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Greater Gods

    Father Balder 
Balder, God of The Divine Image of Gold and White (Father Balder, The Lumen Sage, The Tyrant Sage, Master of the Elements, The Masked Lumen)
The Masked Lumen 
  • Greater God (though capable of summoning or harnessing Overdeity powers)
  • Symbol: Gold Peacock Feathers next to a Sun-Shaped Watch; alternatively, his mask
  • Theme Songs: You May Call Me Father (shared with Rodin), The Lumen Sage; The Lumen Sage & Temperantia or The Lumen Sage & Fortitudo when unleashing his full powers including summoned Angels
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Lawful Evil under Loptr's control
  • Portfolio: Holy Dangerous Appearance in Gold and White, Solar Magic, Mystical Silver Hair, The Stoic, Bayonetta's Father Who Frequently Fought His Daughter, Knight of Cerebus, Malevolent Masked Man, Star-Crossed Love Made Him Crazy (or so we believed)
  • Domains: Sun, Fire, Light, Angels, Magic, Chaos, Time Travel
  • Herald: Rosa (his wife)
  • Allies: Cereza/Bayonetta (his beloved daughter), Jeanne, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Lady, Trish, Rick Taylor and the Terror Mask, Ren Amamiya/Phantom Thief Joker, Akeno Himejima (and by extension, the rest of Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club), Dante Sparda, Sailor Galaxia, Takuma Saiou, Gwyn, Sparda
  • Enemies: Loptr, The Demons of Inferno, Satan/Lucifer the Fallen, Fortinbras, Mundus, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Chakravartin, The Grineer, Galeem and Dharkon, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Former Enemies: Rodin, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Gene, Vergil Sparda
  • Opposes: Enrico Pucci, Sun Li, Ashera, The Corpus
  • Opposed by: Imperius
  • Conflicted Opinion:
  • The last of the Lumen Sages. Likes to dress for the part in gold and white robes with the sun-rays-and-wings seal of the Lumen Sages. The trouble with having sympathy for him about this is, he's the one who sparked the war which ended up not only reducing the Umbra Witches to about a handful of folks, but also wiping out the rest of the Lumen Sages. Supposedly. The truth is he and his wife Rosa were simply the Star-Crossed Lovers whose union triggered the two clans into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, and the manipulations of other beings changed him into the man that would finish the job. To elaborate on said other forces:
    • First the two clans figured because of his and Rosa's child Cereza breaking the balance they ran on that Jubileus the Creator would inevitably awaken, causing them to go to war because the Lumen treated the event as favorable and the Umbra wanted it dealt with. Then after that war ended an Angel of Paradiso convinced him the Umbra would rebel again to tilt the balance in their favor, so Balder launched another war. With the two clans' numbers reduced to a handful and one, a silver-haired boy appeared out of nowhere and killed Balder's wife right in front of him, then a strange entity which called itself the Prophet took him 500 years into the future and led him to track down the boy, named Loki, causing him to fight Loki's protector, an Umbra Witch known as Bayonetta, on several occasions.
    • With all that, he managed to not only figure out that Bayonetta was his daughter all grown up, but discover that the Prophet was actually Loptr... Loki's twin half, and Rosa's true killer, manipulating Balder as part of a long-game plan to capture the Eyes of the World from Balder (Right Eye) and Cereza (Left Eye), claiming the power of Aesir, the true god of chaos and creator of their reality that he and Loki were the split halves of, all for himself. Balder worked with Cereza to defeat him anyway, then after a melancholy farewell, would imprison Loptr's spirit within himself to make sure Loptr didn't take off unchecked into another timeline.
    • Back in his own time, he found himself slowly corrupted by Loptr's hatred of humanity, eventually creating the Ithavoll Group, starting as a medium-sized IT company only to grow into the corporate governing body that ruled over an island theocracy centered around the worship of Jubileus. The goal of this group? Same as before — to capture the Eyes of the World and their power. While ostensibly for the sake of Jubileus's revival, it's worth noting that Loptr was his true influencer. At best Loptr would've been seeking an alliance with Jubileus, at worst simply using her to activate the Eyes only to claim their power for himself. Nevertheless, the following creepy intonation was heard far too often during this time until Bayonetta finally defeated him:
    Loptr!Balder: May Jubileus, the Creator, grace you.
  • When first ascended to the Pantheon, Balder resumed his claim to be Master of the Heavens. Whether that came from Balder's own mind or was purely the result of Loptr's influence is up for debate, though his formidable powers as a warrior light-mage lend credence to the moniker either way.
  • Naturally, he usually calls his daughter by her original name of Cereza rather than her later famous nom de guerre Bayonetta. She only got to call him daddy in turn once, around the same time as he had her promise to stop him if he came back corrupted (not knowing that the time he was pulled into by Loptr was after said event had already taken place).
  • Per Loptr's agenda, the ascended Balder attempted once more to capture the Eyes of the World in order to resurrect Jubileus, The Creator, and bring her into the Pantheon to bring about a new Armageddon in order to unite the trinity of realties. Part of this plan involved Playing Both Sides regarding the Angels and Demons, portraying himself as a supporter of YHVH while secretly working with Satan to secure the Great Will's throne and supporting demons like Mundus and Fortinbras, hoping to use the ensuing carnage as a kickoff point in order to draw Cereza's deal and obtain the Left Eye. Being a supposed servant of Heaven, many who knew of this plan questioned his intentions, though he successfully covered it up by playing coy:
    Loptr!Balder: Oh my. To reveal such things would better shown than told. After all, my dear Cereza needs to understand just what sort of power she uses, and why it goes to waste along with her.
    • The Sons of Sparda both disliked the situation, and for some reason seemed to know more about it than one would think they should. Dante claimed there's a reason he doesn't call on some God while he's getting paid to hunt down devils, while Vergil called Balder's "Heaven" Paradiso nothing more than a worthless plot of light.
    • Houka Inumuta has asked The Truth about this in case the Elite Four ever encountered Balder. Via Truth's explanation, angels and demons in that world reflect light and darkness as natural elements rather than good and evil and either one overpowering the other will oppress the humans.
    • Sure enough, the suspicions of many were proven correct when Balder and Satan's machinations, while unable to capture YHVH's throne or the Left Eye, drew upon both of their powers enough to ascend Jubileus... along with Queen Sheba, who would share her temple.
  • Following the revelation of the truth behind Balder, the corruption of Loptr, and the Jubileus Armageddon plan, Bayonetta spent much of her time in the Pantheon questing to separate Loptr from Balder within the Pantheon and free her father from evil. She went to the Main House to ask how it was possible for Loptr to be present in the Pantheon without anyone having noticed it for so long. When she finally got the explanation that Aesir had actually ascended into the Pantheon in the distant past, thus allowing his halves to enter as well, Bayonetta asked for Loki to enter as well. Once Loki claimed the Left Eye back from Bayonetta, the two of them, along with Jeanne, Rick Taylor, Ren Amamiya, and Devil May Cry operatives Lady and Trish, engaged the Loptr-controlled Balder in battle. Loptr intended to steal the Left Eye from Loki and claim the power and form of Aesir all to himself; however, his enemies managed to rip Loptr from Balder's soul and, to Loki's reluctance and Loptr's dismay, merge the two halves of Aesir, finally freeing Balder from the corruption of Loptr as well as restoring Aesir once more.
    • In order to ensure humanity's free will, Aesir would have to occasionally split in two and recombine afterwards. During these times, Loki occasionally hangs out with Balder and appreciates the Lumen Sage's vigorous understanding of what makes humanity special. After coming back from the Underworld following the disaster in Redgrave City, Dante can say the same to an extent, although he only ever encounters the renewed Balder through Bayonetta and is perfectly fine with that, while Vergil doesn't outwardly care much for him one way or the other.
  • Thanking all those who helped Cereza free him from Loptr without allowing the Prophet to run amok unchecked, Balder has since vigorously apologized to his daughter's best friend Jeanne for his actions in pitting her against Cereza, pledged his help to the Phantom Thieves should they ever need it to stop another corrupt authority from going out of control, matched J.D. Morrison's payment to Lady and Trish for their part in the job, offered to help Rick find a way to bring his girlfriend Jennifer to the Pantheon free from the influence of the Corrupted, and even agreed to join his daughter on a visit to the Occult Research Club which Akeno was a member of in hopes of working together with them. When the Terror Mask questioned how he could do all this when his company is in ruins and the island he once ruled has moved on without him, he explained that his Pantheonic temple still grants him access to a limited remnant of Ithavoll resources.
  • Due to his time possessed and manipulated by a misanthropic being of order and light, Balder finds beings such as the Light of Destruction and Zamasu to be more dangerous than any demon king. Takuma Saiou, formerly called Sartorius as The Light of Destruction's thrall, as well as Sailor Galaxia, who was once influenced by Chaos itself, both find kinship with Balder over the experience. So it wasn’t surprising that Balder declared Chaos an enemy when it ascended.
  • Balder's true opinion of Jubileus is frankly a mixed bag. While he does hold some symbolic loyalty to her as she is ultimately the dea worshipped by the Lumen Sages, the revelation of her childish attitude (whether as an Almighty Idiot or a selfish adolescent deity) leaves him less than enthused about her revival in practice. Still, he has some hope that sharing her temple with Queen Sheba will buy enough time for her to eventually see through the deception of Loptr, discover the true light of humanity, and mature herself enough to embrace her role in the elemental balance and not try to destroy everyone.
  • Balder now considers his time working with Lucifer the Fallen shameful, as only a being with such contempt for humanity as Loptr had could ever strike a deal with a being called Satan who deems all humans to be worthless monkeys. Satan in turn hates him for being redeemed and turning from evil to good.
    • In a funny case of turnabout, Satan knew that Balder's plan would've ascended Queen Sheba along with Jubileus, but mistakenly thought Sheba would've been the one more likely to be out to destroy or rule over the humans and thus secretly gloated about it. With Balder's redemption and the truth showing Sheba to be the more reserved and even-keeled of the two warring deities, Balder is now the one who sees some positive in Sheba's presence, further angering Satan against him.
    • He has similar shame for dealings he'd made with Ragyo Kiryuin and Relius Clover, another two light-based misnathropic deities as he had once been under Loptr. In their cases it's compounded by the especially sick ways they manipulated their families, also increasing his disdain for how the Prophet used him as a tool against his own wife and daughter.
  • Despite Satan being housed there, Balder could not resist exploring the Silver Heavens. The Fallen One would see him and provoke him into battle. However, it did not last long, as Tyrael intervened as soon as he heard the commotion, and Manwë Sulimo arrived shortly thereafter, fending off Satan.
    • The two benevolent angels had heard of Balder's redemption and anticipated his eventual visit, conversing with him for awhile. Impressed by their great love for humanity, Tyrael has since become a great friend and he considers Manwë's counsel in high regard. He is also most hopeful that they can influence Jubileus.
    • Of the other angels he met there, he found Jibril to be strange in many aspects, although he certainly appreciates her love of knowledge more than her love of killing sprees, and is not on good terms with Imperius after the Archangel of Valor scolded him for "abandoning his calling" with regards to eliminating the darkness. Has yet to meet Aru Akise, however.
    • With information provided by Jibril, Tyrael and Manwë put the case of Balder's wife Rosa in front of the Court of the Gods. With the approval of Eiki Shiki, who deemed both Balder and his wife's souls to be "White", meaning good, Captain America and The Judge allowed for Rosa to be resurrected in the Pantheon as Balder's Herald. Reuniting with Rosa gave both Balder and his daughter Tears of Joy, and his friendship with these angels was only further entrenched.
  • His backstabbing of YHVH under Loptr's influence and proponence of humanity as his own true self both draw the hatred of the Great Will nowadays.
  • Contrary to both YHVH and the Fallen, Helel Lucifer and Satan Jacob actually find kinship with Balder's belief that Humans Are Special. However, he and this Lucifer vociferously disagree as to whether balance or chaos is the way to bring that greatness out, and the fact that Jacob once committed atrocities fitting his title against both humans and demons, with no malice aforethought but out of sheer carelessness to boot, is not lost on the Lumen.
  • Once supported Enrico Pucci's goal of achieving "heaven" but now understands how corrupt and twisted it truly is, especially upon learning of Pucci's allegiance with the notorious vampire Dio Brando. Same goes for Master Li and his desire to summon the Goddess of Rebirth.
  • As light-based demon kings who, aside from having benefited from his time as Loptr's thrall, have also corrupted at least one human against his own kin for purposes of power, Balder sees Fortinbras and Mundus as imperative to stop as well. This also extends to Chakravartin, who was in on Loptr's plans and formed an alliance with Fortinbras just like he did.
  • At some point formed a bond with Gwyn, he of the impressive royal crown and prosperous rule, and the two still agree on the power of light being preferable to darkness. However, Balder's experiences have tempered his judgment to be a bit more general and objective on that end, causing him to often take the Lord of Sunlight's measure when his hatred and suspicion towards dragons and darkness users threatens to pit him against someone who would otherwise be a true ally to both of their purposes. Maintaining his alliance with Gwyn also has an ulterior motive of its own, as the Lumen Sage doesn't want to leave the Lord of Cinder isolated lest he start getting ideas about another Ringed City incident.
    • Another thing they both agree on is that neither is a fan of Ashera. Like Loptr, she's the Order half of a god split in two. Unlike Loptr, she didn't exacerbate humanity's decay after condemning them. However, her resolution to the conflicts in her world was "either war ceases for 1000 years and I reunite with my other half or some fool starts a conflict and everyone dies." Predictably, she had to be stopped then, she'll probably have to be stopped now.
  • Was taken captive and used as a spirit by Galeem during the World of Light fiasco. Since then he has done his research on Galeem and Dharkon, finding that Galeem is actually described as an "angelic being" whereas Dharkon is an embodiment of chaos and darkness, both of whom play on devil archetypes very similar to the angels and demons he knows.
    Balder: These two monsters. They represent the exact designs of Paradiso and Inferno to their utmost extreme. Could they in fact be related to the troubles of our world? It might be an interesting question to ask of Aesir...
  • Gained the attention of several deified armies from the Warframe universe, namely the Tenno, Grineer, and Corpus armies, due to his gold and white design philosophy. Through this he learned about the Orokin, a race of immortals who created a seemingly prosperous universe but actually considered everything outside themelves to be disposable and bent the world to their will through draconian means before their ultimate downfall.
    • The Corpus saw themselves as successors to the Orokin, and thus tried to get into Balder's good graces until he made it clear he wasn't Orokin and actually rather disliked them. Then they soon lost interest.
    • The Grineer Dogs were created as an expendable Slave Race of clones, who inevitably rebelled against the Orokin after being abused and repurposed to fight and die for them once too many. As such, seeing a visage that even partly reminded them of their former masters filled them with hatred. Balder is no fan of the Grineer either, but is interested in the story of the only two Orokin they didn't hate with a passion and actually adored slavishly: a duo of exiles called the Twin Queens.
    • The Tenno, on ther other hand, actually checked Balder to see how much like or different from the Orokin he was, getting past their discomfort with his color scheme. While understanding that he means well today, they also know of his checkered past, so they keep their wits about them. In turn, unlike the Corpus and Grineer, who disgust him with the lengths either of them are willing to go to fulfill their own agendas, he holds the Tenno in high regard as the main reason why the solar system hasn't truly gone to the dogs.
  • There was tense anticipation for his meeting with Sparda once the Legendary Dark Knight ascended to the Pantheon. After all, he was a Sage who drew on angelic power while Sparda could easily qualify for a demon king if he so desired. Luckily, Balder knows more than enough about benevolent darkness users, and they both love humanity more than their elemental leanings, enabling the two to converse on positive terms and become good friends in short order. On top of that, the same pro-human angels who befriended Balder were already acquainted with Sparda's legend and thus were fast to approve of him as well.
  • "We may not see our next step. We may stumble. We may fall off the path. But we always move forward! That is the power of man!"

    Hope Summers/White Phoenix 
Hope Summers, Goddess of Redheads Who Wear Green (White Phoenix, The Mutant Messiah)
Hope As White Phoenix 

Intermediate Gods


Welcome to your death!

Gill, God of Color Specific Elements (Lord and Emperor of the Illuminati, The Savior of Humanity, The Dark Messiah)
  • Intermediate God (Potentially a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati
  • Theme Song(s): Nile (Drum & Bass Mix or The Emperor Doesn't Look Back), The Judgment Day when enacting plans, Psyche Out in battle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Respects his Opponents and Recognizes Their Abilities, Made Emperor of the Illuminati Simply Because of His Power and Destiny, The Dark Messiah Who Declares Himself as a God, Combines Ice Powers with Fire Powers, Well Intentioned Extremists, Hard to Defeat and Cheap Bosses, Stripperific Combat Loinclothing, "RESURRECTION!", The Seraphic Wing, Anti Villains, The Big Bad of Street Fighter III
  • Domains: Fire, Ice, World Saving, Balance, Combat
  • Associates of The Illuminati: Vandal Savage
  • Allies: Kolin, The Pillar Men, Algol
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Manipulating: Charlie Nash, Juri Han, Rashid
  • Closely Watching: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • The enimactic emperor of the Illuminati, from a young age Gill was meant for greatness as the center of a great prophecy. Genetically modified to become the Emperor of The Illuminati and The Savior of Humanity, Gill has been given the power to use both flames and ice through his red and blue sides, among other supernatural abilities. His goals are shrouded in mystery, only seeking to fulfill an apocalyptic agenda where he will save humanity and guide them to salvation, as was foretold years ago. Now in the Pantheon, he wants to ensure that goal also comes to pass here and doesn't really care if he has to unveil himself to the Pantheonic masses, in the end he will be the savior of humanity.
  • Immeadiately after ascending, he tried to conduct a tournament that would allow him to be able to weed out the weak and lead the worthy to be able to live in paradise. Apparently the Pantheon isn't quite the "utopia" he envisioned and Gill is willing to show why he is going to save the Pantheon from destruction. Many shown interest in entering, especially after hearing about Gill's infamy.
  • Turns out his claim as the "leader" of the Illuminati is up to debate, not because of some petty scheme designed by Urien to overthrow him, but because many sects of the Illuminati outside of his universe don't see Gill as their emperor and refuse to follow him, something that definitely didn't amuse him. Most notably, the organization labelled as the "Official" illuminati seem to tolerate Gill as just another one of their thousand of schemes but don't respond to him as a leader or anything. Similarly, given Bill Cipher's ties to the organization, he and Gill have butted heads several times in order to prove who was the true leader and neither is willing to back down.
  • Gill's action has earned him many enemies in his own universe, ranging from his estranged brother to many who had encounters with his organization. Gill's manner of resolving said conflict usually involve him coming to blows with his opponents, but sometimes he just throws a fights just to get them off his back.
    • He once had troubles with Dudley in the past, due to his organization taking ownership of Dudley's father's car, and though they are still on opposing sides, Gill has given it back to him, as reward for Dudley showing him a good fight, paired with the fact that he doesn't really drive cars anyway.
    • With Alex's ascension, Gill's tried to convice him to join the Illuminati. Alex, courtesy of Gill having injured his mentor Tom, rejected the offer, and since then, they've come to blows more then once.
  • His Resurrection Super Art, giving him the ability to rise from defeat instantly completely unharmed should he be killed or knocked out in battle, is one of the Illuminati's Sixty-Six Secret Arts, and notoriously infamous amongst the Pantheon given how often people got caught off guard by the ability. Combined with his other ability, which he calls 'Seraphic Wing', it's rumored that maybe he is a descendant of angels but some believe the Illuminati scientist truly can make remarkable things. Even then, many angels refuse to consider Gill one of their own given his nefarious goals, well intentioned or not.
  • He prefers balance, and has a dislike for both forces of Order and Chaos, though he keeps an eye on individual agents to see if they're worth bringing to The Promised Land. Particularly, he revealed himself into the world just to fight the so-called President of the World in order to find out what exactly is G's purpose. The two remained strong rivals after Gill easily one this bout but he suspects this innocuous buffoon may be up to something.
  • Surprisingly gets along with Kars and The Pillar Men given their similar appearances. Kars agrees with Gill's goals of creating an Utopia but often clash on who should lead the people, considering Kars and Esidisi easily wiped out their people, Gill was cautious in not turn away these potentially powerful allies and entertain their goals of becoming the ultimate lifeform for a while, even if that search of perfection is not really something Gill is super interested on.
  • Took interest in the young Shoto Todoroki after hearing about his rather complicated family history, not unlike that of his own. Interestingly, Shoto was also groomed to become the perfect successor of his family and even had a similar powerset but that's about when the similarities ends, as Todoroki wants nothing to do with Gill or the Illuminati and as a hero, promised to bring down Gill's organization.
  • Gill has shown an immense amount of respect for Algol, a king that in many ways refers his own status and is rare for Gill of all people to do so. That also ultimately lead the Illuminati emperor to take notice of the blades that once were related to Algol, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and Gill saw the potential these two had should he managed to get ahold of them. Maybe the prophecy hinted at him becoming the wielders of both swords? Nevertheless, neither of them are actually that fond of Gill at all.
  • Despite ostensibly appearing on the same side, The Illuminati and Shadaloo have secretly opposed each other for a long time, since Gill has far more altruistic intentions for his world-ruling agenda than M. Bison does. At the advent of Bison's final plan to become invincible using the power of seven artificial Black Moons, Gill tasked Urien and his secretary Kolin, operating as 'Helen', with assembling an anti-Shadaloo fighting force, which included the likes of Juri and a resurrected Nash. Kolin's team, along with one assembled by Karin Kanzuki, were ultimately successful in taking down the Dictator and clearing Gill's path to rule. Gill is watching Karin as a potential rival for future global leadership in the wake of Shadaloo's downfall.
  • Was very pleased to hear that Kolin ascended into the Pantheon and is hoping that she brings in more potential allies for the Illuminati. This has seen dividends in some ways better than others: while Gill is very much appreciative of the alliance she's forged with Regime Superman, with he and Savage both looking forward to seeing if she can bring the Kyrptonian into the Illuminati fold, he is also nearly as annoyed as the Phantasm of Snow and Ice herself is at Kano's obsessive lust towards her.
  • "The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA."
  • Can also be found in Elements and Nature: Other.

Manaphy, God of Coming From an Egg With Its Pattern (The Seafaring Pokémon, Prince of the Sea)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The egg it was born from
  • Theme Songs: Prince of the Sea, Play with Manaphy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Ability: Hydration
  • Gender: Genderless (identifies as male)
  • Moveset: Heart Swap, Tail Glow, Dive, Water Pulse
    • Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Being a Mythical Water-type, No Biological Sex, "Freaky Friday" Flip, Can Bond With Any Pokémon, Based Off a Clione or Sea Angel, Purposely Overpowered, Pattern-Coded Eggs Unlike Any Main-Series Pokémon, Strong, Balanced Stats, King Mook
  • Domains: Eggs, Water, Mythicals, Soul Swapping, Cliones, The Sea
  • Herald: Phione (its maybe mythical offspring)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Water-type Pokémon as a whole, the Inklings, Octolings, Callie, Marie and Off the Hook, The Sea Angels
  • Enemies
  • Annoyed by: The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Distrusts: Pirates regardless of alignment (excluding Luffy and his friends) and the Hall of Piracy, Orm Marius/the Ocean Master
  • Opposed by: Squidward Tentacles
  • Fears: SCP-169, Cthulhu and the Kraeken, The Flood (Doctor Who)
  • Wary of: The House of Plants and Hall of Electricity
  • Most Pokémon, at least in the game, share a generic green-spotted eggshell design. The sea angel/clione Manaphy instead has a sea-blue egg with a red center and yellow dots similar to its appearance as a grown Pokémon. It is also the only mythical recorded seen coming from an egg, and being capable of breeding in a Pokémon daycare (albeit only with Ditto and producing the weaker Phione). Born on a cold seafloor, it will swim great distances to return to its birthplace. It has a wonderous power to bond with any kind of Pokémon. The species is 80% water, making them highly affected by their environment.
  • This Manaphy has been identified as the grown up version of the very same one from the ninth Pokémon movie. Choosing that Manaphy was partly brand recognition, and partly because the Seafaring Pokémon arrived here after actively seeking out its mother figure May. It has decided to identify as male as while it is genderless, it is known as the Prince of the Sea. He continues to guard the sea temple of Samiya and prevent people from trying to steal the Sea Crown. The area serves as his temple, and the Mythical has expanded his communication skills with others from the same 'verse.
    • Because of the rarity of Manaphy and the valuables of Samiya, Pokémon Hunter J considers stealing from it and putting Manaphy on the black market incredibly profitable. With the ability to bond with any Pokémon, J's sheer heartlessness befuddles and horrifies the Prince of the Sea. Giovanni has also regarded the Mythical as little more than a source of profit, and Manaphy is greatly disturbed by what Lysandre has in store or the lows Ghetsis sinks to. By contrast, former villain Archie is deeply fascinated by the Prince of the Sea and Samiya, and has sworn to protect it as part of his redemption.
    • He's generally happy to meet up with Ash again for his part in saving the day, and was impressed to learn he eventually obtained his own Mythical Pokémon in the form of Meltan/Melmetal. Manaphy has remained grateful for the Pokémon Rangers for their organization's part in helping it. Cynthia was invited to explore Samiya so she can better understand the land and Manaphy. Water-type Pokémon are usually welcome, especially Relicanth who's experienced with ancient ruins given its connection with the Regis. One of Manaphy's friends is Nebby, a baby that grew up to an even stronger Olympus Mons.
  • The species Manaphy takes inspiration from, the sea angel, is the same kind of obscure sea slug that the Sea Angels represent. He's implied that the Phione serving as his herald was the result of time with a Sea Angel, though he might just not want to admit to meeting with Ditto; whether Phione is considered Mythical is often disputed, but the connection prevents them from being used in tournaments. The Prince of the Sea's relationship with the Sea Angels remains more casual than anything, however. Sometimes he likes to bring Phione to join in the fun of Splatfest or associate with their fellow mollusks. The squid girl Ika Musume tried to use the situation as one of her schemes, but the Prince of the Sea couldn't take her seriously and was just amused by her antics.
  • Manaphy quickly associated the People of the Waters the sea temple of Samiya to the tales of many seafaring societies with sea-based ruins, but being relatively young for a Mythical admits there's still more he needs to find out about them. To aid him in this, Manaphy picked Milo Thatch as a partner because of his research on Atlantis and important role in saving it from greedy villains like Commander Rourke. After their meeting, both King Triton and Arthur Curry went on a diplomatic appointment to Samiya and congratulated the Prince of the Sea for how well he's managed to run the sea temple despite his youth. The two have since advise him further on his duties as Prince of the Sea.
  • Orm is well-aware of Manaphy's bond with his brother and he wants to get the Mythical on his side, being genuinely friendly and giving him advice on how to rule. While Manaphy appreciates this, he knows about Ocean Master's villainy and fraught relationship with his half-brother so he doesn't trust him. They were in agreement that Black Manta is a blight on the ocean, and he'd certainly try to kill him and May just to spite Aquaman. Manaphy's relationship with Princess Ruto was a lot less difficult due to her being genuinely heroic, and being next in-heir of the Zora's leadership.
  • Ursula is currently seeking to take control of Samiya as her new base of operations. While Manaphy is a Mythical Pokémon, he is still considered young and it's not like the People of the Water are around anymore so he needs help to stop the Sea Witch from usurping his position. Said help would come in Rikuo the fish-man, and Ponyo who's similarities to Ariel has long since played into her opposition with Ursula. Aiding the villain was Tamatoa, who was promised half the "shi—-nees" of Samiya and Anago, who wants to take a Manaphy-like role so his plans of a cult will gain more ground than if it was just him alone.
  • Doesn't like pirates. While some like Luffy and his friends are exceptions to the rule, Manaphy is distrustful of them because of the pirate Phantom having tried to steal him as an egg and steal the Sea Crown from Samiya. The Flying Spaghetti Monster took umbridge at this since pirates are holy to his noodly appendages and not the villains people think they are. The Pastafarian god continued to try and convert the Mythical to his way of thinking, much to Manaphy's annoyance, and that annoyance was only fueled when Samiya got flooded by pasta sauce because the Flying Spaghetti Monster squeezed the cannister too hard after shaking it.
  • Manaphy's (former) signature move is Heart Swap, which swaps stat changes with the opponent using the ends of their head-tails. Another use of this power is the ability to swap people's souls with one another. Upon hearing about this Spongebob got the idea he could try and make Squidward less of a grump by walking a mile in his shoes, and did it in exchange for a free Krabby Pattynote . This went terribly for Squidward since he got jealous at "Squidbob" getting the hang of and being a great clarinet artist while he failed to inherit Spongebob's fry cooking skills and was annoyed by Patrick more than usual. He's still salty about it to this day.
  • By nature Manaphy is a highly empathetic Pokémon that tends to get along with anyone in the Hall of Aquatic Life. Sure he has enmity with Bruce and the Kraken, but only because they keep trying to eat him. The SCP Foundation have observed the Prince of the Sea laughing hysterically after some Friendly Tickle Torture by SCP-999, followed by general cuddles and affection along with the Seafaring Pokémon respecting the blob's immense compassion. The Foundation has so far demonstrated restraint from using Manaphy's Heart Swap on SCP-682, since even if it works it's possible the new personality in 682 might become like the lizard's.
  • Because Manaphy lives in a sea temple and is 80% water, he holds a mortal terror of the Flood and the absolute catastrophe that'd break out if it infected him. He's almost as afraid of SCP-169 since it's an impossibly large sea arthropod who's awakening would be disastrous. The Seafaring Pokémon has come to tread more carefully after learning about Cthulhu and the Kraeken as well, and nobody blames him. It should also go without saying Manaphy avoids any plant or electricity-related gods, and he's no fan of Octogeddon for destroying human monuments for mere insults and the existence of calamari.
  • Due to being native to the sea, Manaphy hates blatant polluters like Mr Burns and especially Hexxus as they would ruin the sea if they win. Mr Burns is a bit confused by this since he thought netting sea creatures into slurry was good for the environment and something the Pokémon might appreciate. In order to protect the environment better Manaphy has been supporting Captain Planet. One of the first things they did together was punish Rusty for how awful he is as a Pokémon trainer. Other enemies include any poacher given his rarity and how he already feels about Hunter J, and Surtr who wants to burn the world and regards any water-based being as a nuisance in the way of that goal.

    The Masters of Spinjitzu 
The Masters of SpinjitzuMembers , Gods of Technicolor Ninjas (Jay: Jay Gordon)
Clockwise from the top-left: Jay, Nya, Lloyd, Cole, Zane, and Kai
  • Intermediate Gods (Lloyd is a Greater God as the Golden Master, while the other Ninja are borderline Greater Deities in their respective elements, if Nya's true potential and Cole's Spinjitzu Burst are indications)
  • Symbols: Their Six Palm Mural; Individually, their elemental symbols
  • Theme Music: The Weekend Whip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall, with Kai being Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Color-Coded Characters, Elemental Powers, Meaningful Name, True Companions, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Domains: Ninja, Elements, Colors
    • Fire (Kai); Lightning (Jay); Earth (Cole); Ice (Zane); Energy (Lloyd); Water (Nya)
  • Heralds: Sensei Wu, Misako (Lloyd's mother), the Elemental Masters, the redeemed Serpentine, Dareth, Ed and Edna Walker (Jay's adoptive parents), Lou (Cole's father), Ray and Maya (Kai & Nya's parents), P.I.X.A.L, Ronin, Dr. Cyrus Borg, Mystake (AKA Mistaké), Akita, The Dragon Hunters, Echo Zane
  • Allies: Emmet Brickowski, Princess Uni-Kitty, Mata Nui, The Toa Nuva, The Turaga of Mata Nui, The Toa Mahri, all benevolent Harry Potter and Star Wars deities, All benevolent dragon deities, including those from the House of Dragons, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Greninja, Ayane, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, the benevolent Senran Kagura deities
  • Enemies: Teridax, The Vahki, Roodaka, Aphophis, Orochi, Lady Vashj, Revese-Flash
  • Wary of: The Overlord and his Minions, Goro Akechi
  • While originally starting off as a franchise of LEGO products with a simple premise based on Rule of Cool, the Masters of Spinjitzu soon got show more depths to themselves through their animated series, going through ounces of Character Development and personal journeys together, while facing off against various adversaries. Whether that would be fighting Lloyd's corrupted father, Garmadon, the skeletal warriors led by Samukai, the Serpentine, the Overlord and his Stone and Robot armies, the Cult of the Anacondrai, an army of ghosts, sky pirates, or traveling through time, worlds, or video games, the Ninja will always be there to protect the Land of Ninjago.
  • After going through many journeys together, the Ninja were given an invitation to the Pantheon due to the Court of the Gods needing a group to represent Technicolor Ninja, finding them to be the best candidates after seeing their adventures. The ninja agreed and were given a spot in the Pantheon, becoming the Gods of Technicolor Ninja.
  • The Ninja soon crossed paths with other LEGO deities, becoming quick friends with Emmet Brickowski and Princess Uni-Kitty, though some of them are a little flabbergasted or amused by the former's happy-go-lucky attitude and also learned quickly not to make the latter angry. The Ninja also met the Toa, people who have similar world to their own and can also use elemental powers of their own, become quick allies with them.
    • With allies however comes enemies, as the Ninja also met Teridax, the Vahki and Roodaka. Teridax proved himself to be the most dangerous threat out of the three, so the Ninja are prepared to help the Toa stop him no matter what.
    • Some of the Ninja and Toa find themselves similar to one another, and formed friendships because of it. Kai got along with Tahu for being a hot-blooded fire user like him. Matau and Lewa both were also foolhardy characters, so Kai found common ground with them. Cole became fast friends with Hewkii due to some of their similarities in personality and powers. Lloyd and Takanuva were also golden benevolent light heroes, becoming good friends as well.
  • Having fought the Great Devourer and the Serpentine, the Ninja understandably fear the Chaos Serpent Apophis, considering it a bigger threat than the former. They also strongly oppose Vashj due to how similar she was to an evil Serpentine.
  • Became quick enemies with Boris the Animal, Dark Danny, and the Reverse-Flash all of them being villains who tried to change the past for the worst. The Ninja had faced villains in both Garmadon and the Time Twins, so they're prepared to stop them if they try to put their plans into motion again.
  • When they heard the Overlord had ascended into the Pantheon, the ninja reacted with fear and prepared for battle. However, they soon found out there were different Overlords in the Pantheon, ones that can command expendable minions in battle. While less dangerous and evil than the Overlord they thought, the Ninja still know not to takes these Overlords lightly, especially if they have to deal with the minions.
  • The Masters of Spinjitzu would soon come across other ninja in the Pantheon besides themselves, even ninja that aren't known for being stealthy such as Ryu Hayubasa, Kasumi, and Ayane. Their combat prowess nevertheless impresses them and they tend to have friendly spars with them during their off-time. The ninja also befriended some of the benevolent Mortal Kombat deities, though they are disturbed by the way they dispatch their opponents. Greninja, as a Frog Ninja with control over water, tends to spar with Nya or fight alongside due to their similar powers. The Senran Kagura also like to spar with the Ninja, interested in their Spinjitzu and Elemental Powers.
  • The Ninja, being friends to dragons, tend to visit the House of Dragons to meet and befriend the most benevolent dragon deities. The Ninja were welcomed warmly in the house, and they were in awe that some of them were sapient or humanoid. They have, however, also fought evil dragons, so they're willing to fight the more malevolent deities in the house if they have to.
  • Exclusive to Lloyd:
    • Gets along with fellow chosen ones Neo and Colette, despite their circumstances being different. Both Neo and Colette were chosen by their greatest adversaries, and ultimately rejected those destinies imposed upon them. Lloyd shows great respect and approval for their defiance, while the two were happy that at the very least Lloyd never had to eliminate his father as others thought he would.
    • Lloyd finds himself getting along with Luke Skywalker, who like him also had a father that turned to evil and was hoping to reedeem him. They both however sympathize with each other over the circumstances behind their father's turn to evil, since while Anakin reluctantly but willingly became Palpatine's apprentice after considering himself too far gone, Garmadon was corrupted and Forced into Evil twice. While Garmadon has yet to fully regain the good he lost again, Lloyd and Luke do hope one day he'll be able to overcome his evil once more.
    • Becomes good friends with Harry Potter due to how being the Chosen One weighed heavily on their lives. Lloyd's also sympathizes with how Harry grew up without his parents, instead being raised by an abusive aunt and uncle. Harry also sympathizes with Lloyd over his how his is Forced into Evil twice, and hopes he can restored to his original personality one day.
    • Finds Grima to be very similar to the Overlord in his Dark Dragon form, and as a result, Lloyd strongly opposes him and his legion of the Risen. Grima in turn hates Lloyd due to his dragon heritage reminding him of the Divine Dragon, Naga.
    • Lloyd is incredibly sympathetic towards the Elric brothers since one of their parents had to leave them for important reasons. He even admits he still held his mother's departure against her for a brief period of time before accepting it and her apology.
    • Being a victim of Demonic Possession once, Lloyd is understandably wary of deities who do this. Lloyd fears the likes of Babynote , Pazuzu, XANAnote , and Kayokonote 
    • Lloyd was bullied in his former school, so he can understand the position of those who had been bullied. This is probably why he became good friends with Naruto, considering how they were both looked down on by other children their age.
    • Has a lot of common ground to bond over with Riku Asakura due to their father issues. Lloyd shows disgust towards Ultraman Belial for abusing Riku, while Riku shows sympathy for Lloyd's father after learning he was Forced into Evil, but is glad at least there is hope for him, unlike his father.

  • Exclusive to Kai:
    • Wyldstyle and Kai form a kinship over how they wanted to be the Chosen One, but eventually grew to accept being the Chosen One's ally instead. Wyldstyle also told Kai how he can be a Chosen One in his own story, something that Kai thought of and actually liked the idea.
      • This in turn led Riku to befriend Kai, since Riku was originally chosen to wield the Kingdom Key before it went to Sora, and Riku had to redeem himself and accept his role before he could get his own Keyblade. Kai admits he was obsessed with becoming the Green Ninja and defeating Garmadon that it held him back from reaching his true potential, and only by accepting his role as the Green Ninja's protector was he able to unlock it.
      • Kai sees Tai Lung as his Evil Counterpart, considering how he wanted to be the Dragon Warrior but was denied due to his Fatal Flaw. Kai takes Tai Lung's Meaningless Villain Victory as a cautionary tale to not waste life and throw away everything just to be special.
    • Since his parents were taken away from him when he was littlenote , Kai got along with other deities who lost their parents at a young age. He became quick friends with Naruto due to how his parents sacrificed themselves to save him, and Ragna since his mother figure was murdered by his Arch-Enemy Yuuki Terumi.

  • Exclusive to Cole:
    • Cole and Tenzin formed a kinship due to wanting approval from their own fathers, which served as massive roadblock. It was preventing the former from reaching his true potential, but Cole was able to receive his father's acceptance. Tenzin was feeling the pressure of having to live up to Aang's expectations, and only by being told he was allowed to be his own person was Tenzin able to move on.
      • This desire allows Cole to sympathize with Zuko and Goro Akechi (despite not approving of his actions). Both of them had tried to receive of a father who absolutely had no love for them and saw them as beneath them. Zuko was able to grow out of this, while Akechi eventually decided to entrust Shido's fate to the Phantom Thieves. While Cole and Zuko were able to become friends, Cole is still wary of Akechi, even if the latter is no longer trying to commit crimes for Shido.
    • Having been a ghost once and overcoming his fear of ghosts, Cole found himself getting along with the most benevolent ghosts in the Pantheon, including Casper and Reimi. Cole forms a kinship with Danny Fenton, while being that a human-ghost hybrid can exist.
    • Having a Sweet Tooth, Cole enjoys hanging out with the Kira Kira Cures and Lemres. Cole tends to vist them to eat some cake and talk about their adventures.
    • Though Cole overcame his fear of ghosts, he still dreads having to face Sadako. If he sees her cursed videotape, he would try to get rid of it as fast as possible.
    • Cole found the Okazaki family's struggles to be similar to his, considering how his mother also passed away from illness, straining his relationship with his father. Because of this, he's incredibly sympathetic towards Tomoya, Nagisa, and Ushio and is happy they at least found their happy ending.

  • Exclusive to Jay:
    • Hilda was an abandoned child just like Jay, so he found himself sympathizing with her. Unfortunately as of today, Jay still doesn't know who his parents are and why he was abandoned, but Hilda was promised to help him if he ever needs it, something that Jay greatly appreciates.
    • Becomes quick friends with Yosuke, Junpei, Ryuji, and Aoki due to all of them being the Plucky Comic Relief. Jay finds himself sympathetic to Yosuke and Junpei since they both lost the girl of their dreams, with the girl Yosuke likes apparently never reciprocating his feelings. Aoki and Jay tend to talk about their girlfriends in their spare time.
    • Jay had once fought an evil Jinn named Nadakhan, Jay strongly opposes Jafar. Jay greatly fears the kind of power an evil genie has, and wants to make sure Jafar can never threaten anyone again.
    • Strongly opposes evil A.I. due to having once fought a dangerous video game character lashing out in the physical world. Some of the most notable include:
      • CLU 2.0 and the Master Control Program for being digital tyrants in their virtual worlds. They strongly oppose humans the most, so Jay is willing to fight them to protect humanity.
      • XANA is feared greatly by Jay, considering how his attacks on the physical world are extremely powerful and would've killed any unfortunate victim if the Lyoko Warriors hadn't stopped attack in time and used Return to the Past (since this feature can't undo death).
    • As an adopted child, Jay found himself getting along with other Happily Adopted deities, such as the likes of Superman and Yui. Jay finds Peter Parker to be the most similar to him to the point they became instant friends, having to raised by people other than their parents while also learning to be a hero, as well as to crack jokes.

  • Exclusive to Zane:
    • Zane would find other robot deities in the Pantheon eager to become his friend.
      • Aigis, Mega Man, Labrys, Gamma, Android 16, Astro, Jenny, and X are all robots who wish to protect humans, so they eagerly welcomed Zane as an ally. Zane is also intrigued by Aigis's feelings for Makoto Yuki, since he's never met a robot in love with a human before.
      • Zane and Sean became fast friends due to how they discovered they weren't human to begin with, though unlike Zane, Sean never had memories to begin with. Zane pretty much becomes a dorky big brother figure for Sean, wanting to help him just as much as Sean's human friends.
    • Really does not like Honest, not just for his corruption and willingness to ruin an empire, but also manipulating the young emperor to use as his puppet ruler. Considering how he was left amnesiac and used as the Ice Emperor, this is understandable.
    • Strongly opposes the most evil robots in the Pantheon, something he's known and fought before. Zane strongly dislikes and fears Vile, Omega, and Copy X, the former two for being Ax-Crazy and the latter for being a tyrant with a Lack of Empathy.

  • Exclusive to Nya:
    • Hermione formed a quick friendship, since they both have a fear of failure. Hermoine took great pride in her status as a good student to the point her Boggart took the form of a teacher telling her she's failed in every subject. Nya was so used to successes that the moment she encounters something she couldn't master instantly, she gives up. Nya has overcome her fear, and wants to help Hermione do the same.
    • Nya became fast friends with Winry and Lucca, both of them being mechanics for their friends. They also had a very close friendship with one their allies, while also having a crush on them (well, an implied crush in Lucca's case).
    • Becomes good friends with Bentley Turtle, even if she doesn't approve of him using his intelligence for theivery. She's also sympathetic after learning how Bentley's heart was broken by his treacherous girlfriend.
      • She strongly dislikes Penelope Mouse, a disgrace of a mechanic who toyed with her boyfriend's heart and was willing to abandon him the moment he doesn't want to do things her way. Nya makes it clear she will make Penelope will pay for her crimes and her cruelty towards Bentley and his friends.
    • She's recently been sighted as having become one with the Endless Ocean of her world and now appears as a water elemental with no physical body. She no longer stands with the other Ninja as she has duties in the vast waters to carry out. Jay has been throughouly depressed about this, though deities have at least helped him feel better. She's also been seen sparsely in the Pantheon as well.

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 
Mighty Morphin' Power RangersMembers , Battle Deities of Color-Coded Characters (Jason: Red Ranger I, Gold Zeo Ranger II, Omega Red Ranger; Zack: Black Ranger I, Omega Black Ranger; Billy: Blue Ranger; Trini: Yellow Ranger I, Omega Yellow Ranger; Kimberly: Pink Ranger I, Ranger Slayer, Pink Solar Ranger; Tommy; Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger I, Black Dino Ranger)
From Left to Right: Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Ann Hart, Zack Taylor, and Billy Cranston
Click here  to see their transformed state
Click here  for Jason as the Gold Zeo Ranger
Click here  for Kimberly as the Ranger Slayer

Lesser Gods

    Moira O'Deorain 
Moira O'Deorain, Goddess of the Purple and Yellow Duality
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Weapon, the Biotic Grasp; alternatively, the Biotic Orbs
  • Theme Song: Moira's theme
  • Alignment: Considers herself to be Above Good and Evil; she is closer to Lawful Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Bifauxnen, Big Bad Ensemble, Combat Medic, Creepy Long Fingers, Dark Action Girl, Evil Redhead, Evilutionary Biologist, Finger-Tenting, Fade, Femme Fatalons, Has an obssession with knowledge and science, Life Drain, Mad Scientist, Older Than They Look, Professor Guinea Pig, Squishy Wizard, Wicked Cultured
  • Domains: Science, Genetics, Knowledge, Healing, Decay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Overwatch (Special mention to Angela Ziegler/Mercy and Jesse McCree), Scientists with Standards, The Tenno, The House of Beast,
  • Moira O'Deorain is a controversial scientist in her own world, following a discovery about genetic modification that could help humanity and her lack of ethics caused her piers to dissent of her methods. That's why she was drafted by Gabriel Reyes and allowed to operate in secret in behalf of Overwatch while making her a member of Blackwatch. After the Venice incident, Overwatch cut all ties with Moira and denied her involvement, but Reyes kept in contact with her since his own cell degeneration caused by the Soldier Program forced him to seek her aid. Eventually Moira became one of the heads of Talon, which are happy to allow her to continue her investigation while she provides them the means to continue their cause.
  • Talon wanted to have another one of their higher ups in the pantheon in order to have a better presence so Moira was quick to join them, mostly because they told her there were breakouts in science unheard on her world and she couldn't waste an opportunity to know more about it. She is dissapointed that she couldn't be appointed to Science but she was respectful of the Court of Gods wishes and remained in a different temple.
    • As for her title? The Duality Motif of Moira has always been a prevalent theme regarding her and that while the latter title was taken, many noticed that her colour scheme is heavily themed after purple and yellow, one for damage and the other for healing. This dual nature is what eventually awarded her the title of Yellow/Purple Contrast
  • It goes without saying that Moira and the ascended Overwatch members don't see eye to eye, especially her old Blackwatch teammates Genji Shimada and Jesse McCree. But the one person she hates the most is Mercy, not only because they are basically polar opposites, but because she is very jealous of her scientific discoveries while she herself was shunned. It's not secret that her Biotic Grasp is Ziegler's technology modified by Moira to suit her needs.
  • As stated before, Moira is obssessed with the House of Science and she seems to have a cordial relationship with Mesogog and Ryoma Sengoku who are the heads of the less ethical parts of the House who find miss O'Deorain to be quite interesting. Her favourite subhouse would be Genetic Engineering where she often like to investigate about the different type of people that inhabit the House.
    • She is also a geneticist of the evil kind and has done some of her first experiments on animals before moving on to people. She has been contacted by people who have done the latter, namely Dr. Eggman, Dr. N. Cortex and Dr. N. Brio but she is been disinterested in going along their plans.
  • While she is primarely a Geneticist, Moira also has the role of Talon's Combat Medic in certain operations. While she would rather don't take matters personally, she will do so if they have to be done. During a trip through the House of Health and Diseases she found out about The Medic, someone who her "dear friend" Angela doesn't think high of and actually became allies, mostly since Moira has been interested in replicating his technology. Another person she bonded with was Fabius Bile, as a fellow Mad Scientist he understands Moira's drives and considers her a kindred soul.
  • Sheev Palpatine has taken interest in her genetic experimentation and has tried to form an alliance with Talon in order to see the results, especially if she create new effective clones for the empire. Moira has considered the offer but so far she is not interested.
    • Speaking of clone armies, she also decided to investigate on the Grineer after they made a similar offer to her. She was very underwhelmed that the average soldier of the Grineer army was in poor condition and she apalled by their weak genetic code meaning they serve no purpose to her. She remained on their good side though, since she doesn't want to risk having the Grineer after her but that made the Tenno consider her a potential target. Nevermind that Moira is very interested to learn about the Tenno's biology and that they are also allies with Genji, an old teammate of Moira.
  • She used to experiment on animals, particularly bunnies, which made her be hated by a large part of the House of Beast, especially those that were experimented on.
  • Moira has been noted to have a certain physical resemblance to David Bowie, especially when she dones the Glam Rock costume. The similarities don't stop there, she as others have noticed she also resembles King Jareth which was one of Bowie's roles.
  • The Biotic Grasp has been certainly an interesting device, but others have noticed that her healing liquid make it looks like she is throwing piss to her allies. She finds the later comments highly unamusing.
  • Infamously considered to be a Weeaboo. This is because of her tendency to do a Bird Run akin to ninjas, coalessence resembling a Kamehameha and other things as well.
  • "Science will reveal the truth."
  • Can also be found in Complex Symbolism.

    The Vivid Team 
The Vivid TeamMembers , Goddesses of Color Themed Groups