in, who is still dead. Even so, they don't like Lucifer either, Irina calling him a 'total jerk' and Xenovia calmly saying she'll stick with the Gremory Household.
    • They express sympathy for Luka for this very reason when he told them about YHVH's Expy in Ilias and being Lucifer's own son. Still, they were quite glad when he told them to never stop believing in the their God, saying that he couldn't be any worse.
  • Had a bad first meeting with Ryuko Matoi when she threatened Issei because of his Dress Breaker ability threatening Senketsu. This, in turn, made Xenovia call The Kamui a "dumb piece of fabric" which just piss off Ryuko. Before things got too out of control, the two were stopped by both Rias and Satsuki. The two two-toned girls now consider each others as rivals. Though, any challenges the two get involve are harmless.
  • Is very close towards Asia. Very close. It's to the point that she even let her become a menage a trois with her and Issei if they ever did. She was also extremely enraged when she thought Asia got killed by Shalba Beelzebub. Many consider this relationship sweet considering how antagonistic Xenovia was towards Asia originally.
  • Amazingly can stand Excalibur...for only two hours and fifteen minutes before she gets annoyed of him.
  • Admires Arturia Pendragon greatly. Not just for her swordsmanship, but she is also amazed at her Excalibur's power.
  • After becoming the Student Council President in her world, Xenovia has been hanging out with the Pretty Cures who were also president and Hinagiku Katsura. She hopes to learn from them and become good president in her world.
  • She, along with Asia, was happy when Jeanne d'Arc herself looked past their devil affiliation and only cares that they love their Lord. They were however worried when they learned she was affiliated with YHVH in some capacity, but like Asia, was rather relieved to hear that Jeanne sometimes thinks that YHVH goes too far.
  • Became close friends with the Sonozaki sisters for both being a bit perverted. Xenovia also heard rumors that the sisters were demons, but it wasn't true.
  • Turns out to be smarter then what her action may portray. Even Issei was surprised. In the future, she actually became headmistress of a cram school.
  • Was revealed to have finally gotten Issei's gene and bore him a son named Zen.

Lesser Gods

    Panty Anarchy 
Panty Anarchy, Goddess of Lovable Sex Maniacs (Rotten-ass Panty, Riot Girl)

    Master Roshi 
Master Roshi, God of Dirty Old Men (Muten Roshi, Turtle Hermit, Jackie Chun)
Roshi at Max Power 


Barbarella, Personification of the Free-Love Future (Pretty-Pretty, Babs, Barbie)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Love Salute (a palm facing forward)
  • Theme Song: "Barbarella"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (film); Chaotic Good (comics)
  • Portfolio: Having a lot of sex with many different beings, living in the ridiculously far-off future, hyped as being hyper competent but coming up short in practice, naiveté and purity of heart, being saved a lot, rewarding her saviors with sex, names that end in -ella, space explorer, well-known for strip-teasing in zero-g, the light to the Black Queen's dark.
  • Domains: Lust, Future, Space, Technology, Travel
  • Herald: Pygar
  • Allies: James T. Kirk, Anthony Rogers and Flash Gordon, Wander, Ventus, Sora, Vampirella, Jack Harkness, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Tyrael, Pit, Louise Banks, The Heptapods, E.T., Colette Brunel, Doraemon, Miyuki-chan, Ann Takamaki
  • Enemies: Durand Durand, Cthulhu and others of its ilk, Claude Frollo, En Sabah Nur, Rau Le Creuset, Gihren Zabi, Anavel Gato, Thanos, Grand Moff Tarkin, Kiara Sessyoin
  • Ambiguous Relationship: The Black Queen of Sogo
  • Complicated Relations: Relena Darlian
  • Barbarella is a 5-star double-rated astro-navigatrix living in the 41st century, a time of widespread peace and in which many old taboos have been done away with. She is assigned a mission to retrieve a scientist, Durand Durand, and a dangerous weapon from an uncharted planet in the Tau Ceti system. There, she discovers new ways of making love she had never thought of.
  • The inside of her temple is basically the inside of her spaceship, which means shag carpeting from top to bottom. It's very fluffy and one can lie down anywhere.
  • She has a super-advanced translation machine called a Tongue Box which allows her to converse with just about everyone in the Pantheon.
  • Having nearly been swallowed by the Mathmos, she is wary of similar eldritch creatures.
  • Since they went through similar adventures, she naturally has a lot in common with Anthony Rogers and Flash Gordon. Especially the latter, as their stories wound up influencing each other. She has also struck friendships with Sora and Wander based on their space traveling and similar dispositions.
  • Given her trope, she has no tolerance for people who think that sex is inherently evil or corrupting and finds Claude Frollo's actions absolutely revolting. Frollo himself thinks of her as a common whore born to plant unholy thoughts in the minds of "good" men such as himself, while at the same time desiring her.
  • Despite a very active sex life, she remains pure enough to make villains gag (sometimes literally). Ventus took a liking to her because of her purity.
  • While she became easy friends with Captain Kirk since neither of them find it taboo to romance aliens, she sometimes thinks he comes on to her a little too strong.
  • Started out as Vampirella's follower, due to a shared naming convention. Now they're pretty close allies.
  • Relena is more likely to aid her than not, but she is very disappointed in Barbarella for abandoning the peaceful ways of the 41st century for the sake of completing her mission.
  • Despite the above, Barbarella is still fundamentally against war and unnecessary violence, so she doesn't care much for war gods (though she's willing to give good-aligned ones a chance). En Sabah Nur and Rau Le Creuset's gratuitous promotion of war as the ideal state for humanity is especially distasteful from her point of view.
  • She thinks that Gato's propensity to hijack powerful war machines is very alarming and is afraid that he'll plunge the universe into "archaic insecurity".
  • To her, Gihren's action of throwing a colony into Earth with the intent of wiping out a large part of the population is one of the most monstrous things she has ever heard.
  • She and Tarkin are practically philosophical polar opposites: Tarkin's view that control can only be exercised through fear is diametrically opposed to what she grew up believing; that love is what truly brings peace and stability to the universe and the basis of an orderly society.
  • She's determined to help in stopping Thanos from accomplishing any goal that'd lead to universal domination because she fears what that'd do to the stability of the universe, and also because she has had to deal with such a threat in her story.
  • Kiara Sesshouin thinks Barbarella would be quite an asset in her Assimilation Plot-by-way-of-sex, but Barbarella is having none of that and would much rather put a stop to her plans. Doesn't stop Kiara from getting all up in Barbarella's face and giving her We Can Rule Together speeches.
  • "Do you read me?" "Straight."
  • She and Jack Harkness get along very well due to coming from similar far-off futures of widespread sexual liberation, and knowing to enjoy it thoroughly.
  • Has an affinity for E.T. because of how friendly and peaceful he is for an alien. The same thing applies to the Heptapods for their wish to work with humanity to save each other. Though as it turns out, their language is beyond the scope of her Tongue Box, leading to her working with Louise Banks to see how the machine could be upgraded.
  • Asterix was glad to have another French comic book hero in the Pantheon and became one of her staunchest allies. Lucky Luke and Tintin followed suit, although they're actually Belgian.
  • Likes Tyrael and Pit because they remind her of her unascended angelic ally, Pygar.
  • Likewise for Colette (though she's sorry that becoming an angel brought her so much pain). Additionally, the fact that Colette is very clumsy and trusting easily agrees with Barbarella's character, as she's prone to those same faults.
  • As nudity is normal in her universe, she's completely unfazed by Issei Hyodo's abilities, much to his disappointment.
  • Doraemon once decided to visit her out of curiosity about all the gadgets that have come into existence in the 41st century. He practically short-circuited when he realized that she sounds like Nobita. (Because of her Tongue Box, Doraemon and other Japanese deities hear her in Japanese.) Because of this, Doraemon has decided to stay close to her and make sure she doesn't become as unfortunate as his charge.
  • Was understandably dismayed and worried when she discovered that her former enemy (though she'll admit their relationship wasn't so clear-cut the last time they'd seen each other) the Black Queen had ascended. Although the fact that, since arriving in the Pantheon, Her Majesty hasn't done anything worse than stabbing a few villains in the name of Barbarella's safety makes the astronavigatrix relax somewhat.
  • Far more worrisome than the Black Queen is Durand Durand, who has no friendly intentions towards Barbarella whatsoever, and is determined to get his revenge on the both of them for stopping him and getting him killed. Barbarella is certainly wary of him and will stop him again of needed. Though if she's honest, she hasn't entirely given up on the idea that he can still be appealed to.
  • (raises right hand) "Love!"

    Tanukichi Okuma 
Tanukichi Okuma, God of Those who Hide Their Perversion (Sentimental Bomber, Meisterbater)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His personalized neck band and bracelet.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good forced into being Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Above the Influence, Ostracized for being the son of a Terrorist, Attractive Bent-Gender, Audience Surrogate, Used to admire Anna, Embarrassing First Name, Dragged into joining SOX, Eating Anna's special cookies, Jack of All Stats, Near-Rape Experience, Sarcastic Devotee, Supporting Protagonist
  • Domains: Protagonists, Schools, Sex, Perverts, Terrorists
  • High Priestess: Kinzie Kensington
  • Allies: Ayame Kajou, Anna Nishikinomiya, Shido Itsuka, Issei Hyodo, Shino Amakusa, Hyde Kido, Yuu Haruna, Azuma Kazuki
  • Enemies: GUAC Yandere Squad and any evil Yandere, Mara
  • On good terms with: Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Tom Nook, Schezo Wegey
  • This is Tanukichi Okuma, a regular young man like any other, living in a society that has outlawed the use of dirty and vulgar words and acts. Given that his father opposed the new government rules and even fought against it leading up to his imprisonment, Tanukichi has been ostracized because of that and leave his past and pervert antics aside. While he almost did it by joining one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, he was unfortunately dragged into joining SOX when he learned of the identity of their leader Ayame Kajou.
  • The truth is that Okuma is as a big pervert, possibly even bigger, than Ayame herself. But he can mast it pretty well, so many people were surprised to see him be part of the more perverted side of the House of Love and Affection. Ayame was happy to learn that Okuma managed to claim a spot in the pantheon, even better since in the house he resides might be useful for their purposes as SOX operatives.
  • Ever since he accidentally kissed Anna Nishikinomiya, she became infatuated with him and became a deranged Yandere in hopes of gaining the love of Okuma. Anna herself was part of the pantheon but both him and Anna have worked out their problems and she no longer is obsessively in love with him. That said, he has no tolerance for yanderes given his rather unfortunate experiences with Anna and when he heard that there was a dedicated group of people like that in the pantheon, he felt horrified. Thankfully, neither Okuma nor the Yandere Squad have interest in meeting anytime soon.
  • The only reason he joined SOX is because he was forced into it but has come to enjoy being part of it. Shido Itsuka heard about Okuma's story and related in the sense that he also basically was forced into joining his group and while he is not a big pervert, he has a tendency to find himself in a lot of situations like that.
  • His name is a reference to Tanukis, something he isn't particularly proud of. His father named him like that because Tanukis are infamous for having big balls, a fact that Ayame often likes to remind Tanukichi about. However, he was weirded out that actual Tanukis are among the pantheon, and none featured that physical trait that Okuma has always been mocked for and fortunately enough, he gets along with them just fine.
  • Would rather forget about the infamous cookies that were made by Anna and especially wants to forget about the "Love Nectar". Sometimes a few deities like to troll him about that and it just pisses Okuma off to no end.
  • Being around Ayame long enough has numbed him a lot regarding sex jokes and innuendos and he got pretty used to it eventually. Then he met Shino Amakusa who is basically Ayame's lost twin of an alternate universe and she is as much of a tease as Ayame and they spend most of the time messing around with Tanukichi since he is an easy target for them.
  • Apparently found out about one particular deity who Ayame always makes fun of considering how often he says things that can easily be interpreted differently and Ayame loves to twist his comments so they sound more sexual. Schezo Wegey was that deity and Okuma felt pity because he pretty much is how he started when Ayame dragged him into SOX and surprisingly enough both him and Schezo are on good terms, provided he can keep Kajou away from him when they meet.
  • Apparently has become a frequent target of Mara. The demon just likes to torment him and try to expose his more perverted side but Okuma has proven to be a tough nut to crack and has for the most part resisted all of Mara's attempts. The general appearance of the demon at least has helped gather some material for SOX to use.
  • The most unlikely deity that related to Okuma's title was Hyde Kido. At first Tanukichi assumed he was another stoic high school students that he has seen before but then he revealed that he also is very good at hiding his perversion, though in Hyde's case he usually can't keep his cool around busty girls and heard that Okuma has been in situations far more unconventional like that. For example, he asked if he ever saw Anna naked and Okuma begrudgingly responded with yes, but the situation wasn't a pleasant one for sure and also added that he usually can be around a naked woman (Ayame for example) and not be fazed that much.
  • He noticed two deities who sounded a lot like him in the form of Yuu Haruna and Azuma Kazuki. The former has been labelled as a pervert before but Okuma is a bit envious that he lives a far more normal life than him while he is glad that the regime he opposes is not as bad the one Azuma has gone against.