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The only thing that can be said for certain about this House is that it is a confusing mess (literally, as the place instills a weird sensation on visitors), no doubt thanks to the diverse mental phenomena that manifest here.

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    The Idea of Evil 
The Idea of Evil, Unholy Living Idea (The Ungodly God Born of Man, God of the Abyss, Desired God)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Behelit in a grey tornado of deformed visages.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Absolute Spoiler, God of Evil, Evil As God, Living Idea of Suffering, Created to Explain Suffering, Eldritch Abomination, Greater-Scope Villain, Proving Humans Are Flawed, Because Destiny Says So, Created by Man, Somewhat Unclear Canonicity, As Long as There Is Evil
  • Domains: Suffering, Evil, Ideas, Demons, The Astral Plane, Fate, Divinity
  • Underlings: Griffith and The Godhand
  • Venerated by: Junko Enoshima, Damien Thorn, Dr. Weil
  • Allies: Nyarlathotep (Persona), Barbatos, Dis, The Beast
  • Odd Friendship with: Nurgle, Despair of the Endless
  • Rivals: YHVH, The Other Chaos Gods, Yuuki Terumi, The Ebon Dragon, Yaldabaoth
  • Enemies: Guts and his friends (even if they don't know its existence), Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Hope Bringers by default, Bro'dee Walker, Makoto Naegi, Auriel, Philemon, The Hadou Gods, The Emperor of Mankind, The White, The Spectre, Madoka Kaname, Fused Zamasu, Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, YHVH and Lucifer, Iroque, Kratos, Aleph, Lucifer (Supernatural), Ahura Mazda, Cyrus, The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Opposes: The House of Opposing Fate
  • Opposed by: The Love That Moves The Stars
  • Disappointed in: Angra Mainyu
  • The Idea Of Evil is a being born as a response to humanity's need for a reason for all their suffering, manipulating human affairs and controlling humanity's destiny. It is a common consciousness that transcends individuality, acting as the ego of the world. Its purpose is being responsible for Gut's World being as dark and depressing as it is. Thus it has created every monster, demon, and manipulating every evil force in its world to cause Suffering.
  • It has gained knowledge of the Pantheon and it will expand its purpose to spread suffering to this realm as well, though only a handful of members know that its name and even less knows that it exists. Only Griffith and The Godhand has ever directly had any real face to face. It claims that Griffith is it's Chosen One, meant he may have control over causality and the emotions of humans and gives Griffith the authority that he may do whatever he wants with humans: destroy or liberate them. It has admitted manipulating events surrounding Griffith's ancestry and throughout his life to bring him to that point.
  • Seeks to be the absolute when it comes to gods of evil and despair. The Idea of Evil believes that it is a better lead than Melkor for the Grand United Alliance of Evil, due to existing to explain suffering. Melkor retorts by stating that it is still dependent on humanity, while he is an independent entity who spreads evil beyond Man. The Idea of Evil agrees he has a point and for the most part is on good terms with Melkor, but still covets his role.
  • Existing to enforce a negative status quo in the world of Berserk, the Idea of Evil covets the Status Quo itself and desires to supplicate it. It initially sought to overcome Despair of the Endless, but she represents a far grander hope of despair and on some level the Idea has accepted her supremacy, considering her more as a mentor or older friend. While the Idea didn't plan on it, both the Beast and Yuuki Terumi were hesitant on allying with it because of their superiority complexes. Though believing himself to be the true source of all evil, the Beast ultimately decided it's better to get along. Terumi however just decided to compete with the Idea of Evil due to wanting to bring about his specific flavor of despair, not the Idea's.
  • For apostles and the Godhand, it requires an emotional nadir that it leads to by the manipulation of fate. All so they may make a Deal with the Devil and cross their personal Moral Event Horizon by sacrificing their loved ones. However, all Apostles are inevitably doomed to be Dragged Off to Hell on their death. The "despair leads to monstrosity" transformation is something similar to how the Incubators' processes work, but for completely different reasons. The Idea of Evil regards them as competition, but they do not pay it any mind.
  • Given its creation, the Idea of Evil was soon compared to Nyarlathotep, the embodiment of all human evil. Nyarlathotep boasts that it is absolute proof of the inherent wickedness of mankind, and was overjoyed to see such a God of Evil return to the pantheon. The Idea of Evil has become fond of the newly introduced Barbatos, who's Dark Multiverse represents the worst possible outcomes and reflects its pessimistic view on mankind.
  • Zamasu believes the Idea of Evil to be a perfect argument for his hatred of mortals; they created a god to explain their suffering, only to maintain and enforce it. The White believe it's living proof that humanity's fate is a hopeless one, and needs to perish in a mass Mercy Kill. And Lucifer, son of Chuck Shurley, considers it a reason why humans are disgusting. Most ignore their arguments, particularly Lucifer due to the fact he twisted fallen and broken humans into demons. Cyrus has a more rational response, believing the existence of things like it is why he considers the human spirit flawed and the world in need of a restart.
  • It has attempted to break Hope Bringers, and those that try to end suffering as it believes that it is not true of Humanity's true wants and desires as it believes that it humanity's Destiny. As such, it is opposed by all who oppose hope, and conversely venerated by those that worship despair. Junko Enoshima has become the Idea's chief disciple, and Doctor Weil seeks to bring about great suffering in its name due to his nihilistic loathing of humanity and idealism. It has personally taken a liking to Damien Thorn for reminding it of Griffith, and he wishes to bring about the despoiling of creation through the Idea.
  • The existence of the Idea of Evil is one of the few things to bring The Love That Moves The Stars to tears, as He is deeply saddened by His children conceiving of a malevolent god to explain suffering. The Emperor of the King Dolorous emitted a bellowing laugh at such a being's existence. Dis also claims that, as the supposed source of sin and suffering it is the ultimate forefather of the Idea of Evil. Though the Idea of Evil believes he's exaggerating, his cataclysmic evil and involvement in suffering makes him an important ally to the Idea of Evil.
  • Maintaining its existence and purpose through the manipulation of fate, the Idea of Evil seeks control of the House of Prophecy, mainly by supplanting Destiny. It's not going to happen, but it will settle for the destruction of the House of Opposing Fate due to what they represent. Far more worryingly is that the Idea of Evil seeks to become a Hadou God, making its will and nature the defining Law of The Multiverse.
  • Despises the Flood, who claims that it is utterly inferior to them. Considering that they ARE the embodiment of the Precursor's will, the ones who created humanity and by extension it, it's not entirely inaccurate, and the Idea of Evil hates them for this fact. It has since sworn to destroy them. It is also the sole reason why it opposes the GUAD, since it fundamentally needs humanity to exist.
  • YHVH's desire to be the absolute and cosmic law, along with being maintained by worship and desire for law from humanity, makes Him a rival to the Idea of Evil's own desires to be an absolute. Mainly on the Idea's end, as YHVH simply loathes the Idea of Evil. Lucifer loathes the Idea more, mainly because he perceives it as a ugly blot embodying human weakness and preventing mankind from reaching its potential.
  • Absolutely loathes the God-Emperor of Mankind, as he is the God of Humanity and fights to make the universe a better place for Mankind to exist in, something the Idea of Evil finds abhorrent. Some parts of it actually fear the Emperor for he is both the equal and Archenemy of the Chaos Gods, beings that much like the Idea of Evil were created from the negative emotions and darkness of living beings. The Idea of Evil recognizes its similarities to the Chaos Gods, and considers the lot his rivals. Well, except Nurgle. They are both forces of suffering and(in different ways) stagnation, after all. Though it doesn't understand Nurgle's twisted view on love.
  • The living antithesis of the belief that The Good Guys Always Win, and that goodness and karma are the ultimate forces behind humanity. Naturally, it is anathema to Cosmos and the GUAG. The Spectre loathes it for being a cosmic Karma Houdini, but as a Tulpa crafted by humanity the Spectre cannot erase something fundamental like he's able to enforce karma on mortals. Ahura Mazda cannot bear its existence and hates what it represents.
  • Angra Mainyu was pleased to see something so inherently horrible ascend, and wished an alliance. The Idea rebuffed him however, decrying the Destructive Spirit as "pathetic". It regards the Ebon Dragon as pathetic, however unlike Ahriman it feels a certain kinship as it exists for a certain purpose, like the Idea. The Idea of Evil explains suffering, while the Ebon Dragon exists to oppose and despoil.
  • It considers the Phantom Thieves a problem as their ability to change hearts is the perfect weapon for restoring the repressed humanity of the Apostles and restoring their sense of guilt. They consider it as bad as Yaldabaoth for seeking control over the hearts of humanity and embodying mankind's weaknesses in the form of needing an explanation for suffering. Yaldabaoth was well aware of their similarities, but they have different manners in which to control and manipulate the human condition.
  • So long as humanity desires a reason for suffering, the Idea of Evil will exist to serve as that reason. Even if weakened in the pantheon due to being more optimistic than its setting, it cannot be destroyed. This hasn't stopped Aleph and Kratos from trying to do so, and they pointed out they killed literal gods, so they're confident they can kill man-born gods like the Idea of Evil.

Intermediate Gods

    Razputin Aquato 
Razputin Aquato, Divine Explorer of Minds (Raz, Goggolor, Eggbeater, D'artagnan, Chops, Angus, Beat, Dare, Otto, Bolt, Finn, Li-Po, Pootie, Pooter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Song: Psychonauts Title and End Credits, alternatively The Meat Circus
  • Symbol: His goggles
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Entering People's Minds, Hammerspace Backpack, Child Prodigy, Circus Brat, Gypsy Curse of Super Drowning Skills Borne From His Own Mind, Accomplishing Plenty of Feats in One Day, Middle Child Syndrome, Nice Guy, Goggles Do Nothing Save For Protection From Eye Scream, Looks Unimpressive Without His Hat, Odd Combination of Clothes, Possibly of Half-Roma Descent, Warrior Therapist, Wise Beyond His Years
  • Psychic Powers: Fire, Telekinesis, Beams, Levitation, Invisibility, Barriers, Clairvoyance, Confusion, Mental Connection, Time Bubble, Mental Projection
  • Domains: Psychic Powers, Circuses, Goggles
  • Followers: the Proxies, John Malkovich, Soulscapers
  • Herald: Lili Zanotto (his girlfriend)
  • Allies: Coach Oleander, Jean Grey, Prof. Charles Xavier, J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Ness and his team, Lucas, Tate & Liza, most Psychic-type Pokémon, Satori Komeiji, Haruka Kotoura, Alexandra Roivas, Ronald McDonald, Eli Bacon, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the Investigation Team, Ned Needlemeyer, Silver the Hedgehog
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Goro Akechi
  • Rivals: the Inception crew
  • Enemies: Professor Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, Arael, Psycho Mantis, Giygas, Mother Brain, The Brainspawn, Dr. Zomboss, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Gero, Denzel Crocker, Needles Kane, Circus Baby, Bill Cipher
  • Opposed by: Most members of the House of Madness and Insanity
  • Afraid of: Most deities that live underwater. The whole House of Water and Moisture while we're at it. Not so much anymore
  • While searching for candidates for Journey to the Center of the Mind, the Court decided that, while waiting for the sequel, they would bring up the Psychonaut cadet Razputin Aquato to the Pantheon for his achievements at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. For his part, Raz is curious to see what the Pantheon has to offer.
    • Eventually, he had to go "back" once his story was ready. Once everything there was over and done with, Raz returned to the Pantheon, better than ever, as a full-fledged (Junior) Psychonaut. Though he did forget a few abilities he had from before, but that was easily remedied.
  • In terms of what his temple looks like, it takes the form of his bunk at Whispering Rock Summer Camp during his first adventure. He hasn't officially found his bunk during his time at Headquarters, and while things with his family have since been mended, he's still not 100% made up with them.
  • Raz does his work by using a Psycho-Portal that puts Raz and whoever he uses the portal on into a trance while he does what he does inside the target's mind. Due to built-in blocks, he cannot use the Psycho-Portal on anybody younger than 18 years old. It's also blocked by shower heads (and maybe other head-covering implements), those with "mental blocks" set against invasive psychic devices, and those who can remove the Psycho-Portal with their own powers. As far as he knows, only psychics can enter minds through Psycho-Portal, and has not tested if he can take a non-psychic with him given he has very little non-psychic allies (besides perhaps some of his family, who were slow to approve of his psychic powers).
  • As someone gifted with psychic powers, Raz was quick to make friends with the friendly kind such as Jean Grey, Professor X, J'onn the Martian Manhunter, Ness, Lucas, and most Psychics from the Pokémon world, both 'Mons and humans alike (though he was slower to warm up to Sabrina, given the different versions of her). He's currently considering whether or not some of them are trustworthy enough to bring with him through Psycho-Portal to investigate minds if they're not able to access the minds of others already.
    • Two races of the New Alliance of Free Stars have also had Raz under consideration; the Syreen, who all have overall superior psychic talent might have a closer genetic relation to humanity than expected, and the Arilou, who can speak to people telepathically and are basically The Greys. That said, the latter has tampered with humanity's mental development in their universe, as well as probably experimenting on isolated humans. Thankfully, the Junior Psychoaut is currently unaware of this interest.
    • There's also Silver the Hedgehog, who's also psychic, though is limited to telekinesis and levitation (both much more powerful than what any Psychonaut can do) with no real hint towards any telepathy (beyond the now-defunct Archie Comics continuity). That said, Silver is also a time-traveler, and that got Raz's attention give his enthusiasm for all sorts of paranormal stuff. It also helps that they're around the same age (Silver's 14, Raz is 10).
    • And then he's heard of rumors that Amy Rose might have psychic potential as well, given her precognition via Tarot cards, a tendency to be at the right place at the right time, summoning her hammer out of nowhere like an astral projection, and telepathy is potentially starting to wake up in her.
  • Due to his Gypsy Curse, Raz stays away from all bodies of water that he can be immersed in, and therefore all deities who live beneath it. How bad is the gypsy curse on him? Even figurative depictions of water (such as cardboard waves) can hurt him. Also, when ever Raz enters water deeper than a few inches, a supernatural liquid hand called the Hand of Galochio attempts to grab him and pull him beneath the surface. Whether Raz has created a psychic placebo (i.e. his fears make the hand come to life), or there really is an external curse is still being determined. And if it is the latter, there are those wondering if that curse would go away if he gets killed at least once in the Pantheon. When that happened (his first death in the Pantheon), it's implied to be the former.
    • As it turns out, it's actually sort of both, for the Hand of Galochio was created by Ford Cruller as a result of him implanting a strong fear of water in Lucrecia Mux/Maligula/Nona Aquato's mind to stop her from reawakening her hydrokinesis. This fear had then been passed to Augustus, and from him to all the Aquato children, including Raz. Once it was understood that there is no curse, the Hand is no longer hostile, Raz is able to tread water safely with the Hand's help, and it will even rescue him if he thinks he's in danger from drowning by pulling him to someplace dry. Given his great-aunt was actually Maligula, it's likely that he has inherent hydrokinetic potential as well. That said, given it's been a greatly feared entity for so long, Raz isn't that interested in honing his (potential) powers over water anytime soon.
  • Raz really doesn't like it when he hears of extremely traumatized children. Not because he has no empathy for it, but because he cannot help them his usual way since his Psycho-Portal only works on people who are 18 or older. And hearing of kids like Mary, Steven, Sunny, and Basil just makes him fell helpless. Yes, he's not even a teenager yet, but given all he's accomplished, being faced with the fact that there are people just beyond his reach is not easy for anyone to cope with. And yes, he knows Psychonauts aren't meant to fix people (that much he learned from his mess with Agent Forsythe that he thankfully managed to fix) but help them fight the inner demons they already have, but it's much harder to do that through talk alone.
  • As someone who can change the opinions of people just by going into their heads, so to speak, he's drawn the attention of the Inception crew and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. And his friendship with the latter eventually got him attention from the Investigation Team as well, whose members have had their issues mostly mended through their trips to the TV World.
    • He has more cordial relations with Ren's crew, especially with Futaba Sakura, whose initial situation needed a change of heart from inside just like with some of the folks Raz helped. As long as he promises to follow their lead and not kill main Palace Shadows, he can join the crew in their Heists there. Unfortunately, the reverse cannot ocurr, as the Psycho-Portal only works between target and Psychonaut, and it's not known what might happen if he and the Phantoms target the same person with their separate methods and what effects there can be on the Mental Worlds Raz travels to and the Metaverse the Phantoms navigate in.
    • At least, that was how it worked at first. After a couple of cooperative missions where they end up investigating the same target, holes in the Palaces have been sighted that lead into places different yet similar to them. And then when Raz was sighted there, it's turns out that there is a way to enter Mental Worlds after all; through these holes. However, it's not known what would happen to the Phantoms if they're still in these worlds if Raz ends up leaving (either by way of Smelling Salts (which merely instantly awaken its user from sleep in the case of the Phantoms), his projection getting "killed", or otherwise being forced out), so caution is advised.
    • As of his second adventure, he came back to meet the new additions Violet, SOPHIE, and Wolf, and was amused to see an officer as part of the crew, given that the Psychonauts in part do what the Phantoms do, but as an official organization. He's also since become a lot more cautious when it comes to meddling with minds, ever since the disaster with Agent Forsythe Hollins when his attempt to turn her from a safety-freak into someone more tolerant of sending him and his fellow interns to a mission turned her into a gambling addict. He managed to fix that, but still got a scolding for it and he realized his mistake.
      • When he inquired with the Phantoms about that, given their own modus operandi, he was given a talk on the targets they changed the hearts of; all of them were despicable folks who have a lot of people suffering under their heels, and were untouchable by the law in some form or other. There was literally no one who could/would stop them save the Phantom Thieves. This left Raz at odds with himself since technically speaking their agenda run at odds with Psychonauts rules and the responsibility that comes with their powers.
      • Because of that, Raz loathes Akechi for his acts of murder in the Metaverse, cursing the fact that he's only 17, thus preventing Raz from using the Psycho-Portal on him. He only tolerates the detective because Ren vouches for him and because Akechi's past was full of messed up stuff.
      • In regards to Prince Gristol, Ren stated that he was the kind of scum the Phantoms would go after. But they won't not only out of respect to Raz, but because he's already technically apprehended by the law in the end.
      • As for Dr. Takuto Maruki, Raz has made his opposition on the ex-psychologist's former plans for his ideal world clear. Maruki knows there are parties interested in awakening that side of him that wants to pursue that ideal again and has offered Raz access to his mind so as to help prevent that from happening again (plus helping the Psychonaut understand him more). Thanks to the trip, Raz realizes that the ex-therapist hadn't been entirely himself when he enacted his plan because of Yaldabaoth psychically corrupting him and his Persona (back when he had one).
      • And because of what Maruki has done, Raz is particularly sympathetic towards Sumire since her mind was altered by him, even if it did stave her off from depression and inevitable suicide before Ren came to her life and mended her for real.
  • Having had a terrible past in the circus (at least that's how he rememebered it at first), Raz opposes the likes of Tökkentäkker, Needles Kane, and Circus Baby. Having had terrible experiences with them, he doesn't like mad doctors and other folks who mess with minds. Particulars he don't like are Dr. Zomboss (who wishes to eat brains, and so do his brethren) and Arael (whose modus operandi is Mind Rape, especially after hearing what it did to Asuka). There are also the malicious psychics such as Alma Wade, Magnus the Red, and Typhus. And like any sane person, Bill Cipher is also an enemy due to his ability to appear to people in their dreams to make deals, his expertise at manipulation, and his agenda for Weirdmageddon.
  • Alice swore she once saw his skeleton in (Dark) Wonderland. Raz has no plans on visiting Wonderland anytime soon as a result and hopes that wasn't him in the future. According to his old myspace account, Raz is a Capricorn. He also doesn't like bees or cilantro, but is not afraid of them. Additionally, he has no issues against gay couples, having encountered one among the Psychic Six/Seven in Bob Zanotto and Helmut Fullbear.
  • In terms of people who have had villains hidden in their family just like him, the closest would be Sasuke Uchiha, whose ancestor Madara drove Itachi to kill members of his own clan. And in some continuities, this also applies to Tony Stark (his biological father turns out to have been a member of HYDRA) and Spider-Woman (her parents are also HYDRA agents). Raz gets along with the superheroes, while he's wary of the Last Uchiha.
  • Raz took an interest in Ned Needlemeyer when he found out about his chronic nightmares, and the nightmare-plagued boy couldn't be more welcoming a chance to be cured of his bad dreams. That said, Ned's unfortunately too young for the Psycho-Portal to work on him, so Raz decided he would need some help and contacted the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. One Meta-Nav scan later revealed that Ned indeed had a Palace, and soon they and Raz went in.
    • Unfortunately, things there proved a tad more difficult than anticipated. While not exactly as hard as Shido's Palace, Ned's came with multiple obstructions that required going outside regularly to consult him. Due to what happened last time someone entered their own Palace (Futaba), Ned cannot come along this time, and bringing Fuuka might be needed for cross-dimensional contact. While the Phantoms were now personally dedicated to helping Ned now, Raz insisted on coming with on this venture; he had promised to help him, no matter how long it took, and Ned was forever grateful to them all.


Lesser Gods

    John McClane 
Detective Lieutenant John McClane, God of Monkey Wrenches (Roy, Cowboy, The Right Man at The Wrong Place at The Wrong Time)


    David Lightman 
David Lightman, God of Shattered Non-Reality Assumptions
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A tied game of tic-tac-toe
  • Theme Song: "Video Fever"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Playful Hacker, unwittingly playing deadly computer "games", nearly starting World War III, intelligent but doesn't care about school, mistaken for Soviet spy through some unfortunate coincidences, 52 hours to fix the mess, product of the 80s
  • Domains: Computers, Hacking, Games, The Eighties, Anti-War Aesops
  • Allies: GUAG White Hats, Lisbeth Salander, Radical Ed, Pac-Man, Fix-It Felix, Wreck-It Ralph, Ferris Bueller, good Digimon deities, Kirito and Asuna, The Five Survivors
  • Enemies: SKYNET, Diaboromon, Love Machine, SHODAN, HAL 9000, XANA, The Lich, AM
  • Opposes: House of War
  • Mistrustful of: Sweet P
  • David Lightman is a bright but academically unmotivated kid with a knack for computers and hacking. Originally he just used his talent to give himself excellent grades, but one day he tried hacking a video game company and became engrossed in one "game" called "Global Thermonuclear War". What he didn't know then is that he had actually connected to a NORAD computer called WOPR or Joshua, built to run war simulations and given control over the military's actual nuclear missiles. And Joshua was determined to win. NORAD became alarmed as it seemed like a Soviet attack was happening and reality came crashing down on David as he's accused of espionage. Eventually he managed to stop Joshua by teaching it that there can be no winners in a nuclear war.
  • Ascended for his savviness in stopping Joshua and for codifying many film conventions surrounding hackers. He was given And You Thought It Was a Game so he would not forget his mistake regardless.
  • The moment he ascended he was offered a spot at the GUAG's White Hats. He accepted it to atone for his mistake and help in avoiding future disasters and is catching up with all the technological advances and new hacking methods that have appeared since his time under the mentorship of Radical Ed and Lisbeth Salander (more so the latter as the former can go off-track easily). Cosmos claims that she hopes David will be able to convert some of the evil computers in the Pantheon of their folly like he did Joshua, but some deities think he actually got placed there so he could be kept under control and to ensure he doesn't pull such dangerous stunts as he's credited with again.
  • David can be rather lazy about his duties at the White Hats (and the Elysium Academy for that matter), much to their dismay, and is more often found at the House of Gaming trying to get the highest score in several old-school arcade games. He thinks it's awesome that game characters are real and was more than glad to become friends with the arcade god Pac-Man, given what an icon of David's time he is. He's also become addicted to Fix-It-Felix, Jr. (wondering the whole time that he's never heard of it before) and became friends with Fix-It Felix and Wreck-It Ralph as a result.
  • He's not one to turn up his nose at the games of the new generation and thinks it's amazing how technology has advanced to the point of immersive virtual reality games being possible, as he discovered from giving ALFheim Online a shot (he plays a Leprechaun). He became close to Kirito and Asuna thanks to it and was shocked to learn about Sword Art Online, a game that was rigged to trap players and kill them if they died in-game. It makes David depressed how people will even find a way to use video games to commit murder for real.
  • As he lived in a time where the Cold War was at its most tense and he very nearly started a nuclear war single-handedly, David has become something of a pacifist and doesn't care much for the House of War. Nor does he want anything to do with those who advocate or wield nuclear power. He finds it nightmarish yet oddly poetic how a nuclear holocaust could give rise to an absolute monster like the Lich and sees it as a warning against nuclear warfare. He doesn't trust Sweet P either, considering he has part of the Lich in him even if he's good now.
  • For obvious reasons he looks askance at any computer systems that have gone rogue and turned evil. One of the worst in his opinion has to be SKYNET, as the idea of a computer given control over military weapons is far too similar to Joshua, and while Joshua may have been persuaded to desist, the worst case scenario did happen with SKYNET as it caused a nuclear holocaust. So David has more of a personal beef with SKYNET than other evil computers. But he doesn't like SHODAN, XANA or HAL 9000 much either.
    • AM possibly puts them all to shame though. Being an American computer built to kill people in WWIII more efficiently which later developed a consciousness where it felt nothing but hatred and killed all humans except for five which it kept alive for endless torture, David sees it as the end result of the Cold War going horribly, horribly wrong, and why the lives of millions of people should not be put in a computer's hands. He's made it a personal project to save the five people AM uses as toys.
  • In his work with the White Hats he's had plenty of opportunities to interact with Digimon. He thinks it's cool that there's a whole world inside the computer system that houses such out-there creatures. Given how some of the White Hats are partnered with Digimon, he wonders if he could have one himself.
    • He can't stand looking at Diaboromon though, given how the Digimon once managed to gain control of some missiles and was planning the destroy the wreak havoc with them just for kicks. It hits a bit too close to home for David's comfort.
  • He hates Love Machine too for its similarities to Diaboromon, as Love Machine is a virus that wanted to drop a satellite on a nuclear plant and cause destruction and suffering. Just another AI that resembles Joshua at its worst.
  • Can be found hanging out with Ferris Bueller at times, the two having become friends at the Elysium Academy. Both of them tend to collaborate on plans to rebel against the school system, and David is impressed that Ferris has some hacking skills of his own. With these similarities, as well as physical ones, the two are often mistaken for brothers.

    John F. Kennedy 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, God of Those with a Wildly Theorized Killer (JFK)

    Mordecai and Rigby 
Mordecai and Rigby, Godly Attractors of the Strange (Mordecool, Mordo, Mad Man Mordo, Mordy, Riggs, Rig-Bone, Mysterious Mr. R, Trash Boat, Rigy, Mordecai and the Rigbys)

    Mr. Miyagi 
Nariyoshi Miyagi, God of Trickster Mentors (Mr. Miyagi)
  • He's just a little old Demigod, yesirree...
  • Theme: "You're the Best Around"
  • Symbol: His rising sun headband
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Wax On, Wax Off, Trickster Mentors, Those Who Use Japanese Honorifics While Speaking English to a Native English Speaker, Cool Old Guy
  • Domains: Competition, Strength
  • High Priest: Mr. Han
  • Heralds: Yukie, Sato, Julie Pierce.
  • Allies: Daniel LaRusso, Yoda, Jackie Chan, Rocky Balboa
  • Opposes: John Kreese
  • Complicated relationship: Johnny Lawrence
  • Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
  • Many Gods in the House of Combat are floored when they see Mr. Miyagi being able to fight with the likes of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Mr. Miyagi just smiles at everyone's disbelief.
  • Is a highly disputed mentor in the House of Sports. Anyone he decides to train ends up doing menial tasks all through the various houses.
  • According to his student Daniel (and later verified by Mr. Miyagi himself), his ancestor had all but invented karate. Miyagi's ancestor traveled to China, where he learned White Crane Kung Fu. Returning to Okinawa, he adapted it into karate.
  • One of his best friends in the pantheon is Jackie Chan, who "portrayed him" in the remake.
  • Mulan deeply respects him, and was shocked to hear he wasn't Chinese given he sounds like her Emperor.
  • Has become friends with Rocky, given both share a director (John G. Avildsen), tragedies in their lives, and mentor qualities given Rocky becomes a trainer.
  • Was unbelievably happy upon the ascension of his greatest student, Daniel-san, and is always accompanying him to any events.
    • On the other hand, the Cobra Kais were less welcome. Miyagi has instantly shown scorn for John Kreese, and while he has shown respect to Johnny Lawrence's development as he switched into a sensei role, Lawrence still recalls very well the beatdown Miyagi once gave him.

    Shawn Spencer 
Shawn Spencer, God of Phony Psychics (Shawn White, Dr. Hauser, the Black of Black and Tan (how dare you assume otherwise), Dr. Hans Jergenson, really very many aliases)
  • Theme: I Know You Know
  • Demigod (but can manage to give off the air of a Lesser God)
  • Symbol: A pineapple
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Charm, Knowledge, Trickery
  • Portfolio: Analysis, Genius Ditz, Deadpan Snarker, odd demeanor betrayed by his successful record, being Brilliant, but Lazy, charisma, giving nicknames, Photographic Memory
  • Heralds: Burton Guster (his partner), Henry William Spencer, Jr. (his dad), Detective Juliet Lynn "Jules" O'Hara (his girlfriend, later wife), Detective Carlton Jebediah "Lassie" Lassiter and Chief Karen Vick (his liaisons in the Santa Barbara Police Department).
  • High Priest: Arataka Reigen
  • Allies: Sherlock Holmes
  • Vitriolic Best Buds/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Most of the House of Justice
  • Rivals: Patrick Jane
  • Enemies: Most members of the House of Crime (unless he thinks they're cool)
  • Ascended when he managed to convince the Pantheon that he was a psychic god. He immediately built an office in his new temple, in order to help out the House of Crime. It was later revealed that he was only pretending to be psychic, but the gods were impressed enough that they allowed him full Demigod rank.
    • Those who work in the House of Justice have varying levels of patience with Shawn's antics. Unsurprisingly, Judge Dredd has the least amount of that but knows he's too valuable to throw out. He merely throws him over to other deities in that department. Usually, that means a lot of hand-wringing from them. The Dark-Judges think they are better off offing him.
    • His mortal partner, Burton Guster, followed Shawn into the pantheon. It involved a lot of high-pitched nervous breakdowns and meandering over whether or not to actually leave the mortal plane. Gus is acknowledged as Shawn's partner, and granted divinity, but technically has no position. Nevertheless, their friendship is said to rival that of J.C. and Turk (not that they mind; those two were huge fans of the pairing as well).
    • He hooked up with Detective Juliet O'Hara, whom he frequently stays over with. He even lets her into the House of Justice. This is met with a sigh of relief as she's the person who does the best job taming him.
  • Shawn will often hide pineapples in random places in the pantheon, thinking that more gods need to eat pineapples. When asked why, he said that it was because "[he's] a fan of delicious flavor."
  • Shawn is vulnerable to the Evil Is Cool trope, and has made friends with "cool" gods in the House of Crime, such as Robin Hood. This makes the House of Justice suspicious, but Shawn will not actually help commit any crimes, and Robin Hood generally gets a pass anyway.
    • A more accurate way of describing Shawn's relationship with the House of Crime is that he'll get along with heroic criminals.
    • Barney took note of this and has begun to coax him into helping the "far more awesome villains." The GUAG took note of this and have made sure the two interacted as little as possible.
      • Not that it mattered. Despite Shawn thinking some of the more Robin Hood-esque villains are cool, he is very much grounded in good. Coming from a family of police offiers, this was understandable. Furthermore, it was the whole reason he became a detective in the first place, especially when the police are unable or unwilling to help.
  • Shawn was once found roaming the House of Knowledge, unannounced, reading his own book (Psych's Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified) out loud, claiming he was doing a reading. He was soon asked to knock it off.
  • Is part of a legendary rivalry with fellow detective Patrick Jane. Despite this, he doesn't not care much for Patrick Jane, calling him a lame version of himself. Nevertheless, the reveal about visiting a site called "The-Mentalist-Spoilers-dot-com" caused the rivalry to explode. Even their creators pop jabs at each other. When fooling someone that he really is psychic, Shawn compares himself to Jane, "except I'm not a fake". This only further infuriates Jane, as he doesn't believe in psychics in the first place.
    • Tensions simmered slightly with the ascension of Nathan Castle, who managed to befriend both of them. If either of them are forced to work together, they would bring in Castle as the deciding factor.
  • Holmes doesn't usually mind giving him company. He knows there's a genius behind that flamboyant personality. That and he has been the subject of isolation from his peers as well.
  • Shawn has announced that he, Gus and their friends would be returning for a holiday special on December 2017, to the jubiliation of many of his followers and allies.


    Sigmund Freud 
Sigismund Schlomo Freud, God Of Freudian Psychology (Sigmund Freud for short, Dr. Freud)