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Knowledge and Intelligence

Scientia Potentia Estetranslation 
Attributed to Sir Francis Drake

The House of Knowledge, like the other Houses of the Pantheon, is bigger on the inside than the outside. There are no dead ends; each room opens onto other rooms, which are interconnected. Most of the House is a Library so vast that it is always capitalized, big enough that strange beasts live among the shelves in their own bizarre ecosystem. It's said that if you know where to look, you can find anything that could be stored on a shelf within it, from the novel you imagined on the bus to the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, what with the sheer scope and the nonsensical organization, it's pretty difficult to find anything specific on your own — there are hints that it was all organized neatly once, but since then there was a lot of hasty re-shelving. Like all libraries, it is part of L-space.

The rest is primarily given over to reading rooms, laboratories, and testing chambers, but there is at least one classroom and a humming bank of enormous dusty computers moved out of the House of Technology. There are also labs located in the basement of the House, but they are wholly dedicated to weird and mad science. Few have the courage to venture down there to find out what dastardly experiments are being performed. Likewise, somewhere in the House's basement is a secret passage to the House of Prophecy's Library of Destiny but it's very easy to get lost in the House's basement so extremely few know where it is located.

Some sections of the Library are open to all visiting mortals, extremely minor deities, and the gods of the Pantheon, some require Yomiko's permission to access, and some are sealed off. There is a minor Vashta Nerada infestation in the Young Adult section. More restriction has been applied to the Library ever since Bill Cipher was ascended, as he could posses someone with Yomiko's permission and get through the seals in the Library.

Despite the library claiming to own every book that has been written and obtaining every book that will be (except the ones dangerous enough to be sealed in the vaults), The Ugly Barnacle and its author, Patrick Star, are banned, because when the book was brought in for publication, the entire house burst into flames.

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The Three Seekers of Knowledge

    Hermaeus Mora 
I am the Guardian of the Unseen, and Knower of the Unknown. I have been watching you, Troper.

Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Keeping Forbidden Knowledge (Herma-Mora, Mora, Hoermius Mora, Hormaius Mora, the Prince of Fate, the Demon of Knowledge, Woodland Man, Gardener of Men, the Golden Eye, Old Antecedent, Lord of Secrets, Abyssal Cephaliarch, Scryer, Inevitable Knower, Wretched Abyss)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: His emblem, his realm Apocrypha, the Black Books, the Oghma Infinium, and his various statues and shrines
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Personification of Knowledge, Born from "thrown-away ideas", Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome, Apocrypha, Trading knowledge with mortals, I Gave My Word, Affably Evil, Averting A Form You Are Comfortable With, Don't cross him, Supposedly The Older Immortal, Greater-Scope Villain in Dragonborn through Xanatos Gambit
  • Domains: Knowledge, Hoarding, Fate, Destiny, Memory, Past, Future, Manipulation
  • Followers: Seekers, Lurkers, all seekers of knowledge
  • Allies: Yog-Sothoth (as Tawil at-'Umr), Cthluhu, Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth
  • Unwitting Pawn: The Dovahkiin
  • On speaking terms with: Hircine, Sheogorath, Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Every Omniscient being, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), The Old Gods
  • Annoyed by: ZONE, Howard "Buckshot" Holmes
  • Enemies: MIRAAK, Alduin, Vaermina, the Dragonborn's enemies, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Futaba Sakura), Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Deckard Cain, The Nephalems, Meteora Österreich, Adam Conover, Unown, Arceus
  • Supposedly the oldest of the Daedric Princes, born from ideas not meant to be during the time of creation, Hermaeus Mora is both a keeper and seeker of all forms of knowledge ranging from the grand to the mundane. He's mostly synonymous with forbidden knowledge and befitting that he's easily the most Eldritch out of all the Daedric Princes in appearance and presence. Though Affable, he is still very ruthless when it comes to collecting knowledge and is not above tossing aside his followers once they have exhausted their use to him. The Prince of Fate is also quite manipulative as well, having nearly seduced the Nords into becoming Aldmer in the past and orchestrating the events behind Dragonborn not only gaining the Skaal's knowledge that they hid from him, but also getting rid of his champion Miraak (who plotted against him) and getting a new one in the form of the Dragonborn whether they like it or not. The Dragonborn does admit the benefits of serving Mora is absolute freedom should they not try to turn on him and free unlimited Skill Point Resets.
  • The Daedra Lord's arrival was noticed when a hidden path in the House of Knowledge was revealed one day. A tunnel, seemingly spiraling down into what many would assume is the House of Knowledge's very core. Books upon books who's origins traced back to Tamriel were stacked large enough to become bookcases of their own, and the very end of it all lead to a shrine in his grotesque image. The person/people who reached it, whoever they were, found themselves meeting a "Wretched Abyss" explaining who he was and how he would soon take root in the Pantheon as one of the Three Seekers of Knowledge. Perhaps in part to the Dragonborn's ascension, Hermaeus Mora is the first of the Daedra Lords to have made his stay and rooted himself into the Pantheon. Soon following him were Hircine, Sheogorath, Molag Bal, and even his enemy Vaermina, but they came only long after him.
    • He is said to be a "sibling" to the unascended Daedric Prince Mephala who's quite obsessed with interfering with the affairs of mortals purely for his/her own amusement. By association with them Mora is vaguely connected to the Morag Tong and has some connections to the House of Killers and Assassins, even if he doesn't really interact with them all that much. Some suspect Hermaeus Mora is responsible for bringing the Ebony Blade, Mephala's Daedric Artifact infamous for its ability to sow strife, into the Pantheon.
  • Hermaeus Mora's realm is the one and only Apocrypha: A place where towers and walls of books go as far as the eye could see and beyond, where pages upon pages fly in the wind, forever haunted by ghosts doomed to search for knowledge, and is surrounded a sea of writhing masses of acidic tentacles. Its "librarians" shall we say are the faithful Cthulhumanoid Seekers, who don't take kindly to any outsiders skulking around the shelves. Accompanying them in guarding Apocrypha depths are the Lurkers, titanic brutes with the strength to match that contrast the more magical Seekers.
    • The most famous item attributed to the Prince of Fate is the Oghma Infinium. Written by Xarxes and wrapped in the skins of various elven races to account for his favorite accomplishment in times past it is able to grant the reader great power before disappearing from their possession. Presumably, this to prevent them from learning too much. Lesser known are the Black Books which accomplishes a similar purpose. Though it isn't quite as straightforward for the reader is taken to Apocrypha and brave its dangers to get what they want. Dying there isn't a danger, but becoming mad is.
  • Despite having in the Pantheon for quite some time, having been here long enough before the subsequent fall of Madoka, Mora seemed to have laid in the midst of all that has happened in the Pantheon. And besides a larger influx of deities, by the time the reformation of the GUAL came around some people have actually forgotten Hermaeus Mora's presence despite his role as one of the Three Seekers of Knowledge. His silence was broken when he had one unfortunate god impaled by his tentacles for supposedly trying to usurp his position as a Pantheon God and right after that Mora appeared to a recently recovered and ascended Miraak to taunt him for his failures. Enraged, Miraak proceeded to take his anger out on the House of Knowledge before Histoire kicked him out and banned the First Dragonborn.
    • Right after that Histoire called the Daedric Prince out for a) Flaking out on them for a long time and b) Causing some widespread damage to the House for no reason other than to spite the First Dragonborn. He responded by saying he was merely using his godhood to seek out more knowledge beyond his realm than what the Pantheon had to offer. Plus, the fact that he's mocking of Miraak was justified considering the sheer arrogance in that he could successfully conspire against him in his own realm.
  • In spite of the evidence to the contrary, most notable being his fierce rivalry with any genuine omniscient being, Mora still puts up the all-knowing facade in the Pantheon when dealing with seekers of knowledge. Then again, even if he isn't omniscient it's still very likely he knows much, much more than the average Pantheon goer. As stated earlier Mora has been utilizing his Pantheonic godhood for the purpose of extensively looking into the many different worlds to further his vast library realm. He's willing to deal with such findings, but those wise enough ought to know restraint and not take their chances lest ones weak mind snaps in two. However, to the more steeled and stalwart of adventurers the knowledge gained and braved would prove invaluable.
    • In her quest to know more about the Pantheon itself Meteora has landed in the unfortunate hands (tentacles? claws?) of the Golden Eye and though details on the incident were sparse, the bottom line is that she doesn't want anything to do with him ever again. Deckard Cain would of been yet another victim to the Daedric Prince if it were not for the efforts of the Nephalems coming just on time. Mora cursed the adventurers' names but has not made another move on them or the Last Horadrim since then.
    • Though the attempted thefts Ice King's Ninjas of the Ice caused quite the stir with one attempt after another, it is said that the Daedric Prince had already long since peered into its contents. Likely, he plans to use these as gifts to manipulate those with enough greed for it for future use in the Pantheon. There're apparently enough ninjas left wanting whatever is written in said pages for Hermaeus Mora to utilize.
  • By principle, Hermaeus Mora is in direct opposition to Adam Conover and the reasoning is actually pretty plain as day. Hermaeus Mora, while willing to deal with his knowledge, ultimately wants to horde it to become omniscient whereas Adam Conover is willing to give it all away to better people through pointing out the various lies and misconceptions common throughout everyday life that is also often taken for granted. Adam refers to what he does as "ruining" but he does what he does under the idea that it is "always better to know".
  • If the shapeless form, tentacles, and madness-inducing books somehow didn't get the message across, Hermaeus Mora's concept and design takes great inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos and as such he has quite the relationships with its deities. He regards Azathoth in a friendly manner, and has been known to commune with Shub-Niggurath, Cthulhu, and especially Yog-Sothoth due to the various similarities they share with each other. Meanwhile, the Daedric Prince is instead seen as a rival to Nyarlathotep.
    • And speaking of rivalries, the Daedra Lord has a fierce one regarding all four members of the Old Ones. Originally, it started with N'Zoth simply for the fact that he was known to have some partnership with Vaermina but overtime this came to include the group as a whole. The reasoning for this could be traced back to similarities, namely the knowledge that drives people mad which they have been known to be involved with, but the more bigger issue arises in their goals. That being, their drive to corrupt anything and everything, which is very much capable of standing in the way of Mora's very own plots in the future. Molag Bal was much in the same once, though at least the Planemeld was one incident.
  • The young Futaba Sakura has nothing but contempt for the Daedric Prince considering her own mother was killed for her research whereupon it was covered up as a suicide and that she was to blame for it. Even if traumatizing someone like that is more up Mephala's or Molag Bal's alley, she wouldn't find it out of the question for him to do the same as Shido did and as such warned her fellow Phantom Thieves of the threat he poses considering the Prince's interests in [[Dimensions and Multiverses} Mementos]]. Hermaeus Mora bluntly agreed that he would of offed her for daring to hide such secrets but he also stated that all their attempts to bar him from the cognitive world is only delaying the inevitable. As far as he's concerned, he doesn't need to get to them if he dare so wants a piece of the cognitive world. Remember one of his titles: The Inevitable Knower.
  • It was found that in another time and place Hermaeus Mora was, in his desire to obtain the vast knowledge of Hyrule, directly responsible for the complete destruction of the entire kingdom. Although he has yet to do so here, he has earned the ire of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf because, with his obsession of obtaining and hoarding knowledge, burning Hyrule to the ground was something Hermaeus Mora was very capable of doing. Because of this, he is the only deity that Link and Ganondorf will align against should they feel that he poses enough of a threat to Hyrule, as Ganondorf simply desires to rule Hyrule rather than completely destroy it.
  • He's constantly pestered by the perversion potential in his use of tentacles ever since the way he disposed of Storn Crag-Strider and Miraak was made known to the public. And we really do mean constantly. Spearheading this annoyance are Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and ZONE.
The riddle unsolvable. The door unopenable. The book unreadable. The question unanswerable.

Histoire, Goddess of Big Books of Information (Histy, Planeptune Oracle)
Mk 2 Histoire 
V Histoire 

    The Librarian 
The Librarian, God of Librarians and L-Space Master (Dr. Horace Worblehat)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Octavo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exceptionally strong and smart, Not hindered at all by being an Orang-utan, Gets ticked off at the M-word, Only ever saying "Ook" or occasionally "Eek"
  • Domains: Magic, Beast, Knowledge
  • Followers: Irma Pince, Miss Hushbaum, Orloc Dracul
  • Allies: King Kong, Donkey Kong, Twilight Sparkle, Rincewind
  • Was Once a Man but was transformed into an orangutan by a magic spell. On discovering that being an orangutan had certain advantages for a librarian - he can climb up to high shelves, for example - he refused to be transformed back into a human and has remained an orangutan ever since.
  • Another advantage of having an orangutan as a Librarian is that he is able to read certain books that would drive any human mad by reading them. However, The Librarian is not a human.
  • Flies into a rage when called a "Monkey". Actually, don't even say the word, he'll come after you and go "Librarian-Poo" on you. (He's actually an ape).
  • The Librarian is a member of a small elite group of senior librarians who have the knowledge and ability to travel through L-space, an extradimensional space that connects all libraries and other large accumulations of books. He used this knowledge to save books from the great library of Ephebe and to enter our world. The very strict rules that members of this group are pledged to enforce are: 1. Silence. 2. Books must be returned no later than the last date shown. 3. Do not meddle with the nature of causality. The Librarian has been known to break both the first and third rules on occasion, but he is adamant about the second.

Ambiguous Ranks

The Illuminati, The Conspiracy Behind The Pantheon
  • Unknown but have the influence of Overdeities
  • Symbol: Eye of Providence
  • Theme Song: Heavily associated with The X-Files
  • Alignment: Lawful or Neutral... something.
  • Portfolio: Ancient Conspiracy, Omniscient Council of Vagueness, The Ones Controlling Society, Represented by a pyramid with an eye on the top, TONS of theories surrounding them
  • Domains: Conspiracies, Manipulation, Brainwashing
  • High Priests: The Templars, Court of Owls
  • Allies: Council of Shadows, SCP Foundation, Tzeentch, Petyr Baelish, Revolver Ocelot, David Xanatos, Ozymandias, Varys
  • Illumination Associates: Gill, Urien, Kolin, Vandal Savage
  • Enemies: Anybody who poses a threat to them for all we know but the Imperium seems to oppose them as well as all six Grand United Alliance Leaders but most of all THE QUESTION! And supposedly as Lord Fuse as well.
  • Unknown Relationship: Bill Cipher
  • Unwitting Pawn: Potentially EVERYONE
  • Opposed by: Every Conspiracy Theorist out there.
  • It was a normal morning in the Main House, all deities within going about their business until someone discovered a wall had been vandalized. When other deities came and saw the vandalism, they asked if someone was pulling a prank, be it Haruhi, Lucifer, or even Beerus. All suspects denied this and those investigating became very nervous at the implication that an outside force made its way into one of the most secured places in the entire Pantheon just to leave their mark there. Those who are aware the symbol on the wall know what organization wants their presence to be known and establish themselves as new players in the Pantheon or even worse, they have been for a long time and are only letting themselves be known now. The Illuminati has finally confirmed their existence and they will stay, watching from the shadows.
  • The origins of the Illuminati commonly date back to a group from Bavaria in the 1770s that was eventually disbanded by the government (though many theorize they date even farther than that). It is said they went underground afterward and began amassing influence across the world, orchestrating historical events and basically having all of humanity under their thumb unknowingly. Politicians, businessmen and celebrities are said to join their ranks and influential figures are being brainwashed by them to suit their agenda. They seem to be the most popular conspiracy organization, despite their secrecy and even have their own counterparts in the Marvel Universe and many other groups seem to follow their example.
  • Their existence seems to conflict with another Illuminati-based group led by Bill Cipher. This made them highly suspected to be the ones behind the incident but they have denied it. During interrogations, the members were put through every lie detector imaginable but the results said what they told was true. While it is obvious the group has some sort of connection with this Illuminati—considering they speak highly of them—they likely don’t even have any vital information about them either. Gill and Vandal Savage have been trying to say that they're the new leaders or at least high-ranking members of this Illuminati and that they should be in charge of the Main House from now on. Once the lie detectors caught their bluff, they merely shrugged and said it was a worth a shot before being released.
    • After those suspects were acquitted, it was suspected that the Illuminati was connected to the Council of Shadows, either having members from it, being spun off from it or the Council even being a front or public identity for them. Some members have admitted to their association with the group through their brainwashed agents, only stating that they were only told if things are starting to go to shit, the Illuminati welcome them. It is not known if they have become agents for them but nobody really doesn’t really wish to pry for more info.
  • Some have even as far to go to Tzeentch for some answers. The Chaos God stated that the Illuminati’s sudden appearance was all according to his will and is aware of the true nature of the group. Nobody is sure is Tzeentch is screwing around with them or not, but that’s a normal thing for those aware of the being.
  • The SCP Foundation has been open to be allies with the organization, citing that with their influence, they would be able to help them contain every captured SCP. While this wasn’t the most popular of announcements coming from them, some agreed that such an alliance is beneficial for the entire Pantheon if the Illuminati were ever to reply.
  • Relatively unknown why Bill Cipher has the appearance of their symbol. Either the Eye of Providence was inspired by Bill or that the being just took the appearance for shits and giggles. None of these questions are being answered.
  • Every Alliance Leader seems to oppose the Illuminati’s presence, having different views on them. Cosmos is rather cautious of the group, believing no group should have such power overall. Melkor refuses to allow such a group to rival his influence. YHVH is enraged the Illuminati challenge his authority and has degreed they should be wiped out. Lucifer’s ideals won’t allow such a group to exist, seeing them no better than YHVH’s oppression. The GUAM Council have put hundreds of more firewalls in their systems in case the Illuminati ever try to take control of them. Nekron isn’t too worried about them considering his aims for absolute destruction but has checked for any potential conspirers in the GUAD. All leaders had to check in with their high commands for any potential Illuminati agents lurking in their ranks. None have been found but it’s highly probable that there is at least one in each of them, brainwashed or not.
  • The Imperium wiped out their versions of the Illuminati for humanity to be free of their rule. The Immortal God-Emperor was peeved that the Illuminati has appeared once more and is waiting for the moment they slip up so that he and his armies can wipe them out.
  • Conspiracy theorists went on a frenzy once the Illuminati revealed itself, no more than The Question who was said to have ranted about them for three days straight and someone published a novel based on his rants alone. Currently a trilogy is planned for The Great Conspiracy: Day One.
  • One entity that seems to elude their influence is Lord Fuse. His chaotic ascension threw one over them by how sudden it was and with Planet Fusion gone to who knows where, they can’t truly anticipate Fuse’s plans even with all the information given about him. They are however aware of where Fuse’s physical avatar frequents and are sending spies there to learn his plans. This info came from Revolver Ocelot who had a bullet he possesses stolen by Fuse during the invasion, so it may be an unreliable source.

    Richard (Hotline Miami
“This profile you’re reading right now. I must say, you might not be a fan. It doesn't explain everything very well.”

Richard, Entity of Letting Others Figure It Out
  • Ambiguous Rank
  • Symbol: The Richard “mask”
  • Theme Song: Coconuts - Silver Lights, Life Companions - Richard, Nounverber - Black Tar
  • Alignment: Unknown. Most say he's True Neutral but we’re we’re still unsure.
  • Portfolio: Foreshadowing, Mind Screw, Toothy Bird, Possibly Death Himself, Yellow in Jacket's Subconscious, Name refers to a rooster, Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane, Nightmare Sequence, Is never direct about his hints, Leaning on the Fourth Wall
  • Domains: Nightmares/Hallucinations, Surrealism, Enigmas
  • Those he visited: Jacket, Manny Pardo, The Son, The Fans, Richter Berg
  • Annoyed by: People with really unclear motives
  • Distrusted by: Good-aligned entities in the House of Dreams and Nightmares, Life entities
  • Commonality Connection: SCP-990, Death entities, The G-Man
  • Investigated by: The SCP Foundation, Dipper and Mable Pines
  • Heralds: Don Juan and Rasmus
  • Richard is, well, actually we don't know what he is. Out of the Pantheonic lineup, he is by far one of the most enigmatic. His encounters are bizarre, and you'll leave with questions rather than answers. Some like the SCP Foundation and the Pines Twins are trying to investigate him, while others like Hermaeus Mora boastfully claim he knows what Richard is. He only had this to say.
    “I'm something you will never understand.”
  • In Jacket’s subconscious, Richard guided him through his memories during the utterly strange events of 1989 Miami. Richard tried to tell him that he was played with by 50 Blessings, the nationalist organization who sought to topple the Russo-American Coalition. But Jacket threw out any chance of uncovering the truth behind it. He will never see the big picture. And it’s all on him for that.
    • For everyone else, he appears in Nightmare Sequences. When this happens, someone will suddenly don a Richard mask where his demeanor will mimic the person, or in some instances directly quote what they'll say sometime in the future. When this happens, Richard will warn you of some horrible fate that is to come but all too often, no one is able to understand and prevent this. Take a look at the protagonists of the second game, for example. They suffered tragic and rather abrupt deaths. This is probably why the more benevolent deities affiliated with dreams are cautious around him, even if he is more ominous than malicious.
  • Truth be told, Richard was already in the Pantheon long before his ascension. After Jacket had arrived, there were some reports of a "rooster man" talking to them. Shortly after, they ended up in the House of Death and Postmortem out of circumstance, never quite putting together his warnings. Other times, he may be seen near the G-Man or SCP-990, which only furthered the rabbit hole of theories about them. It makes sense, given their roles as mysterious entities. His ascension, more or less, is more of a recognition sort of thing.
    • Given that he was around for a long time, many wonder if he was there to foreshadow events such as the Grand United Alliance of Law's reformation or the largest war that occurred in the Pantheon. Ultimately, it wouldn't really matter if no one can understand the foreshadowing. This does raise the question on what would disastrous event would occur if he were to appear in, for example, a Great God's conscious. Considering how America got nuked in the end, this troubled many deities.
  • Richard's reveal in the Pantheon in the Pantheon actually surprised Jacket, given that he pretty much disappeared after he remembered everything that happened until he was put into a coma. There's not much else to say considering that even in the Pantheon he never appears in his psyche again, and the same goes for Manny Pardo. The only time they meet was when he was in a room with other people who had met Richard, and the Officer remained defiant thinking he's just out to judge him.
  • With how people tend to die after they encounter him at some point, a common conclusion people make of him is that he may be Death, or some aspect of it. Whether that's true or not, there's no denying that some gods related to life don't like him. With the Table Intro when a new game begins, others come to the conclusion he may have trapped the people to mindlessly relive their fates. Now, assuming that is the case for a second, wouldn't it really be the Player's fault for that?
  • With his experience as a Dream Walker, Haruto Tsukishiro attempted to commune with him directly. Miraculously, he ended up encountering him through the Dream Apartment, which is bizarre for two reasons. 1. It's a product of Jacket's mind, which raised the question if they're in his head. And 2. It collapsed after Jacket awoke from his coma. Meaning it shouldn't really exist anymore. That's not the important take away from this, though. After a conversation that didn't really go anywhere from less callous than usual Richard, he left behind three predictions for him to figure out.
    "Someone you know isn't at fault."
    "In a few days, there will be some renovations."
    "A heist will occur in an empty house."
    "...That is all."
  • Those with motives he doesn't understand are very few and far between. This tends to say something about the person in question rather than Richard. People like Manny Pardo, for example, making him out to be a Wild Card (further emphasized that his Nightmare Sequence has him encounter the Phantom rather than Richard). The experience, however, is mostly the same. Surreal meeting, vague advice, death and misfortune following since it couldn't be heeded.
    "You, I don't get. Why is it you do the things you do?"