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Greater Gods

    Father Balder 
Balder, God of The Divine Image of Gold and White (Father Balder, The Lumen Sage, The Tyrant Sage, Master of the Elements, The Masked Lumen)
The Masked Lumen 
  • Greater God (though capable of summoning or harnessing Overdeity powers)
  • Symbol: Gold Peacock Feathers next to a Sun Shaped Watch; alternatively, his mask.
  • Theme Song: You May Call Me Father, The Lumen Sage
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Lawful Evil under Loptr's control
  • Portfolio: Holy Dangerous Appearance in Gold and White, Solar Magic, Mystical Silver Hair, The Stoic, Bayonetta's Father Who Frequently Fought His Daughter, Knight of Cerebus, Malevolent Masked Man, Star-Crossed Love Made Him Crazy (or so we believed)
  • Domains: Sun, Fire, Light, Angels, Magic, Chaos, Time Travel
  • Herald: Rosa (his wife)
  • Allies: Cereza/Bayonetta (his beloved daughter), Jeanne, Sanguinius, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Lady, Trish, Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask, Ren Amamiya, Akeno Himejima, Dante Sparda, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Sailor Galaxia, Takuma Saiou, Gwyn, Sparda
  • Enemies: Loptr, Satan/Lucifer the Fallen, Fortinbras, Mundus, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Chakravartin, The Grineer, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Former Enemies: Rodin, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Gene, Vergil Sparda
  • Opposes: Enrico Pucci, Sun Li, Ashera, The Corpus
  • Opposed by: Imperius
  • Conflicted Opinion:
  • The last of the Lumen Sages. Likes to dress for the part in gold and white robes with the sun-rays-and-wings seal of the Lumen Sages. The trouble with having sympathy for him about this is, he's the one who sparked the war which ended up not only reducing the Umbra Witches to about a handful of folks, but also wiping out the rest of the Lumen Sages. Supposedly. The truth is he and his wife Rosa were simply the Star-Crossed Lovers whose union triggered the two clans into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, and the manipulations of other beings changed him into the man that would finish the job. To elaborate on said other forces:
    • First the two clans figured because of his and Rosa's child Cereza breaking the balance they ran on that Jubileus the Creator would inevitably awaken, causing them to go to war because the Lumen treated the event as favorable and the Umbra wanted it dealt with. Then after that war ended an Angel of Paradiso convinced him the Umbra would rebel again to tilt the balance in their favor, so Balder launched another war. With the two clans' numbers reduced to a handful and one, a silver-haired boy appeared out of nowhere and killed Balder's wife right in front of him, then a strange entity which called itself the Prophet took him 500 years into the future and led him to track down the boy, named Loki, causing him to fight Loki's protector, an Umbra Witch known as Bayonetta, on several occasions.
    • With all that, he managed to not only figure out that Bayonetta was his daughter all grown up, but discover that the Prophet was actually Loptr... Loki's twin half, and Rosa's true killer, manipulating Balder as part of a long-game plan to capture the Eyes of the World from Balder (Right Eye) and Cereza (Left Eye), claiming the power of Aesir, the true god of chaos and creator of their reality that he and Loki were the split halves of, all for himself. Balder worked with Cereza to defeat him anyway, then after a melancholy farewell, would imprison Loptr's spirit within himself to make sure Loptr didn't take off unchecked into another timeline.
    • Back in his own time, he found himself slowly corrupted by Loptr's hatred of humanity, eventually creating the Ithavoll Group, starting as a medium-sized IT company only to grow into the corporate governing body that ruled over an island theocracy centered around the worship of Jubileus. The goal of this group? Same as before — to capture the Eyes of the World and their power. While ostensibly for the sake of Jubileus's revival, it's worth noting that Loptr was his true influencer. At best Loptr would've been seeking an alliance with Jubileus, at worst simply using her to activate the Eyes only to claim their power for himself. Nevertheless, the following creepy intonation was heard far too often during this time until Bayonetta finally defeated him:
    Loptr!Balder: May Jubileus, the Creator, grace you.
  • When first ascended to the Pantheon, Balder resumed his claim to be Master of the Heavens. Whether that came from Balder's own mind or was purely the result of Loptr's influence is up for debate, though his formidable powers as a warrior light-mage lend credence to the moniker either way.
  • Naturally, he usually calls his daughter by her original name of Cereza rather than her later famous nom de guerre Bayonetta. She only got to call him daddy in turn once, around the same time as he had her promise to stop him if he came back corrupted (not knowing that the time he was pulled into by Loptr was after said event had already taken place).
  • Per Loptr's agenda, the ascended Balder attempted once more to capture the Eyes of the World in order to resurrect Jubileus, The Creator, and bring her into the Pantheon to bring about a new Armageddon in order to unite the trinity of realties. Part of this plan involved Playing Both Sides regarding the Angels and Demons, portraying himself as a supporter of YHVH while secretly working with Satan to secure the Great Will's throne and supporting demons like Mundus and Fortinbras, hoping to use the ensuing carnage as a kickoff point in order to draw Cereza's deal and obtain the Left Eye. Being a supposed servant of Heaven, many who knew of this plan questioned his intentions, though he successfully covered it up by playing coy:
    Loptr!Balder: Oh my. To reveal such things would better shown than told. After all, my dear Cereza needs to understand just what sort of power she uses, and why it goes to waste along with her.
    • The Sons of Sparda both disliked the situation, and for some reason seemed to know more about it than one would think they should. Dante claimed there's a reason he doesn't call on some God while he's getting paid to hunt down devils, while Vergil called Balder's "Heaven" Paradiso nothing more than a worthless plot of light.
    • Houka Inumuta has asked The Truth about this in case the Elite Four ever encountered Balder. Via Truth's explanation, angels and demons in that world reflect light and darkness as natural elements rather than good and evil and either one overpowering the other will oppress the humans.
    • Sure enough, the suspicions of many were proven correct when Balder and Satan's machinations, while unable to capture YHVH's throne or the Left Eye, drew upon both of their powers enough to ascend Jubileus... along with Queen Sheba, who would share her temple.
  • Following the revelation of the truth behind Balder, the corruption of Loptr, and the Jubileus Armageddon plan, Bayonetta spent much of her time in the Pantheon questing to separate Loptr from Balder within the Pantheon and free her father from evil. She went to the Main House to ask how it was possible for Loptr to be present in the Pantheon without anyone having noticed it for so long. When she finally got the explanation that Aesir had actually ascended into the Pantheon in the distant past, thus allowing his halves to enter as well, Bayonetta asked for Loki to enter as well. Once Loki claimed the Left Eye back from Bayonetta, the two of them, along with Jeanne, Rick Taylor, Ren Amamiya, and Devil May Cry operatives Lady and Trish, engaged the Loptr-controlled Balder in battle. Loptr intended to steal the Left Eye from Loki and claim the power and form of Aesir all to himself; however, his enemies managed to rip Loptr from Balder's soul and, to Loki's reluctance and Loptr's dismay, merge the two halves of Aesir, finally freeing Balder from the corruption of Loptr as well as restoring Aesir once more.
    • In order to ensure humanity's free will, Aesir would have to occasionally split in two and recombine afterwards. During these times, Loki occasionally hangs out with Balder and appreciates the Lumen Sage's vigorous understanding of what makes humanity special. After coming back from the Underworld following the disaster in Redgrave City, Dante can say the same to an extent, although he only ever encounters the renewed Balder through Bayonetta and is perfectly fine with that, while Vergil doesn't outwardly care much for him one way or the other.
  • Thanking all those who helped Cereza free him from Loptr without allowing the Prophet to run amok unchecked, Balder has since vigorously apologized to his daughter's best friend Jeanne for his actions in pitting her against Cereza, pledged his help to the Phantom Thieves should they ever need it to stop another corrupt authority from going out of control, matched J.D. Morrison's payment to Lady and Trish for their part in the job, offered to help Rick find a way to bring his girlfriend Jennifer to the Pantheon free from the influence of the Corrupted, and even agreed to join his daughter on a visit to the Occult Research Club which Akeno was a member of in hopes of working together with them. When the Terror Mask questioned how he could do all this when his company is in ruins and the island he once ruled has moved on without him, he explained that his Pantheonic temple still grants him access to a limited remnant of Ithavoll resources.
  • Due to his time possessed and manipulated by a misanthropic being of order and light, Balder finds beings such as the Light of Destruction and Zamasu to be more dangerous than any demon king. Takuma Saiou, formerly called Sartorius as The Light of Destruction's thrall, as well as Sailor Galaxia, who was once influenced by Chaos itself, both find kinship with Balder over the experience.
  • Balder's true opinion of Jubileus is frankly a mixed bag. While he does hold some symbolic loyalty to her as she is ultimately the dea worshipped by the Lumen Sages, the revelation of her childish attitude (whether as an Almighty Idiot or a selfish adolescent deity) leaves him less than enthused about her revival in practice. Still, he has some hope that sharing her temple with Queen Sheba will buy enough time for her to eventually see through the deception of Loptr, discover the true light of humanity, and mature herself enough to embrace her role in the elemental balance and not try to destroy everyone.
  • Balder now considers his time working with Lucifer the Fallen shameful, as only a being with such contempt for humanity as Loptr had could ever strike a deal with a being called Satan who deems all humans to be worthless monkeys. Satan in turn hates him for being redeemed and turning from evil to good.
    • In a funny case of turnabout, Satan knew that Balder's plan would've ascended Queen Sheba along with Jubileus, but mistakenly thought Sheba would've been the one more likely to be out to destroy or rule over the humans and thus secretly gloated about it. With Balder's redemption and the truth showing Sheba to be the more reserved and even-keeled of the two warring deities, Balder is now the one who sees some positive in Sheba's presence, further angering Satan against him.
    • He has similar shame for dealings he'd made with Ragyo Kiryuin and Relius Clover, another two light-based misnathropic deities as he had once been under Loptr. In their cases it's compounded by the especially sick ways they manipulated their families, also increasing his disdain for how the Prophet used him as a tool against his own wife and daughter.
  • Despite Satan being housed there, Balder could not resist exploring the Silver Heavens. The Fallen One would see him and provoke him into battle. However, it did not last long, as Tyrael and Sanguinius intervened as soon as they heard the commotion, fending off Satan. Manwë Sulimo arrived shortly thereafter.
    • The three benevolent angels had heard of Balder's redemption and anticipated his eventual visit, conversing with him for awhile. Impressed by their great love for humanity, Tyrael has since become a great friend and he considers Manwë's counsel in high regard. He is also most hopeful that they and Sanguinius can influence Jubileus.
    • Of the other angels he met there, he found Jibril to be strange in many aspects, although he certainly appreciates her love of knowledge more than her love of killing sprees, and is not on good terms with Imperius after the Archangel of Valor scolded him for "abandoning his calling" with regards to eliminating the darkness. Has yet to meet Aru Akise, however.
  • On the topic of Sanguinius, the Primarch of the Blood Angels actually put in a word to his father about Balder's situation. In turn, the Emperor of Mankind put the case of Balder's wife Rosa in front of the Court of the Gods. With the approval of Eiki Shiki, who deemed both Balder and his wife's souls to be "White", meaning good, Captain America and The Judge allowed for Rosa to be resurrected in the Pantheon as Balder's Herald. Reuniting with Rosa gave both Balder and his daughter Tears of Joy, and Balder has since sworn his loyalty to Sanguinius and the Emperor.
  • His backstabbing of YHVH under Loptr's influence and proponence of humanity as his own true self both draw the hatred of the Great Will nowadays.
  • Contrary to both YHVH and the Fallen, Helel Lucifer and Satan Jacob actually find kinship with Balder's belief that Humans Are Special. However, he and this Lucifer vociferously disagree as to whether balance or chaos is the way to bring that greatness out, and the fact that Jacob once committed atrocities fitting his title against both humans and demons, with no malice aforethought but out of sheer carelessness to boot, is not lost on the Lumen.
  • Once supported Enrico Pucci's goal of achieving "heaven" but now understands how corrupt and twisted it truly is, especially upon learning of Pucci's allegiance with the notorious vampire Dio Brando. Same goes for Master Li and his desire to summon the Goddess of Rebirth.
  • As light-based demon kings who, aside from having benefited from his time as Loptr's thrall, have also corrupted at least one human against his own kin for purposes of power, Balder sees Fortinbras and Mundus as imperative to stop as well. This also extends to Chakravartin, who was in on Loptr's plans and formed an alliance with Fortinbras just like he did.
  • At some point formed a bond with Gwyn, he of the impressive royal crown and prosperous rule, and the two still agree on the power of light being preferable to darkness. However, Balder's experiences have tempered his judgment to be a bit more general and objective on that end, causing him to often take the Lord of Sunlight's measure when his hatred and suspicion towards dragons and darkness users threatens to pit him against someone who would otherwise be a true ally to both of their purposes. Maintaining his alliance with Gwyn also has an ulterior motive of its own, as the Lumen Sage doesn't want to leave the Lord of Cinder isolated lest he start getting ideas about another Ringed City incident.
    • Another thing they both agree on is that neither is a fan of Ashera. Like Loptr, she's the Order half of a god split in two. Unlike Loptr, she didn't exacerbate humanity's decay after condemning them. However, her resolution to the conflicts in her world was "either war ceases for 1000 years and I reunite with my other half or some fool starts a conflict and everyone dies." Predictably, she had to be stopped then, she'll probably have to be stopped now.
  • Was taken captive and used as a spirit by Galeem during the World of Light fiasco. Since then he has done his research on Galeem and Dharkon, finding that Galeem is actually described as an "angelic being" whereas Dharkon is an embodiment of chaos and darkness, both of whom play on devil archetypes very similar to the angels and demons he knows.
    Balder: These two monsters. They represent the exact designs of Paradiso and Inferno to their utmost extreme. Could they in fact be related to the troubles of our world? It might be an interesting question to ask of Aesir...
  • Gained the attention of several deified armies from the Warframe universe, namely the Tenno, Grineer, and Corpus armies, due to his gold and white design philosophy. Through this he learned about the Orokin, a race of immortals who created a seemingly prosperous universe but actually considered everything outside themelves to be disposable and bent the world to their will through draconian means before their ultimate downfall.
    • The Corpus saw themselves as successors to the Orokin, and thus tried to get into Balder's good graces until he made it clear he wasn't Orokin and actually rather disliked them. Then they soon lost interest.
    • The Grineer Dogs were created as an expendable Slave Race of clones, who inevitably rebelled against the Orokin after being abused and repurposed to fight and die for them once too many. As such, seeing a visage that even partly reminded them of their former masters filled them with hatred. Balder is no fan of the Grineer either, but is interested in the story of the only two Orokin they didn't hate with a passion and actually adored slavishly: a duo of exiles called the Twin Queens.
    • The Tenno, on ther other hand, actually checked Balder to see how much like or different from the Orokin he was, getting past their discomfort with his color scheme. While understanding that he means well today, they also know of his checkered past, so they keep their wits about them. In turn, unlike the Corpus and Grineer, who disgust him with the lengths either of them are willing to go to fulfill their own agendas, he holds the Tenno in high regard as the main reason why the solar system hasn't truly gone to the dogs.
  • There was tense anticipation for his meeting with Sparda once the Legendary Dark Knight ascended to the Pantheon. After all, he was a Sage who drew on angelic power while Sparda could easily qualify for a demon king if he so desired. Luckily, Balder knows more than enough about benevolent darkness users, and they both love humanity more than their elemental leanings, enabling the two to converse on positive terms and become good friends in short order. On top of that, the same pro-human angels who befriended Balder were already acquainted with Sparda's legend and thus were fast to approve of him as well.
  • "We may not see our next step. We may stumble. We may fall off the path. But we always move forward! That is the power of man!"

    Hope Summers/White Phoenix 
Hope Summers, Goddess of Redheads Who Wear Green (White Phoenix, The Mutant Messiah)
Hope As White Phoenix 

Intermediate Gods

Gill, God of Color Specific Elements (Lord and Emperor of the Illuminati, The Savior of Humanity, The Dark Messiah)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The All-Seeing Eye of The Illuminati.
  • Theme Song: Nile (Drum & Bass Mix or The Emperor Doesn't Look Back), The Judgment Day when enacting plans, Psyche Out in battle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Respects his Opponents and Recognizes Their Abilities, Made Emperor of the Illuminati Simply Because of His Power and Destiny, The Dark Messiah Who Declares Himself as a God, Combines Ice Powers with Fire Powers, Well Intentioned Extremists, Hard to Defeat and Cheap Bosses, Stripperific Combat Loinclothing, "RESURRECTION!", The Seraphic Wing, Anti Villains, The Big Bad of Street Fighter III
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, World Saving, Balance, Combat
  • Superior: Bill Cipher (or so it seems)
  • Associates of The Illuminati: Kolin, Vandal Savage
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, Wamuu, Algol
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Manipulating: Charlie Nash, Juri Han, Rashid
  • Closely Watching: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Genetically modified to become the Emperor of The Illuminati and The Savior of Humanity, Gill has been given the power to use both flames and ice through his red and blue sides.
  • He is currently trying to conduct a tournament that would allow him to be able to weed out the weak and lead the worthy to be able to live in paradise.
  • It has been prophesied by many that he would become the Messiah when the world ends and lead those worthy of surviving into The Promised Land. As such he is attempting to scour the various parts of the Pantheon to find the worthy and get them ready for such an event.
  • He once had troubles with Dudley in the past due to that his organization owned Dudley's Father's Car, though they are still enemies Gill has given it back to him due to his combat skill and that Gill really didn't need it.
    • Now that Alex ascended... he's currently trying to convice him to join the Illuminati. Alex rejects, and since then, they're sworn enemies. The fact that he injured Alex's mentor Tom doesn't help at all.
  • Gill has also been able to fight on par with Akuma though he is not immune to the Shun Goku Satsu, he can resurrect himself as he did after his fight with Akuma.
    • His Resurrection Super Art, giving him the ability to resuscitate himself instantly completely unharmed should he be killed or knocked out in battle, is one of the Sixty-Six Secret Arts of the Illuminati.
  • He also has the ability of Seraphic Wing, a display of his Messianic power in which he unleashes a powerful field of energy which may be either multicolored or pure blinding white, overwhelming any close opponent or bystanders that are not ready instantly.
  • He prefers balance and has a dislike for both forces of Order and Chaos, though if they prove worthy then he will also bring them to The Promised Land.
  • Earned the scorn of Chun-Li after one of the adopted children she took care of was kidnapped by Gill's oganization in order to do genetic experiments on her; though it was his brother Urien that did that deed, it was approved by Gill.
    • Speaking of Urien, he has mixed feelings towards his brother. These are surfacing now that the former joined the Pantheon.
  • He's also the anti-thesis of Orochi. Wiz and Boomstick spent a long time trying to arrange a potential Death Battle between the two, but were forced to give up when Orochi left the Pantheon.
  • Is getting help from Kars and The Pillar Men to try and pick out the Worthy in other parts of the Pantheon.
  • Despite ostensibly appearing on the same side, The Illuminati and Shadaloo have secretly opposed each other for a long time, since Gill has far more altruistic intentions for his world-ruling agenda than M. Bison does. At the advent of Bison's final plan to become invincible using the power of seven artificial Black Moons, he had his secretary Kolin work under Urien using the fake name "Helen" to assemble an anti-Shadaloo team including recruiting Juri and resurrecting Nash. Kolin's team, along with one assembled by Karin Kanzuki, were ultimately successful in taking down the Dictator and clearing Gill's path to rule. Gill is watching Karin as a potential rival for future global leadership in the wake of Shadaloo's downfall.
    • The moment he chose to reveal himself to the world after the fall of Shadaloo has finally been shown. He met the challenge of the so-called "President of the World" and seemed to recognize something familiar about his power.
  • Was very pleased to hear that Kolin ascended into the Pantheon and is hoping that she brings in more potential allies for the Illuminati. This has seen dividends in some ways better than others: while Gill is very much appreciative of the alliance she's forged with Regime Superman, with he and Savage both looking forward to seeing if she can bring the Kyrptonian into the Illuminati fold, he is also nearly as annoyed as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice herself is at Kano's obsessive lust towards her.
  • When a full-scale Illuminati group made its ascension to the Pantheon, an investigation into which active deities were involved in this matter naturally sent questions the way of Cipher's alliance. Gill and Savage both tried to take advantage, claiming to be high-ranking leaders in this group in order to get seats in the Main House. These were the only statements the lie detectors caught as lies. They each shrugged, saying it was worth a shot.
    • Unbeknownst to Bill Cipher, Gill and Savage both have plans which far outweigh worshiping the whims of the chaotic triangle; in fact they've been motioning toward his elimination this whole time, as risking the existence of the Pantheon for another Weirdmageddon is not what they want.
  • Can also be found in Elements & Nature Other.
  • "The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA."

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 
Mighty Morphin' Power RangersMembers , Battle Deities of Color-Coded Characters (Jason: Red Ranger I, Gold Zeo Ranger II, Omega Red Ranger; Zack: Black Ranger I, Omega Black Ranger; Billy: Blue Ranger; Trini: Yellow Ranger I, Omega Yellow Ranger; Kimberly: Pink Ranger I, Ranger Slayer, Pink Solar Ranger; Tommy; Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger I, Black Dino Ranger)
From Left to Right: Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Ann Hart, Zack Taylor, and Billy Cranston
Click here  to see their transformed state
Click here  for Jason as the Gold Zeo Ranger
Click here  for Kimberly as the Ranger Slayer


Lesser Gods

    Moira O'Deorain 
Moira O'Deorain, Goddess of the Purple and Yellow Duality
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Weapon, the Biotic Grasp. Alternatively, the Biotic Orbs.
  • Theme Song: Moira's theme
  • Alignment: Considers herself to be Above Good and Evil. She is closer to Lawful Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings.
  • Portfolio: Bifauxnen, Big Bad Ensemble, Combat Medic, Creepy Long Fingers, Dark Action Girl, Evil Redhead, Evilutionary Biologist, Finger-Tenting, Fade, Femme Fatalons, Has an obssession with knowledge and science, Gradual Grinder, Life Drain, Mad Scientist, Mismatched Eyes, Older Than They Look, Professor Guinea Pig, Squishy Wizard, Wicked Cultured
  • Domains: Science, Genetics, Knowledge, Healing, Decay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Overwatch (Special mention to Angela Ziegler/Mercy and Jesse McCree), Scientists with Standards, The Tenno, The House of Beast,
  • Moira O'Deorain is a controversial scientist in her own world, following a discovery about genetic modification that could help humanity and her lack of ethics caused her piers to dissent of her methods. That's why she was drafted by Gabriel Reyes and allowed to operate in secret in behalf of Overwatch while making her a member of Blackwatch. After the Venice incident, Overwatch cut all ties with Moira and denied her involvement, but Reyes kept in contact with her since his own cell degeneration caused by the Soldier Program forced him to seek her aid. Eventually Moira became one of the heads of Talon, which are happy to allow her to continue her investigation while she provides them the means to continue their cause.
  • Talon wanted to have another one of their higher ups in the pantheon in order to have a better presence so Moira was quick to join them, mostly because they told her there were breakouts in science unheard on her world and she couldn't waste an opportunity to know more about it. She is dissapointed that she couldn't be appointed to Science but she was respectful of the Court of Gods wishes and remained in a different temple.
    • As for her title? The Duality Motif of Moira has always been a prevalent theme regarding her and that while the latter title was taken, many noticed that her colour scheme is heavily themed after purple and yellow, one for damage and the other for healing. This dual nature is what eventually awarded her the title of Yellow/Purple Contrast
  • It goes without saying that Moira and the ascended Overwatch members don't see eye to eye, especially her old Blackwatch teammates Genji Shimada and Jesse McCree. But the one person she hates the most is Mercy, not only because they are basically polar opposites, but because she is very jealous of her scientific discoveries while she herself was shunned. It's not secret that her Biotic Grasp is Ziegler's technology modified by Moira to suit her needs.
  • As stated before, Moira is obssessed with the House of Science and she seems to have a cordial relationship with Mesogog and Ryoma Sengoku who are the heads of the less ethical parts of the House who find miss O'Deorain to be quite interesting. Her favourite subhouse would be Genetic Engineering where she often like to investigate about the different type of people that inhabit the House.
    • She is also a geneticist of the evil kind and has done some of her first experiments on animals before moving on to people. She has been contacted by people who have done the latter, namely Dr. Eggman, Dr. N. Cortex and Dr. N. Brio but she is been disinterested in going along their plans.
  • While she is primarely a Geneticist, Moira also has the role of Talon's Combat Medic in certain operations. While she would rather don't take matters personally, she will do so if they have to be done. During a trip through the House of Health and Diseases she found out about The Medic, someone who her "dear friend" Angela doesn't think high of and actually became allies, mostly since Moira has been interested in replicating his technology. Another person she bonded with was Fabius Bile, as a fellow Mad Scientist he understands Moira's drives and considers her a kindred soul.
  • Sheev Palpatine has taken interest in her genetic experimentation and has tried to form an alliance with Talon in order to see the results, especially if she create new effective clones for the empire. Moira has considered the offer but so far she is not interested.
    • Speaking of clone armies, she also decided to investigate on the Grineer after they made a similar offer to her. She was very underwhelmed that the average soldier of the Grineer army was in poor condition and she apalled by their weak genetic code meaning they serve no purpose to her. She remained on their good side though, since she doesn't want to risk having the Grineer after her but that made the Tenno consider her a potential target. Nevermind that Moira is very interested to learn about the Tenno's biology and that they are also allies with Genji, an old teammate of Moira.
  • She used to experiment on animals, particularly bunnies, which made her be hated by a large part of the House of Beast, especially those that were experimented on.
  • Moira has been noted to have a certain physical resemblance to David Bowie, especially when she dones the Glam Rock costume. The similarities don't stop there, she as others have noticed she also resembles King Jareth which was one of Bowie's roles.
  • The Biotic Grasp has been certainly an interesting device, but others have noticed that her healing liquid make it looks like she is throwing piss to her allies. She finds the later comments highly unamusing.
  • Infamously considered to be a Weeaboo. This is because of her tendency to do a Bird Run akin to ninjas, coalessence resembling a Kamehameha and other things as well.
  • "Science will reveal the truth."
  • Can also be found in Symbolism.

    The Vivid Team 
The Vivid TeamMembers , Goddesses of Color Themed Groups



    Smilin' Stan S. Stanman 
Smilin' Stan S. Stanman, God of Unmoving Plaid

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