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Culumon, God of Empowering Evolution (Calumon, Kululumon, Digi-Entelechy, The Light of Digivolution, the Catalyst)
  • Overdeity (not suited for fighting)
  • Symbol: The Zero-Unit on his forehead
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Portfolio: Evolution itself, Ridiculously Cute Critter, cheerful and optimistic, sought by many for its power, Expressive Ears, Ear Wings, ending sentences with "-kuru"
  • Domains: Evolution, Mons, Cuteness, The Internet
  • Allies: Most Digimon, especially Dukemon, Renamon and Beelzemon, any Tamers or Digidestined (canonical or pantheonic), Radical Ed, Kirito & Asuna, many Mythical Pokémon, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, the House of Childhood and Adolescence, GUAG White Hats
  • Enemies: Mesogog, Love Machine
  • Uneasy around: Millenniumon & Diaboromon
  • Bullied by: Rotom
  • Culumon looks like a particularly weak Rookie-level Digimon, but he is actually the very concept of Digivolution given a tangible form. It was so done by Qinglongmon as a way of slowing down Digimons' evolution process in order to avoid awakening the D-Reaper, a deletion program. When that was proven not to be enough, he was sent out into the human world, where he made many friends who protected him from forceful retrieval attempts ordered by Zhuqiaomon. Culumon's power of evolution proved instrumental in stopping the undefeatable D-Reaper as he used it to cause Digimon to achieve their Mega levels, making them powerful enough to at least slow down the D-Reaper's progress.
  • Although mons are arguably the most famous users of the trope, the Main House was none too keen on giving Evolution Power-Up to any random mon, be they Pokémon or Digimon or something else, given how widespread the phenomenon is among those species. Then, the GUAG's White Hats brought attention to Culumon, the Catalyst of Digimons' evolution, and considering everything already stated above, it was determined he was an excellent choice for the trope.
  • His presence in the Pantheon was first detected in a section of Space Paranoids, Tron's homeworld. Kirito and Asuna happened to be there, enjoying themselves with their daughter Yui, when they spotted Culumon running away from Love Machine. Kirito and Asuna sent the evil AI packing, and Yui approached him in her fairy form so as to not scare him, and she and her parents brought him into the real world so the White Hats could investigate him, as Yui had identified him as not being a Digimon. Omegamon and Dukemon quickly identified him, so the Pantheon could rest easy that Culumon wasn't any computer virus. Yui was happy as she enjoyed playing with Culumon and asked her parents if she could keep him. After some thought, Kirito and Asuna told her that having a pet (even a virtual one) was a big responsibility, but as long as she was aware of that, then she could keep him. Yui happily said it was a deal.
    • Culumon, being easily distracted, still tends to wander off a lot and occasionally get himself in danger. Whenever this happens, Yui worries that she's failed to keep her promise to her parents, but Kirito and Asuna have figured out that that's just Culumon's personality and don't blame Yui. Culumon loves his friend Yui though, so he always comes back. Sometimes, when other deities see them together, they joke about their blood sugar levels spiking.
    • Culumon thinks of himself as a Digimon despite his true nature, and likes being treated as such. When his strong bond with Yui failed to yield a digivice, it served as a sad reminder for him. He figured that was fine since he couldn't fight, so he would not be able to protect Yui anyways. Yui assured him that just because they don't have a digivice, that doesn't mean they're not partners. She added that she doesn't need a protector and that she'd be the one to do that for him. She's certainly more than capable of doing so.
    • His adorable appearance made him a hit with Kirito's female friends. Culumon finds Suguha and Yuuki (and sometimes Asuna joins in too) constantly cooing over him to be fairly chafing.
    • As for how he ended up in Space Paranoids in the first place, it's theorized that either Qinglongmon or Yggdrasil did it so he'd be considered for the Pantheon.
  • Culumon may not be able to fight per se, but he's pretty good as support; he's been reported as having surprisingly high defenses, for one. And not only does his Shining Evolution technique allow Digimon to automatically reach Mega level, he also has Culumon Prayer, which removes status conditions and raises defense for allies. Since these are helpful abilities, the White Hats sometimes borrow him before going on expeditions on the web.
  • Is considered a friend of every Digimon, since he is the force that allows them to grow and become powerful. Because of this, not even Millenniumon and Diaboromon go after him, and might even protect him alongside the other Digimon sometimes, though that doesn't mean they're exactly chummy either, as Culumon finds them quite scary and hates it when they hurt his friends. He's learned to get used to Millenniumon, though, given that he is safely under the control of the unambiguously good Radical Ed, who Culumon really likes.
    • The Numemon are less happy with him, since Numemon are the undesirable results of evolution gone wrong. They tend to change their tune if they manage to evolve further into something like Monzaemon or Laylamon.
  • He's always happy to meet and hang out with any Tamers and Digidestined, both canonical and Pantheonic. He and Radical Ed can frequently be seen having fun messing around the Pantheon. Lisbeth Salander was annoyed by his boisterousness at first, but eventually found him endearing.
  • As he spends most of his time at the House of Family with Yui, he's naturally found a lot of playmates in the House of Children, thanks to his own childlike and playful personality.
  • Culumon is a literal force of nature, and it's expected that some people want to harness that power for their own purposes. That was true in the mortal realm and it remains true in the Pantheon. Specifically, Mesogog is very interested in capturing him and finding a way to channel his evolutionary powers to achieve his goal of turning humans into dinosaurs.
    • For this reason, Culumon gets along with some Pokémon who have the same problem; Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Victini, etc., in addition to the Lake Trio, have also had to deal with certain people wanting to capture them for some nefarious goal or another. It helps that they have similar personalities to Culumon, in that they're childlike and playful.
  • For whatever reason (probably that Culumon is so innocent that he's an easy target), Rotom has taken a liking to seeking out Culumon just to pick on him. Usually the ghostly Pokémon does this by turning into its fan form and blowing Culumon out of the air, making the Digimon fall to the ground, after which it chases him around in mow form. If Yui happens to show up, Rotom will panic and make a run for it, knowing what the AI girl is capable of, even though Yui would not do more than give it a stern talk.

Greater Gods

    Auta Magetta 
Auta Magetta, God of Getting More Powerful As Time Progresses (Otta Magetta, Goldoma)

    Dyspear and Close 
Dyspear and Close, Divine Deities of Using Their Underlings To Empower Oneself
  • Greater Deities together. Dyspear is a Greater Goddess and Close is an Intermediate God, reaching Greater God levels if he consumes Dyspear’s remains and/or absorbs Stop and Freeze.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: Dyspear’s Despair Palace.
  • Portfolio: Devour the Dragon, SEALING DREAMS AND DESTROYING HOPE, As Long As There Is Despair
  • Domains: DESPAIR, Malevolence, Chaos, Dreams, Evil, Monsters
  • Heralds: Freeze, Stop and all of the Zetsuborgs and Metsuborgs.
  • Allies: The Dead Moon Circus, Joker, Gohyan, Yuuki Terumi, Dio Brando, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: THE PRINCESS PRETTY CURES, All Ascended Pretty Cure, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, especially Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Mami Tomoe and The Sailor Guardians, Every Hope Bringer, especially Madoka Kaname, Makoto Naegi, Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana Of Themyscira/Wonder Woman and Jaden Yuki, Homura Akemi, The Calamity Trio, Team RWBY, Yusei Fudo, Z-ONE, Yuma Tsukumo, Kaito Tenjo, The Incubators, Merlin, Doctor Strange
  • Villainous Friendship: Junko Enoshima
  • Respects: Darkseid, “Gabriel” and the Alternates
  • Fears: Lord English
  • Evil Counterpart to: Qrow Branwen (Close)
  • Dyspear is the malevolent leader of Dys Dark, and the living personification of despair itself. Dyspear intends to plunge the universe into despair by sealing all dreams and crushing all hope. Close, though he began as the Starter Villain, would eventually become The Dragon to her, and prove far more effective than he did beforehand. Dyspear would eventually consume Close for a power boost, and would find herself killed by the Princess Pretty Cures, who rose to stand against her organization during her first attack on Earth after she conquered the Hope Kingdom. However, Close survived Dyspear’s demise, consumed her remains, Stop and Freeze, and became the Final Boss before being defeated as well, cementing the end of Dys Dark and permanently dissolving the organization.
  • Dyspear’s and Close’s arrival was caused by one person: Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon. The Princess Pretty Cures had been vehemently opposing her due to her nefarious goals of conquest and what she and her organization do regarding dreams, finding her quite similar to Dyspear. One day, Nehelenia, growing tired of their constant interference, spitefully decided to cast a Curse in hopes of making their lives much more difficult. For a few weeks? Nothing happened…until the end of one of Junko Enoshima’s killing games, where the collective despair of the very few survivors caused Dyspear to manifest. She proceeded to trap said survivors in Cages of Despair to empower herself further, and left. Dyspear would eventually begin painfully interrogating someone about where she was, learning that she was in a place known as the Pantheon. She was also infuriated when told that the Princess Pretty Cures were present after she asked about them, but also learned from the person she interrogated through Mind Rape that some of the foes of other Pretty Cure were ascended as well, and one of them in particular, Joker, would love nothing more than to snuff out all dreams and hope much like her.
    • Upon meeting, Joker immediately recognized Dyspear, having learned of many other Pretty Cure villains. She proposed an alliance, to which Joker agreed, though one of the Bad End Generals pointed out that she doesn’t seem to have any of her underlings, with Joker replying by saying that this problem could be remedied. He and Dyspear ended up reviving Close, Freeze, Stop and all of their Zetsuborgs and Metsuborgs in the Pantheon, with the former welcoming her back. To let her hated foes know of her presence, she had Freeze, Stop and a Zetsuborg track the Princess Pretty Cures down and attack them, also ordering Close to disguise himself as a bird and watch the fight. During the fight, Joker did run into the problem of finding a proper trope for Dyspear but came to a conclusion. He would ascend Dyspear and Close, her loyal Dragon, together under Devour the Dragon. While the fight took place, the duo of Joker and Dyspear properly worked to make sure this comes true after the latter told her his idea, which she agreed to. They succeeded in this plan, and Dyspear and Close were properly ascended together for Devour the Dragon, with the latter being included in it surprising her Dragon. The Princess Pretty Cures were not happy to see their most hated foes in the Pantheon.
  • Dyspear tends to gravitate towards the House of Despondency, due to her desire to crush all dreams and hope. Much like Junko Enoshima, a close eye is kept on her there, not that she really cares. She tends to go there to empower herself, and it has become hard to force her out of the House of Despondency once she has gotten inside. Close in particular has kept on eye on the defenses of the House on her orders to tell her when it isn’t as protected so that she can enter with not nearly as much resistance trying to fend her off. Dyspear has, however, claimed, that the House’s very existence empowers her. And as she happens to be made of Despair, not only does it empower her, but she’ll always return as long as it exists. An incident once occurred in that House regarding The Knight Of Despair and Yuri Nakamura, but the two are to be kept away from Dyspear after she caused the former to rampage, which outright killed the latter before Cure Peace and the Smile Pretty Cures worked with the Princess Pretty Cures to subdue her. Dyspear doesn’t regret doing it, and outright admits that she’s pleased with her work and the results of it. Close very much feels the same way about the incident as Dyspear. What isn’t known though is what exactly Dyspear did to the Knight of Despair that made her so enraged.
  • Their desire for despair didn’t sit well with many Hope Bringers. Makoto Naegi sees Dyspear to be similar to Junko, who literally created a tragedy that almost ended the world. Madoka Kaname was horrified by Dyspear’s ability to forcibly inflict despair upon people via Cages of Despair. She knows that this is pretty much a death sentence for nearly all Puella Magi. Superman is one of their most frequent enemies. What Dyspear did to Towa reminds him of bad memories. Bad memories of when Darkseid captured, brainwashed him into thinking he was the Malevolent God’s son, and sent him to conquer Earth. The Hope Crushers also earned the ire of Batman as what Dyspear and Close want to do remind him of the Clown Prince of Crime, and the duo have also been opposed by Wonder Woman. On the Flipside, Dyspear and Close have come to respect the tyrannical Darkseid for what he does in destroying Hope, even if it is a means to an end so that he can rule all as opposed to drowning everything in despair for the sake of Hopelessness. Interestingly enough, Darkseid is one of two beings they fear simply because of how cosmically more powerful he is than them, as well as the Omega Sanction. The other being they fear is Lord English, who definitely has the power to put them down permanently. They stay away from the latter, and Darkseid doesn’t give a shit about the two.
    • When it comes to them respecting others, there was a day where Dyspear noticed plenty of despair coming from random households in the Pantheon. She sent Close to investigate, and he would return with information of strange duplicate entities killing people and driving them insane. Curious, she set a trap to speak to one of them, abducting a person at random as bait with Close and Dyspear lying in wait. She would meet a creature known as “The Intruder”, who appeared to be a pale white-skinned man in a black hoodie. Dyspear blocked escape for anyone by pulling them all into Another Dimension, and it was here, where the Witch of Despair got her answers to satisfy her curiosity at the moment. On what Alternates were and their purpose. And even their Brown Note Being nature didn’t phase her or Close. On the contrary: This caused them to have more ammunition to break the wills and seal the dreams of people. Close simply thanked “The Intruder”, and Dyspear teleported the two away after bringing everyone back from the other realm. This left ”The Intruder” and their hostage behind, and the former swiftly killed the latter.
  • Both Dyspear and Close happen to have plenty of interest in the Puella Magi. Namely the fact that enough Despair transforms them into Witches, and Dyspear seeks to create a breed of Witch Metsuborgs and Witch Zetsuborgs. This led Dyspear to “test them” by sending Metsuborgs and Zetsuborgs at the Sisterhood and Houses where Puella Magical Girls reside. She wasn’t surprised when they were defeated, and Close, who had been watching from afar relayed to her the attacks of Sayaka Miki and how her mental state didn’t seem to be that great at the moment. Dyspear. The Puella Magi, aside from Madoka who already knew of the existence of Dyspear and Close and what they plan to do, would eventually be filled in on what those creatures were by Cure Flora and the other Princess Pretty Cures. Upon being informed of them, they were all horrified, especially given that the Witch of Despair and her Dragon can force despair upon people, and actually somewhat fear the two yet won’t hesitate to oppose them. A few days later, Oriko Mikuni, elsewhere, ended up getting a glimpse of a possible future where all of the Magi fell into despair by their hands, and she refuses to say anything about it other than the fact that it was absolutely horrific.
    • You’d think she and Close would get along with Kyubey and the Incubators. And you’d be completely wrong. While they crush Hope, the Incubators see the sealing of all dreams detrimental to their cause. This is because no dreams makes sure that a there will be very little to no more Contracts made thanks to the other parties no longer having reason or resolve to accept one. She and Close are being tad more delicate with Akemi Homura. She and Close have been profiting off of the Despair her foes feel when Homura defeats them, and they are using it to fuel their operations from the shadows. It was this that actually caused their temple, a new Palace of Despair, to emerge. She finds it hilariously ironic that Homura is doing this to try to protect Madoka but not even think about the repercussions of what could become of her mental state. And Dyspear and Close are very willing to take advantage of the latter. When Homura eventually wrecked a very delicate operation to gather some despair and destroy the Princess Pretty Cure all in one fell swoop, all because Madoka was in the crossfire, Dyspear was enraged. Seconds later, a new prophecy happened to appear in the House of Prophecy and Fate that almost caused Madoka’s heart to stop. One word…Walpurgisnacht.
  • The relationships that Dyspear and Close have with other Pretty Cure villains vary. As mentioned before, they get along terrifyingly well with Joker, the Spawn of Pierrot. Their desire for despair and Joker helping Dyspear onto her feet in the Pantheon after she manifested again has caused them to become extremely close Allies. Dyspear was initially quite wary around Gohyan as he had successfully betrayed his superior, which reminded her a lot of what one of her generals planned to do to her but was never able to, but when he revealed he created him in the first place she didn’t feel as threatened, with Close even informing her after a few weeks of spying with Gohyan even telling her to do so that he had no intentions of betrayal. Together, the four plan to ascend as many foes of the Pretty Cure as they possibly can, which didn’t sit well with any of their foes.
    • However, for the Pretty Cure villains, Dyspear and Close don’t get along with Moebius at all. She loathes him, finding his narcissistic ego to be far too much even for her. While Dyspear will work with him, the two are well aware that they plan on backstabbing each other, and are preparing for that day. That being said he does somewhat respect the desire that Dyspear and Close have to break hopes and dreams, as he sees that as a good tool to subvert people to their will. The problem is that he wants it to to be his will. Still, again, they do still work together from time to time. This is because they share enemies in the form of Pretty Cure, and they know better than to fight amongst themselves until their enemies are completely and utterly eradicated altogether.
  • While Dyspear and Close initially believed it to be circumstance that caused them to ascend, Close eventually encountered an ugly creature known as Zirconia, who revealed that her Queen had been watching them for quite a while. Close was quite startled, Zirconia assuring him that her Queen means neither of them any harm towards the two and proposed a meeting. Her Queen, Nehelenia. While skeptical, he did accept, and while angry at first, Dyspear did learn from Nehelenia during said meeting that her arrival was the result of a nasty Curse she placed upon the Princess Pretty Cures for opposing her to the point where she got completely sick of it. Dyspear didn’t believe her at first, even calling her a liar as the Witch of Despair will always return as long as there is despair, and that Joker was the one who helped bring her underlings into the Pantheon. Nehelenia told her in response that while she would’ve manifested, and yes, Joker was responsible for the return of her minions, her Curse accelerated Dyspear’s return. Even showing her the events of the Silver Millennium and how her Curse caused the Dark Kingdom to rise and destroy it by having Zirconia take her to an area in the House of Time and Temporality. Dyspear believed her instantly after that, and the two have been extremely close allies ever since. And Nehelenia, interested in repeating what Dyspear did to her, has turned her attention towards Cure Scarlet…interested in repeating what Dyspear did to her.
  • Applies to Dyspear:
    • Dyspear will often not appear to a fight in person, but send an illusion, hologram or Close to watch the battle: But she is not an Orcus On Her Throne by any means, and is more than willing to get her hands dirty if she feels like it. She’d love nothing more than to snuff out every dream there is and destroy any hope in existence, things that the Witch of Despair is trying her absolute hardest to ensure comes to pass. Things like subtly unleashing Lord Tirek, from afar of course to avoid his Mana Drain, or The Chaos Kin from their temple prisons For the Evulz are things she would do to spread hopelessness. To better do this, she’s also visited the Hall of Mind Control on occasion to hone her brainwashing and memory wiping abilities and to grow more skilled in controlling others to further her goals. But something that is extremely concerning happens to be how she visits the House of Time and Temporality and practices her ability to stop time. She’s trying to ensure that she can override other Time Stoppers when they use their abilities, and even sabotage their abilities by specifically unstopping time for certain people to better deal with them.
    • The fact that she manifested after the end of a Killing Game attracted the attention of the Mastermind behind said game: Junko Enoshima. Junko Enoshima was rather curious about this new entity and sent a Monokuma Unit to meet her. Said Monokuma Unit would exchange pleasantries with Close before being led to Dyspear, and the two conversed for quite a while. Here, Junko learned through the Monokuma Unit that Dyspear is a walking personification of Despair, and that she too, wants to crush Hope. The two have allied themselves with each other. However, they conflict on sealing dreams as Junko Enoshima likes to build hope and then destroy it at times, and loves it. However, even after a scheme where Junko Enoshima hijacked it via subtly leading some Heroes to her, the two don’t hold anything towards each other and seem to have a similar relationship that Lex Luthor and the Joker have. This has only made her status as an enemy of Makoto Naegi grow far, far stronger, though Dyspear didn’t really care.
”I understand. That is the proof of your unfulfilled dream. You think you can run away so easily, Twilight? Come back to me immediately. Look at what you are wearing, Princess of Dys Dark. You won’t call me 'Mother' anymore? That’s correct. Everything was my doing. But the truth cannot be changed. Hope Kingdom is meeting its end. Your older brother, too. Does the truth hurt? But everything is too late now. Now that things have gotten to this point, why don’t you continue being my daughter? Your dream ended from the very beginning. From the moment you stepped into my forest. Come on, be a good child now. Just keep on despairing!”
  • Applies to Close:
    • Close is The Dragon to Dyspear, and a damn good one at that. Formerly the Starter Villain, his Undying Loyalty to Dyspear leads him to do whatever she says, and she couldn’t be more fine with that. Queen Beryl couldn’t help but wonder if Jadeite would’ve ended up like Close had she spared him in a certain continuity. Out of all the Princess Cures, Close despises Cure Flora the most for being responsible for ruining a good deal of his plans, and his hatred seems to have grown even more upon returning, claiming that she “manipulated him” during their Final Battle. This seems to be referring to how Cure Flora telling him that Dreams and Despair will always coexist seemed to make him give up. In the Pantheon, he has very clearly started trying to drown the universe in Despair again. When Flora asked him why he was doing this again, he angrily responded by saying that Her Highness Dyspear talked plenty of sense into him. Also, he seems to like spying on people for Dyspear, and can shapeshift into birds and other things to better do this. Because of this, Dyspear might know far more than people think she does.
    • It didn’t take long for Close to be compared to Qrow Branwen due to his ability to transform into a bird. Qrow tried to avoid these comparisons, but the fact that Dyspear uses Close to spy on people has caused them to get worse. It came to a head where his Semblance caused him and Close to actually meet face to face, and he ended up Taking the Bullet to protect Yang from him, as he was going to cut off her mechanical arm and reenact what Adam Taurus did to her during the Battle For Beacon Academy. The fight got to the point where Ruby’s Silver Eyes ended up forcing him to retreat, leaving Ruby, Weiss and Blake to carry the wounded Yang and Qrow to a safe place. Raven Branwen, who none of them like, believes fighting Dyspear to be as futile as challenging Salem, and Close has boasted that the Witch of Despair is far stronger.
”You should know. Dys Dark can revive, again and again! Her Highness Dyspear gave me her everything in the end. For me to lock away every single dream. Despair is…eternal.”

    Evolto/Blood Stalk/Kamen Rider Evol 

Evolto, God of Needing Others to Get Stronger and Creating the Hero (Evolt, Soichi Isurugi, Blood Stalk, Kamen Rider Evol, Masakuni Mido)
Evol Cobra Form (Phase 1)
Click here to see Evolto as Blood Stalk 
Click here to see Evolto's true form 

    Heart, Brain, and Medic 
Heart, Brain, and Medic, Patron Saints of Golden Super Modes (Heart: Heart Roidmude, Roidmude 002 (Spider Type), Kamen Rider Heart; Brain: Brain Roidmude, Roidmude 003 (Bat Type), Sou Noumi, Kamen Rider Brain, the "Last Heisei Rider"; Medic: Medic Roidmude, Roidmude 009 (Cobra Type))
L - R: Heart, Brain, and Medic
Heart Roidmude 
Kamen Rider Heart 
Brain Roidmude 
Kamen Rider Brain 
Medic Roidmude 
  • Greater Gods (Lesser Gods in their Lower-Class form, Intermediate Gods in their Advance-Class Forms)
  • Symbol: Their respective Number Cores and their Viral Cores
  • Theme Music: "Heart", "Brain", "Medic"
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil, then eventually became Neutral Good during their temporary resurrection
  • Portfolio: Being created as evil robots by a mad scientist, Anti Villains, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Androids, Evolution, Numbers
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser), Domon Kasshu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Most good-aligned Saiyans
  • Worthy Opponent: Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive (Heart Only)
  • Enemies: Tenjuro Banno, SHOCKER, Ultron, Nobuyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Weil, Relius Clover, Broly
  • Good Counterpart to: Phoenix (Heart Only)
  • Heart, Brain, and Medic, were first introduced as enemies of Kamen Rider Drive and the Special Investigation Unit, whose goal is to reach the Over Evolve Forms in order to become one of the "Promised Numbers" so that they can use their powers to initiate the "Second Global Freeze". However, things are getting worse for them when their creator Tenjuro Banno, who had gained the means to become Gold Drive, has taken over the leadership over the remaining Roidmudes with Heart had no choice but to serve him after Banno managed to brainwashed Medic until Brain sacrificed his own life to restore her, which causes Heart and Medic formed an Enemy Mine with the Special Investigations Unit's Kamen Riders to stop Banno's plans for taking over the world for himself. The cause of their evolution into their Golden Super Modes was what allowed Heart, Brain, and Medic, to take the throne of the said trope.
    • Before their proper ascension in the pantheon, Heart, Brain, and Medic, were accidentally revived in the mortal world, with their consciousness are shared in a new Roidmude body that was meant to revive Chase, with Heart served the main of the three, armed with a new Drive Driver, Shift Brace, and a new Shift Car that would eventually become the Shift Heartron. Along the way, they found the resolved to protect humanity from the new threat, known as Roidmude 5886, an amalgamation of all Roidmudes who were previously destroyed by the Kamen Riders, with Heart gained the means to become Kamen Rider Heart, he managed to defeat 5886 with the help of Brain and Medic's powers, at the cost of their own Roidmude Core's existence.
  • As they enter the pantheon, the three Roidmudes were initially seen in their core forms after their bodies were destroyed in the mortal world. Luckily, the trio managed to regain their bodies by hijacking some of Banno's newly made Roidmude bodies from one of SHOCKER's base before they sabotage the base and escape upon their reactivation, much to Banno and the organization's dismay.
  • Both Shinnosuke and Chase were happy to see them again in the pantheon as Heart, Brain and Medic now treats his old enemies as their allies after they gave up their ambitions during their final battle against Banno. Go also changed his view on them as well after he learned their last act of heroism during their short-lived resurrection. Because of their actions, Mr. Belt gives Heart his own copy of the Drive Driver and the Shift Heartron, while fixing the errors on his transformation based on his overall battle data, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Heart once more.
  • Due to them achieving their own Golden Super Modes, they've associate themselves with good-aligned deities who achieved similar power-ups to their own such as Domon Kasshu, Sonic the Hedgehog, and every good-aligned ascended Saiyans like Son Goku. Speaking of the Saiyans, they also pay respects to them for being the ones who started this type of power-ups in the first place. However, they don't like Broly for using his powers for destructive means.
  • They were happened to be former followers of Ultron due to their similar backgrounds being mechanical lifeforms that were create as evil beings by their respective scientists. However, they don't share anything in common as of this point since they already see that not all humans are pure evil at all while the trio grew their disgust with Ultron because of his never-ending quest to destroy humanity, which they made a point to stop his plans even further.
  • Both Heart and Medic are happened to be friends with Rio and Mele as both of them were once act as Foils to the heroes of their respective eras, before they turned good by joining the heroes to deal with a bigger threat. Both Rio and Mele are vowed themselves to support Heart, Brain, and Medic in their battle against Banno after they feel disgusted toward the Roidmude creator upon learning of his horrendous act towards his creations, which reminds them of how Long used them for his own ends.
  • Heart has found a support in the form of Kaito Kumon, as both of them are honorable rivals to the heroic Kamen Riders of their respective eras. Both Heart and Kaito were also saddened of how they end up after they learned their respective Dark and Troubled Past. Because of this, the two of them started to team up in their respective battles since then.
  • Heart has been seen hanging around with the Pretty Cure Mana Aida. The two of them have bonded due to to the fact that both of their alias are associated with the word "heart".
  • Heart is often seen as the Good Counterpart to Phoenix as both of them are red-colored battle-enthusiastic monsters of their respective groups. However, neither of them are alike in common as Heart has vowed to stop the rampaging Phoenix to prevent the Phantom from causing chaos in the pantheon.
  • Due to his profession as an analyzer to his group, Brain has started to help Dexter and Houka Inumuta in their research to strengthen the GUAG in order to counter their foes in their upcoming battles. While both Dexter and Houka aren't comfortable to work alongside Brain at first, but they quickly get over due to the fact that he's now on the good side as of now.
  • Brain became friends with a certain white mouse who is also named Brain as both of them are tries to be villainous as possible during their tenures in the past and both have their soft spots towards the ones they care the most, even though they despise them at first.
  • Medic was once a follower of Yuno Gasai due to her yandere tendency towards Heart during her days as a villain and both sypathizes each other due to the fact that they endured the pain of being mistreated by their respectove abusers which is the reason why they ended up so badly in the first place. Medic was also surprised that Yuno also hates Banno's guts for his mistreatment towards his children and his creations as Medic starts to assist Yuno in their fight against Banno.
  • Medic is good friends with Yoko Minato, since both have an undying love towards their respective love interest. They were also seen supporting Heart and Kaito in their battles against evil whenever they try to cause chaos in the pantheon.
  • She is often seen hanging around with a fellow former villain named Vector as both were once corrupted into evil in their respective past. While both of them were happy to hear that they found redemption in the end, both of them are vow to prevent the same mistakes they to others so they can live a better life.
  • Medic has a deep hatred on those who forced others to become evil against their will to further their own agendas. As such, she has sympathy towards Litchi Faye-Ling and Mikan Tsumiki, who were also victims of this kind of treatment.
  • While they finally became an ally to humanity, they still retain their hatred only on those who are a complete bastards like Banno, which is he reason why they attacked humanity in the first place. The same goes to Banno's allies like SHOCKER, Nobuyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, and Dr. Weil, considering their actions are comparable to their main arch-nemesis and they make a point to stop their evil ways to prevent any further casualties.

    Isaac Netero 
Isaac Netero, God of Meditation Powerup (12th Chairman of the Hunter's Association)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Heart hand gesture
  • Theme Song: Cazador X
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bare-Fisted Monk, Blood Knight, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Cool Old Guy, 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, Dying Moment of Awesome, Lightning Bruiser, Major Injury Underreaction, Our Presidents Are Different, Training from Hell, World's Strongest Man
  • Domains: Martial Arts, Training, Nen, Meditation
  • Herald: Beyond (his son)
  • High Priest: Genjyo Sanzo
  • Allies: Hunter × Hunter Main Characters, Biscuit Kruger, Master Roshi, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Bruce Lee, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Wong Fei Hung, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Iron Fist, Might Guy, Squidward Tentacles, All Might and Izuku Midoriya, John J. Sheridan, Ender Wiggin, Commander Shepard, Van Hohenheim, Makorov Dreyar, Mavis Vermillion, Oogway, Po, Yoda, Ultraman Leo
  • Enemies: Chrollo Lucifer, Tyranids, YHVH, Kiara Sessyoin, Father, Illusive Man
  • Respected by: Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Opposes: Philemon
  • Worthy Opponent: Meruem and Komugi
  • Isaac Netero is quite possibly one of the strongest martial artists across the omniverse, especially impressive considering that he has no abnormal boons to himself aside from the extreme training he has done. At age 46, Netero trained himself in the mountains for two years straight—the only things he did at this time was committed to doing ten thousand punches a day and then collapsing to sleep afterward. He was able to throw his ten thousand punches in under an hour and spent the rest of the time meditating, attempting to reach enlightenment. When he returned from his training, Netero amazed his fellow martial artists with his newfound power and eventually became a Hunter afterward. He was eventually one of the few who came back from an expedition to the Dark Continent, and soon afterward was Netero granted the title of 12th Chairman of the Hunter's Association. At a first glance, Netero may seem incredible jovial and quirky as any experience is but unsurprisingly, underneath he holds a tremendous power that could split the mountain apart. Though a person said to be the strongest of the Nen users was not able to defeat Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants not even with his most dangerous techniques at his disposal. Netero had to implant a nuclear bomb into himself and end his life in one Suicide Attack—something that did kill Meruem only hours after. Thus, closed the chapter of the Hunter's Association now their beloved and respected leader sacrificed himself to keep humanity from maneating slavery.
  • Netero could potentially retake his position as Chairman if he wanted to but decided that his time was over and that the next generation of Hunters should take his place. Gon and Killua particularly caught his interest over their potential, Nen or not. Kurapika has been a notable applicant who has high ambitions, something that Netero appreciates. Netero laughed when he found out the relatively young Lenorio was a candidate for his former position before just because he punched the most disliked person in the Association's face caught in what is probably 4K resolution. Hisoka... is Hisoka. Netero is perfectly aware the guy is disturbed and a menace to society who probably wants to tango with him one day but that is none of his business. The Hunters Association accepts anybody into their ranks as long as they completed the required exam.
  • Netero was not enraged nor disappointed that Meruem was in the Pantheon. Meruem himself was one of the few who Netero would deem as a Worthy Opponent—someone who bested his stamina in battle. Considering that Netero could flatten anybody under his powers, Meruem put up a deservingly fitting final stand. In hindsight, Netero won thanks to the nuclear bomb implanted onto his body. If the explosion did not work, then the radiation surely would have. Netero did not like using such an option against any person, but it was ordered to him by government heads who justifiably fear the Chimera Ants turning mankind into livestock. He acknowledged it had to be done, though if given the choice Netero may have simply allowed himself to die as a warrior—dooming humanity as a result. That did not happen, and the present day is that Netero and Meruem are capable of facing each other down once more. Except that Netero noted that Meruem dialed back on his ambitions in the Pantheon. The Chimera Ant does not want anything to do with conquering the planet nor even eating Nen-filled humans. All he wants to do is play some Gungi with the unstoppable Komugi for eternity, something that Netero is pleased by. He would want to fight Meruem again to more or less repair his pride from resorting to a dirty tactic like nuking though knows that perhaps Meruem needs to try to finish his unbeatable battle first.
  • Lounges around in the Pantheon for a pastime nowadays. That does not mean Netero is not doing anything though that does not necessarily mean that he is doing anything major with himself either. He can sometimes be seen training like he used to by punching the air for hours at a time before going back to sleep. Fortunately, he does feel his age and is ready to return to human society when he finds that he does not need to train himself. To get stronger, Netero consults with those who are similar martial arts masters. Roshi was floored by how powerful Netero is and does not think he could teach his fellow old guy anything further aside from porno mag scrounging. Netero wanted to learn the legendary Kamehameha from Roshi... and also the porno mag scrounging at the same time. Roshi was flattered and did trust Netero enough to at least get the stance right but for some odd reason, Netero could not get an energy beam to shoot out of his hands. It is theorized that all the Nen that Netero has can not manifest a Kamehameha (something incredibly likely) or that Netero is pretending he cannot spare Roshi from being compared badly with another old man when he already feels obsolete compared to his students.
    • Had fought against Krillin and Tien who think that by training with a more grounded person, they could finally catch up with the other Z Fighters who far surpassed them in terms of power. Netero not knowing how to fly may be the reason for the "grounded" idea. They were both horrible mistaken upon Netero decking Tien in the face so hard, multiple strikes laid on his face, and bitch-slapping Krillin across the ground (insert Krillin Owned count point here). That was not even describing that Netero was in peak condition at that point and only fought the two because Netero was bored waiting for a ramen stand. Both want Netero to teach them as a result and Netero said yes, though asked them to learn how to punch into the air straight for about a year. They want to... but have current obligation so they unsurprisingly bailed out on the prospect.
  • The Power Rangers Jungle Fury wants to learn from Netero as he is a martial artist that managed to keep his sanity after spending so long in isolation. Netero replied that humans did not keep him company as the animals did instead. Netero also says that martial artists do not need to go through the hell he had to become spiritual. Some martial artists like Iron Fist and Might Guy also achieved their power through dedication—even if their training was not as harsh or constant as Netero's was. The Jungle Fury Rangers wanted to see if what Netero stated was true and asked if they could fight with him. He accepted. The first strike decimated the Rangers' animal spirits they manifested but soon found themselves completely beaten in one hit. Netero told them that spirituality does not equate to power though power did a hell lot for him.
  • Being the leader of the Hunters, Netero must fulfill when it comes to protecting humanity. Even if the vilest most despicable persons were admitted to the Hunters under his supervision, they are not directly threatening humanity. The Chimera Ants were capable of wiping out humanity with their Nen abilities, making Netero who mastered his Nen be the strongest person sent against them. It is not as if he enjoyed that role, as it meant he had to rely on some very dirty tactics like nuclear suicide to make sure that humanity is unopposed. The hypocrisy that Netero knows is that humans have been killing each other since the dawn of evolution and that if nothing can kill humanity then humans will kill themselves instead. Shepard and Ender Wigging know the difficulty of defending their race even if their race is not willing to do morally right things when they feel threatened. The Immortal God-Emperor however, does not see a problem with Netero's internal dilemma and that it was perfectly valid to commit genocide onto the Chimera Ants in turn, as humans are the superior race. Netero could only sigh at such a response, knowing that many humans there feel fine at genocide as long as it did not extend to themselves.
    Netero: Not saying it was the worst hour for me... but not going to say it was the finest either.
  • Squidward Tentacles being a constantly angry person surprisingly practices yoga a lot regardless. When going on a hill, he found Netero meditating and thought he was a fellow yoga fan. Netero replied that technically that was what he was doing and offered to teach Squidward some posture tips. Even though he is a cephalopod without many bones, even Squidward felt the strain of the positions that Netero placed him in. Afterward, Squidward felt MUCH more relaxed than he was beforehand and always tries to find Netero to have him teach him more "yoga" techniques. Squidward can be seen running up mountains towards Netero, something that may have been deliberate for the former Chairman.
  • Though not as active in being a leader for the Hunter's Association as one would expect, he regards fondness for all members there even the ones who want to kill him. Makarov Dreyar and Mavis Vermillion implored why the heck the Hunter's Association allows maniacs to their groups. Even if Fairy Tail acts like a loving family to its members, such blatant evil would be kicked out. Netero would like to say the Hunters are not just for the protection of the world but also just a general assessment on seeing those with potential. Even if it means that person is a murderer, they are at least keeping tabs on them. That does not mean he will sit idly by when those like the Phantom Troupe start killing Hunter but whatever problematic members are not their business until it is known they are threatening order.
    Makarov: Does that include the creepy guy who stares at young boys?
    Netero: That guy does not only stare at young boys. He was staring at my butt too!
    Mavis: Sorry Mr. Netero but your butt is as fine as an overripe apple.
    Netero: Why did that hurt me more than my arm getting chopped off?
  • Tried fighting someone giant for once and did so against Ultraman Leo. Leo being a person who also dedicated himself to nothing but training agreed and had a decisive match with Netero. Little did Leo know the giant that Netero summoned was at the perfect height to jab the Ultra at the kneecaps. Needless to say, Leo would have been visible screaming at this. That did not stop Leo from using one swipe to take out Netero who may be powerful but cannot handle the cruel mistress that is gravity. Netero now has a goal to increase the size of his Bodhisattva through sheer training, something that Leo admires.
  • Had to deal with something similar to the Chimera Ants but much more feral. The Tyranids were eating away at the Pantheon again and Netero just so happened to be in their way. Netero remarked that he was thrust to such a situation again and with one fell swoop, a good chunk of the Tyranids in the area was wiped out like flies to a fly swatter. They eventually kept coming and Netero kept slapping them all away until they left the peaceful place he was in alone. The Tyranids retreated after and now have instinctive fear towards Netero, with the Pantheon members endearingly calling Netero the best bug swatter out there. He finds dismay at this new reputation.
  • He does not like Kiara Sessyoin, no matter how much boob she shows off. Unlike him reaching enlightenment through training himself, Kiara thinks that enlightenment must be found through sex so she tells people to indulge in it. Not to say Netero wants everyone to remain chaste forever (he has a son for crying out loud) nor does he disbelieve that perverse thought is a strength of power for some. However, Kiara Sessyoin's perverted extends to having everyone be brainwashed to thinking that they would get wiser with orgies and then is trying to spread that ideology across the world, which he finds dumb because there are so many conservative values out there opposing sex, she would logically have her cult try subverting different belief systems to impose their sex-filled beliefs. That would be no different from a nation trying to invade another and suppress them. Kiara tried having Netero change his mind by wanting to have sex with him but Netero had to take a stance and refuse. Even if his enlightened nature was waning on him thanks to two massive Mara-fueled distractions that invade his eyesight.
    Netero: Truly a test of my willpower, hoho.
  • Netero does not like the implications that gods are controlling humanity behind the scenes because they think humans are still too dumb to lead themselves. And yes, this is coming from a guy who has been deified. The most blatant cases are YHVH and the Divine Powers, who have their propaganda be that humanity needs a divine presence to truly become "civilized", something he finds offense over because he achieved major power by his own willpower. Though he does not wish to fight for them, Netero sees that Nanashi may be the key to proving humanity's willpower but cannot root for him as Dagda is not much better at manipulating a human for his own goals.
  • Wondered if the chi abilities that Oogway had are related to Nen as powers. Nen is VERY much a more complex system from chi's simplistic empowerment of capabilities and senses though wondered if Oogway was willing to share such power with Netero. Oogway did indulge to Netero that Po would likely explain chi's powers through combat to which Netero agreed. Po can be seen screaming when an old man suddenly charged at him with a giant Bodhisattva coming at him. Netero pushed back against Po to a ridiculous degree and Po being overwhelmed, decided to tap to his chi to fight Netero. To his surprise, Netero was blown back as equally as he did with Po. The fight stopped escalating when Po had to stop fighting to eat some buns next to him, reducing his chi a bit. Realizing that such a fight not be satisfying unless Netero and Po were at their respective peaks of powers, Netero stopped the match even though he liked fighting the panda. Apparently, chi must like Nen can flow even the unlikeliest of beings. That did not stop Netero from stealing a pork bun for himself and Po chased him until tiredness caught up with him.
  • Was once goaded to fighting Nyarlathotep by Philemon who thought Netero would champion humanity's goodness. However, Philemon was mistaken by was Netero said that he would showcase the depths that humanity will go through for survival, including evil. So when Netero fought Nyarlathotep, it favored Nyarlathotep's side as Netero did hold some wicked villainy within him if it came down to that. An assumption that people hold is that enlightenment equals goodness when that is not the case as enlightenment is more about truly acknowledging the flaws of the world and yourself, to which Netero somehow managed to reach. The fight against Nyarlathotep was so destructive that Netero considered blasting Nyarlathotep around, innocents are damned as everything was blowing up anyhow (as Netero did not properly medidate prior to be at his strongest). Though thankfully it was a contained fight, Netero does not like Philemon so setting up an event just to assess his "goodness" when nobody is perfect. Philemon remarked that perhaps he should seek heroes who are naïve to dedicate themselves to his crusade against the forces of evil.
  • "Human potential for evolution is limitless."

    Rimuru Tempest 
Rimuru Tempest, God of Gaining Perks In The Next World (Satoru Mikami, Rimiru, Chancellor of the Great Jura Alliance, King Slime & Ruler of Monsters, King of Jura Tempest, Chaos Creator, Great Demon Lord, 5th True Dragon)
Left: his humanoid avatar, Right: his true form (not to scale)
Click here for his previous life as Satoru Mikami 
  • Greater God but in future will reach Overdeity levels
  • Symbol: His slime form, or Shizue's mask
  • Theme Song: Nameless Story
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but don't take it as a weakness)
  • Portfolio: Stock Light-Novel Hero, Benevolent Mage Ruler, Revered By All His Subjects, Badass Adorable, Predator Skill Grants Him Skills Of The Consumed, Gaining Abilities And Forms Of Whatever He Consumes, Comically Invincible Hero, Killer Rabbit, Complete Immortality, Fetish for Elf Girls, Good Is Not Soft, Matter Replicator, Martial Pacifist, Pop-Cultured Badass, Becomes A (Great) Demon Lord
  • Domain(s): Slimes, Reincarnation, Assimilation, Replication, Rulership, Demons, Void
  • Heralds: "Star Lord" Ranga (his Tempest Star Wolf), Great Sage/Wisdom King Raphael (his magical A.I.), the loyal citizens of Tempest, Storm Dragon Veldora.
  • High Priest: Takuma Sakamoto/Diablo
  • Followers: Toujou Karuna, Makoto Mizuhara, Dungeon Keeper Ami, Suzuki "Satou" Ichiro, Azusa Aizawa, Ryouta "Routa" Okami, Souma Nagi
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hoss Delgado (one-sided on the Hunter's end)
  • Rivals: Kirby
  • Enemies: Ainz Ooal Gown, Alex Mercer, Skarsnik, Warboss Ghazghkull, Baby Bonnie Hood, Metallix, indiscriminate monster hunters who can't/won't behave themselves around him
  • Pities: Ainz Ooal Gown, Gertrude
  • When it comes to isekai stories, it's common for the protagonist to gain a "cheat" skill that grants them unique or broken abilities before they start doing anything else in that other world, so long as it allows them to be superior to the world's regular mortals. It's also usually granted during reincarnation, and bestowed or acquired by the resident deity during the process. The Court of the Gods eventually found the tale of a man named Satoru Mikami, who was stabbed to death in the middle of the street, and was then reincarnated in another world as a slime. But there's more to it than that.
    • As he was dying, he had gained the following perks for his next life: besides Predator and Great Sage, he acquired Resistances to heat, physical attacks, cold, thermal fluctuation, electric current, paralysis, and pain (the last being outright nullified), and a body that doesn't require blood (hence, a slime body).
    • He gained several more along the way like water pressure propulsion, regeneration, the ability to sense magic (and therefore acquired colored vision), movement in water, water manipulation, poison and paralysis breath, Instant Armor, thread both for Webbing and Razor Wire purposes, Shadow Step, fire manipulation, create clone bodies (which retain a tenth of their original's vigor and magic, though movement and attack remain unchanged), lightning manipulation, and so much more.
    • Thanks to these perks, the Court of the Gods sent an envoy to the world he's now from. They found the Jura Tempest Federation, requested a private audience with Rimuru, and applied the standard amnestics to plug premature leaks of everything about the Pantheon, even rendered inscrutable and/or non-suspicious to Rimuru's Great Sage skill.
    • However, due to unknown temporal issues that prevent the Pantheon's envoy (in this case, Cosmos of the GUAG) from contacting Rimuru in his most recent, they're forced to contact him from after his becoming a Demon Lord at the conclusion of the Falmas Kingdom's attack on the Jura Tempest Federation.
    • It is known that he's since done much more and can even access any point in space-time, but for now, immediate post-True Demon Lord status will be the furthest he'll be at upon ascending to the Pantheon.
    • Upon being briefed on the specifics, Rimuru accepted the offer, and shortly joined the GUAG since her interests and his are compatible.
  • Rimuru is often seen in one of two guises; his default slime form, and his humanoid form he acquired after assimilating Shizue's body at her request. The Court also granted him the form of his previous life as Satoru Mikami, but he doesn't use that often as he's long since moved on from that life.
  • One should note that even if he might be a slime, that does not mean he's a low-level Mook that can be easily handled. If one can sense his aura (it was a surprise to him that not everyone in the Pantheon can do so), one would find it surprisingly imposing. Even then, he can suppress it, or even mask it completely. It had been a surprise for him the first time he had to fight someone who clearly had no idea who they were up against until he proved them wrong. That's why when he's in dangerous or unknown territory, he's in his humanoid form more.
  • When it comes to healing, at first, he used to consume the patient, use the healing potion substance in him on the patient, and then eject them good as new. Nowadays, with water manipulation, he instead forms globules of the stuff he can easily toss to those in need. These potions are so potent they can even restore lost limbs, and diluting them to a tenth still lets them work as well as a standard X-Potion.
  • While he can copy techniques from any book he "consumes" and "spits out", he still has to practice them to make them useful.
    • Speaking of books, give him paper, something he knows, and he can "print" it out in mint condition. He's done this once with certain manga, even when Great Sage considers this a waste of his talents, but he's not doing this for just anybody.
  • He can even replicate enchanted items, but he needs to have consumed the materials normally required to create it (as well as the item in question, of course). He cannot improve on it with this skill however, thus not invalidating the need for weaponsmiths.
  • His Magic Sense allows him to translate messages of personal will (a.k.a. speech) into forms he can understand, so he can understand any language. With the Ultrasonic Wave ability he acquired from a Giant Bat he consumed, he can convey his thoughts into words, and in any language as well. While being an Omniglot is a common perk for all sapient deities in the Pantheon who can speak, his skill allows him to, with enough analysis from Great Sage, understand any other forms of verbal communication like Nuju's Bird rahi speech, Ti'zo's chittering, et cetera. As for non-verbal communication such as the Heptapods' writing, he has his other skills to replicate their process (again, after enough analysis with Great Sage).
  • The dimensional space within Rimuru's Predator is pretty much like a Luxury Prison Suite, with its prisoners permitted to conjure anything while incarcerated within him for their comfort. One dimension holds the Great Storm Dragon Veldora (as he and Rimuru try to figure out his Unlimited Imprisonment and how to break it) and a Fire Spirit Ifrit (after the former pulled the latter in to his own space for sparring and conversation), another holds Shizue, or rather her body, at her dying request, and another held the Orc King Geld, whose soul has since moved on.
    • As for how it works in the Pantheon, any adversary he consumes, if they're a deity, he's not allowed to assimilate their souls, which are automatically magically extracted for revival in the House of Life and Death. Otherwise, it can end up as a case-by-case basis if what he consumes might cause problems for him in the long term.
    • As for powers he absorbs from Pantheon residents, they're his to keep until all of his physical body gets destroyed, after which he'll have to take them again if he wants them. While annihilating the nucleus of his soul is the only real way to kill him for good, in the Pantheon, only the House of Life and Death can bring his body back. That said, given he has the ability to create clone bodies (which he can control manually), this already puts him at an advantage over other assimilators like him.
  • He's aware that there are others who end up in other worlds, and that there are other examples besides reincarnation (in fact, his case is rare even in his world, much less reincarnating as a slime), such as being summoned (by the local deity or by denizens), getting trapped inside a video game, activating an artifact, etc. Some even come with a way to get back home. Some don't even have any desire to go back at all even if there was a way. And there're those who came from other worlds and ended up on Earth.
    • As fellow Light Novel protagonists who become influential leaders in the worlds they now reside in, Rimuru gets along with Touya (even if he's more of a Reluctant Ruler; Rimuru was the same) and Shiroe (as the only one of equal ranking) and gets into discussions with the latter in regards to leadership skills.
  • As a monster with friendly relations with humans (though it helps that he once was one), he became quick friends with Yomi and Ceri, and has on occasion visited their temple for... diplomatic reasons.
  • In regards to Ainz Ooal Gown, who also started out as a human (and named Satoru as well, no less), he isn't sure what to think. Both of them are leaders of nations (which they've been thrust into taking) with very loyal subordinates and both have an ultimate vision of having a world of peace between all races.
    • That said, Ainz is all too willing to slaughter anyone who isn't an ally, and willing to commit all kinds of atrocities for the sake of his empire, whereas Rimuru will only retaliate hard as a last resort or when a friend is in danger (or if it's a mindless Random Encounter) and would rather settle things with his neighbors diplomatically and peacefully.
    • That said, Rimuru expresses pity since Ainz had essentially been forced and pressured into his current role, his emotions were also forcibly suppressed, and he was starting his new life from a very lofty position while Rimuru (and his eventual federation) had more humble beginnings as they worked from the ground up.
    • What's also concerning is that folks want to see who would win between the two if they ever came to blows. Right now, Rimuru is not confident that he would prevail in his current state. As for what he becomes in the future, however... let's just say that will be a completely different story.
  • In meetings with other GUAG commanders, he met some of Azeroth's heroes and forged alliances where possible. One notable encounter was with Thrall, whom he initially labeled as a hobgoblin due to his green skin and muscular physique before the former Horde Warchief corrected him that he was an orc. Rimuru was caught a bit off guard, given orcs in his world were more like Pig Men.
    • He was then also warned of the current God of Goblins as well as the other God of Orcs, and Rimuru promised not to associate with them. He also got to meet Zac, another Blob Monster who was also very friendly (despite his looks).
  • Having suffered some terrible cooking a few times before, he dreads the infamous Mystery Food X; if it could paralyze a divine being and make a ghost pass out, what horrors would his slime body be subject to if he absorbs any of it?
    • Unfortunately, he would eventually experience the results for himself when someone chickened out of taking the food as a test of courage and blindly shoved the spoon into his mouth as he passed by (the irony that Rimuru himself had done this to Gobta before with Shion's cooking wasn't lost on him). It resulted in him reverting to his slime form and going on that same standby state he had been a few times before when he Named the goblins. That state thankfully lasted only a few hours. Oh, and he Acquired Poison Immunity after that.
  • If there's something he shows utter contempt for, it's those with staunch/blind anti-monster sentiments who have the power and unwavering dedication to... carry out their mission. The attack on Tempest by the Western Saints Church and the Falmas Kingdom resulted in a hundred casualties on his end, a few of them close friends of his and even children, even though he was able to ressurrect them and grant them immortality afterward.
    • As for what he did to the invading soldiers, namely consuming them to become a True Demon Lord, some folks are divided on this matter. One side thinks he's finally crossed the line with the slaughter and soul assimilation of >10000 people, while the other can see that there really was no other option; the Falmas Kingdom and the Western Saints Church made the first move, instigated a fight that killed a hundred of Tempest's population, children included, and would've otherwise wiped the entire Federation off the map had nothing been done. He also asked Benimaru to slay him should he lose his empathy after becoming a Demon Lord, which thankfully did not come to pass.
    • In regards to such hunters...
      • For those like B. B. Hood, he will not hesitate to fight and kill her if need be, especially when another's life is in danger from her.
      • But for those like Hoss Delgado, he will give a chance despite the hunter's attitude; Rimuru can understand that befriending a monster species can take a while to get used to.
  • Due to his skillset, as well as their opposing views on humans, Alex Mercer is interested in what he can acquire should he consume Rimuru, namely the Gluttony skill. That said, given the slime's achievements, this plan is at an impasse because he's aware that it's also likely that Rimuru might be able to consume him first instead, potentially granting him the Blacklight Virus and all that entails. He already lost to James Heller, and that was his own doing. He will not let this slime be the next.
    • While the former sergeant is still getting used to having allies of comparable strength, Heller and Rimuru were able to forge an alliance in stopping Mercer's plots.
    • Metallix also wants to obtain Rimuru's powers for similar reasons, but is also wary that one wrong move and all of his powers (innate and copied), not to mention the materials that compose his body, can end up being absorbed by the slime. And so far, he's not given Rimuru—who isn't confrontational by nature—good reason to hunt him down, but it might only be a matter of time.
    • At first, Kirby quite liked Rimuru, due to both being friendly blobs who copy the abilities of people they devour, and love food. However, this kinship from Kirby came to a screeching halt when the Star Warrior learned of Rimuru's cavalier attitude towards eating the souls of others, as he has demonstrated in his home Light Novel. When Kirby inhales someone, they don't actually die, as Kirby's stomach is an infinite void of stars, and the victim will eventually simply rematerialize elsewhere in the world unharmed. Obviously, the same does not hold true for Rimuru. And while Kirby has themself destroyed the souls of their enemies at times, it was only in extreme circumstances, chiefly putting the broken husk of Sectonia Soul out of her misery as Sectonia herself pleaded Kirby to do, or truly slaying the monster that was Fecto Forgo, who had already demonstrated that the destruction of their body was only an inconvenience.
  • Given it's also a monster-populated place like the Federation he's the leader of, Rimuru decided to visit the Anur System, though was advised to not assume a human form due to their xenophobia against humans. He hopes to change their sentiments one day.
  • Can also be found in Manners of Revival.
  • "I'm not a bad slime!"

    Twenty-Fifth Bam 
Twenty-Fifth Bam, God of Getting Better Power Upgrades Before Everyone Else (Jue Viole Grace, Baam, Jyu Viole Grace, Yoru, Black Turtle)
Bam as Jue Viole Grace 
  • Rank: Greater God currently; Lesser/Intermediate God for Parts 1 and 2
  • Symbol: A Star-Filled Night Sky
  • Theme Song: The 25th Bam, Berserker Bam when angered
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Genuinely Wanting to Help As Many As He Can, Being Forced to Compromise on His Ideals, A Lot, Chick Magnet, Being Unfamiliar to His World's Natural Rules, Being Exempt to Most of Those Rules, Being Sought After Due to Said Exemption, Denying Deification, Having No Idea What His Past Was, Gaining Moves Used on Him, Getting Increasingly More Powerful as the Story Goes on, Getting New Clothes Often
  • Domains: Chestnuts, Friendship, Powers, Revenge
  • Herald: Khun Aguero Agnes
  • High Priest: Rean Schwarzer
  • Allies: Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Ichigo Kurosaki, Makoto Yuki, Son Goku, Chihiro Ogino, Aang, Mega Man, Kenzo Tenma, Naofumi Iwatami, Vash the Stampede, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Enemies: Mateus Palamecia, Tetsuo Shima, Yhwach, Bondrewd, The Five Elders, Father, Alarak, Johan Liebert, Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius
  • Respects: Alpheus
  • Dislikes: Penelope Mouse, Malty S Melromarc
  • A pure and honest boy who enters the Tower in search of Rachel, the only person he has ever known during his life of isolation in a cave. Single-mindedly devoted to Rachel, Bam's goal is to reunite with her after she leaves him to climb the Tower. As an Irregular who entered the Tower on his own, Bam has exceptional potential in using shinsu that makes him the target of many people's attention. Throughout his journey, Bam makes several friends and grows both in power and character as he overcomes the Tower's many tests and obstacles.
  • Bam inadvertently entered the Pantheon through a mysterious door on the 52nd floor, and was subsequently chosen to become the God of Getting Better Power Upgrades Before Everyone Else due to a combination of being an Irregular trained by FUG higher-ups, his power to gain new techniques from watching or getting attacked by someone, and getting quite a few enhancements tied to his destiny. He's enjoyed his time since ascending, interested in meeting and befriending others not shaped by the competitiveness of the Tower. His potential has garnered the admiration of the deities in the House of Power and Abilities, with some predicting that he could ascend to Overdeity any day.
  • Due to the high concentration of shinsu as air in many parts of the Tower, Bam has encountered many Divine Sea Fish, giant floating sea creatures of which some he had to fight at times, such as the White Steel Eel and Giant Marsh Worms. It's for this reason, combined with his immense power, that he feels no fear navigating through the Hall of Aquatic Life. It's notable that even creatures like the Kraken and Duke Fishron don't try to attack Bam. They're well aware that it wouldn't take much shinsu for Bam to easily kill them if he wanted to.
  • Thanks to their similarly friendly dispositions, pure natures, and innate talent despite their ages, Bam has become good friends with Gon and also with his best friend Killua. Bam noted Killua's strong resemblance to his acquaintance Khun Ran, with the two having very similar appearances and compatibilities with electricities. Killua told Bam that he'd like to meet Ran and would be interested in the challenge of climbing the Tower, having enjoyed his time in the Heavens Arena.
  • Bam has an emnity with Mateus Palamecia, the evil ruler of the Palamecian Empire who aims to conquer the world using the forces of demons. This stems from Bam's Arch-Enemy being Jahad, the all-powerful, worshipped King of the Tower and ruler of the Jahad Empire who wants Bam, who is prophesied to slay him, dead. Thanks to the obstacles he has had to face because of Jahad, Bam has little tolerance for malevolent God Emperors and vows to stop him from reigning over all that exists. However, Mateus is not bothered by Bam's presence and considers him a mere insect in the grand scheme of his ambitions.
  • Bam's good looks, even from a young age, have caused many women to cry, which have only become more numerous since he's matured. His number of female admirers have only increased since he has ascended as a Greater God within the Pantheon, with women preferring his more long-haired look as Jue Viole Grace. Even the Chick Magnet Quintet is impressed by Bam's attractiveness towards women.
    • Word of his handsome looks have spread throughout the Princesses of the House of Royalty and more. Given Bam's seeming appeal to the Princesses of Jahad in the Tower, it's no surprise to see this same pattern again now that he's ascended to the Pantheon. Bam can only be amused by the irony of his appeal with royalty, considering that he's destined to kill a king.
  • Bam has formed a friendship with Makoto Yuki due to their similarities. Both of them are gifted with a unique power, overcame their trauma and regained their compassion, and lead a group of their friends to ascend a tower. Bam was surprised to hear of the eldritch, unpredictable nature of Tartarus through which the S.E.E.S. had to fight Shadows to climb up. Makoto, on the other hand, was in awe of what Bam told him about the Tower — a structure with over a hundred floors each with residents and tests set by Rulers for the climbers to overcome.
  • In preparation for his eventual return to his world to complete his climb, Bam has taken an interest in fully exploring the Yggdrasil Labyrinths. At the moment, he's looking for other people interested in exploring the labyrinths to form a party. As a Wave Controller with a mastery of Shinsu for large-scale destruction, he's designated himself as the "mage" of a group and has been searching for others who would fulfill different roles. He's also quite intrigued by the Abyss, and is considering in venturing through it after completing the Yggdrasil Labyrinths and training even more to become strong enough to survive the Unholy Death World.
  • Bam holds Alpheus, the World Forger, in high regard. As a former Slayer candidate of FUG, Bam was chosen by the secretive criminal syndicate to overthrow the Ten Great Families and kill Jahad, the worshipped god-king. Alpheus himself was forced to fight and try to kill his mother Perpetua, the first creator of the Multiverse. As someone prophesied to kill Jahad and who understands the gravity of defeating an all-powerful being, Bam has a respect for Alpheus for even deciding to end his own mother. He also wants to learn more about the Overdeity's powers over dark matter and incorporate it into his shinsu, already able to create a Shinsu Blackhole Sphere.
  • Bam has gained quite the fashionable wardrobe from getting new clothes picked out by Ha Jinsung every season that are sent to him. Even now that he's ascended to the Pantheon, his mentor still wants him to look just as good. From time to time, Bam can be seen visiting the Costumes picking out new clothes to wear, with a preference for fashionable button-ups. Thanks to his nice wardrobe collection, Bam is considered one of the most stylish deities in the House of Power.
  • Bam has a low opinion of Penelope Mouse for betraying her allies due to becoming greedy and envious of Sly Cooper's reputation. Her fall into greed and jealousy over Sly's reputation reminds Bam all too much of Rachel, who despite taking care of Bam and being the first person he ever met manipulated him and betrayed him to die all in her obsession to reach the top of the Tower. Even after rejecting Rachel's ideals and accepting her corruption, he still dislikes individuals similar to her. It's for this reason to he avoids going to the Halls of Tainted Friendship and Traitor Archetypes to avoid encountering her.
  • He's formed an Odd Friendship with Naofumi, a formerly idealistic hero who got falsely accused of rape and society repressed in him in turn to the point of turning him into a pragmatic, distrustful, and cynical man, over their shared trauma due to a culture of manipulation and mistrust. Naofumi respects Bam for his resilience, impressed that he was able to overcome his Break the Cutie moments better than himself. Speaking with Naofumi has arised from Bam mixed feelings about getting revenge against the people in the Tower who have wronged him, unsure about whether or not he should go through with them after hearing about Naofumi's own experiences with vengeance.
    • Hearing about Malty S Melromarc from Naofumi has made Bam form an extremely low opinion of the vile princess. He thought Rachel was bad, but was mortified to hear about Malty falsely accusing him of raping and sadistically antagonizing Naofumi, abusing her status to ruin others' lives, and trying to take the throne of Melromarc. Learning about Malty made Bam much more empathetic towards Naofumi's cynicism.
  • He can relate to Vash the Stampede's challenges of being hunted down for his abilities. Like Bam, Vash has taken a more pacifistic approach and genuinely tries to avoid killing as much as possible, though the world makes him suffer for it as bounty hunters keep attacking him relentlessly for the money due to the Crapsack World they live in. They also bonded over dealing with being literal Living Weapons, with Vash's body technically being a gun with his arm turning into the Angel Arm, and Bam a living Ignition Weapon with the Thorn and Black March inside his body. Talking with the more experienced Vash about this has helped Bam better understand his powers.
  • Bam gets along well with Gentaro Kisaragi for their similar loyal nature that compels them to fight on behalf of their friends. But while Bam's friendships give him the strong motivation to fight enemies and learn new techniques, Bam was surprised to learn that in Gentaro's world, friendship gives him actual new powers, and even lose transformations with the loss of friendships. In spite of their different temperaments, the two are good friends and glad to have befriended each other, with Bam and Gentaro always eager to make new friends.
  • He can also be found in Protagonists.
  • "Stars, thrones, skies, the Outside World, I don't need any of those things. But if someone tries to hurt someone precious to me, I will fight."

Yhwach, God of Giving Power at a Price
  • Greater God, Potential Overdeity post-Soul King absorption
  • Symbol: Five-pointed Quincy Cross
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (thinks he is Lawful something)
  • Portfolio: Absolute Immorality, Adaptive Ability, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Bad Bosses, The Main Villain Of The Story, Altering The Future, Bestowing Power To Others And Then Taking It, Bigoted Villains, Cruel Tyrants, Combat Pragmatists, Deal with the Devil, Deified Monarchs, Delights In Hurting Others, Desiring A World Of Immortality, Dissonant Serenity, Emperors, Extreme Selfishness, Knight of Cerebus, Megalomania, The Thirty-Six Stratagems, Seeing Into The Future, Your Soul Is Mine!, Victorious Villains, Bestowing Power through Blood, Channeling Reishi Into his Blood for Defense and Attack, Utterly Ruthless And Without Compassion
  • Domains: Conquerors, Giving and Stealing Power
  • Followers: Gerard Valkyrie, Lille Barro, Pernida Parnkgjas, Askin Nakk le Vaar, Haschwalth Jugram
  • Former Followers: The Stern Ritter
  • Associates: Sinestro, Hades
  • Allies: Grahf, Father
  • Rivals: En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Flowey
  • Enemies: Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenpachi Zaraki,Yoruichi Shihouin, all Shinigami, Arrancar and Hollow, Pit, Asura, Parasoul, Alucard, All Might, Frisk, Sans & Papyrus, Undyne, Toriel, Asgore Dreemurr, Mettaton, Napstablook, The Maiden in Black
  • Yhwach is a unique Quincy, born with the ability "to share power with others". When he does so, "miracles" occur such as lung disease being healed and lost limbs re-grown, as the power he shares one soul to accomplish what normally cannot be done with two souls.
    • However, his ability has a price: eventually the cultivated power will return to Yhwach, a process that usually results in the death of the person he gave power to. When he was a crippled infant, this process caused people to die within a couple years, a couple months, or even a few days in some cases. If he stops absorbing power, he'll return to his crippled state.
    • He can either impart power by touch, or by engraving a "Letter" signifying an ability onto another person's soul via them taking in his blood.
  • Yhwach is the Emperor of the Vandenreich and the "Father of the Quincy", who is determined to bring about the destruction of the Gotei 13 and the Shinigami. He attempted to replicate this success in the Pantheon by invading the House of Nature and killing Yamamoto after he killed his physical body, unaware this act was against the Pantheon's rule.
    • As a consequence of his actions after a debate in the Main House, Yhwach lost his title. Moreover, he was forced to watch as Yamamoto was "willed" back to existence by the Pantheon Akashic Records, and the Main House issued a warning to him against breaking the rules of the Pantheon again. Yhwach relented, realizing he could not incur the wrath of the Main House without being cast out completely, and decided to leave his feud with the Shinigami in his own realm.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shocked when Ishida Uryu was seen by Yhwach's side, leading many to question why one of Ichigo's Nakama sided with one of his enemies. None were more shocked about this than Ichigo himself. Others consider Uryu to be a clue to defeating Yhwach, as he was the only Quincy to survive Yhwach's Auswahlen of the Gemischt Quincy. Others still never believed he had truly turned, and were proven right.
    • Additionally, he has a list of five individuals from his home world he has particular interest in and as possible threats. Three of these five individuals - Ichigo, Aizen, and Zaraki - were already in the Pantheon before him. Urahara the fourth came later before his re-ascension. Currently, all four stand opposed to him, although one cannot be too sure about Aizen's position...
  • No other God in the Pantheon bears a greater grudge against him than Ichigo Kurosaki. From the decimation of the Soul Society, to the death of his mother, to manipulating Ichigo into killing the Soul King, Yhwach has given Ichigo nothing but reason for the young man to stand against him, and Yhwach has not done anything to dissuade Ichigo from this, even boasting about how everything Ichigo has done was to his eventual benefit. Despite this hostility, Yhwach sees Ichigo as his "son", even preferring to capture Ichigo initially rather than kill him, strongly emphasizing their connection via Yhwach's blood. Ichigo does not care, but Yhwach feels it is not up for question, since Ichigo cannot even say he'll "kill" him.
  • Rumours circulate that Yhwach is at his most vulnerable when he sleeps at night, as that is the time of day where he consolidates his power.
    • This has led to many attempts to break into the Wahrwelt, his newly formed castle, and assassinate him in his sleep, although the Schutzstaffel have been able to avert any attempts.
  • While it is not a publicly-known fact, Yhwach is the son of the Soul King, and his killing and absorption of the Soul King earned him the ire of many in the House of Family and Relatives.
  • Although he is called "The Father of the Quincy" and it is believed the Quincy began with him, a certain Quincy folktale indicates he may only be this to the modern-day Quincy (beginning c. 1000 C.E), not the Quincy predating that time period:
    • Every few decades prior to 1000 C.E, Quincy were born who had no ability to absorb spirit particles or create spirit bows. These Quincy were culled when young as aberrations. The last time such a Quincy was born was over two hundred years before 1000 C.E. That Quincy was Yhwach. The next Quincy like that (Haschwalth Jugram) was born two hundred years later.
  • According to Askin, Yhwach's goal is to destroy the existing three worlds and create a new one, and it is for this reason he follows him: he is curious to see whatever will come into existence afterwards, and does not know when another man like him will come around who would attempt something of such a scale. This puts him at an impasse with the GUAD: although he wishes to destroy the world, his desire to create a new one clashes with their desires for complete destruction (or to recreate the world in their own image).
  • He is said to keep a special horse in a private stable, one which is mighty enough to withstand his reiatsu when it would bring others to their knees.
  • He used to be a frequent visitor to the House of Personal Appearance, mostly to have his mutton chops trimmed, since his stache has been noted to grow more voluminous within the space of even a day.
  • Aizen has rubbed it in Yhwach's face that he lost his original title and was humiliated by the Main House, but Yhwach still contents himself with the fact that he succeeded where Aizen failed.
  • His view on war has been seen as paradoxical. He claims to dislike conflict and preaches about peace, but war is one of his primary means of sustaining his life and growing in power.
  • Yhwach maintained his ties with Sinestro and Hades, but he has yet to hear the end of it from the God of the Underworld: note 
    • Sinestro, on the other hand, has said nothing. Rather, he has observed that Yhwach seems more open in seeking alliances with other Gods of the Pantheon, something he rarely did before.
  • Yhwach has confessed he cannot see the futures of either Frisk or Flowey, because their shared ability to Reset and their Determination conflicts with "The Almighty". For these reasons, Yhwach seeks to claim Frisk's power for his own by steering them towards their Genocide persona, and carve a Schrift into their SOUL. Sans warned Yhwach he would have a bad time if he tried to do so.
    • On the other hand, Flowey is personally intrigued by Yhwach's ability to share pieces of his soul with others, and delights in attempting to find out how much power Yhwach's main soul possesses if it can draw out the latent potential of other souls with his Schrifts... by ripping it out of him and absorbing it. Yhwach once offered to impart a Schrift upon Flowey, but the flower declined, saying "he already saw what would happen if he accepted", implying a timeline where Flowey did accept, but Yhwach turned on him with the Auswahlen. This left the two in opposition with one another, but Yhwach and Flowey respectively have kept the alliance in consideration, with Flowey saying something similar to Askin: note 
  • He is not in the good graces of the Maiden in Black, as it can be said they are opposites of one another. Whereas the Maiden can manipulate souls to awaken new powers, and does so to aid others, Yhwach bestows pieces of his soul unto the Quincy to awaken their powers, only to steal back the cultivated power for himself once it suits him.
    • The Maiden has even offered to refine Ichigo's soul to a point where he returns to the level of power he once possessed in "Deicide" to act as a deterrent to Yhwach. He has made no comment on whether or not Ichigo may take the offer, because his eyes cannot see The Maiden in Black's future: note 
    • Yhwach confessed to this, despite having consumed the Soul King and having made the Soul King's power his own.

    Yuuka Kazami 
Yuuka Kazami, Goddess of Growing Stronger with Age (Flower Master of the Four Seasons, Youkai Moe~)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A sunflower (or any seasonal flower) wrapped around the handle of her umbrella
  • Theme Music: Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land, Sleeping Terror and Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream
  • Alignment: True Neutral with shades of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being Strong Due of her Age, Older Than They Look, Say It with Hearts, Parasol of Pain and Elegance, Constantly Teasing Others, Green Thumb, Having a Really Lame Power, The Terror of Others
  • Domains: Flowers, Age, Youkai
  • Herald: Youka Kazami
  • Allies: Tsubomi Hanasaki, Kurama, Shaymin
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Looten Plunder, Dr. Zomboss
  • An extremely old youkai of flowers, Yuuka in her home realm is one person you do not want to cross. And not because of her powers, as her ability to manipulate flowers is as lame as it sounds. Instead, her years of experience have made her what she is now, as she is monstrously strong both physically and magically (which includes cloning herself and inventing the Master Spark, which Marisa Kirisame made famous). If her age didn't also make her less active, she could be one of the most dangerous gods in the Pantheon.
  • As part of her nature, she loves flowers and is generally nice to those who are nice to them. She like to chat with Tsubomi about flowers, though Tsubomi admits that she is bit scared of Yuuka.
    • Similarly, Shaymin is sort of a pet for Yuuka, with Shaymin visiting Yuuka's flower garden quite often.
  • There are couple of ways people see her as: A friendly old woman who is generally nice to others, or the Ultimate Sadistic Creature who enjoys nothing more than to see you suffer in the worst ways possible. However, Yuuka is actually somewhere in the middle: while she's usually inactive, she loves to tease others with stuff like genocide and usually simply roughens weaker foes up, fighting stronger enemies with certain rules to avoid unnecessary deaths.
  • Where her temple is in House of Power, her actual residence in in House of Nature in a huge sunflower field, surrounded by seasonal flowers.
  • Do not mess with her flower field. That act isn't part of the list of dumbest things to do in the Pantheon. It's in the how to kill yourself in the most painful ways in the Pantheon list. No matter how strong you are, Yuuka will overcome that power and not leave enough of you to be used as fertilizer when she's done. She is willing to take on even the superpowered likes of Asura should he make that mistake. What makes her quite different from every other moron willing to do such a thing is she is simply strong enough to have a fairly good chance of not only surviving, but actually winning.
    • Messing with her herald Youka is another great way to get Yuuka very angry at you.
  • Some gods wonder if her flower manipulation might actually be useful. Yuuka herself disagrees, stating her powers are simply good for the flowers and have little use otherwise.
  • There is indication she's even older and stronger than anyone has guessed so far, maybe even an Old God. When queried, she brutalized the offender with relentless danmaku barrages, and finished him off with a full Double Master Spark for having the sheer impudence of asking a lady about her age.
  • Was recently visited by Mima who reached Yuuka's sunflower field in the pantheon via a detour through some Dream Land. What started out as a pleasant time of catching up between two old friends quickly devolved into a round of Passive-Aggressive Kombat between two Blood Knights, and though it seems both parties initially intended to merely goad the other into throwing the first punch, by the time the other gods had brought out the popcorn the situation had gone pear-shaped. It's generally agreed upon that Yuuka crossed the line first when she referred to Mima as "Ms. Cunningham," but it's also agreed upon that Mima pushed the situation beyond repair when she set Yuuka's flowers on fire. Long story short, before anyone fully knew what was going on, Mima had fired her Twilight Spark and Yuuka had pulled out her own Ultimate Spark. We may never know how many lives were lost that day...
  • Can also be found in Age and Youth.

Intermediate Gods

Brightwing, Goddess of Depowering Transformations (Faerie Dragon, Fey Dragon, Sprite Darter)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A crown she ocasionally wears.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cute little Dragon but really dangerous in battle, The Fair Folk, Murderous little Whelp, Healing Abilities in battle, Original Generation, Faerie Dragon, Sociopathic Heroine, The Ditz
  • Domains: Support, Dragons, Magic
  • Friends:
  • Mean Friends: Murky, The defenders of the ancient
  • Meanies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Deathwing, Nefarian, Leoric, Abathur, Kerrigan, Acnologia, Grima, Tiamat, Ornstein And Smough
  • Special "Friends": The Killer Rabbit, Liesolette Achenbach
  • Watched carefully by: Most members of the House of Magic and Sorcery
  • This strange creature right here is Brightwing, a Faerie Dragon who wants to make lots and lots of friends. However, behind her saccharine and friendly demeanor hides a psychopatic monster that has no qualms with slaughtering her foes and eat her fallen opponents, but nonetheless she is a good friend. Brightwing ascended one day when she was bored, warping in and out of the Emerald Dream until she took a portal that she assumed was for the nexus but ended up in the pantheon by accident. She started making friends and all was fine until, according to Brightwing, some bad people showed up and were very mean to her friends, so she decided to polymorph them into squirrels and violently eat them. While her friends were left terrified and glad at the same time, Brightwing ended up earning her title after how she displayed her polymorph a rather brutal way.
  • She frequents the house of Friendship to find friends to play with and quickly befriended Fluttershy thanks to her kindness. Although, Fluttershy is a little terrified of the "Games" Brightwing wants to play. note 
  • This isn't the first time that Brightwing came to Pantheon. One time, she came to visit Lady Ysera and stumbled upon some people prone to Cuteness Overload. Sapphire Rhodonite grabbed the creature and gave it Marshmallow Hell and Rena Ryuguu tried to "take it home" with her. After blinking away, both of them ended up briefly polymorphed into squirrels. Ysera couldn't help but chuckle for hours at such an amusing turn of events.
  • Being a Faerie Dragon (YES, she isn't the only one), Brightwing has caught the attention of many Fairy Deities in the Pantheon, particularly The three Good fairies who are still cracking their heads at the existence of such creatures but nevertheless are on good terms.
    • She did once stumbled upon altaria and Brightwing confused her for another Fairy Dragon like her. They have become friends but altaria doesn't like playing with Brightwing much... since all her games always involve biting
    • For the record, she isn't a real dragon. Just a similar species who behave like fairies and have a great apetite for anything that moves. The only draconic origin she has is that her "mother" is Ysera.
  • Many of the Defenders of the Ancient confused her for another Faerie dragon they know called Puck but her fighting style is totally different that the Dragon they know.
  • Frequently seen visiting The Rabbit of Chaernabog. Apparently, she claims that "Bunny friend" likes to "play rough", which Brightwing finds entertaining.
  • She can warp in and out of the Emerald dream at will whenever she wants. She however, advices against travelling there as it can cause you a headache. (Not even her is immune to the occurances of that place)
  • Became friends with both Anakaris and Mamizou because their powers are similar to hers. Unfortunately, they don't usually are available for brightwing "Games" which greatly upsets her.
    • She also tried to befriend Liesolette Achenbach but she keeps ignoring her and finds the Faerie Dragon super annoying
  • One of her most important abilities is the fact that she is immune to all kind of magic. This particular fact caught the attention of Kiritsugu Emiya and tried to befriend the Fey dragon. Even tough she can be very erratic at times, she can be an important Ally in the fight against mages.
    • On the other hand, Anti-Mage invited her to "play" with some of his "friends" in his world. Brightwing is excited to meet new Friends in another world.
    • With the formation of GUAE Malum Magia, Brightwing has been offered a part in a gropu called "Magus Killers". She doesn't know what all that's about but if he goes to "Play" with the "Evil wizards" then she is fine.
  • Has been seen wearing a Crown on occasions and actually behaves like she would be an actual queen when that happens. If you don't respect her Authority, you will probably be Mauled and Eaten alive by her for your insolence.
  • In her quest to meet more friends, she heard about the friendliest of all the friends from her universe, the Inkeeper from the Hearthstone Tavern. Brightwing went to meet him and as usual, the dwarf and the faerie dragon became fast friends, Brightwing even asking him to let her join the card game but Harth couldn't find a way to include brightwing. That is until Ragnaros and Sylvanas were "retired" from the official ruleset after a rather strange incident and Brightwing was invited to fill in one of their spots. Since then, Brightwing is happy that she can meet even more friends
  • "We are friends now! Hello, friend!"
  • Also holds a spot in the House of Magic. Her pony friends keep telling her that "Friendship is Magic", so that tends to be his preferred house.

    The Main Cast of Charlotte 
Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori, Joujirou Takajou, Yusa Kurobane, Misa Kurobane, Ayumi Otosaka, Divine Cast of Gaining Superpowers Through Puberty (Yuu: One-Eyed Grim Reaper | Yusa: Yusa Nishimori, Yusarin | Ayumi: Ayu, Ayucchi)
L - R: Nao Tomori, Yusa Kurobane, Ayumi Otosaka, Joujirou Takajou, and Yuu Otosaka
Misa Kurobane possessing Yusa Kurobane
  • Intermediate Deities (Yuu and Ayumi); Lesser Deities (Takajou and Misa); Demideities (Nao and Yusa); Greater God or possible Overdeity (Yuu when he took all of the abilities worldwide); Quasideites (after they all lose their abilities (or when in Yuu's case))
  • Symbol: The comet Charlotte
  • Theme Song: Bravely You
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Yusa and Ayumi), Neutral Good (Takajo and Nao), True Neutral -> Neutral Good (Yuu), Chaotic Neutral (Misa)
  • Portfolio: Gain their powers through puberty but will lose them once they graduate in high school, Because their mission is to save other ability wielders so that they wouldn't be experimented by scientists the student council can do whatever they want and it wouldn't affect their records, Yuu absorbed all of the ability wielders' powers, but loses all of his memories in the process. Despite this, Nao decides to make new memories with Yuu and the rest of the student council and his sister; New Transfer Student (Yuu, Ayumi, and Yusa); Belligerent Sexual Tension until they become an Official Couple (Yuu and Nao); Sibling Yin-Yang (Yusa and Misa); Huge fans of Yusa Kurobane (Takajou and Ayumi)
  • Domains: Puberty, Superpowers; Power Stealing, Amnesia (Yuu); Invisibility, Loners (Nao); Super Speed, Injuries (Takajou), Spirit Channeling, Idols (Yusa); Fire, Spirits (Misa); Collapse, Deaths, Prevention (Ayumi)
  • Herald(s): Shunsuke Otosaka and the rest of his crew; Kazuki Tomori (Nao's older brother); Shou and Kouta (Misa's friends)
  • Allies: Charles Xavier, All Might
  • On good terms with: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • On speaking terms with: Makoto Niijima (Nao)
  • Enemies: Supervillains in general, Max Eisenhartd/Magneto, William Stryker, Amon, The Corpus, The Sumeragi Swordsmen
  • Wary of: Misa Amane (Yusa), yanderes (Ayumi)
  • Respects: Superheroes in general, The Witches
  • Opposed by: Greg Heffley
  • Every 75 years, a comet called Charlotte comes close to Earth. Those who inhale its dust manifest powers upon reaching puberty, but once that stage ends, the powers are lost forever. Yuu Otosaka used his ability of taking over others' bodies to become an ace student. After being exposed by the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy, an institute that protects those that have abilities or have the potential to awaken it, Yuu was forced to transfer there, alongside his sister Ayumi, and help the student council with their mission: to protect other ability users from getting caught by scientists and convince them to never use their powers ever again. However...
    • At one point, Ayumi sneaked into school when she was supposed to be home sick. An encounter with a jealous yandere caused her to awaken to her power, resulting in the building she was in collapsing, which killed her. Struck by grief and guilt, Yuu isolated himself and descended into delinquency, until Nao snapped him out of it by recreating the Otosaka omelette rice recipe that Ayumi kept making. Then, after remembering his memories from a previous timeline thanks to a song from Zhiend, he discovered he had an older brother named Shunsuke, who built Hoshinoumi Academy to save those with powers. Yuu then discovered his true ability was to steal others' powers and Shunsuke gave him his time-leap ability to save Ayumi. Realizing that ability-wielders worldwide would be used by organizations, Yuu travelled overseas to hunt down and take every ability into himself to save them from their fate. He succeeded in doing so, but lost his memories because his brain couldn't handle the strain. After returning to Japan, Nao decided to make new memories with everyone else, now that they are free to live normal lives.
  • One day, the group inexplicably arrived in the Pantheon after taking a group picture together. The Court of Gods appointed them for the position because of how they got their powers and how they wanted to protect other users from the scientists, which they succeeded at thanks to Yuu's ability. Although they don't want it as they want to be normal and how Yuu is the only one who still has his abilities, which may caused a lot of attention, they decided to accept it for the time being. The group also has reunited with Misa, who can appear in the Pantheon without the use of the channeling abilities. Yusa hugged Misa, stating that she regretted never knowing her powers, her wishes to talk to her, and her happiness that they get an actual reunion and are able to hang out in the Pantheon with the rest of the gang.
  • Hearing about the existence of superheroes and supervillains, they think they're just taking a huge risk because they could endanger themselves and other civillains, but otherwise admire the superheroes using their powers for wanting to protect everyone and abhorred the supervillains for using their powers for selfish reasons. Yusa and Ayumi have bigger admiration for the superheroes because of their bubbly personalities.
  • Befriended Professor X and All Might as they are both superheroes who teach their students on how to use their powers, mostly because they couldn't find adults that they could trust and it's unlikely for them to meet adults that still have their powers. They specifically love the former for being an advocate for his own species so that they could have unity with humans.
  • As a result of their friendship with Professor X, they became enemies with Magneto as they believed that his goal of making mutants superior is not a good solution. Also William Stryker as his racism towards mutants offended them since they used to be ability users themselves except for Yuu and thay hatred lead him to cause genocide.
  • They are retorted upon hearing that Steve Rogers gained his abilities through experimentation, thinking that he gaiend them without his permission. But after hearing that he does it to protect his country from the Nazis, they couldn't blame him for that, realizing that he is really determined to do anything to protect the world even if 70 years have passed since then and remain on good terms with him because of it.
  • They are interested in hearing about the Witches because they gained their abilities when they are young but eventually lose them through age. But they couldn't relate to them on using them for a battlefield and that some of them want to keep their powers even if they will lose them as the group want to hide their powers from the rest of the world and how terrorists that used similar weapons like the Witches wanted to exploit them. They can tell that they are using it to defend the world and think that their cause is noble, which they respected.
  • They hate Amon for being a terrostic bigot who wants to take away the powers of others. Amon retorted against them, stating that Yuu took away all of the abilities and that they are as much to be blamed since they are exactly like him. They argued back stating that the scientists and terrorists wanted to use the ability users for their own gain and if Yuu didn't do what he had to do, all of the ability users would suffer from mental trauma.
  • The members of The Corpus hold enormous interest on them after hearing that the scientists in their world captured similar users like them for technological purposes. While they are disappointed to see they lose their powers, they regained hope upon hearing that Yuu still has his powers before he will eventually lose them. Because of how dangerous his ability is, they want to know how his powers will benefit for their technology. As a result, their temple has been given higher security for their safety.
  • They hate the corporation the Sumeragi Swordsmen are working for because the latter performs illegal experiments on the adepts, who also have superpowers. They don't really get why they would work for a corporation that performs these kinds of experiments when they have powers themselves. The Swordsmen don't give a damn about what their opinions are anyway.
  • Grey Heffley is envious of them being able to gain superpowers through the process of puberty even if it will disappear when they graduated in high school, specifically Yuu Otosaka, as his ability to possess someone's body made the teenager to desire that power for his own personal gain. The response he got from them are Nao kicking him in the stomach and Misa suddenly wanting her fire powers back because he pisses her off.
  • Exclusive to Yuu:
    • Yuu can take over the abilities from other users, who at first thought that he could only take over someone's body for five seconds. Originally using it for selfish purposes, he became kinder after Nao recovered him from his insanity. He became insane again because of how he constantly steal other people's powers, but his promise to Nao because of a love confession kept him sane and eventually went back to Japan, but loses all of his memories. Despite this, he became Nao's boyfriend and began a new life with the rest of his friends.
    • Being told of his abilities because of his amnesia in the Pantheon, Yuu has a hard time grasping it and doesn't know if he could use them like in the past. Thanks to the function of his abilities, he befriended Anna Marie. The superhero praises him for using his abilities for selfless reasons instead for using them selfishly in the past back when he didn't know the true function of his power. Yuu doesn't know if he could handle the praise, but he nontheless appreciates it.
    • Gets compared with Lelouch vi Britannia because they are both aloof teenagers have eye powers that could manipulate others that only works once, overprotective towards their sisters, and are prone to evil laughs. Due to becoming a blank slate thanks to his amnesia, he befriended him very quickly and Lelouch feels bad for his current condition as he suffered from amnesia like him before and only able to see with one eye and bound to a wheelchair, reminds him of Nunally, which contributed more to their friendship. While he isn't sure about the plan he made making himself an evil dictator to erase the world's hatred, the two remain on speaking terms and he can tell that Lelouch is still a good person underneath.
  • Exclusive to Nao:
    • Nao has the ability to turn herself invisible, but only to one person at a time. Suffering from a dark childhood because her mother sold her and her brother out for experimentation, causing the latter to go insane. Vowing herself to never trust anyone again, resulting in her becoming a loner, she eventually met Shunsuke, the only person she could trust and became the Student Council President of Hoshinoumi Academy. She also loves Zhiend which was introduced from her by her brother and will trash anyone who hates it and doesn't identify it as a post-rock band.
    • Befriended Ai Haibara as they are both cold lone wolfs who hated the people they grew up with and grew to hate them even more after learning what they did to their older siblings and wanting to escape afterwards. They then shed their cold persona as they bond with others, and desire to live a normal life and leave their past behind. Nao feels bad that the scientist loses her sister, since unlike her, she still has her brother, and wanted to cheer her up, something that the scientist is grateful.
    • Due to being the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy, she was approached by it's former holder, Makoto Niijima. Makoto doesn't like how her job mostly consists of her doing missions and not doing any student council work, but considering what the academy really is, she decides to let it slide. She considers teaching her what it means to be a student council president since the rest of the world loses their powers. Since she is still the student council president of the academy, Nao accepts the request.
  • Exclusive to Takajou:
    • Takajou has super speed, but because he can't control it, he always injures himself and thus, has to wear protective gear to lessen it. He is also a big fan of Yusa Nishimori, who tends to act like a creep when it comes to her.
    • Befriended both of the Flashes in the Pantheon as they are both speedsters like him. He's somewhat envious that they could control their power unlike him but other than that, he doesn't hold any grudges against them.
    • Befriended Dragon Shiryu on how they get to get a lot of bkood loss while still being able to survive. The warrior is glad that since Takajou loses his powers, he's not as much to blood loss as he used to be but informs him to be careful.
  • Exclusive to Yusa:
    • Yusa can let other spirits to take over her body. She is a popular Idol Singer from a band called How-Low-Hello, known as Yusa Nishimori as her stage name and affectionally called Yusarin by her fans. She is the only one in the student council who doesn't know that has powers until Misa said goodbye to her through a letter.
    • Gets along with Maya Fey as they are both spirit channelers who lose their older sisters at a young age whom they still adored. Maya in her part is baffled that Yusa is not aware of her own powers but could understand why it happened because of how airheaded she is and the professional spirit medium is even fascinated at her "Spell Series" and wants to try them to see if they could work, much to Phoenix's chagrin.
    • At first, Yusa wants to befriend Misa Amane thanks to being an idol and the fact they are both bubbly, clueless teenagers who refer to themselves in third person and the other idol shares the same name as her older sister. She became wary of her after finding out she is the Second Kira and how mentally unstable she is. Yusa has stayed out of Misa Amane's sight ever since.
    • Became interested upon hearing that the Mermaid Princesses are mermaids who became Magical Girl idol singers and befriended them quickly. She thinks that their voices are beautiful and wants to know if they could appear in one of her concerts for a collab.
  • Exclusive to Misa:
    • Misa has pyrokinesis. She died through an accident and ever since then, stays in the living world while possessing her younger sister. After learning about Yuu's mission to took over the abilities from other users, she then says goodbye to her new friends as she accepts that she could never be with them again.
    • Gets along with Stella Vermillion as they are both Hot-Blooded teenage girls who use pyrokinesis if they are pissed off who really care about the people they love but show it off in a cold-hearted manner. She also gets along with Natsu Dragneel because they are both rebellious fire-wielders who love to cause trouble.
    • While not a vengeful spirit, she gets along with Hisako since she understood her revenge, since she did it once for Yusa's safety and if she was in her position, she would have done the same. Hisako doesn't mind her company and she at least has the decency to not disturb her, other than the fact she threatened to use some of her powers go innocents even if they deserved it.
  • Exclusive to Ayumi:
    • Ayumi can collapse buildings, which caused her death before Yuu created a new timeline. The only one who isn't a member of the student council and isn't involved in any of their missions. Despite her age, she acts like Yuu's guardian and constantly makes the Otosaka omelette recipe because it is her brother's favorite. Like Takajou, she loves Yusarin and when it comes to her, she gets a huge nosebleed.
    • Because her awakening of her powers is caused by a Ax-Crazy jealous Yandere which made her die before the time travel, she tried to stay away from other yanderes.
    • One of Ayumi's favorite pasttimes is stargazing using a telescope. As such, she befriended Rosalina for being an ambiguous cosmic being who dwells in space. She also loves the Lumas she lives with because they're living stars, plays with them often and listens to Rosalina's storybook with the other Lumas. Ayumi asked Rosalina if she could visit the Comet Observatory whatever she want because she wants to travel in space, who the latter gave the permission to.
  • Can also be found in Teenagers.

    David Banner 
David Banner, God of Taking Too Much Power to Handle (The Absorbing Man)
As Absorbing Man 
  • Intermediate God. Can reach Greater God status when absorbing enough energy or in his water form.
  • Symbol: His face as Absorbing Man
  • Theme Song: Dad's Visit
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Dies from taking too much of Hulk's unlimited power which he selfishly desired, Evilutionary Biologist, an Abusive Father that wasn't always one, hates humanity's flaws, One-Winged Angel, combines Bruce's father character with that of Absorbing Man and Zzzax, Guinea Pig Family, Hates religion, Humans Are Bastards, immune to physical harm in his water form, much worse in the novelization.
  • Domains: Power, Madness, Science
  • Heralds: The Three Gamma Dogs
  • Followers: Jogo, Santa Claus/Doll Woman
  • Allies: None, as he's too paranoid and misanthropic to have allies. Has found some commonalities with the Philanthropists of Evil Science, The Maker and Ozai.
  • Enemies: The Other Marvel Comics Deities (especially his son/nemesis Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk), Colonel McCullough, The God Emperor of Mankind, Professor Venomous, Professor Utonium, Caesar, Koba, Sephiroth, Cloud.
  • Interested in: The Hall of Genetic Engineering
  • Opposes: The Houses of Military and Warfare and Religion and Faith
  • David Banner was a brilliant scientist, but the stress of the many wars that mankind was involved in drove him to misanthropy and a desire to "surpass" his nature and destroy the world's governments. However he failed to modify his own genes but ended up passing them on to his son, Bruce. His actions would cause Bruce to apparently be born emotionless but turn green whenever he tried to emote, this led him to seek out a cure to this through any means possible eventually causing him to clash with General Ross who shut down his research. In a fit of anger, David tried to kill Bruce, viewing it as a Mercy Kill, but ended killing his wife, Edith and traumatizing a young Banner and ended up arrested and sent to a mental hospital for his problems. 30 years after being arrested he eventually was let out and tried seeking out Bruce in order to gain his latent powers of the Hulk, both to spare Bruce from the curse of Hulk and in order to become a God with the unlimited power of Bruce, in order to destroy civilization and start anew. Later, he attempted to kill the daughter of General Ross: Betty, who had known of David's crimes and plans, through a trio of mutated dogs, but Hulk stopped them. Afterwards, he experimented on himself with gamma radiation, the same one that gave rise to the Hulk, and ended up transforming into the Absorbing Man, in his final battle against Bruce he attempted to make him give up and give his power and lifeforce to him, but Hulk and Bruce worked together to overload David leading to his form destabilizing and allowing Ross and the army to kill him once and for all.
  • Was ascended after his destruction at the hands of Hulk's energy combining the personalities of both his film and novelization selves, once brought back he appeared to be normal again, but soon found out he still had his Absorbing Man powers, he immediately tried to seek out Bruce, still intending to drain his powers but not without first trying to appeal to his insecurities once again so as to make Bruce not resist, needless to say it didn't work and after Bruce's allies came to help, he wisely retreated.
  • Interestingly enough, he's been noted to actually be a better father overall to Bruce than his Earth-616 counterpart was. Though this does not apply to his novelization self, who never cared for Bruce and planned to kill him since he was born entirely out of shame of conceiving him and jealousy over his Hulk factor. Regardless, he's become an infamous figure for most people who do know him, as his insanity couple with his power-hungry goals are anything but benign no matter which way you look at. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk doesn't have any sympathy for him, especially because whether his motivation to try and kill Bruce as a child was out of a belief that it was for his own good or because he hated him, it nonetheless traumatized him and left Bruce emotionally damaged in his world, and his subsequent selfish attempts to obtain Hulk's power do not help his case at all.
  • The Maker/Ultimate Reed Richards has found some common grounds to talk with Banner, especially in the field of gamma radiation and its connections to The One Below All, which has interested David, as the power of such a being could be of use in his plans and may even solve the problem he has with actually trying to take Hulk's power. While David doesn't fully trusts that Reed, he nonetheless has considered making an alliance with him to see if he can truly harness that power. David also respects Reed's goal of creating an utopia, given that he himself wants to destroy all governments and lead humanity to an "evolution" where they'll live in a perfect world devoid of conflict and law.
  • As he desires to end all governments and greatly opposes militaries, he's earned the scorn of the God Emperor of Mankind and Colonel McCullough who remind him of General Ross, the one responsible for shutting down many of his projects. The others in turn detest how much hatred Banner carries for humanity's current state in general which led to a maddened and dangerous desire to "evolve" past it.
  • Norman Osborn does understand when one experiments on themselves to "improve" having done that with the Green formula to become stronger. He's been "sympathetic" to his attempts to evolve himself and his unethical experiments as Norman himself has performed many. That he is enemies with the Marvel heroes also helps in that regard. His treatment of his own son has also made Norman quite willing to work with David, however David is far less willing to work with the mad scientist that is Norman, as his cruelty exceeds his own.
  • Curiously enough, his scorn for humans and desire to "evolve" them earned him some understanding from Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants, David was awed by the mutants' existence in universes different to his own and has sought out a way to ally with them, arguing that he no longer can count as human and is instead a mutate who has shed his previous "shell" to become his true self. Though the Brotherhood has been unsure of him joining them, Magneto has given it variable consideration, mostly because David's research could help their plans in the long run.
  • As he tried to kill his own son out of either paranoia or concern for his condition as Hulk, he enjoys little popularity with other fathers. Among a few who tried infanticide were Ozai, who had initially gained interest in David's powers since they rely on absorbing elements and power, which could serve him in fighting against his bender enemies. His experiment on his son and general misanthropy has made him some connections in Professor Hojo, who experimented on his whole family and himself for the sake of advancement, this alliance on the other hand earned him enemies in Cloud and Sephiroth, as his unethical experiments that led to his son inheriting his genes and eventually developing the split personality of Hulk reminded Sephiroth of Hojo's abusive treatment of him as well as his current desire to obtain ultimate power at al costs also angered Cloud.
  • David utterly hates war and religion the Houses of Military and Warfare and Religion and Faith are among the ones he hates the most, viewing them as a plague to humanity and wishing to end them forever. Among his plots for an endgame plan is the complete destruction of the house, plotting to use his powers to lay waste to both and end what he believes are roadblocks to the development of humanity's true potential. The Houses themselves see him as no real threat for the moment but regardless have began preparing for a worst-case scenario if he ever becomes too powerful.
  • As a mad Evilutionary Biologist, he's earned another scientific connection with Mesogog, a villainous mutate who seeks to transform humanity into a race of dinosaur monsters under his control for what he believes is a "better" world, Mesogog's disdain for the current state of humanity but differing methods and specifics of goals prevented this from being a full-blown alliance, rivalry or even enmity. The two scientists respect each other to a degree and on some way don't think about turning on one another if they ever execute their goals.
  • With his utter hatred for most of humanity and all militaries, he made himself enemies in the Imperium of Man and Colonel McCullough, as both the Colonel and the extremist faction view humans as superior to all other species and don't see a need to "evolve" them or take down the government and militaries for any reason. David views both of them as "fools" who have stuck to war and religion for everything and therefore don't "see" how humanity would be better off without said things.
  • His disdain for humans also made him an enemy of Caesar, an evolved ape who despite his "role" as the one to end humanity's rule, doesn't hates them and will gladly make peace with them. On the other hand, a similar antagonistic relationship started with Koba, an evil bonobo who detests humans and views Banner's attempts to "evolve" them to be detestable and to be opposed. David holds both apes in equally bad regards, seeing their overall evolution as a threat to a perfect world since he believes they'll only "evolve" to the same level as humans and therefore repeat the same mistakes as them.
  • Many houses have been noted of his weakness to an excess of energy (with the Hulk being the one to have demonstrated it first) when he gave his unlimited power to David as Absorbing Man to destroy him. As such many Houses have developed counter plans with the help of Bruce Banner's advise in case that David decides to execute his plans or try to destroy parts of the Pantheon in the future.
"Do you really believe that I am separate from you?"

    Magikarp and Red Gyarados 
Magikarp and Red Gyarados, Divine Representatives of Future Potential Power (Magikarp: The Fish Pokémon, Koiking; Gyarados: The Atrocious Pokémon, Skullkraken)
Red Gyarados (credit to Xous54).
Shiny Mega Gyarados 
  • Quasideity (Magikarp), Intermediate God (Red Gyarados, normally), Greater God (Mega Gyarados)
  • Symbol: Their "crown"
  • Theme Song: The Magikarp Song
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Magikarp), Chaotic Neutral (the Red Gyarados)
  • Abilities: Swift Swim (Magikarp), Intimidate (Red Gyarados), Mold Breaker (Mega Gyarados)
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset:
    • Magikarp: Splash, Tackle, Flail, Bounce
    • Gyarados: Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Crunch
    • Z-Moves: Z-Splash (Magikarp), Hydro Vortex (Magikarp)
  • Portfolio (applies to both of them): Magikarp Power, Making a Splash, Legendary Carp
  • Domains: Rage, Rarity, Transformation
  • Allies (both of them): Aquaman, Red Genesect, Misty, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Jun Manjoume
  • Rivals: Wishiwashi (both), The Kraken, Moby Dick, Scylla and Charbydis (the Red Gyarados only)
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Lysandre
  • Opposed by: ExandShadow (Red Gyarados)
  • Magikarp is probably the most unthreatening god in the entire Pantheon. One of the weakest Pokémon in existence, its first move of Splash does literally nothing. But if it reaches Level 20, the butt of jokes evolves into the mighty Legendary Carp, Gyarados. A vicious berserker, it is capable of destroying entire cities in its rage.
    "I swear to Arceus, when I evolve, I will kill all of you."
    Book of Magikarp, 1:1
  • Applies to both of them:
    • Once apart, Magikarp and the Red Gyarados have joined forces to represent how the little guy can become so much more. Red Gyarados is actually quite protective of it when it's in the form of Magikarp (which is most of the time). Naturally, as creatures of the sea, they gets along well with Aquaman. Thus, the easiest way to quell their rage is to simply get Aquaman to talk it down before things get out of hand. The same goes for Misty who is a trainer of Water-type Pokémon and has a Gyarados.
    • For years, the line was often crippled by Gyarados' 4x weakness to Electricity. This changed when they became able to access Mega Evolution. While still having a weakness, it is much less and they gain much, much more power. They still are rather swore about it and don't like the House of Electricity.
    • Both Magikarp and the Red Gyarados have come to relate to Bruce Banner/the Hulk. Mainly out of the principle of his Hulking Out persona and shift in personality. And both have come to dislike Team Rocket and Lysandre, Magikarp ultimately being separated from him as his partner due to Lysandre's attempted genocide of the Pokémon world being too much to stomach. And both are rivals of Wishiwashi, who has a similar gimmick and in Schooling form is one of the few beings that the Gyarados species fears.
    • After their permanent separation from Lysandre, both Magikarp and the Red Gyarados looked for partners of their own. Magikarp chose Axel, due to how he's often the butt of jokes and it was something the Fish Pokémon could relate to. The Red Gyarados chose Char Aznable, due to their red coloration, and the Red Gyarados represents the potential to evolve into something more from the humble Magikarp. This echoes Char's hope for the potential of humanity to migrate to space and become Newtypes.
  • Applies to Magikarp:
  • Applies to the Red Gyarados:
    • Originally ascended to the Pantheon to claim the throne of Legendary Carps. Many in the Pantheon shuddered in worry, knowing how destructive just one Gyarados is, and this one is even angrier. Lysandre thought that he could easily tame this Gyarados like the other one. This was not the case, as Lysandre immediately set off flags for Red Gyarados. Lysandre was last seen running away from Red Gyarados, looking absolutely terrified.
    • The Red Gyarados is a prime example of a shiny Pokémon, a very rare occurrence of a Pokémon undergoing a Palette Swap. Though in its case, it can be found in the Lake of Rage always as a red Gyarados. ExandShadow isn't a fan of Red Gyarados, simply due to him reminding him of all his bad luck with shiny Pokémon. It also doesn't help that he's technically an Event-Pokémon that was always shiny to boot. Many are still wondering if he was originally a shiny, or was a forced change from Team Rocket's meddling. The jury is still out on that.
      • In case you're wondering, shiny Magikarp is a golden yellow. And because of how the Red Gyarados is considered a Commonplace Rare, it's ironically more sought after that the Red Gyarados (unless you're talking about a shiny Gyarados with Moxie as an ability).
    • No, Gyarados is not a Dragon type. Not even in Mega Evolution. Besides being a reference to the legend that inspired it, most think the Flying type was put in place to balance it. However it is considered an honorary dragon by the House of Dragons, a fact that makes it happy instead of its default of overwhelming rage. Bowser was surprisingly accommodating, given he can be almost as temperamental as Gyarados, and is a different enough dragon from the norm himself that he finds zero issue with Gyarados technically not being a dragon.
    • Good friends with Asura and because of its Hair-Trigger Temper. It has been getting along surprisingly well with the Lagiacrus, due to the both of them being sea monsters and terrifying other deities who (aren't named Aquaman) go near them. Other sea monsters compete with the Red Gyarados, and like them he has the enmity of Captain Ahab.

    Mega Man 
Mega Man, God of Power Replication (DLN-001, Rock Light, The Blue Bomber, The Super Fighting Robot, Rockman, Blue Metal Hero, Jump N' Shoot Man)

Lesser Gods

Bluto, God of Narratively Fluctuating Powers (Brutus, Bluto the Terrible)
  • Lesser God with Intermediate God-level durability (Overdeity if he ever eats spinach)
  • Symbol: His beard and a wide toothy smile
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral depending on Circumstances (one version ended up being Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Popeye's most Notable and Persistent Opponent, Apparently Used to be Friends with Popeye, Often Seeks Olive Oyl's Attention and Affection, Was Actually a Minor Villain who ended up Becoming Popular, Beard of Evil, Fat Bastard, Stout Strength, Knows and Loves the fact that he's a Jerk, His Strength and Durability Depends on Each Short and Storyline, Often Ending up being Humiliated, Large Ham, Much More Effective than Expected, Could Potentially End Up being Redeemed or Remaining a Villain, Has Become more Formidable and Challenging with each Adaptation
  • Domains: Villains, Rivals, Entitlement, Sailors, Strength, Competition, Durability
  • Heralds: Lizzie (his wife), Tank (his son)
  • Allies: Pete, Gaston, Rafe Adler, Buggy the Clown, Tom Catnote , Daffy Ducknote , Bowser, Wario, Flintheart Glomgold
  • Arch-Rival/Arch-Enemy: Popeye the Sailor Man (also occasional Best Friend Depending on the Writer)
  • Rivals: Monkey D. Luffy, Jerry Mousenote , Bugs Bunnynote , Captain Nemo, Captain Ahab, Donkey Kong, Wreck-It Ralph
  • Enemies: Belle, The Beast, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Zoran Lazarević, Marionote , Princess Peach, Pauline
  • Opposes: Maleficent, Sakazuki, Moby Dick
  • On Speaking Terms With: Vlad Masters
  • Annoys: The Straw Hat Pirates
  • Bluto is, simply put, the arch-nemesis of Popeye the Sailor Man, with the two men often competing against each other countless times over various reasons including Bluto intending to take over Popeye's business and home and proving himself the better suitor to Olive Oyl. Normally, Bluto tends to be the more physically imposing, powerful, and successful of the two, managing to defeat Popeye in mostly anything... until Popeye eats spinach, where the tables are instantly turned and Bluto is defeated and humiliated without any effort on Popeye's part. Despite all the losses he's endured throughout the years, Bluto has continued to persist in challenging Popeye, becoming smarter, craftier, and even stronger than his adversary. Even if spinach always wins the day, Bluto has come pretty damn close to defeating Popeye on several occasions, more so than any other foe the beloved Sailor Man has gone up against.
  • He ascended into the Pantheon almost as soon as Popeye himself made it into the godly realms of reverence and recognition. The fact that Bluto was seen as a deity was something he took utmost pride in, though he wasn't pissed when he realized Popeye was in the Pantheon too, thinking that something like that was going to happen. What did infuriate Bluto, however, was the fact that he was a Lesser God and that his biggest enemy was instead a Greater God, something that Bluto saw as unfair. So he did the obvious and challenged Popeye to a wrestling match in the House of Sports in an effort to be seen as a Greater God by the Pantheon. That ended up being all for naught when Popeye ate spinach once again and proved himself an Overdeity by casually breaking the laws of physics and reality. Once again, Bluto was dumbfounded and humiliated. Even so, this wasn't the first time this happened and Bluto was quick to rebound from his loss. Perhaps he could find some new friends in the Pantheon who could help him overcome Popeye, seeing as he realized the godly realms had near-limitless possibilities and suggestions that he could consider.
  • While Popeye is the main reason he's in the Pantheon, to begin with, Bluto is recognized for something; his extreme endurance, which is how he is able to come back for another match against his arch-rival after getting soundly beaten. It helps with his occupation as a sailor as Bluto has encountered several beings including unwelcoming sailors and pirates to underwater rulers and Sea Monsters and he has a strangely mixed win-loss record against them. Bluto claims that he's used his might and skill to defeat them, though others speculate that he got lucky thanks to his endurance, which he may have gotten from being dealt with by an empowered Popeye every other time. Still, while he is a bumbling and annoying brute, he's evidently not dumb; Bluto can be a formidable foe if he puts his mind to it, and that's why Popeye has trouble dealing with him, at least until he eats spinach. Hence, this is why he's considered one of the bigger antagonists to deal with in the Pantheonic seas as, despite his occupation as a normal sailor, so many do tend to be wary of anything he's up to, he's more than capable of making swindling deals and using intimidation tactics to get what he wants.
  • Of all the many residents and deities the Pantheon had to offer, none were as similar to Bluto as Pete. The anthropomorphic bulldog has had his fair share of clashing against Mickey Mouse and his friends in an effort to make himself look better and/or to amass more popularity, money, or power. The two of them ended up becoming fast friends, with Pete even giving Bluto a few ideas and scenes for his next shot at achieving his desire of beating Popeye. Suffice it to say, their attempt failed as usual, but the two remained good friends who enjoy each other's company and like to hatch schemes for their goals of earning for themselves as well as looking impressive towards their rivals. While Mickey and his gang aren't fond of Bluto, they don't really interact with him all that much either, mainly because Bluto's plans don't really revolve around them, or he would rather challenge Popeye than anyone else for that matter.
    • Despite Bluto's friendship with Pete, there is some irony to be noted when the corpulent sailor doesn't like Maleficent, who personally serves as Pete's superior in their more intense attempts for world domination. When questioned about why he opposes the wicked sorceress, Bluto notes that he's had to deal with a Sea Hag who also messed with him as much as she does to Popeye, and on the occasion that Bluto works alongside the Sea Hag, their attempts not only backfire, but Bluto ends up mistreated anyway, so even if Maleficent seems to look more powerful and grandiose, he's not taking any chances to work alongside her and is more content in wanting to prove his own merits at the end of the day. Maleficent sees Bluto's decision as foolish, disappointed over the fact that she missed out on someone who could potentially make a good minion, especially given his friendship with Pete.
  • Given his occupation, Bluto has seen a lot when it comes to the seas and oceans, so he's not too fazed by the idea of encountering pirates or even Sea Monsters for that matter. Given that he's a showoff, he does like to compete against fellow sailors like Captain Nemo and Captain Ahab, often rubbing it in on how physically fit he is and how he's seen far more than the other two sailors ever would. On the other hand, Nemo and Ahab simply find Bluto's antics annoying and have often told him to get lost and not to push their buttons. In response, Bluto decided to find and challenge Moby Dick simply just to prove himself better than Ahab. The giant white whale did turn up after days of surfing through the Pantheon's seas, and Bluto managed to give the beast a beating, though Moby Dick still defeated Bluto by simply crashing and destroying his boat. While Bluto wasn't happy with how things turned out, Ahab was surprised to hear that Bluto even managed to fight back against the very whale he wanted to challenge, much less survive. Still, Bluto doesn't consider going down without a second round against the great white whale, regardless of what anyone tells him.
  • Bluto and Popeye's rivalry is undoubtedly legendary in its own right, and the two pretty much knew that this was going to make quite an impact on the Pantheon. Incidentally, it also led the two to discover rivalries that were similar to theirs and with varying results. In a desire to become popular and strike up big riches, he's reached out to Gaston and Flintheart Glomgold, with the three of them making a rather flexible group, with Flintheart being the monetary manager and planner whilst Gaston and Bluto do the muscle work. That said, Bluto was open to the idea of taking notes from Gaston in regards to acting suave and impressionable towards others as well as working to get a sum of profits from Glomgold if he ever manages to complete a task or objective. Still, the three of them know that this is but an alliance of convenience, though Bluto sticks out in that despite his brutish and mean nature, he's the least evil out of the three as he's more interested in one-upping Popeye as opposed to killing him, so etching that Gaston and Glomgold don't seem to have a problem with.
    • On the subject of rivals, Bluto has seen himself getting involved with figures like Bowser, Wario, Tom Cat, and Daffy Duck, all of whom have found time to either work with Bluto or just hang out with one another. On a positive note, Bluto can put his jerkish tendencies aside to be a competent team player as well as find some appreciation in making friends, even if he is heavily self-serving at times. Bowser was impressed by Bluto's durability and ability to create something relatively quickly while Wario is pleased to work with a fellow collector of treasure and someone who could do the planning for him, though despite the occasions where they've met and fought, Mario instead likes to see Bluto as someone he would like to befriend and get along with. Sure Bluto would try to hit on Princess Peach and Pauline, with the former even peeving Bowser of all people, Mario still insists on trying to be friends with Bluto, knowing that he is capable of doing good and being loyal. Sure Mario will fight Bluto if necessary, but he likes to pursue the most positive outcome possible, and he'll be committed to it. Bluto has also dealt with Bugs Bunny and Jerry Mouse thanks to his own partnership with Daffy and Tom, though there's not much in the way of genuine enmity and they end up being tough rivals. Bugs and Jerry have annoyed Bluto a couple of times, though he's given the two a tough challenge as a way to compensate. Outside their rivalries, it turns out that Bluto can call upon a truce and get along with Bugs and Jerry well enough, so long as Bluto tries to rein in his unpleasant side.
  • Being a sailor also comes with a collection of treasure-hunting travels. Whilst sailing in the House of Nature, Bluto stumbled across Lara Croft and decided to try getting her attraction. What resulted was Lara rejecting the burly jerk, and then smacking and knocking him out when he continued to persist and was starting to become physically offensive. Naturally, Bluto didn't take the idea of losing to a girl well but did admit that her fierce and feisty demeanor did turn him on, and isn't giving up on wowing her. He also met up with Rafe Adler, a multi-billionaire with an obsession with the legends of Libertalia and Henry Avery. The two ended up seeing each other as allies of convenience when they realized their reputation has left them with little opportunity for companions, though it turned out that Glomgold scheduled Bluto and Rafe to meet up as his way to strengthen his own reputation and alliances in the Pantheon. Rafe quickly saw Bluto as an effective muscle to have on his side, seeing as he was able to quickly construct vehicles, settlements, and even weapons in minutes, while Bluto is excited at the idea of working with an ambitious billionaire for daring treasure hunts. Still, Bluto does sometimes question Rafe's decisions and choices, given his impulsive and self-destructive tendencies, and would try to get him to calm down if things don't go as planned.
  • He's also crossed paths with pirates, and Bluto has had varying degrees of encounters with them, friend or foe. Strangely enough, his tenacity and his resilience were comparable to that of Monkey D. Luffy by a couple of figures who were familiar with both. When the two did meet, Bluto was surprised to see a youthful figure like Luffy leading a pirate crew and was interested in learning more about them, which led to him crashing down the Thousand Sunny. Not long after, Bluto annoyed just about every crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates, especially when Bluto demanded an eating challenge to compete against Luffy, with Sanji really not enjoying the experience, especially when Luffy eagerly accepted the competition. Turns out, Bluto did well against a notorious Big Eater like Luffy, leaving Sanji furious at just how gluttonous Bluto was getting for his own good. In the end, Luffy won… because Bluto found spinach in his tray and recoiled at the prospect of eating that. Upon seeing Luffy take a bite out of it, Bluto proceeded to dart off as quickly as he could, leaving Luffy confused about what just happened while Sanji and the other Straw Hats were relieved that Bluto was gone. Much to his crew's dismay, Luffy enjoyed his match and desired to challenge Bluto in a buffet course again, just without spinach to make things even for them. Also, Luffy didn't get a power-up from eating his spinach, which furthered his confusion as to why Bluto got scared of him for doing so.
    • Buggy the Clown was once thinking about what to do with his position as a new Emperor until he ended up meeting Bluto by chance. The two villains bickered at each other for a number of mundane reasons until Bluto revealed that he met a strange "rubber pirate", which instantly caught Buggy's curiosity as he figured he was mentioning Luffy. From there, the two began to like each other steadily and soon became friends, with Bluto offering to provide some help to Buggy if he ever needed to, which he was thankful for, and the two have been plotting to score a win against Luffy. That said, Luffy was happy with the idea of meeting Bluto again, even if he's allied with Buggy as it means he could have his buffet rematch. Buggy had a laughing fit once he found out about Bluto and Luffy's competition and rivalry, something that Bluto finds annoying to think about. Still, Bluto doesn't really have anything against the Straw Hats and despite being friends with Buggy, he'd rather annoy the Straw Hats than be after their lives, especially after learning that Luffy is friends with Popeye. That said, if there's one thing everybody can agree on, it's a shared opposition against Sakazuki, with Bluto admitting that the Fleet Admiral makes him wet his own pants and would rather avoid him than ever confront him. Tellingly, in spite of their rivalry, Bluto and Buggy would rather root for Popeye and actually cheered for him when the sailor once told Akainu off.
  • His repeated attempts at trying to get Olive Oyl's attention, be it by manipulating events or being physical about it has led to him becoming rather unpopular in the House of Love and Affection, though Bluto doesn't let that interfere with his goals and motivations. On one occasion, he learned about Belle and Prince Adam thanks to his friendship with Gaston and Bluto decided to confront them as a favor on that front. Bluto was scared of Adam's state as a ferocious beast but did prove a challenge when they competed in a couple of strength-based courses, though Bluto's repeated advances with Belle meant that his confrontation with Adam would get worse. By the time Adam was pressured enough to attack, he had to be restrained by others so as to not cause a mess, prompting Bluto to make fun of Adam for not getting the first or last hit before departing. Still, Belle and Adam did affirm their affection towards each other though while the former dislikes Bluto, she still tries her best to rein in Adam's impulsive and violent tendencies, which can be hard to do under stress, something that Bluto was able to incite.
  • Just like Popeye, anytime Bluto eats spinach, he becomes so inhumanely powerful that he could defy the laws of gravity and perform impossible tasks and actions casually to the extent that he would be virtually unbeatable unless his opponent also happens to eat spinach. Some villains and his friends commented on that, stating that if he ever actually did eat spinach, Bluto could defeat Cosmos, Melkor, and the other great powers of the Pantheon and become its undisputed ruler and champion, which gets them wondering why he doesn't do just that. Bluto explained it was because of two reasons: the first one being that he hates spinach and refuses to eat it, in spite of the obvious advantage and power-up it would give, and the second being that even if he did eat it, it's only to prove himself Popeye's superior. He has eaten spinach on a rare occasion or twonote , so he did prove his point, but while he does entertain on the idea of being a beloved and popular figure, usurping Cosmos, Melkor, and the other divine authorities of the Pantheon simply don't elicit much interest towards Bluto. Needless to say, the villains and his friends were baffled by his comment, if mainly because of how small-scaled Bluto is, leading to him being seen as an odd Wild Card of sorts, though those that are still friends with him are simply because he can be a fun and entertaining companion to be around with in spite of his jerkish antics.
  • Despite his repeated advances towards Olive Oyl and a select number of women in the Pantheon, Bluto would eventually find a wife named Lizzie somewhere down the line. He even has a son named Tank, who incidentally ended up becoming rivals with Popeye and Olive Oyl's son, Popeye Junior. Like Father, Like Son indeed. This revelation ended with Lizzie and Tank being appointed as Bluto's heralds, which was a welcoming sight for him as it proved that there was a degree of virtue going along for someone most would perceive as a straightforward Fat Bastard. While not the most welcomed deity there, Bluto does visit the House of Family and Relatives occasionally as a way to give his wife and son a proper environment to hang out in. While Tank isn't a nice kid and is a jerk most of the time, Bluto still loves and supports the kid, hoping that Tank finds success in the future, be it by beating Popeye Junior or by accomplishing something big. Still, he's prone to being nagged and intimidated by Lizzie, something that the House has decided to milk out for what it's worth.
  • He also has a place in the Hall of Writing Techniques.

Bolin, God of Near-Death Skill Learning (Bo, Nuktuk, Hero of the South, Turtleduck)
  • Allies: Mako (his brother), Korra, Pabu and Naga, Asami Sato, Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Varrick, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Greed
  • Annoying Fanboy of: Toph Beifong
  • Enemies: Amon (Legend of Korra), Zaheer, Azula, Sakazuki
  • Opposes: Kuvira, Yuno Gasai, Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, Yubel, Nu-13
  • Avoids: Norma Desmond
  • Bolin was a young Earthbender growing up in Republic City alongside his brother Mako. Champion profession bender, former mover star, deserter, Bolin fought alongside his brother and Avatar Korra in her adventures.
  • During his stay in Zaofu, the metal city, he wanted to learn metalbending like his hero Toph, with little success in his attempt, eventually coming to believe that he'll never learn it. When the Red Lotus nearly trapped him, Mako, Asami, and the wounded Tenzin in a wave of lava that consumed the Northern Air Temple, he instead acquired another skill when he bent the flow of the lava out of pure desperation.
  • He was excited to see Toph in the Pantheon, who is currently in her prime as a youth. Toph often shut herself off from Bolin just so he could stop bothering her, plus she doesn't want to constantly remind herself that he is dating her granddaughter, Opal.
  • While Toph's daughter Lin acknowledges him as an officer in her force, she is generally annoyed by his personality. The same can't be said for the chief's "suitor" in the Pantheon, the Homunculus Greed, who decided even before Bolin's ascension that he would take Bolin as well as Mako under his wing as a sort of mentor figure in life. Mako isn't all that trusting, given their past with Varrick, but is willing to run with it since Bolin seems to take to the guy and he's helped Beifong defend Republic City recently.
  • Due to running away from his "fiancée" Eska, he wanted to avoid many women that are obsessed with love.
  • Bolin is very tired of the Ship-to-Ship Combat, especially as it goes against his brother.
  • Bolin found another lavabender named Sakazuki, but found him to be crazy like Kuvira. Though, he shamefully admits that he would have worked with him like his time working in the Earth Empire, but it's an Old Shame now.
  • Though he stopped being a pro-bender for at least four years, he and his brother Mako considered introducing the sport into the Pantheon, considering that the requisite of a waterbender, firebender, and earthbender can easily work with the diversity of the Pantheon.
  • Though he never became a metalbender, sometimes he didn't give up on trying to learn. He tried to learn metalbending from Gajeel Redfox but no progress has been made. Though he is rather impressed that he met someone who could eat metal.
  • He was once a mover star when he was persuaded by Varrick to play the lead role of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South as a propaganda tool for a potential profit. When the House of Theater tried to persuade him to play in their movies, he declined as he felt saddened that he'd mistreated his friends in his short-lived fame. Especially since there was a crazy lady in the House that tried to make him part of her "comeback".

    Kaito Tenjo 
Kaito Tenjo, God of Color Changing Power Ups (Kite, The Hunter of Souls, The Numbers Hunter, Lonely and Absolute Genius)
In Duel Mode Photon Change 

    The Hero Club 
The Hero ClubMembers , Goddesses of Next Tier Power Ups (Yuna: Yu yu, Yuuna Yuuki | Mimori: Washio Sumi, Wasshi, Sumisuke, Tougou, Togou | Itsuki: Ittsun Karin: Mibosshi, Fishface | Sonoko: Sonocchi)
From the top right corner in clockwise order: Sonoko, Fu, Yuna, Mimori, Itsuki, Karin
The girls' Mankais 
Ultimate Yuna 

    T.J. Combo 
Tyler-Johnson Garrett, God of Those Brought Down to Badass (T.J. Combo, Mr. Fist)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His glove
  • Theme: "I'm Back! (To Rise)"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Boxing Battler, Bare-Fisted Monk, Brought Down to Badass, Combat Pragmatist, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Strength, Good, Glory, Combat, Air
  • Allies: Black Orchid, Jago, Maya Fallegeros, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Zuko, Sonya Blade, Tina Armstrong, Dudley
  • Rivals: Little Mac, Jax
  • Enemies: ARIA, Fulgore, Gargos, Balrog
  • Opposes: Bandit Keith
  • Mentor to: Jacqui Briggs
  • One day in the House of Combat, Balrog started an open challenge to any non-ascended person. Whoever could defeat him will be awarded with godhood. A few stragglers took up the challenge, but they were soundly thrashed. Then one boxer rose to the challenge; a former ally of Ultratech decided to challenge him. The fight quickly turned ugly, with Balrog knocking out the ref to deploy dirty tactics. But it wasn't enough; TJ was declared the winner since TJ's fighting style was capable of fighting through Balrog's. Revived by Bison ,Balrog was forced to carry through with the ascension. In a way, the fight reminded him of fighting a younger version of himself. The fight can be seen here.
    • Dudley, who TJ used to be a follower to, was glad to find him in the Pantheon proper.
  • This was a huge win for Jago and his allies. They were in need of allies to compete against the likes of ARIA and Gargos. Someone like him with a bone to pick with both is a huge pickup for them.
  • For Ultratech, this has been an embarrassing development. He was once in their pocket, helping them test their own technology before he betrayed them for being too proud. His ascension means that he can fill in on some of their secrets. ARIA specifically ordered to create Fulgore units capable of countering his boxing style.
  • To Gargos, he is little more than yet another pitiful creature from that accursed dimension to crush under his heel.
  • There have been rumors that his real name is actually Mr. Fist. Call him that without permission and he would gladly introduce you to one of them. Hard.
  • Wiz and Boomstick theorized that while TJ Combo does well against sluggers like Balrog, he would likely lose to a quick swarmer like Little Mac. Combo decided to test this theory by paying the boxer a visit. The two fought for a few rounds and was impressed with how many strikes the Pintsized Powerhouse was able to land on him. Afterwards, the two exchanged stories on their title histories.
  • One of his newer moves is the ability to comeback from a vicious beatdown stronger than ever. Combo is fast, but he realized that he can't dodge everything. His best bet was to toughen up his body. It appears that he has taken a lot of elements from the legendary boxer Rocky Balboa. He made sure to pay his respects to the Italian Stallion and has also volunteered to train his herald, Adonis Creed, for his future matches.
  • Still likes to bring out the US flag with pride, even wearing a couple costumes with it. With that said, he is disgusted with Bandit Keith giving US citizens a bad name. The duel master was unimpressed and pointed out Combo's dubious past. He dared to call the boxer even more of a sore loser for forfeiting the belt. Keith got hit with a cyclone punch for his trouble.
  • When he found out all the good deeds Zuko has done to help those who turned away from evil, he decided to pay him a visit. Zuko hesitated at the gratitude, stating he preferred to continue to do his works on his own. With that said, he is glad that his deeds have been paying off with more people like him arriving at the Pantheon. He also agreed to look over if he can help Combo get some revenge on a certain fire emitting mercenary.
  • It is clear that he also has a lot in common with Kombatant Jax. The two have been bitter rivals over the years, but that changed when he left Ultratech. By the time he ascended, the two have become buddies. Jax even suggested that he meets his daughter Jacqui Briggs. Combo objected at first, citing his lack of military experience. But Jax had another reason in mind. Like Combo before her, she currently relies on her gauntlets to increase her strength. Jac figured that someone like him could teach her not to rely too much on her weapons. When he confronted the Military Brat, Jacqui confessed to feeling inadequately trained compared to her teammates. Combo reassured her that it hasn't stopped other Badass Normals from kicking ass. He agreed to train with her without her gauntlets to improve her skills.
    • Teammate Sonya Blade has also taken a liking to the new and improved T.J. Both are from the state of Texas and like to share BBQ as well as talk about sports. Except for basketball as the two root for opposing teams.
  • Tina Armstrong was glad to see Combo mix up his boxing with MMA combat. That way, she can put her wrestling skills to good use to test him.
  • "You think you got what it takes to beat the champ? Come on!"

Weiss, Goddess of Breakable Power-Ups (Weiß, The Sword-Summoning White Valkyrie, Sophie, White, Weisy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Two of her own swords crossed over Gottfried's sword
  • Theme Song: White Valkyrja
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Red Eyes, Katars, Insta-Creating Dozens of Blades, Rei Ayanami Expy, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Lack of Social Skills, Wanting For a Simple Life, Norse Mythology and Nazi Naming, Child Soldier, Artificial Arcana Maiden
  • Domains: Appearance, Heroes, Swords
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nu-13
  • Odd Friendship with: Hikage
  • Weiss is a "Valkyrie", a girl implanted with celestial energy and given an artificial Arcana by the Drexler Institute. She was raised as a soldier from young age until she was saved by ´Celestial Union. She currently works for them to solve any celestial incidents what may occur while also trying to adapt into living like a normal person.
  • Scharlachrot was really happy and grateful about her ascension, as now they can be together again. Though when Weiss heard what was going on with Scharlachrot before she ascended, she felt really guilty due of her getting brainwashed again. Other gods ensured it wasn't her fault, and if she feels bad about it, she should make sure nothing like that would happen once again.
  • Her main form of combat is being able to summon blades with her gauntlets. One of her most central applications is being able to summon small blades which she uses as katars, thus increasing the range of her basic attacks. The thing is that as soon as she gets hit by anything, she looses those blades, thus requiring her to resummon the blades. Other stuff she can do is summon larger blades what appear next to her and giant swords which she rides on. She can even summon multiple blades like placing them to the ground and then sending them off, stabbing opponent with daggers and, well, this.
  • Even though she used to be a follower of Nu-13, she frankly dislikes her a lot. Even though she was born as a Living Weapon, she cannot but be reminded how Scarlachrot was during the Ragnarok Incident, and she doubts that there is no cure to her.
  • Of all things what can be considered a signature item to her, it is her bowtie, as even as a shadowly blob, she still wears it. Eleventh Doctor approves.
  • There is one particular problem what Weiss has: her absolute lack of any understanding of normal social interaction. Due of her being raised as a soldier for most of her life, she normally acts as a soldier as well. We are talking about a girl who's idea of a "date" is going to a dark alleyway for combat training, asks her foes how to say things in casual way and stops her conversation when she feels like she said something right. While she is trying to adapt to the normal society, she has long way to go.
  • She has heard rumours that some people used to say she is like Jin Kisaragi due of her "Ride the Swordning" going with Jin's "Ice Car" and something about their themes sounding similar. She herself is glad that Jin managed to escape the NOL when he could, not really knowing much of the background behind it.
  • Not to be confused with another Weiss. Mistakes like that have been made before (just ask Scharlachrot).
  • Raiden really feels disgusted by what she had to gone through due of Drexler Institute, and she appreciates his concerns.
  • Her Arcana, Gottfried, was designed after the Norse God Tyr. After hearing about this, Tyr got interested on her, and the two of them are in a sense close to each other. And due of that, she also got close to Freya as while she doesn't appreciate the word Valkyrie being associated with such a project, she cannot but feel concern of the soldiers created in the program.

    Yang Xiao Long 
Yang Xiao Long, Goddess of Damage Based Power-ups (Blondie, Bimbo, The Adventurous Huntress, Top Heavy, Firecracker, Sunny Little Dragon, Embodiment of Strength, My Queen, Your Dream, Your Bumblebee)
  • Lesser Goddess (jumps to Intermediate Goddess when thoroughly pissed off/takes enough damage)
  • Symbol: A burning yellow heart
  • Theme Song: I Burn, its club remix, Gold, Armed and Ready, "BMBLB", "Worthy" (anytime she and Blake are being romantic)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some moments of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being the Awesome Big Sis to Ruby, Relishing Fights, Opposites of Siblings, Using Fancy Leg Movements in Fights, Weapons Being Powerful Gauntlets That Also Function Like Shotguns, Hair-Trigger Temper, Based Off of Goldilocks, Becoming More Powerful the More Damage She Receives, Getting Her Arm Cut Off, Being Utterly Broken and Depressed, Getting a Bit Better
  • Domains: Hair, Combat, Rage, Sisterhood
  • Herald: Zwei, her Pembroke welsh corgi (shared with Ruby)
  • Allies:
  • Mentor: Ryuga Banjou/Kamen Rider Cross-Z
  • Friendly Rivalry: Natsu Dragneel, Hibiki Tachibana, Leone, Jetstream Sam, Tifa Lockheart
  • Annoyed by: Rocket Raccoon
  • Enemies: Neopolitan, Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, the Psycho Rangers (particularly Psycho Yellow), Nui Harime, Frieza, Mother Gothel, Yuuki Terumi (Especially as his true self, Susano'o), Adam Taurus
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen (Her Mother)
  • Good Counterpart to: Adam Taurus. Both are potential love interests for Blake Belladonna, and their respective semblances both store up energy to be used for attacks. However, Yang is much more morally upstanding than he is, and instead gives her all to protect Blake.
  • Ascended by doing a three-point-landing in the House of Personal Appearance, right around the time her sister landed. Glad to see Ruby, she began building her temple... by subsequently blasting it with her weapon.
  • Once the Goddess of Nobody Touches the Hair, she was given Critical Status Buff because of her Semblance having the ability to take pain and anger and increasing her strength.
  • Saw Winnie the Pooh and cooed in delight. Pooh, not realizing her Berserk Button about her hair, covered it with some honey he was eating. However, Yang didn't get mad as most expected and just laughed it off.
  • Admires Josuke Higashikata, who she became aware of after someone compared the two through their hair-triggers. More specifically, she admires Crazy Diamond, who punches with power and speed that she would like to match one day.
    • It seems hanging with the JoJo affected her a bit as she can be heard going Ora Ora Ora when she starts throwing punches. Though, only when she talks in Japanese.
  • Gets along very well with Bullet, due to their similar fighting styles and appearances. They often hang out whenever they have time, though Yang wishes Bullet could relax a little more.
  • Has been seen talking to Captain Falcon, asking about his Falcon Punch, interested in coming up with her own variation that can also shoot things. Their boisterous personalities helped them get along well, at least when Captain Falcon is in his Smash Bros. state of mind.
  • Good friends with Filia and her Parasite Samson, due to the fact that not only does their battle style consist of using Samson in a variety of forms, but because Filia has never had to worry about her hair again, something she envies. Filia also reminds Yang of Ruby a bit.
  • Even though Yang enjoys puns here and there, it's not to the extreme that most people think. At least compare to someone like Sans. Though, when she does pun it up, anybody in ear shot would respond with a Goddammit, Yang.
    • Though King Kai very much enjoys her puns, and has even offered her to train on his planet. She has not yet given him a reply.
    • Now that she's been hooked up to have both of her arms while in the Pantheon, she's taken him up on his offer. It's safe to say if Adam ever ascends, Yang will be getting her revenge. And once he actually entered the pantheon, Yang became downright livid, and has promised to bash his horns into his skull, just for starters.
  • The House of Family has heard her secondary theme, "Gold", and collectively felt a wave of warm and fuzziness, upon learning it was devoted to Yang's feelings for her sister.
    • Similarly, her tertiary theme, "All Our Days", garnered many a teary eye from siblings that care for their juniors.
    • However, her primary theme "I Burn" has earned her the ire of Frieza, who now believes her to actually be a Saiyan.
  • Likes most of the Red vs. Blue deities, in particular Tex, who she has invited for a brawl, and Church/Epsilon, who remind Yang of her father. The only one who has quickly left a bad impression on her is Tucker, who as soon as he put his eyes on Yang felt the need to hit on her, leading to a punch in the face. Once Simmons ascended, Yang visited his temple and while the man froze in fear, she felt strange hearing his herald Katie Jensen speak. (Yang also doesn't understand why some people compare her to Sister, aside from the fact that both are sibilings to a main character who wears yellow)
  • Has gone into a period of mourning, along with the rest of people of her world. When asked, she would only say, with a sad smile, "A great man's gone." She was ecstatic to see he has since ascended.
  • Has found out she sounds like several other deities in Japanese like Kallen Kozuki, Makoto Kino, Mai Shiranui, Ibuki Mioda, Ryuko Matoi and Charlotte E. Yeager. She gets along rather well with them. It's not unheard of to see all seven hanging out together.
    • Hanging out with Ryuko, Yang encountered Nui Harime who she doesn't like. Might be because she is reminded of Neo.
  • Just like her sister, she's formed a friendship with another similar Kamen Rider, Shouichi. Tsugami for their similar preference in colors and combat preference, a love for horrible wordplay, similar cheery personalities and a desire to search for their pasts. They spend most of their time together sparring, trading puns and having Yang sample his amazing (if strange) cooking. Shouichi wishes Yang good luck in searching for her mother, and Yang congratulates Shouichi on coming to terms with his past.
  • Realized that she has a bit of a problem with dealing with fighters known for their kicks. To remedy that, she started training with the Mistress of Kicking herself, Chun-Li.
  • Got into a Friendly Rivalry with Natsu Dragneel as both loves to fight and they get stronger when anger enough. Flames included. She also loves to fight against Hibiki Tachibana who just as much of a Blood Knight as her. All three tend to leave the House of Fighting and Combat with plenty of scorch marks and rubble.
    • She also got to know Night Raider's Leone who many people said reminds or looks like Yang. Some have even go far as to say Leone is the daughter of her and Blake Belladonna. When Yang hears this, she could only respond with a nervous laugh.
    • Her Semblance has earned the attention of Vegeta, who has compared her semblance to the Saiyan trait of getting stronger during a fight. This, along with her enjoyment of fighting, has caused a few deities to theorize she may have Saiyan blood. Though Yang herself sees it as a joke, Frieza is not so keen on laughing along, and has starting referring to Yang as "Monkey Girl".
    • Surprisingly gets along with Ragna the Bloodedge. She noticed how much he reminds her of Ruby and Qrow, while Ragna was reminded of Makoto and Bullet. They noticed how much in common they had, being overprotective siblings, being fairly Hot-Blooded fighters and losing an arm. Yang constantly tries to get Ragna to open up, while Ragna just brushes it off. She does appreciate how he (along with Yu Narukami and Hyde) act as Ruby's own older brothers and likes the extra help when it comes around.
  • Thanks to an event that lead her to cross fates with others, Yang has gained a number of new allies.
    • While she was already acquainted with both Ragna, Yu and Hyde because of Ruby, Yang has now become more familiar with the others. Such as Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji from the Investigation Team. Noel, Makoto and Nine from Ragna's world.
  • When the Anthropomorphic Battleship Iowa ascended, many have confused her for Yang. Even though it's easy to tell them apart because of Iowa's star eyes. Yang had a bit of fun with it by dressing up as Iowa to confuse people.
  • While Yang and Tifa once had a bar brawl that ended with Yang performing a Neck Snap, the FFVII heroine doesn't harbor much of a grudge against Yang.
  • Austin Powers tried to hit on Yang and didn't go well, but his quips afterwards made her laugh. They discovered a shared love for terrible puns and sometimes get together to indulge into showoffs that are easy to find, as everyone around is indulging into a Collective Groan.
  • During the Battle of Beacon, Yang lost her right arm from Adam Taurus slicing it off in one strike. Due to similar combat styles, sword-colors and weapon system, Yang was originally very leery of Samuel "Jetstream Sam" Rodrigues. However, after speaking with him Yang realized that, while Sam is a bit of a fighter, he's not anywhere near as psychotic as Adam. The fact that Sam and Yang have similar personalities, and issues (from a similar reason, and same side, no less) also smoothed things out between them. Sam is also eagerly waiting for Yang to get back up to her previous combat potential.
    • In light of how Adam easily took out Yang, Tifa and her friends worry if he ever ascends. How dangerous would he be to AVALANCHE? And how worthy of an opponent would he be against Sephiroth? Unfortunately, their worst fears have been realized. Though Yang's rematch with Adam proved she's stronger and less callous and won't be wrecked like that again.
  • Like many of the others from Beacon, Yang faced tragedy when it was attacked by the White Fang and the creatures of Grimm. For her, she lost her arm by Adam Taurus while trying to save Blake. Not only that, she felt abandoned by Blake who left without saying a word. She is now currently in a state of depression. In short, she couldn't HANDle the situation.
    • Due to this, she screamed and retreated out of sheer horror when she learned that the monster had himself ascended to the pantheon, and in the same section as Blake Belladonna, no less. Needless to say, she and her allies are trying to purge him from his seat as quickly as possible.
    • Her current situation has garnered the sympathy of both Korra and Mami Tomoe. The former knowing all too well in being in a state of depression when she was poisoned by mercury. Ryuko and Hibiki have also offered their support of Yang since Ryuko lost her way a couple of times and Hibiki herself as lost an arm.
    • There are some in the House of Machinery and Technology who have offered to give Yang a replacement robotic arm, all in different designs. So far, Yang hasn't responded to the offers. Besides, she's already got one from Atlas - no word on whether it has a vibration function, though.
    • Her injury has also led to a friendship with Juzo Sakakura, with whom she also shares a similar temperament and fighting style, even though the circumstances of their injuries are inverted (Yang lost her arm trying to save her friends, Juzo sacrificed his arm to save his friends).
  • Due to issues with her own mother Raven Branwen, Yang has a sore spot for mothers who put their own selfish needs before their own children. She especially hates Mother Gothel for kidnapping Rapunzel as a baby and keeping her locked up in a tower just because her hair reverse aging, as well as abandoning her own biological daughter Cassandra. One encounter between the two had Gothel cut Yang's hair out of spite, leading to Team RWBY fighting Gothel's Superpowered Evil Side, the Grim Guardianess.
    • Raven's eventual ascension was not very pleasant for Yang, who
  • Recently, she has been joined in ascension by her Cool Uncle, Qrow Branwen. At first, she was utterly elated to see her uncle again. Of course, that came to pass when his mere presence caused the building they were in to catch on fire. Nonetheless, she still thoroughly loves her uncle.
  • Due to the Fall of Beacon Academy, Team RWBY has been left Incompletely Trained in general, which is not a very good spot be in considering how dangerous their upcoming battles will be. However, a very convenient opportunity for training for this team has been opened up thanks to the arrival of the heroic Kamen Riders of Build, who themselves are a tightly-knitted four-man team and have overcome all adversaries and horrors to create a whole new world. With their success leading to their ascension into the Pantheon, each member of RWBY has been taken under the wing of one of the four Kamen Riders to help each girl evolve and grow as an huntress and, as an whole, a team to be prepared for what's to come. In her case, Ryuga Banjou/Kamen Rider Cross-Z is Yang's personal trainer.
    • From the very start, the parallels between Yang and Ryuga have made these two a great duo: from the strong dragon imagery to him actually finding her many Puns hilarious, Ryuga was able to aid in Yang's development when it comes to guiding her temper and making sure she's the one in control of it and not the other way around since he's been in that kind of mind-state more times than he can count. It has reached the point where Yang is able to burn her flames hotter than before, even showing signs of showcasing Ryuga's signature blue fire.
    Yang: From now on, with love and peace stirring in my heart, there's no way I can lose!
    Yang: Oh come on now teach! No need to get so fired up about it!

    Yoshika Miyafuji 
Yoshika Miyafuji, Goddess of Fully Realized Power Upgrades (Raccoon, Mamefuji)


    Jimmy Olsen 
James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen, God of Constantly Gaining And Losing Superpowers (Superman's Best Friend, Mr Action, Elastic Lad, Flamebird, Accountable, Turtle-Man and many other super-names)
  • Quasideity (transformations vary from Demigod to Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: The wristwatch he uses to call Superman
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Introduced In A Radio Show, Badass Normal Despite His Bad Luck, Superpower Silly Putty, Photographer, Magnet For Strange Events and Superdickery, Adorkable Nice Guy Who'll Always Be Superman's Pal, No Parents, Sees Superman Like A Dad, Intrepid Reporter, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Friendship, Journalism, Strange Occurances, Superpowers(temporary)
  • Allies: Clark Kent, Lois Lane and the rest of the Superman family, DC Comics superheroes in general (particularly the New Gods of New Genesis), Moredcai and Rigby, George, Ben Tennyson, Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Metro Man, Ron Weasley, Luigi, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Jade
  • Enemies: Most DC Comics super-villains (Lex Luthor, Regime Superman and the Joker are at the top of the list), Plutonian, Louis Bloom, Diana Christensen
  • Opposes: Hal Stewart/Tighten
  • Jimmy Olsen is the son of a military man who disappeared during a mission, so he was raised mostly by his mother. After she died he inherited a large fortune, but chose to give it away to good causes. A Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who works at the Daily Planet, his close friendships with his colleagues, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Perry White. He is most well-known for his friendship with the Man of Steel, who he met when Jimmy created a special signal watch that emits a high-frequency sound that only his super-hearing can hear, which Superman let him keep to use as a method of alerting him when his life is in danger.
  • A major Weirdness Magnet, which went into overdrive during the crack-tasting Silver Age of comics. Of course a dedicated newspaper reporter like Jimmy will try to be part of the action. One of the only gods in the pantheon who's experience with weirdness might surpass his are park rangers Mordecai and Rigby, and Regular Show might as well be called "Weirdness Magnet; The Show". They had a good laugh exchanging stories on all the crazy events that have happened to them.
  • The weirdness associated with Jimmy Olsen is the fact that he has gotten and lost all sorts of superpowers. Mainly expressed by weird transformations like a big head. If Jimmy is forced to choose his favorite, he usually picks the giant turtle boy due to its power and iconic status. The House of Power and Abilities is trying to figure out some pattern to it so they can predict and thus properly utilize the powers he gets.
  • Assuming it's even counted, Countdown to Final Crisis had him getting back various weird superpowers because of the number of dead New Gods' souls who inhabited him, as part of Darkseid's plan...or something. Nobody likes talking about it. Linkara bemoaned the gaudiness of Jimmy's Mr Action costume and told him to get a better costume if he's going to be a proper superhero, advice Jimmy has taken.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Good is hoping to help him control whatever random powers he gets. To do so, Jimmy has visited Ben Tennyson because how he has managed to get used to the variety of different alien powers the Omnitrix has bestowed on him. Along with Deku he has also been training under All-Might, who reminds Jimmy a lot of Superman.
  • A magnet for Superdickery, though there's usually a good reason for it. OK, sometimes it doesn't. Being in the presence of Bob and George's own Weirdness Magnet and "corrupting influence" on making characters act surlier resulted in Superdickery and weirdness only surpassed by the crackiest Silver Age stories. Jimmy found he likes George as he's usually a nice guy, and often finds himself frustrated by the weirdness. Especially time travel.
  • Jimmy's a nice kid, though a number of DC super-villains have tried to take a swipe at him or those he cares about. Mainly he's concerned about Lex Luthor, given Luthor's where he lives already. However he's been quick to oppose the Joker since the Regime universe saw him as the first casualty in the Joker's plan to break Superman. While Regime Superman was happy to see some version of his old friend back, Jimmy was horrified and saddened to learn what a tyrant that Superman became.
  • While there is some pity Jimmy has to Regime Superman, there is nothing but total disgust and contempt towards the Plutonian. He's an utter bastardization of anything a Superman Substitute should be, not helped by how his original heroism was motivated by a desire for attention and glory than genuine selflessness. Metro Man, however, was a Superman Substitute Jimmy liked. He's a bit of a Smug Super, but has matured.
  • On the flip side Jimmy was disturbed to learn about his equivalent in Metro City, the entitled stalker and eventual supervillain Hal Stewart. Jimmy hopes to never meet him. He already has his fill of evil journalists and crooks associated with the law like Louis Bloom and Diana Christensen. Thankfully Peter Parker exists as superhero reporter, due to his job at the Daily Bugle. The two became good friends, and Jimmy can sympathize with his "Parker luck".
  • Jimmy is friends with Luigi as he tries to help Mario as much Jimmy tries to help Superman. He's not all that surprised by the many weird power-ups that have showed up in the Mario Kingdom, finding them not to different from the powers he gains and loses in a regular basis. He's also friends with Ron Weasley, another red-haired sidekick to a famous hero, and fellow intrepid reporter Jade.
  • While Jimmy isn't as harsh towards villains as many of his heroic counterparts are, he holds a special disdain for the recently ascended Tighten. Namely, there was one time when he added the reporter as a follower. This allowed Tighten to attempt a takeover of Jimmy's temple. Thankfully, a timely appearance from Superman threw him out. Jimmy also sees one too many similarities to the villain to be comfortable around him.