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Intermediate Gods

I have returned!

Fenix, God of Plasma Cannons (Praetor Fenix, Steward of the Templar)
Fenix as a Dragoon
Fenix as a Zealot 
Fenix inside the Dragoon 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dragoon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, The Big Guy, Blood Knight, Man in the Machine, Number Two, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Number Two, Repurposed as a Dragoon
  • Domains: Fighting, Courage, Death, Resurrection, Machines, Weapons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ascended Zerg, Amon, Alarak, The Corpus
  • Worthy Opponent: Worf, Chewbacca
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sarah Kerrigan, Alexei Stukov
  • Rival: D.Va
  • Opposed by: Robocop
  • Fenix was a courageous protoss templar that relished on battle and honor and worked as then Executor Artanis' Number Two. Fenix was killed following an attack by Zerg hydralish and his Psy-blades malfunctioning but thankfully he was brought back as a dragoon, where he continued to fight the Zerg invasion of Aiur while meeting allies who would become his closest friends like Jim Raynor, a terran so valorous that Fenix considers him an honorary member of the templar. Unfortunately, he met his end after being betrayed by Kerrigan and Raynor swore to avenge his death ever since...until he was later found as an Purifier who held all of his memories, but it turned out to be someone else.
  • Fenix was confused at first by his ascension, since he found the pantheon to be a place unlike any other he has ever been but his worries turned to joy when he saw his old Protoss comrades as well as his good friend Raynor welcoming to the pantheon after becoming the god of Plasma Cannons. He was a little bothered by the fact that for him to represent the title he had to be brought as a Dragoon, greatly preferring to return to his original body but he understands that it's a necessity and doesn't hold any hard feelings for the people in charge who brought him over like this.
    • Though he rejoices upon meeting his old Protoss comrades in the Pantheon, he cannot say the same with Alarak. He views him as a dishonorable craven, pirate, and heretic, all of which Alarak finds the jeers amusing coming from a Dragoon.
  • However, thanks to some help from the deities in the House of Technology and Life and Vitality, Fenix was able to regain his original Protoss body and can access his Dragoon Form if he requires it. He has been grateful for that and swears that he would return the favor to those kind deities however he can. That said, if he happens to be slain in combat, he always returns as a Dragoon, he has been trying to change that part of the Pantheon resurrection system but he seems unable to do it for the moment.
    • He meets his robotic doppelgänger that people were confusing him for. Upon meeting the Purifier, Fenix is rather honored that his legacy still lives on and that he wish for a glorious combat alongside him.
  • He hasn't forgotten what Kerrigan did to him in his mortal life. However, when his Terran companion, Raynor, told him that things are different and there are much worse things than her. Though Fenix is still vindictive toward the Queen of Blade, he decides to put aside his own feelings if it means defending the Khalai.
  • A proud warrior, he is ready to challenge any alien warrior that could prove to be good sport for him.
    • He is largely unimpressed by humans, because most of them are either weak in his eyes or dishonorable like the rest of the Terrans in the Koprulu Sector. Raynor is a very obvious exception since he helped the Protoss in their darkest hour of the Zerg invasion of Aiur.
    • He's rather peculiar that a young human boy named Ben Tennyson has a device that lets him transform into many different alien forms. Though he would like to challenge his more tougher forms, he doesn't really take the boy too seriously.
    • Samus Aran once held his title prior to his ascension. Fenix found the Space Warrior to be intriguing for a woman infused with alien DNA that he thought was something a Zerg would do.
  • Do not remind him of his first death at a hand of the Zerg because his psi-blade malfunctioned at a very terrible time. He claims that it never happened before and anyone who tries to bother him about it will receive a reminder of how these blades work.
    • Also, do not shame him by humiliating his pride with a Spawn Broodling in his second death. Anyone that denies him a honorable death will be given the same denial.
  • Do not let his age of 398 years give you an impression that he's an old man (well, relative compare to a human and a Protoss). He will let you know that he can still... how Terrans would say it... "throw down with the best of them."
  • The Corpus was interested in the metal and schematics of the dragoons that they dare try take pieces of it from Fenix to further understand their understanding of Protoss machinery for profit. Fenix is furious that they would dare take a sacred relic of the Protoss that was nearly wiped out during the Zerg invasion that he would compare to carrions.
  • X-COM's cybernetic program of creating their soldiers into MEC Troopers intrigued Fenix due to similarity with the Dragoons. To say the least, he is rather admirable that the human would sacrifice limbs to stop an alien threat, like honorable warriors.
  • Robocop views him with ill taste since he reminds him of the ED-209 with its massive size walkers and destructive power that could harm civilians.
  • Though Fenix is proud as a warrior and that even his first death and transformation into a Dragoon, he is honored to fight again for the Khala. That said, he is jealous of D.Va that can she could exit her MEKA, which is impossible for a Dragoon as it is designed as a life support for Zealot that are too badly damaged in combat.
  • "I fear no enemy, for the Khala is my strength. I fear not death. For our strength is eternal."

Vikavolt, God of Dual-Pronged Beam Weapons (Stag Beetle Pokémon, Kuwagannon)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God with Dynamax.
  • Symbol: Visage of its two mandibles
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moves: Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Agility, Zap Cannon
    • Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc
  • Portfolio: Bug Type, Electric-Type, Using Its Jaws For Electricity Control, Flight, Mighty Glacier, Magikarp Power, Thunder Beetle
  • Domains: Bugs, Electricity, Weapons, Flight
  • Herald: Charjabug
  • Allies: Arata Kagami, Vic Viper and its Avatars, Benjamin Franklin, Thor, Sparky, Agitha, Mikoto Masaka, Gunvolt, Sage Harpuia, Barry Allen, Wally West
  • Rivals: Pinsir, Heracross, HerakleKabuterimon
  • Enemies: Ragnaros the Firelord, Dr Weil, Copy X, The Radiance, Ragyo Kiryuin, Eneru, Gigabolt Man-O-War
  • Opposes: The Ultra Beasts
  • Vikavolt is a giant stag beetle what is said to be like a fortress with wings. It fires electricity from its mouth, and uses its giant jaws as a way to control the blasts of electricity it shoots out. When Vikavolt came to the Pantheon, it came as a Charjabug. With a note saying "Try to figure out how to evolve this bugger". No one was sure how to evolve the Charjabug. After much research, it is discovered that Charjabug can only evolve in special magnetic fields. Then the question came where one would find such a place. It took some improvising with help of Catherine Kyoubashi and her Arcana Median to create an area where the Charjabug would evolve. Fucking magnets, how to they work?
  • While he is technically Kuwagust Anchus' partner due of both being blue stag beetles, he gets periodical usage from Herculious Anchus due of him having much more preference over electric attacks than his brother. By chain of command this should make Copy X his superior, however unlike his partner's more conflicted relationship with Copy X, Vikavolt despises the evil of the ruler of Neo Arcadia. All of them can at least agree in hating Dr Weil. Vikavolt does think Harpuia is neat and a figure to respect, helping with his power over lightning.
  • Vikavolt is almost always seen carrying a shiny Charjabug around in its feet. That is because Charjabug acts as some sort of battery to it. The said Charjabug is referred as mini-god of Living Batteries. The Stag Beetle Pokemon is an excellent flyer, being able to pull off maneuvers and sharp movements as high speed... of base 43 Speed. A Grubbin is faster than a Vikavolt! Because the Charjabug it has is red, it is often compared to a London Bus given the Pokemon looks like a mini-bus. It could also be compared to subway cars, typically powered by electricity. However it and Vikavolt are far too slow to be used for proper transport. To rectify this, the Stag Beetle Pokemon has been training with both Flashes to have him and the Charjabug become faster. Their association with lightning aids in the Electric-type Pokemon's goals.
  • Its shape and cry makes some think Charjabug has accordion inspirations. Don't expect it to wow the House of Musicality anytime soon. Despite the fact Vikavolt is slow, this doesn't stop Vikavolt races being a thing on Poni Island.
  • Has noted to have some similarities with Vic Viper and Kamen Rider Gatack. Vikavolt seems to enjoy their company for the most part. He seems to be fond of Mikoto Masaka as her lightning powers and use of railguns reminds the Pokemon of his own tuning fork powers. Together, they can compliment each other's powers. Gunvolt has also noticed the potential of the electric stag beetle, and offers Vikavolt some snacks and good fights in exchange for helping him out.
  • He's fierce rivals with both Pinsir and Heracross to the point that they consider it a common threat and would team up against it if needed. All three will unite if they are forced to fight against Ragnaros the Firelord, due to his love of burning INSECTS! Vikavolt also has a tendency to pick up fights against HerakleKabuterimon due of their shared traits of being electric beetles. Initially they squabbled over who should get the trope, but now that he's up that's water under the bridge..
  • As with just about every insect, Vikavolt regards The Radiance as a natural enemy. And with most Alolan Pokemon, it wasn't all too happy to learn the Ultra Beasts had arrived in mass given their invasion in the region. The Stag Beetle Pokemon wondered if Ragyo Kiryuin was responsible, what with her similarities to the Aether Foundation head who experimented with releasing them. However Ragyo makes Lusamine even at her worst look like a saint in comparison, so even if she isn't responsible Vikavolt has plenty of reason to loathe her.
  • Contrasting this, Vikavolt is friendly with Agitha due to her compassion towards bugs as a whole. However the Stag Beetle has marked disinterest in most other ascended insects, mainly not finding enough to be in common with. The Pokemon prefers to hang out in the Electricity sub-house instead. Given Alola is the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Hawaii, Spark soon made himself known. Thor and Benjamin Franklin came to appreciate the entry of Vikavolt into the pantheon.
  • Like most electric-based gods, Vikavolt regards Eneru as rather insane. He doesn't like Gigabolt Man-O-War either, though less because he's crazy and more because he keeps trying to suck the electricity from Vikavolt.

Lesser Gods

    Gemini Man 
Gemini Man, God/s of Reflecting Lasers (DWN-019)

    Juzo Okita 
Juzo Okita, Eternal Captain of the Wave-Motion Gun (Captain Avatar, The Beard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His captain's cap, with or without his beard. Alternatively, the crest of the United Nations Cosmo Force.
  • Theme Song: Any variation of the Space Battleship Yamato theme. Except this. That was for the Yamato's radio show.
    • When the Yamato is in a battle, however, either Pioneering Yamato or his enemies' theme will play.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoat, The Captain, Father Andromeda, Four-Star Badassnote , My Greatest Failure, The Mentor, Old Soldier, Secretly Dying, Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Peaceful in Death, Doomed by Canon, Fatal Family Photo, Big Sleep, Back from the Dead
  • Domains: Command, WMGs, Badass Old Men
  • Heralds: The Crew of the Space Battleship Yamato (Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, Dr. Sakezo Sado, Daisuke Shima, Shiro Sanada, Analyzer UO- 9, Mamoru Kodai and Saburo Kato).
  • Allies: Jean-Luc Picard, Jim Raynor, Elizabeth Mably (Strictly Platonic)
  • Enemies: Any being that would dare attack Mother Earth, Arcturus Mengsk, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Friendly Enemies With: Dessler
  • Herald: Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori
  • Ascended after the completion of his mission to Iscandar (in the Large Magellanic Cloud) and back to Earth within a year to save humanity from radiation.
  • There has been an alternate universe in which he had not died, but was in a coma for approximately 3 years after the original voyage of the Yamato, and sacrificed his life to destroy the water planet Aquarius.
  • Despite having ascended, he is still afflicted by the Planet Bomb Syndrome, a form of radiation poisoning. He makes his way to the House of Health and Diseases each month for a checkup.
  • Demanding this man's surrender is pointless, as he will only respond with:
    Okita: "Nuts!"
    • A similar moment is also how he cemented his position as a badass.
  • Has made quick friends with Captain Picard, as they are both older men in command of the next generation of their navies.
  • When told that there was a girl who embodied the spirit of the Yamato, he thought that they were joking. Upon actually discovering this was true, he was unsure how to feel.
  • A few people in the House of Military and Warfare have run some simulation battles with Grand Admiral Thrawn as his opponent in a Star Destroyer in multiple environments. They are currently tied, with Thrawn's plans winning out at times, while the Yamato's crew's on-the-fly tactics surprise even Thrawn at times. Neither one knows about this.
  • Many consider it ironic that he was The Mentor due to Obi-Wan sounding just like him when he spoke Japanese at one point.
  • He has been called a Dirty Old Man a couple of times due to his relationship with Elizabeth Mably. He simply looked at them till they shut up.
  • When asked how he felt about all of the female captains in anime, he showed them this meme.
  • Views Ragyo Kiryuin as a traitor to Earth and refuses to even refer to her as "that woman."
  • At first, was cold to Dessler's ascension to the Pantheon, but after receiving a letter from the Gamilon expressing his thanks and how he'd helped Earth afterwards, Okita has reconsidered his stance on the leader.
  • Several deities have joked that he is actually the grandson of Chuck Norris. Neither have commented on this.