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Toppo, God of Overly Boisterous Poses and Phrases (Toppo the Warrior of Freedom, Top the Bold, Mr. Warrior of Justice, Top the Destroyer, Top)
Click here to see him as a God of Destruction
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Signature Stache on a red and black background
  • Theme Song: March of Justice (Generally), Unknown Territory (As a God of Destruction)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (briefly True Neutral as a God of Destruction)
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Pride Troopers, Wearing a Primarily Red Uniform, Inspired by Super Sentai, Hero Antagonist, Fat and Fast, Adamant about Eliminating Evil, Among the Strongest Universe 11 has to Offer, Proclaiming "Justice!" Constantly in his Attacks, Can be Pragmatic during Battle, Honor Before Reason, Making Very Boisterous and Over-the-Top Postures, Old Superhero, Can Become a God of Destruction despite said Transformation being rather Unrefined
  • Domains: Justice, Leadership, Heroes, Teamwork, Power, Godhood, Destruction
  • Heralds: The Pride Troopers (Dyspo, Kahseral, K'nsi, Cocotte, Vewon, Tupper, Zoire and Kettle)
  • Allies: Jiren, Dr. Tommy Oliver and the Ascended Power Rangers and Super Sentais, Clark Kent/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Orion, Saitama, Statesman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Hal Jordan, The Green and Blue Lanterns and the Star Sapphire Corps, Shin Hayata/Ultraman, Irina Shidou
  • Enemy Mine/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Atrocitus, Thaal Sinestro, Larfleeze
  • Enemies: Frieza, Zamasu, Cell, Majin Buu, Dark Specter, Lord Drakkon, Evolto, Ultraman Belial, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Mongul, Thanos, The Plutonian, King Ghidorah, Gigan
  • On Good Terms With: Son Goku, Vegeta, Zeno, The Z Fighters
  • Complicated Relationship: Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy
  • Opposes: The House of Villainy (on principle), Seryu Ubiquitous
  • Commonality Connection: Shinn Asuka (Anime incarnation only)
  • When the galaxy is constantly under threat of evil beings, a team of heroes unite to fight against them and uphold the protection of billions of innocents throughout space. This is a job the Pride Troopers of Universe 11 partake in and have developed a rather likeable reputation throughout, even winning the favour of the God of Destruction, Belmod and his Angel, Marcarita. Initially, the two were interested to take one of the Pride Troopers, Jiren under the apprenticeship of becoming a God of Destruction candidate as he was arguably the strongest mortal across the 12 established universes, but he refused. The offer was instead given to the leader, Toppo, who took it upon himself to ensure Universe 11 is protected and secure from any and all harm.
    • Even with his work ethic and dedication, his universe was still ranked among those that were to be destroyed by Zeno... until Goku proposed the idea of a tournament where the 8 selected universes to be destroyed were to battle against one another in an effort to be spared and be granted the Super Dragon Balls. Thus commenced the Tournament of Power, where Toppo did his best to assure the success of his team, personally leading them against the contenders. However, as more and more of his comrades fell until only him, Dyspo and Jiren remained, Toppo became disgruntled and cynical, eventually discarding his stance of "Justice". It culminated when, after seeing only Universes 7 and 11 remaining, Dyspo eliminated and being overwhelmed by a combined effort from Frieza and Android 17, Toppo decided to tap into his God of Destruction powers and dominate Universe 7... until Vegeta showed up and eventually overpowered and knocked him out of the tournament fields. He was erased from existence once Jiren was eliminated and Universe 11 was declared runner-up, though Android 17 decided to wish for the erased universes to be resurrected regardless, with Toppo and the rest of Universe 11 coming back to life. He's currently making sure he's there for Jiren and to lead the Pride Troopers as much as he could.
  • Toppo ascended into the Pantheon after receiving a distress call from an unknown benefactor who told him and the Pride Troopers about dealing with a threat capable of destroying planets. Wasting no time, Toppo lead the Pride Troopers to a planet where they came across Mongul, who was kidnapping innocent civilians in the hopes of having them compete in fighting against one another to the death for his own amusement. The Pride Troopers did battle against Mongul's forces with Toppo himself clashing with the Evil Overlord in a brutal battle. It ended in a stalemate with the Pride Troopers worn out and much of Mongul's army beaten down. Mongul made a getaway, claiming he isn't done, whereas Toppo made as much effort as he could to find and reassure survivors.
    • The Pride Troopers were called upon by the Court of the Gods to testify their actions regarding their battle against Mongul. Toppo stated that he received a distress call, which is how he made his way to the battlefield and did as much as he could to find and save any survivors, provided they weren't killed by Mongul's pillaging army. His words bought him some ounce of respect from the House of Heroism who praised his and the Pride Troopers' efforts. The case ended with Toppo properly ascending into the Pantheon, representing Milking the Giant Cow, much to his chagrin as it's more telling about being over-the-top about his habit of posing and saying justice, in contrast to his work as a hero. He was able to convince the court to keep the Pride Troopers as his heralds, to which the Court decided to allow for, ensuring that Toppo enters a battle with his comrades.
  • While Jiren may have taken up the spotlight, given that he caught the Gods's attention and entered the Pantheon before the Pride Troopers did, Toppo isn't very far behind. He has proven himself consistently to be a very powerful fighter, able to match up against Goku, who had mastered Super Saiyan Blue by that point, and take on a tag team combination of Gohan and Android 17. He may not look the part, but he is one of the strongest superheroes in the Pantheon and is thoroughly dedicated.
  • Speaking of dedication, some have noted how much Toppo preaches on about "Justice!" every time he calls out an attack or makes poses with the other Pride Troopers. Toppo himself tries to justify his stance, stating that as a hero, he has to strive for justice and uphold it, otherwise where would they be if he isn't there to protect. Still, it doesn't stop people from imitating him as a sort of reference or joke, which often annoys Toppo.
  • As the commander of a superhero militia, Toppo's name naturally coined the shorthand Top. Native English speakers will typically address him as Top, though most do say the full Toppo when it's appropriate.
  • Given the nature of the Pride Troopers, Toppo has become fast allies with the Green and Blue Lantern Corps, with each of them having a familiar theme of sorts with the Pride Troopers being associated with Justice like how the Green and Blue Lanterns represent Willpower and Hope respectively. Moreover, the Sapphire Star Corps are also willing to give Toppo and the Pride troopers a helping hand if they need it. The three corps were impressed by how Toppo was able to stand his ground against Mongul, himself a supervillain with an infamous cred.
    • Toppo's association with the Lanterns Corps also resulted in a meetup with the Red Lanterns, Sinestro Corps and Larfleeze. Toppo and the Pride Troopers immediately disliked them upon first meeting, due to Atrocitus's relentlessly vengeful nature, Sinestro's view of inducing fear for the greater good and Larfleeze demanding all of his possessions to only be of his property. They'd normally be enemies, but the fact that all three of them are in an Enemy Mine situation against Nekron has Toppo and the Pride Troopers consider brief team-ups with them if it's to defend the universe against greater evils.
  • In one instance, Toppo was known to have a rather skewed and enforced viewpoint towards the concept of evil, proclaiming that it must be vanquished by any means and, at one point, brandishing Goku as an evildoer for suggesting the Tournament of Power, though he may not have known that Zeno was going to destroy the 8 selected universes of the lowest ranking anyway. However, he's trying to grow out of this mindset as of lately.
    • This viewpoint did result in him becoming familiar with Seryu Ubiquitous and Shinn Asuka. Toppo instantly disliked Seryu for being way too maniacal about promoting peace to the point of acting as a villainous extremist, much to her annoyance. Regarding Shinn, Toppo does sympathize with him for his hard life experiences and has shown some respect as Shinn did turn back to being a good guy.
  • Is actually pretty good and popular towards children, with Toppo usually prioritizing them first when it comes to saving civilians. Him and the Pride Troopers are currently seeing they can sponsor the House of Family and Relatives in a sense. While they may not have much time, they have way more approval from the Heroic Protectors than Frost ever would.
  • When it comes to dealing with criminals and monsters, Toppo and the Pride Troopers would normally resort to capturing them alive via a specific capsule before throwing them in prison or elsewhere. While most of the House of Crime and Transgressions are very wary about them, some monsters like King Ghidorah and Gigan have proven themselves to be far more problematic. It doesn't help that Ghidorah is known for destroying planets and is relentless and gleeful about the destruction it causes. Still, Toppo will try his best to take on villainous kaiju.
  • While initially not on good terms with the Z-Fighters, Toppo has since become more amicable and respectful of them, especially considering how Jiren sometimes sees Goku as a Worthy Opponent. Then again, Toppo, at one point, had nothing against Goku, except for the fact that he finds his love for fighting rather strange. He won't hesitate in teaming up with the Z-Fighters when it comes to threats such as Frieza and Zamasu.
  • Getting himself accustomed in the Pantheon, Toppo has made various new enemies, including Dark Specter, Ultraman Belial, Darkseid, Thanos and The Plutonian, all of whom have threatened to conquer or destroy the galaxy multiple times. All of the villains acknowledge the Pride Troopers and especially Toppo, but currently have their own nemesis's to deal with. Toppo is making sure he and the Pride Troopers do their best to not underestimate them.
  • While he still keeps in contact with Jiren, their first interaction in the Pantheon proper is Toppo congratulating his comrade for reaching said position and sees that he is already proving his worth. Jiren usually stays silent for the most part, though in their private moments, Jiren does urge Toppo to be a better leader than he already is. Given his inept leadership and general failure in the Tournament of Power, Toppo concedes that Jiren may have a point.
  • As a superhero in general, Toppo is quick to make allies and is generally respected by superheroes in general, especially the likes of Superman and Statesman. He was genuinely intrigued by Spider-Man, especially given the hardships and challenges the web-slinger has gone through.
    • He's surprised to see that the Pride Troopers are inspired by a team of Japanese Heroes in costumes which come in several iterations. As a result, Toppo is in good graces with the ascended Super Sentai and Power Rangers squadrons. He even gained a new fan under Irina Shidou, herself a Super Sentai fangirl and often tries to see if the Pride Troopers are making up a convention. Toppo hasn't said anything on the matter but notes that if such a thing did exist, chances are that Jiren isn't attending.
    • He does, however, have a rather odd relationship with Barnicle Boy. Whenever he sees Toppo, Barnicle Boy tends to be reminded of Mermaid Man in the sense that they're Old Superheroes and are very dedicated to stopping evil. Because of this, Barnicle Boy isn't too keen on Toppo and thinks he could end up becoming an antithesis of sorts. Rather than lashing out at the young hero, Toppo takes it upon himself to simply get better. He's more or less a rival to Mermaid Man, though they do sometimes get together and hang out, thanks to their similarities.
  • While he is perfectly capable of unleashing his God of Destruction powers, Toppo tends to reserve them for the most part, instead just using his natural skillset for his heroics. However, in cases of extreme danger, Toppo will consider using them. With that said, he'll try to keep the notion of "Justice" on check, after getting brutally humbled by Vegeta about maintaining one's ideals back in the Tournament of Power.
"I love my people! I love my country! I love my planet! I love my universe! I am leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo!"

Intermediate Gods

Dhalsim, God of the Lotus Position (Mystic Yogi, Flame That Lights The Way, Yoga Master, Voice of the Divine Flames, Hands Outstretched For Truth)
Dhalism's classic design
Dhalsim in Street Fighter V
Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The three skulls he wears as a necklace
  • Theme Music: Dhalsim Stage (CPS1 base)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wearing Three Childrens' Skulls as a Memento, The Skinny Husband to his Cute Wife Sally as a Result of May–December Romance, Action Fathers, Martial Pacifists, Confusion Fu, Combo Platter Powers (Consisting of Fire Breath, Teleport and Streching)
  • Domains: Combat, Yoga, Tragedy, India
  • Heralds: Sally and Dhatta (his wife and son)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: Johnny Bravo
  • Special Relationship: Symmetra
  • Dhalsim, the yoga-loving Rubber Man of Street Fighter fame, has had a hard time entering the Pantheon. Despite his fame, there was little interest in his ascension. Though that can be due to his competitors being too busy being the best. Eventually, Honda and Zangief remembered their friend and collaborated to get him into the Pantheon.
  • He has three skulls that belonged to children who died to the famine in his home country of India, still wearing them as a necklace to this day. While an important part of his life, he decided against ascending for it.
  • Guile has been around as long as he has and was glad to have Dhalsim make the transition. It's a little known fact that his son and Guile's daughter are penpals. Neither would talk whether they expect the two to be romantically involved when they grow up.
  • He had hoped that Rufus would realize what he truly is by now. Unfortunately, the Acrofatic master had completely forgotten about him and made the exact same remark. When he tried to move out of the way, Rufus stepped in the way to challenge him once more. Dhalsim sighed, then proceeded to remind him in the ways of combat why he's not one to mess with.
    Dhalsim: I am not an alien.
  • There was one time when he considered abandoning his pacifist ways. His first trip to a fighting game tournament was to kill M. Bison. He had to cut the run short, but did help one person escape his mind control. Cammy White became friends ever since while both remaining stalwart enemies of Shadaloo.
  • In terms of philosophy, he and Sagat couldn't be any more different. While Dhalsim prefers a passive style and avoids conflict, Sagat is a Social Darwinist through and through. With that said, the two became especially amiable friends after Sagat's Heel–Face Turn, even once teaming up to seek Pandora's Box.
  • Johnny Bravo is popular with Dari. It's difficult for Dhalsim to understand, but he can at least thank the man for the entertainment.
  • The Pantheon is filled to the brim with characters from his home country. Of course his relationship to them are varied:
    • One of the most complicated relationships is with Symmetra. She was among the first to visit his temple and wanted a private conversation with him. While she is a firm believer of the good that Vishkar has done to the world, she was worried that the company's shady dealings are affecting its purpose. Dhalsim's status as a yoga master and experience with evil corporations made him the perfect person to ask. After a few seconds on contemplation, Dhalsim stated that she should believe that when it comes, she would do the right thing. He also invited her to perform some yoga poses to relax her. It was a proposition she eagerly accepted. He continues to keep in touch with her all while hoping that Vishkar doesn't end up like Shadaloo. Dhalsim is at least convinced it won't be under her watch.
    • It also puts him in a spot when it comes to handling Lúcio. He's insisted that the company is shady and should not be allowed to remake entire neighborhoods. Dhalsim has carefully worded his response, telling Lúcio to be patient of reforms.
    • People could see both he and Zenyatta float by in perfect Flotus Positions. Zenyatta was the frontrunner for the position before settling for his religious beliefs. Neither would call it a contest; both just acknowledged that they have achieved the highest level of zen.
  • Claims to have received the power of fire breathing from Agni, the Hindu God of Fire. He's also quick to point out that for this reason people shouldn't think that yoga could give you fire breathing powers. Dhalsim has been working to ascend him along with more gods from India.
    • The one in the Pantheon is Ganesha, who was at the ceremony. The Elephant God was pleased with Dhalsim's work.
  • There was a bit of an argument over whether Dhalsim should take over the role of Rubber Man over the pirate Luffy. In the end, the yoga master gave the Straw Hat Pirate his blessing. Besides, for being pirates, it doesn't appear that the group does much in terms of looting and plundering, mainly just looking for treasure.
  • He is also on friendly terms with Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Reed turns to him whenever it feels like his inventions can't seem to help the world.
  • Most of the Mortal Kombat deities are considered to be too violent for his tastes, but there are those who surprise him. Kenshi turned out to be a rather humble fellow despite his amazing fighting ability. The two even have meditating sessions with each other.
  • One can see his family interact with Rikuo's in the subhouse of Fantastic Races. Dhalsim was grateful that the fish man was able to find his son.
  • Among the evil aligned fighting game deities, he is especially not fond of Relius for being a terrible father to his son, Shinnok for what he did to Raiden and the Kombatants, and Terumi for being an asshole to everyone in general.
  • As a Badass Pacifist, he gets along well with other pacifists in the Pantheon, especially those who who are actually able to walk that path, a goal he wishes he could do one day.
    • On a particular note, he was intrigued with the Air Nomads who have a bit of similarities with his own culture. Aang even stated he met what Dhalsim would call a guru in India.
  • "I am not very fond of conflict."
    G (Street Fighter
G, God of Dramatic Finger Pointing (President of the World, Man of Mystery)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His tattooes and top hat. Alternatively a Tarot card of "The Fool" with his image.
  • Theme Song: Let's Fight G*, President of the World
  • Alignment: True Neutral (?)
  • Portfolio: Action Politician, Loves everyone equally but has some darker aspirations, Ambiguously Human, Animated Tattoo, Badass in a Nice Suit, Beware the Silly Ones, Aspires to be the Big Good, Boxing Battler, Often talks about the same things over and over, Chrome Champion, Dishing Out Dirt, Eagle Land, Golden Super Mode, Grew recognition in Footube after his fight with Rashid, Seeking to unite humanity into one, Large and in Charge, Mysterious Past, One-Letter Name, No relation to the main plot, The Spook, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Presidency, the Earth, Politics, Fighting, Peace, Mystery, Lava
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Gill, Menat, Senator Armstrong
  • Enemies*: M. Bison, Frank Underwood
  • Respects: Gaea
  • No relation: AMS Agent G
  • Unknown Connection: Q (The Street Fighter one, not the Star Trek version)
  • Eccentric weirdos and strange oddities are not an uncommon sight in the world of Street Fighter but none have been more strange than G, the self-proclaimed President of the World. If you haven't heard of him or what he is about, don't worry, he will constantly remind you of what he wants to achieve if you vote for him and since he came face to face with Rashid, G has managed to get traction and have his word spread across the globe. His true goals however are entirely up in the air and the fact that a lot of things about G have not been explained and the man simply refuses to give a straight answer to any of his strange powers. That said, his ascension was arranged by an unknown party that preferred to be anonymous and he simply has been around since he first shower up to deliver his word to the public in the pantheon, he just wasn't given a proper title until the anonymous person negotiated with the Court of Gods.
  • The reason he was given his title was simply, his tendency to point dramatically to people when he is one of his many speeches is a constant trait of his, one he even employs in combat. G just plains doesn't care about godhood and still wants to become the "President of the World", regardless of his version of Earth is one of thousands and it's rumored his aiming bigger after several deities speculated that when he means "President of the World", he is actually looking to become the President of the Pantheon.
  • In his first day in the pantheon, he was doing his usual schtick when suddenly he started to monologue about the Trope Pantheon's constant conflict and he proposed that if the pantheonic denizens would choose him as the "President", he would get rid of the Grand Alliances and unite the Pantheon as one. Most people simply laughed at his face, others were interested in the ideas on paper but were not convinced they would work out in the long run and handful of others tried to pick a fight with G and prove he is just a charlatan but most of those deities ended up having their asses handed to them by G. The Grand Alliance leaders have reacted mostly with indifference save for Cosmos and Lucifer who believe that this mysterious G knows more about the conflict that he lets on.
  • G is one of those rare deities that doesn't actually hate anyone as he can see virtues in even the most despicable deity and he believes those can be corrected in due time. He is not without enemies and he isn't exactly a pacifist as he is willing to prove his might if challenged like how he had no problem fighting Rashid, Menat or Gill. There was also one time were fellow politician Senator Steven Armstrong decided to test his mettle against G and found him quite the challenge. While his Social Darwinist philosophy does clash with G belief that everyone can be one, Armstrong does believe he has what it takes to be a great leader but he can't bring himself to trust someone so cryptic as the President of the World.
  • Several were quick to note his uncanny appearance similar to President Lincoln's and the man himself surprisingly isn't bothered by the existence of G. In fact, he gladly received him one day to talk about life and their goals and found G to be eccentric but surprisingly profound for someone who most people brush off as a lunatic. He doesn't condone his aggressive and in-your-face approach but he can get behind what he ultimately desires. Although the fact he aims to be a world-wide leader has made some wary of his true intentions.
    • Fellow president Josiah Bartlet also seems to be on good terms with G but is a lot more grounded in reality than G and has tried to persuade him into a more sensible goal than trying to become the so-called "President of the World". Shortly after, G showed the president the friends he made around the globe and how his charisma could really boost him into a position to become the actual leader of the world. Bartlet is still not convinced he will ever achieve such a goal.
    • And then there was Emperor Norton, easily one of the few that actually agrees with G in everything he says and could probably rival him in the insanity department. In a way, he is willing to aid him into becoming president of the World so long as he gets to be the Emperor of the USA.
  • However, he later found out that there was one deity willing to challenge his position and that was President Evil Frank Underwood, a notorious corrupt politician and one that has been weary of G ever since he arrived. Frank is smart enough to not directly engage G given what he is capable but has found no means to neutralize him by force given that he has defeated most of people he has sent after the man. G holds no hard feelings for the attempts at his life and is willing to talk things out with Frank but he is not buying that act of mercy one bit.
  • It was only natural that some people will get curious about G's true intentions and if he has been approached by several people who often investigate oddities such as him. For example, Dipper and Mabel Pines found him quite similar to Quentin Trembley but even more eccentric but they think he isn't that bad of person as most think even if he has an air of mystery to him.
    • Another fellow citizen of earth with similar powers was Tremor, who under the orders of someone who secretly contracted him was sent to kill G. They were evenly matched and since he didn't really feel like killing someone who was seemingly harmless he decided to forfeit the fight and go on to do something else. Although ever since their fight he has come to respect G for his fighting prowess for someone who looks like a silly clown.
  • One of his most noticeable traits besides his general Lincoln/Uncle Sam-esque appearance is his Tattoos, which resemble all the continents on planet Earth and the fact that those allow him to manipulate lava make several people think he draws the power from the earth itself or he is an earthbender. Several of the latter such Toph and Bolin have tried to test those powers and found themselves in awe at the fact that G indeed can manipulate lava. In turn, G is fascinated by the world they come from and wants to learn more from it and spread his word in the meantime.
  • While he has a commanding authority, he does tend to respect deities of higher tiers, especially those tied to Planet Earth. At the top of the list is Gaea who several suspect is the one that grants him his powers and G is surprisingly servile to her, even if the Mother Earth herself has never heard from this strange man.
  • It was a strange surprise to AMS G when several deities kept mistakenly calling him "President of the World" and after a while went to see the other G to see what was he all about. Like always, G was happy to meet another citizen of the earth but was equally surprised to know there was another person with the same name. The AMS agent clarified that he is not affiliated with this G in any way and the President of the World has said nothing in regards to the rumors.
  • The more noticeable mysterious thing about G is his connection with the enigmatic Q, someone with a similar appearance, naming convention and even fighting style. No one has ever seen the two in the same place together, at least most people think they do but both have been considered by the Pantheonic system to be separate people. There are theories that Q is the future version of G after something terribly wrong happened to him but nobody is sure.
    • Once brawled with Gill, and people were hoping that Gill would finally crack this enigma. Gill only stated that he's seen G's powers before but doesn't recall where.
  • The House of Prophecy are quite iffy on him, especially since the Tarot card representing him is "The Fool" and Rose once said that only The Fool can end M. Bison's reign. M. Bison is keeping an eye on him for this matter.
  • "I'm President of the World! Of the Earth! And of the entire Universe!"
    • "Power to the people! Power to the Earth!"
    Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru 
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, Dual Gods of the Primal Stance (Kiba: Dog Ninja)
Click here to see their pre-Timeskip appearance
Click here to see Kiba in The Last
Click here to see Akamaru in The Last
Click here to see Kiba in the Epilogue/Boruto series
Click here to see Akamaru in the Epilogue
    Mashin Sentai Kiramager 
Arriving in a flash! With a shining solution!

Mashin Sentai!


Mashin Sentai KiramagerMembers, Battle Deities of Battle Squadron Posing (Juru: note  | Tametomo: note  | Sena: note  | Shiguru: note  | Sayo: note  | Takamichi: note )
From left to right: Sayo Ooharu, Shiguru Oshikiri, Takamichi Crystalia, Juru Atsuta, Tametomo Imizu, Sena Hayami
Transformed State
Go Kiramagers
Victini, Godess of V Signs (Victory Pokémon)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A basket full of Macarons or her V-shape ears.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Genderless (identifies as female)
  • Ability: Victory Star
  • Moves: Flame Charge, Psychic, Searing Shot, V-create
  • Portfolios: Psychic-type and Fire-type, Letter Motif, V-Sign, Mythical Pokémon, Secret Character in the Unova Dex, Badass Adorable, Cute Little Fangs, Being Over 1,000 years old, Successor Of Mew, loves macarons
  • Domains: Victory, Power, Macarons, Fire, Psychic Powers, Mythicals
  • Interests: Bugs Bunny
  • Interested in: The House of Luck and Fortune
  • Special Relationship: Reshiram and Zekrom
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, N, Sora, the Avatars of Friendship (Elena, Pinkie Pie and Steven Universe), The Kamen Rider Club, Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor, Theodore Roosevelt, Android 17 and 18, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Alex (Street Fighter), Zeus and Athena, Hestia, XCOM
  • On good terms with: Applejack, Good-Aligned deities of the House of Sports
  • On speaking terms with: The Hall of Aim and Skill
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Giovanni, Pokémon Hunter J, The Lich, Lord Vyce, Dr Gero, Surtr
  • Sympathy for the Devil towards: Asterion/the Minotaur, Elmer Fudd
  • Wary of: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Missingno, Ragnaros, Tulzscha and Aphoom-Zhah
  • Victini the Victory Pokémon is a Mythical Pokémon from the region of Unova. This Psychic/Fire is called such for a good reason: containing unlimited energy that it can share with people, it's said that Victini can grant anyone victory. Its ability, Victory Star, boosts the accuracy of itself and its allies. Victini has a lot of the "V for victory sign" in its design; its ears are a V shape, it makes the V sign and has the signature move V-Create. In the main timeline Victini was put in Liberty Garden for its own protection from greedy humans, like Team Plasma.
    • Another well-known depiction of Victini, was born and raised in the Kingdom of the Vale and friend of the king who's sons would tame Reshiram and Zekrom. However they went to war over different views, so their father moved the Sword of the Vale to a nearby mountain with Victini's help to stop the Dragon force from destroying Unova. Sadly he couldn't stop Victini from being sealed in Eindoak Town for a millennium. A descendant of the People of the Vale, Damon, tried to use Victini to return the Sword back to the Vale, but since moving said castle could result in her death, Ash and his friends had to put a stop to this. The out of control Dragon force flung the castle into space, so Victini saved Ash and co with V-create, destroying the corrupted pillars of protection and gaining her freeedom.
  • Identifying as female, the Trope Pantheon's Victini is a mix of her anime and game incarnation. This has the curious effect of Victini remembering both her service in the Kingdom of the Vale, and being protected in Liberty Garden; the latter is a clear analogue for the Liberty Island that the Statue of Liberty is found on. The fact that Victini is from the equivalent of New York City caught the attention of none other than Theodore Roosevelt, a New York native and governor before becoming vp then president. Knowing the evil out there who would exploit her powers and equally impressed by them, he used his political influence to increase protection for her. Fellow New Yorker Alex was interested in helping her as well, mainly seeing it as a mix of "the right thing to do" and comparing his home to Unova.
  • Back in the day Team Plasma tried to take Victini from Liberty Garden. Being the true leader and the epitome of the selfish hypocrisy in the team, Ghetsis was high on Victini's hit list. J and Giovanni are major enemies of hers because they sell and exploit rare and powerful Pokémon, but Ghetsis happens to be closer and more interested in her. N mused that while the reason Victini was isolated is what his adoptive father would try to exploit so he thinks Humans Are Bastards, a human still made a garden to protect them so it's more a lesson that Humans Are Flawed. Because of his love of Pokémon N is protective of Victini. She was impressed that he managed to gain the trust and capture one of the Tao Trio.
  • Having been sealed away for one reason or another, Victini holds a modicum of pity towards the Minotaur. Granted, his unnatural existence means keeping him locked up or just putting him out of his misery is the preferable option, but it speaks more for her empathetic nature. Less controversially, Victini is friendly with Rudolph because she feels he was treated unfairly for his red nose when he ultimately proved himself valiant. The House of Commerce speculates Victini was sealed for a good reason beyond her own safety; if she can truly produce unlimited energy, the impact on energy-based industries with her around could be catastrophic.
  • Her powers, V-shaped ears and just showing the V-sign in official portraits are why she is the official goddess of the V-Sign. Some have doubted the claim any trainer who wields Victini will always win, especially when you consider the possibility of two Victini fighting one another...unless of course that isn't an option. Though she's still a popular figure among the House of Sports, the Court of the Gods act a lot stricter when it comes to her interactions with the House of Sports or Gaming because they feel her powers would count as cheating. A more legal use of her powers is aiding those within the Hall of Aim and Skill; the gameplay attributes of her Victory Star ability is boosting her allies' accuracy. She'll accept aiding people there in their aim, if it means she gets to have macarons. Her ability of Victory Star is why she's valued among XCOM, in order to aid in their legendary accuracy.
  • Victini has shown to get along with Sora and Gentaro very well, due to their own cheerful personalities, especially towards their (many) friends. Gentaro has taught Victini how to do his signature handshake and they tend to give off a V-Sign whenever they play together. Any friend of Gentaro's is a friend of Victini, so Victini has been introduced to the Avatars of Friendship and travels with them whenever they go out to befriend others. Unfortunately, Bayley heading off into a Face–Heel Turn has caused problems with the Avatars. The Kamen Rider Club were interested in seeing Victini up close, with Miu, Tomoko and Yuki getting into a fight to see who would be the first to feed her macarons. Ryusei Sakuta finds Victini to be adorable too, even though he won't admit it out loud.
  • A Psychic/Fire type, Victini's signature move is V-Create. It is an immensely powerful Fire move, but causes Victini's speed and both defense stats to drop by a stage. The explosive power of the move has some wonder if Victini is meant to be like a nuke going off. With its limitless energy and guaranteeing victory, some speculate its analogous to nuclear power. She would rather not think about it or consider herself destructive. The Lich has considered her potential for destruction and believes zombifying her to serve as his minion would be worth his time, and naturally she wants nothing to do with him. The Lich embodying a nuclear bomb seems to have started his interest in her.
  • Surprisingly for someone like him Zeus has a real soft spot for Victini. The Mythical Pokémon reminds him of one of his and Athena's faithful attendant Nike. She is the goddess of victory, as Victini is the Pokémon of victory. Being the bastion of compassion she is, Hestia convinced the two of them to be on their best behavior around the Mythical so that she will aid them whenever they're the "hero" or "good" part of Anti-Hero and Good Is Not Nice. This includes not getting mad they can't have Victini as a partner when she's already allied with Gentaro. As a Fire type Pokémon she was interested in Hestia's own powers over fire, and was pleasantly surprised to see fire be used so comforting.
  • Because of her Fire type Victini has a minor position in the Hall of Fire and Heat. Some of the members there intimidate her, though: she thinks Ragnaros is a bit too zealous when it comes to burning things, and Surtr is flat out insane in her eyes. The Fire Giant simply replied "I prefer the term fatalistic". The Lovecraftian entities representing the Cold Flames also creep her out, mainly because they're such an unnatural antithesis to fire as she both knows and witnesses. Both Ragnaros and Surtr found her concern one-sided, as they were impressed by her potent pyromancy; with 180 base Attack, V-Create is the strongest non-Z move Fire type attack (and given STAB, is effectively stronger than Explosion).
  • As Victini can give power to other Pokémon and it is said that trainers with Victini can always win, she is popular among the House of Sports. While she's fond of good gods in said house, she's creeped out by Paul London who thinks that Victini is "The White Rabbit" that leads the Rabbit Tribe even though 1) she's not a rabbit and 2) she's not whitenote . Victini's response was to get Brian Kendrick to put Paul London into the BURNING HAMMER to shut him up. Paul eventually stopped chasing after her when he found the true White Rabbit...and subsequently sacrificed people to appease him. Now she wants nothing to do with this creep.
  • Her dislike of being compared to a rabbit only increased after Elmer Fudd assumed she was a rabbit and went out hunting. Unsurprisingly he was outsmarted by the Mythical, who actually came to feel a bit bad for him due to how much of an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain he is. Bugs Bunny was somewhat interested in the "not-really-a-rabbit" due to her luck powers. Victini's bad luck with rabbits eventually stopped as she wisely learnt enough about the Killer Rabbit before daring to intrude on its territory. Not that she couldn't fight the Killer Rabbit, but it's best to be safe than sorry.
  • As her abilities to bring about victory count could be said to count under probability manipulation, she is interested in the House of Luck and Fortune and how it may relate to her. That said, there might be some exaggeration at her claims of ensuring victory. There doesn't seem to be evidence against the unlimited/infinite energy, which would probably be akin to the infinite energy drive Android 17 and 18 have. Dr Gero took notice and is planning to either "adapt" Victini into a theoretical Android 21, or incorporate its DNA into a new bio-android for his evil schemes. 17 and 18 certainly don't want that to happen, and they've allied with Victini to help prevent this and have a good sparring partner.
  • Interestingly Victini is the only Mythical Pokémon (or any Pokémon) to appear in their native dex before the starters. Specifically, she's Unova Dex entry number 000; Missingno jokes were inevitable. She isn't sure how to feel about the Glitch Entity, and being so...unnatural has her stay her distance. The glitch is more bemused than anything with the number thing. This ended up catching the attention of Lord Vyce. He didn't assume any connection between Victini and his most hated enemy, but he was interested in capturing and exploiting Victini for his purposes. Vyce's own use of "V" in his ship and armor might have had a part in his decision as well. Naturally, the Mythical Pokémon wants nothing of his schemes.

Lesser Gods

    Charlie's Angels 
Sabrina 'Bri' Duncan , Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett, Trivumate Goddesses of the Angels Pose
from left to right: Kelly, Bri and Jill
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: A silhouette of the three doing the classic pose
  • Theme Music: "Charlie's Angels" Theme Song, Independent Women, Charlie's Angels 2000, How It's Done, Don't Call Me Angel
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Beauty, Brains, and Brawn, Action Girls, Ms. Fanservice
  • Domains: Charm, Espionage, Combat, Community
  • Heralds: Charles 'Charlie' Townsend (their superior), John Bosley (Charlie's assistant)
  • Allies: Nick Fury, Sterling Archer, Austin Powers, Kim Possible, Sam, Clover and Alex, Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, Ethan Hunt, Alex, Clover and Sam, The House of Law and Justice
  • Enemies: H.Y.D.R.A., Cobra Commander, Anastasia Cisnarova/The Baroness, Dr. Drakken, Shego, The Black Organization
  • Opposed by: Cersei Lannister
  • Back in The '70s, there were a trio of spy agents that were making waves. Sabrina, Jill and Kelly were some of the earliest examples of Action Girls to enter the TV screen. While their good looks were part of the appeal, the trio proved to be capable agents in their own rights. Guided by an unknown benefactor named Charlie and bumbling assistant Bosley, the girls proved to be a popular group. The main problem is that there has been many teams over the years. Even the current group only lasted the first season before other girls replaced them. Kelly was the only one who was around for every season. Another group revived the organization in 2000 to mild success. It was the latest version that managed to tie it all together, explaining that they were all part of the same organization that recruited women since the beginning. It is with that information that the group decided to ascend the first three girls into the Pantheon.
    • There was a bit a turmoil amongst the girls regarding the role of John Bosley. In most roles, he played the bumbling yet loyal sidekick to the ladies. That all changed in the third film: That version (who had an awfully familiar semblance to Picard turned out to try and take over the organization from Charlie. Thankfully, the girls figured out the ruse and ousted him from the organization.
  • They were also in contention for shows that were best known for their beauty. The trio decided to leave that one be in the hopes that someone else may lay claim to the title. It was to their surprise that the trio who did end up claiming the titles were also female spies... only much younger than them. The trio of Alex, Clover and Sam were quick to meet up with the ladies and the two groups often work together in missions.
  • Nick Fury was initially skeptical of their capabilities. It took some vouching from Charlie (a follower of his) to approve of their ascension. The women soon proved him wrong as they were very much as effective as they were back in their heyday.
  • All three ladies have experience working at the Los Angeles Police Academy. As such, they have maintained a solid relationship with the House of Justice. This was especially true of Vimes when he was still the God of Police officers. Thanks to the successes of Natalie, Alex and Dylan, the qualifications relaxed significantly, allowing women of all backgrounds into the fold.
    • Despite attending the same academy, they all arrived with different backgrounds. Sabrina was always a bit of a romantic, looking for love in all the wrong places. As someone with the most police experience, she proves to have a keen eye for clues. Kelly was orphaned early in life let did not have a rough time living there. Jill was best skilled at undercover work. While she spent the shortest time in the organization, she made a huge impression on the group. She even decided to come back on occasion.
  • There are many men (and some women) who trip over themselves to join them in missions given their physiques. Sterling Archer and Austin Powers in particular enjoy their company. While the ladies occasionally reciprocate their interest, they prefer to settle for the right guy someday.
  • On the other end of that spectrum, all three admitted to have crushed on Ethan Hunt, The Determinator agent. Unfortunately for them, he was in a committed relationship by the time they had ascended and even then he prides on his work far more. With that said, new help is always welcome her him.
  • Kim Possible isn't usually one to gush out about her idols, but even she couldn't resist smiling brightly when the girls ascended. She quickly accepted their invitation to their Townsend Agency under their American branch.
    • That quickly brought the attention of Dr. Drakken and Shego. While the main villain thinks big at times, he usually isn't that much of a problem. Shego has proven to be a bigger problem. She may not take her job that seriously, her powers make her more of a threat than they can handle on their own. She has also been fond of harassing lesser agents out of their field. Kelly did not take lightly the many times Shego has kidnapped her sister Kris.
  • Napoleon and Illya made sure to familiarize themselves with the women. What they didn't know was that the three already had them on their radar. This was because they managed to recruit April Dancer, an agent from U.N.C.L.E. in a lesser known adventure. April harbors no hard feelings from her failed stunt and appreciated the women for bringing her back on her feet.
  • That invitation was extended to the trio of Sam, Clover and Alex. The girls replied that they were already taken care of by W.O.O.H.P. but appreciate the help. Regardless, the two groups have a lot in common, most notably that their shows were Best Known for the Fanservice. While they appreciate those compliments, the girls would like to remind viewers that they are pretty good spies as well.
  • Naturally, HYDRA has placed them on the list of deities to be on the lookout for. Red Skull knows better than to dismiss them as merely a bunch of pretty faces. Likewise, W.O.O.H.P. ramped up their screening to make sure what happened to SHIELD does not happen to them in the future.
  • A similar occurrence happened whenever they took on COBRA. Led by Cobra Commander, the organization would be more than happy to see W.O.O.H.P. six feet under. A growing rivalry was forming between the trio and the Baroness. It all started when Anastasia infiltrated the organization by posing as the latest recruit. It took months of figuring out there was a mole before they could find her and by then she already handed out valuable information to COBRA. The girls responded in kind by doubling efforts to take down COBRA.
  • Has been keeping track of the Black Organization and all their followers. The girls have prevented a number of assassinations spearheaded by the group, yet some have been carried through. There has been rumors that Kir has been working with the girls in order to tip them off on certain murders.
  • One of their biggest detractors have come from an unfamiliar yet unsurprising source: Cersei Lannister. She has a low opinion on the girls, mainly that they need the directions of a man to be of any use to crime-fighting ( Although there are rumors that the latest Charlie is actually a woman). Cersei created a campaign to discredit W.O.O.H.P. by highlighting all of their failures.
Menat, Goddess of the Egyptian Walk (Fortune Teller, The Eyes of the Future)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Crystal Ball
  • Theme Song: Insights from a Fortune Teller*
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Cat Motif, The Apprentice, Badass Adorable, Black Magician Girl, Belly Dancing Fighter, Early-Bird Cameo, Forgetful Jones, Magic Missile Storm, Nice Girl, Plucky Girl, Supermodel Strut, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Fortune Telling, Soul Power, Destiny, Apprentices
  • Allies: Rose (Her master), Shantae, Madame Xanadu, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (starting with Futaba Sakura), Muhammad Avdol, Many deities from Egyptian Mythology (especially Bastet), Anakaris, Madoka Kaname, Hibiki Tachibana
  • Enemies: Eliza, M. Bison, Set, Apophis, Kuphulu
  • A mysterious young fortune teller from Egypt who travels the world sharing the future and fortune of anyone she comes across, Menat is a free spirit who is well versed in Soul Power, channeling it into a crystal ball named Left Eye of the Lion both in profession and in combat. She came into notoriety when she appeared before fighters associated with the World Warrior Sagas, telling them about the prophecies she saw of them, before finding her way into a new dimension and doing the same with encounters from a few of the denizens of this odd world. Before very long, she was summoned before the Court of the Gods, informed that she was now ascended to a place called the Trope Pantheon, and assigned a temple given the way she moves around being distinct to her culture. She was surprised that the one that asked for her ascension was none other that her master, the Soul Power Savant known as Rose. Knowing that her presence in this realm was approved by the person she most idolizes, Menat was very excited to be part of the Pantheon.
  • She was curious to know more about the House of Prophecy and Fate and what it held inside. There she met many different deities who had different power and perceptions regarding the future and would like to learn more about them. She particularly befriended Madame Xanadu, a fellow fortune teller who walked the Earth and is credited with creating the Tarot. Menat admires Xanadu a great deal, as the older Romani reminds her a lot of her master Rose, even trusting her with one of her own dislikes about their trade. Since her primary job is to tell people about their future, she is rather distraught when she learns about many deities' Bad Future. Of course she is used to it now, as it's par of the course when it comes to fortune telling, but she wants to do her best to prevent it. Xanadu encouraged her by explaining that sometimes what she sees may not be what's inevitable, but rather what's possible, and if she can learn to make the distinction, she may be able to help good deities avoid some bad futures. She was also personally glad to meet another Egyptian fortune teller in the form of Muhammad Avdol. She considers the Stand user to be her older Spear Counterpart, and rather than forming any type of rivalry when it comes to fortune telling, the two seem to have a sibling-like relationship, to where he occasionally gives her advice and helps her with training.
  • Many initially confused her for Futaba Sakura, as they are both endearing young women who sound sound extremely similar. While one would think Menat being a dark-skinned Egyptian would preclude this confusion entirely, Futaba's Shadow and Palace took the form of a female Pharaoh inside her tomb, an Egyptian pyramid. Because of this, even the Phantom Thieves themselves had to battle the thought that Menat was the Shadow of Futaba manifesting itself into the Pantheon and find out who she really was. After the confusion was cleared, Menat befriended Futaba and the others, even becoming interested in aiding the Phantom Thieves in one of their future missions.
  • Her journey around the Pantheon led her to meet both Madoka Kaname and Hibiki Tachibana, both of whom she quickly noticed sounded very similar, given these encounters took place after her meeting Futaba. Fortunately, upon learning that their motivations were also very similar, she was able to become close friends with the both of them. On the other hand, she was very uneasy when she found out her looks were being compared to those of a woman called Eliza; following her intuition, she did some due research and discovered the horrible history of the Crimson Scourge, including her true name Neferu and her supernatural skeleton being a Theonite (or "parasite", as they became known because of her) named after Sekhmet. When they finally crossed paths while both were visiting the House of Life and Death, Menat was struck with dread and disgust at the sight of Eliza, instantly sensing that her aura reeked of the blood of others. She tried to attack using her Soul Powered crystal ball abilities, but was effortlessly parried by Eliza's blood weapons. Eliza on her part found her attempt adorable and considered her not worth her time, neglecting to kill Menat after taking her down. Menat swears she will stop Neferu's schemes from taking over the Pantheon.
  • Her traditional outfit matches her performative fighting style, which each borrow elements from belly dancing, creating the perception that she's a Sultry Belly Dancer in her spare time as well. This commonality led to her and Shantae hearing of each other, and they met and became good friends at some point. She also got attention for her Battle outfit which resembles a mummy, which, she does get along with and respect Anakaris, but has nothing good to say about Kuphulu and Imhotep. She was surprised to meet several gods from the Egyptian Pantheon and she even ended up befriending a few of them, most notably Bastet since quite a few of Menat's mannerisms are based on cats. (In fact, as far as deified mortals paying tributre to her, Bastet likes Menat a lot more than Eliza.) That said, she doesn't think high of Set and believes Apophis should be expelled from the Pantheon.
  • Also present in the House of Cultures.
"Have you considered your destiny? Do you believe in fate?"
    Morty (Luigi’s Mansion 3
Morty, God of Finger Framing


    Gendo Ikari 
Gendo Ikari, God of Finger-Tenting (NERV Commander, né Gendo Rokubungi, The Final Angel, King of Lilin,)
In Evangelion 3.0
Gendo after using Nebuchadnezzar's Key:
Adam in Gendo's hand
  • Demigod usually, but can reach Greater God when in possession of the Nebuchadnezzar's Key, and is borderline Overdeity when piloting Evangelion 13
  • Symbol: NERV Logo
  • Theme Music: NERV
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, devolving to Neutral Evil in Rebuild
  • Portfolio: Finger-Tenting, Dark Messiah, Diabolical Mastermind, A God Am I, Manipulative Bastard, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Technology, Evil, Law, Planning, Love
  • Herald: Deputy Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki (his assistant).
  • Allies(?): David Xanatos, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia, Ragyo Kiryuin, Charles zi Britannia, Darth Vader, Obito Uchiha, Enrico Pucci
  • Former Allies: Keel Lorenz
  • Enemies: Shinji Ikari (his son), Rei Ayanami, Arael, Asuka Langley, Kaworu Nagisa, Many Abusive Parents in the Pantheon, The Vivid Team, Kamille Bidan, Shiro Kanzaki, Nunnally Lamperouge, Team Dai-Gurren, MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu
  • Interested in: Yui Ikari
  • Opposed by: Haruko Hauhara, Naota Nandaba
  • Ascended after his failed attempt to trigger the Third Impact, then obtaining godhood, and finally reuniting with his wife. Naturally he's still trying to achieve the second goal.
  • The Children were shocked to hear about his ascension into the Pantheon. Shinji felt fear, Kaworu looked nervous, Asuka was beyond pissed, and Rei could not bring herself to face him.
  • Yui Ikari is uncertain about what's going to happen now with him in the Pantheon, but she knew he still loved her.
  • He's come into meeting David Xanatos often discussing all kinds of matters behind closed doors.
  • Gendo was surprised to learn about the many kinds of women interested in him despite his obsession with Yui. As he asked they all responded with the same "It's Gendo!!!"
  • Relius Clover was happy to learn about Gendo's arrival considering him like himself in a few ways. Gendo did not care much about people's opinions on him besides Yui, but he will talk with the fellow god just to keep him off his back. Personally he privately wishes old professor and lieutenant Kozo Fuyutsuki were around, if nothing else to have someone to talk to whose company he can appreciate and who won't be tempted to kill him in the spot. Most importantly, he was/is a good friend of Yui's, and reminiscing about her was a favored pastime of both.
  • Ragyo and Ghetsis both were impressed by the mental torture put on Shinji by his father. They also talk about the creation of a group of parents who do horrible things to their children.
    • However, Gendo has made it clear that he thinks Ghetsis went "a little too far" in his bastardry against N, while he has openly admitted disgust at Ragyou's actions, particularly how, whereas he mistreated Shinji out of what he saw as necessity for his greater goal with no significant malice behind it, Ragyou very obviously takes sadistic joy in making her daughters' lives a living hell.
  • Charles is often compared to Gendo due to both having the same kind of goals. Gendo could not care about that so he's more than okay with Charles' world without lies…but only Gendo can/could become God.
  • Darth Vader was seen with the man once. Not many could figure out what the conversation was about...
    • Gendo had spilled his soul over the actions he's committed and knows he's going to be stuck with many abusive parent gods. He does not truly want to harm his son and also hopes to fight back against the abusive parents of the pantheon in secret. Darth is unsure how to feel about this but he does understand Gendo's reason for this confession.
  • Pucci has allied himself with Gendo after hearing about how he reacted with the loss of his wife. Many fear the emotionless world the two plan to create.
  • Used to have a seat in the House of Ruin and Destruction, until he was stripped of his title in favor of Alduin.
  • "There is no one else who can pilot the Evas. As long as they survive, that is what I'll have them do."