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Greater Gods

    Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus 
You see, I am the president. And judgement has now arrived.

Ten wo Tsukame Rider! Kizame Chronicle! Ima koso Toki wa Kiwamareri!

Masamune Dan, The Killer Game Master God (Kamen Rider Cronus, Chronicle Gamer, Gamedeus Cronus, Another Cronus, Kamen Rider Chronos, Another Patient Zero, True Last Boss, The Rules of the World, Controller of Lives, The Cancer of the World, Masamune Damn, Dan the Manly, True Super High-School Level Game Master, Super High-School Level Judgement, Kamen Rider DIO, Umeshu)
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  • Greater God, may border on Overdeity as Gamedeus Cronus
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Cronus emblem along with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat
  • Theme Song: "JUSTICE"
  • Alignment: Originally Neutral Evil, became Neutral Good during the events of Another Ending, currently Lawful Evil in the Pantheon
  • Portfolio: Killer Game Master, Views His Son's Talents as Products Of Genm Corp., Dirty Coward, Truly Loves His Wife and Is Utterly Appalled By His Son's Depravity Yet Cannot Comprehend Pure Good, Worse Than the Bugsters or His Son, Faux Affably Evil, Merges with Gamedeus to form Gamedeus Cronus, Has a God Complex, Rage Quitter, Sore Loser
  • Domains: MMO Games, Corruption, Hatred, Time, Villainy, Tyranny, Cheating, Godhood
  • High Priest: Arcade
  • Allies: CLU 2, Nurgle, Typhus, Gleeman Vox, Vito Corleone, Lex Luthor
  • Strictly Business Partners: The Black Organization (especially Quinella), Seto Kaiba, Keel Lorenz, Buy N Large
  • Rivals: Dio Brando, Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shocker, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Nobuyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima, Ragyo Kiryuin, the GUAE Trollkaiger, almost anyone of Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil alignment in the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Enemies (on principle): All ascended Pretty Cures (especially Karen Minazuki), Sailor Senshi (especially Ami Mizuno and Setsuna Meioh), all Neon Genesis Evangelion pilots, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Yui, Suguha Kirigaya, Shino Asada, Yuuki Konno, Kei Shirogane, Altair, Kite, Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Tsukumo, Makoto Naegi, Hajime Hinata, Chiaki Nanami, Mikan Tsumiki, Monaca Towa, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wreck-it Ralph, Homura Akemi, The Master of Chaldea and his servants, Histoire
  • Enemy Mine (when the situation calls for it): All ascended Toku heroes, especially Emu Hojo, Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya, Kiriya Kujo, and Poppy Pipopapo
  • Opposes: All abusive parents within the Pantheon (despite being one himself), especially The Child Abuse Supporters, Gendo Ikari, the real Cronus
  • Opposed by: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Chronos and by extension the Pantheonic Time Police and all good-aligned deities from the House of Time and Temporality (Setsuna Meioh is a straight-up enemy), Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara, sometimes the House of Health and Diseases
  • Pities: Oddly enough, Shinji Ikari
  • Masamune Dan was the 1st CEO of Genm Corp. and the father of Kuroto Dan. He was incarcerated for a period of time after being framed for starting Zero Day, the first Bugster outbreak by his son. In reality, he had indeed been complicit in these events to a degree, infecting himself with the Bugster Virus to gain immunity to it and subsequently master the Chronicle Gashat. He manipulated a series of events leading to his son's creation of Kamen Rider Chronicle, which he plotted to seize from him for his own ends. After being released from jail after his son's alleged death and being reinstated to his former position, he got right to work, using the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat to transform into Kamen Rider Cronus and assert his dominance over the Bugsters who had taken over after Kuroto's death. He stopped time with his 'Pause' ability to curb-stomp the Riders and kill the Lovelica Bugster. Things progressed smoothly from there, with him holding the fate of the Bugsters in his hands by threatening to delete them from the game code should they disobey him, bribing Hiiro Kagami to join his side and merging with Chronicle's final boss Gamedeus to form Gamedeus Cronus to prevent the game from being completed. While he was soundly defeated by Ex-Aid, he injected himself with his own Gashat, ensuring the data from players killed in his game was deleted along with him. However, fate was not done with him just yet.
  • A completely mad Kuroto resurrected his father to extract the Bugster that had manifested from him, Black Parado, to create a new Master Gashat, God Maximum Mighty X. Saddened by how his son had completely jumped off the slippery slope, Masamune managed to free himself and battle his son to stop his plans, but Kuroto's new form proved too much for Cronus and he was killed yet again. He managed to pass on his abilities to Kiriya Kujo in a final gesture of trust and dissolved into data, confident that someone would end his son's mad rampage, which Kiriya did.
  • As a reward for his Heel–Face Turn, Masamune was granted ascension to the Pantheon in the digital afterlife along with being revived as a human again. Many court officers were in unanimous agreement for his ascension, a surprising decision given how much Masamune is despised by the Riders and his fanbase. Turns out that Vermouth paid them to vouch for him, because the Black Organization's Absolut wanted someone from Genm Corp. as an associate. Kuroto was out of the question.
  • Speaking of Kuroto, the first thing Masamune did when he entered the Pantheon was to find his now sane son and call him out for all the atrocities he did, demanding an apology. Despite being repentant for his actions, Kuroto has no intention of reconciling with him, nor relinquishing his ownership of Genm Corp. in the Pantheon to him.
  • His relationship with the other Gamer Riders is similarly fraught. He still hates them for his bitter defeat at Emu's hands, but is more or less civil in combat, no longer treating them as products or referring to them by the name of their most powerful Gashat (example: 'Hyper Muteki' for Emu and 'God Maximum Mighty X' for Kuroto). Kiriya is relatively cool and civil around him, for he did provide the trump card that allowed him to defeat Kuroto once and for all. Kiriya could tell that Masamune truly regretted his previous heinous acts and bears with him. He has called a ceasefire with his greatest enemies, seeing the Forever War in the Pantheon as a far more important threat to handle.
  • For clarity, the powers of Kamen Rider Cronus were intended to be granted to the eventual winner of Kamen Rider Chronicle in order to stop the game's final boss Gamedeus. Planning to have an immunity against the corresponding Gashat's virus may possibly the longest-planned cheat in the entirety of fiction. As stated above, Masamune abused his time manipulation abilities to astounding degrees, stopping time to prevent them landing hits and stealing any leverage they had against him (like the Hyper Muteki) to maintain his image of infallibility. When he's really in a pinch, he can call on 'Reset' to set the fighters in an earlier point in time, once using it to reverse the destruction of his Chronicle Gashat. The problem is that Masamune relied on these game-breakers too much, leaving him at a disadvantage once the Riders started rising in levels legitimately and rendering his time manipulation useless against them. So what then? In an act of desperation, he had Cronus fulfill its purpose and defeat Gamedeus, only to then absorb the final boss into his very being, becoming a Bugster. Which made the game nigh unbeatable and eternal until his final defeat. In the Pantheon, Masamune can access the abilities of Gamedeus Cronus by himself, but with serious damage to his body requiring weeks to recover, since his status as a human again makes him vulnerable to the super virus of Gamedeus. Hence, he only calls on it when in direct battle against Greater Gods or higher. Otherwise, he is far more careful and calculating in battle against his enemies, painfully aware that it was his hubris and inability to recognise his own weaknesses that led to his defeat. He makes sure to respect his foes as Worthy Opponents and never to underestimate them, nor to refer to them by a product name for any but the most despicable adversary. Whenever he does have the opportunity to abuse his time-stopping power on those who oppose him and are too weak to overcome 'Pause', he does it with a zeal.
  • He regrets how his mania and desire for power ruined Kuroto, regarding him a 'piece of scum' and a mistake that should have never been born, and like him, sincerely loves his wife. He voluntarily refused to bring her in as a herald because he didn't want her to see the monsters he and his son had become. Contrary to popular belief, he hates the Child Abuse Supporters, claiming that rather merely infecting their children with negative qualities, they go out of their way to showcase their abuse to the world unashamedly and without remorse. Granted, this is more of Masamune trying to be a Villain with Good Publicity, but it's something. This hasn't earned him any favours in the House of Family however. None of the Heroic Protectors of Family support him.
    • While known to associate with Keel Lorenz and Gendo Ikari, Masamune has no love for either of them, for going to extreme levels to initiate Third Impact and unite all humanity into a singular lifeform for the sake of eternal peace, and for Gendo, just to revive his wife. While Kuroto turned out as a madman with a god complex, Masamune would much rather have him than an utterly emotionally shattered son with multiple personalities with the potential to bring an end to the universe, the product of Gendo's mad plans.
    • Thus, he also views Altair as absolutely pathetic for firstly wanting to destroy the entire world because her Creator was abandoned by her gods and then being satisfied with a resurrected version of her. Masamune was also perfectly fine with his wife dying and didn't bother resurrecting her in a twisted way, proving that he's moved on. Consider Masamune's Berserk Buttons of a) petty villainy and b) not caring for loved ones pushed. And it is pushed hard.
  • Having a primarily green color palette and the ability to stop time has obviously caused him to be compared to Dio Brando, even being called Kamen Rider DIO. Masamune is a bit terrified of Dio, since his Stand is far more powerful than his 'Pause' ability (for comparison, his 'Pause' ability was rendered null very quickly after new and more powerful Gashats were made, while Dio was curb stomped by a surprise attack after at least a few decades undefeated). Worse, Dio was the one who cornered him in the House of Gaming for a battle. He was one-tenth of a second quicker than Masamune in activating "ZA WARUDO! TOKI YO TOMARE!" before sticking fifteen knives in his throat. To add insult to injury, he pocketed the Chronicle Gashat and Buggle Driver Zwei for himself.
    Dio: Your pale imitation of my greatness is nothing compared to I, DIO! (stabs Cronus) Kamen Rider Chronicle, you are hereby discontinued. (restarts time)
    • It was a fairly long week for Masamune after that. Soon after being revived in the House of Life and Vitality, he created a new Gashat to circumvent his Stand and enhancements as a vampire. He didn't need to do that, Dio just swiped Masamune's equipment out of spite and disposed of them immediately afterwards. Masamune is by no means utterly fearful of Dio, just disgusted by his smugness at being able to cheat his way through battle (and for more petty reasons, that his 'ZA WARUDO' catchphrase has become meme material like Kuroto) like he used to be.
  • Masamune is working tirelessly to bring a new version of Kamen Rider Chronicle into the Pantheon under a new Genm Corp with employees loyal to him alone. The image of him as an upstanding and moral CEO of a video game company has become genuine. As such, he works with other gaming companies in the Pantheon to realize this vision. Whatever Masamune's goal is, teasers for this now augmented reality game have proven positive. Players no longer physically transform into Ride-Players but access it via the company's own version of the Augma. Moreover, Chronicle no longer runs the risk of infecting players with the Bugster Virus. Aside from his animosity for the Gamer Riders, his ventures as a CEO are now entirely separate from his exploits as an amoral Kamen Rider and he shows no inclination to endanger innocent lives. Kuroto, seeing how sincere his father is, chooses to live and let live so long as Masamune doesn't abuse his position like he did before. Whether a merger of the two factions will happen is up in the air.
    • Summarily, he is acquainted with Nobuyuki Sugou and RECT Progress to tune Kamen Rider Chronicle with the AmuSphere for beta testing in a virtual environment before full release for AR. Results from people who despise Masamune such as the Master of Chaldea, Chiaki Nanami, Yugi Muto and freaking Kirito and Asuna have proven positive. Masamune may act nice to Sugou, complimenting him on his managerial prowess, but in private, he lambasts Sugou not for raping Asuna (that's his problem) but for being so incredibly stupid in doing so. At least Kayaba had the foresight to hole himself up in a remote location before enacting his plan. Sugou is perfectly aware of Masamune always comparing him to Kayaba, and doesn't appreciate him for it, seeking to obtain the Chronicle Gashat for himself.
    • Seto Kaiba is also a close collaborator, with both agreeing on how power is everything. He does not, however, approve of his immorality. Has gotten the idea to bankroll a driver in the up-and-coming Buy N Large NASCAR Cup Series to be held in the Pantheon from him.
    • To this end, his company has gained a lot of prestige due to Buy N Large's influence as the largest conglomerate in the Pantheon. Being the very definition of a trust and having their hands in every major sector imaginable has helped Genm Corp is spreading the word of their game immensely.
    • Classic game characters like Mario, Samus, and Sonic don't know what to think of Masamune, since the games under his watch were mostly expies of their games. That's only him as the CEO of Genm Corp. As Cronus, they know he's the enemy. The Servants of Chaldea follow their master's lead and remain silent on Masamune, but still don't like his old habit of mistreating others and calling them by product names as it reminds them grimly of the mages of the Nasuverse who treat their Servants as tools and disregard their autonomy. Masamune respects their main historical versions, not them. He is aware that his former attitude has rubbed them the wrong way and is willing to make amends for it, but not redeem himself fully.
    • On a darker note, that doesn't mean that the game has nothing wrong with it. Masamune has marketed a live-action version of the game for use in arenas and game shows. So far, Gleeman Vox, CLU 2 and Cosmo Royale have made pre-orders for several million Ride-Player Gashats, just as soon as Masamune's design team work out a grittier look for the Ride-Player, which by their standards is plain ol' 80s.
  • Then there's his life as Kamen Rider Cronus. Gotta keep a reputation as a Killer Game Master up after all. Granted, his plots as Kamen Rider Cronus are entirely separate from his corporate career now, so he technically isn't so much of a Corrupt Corporate Executive any more so much of a Card-Carrying Villain.
    • Aside from legitimate video game companies, he frequently associates with Lex Luthor to create new, more powerful Gashats channeling the data of powerful DC deities like Superman, which he determines is a better option that wasting large amounts of Kryptonian DNA to create Bizarro. Both are villains who keep up a near perfect public image and love talking to each other about any evil plans they have concocted.
    • Then there's Shocker, which every Kamen Rider villain is almost always contractually obligated to provide services to. He only provides occasional services though, citing 'capitalism' (i.e. Shocker has too many employed members and is getting too powerful) for the reasons why he waves the provision of specialized Gashats in front of other parties more often than not. No one there is pleased at this, Sengoku especially. Likewise, the ever cautious and realistic Masamune is unimpressed at the many hijinks of Shocker's non-tokusatsu aligned members. In one of his taped video diaries:
    Masamune: Junko may excel in ruining others with her so-called 'Ultimate Despair', Banno at creating Roidmudes, Gihren leading some genocidal Nazi space state with tacky robots, and those racist heretics in creating 'stable', 'perfect' soldiers. But you know who I think they are? Delusional bastards. Judgement shall be passed on them, but not by me. They're not worth the trouble.
  • People have joked that for all his gloating about being a superior being, his time manipulation abilities are laughably limited. Chief among them is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, who is quick to remind Masamune that for his game's most powerful Kamen Rider, he can't even travel through time. The Professor isn't wrong to say this, having used time travel to ruin his arch-nemesis' life by killing his parents, gaining himself a new team of allies and exploiting Barry's mental breakdown and attempt to prevent his mother's murder to (coincidentally) make himself a living paradox and take advantage of an alternate timeline. Masamune is opposed on all fronts by members of the House of Time and Temporality, the good members for obvious reasons, and the villains for being a sissy compared to them. Masamune just smirks as the black-ops division of his company places the finishing touches on a new cosmic treadmill and Oma Zi-O level Chronicle Gashat. He'll make at least that house respect him in time. No direct word from the hopeful to take the title of Time Master, Wizard Tetrad member Chronos, but obviously he doesn't like someone who uses the ability to stop time to cheat his way through battle.
  • People have asked why his Rider name is Cronus when his motifs and abilities (not to mention the clock that inexplicably appears behind him whenever he transforms) suggest his relation to Chronos, in which case he should be called Kamen Rider Chronos. Masamune replies that the meaning of the name runs in the Dan family, because the former king of the gods desired unlimited power much like he and his son do. He is also quick to remind people that Cronus is also a lesser god of time, but is overlooked due to Chronos' existence and Cronus' history of slaughter and cannibalism. If people call him Kamen Rider Chronos, he just shrugs it off. Historians have been known to confuse both gods as well.
There's no one who can go against me, the controller of lives.

Vinny, God of Glitches (Vincent Pizzapasta, Binyot, Vinésauce's Lookalike)

Intermediate Gods

    Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King 
Nobuyuki Sugou, The Abusive Game Master God (Fairy King Oberon, Oberon the Fairy King, Alberich, The King of Thieves, The False Fairy King, The Withered Pretender, Emperor Zazel, Kamen Rider Tyrant II, New Generation Rider Tyrant, Kamen Rider Tyrant Oberon)
Sugou in real life
  • Intermediate God (formerly Greater God), Quasideity IRL
  • Symbol: The RECT Progress logo along with Oberon's Tiara
  • Theme Music: "Oberon", "False King"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with some Stupid Evil mixed in
  • Portfolio: Abuses His Admin Powers, Perverted To The Core, Arc Villain of the Fairy Dance Arc, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Dirty Coward, Slimeball, Believes He Can Do Whatever He Wants, G.I.F.T, Lecherous Licking, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate, Narcissist, Opportunistic Bastard, SUCKS At Fighting, Sexually Assaults VRMMO Players, Uses Admin Powers to Subvert Game Rules, Smug Snake, ALO Is An Outlet For His Depravity (which is immense), Greater-Scope Villain of the Alicization Arc, Being an Utterly Unlikable Character
  • Domains: Gaming, Rape, Fairies, Depravity, Evil, Hate, Science, Technology, Lust, Mind Control
  • Heralds: Gabriel Miller/Subtilizer/Dark God Vecta and his two slug henchmen
  • Allies: Quinella, Death Gun, Shocker and all its employed members (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke and Tenjuro Banno), Ethan Roark Junior, Dio Brando, The Gold-Toothed Doctor, Wyald, Judge Claude Frollo, Ginnote , Chief Brian Irons, Embryo, Joffrey Baratheon, Jabba The Hutt
  • On speaking terms with: Shou Tucker, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, HandsomeJack, Manny Pardo, the GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Drinking Buddies: Dio Brando, Frieza, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (on their end): Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Slaanesh, HYDRA, Team Rocket, Team Galactic, Team Plasma, Team Flare, Agent Smith
  • Enemies:
  • (Dis)respected by: Griffith
  • Opposed by: All good-aligned scientists and game developers (especially Krim Steinbelt), every fairy and elf deity (with some exceptions), Solf J. Kimblee, Sark, Shiro Kanzaki, Manny Pardo, the House of Royalty
  • Fears: Guts
  • The ascension of Nobuyuki Sugou is probably one of the worst Big Bad humiliations of all time. Even Chief Justice Johnson (aka Chikuzen Ooka) was practically spitting bloody murder in his face as he laid down his sentence: a restraining order from Asuna Yuuki and the permanent revocation of his ability to access his Oberon avatar. Sugou's cries for mercy fell on deaf ears as Johnson rose to leave, and claiming that his avatar was a god-given right only brought a smirk to the Chief Justice's face. Not that the Judge Man has standards or anything, he just wanted an excuse to give a hated defendant a harsh sentence for kicks, and Sugou was the perfect target. Several accounts claim that Sugou got his revenge a long time after by contributing to Johnson's firing and subsequent ousting from the Pantheon.
  • Sugou was adopted by CEO Shouzou Yuuki as his daughter's husband-to-be and inheritor of his company, RECT Inc. But appearances can be misleading. He hijacked the minds of 300 SAO survivors after it was cleared to his own game ALfheim Online as test subjects for his Mind Control research, including Asuna. Thanks to Kirito, Sugou’s plot was revealed and he was arrested. After being detained, he appealed the judgement at the first hurdle of law, and up till the events of Alicization was still disputing it in the Tokyo Supreme Court. Ryoma Sengoku was impressed with his follower's research and petitioned for his ascension for several long years. While the road there wasn't pretty, he succeeded.
  • EVERY SINGLE heroic deity, herald and high priest from his world despises Sugou with a passion. It's bad enough that he Mind Raped SAO survivors and is a hedonistic pervert, but he had to shackle Asuna to a board and humiliatingly licked her all over before attempting to rape her in front of her husband Kirito. The brutal beatdown Sugou received at his hands afterwards was undoubtedly well-deserved. It doesn't help that in other iterations of his story he lewded and sexually assaulted other female VRMMO players. His heinous acts made him among the top five most hated deities in the Pantheon when he ascended (even more than Zamasu) to the point that he needed Court Police protection as he was being escorted to his temple. In fact, massive unpopularity led him to be moved from the Evil Actions sub-house to the Gaming Styles sub-house and finally his current place of residence in Cheats And Glitches.
    • Kirito and Asuna were obviously enraged due to the above issues. Asuna had to endure his creepy behaviour even before the Sword Art Online incident and immediately filed for the aforementioned restraining order upon learning Sengoku had enlisted him. Kirito almost killed Sugou in real life in a fit of rage before deciding he wasn't worth the trouble. Both have started rigorously training after learning he joined Shocker. Sugou isn't even considering confronting the Black Swordsman openly until he has fail-safes in place to avoid suffering the same fate as PoH.
    • He has earned the outright hatred of Yuuki Konno The Zekken ("Absolute Sword"), Asuna's dearest friend and the greatest warrior of ALfheim Online; who in no uncertain terms made it clear to him that he will not "walk away as a man" if he dares to lay another finger, much less his filthy tongue, on Asuna ever again. Sugou has his sights on her as the player who actually beat Kirito in a fair fight and is interested in brainwashing and even cloning her as a super-soldier; the pain this would bring upon Asuna and using this as leverage to force her back into his arms is only a further bonus.
    • Kirito's heralds Alice and Eugeo were apoplectic when they learnt of his existence, with Eugeo in particular being reminded of the incident with Raios and Humbert. Imagine how they would feel if they found out that he had implanted spies within the Ocean Turtle with the intention of selling their tech to foreign governments, thus leading to NSA hiring Glowgen Security Systems (and Gabriel Miller) to seize it. Alice has a legitimate reason to be mad: Miller killed Bercouli and Sugou was at least indirectly the reason for his arrival.
    • Abridged Kirito hasn't met his world's version of Oberon in-game just yet but Abridged Asuna has and is certain the canon version is far, far worse. For all their disagreements with Prime Kirito and Asuna, he is one of the only reasons they will even consider working together with their canon counterparts.
    • Sugou completely lost his shit when he learnt that Akihiko Kayaba ascended. Since their university days in the Shigemura lab they were in a bitter rivalry which only exacerbated when the latter created Sword Art Online. He created ALfheim Online in retaliation to prove he was the better Game Master, only for Kayaba's Virtual Ghost to swoop in and provide Kirito the Heroic Second Wind needed to defeat him, then for Kirito and Agil to discover and unveil that Kayaba had developed a VRMMO simulator program package optimized for easy world creation on high-bandwidth servers called the World Seed as the true safeguard for the future of virtual-reality RPGs. Oberon tried charging Kayaba down in person but Heathcliff deftly sidestepped him and landed a one-hit KO.
    Heathcliff: Greetings, my old friend. [dodges Oberon's charge and impales him, taking out all his hit points]
    Oberon: Dammit ALL! First you spite me by spawning that stupid virtual world of yours. Then you mock me in death by giving 'that boy' your admin account. And now, when I finally thought I'd gotten rid of you, you come back and assert your superiority as the God of Game Masters? CURSE YOU KAYABA!! CURSE YOU!!!
  • The House of Commerce blacklisted him within hours of his arrival for his poor management of RECT Progress, RECT's FullDive division. With his intellect and skill he could've easily risen to ownership of the rest of RECT and gotten all the fame and power he wanted, especially since he was literally handed the keys to the SAO servers. The House of Gaming banned him from everywhere except the central path and his own sub-house for using a virtual world as an outlet for his twisted desires. He was also banned from the House of Love and Affection for violating his fiancée Asuna. His obsession over his Mind Control research led him to be banned from the House of Technology on the recommendation of VR Trooper Ryan Steele (no longer in the Pantheon). His evil neighbours lament that he should have just brainwashed Asuna for a guaranteed victory rather than revel in her pain, while pragmatic deities contend that if he hadn't chosen to be a massive pervert he would have been happily engaged to her by the time the SAO incident rolled around.
    • The House of Science tried to ban him claiming that he gives science a bad name, but with two of its guardians belonging to Shocker and the number of Mad Scientists living in the area, this proposal is unlikely to succeed.
  • At Ryoma's instruction, Sugou was inducted into Shocker in the GUAE. They hope to use his research to perfect their brainwashing procedure so they can safely perform it after augmenting their cyborg soldiers. While he's certainly intelligent, some members question his lack of foresight and common sense. Hearing these comments, Sugou has smartened up to prepare for his next confrontation with Kirito, which is coming very soon. His crimes have made him a public enemy in the eyes of heroic Kamen Riders, especially with Kouta Kazuraba and Kaito Kumon for his despicable acts as a literal cheater and dishonourable human being in the vein of Redyue. Shinji Kido and Ren Akiyama also hate him since his stint as a Killer Game Master is much worse than what Shiro Kanzaki did.
    • For his invaluable service (and some pathetic begging), Sugou was finally rewarded with access to his Oberon avatar but it only has Intermediate God level powers due to not having admin perks anymore. This extends to his substitute avatar Alberich which was also restricted by the Court when its existence was discovered.
  • Was introduced to fellow SAO villain Quinella by Ryoma and the two have become a sort of bash brother and sister duo. He was very glad to have a first-hand account of Kirito having endured so much loss in Underworld at her hands, especially the loss of Eugeo. "I couldn't have done it any better myself," he said. Both sympathize with how they were cut down by Kirito in his rage though Sugou got it worse since he was bisected and stabbed in the eye, while Quinella only lost her arms. As thanks for his slug assistant and Rath employee Yanai helping her out, Quinella bribed Ascensions Office employees to make him Sugou's herald. Gabriel Miller aka Subtilizer would follow suit after his soul-crushing defeat at Kirito's hand.
    • Sugou was personally responsible for Death Gun's (and by extension Laughing Coffin's) ascension when he ordered the assault on the prison the trio was held in. All he has to do now is grant the player-killing guild and Miller full godly status and Phase 0 of his master plan is complete.
  • Many villains with standards, good reputations or plain logic have turned down offers to team up. Even if Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, Sugou just doesn't make it work the way Slaanesh and Molag Bal do. Prominent businessmen like Lex Luthor, Masamune Dan and Gray Mann slammed the door in his face. Sark very briefly allied with him only to lose interest once the details of his downfall came to light. Groups like Hydra, SPECTRE, Blue Cosmos, Team Rocket and the Black Organization sometimes enlist his services but never stay for long. Gin serves as an envoy from the BO and Sugou created a custom account for him in ALO. Agent Smith initially thought about teaming up with him as Sugou's Game Master powers could on paper work in the Matrix, but the two cannot work together to save their lives in practice due to their immeasurable, clashing egos. Killer Cops like Manny Pardo and Mark Hoffman don't like him very much either. It's safe to say the only true friends he has in the Pantheon are fellow sexual offenders like Ethan Roark Junior (too busy raping for a permanent gig) and Wyald. The TPPD placed him on their registry of confirmed sex offenders which makes it impossible for him to get a job befitting of his skills.
    • Has an alliance of convenience with the Trollkaiger, Monokuma, and Junko Enoshima, being amused by their cruel prank of locking Kirito and Asuna away from each other for a couple of weeks. Hopes to conceive his own version of the prank that will drive Kirito to insanity since he apparently can't survive without her.
    • Father and his Homunculi only grudgingly work with Sugou since they have better alternatives like The Gold-Toothed Doctor. Envy once enlisted his help in re-capturing Greed but he was scared off by the Homunculus' true form. The Elric brothers see him as an even more unrepentant Shou Tucker, and the Sewing-Life Alchemist himself remains oblivious to Sugou's true nature. Solf J. Kimblee cannot bring himself to respect a scientist like him for his utter cowardice and incompetence who can't uphold a belief for more than two seconds.
    • Masamune Dan may act nice to Sugou when in business with him but in private, he lambasts Sugou not for raping Asuna (that's his problem) but for being so incredibly stupid in doing so. At least Kayaba had the foresight to hole himself up in a remote location before enacting his plan. Sugou is perfectly aware of Masamune always comparing him to Kayaba, and doesn't appreciate him for it, seeking to obtain the Chronicle Gashat for himself.
    • The one crime boss Sugou genuinely gets along with is Jabba The Hutt of Tatooine, as both are creeps who enjoy licking and slobbering over beautiful young women. Jabba provides Sugou with the much needed muscle to slowly climb his way up the Pantheon totem-pole, in exchange for Sugou letting him fulfil his wildest perverse desires through a modified NERVGEAR.
  • Proud that his seiyuu has over 600 credits to his name, which means that more villainous deities like him are guaranteed to arrive sooner or later and ally with him. He even adopted some of Takehito's trappings like the moniker "Emperor Zazel" in a misguided attempt to gain brownie points with the House of Royalty but was rudely brushed off. Such deities who've worked with him like Zechs Merquise can barely tolerate his presence let alone his actions. Zechs says he'd rather get killed by his arch-rival Heero seven times than have to work with Sugou again.
  • Spent his first few weeks in the Pantheon moping in the Villain Pub (then still in the Great Plains of Dominions) and drinking copious amounts of baiju. Now that he's reached a new high in his career, he is frequently seen playing poker in the executive parlour with Dio Brando (with Darby Senior as the dealer, naturally); aside from also being a perverted blond sociopath without an ounce of decency or morality, Sugou enjoys his company as he is quite possibly the only subversion of the above 'curse'.
    • Another fellow tyrant who shares poker and beer at Sugou's table is Frieza, sharing stories with the former of how he was also sliced and diced into pieces by another pretty-boy Teenage Swordsman. Being a classy and gentlemanly villain, Frieza make no secret of his contempt for the crass and tasteless Sugou, but doesn't kill him because of pub rules.
    • Sugou has also gained the friendship of Judge Claude Frollo, another tyrant with a penchant for tying up helpless young women for him to force himself on and abused his authority to satisfy his lust for power and carnal pleasures. Frollo might arguably be worse since he attempted rape on a gypsy.
    • A newer addition to his cadre is Norman Osborn who impregnated Gwen Stacy at one point before killing her. Osborn has promised to provide Sugou any assistance he can muster from Oscorp to keep the GUAG White Hats off his back.
  • Elves and fairies in the Pantheon see him as a disgrace because of his crimes, and none are more enraged than the real Oberon himself, since Sugou stole his name for petty reasons and declared him "The Withered Pretender". Sugou likes to compare himself to Jareth The Goblin King since they both rule magical realms populated by fairies, but he is only such a ruler in a video game who got deposed. Nevertheless, Sugou tried to paint himself as a victim of Kirito and Asuna in order to try and convince the Goblin King to help him regain his power. Jareth wasn't easily fooled and heard Kirito and Asuna's side of the story. Disgusted at Sugou's utter cowardice, he now refuses any connection with him. Comparing Jareth's infatuation with Sarah and Sugou's obsession with Asuna also sets his teeth on edge, as Jareth never once forced himself on Sarah and he's more than a little disgusted with Sugou's actions towards Asuna. When it was clear he wouldn't get any help from him, Sugou threw another one of his screeching tantrums about being god and how Jareth was nothing, so they're definitely far from chummy.
  • Chief Brian Irons, puppet police chief in the House of Villainy is one of his contacts. Irons apparently has quite the positive reputation despite being a horrendously corrupt and awful human being, very likely as a benefit from associating with the Umbrella Corporation. A Serial Killer and Serial Rapist, Sugou can definitely get behind his ideas and is working to get him promoted to a higher position in the TPPD.
  • Is enemies with the Dimensional Counterparts and the Barian Emperors because both groups have bad experiences with brainwashing in their worlds (the Parasite Fusioner for the former and Don Thousand's manipulation for the latter) and Rio especially desires the worst of deaths for him for dabbling in a deplorable field of science. Sugou initally feared both groups because without his digital avatar, he is powerless against them. Or was.
  • Despises Elliot Alderson, a hacker with similar pedigree to his subordinate Shouichi Shinkawa. Elliot has exposed countless Corrupt Corporate Executives by hacking their information. While Sugou may or may not be part of "the top 1% of the 1%", Elliot still abhors Sugou's rapist tendencies since Elliot himself was raped as a child by his own father. Sugou is watching out for if he joins the GUAG White Hats and he's certainly backed up all his hidden files and heavily encrypted his research.
  • Ever since a certain jaunt in the House of Ambiguity he is scared shitless of another Black Swordsman, Guts. Unlike Kirito, Guts has no qualms about brutally injuring and slaughtering evildoers on a daily basis and has a beloved who was raped to insanity by his former friend. Additionally, like Alderson he was also raped by his surrogate father so they'll happily team up if they get wind of any of his plots. He vows that Sugou's Attempted Rape of Asuna will stay that way and zealously guards his House against an incursion by the Withered Pretender. Even though Sugou hasn't been banned from the House of Ambiguity yet, he might as well be. He'd rather risk getting typhoid fever hiding in the sewers than face Guts in battle. Worst of all, this pathological fear attracted attention from his superior from several storeys up, Grand Marshal Femto aka Griffith, who erupted in Mirthless Laughter after hearing the story.
  • Jack considers him his worst enemy (moreso than any adversary he's faced down in Rapture), as he reminds him of both Frank Fontaine and Dr. Yi Suchong because not only is he a massive Corrupt Corporate Executive who tried to take power for himself but also commissioned horrifying mind control experiments. Meanwhile Subject Delta also has him on his shitlist as he reminds him of Ragyo Kiryuuin and also Stanley Poole.
  • Sugou's hair turned from brown to white with the onset of stress from Kirito nearly killing him and the police interrogation he endured afterwards. While unconfirmed, some claim that he applies copious amounts of brown dye to his hair every morning.
  • After a particularly rowdy free-for-all-orgy at the villain Bar, Sugou began getting along swimmingly with Joffrey Baratheon, who like him is a rotten entitled Spoiled Brat who is prone to screaming tantrums when his cruel desires are not met, and met a cruel fate at the hands of far smarter and more competent enemies. Sugou is considering moving some of his operations to Westros, for unlike Alfheim and Japan, it is mostly a cesspool of depravity and corruption where villains never need to take responsibility for their actions, but are often rewarded for their atrocities.
  • "Do not forget, my dear, that I am the King of this world. Your consent is strictly a courtesy."

    Vanellope Von Schweetz 
Vanellope Von Schweetz, Goddess of Ascended Glitches (Princess, sorry, President Vanellope Von Schweetz)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her car, with "Made by Vanellope and Ralph" frosted on the side
  • Theme Songs; "Shut Up and Drive" (heard during her Training Montage), A Place Called Slaughter Race
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Optimistic and brave girls, The Trickster, being a princess, having friendship with someone older than her, having a terrible past, being an awesome driver and an adorable winner, teleporting everywhere, forgiving those of crimes as if they never happened
  • Domain: Driving, Video Games, Glitches, Royalty
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Shank, Felix, Sergeant Calhoun, Kite, Radical Ed, Jade and Tohru, Peach and Daisy, every Disney Princess Deity, Wonder Woman
  • Odd Friendship: Ermac
  • Enemies: Turbo, Larxene, The Tyranids
  • Ralph asked the Gods to include Vanellope into the Pantheon once she learned to control her glitching and make it her teleporting powers. Seeing as how much Ralph has done for her, they agreed. The two reunited with hugs and insults.
  • Is able to be at any place at any time due to her teleporting, constantly questioning about stuff and having a good time. She loves joking around and messing with them, but she never intentionally does any harm.
  • Has tried multiple times in making Pinkie Pie stay far, far away from her car and to the entrance of Sugar Rush. To say that the pink pony would host a party and devour all of the world would be an understatement.
    • Oddly enough, their conflict can lead to some very interesting fights, since they both make use of teleportation but in different ways. So far, out of this restriction, Vanellope is the only God who has had her ascension party away from her temple out of "safety" concerns.
    • In Pinkie Pie's defense, she knows how hard and how much fun Vanellope and Ralph had building that car and "Pinkie Promises" that she isn't going to eat it. The one Vanellope has to watch out for is Kirby.
    • While she is a bit weary of Kirby, both have agreed to ban Kero from their respective temples due to his own voracious appetite for sweets. With the recent ascension of Anarchy Stocking, she has also been banned seeing as her own appetite for sweets is greater than Kero's.
  • When she's not teleporting, Vanellope is usually seen hanging out with Ralph and riding in her car. She recently gave him enough driving lessons so that he could participate in some racing of his own.
    • That said, she never uses her teleporting to cheat when she races with other gods.
  • Residing over glitches that become well known, Vanellope is capable of giving most—if not all—video game characters new techniques, power-ups, etc.
  • After her ascension, she has been fiercely guarded by not only Ralph, but many of the female goddess in the Pantheon due to all of the crap she had to go through. It is also not a good idea to bully her in Ralph's presence, because he will wreck you if you do.
    • There was a bit of an episode regarding Rena Ryuguu going "OMOCHIKAERI!!!!". However, Ralph takes it all in stride in the fact that Rena doesn't hurt Vanellope, the fact that Vanellope could just teleport out of Rena's grasp at any time, and also because the two became very close friends.
  • Hangs out with many of the Equestrian deities, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Vanellope does her best to help the CMC find their Cutie Marks and was amazed at how Apple Bloom created her own cart. Apple Bloom, for the most part, has been humble about her skills in building.
    • With Ralph now in the House of Ambiguity, Vanellope and the Cutie Mark Crusaders can be seen having play dates. Many of the gods there know not to get in their way else Ralph will have a word with them.
  • Due to her origins as a princess, many have suggested she move to the House of Royalty. Vanellope declined all invitations, because she doesn't believe that it truly defines her, and is happy in the House of Gaming.
  • Had an encounter with Kite, who initially believed she was some sort of an illegal glitch. She quickly explained her origins—including her tragic backstory—to him, and the two have become good friends, having friendly races with her car and him riding Grunties.
  • Once ran afoul with Carmen Sandiego when she stole the Sugar Rush Winner's Cup. Vanellope requested that Ralph appeal to Carmen villain-to-villain, but Ralph asserted that Carmen was only challenging Vanellope the way bad guys are supposed to do and insisted she would play Carmen's game and take it back herself. Once Vanellope recovered the Cup, Carmen offered Vanellope a position as a VILE operative, but Vanellope insisted that she's not a thief. Ralph begged to differ.
  • Became instant friends with Jade and Tohru, as the two's friendship reminded her of herself and Ralph. Vanellope loves Jade's adventures with Jackie and is in awe of Tohru's Chi Wizard training. The fact that Ralph also saw a little of himself in Tohru also counts.
  • Joined Mario and his friends for a round of Mario Kart 8, especially on the track Sweet Sweet Canyon, as it reminds her a lot like home.
  • As Ermac came into being through equal parts fanon and glitching, they have formed a strong bond with her for presiding over Ascended Glitches
  • Recently, she's been seen hitting it off quite well with the other Disney princesses in the Pantheon, introducing them to modern clothing and having sleepovers once a month.
    • She's also had to re-model her temple so that it's both a combination of Sugar Rush and Slaughter Race and has gained a kinship with Wonder Woman because the latter reminds her of Shank.

Lesser Gods

    Pony Island 
Pony Islandinhabitants , Harbinger of Ominous Visual Glitches (Satan's Arcade)
The "Title Screen"
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pony, as presented by the game
  • Theme Music: Enter Pony; The Machine
  • Alignment: Hopeless Soul is possibly Chaotic Good whilst Lucifer is probably Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind Screw, Interface Screw, Anachronism Stew, Stylistic Suck
  • Domains: Gaming, Souls, Weirdness
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, Nobuyuki Sugou, Love Machine
  • Disliked by: The Mane Six and their friends
  • Weird relations: The ascended inhabitants of the Underground
  • Under examination by: The House of Gaming, The SCP Foundation
  • Somewhere in Limbo, there is an unusual game called Pony Island made by Lucifer that is designed to take the souls of those who play it. Unfortunately for him, there are too many programming errors present in his game, but he's still determined to get it to work regardless. Hopeless Soul, the soul of someone who previously played that game, helps those who are "trapped" in this game find their way out and possibly save some of the other souls in the process. Azazel, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus guard the core files through various means. Baphomet isn't much of a talker, but he somehow knows a lot about those who play the game Lucifer made.
  • The House of Gaming got a bit uncomfortable when they found an arcade cabinet that they don't remember talking about or seeing beforehand during a check. A little later, someone visiting the house found the cabinet and decided to play it. Sometime after that, the being was missing from the Pantheon grounds. And then much later, others began disappearing and these disappearances could be traced to the House of Gaming. Eventually, the missing deities were found and the arcade machine had to be examined when it was discovered that it was the source of these disappearances.
    • Some of the Gaming members, alongside the SCP Foundation which had received word of the incident, visited the House of Technology to see if a closer look at the arcade machine was possible. One of the things discovered was that the machine was known to glitch out sporadically and led to certain things to allow further progression. Although the Technology house offered to keep the machine for further examination since the Gaming House already had Polybius, another unusual arcade machine, to deal with, the Gaming house decided to keep the machine for further examination. That said, the Technology House and The SCP Foundation are still welcome to look for any more weird findings this machine possesses.
      • Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to place the Polybius and Pony Island cabinets in close proximity to each other. The House of Gaming isn't sure what, if anything, would happen, but they're not willing to take the risk.
  • Within the Pantheon itself, it is a little more difficult to access the machine IRL given the circumstances. In cyberspace however, the process is a bit easier since it exists as a program within that plane. This program is still a bit of a dangerous place to go to regardless of how to get there.
  • No one has any idea as to the exact time period the machine was made given that the graphics look very dated, there is an operating system that is just as outdated, and the monitor looks a bit old. Not only that, the machine is able to print out tickets and even has Knockout Gas built in as well. Most aren't really convinced that 1992 was when it was made despite the "copyright claim" on its title screen.
  • Aside from the titular game, which is a runner-type game with shooting elements, this machine contains some other unused, unfinished, and unusual data. Among them include a 3D version of the game, a text adventure, and a file named "PonyIsland.META". There is a lot of confusion as to how the latter file even works.
  • A handful of computer hackers have taken an interest in this machine given its properties. Although Hopeless Soul doesn't mind the benevolent hackers that much, Lucifer has a bigger issue with them, regardless of if they're good or evil.
  • Kirito & Asuna are both amicable towards Hopeless Soul as they all know what it's like to get trapped inside a game and make their way out of it while trying to avoid death (though in Hopeless Soul's case, the Pony Island players are more or less already dead).
  • As it turns out, Hopeless Soul is capable of being a little more powerful than he appears to be, but only to those who are interested in seeing everything the machine has to offer. Soul collectors such as Shang Tsung and Shadow Fiend immediately took an interest upon hearing about it from others.
  • The Mane Six got really annoyed when they found out that a game with a name like "Pony Island" would serve a sinister purpose. Although they were told that one of Lucifer's possible intentions with the game was to make friends, they feel that using a demonic arcade cabinet is not a good way to accomplish that friendship-based motive. The Mane Six's friends are also disapproving of that machine given the design of it, though the Mane Six's enemies don't care a whole lot about it.
  • Lucifer expects those who play their game to play fairly, even if the programming leaves a lot to be desired. He is unable to tolerate cheaters such as Bandit Keith and Wario since their antics go against how Lucifer intends his game to be played.
    • This attitude earned the admiration of Dr. Hax, who has been encouraging Lucifer to be more aggressive in snuffing out cheaters who play Pony Island. Dr. Hax is still trying to look at how to throw CRT monitors at the arcade machine so it can only target Hopeless Soul and other cheating players. Entering cyberspace, accessing "Pony Island" from there, and then chucking CRT monitors at the offending cheaters is another option Dr. Hax is considering.
  • On one hand, Dhuum has a bit of respect towards Lucifer for having very little tolerance towards cheaters. On the other hand, Dhuum believes that Lucifer should just take the souls sooner instead of trapping them in a poorly-functioning arcade machine, though Lucifer is still insistent that his game works.
  • It may be plausible that the machine knows a bit about the inhabitants of the Underground given a few things there. That said, it's not the place (or game) to talk about a certain someone that may or may not be connected to the Human Child.
    • Speaking of the Human Child, that person has been a subject of interest for those inside the machine. Lucifer would like to have him try out Pony Island, while all what Hopeless Soul wants is the Human Child to be safe.
    • Flowey got a bit of time in his hands and watched someone related to the game named Louey. Flowey was actually amused by it, if only because of the presumed similarities present between them.
  • No one is certain as to what will happen should Ermac, who is known to house around ten thousand souls, play the game. Regardless of what will happen, Ermac doesn't want anything to do with the machine, especially in regards to its soul-stealing creator Lucifer.
  • The Lucifer and Beelzebub who are related to this machine have no connection whatsoever to a different Lucifer and Beelzebub. Nevertheless, the leader of the GUAC finds it amusing that someone who shares the same name as him would attempt to make an arcade game with a "cutesy" appearance, only for it to end up having a lot of programming flaws present.
    • When it comes to differentiating the Lucifers and Beelzebubs, this Beelzebub is addressed as Beelzebub.EXE. As for this Lucifer, referring to him as SystemTech is something that wouldn't be considered ridiculous.
  • Baphomet knows a lot of things, be it the past, present, and maybe the future. In fact, it's possible he knows about the Pantheon entirely, but when others try to ask him about it, they aren't given a proper response since Baphomet only wants his visitors to ask questions about themselves.
    • Dust seems to believe that Baphomet could provide some answers in his current journey. Although it's unclear as to how that's turning out, Dust has gotten along reasonably well with Hopeless Soul.
  • There's only a few shared threats that face the inhabitants of this game. Agent Smith has been looking into the machine and has considered using it as a stepping stone in his goals. Both Lucifer and Hopeless Soul hate Nobuyuki Sugou for his cheating attitude and usage of a game to kidnap others, respectively. Hopeless Soul also doesn't want to get involved with Love Machine at all. Lucifer hates the AI for reasons that should be obvious by now.
  • One of the lingering questions about this machine is if there's even more to it than there already is, and it's a question that has been particularly asked by those who have a knack of investigating the highly unusual. One of the more wild theories out there is that Lucifer is "playing" all the roles of those already existing inside, including that of Hopeless Soul. Whether that theory, alongside various other ones, is true or not remains to be seen.



MissingNo., Deity of Glitch Characters (Missing Number, Ketsuban, Pokémon #000, The Entity)
  • Demideity (Quasideity without glitchy effects) Greater God as The Entity
  • Symbol: A mass of jumbled pixels in the shape of a backward-L; can sometimes take on the form of a ghost, an Aerodactyl or a Kabutops.
  • Alignment: By nature True Neutral, can vary depending on how it is used in the game.
  • Portfolio: Good Bad Bugs, A Glitch Pokéemon, Being Normal and Bird or 999 Type, Glass Cannon or Armored But Frail, Urban Legend of Zelda, Manifests as Fossilized Bones, The Lavender Ghost or Just a Mess of Pixels, No Biological Sex, Leftover Data of Cut Content.
  • Domains: Glitches, Data, Video Games, Exploits, Urban Legends
  • Followers: Ashura and Wechidna, SCP-951
  • Superior: Joel
  • Allies: Vinny, Vanellope von Schweetz, The Flying Dutchman, Spooky, BEN
  • Odd Friendship with: Pepsiman
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Otherness Abominations
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Bandit Keith, Linkara, LORD VYCE, 90s Dude
  • Opposed by: Yog-Sothoth
  • Fears: The House of Combat
  • Feared by: Lord English
  • Disliked by: The other Pokémon
  • Banned from: The House of Naming and Epithets
  • Like most video games, Pokémon has its share of glitches, but the most fantastic originate and are exclusive to the first generation of games. Sometimes, this manifests in an actual Pokémon, and the most well-known is MissingNo. It is believed to be leftover data from deleted Pokémon, as 39 more Pokémon were intended to debut in Kanto rather than Johto,. Also believed to be the game trying to recall character data where there isn't any. Many rumors emerged about it and none of them real.
  • The MissingNo.'s genetic code is one of the world's greatest mysteries due to the fact that it is not created similarly to other Pokémon; though it's mostly a result of residues of unused and deleted data files in the game. Strange side effects have been observed in its presence, most notably messing up Hall of Fame data. MissingNo. has been barred entry from the House of Naming because it messes up the names in the official files.
  • Rumored to have had a hand in the creation of Polybius, something the AVGN claimed was bullshit and he knows where it came from. This might just be him not wanting to encounter Polybius again after his traumatizing experience. More credible are the rumors that if you swim on the edge of the House of Water and Moisture, MissingNo. might appear.
  • Its in a limbo where it can be encountered like a Pokémon, but isn't truly a Pokémon and thus doesn't seem to get along with them. It tries to visit the House of Birds as one of its own types is Bird type, thought to be the original Flying type. However its effectively a Normal-type, and fears the House of Combat.
  • Has tried to masquerade itself in the House of Prehistoric Beasts through its Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossil forms. All this did was creep them out, and the Pokémon was directed to the House of Undead. The Flying Dutchman was intrigued, as was Spooky, who decided to teach it how to scare people.
  • Debates have been made on whether MissingNo. is truly dangerous, as some Pokémon glitches can seriously mess up the game. However, the glitch is relatively harmless compared to the lesser-known deities like "M Block" or the glitch Charizard. It just happens to be the easiest glitch Pokémon to find. MissingNo. usually associates with fellow glitch Vanellope. She wasn't originally a Glitch Entity, and MissingNo. feels bad she was. He likes being with Vinny as well.
  • Its more dangerous cousins are usually encountered via hacking and cheating. Because its brought about by cheating, Bandit Keith and Nobuyuki Sugou are on edge whenever MissingNo. is present. Though it considers them loathsome like most, it doesn't have any special antipathy for them. They are mainly worried about bringing its more dangerous relatives, like the Bad Egg.
  • As a whole, the House of Gaming doesn't care for MissingNo. due to it messing with data. The House of Game Characters is the most tolerant of it outside of its own House, since it is a sort of game character. The House of Technology is more curious about MissingNo. than anything.
  • Because MissingNo. is a programming error and not an official Pokémon, it has been interpreted a variety of ways. It's said there might be more of it dwelling in Glitch City. The common theory is that Cubone was supposed to evolve into Kangaskhan, and it's the leftover data. MissingNo. prefers to keep to itself.
  • BEN has some fondness for MissingNo., due to dark theories surrounding both and the Creepypastas sometimes using MissingNo. as a subject. He's a little irked that it can't communicate properly, but not like it matters since BEN himself keeps a lot from others. Sometimes Pepsiman of all people hangs out with the glitch, feeling a bit sorry over how its often interpreted as evil and dangerous. They share an unexpected connection: in the Channel Awesome (and through crossovers, AVGN) universe, they're both dangerous Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • In terms of actual stats, MissingNo. is pathetic. In Red and Blue it has great physical attack, but no defense and 6 special defense. The Yellow incarnation has great HP, but awful stats elsewhere. And each form is very slow. MissingNo. uses its glitches and creepiness in the pantheon to hide this. Not helping it is that while the SCP Foundation is watching over its anomalous nature, they consider the glitch Pokémon to be mostly harmless.
  • As they know what it really is, the House of Abominations laughed off its attempts to join them. However before they could kick it out they realized that Lord English, one of their worst enemies, is weak to and afraid of glitches like MissingNo., so they let it stay. The Glitch Pokémon didn't like being snubbed, but decided to take their offer anyway.

    Mr. Resetti 
Sonny Resetti, Enforcer of Fair Play (Mr. Resetti)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pickaxe
  • Theme Song: Mr. Resetti
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mole Miner, Demoted to Extra, Sour Outside, Sad Inside, Motor Mouth, Last-Name Basis, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Moles, Temper, Underground
  • Herald: Don Resetti
  • Allies: Tom Nook, K. K. Slider, Isabelle, Sans, Harth Stonebrew
  • Enemies: Flowey, Bandit Keith, Aran Ryan, Nefarian
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dr. Hax, Dhuum
  • Annoyed at: Excalibur (Soul Eater), Deadpool
  • Special Relations: Villager
  • In the world of Animal Crossing, things happen in real-time, much like an ordinary world would. That also means there are a few rules in place as to making sure fairness happens in that world. If for some unforeseen reason any human inhabitant decides to reset, they'll be greeted by Mr. Resetti, a short-tempered mole that delivers long-winded tangents to those who reset their run.
    • For all of that anger Resetti has, he's actually a pretty well-meaning guy who's just very stressed about the work he has to do. In fact, him looking for when resets happen and chewing out the offender is pretty much the only thing that he can do at all.
  • The Reset Surveillance Center is the base of operations for him and his brother Don. This is actually Resetti's temple and it was built by the Villager partially thanks to the latter's funds. The Surveillance Center doesn't get much visitors likely due to the place being open to visit during late hours, but the visitors do sometimes get a chance to see what happens up-close if a "reset" is detected.
  • Having had experience in dealing with those who "reset", Resetti was quick to learn that there were other forms of cheating and that there were a fair number of cheaters in the Pantheon. The mole knew that his job was going to be much more difficult than it was before, but ultimately followed through on delivering rants to cheaters such as Bandit Keith.
    • This includes delivering rants on those who would attempt to use codes to cheat their way to things that were Dummied Out of existence. He did learn that Mitsuru Kirijo and Fuuka Yamagishi supposedly delivered these kinds of lectures before.
  • During one of the Smash Tournaments, Resetti managed to show up and deliver a few of his long-winded rants there. None of the competitors involved really paid any attention to him and at times would leave the mole behind, much to his frustration.
  • Resetti's rants have been known to annoy those who listen to them, but the annoyance that results from them is not on the same level as that of Excalibur's. Resetti had the misfortune of meeting with him one time and the encounter went so badly that the mole refuses to talk about it.
  • Even though both Resetti and Dr. Hax both share the same idea that cheating should not happen, they don't agree with the other's method of punishing cheaters. Dr. Hax thinks that just yelling at cheaters is too lenient and that the cheaters in question may end up causing problems again. Resetti thinks that using things like CRT monitors and hammers, alongside Hax going after any and all cheaters regardless of their intention without giving anyone another chance is too harsh. Resetti having met those who had to reset not out of selfishness, but because they didn't have any other option, could be the source of the conflict between Resetti and Hax.
    • The mole subsequently heard of Dhuum, another being who opposed cheaters and paid him a visit, somehow. Resetti found out that Dhuum was even more out there compared to Hax, but since death and the afterlife are out of Resetti's control, there wasn't much the mole could do about Dhuum and punishing cheaters (the ones that don't cheat death, that is).
    • Out of those who have a philosophy of disliking cheaters, the only one that Resetti was able to be on good terms with was Harth Stonebrew. Harth being an overall nice guy and understanding the troubles the mole has gone through may have helped mellow out Resetti's temper somewhat.
  • Although Resetti doesn't hold any sort of serious grudge against those who are capable of digging, he did warn them that they shouldn't dig so close to his headquarters or just him in general since the digging of others could get in the way of his routine to dig to those who have reset.
  • If there is one deity that Resetti hates the most, it would have to be Flowey. The latter Save Scumming for malicious purposes has left Resetti in a rage when he found out. Flowey has constantly taunted Resetti about how the mole is powerless to do anything other than complain at the offender and not do anything substantial about it.
    • This later led Resetti to Sans, who has had experience in dealing with recurring experiences and putting up with them. The two are understandably affected by their own experiences. All told, they are often seen talking to each other about their respective jobs.
  • Deadpool has proven to be a recurring source of irritation for Resetti due to the former's craziness. What is a particular sore spot for Resetti is how Deadpool sometimes interrupts the mole's reset-related lectures to talk about the fourth wall, a concept that Resetti doesn't seem to fully understand (partially in regards to resets). The Merc with the Mouth seems to be unfazed by Resetti's rants, as far as some witnesses could tell.
    • To a potentially greater extent, Resetti has no tolerance whatsoever for Nefarian, another deity with some sort of acknowledgment of the fourth wall. The dragon has been more proactive in mocking the mole over lecturing others over something that can't be remedied, with Flowey sometimes joining in with Nefarian on riling Resetti. It doesn't help that Nefarian partakes in a bit of cheating as well.
  • Upon learning that there was someone who was capable of utilizing a Reset Button, Resetti set out to find who it was. It took him a bit of time before stumbling upon Whis, who had that Reset Button power. When Resetti asked for an explanation on it, Whis said that the Reset Button powers in hand were to be used only in dire situations (like the world getting destroyed). The encounter ended with Resetti telling Whis to be careful.
    • Resetti's stay at the House of Time & Space took a bit longer than he anticipated given that he learned from those from that house that there were various time travellers. Unsurprisingly, the mole got angry with the time travellers who were using that ability to do selfish actions or worse. When it came to time travellers who were using that ability for good, Resetti showed a bit of concern. He does understand why they have to do that, but he's more concerned about what could change in the present if the past is altered.
  • Given how Resetti has been able to show up just after any kind of reset happened back in his own world, many are wondering what would happen if different universes implemented a similar plan, with someone chewing out the offending resetter if a restart occurs. Those talks haven't gone far, due to the mole being overworked and weary as is.
  • Mr. Resetti soon got a new job in the Pantheon, helping out lost people and bringing them to locations where they meant to go. It's proven to be a helpful service, with him getting frequent customers from Zoro and Linkle. His brother also helps out with this service.


    Bandit Keith 
Keith Howard, God of Unsuccessful Cheaters and Sore Losers (Bandit Keith, The K Man, Ken)