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Janemba, God of Verbal Weaknesses (The Incarnation of Evil, Janenba, Janempa)
Super Janemba
  • Quasideity (Saike Demon), Greater God (Janemba) and Overdeity (Super Janemba)
  • Symbol: His Dimension Sword
  • Theme Song: Phantasmagoria, Force of Justice, Otherworld in Collapse
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Saike Demon), Chaotic Neutral (fat form), Chaotic Evil (demon form)
  • Portfolio: Words Can Break My Bones, Shatters When Insulted, Made of Evil, Breaking the Laws of the Afterlife by Existing, Demons, Thinking Up Portals, Kind of Like Majin Buu, Bishōnen Line, Rubber Man, Funny Villains, Reality Warper, Absurdly Sharp Blade, Only Says "Janemba" Until He Becomes Super Janemba, Unskilled, but Strong, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Evil, Hell, Chaos, Life and Death(abused)
  • Allies (As Saike Demon): Goku and Vegeta
  • Allies (As Janemba): Majin Buu (also friendly with Fat Buu), Frieza (really, any DBZ villain), Melkor, Nyarlathotep, Aku, and (oddly enough) Vito Corleone
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Discord
  • Enemies: Goku and Vegeta (also Worthy Opponents), Dhuum, Decim, Seymour Guado, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, Osiris, Samurai Jack, Killia, Marona, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Life and Vitality and Death and Postmortem
  • Fears: Trolls
  • In the afterlife of the Dragon Ball universe, souls sent to Hell go through a soul-cleansing machine. The process of purification leaves canisters full of evil, and one slacker Saike Demon managed to be accidentally coated with the stuff. The result was Janemba, a demonic entity who warped the afterlife and allowed the souls of both Heaven and Hell to return to Earth. Though believed destroyed by Gogeta, the GUAE worked to recreate him for a powerful ally. Their experiments succeeded, and Janemba has become a god in his own right. Many deities are trying to turn Janemba back into the Saike Demon, thus they try their best to not kill him since he's not entirely responsible for his own actions.
  • Remarkably similar to Majin Buu. Upon meeting the two became good friends, and you can see them causing chaos together. When in his first form he prefers to play with the fat Majin Buu, and the second form likes to hang out with Kid Buu. Melkor is keeping a close eye on Janemba, believing his ability to break the boundaries of life and death is a valuable asset to his cause.
    • Some deities have also reported that Janemba occasionally fuses with Kid Buu in his second form. The resulting Fusion, Janembu, is very dangerous and it often takes multiple gods to stop them.
  • Janemba's power is not to be underestimated; it took the full force of Goku and Vegeta using the Fusion Dance in order to stop him. Having become Super Saiyan Blues, they thought they could easily deal with the reborn Janemba individually. Unfortunately, Melkor has used the evil of several Hells to recreate Janemba stronger than before. He can't wait to duel with the Saiyans once more.
  • In addition to his Reality Warper powers, Janemba has a Dimension Sword; it's so goddamn sharp it cuts things from the draft swinging it. It can even cut through dimensions and create portals. Add to his natural teleportation, and it makes it hard to control him. Asides from the House of Life and Death spending their time trying to pacify him, he'll be more well behaved if he's promised a good fight. Some believe he plans to fight Beerus one day, though since he never talks this may just be gossip.
  • Frieza and the other Z villains owe him some gratitude, as by breaking down the boundaries of Earth and Hell they were free to run amok. Unfortunately, it didn't get that far the first time since they had no time to train and Gohan kicked Freeza's ass. The next time was more successful since Janemba empowered them. Now that he's trained, Freeza can't wait for another break as an undead body means stamina may not be as much an issue as before.
  • The living definition of evil, born from the purged evil of those reincarnated through Hell. Being Made of Evil, Janemba finds companionship with Aku and Nyarlathotep; the latter of which is almost certainly planning to use him in order to dick around with life and death. However while his nature as evil incarnate makes him a powerful force, it also means he's extremely vulnerable against literal forces of good. Despite the power difference, Killia and Samurai Jack can one-shot him if they manage to land a hit, particularly Killia's power to destroy enemy withouts. As soul stuff, he's at the absolute mercy of Marona and Gabriel Belmont.
  • Janemba requires a host of sorts, which makes him vulnerable to exorcisms. Despite their vast power differences, he's shown concern towards Father Kerras and Father Merrin.
  • Janemba is on the watch list of both the Houses of Life and Vitality as well as Death and Postmortem, and for a good reason; his mere existence causes the barriers between the living and dead to break down, making life and death seem meaningless. Granted, Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, but warping the afterlives simply by being is really worrying. Dhuum, in particular, hates Janemba for letting the dead return from the afterlife. Seymour Guado sees him as a blight on his plans to end suffering through omnicide due to breaking the afterlives.
  • Janemba and Discord get along, as they both love a good World of Chaos. Of course, since Discord is somewhat reformed, they don't hang out nearly as much as they used to.
  • Apparently, amongst all the formerly living beings who make up Janemba, the main soul composing his name, malevolence, and versatile abilities is a crime boss from the Demon World. Because of this, he has a strange and surprising attachment to Vito Corleone.
  • For all his power, Janemba is ultimately a child. In his first form, he's incredibly playful and almost innocent in a way, which wouldn't be too bad if he weren't a chaotic Reality Warper. Even in his more serious second form, he reflects this by being hurt by harsh words or insults. For this reason he's scared of any and all trolls. Yuuki Terumi finds this hilarious that such a Physical God is weak to cursing at him, but luckily for Janemba Terumi's plans don't involve him.
  • Many deities feel sorry for the Saike Demon and have been trying to free him from Janemba's possession. However, it's not an easy task, especially because of how powerful Janemba is.

Greater Gods

Alduin, Nordic God of Words of Power (Destroyer Devour Master, The World-Eater, The Time-Eater, Firstborn of Akatosh, Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Bane of Kings)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His name in the Dovahzul alphabet
  • Theme Song: Watch the Skies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Notable Dragon Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Resurrection Shout, Soul-Snare Mist, Dragon Storm Call
  • Portfolio: The World-Eater, Destroyer Deity, The Dreaded, Very Strange Dragons, Godly Dragons, Resurrecting Other Dragons, Devouring Souls, User of the Thu'um, Evil Overlord, The Most Powerful Dragon and Their Leader, A Malignant Aspect of Akatosh, Unable to Comprehend Mortality, Hubris, Cowardice, Fearing the Dovahkiin, Evil Sounds Deep, Black and Evil
  • Domains: Language, Prophecy, Time, Immortality, Destruction, Dragons, Tyranny
  • Followers: The Dragon Cult, Many lesser dragons of Tamriel
    • Former Followers: Paarthurnax (ascended), Odahviing
  • Allies: Maegor I Targaryen, Tiamat, Smaug, Dr. Weil, Darkseid, Vilgax, Teridax, Lord Voldemort, Ganondorf Dragmire, Apocalypse
  • Rivals: Grima, Ungoliant, Zanza, Deathwing, Lavos, Tuska, Mordremoth, Unicron, Darth Nihilus, Lord English, Zhaitan, Oryx, Hades, Nicol Bolas, Malefor
  • Enemies: The Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax, Miraak, Hermaeus Mora, Molag Bal, Peryite, Arokh and Rynn, Donkey, Bahamut, Caim and Angelus, Daenerys Targaryen, Spyro, Malygos, Acnologia, The Nameless King, Ignitus, Nico Minoru, Zatanna, Maxwell, Nozdormu, Gwyn, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, Dialga
  • Opposes: Death of the Endless, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Guthix
  • Feared by: The Adoring Fan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nekron
  • Herald: Nahkriin (formerly Miraak)
  • While the dragons of Tamriel in general are widely feared, none inspire more terror than their leader Alduin, the World-Eater. Present in the Nordic pantheon as the God of Destruction, Alduin built the dragonsí civilisation and is prophesied to reawaken after a long absence with an intent to destroy all life as he had periodically done before once the following events have occurred: when misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world; when the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped; when the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles; when the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls; when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding.
    • However, it is also said that he will be defeated by a hero known as the Last Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul of a dragon and gifted with the ability to wield the Thu'um with unusually little effort and absorb the souls of other dragons. Yet it is possible that Alduin will be allowed to return once again at the end of time, when the world is finally ready to be consumed. This is supported by the Dovahkiin being unable to absorb Alduin's soul when he finally was slain.
  • Alduin grew in arrogance due to his status as a god among dragons. Eventually, in the primeval Merethic Era, he shirked his fated role and instead cruelly enslaved the mortal races of Tamriel and Atmora, granting power to the dragon priests who ruled as kings. A rebellion soon erupted against the tyranny of the Dragon Cult, and eventually the dragons themselves. Alduin himself was overthrown when a trio of Nordic heroes subdued him with the Dragonrend shout, before casting him forward in time to the year 4E 201 using an Elder Scroll. What few of his kin remained unslain scattered and hid themselves abroad the world of Nirn.
  • The most notable distinction of the dragons of the Mundus universe from other dragons is the fundamental connection of their souls to a magical force known as the Thu'um, which causes words spoken in their language to affect the environment around them, and so a dragon that appears to be breathing fire is in reality saying "fire" in their own tongue. So integral are the Words of Power to these dragons that each of them has a name consisting of three of these words, which can be used by other wielders of the Voice to summon them. It is thus fitting that Alduin, the leader of these dragons, would become god of the Words of Power upon his ascension.
    • While each Word of Power can be learned almost instantaneously by a dragon (or a Dragonborn, provided that they absorb a dragon's soul or "absorb the knowledge" from another), a regular mortal can learn the words and put to use their effects through rigorous training and meditation. This fact allows the Thu'um to be turned against the dragons, as a group of humans invented the Dragonrend shout which forces them to experience mortality, a concept completely alien to them, and land to leave themselves vulnerable.
  • One of the main reasons why the World-Eater is so dreaded is because not only can he kill most other beings with ease, but he can consume their souls afterwards to replenish himself, thus destroying them both physically and metaphysically.
  • There is much debate about the precise connection between Alduin and Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time and chief deity of the widely revered Nine Divines. It is thought by many outsiders of Skyrim, such as scholar and High Priest Alexandre Simon that the former is an aspect of the latter, marking the Great Dragon as both the creator and destroyer of time, and Alduin himself boasts that he is the Firstborn of Akatosh. The Nords themselves, however, generally see the World-Eater as a similar but entirely separate deity, making such arguments as that it is illogical seeing as Akatosh is seen as a benevolent being while Alduin makes himself known through destruction and tyranny.
  • One legend has it that he was responsible for the corruption of a being then known as the Leaper Demon King as punishment for hiding parts of the world from him that he was "entitled" to consume. The Leaper was cast into Oblivion and could only make infrequent returns to Mundus through great effort, but would never be truly free until he found and destroyed what he had shielded from the World-Eater. The denizens of Tamriel recognise this being today as the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. If indeed this legend is true, this means that Alduin is indirectly responsible for the Oblivion Crisis which became the catalyst for the collapse of the Tamrielic Empire.
  • As they are both feared enemies of Tamriel, there initially was worry among the gods that Alduin would form a duumvirate with Hermaeus Mora. This did not happen, however, as Alduin hates Mora almost as much as the Dragonborn and Paarthurnax for turning a portion of the Dragon Cult against him, including their leader Miraak.
  • The Adoring Fan is terrified of him, even more so than he is of other hostile creatures. It is speculated that this is because if Alduin were to eat his soul then it would permanently stop the Fan from respawning. For some reason, not many gods seem very upset about this possibility.
  • In his quest to destroy most of the Pantheon and enslave what remains of it, he has allied himself with Darkseid. He is currently wondering if he can unlock a Dragon Language translation of the Anti-Life Equation in order to control the gods.
  • Is surprisingly amiable with Voldemort, since he approves of his contempt for apparently lesser and weaker beings, his garnering of respect through fear and power, and is impressed with how he put a taboo on his own name in order to seek out insolent enemies who try to use it freely, although he still considers spells to be inferior to dragon words. Voldy is also currently safe from having his soul eaten by Alduin, as there is so little of it left inside him that it would do nothing to sate the dragon.
  • Has rivalries with many other Destroyer Deities, Planet Eaters and Omnicidal Maniacs, as he desires as much for himself to destroy as possible.
    • His fiercest antagonism is towards Deathwing- while he has uncharacteristically praised the Destroyer for the magnitude of the destruction that he has wrought, and still fondly remembers the days when they slaughtered terrified villagers and smoked pipe-weed with Smaug, Alduin asserts that if there is going to be a dragon deity who will bring forth the end, then the right belongs to himself and himself alone.
    • Finds himself competing with Oryx since both feed their everlasting hunger through ruin and carnage. The Taken King has an advantage in that, while both of them are very difficult to kill, he can only die permanently in his throne world. He is, however, hindered by the constant threat of being consumed himself should he fail to keep himself satiated.
    • Became miffed when he came across Hades munching on a bowl of souls that could have been his. The Lord of the Underworld remained undeterred.
      Hades: Now, now. I know how tasty these are, but thereís no need to be greedy. Thereís plenty to go around, and even more are being formed with each grisly, senseless death. Ha, why donít we two go for dinner sometime and order the most exotic souls painstakingly prepared by the most esteemed cooks in the Underworld? You would like that, wouldnít you? Of course, you would! Here, have one now to appetise yourself. *gulp* Whoops! Oh pity, it would appear that Iíve already eaten the las- OOAAAARRRRGHHHH!
      • To make a long story short, the collateral damage took quite a while for the gods to clean up.
  • Naturally, he receives little approval from other magic users who wield the power of words in their spellcasting.
  • Detested by Malygos due to reminding him far too much of Deathwing and due to his presence in the House of Magic.
  • Perceiving his own kin as the supreme race and seeing other life as slaves who are obligated to pay tribute to them (or more specifically, to him), he harbours disgust for any dragon who willingly forms bonds or alliances with lesser beings.
    • Considers Arokh a disgrace for going so far as to bond his soul with his rider. He is looking forward to making a meal out of their shared soul.
    • Was utterly repulsed upon hearing of the relationship between Angelus and her rider. She and Caim do not consider Alduin particularly pleasant either, and note that he does not help with their preternatural prejudice for black dragons.
    • For the same reasons as Caim and Angelus, he has no love for Donkey. The presence of the Dronkeys baffles him almost as much as the concept of mortality.
  • Upon hearing of Alduin's rampages, Daenerys Targaryen rode out on Drogon, accompanied by Rhaegal and Viserion, to confront him in the skies of the Pantheon. While remaining cautious, after enduring a blast of fire from Alduin and remaining unburnt, she became quite confident that by telling him that she was blood of the dragon, she could bring him over to her side as she had done with Smaug. She was wrong.
    Alduin: Kos nahlot, bein jul! You would abase yourself by likening your filthy mortal body to the flesh of a dovah?! You may have braved my fire, but can you truly assert your claim? Kod hi fin Thu'um? You will have the chance to prove yourself... after your insolence has been punished.
    • Alduin then blasted Dany off of Drogon. Immediately, the three Essosi dragons attacked the World-Eater in a frenzied panic. He simply subdued them with Frost Breath and said with a chuckle, "Your false master is dead. Now you will serve me." He then noticed a shadow pass over him, and looked up to find that the sun had been eclipsed by Balerion, carrying King Aegon I. This was the last thing he saw before he was rammed by both Vhagar and Meraxes, ridden by Aegon's sister-wives. After Daenerys was caught in mid-air and deposited back onto Drogon, the four Targaryens and their six steeds proceeded to charge Alduin who, while outmatching the other dragons in his intelligence and range of abilities, could only put up only so much of a fight against so many opponents at once and was eventually forced to flee, albeit with the belief that the six exhausted dragons would make useful servants once he had devoured their masters. The Targaryens then looked around and saw that the surrounding area was in ruins. In awkward silence, they flew away in search of deities who could fix the place up again.
  • Despite being an enemy of most of the ascended Targaryens, he has respect for Maegor the Cruel. Praising his oppression of his subjects and brutal treatment of his enemies, he has gone so far as to say that Maegor is "almost worthy" of being a true dovah and has considered inducting him as a dragon priest. He would never dare, however, to allow Maegor to use him as a mount.
  • While Gwyn and his knights are generally indiscriminate about the dragons they kill, they have taken special notice of Alduin due to him being uncontrollably destructive and knowingly malicious. Even the Nameless King, who opposes Gwyn in his crusade against dragons, agrees with him that he needs to be put down.
  • Is intensely disliked by fellow temporal dragons Nozdormu and Dialga. The possibility that he is an evil aspect of Akatosh reminds them too much of their own evil selves (Murozond and Primal Dialga, respectively).
  • While they do have a commonality connection in being deities who went against their duty for selfish and egotistical reasons, he is annoyed by Melkor's claim that he created dragons (as evidenced by the fact that he was known to breed them in his own world of Arda), claiming that nobody, not even a god, could make such great beings if they were not a dragon themselves.
  • In spite of his insatiable desire for destruction and dominance, he occasionally takes some time off from being the World-Eater, but not before hiring a carefully-selected substitute. Thomas adamantly denied any association with Alduin when he was accused of being a very naughty engine.
  • Also present in the House of Magic.

Anankos, Dragon God of Literally Forbidden Words (King of Valla, Silent Dragon, Dragon of Wisdom, Sacred Mystical Dragon, Dawn Dragon, Dusk Dragon, Hydra)
Masked Form 
Human Form 

    The Queen (OFF
Vader Eloha, Divine Monarch of Spoken Words That Can Physically Hurt You (La Reine, The Queen, The Queen of the Flies, Mama(?))
The Queen herself
The Queen and her Add-Ons 
Her Royal Add-Ons  
  • Rank: Greater Goddress
  • Symbol: A gray illustration of an Emperor or Polyphemus Moth on a black background
  • Theme Song: The Woman of Your Dreams, The Meaning of His Tears
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or something else (She sees herself as Lawful Good, The Batter sees her as Neutral Evil or even Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: The High Queen, The Blank, Big Bad, Final Boss, Most of Her Attacks are Her Words, Not Quite Human, Possibly a Tulpa, Her Name Means "Father God", Hero Antagonist, Parental Substitute To Her and Batter's Creator, Neglects Their Child/Creator According to The Batter as well as Letting Their Own World Come into Ruin, Which May or Not be True, Calls The Batter Out For His Own Faults, Overall She's More Good Than Initially Believed
  • Domains: Creation, Specters, Ambiguity, Parental Substitutes, Callouts
  • Herald: Hugo Her Adopted Son/Her Creator
  • Allies: The Zone Guardians, Lord Vyce, Queen Marie Antoinette, The Dovahkiin, Isaac's Dad, The Judge
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and every Omnicidal Maniac, Alduin, Janemba
  • Opposes: Those Who Commit or Attempted to Commit Pater Familicide (Kratos, Hercules, Shou Tucker, Jack Torrance), Those Who Manipulate People To Commit These Acts (Ares, Hera), Any Child-Killers/Eaters (Baba Yaga, Pennywise, SCP-993, The Other Mother and Slender Man)
  • On Good Terms With: Hall of Ghosts, Toriel
  • On Bad Terms With: King Asgore Dreemurr
  • Conflicting Opinion From: Houses of Leadership, Royalty, Family and Relatives
  • Pitied By: Professor Shinonome and Nano Shinonome, Maisie Farange
  • Of Interest For: Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, The Emotions
  • Disappointed At: (Insert Name Here) a.k.a The Player/Puppeteer
  • Complicated Relationship: The Batter
  • The Queen, whose real name is Vader Eloha, is a mysterious humanoid entity that rules over all of the Zones. It was said that she rebuilt the world from an unknown wasteland to a utopia and assigned the Guardians to be in charge of the various Zones, giving her energy so that the Guardians can perform their duties. She is also the motherly caretaker of her and The Batter's creator Hugo, a sickly little boy. She may or may not also be responsible for creating and controlling the dangerous Specters that plague the various Zones. That is what is likely known about The Queen, as everything else about her is a mystery; from her exact reasoning behind the Zones' creation, the extent of her roles as The Queen and as Hugo's caretaker, her knowledge of the suffering within her Zones, and her relationship with The Batter.
    • The Batter and The Player would learn about The Queen as they are travelling throughout the various Zones but won't meet her until one of the final sections of the special zone known as The Room. As The Batter confronts The Queen in her chambers, he seemingly accuses her of neglecting Hugo as she wasn't always present to tend to his needs. The Queen, in turn, accuses him of destroying the place she rebuilt meant for Hugo's well-being. To protect the child, The Queen fought The Batter, but was ultimately defeated by him and unable to protect the child from what's coming to him. What makes her different from the Guardians The Batter fought is all of her special attacks consist of her phrases berating The Batter, while flashing her words on the screen; words that while meaning little to The Player, seemingly hold a special and hurtful meaning to The Batternote . Her wordy attacks not only affect him but all his other party members, The Add-Ons, as well, dealing lots of damage and can inflict status effects on them.
  • Ever since learning about deity nominations from his allies, Dedan, one of her loyal royal agents, had made a few requests to the Court of Gods to ascend his beloved Queen into the Pantheon. The Court finally approved his ascension request after finding a suitable title for her based on one of her abilities and she was resurrected in the flesh alongside her own set of Add-Ons. Her Royal Add-Ons are ornate-looking shapes that accompany her and can attack enemies for her in case of a fight. After being briefed on her new situation and the perks of deification, she was directed to her temple, which contained a floating red cube that when touched, leads to a pocket dimension that resides a replicate of her former private domain, The Room. Seemingly taking the situation very well, her first order of business is to reunite with her Guardians and decide their future endeavors.
  • Information about The Queen's relations with The Zone Guardians is a bit scarce. We are not sure if The Queen is aware of any of the horrible mismanagement from The Guardians within their Zones or if she's apathetic towards it. We also don't see how she views or treats them, other than she trusts them to do their duties. As for how The Guardians view her; Dedan is loyal towards her, Japhet claims that his "ability" to control the spectres was given by her and that Enoch is worried that the Queen might dispose of him note . When she reunited with her Guardians, they welcomed her warmly and coordinate regarding their plans, mostly rebuilding and managing a new set of Zones (which the Guardians were already doing when they ascended). They did inform them that they have the powers to rebuild their Zones, making it unnecessary to dependent her to give energy, which leaves The Queen to have more free time to herself.
    • Her relationship with The Batter is quite complicated. Although they seem to talk like a bickering married couple when The Player saw their meeting, her mortal superior claims that The Batter was created shortly after he was assigned to The Player when they started the game, meaning that the first time we saw them together in the same room, two were meeting for the first time. Whether their relationship is genuine (romantic or otherwise) or their creator mimics how two adults talk from a child's perspective is unclear. When The Queen saw The Batter, she had a lot of mixed emotions, a mix of pleasant and unpleasant feelings. The Batter, on the other hand, while resenting her, doesn't seem to be interested in her since he knows that she doesn't any authority in this new world. This makes her wonder what his plans are to make him act this way.
    • The Queen has learned about The Judge's ascension, which happened around the same time she ascended. Little is known about his relationship with the Queen, but considering she has the authority to appoint Guardians, it seems like she trusts him somewhat. When The Judge visited her in secrecy, making sure that she was fine, and then expressed his concerns regarding The Batter. They decided to ally; teaming up should The Batter decide to purify this world once again.
  • It was unclear if The Queen has any awareness that The Batter was being controlled by The Player. It doesn't help that her callouts for The Batter can apply to them as well, being disappointed that them for blindly following The Batter's mission. But since her ascension, she now has full awareness of The Player's existence and has expressed her disappointment for their actions, which led to her son and their world's demise. While she has bigger threats to focus on, she does watch her back around The Player considering how much of an influence they have not just in their world but in other worlds as well.
  • Despite being listed as her herald, she had a problem trying to ascend her ward Hugo; her request was on hold as her background is being reviewed. She was advised by her Guardians to look for allies for support. In search for said allies, it sparked a debate among three different houses who have heard of her story. One of them was in the House of Family and Relatives; her status as a queen and an adoptive guardian does not exclude her from being under scrutiny for this house. One side argued to support her for being a good mother figure considering she claims she created the Zones for his wellbeing and that her death while trying to protect her child was proof of that. Another side argued to shun her for being a neglectful mother figure who focused too much on maintaining her Zones (which the Batter claims wasn't her purpose, her purpose was just to take care of her ward) and that it was her fault her ward was still gravely ill that he had to resort drastic measures. The Queen maintains the former argument is true, however, the group that is sympathetic towards her still worries about allying with her because of her contention with the other Houses. One thing is for sure, she's still better than The Child Abuse Supporters, and she refused to be associated with them.
    • Being a child of neglectful parents to the point that she was chosen as a representative for neglected children, Maisie Farange asked what she thought about The Queen's story (sparing her the most gruesome details of the story of course). Maisie is more concerned about her ward Hugo, figuring that his situation regarding his missing parents must be dire if he had to create a parent of his own. She wanted to hear his side of things but according to the grown-ups, he's unable to act as The Queen's Herald due to her ambiguous situation. As for her opinion of The Queen, she's mostly sympatric to her, mostly because while she isn't always there for her child due to her work, she feels like The Queen or her child doesn't deserve to be "punished" for it (something, not even her parents, who hated each other, are willing to do). The Queen thanks her for her sympathy.
    • Outside of the Family House, here are a few deities that sympathized with her. Professor Hakase and her robotic guardian Nano have a similar Creation-Mother/Creator-Child kind of relationship. That said, due to their kind nature, they can't help but pity her due to her and her ward's death. Mr. Moriah, father of Isaac, also couldn't help but pity her; for all her faults as a parent, at least she died trying to protect her child from a religious nutcase that wants to kill him. He couldn't do the same for his child as he left his family, an action he deeply regrets ever since. The Queen noticed the similarities and offered to befriend him for showing her mercy. The dad wasn't really in a position to judge since he has his fault, but he's fine to accept The Queen's offer.
  • There are also debates in the Houses of Leadership and Royalty. Arguments have been made on whether she is aware of her subject's suffering within her Zones (whether from the mistreatment of the Guardians, or she was even responsible for the specters that attack her subjects) and/or whether or not she did all she could when she rebuilt the world. The deities needed to set the record straight with her as they believe she can be a valuable ally due to her powers. The Queen would have preferred to work with the good-aligned deities but those deities are not 100% sure about The Queen's motives here. Since no one had come to a consensus, The Queen has not gained a lot of allies on both sides.
    • Consensus among the various Queens is that she's not the best nor the worse monarch to ever ascend. She is quite nice and polite when they get to talk to her, but otherwise, they find her a bit boring as she doesn't seem to have other interests beyond her roles as Queen and Caretaker. The only Queen she was able to befriend was Marie Antoinette; they met each other a lot since they both reside in the same Hall. Considering she was executed by her subjects as they are experiencing great turmoil, Marie can sympathize with The Queen's plight. She also doesn't think she is a horrible mother either and thinks balancing motherhood and royal duties is not as easy as it seems.
  • She is not pleased to learn about the existence of an Alliance dedicated to the Destruction of all worlds. Seeing them as a potential threat far greater than what the Batter could do, her Guardians suggested the inter-dimensional conqueror Lord Vyce as a potential ally, seeing as they have already allied with him due to being their Hall neighbor. As Vyce explains himself to her Highness during his meeting with her, he wants to protect the worlds he's conquered and offers armistice and his expertise in dealing with world-destroying entities for the time being until the GUAD was defeated. Vyce also asserted that dealing with him is much better than dealing with The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, an alien army whose solution to protecting themselves from world-destroying deities like their rivals The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah is to offer them enslavement of those they have captured or imprisonment. He's also allied with them but secretly admits that he wished to rival them as well. Weighting her options, The Queen agreed with the alliance with Vyce, even if she doesn't fully trust him, being a conqueror would that he can turn on her at any time.
  • Upon being gained her title, she now has the power to hurt people using her insults besides the Batter and his Add-Ons. While her words likely hurt the Batter and his Add-Ons because of their implied close connection, she seems not to be afraid to call out people and verbally gives armor piercing responses to other deities. That said, due to her rocky reputation among the other deities (as well as her general disinterest in picking fights), she rarely uses these abilities unless you somehow make her angry. Many deities with Verbal Weakness (especially evil ones) despise her because of her powers.
    • The Queen doesn't have much high opinion of the deities residing in the Hall of Words, since most of the deities living there are mostly criminals or do-gooders who oppose her actions. Some of her neighbors have their own opinions of her as well. Napstablook, the lone spectre in that hall, avoids her due to the rumors that she can control ghosts (and also because he's just very shy). The powerful demon Janemba despises her since her forte, her insults, is his literal weakness. Insults aren't enough to stop him though as it only shuns him (and he can regenerate any damage he was taken), but combined with her various status effects within her attacks could make it a bit hard for him to recover in a potential fight.
    • Alduin, the Nordic dragon god, decided to seek out The Queen fearing that her powers combined with Thu'um, the dragon language that when uttered can affect the environment around them, would lead to his potential demise. When they met, it wasn't pretty as The Queen expressed her disapproval of his plans to destroy most of the Pantheon, which physically hurt him. A fight ensured between the two, which was only stopped when The Dragonborn arrived to quell the fight by uttering the same dragon language against him. Due to this incident, The Queen has employed the services of The Dragonborn in case the dragon god has decided to attack her again.
  • She had developed a deep hatred for fathers who have killed their wife and child. Those who have no remorse for subjecting their wife and child to a Fate Worse than Death like the alchemist Shou Tucker are just as bad if not worse in her eyes. Then there are those like Kratos, Hercules, and Jack Torrance, as while they all killed their wife and child (or attempted to do so in Jack's case), it was because they were being manipulated by higher beings into committing those acts (Ares, Hera and the Overlook Hotel's ghostly residents). It's not too dissimilar to The Batter and The Player in a way (although the argument on how is controlling who is being debated). While she understands their situations, she still views all parties as equally responsible for their heinous actions In turn, she also developed sympathy for mothers (biological or adoptive) who lost their young children or were killed by their fathers or father figures. Those mothers don't seem to share the same sentiment toward her due to the previously mentioned debated quality of The Queen's parenting skills.
    • She had developed a deep hatred for child killers in general due to her maternal instincts, going so far as to ban them from entering her temple. Those child-killers wouldn't want to mess with her anyway considering that her powers and Royal Add-Ons make her a hassle to deal with. She disapproves of comparisons between her and Slenderman, as while both are well-dressed faceless figures with tentacle-like appendages, she hates him for abducting children. Also, do not make jokes about her name with Darth Vader, as she deeply despises him for his genocide of the Tusken Raider's children and Jedi younglings.
  • Upon her search for other allies, she had met and visited Asgore and Toriel, The King and Former Queen of the Monsters. She was amicable with Asgore at first until she was upset when he learns of his willingness to murder children to collect their souls to free his people from the barrier that surrounds his kingdom. Asgore, although remorseful for his actions, can understand where she is coming from and that she even reminded him of his ex-wife at times. She's in much better terms with Toriel considering they share their opinion of being against killing children. She's notably more forgiving to The Queen concerning how she raised Hugo considering what happened to her. However, they find that they don't have enough common interests to be more than just acquaintances, The Queen is more interested in rebuilding her fallen kingdom while Toriel has more interest in being a teacher.
  • There was an initial worry when The Queen decided to visit the Hall of Ghosts under the belief that she planned to control the deified ghosts residing there for her benefit. When she did visit, she was notably cordial to them. To answer their concerns, The Queen did confirm that she can indeed create spectres out of her hands but maintains that the stories about her being able to control the spectres or that she used them as her evil minions are just rumors. Even if she can, she's not interested in controlling the spectres in this Hall, only offering an alliance with them. The Hall politely declined the offer but did request to keep her Guardians from hurting or annoying their members. Overall, she maintains good relations with most of the ghosts of all alignments, but more heroic ghosts make sure to keep an eye on her just in case she does something suspicious.
  • Upon trying to figure out what type of species The Queen is, some researchers speculate that she's most likely a Tulpa, an imaginary friend created by the power of belief that gained its sentience. Given that she is technically created by a child, she's of interest to the imaginary friends at Foster's Home and The Emotions (who have encountered an imaginary friend before), since they have never seen such a powerful imaginary friend. But besides that, they don't have that much common ground in her due to her royal status. Bloo doesn't like her that much not only because he thinks she's a bit of a stuck-up and also because she reminds him of his creator Mac's mother, who is a workaholic that doesn't visit her sons that often.
"Have you filled your life with beauty?"

Intermediate Gods

    The Batter 
   Welcome, Batter.   
   You have been assigned to a role called "God".   
   You have an important mission.   
   Be sure that it's accomplished.   
   We will let you out in the Trope Pantheon.   
   Good luck.   
   For more information, find the one named "Junko".   

The Batter, God of Deadly Euphemism (Le Batteur, Savior, Bad Batter, "Huge Frightening Ducky", Papa(?))
Click here for how he is perceived by his enemies 
The Batter's Add-Ons 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His baseball bat over his three Add-Ons
  • Theme Song: Pepper Steak Avatar Beat (track shared with The Judge and The Player)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral can easily be seen as Lawful Evil with a heavy dose of Knight Templar
  • Portfolio: Desire to "Purify", Addressing the Player, The Blank, Terse Talker, Soft-Spoken Sadist, The Unfettered, Knight Templar, Determinator, Healing Skills, Not Quite Human, Face Framed in Shadow, The Stoic (but not on rollercoasters), Well-Intentioned Extremist, The Bad Guy Wins, Karma Houdini, Pater Familicide, Defiant to the End
  • Domain(s): Purification, "Purifying" Specters, Baseball Paraphernalia, Ambiguity, Mercy Killing
  • Herald: Zacharie (his vendor)
  • Special Relationship: The Player / The Puppeteer / (Insert Name Here)
  • Allies: Junko, Papyrus, Father Anderson, Oriko Mikuni
  • Former Friendly Rival: Junpei Iori, The Scout, Lucas, Ness
  • Enemies: The Judge, The Zone Guardians, Chang'e, Houyi, Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, Big Bird, Danny Phantom, Various ghosts from Amity Park, Erma Williams and basically any other deified ghosts
  • Opposes: Any deity remotely related to corruption or spectres, any Bad Boss or leader, any bad caretaker
  • Opposed by: Any deity who has fought an Omnicidal Maniac, including many villains and heroes alike, allies of ghost deities
  • Commonality Connection: King Asgore Dreemurr, Artix Von Krieger
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sympathetic members of The House of Family, those who claim "I Did What I Had to Do"
  • Complicated Relations With: The Queen, The Incubators
  • Target of Interest of: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The SCP Foundation
  • Under Watch of: Sans
  • A strange pale-looking man wearing a baseball uniform suddenly appeared in the Pantheon one day, popping out of the fireplace in the House of Ambiguity. When questioned how he got there, he responded thusly:
    "I am the Batter, and I jumped down the chimney."
    • The divine spirit Junko immediately rushed to the aforementioned House when someone told her that a mysterious man was looking for her. She recognized the pale man as the High Priest she requested to ascend into godhood and decided to help him give him the ropes about the Pantheon. The Batter stayed in her temple for a while since he has yet to be given a proper trope title for himself. She could vividly recall the man's story when she was looking for potential deity candidates from other worlds:
  • A mysterious force behind the screen, known as The Player, was assigned to a being called The Batter. They were told that he had a special mission to fulfill. The Batter is aware that another being was controlling him and he needed their help to move and navigate the world around him. After initially being placed in Zone 0 and trained to battle by the enigmatic cat named The Judge, The Batter and The Player were ready to explore the various zones. The Player learns that their mission was to purify the world, and to do so, they must eliminate the Queen of the Specters. They embarked on this sacred mission; traveling from zone to zone, purifying the evil specters and later the zone's corrupted residents called Burnts. When The Batter was made aware of The Guardians, the cruel overseers of these zones, he decided to purify them too.
    • The Player may go back to the zones they have purified, only to discover a desolate white wasteland saved for monsters worse than any enemies they have encountered so far. The Player eventually learns what purification entails: "purifying" a spectre or a burnt would destroy them and "purifying" a Guardian would cause their zones and its residents "to disappear and fall into nothingness". Despite this knowledge, they continue The Batter's mission and entered an area called "The Room". During the journey in this area, the two see flashbacks of a little sickly boy's memories, how he was neglected by his mother, how he hated being in the care of his father, his meeting with the Guardians and how they used to be more benevolent in the past. When The Batter nearly reached the end of The Room, he met The Queen and told her that he returned to the "cradle of his father". He argued that due to The Queen neglecting her role as a caretaker (presumably of the sickly child), he must now fulfill his "sacred mission". She retorted about how The Batter destroyed the place she built for the presumed child and decided to initiate a fight to prevent The Batter from hurting "the son that bought [herself and the Batter] into the world". Despite her efforts, she was purified and The Batter and The Player proceed to the final rooms.
    • The two entered the final room where they performed a mercy kill on the sickly child, presumably the same one whose memories they saw earlier. With The Room fully purified, a lone switch appeared at the end of a long hall. Before The Batter can interact with it, The Judge suddenly appeared, recovering his senses from prior events as he realized what the two of them had done. The Judge argues that what The Player has done was to help The Batter commit familicide and they didn't cleanse the world of its evils but to be "immersed into a pristine nothingness". The Judge offers The Player to join his side to stop The Batter from completing his work. However, they decided to stay with the Batter and purify The Judge. With no more obstacles, The Batter was able to flick the switch. Turning the world OFF as it faded to black.
  • Now Junko, who had lost her own son to her enemy Houyi, didn't really care about the pale man's prior history of kinslaying, as she purified herself so much she lost all other emotions other than her own hatred and resentment towards her son's killer. She was more impressed by The Batter's abilities to "purify" enemies into nothingness, viewing it as an extension of her own powers of refining materials and removing impurities. She plans to use his presence as a way to finally get revenge on Houyi and his wife Chang'e. She's pretty open about her revenge plans to The Batter and he agreed to help, mainly as a favor to her for bringing him back into existence.
    • The divine spirit was careful to not let him get involved in her other revenge plans, such as her plans to help Gigyas by purifying and giving him some control of his almighty powers. She thinks The Batter would not help her once he finds out about her involvement with the evil all-powerful alien. The Batter eventually learns of Gigyas and his evil past. He doesn't seem fazed when he finds out that Junko is willing to help Gigyas; he's willing to help her by offering to "purify" the suffering alien. Junko, knowing what the Batter is trying to do, had to convince the purifier that she can do this task on her own.
  • In terms of normal attacks, The Batter always uses an iron bat or other bats made from the different elements of his world. Meanwhile the Competences of the Batter (or his special attacks) are all appropriately named after baseball terminology. His "Wide Angle" can give information about his enemies during battles; The "Run with..." Competences deal low elemental damage to an enemy; His "Homerun" Competences can deal very high damage to a single enemy at the cost of low accuracy. He can also heal himself and his allies with the "Base" Competences. The Batter is accompanied by three Add-Ons, floating ring-shaped beings that help him in battle with their own set of attacks. Jotaro Kujo once mistook the Batter's Add-Ons for Stands, and the Batter himself as a Stand User. The Batter had no idea what he was talking about and has ignored the Jojo since.
  • While Junko comes up with a future revenge plan involving the Batter, she lets him explore the houses to familiarize himself. The Batter adapted pretty well to his surroundings. Junko then got several complaint letters sent to her temple as The Batter was apparently going around trying to purify every spectre or ghost he encounters and thought she was responsible for it. The matter clarified that she had nothing to do with The Batter's actions, but it still resulted in the pale man being banned from going near the Hall of Ghosts.
    • The spectres from The Batter's world are creatures who are hostile to anyone who isn't a spectre. The Batter sees them as corrupted beings that needed to be "purified" and make no distinction on any spectre he's trying to eradicate. His first instinct upon learning about the various evil scepters in the Pantheon was to try and attack them on sight when he encounters them. Various ghosts and half-ghosts from Amity Park (Vlad Plasmius, Ember McLain, Desiree and even Dark Danny) have run-ins with the baseball-uniform-wearing man; so much so that they are willing to team up or ask Danny Phantom to help keep The Batter at bay. Ghosts from within the Hall of Ghosts like The Flying Dutchman and out of the hall like Spooky and The Headless Horseman also had unfortunate encounters with The Batter, which annoyed them a lot. Not helping is the fact that the Batter is quite powerful and tougher than he looks, which makes them blindsided when he does attack them.
    • Not even friendlier ghosts like Casper or C are safe from his attacks. It's likely because the two resemble the ghosts from his world the most, who usually are in the form of a Bedsheet Ghost or a humanoid ghoul. Surprisingly, he has trouble with battling some of the ghosts with a higher rank than him like his encounter with Erma Williams. But that probably won't stop him from trying to purify her again and any other powerful spectre in the future. Some human allies of these ghosts fear for the safety of their ghostly friends. The Super Peace Busters, for example, would hate him should he ever target their ghostly friend Menma. The Batter finds people who are friends with ghosts to be quite strange and unusual.
    • Due to The Batter's experiences with battling evil specters, he's often employed by other deities who are incapable of dealing with ghosts. He's also met other ghost hunters in the Pantheon. He initially gets along pretty well with Luigi, due to their mutually negative feelings against ghosts. He also at first got along well with The Ghostbusters, helping them with destroying ghosts too powerful or weak to be contained with their Proton Packs. He also met with a pair of ghost hunters Jack and Maddie Fenton, although their budding friendship was cut short when their son Danny tried to warn them about the monster their half-ghost son keeps seeing.
  • Besides spectres, he's also known to purify the wicked Guardians of each zones. They each mistreat their subjects in different ways, causing him to take action against them. He tried to enter the House of Leadership after learning about numerous bad leaders that had resided within their halls and wanting to "purify" as atonement for their evil actions. However, he had to temporarily retreat as he didn't anticipate the number of powerful deities that could overtake him. Since then, he's been banned from entering that house too.
  • He also has a problem for anything that would remind him of Burnts, a form of the Elsens (the zone's residents) that become corrupted-attacking mooks when experiencing stressful situations. As such, he dislikes deities that corrupt people into an empty version of themselves, someone like Grandfather or Rosine for example. Oryx, the Taken King, despises the Batter not only because he is able to "undo" the process of being Taken - the Mind Rape and transformation into an Eldritch Abomination - but because of the zeal he takes in purifying them. The Batter shares the sentiment, as he views the Taken and mooks like them with nearly the same level as the spectres, beings that needed to be "purified" to remove their affliction.
  • To explain the weird baseball getup, it's speculated that his child creator had based The Batter on a comic book character he saw that also wore a baseball uniform that attacks his enemy with his bat-wielding minions. The Batter, upon learning of so many other deities who use baseball bats as weapons, has taken to observing them in the House of Sports. Upon seeing the pale man, some of the bat-wielders, like Junpei and The Scout, decide to invite him to do sparring matches. The Batter easily made several homeruns with his iron bat. It's rumored that the bat-wielders are also interested in starting a baseball league, with The Batter as their leadoff hitter as well.
    • The Batter, upon being acquainted with her, also hit it off well with the bat-wielding Dokuro Mitsukai. He views her self-professed desire to curb Sakura's perverted tendencies as a noble goal in itself and approves of her tendency to go into Pervert Revenge Mode in most cases. Depending on the perpetrator, he even assisted her in several of her assaultsÖup until he witnessed her take the spiky bat to Sakura's head. He very nearly started the process of purification before Sakura was restored. The Batter, in a surprising display of restraint, asked why she had attacked her charge. Upon learning that this was her self-prescribed "treatment" for his pedophiliac tendencies, he was visibly silent for a while. Still, their relationship is largely positive, though.
    • He also encountered the assassin known as Bad Girl while he was exploring a basement that happened to be connected to her temple. He found her to be clubbing criminals with her bat yet again. Her odd and playful behavior reminded The Batter of a sugar-loving woman he once fought before. Meanwhile, The Batter's "holier than thou" attitude reminded Bad Girl of the first time she met and fought Travis Touchdown, who called her out for being "a perverted killing maniac". Sensing a déjà vu situation was about to happen and then noticing his weapon, Bad Girl decided to offer a truce with The Batter and show him a good time by clubbing criminals. The Batter isn't 100% keen on killing criminals for fun as she does but tolerates her presence for now so that he has one less enemy to worry about.
  • When he sees sugar or any similar sweetener being consumed, the Batter keeps a solid grip on his bat. In the Batterís world, the primary source of sugar are from the cremated remains of dead workers from Zone 3. Upon learning that the Powerpuff Girls were made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, the Batter marched over to the House of Science to confront Professor Utonium. After The Batter explained himself, the horrified Professor reassured that the Powerpuff Girls were NOT made from any cremated remains at all. After hearing about the ascension of the Guardian responsible for this system and not wanting the tragedy of Zone 3 to repeat itself, The Batter promptly stormed the House of Food and purified anything that could remotely contain sugar. Needless to say, this earned him the ire of many gods, particularly Stocking Anarchy, who were confused about the whole thing (until they learned of what the Batter was freaking out about).
  • Someone once joked that The Batter was a Magical Girl; what with the "Hero of Justice" vibe he initially invokes, his unusual weaponry and attire, his few borderline In the Name of the Moon styled introductionsÖ
    The Batter: Show yourselves, corrupted children! I'm the voice of forgiveness that will eliminate your calamitous forms.
    • After overhearing this, the Batter fell silent for several moments before marching off to the Magical Girl Sisterhood's temple. The Sisterhood was initially confused by this until The Batter expressed his intentions to purify evil spirits with them. So, they decided to let him into their ranks and some had even made him a Puella Magi style outfit for him to wear, though that didn't last very long. Upon learning of what a witch was, the Batter immediately set out to purify one. The Sisterhood later tried to stop him from destroying the Hall of Witches and Wizards when he learned that many evil witches reside in that hall.
    • Naturally, he's come to hate Kyubey as much as anybody else, and offered to purify the Incubator immediately for his crimes against the Puella Magi. Thankfully, when he actually met Kyubey, the Batter decided not to go through with it - which struck witnesses as rather strange, given that he had ample time to try and purify the cat-like alien. While the Batter hadn't explained the cause of his rage, or why he had reportedly talked to Kyubey when they crossed paths, it was theorized that Kyubey reminded him of someone he knew. Perhaps it reminded him of The Judge who once helped him with his sacred mission or perhaps The Queen who maintains and manages the zones she helped built óbut ultimately led to the suffering of all involved in its workings. Either way, The Batter declined to comment on this comparison.
  • Despite the complaints from other deities, the Court of Gods can't exactly kick The Batter out of the Pantheon as he was already deified with a potentially valid Trope waiting to be assigned for him. After weeks of liberation with an extensive review of his past, the Court decided that the Batter would represent the usage of words meaning impending death. So it was made that he would bear this title as a warning to others about what he does. They also ask him to move out of Junko's temple and into a new temple made just for him, an open room with a single floating red box that when touched leads to a black nearly empty void (sans another floating red box to get out of this place). When asked what he thinks of all this, his response was:
    The Batter: It's better this way.
  • Overnight when The Batter's past became known to the public, he became one of the most controversial people in the Pantheon. Sure, he did kill "a wife and a child" along with the rest of his world but there are some deities who found his situation oddly sympathetic. It can be argued that unlike other Omnicidal Maniacs, who wanted to destroy the world for the heck of it or because it is within their nature to do so, The Batter doesn't really have much of a choice other than trying to fulfill his sacred mission. The land is plagued by spectres; its residents are neurotic workers who are anxious about everything and can't seem to function on their own, its Guardians are horrible people who neglected their duties or treat their workers horribly, The Queen does a poor job in managing all of the zones and her ward is a very sick child who is clearly suffering a lot. Was there a better way to improve his Crapsack World other than to end their suffering?
    • Some deities are not sympathetic to his situation at all. His perceived lack of care, emotions, and empathy towards other people; his lack of trying to put positivity and improve the lives of everyone around him; his whole purpose as a tool made to destroy his world; said mission killed countless innocent people in its wake; the fact that for some people, genocide and kinslaying is an unforgivable crime. He could be an unrepentant sadistic omnicidal maniac as far as other deities are concerned. The Batter is very tight-lipped about his actual intentions, so he's not likely to explain his actions to anyone.
    • The House of Family is divided on how it views the Batter. Many see his 'purification' of the Queen and Hugo as reprehensible in the extreme, especially since the former was his (maybe) wife and the latter was a defenseless child. Others point out how he went out of his way to comfort both of them in their dying moments, most evident in his dialogue with the Queen ("Queen of the flies, itís time to join your disciples. It all went wrong. Time to forget about it and dream sweet dreams.") or the child (When the child told him "IímÖ scared of the darkÖ", his response was "From now on, there will be no more darkness."). That, combined with arguments about The Queen's perceived neglect of her duties as a caretaker and the morality of having to make a sick child suffer more by trying to make him live, and you have a House that's arguing for days over their stance of the Batter's actions.
  • Depending on their viewpoint regarding The Batter, gods in the Pantheon literally see him differently. Those who sympathize or are neutral towards him reported seeing him as a pale man wearing a white baseball uniform and a black cap that hides his eyes in shadow. Those who don't have favorable opinions of him tend to scream something about a monstrous duck. Upon being made aware of his presence and his backstory, The SCP Foundation is very interested in studying the Batter, as well as the process of purification and its aftereffects. They're also very interested in finding out what the Batter actually is, given the way he can appear in alternate, more clearly inhuman forms. Whether they also intend on classifying him as an SCP or recruiting him as an Agent (or perhaps both) is currently being discussed by the O5 Council members.
  • Due to the recent revelations, some of his allies at that point have understandably quietly distanced themselves from The Batter. Luigi, having prevent beings who tried to destroy the universe like Count Bleck (formerly) and Dimentio, is one of those people. That and he's now seeing The Batter's scarier alternative form. The Magical Girl Sisterhood, in an unusual move, has decided to still keep their ties to the Batter, arguing it would be better for them to keep watch of the Batter for the time being given the number of evil beings that want to use him for their plans. Junko herself still works with the Batter because she's that persistent in her pursuit of revenge, but has been more secretive about it so that the Magical Girls won't be aware of her plans. (Disturbing, The Batter recently convinced Junko to start teaching him how to use Spell Cards). Despite this turn of events, he's managed to gain some additional allies:
    • Due to their shared affinity for mixing spirituality and ass-kicking, the Batter and Alexander Anderson get along like a house on fire. The Batter was willing to overlook the fact that Anderson used the corruptive power of the Nail of Helena due to how it was only to complete his sacred mission (killing Alucard), and actually commended Anderson on his commitment to seeing it through. Anderson, on the other hand, is willing to overlook the Batter's mass destruction of his world, seemingly agreeing that his drastic measure by the amount of wicked spirits and evil leaders his world has.
    • Recently has been making rather unusual extensive visits to Oriko Mikuni, a magical girl who is not part of the Sisterhood due to her actions of killing Madoka in one timeline. Other gods aren't sure what they discuss behind their closed doors; some gods heard he's been asking around about "someone named 'Homurun' ", which concerned the Magical Girls. During a session of speculating however, it has been pointed out that they do share several things in common. Both started out as friendly heroes with seemingly good intentions, only to reveal themselves as someone to rally against. Both have embarked on missions concerning the fate of the world with deadly amounts of determination and lethal force, remaining largely stoic about executing their missions, and remaining Defiant to the End when they were slain. There's also the fact that they both wear a lot of white. On top of these strange actions, The Batter also has been seen using Oriko's ball attacks for batting practice.
  • He's also been stocking up on a staggering number of restorative items and making frequent visits to the Houses of Weapons and Craft. When their supplies had run out, he decided to appoint his vendor Zacherie as his herald. He sells him various weapons and defense wares that can only be found in The Batter's world. Upon being resurrected, Zacherie seems amused about the situation and decided to go along with this fanfiction. Upon the discovery of video footage of what looked like the Batter and Zacharie dancing together, several deities questioned him as he was passing the House of Music if he does indeed dance. The Batter's denial, coupled with the location it was delivered in, kickstarted a Spontaneous Musical Number.
  • In an unexpected turn of events, The Batter has struck up a friendship with Papyrus. When Papyrus attempted to stop The Batter in his tracks with the skeleton's puzzles near his temple, The Batter managed to solve some puzzle traps with ease, much to the surprise of the skeleton. Impressed, he later befriended The Batter, to which the latter accept when he sense a strange familiarity with the skeleton. They both found out that in an alternate timeline, the skeleton managed to gain the respect of the Batter to the point where he decided to save the world. Passively. Even after being aware of The Batter's past, Papyrus sincerely believes The Batter can change for the better in his time here in the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of Underground denizens, he has found an astounding number of similarities between himself and King Asgore Dreemur, namely the fact that they are willing to kill children to fulfill their respective missions, something that the latter notices and is saddened by. They regularly meet for tea and are on surprisingly admirable terms. Not all welcome his presence though. Because he can eliminate ghosts, his hall neighbor Napstablook is very fearful of ever encountering the Batter. The same applies for Mettaton, who himself is actually a ghost.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Destruction is very impressed by The Batter's accomplishments, especially Nekron, who wants all life to go back into being an empty void. There have been numerous attempts to recruit The Batter, only for their planned meetings to be thawed by The Magical Girl Sisterhood. When they were able to privately get a meeting with him, the Batter, surprisingly, rejected their offers to join them. Suspecting they know what his actual mission in the Pantheon was, The Batter told them that his sacred mission is for him and only him to fulfill on his own. They actually didn't know what The Batter's Pantheonic mission was. Either way, they are still trying to convince the Batter to join them as they think he can be a very powerful ally for their goals of destroying the Pantheon and everything else in existence.
  • Despite not allying himself with the GUAD, many heroic deities are very weary of The Batter, wondering if he ever has any intentions to destroy the Pantheon one day. After all, he's already destroyed one world, why not the other? The paladin Artix Von Krieger, for example, sees a dark mirror of himself with The Batter, as he too was also sent to destroy the world with darkness, but refuses to carry out this mission as he refuses to hurt anyone. He, along with other heroes debated on whether to do something about him. Despite their suspicions, they had no choice but to make him a low priority since 1) besides ghost-hunting or vigilantism, the Batter has yet to have done something that would be a world-ending threat (unlike other deities who are more active with their world-destroying goals) and 2) The Magical Girl Sisterhood are already keeping an eye on the Batter. For now, they are keeping in touch with the girls in case something happens to him.
  • Much like other deities, The Batter has memories of different timelines. He mainly remembers four of them: The path where he never fulfilled his mission because he and The Player repeatedly strike The Judge dead during the tutorial; the paths where The Player sides with Batter; and the paths where The Player betrays him and sides with The Judge, which lead to his death. The fourth timeline is a bit strange; after he and The Player collected some items and purified the woman in Zone 0's basement, Zacharie gave them a choice between getting the Ashley Bat and the Aries-card for free, The Batter chose the latter. Upon completing his mission in that timeline, The Batter discovered that he was being used as a pawn by space apes, who wanted to the void he left behind to build giant robot factories to fight the flying brains from the planet Aurus.
    • He didn't react much at the time, but shortly thereafter he visited the House of Mammals and barged into Winston's temple. He requests an explanation for his vision regarding the space apes to know more about them. Winston was confused by all this (after all, not all space apes know each other). They then got into a messy fight (because Winston became pissed off at the Batter for barging in and because he's heard of the Batter's antics from other deities). This led to The Batter getting kicked out from the Hall of Mammals.
  • In addition to the aforementioned four timelines, The Batter has faint memories of other distant timelines. In one timeline, the world was seemingly reset to what it was but things are not what they seem. He was there to fulfill the same mission as before but he was not connected with his Player. So he spends his time wandering around on his own in the various zones. Because The Judge was able to collect himself and gain a few allies before entering the final room, The Batter was defended once more before he can complete his mission. This is not a good outcome for him. He also noticed that this version of him was more confused and with No Sense of Direction, but also more prideful and more assertive in completing his mission. He also has a One-Winged Angel form exclusive to this timeline: The Bad Executioner.
    • In another timeline, after completing his mission, the Batter finds himself in an empty field and his Add-Ons are missing. While searching for his companions, he finds two versions of himself, a ghost version and a monster version (similar to his "bad" form). The trio went up to Heaven to search for his Add-Ons, but soon found some revelations about themselves and his Add-Ons as they move further along. Oddly enough, he calls The Judge his best friend (despite their overall short interaction in the main timelines) and decided to visit the cat in Purgatory after learning his location. The Judge, having gone mad, refuses to make amends with The Batter, despite the latter's heel-face change. There are plenty other timelines where he has memories of, but those two examples of distant timelines he sees a lot.
  • Eventually, one by one, The Batter's enemies also ascended into the Pantheon. Upon hearing that The Judge had ascended, the Batter immediately made his way over to the House of Law and Justice. He was incredibly confused to discover a kindly old man instead of the many-fanged feline. He did eventually meet the Judge, but decided to ignore him for now, at least until the cat tries to stop him again. He also got into a fight with The Guardians as they wanted to take revenge against the Batter for killing them. This only stopped when other deities decided to intervene in the fight. The Batter doesn't seem bothered by their presence, even if he knows they would tell what The Batter has done to them to the other deities.
    • His relationship with The Queen is quite complicated. Although, they seem to talk like a bickering married couple when The Player saw their meeting, his mortal superior claims that The Batter was created shortly after he was assigned to The Player when they started the game, meaning that the first time we saw them together was the same room The Player met The Queen. Whether their relationship is genuine (romantic or otherwise) or their creator mimics how two adults talk from a child's perspective is unclear. His meeting with The Queen in this world is a bit different, she happens to reside on the same hall as he does. She tries to talk to The Batter, only for him to pass by her, ignoring her and seemingly disinterested since he knows that she doesn't have any authority in this world. The two acted coldly toward each other after that.
  • For The Player (known as [Insert Name Here]), their view on their former puppet fluctuates especially since they either helped the Batter in his mission or turned on him in the last minute. Since the public revelations about The Batter, they have been questioned by their allies, who wanted to know if the rumors they have heard were true. Having been guided by or seen The Player do good to their world, some of their allies (namely Niko, Pochi of the Go-Getters Club and Tiz Arrior) thought it was unthinkable that the same person would also responsible for destroying another world along with slaying a wife and a child. The Player did confirm their worst fears, but in their defense, they don't really have a choice about it. They explained that even though they can control the Batter's actions, only he can decide if a situation is escapable, as he can disable the "Flee" option, most notably in certain battles. So, being unable to "Flee", they were forced to "purify" the child and the world whether they like to or not (unless they exit the game of course). The only option they have is to side with The Judge or not, but it was only after they destroyed the rest of the world. Whether they themselves are sympathetic towards The Batter depends on their mood for the day.
    • Some of their allies, though sadden but their explanation understands The Player's action and eventually forgive them for their past. Others who were controlled by INH like Stanley and Frisk and as well as those who met INH like Monika were unsurprised by their confession as they have either witness The Player's destructive game-breaking abilities, their pension for being morally reprehensible things or have experienced being railroaded before, so they do understand The Player's defense. Game joked about INH/his User being played by The Batter for once when they are usually the one who is proactive in the destruction front from his experience. ICEY pities the Player for being railroaded like herself and she hopes to make the Batter pay for making The Player sad.
  • For most of the general public (especially those who don't care about current events), the Batter appears as a weird baseball-uniform-wearing guy who takes out ghosts and other bad people and has his own misadventures. For some people who have personal violent encounters with him, he is seen as someone to be feared. To others, The Batter is rumored to be a puppet for people like Junko and Oriko to enact their revenge quest on their enemies. To The Judge and other heroes, they had always suspected The Batter would try to destroy this world one day. While they didn't know it as of this writing, their suspicions are correct. The Batter's True Mission is to "purify" the Trope Pantheon and remove all the flaws within it. All the inconsistencies, the Forever War, the ever-shifting but still idle Main House, the suffering from some of the deities. Everything. The Batter came to this world disconnected from The Player. He tried to contact them, but they were out of reach for him it seems. He hopes to reunite with them to continue their mission together. After all:
"Escaping from
your purpose

    Hilda Berg 
Hilda Berg, Goddess of Written Sound Effects
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Clouds, Stars and Moons.
  • Theme Song: Threatenin' Zeppelin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blow You Away, Faceship, Flunky Boss, The Hyena, One-Wheeled Wonder, Painful Transformation, Sinister Schnoz, Warm-Up Boss, Words Can Break My Bones
  • Domains: Weather, Space, Costellations, Blimps, Clouds, Planes
  • Allies: Betty Boop, Popeye, The King of All Cosmos, Roboking, Lunatone, Galaxy Man
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice
  • On Good Terms with: Cuphead and Mugman, Pearl
  • Respects: Moon Deities
  • Hilda Berg could be described as a Blimp/Zeppelin hybrid and one of the many runaway contractors that Cuphead and Mugman had to find and defeat in order to protect their souls from the Devil. She fought them in the sky, where her weather manipulation as well as being aided by small planes were though obstacles for the cupbros but they eventually defeated her. One of the special characteristics about Hilda is that she can literally use words to attack others, such as when she laughs launching HA HA! to her enemies.
  • Surprised to see Cuphead and Mugman in the pantheon as deities no less. She is very grateful that they defeated the devil, cancelled her soul contract and they all remain on good terms. On the other hand, not too happy that the Devil and his lackey King Dice are also around, and they will certainly go after her when they get their revenge on the mugs first.
  • Her temple is an observatory, often Hilda can be found napping above the clouds (which is pretty noticeable given her loud snoring) and she usually prefers to be by herself. Though she doesn't mind if other deities want to challenge her, she would gladly show them that she is no pushover.
  • Some people have noticed that she kinda resembles Pearl from the Crystal Gems, at first the latter thought Hilda was another Pearl just like her but it turns out she was an entirely unrelated being who happened to look alike and they remain on good terms.
  • Her attire and look reminds a lot of people of Betty Boop if she were a Zeppelin woman. Betty at first didn't think highly of Hilda but eventually warmed up to her and on occassion they like to talk.
    • Her slim build also made Popeye confuse her with his beloved Olive but was bummed out when he found Hilda was another person entirely. Though after a while, he also became friends with Hilda but prefers to not spend too much time with her in case Olive thinks he is cheating on her with a shoddy replacement.
  • Given that she comes from a pretty zany world, it was a matter of time before she met the King of All Cosmos given he created all the costellations of his universe. Hilda seems to respect him even though he can be a bit overbearing at times but after a while he met his robotic counterpart Roboking, who she is much more fond of, given she is also mechanical in nature.
  • If the situation is dire, she can transform into a moon, although the process is painful for her. There she can summon all assortment of things ranging from stars, meteors and even UFOs. Lunatone reminds her a lot of that form and so he considers it as if it were her pet and the other hand Galaxy Man found interest in the different flying saucers she can summon and wanted to investigate her abilities in more depth.
  • Some people believe she is some kind of witch that has magic that controls the skies, given her elderly-sounding voice, being able to transform into constellations and a pointy nose associated with witches being the biggest point in favour of these theories. Other believe she is just an old prototype created by Dr. Khal that escaped from him and decided to live in the woods.
  • She somestimes can be seen mumbling the name Coleman. Turns out she could have been able to summon a creature by said name but in the end it never came to fruition.
  • "Fitting, isn't it? I'm a blimp — you're a wimp."

HK-47, Robotic Entity Who Refers Organics As Meatbags
  • Statement: An Intermediate Entity
  • Observation: Symbol is an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.
  • Designation: Alignment is Chaotic Neutral but leans more on Neutral Evil
  • Explanation: Portfolio includes being a robotic assassin droid with psychopathic programming, useful, if not villainous, party member to Revan and very loyal to him, assassination as the default programming, murderous, yet comedic for the entire party, has hatred for anyone not his master, considers all organics as "meatbags", follows his programming past the first one, speaks in prefaces before sentences, heavily loved and even returns as various replicas for thousands of years
  • Declaration: Domains are Robots (of the killer kind), Loyalty, Assassinations, Combat, Snark, "Meatbags"
  • Specification: Master to Revan and possibly The Exile (should the latter repair him).
  • Statement: Allies: The House of Military and Warfare, Bender, Legion
  • Mockery: Mixed Reception to: The Hall of Robots and Automata, most cyborgs including General Grievous, Darth Vader, Cyborg himself, the members of Desperado Enforcement LLC.
  • Extrapolation: Rivals: Agent 47
  • Statement: Commonality Connection with: E-123 Omega
  • Declaration: Enemies: SKYNET (and their Terminator models), Ultron
  • Assessment: Opposed By: Human or any organic members of the Pantheon, the House of Love and Affection, the Slylandro, Torbjörn Lindholm, Isaac Clarke, The Engineer
  • Exposition: The Legends tell of a past war called the Mandalorian Wars, a war that spanned two decades of fighting between the Mandalorians and Galactic Republic. When the war ended, a certain Jedi-then turned Sith by the name of Revan turned to the Dark Side alongside Malak his other companion and once the war ended after the devastating aftermath on Malachor V, did they start their plans. With their resources, Revan created a personal assassination droid that was built under the premise of taking down political opponents that opposed him using the HK-24 droid design with his own upgrades (some hint that HK-47's chassis was more akin to the HKB-3 Hunter-Killer droid, hence his designation as a Hunter-Killer). Thus created a droid capable of both regular combat, assassinations and loyalty enough to sustain Revan in his years under Sith influence. After various battles, this droid, named HK-47, was one of his most powerful assets but while he was on a mission, the Jedi captured Revan and wiped his memories, leaving HK-47 on his mission and sustaining an injury but not before being captured by Mandalorian forces. Years passed and HK-47 has been retrofited, sold to various masters and lost various times, either the masters dying to enemy encounters or slaying them personally. Despite the years, his programming allowed him to preserve his master's identity and would soon reunite with Revan, albeit with his memory wiped and used as a translator of sorts and soon, restored to his original purpose: assassinations and violence.
    • Addendum: On the early times with him, his encounter with Darth Malak changed HK-47 in some capacity. During their first sight, when asked by Malak about him, the droid insulted him with the term "meatbag" and Revan found that amusing, so much that he programmed it to him. This allowed the droid to refer to any organic as a meatbag, including his master at some point though he has been trying to find an alternative when referring to Revan in some way, not so much towards Meetra Surik who repaired the droid after he got dismantled on the Ebon Hawk. He would leave after the Exile defeated the Sith as his programming made him compelled to look for his original master, being Revan.
  • Commentary: For a long time, Revan has searched far and wide for his old companions or even figures he had remembered on the way to the Pantheons and while his search was limited, portions of his memory were still lingering on his head. This lead to him picking a party member on his way back. No one wanted to join with him under the exploration of an unknown world but HK-47 volunteered (Clarification: possibly wanted more meatbags to kill on sight) to join. There, the two would finally step into the new plane, confused but guided to their new positions. HK-47 was seperated for observation reasons to see if he is worth bringing and when the droid spoke out to one of the judges as a "meatbag", the rest of the courts laughed. It also gave them an idea to give HK-47 a title, one that was part of his programming, as a permanent spot. Since then, a new temple was built for him and with Revan's arrival, meant the droid has a renewed purpose to stick with his master.
    • Additional Commentary: Few years, both Revan and HK-47 were not the only ones in their galaxy to have arrived in the Pantheons. Soon, another figure recognized HK-47's apperance. This Jedi Exile by the name of Meetra Surik greeted the droid but the response was with derision. Yes the droid recognized the Exile, no he has decided to stick to Revan as his master. Although if Revan is by any chance, missing or nowhere to be found, he can rely on the Exile but with restraint on the word "master", as he was programmed to be under Revan's servitude first and foremost.
  • Observation: Many robots and other deities in the Pantheon have been surprised by HK-47's resilience, or more specifically, how his programming and AI lasted for years. Being built by Revan, then lost to many masters, then founded by Revan again, lost him again and was dismantled on the Ebon Hawk, rebuilt by the Exile then left looking for his master, "resurrected" with various copies of his mind spread across the galaxy, then found again in excellent condition and even managed to create a robotic army on Mustafar. HK's response was not of surprise but of confusion as he cannot understand why a bunch of meatbags would be surprised by his survival. He only has to thank Revan for his modifications that made him survive for such a long time.
  • Declaration: HK-47's perception on the Pantheon is nothing but disgust, as he has some form of hatred for organic- *ahem* meatbags as he calls it. Almost any organic being, human or not, will be called a meatbag by the droid. If it is not an organic being and possibly a droid, then he will gladly shoot the robot on sight, as their combat abilities according to him are inferior, evidenced by the HK-50 droids that he destroyed for being copycats of the true progenitor, though in fairness Revan programmed him personally and the HK-50s were using the 47 template so there is some truth to his reasons for destroying them. As for the Pantheon residents, they have not appreciated his crude behaviour as a robot even.
    • Conflicting Declaration: There are some exceptions, as while he is mostly definitely against the concept of befriending others past Revan or his party, he can tolerate a few robots either because they share the same mindset of him, or even outmatch his skills. This was the case with Legion as while they have polar opposite views on organic-synthetic relations, Legion's skills outmatch HK-47's in terms of accuracy and armor, with the latter wondering where the Geth's specifications came from, especially that M-98 Widow Anti-Materiel Rifle he wields. Upon further inspection, the thinking capability of Legion is equally, if not more, complicated than HK-47's thought matrix, making him think far more than the droid would have thought. While he appreciates having a Worthy Opponent in a synthetic who is just as skilled with a rifle as he is, he remains baffled as to why Legion always sides with the "meatbag" team, on top of his personality, who seems to have a fascination with games played by "meatbags".
    • Addendum: There was another robot that also had a knack for HK-47's snarkiness, who even invited the droid to a drinking session, though being a Hunter-Killer droid made him unable to drink at all. It was Bender who has grown to love his presence. Hearing the word meatbag has made Bender adopt the usage of the term to other Pantheon deities, with most annoyed that he adopted HK-47's term and that they have to deal with two snarky robots. In their conversation, the former has also accepted Bender's friendship and attempted to coerce him to becoming an assassination droid like him but he declined, stating that he would rather have his own Pantheon with Blackjack and Hookers.
      HK-47: Query: Could you repeat your statement, I think you mistranslated it as you might have meant "Blackjack and Meatbags".
      Bender: Hookers, H-O-O-K-E-R-S.
      HK-47: Conclusion: That definition does not match my vocabulary. Perhaps, "meatbag" would be a substitute.
  • Statement: As mentioned above, while HK-47 may come off as dangerous and eager to kill anyone in sight, he has no intention of killing innocents, unless it involves robots of some sort. The HK-50s he has killed have been considered by him as inferior hence why their destruction to him is justified. The Pantheon also has such robots, with SKYNET and Ultron to be the prime targets of his assaults. In some occasion, factories of SKYNET have been reported to be blown up with no terminator models surviving and camera feed has reported an orange robotic entity walking out of the premises. This has made SKYNET target the remaining functional models, the T-800, T-1000 and T-X to destroy the HK model with a limited success rate as he has backup drives of his memory should his main body be destroyed. Ultron however sees that 47's specifications are in splendid condition and would much rather keep his chassis in good quality without destroying it in the process, a task that has become difficult with Revan's presence.
  • Assessment: Assassination is the droid's main forte and much of Revan's upgrades were meant to increase his chances of killing his target through sufficient means. His Aratech sniper rifle does his job wonders and while he would love to blast any meatbag he come across, some of them have managed to pull off assassinations in rather, unique ways. Take Agent 47, who's number code often gets confused with HK-47's designation. While he was willing to blast the agent with ease, spectating him was far more fun to watch, seeing how he managed to put his assassinations with creativity. He considers him a rival, if not for the bodycount that the two can gain overtime except the Agent does not care and is more content with the contracts he is given.
  • Commentary: Meatbag (or any variation thereof) has become a rather annoying term for many humans, if not just insulting others by calling them a slur of some kind without a care of thought. HK does not mind, since his programming allows him to call others that, go blame Revan for that change. While the term refers mainly to human or any organics on that matter, he was wondering what to call the Slylandro. In addition for being a very crude robot, they use "fluid-sacks" for human beings and for them being gas-giants, they do not match his candidate for a meatbag, though he has started using a new term for them: gas-bag.
    • Continued Commentary: In addition to his snark, a majority of robotic deities have grown annoyed with his programming, and HK shares the same feeling towards them, as while some may have upgrades that rival his, the fact that they interact with meatbag deities does not align with his perception towards them and has grown to annoyance with some by their designs even mimicking meatbags, this also includes organics that try to mimic robot behaviour, as shown with the Soldier and his robot costume which only prompted him to fire from his blaster. He has made visits to other houses but the most notable ones include the Houses of Military And Warfare, Love and Hall of Robots and Automata. So far, he has taken a liking to the former as most members who reside there adores his definition of Love while the other two do not like his presence with the House of Love disapproving of his form of "love". Some of those who reside in the House of Technology have observed him due to his continual upgrades but that is about it since personality-wise found him too sarcastic to deal with.
    • Addendum: Engineers are the most annoyed with HK-47 mainly because while he comes off as a completely sarcastic, bloodthirsty droid, his upgrades are worth preserving. He however has a warning to those who try to force their upgrades to him, as many of his former masters were killed by him for being inferior in their installed modules. He tested this with three engineers, Isaac Clarke, Torbjörn and the Engineer, all of which have failed to spark interest in the droid. Dell's weapons were considered to be too heavy to fit on him while Torbjörn's weapons were thought to be too small to put any damage on, and Isaac's tinkering with his chassis did no good, apart from wanting to install the 211-V Plasma Cutter in him for an extra weapon to handle. Isaac rejected the offer, seeing that the droid just wants more weapons to kill.
  • Hypothetical: People and robots aside, there is one anomaly HK-47 has yet to understand in his programming: cyborgs. Humans and most organics are seen by him as meatbags while robots are seen to him as a threat/target to destroy, so when both aspects are combined to a singular being, what does it form? The droid has rarely encountered such but when he does, he still considered them meatbags, although with a special mention to their cybernetic enhancements being inferior which only cements his mockery against them for being a failure as a meatbag and with robotic additions. Both Grevious and Vader have not welcomed this comment by the droid and neither has the other cyborgs of the Pantheon, be it Victor Stone to even those within Desperado Enforcement LLC., of which he has added them to his list of meatbags worth killing.
  • Observation: Loyalty-wise, some have noticed that E-123 Omega, one of Eggman's prototype robots, shared some of HK-47's traits during one of his adventures as well as his loyalty to Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, which may be similar to his programmed loyalty to Revan. Omega also shows his desires for combat, though not in the same equal extent as HK-47 but it is close and for the cherry on the top, he also seems to be humorously sociopathic as well. He plans to recruit the robot for select missions alongside Legion if he wants.
  • Mockery: At one point, to quell HK-47's desire to kill meatbags, a microchip that was found on the Exile's temple was snatched to find a way to silence that droid. To their surprise, it was a HK Protocol Pacifist Package that can be used to alter the droid's programming. It was installed on him until some members of the House of Heroism and even the Exile found him in a pacifistic state, a state that left all the witnesses disgusted, forcing the chip out of his body. He has mocked the idea of using that chip again though to his credit he does admit that having that chip installed gave him a small insight into why many prefer peace to war.
    HK-47: Conclusion: Still there was a brief moment where I felt like I almost understood why some meatbags choose peace and friendship over a high-powered blaster carbine.
  • "Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxyÖ Master. Oh, how I hate that term."

    Kilowog/Green Lantern 
In brightest day, in blackest night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power—Green Lanterns light!

Kilowog, God of Alien Curse Words (Green Lantern of Space Sector 674, The Dark Lantern)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in the proximity of a Blue Lantern)
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Drill Sergeant Nasty (Only On The Clock, Usually A Gentle Giant), Pardon My Klingon, Boar-Like Alien, Sergeant Rock, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Last Of Bolovax Vik (And For A Time, Not Even That), Communism Leanings In Glorious Mother Russia, Gadgeteer Genius
  • Domains: Willpower, Justice, Space, Instructors, Sergeants, Survivors
  • Allies: His fellow Green Lantern Corps, along with the Indigo Tribe and Blue Lanterns, DC superheroes in general, Astral, The Doctor, Garrus Vakarian, Mace Windu, Izumi Curtis, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, SCP-516, Optimus Prime, Team Lightyear, the Tenno, the Eevelutions, Shokichi Komachi, Griffin, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: Nekron and his associates, the Anti-Monitor, Krona, Parallax, Darkseid, YHVH, the 456 Ambassador, Fabius Bile, Professor Hojo, Tuska, Boris the Animal, Evolto
  • Opposes: Nikita Dragovich, genuinely cruel teachers and instructors like Mori Motonari
  • Wary of: The House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Of the Green Lanterns, one of their most important members is the drill sergeant Kilowog. The Green Lantern of Sector 674, he was one of Bolovax Vik's greatest minds before his people were destroyed... twice (It's a Long Story). During the training he tends to use "poozer"Translation  as an insult, or a curse word when angry. Sometimes even as a term of endearment. It's a versatile swear he got from his own instructor, the Green Lantern Ermey (no known relationship, biological or otherwise, to the actor, R. Lee Ermey). Like all Green Lanterns, Kilowog can use his ring to create green constructs of anything he can imagine, and being the trainer of the other Lanterns—including Hal, John, and Kyle—it should come as little surprise that Kilowog is a powerhouse. His constructs are so powerful that they make sounds, like an exploding cannon.
  • Comes off as an intimidating Drill Sergeant Nasty, however that's only because he's doing his job. He's a Gentle Giant otherwise. He learned he needs to be a hardass training newbie Green Lanterns from his own instructor. You can usually find him giving or taking advice from other military or police instructors in the pantheon. He gets along great with Izumi Curtis as they put their students under harsh training regiments, to make sure they're prepared for the hardship ahead.
  • He gets along with Optimus Prime as they're defenders of freedom for sentient beings across the universe, and leaders. Kilowog also learned about Team Lightyear and Space Command. As far as he's concerned, more enforcers of justice across space is always welcome.
  • Has spent some time talking to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on how to prepare recruits for war. While he found him a bit more a prick than he'd like, he respects what he's doing. He also seems to get along with Mace Windu as they're both harsh but fair enforcers of galactic justice. What he doesn't respect are asshats like Mori Motonari who are actually cruel teachers and instructors.
  • His planet was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, however he managed to preserve the souls of all 16 billion of his race through sheer willpower and his Green Lantern ring. Unfortunately, the planet they were sent to live their new lives was later destroyed to Sinestro. Due to the communal nature and physiology of his people he can still communicate with them on Mogo. The Doctor feels really bad for him as he knows what it's like to lose your entire race, and Griffin is happy that he can still communicate with his people. Kilowog does not like Boris the Animal for being a psychopath belonging to a race of planet destroyers, and is honestly glad that the Boglodites went extinct.
  • Was dead himself for a time due to a Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan, but the unusual nature of his species' afterlife allowed his spirit to be brought back as a force of vengeance. Eventually he was revived for real. He could've been made a Black Lantern because of this, but he wasn't on Earth at the time. He's deeply disturbed to learn that Nekron has an entire alliance working for the same goals of killing everyone as the Lord of the Unliving.
  • He is also deeply disturbed to learn about YHVH. The Mad God of Law reminds him of when the old Guardians of the Universe went rogue, and proceeded to perform a universe-scale Assimilation Plot so as to completely purge free will from the universe as they came to believe it's the source of chaos. While YHVH uses different methods, the results are almost the same.
  • Because of his job as Green Lantern, he always keeps an eye out for the House of Crime and Transgressions, and he has a position in the House of Law and Justice. He was utterly disgusted to learn about the 456 Ambassador and how it has been using children as drugs. The Green Lantern Corps is working to shut down the 456's monstrous child-snatching organization.
  • Before becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps, he was a geneticist. Visiting the House of Science has revived an old passion in the field. He was absolutely disgusted to learn about the horrors Fabius Bile and Professor Hojo have inflicted on the world. He pitied the Tenno for the horrible experiments they went under. And lastly, he felt kinship with Shokichi Komachi for having to deal with an overcrowded homeworld and using genetic engineering for good. On a lighter note, he finds the Eevelutions to be adorable.
  • As a result of his species herd-like nature, he had an interest in communism and Russia. He can be seen talking with Tashkent about the subject, and spending some time in Russia again. Quickly found a dislike of Nikitia Dragovich for representing the worst of communism, and has been advised to never show any communist leanings near Chin. He also found some kinship with Astral as they've found interest in human activities.

    The Science Team 
"Hello Gordon!"

The Science Teammembers , Divine Team of Different Colored Texts (Gordon: Dr. Freeman, Mr. Freeman, Gordon Feetman, Wayne | Tommy: Tommy Coolatta | Coomer: Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer | Benrey: Security Chief Boper, Stong, Bipple, Benny, Xenrey | Sunkist: The Immortal Dog, The Perfect Dog)
left to right: Dr. Coomer, The Skeleton, Gordon Freeman, Dr. Bubby, Benrey, Dr. Tommy
  • Intermediate Deities. Benrey is actually a Greater God and Coomer can become a Greater God using the SuperPlayer Feature
  • Symbol: The Series' logo
  • Theme Song: Hello Gordon! (Dr. Coomer's Bumpin' Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (Gordon and Tommy), Chaotic Neutral (Coomer and Bubby), Neutral Evil with Chaotic Evil leanings (Benrey and the Skeleton), True Neutral (Sunkist and also The Skeleton)
  • Portfolio: Self-aware AI, Five-Man Band, Fire-Forged Friends, Made of Iron, Too Dumb to Live
  • Domains: Humor, Adventure, Improv, Theater, Virtual Reality, Texts
  • Heralds: Darnold, Fourzen
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Headcrabs, The Vortigaunts, The HECU, The Black Ops, The House of Law and Justice (especially Corrupt Cops like C.R.A.S.H. and Manny Pardo), SCP-261
  • Opposed by: Wikipe-tan (Bubby and Benrey)
  • Odd Friendship: Charlie B. Barkin (Gordon)
  • Many people are familiar with the tale of Black Mesa, an accident caused an alien invasion to occur on planet earth and Gordon Freeman fought his way out of the facility facing several dangers in the process. But what would happen if he wasn't alone? What if he had AI companions this time? What if this time, this Gordon could speak and communicate with others? The result isn't exactly what many experience but this Gordon found himself caught in this particular mess because of he happened to not have his passport at hand that day (and he had a dick slip but he would rather not bring that up.) This is the tale of the Science Team, a dysfunctional group of insane individuals who nobody has clue how they even managed to get out of Black Mesa or why they were selected to become deities.
  • Gordon first entered the Pantheon alone, the court of gods was very confused considering they already had a Gordon Freeman ascended but then his good friend Dr. Coomer came in, greeted Gordon in his usual manner and explained that the Science Team was selected for their colourful text subtitles, the ones used to define which character is which. Then Tommy, Bubby and even Sunkist joined soon, Gordon was really glad the Science team was back in action but many feared they would cause untold chaos in the Pantheon. But unfortunately for Gordon, the title also included one nasty visitor and co-holder: Benrey, the man that caused the whole incident in the first place. Why? Gordon didn't have his passport.
  • First thing the team did was figure out how the Pantheon worked. They explored a bit until they came accross a few deities who found the team to be quirky but nonetheless pretty harmless until Benrey shot Kenny McCormick in the head, getting the Science Team in trouble with the Pantheonic authorities and making Gordon desperate in the process. Gordon later explained it wasn't their intention, Benrey is an asshole and that they didn't mean to harm that kid. Nonetheless, they were left off with a warning, since Kenny is no stranger to unusual deaths and Gordon has tried his best to kick Benrey out of the Pantheon with no success.
  • It's believed the G-Man is responsible for the Team's ascension, possibly to keep an eye on his son Tommy. The G-Man normally isn't seen with the group or ever mentions that he has a son, but secretly backs this version of Gordon and his friends in order to keep everything in working order (Benrey is a constant source of problems but otherwise nothing bad tends to the Science Team at least).
    • Speaking of which, the actual Gordon Freeman was utterly confused to see another version of himself who even talked and his fellow scientist friends only make things more complicated to understand, especially because Benrey is constantly asking this Gordon about his Passport (Gordon never really answers his requests, take a guess why). Freeman at the end of the day seems to be friendly towards the Science Team and his counterpart but the Vortigaunts aren't quite so, the Science Team still open fire to the Vorts on sight and calls them Vonneguts.
  • By all accounts, everyone besides Gordon are supposed to be AIs but manifest themselves as characters from the Half Life series. Most people tend to forget that fact but the behavior of Dr. Coomer tends to clue most that they are in fact, closer to NPCs than AIs. Actual Artificial Intelligence deities are curious about the so-called "self awareness" this group possesses.
  • Black Mesa used to have a privileged access to Wikipedia (The Online Encyclopedia anyone can edit?) and the Science Team would use it frequently, mostly to define innocous things like chairs. The existance of Wikipe-tan certainly caught the attention of both Dr. Coomer and Tommy, who are huge fans of the site but she isn't exactly on good terms with the whole team, mostly relating to the incident of Benrey trying to edit Gordon's death in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and later when Bubby destroyed the servers of Wikipedia, which enraged Wikipe-tan immensely. Of course, Bubby has tried to shoot her so nobody would ever edit Wikipedia, the site that no one will ever edit again but he failed and bailed once things got poorly.
  • Gordon really dislikes cops, possibly given his experience with Benrey but he hasn't said why he dislikes them so much. The emnity the groups has with the Law and Justice House and the added fact that the Science Team robbed a bank after getting out of Black Mesa had only escalated things further but Gordon and co try to direct their hate towards the corrupt police officers, one particular encounter they had with Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski where they tried to bust Gordon for his missing passport just to mess with him ended with Gordon putting a bullet in Tenpenny's head and the rest of his friends shooting at Pulaski.
  • They are also on very bad terms with the Military, mostly because of their encoutner with Fourzen and the HECU (plus the Black Ops, the big booby spies really annoyed the Science Team). Sunkist especially is a bit scared of army men after he was captured by them but Tommy has assured him that evil armies wont hurt him.
  • The Science Team always goes crazy whenever there is Soda available after developing a habit of breaking vending machines and eating/drinking whatever is inside. This got the team into trouble (again) when they came in contact with SCP-261 without Foundation authorization (some of the deities guarding thought Gordon and the Doctors were officially sancioned and the few that were suspicious about them suffered a terrible case of bullet to the head). Gordon tried to be nice and try to get things without breaking anything but after the machine refused to give anything because Benrey kept asking 261 if it had a PSN account, Gordon shot the machine and several anomalous materials were dropped, which the Science team slurped in seconds. No one knows how they managed to survive but some think Dr. Coomer suffered an allergic reaction and had to be hospitalized (he is really allergic to radiation).
  • The whole group are huge fans of Elvis so when they learned he had his own temple they quickly went to visit him. He was nice enough to give them tickets to his next show and Elvis is probably the only pedestrian type deity the Science Team hasn't shot in the face at first sight.
  • Given the aforementioned Wikipedia incident, Gordon gets strangely along with Charlie Barkin and he never thought he would end up befriending the actual cartoon dog but after what he has seen, nothing surprises Gordon anymore. Charlie is still wondering if Gordon actually died in his movie.
  • Dr. Coomer is very aware that he is just a program and that he is a mere NPC that was broken once he learned there is NOTHING outside the boundaries of the map, which made him try to possess Gordon but that ultimately failed. He related a lot to Monika because she also suffered the same existencial crisis when she discovered her role in her game and even tried to take control of everything, which also failed. Monika found him odd but a friendly fellow and invited him and the Science Team to meet her fellow clubmates and everything went swimmingly....until Bubby shot Yuri in the face because her poems scared him (and he is also a better writer in his opinion). This little incident didn't really sour them on the Science Team (though they have banned Bubby from ever participating. And Benrey too just in case)
  • Dr. Coomer is a very exceptional boxer and huge fan of Punch Out, especially the one from the SNES. So he was very excited to meet boxers from said franchise and has challenged a few of them to a fight. Coomer was surprisingly good too, having a record of 10-2 after a few days. He also wishes Gordon would upload his conciousness to the Punch Out series.
  • Bubby is actually an Artificial Human, the only succesful one of his series (yes, "series"). He has a lot of failed clones and has a dislike for them, so everytime he sees one he is quick to dispatch them.
  • Sunkist is the perfect dog, some say Tommy created him from some freak accident in Black Mesa. He is also immortal and his appearance is rather....unusual to say the least, akin to a living png. His Immortality attracted a lot of unwanted attention of those seeking immortality but Tommy has driven anyone who has tried to steal his dog and it's like Sunkist is defenseless either.
    • Sunkist also managed to make another two unusual friends, Doge and Walter who welcome him as if he were any other friend from the Dogelore universe. Doge is trying to figure out how to learn that dog version of the Sweet Voice Sunkist can use.
  • Benrey is actually not human and could be an alternate version of the Nihilanth who is obssessed with the PS3 and Heavenly Sword. He is also secretly in love with Gordon, hence the constant teasing and trolling, which makes people wonder if he is a Tsundere or a Yandere, but most have figured that having your passport with you may save you from a nasty encounter with Benrey and his sweet voice.
  • For the record, even if they are quite silly, they can also be quite dangerous. Most notably, they once got into a fight with Melkor and WON. In Coomer's own words: DON'T FUCK WITH THE SCIENCE TEAM!
  • They can also be found in Common Colors.

Lesser Gods

Felix, God of One Word Vocabularies (Experiment 010note , Oscar)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A broom with "010" as a logo on the handle
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Felix), Chaotic Neutral (Oscar)
  • Portfolio: One-Word Vocabulary ("Dirty!"), Designed for Cleaning Purposes, Gets a Bigger Role in Video Games, Neat Freak or Trash of the Titans depending on programming, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Shout-Out to The Odd Couple
  • Domains: Aliens, Genetic Experiments, Utility (in general), Cleanliness or Dirtiness (depends on personality)
  • Interests: The House of Healers (as Felix)
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, his cousins, Felonius Gru, E.T, Daniel Lamb, Dr Jekyll, Ryou Bakura
  • Enemies: Dr. Hämsterviel, Babidi, Leo Kasper, Mr Hyde, the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, Dark Marik
  • Opposed by: Durant
  • Wary of: The SCP Foundation and The Global Occult Coalition (one-sided)
  • Under watch by: The Men In Black
  • Experiment 010 was one of the earliest illegal genetic experiments by Dr. Jumba Jookiba. The 0-series was made primarily for household use, and this experiment was designed to clean things and keep the house nice and tidy. Unfortunately he was a Neat Freak quick to regard living beings as dirty. Along with 623 other experiments, his pod was released upon the island of Kauai and sought after by Lilo and Stitch.
  • Applies to the experiment as a whole:
    • Named Felix, and to avoid his neat freak personality was reprogrammed to the dirt-loving Oscar. Sometimes he'll return to his old personality, just less extreme. He only says "Dirty!", with disdain as Felix and joy as Oscar. As he resembles an anteater, Durant doesn't like the experiment. Felix/Oscar don't mean any harm, but given Durant's relationship with Heatmor this is more a one-sided Animal Jingoism than anything.
    • Neither personality has a real opinion on the other, but they don't seem to be in conflict. Despite their differences, neither like it when good people have to suffer from evil personalities. Naturally, they don't care for Dr. Hämsterviel (though he found little use in Felix/Oscar), nor do they like Babidi since he feels their former past as an "evil experiment" makes them potential Majin mind control agents.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick once had a fight over whether being clean or dirty was better. Felix agrees with SpongeBob, Oscar agrees with Patrick. When the friends reconciled after getting dirty and clean respectively, both personalities of Experiment 010 still wouldn't tolerate dirtiness/cleanliness, but could understand the other's reasoning a bit more. For starters, they usually don't go after each other's allies anymore.
    • Avoids the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition, as Felix/Oscar is afraid his "anomalous" nature and status as aliens make them targets. This was laughed out as they find the various experiments both non-anomalous and Felix/Oscar not being dangerous. Elsewhere, the alien likes hanging out with Felonius Gru due to reminding him of his creator, and E.T for being a friendly alien. As with his cousins, the Men In Black are watching over them.
  • Applies to Felix only:
    • The more responsible of the two sides, Felix is happy to help in the House of Jobs and Profession, though he has gotten in trouble for using his nostril-based laser beams to eliminate old books because they were gathering dust and spiderwebs. He works the best with Roll.
    • Agrees with Double D on how he meticulously sorts out his house and keeps things clean. Felix hates the House of Diseases, due to how he tries to sterilize any germs and other pathogens with dirt. Initially he considered mostly any living thing germs, but isn't as severe in his judgement. The House of Healers believes that eh can help with their cause.
    • While Reuniclus and the Amoeba Boys are relatively harmless, as enormous microbes they're really dirty to him. Particularly the Amoeba Boys due to the one time they accidentally spread a plague around Townsville. The Great Mighty Poo was the dirtiest of them all. Tellingly, even Oscar felt he was too filthy.
  • Applies to Oscar only:
    • The messy Oscar loves dirt, and as Felix eliminates it with nose lasers and vacuums, Oscar spreads dirt by expelling it from his nose. While Felix's one true place is that of a janitor, Oscar spent some time causing mischief for Gantu. Zim hates Oscar due his fear of germs, and he's not welcome with the other neat freaks in this state.
    • Ed likes Oscar because of how dirty he makes things and the fact that he's an alien, given his enjoyment of sci-fi and B-movies. He likes the room habits of Eric Hartmann as well, and how Barroth covers things with mud. He can be found playing in the mud Barroth spreads.
    • While Felix doesn't like Reuniclus and the Amoeba Boys, Oscar feels that his alter-ego is being unfair on them and gets along with them. Still, along with the Great Mighty Poo even Oscar finds Nurgle far too dirty to enjoy, despite his dirt-loving programming.

    George Carlin 
George Denis Patrick Carlin, Patron Saint of the Seven Dirty Words (That Old Fuck, Mr. Conductor, Rufus)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A microphone with seven particular words encircling it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but loves playing as Chaotic Evil for the audiences
  • Portfolio: Knowing How Far to Push a Joke, Swearing, Age-induced cynicism, Nice People Who Play Mean Characters, Enjoying Suffering, Refuge in Audacity
  • Domains: Dark Comedy, Swearing, Ranting
  • Followers: Many, many mortal comedians.
  • Upon ascending and having it explained to him what it meant, he proceeded to launch into a twenty-five minute long rant about how ridiculous the idea was that now he's the invisible man people pray to, what the hell sort of universe is this, although if it's for real, now that he's a god he can have fun playing with the mortals, especially the ones who were assholes to him while he was alive on earth. He concluded by saying "fuck the pantheon, fuck the gods...and fuck everyone now that I think of it!"
  • He still performs his famous routines on-stage every week for packed audiences. When it was once asked how he can continue to mock religion now that he himself is a god, he replied "You're just gonna have to figure that shit out on your own". He's eagerly waiting for the final battle between good and evil, as he think it's funny when a lot of people die — now a lot of gods dying, that's hilarious.
  • Is actually a very nice and gentle man, and is happy to receive visitors and chat with them when he isn't on stage.
    • In fact, when Ringo Starr of the Beatles isn't telling stories to child deities about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, Mr. Carlin is happy to take over.
  • Given he played Bill and Ted's mentor, the duo loves him and is always present when he performs, and at times Carlin lets Wyld Styllyns play a short set before his own.

Napstablook, deity of small letters (Dapperblook, Blooky, NAPSTABLOOK22, Spooky DJ)
Art by dogbomber
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: a pair of headphones with the phrase "REALLY NOT FEELIN UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY." written below
  • Theme Song: Ghost Fight (their boss theme), Pathetic House
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: being very softspoken, no given gender, very apologetic ghost, the eeyore, mini-boss, actually dangerous if they are upset, multi-purpose tears, warm-up boss, a ghost in the form of a bedsheet
  • Domains: ghosts, music, hats, spooky stuff
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dark Danny, Freddy Krueger
  • Odd Friendship: The Mann Co's mercenaries
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Ghostbusters, Luigi
  • Scares: Ragna the Bloodedge, Mako Reizei, Nao Midorikawa/Cure March, Alice
  • Employed by: Spooky
  • There was one time where people reported there was a ghost pretending to be asleep on the main floor in the Pantheon. The Ghostbusters were ready to deal with said ghost until Frisk stepped in to stop them. It turned out that it was Napstablook, a ghost that they befriended back in the underground.
    • After that, Frisk asked the Court of Gods asked if their ghost friend could stay in the Pantheon. After a long session, they decided to let them stay thanks to their softspoken ways. Napstablook reaction was quite special:
    "oh no...i'm a god now... that's nice... bye..."
  • They hail from a family of ghosts that anytime they want, they can go corporeal. They were the only one that still didn't find a suitable body when they have other cousins that already found theirs. One of them became a Training Dummy while the other one became a famous star under the name of Mettaton. This is pretty much the reason why they are always seen alone.
    • However, they have come to accept the company of other more friendly ghosts they befriended in the pantheon and they are always seen hanging out in the Ghosts sub-house.
  • They like to spend their time sharing their music on the internet. People are sometimes afraid of coming to their temple because they find their music very spooky.
    • The only human that approached their temple was Koume Shirasaka, who was in complete awe with the Ghost's tunes. Napstablook was glad they were able to find a singer and they both are preparing to release a new collaboration album for Koume's career.
    • Other fellow DJs that also approached them were Vinyl Scratch and Sona Buvelle. After they are done with Koume's album, Napstablook is also planning another collab between the three.
  • They have forged an unlikely friendship with Isaac, especially because they both can use their tears offensively. Plus, Isaac really likes the Ghost "Dapperblook" look.
    • Also helped that Isaac met him on a trip of an accidental trip to the Underground. While his trip was cut short by Sans realizing that Frisk must have been in Isaac's basement by accident and going out of his way to save them, he still got to meet and befriend Isaac as he made his way through the Ruins. He, along with the other Undertale characters, actually go with Isaac from time to time to help him out on his basement quests.
      • Their friendship also helped Isaac as Napstablook decided to help Isaac cut his trip in Spooky's mansion short by spraying the door he came from with acid tears, unlocking and opening it. When scolded by Spooky for letting Isaac leave, he apologized softly, commenting on how he thought Isaac wouldn't like it here, vanishing as he softly called out "oh no...............................". Despite this, Spooky still keeps him and his CDs in her house but is also going through background checks to see if any other ghosts she has befriended anyone on the outside.
    • The Mercenaries also got interested in the "Dapperblook", since it reminds them of the Ghostly Gibus. They have been trying to trade their other hats for the Dapperblook but the Ghost hasn't given a final answer yet.
  • In their free time, they actually like to spend it doing a family tradition they call "Feeling Like Garbage". Rumors say that anyone that has also "felt like garbage" state that it is an "enlightening experience" and it opened their minds into a great future.
  • Even for a ghost, Napstablook tries to be as nice as possible with everyone they meet. They indeed were upset when they scared a few people they tried to befriend.
    • Although, there were a few times that they were attacked out of fear. Thankfully, they can't be hurt by normal attacks and they purposely let their health bar go down so their attacker doesn't feel bad.
      "umm... you do know you cant kill ghosts, right? we're sorta incorporeal and all. i was just lowering my hp because i didn't want to be rude. sorry... i just made this more awkward... pretend you beat me... oooooooo"
    • Even then, there are few people they personally dislike. For example, they aren't very fond of Dark Danny or Freddy Krueger for giving ghosts a bad name.
  • After accidentally bumping into her once, Napstablook now is employed by Spooky in her mansion as a Specimen 1 (They just lay down on the floor and block the path). They say she isn't that bad compared to what other people say, and she actually has bought all of their tunes they made in order too "smoothen the atmosphere" as she says.
  • They also transferred their snail farm to the house of Sports since it didn't make sense to leave their cousin's farm without a caretaker. Many people enjoy participating in the Thundersnail race and has slowly become a popular activity. One of the most frequent attendants is SpongeBob, who later became friends with Napstablook.

    The Smurfs 
The Smurfs, Gods of Using a Word in Multiple Ways
From top to bottom: Papa, Smurfette, Grouchy, Clumsy, Brainy
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A white hat
  • Theme Song: The Smurfs Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Papa Smurf), Neutral Good (Smurfette, Brainy Smurf), Chaotic Good (Clumsy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Good, Animal, Community, Protection, Law (Papa), Chaos (Clumsy, Grouchy)
  • Followers: All of the other 100 Smurfs
  • Allies: Asterix, Obelix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, The Care Bears, The Mane Six, Billy, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Huey, Duey, and Louie Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Michelangelo, Tigger, Anger (Grouchy), Chrom (Papa Smurf), Goofy Goof (Clumsy).
  • Enemies: Zobek, Scourge, Archibald Snatcher, Count Olaf
  • Odd Friendship: Garfield
  • Annoys: Barney Stinson, The House of Knowledge (Brainy)
  • It's little surprise that Grouchy Smurf is usually in a bad mood. He has a good reason for it though; he is the only Smurf to represent his kind in the Pantheon and he's sick of it. One would think he liked being alone, but he has secretly missed his friends. As such, he was determined to bring in the Smurfs. That day would come with the arrival of their latest adventure. While the movie did not make that much money, it did much to redeem the series after the mediore previous forays. With faith restored, the faithful granted Grouchy his wish, bringing in four of his friends as fully fledged deities, with the others allowed limited entry in their temple.
    • The term is used to describe how they love to use the word 'smurf' to place certain other words all the smurfing time! The Smurfs turned it into an art form, helped by the fact that nearly every Smurf uses the word as their last name.
    • Gamers have been entering the temple, mistakenly believing the term to be when high-level players make new accounts to play in lower-level games.
  • Their origins reside in Belgian, where first created them. Their success was accidental, as the creator preferred other works. The Smurfs regret the loss of their brethren and erected statues of Peyo's other works in their honor.
    • As such, they get along well with their other Belgian deities. Tintin, Luke, and Asterix all came by to congratulate them on their ascension as well as voice their support.
  • The Smurfs were relieved that their Arch-Enemy Gargamel had not ascended. Yet with the group's increased presence in the Pantheon, it may only be a matter of time before the wizard finds a way to enter.
    • For now, Gargamel will have to settle for the temple of Zobek, God of Deadly Sorcerers. The necromancer was not impressed with the track record of his pupil, but does see a lot of potential in the wizard. He is willing to help Gargamel reach the Pantheon proper provided he can prove himself.
    • Likewise, the Smurfs are understandably wary of any evil cat deities. In that case, Azrael hired Scourge to harass the Smurfs by any means necessary. The Social Darwinist was happy to oblige, thinking that the small blue creature did not fit into his image of "survival of the fittest".
    • The sole exception is Garfield. Usually a carnivorous cat, he does have a soft side towards certain creatures such as rats. Turns out the Smurfs were close enough to that analogy to consider them friends. He did meet two of them after all.
  • Many of their followers see a hidden rivalry between the Smurfs and the Care Bears. As the two involve cute looking creatures with successful cartoons, many have argued over which had the better franchise. There are no such arguments between the two groups themselves as they are merely happy to formally introduce themselves at last. Grouchy Smurf and Grumpy Bear in particular have been thick as thieves for a while. The two were the first of their kind to enter and held the fort for the rest of their friends to arrive later.
  • Likewise, the Smurfs also enjoy hanging out with the Mane Six. Pinkie Pie has tried to cheer Grouchy Smurf on several occasions with birthdays... which only made him grumpier. Upon the ascension of his friends, he agreed to let Pinkie celebrate with a party... just this once. The ensuing celebration lasted well into the night.
  • To their surprise, Billy had thought that he had met them before. The Smurfs clarified that he mistook them to the more antagonistic Schlubs. So far, they have failed to convince him. Grim surmised that at least these blue creatures aren't trying to eat him.
    • Papa and Brainy Smurf were involved in a massive crossover to help a couple of teens to quit using drugs. Once those two managed to make a more permanent stay in the Pantheon, they saw a lot higher number of cartoons visit them.
  • Confusing the Smurfs to Trolls, Mr. Snatcher grabbed a number of them in order to destroy the pests. That did not sit well with Papa Smurf, and he managed to amass much of the subhouse of Fantastic Races to help track him down. The resulting fight was a one-sided affair on the side of the heroes.
  • It's true that their live action foray was not that highly regarded, but it did cause some odd interactions. What they thought was their friend Pat Winslow was actually Count Olaf. Well known for his disguises, Olaf saw an opportunity to use an avatar of his as entertainers for the orphans. His plans were stopped by none other than... Barney Stinson. He may usually condone evil acts, but hurting children (outside of laser tag) is crossing the line with him. But he wouldn't really call the Smurfs friends. In fact, Barney has been working to find a way to ascend Gargamel to deal with those annoyingly cute pests. Alas, the Smurf have yet to find someone of Pat's looks that's actually nice to him.
  • Exclusive to Papa Smurf
    • Is widely seen as the leader of the 100 Smurfs. A kind and overall Nice Guy... that is until anyone threatens his family. Then he wouldn't be above smacking said intruder down.
      • There's no surprise that he would be friends of Divine Patriarch Chrom as a result.
  • Exclusive to Smurfette
  • Exclusive to Grouchy Smurf
    • Has been around for longer than any of the smurfs, holding things down for his perpetual frown and his hatred of... well pretty much everything. Still, his loneliness overcame his annoyance of his friends and it forced him to try to bring more of his smurf brethren with him. Now that he has succeeded... he has gone back to grumbling at his friends' attempts to cheer him up.
    • Allows the emotion Anger to control his functions most of the time. With that said, he's willing to allow the other emotions a bit of control if he's in a good mood.
  • Exclusive to Brainy Smurf
    • Brainy was the only smurf that tried to ascend without the help of Grouchy. He thought that his intelligence would earn him a spot in the House of Knowledge. The Seeker of Knowledge replied that the only way they would let him in is if they ascended him for his utter lack of knowledge. Incensed, Brainy tried to find other ways to ascend with no luck. Eventually, he had to swallow his pride and let the others help him ascend.
    • Do note that his later appearance has made him look smarter, which would prevent him from using that title anyways. Brainy is at least grateful he won't have to resort to that option anymore.
  • Exclusive to Clumsy Smurf
    • Is the resident klutz of the Pantheon. As such, he was a follower of Goofy before his ascension. The first meet up between the two caused a ruckus that wrecked the subhouse of Introvert Flaws.
    • A special note is his relationship with Brainy. While the others consider the Know-Nothing Know-It-All as a handful at best, Clumsy seems to be the only one who can tolerate him. The relationship is symbiotic, as Brainy appreciates having someone who would listen to his ideas while Clumsy likes how Brainy can handle his clumsiness.

    Tony Montana 
Antonio Raimundo "Tony" Montana, God of the F-Word (Scarface, The Bad Guy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself divided in two shades of Black and White.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Swearing the F-Word Many Times, Villain Protagonists, Villainous Valor, Iron-Made Beings, Death by Irony and Awesomeness, Evil Versus Evil, Evil Beings With Standards and Relatives, Protecting His Sister From Even Worse Scums.
  • Domains: Crime, Family, Speeches, Honor.
  • Allies: Tommy Vercetti (his expy), Claude, Billy Kane, Raoh, Walter White, The 3rd Street Gang Leader, Huang Le, George Carlin, many Villain Protagonists in the Pantheon.
  • Rivals: Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson
  • Friendly Enemies: Satoko Houjou, The Sonozaki Sisters, Professor Moriarty, House of Law and Justice, The House of Heroes.
  • Enemies: Every good aligned Deity in the House of Law and Justice, Vito and Michael Corleone, Omar Little
  • Whenever a deity or mortal goes about a tirade of profanity, Tony Montana smiles in approval. His proficiency in dirty words is as vicious as his rage-fueled battles with whoever stands in his way. And God help you if he goes after you high on cocaine, as there is few things in the Pantheon that can slow him down much less outright stop him. Not to mention the fact that he isn't afraid to take on anyone in a fight, even Overdeities. All of this has bolstered his reputation as one of the most feared deities in the Pantheon.
  • The incredible story of Tony Montana can be accredited to a simple way of life: according to him, the world is his. He always thought he was destined for great things, and he sought to do whatever it took to achieve that goal. Through his ruthlessness and paranoia, the Cuban managed to amass a multi-million dollar empire. Unfortunately, his paranoia and stubbornness got the better of him, leading to the death of his allies, retribution from his former associate and finally his own death. That could have been the end for Tony, but his cocaine-fueled rampage in the final moments of his life caused many to revere him. It wasn't long before he was deified, namely for his seamless use of profanity.
    • Many have speculated that it was Raoh himself who was moved with Tony's death enough to grant him godhood. Raoh had denied such claims, stating that Tony's popularity alone was more than enough to grant him a spot in the Pantheon. Still, he has a statute dedicated to Tony's last stand.
  • His ascension led to one of the most tumultuous moments for the House of Crime in Pantheon history. Not one to condone drug use, Vito tried to pressure Tony's suppliers out of their turf. Montana responded with one of the most brutal string of assassinations ever seen. The two factions went to war for years, even involving members of the GUAG and GUAE who wanted to benefit from the chaos. Ultimately, the GUAG sided with the Corleones and together they sent Tony into hiding for a number of years.
  • Even in his disappearance there were gang members who went to war in his name. It was the growing popularity of the GTA deities that convinced Tony to return. This time around, the two groups established territory for themselves that the Corleones couldn't pry from them. It is here that the two groups are under a cold war of sorts, with the two going about their own business. It helped that many gaming criminals are more aligned with Tony Montana's blustering force rather than the Corleone's precision strikes. Michael especially despises the man for forcing the son to continue working in the business, knowing that dropping out would potentially allow an opening for Montana to take over.
    • Tommy is the rare breed of gang member that has managed warm relations with both factions. The Italian sees many similarities between him and Montana, including how they rose to power and tried to keep it. With that said, he wished that Montana had taken better care of his wife and sister.
    • Niko and CJ have cooler relations to Tony compared to the others, stating they could not fully stand with a man who deals drugs. With that said, many of their followers prefer working with him to the Corleones.
  • Walter White was a late addition into the criminal world, but he had made a massive impact on the House of Crime. His new formula made cocaine that much more addicting to buyers. Tony quickly hired the man, promising protection from those who want to disrupt his business. Walter handed some over to Montana himself as a bit of incentive of keeping him. After all, Tony Montana once again broke the rule of Getting High on Their Own Supply. Keeping him addicted gives White greater leeway in negotiating favorable deals.
  • Is one of the few deities in the entire Pantheon who does not fear Omar Little whatsoever. Any sort of raids by the man on his business sends Montana on a raged-fueled rampage on Little's gang. The two have fought to a stalemate on multiple occasions whenever tensions inevitably flare up.
  • Carmen Santiago and Jack Sparrow try their best not to draw their ire, but the third member of the Criminal Triad thinks of him of too much of a liability. Moriarty does not like having to create additional contingencies to deal with the volitality of Tony. He would rather find a way to put the gang member in a situaton that would cause his downfall.
  • With his presence, Tony Montana remains a constant menace for the Houses of Justice and Heroes. Cases dealing with the Italian often lead to deadly confrontations and loss of life, bringing headaches to all involved.
  • One of the aspects that led to his initial downfall was his over protectiveness of his sister Gina. When he found out that his best friend was dating her, he shot the man dead. It's the reason he could bear to make any of his past friends his heralds. However, he does have a friend in the form of Billy Kane. He to has to contend with a blockhead Muay Thai fighter trying to date his sister with the added bonus of the two being enemies. It's one of the few times Tony decides not to to get high out of respect for another person.
  • Even with his apparently erratic nature, he does have a set of rules to follow. For one, he will not get the family of those he would like to kill involved with such situations, invoking the love of his mother and daughters. Secondly, he refrains from more subtle ways of killing the competition, preferring direct action upon others.
  • The two may not see a lot of topics eye-to-eye, but he and George Carlin do have one thing in common: their creative use of profanity. Carlin himself defined the infamous Seven Dirty Words, and Tony has made more of an effort to use them more if them into his vocabulary.
  • In case he's going to shoot anyone, expect him to speak the following quote:
  • Recently resurfaced as part of a masked gang of heisters in Washington DC, despite the fact that he should be dead. It was later revealed that this is a doppelganger assuming the mantle of Scarface, though the fact that this Scarface uses a HK417 as his 'little friend'

    Vaas Montenegro 
Vaas Montenegro, God of Breaking Lectures


    Jesse Pinkman 
Jesse Bruce Pinkman, God of Profanity for Emphasis (Cap'n Cook, Jesse Jackson, Diesel, Timmy Dipshit, Dope Head, Igor, Rewindo, Captain America, Mr. Driscoll)
Click here to see as he appears in El Camino 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The RV with a meth lab inside; Alternatively, his newly forged driver's license
  • Theme Song: "ENCHANTED" by Chloe x Halle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral With Shades of Good. Potentially Lawful Neutral in an alternate universe
  • Portfolio: Emphasizing His Statements With "Bitch", Unconventional Vernacular, Goes Ballistic if Children Were Harmed, Went Through Many Miseries, Grew Out of His Impulsiveness, Quick to Blame Himself, Desires Approval and Affection, Surprisingly Kind and Smart, Earn Your Happy Ending, Redemption Earns Life
  • Domain: Crime, Sorrow, Guilt, Hidden Depths
  • High Priest: Scary Terry
  • Heralds: Skinny Pete, Brandon "Badger" Mayhew, Christian "Combo" Ortega
  • Allies: Niko Bellic, Omar Little, John Marston, Earl Hickey, Roman Bellic, Jack Marston, Luis Fernando Lopez, Carl Johnson, Franklin Clinton, Michael DeSanta
  • On Good Terms with: Mike Ehrmantraut, Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati's Gang, Bob Arctor, Roy Harper, Morty Smith
  • On Speaking Terms with: Vito & Michael Corleone, Rick Sanchez, Trevor Philips, Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
  • Pitied by: Sonic the Hedgehog, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Spartacus
  • Enemies: Todd Alquist, Gustavo Fring, The Salamanca Family, Tommy Vercetti, Tony Montana, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, Diavolo, Any and All Nazi and Neo-Nazi Gods, Anyone Who Would Hurt a Child, Pro-Slavery Deities (like The Slavers, Calvin Candie and Stephen), Cain Marko/The Juggernaut, Freddy Krueger
  • Conflicting Opinion: Fritz the Cat, Sae Niijima
  • Uneasy Relationship: Hank Schrader, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart, Jessica Jones-Cage, and other police deities, The Wilkerson Family (especially Hal Wilkerson), Some Members of House of Family and Relatives
  • Awkward Relationship: USS Enterprise Crew, Hall of Zombies
  • Complicated Relationship: Walter White
  • Jesse Pinkman was a small-time methamphetamine cook and marijuana dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a former student of chemistry teacher Walter White. After he was estranged from his middle-class parents due to his drug addiction, he turns to drug dealing to make ends meet when he lived by himself in his late aunt's house. This caught the attention of his former teacher who wanted to enter the illegal drug trade to provide money for his family before his terminal illness takes him. Using Walt's knowledge in chemistry and Jesse's knowledge in meth making and the drug trade, they formed a partnership and tried to distribute their highly potent blue meth, which attached trouble for the both of them as they have to deal with other dangerous drug dealers as well as local drug enforcement. Despite earning a lot of money during his partnership with Mr. White, Jesse's mental state takes a turn for the worse as he suffered grief following the murder of his friend Combo by rival dealers as well as his girlfriend Jane of an overdose, causing him to go on a drug binge before Walt was able to save him. After Jesse exits rehab, he and Walt work under Gustavo Fring, a fast-food restaurant manager who uses his business as a front to distribute meth across the mid-western US, gaining them more money.
    • Despite later earning Gus's trust as his drug cook, Jesse would later turn on Gus after he learned that his dealers played a part in his friend's death as well as the poisoning of the son of his new girlfriend Andrea, leading him and Walt to team up and using his knowledge of Gus to take down the Drug Kingpin. Filling the void left by Gus's death, Jesse and Walt establish their own meth operation, later hiring a former exterminator Todd Alquist, who has connections to another distributor and the Aryan Brotherhood as muscles, to help them on a train heist. But everything went awry as Jesse saw Todd shooting a child who witness their heist, leading Jesse to be distraught and deciding to quit the meth business altogether. Adding to that, his disagreement with Waltís increasing fixation on building a criminal empire, having become equally reliant on him emotionally as a father figure but also disgusted with himself and with what Walter had become, leading to him dissolving his partnership with Walt in the process.
    • After suspecting that Walt was the one who poison his girlfriend's kid to help him turn on Gus, Jesse decides to work with Walt's brother-in-law, DEA Agent Hank Schrader, who at the time knows Walt's role in the drug trade, to get him arrested. Walt calls the Aryan Brotherhood members for backup while learning of his brother-in-law's trap, an action which got his brother-in-law killed. Pissed off by Jesse's betrayal, Walt ratted Jesse out and let him get kidnapped by the Neo-Nazi members. Before he was taken away, Walt confesses to him that he was there the night his girlfriend overdosed and watched her die instead of taking her to the hospital (likely as revenge for Jane threatening to call the cops on Walt and trying to run away with Jesse), which devastated Jesse on top of Walt's betrayal. For several months, Jesse was tortured and became a meth-making slave to Todd, his uncle, and his biker gang. He tried to escape but once he was recaptured, he was punished by having Todd kill Andrea and Jack's biker gang threatening to kill her son if he escapes again. After some time, Walt later returns to the compound where Jesse was held and kills the Neo-Nazi gang to tie up loose ends, with Jesse being freed, getting revenge on Todd by choking him with Jesse's chain restraints and escaping the compound in Tears of Joy. He would later gather his reminding drug money and pay someone to forge a new identity for him so that he can start a new life in Alaska.
  • Several deities decided to submit requests to make Jesse a deity after feeling pity for his rough life and being overjoyed by his escape from the compound, but by the time they were able to make arrangements for his ascension, Jesse had already moved to Alaska to make a fresh start. Still, they sent a letter to him anyway, hoping he would accept their invitation to move here that would promise him a more peaceful life. When he did read the letter and came to this place, he would find himself in front of a High Court, having his life reviewed for his title. The whole Trope deification process is a bit hard for him to understand at first but he was amazed at being recognized for something he did. Still, he didn't feel comfortable having his past reviewed and requested a title that's not tied to his life. Then the Council suggested a particular title for him due to his...entertaining and frequent use of profanity. Jesse initially protested, being surprised and weirded-out that such a specific title like that exist. After they showed him a supercut of the times he has said the phrase to the point that "Bitch" was like his Verbal Tic, Jesse concede to their point and accepted the title.
  • His temple looks similar to a renovated version of his late aunt's house, which he is fine with. He also decided to bring his friends Badger and Skinny Pete as heralds, later including Combo after learning that the dead can be revived and recruited as heralds too. He considered bringing either of his former girlfriends Jane and Andrea with him but didn't want to burden them any further, feeling guilty that he is partially responsible for their deaths. For the most part, after his experiences with the drug trade and his imprisonment, he wants nothing to do with any drug or crime-related activities, opting to learn to refine his wooden craft skills in the House of Craft to one day open up a woodshop in his temple. For now, he works as a carpenter here to make ends meet. When not taking clients or doing a wood project, he mostly stays in the temple either hanging out with his heralds or by himself playing video games or drawing sketches, though he does go out occasionally and explore the various houses out of curiosity but makes sure he doesn't get recognized easily.
  • Has complicated relationships with the deities from his world. Ever since his ascension, Jesse tries to avoid Walter White due to the events that happened when they were mortals. Considering how toxic their relationship became and how Walt screwed over his life, and despite Walt saving him numerous times (including his own escape), it's for the best they don't speak to each other. Walt has not contacted him yet ever since Jesse arrived in the Pantheon and Jesse doesn't want to know where Walt is now. He also actively avoids Gustavo Fring, not only because Jesse refuses to renew his ties with Gus but also to prevent him from knowing he had a hand in the former Drug Kingpin's death, which would be bad if Gus decides to take revenge as he had heard that Gus had gained a few powerful allies of his own. The person he avoids the most is Hank Schrader, as while their views of each other improved a bit following their Enemy Mine situation back when they were mortals, Jesse knows that Hank would try to turn him in as a fugitive. Fortunately for Jesse, Hank is not assigned to his recapture due to his previous violent conflicts with him. Hank himself has learned of what happened to Jesse after his death and decides (without Jesse knowing) to keep his new identity a secret out of pity and regret for not preventing what has happened to him at the hands of the Neo-Nazis. Speaking of which, Jesse was not happy, to say the least, upon learning of Todd's ascension. Todd tried to visit Jesse's temple in an attempt to be friendly to him again (not realizing the reasons Jesse killed in him the first place) but Jesse threaten to kill him again if he ever tried to come near to him, his heralds or his temple and he's sure to keep that promise as he is becoming more willing to kill when necessary.
  • Sometime after Hank ascended, the Tropes Pantheon Police Department and later the House of Law and Justice have been made aware of Jesse's status as an escaped fugitive of the law. They were able to gather what happened to him during his kidnapping and enslavement after he escaped from the compound and his current presence in the Pantheon, but not his current whereabouts or which alias he is currently using. While some people in the House of Justice, like detective Rust Cohle and public prosecutor Sae Niijima, do pity his situation, they still think he should pay for his crimes, especially for his past as a drug dealer/manufacturer and for the people Jesse has killed. People in their field still want to uphold the law regardless of the suspect's situation and unlike Hank who is familiar with Mr. Pinkman, they are not willing to give Jesse a pass like that. That's not even getting to some people like The Dark Judges or Teru Mikami who want to see him be put to death for his crimes, as extreme as it could be. Jesse is aware that the cops would be looking for him even in the Pantheon and tries to avoid interacting with them or make sure he doesn't reveal personal information about himself until he is sure he's not dealing with an undercover cop. The only people on the side of the law he's remotely on good terms with, are Bob Arctor and Roy Harper, who suffered their fair share of problems with drug addiction and both wish him luck on his new lease on life.
  • Having been taught by Walter White, Jesse's skills in making high quality meth are on par the one made by Heisenberg himself. Naturally, this attracted the attention of druggies and drug dealers alike hoping they could convince him to get back into the meth business and/or work with them to get a profit, but are unwilling to work with the other deities from Jesse's world due to being hard and dangerous to deal with. One such druggie, named Fritz the Cat, once visited Jesse's temple after being angry about Walt's high meth prices and was disappointed that Jesse himself refuse to make more meth for the anthropomorphic cat. Fritz' self-centered and hedonistic personality reminded Jesse of himself at his lowest points. Drug kingpins like Tony Montana and Tommy Vercetti also tried separately to convince him to cook for them, but Jesse also turned them down, not wanting to deal with more violent drug dealers any further.
    • Other Mafia members are interested in Jesse for similar reasons. The Corleones don't trust Jesse at first since he was a drug dealer/cook, but changed their minds after hearing that he renounced the drug business. His usefulness especially during his time with Walt and Gus made them sought him out, giving him an offer he can't refuse as a potential hitman or informant working under them. But Jesse turn it down reaffirming his stance on wanting to leave the criminal lifestyle. Same reason why Jesse turned down mafia enforcers Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro's offer, although Jesse doesn't like the fact that they are willing to work his former mentor. He was also being sought out by mafia boss Diavolo, being interested in his meth making skills like his current working partner Walter White. Jesse finds his attitude of not wanting to be seen similar to Gus Fring, but Jesse expressed his disgust in Diavolo for wanting to kill his daughter in order to preserve his anonymity. When Jesse learned about Diavolo's willingness to selling drugs to kids, Jesse bluntly told him that he "would not be his bitch" and immediately cut ties with him but Jesse has no idea how much of a powerful enemy he just pissed off.
    • Upon hearing Jesse's encounter with Diavolo, Passione also know as Bucciarati's Gang, a friendly mafia lead by Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati, visited Jesse's temple just in case Diavolo chooses to retaliate. After Jesse told these strangely fashionably dressed men that he has not contacted Diavolo face to face, having message relayed to him by some of his associates, they felt kind of relieved. They briefly explained their beef with Diavolo and the powers they all possess, and that Jesse was lucky he was seemingly left alone. The group then offered Jesse an alliance in their group, mostly out of their respect for him in leaving the meth business. While Jesse express approval for their mission to clean up the mafia to be a force of good, he's not interested doing altruistic stuff either, still preferring to do his own thing. They parted peacefully but not before the group have expressed their offered for protection should higher forces bother Jesse in any way.
  • Being increasingly annoyed by the previous offers, Jesse figures that there must be other former criminals who ascended in this world too and decided to seek them out, hoping he can find some allies he can actually relate to. Much to his worries, there are quite a few criminals who became part of law enforcement, so he makes sure to avoid those people. Luckily for Jesse, he did find former criminals who choose to abandoned their criminal careers. One of those people was Slavic immigrant Niko Bellic, who despite his initial distain due to Jesse's former involvement in the drug trade, was quick to relate to him being no stranger to guilt and personal loss. Another one is retired outlaw John Marston, who gets along with Jesse surprisingly well despite being in time periods (John being from the early 1900s and Jesse from the early 2000s), which may have something to do with Jesse's story having a bit of a Western vibe. All three men can relate to being dragged back into commit criminal deeds despite wanting to get out of it.
    • Through Niko and John, Jesse was able to meet other deities of their world. First was of course Niko's cousin Roman and John's son Jack, who have good relations with Jesse mostly due to their respective relatives' alliance with him but also expressing pity for his story. Being a former drug dealer turned bouncer who still has ties with his criminal friends, Luis is perfectly fine with Jesse's company. Another set of retired criminals Jesse meets were the deities from Los Santos: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Trevor's violent tendencies remind Jesse of Tuco, an Ax-Crazy drug dealer, which is why he doesn't interact with him often. He gets along better with Michael and Franklin whose healthy pseudo father-son dynamic admired Jesse as it reminded him of his relationship with his former teacher before things went south with them. Much like his views with Michael, CJ envies Jesse for being able to leave his criminal life but he notes that at least Jesse is no longer in the drug business. Jesse asked CJ about more this sensing a bit of bitterness in his tone, he told him that a friend (Big Smoke) once betrayed him because in his friend's words he got "caught up in the money and the power", to which Jesse noted that that's something he can relate far too well.
    • Jesse also befriended Earl Hickey, a former criminal who turned his life around after learning about Karma and making amend of all the wrongs he's done. While Earl's rap sheet is nothing compared to the scale of Jesse's crimes, he does pity the guy and decides to befriend him upon hearing his quest to find other former criminals like him. After talking for a bit with Earl, Jesse starts to wonder if his misfortunes were a result of karma in a way but finds it a bit too inconvenient for him make amends at this point and thinks he done far too much damage to fully redeem himself. Earl remains optimistic for Jesse and supports his fresh start in the Pantheon.
  • Omar Little, a notorious Baltimore stick-up man, didn't start with good terms with Jesse as he tried to rob him after knowing his past identify as a drug dealer/cook (Omar's frequent targets for his Karmic thievery). They got into a scuffle but Jesse was able to defend himself and tried to talk things out peacefully with Omar. They were able to chat for a little and learned of each other's rough past. It helps that Jesse have a soft spot for children like Omar is, was a mostly good-hearted person in general who regretted his actions and that Jesse has escaped from his criminal and drug-making-slave past. This earned him good graces from Omar, but advised that Jesse should stop making friends with the GTA deities given Omar's previous animosity with them, something Jesse is unlikely to do given that he's on good terms with most of them.
  • He holds great animosity towards the Neo-Nazi gods due to his enslavement at the hands of the Aryan Brotherhood. He's very dismayed that another Aryan Brotherhood has somehow ascended into the Pantheon, although they are not related to Jack Welker's biker gang. They are a military faction from a world where Nazi Germany won World War II, and have committed atrocities far greater than the ones from his own world. Thankfully, they don't seem to be interested in Jesse at all, being more interested in emulating and trying to join the actual Nazi deities. Speaking of which, the Nazis and other similar groups like HYDRA are on his shit list as well, which is hardly an unpopular opinion considering their history and ideology. Strangely, he recently learned that WWII German armies used to issue methamphetamine pills to their troops in the belief that it could help soldiers become more alert on the battlefield. Knowing there's a possibility that he could be kidnapped again for the express purpose of making meth for the Nazi armies, he stays the hell away from these people as much as he could.
  • During his enslavement, he was held inside a grounded cell, chained up while he was working in the compound's meth lab, and punished several times when he misbehaves. He still feels traumatized by these experiences, occasionally having a nightmare about them or feeling anxiety whenever something reminds him of his time there. Naturally, he's grown to dislike the various pro-slavers found within the Pantheon. While he has yet to find deities in his exact situation, he did meet other people who were also Made a Slave in different circumstances, but their nevertheless more brutal or traumatic. He met up with Maximus and Spartacus, a general and a mercenary who hails from Roman times respectively, and were made gladiators and experience many hardships from their enslavement before revolting for their freedom. Both were very dismayed to learn that slavery exists in the future and expressed their pity for Jesse, even if they are from different time periods. He has also heard of Jessica Jones, who was a former superhero turned private detective, who was in the past made into a sex slave by the mind-controlling villain named Kilgrave for many months before eventually defending him. Having a striking resemblance to his late girlfriend already unnerves him, but being a private detective who he's unsure if she would give him a pass like Bob and Roy have, was enough to want to avoid interacting with her altogether.
  • It's known that he has a soft spot for children and deeply despises people who mistreat them. He's obviously against people like The Child Abuse Supporters, though they don't have the time nor patience to entertain his presence. He also once tried to pull his gun out to The Origami Killer after hearing about his past string of child murders, but didn't escalate further than that as Jesse's heralds successfully tried to stop Jesse from blowing his cover. His willingness to protect children got him some brownie points from the Good-aligned Members of the House of Family and Relatives, but not enough that they are willing to hire him as a babysitter, given that he is still a wanted criminal and all. Jesse doesn't interact much with the parents of that house either given his complicated relationship with his own parents but he is willing to be employed by them as Mr. Driscoll as their house/temple carpenter. On a side note, one of the members in that house by the name of Hal Wilkerson(who bears a striking resemblance to Walt) is a bit afraid of Jesse given that he once saw him in his nightmares for some reason. That fact that his nightmare seem to come through after entering the Pantheon with his family and knowing how dangerous Jesse could be (being unaware of Jesse renouncing his criminal past) is enough to run away when he sees someone who looks like Jesse.
    • The only parent so far that seems to be fine with Jessie was Sarah Collins, an ordinary housewife who took revenge for the people responsible for her husband's death due to a drug deal gone wrong. Like Jesse, she successfully evaded the police capture, but unlike Jesse, she was never considered a suspect for the killings she's done. They crossed paths after Sarah was trying to learn more about Walter White's past but bonded platonically after sharing their personal losses. They've got along pretty well and promise to look out for each other whenever danger raises, even allowing Jesse to visit her children to play with them or babysit sometimes.
  • Jesse finds himself relating to Morty Smith, whose complicated and often abusive dynamic with his genius grandfather Rick was similar to him and Walt, as well as Morty having experienced some traumatic events himself. Despite not hang-out too often, Jesse does worry about Morty's safety sometimes even though Morty can handle most dangerous situations himself. Jesse also in a way pities Rick who has his own massive personal baggage and while he is mostly okay with him (and the feeling is mutual for Rick), he also doesn't hang out with Rick mostly because of Rick's drinking and self-destructive tendencies. Same reason why he doesn't hang out with former sitcom star Bojack Horseman after knowing the shady stuff he did in the past. He is fast friends with Bojack's friend and former housemate Todd Chavez, not because they sound alike, but because Todd sees a bit of Bojack in Jesse, both good and bad, and that Todd is glad that Jesse is improving himself.
  • A lesser known fact about Jesse is that he's a gamer, or at least a casual one as he's known to play at least three games: Rage (which in his world is a Light Gun Rail Shooter), Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic '06. It's safe to assume he is at least familiar who Sonic the Hedgehog is, which is why he seems so shocked when he got the chance to meet and chat with Sonic in person when he went to the House of Gaming to rent some games one day. They didn't talk for very long and Jesse is careful not to give too much details about himself or his crimes other than vaguely saying he had a hard life, did some shady stuff and he's trying to make a better life for himself. Sonic is a friendly fellow and is glad to meet another fan of his games and pities what Jesse has been through. Still, Sonic probably isn't the type to hang out with a shady person like Jesse even if he is reformed nor with deities relating to swearing due to his family friendly nature. Nevertheless, like many others, Sonic wishes him luck on his stay in the Pantheon.
    • After recounting Jesse's meeting with Sonic to his heralds, his friends bought up the mind-blowing possibility that they themselves could be fictional in other worlds too, something Jesse probably couldn't begin to wrap his head around. Sure enough, he got "meet" a group who have seen a fictional version of his story from another world, albeit only in a Discord call. The Vanoss Crew, a friend group of Gaming YouTubers with some of its members already deities, have watched his show, played a map that is Breaking Bad themed and reacted to a few Breaking Bad memes. They got in contact with Jesse via his heralds Badger and Skinny Pete after being in the same Call of Duty lobby as them, chatting with them and recognizing their voices. They expressed their interest in meeting Jesse since they think he seems like a fun guy to be around despite his flaws, is the one closest to their age group, is an ally to the many GTA deities they are already acquainted with, and is probably the best person they could meet from his world that isn't a murderous drug dealer or a cop. It's unknown what Jesse and the Crew talked about in their Discord call, and while Jesse understandably can't appear in their videos anytime soon due to his criminal status, they seem to get along with each other surprisingly well.
  • It took some time for Jesse and his herald friends, Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo to get used to the fact that the Trope Pantheon contains all kinds of deities from fictional worlds, being in awe at everything. Being a Star Trek fan, Badger can't help but share his planned fan script with other deities, hoping it could be adapted one day. Several Gods from the Enterprise have taken notice of his heralds' "script." To say they are bewildered would be an Understatement. His herald also tried to visit the Hall of Zombies, to help them settle on a previous debate they have on which Zombies from other worlds are the best. This caused a ruckus among the zombies in the Hall of Zombies as it resulted in the zombies in-fighting with each other, as well as almost getting eaten themselves. Jesse declines to comment on what he thinks about both incidents and tries to avoid both parties out of awkwardness.
  • Fitting for a youth like him who grew up in the streets, he talks in playful slang and sometimes uses "yo" or "bitch" often. It's noted that he never refers to a woman as a "bitch", except Walt's wife Skyler behind her back and his mother to her face (who he is already estranged with). His "profanity" title doesn't gain him additional powers other that a minor confidence boost, where traces of his old loud and impulsive personality would come up from his current somber and woeful one. His title also attracts unwanted dangers from those who also like to say "bitch" a lot and felt entitled that the title should be theirs and not some sad, random, and weak Demigod. The Juggernaut himself hates him for stealing his catchphrase, same goes with the dream demon Freddy. Jesse is wise enough to steer clear of Juggernaut when he sees him, though he is not afraid of him. He does however fear Freddy going into his dreams and using his trauma against him. This is why he appointed Scary Terry, a dream monster from Rick and Morty's world, as his High Priest to aid him in fighting the dream demon in his mind. It helps that Scary Terry also likes to use "bitch" a lot (being an ideal successor should something happen to Jesse). Jesse can relate to Scary Terry's feelings of insecurity, even if his struggles were because of inadequacy for being not scary enough.
  • Being a Juggalo without the makeup who prefers the formal term for female dog, Jesse gets some admirers in the House of Memes and memers alike. Some of them are aware of Jesse's story and they like his attitude and relatability. He frequently gets quoted or misquoted for their image memes. Like any normal person who becomes an overnight meme sensation, he feels flattered by the positive attention, but it can get a bit annoying if they keep pestering him. He plays along with them sometimes, putting his title to good use. He usually says "Yeah Science Bitch!" whenever a new scientific discovery is made within the Pantheon. While some scientific deities get annoyed by Jesse, most of them especially in the House of Science are amused by his enthusiasm.

"This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed...bitch!"

Q*bert, God of Symbol Swearing (@!#?@!)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: (@!#?@!)>
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Speaking Simlish, Punny Name, 80's Video Game Character
  • Domains: Platforming, Language
  • Allies: Wreck-it Ralph, Fix-it Felix, Vanellope von Schweetz, Pac-Man, Mario, Donald Duck
  • Enemies: King Candy
  • Fears: Rattlesnake Jake, Infinite, Pinhead
  • On good terms with: The Second Coming
  • On an isometric pyramid, Q*bert is tasked with changing all its tiles to that of a specific color by hopping on them. Such a task is more difficult than it sounds as Q*bert is pursued by a variety of enemies such as the serpentine Coily (and apparent arch-enemy), porcine Ugg, gremlin Wrong-Way, and the creature duo of Slick and Sam. As for what kind of language Q*bert and his enemies are speaking, it can be difficult to decipher what it is, but whenever Q*bert swears after making a mistake on the playing field, symbols appear above him. Similar to other arcade characters, Q*bert has a mission that looks simple on the surface, but becomes more difficult the further he gets through these pyramids.
  • An unusual pyramid showed up one day, prompting many to try it and see if they could win a prize, but it proved difficult for those who were up to the task. A strange-looking creature, identified as Q*bert, stepped up to the challenge, with many noting that the pyramid was a much larger version of what he has normally done before. Completing this task of turning all of the pyramidís tiles into a singular color was daunting, but in the end, Q*bert was able to accomplish this task. The prize turned out to be different options ranging from money to a ticket that would allow anyone to visit the Pantheon at any time, but Q*bert wasnít interested in any of these prizes, only taking the challenge as it was something he was familiar with. While Q*bert didnít gain anything from this contest, he was still welcome to be part of the Pantheon and try out additional challenges involving isometric pyramids any time heís interested.
  • Q*bert is familiar with Wreck-It Ralph and his friends thanks to the former having his game unplugged from Litwakís Arcade, resulting in Q*bert and his enemies (who happen to be Q*bertís coworkers and are close to each other since that unplugging) being homeless. Q*bert and his homeless companions were given a cherry by Ralph from a Pac-Man arcade cabinet and Q*bert later told Fix-It Felix that Ralph was game-jumping. Once everything related to the game-jumping had been resolved, Q*bert and the others were given a role as part of a bonus stage in Fix-It Felix Jr. and live in their own dedicated apartments there. While some areas in the Pantheon do have a Q*bert arcade cabinet (with one such area being the Ghostbustersí headquarters), Q*bert maintains good relations with both Ralph and Felix and the bonus stage in Fix-It Felix Jr. is well-liked among arcade patrons. King Candy, whose real identity is that of Turbo, is irritated that his attempts at game-jumping ended in failure while Q*bert gets to be part of Fix-It Felix Jr. despite not originating from that game, and after hearing everything about King Candy from Ralph and his friends, Q*bert has nothing nice to say about someone who is willing to forcefully hijack games to become a major character themselves.
  • As someone who originated from an arcade game, Q*bert is familiar with and maintains good relations with other arcade characters such as Pac-Man and Mario, who sometimes take part in the isometric pyramid challenges in their spare time. Having had his game unplugged due to dwindling popularity before finding a home in Fix-It Felix Jr. was the subject of sympathy among other arcade characters, though Q*bert and the others donít have to worry about permanently dying in the Pantheon for the most part unlike what can happen in Litwakís Arcade. As far as relatively forgotten game characters are concerned, Bubsy learned about how Q*bert was able to thrive despite being under the gaming radar for a while and Bubsy believed that if he had an arcade game, it could be a step forward in becoming more well-known in a better way. Q*bert (with Felix translating as Bubsy didnít understand Q-bertese) had to tell Bubsy that being in an arcade meant that if you donít have an arcade cabinet, chances are heís not going to find a new place for a while if someone really is unpopular or is trying to hijack a game against othersí will, especially since Bubsy has a fairly loud and not-entirely-smart personality as is.
  • There have been discussions about potentially putting separate video game mooks as enemies on the isometric pyramids in a manner similar to how Q*bertís enemies serve as mooks for the bonus stages in Fix-It Felix Jr. Given how Ralph is already friends with Bowser as part of their meetings in Bad-Anon, various members of the Koopa Troop such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas have been tossed around as potential enemies for Q*bert to navigate and their various distinct traits such as the Koopa shells have been seen as something to add to the challenge. Given Q*bertís limited capabilities, many stronger mooks from different factions were out of the running as additional enemies to add to the isometric pyramids. Not only were different mooks considered, but there were certain items present that could give Q*bert more to use to get rid of enemies on the pyramid besides jumping and more complex layouts for the pyramids have been discussed by some looking to enhance Q*bertís challenges.
  • Snakes have proven to be a problem for Q*bert thanks to Coily being relentless in his pursuit of the creature across various maps, even going as far as to kidnap Q*bertís friends at one point. There were plenty of snakes with far more dangerous abilities than what Coily can do and the idea of having to confront them on an isometric pyramid where multiple enemies are roaming around was something that worried Q*bert. Rattlesnake Jake was one snake that frightened Q*bert as not only was Jake much larger than Coily, but having a gun for a tail meant that Jake could simply shoot Q*bert from a good distance as opposed to simply having to pursue him in order to damage Q*bert. Being a killer-for-hire looking for a good challenge, Jake didnít see Q*bert as worth his time, but it didnít stop Q*bert from worrying about other enemies that have as much range as Jake impeding his progress.
  • Q*bert is primarily known for jumping around cubes and changing their colors, which led to others wondering for their own amusement (harmless or otherwise) about putting other specialized cubes onto the stages Q*bert traverses. One rather twisted idea involved modeling a stage after The Lament Configuration and completing it would summon Pinhead, a dangerous entity and someone Q*bert would rather stay far away from as much as possible. As Infiniteís power involves summoning black and orange cubes and if anyone touches them near Infinite, they get sent to Null Space, Q*bert is understandably terrified about what could happen if heís trapped in a place thatís difficult to escape at the hands of an egotistical mass-murderer. There are a number of other unorthodox cubes out there, with some granting whoever comes across them special abilities of some kind, but given the number of deadly cubes out there, Q*bert is apprehensive about encountering such strange objects while trying to complete a challenge.
  • While Q*bert does have some idea of the English language, Q-bertese is his preferred method of speaking when something happens. Given that such a language appears as symbols in a speech bubble, some have taken it as if Q*bert is a highly profane denizen of the Pantheon, though those with a good knowledge of Q-bertese will know thereís more to the language than just swearing. Donald Duck has a history of lashing out and having his speech bubbles come out as symbols, which also led others to believe that Donald is swearing during such instances. Donald regularly speaks barely coherent English in contrast to Q*bertís far less frequent instances, though Donald will have to work on his Q-bertese if he is to have a good shot at fully understanding Q*bert, but otherwise can understand Q*bertís grievances when the creature is in a bad mood and those speech bubbles appear.
  • One of the weirder moments in Q*bertís career involved being a student at high school while putting up with a greaser delinquent version of Coily. Q*bert was even capable of speaking coherent sentences and can fire an oil slick from his nose known as a slippy-doo. Q*bert hasnít really dwelled much on high school or the English language since then, but as far as video game characters going to high school are concerned, he learned that Susumu Hori had gone to high school at one point alongside a handful of Namco characters, with Susumuís father, Taizo (aka Dig Dug) as principal of the high school Susumu and the others went to. Q*bertís time at high school was normal, if not without some quirks, compared to Susumu having some strange events both in relation to himself and the other students, but Q*bert is still keeping his slippy-doos in mind whenever he is in a tight spot and not on a pyramid.
  • An alien invasion involving aliens using classic arcade games took place and Q*bert ended up being one of the ďtrophiesĒ that the aliens had and gave to the humans that took part in said conflict. After the aliens were defeated, the alien that took the form of Q*bert decided to stay and took on the likeness of an attractive female game character, married someone, and had children that can be described as Q*bert-like hybrids. It was abundantly clear that Q*bert wanted no affiliation towards alien conquerors, especially those that want to use his likeness as part of their plans to take over a particular setting. As for transforming into a female game character, as far as anyone is aware of, Q*bert has practically no methods to transform into any other form and the general idea of Q*bert turning into a beautiful human lady and birthing Q*bert-like hybrid children was seen as implausible, not that it stop the more perverted denizens of the Pantheon from thinking about it.
  • The Second Coming and his friends ended up encountering Q*bert at one point during their adventures, but things ended up being strange thanks to Q*bert uncharacteristically causing chaos within other arcade games. As it turned out, Q*bert wanted to feed his family and once everything was resolved, the stick figures gave Q*bert and his family food (fruit from the Pac-Man game) and a ďQ*bert modeĒ was added to the games on the stick figuresí PC to mix things up. Within the Pantheon, The Second Coming and his stick figure friends have a similar kind of peace towards Q*bert and the creature has shown no hostility towards them. Considering that Q*bertís enemies are part of the bonus stages in Fix-It Felix Jr. and the discussions among other deities on what can be added to Q*bertís stages to make things more interesting, the stick figures are interested in trying out these additional challenges alongside the ďQ*bert modeĒ present in their arcade games on PC.
  • <(@!#?@!)


    Queen Marie Antoinette 
Marie Antoinette, Goddess of Misattributed Quotes and Perpetual High-Class Wear (Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen, Rider, KIRAKIRA, Summer Caster)
Queen Antoinette in life
Her appearance in Rose of Versailles 
Her appearance in Innocent 
As a Rider 
As a Summer Caster 
  • Quasideity, normally. Intermediate as a Servant.
  • Symbol: Her infamous pouf
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though some depictions portray her as Lawful Evil. Lawful Good as a Servant.
  • Portfolio: Widely disliked by the public during her time, The Scapegoat, Arranged to get married to Louis XVI, Pretty in Mink, Costume Porn, Innocently Insensitive, Face Death with Dignity, A good mother to her children
  • Domains: Extravagancy, Marriages, Reputations, Executions
  • Heralds: Louis XVI and their children
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles-Henri Sanson, Chevalier díEon, Jeanne díArc, Charlotte LaBouff, Rarity, Princess Peach, Pinkie Pie, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, Remy, Madeline, Scrappy-Doo
  • On neutral terms with: The Joestar family
  • Rivals: Tsunade
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Princess Morbucks
  • Opposes: Emperor Calus
  • Opposed by: J. Jonah Jameson, Aya Shameimaru, Kent Brockman
  • Respected by: Jean-Pierre Polnareff
  • Pities: Jean Valjean, Inspector Javert
  • Conflicting Opinion: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Marie Antoinette was the 15th child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and the Habsburg empress Maria Theres. As a way to gain an alliance with the French, her mother promised them to have their daughter marry to Louis XVI. However, her extravagant lifestyle made her widely disliked by the public, poking fun and spreading rumors about her and blamed her for all the sources of their problems, despite her charitable efforts and compassion for the poor. Later, the French declared war against the royal family after believing that their escape is a betrayal. Their success caused the execution of the royal family.
  • Marie woke up in a place that is unfamiliar to her and found herself being surrounded by a group of people in cloaks surrounding themselves in a circle. They told her about the existence of the Pantheon and that she could start a new life anew without any of her people in her life throwing shade against her. This uplifted the queen, who decided to appoint her husband and their children as her heralds, and thus, her life is now anew.
  • A influential fashion designer, as well as an interior and exterior designer and furniture designer, her creations became influential with the public. This is how she wounded up in a friendly rivalry with Rarity, both of them are pretty prideful in their works and have competed with each other on who creates the best clothing. Other than that, the two are actually pretty good friends, having hosted charitable events together.
  • Marie Antoinette loves parties and makes sure to enjoy it. Rarity decided to introduce her to Pinkie Pie, knowing that sheíll get an enjoyment out of it. The two indeed started getting along and thanks to Marie having a good insight on the party lifestyle, the two have worked together to make enjoyable parties for people to enjoy.
  • During an invitation to a gathering, she met Charlotte LaBouff, who believed in the rumors surrounding the queen at first. She is baffled that the queen is not what the rumours perceived as and is actually a bubbly and amiable girl who was born in the wrong century. She immediately apologized to her for believing in the rumors and having forgiven her for her mistake, Charlotte has been calling her to be her designer and telling her on how to be a princess.
  • She has invited Princess Peach as a guest in one of her parties for an opportunity to gain a royalty friend. Indeed, the two have get along which is attributed to their kindness and having a compassion for their people. Marie considers Princess Peach to be a worthy rules for her people and the pink princess in return sympathizes with her and recognizes her efforts of wanting to help her people. The two have hang out for horseback riding, enjoying parties, and shopping together.
  • She is taught gambling by her mother and is feared for it due to being a good player, however, her debts caused her husband to tell her to stop the gambit. However, her enjoyment with it lets her continue the habit. As such, she met the unlucky gambler Tsunade and despite the fact she didnít gamble for years, she still always won against Tsunade, infuriating the medic-nin and wanting to usurp the queen one day.
  • Marie appreciates Celestiaís flattery of wanting to be like her and pities her of wanting to become something more than normal, but she could agree that Celestiaís double murder for the sake of money made her cross the line. Celestia is greatly disheartened of her idolís opinion towards her, but it doesnít stop her from wanting to chase her dream.
  • While the real-life version and the Servant version share similar personality traits, the Servant version is pretty much the romanticized version of the queenís good traits. Her ascension made the Master of Chaldea excited to see her and asking for a celebration among the entire Chaldea. Marie is happy to see her beloved Master happy and is will be in service of him as well in the Pantheon. Her first greeting to them was reputedly: "Whassup, my homies?"
    • Despite having been born from different centuries, Marie and Jeanne have struck a friendship with each other in the Orleans Singularity and noted how similar they are because of their fates and that they never hated the people that executed them whom they are trying to help. The two girls are pretty happy to see each other again in the Pantheon.
    • Her closest and most loyal friends in Chaldea are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chevalier díEon, and Charles Henri-Sanson. She has only met them once in real life and barely knew them, however, the Servant version shared childhood memories with Mozart who once asked her hands on marriage, Sanson is her executioner who feels guilty for her murder because they had become companions before her death, and Marie recognizes Chevalier as a woman and the swordsperson is the one who devoted to the queen for secret missions and diplomacies. As such, the trio are happy to see her again and once again, are willing to be by her side. Marie is happy to see her three close friends in the Pantheon and allows their company.
  • Marie is a devoted mother to her children, and losing them is one of the worst experiences she had to endure. As such, she hates The Child Abuse Supporters for how they treat their respective children and wanting to teach them a lesson regarding their actions. The Child Abuse Supporters knew that she has no power to defeat them easily (unless as a Servant), but they are pissed off by her presence and constant demands to treat their own children properly.
  • She also hates Relius Clover, horrified that he experimented on his wife and children and killed his own son. As usual, Relius stated that heís doing it for science, but Relius not realizing the immorality of his actions made her much more disgusted at him.
  • She has trouble interacting with Eliza and Neil Reagan, because of their Jerkass attitude. When they first meet her, they wanted to impress her as they thought she was like the version people used to perceive her as, but Marie makes it clear that they are not worth her time and get out of her sight. The same also applies to Princess Morbucks, who is disgusted of how she keeps demanding her father on what she wants, because thatís the only thing she sees him as.
  • She pitied Jean Valjean for what heís been through for and has helped him for his redemption and his suffering reminds her of what she had failed at to her people. She and her family invited him and his daughter multiple times just so he could eat properly. Jean appreciates the things she did for him, but he still believes he doesnít deserve it. Her pity also extends to his opposer, Inspector Javert and could understand why heís extremely loyal to the law.
  • During her visit in the House of Food, she became attracted to the smell of food that she has smelled, which is why she went to the Meals (N to Z) subhouse. There, she met Remy, a rat who loves is a dedicated chef and cooks French cuisine. Marie immediately loved the cute rat and wants to taste his food, considering it as one of the best she ever tasted. Remy is honored to hear her opinion, and thus, he always gave her the finest food she could ever had.
  • Madeline is glad to meet as someone as famous as Marie Antoinette, who also pities her for the horrible life she had to suffer. Marie is proud to have an another fan who doesnít believe in her reputation and being a lover towards children, plays with her and wants her to befriend her children. The young girl doesnít regret meeting her like this.
  • Jean Pierre-Polnareff has a huge amount of respect towards the tragic queen and once, he courted her. Marie is somewhat amused by this and reminds him that she is unfortunately married. Jean apologized to her for it, but she stated that she could understand his wants to court her and had forgiven him for it.
    • Being introduced to Marie by Jean, the Joestar family thought she was part of the family because of the double ďJoĒ in her complete name. After research and clarification from the queen, they realized sheís not part of the family and doesnít even have the birthmark. Despite their mixed opinions on her, they are willing to defend her if she needs it.
  • Marinette and Adrien also respect her who also feel bad for whatís she been through. Marie has taken a huge liking for the two for protecting her people and wants to see them together. Being a doting mother, she feels bad for Adrien getting a lot of neglect from his father and never getting to know his mother, wanting to give him the parental love he needed.
  • She is one of the few people who became friends with Scrappy-Doo. This is because they are both widely disliked by people and despite their efforts of trying to help, their efforts are ignored at best and sees that he is genuinely kind, despite his nuisance attitude. Scrappy is glad to found someone who could easily relate with him and is eager to become her friend.
  • She could see some similarities between her and Emperor Calus being that they love to wear extravagant clothing and having a time of their lives. Thatís where the similarities end, Marie opposed him because of his evil emperor persona despite being beloved by his people and even after the realization of how wrong his actions are, he still continues it because itís the end of the universe. She also doesnít like of how he put his daughter on his hitlist, and even if she knew he was somewhat justified on it, she retorted that there are better ways that he could have done.
  • Despite gaining some sympathy and new friends in the Pantheon, there are still people that believe in her infamous reputation. The most sincere about them is J. Jonah Jameson, who isnít afraid of getting some backlash from her new friends and is adamant about it. Despite denial, Aya Shameimaru has posted nasty rumors about the queen and Kent Brockman said some nasty reports about her just for the spotlight.
  • She is a bit miffed that people always associate her with the quote, ďLet them eat cakeĒ, when she never said it. Itís one of the things that ruined her reputation in the public and sheís not as callous as people perceived her to be.
No one understands my ills, nor the terror that fills my breast, who does not know the heart of a mother