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"Are you even worth anything now that you've done your purpose?"
The Judge to Batter in a Dream

The switch has been flipped to OFF. But instead of darkness, there is light.

The Batter, having just finished his mission, wakes up in an empty field, and immediately discovers that his Add-Ons are missing. So, with nothing else to do, he decides to go looking for them.

He searches all day, but no matter how long he walks, he can't find the Add-Ons anywhere, so he finally decides to just go to sleep for the night. The next morning, he finds himself confronted by two other versions of himself: The hot-tempered, foul-mouthed Ghost Batter, and the seemingly sweet and polite but Axe-Crazy Bad Batter. This being The Batter, of course, he's not that bothered by this new mystery, and chooses to drag them along as he continues his search.

It isn't too long after that that the trio discovers an odd set of rainbow stairs, which take them straight up to heaven. It's here where the adventure really begins, as the mysteries continue to pile up while they explore the place. The Three Workforces of Heaven have recently been taken over by new overseers, known as Mr. A, Dr. O, and E, and while the Elsen living there are pretty happy with what they've been doing, it seems that their operations are causing heaven to sink, which is allowing more specters to invade it. And possibly worse.


Will Batter and his two companions help the situation in heaven or make things worse? Will they find out what happened to the Add-ons? What about the rest of the cast? Is there a place left for Batter now that his mission is complete?

Continue/Stop/Rise is yet another Fan Sequel to Mortis Ghost's Indie RPG Maker game OFF made by M-256 on Tumblr. It can be downloaded here.

There's also a lesser known prequel of sorts that is a fusion crossover with Yume Nikki, called InterExtraIntraAdd that is also worth checking out. The download is on M-256's blog, here.

And there is also a spinoff for RPG Maker VX Ace, called Bx: Execute, which can also be found on M-256's blog, as well as the third demo of UNLOAD, a fangame within the CSR universe.

Within the general RPG Maker sphere, she has also made Yume Nikki fangames called Me (2011) and Somnium, and has also made an original game called White's Adventure.


Note: There's a lot of spoilers for the original game below, since this is a Fan Sequel. It's recommended that you play the original game first.

The game provides examples of:

  • After the End: Played with. This takes place after the world that OFF took place in was destroyed, but in this game's interpretation of events, that world was fake to begin with. The real world hasn't ended at all.
  • A God Am I: Espilon declares himself a God just before the final battle.
  • Arc Words: "I fly"/"Fly Away"/"I'm a bird" and "Was it worth it?"/"It was/n't worth it."
  • Ascended Extra: The Add-Ons go from being extra party members with no dialogue in OFF to being the bosses of each Workforce, with Espilon in particular being the Big Bad.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: This is what happened to the Add-ons. They all ascended to heaven and became angels, taking on new forms and becoming the bosses of heaven's Workforces.
  • Anti-Hero: The Batter Trio are all different degrees of anti-hero. The Batter himself is a Nominal Hero who basically just fights specters because it's his job as a purifier, at least until his Character Development kicks in. Ghost Batter seems to be a Blood Knight who enjoys fighting specters for the hell of it, while Bad Batter is a Sociopathic Hero at best.
  • Axe-Crazy: Bad Batter. He's friendly enough normally, but he doesn't have any trouble killing random people who upset him, or eating people for no real reason.
  • A World Half Full: The world definitely has its problems, but as Celeste says, if the world didn't have problems, then what would be the point? Earth being one of these is one of the Big Bad's motivations.
  • Bag of Spilling: Averted, in that you start out at level 22 with the highest level normal weapons you can get in the original game. It could also be seen as played straight since you lose the Add-Ons, though they immediately get replaced by Ghost Batter and Bad Batter.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Bad Batter is a beautiful and graceful swan, not an ugly duck thing. Do not call him a duck. Especially do not ask him why he insists on being called a swan instead of a duck. Despite this, perhaps ironically, his Verbal Tic is a monstrous-sounding quack and he quacks randomly when happy.
    • Also, don't talk about flying or falling in relation to Ghost Batter.
  • Big Bad: E, aka Epsilon, one of The Batter's former Add-Ons, now the ruler of Heaven who wants to fuse it with Earth and strip away everyone's free will in order to create a utopia.
  • Bittersweet Ending: In the True Ending, after all is said and done, the Batter learns how to visit purgatory so he may see the Judge, only to find him clinically insane, obsessed with rebuilding the world he lived in (despite not having the power to do so), and not wanting anything to do with the Batter.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Especially from Workforce 2 onward.
  • Bookends: In the True Ending, when Batter chooses to spare Espilon after defeating him, he walks around him to set the switch keeping heaven afloat to ON.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • A few times, only from Squirure. The first time is inside his house where a black screen appears and addresses the player with a huge, bright red You, and the second time happens near the end of the game, where he simply says "Howdy there, Watcher. How do you do?".
    • He also does it during the Fake Ending, where he calls the player out for making The Batter choose not to spare Espilon, since it goes completely against Batter's Character Development up to this point.
  • Crapsack World: Workforce 3. More obviously the prison, but the rest of the area isn't that much better. It's for similar reasons to Zone 3, though the Fantastic Drug used here is actually way worse than sugar.
  • Cruelty Is the Only Option: In Bad Batter's section of Workforce 1, you can't move on until you've eaten the group of Elsen who try to scold him for tricking the Elsen guard into flipping a switch that releases a large incursion of specters into the area, just so Bad Batter can feel useful by purifying them. Fortunately, Ghost Batter hunts him down and punishes him for it once he finds out in his own section.
  • Cutscene Boss: KNO3. Although you can take her on proper as a Bonus Boss late in the game.
  • Death Is Cheap: For the residents of heaven, at least. Since they're already dead, they can't die again and will respawn if "killed." This doesn't make it any less unpleasant and they really don't like it when this happens. This also doesn't stop Batter from being upset when Celeste gets shot by KNO3.
  • Death Seeker: It becomes pretty clear by at least the Nightmare Sequence in Workforce 2 that The Batter is one of these. This eventually culminates in the sequence of events described in Driven to Suicide below and is driven home even harder by the entirety of InterExtraIntraAdd. He manages to overcome it after his near-death experience in the Science Factory, however.
  • Defector from Decadence: Omega. Which doesn't mean you don't still have to fight him. Alpha is initially on board with Espilon's plan, but when he sees how the situation in Workforce 3 has deteriorated, he also defects.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: One of the major themes of the game is The Batter trying to figure out where to go from here now that his mission from the original game is complete.
  • Downer Ending: The Fake ending, Which you get if Batter doesn't spare Espilon after the final battle. And what an ending it is, too.
  • Driven to Suicide: Happens several times throughout the game. It's how Black Batter became Ghost Batter, for one thing. There's also an unnamed Elsen the Batter meets when he gets separated from the rest of the party in the Science Factory. He somehow notices that the Batter is also depressed and tries to talk him into a Suicide Pact. At the very least, Batter gives in to his request to put him out of his misery, but it's unclear whether he actually intended to fulfill his side of the bargain. Though considering he just stands there and lets KNO3 shoot him when she betrays the party not too long after that...
  • Fluffy Cloud Heaven: The entrance looks like this, anyway. Beyond there, the Workforces look like fairly normal towns, though the Elsens living there all seem pretty happy and content with their lives. Specters still attack here sometimes, but the Elsens claim that the infestations are so small that they can usually handle them without a purifier's help. Of course, this is an OFF fan game, so you know all isn't as it seems. Though most of the bad stuff is the fault of the villains mucking around with things.
  • Foreshadowing: Mr. A, Dr. O, E... Aren't those similar to your Add-ons, Alpha, Omega and Epsilon?
  • Freudian Excuse: The reason why Bad Batter acts out like he does is because since his brother always tried to keep him from causing trouble when he was alive, he thinks he can bring his brother back if he's bad enough. Nevermind his brother is, in fact, still around and trying to keep him out of trouble, because he refuses to acknowledge Ghost Batter as his brother. Word of God says he knows deep down that it doesn't work that way, but he doesn't want to admit it. Of course, as a result, all he does is cause Ghost Batter more pain.
  • Freudian Trio: Bad Batter as the Id, The Batter as the Ego, and Ghost Batter as the Super Ego.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Bad Batter has a very bad habit of going around eating the Elsens when left to his own devices.
  • Interface Spoiler: During the Batter's nightmare sequence in Workforce 2, Black Batter and White Batter's class is Ghost and Duck, respectively.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ghost Batter may be a self-loathing asshole who curses like a sailor, and he and Bad Batter don't get along very well at all, but he is perfectly willing to stick his neck out for his companions when need be. He also shows some concern for the Batter when Bad Batter and Ghost find him crying in the corridor. When KNO 3 shot The Batter, Ghost was extremely upset by his death, up to the point where Bad points out that he cried "enough to make a puddle".
  • Merging the Branches: This actually seems to have happened with all three of the original game's endings. While mostly following the Batter ending, the extra scene from this game's true ending that you only see if you have the Rabbit card implies that the UFO Ending also occurred and when Batter finally meets the Judge again he discovers that he's in Limbo due to having trapped himself in a delusion where the Judge ending happened. He thinks that he's still in the zones trying to rebuild them and mistakes Batter for a ghost haunting him.
  • Merged Reality: This is what Espilon wants to do to the planes of Heaven and Earth, out of the belief that doing so would create an Ultimate Paradise everyone could share.
  • Mind Screw
  • Mythology Gag: The 8 men on their Silver Spheres are, in fact, real. In fact, they're the first boss-type enemies. They're called Venholdendes.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: During the Batter's nightmare sequence in Workforce 2, he encounters a knife in a room full of other Batters. Interacting with the knife simply give you a yes/no prompt with no question. Choosing no does nothing. Choosing yes...
  • Only Friend: The Batter considers The Judge to be this to him.
  • Please Wake Up: The Batter says this to Celeste after KNO3 shoots her.
  • Room Full of Crazy: Several areas throughout the game are like this, such as the hallways in Squirure's house, for some reason.
  • Shout-Out: This game features several to EarthBound, the most obvious being Photographerelsen, who appears in each Workforce and will take pictures of the party. He even tells the party to "Say Fuzzy Pickles!" These pictures actually appear in your inventory and can be viewed.
  • Show With In A Show: Panic In Ballville makes a return with another issue that Ghost Batter can find in the library in his section of Workforce 1. Its protagonist, Boxxer, later shows up to give Batter a pep talk during his Near-Death Experience at the Science Factory.
  • Shows Damage: The Elsens that Bad Batter hunts down in Workforce 1. As the battle goes by and they accumulate damage, their sprite becomes more and more injured, until the sprite shows them with their eyes gouged out, their mouths bloody, and their head cracked open.
  • Suicide as Comedy: At one point, Ghost Batter jumps out a window as self-inflicted punishment after being caught yelling in the library in his solo section of Workforce 1, only to remember belatedly that as a ghost, he's already dead. Of course, this is a whole lot less funny when we find out the truth about Ghost Batter's origins.
  • Surreal Horror: Well, it's an OFF fangame. There were elements of this from the start, but it doesn't really kick off until the Nightmare Sequence in Workforce 2.
  • That Thing Is Not My Brother!: This is how Bad Batter feels about Ghost Batter. Though the feeling isn't mutual.
  • The Reveal: Ghost Batter and Bad Batter are actually the Batter's prototypes, created by mysterious unknown beings with Hugo's help, and were originally known as Black Batter and White Batter, respectively. They were also raised as brothers. On top of that, part of the process needed to create the Batter apparently required that one of them die while the other was turned into a monster. Black Batter chose to commit suicide so his brother wouldn't have to be the one to be killed. Also, we eventually find out the real objective of the Batter's mission in the original game. Hugo wanted Batter to destroy the fake world he'd created with his powers and to help him commit suicide.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: The Elsen in the Prison, who seem to be under the effect of an unnamed Fantastic Drug. They actually seem to enjoy being eaten by Bad Batter, to the point that he is clearly disturbed by it (though that doesn't stop him from eating them anyway).
  • Tranquil Fury: The Batter to KNO3.
    The Batter: The hate in me is overwhelming. You are a disgusting person.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: In addition to Bad Batter's antics, Ghost Batter can go around punching Elsens when wandering around in his solo sections.
  • Wham Episode: The Nightmare Sequence at the hotel in Workforce 2. Not only do the Surreal Horror elements start to really kick in, but we find out the truth about Ghost Batter and Bad Batter's origins, as well as a bit more about our own Batter's own origins. Let's just say that Ghosty and Baddy being other versions of Batter is over-simplifying things. Though Workforce 2 as a whole counts, since this is also where Omega tells the Batter Trio what's really going on with the Add-ons and why heaven has been sinking. Also, demons start invading heaven along with the specters.
  • When He Smiles: In Workforce 4, The Batter finally smiles when talking to Boxxer.