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Greater Gods

    Ender Dragon 
The Ender Dragon, Goddess of Technicolored Demises (Jean?)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A Dragon Egg
  • Theme Song: Boss
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, Damage-Sponge Boss, Draconic Abomination, Final Boss who is fought in The End, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Revealed to be female
  • Domains: Dimension, Bosses, Death, Terror
  • Allies: Deathwing, Grima, Onyxia, Ridley, The Nihilanth, Fatalis
  • Enemies: Steve and Alex, The Endermen, Good-aligned dragons, Galeem and Dharkon, Finn the Human, Ornstein and Smough, The Monster Hunters, The Dovahkiin, Miraak, All ascended youtubers
  • The Ender Dragon, the creature terrorizing the End is widely considered to be one of the strongest creatures in the Minecraft universe. Reaching her realm is a hard task in and of itself and defeating the Ender Dragon tends to be the end goal of every adventurer. She arrived to the Pantheon after someone accidentally opened a portal to the End big enough for her to fit through and started breaking havoc in the Pantheon, up until Steve and Alex managed to defeat her once again and the Pantheon authorities to recover and contain her. Once it was noted her particular manner of death, she was chosen to represent that title in order to avoid future conflicts with the Ender Dragon.
  • Her temple is a recreation of her realm in the End, which naturally is bound to have many adventurers try and challenge her to a fight but she isn't restricted to her temple and can get out whenever she wants, she feels more confortable in her own temple. And yes, it's filled with Endermen, who happen to be not too happy about the return of the Ender Dragon and would rather destroy her for good for enslaving the End but at the least she is not terrorizing their home anymore.
  • As a dragon, she always causing trouble whenever she decides to exit her temple. Given how dangerous she can be, Adventurers often are tasked with slaying her, an activity already popular among the adventurers from the Ender Dragon's universe but to properly take her down the pillars on her temple have to be disabled. It's a common occurance that people tend to invade her temple just to take her down, most commonly the Monster Hunters who can consider her similar to an Elder Dragon.
  • As dragon overlords go, she gets along with the likes of Deathwing and Grima, who while potentially more powerful than her nonetheless consider her a worthy ally. Other from her kin despise her for basically enslaving the End for her own selfish needs but the Ender Dragon pays little attention to those people. Of all the evil dragons, she tends to be closest to Onyxia, a fellow female dragon that fights alongside her hatchlings, though the Ender Dragon is still working on creating more hatchlings but it's been difficult.
  • To defeat the Ender Dragon, you have to destroy a few crystals located in her lair to weaken her to your attacks. Though the Ender Dragon is not the first type of encounter in this regard as the Nihilanth has a similar encounter, both being the leader of a strange alien world. The do get along although the Nihilanth tends to be less openly hostile to the Pantheon and only wants to survive. The fact that both have enslaved races tends to be pointed out as to why they get along.
  • Dragonslayers tend to be a pain in the butt for the Ender Dragon as they alongside other adventurers have tried several times to kill her with differing amounts of success. The armor-clad duo of Ornstein and Smough are one of the frequent visits the Ender Dragon has on an almost daily basis as they view her as the embodiment of everything wrong with dragons, especially Ornstein. The Dovahkiin is another notorious slayer that has attempted to strike her down but this time to absorve her soul and so has tried the infamous Miraak, though he has tried to use "Bend Will" to take control of her and become the new lord of The End.
  • One of the few dragons that Fatalis is willing to tolerate and that's only because of their shared disdain for the Monster Hunters (and basically everyone else). Fatalis has shown interested in taking over the End for itself but so far has not tried to do so since its more preocupied with taking over the Pantheon instead.
  • Given that one encounter he had with an Enderman, Finn decided to embark himself in a quest to eliminate the Ender Dragon but Finn later learned that they aren't exactly fond of the dragon either. Nevertheless, he has been preparing for the day he will finally attempt to slay the Ender Dragon.
  • After Steve and Alex were invited to the fifth smash tournament, the Ender Dragon eventually became one of the many spirits enslaved by Galeem and Dharkon and her soul liven on as an envoy for Ridley. After being freed, the two somehow became allies after they discovered they weren't that different and she has been working with Ridley in terrorizing several temples. As for Galeem and Dharkon, the Dragon also has grown to hate them but knows better than to tangle with them and prefers to leave them kill each other.
  • Besides adventurers, the most common foes she tends to face are, believe it or not, youtubers in their Minecraft avatars. Several times she has fallen to these groups and she has grown so tired of them that she tends to preemptively attack their temples when pissed off. The one she hates the most are the speedrunners.
  • Many don't know this but she actually has a name, sometimes she goes by "Jean?" but nobody has bothered to actually ask her.

Intermediate Gods

Demise, God of Dying Curses (The Demon King, The Imprisoned)
His true form
The Imprisoned, his sealed form
  • Intermediate God, Greater God if his full power returned
  • Symbol: His demonic blade and his Imprisoned form
  • Theme Songs: Battlefield of Demise - Demise - Final Demise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Cursed his enemies in an eternal cycle, starting the endless strife in Hyrule, Reincarnated through the manifestation of his hatred, The Demon King, Slaughter the people of the Surface, Sealed in the Sealed Ground as the Imprisoned
  • Domains: Curse, Reincarnation, Hatred, Demons
  • Allies: Ghirahim, Diablo, Baal, Fortinbras, Father Elijah
  • Worthy Opponent: Any "Strong" Humans, noteworthy includes Guts, Akuma
  • Enemies: Zelda and Link, Fi, Impa, Dante Sparda, Aleph, Naoki Kashima/Demi-fiend, Flynn, Nanashi, All "Weak" Humans
  • Special Relationship: Ganondorf
  • Demise led a demonic horde and slaughter the humans in the Surface on a conquest for the Triforce, but was sealed away by Hylia and her allies. He eventually was resurrected by Ghiraham but was defeated by Link in battle, in which he cursed "the Blood of the Goddess" and "the Spirit of the Hero" that his hatred will never rest and the three will forever be trapped in a cycle that will shape the fate of the world.
  • As one can guess, his main reincarnation is Ganondorf, the male Gerudo who wants to conquer the kingdom of Hyrule and the bearer of the Triforce of Power. It became a bit of a paradox with Demise and Ganondorf in one place as Ganondorf is his mortal reincarnation of himself. Though despite the two being the one and the same, they don't see eye-to-eye due to wanting the power of the Triforce for themselves, and since Ganondorf possesses the Triforce of Power, it would be inevitable for the two to fight for the piece of the Triforce.
  • Though he has reawakened in the Pantheon, he found that he can only assume his Imprisoned form as he appears to be much weaker in this realm. Of course, Ghirahim was pleased to see his master marking his demonic feet in the temple grounds so he has arranged many plans to restore Demise to his full strength to permanently remain in his true form so that he may lay claim on the Triforce.
  • He views humanity as pathetic insects waiting to be slaughter when they stand between him and the Triforce, prior to his fight against Link. In fact, it is only a big problem if Demise actually notices you rather than cutting you aside.
    • He traded blow with Guts once, when Demise wanted to test the mortal man who kills demons on a daily basis if he is truly strong to face the king of demons. He came to view Guts as a warrior equal to the Hero that defeated him.
    • He was intrigued with a man known as Akuma, who strongly resembles him, especially in his Oni form. He wishes to test the man who is capable of destroying one's soul with a single move. Rumors have been going around since that Akuma may be another of Demise's reincarnation due to his destructive power and similar appearance but it is likely just a coincidence.
  • As he leads a horde of demons in his onslaught for the Triforce, he showed respect to the demon lords within the Pantheon. He, especially, certainly respects Diablo and his brothers from the Burning Hell. Sure, they lost to humans before, but that doesn't stop them from coming back in one way or another, much like himself.
  • The Old Gods considered making a deal with him due to their similar agenda of damning their enemies upon death. If he agrees with destroying all life, then Demise may claim the Triforce without any opposition in his way. Of course, Demise won't make a deal if he is only a pawn in the plan.
  • Though he never saw any of his demons possessed or claimed by another, he would view them as weak if they allow the pathetic humans to control them. There is also the fact that he is not one to be given demands by others, in which he should be the one giving demands. So he doesn't like Gul'dan, who has summoned and controlled demons in his hand.
    • So the fact that there are three people: Aleph, the Demi-fiend, and Flynn, who are demon slayers and can control demons is quite a sport for the Demon King.
  • Angels and demons are known enemies, in which Demise know no demons in his world. As the Demon King, he is opposed by many angels that view him no different than other demon lords. Despite this, he doesn't care. As long as they bar his path for the Triforce, he'll just slay any angel that impedes his path.
  • Can also be found in Acts of Revenge.

    Grommash Hellscream 
Grommash "Grom" Hellscream, God of Redeeming Death (Savior of the Orcs, Warchief of the Iron Horde)
  • Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: The symbol of the Warsong clan
  • Theme Song: "Grommash Hellscream"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: AAAARRRGGHHH!!!, Dying so Awesomely it Redeems Him and His Race, 'Thin' Orcs, Relishing in Battle, Doing Leeroy Jenkins Before The Trope Namer, Quick Axe Fighters, Craziness, Ex-Devil Dealers
  • Domains: Life and Death, War, Combat
  • Allies: Thrall, Vol'Jin, Baine Bloodhoof, Axe, Darth Vader, Leeroy Jenkins, Raoh
  • Complicated Relations: Garrosh Hellscream
  • Rivals: Malfurion Stormrage, Jaina Proudmoore
  • Enemies: The whole house of Demons, Gul'dan
  • Always being the proud leader of the Warsong clan, Grom was once a more or less in-line of the typical Savage Orc until Thrall made him change his mind. But old habits die hard and got him corrupted, but once freed, Grom proceeds to reclaim the destiny of the Orcs by slaying the corrupter, Mannoroth. The curse of the orcs lifted, Grom has saved them, his savagery redeemed and thus he would be remembered as the savior of the Orcs. Such an epic tale that eventually the Pantheon handed him this throne.
    • It was also known that both Raoh and Darth Vader approved this, as Raoh considered his death very awesome nearly to the point of matching his 'Defiant Stance To Heaven', and Darth Vader saying that how he redeems himself and the Orcs remind him on how Vader redeemed himself to Luke.
  • The first thing Grom did after entering the Pantheon is to visit his friend Thrall, and come to check on the Horde. He seems... indifferent and fine towards the new leaders, such as Baine, Vol'Jin and Lor'themar. Deep down, however, Grom has respected Thrall so much that he doesn't care if the 'official' Warchief is Vol'Jin. For him, it's always Thrall.
    • However, he has mixed feelings towards his son Garrosh. On one hand, he's proud that he displays the ferocity befitting of a Hellscream. On one hand, he's kind of disappointed that he ran his legacy to the ground. But of all things, Grom still cares for his son very much, and regardless of what everyone said, he considered Garrosh's act of saving him in the alternate verse where he created the Iron Horde a proof of being the son of Hellscream.
  • Reactions over the 'alliance' remain mixed, however. Malfurion still held the grudge over his slaying of Cenarius, though he is aware that to become this 'savior', Cenarius had to die (and Cenarius and the elves with him apparently attacked the orcs first). Jaina occasionally slipped off on how his son destroyed her home and her love for peace in the future, something that scared her to death. Grom's not expected to show any sympathy, but he's aware of those sentiments.
  • He is a strong contender to one day jump into the battlefield of Blizzard deities one day. The question is when. He's fine with his son coming in first.
  • Surprisingly for an orc, Grom considers himself thin, not muscular. Say that in front of everyone else, and it'll leave them puzzled, because for their standards, Grom is packed.
  • He's trying to find a house for breath mints. While screaming is excellent for intimidating the enemy, it's havoc on the throat.
  • Amongst the Defenders of the Ancients, he gets along very well with Axe, who was said to have learned a thing or two from Grom. Grom is impressed with his axe-play, but gets embarrassed when Axe mentions that he learned from his demonic self.
    • On the other hand, he had a weird feeling towards Azwraith, because he seemed to formerly use a part of his style, only with a spear.
  • Believe it or not, Grom have been 'Leeroy'-ing before Leeroy Jenkins ever came to existence. Thrall could attest when that time he wanted to travel through Stonetalon Peak. When Grom met Leeroy in person, he was actually amused and now considers him one of the few "pinkskins" he can tolerate.
  • He has a distaste to the whole house of Demons, mainly because everyone there reminds him of Mannoroth: Corruptive and abusive.
  • "I can wait no longer!"

    Kisame Hoshigaki 
Kisame Hoshigaki, God of Dying Before Naming Revelations (Monster of the Hidden Mist, Tailless Tailed Beast)
Kisame when Fused with Samehada 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword, Samehada or a Jumping Shark
  • Theme Song: His Theme (Unnamed) or Kokuten
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Chaotic Neutral on a good day)
  • Portfolio: A Member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Joined the Akatsuki because Of the Murderous System of his Village, Always Craving for a Good Fight, Genuinely Polite and Approachable, Wielding the Samehada Which has a Life of it's Own and can Fuse with, Shark Motif and Appearance and Having Techniques linking to them, The Akatsuki's Brute who is Actually More than he Appears to Be, Straw Nihilist, A Genuine Friend to Itachi who was Able to Restrain him, Preventing revealing Tobi's Identity by Biting his own Tongue, Committing Suicide to Protect Intel, Honorable and Respectable to a Degree, Magnificent Bastardy, Sympathetic Villain Deaths
  • Domains: Sharks, Swordsmanship, Loyalty, Nihilism, Battle, Tragedy
  • Allies: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Nosferatu Zodd, Bruce the Shark, Kenpachi Zaraki, Mael Radec, Carrera
  • Enemies: Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Gaara, Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru, Ariel, Melody, Aquaman, Barry Allen/The Flash, Cloud Strife, Fin Shepard, Wyald
  • Worthy Opponents: Might Guy, Madara Uchiha, Hircine
  • Odd Friendship: The Meg, Zamtrios
  • Respects: Steve Irwin
  • Amicable Relationship: The House of Weapons and Fighting and Combat
  • Kisame Hoshigaki is one of the greatest and most feared swordsmen of his time, considering his position as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure. His story however, showcases a darker tale to how Kisame came to be. He was meant to protect valuable data at all costs, but his village had become a total bloodbath with Kiri ninja mercilessly killing one another if it meant keeping said information on check. Kisame was no different, even killing his own master after he was discovered to have leaked information to their enemies (and a member of the Seven Swordsman of Mist) and taking his living sword, Samehada for himself. After meeting up with Tobi and coming up with his own view towards the world, Kisame was enlisted into the Akatsuki and paired up with another village defector, Itachi Uchiha. Despite their differences, Kisame's partnership with Itachi was among the best in the Akatsuki; even when Itachi was revealed to still be loyal to Konoha after his death, Kisame still held him in high regard.
  • Upon his ascension, Kisame found himself on top of a lone coastal rock around a seemingly endless length of water on all sides. He quickly took to diving underwater and finding a piece of land to set foot on. Along the way, he passed through several aquatic creatures that he had no knowledge of and determined that he might be in new lands. These thoughts were confirmed true when Kisame jumped out into a beach and saw the landscape. It took him a while before realizing he was in the House of Beast. Kisame rested Samehada onto his shoulder and walked deeper into the forest. It's been a while that he hasn't had a good fight.
  • Kisame is a very frequent visitor of the House of Fighting and Combat. He'll waddle around and demand that he would like to have a good fight against anyone that comes across him. Some residents began to feel somewhat nervous, not just because of Kisame's terrifying appearance, but he might remind them of Madara in that aspect. Fortunately, Kisame turned out to not be as annoying or condescending as Madara, but he's actually cordial and chummy towards those he meets, so they felt somewhat relieved in that aspect. Additionally, if a group of people are present, Kisame would tell them to leave at the given chance that the fight suddenly becomes brutal.
    • He's made very quick friends with Nosferatu Zodd on that regard, the two of them often sparring against one another. Kisame is very credible towards Zodd for his reputation and his fighting experience, whereas Zodd praised Kisame for his abilities and sharing the thrill of battle. He's also gotten along with Kenpachi Zaraki mainly due to their Blood Knight habits. Another potential friend is Carrera of the Sumeragi Swordsmen, who hungers for battle, yet maintains a sincerely jovial persona. They'll often clash swords before just hanging out around the House of Weapons.
  • Due to his affinity for Sharks, Kisame will often spend time in the House of Beast, usually near beaches and other environments with large bodies for water. While most would be terrified of Bruce, Kisame wound up making good company with him and has even hunted for him on occasions. Kisame would wound an animal enough for Bruce to track it down and devour. He feels as if Bruce could take the kill since the waters are more preferable for him. This also extended to the Meg, whom Kisame took to liking a lot for being a usually unmatched apex predator. The Meg, in turn doesn't have much to think about Kisame, but would tolerate him being in her waters as he's not prey material.
    • In a very odd manner, Kisame also managed to befriend the Zamtrios, himself rather surprised about the existence of a land-shark that hunts prey by burrowing underground and waiting for a surprise attack. Zamtrios respects Kisame enough to allow him into it's territory, though Kisame would rather sit back and watch the land-shark hunt, interested in seeing its hunting tactics.
  • Expressed some surprise when he reunited with Obito, himself being one of the few beings who was aware of his true identity. He also found it rather amusing that Itachi was an incredibly effective liar that kept secrets even from him and Nagato, which contrasted a lot in Kisame's goal in wanting to see a world of "truth". Even then, Kisame is open to meet up and spend time with Obito, himself now redeemed. While Nagato isn't as chummy, he'll allow Kisame to work for him occasionally, though Kisame isn't interested in Nagato's new approach for world peace, instead preferring to lay back and find a good fight.
  • He isn't surprised to see that he is opposed by Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Sasuke and their comrades, given that he was an antagonist towards them. Still, he holds no animosity towards them and challenges them every once in a while. Kisame wishes he could reason with Sasuke, given how Kisame still holds some high regard for Itachi. He is however, grateful to see that Might Guy vowed to never forget about him as a true warrior and wants to fight Guy again at some point.
    • He also sees Madara as a challenge that he could never back out from and grinned menacingly at the thought of fighting the Legendary Uchiha. That said, Kisame would want Madara to not whine about his life and superiority, like everyone else.
    • Witnessing Kisame's thirst for battle, Hircine decided to have him on his list of individuals to hunt. Tracking him down and introducing himself as the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine went into hiding, telling Kisame that he is being hunted. The swordsman, eager to not miss out fighting an actual deity readied Samehada and began tracking Hircine down. Although the Daedric Prince found him first, Kisame was able to counteract as soon as he noticed Hircine's presence, resulting in a great battle with both coming to respect each other. Unfortunately for Kisame, Hircine suddenly left without notice, but not before reminding him that there will be a rematch soon. Since then, Kisame is biding his time. He's taken to learning about Hircine as much as he could and realizing that he wasn't fighting in full potential, decided to train and improve himself as much as he could. With the time taken in his training regime, Kisame is certain that his rematch against Hircine will be far grander than before.
  • Ariel and Melody were not happy with how often Bruce and the Meg were starting to kill animals, until they realized that this traced back to Kisame helping the two sharks out in their hunting sprees. Both mermaids soon confronted the swordsman and called him out for potentially endangering aquatic life. Kisame merely replied back that all he's doing is helping the sharks out in living out their normal lives, plus they can't expect every animal to have peaceful lives when killing and eating is necessary for others like sharks. Ariel and Melody are not satisfied with the response.
    • Soon enough, Kisame came into blows against Aquaman, who chided the swordsman for disturbing the aquatic habitat for aiding Bruce and Meg. Kisame instead was enthralled to simply face off against a Worthy Opponent. The two had a fierce fight until Aquaman suddenly bought forth a massive army of aquatic fauna, controlled by him. Kisame freaked out by such a sight, but gave it his all regardless. Soon enough, he retreated with a well-timed trick as his stamina soon began to run out due to fighting for an extensive period of time. Kisame appreciated the battle, although he knew that Aquaman would not return the sentiment and is preparing himself for a rematch.
    • He was suddenly attacked by Fin Shepard, who was disturbed by the presence of a Shark Man. Kisame was amused that he wasn't expecting some guy in a chainsaw to suddenly declare him an enemy, but suddenly became more serious when Fin stated he doesn't like sharks. Kisame pointed Samehada forward and told him that while Fin could try to give him a good fight, he doesn't stand a chance, to which Fin winced at the sight of Kisame's sword. The former then told the latter about the existence of twisters sweeping sharks along. Kisame laughed, thinking Fin never could have witnessed such a thing, and even then, sharks die if they spend too much time outside of the water. When finally shown an actual Sharknado in a video archive, Kisame watched on, baffled about how such an event shouldn't even make sense to begin with.
  • Being a master at keeping intel and silencing those that could potentially leak out classified information, Kisame is sought after by numerous groups, especially the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Kisame swiftly declined, stating that he'd rather fight than be a spy. He also feels that since Itachi happened to be a good Morality Pet to him and that Obito has since redeemed himself, Kisame joining the GUAE would feel like a spit to their faces. He's still morally Chaotic Evil due to still maintaining his role as a villain, but he's honorable and understanding enough to keep himself out of being completely off the deep end.
  • Surprisingly enough, he respects Steve Irwin for being daring when it comes to getting close and up-front with animals. Kisame would be most pleased to see Steve try to do risky gestures towards sharks and is genuinely happy about the fact that the Meg also sees Steve as respectable. So much so that Steve is one of the few non-combatants that Kisame has openly admitted to liking. Steve himself, while not fully comprehending of his questionable actions, will appreciate Kisame's affable praises every now and then.
  • Despite his often jolly and honorable nature, Kisame is a Straw Nihilist who doesn't really see the world and morality in a bright light. Considering he was bought up during the Bloody Mist Village era, its no surprise. He would also compare morality to a shark's lifestyle, especially highlighting how shark infants resort to cannibalism in order to survive. Some residents have taken pity to why Kisame has a very skewed view on the world, though they are nervous of approaching him directly due to his monstrous appearance and battle-hungry attitude. Though if he had to be honest, Kisame doesn't want to be pitied.
  • The way he died has been a topic of interest in the House of Life and Death. While he remained a villain to the end, most are willing to admit how Kisame kept to his principles and displayed valor and acceptance during his last moments. As a result, he's given praise for being able to outsmart his opponents after death as well.
"It seems that in the end...I'm not so terrible after all."

    Noriaki Kakyoin 
Noriaki Kakyoin, God of Last Ditch Attacks (Kakyoin, Tenmei Kakyoin, "The Only Reason Women Watch This Show", Mr. K)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Hierophant Green
  • Theme Music
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Follower of DIO Until He Was Defeated, Beware the Nice Ones, Emerald Splash, Friendless Background, The Heart, Using the Last of His Powers to Help His Allies
  • Domains: Power, Summoning, Emeralds
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On generally good terms with: Phantom Thieves of Heart, Iroque
  • Not only is Noriaki Kakyoin one of the first Stand users that Jotaro encountered, but he was one of several individuals that was working for Dio. Unlike many of the other characters that Jotaro fought, Kakyoin was freed of his brainwashing and following this, became a member of Jotaro and Joseph’s team that was hunting down Dio to destroy him. His Stand, Hierophant Green, can crawl into people's bodies and control them (which saw very little use following his initial battle with Jotaro), stretch its limbs at great lengths, and shoot emerald projectiles. Once he eventually confronted Dio, Kakyoin ended up being overpowered by him and with no other options left, Kakyoin used one final Emerald Splash on a nearby clock tower before dying in order to give his surviving allies a clue on Dio’s time-stopping powers in order to defeat that menace for good.
  • Even though Kakyoin was among those who died during the final battle against Dio, Jotaro’s time in the Pantheon led him to believe that many of his friends and foes that he encountered would still be around in some capacity regardless of how they turned out the last time he saw them. Jotaro received a note from Joseph Joestar that Kakyoin was waiting for him at a far-off town, prompting Jotaro and Joseph to head off to where Kakyoin was at. As the two were getting close to their destination, they noticed a couple other vehicles parked to where they were at, suspecting that a few goons were aware of Kakyoin being in the Pantheon and whoever those threats were tried to eliminate Kakyoin. Once Joseph and Jotaro met up with Kakyoin properly, they noticed that Kakyoin was able to take care of these thugs with only a few minor injuries. Kakyoin was subsequently welcomed to the Pantheon by Joseph and Jotaro, and it was there that not only did Kakyoin’s adventures continue, but he would learn of what adventures Joseph and Jotaro took part in well after Dio was initially defeated.
  • While Kakyoin is well-aware of some of the past allies and adversaries that the Joestar line has encountered thanks to partaking in some event, it was in the Pantheon that Kakyoin got to know them better. There were some enemies outside of Dio that Kakyoin held in contempt, especially Enrico Pucci for being a supporter of Dio and pulling off extreme actions that essentially rendered Kakyoin’s sacrifice to ensure Dio’s demise pointless. Of the numerous allies that the Jojos have encountered, Kakyoin is very good friends with Okuyasu Nijimura. Despite the differences in intelligence and how their final fates turned out, both were influenced by Dio in some way (Okuyasu’s father had a Flesh Bud implanted and put the family in danger after being deformed from such and Kakyoin was directly brainwashed) and became staunch allies of their respective Jojo following a confrontation with them.
  • Of those who have had troubled pasts and a Friendless Background, Kakyoin was able to relate to Thunder quite a bit, with her understanding his personal problems as well. Thunder was someone who didn’t make much of an attempt to find any friends thanks to having an abusive past, with her only friend being M950A, who was the opposite of Thunder personality-wise. It was 950’s determination and optimism that helped Thunder open up and even accept her as a friend, akin to how Jotaro’s resolve helped Kakyoin grow as a person following their initial meeting.
  • Kakyoin wasn’t the only deity who had to make up for his friendless past and prior dubious actions. Starlight Glimmer was someone who was unable to have friends in the past, something that took a toll on her sanity and she performed some terrible actions before being told how much damage she would cause if acted on. This affected Starlight greatly that she abandoned her dark path and was willing to be a student to Twilight Sparkle (who herself didn’t have many friends prior to meeting others in Equestria) in order to better understand friendship. Starlight was able to relate to Kakyoin’s past and how he wanted to move on from it and both were able to find good friends in each other following their initial meeting.
    • On a fairly similar note, Kakyoin heard about two students, Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya, and how they have had troubled lives due to a lack of friends and how Shouya did his best to make up for his past transgressions against Shouko. He does have sympathy for the two, though Shouya’s bullying of Shouko and how that resulted in Shouya getting ostracized later on was something Kakyoin worried about even if the circumstances are far more grounded in comparison. More to the point, Kakyoin does wonder if his life would have been a lot worse than before had he been a servant of Dio for longer. The two don’t hold anything against Kakyoin and if anything, Shouya is worried about what it’s like to work for people who want to cause grief on a larger scale.
  • Despite their contrasting personalities, Kakyoin was able to get along with Shadow the Hedgehog. Aside from their use of Emerald-based powers (with Kakyoin having Emerald Splash and Shadow relying on a Chaos Emerald to perform Chaos Control), they had embarked on an adventure that had them confronting an individual that was tied to their questionable past. Chaos Control having the ability to stop (or at least slow down) time unnerved Kakyoin for a bit, though Shadow being on the side of good (if a bit distant in terms of character even as a member of a trio that Shadow considers his closest friends) mitigated those concerns.
  • Being brainwashed by Dio and made into a servant of his is something that Kakyoin is not proud of to say the least. That there were a multitude of deities dedicated to brainwashing others and forcing them to serve an evil cause was more than enough to earn them Kakyoin’s ire. Having a Flesh Bud embedded inside his own body was painful enough on its own and having to go through something similar to that through different means isn’t something Kakyoin wants to happen. He is more than willing to target deities dedicated to malicious brainwashing so that others won’t have to go through what he did back when he was a servant of Dio’s. Of those deities, Kakyoin has a pronounced hatred of M. Bison and King Sombra given how they’re focused on being tyrannical rulers who instill terror onto others and how they use brainwashing as a means to achieve that goal, akin to how Dio wanted to rule over others.
    • It came as a shock for Kakyoin to learn about those who brainwash people not to do evil, but to act like decent human beings. He didn’t have the best background before meeting Dio and it was only after he was freed of said brainwashing that Kakyoin really became a nice person, but he is still apprehensive of that particular idea. By his own admission, he doesn’t hold anything against The Phantom Thieves of Heart and Iroque as individuals given how they all had troubling pasts, how the Phantom Thieves grew together as a team, and that Iroque really did become a good person after she herself was subject to that brainwashing. He does understand what both parties want to achieve a better world for others to live in, but Kakyoin’s more inclined to be a good person by his own volition.
  • As far as being a pawn for a villain is concerned, Kakyoin managed to find kinship with Durbe (in addition to being loyal towards their respective group of friends), one of the Barian Emperors. Kakyoin was taken aback by how Don Thousand was willing to corrupt others to turn against their allies, something that happened to Durbe. That said, Durbe is sympathetic towards how Kakyoin didn’t have any friends and how that played a role in the latter becoming a brainwashed pawn of Dio.
  • Kakyoin wasn’t the only victim of brainwashing who broke out of it and used their abilities to fight back against their perpetrator. A girl named Blade ended up being used by the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution as their enforcer as a means to get closer to their goal, with her breaking free from her brainwashing thanks to Luminous Avenger iX and helping him take down Demerzel. There is a notable difference in how things turned out for them, with Kakyoin being freed of his brainwashing a lot quicker, but unable to live to see Dio truly defeated whereas it took longer for Blade to be freed from the Sumeragi Institute's control, but was able to move on once Demerzel was defeated. Blade and Kakyoin have managed to befriend each other, with both relating to each other in their determination in moving on from their past transgressions as a pawn for a villain they were fighting against.
  • One Stand user that ended up being a major problem for him was Mannish Boy, a baby who can use his Stand to invade the dreams of others and kill them there. Defeating Mannish Boy required Kakyoin to get around Death 13’s capabilities in order to save him and his teammates from potentially getting killed. There were a number of nightmare-inducing entities that gave Kakyoin bad memories of Mannish Boy such as Freddy Krueger, but it’s the more powerful ones such as Wizeman and Vaermina that he’s worried about. The two are able to create nightmarish worlds much more elaborate than what Death 13 could come up with and if he does end up getting trapped in them, getting out of them alive would be very difficult even with Hierophant Green and would more than likely require the help of specialized dream entities to escape those worlds.
  • Can also be found in Combat: Other.

Lesser Gods

    Adam MacIntyre 
Adam MacIntyre, God of Dying While Laughing (Adam the Clown)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: His chainsaws
  • Theme Song: Adam's Boss Theme
    • Remixes (reluctantly shared with Frank West): Don't Sweat Psychos, Point and Shoot
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Dual-wields Chainsaws, Giggling Villain, Large Ham, Laughing Mad, Lightning Bruiser, Made of Iron, Monster Clown, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Clowns, Chainsaws, Insanity, Acrobatics, Shows, Laughter
  • Allies: The Joker, Needless Kane, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, SCP-993, Kefka Palazzo, Dimentio, Champ, Piggsy, Leatherface
  • Enemies: Frank West, Nathan Drake, Billy, Ben Tennyson, Jack Cayman, Juliet Starling, Ash Williams, The House of Undead and Phasmata, Leon S. Kennedy, Simon Henriksson
  • Opposed by: Krusty the Clown, Ronald McDonald
  • Adam MacIntyre used to be just a regular mall clown, with a dedicated audience that loved him. That, until the Zombie Apocalypse hit his town and he witnessed his audience be devoured by the zombies (Implied to be mostly children), which drove him mad. Frank West was unfortunate enough to encounter him near the roller coaster, which Adam kept running so the zombies would be distracted but eventually he was defeated by Frank and died by being cut by his own chainsaws. All while laughing maniacally.
  • Ecstatic to meet a new audience to perform, the first thing he did was go to the House of Childhood and Adolescence and start juggling his chainsaws in front of a terrified crowd of kids. He was eventually kicked out, but Adam proved to be super troublesome to deal with that it took an entire group to just immobilize and then return to his temple.
  • Frank West is less than thrilled to learn that Adam has reached the pantheon and prefers to avoid him. Adam hasn't forgotten about him and while from time to time visit Frank for a "special show". It doesn't help that Frank considers him one of the toughest foes he ever faced.
  • Nathan Drake was terrified the moment he set eyes on Adam and because of accidentally bumping into him, Adam started chasing him. While there are plenty of clowns in the pantheon, Adam is the one that terrifies Nate the most after their deadly encounter.
    • Something similar happened with Billy, who once again was proven correct with his idea that all clowns are evil and want to destroy everyone. In an unexpected turn of events, Billy managed to fend off Adam by throwing oranges at him, one ending up hitting Adam in the face and accidentally he got cut by his chainsaws....again.
  • Turns out he wasn't the only clown of his brand as there were plenty of others like him. Pennywise was the first one to approach him given their similar appearances and thought that befriending Adam would aid him in his plans to feed on children. The Joker certainly finds him entertaining, if only because he finds Adam juggling his chainsaws to be impressive while Bobble the Clown has tried to convince Adam to be part of his show.
  • Other more saner clowns oppose Adam for his sheer insanity and how dangerous he is. Well, Ronald McDonald at least does, Krusty was very upset when Adam one upstaged him and actually did an entertaining show to his audience without harming any children. But he made sure to never tell one about that incident.
  • Yes, his Dual Wielding Chainsaws haven't gone unnoticed by other deities especially those who also use it for combat. Both Leatherface and Piggsy are good friends of Adam, probably because all three are deranged killer and psychopats and Adam even considers using them for his shows. Others like Jack Cayman, Ash Williams or Juliet Starling are impressed he uses two chainsaws at once but believe they are better fighters overall than him.
    • Then there are people like Leon Kennedy or Simon Henriksson that hate Adam because he reminds me of the chainsaw creatures they faced in the past and would rather avoid the clown entirely. Didn't help that Adam also is super durable like the enemies they have faced before.
  • While Adam might be a psychopathic clown, he still hates zombies and whenever he sees one he won't hesitate to attack them. He is actually fairly effective at killing most of them and often can be seen doing that in the House of Undead and Phasmata. Until one of the elite members kick him out anyway.
  • He is actually pretty smart for a crazy clown, as he was able to figure out that the zombies from his world were distracted by the roller coaster and usually in case a zombie outbreak occurs, he is usually very capable of fending them off. Of course, that doesn't mean that he still is very dangerous if provoked.
  • Apparently, he is able to control a small group of Servbots. The reason for that is because of a small button he has in his outfit with a servbot face in it, so that's why the follow him. Don't ask.
  • Can also be found in the House of Laughter:

Saito no Musashibo Benkei, God of Standing While Dying (Benkei the Monk, Oniwakanote , Oniwakamaru, The Warrior Monk, The Loyal, Ferocious Monk)

    Maes Hughes 
Brigadier General Maes Hughes, God of Showing Family Photos Before Death (Lieutenant Colonel Hughes (prior to death and ascension), Markiplier)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A picture of his wife and daughter
  • Theme Song: Papa to Asobou (his song with Elicia), Maes Hughes Theme, A Soldier's Honor, Requiem for the Brigadier General
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being a VERY Proud Father and Proud Husband, Nice Guy, The Confidant, Fatal Family Photo, Perma-Stubble, Badass Normal, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Stepford Smiler, Killed While Using The Phone
  • Domains: Family, The Military, Friendliness, Enthusiasm
  • Heralds: Gracia and Elicia Hughes
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Envy the Jealous, King Bradley, Lust the Lascivious, Father, Dante, their other Homunculi, The Child Abuse Supporters, Millennium, Gregor Clegane, Steven Armstrong, Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger, Queen Chrysalis, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Ardyn Izunia, Wallace Breen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jecht
  • Opposed by: Mordred
  • Opposes: All Abusive Parents, Rudol von Stroheim, Artoria Pendragon, Darth Vader, Kuvira
  • On speaking terms with: Akuma
  • Once a Lieutenant Colonel in Central City's Investigations Office before his digging into a vast conspiracy in the government of Amestris resulted in him being attacked by Lust and murdered by Envy. Said murder ended up being the tipping point that drove many who'd already felt some need to change things, including his closest friend Roy Mustang, to discover the truth about the purpose and shape of their country. He was promoted to Brigadier General after his death.
  • Mustang worked hard to have his deceased friend revived by the Court of the Gods, needing another familiar face by his side. Hughes marked his ascension by riding a ship with his daughter Elicia's face on it, screaming into a microphone on how adorable she was. Mustang then drank a gallon of beer soon after.
    • Wife Gracia and daughter Elicia themselves were also flown into the Pantheon to serve as the heralds at his temple, which is basically the same as the Hughes apartment. That joyous reunion took a whole day to get through.
    • Many of Hughes' friends were extremely happy on his return (Major Armstrong tore off his shirt and tried to hug the poor guy). They especially thanked him for discovering the Homunculi's conspiracy, as without him, they couldn't stop Father's plans before it was too late. After learning his killer and his conspirators were in the Pantheon, Hughes now prepares for some good old-fashioned payback.
    • When the Elric brothers greeted him, Al showed up in his grown human body, to which Hughes was caught off guard at first before jumping for joy at the surprise. He also would remark on how tall the boys have gotten, especially Edward. Later, Winry came to his temple with the brothers to allow him and his family to sample some of her apple pie. She'd adapted the recipe a bit differently from what Gracia gave her, but it was still delicious.
  • Hughes was introduced to several allies against Father he never got a chance to meet. At first, he was skeptical about Greed (no thanks to being a Homunculus) and Scar (for killing State Alchemists), but he eased up once Mustang told him that they were trustworthy. Izumi Curtis and Hohenheim are people who he really gets along with. Olivier Armstrong actually scares Hughes, who is still in disbelief that she's related to Major Armstrong.
  • Was outraged once he learned Bradley was a Homunculus who acted upon Father's will to help start conflicts across the nation — including the genocide in Ishval, something Hughes will never forget as long as he lives. On a side note, Hughes hates Dante as well but at least she didn't go the same lengths Father did for his plans. Learning that Bradley has assembled a new High Command with ascended deities from other worlds was unpleasant news to him, made worse by the time he had to run into Azula. Upon realizing he was "the idiot that Envy killed back then," the Fire Princess went into a diatribe calling him a dummy for that family photo, stating that Envy got the idea to take him down using his wife's face on the fly after seeing the picture loft out of his jacket. After angrily getting her to shut up and leave, all he could wonder was who taught her to be such a monster.
    • Similarly, he pities River Tam for her broken mental state from everything she went through with the Academy, and finds her parents to be unconscionably selfish for putting the "status" of having an Academy child above her safety and health. That aside, he's relieved that she's largely on the good side and is grateful to Mal Reynolds for this. Once Mal and River moved into the same temple with the entire crew of the Firefly ascended, including River's brother Simon Tam, Hughes was deemed a welcome friend of the crew.
  • Hughes is open to all Good Parents in the Pantheon, so much so that he is a consultant to The Heroic Protectors of Family. Just be prepared for how much he'll go on about his wife and daughter on the phone for minutes to hours at a time. In fact, it's recommended even by his own allies that you shouldn't give your phone number to him at all unless you REALLY have to.
  • After being let in on the fact in another timeline, he was a Nazi, Hughes did some reading about the German National Socialist Workers Party and their existence and atrocities in prime reality. This left him utterly disturbed, not only because a version of him exists that served their ranks, but more due to how similar that actually was to how in his main life he took part in the atrocities of Ishval. This hit especially hard since his Nazi self only joined believing Nazism was Germany's path to greatness, similar to his own idealism about the Amestrian military. Fortunately, that version of himself came around to the truth much as he did, quitting after seeing how brutal the Nazis really are. He tends to avoid Nazi deities because of this. Red Skull and Millennium are the biggest factors why and Hughes hopes they're taken down. He doesn't wish to talk to Stroheim either, even if he's with the good guys. These experiences are furthermore a large part of the reason he has ZERO trust for the "Great Uniter" Kuvira and her apparent intent to make amends for her past crimes. Normally he's all for second chances, but she's way too clever and what he's learned about her reign over the Earth Empire comes too close for comfort.
  • Obviously against all Abusive Parents. Hughes considers the worst parents besides the Child Abuse Supporters to be Ragyo Kiryuin for the sheer depths of Squick-inducing depravity she's stooped to, and Relius Clover for being eerily similar to Shou Tucker, to the point Tucker would be one of Clover's followers. Then there's the answer to the question of who taught Azula to be a monster, which he got when Fire Lord Ozai ascended and joined the Child Abuse Supporters. He also heard about what that bastard did to his own son Zuko, burning a permanent scar into his eye for speaking out of turn in compassion for their troops. To say it's rare for Hughes to find a fellow human he would enjoy knifing is an understatement.
  • Despite being the Nice Guy amongst his friends, Hughes is actually very proficient in combat and uses knives he hides under his sleeves. How does he keep all those knives inside? Not even Roy knows the answer. This actually provides some levity to when he threatens the boys who try to mess with Elicia, doing so by using guns. Those who know he's not really good with guns understand that he's actually joking around while testing their mettle at the same time; he'd be making his threats with knives if they were entirely serious.
  • Some believe that Hughes reincarnated as a YouTuber who has acknowledged the resemblance. The Lieutenant Colonel doesn't know what a YouTube is but has put on a pink mustache for shits and giggles. That said, his resemblance to this YouTuber has gotten Hughes some glares from Akuma, who was apparently defeated by a rookie martial artist version of the man in a fight. As these glares made him rather uncomfortable, and learning more about who Akuma is made him doubt the credibility of this story, Hughes decided to investigate things.
    • His first clue to search out was the moment within the Pantheon where Akuma was asked about what happened. Once he was able to recover the full footage of this from the vaults in the House of Knowledge, he listened closely for Akuma's comments and got a hasty revelation: rather than simply calling the incident a fluke as initially reported, Akuma's full statement was that such a fluke would never happen in a million years, essentially saying this did not happen. Knowing this, he knew to look for oddities in the video of the incident itself. Instantly he noticed that all of the enemies were faceless thugs in full ski mask getups, except for the supposed "Akuma" who, one, was guarded by said gang, two, never once used any of his special moves despite facing a rival that went through his entire gang. Then came even more footage of the martial artist tearing through enemies, along with similar bosses who did not look like Akuma. Thus, it became rather easy to conclude that the rookie was being targeted by a vast enemy network of amateur martial artists described as "easy mode enemies", and one of the bosses was simply wearing an Akuma costume at the time.
  • Once he cleared up the true nature of the incident and cleared Akuma's record of the supposed loss, the death glares stopped; in fact, he received one single visit from Akuma, who gave him a basket of medicinal herbs saying these would one day help him treat a wound and save his life in the Pantheon. This also got him some extra notice from the Detective Prince of Inaba, Naoto Shirogane, who commended Hughes for his analytical investigative talents, even if it didn't end so well when it came to his own military. What granted him his seat, however, definitely didn't go without comment.
    Naoto: You really showed your family photos to everyone you met? Aren't you aware most people are marked for death if you do that?
  • Roy eventually introduced him to the similar duo of Guile and Nash. Hughes reminds the Air Force Street Fighters of how Charlie used to be, and he sympathizes with their discovery of the Shadaloo traitors within the US, especially now that he knows about Bradley. They get along pretty well…except when he tries to show off his family pictures and Charlie stops him by threatening to kill him. That said, when told about Hughes' plans to get some payback on Envy now that both of them were in the Pantheon, Nash promptly volunteered himself to help.


    Apollo Creed 
Apollo Creed, God of Casualties in the Ring (The Dancing Destroyer, The Doctor Of Destruction, The King of Sting, The Count of Monte Fisto, The Prince of Punch, The Master of Disaster, The One and Only)

    Professor Gerald Robotnik 
Professor Gerald Robotnik, God of Declaring Hatred With His Last Breath
The Professor right before his execution
Click here  for Gerald while Maria was still alive

    Hank Schrader 
Henry R. "Hank" Schrader, He who Asked to Carry out His Own Execution (Officer Schrader, ASAC Schrader)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His DEA Badge and a Handgun. Also, a Collection of Rocks, we mean, Minerals.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good by Profession, though some of his Actions lean onto True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the DEA, Boisterous Bruiser as a Front to Cover his Sadness and Insecurity Issues, Sad Clown, Is Adored by his Nephew, Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist, Plucky Comic Relief before Becoming more Gruff, Frustrated, and Insecure, Determinator, Politically Incorrect Noble Bigot with a Badge, Is Actually More Perceptive, Resourceful, and Clever than He Seems, Has a Fascination for Minerals, Chooses to Rebuke Walt's Pleas for Having his Life Spared and Face Death with Dignity via Telling Jack to "Do what You're gonna Do", Killed Mid-Sentence
  • Domains: Police Officers, Family, Anger, Enforcement, Tragedy, Defiance
  • Herald: Marie Schrader (his wife), Skyler White (his sister-in-law), Flynn White (his nephew)note , Holly White (his niece), Steven Gomez
  • Allies: Dirty Harry, Carmelita Fox, Norman Jayden, Conan Edogawa, Jack Bauer, Tommy Angelo, Jimmy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: L, Near, Mello, Ash Lynx, Bucciarati's Gang, Sly Cooper
  • Enemies: Gustavo Fring, Light Yagami, Diavolo, Hoyt Volker, Manny Pardo
  • Enemy Mine: Jesse Pinkman, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro
  • Sympathizes With: Eiji Okumura
  • Opposes: Walter White (his brother-in-law)
  • Interested In: Hall of Metal and Minerals
  • Commonality Connection: Soichiro Yagami
  • Hank Schrader is a police officer working for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Alberquerque, New Mexico, and is the brother-in-law of Chemistry teacher Walter White. At first, Hank led a relatively normal life as a cop, being well-respected by those who knew him closely and being idolized by his nephew, Walter Jr. However, his life would take a downward spiral once he decided to look into the case of an upcoming methamphetamine manufacturer known only as "Heisenberg". This incidentally led him into killing Tuco Salamanca, a notorious member of a Mexican drug cartel and of the feared Salamanca family. Things only got worse as Hank developed insecurity issues, especially after seeing his unit become victims to an explosion set up by the cartel and barely surviving a life-and-death situation against Marco and Leonel Salamanca. In time, Hank had to deal with another drug kingpin, Gustavo Fring, who orders to have him killed after Heisenberg failed on his promise of eliminating him. Sometime after Gus's demise and Heisenberg becoming the dominant drug kingpin, Hank realized, to his horror and discomfort that Heisenberg really was Walter White, which created a massive family complication and Hank to lose any and all respect for his brother-in-law. Working with Walt's former meth accomplice, Jesse Pinkman, Hank was able to trick Walt into revealing a large extent of his crimes, enabling Hank to arrest him. Unfortunately, Walt had called in a group of Neo-Nazis as backup, forcing Hank and his closest police partner, Seven Gomez into a gunfight. Gomez is killed and Hank is injured, unable to fend for himself. Despite Walt's pleas to have him spared, Hank objects, stating that the Neo-Nazis would kill him anyway and simply accepts his fate before dying from a headshot, courtesy of the Neo-Nazi leader, Jack Welker. It would take a while before Walt avenged his brother-in-law's murder by personally killing Jack himself.
  • Hank's death was an immense game-changer; it solidified the downfall of Heisenberg and as soon as Hank's death became common knowledge, as well as Heisenberg's real identity, Walt was exiled from his family, who wanted nothing to do with the money that he earned in the Meth business. However, Hank would be given a second chance, albeit in a new realm. Hank's first days in the Pantheon were him resting in some sort of hospital bed and asking where he was, which was confirmed to be the House of Health and Diseases, where he was recovering after his death. After getting better, Hank decided to head out to the House of Law and Justice to learn of the circumstances of what had happened to his family after he died. He was not amused to learn that Walt was also in the Pantheon nor the fact that he avenged his death by killing Jack and the Neo-Nazis. That said, the fact that he and Walt were in the Pantheon did present Hank with another opportunity to do what he failed to do in his mortal life; arrest Walt and trial him for the crimes he committed as Heisenberg, regardless if he had since retired. Though it may be harder than before, given the surreal and fantastical nature of the Pantheon.
  • Hank is a debatable figure. He is a cop, so normally that would mean he's someone who tries to do the right thing. That said, his steadfast determination in wanting to catch Heisenberg left Hank increasingly rattled and disregarding the DEA's rules and regulations, which did end up putting him at odds against them. Not to mention how his mindset towards the case became so consuming that he was going against police protocol. The Pantheon has had to tell Hank about the numerous list of criminals that are way past their control and he simply took their words into account. The fact that Walt may have connections with said criminals when it comes to meth manufacturing may be a possibility, which unfortunately furthers Hank's mindset in wanting to bring his brother-in-law to justice. Some are willing to help him, though they do warn the DEA Agent to sometimes slow down and recover.
    • While he doesn't express it as much, Hank is worn out and exhausted by his efforts in trying to bring down Walt. After all, it did lead to his confrontation with the Salamancas and Gus Fring, which marked the first time he had to kill. Furthermore, the Salamanca's involvement played a role in Hank's PTSD, which has caused him to be incredibly dour and insecure about his situation as well as that of his wife, Marie's and his extended relatives including Skyler, Flynnnote , and Holly. On a sadder note, Hank used to be a rather upbeat and outspoken man, albeit not being well-spoken towards those outside his ethnicity, but that has since been eroded over time due to the stress he undertook in wanting to solve the Heisenberg case.
  • Due to his obsessive nature in the case against Heisenberg, Hank has proven himself a difficult deity to work with, as his stubborn and one-track-minded mindset was considered a detriment in the working field. That said, he is actually a competent police officer by the virtue of being able to recognize and identify crime evidence and scenes fluently, which is arguably the main reason why he's given a series of drug-related crimes to work on in the Pantheon. He's given a surveillance sector for the House of Crime and Transgressions, with which Hank has decent authority under. He's been told not to put too much emphasis on Heisenberg as there are a lot of drug-related criminals that need to be dealt with as well. For once, Hank has agreed, if mainly to make sure he doesn't lose his credibility as a DEA Agent and also so that he can be paid well enough to provide for his family.
  • As bad as Walt was as Heisenberg, Hank quickly realized that there were many other drug-related beings who were far worse than his brother-in-law was. While Hank does affirm that he hasn't forgiven Walt (and he never will), at least he loved his family and initially entered the meth business to assure that his family was financially provided, until that soon eroded away and Walt did it for his own ego and supremacy whilst lying to his family about still doing it for their betterment. It's motivated Hank enough to stop focusing too much on Walt and to make plans about dealing with newer threats that could be more troublesome than he'd expect.
    • Diavolo is a notable case; he's more than willing to sell the drugs his mafia organization manufactures to anyone and anybody, even children, and is wholly unrepentant about it. Even more, he desires seclusiveness above all and will coldly and immediately kill anyone who either even has a glimpse or slight knowledge of his true identity or are even biologically related, his daughter included. Unfortunately for Diavolo, he's now infamously known in the Pantheon, which has allowed Hank to carry out investigative work on him. Learning about this, a splintered mafia group led by Bruno Bucciarati decided that they will try helping Hank in exchange for giving him financial benefits for Marie and his extended family. Though the two have a hard time working together as Hank is not fully confident about trusting those who possess supernatural powers that can easily kill him, but so far, he's been a useful ally to Bucciarati's Gang for being able to put a further hindrance to Diavolo's Pantheonic criminal schemes.
  • It may not look at it, but it turns out that Hank is rather similar to Soichiro Yagami, even if the circumstances of their criminal investigations are different. Both of them were police officers who took it upon themselves to hunt down and capture a notorious criminal, Hank's case was an upcoming drug kingpin named Heisenberg, while Soichiro's focus was on an enigmatic and elusive Serial Killer called "Kira". Furthering the similarity was when their true identities happened to be someone whom Hank and Soichiro had familial ties with, in the case of the latter, his son Light. And of course, both of them died pursuing the case to the very end, though Hank remained bitter towards Walt while Soichiro (usually) never figured that Light was the killer he had been looking for as he passed. Hank and Soichiro have since kept in contact with one another and are open to working with a few cases. Though Hank does remind Soichiro of a fellow Task Force member, Toura Matsuda, mainly due to them being impulsive and hotheaded, though both are surprisingly more competent in their work field than you'd expect. That said, Hank does stay wary of Light Yagami, especially after learning about the Death Note. Though Hank does know that, even if he had any possession of it, Walt would never use the Death Note to kill his family, though it doesn't change Hank's hostility towards his brother-in-law.
  • While not the most popular cop in the Pantheon (though he is pitied to a big extent, given the emotional and psychological circumstances he went through in his mortal life), Hank does get along with some police officers. Among these are Dirty Harry, who is well-known for breaking police protocols if it means getting the job done and if they are compromising his objectives too much. Harry doesn't personally fault Hank for his more unsavory actions, though he did chide him for not caring about Jesse being killed when using him as bait, something which Hank didn't respond to and simply nodded his head. It does seem as if his time in the Pantheon has started to humble Hank to an extent, even if one influence comes from an officer who is just as prone to doing his own thing than listening to his workforce.
    • Hank was initially skeptical about Detective Conan; then again, he wasn't really familiar with him and obviously questioned why a kid would be tackling police cases that are centered on high-level crimes like drug trafficking and murder. Turns out, Conan was actually a skilled and capable detective in his own right, having been able to keep track of The Black Organization who are notorious for keeping themselves secretive via ordering the assassination of any outside presence who so much as has a glimpse of their existence. It was enough for Hank to be endeared by Conan and sometimes hangs out with him, making lame jokes and all. That said, he does feel insecure about bringing Conan along into his DEA work, though the latter insists that he can help out in catching Walt.
    • Norman Jayden, an investigative FBI Agent, was also a very awkward situation at first, which was because of the fact that he had to use a type of drug known as Tryptocaine to ease and comfort himself after having to use an "Added Reality Interface" Glasses (ARI), which he does to digitize a forensic analysis of the crimes that he investigates. Hank felt worrisome that a respectable FBI Agent would be addicted to a drug because he experiences withdrawal either by using the ARI for too long or if he doesn't use his Trypocaine for too long either. Regardless, the two work well together, despite Hank's rash nature. Despite Hank's own behavioral problems, Norman doesn't hold him in contempt, unlike another fellow police officer he worked with, Carter Burke, mainly because Hank does have someone to look after and he's been through enough traumatizing events as it is.
    • Despite her own mixed reception, Hank doesn't have anything against Carmelita Fox and is open to working with her in a few cases every now and then. Carmelita appreciated the gesture, as not many people tend to be as open or easygoing when it comes to working with her, mainly due to Carmelia's own hotheaded nature in her police work, especially when quarreling with Sly Cooper, something which Hank finds rather amusing and is not above making jokes about it, much to Carmelita's chagrin. Even so, aside from him breaking the law every now and then, Hank is impersonal towards Sly and sometimes enjoys stories about him robbing a criminal, especially if it's about a drug trafficker. Sly himself thinks Hank is rather overbearing and boisterous for someone in a prestigious rank, but otherwise doesn't mind him and thinks he might be a decent work partner for Carmelita at times.
  • The drug industry is obviously not just exclusive to the Cartel, so Hank sometimes has his fair share of dealing with Mafia organizations in the Pantheon that have any sort of interest in them. Initially, he wouldn't get along with Tommy Angelo, but seeing as he bailed out of his Mafia group by becoming a police informant and did not approve of the abusive use and trade of heroin, he and Hank found some common ground and have kept in contact since and the same feeling was sent towards Jimmy, who ended up defecting the Mafia and going on to oppose and dismantle several different trug trades and distributions. Tommy even went ahead with introducing Hank to John Donovan, though that said, Hank doesn't put much consideration in working for John as he doesn't prefer to kill his targets until he really has no choice left. That said, his relationship with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro tend to be rather tense; while they have mutual enemies, Vito and Joe have used and don't mind drugs all that much, so long as it's not a large manufacturer, is forced and abused towards others, and excessively distributed on a large scale. Hank thinks they do need some penalty but otherwise is okay working with them, so long as they can benefit from what they do.
  • In the Pantheon, Hank learned that after his own death, Jesse was taken by Jack's Neo-Nazi gang to be kept enslaved so that he could continue manufacturing Meth for them while he suffered from physical, mental, and emotional torture from his captors. Even for being someone who couldn't care less if he died, Hank thought that what the gang did to Jesse was excessively brutal. As of now, Hank's the only cop in his world who knows that Jesse decided to depart Alberquerque with a new identity and head off to Alaska to live out a more peaceful life. Hank considered confronting Jesse for his crimes but realized that due to how much suffering he went through, partly because if Walt as well, a lot of people came to sympathize with Jesse and that Hank would not be well-received for trying to disrupt a man's hard-earned peace. This was something that Hank had to begrudgingly agree on and let Jesse be independent. The fact that he wanted to leave the Meth industry and his past life behind may also have something to do with it. The only time Hank and Jesse interact with one another is circumstantial and if it includes Walt to some extent, otherwise neither of them are noted to work well together.
  • Outside of Meth, Hank also decided to look into the case of a mysterious drug known only as "Banana Fish". Hank was initially skeptical of it, mainly due to the bizarre and inherently funny name... until he realized that Banana Fish was made with the intent of having someone become submissive towards those who distribute the drug and to obey whatever orders they are given. This led Hank to get into contact with Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, two teenagers whose lives were entangled with the mystery of the drug. Though the case was solved, Ash sadly died in the aftermath, leaving a heartbroken Eiji to carry on the rest of his life mourning the loss of a close friend that he may have had developed romantic feelings for. In the Pantheon, Ash doesn't trust Hank too much, pertaining to the boy's difficulty in working with others and for thinking Hank is too fixated on wanting to solve cases and forgoing the rules even if it means endangering others. Hank does feel bad for Eiji and is a lot kinder to him than he usually is, often trying to be more comical and jokey than he was in the last days of his mortal life, which Eiji appreciated.
  • Despite his tendencies to break away from protocol, if mainly because of his determination to bring down Heisenberg, Hank does care enough about his position in the DEA and those that he works with that he will try to listen and reason with his superiors. As a result, he was stunned to learn of Manny Pardo, a seemingly incompetent Rabid Cop who moonlighted as the "Miami Mutilator" as he wanted to achieve a level of infamy similar to Jacket. What caught Hank's attention was hearing that Manny led a one-man raid against a Miami Drug Cartel and killed Tony, the last surviving member of The Fans, after he had surrendered himself to the police. Learning from the story, Hank decided that Manny was a threat to be dealt with, especially considering that he was someone who went against the ethics of being a police officer, though Manny's extremely seclusive nature, to the point of barricading himself in his domain in case a home raid happened, has made things tougher for the two of them.
  • It turns out that Hank has some kind of fascination for minerals ever since his incident regarding the Salamanca Twins. On occasions where he takes a break from police duty, Hank will be off searching for some minerals to find and bring home as part of a personal collection for himself. This habit has not gone unnoticed for the Hall of Metal and Minerals, who find Hank's hobby rather interesting. Fortunately, Hank is a man of the law, so he doesn't pose any animosity when visiting the Hall and collecting minerals along the way. That said, he gets easily annoyed whenever someone, particularly Marie, refers to Hank's collection as "rocks" and Hank has to immediately correct the terminology.
  • Is also a resident of the Hall of Phrases.
Sometimes forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

    Kaito Momota 
Kaito Momota, God of Good Deaths (Super High School Level Astronaut, Ultimate Astronaut, Luminary of The Stars)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The face design on his t-shirt.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good May have been Neutral Evil pre-brainwashing
  • Portfolio: Very bombastic yet nice person, Never gives up, Moral center and de-facto of the group for a time, Brotherly-like mentor manly man to Shuichi's sensitive guy yet can't help but envy him, Deeply afraid of ghost stories, Dies peacefully and awesomely with a smile
  • Domains: Space, Passion, Mentorship, Death
  • Allies: All good-aligned Danganronpa deities, especially Shuichi Saihara, Maki Harukawa, Kaede Akamatsu, and Tenko Chabashira, John Crichton, Robert Capa, Captain Olimar, James T. Kirk, Team Dai-Gurren, Jaune Arc, Proto Man, The Star Twinkle Pretty Cure, especially Hikaru Hoshina, The good-aligned members of the House of Extraterrestrials, including The Blorg Commonality and The Stylandro, Setsuna F. Seiei, Lynn Minmay, Poland, Rosalina, The Lumas, The Richards Family
  • Enemies: Tsumugi Shirogane, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Hank Henshaw, Pinbacker, Spooky, Dark Danny, King Boo, Joker (Smile Precure), Joker (Batman)
  • Annoyed by: Hazama
  • Pities: George and Lennie
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kokichi Oma
  • Fears: The entire House of Undead and Phasmata
  • As the Ultimate Astronaut, Kaito Momota was the youngest trainee ever whose big dream in life was, of course, going into space. But before he could finish his training, he was kidnapped along with other Ultimates by Monokuma, who forced them into a Killing Game. His optimistic and determined behavior allowed him to encourage many of the others, and he particularly adopted Shuichi Saihara and Maki Harukawa as his 'sidekicks', helping them with their emotional problems. Eventually, he found that he was suffering from an incurable and deadly disease, filling him with the fear that he would die before fulfilling his dream. To keep Maki from becoming a culprit after she poisoned Kokichi Oma, he conspired with the latter to set up a murder that Monokuma wouldn't know the solution to, though he revealed himself after Shuichi found out the truth. His execution was supposed to be an ironic and cruel death by sending him to space before he crashed down in a rocket. But his illness killed him while he was still in space, making sure he died with the satisfaction of saving someone, of proving Monokuma wasn't infallible, and of reaching his dream. His peaceful death actually pissed off the normally serene Monokuma, as it was the one time where an execution wasn't full of suffering.
  • His ascension was the result of an effort from both Shuichi and Maki, who presented his case to the Court of the Gods and proposed that since he managed to achieve a content death despite nearly everything around him going against it, and that said death actually angered the evil teddy bear, he could ascend as the representative of Good Deaths. The court acquiesced, and so Kaito was very confused as he woke up in an unfamiliar place. He was quickly greeted by his two sidekicks, resulting in a tearful but happy reunion. After which they spent a long time explaining to him what happened. While he was deeply upset to learn that his entire memory might be a lie, he was glad to hear that Shuichi managed to change the world and end the Killing Game forever. After he took a bit of time, he decided to try his luck in the Pantheon and sees what it has to offer with his friends, without worrying about the past.
    • Naturally, he keeps hanging out with his sidekicks well after his ascension, doing his best to support and help them now. Though he feels that Shuichi has proven that he's much more amazing than he ever was in the Killing Game, the young detective insists that without his encouragement, he could have never managed to get this far. While it doesn't completely stop Kaito from feeling a bit inadequate, the two are undoubtedly best friends and care a great lot about each other.
    • While Maki often calls him an idiot and is exasperated by his reckless and overenthusiastic behavior, she still cares deeply about him and he, in turn, is glad to help her opening up to others and get used to her new life in the Pantheon. Their relationship has puzzled several of the more romantically inclined deities, as Maki had confessed her love to Kaito before his death, yet his own feelings on the matter were left ambiguous. He hasn't said anything about it, and it's mostly understood that it's really a private matter.
    • Of course, he was more than happy to meet other former Killing Game participants, especially those who came from his own game. He and Kaede get along greatly thanks to their shared cheerful and optimistic behavior, and he admitted that her death was one of the reasons he was so motivated to ending Monokuma's madness. He also said that he'd support her and Shuichi's relationship, much to her embarrassment. While he and Tenko aren't really close, especially since the Aikido master still distrusts him on account of his gender, she does admit that his speeches are very inspiring.
    • However, he's much more ambivalent about Kokichi Oma. He admits that he still hates the Supreme Leader's guts, as the latter caused a lot of grief and suffering for the other Ultimates when they were trapped together, and he's exasperated by his general refusal, to be honest with his feelings. But he was also the one who refused to see Kokichi as a pure monster even when he tried his best to looks like one, and ironically the one who got entrusted with the closest explanation to his true feelings and his plan to end the Killing Game. And so, while they're quite clearly hostile towards one another and the little liar constantly insults Kaito for 'screwing up', they're surprisingly open to working together against their common enemies.
  • He's quite pissed at Tsumugi Shirogane for being the Mastermind behind the Killing Game and faking being their friends, especially since she's one who gave him the deadly virus in the first place. This animosity extends to her 'mentor' Junko Enoshima, especially since she more directly controls Monokuma. That ire is answered right back, as Junko despises him for turning an execution, which is supposed to bring despair to the culprit, into a peaceful death that gave hope to his friends. The Ultimate Astronaut answered that he didn't give one crap about her screwed-up narrative of 'hope' and 'despair' and that he just wanted to live his life to the fullest, as everyone else does. This just pissed the Ultimate Despair more.
  • Since he was little, Kaito wanted to explore everything the world has to offer, and especially wanted to see what was waiting for humans in space which led to him wanting to become an astronaut. Naturally, he was very gung-ho about meeting other astronauts in the Pantheon. He was very impressed with John Crichton managing to go into another universe, even if these were very unpleasant circumstances, and approves of him going with his guts when it comes to making plans. He shows a lot of admiration towards Robert Capa for doing everything to restart the sun, and the two easily bonded over dying close to what they loved the most, with space for Kaito and the sun for Robert respectively. Though he was surprised by Olimar's small size, he's still adamant that he's a hero to his own race by allowing them to discover an awesome new world.
    • By contrast, he's very angry with astronauts that allowed themselves to fall into complete despair and depravity. While he does admit that Hank Henshaw losing his family was awful and pities him for it, that's no excuse for allowing his grief to take over his life and spread misery to himself and a great many others. And he outright says Pinbacker's full of crap. There's no way any self-respecting God would want humanity to be destroyed, and the Luminary of the Stars added that if God really wanted to do that, then any self-respecting person would fight him. Naturally, him calling them out to their faces didn't endear him to the madmen.
    • He's also very happy to meet a lot of deities who come from worlds where space travel is already commonplace, such as the ones coming from Star Wars or Star Trek. He especially respects the explorers from Star Fleet such as Captain James T. Kirk, who went on many perilous yet awe-worthy adventures. The captain, in turn, appreciate the youngster's idealism and skill at cheering others up, even saying that Kaito would make a more than fine ship captain himself with a bit more experience.
    • After he learned that back in the earliest telling of his tales, Reed Richards was the first man to manage to get into outer space, he quickly went to meet the man himself. Upon learning more about the Future Foundation, he volunteered to help them with any space exploration mission if they needed it, showing them an eagerness that all the member of the Richards family can appreciate. And so, Kaito is now a volunteering helper for them.
  • He grew puzzled when Shuichi said that he befriended someone very similar to him in the Pantheon. And so, he went on to meet none other than Kamina. Discovering that they were both hot-blooded young men whose speeches inspired their friends constantly yet secretly thought the one they cared about like a big brother was much better than they were, they naturally bonded over their many similarities. This lead to Kaito befriended the other members of the Dai-Guren Gang, and he approves of their general philosophy to 'pierce the Heavens' and go beyond any limit. He even has been toying with the idea of using his experience with piloting an Exisal to try out a Ganmen.
  • To the shock of many, the reason he managed to begin training as an astronaut trainee at such a young age was that he used falsified papers to pretend he had the qualifications for it. Yet, even after the deception was found out, he was allowed to remain in the programs because both his positive attitudes and his prowess impressed the people in charge. This tale brought the attention of Jaune Arc, who similarly cheated his way into the Beacon Hunting Academy, and was more than a little shocked that Kaito managed to be impressive regardless of that. Still, even after he heard of the blonde's much-less impressive debut, the Ultimate Astronaut praised Jaune for having the courage to follow his dreams despite his family's disapproval and added that he would gladly made him his sidekick to help him back when he had real problems with his self-esteem. While Jaune has gotten better and was a bit weirded out by the 'sidekick' word, he still appreciates Kaito's support.
  • Somewhat ironically, despite his position and House, he's got a crippling fear of ghost stories. So naturally, he tries to stay as far as away as possible from the House of Undead, and tends to go pale even when it's only mentioned. Naturally, this greatly upsets friendly undead deities like Casper since he's liable to pass out even around them. By contrast, Spooky absolutely adores the fact that he's also scared by her 'cute' appearance, and spends a lot of her free time tormenting the astronaut, much to his complete horror and the anger of Maki. And though they are less focused on scaring others than their own objectives, Dark Danny and King Boo are similarly amused by someone who goes into a panic attack just from seeing them.
  • Those that like to make others suffer such as the Jokers that antagonize the Smile PreCure! and Batman respectively, are very intent on doing what Monokuma couldn't and make Kaito go through a death full of despair. He can't stand those people who, like Monokuma, need to make other people suffer to make themselves feel important, and he's prone to say that there's much more they could do than waste their time on stupid crap like this. He didn't let his spirit be defeated despite everything that happened during the Killing Game, and he's not going to give it up anytime soon now either.
  • Another person he can't stand at all is Hazama, who sometimes has been dropping off to mess with the young man through various insults and mocking comments. He's especially frustrated by the fact that the latter insist on always smiling and hiding his true goals, much like an even more extreme version of Kokichi's deception. And so, he's very prone to try confronting the latter to ask him what's going on with him, to no avail.
  • He happened to learn about Proto Man's faulty power core by accident, as well as the fact that the Robot Master prefers to keep that a secret from others so that they won't try to fix it and potentially erase his personality. Kaito understood where he was coming from, as he also hid the fact that he was dying from his sickness from his friends so that they wouldn't worry about him while they all tried to survive. And so a bond of mutual understanding has formed, which was helped by the fact that the astronaut could tell the robot really cared about his younger siblings, despite his aloof behavior.
  • While he managed to achieve his dream of going into space before dying, he is very well aware that he could have very well died before it. As such, he is very sympathetic to those that died before they could accomplish their dreams in life, including the duo of Lennie and George. As such, he has volunteered to help them with building their bunny farm as much as he can. While George is bemused by the younger man's enthusiasm about this, he's not going to say no to free help.
  • He often goes out a night to admire the stars in the sky, during which he happened to meet Hikaru Hoshina, who was out for the same reasons. The two began to talk about their favorite stars and how they always liked space together, and Kaito grew especially impressed when the girl admitted that she managed to go to space while only in middle school. Of course, he was more than happy her alien friends within the Star Twinkle Precure, and volunteer to help them in their fight for peace in space. While he's far less powerful than them, the girls still appreciate his encouraging speeches.
  • Though he knew that it was going to be impossible back in his world, Kaito always daydreamed about possibly meeting aliens while in space and getting to communicate with them and share cultures. As such, he was more than happy to go straight to the House of Extraterrestrials to meet its inhabitant. While he was disappointed by how many alien civilizations were more interested in warfare than communication, he managed to make friends with the good-aligned deities there. While the Blorg Commonality's appearance was somewhat disconcerting, he understood that they only wanted companionship and so happily became their friends, even taking some of them as sidekicks to help them with their quest for friendship.
    • The Blorgs eventually introduced him to their other friends in the form of the gas beings named the Slylandro. Though he was hyped to meet aliens so radically strange compared to humanity, he quickly grew to pity them when he learned that due to their habitat and nature, they could never go into space. And so, the Ultimate Astronaut promised the inhabitants of the gas giant that he would bring recordings of his travels to them, which they appreciate a lot.
    • Due to this, he has a lot of respect for Setsuna F. Seiei for managing to make first contact with the ELS, an alien species radically different from humanity and allow the two species to help each other reach greater heights. He carries similar respect for Lynn Minmay, who managed to use her singing to touch the heart of a militaristic alien race and show them how good life could by befriending others. It truly supports his view that there is no useless skill, and he often goes to her concerts to show support for her.
  • Upon hearing about how 'Poland cannot into space', Kaito set himself to prove that wrong. He ran up to the oddball and gave an offer to accompany him on his trip to space, which the latter eagerly accepted. After they took off, though, the rocket quickly crashed in a freak accident. As did the second one. And the one after this one. And the next one, and so on. By now, any other person would have given up on the personified country, but the Ultimate Astronaut still stubbornly insists on trying to get him to space from time to time.
  • The concept of a 'Comet Observatory' inhabited by living stars very much interested Kaito, who instantly went to meet Rosalina, the mother of the Lumas. The meeting went seemingly as he was more than happy to meet the celestial woman and her adopted children and often ask for her to tell about what she saw in her home universe. He also looks after the Lumas a lot, and has even invited Maki to take care of them together so she can practice being a real child caregiver. While the former assassin said she was annoyed by him just going with that idea by himself, she does seems to enjoy those times.
  • "The impossible is possible! All you gotta do is make it so!"

    The Talking Toilets 

The Talking Toilets, Divine Race of Deadly Toilets
A Talking Toilet
The Turbo Toilet 2000
  • Demigods (Turbo Toilet is a Lesser God)
  • Symbol: A singular Talking Toilet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dangerous Toilets, Will Devour Everything In Sight, Rows Of Sharp Teeth, Are Killed By Eating Cafeteria Food
  • Domains: Toilets, Eating, Comics, Flushing
  • High Priest: T. the Super Toilet
  • Allies: Professor Poopypants, Dr. Zomboss, Drawcia
  • Enemies: Captain Underpants, George and Harold, Polnareff, The Crimson Chin, Hat Kid, The Mafia Of Cooks
  • Rivals: Sukamon, The Great Mighty Poo
  • Opposed by: Ramo, Lola and Quill, Snap White, Mary
  • Avoids: Any and All Pterodactyls (Especially Rodan)
  • The Talking Toilets are Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a group of sentient toilets out to eat everything in sight. Originating as characters in a comic book created by George and Harold, they were brought to life when the two put their comics in a machine that could bring drawings to life, having mistaken it for a copying machine. They immediately went on a rampage, eating the staff of the school and causing chaos. Eventually, George and Harold were able to kill them using the disgusting cafeteria food. When their leader, the Turbo Toilet 2000, emerged, he gave a brutal beating to Captain Underpants before being defeated by a robot created by the machine, being brung to Uranus to keep him from returning. Unfortunately, a series of events would result it escaping Uranus and returning to earth to take revenge on the Waistband Warrior and the kids, only to end up getting killed by a batch of Pterodactyl/Hamster hybrid babies, being dragged half a mile into the sky and dropped onto the ground.
    • Their story's a bit different in the movie. Originally a science experiment by Melvin Sneedley, it was retooled and enlarged by Professor Poopypants into a powerful Mecha to terrorize the school with. After once again giving a beat down to Captain Underpants, it's contaminated insides ended up giving him powers, allowing the Captain to destroy the Turbo Toilet. When it's remains were dumped into a junkyard, the contaminated cafeteria food ended up mutating a bunch of toilets, leading to the birth of the Talking Toilets.
  • One day in the Pantheon, there were news of bathroom related assaults taking place all around the place, with survivors describing the attackers as "literal toilets with teeth". When the news reached George and Harold, they immediately knew who could be responsible for this, so they got Mr. Krupp, turned him into Captain Underpants, and managed to track down the perpetrators, who naturally were the Talking Toilets. The Turbo Toilet explained that "a scientist with a stupid name" found and rebuilt him, offering a chance at revenge on the captain in exchange for working with him, which the potty happily accepted. After another fight that was so brutal that it was too graphic to describe here, the Turbo Toilet managed to survive for once and flees to fight another day. And then the boys discovered that he was properly ascended for the Pantheon. Let's just say their day just got a whole lot worse.
  • Right after settling in, they immediately made enemies with one of the Pantheon's most stinkiest gods, The Great Mighty Poo. Since, for a lack of a better term, poo generally goes into toilets, and seeing as he was defeated by such a device, the GMP saw the potties as a big threat to his safety, and tracked them down to destroy them before they could strike first. While the GMP managed to destroy a few with his massive, er, "dung balls", he was quickly overwhelmed by the toilets and was sent packing, the toilets swearing revenge on the giant scat pile. In the meantime, they've also made enemies with the various Sukamon, who are creatures that throw dung at their opponents. When asked why they were so antagonistic towards poo-related creatures, the Turbo Toilet just said that "it was their nature as toilets".
  • As you'd expect from a gang of living toilets, the news of their bizarre ascension was quickly spread around the Pantheon. Eventually, the news reached the ears of one Polnareff, a member of the Stardust Crusaders that infamously had quite a few disastrous encounters with toilets, to the point of developing a fear of them. Naturally, he was quite pleased by the ascension of a living version of such contraptions.
  • One day, Dr. Zomboss and his zombies were hanging around in their lair, with the aforementioned leader trying to come up with a scheme to finally destroy his plant enemies. Suddenly, he was informed of having a visitor, and the (third to) last thing Zomboss was expecting was a giant talking toilet to casually walk in and discuss an alliance. Having been impressed with how well Zomboss coordinates his near mindless minions, the Turbo Toilet offered to join forces to crush their enemies and gain food easier. The compromise was simple: the Zombies get the brains, while the Toilets get everything else. Zomboss, desperate for allies thanks to facing more opposition than he expected since he arrived, agreed, with the two planning their next move against the plants.
  • It should be noted that, thanks to their origins as comic book characters brought to life, they technically count as living drawings. This earned the ire of several gods of the same origin, most notably the Crimson Chin, who's another comic character brought to life thanks to Timmy Turner. The two sides quickly became enemies, though while the Chin won't outright admit it, it's mostly fueled by a jealousy of the fact that, while he had an existential crisis upon learning of his nature, the Toilets clearly couldn't care less about their origins. Aside from the Chin, they've also got on the bad side of Ramo, Lola and Quill, Snap White and Mary, other living sketches that oppose the Toilets. Unfortunatley, their origins had landed them one ally in the form of Drawcia, a malicious artist who creates evil paintings to attack her enemies with. Having found the Toilets origins amusing, she managed to ally herself with them, painting more toilets in order to expand the army.
  • If their catchphrase didn't make it obvious ("Yum Yum, Eat 'Em Up!"), the Toilets are Extreme Omnivores, being all too happy to eat up anything and anyone in sight to satisfy their hunger. The reason why they aren't usually seen at the house of Food, however, is simple: they all have a fatal weakness towards poorly made food, having been previously killed by cafeteria food. The Toilets naturally stay clear of the house, because as tempting as the promise of tasty snacks is, the equal abundance of some truly nasty meals makes them very wary. Chief among them, however, is the Mafia of Cooks, a gang of chefs that are infamous for just how terrible their food is. Having met each other during their first visit towards the house, the two sides have sworn to wipe each other out, the Toilets for seeing the Cooks as one of their biggest obstacle towards eating everything, and the Mafia because they just really dont wanna he killed by goddamn potties.
    • On a related note, the one goddess who really disliked the Toilets was Hat Kid of all people, who was once forced by The Snatcher to fight a possessed, aggressive outhouse that was going on a rampage, a task that she sincerely found to be utter hell despite being Overall fond of her former boss. Naturally, her disdain of finding out there were now even more diabolical potties this time was immeasurable. Ever since finding out of their ascension, she has been willingly helping the Mafia fight off the Toilets, not wanting anyone to go through what she did. The toilets themselves took her destroying the haunted outhouse personally, seeing it as proof that she needs to be destroyed, and will happily fight her in retaliation.
  • Exclusive to the Turbo Toilet 2000:
    • Normally, the typical Talking Toilet isn't very intelligent beyond mindless devouring of anything living and, while a bit overwhelming in groups, can be dealt with handily by a strong enough god. The Turbo Toilet on the other hand, while not quite a genius mastermind, is notably both more intelligent and stronger than his peers, being able to happily beat down Captain Underpants while also managing to build a hovercraft out of a deactivated robot in order to escape Uranus. The latter case has led to him occasionally visiting the house of Machinery and Technology every now and again to see if he can expand his knowledge of technology, essentially working towards creating tanks and mechs for his minions because he thinks it's cool. Being a machine himself certainly helps him fit in, though obviously being a giant hulking Long John still stands out a bit.
    • Ever since he was killed by baby Pterodactyl-hamster hybrids, he's had a fear of the flying dinosaurs ever since, and hearing that the Pantheon has a few of them didn't help at all. Initially, he was planning to pull off a full on raid of the Beasts house, aiming to wipe out all Pterodactyls out of complete paranoia. Upon arriving in the Dinosaur Halls, however, he found a very unwelcome sight: a Pterodactyl that utterly dwarfed most of the other dinosaurs, and was incredibly grumpy about being awoken. That beast just so happened to be Rodan, Godzilla's on-off ally/enemy. Predictably, this sent the Turbo Toilet and his goons running and screaming out of the house. The Turbo Toilet tried escaping into space, but was met with the Yehat, a race of Pterodactyl-like aliens travelling the cosmos in starships. Deeming the Turbo Toilet a threat, the Yehat Terminator ships blew up the Turbo Toilet into bits. The Turbo Toilet decided to play it safe and simply stay the hell away from any dinosaur from that point forward, lest he wants an incident like that again.


    Phone Guy 
OK, who's— (phone rings, which is then picked up)

"Hello, hello?"

"Phone Guy", God Of Being Killed Mid-Call (Real name unknown, possibly Fritz Smith)