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Intermediate Gods

I have returned!

Fenix, God of Plasma Cannons (Praetor Fenix, Steward of the Templar)
Fenix as a Dragoon
Fenix as a Zealot 
Fenix inside the Dragoon 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dragoon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, The Big Guy, Blood Knight, Man in the Machine, Number Two, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Number Two, Repurposed as a Dragoon
  • Domains: Fighting, Courage, Death, Resurrection, Machines, Weapons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ascended Zerg, Amon, Alarak, The Corpus
  • Worthy Opponent: Worf, Chewbacca
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sarah Kerrigan, Alexei Stukov
  • Rival: D.Va
  • Opposed by: Robocop
  • Fenix was a courageous protoss templar that relished on battle and honor and worked as then Executor Artanis' Number Two. Fenix was killed following an attack by Zerg hydralish and his Psy-blades malfunctioning but thankfully he was brought back as a dragoon, where he continued to fight the Zerg invasion of Aiur while meeting allies who would become his closest friends like Jim Raynor, a terran so valorous that Fenix considers him an honorary member of the templar. Unfortunately, he met his end after being betrayed by Kerrigan and Raynor swore to avenge his death ever since...until he was later found as an Purifier who held all of his memories, but it turned out to be someone else.
  • Fenix was confused at first by his ascension, since he found the pantheon to be a place unlike any other he has ever been but his worries turned to joy when he saw his old Protoss comrades as well as his good friend Raynor welcoming to the pantheon after becoming the god of Plasma Cannons. He was a little bothered by the fact that for him to represent the title he had to be brought as a Dragoon, greatly preferring to return to his original body but he understands that it's a necessity and doesn't hold any hard feelings for the people in charge who brought him over like this.
    • Though he rejoices upon meeting his old Protoss comrades in the Pantheon, he cannot say the same with Alarak. He views him as a dishonorable craven, pirate, and heretic, all of which Alarak finds the jeers amusing coming from a Dragoon.
  • However, thanks to some help from the deities in the House of Technology and Life and Death, Fenix was able to regain his original Protoss body and can access his Dragoon Form if he requires it. He has been grateful for that and swears that he would return the favor to those kind deities however he can. That said, if he happens to be slain in combat, he always returns as a Dragoon, he has been trying to change that part of the Pantheon resurrection system but he seems unable to do it for the moment.
    • He meets his robotic doppelgänger that people were confusing him for. Upon meeting the Purifier, Fenix is rather honored that his legacy still lives on and that he wish for a glorious combat alongside him.
  • He hasn't forgotten what Kerrigan did to him in his mortal life. However, when his Terran companion, Raynor, told him that things are different and there are much worse things than her. Though Fenix is still vindictive toward the Queen of Blade, he decides to put aside his own feelings if it means defending the Khalai.
  • A proud warrior, he is ready to challenge any alien warrior that could prove to be good sport for him.
    • He is largely unimpressed by humans, because most of them are either weak in his eyes or dishonorable like the rest of the Terrans in the Koprulu Sector. Raynor is a very obvious exception since he helped the Protoss in their darkest hour of the Zerg invasion of Aiur.
    • He's rather peculiar that a young human boy named Ben Tennyson has a device that lets him transform into many different alien forms. Though he would like to challenge his more tougher forms, he doesn't really take the boy too seriously.
    • Samus Aran once held his title prior to his ascension. Fenix found the Space Warrior to be intriguing for a woman infused with alien DNA that he thought was something a Zerg would do.
  • Do not remind him of his first death at a hand of the Zerg because his psi-blade malfunctioned at a very terrible time. He claims that it never happened before and anyone who tries to bother him about it will receive a reminder of how these blades work.
    • Also, do not shame him by humiliating his pride with a Spawn Broodling in his second death. Anyone that denies him a honorable death will be given the same denial.
  • Do not let his age of 398 years give you an impression that he's an old man (well, relative compare to a human and a Protoss). He will let you know that he can still... how Terrans would say it... "throw down with the best of them."
  • The Corpus was interested in the metal and schematics of the dragoons that they dare try take pieces of it from Fenix to further understand their understanding of Protoss machinery for profit. Fenix is furious that they would dare take a sacred relic of the Protoss that was nearly wiped out during the Zerg invasion that he would compare to carrions.
  • X-COM's cybernetic program of creating their soldiers into MEC Troopers intrigued Fenix due to similarity with the Dragoons. To say the least, he is rather admirable that the human would sacrifice limbs to stop an alien threat, like honorable warriors.
  • Robocop views him with ill taste since he reminds him of the ED-209 with its massive size walkers and destructive power that could harm civilians.
  • Though Fenix is proud as a warrior and that even his first death and transformation into a Dragoon, he is honored to fight again for the Khala. That said, he is jealous of D.Va that can she could exit her MEKA, which is impossible for a Dragoon as it is designed as a life support for Zealot that are too badly damaged in combat.
  • "I fear no enemy, for the Khala is my strength. I fear not death. For our strength is eternal."

Gowther, God of Energy Bows (Goat's Sin of Lust, Armor Giant, Armando, Lord Gowther, Alan, Gowther the Selflessness, Alan Walker)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Goat's Sin Tattoo
  • Theme Song: Nightmare Teller
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral with Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Wields a pair of energy bows called Herritt, which he can summon at will, and dual wield, Is a doll, Androgynous, and extremely effeminate appearance, and can easily be mistaken for a girl, Emotionless Boy, until he recovered his emotions, and became more cheerful, Long-Range Fighter, who wields his magic in the form of archery, Can read people's memories, Can trap opponents inside their mind, and induce nightmarish visions, Can create false memories, and temporarily make enemies into allies, Can also change his hair and skin color
  • Domain(s): Memory, Emotions, Dolls
  • Followers: the Quincies
  • Allies: Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, Pinocchio, Astro Boy, Rei Ayanami, Astolfo, The Plain Doll, Shino Asada/Sinon, Link, Zelda, Chevalier d'Eon, Chihiro Fujisaki, Shirou Emiya, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Touko Aozaki, Lelouch vi Britannia, Iroque
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments, Oryx, The Grineer, all evil deities in the House of Mind Control
  • Conflicting Opinion: Izaya Orihara, Arael
  • Gowther is a doll who was created by a great Demon mage of the same name. He was originally designed to be an avatar for his creator to interact with the outside world and served as the Selflessness of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments, the group of elite warriors that served directly under the Demon King. After freeing his creator from Demon Prison, Gowther was granted a will of his own and subsequently disappeared. Thousands of years later, Gowther reappeared in the dungeons of Liones Castle, where he was found by Princess Nadja Liones. Eventually, the two fell in love and, knowing that Nadja's weak heart would inevitably result in her death, they fulfilled her dream by spending her last moments of life in a moment of passion. When Nadja died in his arms, Gowther desperately tried to save her by implanting his artificial heart into her, but it did not work. When the guards found him, he was accused of forcing Nadja into vile sexual acts that ended with her death, sentencing him to death for the sin of lust. Gowther decided to discard his magical heart and used his power to erase his own memories in order to never have to feel that pain again. Later on, Gowther joined the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Upon his ascension, Gowther was happy to be reunited with his fellow Sins. However, he was also alarmed to discover that the Ten Commandments had ascended as well. His interactions with Estarossa are particularly awkward, since Gowther and his creator were responsible for turning Mael into Estarossa in the first place.
  • Gowther quickly struck up a friendship with Pinocchio and Astro Boy due to having a similar nature as a doll. He occasionally serves as something of a mediator whenever the three start discussing whether or not having human emotions is worth the pain that they can cause. Having previously gotten rid of his emotions in order to avoid feeling pain and sadness, Gowther was understanding of Astro Boy's position, but ultimately agreed with Pinocchio that it is indeed better to have them.
  • Gowther gets along quite well with Rei Ayanami, as he had similarly dealt with trying to understand emotions. He's very supportive of her efforts to figure out her suppressed emotions and is happy to provide her with advice on the matter.
  • After regaining his emotions, Gowther's more emotional and playful personality resulted in him quickly befriending Astolfo, who is not only similarly a Keet, but also shares Gowther's fondness for crossdressing. The two can often be seen hanging out together.
  • Gowther also became allies with the Plain Doll, having been pleasantly surprised to encounter someone else like him. Their similar origins caused them to become fast friends and the two occasionally spend time talking about whether or not it would be better for the Doll to develop a will of her own and be able to make her own choices, rather than being limited to the way humans had made her.
  • He's on good terms with Shino Asada/Sinon, who is also an archer. However, Gowther had difficulty understanding the concept of an MMORPG and initially believed that it was a children's game of pretend similar to what he used to play with Pelliot and his gang. However, Sinon has made efforts to explain it to him and, although he still struggles with comprehending the concept, Gowther has shown an interest in trying to play ALO someday, much to her enjoyment.
  • Gowther also became friends with Link and Zelda, the former being a master archer and the latter having famously wielded Light Arrows, which had been granted to her by the four Light Spirits, during her and Link's battle against Ganondorf. Gowther made note of the fact that Zelda being the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia strongly reminds him of Elizabeth, who is also the mortal reincarnation of a Goddess.
  • Gowther is also good friends with Chevalier d'Eon, who was delighted to meet yet another androgynous individual in the pantheon. Gowther was somewhat curious about d'Eon's true gender, but ultimately decided that it didn't really matter, as he enjoyed being in their company regardless.
  • Gowther also quickly became allies with Chihiro Fujisaki and is rather protective of him, sympathising with Chihiro's decision to crossdress due to the constant bullying he received. Which contrasts with Gowther, who crossdresses for fun. Saddened, Gowther decided to support Chihiro, lending him a sympathetic ear and defending him from dangerous enemies.
  • He's on friendly terms with Shirou Emiya and Illyasviel von Einzbern, although they initially had trouble trusting him because one of their enemies-turned-friends is a former human who was turned into a doll with no emotions. Gowther was particularly interested in Shirou's ability to spontaniously replicate the weapons of various historical figures and potentially other people, which resembles Gowther's ability to summon the Twin Bow Herritt. Gowther was quite impressed by the fact that Shirou uses his own mana to create the weapons, but has also remarked that Shirou seems to needlessly limit himself to mostly using swords and has suggested that he should try to expand his use of weaponry.
  • He generally gets along with Touko Aozaki and is fascinated by her use of puppet bodies as a means of survival. It strongly reminds him of how his creator had originally used him as an avatar to interact with the outside world from Demon Prison.
  • Gowther is rather weary well-known manipulators such as Lelouch and Izaya, particularly the latter because he can manipulate people without having any brainwashing powers. Lelouch regards Gowther as a potential ally, since his abilities would not only be very useful but could also minimise harm due to being relatively more benign than using the geass. Upon learning more about Lelouch, Gowther remarked that he's not particularly averse to working with him, but only if he deems it necessary. On the other hand, Gowther disapproves of Izaya's desire to cause random mayhem purely for his own amusement. However, the fact that Izaya also has a love of humanity has given Gowther some hope that Izaya might have some redeemable qualities.
  • His ability to temporarily brainwash enemies into becoming allies drew the attention of Iroque, who was surprised to hear of a power similar to that of the Indigo Light. However, Gowther explained that permanently changing someone's personality would require him to perform a forbidden spell that required more magical power than he possessed. He also made it clear that he has no intention of ever permanently changing someone's personality due to feeling guilty over what he and his creator had previously done to Mael. Although disappointed by Gowther's inability and unwillingness to resort to brainwashing enemies for the greater good, she respects his wishes and the two remain on good terms.
  • Gowther quickly became enemies with Oryx, the Taken King, whose power to Take others is more than just Mind Control. Rather than just permanently changing the victim's mind, being Taken involves them having their very being twisted and shaped into a shadowy slave to the Taken Kind. And the worst of it is that those Taken under his rule are in pure ecstasy while serving him thanks to the sheer Mind Rape. Gowther frequently tries to undo the damage done to the Taken King's victims, but has thus far only had limited success.
  • He is also enemies with the Grineer and particularly their Twin Queens, whom he find abhorrent for their practice of immortality involving driving "the young and exotic" into the Despair Event Horizon through eating away at their psyche to make room for their own consciousness.
  • Gowther frequently visits the House of Mentalism, often trying to help those who had been victims of evil aligned deities in that house. He particularly dislikes the evil deities in the House of Mind Control due to how much they have hurt people as well as the fact that they remind him of how he had previously re-written Guila's memories, even to the point of making her forget about her little brother, in order to further his understanding love. However, he also sympathises with Arael, whose habit of mentally torturing people is due to its interest in understanding human psychology, a desire that had similarly motivated Gowther's actions when he was emotionless.
  • Out of all the Sins, Gowther's occasional change in behaviour is the most disliked, as he not only reverts back to being emotionless, but also becomes an incredibly mean spirited Deadpan Snarker who insults everyone with personal information that he gains by reading their thoughts seemingly for his own amusement. Ironically, Izaya is the only person that likes having Gowther around when he's acting like this.

    Luke Skywalker 
Luke Skywalker, God of Lightsabers and Mental Purification (The Last Jedi)
Click here  to see Luke 30 years later

Lesser Gods

    Gemini Man 
Gemini Man, God/s of Reflecting Lasers (DWN-019)

    Juzo Okita 
Juzo Okita, Eternal Captain of the Wave-Motion Gun (Captain Avatar, The Beard)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His captain's cap, with or without his beard. Alternatively, the crest of the United Nations Cosmo Force.
  • Theme Song: Any variation of the Space Battleship Yamato theme. Except this. That was for the Yamato's radio show.
    • When the Yamato is in a battle, however, either Pioneering Yamato or his enemies' theme will play.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Beard, Badass Longcoat, The Captain, Father Andromeda, Four-Star Badassnote , My Greatest Failure, The Mentor, Old Soldier, Secretly Dying, Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Peaceful in Death, Doomed by Canon, Fatal Family Photo, Big Sleep, Back from the Dead
  • Domains: Command, WMGs, Badass Old Men
  • Followers: The crew of the Yamato
  • Allies: Jean-Luc Picard, Jim Raynor, Elizabeth Mably (Strictly Platonic)
  • Enemies: Any being that would dare attack Mother Earth, Arcturus Mengsk, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Friendly Enemies With: Dessler
  • Herald: Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori
  • Ascended after the completion of his mission to Iscandar (in the Large Magellanic Cloud) and back to Earth within a year to save humanity from radiation.
  • There has been an alternate universe in which he had not died, but was in a coma for approximately 3 years after the original voyage of the Yamato, and sacrificed his life to destroy the water planet Aquarius.
  • Despite having ascended, he is still afflicted by the Planet Bomb Syndrome, a form of radiation poisoning. He makes his way to the House of Health and Diseases each month for a checkup.
  • Demanding this man's surrender is pointless, as he will only respond with:
    Okita: "Nuts!"
    • A similar moment is also how he cemented his position as a badass.
  • Has made quick friends with Captain Picard, as they are both older men in command of the next generation of their navies.
  • When told that there was a girl who embodied the spirit of the Yamato, he thought that they were joking. Upon actually discovering this was true, he was unsure how to feel.
  • A few people in the House of War have run some simulation battles with Grand Admiral Thrawn as his opponent in a Star Destroyer in multiple environments. They are currently tied, with Thrawn's plans winning out at times, while the Yamato's crew's on-the-fly tactics surprise even Thrawn at times. Neither one knows about this.
  • Many consider it ironic that he was The Mentor due to Obi-Wan sounding just like him when he spoke Japanese at one point.
  • He has been called a Dirty Old Man a couple of times due to his relationship with Elizabeth Mably. He simply looked at them till they shut up.
  • When asked how he felt about all of the female captains in anime, he showed them this meme.
  • Views Ragyo Kiryuin as a traitor to Earth and refuses to even refer to her as "that woman."
  • At first, was cold to Dessler's ascension to the Pantheon, but after receiving a letter from the Gamilon expressing his thanks and how he'd helped Earth afterwards, Okita has reconsidered his stance on the leader.
  • Several deities have joked that he is actually the grandson of Chuck Norris. Neither have commented on this.

    Shou Toramaru 
Shou Toramaru, Patron Deity of Laser Beams (The Disciple of Bishamonten)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Jewelled Pagoda of Bishamonten (also known as the "Laser Pagoda")
  • Theme Music: The Tiger-Patterned Vaisravana
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Massive use of Lasers from an Upgrade Artifact, Animal Motif of a Tiger, Being the Avatar of Bishamonten, Spears, Subtle Hard-Drinking Party Girl, redeemed Failure Knight.
  • Domains: Tigers, Lasers, Avatars.
  • Allies: Byakuren Hijiri, the good-willed gods in House of War and Commerce.
  • Enemies: Barbara Ann Minerva, Neyla.
  • Originally the position of god of Beam Spam belonged to a man called Attenborough Cortitch. However, upon his mysterious disappearance from the Pantheon, gods wanted replacement who didn't quite have to rely on mechs to achieve that. As such, they turned their attention to the ex-tiger youkai and the disciple of Byakuren Hijiri, Shou Toramaru, who achieved top example of Beam Spam in a Bullet Hell game, especially with her curvy lasers.
  • Shou is an odd goddess. Even though she is a goddess, most of her power comes from the pagoda she carries which she shoots the lasers from. Not only that, but she herself is the Avatar of Bishamonten, meaning that we have a goddess who also is an avatar of a god. Don't try to figure out how that works.
    • Because of that, she is in good terms with both House of War and Commerce, especially the latter, as she represents the wealth aspect of Bishamonten.
  • Is known to go to House of Food to drink some alcohol when she can. Why a Buddhist deity is allowed to drink alcohol, no one has no idea. All what they know is not to make her mad when she's drunk, or else they get fried by the Laser Pagoda.
  • Found it funny how she probably was the only tiger in the Pantheon, like how she became to existence due of no one having actually seeing a real native tiger. Does find it irritating how Sagat keeps on calling out "Tiger!" when attacking.
    • Was not really pleased how Neyla ascended into Pantheon, due of her being an evil tiger and has tried to teach her to fear her. She was pleased by Jaune Clafoutis ascension due of this.
  • Has gained a bad rep due of accusations that she keeps on losing important stuff due of losing her Pagoda once. Mind you, her power is to gather up treasures, so this shouldn't be a problem for her.
  • As you can guess, there was much rejoicing from her once she heard that Byakuren managed to ascend into the Pantheon.


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