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Intermediate Gods

    Karl Franz 
Karl Franz, God of Having Many Titles (Emperor Karl Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Elector Count and Grand Prince of Reikland, Prince of Altdorf, and Count of the West March)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if Host to Sigmar)
  • Symbol: Ghal Maraz, the Warhammer, and Deathclaw, his Gryphon.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Current Ruler of the Empire, Wielder of Reikland Runefang and Ghal Maraz, Sigmar's Warhammer, Rider of Deathclaw, Non-Chaos Dragon Rider, Competent, Refined, and a fighting Statesman, Respected General
  • Domains: Emperors, Long List of Titles
  • Allies: Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Guan Yu
  • Politcal Rivals: King Arthur, Artoria, Jeanne d'Arc, Robert Baratheon, Aragorn II
  • Enemy Mine: Vlad von Carstein, Settra
  • Enemies: Archaon, Malekith, Warboss Ghazghkull, Grimgor Ironhide, Nagash, Garrosh Hellscream, Dracula and other Evil vampires, The Overlord, Twitch
  • Unsure of: The Norse Gods
  • Opposes: The Chaos Gods (As well as all their servants)
  • Opposed by: The Lost Vikings, Senator Armstrong, Good vampires
  • The current ruler of the Empire of Mankind, Karl Franz held together the fragile empire brim with corruption and in dark times as many enemies are near the border of the Empire, from feral Orcs, tides of the unending dead, hordes of unwashed Beastmen to the diabolical Warrior of Chaos. With the Ghal Maraz in hand and the army of mankind at his side, he is the vanguard for the Empire in its darkest hour.
  • The reason for his ascension was because one of the Court members noticed the privileged statesman and his long list of titles, among other champions. In fact, they actually find him to be, at least, the smallest when it comes to listing all of his titles.
    • Franz clearly detest one god with a ridiculous amount of titles, the Overlord, as he almost resemble a Chaos warlord from the North.
    • Karl Franz respected another deity with a large assessment of names with a martial background in his resume, Guan Yu, who he had thought to be from the land called Cathay.
  • Due to his universe being very different from the 41st millennium of the universe, Karl Franz viewed it (particularly, the Imperium of Man) as a complete mess. He is very disappointed with the system and the bureaucracy of the Imperium, who are bigoted and zealous to an incredible fault. At least he had maintained a diplomatic relationship with the dwarfs and the high elves, did not retort to xenophobic tendencies or try and force every human whether they wished to or not to become his subject. Still, he understands that the Emperor and his followers' overzealous devotion isn't far-off from the devotion of Sigmar Heldenhammer.
    • The thing he despises the most of the God Emperor is how he conducts himself with such xenophobia, considering many nonhumans in his own universe valued allies and even friends. He also hates his ego, being rather humble himself as a leader. He gave him a rather scathing speech about his failings, and told him to his face that he will never have his Empire end up like something akin to his Imperium.
  • He is the rider of a mighty gryphon named Deathclaw, a gift from the Wood Elves when it was just an egg, and it is commonly found flying above Franz's temple. In addition, the Empire used gryphons in the army as mounts for various lords and the Demigryph Knights who ride wingless gryphon. He found only one gryphon in the Pantheon so far, Gilda, and he clearly saw qualities like the Gryphon in the Old World: she's very fierce.
  • As Emperor and statesman, he have a strong opinion in how politics should be and is very prolific on the House of Leadership. He wants to prove to his people that he is not a man of decadence and greed and that he could lead them in their darkest hour. So he gets very annoyed and disappointed of seeing incompetent leaders that are actively dragging down their nation and government.
    • He disagree with one philosophy that Senator Armstrong holds with brawn, his "might make right" notion. While he agree that the use of brute force and militaristic might is a need for a strong government, he doesn't believe that strength or individual power alone will make the right government, ruling an empire requires a reliable alliance and relationship.
  • He managed to find a rivalry with King Arthur, Saber Artoria, and Jeanne when he mistook them to be from the Kingdom of Bretonnia, an ally and rival to the Empire. The rivalry itself is less about power and more about how to determine who shall lead and how things should be run. Inheritance based Monarchy with the Monarch having most if not all of the power, or an ruler who was decidedon by electors, with the role of the emperor or Kaiser being an elected Office with the the nation being ruled by several counts who all have a(mostly) equal share in running their sections, a system which was popular in many of the human nations of his world, with variations depending on the culture.
    • When asked about that was hypocritical seeing as how his father being was the former Kiaser was a large part in in having the influence to become emperor, he explained that while that did give him an advantage it was far from a closed deal with the vote being decided by the Grand Theoganist the Head of the Church of Sigmar, seeing as how his father was generally thought of as weak and/or mad, and that he had to win the throne through the oldest trick in the book, Realpolitik, using the fact that the Theoganist did not want Todbringer, an Ulrican, someone not of the Sigmarite Faith, to become emperor, and backed him instead.
  • He detests the Vikings in the Pantheon due to their strong resemblance to the Norscans, a barbaric tribe of Chaos worshippers, and his first act as Emperor was repelling a Norscan raid in the northern border of the Empire. Though none of the Vikings are aligned with Chaos, hopefully, he keeps his warhammer in hand for any trouble from them.
    • He also distrust the Norse gods because they were worshiped and associated by the Vikings. It's only the worst case scenario, for example, the Divine Powers Odin, who himself is very similar to Sigmar's own God Ulric, that relations with the Norse gods can be downright hostile.
  • Similarly, he detests all forms of the undead and the vampires, due to the Vampire Count's ambition to rule on and corrupt Sigmar's throne, deeming the Current Leader Manfred Von Carstein as an unworthy and vile ruler, as well as the fact that in his world all Vampires and their servants are pawns of Nagash, one of the greatest enemies of Sigmar.
  • He respects the Night Elves as they were similar to the Wood Elves in the Old World, who considered him one of the few humans they liked, as Deathclaw was a gift from them.
  • Despite the respect he may have in the Pantheon, his tendency to constantly shout "Summon the Elector Counts!" has gotten a few snickers from other gods.

    Madame Lazul 
"I foresaw dis ascension...."

Madame Lazul, Goddess of Fortune Tellers named "Madame" (The Priest, Puppetmaster Lazul)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Crystal Ball and Cards
  • Theme Song: Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Humanoid Abomination, Original Generation, Rhymes on a Dime, Snakes Are Sinister
  • Domains: Fortune Telling, Names, Dark Magic, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ragnaros
  • Enemies: The League of Explorers, Khadgar, Kalecgos, Merlin, Madame Xanadu, Rose, Menat, Chihaya Mifune, The Ancestor
  • Worships: The Old Gods
  • Madame Lazul was a very innocuous figure at first, a rather shady troll fortune teller who first arrived to the Tavern to tell stories about the Old Gods and while she had a sinister air to her, she always jokingly said this stories weren't true. But then her true colours were revealed when she was recruited by Rafaam to form the League of E.V.I.L. in order to enact a plant to conquer of all of Azeroth. Being the last remaining founding member of the League, Rafaam managed to steal a spot for her given that she is known as Madame Lazul and nothing more of her is known.
  • While she is one of the head honchoes of the League of E.V.I.L., Lazul is mostly a servant and worshiper of the Old Gods and one of her goals was to resurrect a powerful servant trapped in Northrend. While she succeeded by acting as bait and deliberately getting herself killed to unleash Go'rath, the monster would end up defeated at the hands of Sir Finley. Yes, she is a little upset that her greatest achievement was undone by a simple murloc.
  • She is not working for E.V.I.L. 24/7 and so often tries to make a living as a fortune teller, after all that's her official job anyway. And while she has been fairly affable and tells what's in the cards for her customers, usually she ends up predicting fairly grim fates for whoever consults with her (which tend to be eerily accurate to some). Other fortune tellers like Madama Xanadu think she is a dangerous deity to let around free without any supervision and has been keeping an eye on her in case she causes another ruckus like with the ones she has caused with her partners at the League of E.V.I.L. Others like Rose and Menat have been investigating her origins, believing she is not a troll but something else entirely and another fellow Fortune Teller, Chihaya Mifune, has gotten her friends at the Phantom Thieves involved in order to investigate whatever Lazul is up to in her heart but they have been unable to see or get access to her palace.
  • She has tried numerous times to unleash her masters upon the Pantheon but so far has not succeeded in any attempt whatsoever. She did find a few supporters of her cause like Cho'gall, leader of the Twilight Hammer, and Deathwing, one of the Old Gods greatest servant and one who aided the League in reviving Galakrond.
  • She is very curious about the other Eldritch Abominations that the Pantheon houses, especially those from the Cthulhu Mythos, the Old One himself being on top of that list. She also managed to endear herself to Shuma-Gorath, a powerful Multiversal Conqueror who found it cute that two of the Servants of the Old Gods, Shu'ma and Go'rath, were named after him.
  • Speaking of servant, Lazul and the Lunatic Cultist got along very well with one another, considering their similar roles as being the catalyst for an eldritch being's revival and the ties to an Eldritch Abomination. The Cultist also ended up introducing her to the Mechanical Bosses, who are also servants of Cthulhu and powerful mechanical creatures, similar to that time Dr. Boom created a replica of C'thun as a robot.
  • Merlin distrust her, mostly thanks to her reminding him of one of his personal foes and given his ties to Kalecgos and Khadgar, who witnesses first hand how Lazul took over and ravaged the city of dalaran, Merlin saw that she and her colleagues had to be stopped one way or another.
  • She is a bit of an odd duck in the tavern because she pulls double duty both as a hero and a legendary minion for Priest. She sometimes plays as a Priest herself (which begs the question of she is even able to heal people but they are afraid to ask) and her dark cryptic powers allows her (as a minion) to steal cards from her opponent.
  • The Ancestor considers her a vile sorceress, not helping that she and the League of E.V.I.L. had been trying to gain access to his temple and take it over for themselves, seeing as his Estate would be a huge addition to the League of E.V.I.L.'s forces. Her behavior is also a grim reminder of the person he used to be and so decided to task his trusted adventurers to slay her.
  • In theory, she and Ragnaros serve the same masters but after the League of E.V.I.L. crashed the Fire Festival and rename it to Fire Festi.V.I.L. and destroyed him and his home of operations, he's been a bit mad at the troll woman. He would rather burn her to crisp than work with her.
  • "The future is clear, your demise be near"

    The Master (Doctor Who
The Master, God/dess Of Villains Named "The Master" (Koschei (possible real name), Tremas, John Smith, Bruce, The War Master, Professor Yana, Harold Saxon, Missy, The Mistress, Death's Champion, Agent O, Spymaster)

    Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz 
Takumi Inui, God of Fictional Phone Numbers (Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider 555, Takkun, Nekojita, Kamen Rider Delta, Wolf Orphnoch, Teiji, Mr. Justiϕ's)
Kamen Rider Faiz 
Faiz Blaster 
Kamen Rider Delta 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Blaster Form)
  • Symbol: The Phi Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Justiϕ's", "Double Standard"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, although he sees himself as Heroic Neutral at first. Neutral Good post-Character Development
  • Portfolio: Brought to You by the Letter Phi, Badass Biker, Character Tics, Blood Knights, Loners, Being Sarcastic, Defrosted Ice Kings, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Kirk, Tsundere, Flicking his Right Wrist in Battle, Being Depreciative Towards Everything, Even Himself, Being the Wolf Orphnoch
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Technology, Hand Gestures, Cyberpunk
  • Heralds: Mari Sonoda, Keitaro Kikuchi, Shuji Mihara/Kamen Rider Delta, Yuji Kiba/Horse Orphnoch/Kamen Rider Orga, Yuka Osada/Crane Orphnoch, Naoya Kaido/Snake Orphnoch
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa.
  • Enemies: The entire Demonic Legion, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Vector, Battleship Re-Class, the Trollkaiger, Sora Shiun'in, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Takumi Inui is a young loner who initially doesn't have any desires in life until the fateful day he crossed paths with Mari Sonoda, who originally holds the mysterious Faiz Gear in one journey where she is attacked by the Orphnoch, monsters who were who suddenly resurrects after their unfortunate deaths, due to her unable to use the Faiz Gear, she provide Takumi the gear that allows him to become Faiz to protect the humans from the rampaging Orphnochs. Later on he is revealed to be the Wolf Orphnoch since the Faiz Gear can only be worn by the Orphnochs. To activate the Faiz Gear to become Kamen Rider Faiz, he dials the numbers 555.
  • Became friends with Hajime Hinata since both of them had experience of getting confused of who they are since Takumi revealed himself as the Wolf Orphnoch and Hajime revealed that he has another personality in the form of Izuru Kamukura until both of them gets better with their sheer resolve of moving on despite of who they are.
    • Also became close allies with Ryoga Kamishiro and Inori Yuzuhira since both of them also protecting their respective loved ones despite their true natures (Ryoga being a Barian and Inori being a clone), much like Takumi's true nature as an Orphnoch.
  • Amusingly, his temple is in the shape of the dry cleaner shop that he took residence in for the series which he says is more associated with his herald Keitaro than him. This has led to no end bickering amongst Takumi and his two heralds. In fact, Takumi threatened to bring the matter to the Court, but the matter was obviously too trivial for them to accept. Takumi thus rarely spends time in his own temple. Keitaro, though, runs the dry cleaning service as per normal, though he washes clothes for Gods now.
  • Became friends with Kagome Higurashi since the Rider reminds her a bit of Mari while at the same time, Kagome reminds Takumi of her husband Inuyasha probably due to them had similarities associated with the enemies they fought.
    • He also forms a rather odd friendship with Inuyasha since both of them have their names associated with the Japanese word for "dogs", while at the same time Takumi pities him since he resides in the Fallen as both he and Kagome tries to work to bring Inuyasha out of the Fallen as possible.
  • Has become friends with Rosette Christopher since both of them happens to be harsh to their loved ones until they grow nicer to them. Also, Rosette reminds him a bit of her friend/lover Chrono due to Takumi being an Orphnoch and Chrono being a Demon who had rebelled and fought their own kind.
  • He has somewhat gets along with the Teen Titans, especially Dick Grayson since both of them are street-level heroes clad in black and rides a motorcycle in battle and both of them had a serious issues with their respective rivals, Victor Stone as both of them uses technology in battle (Takumi being the main user of the Faiz Gear and Cyborg being a reconstructed human), and Rachel Roth since both of them started out as somewhat harsh to their friends until they grows nicer and became open to them.
  • Also became friends with Makoto Kenzaki as both of them started out as loners who later became close to their respective friends after spending with them for a long time in their respective stories.
  • Became close friends with the players of Sword Art Online, especially with Kirito since both of them happens to be a heroic Blood Knights, and Asuna since some of her traits (being a Tsundere and a Dude Magnet) reminding him a bit of Mari.
  • He also gets along with Mami Tomoe since both of them had a similar death experience in their respective lives as well as both happened to resent themselves for failing to save a lives of their love ones.
  • Became close allies with Jin Kazama and Shu Ouma as both of them at some point they pretend to be jerks to isolate themselves with their respective friends.
  • He became very close to Ryuko Matoi since both of them battling villains while their traits had connection with the villains that they fought. Takumi is also surprised that Ryuko's Life Fiber Synchronized Form also glows red lines in her fighting form which is kind of similar to his Rider Form's light-up features.
  • Also became close friends with Ange as he feels sympathy for her after learning her backstory as a former princess of the Misurugi Empire before she fell from grace due her nature as a Norma before she was sent to fight the DRAGONs and became an aloof person since Ange and her fellow Normas were being discriminated for being "monsters" in her own universe. Upon learning this, Takumi swears to her if they treat her like a "monster", he will fight back against them.
  • Loathes Ryoma Sengoku for two reasons, for being involved with the Yggdrasill Corporation by creating Rider Belts for their own research and his own agenda of grabbing the Forbidden Fruit by any means. Also gaining his hatred towards the Trollkaigers since the group consists of the most villainous individuals, which he sees them as no different from the Lucky Clover.
  • He was very furious of Monokuma after learning of his actions of being the one who initiates the "High School of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy, his utter rage towards Monokuma makes the bear for being no different to the likes of Kyoji Murakami.
  • While making a lot of allies in the pantheon, he also made enemies too, this includes Vector and Re-Class since both of them uses their own hand gestures through saluting while both of them being jerks and evil respectively. Also gets annoyed at the likes of Sora Shuin'in since he reminds him too much of Kusaka.
  • Sympathizes with his predecessor Shinji Kido, as Shinji only found the resolve to kill at his death. Thus, while he would've made different decisions, he doesn't consider him a bad person either way.
  • Years later, he aids his successors Drive and Zeronos in resolving Stable Time Loop problems caused, shockingly, by him by accident. He died at the end of his battle against the Orphnochs, but Shocker used him as a catalyst to create the loops. He decided to end them, dying happy.

    Uther the Lightbringer 
Uther the Lightbringer, God of Cool-Sounding Surnames (Uther Lightbringer, The Lightbringer, Lord Uther, Sir Uther, the First paladin, Grand Master of the Silver Hand, Uther the Painbringer, Arthur Light, The Paladin, Riddledin, Christmas Tree Paladin and variants of "X" Paladin, Uther of the Ebon Blade)
Uther of the Ebon Blade 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Trusty Hammer and a book he always carries
  • Theme Song: JUSTICE
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The first Paladin in existance, A Father to His Men, Cool Old Guy, Hammer Wielder, Healing Hands, Honorable person, Knight in Shining Armor, Light 'em Up, Magic Paladin, Noble Bigot, One of the oldest members of the Alliance, Killed Off for Real
  • Domains: Light, War, Justice, Cool sounding Titles
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Hercules
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil (His former Protégé), Kel'thuzad, Deathwing, Nefarian, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Diablo, Leoric, Chernabog, Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Kano, Melkor, Lucifer YHVH, Satan, Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thrall, Vol'jin, Lor'themar Theron, Baine Bloodhoof, Grommash Hellscream, Illidan Stormrage, Sylvanas Windrunner, Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Mentor to: Sayaka Miki, Orihime Inoue, Asia Argento, Wendy Marvell, Josuke Higashikata, Yoshika Miyafuji, Lucina, Jaune Arc, Audino, Leeroy Jenkins (The last one is a little complicated.)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Genn Greymane
  • Lord Uther the Lightbringer was the first Paladin to grace Azeroth, and one of the most powerful of his time. Formerly the High priest of Artix Von Krieger, he eventually managed to get a spot in the Pantheon as the god of Cool-Sounding Surnames.
    • The ascension of Uther was a sight to behold. It started with a giant Golden Light that fell on the Pantheon. Outside of it came Uther, ready to bring some justice to the Pantheon and uttering one of his more known Quotes:
    Well Met!
  • Acts like a big force of influence and hope for most of the GUAG that even the likes of Cosmos, Artix, and even Madoka admire him for it. Uther is very grateful for this kind of treatment, but insists that he shouldn't be put on a pedestal.
  • Believe or not, he is an author. One of his most famous works is The Book "The Light and How to Swing it". Many Theorize that's the book he always carries. His explanation?
    " My church is the field of battle, I mean why do you think I always carry this book around? My health?"
  • When she heard of an Uther having recently ascended, Arturia had mistakenly believed that his father, Uther Pendragon, has found her way into the Pantheon. She was confused when she met Uther, and then dissapointed that he wasn't her father. They became good friends since, but she can't help but see some kind of Father figure in the Paladin.
  • Uther has since taken the job of instructing newcomers on how the Pantheon works and usually teaches them how to properly behave in here. Apparently, he's also done this in the Nexus, where he taught Jim Raynor the rules of that place. He usually tells people not to think too hard about how things work in the Pantheon as they usually don't make much sense.
    • In adittion to that, he also took it upon himself to teach others about the Light and train them to become extraordinary Paladins. So far, he has taken under his wing a couple of the young healers And priests to improve their skills, and he is planning to induct them to the New Order of The Silver Hand.
      • He tries to be more rigorous and strict with his pupils because he doesn't want them to end up like a certain Lich King.
    • One paladin he denied training, however, is Leeroy Jenkins. Uther can only look at him in disbelief for a moment before starting a rant about how "Back in my day, patience and forethought was an essential part of being a Paladin" and how Leeroy is a liability on any battlefield. He's offered to retrain Leeroy, but so far, the reckless youngster is having none of it.
  • Is in no way related with Lucifer, given he is also named "The Lightbringer". He doesn't want to be asociated with such a despicable being like the Morningstar.
    • On the other hand, he gets along pretty well with his son Luka and is actually impressed with his skills. Uther is planning to make him his next personal protégé, but this time he will be much more careful with him, since he doesn't want to repeat what happenned with Arthas, given Luka's dark powers. Luka promised Lord Uther that he will always be loyal to him.
  • Altough they say they reformed from his savage days, he still doesn't trust the members of the Horde, especially the Orcs. He keeps an eye on them if they even try to do anything funny, but Jaina and Thrall are trying to convince Uther that the old conflicts of the second War are over. Still, it won't be easy to convice Uther when there are certain Evil Orcs running around, like Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka or Gul'dan.
    "Adding 'new' to the Horde's name doesn't absolve you for your sins, you know"
    • On the other Hand, he isn't much better with the blood elves especially after hearing a certain rumor…
    "By the way, a little bronze dragon told me about what you blood elves are planning to do to my grave. I'm not thrilled about it."
  • His opinion on the Blood Elves wasn't helped by the fact that they imprisoned and tortured a Naaru to forcibly gain Light blessed powers. Only the fact that M'uru willingly let them capture him to redeem them holds back the Paladin's hammer.
  • Is not too very happy of the evolution of his home franchise, saying that the games were much more enjoyable before.
    "What the? What happened to that silver hand in the sky? Seriously, Order of the Weird Space Triangle doesn't have nearly the same ring to it."
    • But, he does enjoy this card game that everyone seem to be playing right now. It's actually one of the few times when he can get on with an orc without any problems, but people say that he is too secretive with his decks lately. And he is even training Murlocs to be his personal minions!
    • It was said that despite serving the lights, Uther also has a wide array of secrets. While most of them are pretty normal or even bad, they can be extremely lethal and powerful from the call of a Mysterious Challenger (Who are we talking about? None of your bussiness).
      • It got to the point that people started calling Uther, "Christmas Tree", given on how he can summon a lot of secrets at once, as Rexxar can attest to.
  • He is surprised to hear that many gods around the Pantheon sound suspiciously like him. That's why he befriended fellow hero CAPTAIN GORDON, DEFENDER OF EARTH! for their great sense of Justice. On the other hand, he is disgusted with other people who sound like him, particularly the treacherous Kano.
  • Even if they're allies Johanna the Crusader doesn't see paladins fondly because in her home crusaders are pretty much an upgrade to paladins so they don't get corrupted to evil, and with realms like that of her home it's easy to corrupt Paladins, so they went through utter hardships. Uther's reply?
    "Please, i was swinging the light while you were in short pants"
  • Many are astonished to find others in the Nexus very similar to Uther in appearance, one of which name Arthur Light who happens to be a Lumberjack. Well of course, He's a Lumberjack and he's OK.
    • A Terran backup medic using advanced technology with similar abilities to Uther has also been seen.
  • For someone who claims to be a herald of the Light, he considers YHVH a disgrace to it. It's so bad he's willing to cooperate with fellow Orcs and Demons if he ever threatens the Pantheon.
  • In the ocurrance that Uther is killed in action, his spirit will emerge from his body and start healing allies before he passes on. However, the Pantheon doesn't have the same rules as The Nexus, so he's trying to work around this problems.
  • Because he was killed pretty soon after Arthas's rise as a Death Knight, he did miss quite of the important events in his homeland. Namely, The Alliance being a much bigger and diverse force and how some of his people ended up. Altough he isn't particularly Happy about how the young and peaceful Jaina Proudmoore ended up becoming a Shadow of herself or how his long time friend and fellow paladin Bolvar Fordragon became the new Lich King after Arthas' demise.
    • As does the return of Turalyon, but it's more or less rather sad that he didn't live to see his friend's return, along with his wife Alleria. That's why when he greeted them in the gates of the Pantheon, Uther made sure to treasure that moment for good.
  • He was actually impressed with Arthur of Nohr, he never thought that someone who failed the test of Paladins due to unnatural bad luck, has the bombastic makings like Leeroy Jenkins, would actually be very insightful about justice and knows the subtle difference between it and vengeance, which was the basis why he and most humans around his era still hate Orcs. While Uther's distaste to Orcs would prove harder to cleanse, he took the talk with Arthur with utmost attention.
  • There are tales of a universe where Uther gave up on the Light and became a servant of the Lich King in order to exact Justice on both Jaina and Arthas for the culling of Stratholme. It's unclear what happened in their confrontation, but this Uther was more of an Anti-Villain compared to the other Death Knights and after potentially taking over the role of the Lich King, Uther would only punish the wicked in death as their Judge, Jury, and Executioner, a similar role that his friend Bolvar took.
  • "The Light abandons no man!"

Lesser Gods

    Big Hero 6 
Big Hero 6members , Divine Hextet of Team Titles (Hiro: Genius Matter Programmer; Baymax: Personal Battle Champion)
L-R: Wasabi, Gogo, Hiro, Honey, Fred; Baymax is behind them
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Baymax’s face
  • Theme Music: Immortals
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew, Nerd Action Hero, True Companions
  • Domains: Superheroes, Science
  • Heralds: Aunt Cass, Mochi, Karmi, Megan Cruz, Mini-Max, The Frederickson Family
  • Allies: Iron Man, Sora, Bruce Wayne, Deku & All Might, Mei Hatsume, Senku Ishigami, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Mega Man, The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium, Winston, Astro Boy, 00 Cyborgs, Scrooge McDuck, Toki, Lucas
  • Enemies: Ultron, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Dr. Wily, The Maker, Mojo Jojo
  • Hiro Hamada lives in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo alongside his brother Tadashi, inventor of healthcare robot Baymax and student at San Fransokyo Tech. After Tadashi dies in an accident and the microbots that Hiro created end up in the wrong hands, Hiro decides to step into action, giving Baymax some moves needed for battle and armor to fly, as well as teaming up with biker tomboy Gogo, plasma engineer Wasabi, perky chemist Honey Lemon, and comic-book fan Fred, all of them friends of Tadashi, to form a high-tech superhero team to get to the bottom of things. They then learn that Professor Callaghan was responsible for the theft of the microbots and sought revenge against Alistair Krei, the man responsible for an experiment that made Callaghan’s daughter disappear into an unknown dimension and stop Callaghan’s rampage after Hiro and Baymax rescue her. Since then, Big Hero 6, as the team is called, has gone on a number of other adventures in protecting San Fransokyo from various villains.
  • Following a successful endeavor at thwarting a varied set of villains from throwing San Fransokyo into chaos, Hiro and his team got a letter in the mail from an unidentified party asking them to be part of the Pantheon. The letter came with a bunch of pamphlets explaining the Pantheon in more detail and what to expect upon being part of that setting, including the fact that many worlds different from what they live in are part of the Pantheon. Being a comic book geek who had most likely read storylines about the multiverse up to that point, Fred was excited to see what was in store for them and given that this unknown world the team was about to be part of had it share of entities similar to and different from them, Big Hero 6 knew that their heroics and technology would be needed in a time when villains are relying on much more dangerous methods to win their battles (and in some cases, have actually succeeded in their plans). With the team accepting the invitation to the Pantheon, Big Hero 6 continued their heroics in both protecting San Fransokyo and helping others from these numerous worlds fight back against anything that threatens their well-being.
  • One individual that the team was already familiar with in the Pantheon was Sora, who had previously visited San Fransokyo. During that time, Big Hero 6 used what Sora was capable of to enhance their own combat capabilities and it culminated in a battle against Dark Baymax, the original Baymax that was left behind in the dimension that Callaghan’s daughter was originally trapped in and corrupted by darkness. Hiro would destroy the chip that was corrupting that Baymax and create a different chip that would restore the original Baymax back to normal. The team would be just some of the many allies that Sora has called upon to help out in the Pantheon and Big Hero 6 (Hiro and Baymax especially) have made sure that Baymax doesn’t suffer from any additional corruption that would go against his programming.
  • As students of San Fransokyo Tech, the team has to juggle between their work at school and engaging in heroics while using the science they learned at school to make their abilities more effective. It wouldn’t take long for them to meet Izuku Midoriya, a student from U.A. High School who has met with other veteran heroes and other aspiring heroes from his class and is a superhero fan on top of it. Although he wasn’t born with powers (or Quirks as they’re called in his world), he was able to inherit the power of One For All from his superhero idol All Might (who was severely weakened at the time, giving him a reason to transfer OFA to Izuku) and eventually retired from being a hero once he used up what was left of it), a rather different solution to being able to fight compared to Big Hero 6 using the power of science to create their superhero identities. Seeing what Big Hero 6 has done in terms of mixing science and heroics reminded Izuku of Mei Hatsune, a friend from U.A. who helped modify Izuku’s costume to better utilize OFA, but seeing Big Hero 6 be more active in their heroism as opposed to having a support role like Mei was something that Izuku was more than impressed with. Big Hero 6 has worked with Izuku numerous times both in action and when discussing how to make their abilities more potent and they would meet up with Mei at Izuku’s suggestion to discuss ideas for other potential inventions, with Mei being an effective partner for the team on the science front despite her eccentricities.
  • The Pantheon being a vast world filled with many different settings and characters meant that the comic books that Fred has been reading are real. Not only do these comic book heroes and villains exist in such a setting, but so do these comic book creators as Big Hero 6 learned about while having to hide from a very difficult villain and the team needed to come up with a plan to defeat said villain. It was during that time that the team met Stan Lee, a man who was known for creating many comic book creators, who gave the team some words of encouragement before Big Hero 6 leapt back into action to pull off their plan to defeat the villain. Stan Lee’s resemblance to Fred’s father wasn’t lost on the team, but it didn’t change the fact Stan was a very friendly guy and Fred particularly reveres him for his role in creating many comic book characters that have endured and fought against adversity.
  • Being a roboticist and knowing how important Baymax is to him and the rest of the team, Hiro discovered a multitude of other robots who had varying alignments and goals. The team has fought against robots back then and some in the Pantheon such as Ultron were a far bigger threat than what Big Hero 6 was used to. Despite the dangers that Ultron and other mechanical foes present, there were plenty of cybernetic heroes that Big Hero 6 were able to find such as the 00 Cyborgs and Astro Boy. Astro being created as a replacement for Tobio Tenma by his father and the 00 Cyborgs having formerly normal lives before being created as weapons of war by a terrorist organization and rebelling against said organization struck a chord with Big Hero 6 when it came to mechanical beings with a human center with them and having to deal with enemies that posed a great danger to the world they lived in.
  • Meeting Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man gave Big Hero 6 plenty of knowledge about the two’s respective worlds where robotics plays a large part in their adventures. Mega Man was originally created by Dr. Light and has fought against Dr. Wily, a mad scientist bent on world domination through the use of robots and Dr. Light’s former colleague before turning to evil while Sonic has worked together with Tails (a skilled inventor who Big Hero 6 easily got along with) and a number of allies to stop Dr. Eggman, who has plotted numerous times to take over the world and has created a multitude of robots big and small to try and pull off that task (with Metal Sonic being one such example, though it turning against Eggman became a problem in and of itself). While Mega Man and Sonic have fought against far more dangerous threats both individually and together, Wily and Eggman served as their respective primary arch-enemies and in spite of their plans failing more often than not, it didn’t change the fact that the evil doctors are not giving up in their world domination plans. Through helping Sonic, Tails, and Mega Man in their battles against their arch-enemies, Big Hero 6 learned about Mega Man’s ability to copy his foes abilities and Tails has learned a lot from a group of young scientists when it came to creating items to help him and his friends out.
  • Besides those who specialize in robotics and mechanical aspects in general, there were a lot of scientists in the Pantheon for Big Hero 6 to take note of. Some such as The Maker used their scientific knowledge for dangerous goals that could threaten the well-being of others, if not the entire world if they’re motivated enough. Others like Senku Ishigami and Winston have used their scientific intellect to better the world and considering the circumstances in some of their respective worlds with Senku having to get the world back up to speed on science and inventions while Winston revived a heroism program due to rampant terrorism going on, Big Hero 6 was more than aware that using science can lead to great things in the long run. Given the variety of adversaries that want to use science for darker ambitions, the team has worked together with many heroic scientists and combined their knowledge with what those particular scientists are capable of to better equip the Pantheon to fight back against the aforementioned threats.
  • Hiro losing his older brother Tadashi was part of a series of major events that would lead to the formation of Big Hero 6 and Hiro would learn to honor his older brother’s memory in the process. Tadashi’s death was already a devastating moment for Hiro as it was and while he is sympathetic towards those in the Pantheon who have similarly grieved for their sibling, some have gone through rather different circumstances when it came to siblings that Hiro was at times unnerved about. Lucas was someone who went on an adventure following the presumed death of his brother Claus, only to discover that the latter was brainwashed to become The Masked Man who would later die as Claus after being freed from the brainwashing. Going through events like that was hard on someone as young as Lucas and Hiro would have had a darker path ahead of him and his friends if Tadashi went through what Claus did instead of simply burning to death. Lucas being able to endure in the face of such hardships was something that Hiro could relate to very well and he encouraged Lucas to keep up his resolve no matter what happens.
  • Even after Hiro created a chip to give him some fighting moves, Baymax remains first and foremost a healthcare robot for others, especially following Hiro’s ill-fated attempt to kill Callaghan over Tadashi’s death. As a medic for others, Baymax discovered plenty of others in his field and while he got along easily with some of them, there are amoral medical professionals that Baymax was disturbed by given the damage they cause to patients that end up with him. Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6 learned of medical professionals who are more than capable of putting up a good fight, with Toki having a story that was surprising and brutal to the team. Despite Toki having access to deadly martial arts in a devastated world, he remained committed to using his skills to heal others and even though he had an older brother in Raoh that wanted to become the conqueror of that world that Toki would eventually fight against, the two never truly hated each other and always saw each other as brothers even during their fated battle. Even though Baymax is aware of Toki’s radiation sickness following a medical scan, Toki wasn’t asking to be cured of it, but instead, that Baymax continue to help others and be a positive influence towards others the same way that Toki did, regardless of how dire things get.
  • Fitting for an athletic bike courier, Gogo uses her speed to skate around her opponents and has discs at her disposal to use both as an offensive weapon and defensive option. When it came to skating around quickly, Gogo was eager to learn that there were plenty of advanced versions of rollerblades, with some such as Shadow the Hedgehog using hover skates to move around. Thanks to one of Big Hero 6’s meetings with Sonic, the Blue Blur mentioned having participated in races using Extreme Gear, which included hover skates and bikes, prompting Gogo to work on something comparable to Extreme Gear for her to use later on, even with the upgrades to her arsenal she and the team already have. Gogo was similarly intrigued with the world of Tron, given that those who visit that area of cyberspace use light-cycles and have weaponized discs to use in combat.
  • Wasabi is a neurotic plasma engineer who uses plasma blades in combat and has a tendency to want things organized (though he’s slightly loosened up a bit in that regard). While he is no slouch when it comes to his weapon of choice, he and the team discovered that there were other forms of plasma weaponry not just related to blades, but also as long-range weapons. After seeing such plasma-based firearms in action, Wasabi briefly considered utilizing such weapons in addition to his blades, but ultimately decided against it. Nevertheless, it did give him more of a motivation to study such unusual applications of plasma, much in the same way as the other members of the team are studying more unorthodox methods of their fields of science.
  • Honey Lemon is an energetic chemist who has a purse that stores the chemical compounds she uses in battle and said purse can fire the chem-balls out like cannonballs thanks to an upgrade. While looking for chemists to hang out with, she and the rest of the team learned about Chemical X and how it played a role in the creation of a team of heroes known as the Powerpuff Girls. The trio had to balance heroics with living out lives normally much like Big Hero 6, but besides the Powerpuff Girls being much younger, they also take a much more direct approach to fighting their adversaries, including Mojo Jojo, one of the girls’ arch-enemies due to Chemical X’s explosion changing him from a simple lab assistant to a deranged would-be conqueror. Big Hero 6 has taken care of the Powerpuff Girls alongside the latter’s caretaker Professor Utonium in addition to joining the girls on their heroics. Honey Lemon was intrigued with what Chemical X is capable of and the related chemicals and antidotes tied to it, but it was clear that chemicals that potent would lead to villains wanting to get their hands on such substances and she’s more than aware of the fact that the Pantheon has far deadlier concoctions than Chemical X.
  • Not only is Fred a fan of comic books and kaiju, he comes from a wealthy family who happened to have super-powered secret identities. Among such wealthy individuals who have such rich backgrounds and have engaged in adventures that Fred was eager to meet up with included Bruce Wayne, owner of Wayne Enterprises, Scrooge Mcduck, owner of Mcduck Enterprises, and Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries though in the three’s cases, their wealth was well-known to others in contrast to Fred’s. Despite Batman’s supposed loner tendencies and Scrooge’s stinginess, both have a close circle of family and friends that have kept their more problematic traits in check and have consistently relied on these individuals in their adventures. As for Tony, he has his share of vices, but otherwise has altruistic goals both when it comes to running his company and his heroism as Iron Man. Fred has strong admiration towards the three wealthy figures (and he can tell that Tony and Hiro have a similar level of skill when it comes to machinery and making suits of armor) and while Bruce, Scrooge, and Tony are surprised that someone like Fred has a wealthy family, they’re otherwise supportive of the endeavors that he and the rest of Big Hero 6 engage in.

    Oriko Mikuni 
Oriko Mikuni, Titular Antagonist Goddess
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her danmaku-like spheres with her bucket hat.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Lawful Evil in Oriko Magica)
  • Portfolio: Not Being the Protagonist In the Cover But the Villain, Extremist Anti Villains, Seers, Evil White Haired Girl in White, The Chessmaster, Canon Foreigner, Shameful Priviledged Past, Absolutely Necessary Actions... Or so She said at First, Being Nicer in Alternate Timelines, Oracle Ray!, Nice Magical Girl Costume, Killing Madoka and Regretting it Later
  • Domains: Narrative, Order, Predictions, Extremism, Light, Alternate Timelines, Ambiguity, Law
  • Herald: Kirika Kure
  • High Priest: Bill
  • Allies: Eliphas, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Takuma "Sartorius" Saiou, Lord Dome, Yuma Tsukumo, Kiritsugu Emiya, Gabriel Angelos, Marneus Augus Calgar, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, The Batter
  • Rivals: Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White (especially the latter), Nico Kanna
  • Not so different: Harpuia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Madoka Kaname (and all those aligned with her), Eiki Shiki, Vulkan (Primarch), Sangunius, Leman Russ
  • Conflicting Relationships: The Other Puella Magi
  • Enemies: Homura Akemi, Lucifer and his Grand United Alliance of Chaos, YHVH, Metatron, the more evil members of the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Ascended some time after the events of Puella Magi Oriko Magica, when she was lectured for a looooong time by Eiki Shiki (Some say it lasted a whole day) who had to admit she did have some potential to be part of the Pantheon. Her actions won't be forgotten and as such her goddess title will forever be a reminder of that.
    • It helps that it is very easy to assume the title character refers to the girl on the first volume's cover. Or that it refers to a hero. Oriko was neither.
  • She was quickly recruited by Eliphas into the Astral Army, who was the one who most looked forward for her ascension. She sees it as a good chance to clear up her record and because she sees the current state of the GUAL as deplorable.
  • She is the complete opposite of Homura Akemi. If Homura believes the world should be sacrificed for the sake of Madoka, Oriko belived that Madoka should be sacrificed for the sake of the world. As such, they don't get along. Homura still hates her for trying to kill Madoka and succeding and Oriko sees her as an horribly selfish person. Even though the loss of Madoka's powers means Oriko's no longer trying to kill her, she now battles Homura for a different reason: future visions have revealed to Oriko the results of a GUAC victory, and she's determined to make sure it doesn't happen.
    • Though she wasn't the one who predicted the Great Upheaval, so she would rather have her followers stop saying "Oriko was right!"
    • Those who are personally allied with Madoka are also against Oriko for the same reasons as Homura: the still view her as a threat towards Madoka after learning what she did. Gabriel Belmont has even warned her not to go anywhere near Madoka, otherwise the consequences will be so swift that not even her visions will save her.
  • Obviously, her relationship with the other Puella Magi is severely strained. She prefers to avoid them because of this. Though Madoka (Not surprisingly) has been seen trying to patch this up.
  • Due to the constant disagreement between her and Homura's followers, she gained the sympathy of Lord Dome, who understands very well her situation. The Dome Pokemon thinks she has a good grasp of democracy for thinking for the best of the majority (though he does believe she should have asked them first) and has given her his support.
  • It's unknown whether she could do Bullet Hell with her spheres, which are based on design on the danmaku.
    • Though she has become friends with one half of the Dueling Messiahs duo, Toyosatomimi no Miko, regardless of whether or not she can do it.
    • It should be noted that it has been discovered there's a thing she can do well with her spheres: Shooting Frickin' Laser Beams.
  • She often has disagreements of philosophies with several other Magical Girls but especially the first Pretty Cure duo, who see her and her partner Kirika as dark mirrors of themselves. They can often be found fighting for this reason (Even if Kirika is still non-ascended).
    • The same thing happened with Nico Kanna. However, in her case it would be more of a disagreement of which story is better: Oriko's or Nico's.
  • She really thought that Yuma had ascended before her and was disappointed to find out this wasn't the case. Though she really appreciated that Tsukumo didn't judge for her backgrounds or actions and was nice to her, so he's fine for her.
    • They will have to work together due to their mutual alliance to Eliphas anyways, so she feels it's better she really can't complain about him.
  • Her feelings regarding Kiritsugu Emiya were ambivalent after she heard that Homura Akemi was based on him but then she was told that he has a certain characteristic that Homura lacks. She seems to like him a little better because of this. Though she still fears him a little because of his Magus Killer reputation.
    • In the other hand, Kiritsugu only commented about Oriko that "Her heart was in the right place, but she escalated her actions too quickly".
  • When word broke out about the "Middle School Incident" Vulkan and Leman Russ got about as angry as their respective chapters did over the "Marines Malevolent" and "1st Armageddon War" incidents. Due to the tradtional close ties of camraderie between the Salamanders and Blood Angels, Sangunius cast his lot with Vulkan on this issue. Fortunately for Oriko, Marenus Calgar being the leader of a chapter many Adeptes Astartes look up to as a "trusted wise brother" was able to calm them down.
    • Calgar lectured her about being more calm and re-evaluting her options before resorting to drastic measure. Seeing the error of her previous ways, Oriko can be seen asking the veteran general for advice when she has to make a difficult decision.
    • Gabriel Angelos can sympatheize with her, having himself being stuck in a situation where he was forced to resort to drastic measures because he couldn't arrive in time. He gave Oriko a long lecture about how she was way too quick to resort to extreme measures. However, it was not to tear her down, but to help her improve herself. The lecture did teach her something very important. The cleanest way to solve a crisis is to identify the truth behind it and a good solution to it early before it escalates out of control.
  • She's read Crime and Punishment multiple times since she was little, and sees herself in Raskolnikov.

    Seattle, New Jersey Residents 
The Seattle, New Jersey Residentsmembers , Collective of Shows with Renamed Seasons
Carl, Frylock, Shake, Meatwad
  • Lesser God (Frylock); Demigods (Shake and Meatwad); Quasideity (Carl)
  • Symbol: The ATHF Logo
  • Theme Music: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Remix); Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1; Aqua Something You Know Whatever; Aqua TV Show Show; Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral bordering on Neutral Evil, with some Chaotic Stupid (Shake); Lawful Neutral (Frylock); Stupid Neutral (Meatwad); True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Carl)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Weirdness, Neighbors
  • One-Sided Rivalry towards: Other casanovas (Carl only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Eric Cartman (Shake only)
  • Annoyed at: The Cup Bros. (Shake only)
  • Other Relations: Ghost Planet Crew
  • In the town of Seattle, New Jersey (or just Seattle...or maybe just somewhere in New Jersey; it doesn't matter), there lives four weirdos who have a bunch of misadventures over random things. Three of those weirdos are talking food and the other one is a fat loser who lives next door to the food. Their mishaps have went through many different names, from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" to "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" to "Aqua Something You Know Whatever" to "Aqua TV Show Show" to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever". Some witnesses are free to call those adventures whatever they want. Regardless of the name, one thing's for certain: there's going to be a lot of craziness, chaos, and calamity involved with the four of them.
  • Their arrival in the Pantheon was something none of them really anticipated. It all started when they received a letter from an anonymous source claiming that they won the lottery. Meatwad seemed to easily believe it, but Frylock was highly skeptical about the credibility of the letter. Carl, who was visiting the Aqua Teens at the time, felt that he could do something with the potential "money", but Master Shake took the letter and attempted to claim the prize for himself. However, just when he was about to step outside, both houses that the weirdos usually live in exploded and they got knocked out unconscious in the midst of it, though they somehow weren't harmed by it.
    • Some time later, Frylock managed to find another letter and upon opening that, it said "I lied. You're all gods now". Shake somehow ended up very upset that the promised money wasn't real and attempted to find the person that sent the letter. As soon as he stepped outside his house, he was greeted by a mysterious figure who claimed that Shake and his friends were chosen to become gods of what's known as the Pantheon. Shake had a hard time believing anything that's said from it, insisting that where they're at isn't a "Pantheon". The figure claimed that the houses that Shake and co. lived at were mysteriously teleported upon their godhood, but Shake continued to argue with the figure. It got to a point where the figure got fed up with Shake and left. Shake then went after him, but the search didn't last much longer so to say. Frylock correctly assumed such a thing a few minutes after Shake's conversation with the figure ended. All this was just their first day in the Pantheon.
  • Back then, the Aqua Teens were some sort of detective agency (if it can even be called that) that investigates any sort of weird thing that happens close to them. Nowadays, they don't do that kind of thing anymore and any weird thing that happens related to them either comes to them or is even caused by them. Not that it stops Shake from claiming to the House of Jobs and Profession that he, alongside Frylock and Meatwad, still solve mysteries despite Frylock saying otherwise to Shake. A lot of other detectives are under the impression that trying to meet up with the Aqua Teens and their neighbor will be nothing more than a total waste of time.
  • For no reason whatsoever, any object that the Aqua Teens touch and throw (or are in range of Frylock's eye lasers) end up exploding in a burst of flames of varying sizes upon hitting the ground (or if the lasers hit them). That includes the TV they own, the chair they have, and even stuff that wouldn't even make sense for it to explode. Michael Bay ended up getting interested in it and followed the group around for a bit to see how much explosions could occur as a result of tossed items. Frylock later found out about it, got really annoyed, and fired his laser beam eyes at Michael's camera, causing it to blow up. Frylock then told him that for the time being, they're not interested in having another movie about them made, despite Shake claiming that Michael Bay is the key to getting such a thing made.
  • None of the Aqua Teens look like what they do originally if Space Ghost is any indication. He ended up putting up with an anthropomorphic drink, fries, and a meatball back then and is still kind of annoyed about it. For some unknown reason, Shake and the others ended up being guests on Space Ghost's show much to the latter's chagrin and spent a good chunk of their interview claiming that they're like the aforementioned food items from a long time ago. Despite Frylock trying to tell Space Ghost otherwise, the interview devolved into mayhem. Carl was only able to talk to Moltar for a bit and Meatwad ended up being a bit confused about the whole thing and made random comments during awkward moments of silence.
  • Master Shake is the self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teens...emphasis on the "self-proclaimed" part as he is extremely self-absorbed. He's very unpleasant to put it mildly, takes advantage of Meatwad's stupidity, and constantly argues over incredibly petty things. If it weren't obvious by now, Shake is simply not that smart of a being despite his claims and more than once has he died as a result of his hubris. It's honestly amazing how he never manages to learn from any of mistakes, let alone his self-caused deaths.
    • Plenty of people have wanted to find out what would happen if Shake had an encounter with Eric Cartman, just to see what kind of hijinx unfold between two selfish sociopaths. Their first meeting resulted in Cartman and Shake switching places as temporary members of the others' circle of "acquaintances" for a day as part of a bet. Thing that normally happened between their groups ended up being more chaotic than normal because of the switch. Cartman and Eric's antagonism towards each other became worse as a result of the bet and both often come up with ways to screw over the other whenever possible.
    • Cuphead and Mugman became very intrigued upon finding someone who happened to be another living drinking accessory. With a name like Shake, the two were thinking about what Shake could look like, but were very surprised to find out that Shake's appearance was literally a milkshake cup with arms and not a cup with arms, limbs, and legs. Shake's cruel and caustic attitude was an even bigger surprise for the Cup Bros. to the point they thought Shake had signed a contract with a devil for something, except that accusation made Shake even more annoyed. After getting pelted at by the Cup Bros' projectiles to see if a contract would come out of him, Shake snapped and told them to get out. While the Cup Bros do believe somewhat that there might be something later on to let them have a more pleasant meeting with Shake even if no contract was involved, he wants nothing to do at all with the two.
  • Frylock is the closest thing the group has to having a sane member and even then, he definitely isn't immune to the jackassery that's prevalent around him. He designs a lot of weird machinery which sooner or later goes wrong and is able to fire lasers out of his eyes. Whenever Frylock's patience with others (mostly Shake) runs out, there's going to be more trouble in addition to whatever's happening.
    • Some of his spare time is spent visiting the House of Technology, looking at some of the various machinery they have to get some ideas for his inventions. Some of the more caustic visitors to that house have made fun of Frylock over how despite supposedly being the most calm of a bunch of crazies, he can't do much right, especially in regards to inventions and what Shake and Meatwad do with them.
    • He managed to find some steady friends in the form of others who have to put up with a bunch of insanity while trying to keep a cool head. Stan Marsh is a frequent conversation buddy of Frylock given that he has to deal with a callous jerk almost all the time much like Frylock's predicaments, especially given what happened with the whole bet between Cartman and Shake from prior. Frylock did admit to Stan and the other level-headed friends that trying to be rational is a lot easier said than done.
  • Of the group, Meatwad has the most childlike demeanor of them all, in addition to having an airheaded attitude. As his name would imply, he's a rolling, talking meatball with extremely limited shapeshifting capabilities. Meatwad tends to be victim of Shake's shenanigans, but there have been instances of Meatwad getting back at Shake in an equally cruel way.
    • Meatwad likes to play around with an empty toilet paper tube, an apple, and a box, envisioning those "toys" as friends of some kind. He was excited about a handful of other toys in the Pantheon and wanted to see them so that they could hang out with his "friends". He ended up encountering Woody and Buzz Lightyear and introduced them to his "friends". Unsurprisingly, the two didn't really understand what Meatwad was talking about in regards to his toys. Meatwad then told them that he did have a couple of instances of a meeting a living toy, albeit one that didn't go over all that well. Woody and Buzz then told him about Lotso, a really bad toy that's best to be left alone.
    • Him being very slow-witted means that anyone looking to take advantage of someone else will find him to be an easy target. Despite that, there have been some instances of Meatwad getting the better of whoever is currently abusing him in a way that's similar to Shake's shenanigans towards him.
  • Carl Brutananadilewski is the sole human of these misfits and practically the unluckiest of them all. Living next door to the living food items, Carl sees himself as a big shot despite being a fat loser with little in the way of meaningful progress. Carl initially didn't want much to do with his neighbors, but very slowly came to at the very least, tolerate them over time.
    • Whenever football season comes around, Carl visits the House of Sports and makes some short videos there weighing in what football-related events. Despite his best efforts, he's never really had a chance to co-commentate football matches with John Madden, mostly because Carl's attitude would end up alienating football viewers.
    • To put it lightly, Carl is a pronounced pervert and has made multiple trips to the House of Love and Affection to see if he could score some hot ladies over there (and some of his attempts don't occur at that place as well). Given how unlucky he is, Carl has never been able to hook up with a girl successfully and if he does manage to get a girl with him, there's a very strong chance that the girl in question does not look attractive in the least, something that even other wannabe casanovas in the Pantheon find eyebrow-raising.
    • Carl has had a history of having his car be vandalized or destroyed in multiple ways. One time, some mischief makers took off with one of his car's tires and he tried looking for it. He ended up finding a tire at an odd place, thinking that it was for his car and put it there. Some time later, he got frustrated that the tire disappeared for no reason and it was only after he turned on his TV that he discovered that the car tire was living and on a rampage, prompting a facepalm from Carl.
  • In addition to Carl's football-related ramblings, the House of Sports also holds a really weird golf competition devised by the Aqua Teens (or more accurately, it was Shake's ideas and he made the others go along with it). This particular take involves golfing on really strange courses and fighting a bunch of enemies to get to the golf ball, as well as defeating something else before putting the ball. And then there's the addition of racing around a golf course with its own set of challenges. Shake believes that this particular take on golf will make the game far more interesting and unpredictable, but plenty of others are very skeptical about what's been described especially considering that Mario has his own fantastical golf tournaments that are more manageable than what Shake has, much to his irritation.
  • A much rougher instance of Meatwad and toys happened when Shake saw some strange-looking teddy bears and tried to bring them over to Meatwad to trick him into thinking he'd get more "friends" for his toys. Of course, Shake didn't know that he was bringing in SCP-1048 over and that plenty of trouble ensued. Meatwad didn't even know that SCP-1048 would be deadly since it wasn't doing anything when he was initially introducing it to his friends. Then again, all this ended with Shake getting what's coming to him and Frylock just getting annoyed at all what transpired.
  • The crew has had a handful of run-ins with two separate pairs of aliens, both of which were not very threatening by standards of typical aliens. Compared to those, the Pantheon has a lot more aliens that are far from harmless, though there is potential for strange things to happen between the Aqua Teens and those aliens if they meet face-to-face close to Carl's house or the Aqua Teens' house.

    Slade Wilson/Deathstroke the Terminator 
Slade Joseph Wilson, God of Edgy Supernames (Deathstroke (the Terminator), Dane Lisslow, Jade Wilson)
Click here  to see his Teen Titans counterpart

Worf, Son of Mogh, God of Announcing One's Parentage
  • Symbol: The Klingon Bat'leth
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Big Guy, Warrior Poet, Saying He is the Son of Mogh Whenever Among Klingons, Master Bat'leth Suvwl', The Comically Serious, Becoming Weaker But Not Anymore, The Stoic, Raised by Humans
  • Domains: War, Force, Space, Law
  • Allies: Jean-Luc Picard, James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Urdnot Wrex, Mata Nui, John Henry Irons, Swamp Thing, Roland Deschain
  • Enemies: Khan Noonien Singh, Kalibak, Bane
  • "I am Worf, son of Mogh! I have come to take my rightful place amongst the gods of the Pantheon!" It was with these words that Worf took up residence in his new temple. All the friends he had made in the Pantheon were already waiting for him inside and threw a huge celebration worthy of a Klingon warrior.
  • Originally he shared the Proud Warrior Race Guy with Urdnot Wrex, until the Pantheon's higher-ups decided that Worf was ready to have a temple all for himself. Worf was saddened to see his old partner leave, so Worf gave him the opportunity to vent his frustrations with a friendly match. It ended in a draw. Nevertheless, they remain friends and trusted partners in battle.
  • Worf, despite being the Trope Namer for The Worf Effect and The Worf Barrage, has atoned for those actions and hopes to never speak about it again.
  • Why is Worf calmer and more reserved than the regular Klingon? This is the result of a childhood soccer match, when young Worf accidentally headbutted an opposing player. Klingon foreheads being what they are, the kid died. This tragedy convinced Worf to rein in his Klingon passion.
  • Quick to disprove the uselessness of the klingon bat'leth thanks to his years of experience. That said, he seems to prefer using a mek'leth in combat, a machete-like weapon half the size (and therefore much easier to carry around).
  • Whenever he goes to the House of Food, he always orders a glass of prune juice. "A warrior's drink", he says.
  • He's often confused with Mata Nui, John Henry Irons, Swamp Thing, Kalibak and Bane.
    • Very good friends with Mata Nui, Steel and Swamp Thing, often practicing their combat skills and discussing their relationship with their fathers. Mata Nui admitted he wasn't born, he was created by the Great Beings, but ultimately felt glad he was given a purpose for his existence. Steel joked that Mata Nui should refer to himself as "Mata Nui, Son of the Great Beings" to command respect; something that got Mata Nui and Worf in deep thought.
    • Does not take it kindly that Kalibak and Bane use their strength to hurt others. While he feels sorry for Kalibak's servitude under a horrible father and Bane's terrible childhood, he cannot ignore the innocent lives they have destroyed and he has sworn to fight them with all his strength.
  • Once engaged Roland Deschain in a gunfight to test each other's skills. To avoid any permanent injuries, Roland had filled his guns with blanks and Worf had set his phaser to stun. Although Worf wasn't as quick on the draw as Roland, he still proved a credible challenge to the gunslinger. Ultimately, the gunfight ended in a draw and both fighters earned each other's respect. They parted with this exchange.
    Roland: "Never forget the face of your father, Son of Mogh."
    Worf: "Never, Son of Steven."
  • Angry to learn Federation enemies Khan Noonien Singh is already in the Pantheon. Khan already has experience fighting Klingons and is not afraid to take on Worf, a challenge Worf is more than willing to meet.


    Billy the Kid 
Henry McCarty, God Of "The Kid" Alias (Billy the Kid, William H. Bonney, Archer, Herman the Kid)
An enhanced photo of Billy the Kid, circa 1880
Click here to see him as an Archer Servant
  • Demigod; Lesser God as a Servant
  • Symbol: His hat and gun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Outlaw, Famously known as Billy the Kid, His life has more fiction in it than facts, Has multiple legends surrounding him that he's not actually murdered at that time, Combat Pragmatist, Escape Artist, Guile Hero, The Gunslinger, Killed by his former associate in the name of justice, Sudden Name Change
  • Domains: Outlaws, Guns, Legends, Wild West
  • High Priest: "Tennessee Kid" Cooper
  • Allies: Ritsuka Fujimaru, Bill and Ted, Vash the Stampede, Rushuna Tendou, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, Takeru Tenkuji/Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Rivals: John Marston, Erron Black, The Man With No Name, Star Lord
  • Worthy Opponent: Lucky Luke (one-sided in Billy's part), Jesse McCree
  • Enemies: Yosemite Sam, Hol Horse, the House of Justice, Akechi Mitsuhide, Marcus Junius Brutus, Fin Shepard, Dracula
  • Opposes: Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson
  • Despite his life containing more fiction in it than reality and living a short life, Billy the Kid became one of the most famous outlaws in American history. He started his life of crime at the age of 15 by committing theft. He became famous across The Wild West thanks to the Lincoln County War. He had bounties that surrounds him and was able to escape jail multiple times. He was then eventually killed by his former associate, Patt Garrett. Billy's legend became a worldwide phenomenon when his murderer wrote a sensational biography ghostwrited by Ash Upson. The urban legends surrounding him were inspired by the biography itself.
  • The person who vouched for his ascencion is the Master of Chaldea. The outlaw thanked for vouching it, not believing that his Master will do something like this. The Master responded back that he has faith in him, just like how he has faith in every Servant that he summoned and that he does it to see them again. In return, Billy promises to fight by his side once again if he wants to.
  • Seeing that the real Billy the Kid ascended, Lucky Luke wanted to bring him to justice. The two ended up having a duel, while it is a tie, the outlaw is so impressed at the selfless cowboy, seeing that he is so good at everything he does, that he started to consider him as an Worthy Opponent rather than a sworn enemy. The heroic cowboy doesn't seem to return the sentiment however and still wants to arrest him as the outlaw still wants to pursue his life at crime.
  • He considers John Marston as a fellow rival due to being a former outlaw who is a great gunslinger and horse rider. That said, he does sympathized with the former outlaw when he hears how his life as an outlaw is All for Nothing and he performed a Heroic Sacrifice so that his wife and son will live in peace.
  • Became enemies with Yosemite Sam, surprisingly. This is because he actually started to obey the law on not shooting with his guns in The Looney Tunes Show. This is made even worse when he actually became police officer one time. Seeing that Billy the Kid would rather stay as an outlaw in his entire life and wanting to escape jail all the time, yeah, the two would never stay friends.
  • Well it makes sense that he is a mercenary and is Only in It for the Money, but Billy doesn't like Hol Horse because he lacks a lot of loyalty for Dio that his associates have and how he repays the Crusaders by stealing their the one time they saved him from Enya's wrath. He also laughs at the fact that despite the fact he can control the direction at the bullets, he is so bad at aiming that he actually accidentally shot himself twice.
  • He established a rivalry with other cowboys/outlaws such as Erron Black and The Man With No Name. For the former, he is impressed with him that despite the fact he lives in a world where almost everyone has some sort of special power and is just a Badass Normal, he is able to hold off on his own. For the latter, upon hearing the latter, he wanted to hear sbout his travels seeing that he is constantly adventuring, wants to know about his duels and how he fights with his weapons, and is not disappointed. He established a Worthy Opponent relationship with Jesse McCree seeing that he is a former outlaw who Took a Level in Idealism and now wants to fight for good and justice. Seeing that he doesn't any of these acts yet, the outlaw wants to see how he will succeed on his job.
  • He knew he should be expecting this but he never thought he would meet an intergalactic outlaw like Star-Lord. He wanted to know more about his exploits in space after hearing about his misadventures. He could easily relate to him on what it feels like to lose a mother because of a deadly disease and their father leaving them behind (though it's never known if it happened in real one). Star-Lord establishes a rivalry with him due to becoming more heroic later on and having more standards and because they are both outlaws, they couldn't become enemies.
  • The only gun-wielders he became truly friends with in the Pantheon is Vash and Rushuna because they are so kind to him that he couldn't bring himself to hate them as well as people comparing his Archer self to Vash. Billy is amused at Vash's antics to prove himself to be an idiot man so that people wouldn't suspect he's actually a dangerous outlaw in his world and Rushuna using her breasts by hugging her enemies as her negotiation/combat technique which he finds weird overall but most of all destroying their enemies by not killing them at all. Overall, he considers them to be good friends to hang out and have drinks with and if they ever fought, it will end the moment the fight starts.
  • He also became friends with an another outlaw named Sundance Kid because he considers him to be too likable that he couldn't beung himself to establish a rivalry with him. Though Sundance Kid, he introduced him to his partner, Butch Cassidy and they also become terrific friends. Billy is curious to know what is their eventual fate and if they ever make it out alive or dead although the duo don't want to respond to that which is completely fine to the young outlaw.
  • Of course Billy the Kid is enemies with the House of Justice for obvious reasons. Seeing that he always jail with no detailed explanation makes it hard for the police to let him remain in jail and considers him to be one of their greatest targets when they realized how great of an Escape Artist he is. He doesn't even accept any of their offers of letting him get out of jail after he got arrested as that happened to him one time.
  • Ironically, his former associate Patt Garrett killed him in the name of justice. Due to this experience, he hates those that betrayed their friends, even if there are good reasons of doing that. He hates Brutus when he assassinated Caesar when the latter is being such a good friend to the former when he actually sparred him and give him a position as a governor. This is also the same with Akechi Mitsuhide when he killed Nobunaga, when he is considered as one of the warlord's most trusted vassal before their downfall. Even if he is unsure what is the cause of the betrayal, Akechi got on the bad side of the infamous outlaw.
  • In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Billy is the first historical figure to be "borrowed" by the duo for their history presentation. He encountered them during the saloon and asked them to play poker with two other dudes, which they happily accepted. Though Billy is caught cheating when he gave Ted three aces. Fortunately, they managed to save Billy in time and sent him to the time-travelling booth. He continued to travel with them to "collect" more historical figures and formed a friendship with Socrates of all people and he and the other historical figures managed to perform the historical presentation in time before they all went back in their time periods. Seeing that he ascended, Bill and Ted are excited to see him again and the three actively started hanging out with each other again
  • In The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, Fin Shepard and his group accidentally helped him escape arrest by having Fin get arrested instead. Hearing that they are from the future, he wanted to travel to the future with them as he wanted to continue his theft in the modern world, believing that there are more exciting things to steal. When they gladly refused, the outlaw and Fin have a duel, before being eaten by a shark. Seeing that the latter is in the Pantheon, the two remain enemies because of that encounter, with Fin keeping an eye on Billy when he committed considering what he heard for his reasons to travel to his time.
  • In one Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons, Lisa forced a gun ban after seeing Billy the Kid's grave with his real name in it with the quote "I dream of a world without guns" without knowing who he actually is. Billy and the other outlaw cohorts came back as zombies and rule over Springfield since they are the only ones with guns. Professor Frink sent Homer back in time to stop the gun ban from happening which Homer did by telling the citizens of Springfield to shoot at the zombies' graves. The zombies come back, but they eventually run away from the gunfire. As a result of this experience, Billy the Kid developed a bad relationship with both Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson not loving the former for the gun ban (even if she has an excuse that she didn't know is false) and the latter for shooting at his grave.
  • In Kamen Rider Ghost, he is one of Takeru's fifteen Eyecons, based on different historical figures. In this form, while transformed into Kamen Rider Ghost, he is armed with Gan Gun Saber and Bat Clock, both in Gun Mode. Combining those will create Rifer Mode. Because of this, the Kamen Rider and the outlaw got along with relative ease, with the former receiving sympathy from the latter upon hearing his fate of dying when 99 days have passed and Billy is so glad to see that he got his happy ending that he didn't commit any crimes for a day.
  • In a weird alternate universe, Dracula plans to take Billy the Kid's fiance, Betty Bentley, to turn her into a vampire to become his bride. Also, Billy is such a good guy in that universe that he teamed up with a sheriff and a doctor. He was able to kill Dracula using the silver scalpel given to him by the doctor. It ended with Billy the Kid and Betty presumably living happily ever after. Although it does take place in an alternate universe, when they hear about this, Dracula and Billy became sworn enemies because of how Billy killed the vampire with Billy is willing to kill the vampire if he is interrupting on his business.

    Emperor Augustus 
Gaius Octavius Thurinus, God Of Rulers With Simple Titles (Gaius Octavian, Octavian Caesar, Augustus, Augustus Caesar, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus)
An elderly Augustus as portrayed in I, Claudius.
The young Octavian, as portrayed in Rome.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: his famous statue
  • Theme Song: Octavian's Triumph from Rome
  • Alignment: Either Neutral Evil or True Neutral as Octavian, before maturing to Lawful Neutral as Augustus
  • Portfolio: Cult of Personality, Great-Nephew And Adopted Son To Julius Caesar, From A Minor Member Of The House Of Julii To First Emperor Of The Julio-Claudian Dynasty, Just the First Citizen, I Did What I Had to Do, Meaningful Rename, Non-Action Guy, The Social Expert, Often Seen As More Ruthless Than He Was, Thought To Have Become A Better Person As Princeps, Sickly Prodigy, Happily Married, Wanted To Enforce Family Values But His Daughter Was Often Adulterous, Succession Crisis
  • Domains: Ancient Rome, Emperors, Conquerors, Ambition, Family Names, Legacies
  • Heralds: Livia (his third and most beloved wife), Marcus Agrippa and Gaius Maecenas (his best friends), Drusus the Elder (his adoptive/step-sonnote ), Tiberius (his adoptive/step-son and successor as emperor)
  • Special relationship with: Julius Caesar (his great-uncle/adoptive father), Emperor Caligula (his great-grandson and the third Roman emperor), Emperor and Empress Nero (his great-great grandchildren and the last Julio-Claudian emperor)
  • Allies: Julius Caesar, Niccolo Machiavelli, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Aegon I, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen
  • On Good terms with: Takumi Aldini
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Bucciarati's gang
  • Rivals: Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon, Charles Zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Queen Cleopatra, Marcus Junius Brutus, enemies of Rome in general, Prime Minister Honest, Diavolo, Cioccolata, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Respects: Most Happily Married deities, Ned Stark
  • Pities: Robb Stark
  • Opposes: Adulterers like Spirit Albarn, Jafar
  • Opposed by: Boudica
  • Annoys: Xena
  • Gaius Octavius Thurinus. The grandson of the famous Julius Caesar's sister, and shortly before his assassination made his heir. He grew to be one of the most powerful men in the civil war that followed. With Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus they defeated Brutus and his Liberators, but like the First Triumvirate it would fall apart. Octavian and Antony would fight for control of Rome, and ultimately the ambitious Octavian would rise to become Rome's first emperor. However he chose to be known as princeps, or "first citizen" as a show of humility and avoiding accusations of becoming a king. Barring the Eastern Roman Empire he had the longest reign of any Roman Emperor, and is usually only challenged by Trajan in rankings of "the best emperor".
  • While Caesar was a bit upset over how Augustus treated both Cleopatra and Mark Antony, he is at least grateful that Augustus avenged his death. Augustus can only imagine how awkward it'll be if his arch-rival ever ascends to the pantheon. His and the original Caesar's relationship has been strained upon learning he would have Caesarion, Julius' illegitimate child with Cleopatra, executed in his feud with Cleopatra. While Julius Caesar understands the necessity of the act given the dynamics of power, Caesarion was still his son. He'll stand by him in the pantheon, but won't like him as much as he did before. Augustus is on further edge with the possibility that Mark Antony could one day join the pantheon.
  • Ruthlessly ambitious in his youth, as he grew old the princeps mellowed out. He would be succeeded by his step-son/adoptive son Tiberius, a somber Dirty Old Man who didn't want the job in the first place. While fairly ruthless, a lot of the more negative aspects of his reign comes from his prefect and "friend" Sejanus. Augustus wasn't happy to see this fate befall his heir, and has gained a disliking for Prime Minister Honest and Jafar for representing the Evil Chancellor trope. Primarily Honest, who's vice-fuelled life is in complete opposition to his "family values".
  • On his own ascended family, he is upset at Caligula and Nero's descent to madness, however pities their condition as even in his own lifetime the seeds of the Big, Screwed-Up Family were being planted. The Servant Nero was someone he could be more proud of, however. Augustus believes their madness could've been avoided had Drusus the Elder or his son Germanicus not died at an early age. To help enforce family values and safer households he is an ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family and foe of the Child Abuse Supporters. That said, the former does think he could be a bit nicer, and feel his exiling of his daughter may have been a case of Disproportionate Retribution.
    • He often finds himself relating to the founders of the Targaryen dynasty, as the four of them are conquerors who's legacy has produced great men, terrible leaders and mixed bags.
  • Found a translated copy of The Prince and became interested in its author, one Niccolo Machiavelli. So he invited Machiavelli to his temple, where they had a spirited discussion on politics and life in general. Suffice to say, Augustus and Machiavelli hit it off pretty well.
  • Would like to remind people that he is not a king, however snider deities think the princeps role is fake humility and he's a king in all but name. He does associate himself with the House of Royalty, which doesn't help these accusations. There he talked to Arthur and Artoria Pendragon over their leadership of England, possibly out of hopes of annexing their territory. However he decided it's best for Rome to have a strong ally in the British Isles. Also, he respects the two and their rise to kingship.
  • He isn't all too fond of the Lust sub-houses as his straight-edge personality has him look down on the Roman stereotype of hedonism. They find him somewhat hypocritical given the historical rumors that he had lovers, though even in those rumors they were picked out by Livia so it's not like he ever went behind her back. They're more likely to point out that he and Livia abandoned their first spouses to be together, and she was pregnant with Drusus the Elder at the time. This has led to some historical speculation Augustus was the biological father, though nothing conclusive(though Drusus' son Emperor Claudius encouraged that speculation to have a stronger link to Augustus' bloodline).
  • He's more bothered with adulterers, having labeled it as a crime during his rule. Notably has disdain for Spirit Albarn for not setting a good example for his daughter. He shoots back at Augustus that ignoring her mother and putting her in a loveless marriage with Tiberius didn't set a good example either. Granted Spirit is a cheater, but with the first point he's not off the mark. Augustus would be more annoyed at Joseph Joestar for his adultery as well, but he did stop the Pillar Men who had troubled the Ripple users of 1st century Imperial Rome.
  • While he doesn't like adulterers, Augustus has no hard feelings towards guys like Josuke Higashikata for being the result of adultery. Also while he doesn't care for the Lust sub-houses, he is perfectly fine with Robb Stark for trying to make up for his lustful acts by making an honest woman out of the one he deflowered. He feels bad for how breaking a prior(though not consummated) engagement ended horribly for Robb. Augustus holds some respect for Robb's dad not just for being the ever-honorable and responsible figure, but sullying his own good name with the claim of cheating on his new wife in order to protect his sister's son. However he has given some warning to the Lord of Winterfell
    Augustus: "Honor is a good thing, but pragmatism is the greater virtue".
    • While Augustus respects Ned, Ned criticizes his killing of Caesarion to consolidate power. He gets it has the same reasoning as his buddy Robert Baratheon, but he didn't like it then and doesn't like it now.
  • His Moral Guardians sensibilities lead him to respect those who are Happily Married, and/or have managed to avoid the temptation of an affair. While he feels their marriage needs some work, he congratulates Homer and Marge for having numerous plots where they've been tempted into an affair, but always manage to remain loyalty to each other.
  • The desire for a more virtuous Rome has led to him being frustrated with Diavolo. Him trying to kill his daughter is abhorrent to even the ruthless princeps, as while he's not the most understanding father to his daughter Julia he does try to be a good dad. However Diavolo's Passione spreads narcotic-based societal rot. Worse is Cioccolata, their pet monster, tried to kill everyone in his beloved city For the Evulz. He is aiding Bucciarati's gang to help clean up Rome and get rid of Diavolo's forces, but as they're still a unit of organized crime the emperor doesn't care for them on a personal level and tolerates them only for cleaning things up.
  • Under the suggestion of Dream the elderly Augustus will sometimes disguise himself in the role of the vagrant and explore the Couples sub-houses of Love and Affection, to appreciate true love that he and his wife Livia have appreciated. To complete the illusion he sometimes has Chester A. Bum follow him.
  • His position as a moral authority and father of his nation has him often discuss matters of fatherhood with Charles Zi Britannia. Augustus can understand his desire for a world without lies and concern with his offspring, however he believes his goals are too radical. A "world without lies" may seem appealing, but changing the human mindset and removing identity? No thank you. However Augustus does seem to be sympathetic to him growing up in a toxic family, even if he heavily crticizes the man for repeating that toxicity.
  • Does not think highly of Cersei Baratheon and her inbred son, Joffrey due in part to his own experiences with his own daughter. While he admires Tywin Lannister for his leadership abilities, Augustus believes that Tywin's obsession with his family legacy overrode common sense, leading to a senseless war that was orchestrated by Petyr Baelish. Tywin does point out that his own brood can be rather troublesome, as he exiled his daughter for continued adultery and would have problems getting a concrete heir.
  • Augustus respects the Iceni queen Boudica to a degree, but that respect ends when he discovered her war against the Romans. Granted that the Roman governor was a total dick in screwing Boudica over and ordering her and her daughters to be raped, the interests of the Empire exceeds anything and everything else.
  • One of his more light-hearted moments was pointing out that, as emperor of Rome he was in charge of all Italian deities in the pantheon and used that as an excuse to order Takumi Aldini to be his chef. He enjoyed the meal and Takumi being a Nice Guy, admitting this was a set up and sent him on his way. However given he died about 2000 years before Takumi was born, he's still trying to get used to the new palates his Ancient Roman body wasn't aware of.
  • His relationship with the warrior princess Xena has changed over the years. At first, he saw to it that Egypt would keep its sovereignty after she helped save his life. He then became instrumental towards saving her daughter from the Greek gods. That changed after a time skip. Not only did he renegade on his initial deal by achieving Pax Romana, he also turnd her daughter Eve into a ruthless warrior, exactly what she didn't want to happen. It also didn't help that he was also pining for her as she was called Livia in her world.
  • Never bring up the torrid claims he and his sister Octavia had engaged in incest, or that his wife was behind some of his relatives' demise to make Tiberius the heir. Spread word of both and expect to be crucified. Augustus hates the rumor that his wife poisoned him too, and pointed out that he was plagued with health issues throughout his life and finally died at age 75. It's actually somewhat of a miracle that he lived as long as he did.
  • One might think Augustus would be a little miffed at how, among other figures Palpatine takes influence from him and Julius Caesar. Though Palpatine is too tyrannical for his liking, Augustus does see a lot of his ambition in the Galactic Emperor, and has some respect for how he consolidated power and his intellect. However he criticizes Sidious for letting himself get high on his own power, and that his indulgent cruetly was a large factor in his downfall; he should've practiced more self-restraint and not been as apathetic. To his credit, Palpatine acknowledges Octavian/Augustus as cunning however merely muses that "self-control is not the way of the dark side" and insists "more firepower" is more effective than the Boring, but Practical approach.
  • "I found Rome a city of clay but left it a city of marble".
    • "Have I played the part well? Then applaud, as I exit."

    The Goose 
The Goose, Divine Deity of Untitled Works (The Horrible Goose)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: A Goose warning sign
  • Theme Song: "Goose on the Loose" by Dan Bull, though it's also associated with "Juice" by Lizzo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. It's commonly mistaken for Chaotic Evil, but it's more amoral than immoral.
  • Portfolio: Doesn't fly, Feathered Fiend, Troll, Villain Protagonist, Can honk at will, Kleptomaniac Hero
  • Domains: Birds, Chaos, Disorder, Stealing, Trolling
  • Allies: The Goat, The Rock of Ages, Isabelle, Lucifer and The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Odette, Solid Snake, Screwy Squirrel, The Janitor
  • Rivals: Link (The Hero of Legend incarnation), The Murkrow Flock, Geese Howard, Kazooie
  • Enemies: The Farmer, The Cabbage Merchant, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, The Cuccos, Linkle
  • There was a quiet village whose inhabitants lead a peaceful life and don't have to worry about anything. Enter the Goose, who arrived at the village one day with the sole intention of making every single villager feel miserable. The Goose was also able to succesfully steal a bell to add to their collection in their home and that's the last the villagers heard of the horrible goose but there is always the chance it might return.
  • The Goose just simply popped up from a bush into the pantheon and came into notoriety after it started stealing belongings from several gods, enough to catch the attention of the higher level deities. The Goose was then subdued and brought to the Court of Gods where it was given a home in the House of Naming and Epithets. That was only the beginning of the problems the Goose would start causing in the Pantheon.
  • While it seems to be a nuisance to almost everyone, the Goose developed a special rivalry with Link considering an entry of his series released around the same time as the Goose's and so, like usual, the Goose saw the need to make Link feel miserable. To that regard, the Goose stole one of his weapons and ran towards a specific temple where it hid in the bushes and tricked Link into attacking a Cucco. Guess what happened afterwards.
    • Speaking of the Cuccos, they seem to tolerate the Goose's presence given that its another fellow avian and the Goose uses this to its advantage by bringing along a Cucco and tricking others into attacking it.
      • With the ascension of Linkle however, this changed and the flock did a 180 on their stance with the Goose ever since it visited her temple to cause her trouble, with the turning point being when The Goose tried to steal her compass. Since then, the Cuccos have been doing their best to keep The Goose out of her temple, and The Goose is now looking for a chance to sneak back in and take revenge on them.
  • The Goose preys on the more unaware gods and one such deity was Banjo, who didn't realize his backpack was being stolen by the Goose. Thankfully, Kazooie was in it and jumped out the moment she noticed something was wrong and chased the Goose for a good hour to make sure it wouldn't bother her or Banjo again. While the Goose was foiled, Banjo never realized his backpack was gone and assumed Kazooie went for a stroll.
  • Chances are if a deity owns a garden or a place that is very tidy, the Goose is far more likely to show up and cause havoc. It frequently torments the Farmer by ruining his crops and releasing his cattle, among other things. The Goose also frequently steals cabbages from the Cabbage Merchant and this is naturally mad that the bird keeps getting away.
  • For some reason, the Goose doesn't fly even if it's perfectly able to flap its wings. Some believe this is some form of Self-Imposed Challenge or is too lazy to fly.
  • Other avians are split on the Goose given how chaos ensues wherever it goes. It can be seen swimming in the countless ponds found in the Houses of Nature and Beast but peace doesn't last long wherever it is. After all, peace was never an option.
    • There aren't any Geese around the pantheon and while she is related to swans, Odette is one of the few deities the Goose is openly friendly with. Although it tends to honk at her, indicating that it is trying to communicate with her about whatever thing it's planning but she is unable to understand it. Daffy Duck and Donald Duck are trying to befriend it too but considering their terrible luck, they tend to be most likely deities to get annoyed by the Goose.
    • The Goose actually is aware of Geese Howard and so did the latter after everyone kept talking about some goose, thinking people were calling him the wrong name. The two ended up meeting in Geese's temple where a fight ensued where the Goose was somehow victorious but spared Howard from falling to his death. Since that day, Geese has held respect for this strange animal even if he rather not talk about what happened.
  • Considering the Goose is pretty good at stealth, it caught the attention of Solid Snake after he saw the Goose hiding in a box. Of course, while they are supposedly "friends", the Goose rarely follows any indication Snake gives it and prefers to yank his box away, usually compromising Snake's hiding spots.
  • Its favourite item are bells, but so far it hasn't found any of them, probably because the Pantheon authorities knew it would get it eventually if given time. The Goose then proceeded to meet several deities from a certain world where the currency is called "bells" and so the Goose started invading said world to collect as many bells as it could. The residents there were far nicer than any other village or deity it has met and were tolerating things that no sane individual would. Eventually, the Goose was taken care of by Isabelle, the secretary always gifting the avian a bag of bells to keep it entertained. It worked for the most part as some days, Isabelle is perfectly capable of keeping the Goose away from other place where it could cause trouble.
  • As mentioned before, it has a habit of stealing things. These led to it bumping into the notoriously infamous crew of Murkrows that constantly are on the hunt for items to steal and saw the Goose as competition. Thankfully, the Goose was able to evade them using its usual trickeries but then the authorities of the House of Justice got involved. But for some reason, they sent Chief Wiggum to handle the Goose and it easily stole his badge before escaping.
  • Lucifer loves this little bird given the sheer chaos it can cause. He wanted to draft it into the GUAC but considering how the Goose is, it barely noticed the proposal (Not that he minds). The three troll teams (LOL Ranger, Trollkaiger and the Itazura Griefers) wanted to capture it and use the Goose as a mascot to avoid having it be part of the opposing Grand Alliances but once again, the Goose just made the three teams waste time fighting each other while it kept tricking the ones chasing it into doing something else. Lucifer also witnessed this moment and was clapping and laughing the whole time.
  • The Goose is completely banned from entering the Treasure Vault. However, that ban barely concerns it since it still has gotten into it several times and even every time the security gets better, it somehow still manages to get in.
  • The Goat considers the Goose to be a kindred spirit after the two an entire city was flat out devastated by their shenanigans. The Goose tends to be the brains of the duo as it is way more likely to be caught by superior forces while Goat is the brawns of the two, being able to destroy most things that get in her way. Their alliance just further cemented the two as one of most dangerous threats for the Treasure Vault, a place that the Goose has been messing with for a while and that could lead to disaster.
    • To many a god's horror the Goose along with the Goat managed to find themselves the Rock of Ages and even befriend it. This lead to said boulder joining the two in their destructive and chaotic mischief and in one such venture they along with the Rock of Ages' Heralds managed wreck untold amounts of havoc in the House of Commerce. Many a temple was in flame if not reduced to rumble, and they made giants loads of money while doing so. It is thought one could counter the two with another boulder and setting up defenses but as it turns out the two are good at the art of throwing giant boulders down a hill. Apparently the Goat was mentored by The Great He-Goat and passed her know-how onto the Goose.
  • *HONK HONK!*

Weezer, Gods of Self-Titled Albums
The group in 2015. From L-R, Scott Shriner, Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo & Patrick Wilson
  • Weezer is a Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock/Power Pop band led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Rivers Cuomo. They became a household name with the release of their self-titled debut album (known to many fans as The Blue Album), standing out with their poppy, mostly upbeat style during the gloomy, grunge era of alt-rock. Since their breakthrough, they've released 12 albums, six of which don't have a title. While they haven't had the most consistency in quality (though, don't try to ask fans specifically when they declined), they have still prospered (and won back most of their fanbase) after many years.
  • One day while the band was touring, Rivers somehow found a doorway that led to "a strange, yet interesting place", in his words. After looking around for a place to stay, he found a house centered around something very familiar to him, the House of Music. The house itself was vacant to more bands, so after a hearing from the Court of the Gods and some convincing from Rivers, the entire band got their own temple. Though, one of the band members did have one question to the judge.
    Patrick Wilson: "I do have to ask, before I sign this contract, is their a way to quickly get out of this place and vice-versa? We're still touring, you know."
    The Judge: "There is, but..."
    [One four-hour, overly detailed explaination later]
    Patrick: "Eh, worth it."
  • Upon entering the Pantheon, the band were gleeful to meet some of the iconic bands and artists they took inspiration from or payed tribute to that have resided in the place. The Beatles were impressed by their Power Pop style, (though, they thought their truely great material came from their first two albums) Freddie Mercury was pleased to see the band took a few notes from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" for their Epic Rocking, grandiose "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)", and Michael Jackson approved of their take on one of his most famous songs, "Billie Jean".
    • When the band went to go see Metallica, Rivers was a little worried, as he'd accidentally near-ripped-off "Sanitarium" for Weezer's breakthrough single, "Undone - The Sweater Song", and felt they wouldn't care for his practical-plagiarism, considering their views towards stealing their content. Fortunately, Metallica was surprising okay with it, and were just glad that they've inspired a band who gained millions of fans.
  • After they settled in their new home, Weezer decided to tour across the Pantheon and set up a few dates. While on the stage, they were rather surprised to see the large amount of fans that came by to see them perform; the crowds weren't as massive compared to some of the other ascended band's shows, but nevertheless, they were filled with joy.
  • The band (well, mostly Rivers) has wrote all kinds of songs, but the type they're perhaps most familiar with are about love (or lost love) and relationships, whether it be about a guy expressing his love to a girl by comparing them to pop culture figures, a man clinging for his girlfriend not to leave him, or about Rivers' experience at college crushing on a girl, only to realize she's a lesbian. They have held a few concerts at the House of Love and Affection, though the guardians over there keep them from playing a couple of their creepier songs (I.e. "El Scorcho", "I'm Your Daddy").
  • Probably the most notable thing about Weezer is their status as a clean cut, slightly losery, and kinda geeky band, which is shown in songs like "In The Garage" where Rivers sings about performing in his, well, garage complete with X-Men and Kiss posters hanging on the wall, and "Beverly Hills" which is about being a beatdown guy dreaming about living in the title city. Steve Smith seems to like the band for all of the aforementioned traits, which is pretty fitting considering his status as a virgin.
  • They got along quite nicely with Linkin Park for a very strange and specific reason. Basically, their first two albums are respectively considered alt-rock and nu-metal classics (though, it took a little longer for Pinkerton to get that treatment), but opinions on the rest of their discography vary widely within their fanbases. While Linkin Park feels that fandom criticism towards their later albums went too far, Weezer is a bit more receptive with backlash, hence why they revisited the roots for Everything Will Be Alright in the End after Raditude with it's mainstream pop-orientated sound didn't go over well with fans. They still moderately change their style from time to time, though.
  • One time, a persistent fan wanted Weezer to cover Toto's "Africa". While they initially trolled said fan by covering "Rosanna" instead, the band later relented and recorded their own take on the song. This version surprisingly did so well, that they recorded an entire Cover Album titled The Teal Album. In the Pantheon, Weezer continues this trend by covering some of the ascendent's own songs during their concerts.
  • Like most bands, some of their songs come with music videos, a few of which resulted in good relationships with some of the deities (and even an entire house).
    • In the video for "Buddy Holly", Weezer is shown performing at Arnold's Drive-In from Happy Days, with the Fonz even showing his moves to the song. While Arthur has yet to recall that ever happening in the place, he still finds it cool that they've held a show in his regular hangout.
    • In the "Keep Fishin'" video, the band are playing the song as special guests in The Muppet Show, complete with some of the cast singing and dancing on stage during their performance, though Animal had to fill in for Patrick for most of the song as he was busy being kidnapped by Miss Piggy for, er, her own amusement. Weezer ties with the The Muppets has since then strengthened, as they've made a cover of "Rainbow Connection" with Hayley Williams and performed in a couple of their Pantheonic shows, albeit with both parties putting a restraining order between Patrick and Miss Piggy.
    • For the "Pork and Beans" video, they got a plethora of then-huge YouTube stars and internet memes to be featured with the band. All members in the House of Memes have gushed about the video, with a few of them even calling it "the best YouTube Rewind ever made."
    • The video for their cover of "Africa" was a parody of their video for "Undone - The Sweater Song" with all band members replaced with stand-ins, including "Weird Al" Yankovic playing Rivers. The band got to see the comedic musician hanging out at his temple and this encounter inspired him to record a new song parodying one of their tracks titled "Muddy Collie".
  • Also present in the House of Musical Compositions.


    Jiro Horikoshi 
Jiro Horikoshi, God of Work Titles Derived from Partial Quotes
L-R: Jiro in Real Life, and as depicted in The Wind Rises
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His hat and glasses
  • Theme Music: Hikouki Gumo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Very Loosely Based on a True Story, Historical Domain Character, Smart People Wear Glasses, War Is Hell, Call of the Wild Blue Yonder, Nice Guy, Had Various Dreams
  • Domains: Planes, Tragedy, History
  • Allies: Porco Rosso, Ted Striker, Otacon, Dr. Abraham Erskine, International Rescue, Jojo Betzler, Albert Einstein
  • Targeted by: Deities from the Axis Powers (Masataka Shima and Nemesis Squadron being the most prominent)
  • Mixed Relations: Seita & Setsuko
  • As a child, Jiro Horikoshi wanted to fly, but nearsightedness prevented his dreams of being a pilot from becoming reality. Inspired by a dream featuring his idol, the Italian aircraft designer Giovanni Battista Caproni, Jiro sets out to study aeronautical engineering in order to make airplanes. As his career moves forward, he meets and marries a woman named Nahoko Satomi, who would eventually suffer from tuberculosis and die just as Jiro has successfully completed the test flight of the Mitsubishi A5M. To make matters worse, the planes Jiro designed ended up being used for World War II, a battle that ended in defeat for Japan. While at the very least the tragic love affair didn’t happen in real-life, Jiro continued to be involved with aircraft design well after WWII including being a lecturer and professor at different universities up to his retirement and eventual death.
  • Jiro ended up in a dream again, this time knowing that his time in the mortal world has come to an end and that he can’t wake up from it. During a meeting with Caproni, Jiro has accepted that his achievements came with dark side effects but had doubts about what the future may hold and if a life after death even existed. Caproni told Jiro that history will immortalize people for successfully contributing to something that can change lives for better and for worse. It was during that conversation with Caproni that Jiro learned of a world that immortalized many across time not just from when he was living, but from periods of time from well before he existed and years after he died. While such a world where those who live in it had their roles solidified among certain categories and sides wasn’t something Jiro expected, Caproni encouraged him to continue living the best he can, no matter how bad the darkness within that world can get.
  • Despite creating planes that Japan used during WWII when that country was part of the Axis Powers, Jiro is a friendly person and is strongly opposed to Japan taking part in that war. He was distraught to learn that not only were there plenty of figures who worked with the Axis Powers, but that said figures were actively planning revenge against the countries that defeated them to the point that Jiro saw them as trying to start another war with consequences that could be even worse than what happened in WWII, if not actively trying to restart it. Cruel Japanese military figures involved with the Axis Powers such as Masataka Shima saw Jiro’s anti-war stance as a waste of an aeronautical designer who could have created more weapons for them. The most Jiro can do is go on the run from Shima and anyone allied with him if the latter decides to punish him for having opposing views of Japan’s war effort or worse, attempt to capture him so that he can continue working on aircraft for Japan’s forces or for other entities associated with the Axis Powers such as the Nemesis Squadron as they’re aware of the historical significance Jiro had in his line of work. Even if there are military figures from Japan who lack the same kind of malice Shima has, Jiro wants to stay as far away from them as possible and sees nothing good from getting involved with them. That there are soldiers from the Allied forces who see him as an enemy solely because he worked in Imperial Japan didn’t help, but there were a few WWII fighters from the Allied forces who didn’t bear animosity towards him and see him as an engineer who saw his dreams realized at the wrong place in the worst possible time and wouldn’t be against helping him escape capture from the Axis powers if it comes to it.
  • There were many pilots Jiro learned about, with some having gone to war and dealing with the psychological consequences of such. Ted Striker was one such pilot whose wartime experience hurt him, but he had to put his doubts aside in order to land an airplane after the flight crew suffered from food poisoning. Jiro was understanding of Ted’s personal issues with war and after learning how Jiro’s dreams of aircraft design led to his creations being used for war, Ted believed that Jiro had it even harder than him when it came to experiencing war. Ted’s adventures in getting a space shuttle to safety was what led to Jiro learning about more advanced forms of flight and while it intrigued him, Jiro has more or less moved on from designing aircraft as he found it highly unlikely that he will be able to reach the peak of such again.
  • There are plenty of similarities and contrasts to be made between Jiro and Porco Rosso when it comes to living through World Wars and being connected to planes. Where Jiro is a generally friendly person who designed aircraft for WWII and had to come to terms with the darker aspects of his creations, Porco was a pilot during World War I who was the sole survivor of a disastrous mission that led to his men being killed and became cynical of humanity as a result. Porco was able to soften up thanks to hanging out with Fio Piccolo and he had some measure of curiosity after learning about a man who had a sense of guilt for being involved with WWII. Porco was able to get along with Jiro after exchanging stories about planes and war with each other, with Porco expressing interest in meeting this Caproni person Jiro is talking about even if such a meeting is more likely to happen in a dream.
  • Jiro was able to understand where Hal Emmerich is coming from in regards to engineers whose dreams of creating mechanical designs were used for less-than-pleasant purposes. Otacon, being a fan of mecha anime, was eager to work on a mecha for the government, but was dismayed to learn that his work on Metal Gear REX would be utilized as a weapon of war and added on to the curse of his family’s work being tied to nuclear weapons. While Jiro wasn’t able to do anything about his planes being used for violence, Otacon sought a way to make up for his mistake and worked with Solid Snake to take down those responsible for making Metal Gear REX a weapon of war, in addition to untangling a number of conspiracies that they would come across. Given how many enemies there are looking to take advantage of Jiro’s aeronautical knowledge for their own ends, Otacon is willing to help Jiro find a way to make up for his past mistakes and survive any sort of worldwide conspiracy that could put Jiro in grave danger.
  • Upon learning of another genius who suffered from guilt over getting involved in WWII, Albert Einstein expressed interest in meeting with Jiro. In contrast to Jiro being a native Japanese person who was directly involved with the creation of his country’s planes during the war, Einstein was an German immigrant who left his country when Nazism was on the rise who knew about uranium’s destructive properties, but the most he did regarding the atomic bomb was signing a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt about the United States looking into it. Even though they ended up on opposite sides of WWII, Einstein could tell that Jiro had no ill intentions regarding the planes he made and felt a similar sense of guilt from him the same way Einstein would later regret signing that letter that would lead to the creation of the atomic bomb and Japan being devastated by it. As Einstein was as much of an activist for civil rights and pacifism as he is a scientist, Jiro saw him as someone who could inspire others to achieve their dreams the same way he was inspired by Caproni to become an aircraft designer, regardless of whether the final result of success is good or bad.
  • Following his career in designing airplanes, Jiro became a teacher focusing on aeronautical design at various educational institutes. He has opted to continue this endeavor alongside living a quiet life in the dream world hoping that others can learn from his experiences, but is more than aware that he has a lot to learn regarding aircraft that existed well beyond his lifetime. Jiro has also written a book about the Mitsubishi A6M Zero and there were some aircraft pilots and enthusiasts (some of which never got involved in a conflict comparable to WWII) in the dream world who admire his line of work. Some museums in the dream world have housed the planes Jiro designed, which he saw as an extension of Caproni’s words about significant achievements and touchstones in history being immortalized regardless of what their fate was.
  • Whether it’s faster planes or highly advanced spaceships, there’s a lot of advancements in aeronautics for Jiro to catch up on. While some still get involved in senseless wars, others have been utilized for easier travel or other non-violent uses. Jiro found plenty to admire about International Rescue as not only are the vehicles used by the team highly capable in their functions, but are primarily used to save lives instead of ending them even when things get intense. Although creating advanced vehicles to save lives is one way Jiro can make up for his past ambitions being realized in the wrong way, what International Rescue has demonstrated both in terms of personality and vehicles only reinforced the fact that Jiro is unable to replicate his prime he can do even if he was willing to work with more advanced tech. It didn’t do anything to deter from Jiro’s fascination with the Thunderbird vehicles and the Tracys being the friendly family they are have no ill-will towards him, with Jeff giving Jiro an overview of the Thunderbirds vehicles and talking about how people can bring out the best in others during times of distress.
  • While Jiro has a problem with figures from the Axis Powers trying to forcibly drag him back to war, the existence of people who lived in such areas during that time who went against the Axis’ mindset was something that he was relieved by. Abraham Erskine initially worked with the Nazis before defecting from them and was responsible for creating the Super Soldier Serum that led to Steve Rogers becoming Captain America. Erskine saw in Jiro a good man who saw his dreams of creating airplanes corrupted by the Axis Powers and showed sympathy towards his plight. Jiro saw a bit of Castorp, a German man he befriended who was critical of the rise of Nazism, in Erskine. One other German who lived during WWII that was critical of Nazism who Jiro befriended was Jojo Betzler, a kid who was part of the Hitler Youth and discovered how bad Nazism was. It took a bit of time for Jojo to accept that Jiro is nowhere near as bad as other figures from Imperial Japan despite designing airplanes for them, but he’s willing to understand that Jiro never believed in the ideology of the Axis Powers and doesn’t mind someone critical of their actions.
  • A pair of Japanese siblings who had to endure WWII whose story devastated Jiro was Seita and Setsuko, who embarked on a journey across a war-torn Japan that eventually ended with their deaths. While Jiro is aware of the damages caused by the war thanks to having witnessed it firsthand, learning of a personal story related to it from people who were little more than innocent bystanders was like listening to a nightmare from an acquaintance that would come true. As Seita was aware of how bad the Axis Powers would be during his time in the dream world, he was conflicted about Jiro being a kindhearted man whose creations for a country that would eventually lose the war only added to the conflict and did nothing to prevent the deaths of Setsuko and himself. Jiro has long since accepted his guilt in having his dreams of airplane design be corrupted, but understands if Seita and Setsuko don’t want to meet him over his role in the war.
  • Jiro has had a handful of dreams where he met Caproni as well one where his planes would be used for war, the latter being a nightmare that would later come true. This unusual dream world had powerful entities capable of trapping anyone in nightmares tailor-made to prey on their fears, but they are the least of Jiro’s concerns given how the nightmare of his creations being used for violence was realized. If anything, he is more worried about how much more advanced the weapons have gotten since WWII (even taking into account that some Axis Powers figures can readily use weapons far more advanced than anything built during Jiro’s lifetime) and the destruction they will cause if the battles last a long time. While he knows that there are people who will fight to keep the peace (and in some cases are aware of the weapons they use), the possibility of a war that results in irreversible destruction, regardless of whether his planes are used in them or not, is a nightmare that haunts him without any kind of dream-weavers getting involved.

    The Lucky Star Main Cast 
Okay, who's next?
Konata: Okay, let's do this!
Miyuki: Sure, let's go!
Tsukasa: N'gah!
Kagami: Quit screwing around and start!

Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara, Holy Quartet of Works Using Symbols Within the Title and Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms (Konata: Kona-chan, Lucky Star, Legendary Girl A, Shorty McBlue Hair, konakona | Miyuki: Yuki-chan, Miwiki, Miyukipedia)
L to R: Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami, Miyuki
  • Quasideities
  • Theme Song: Motteke! Sailor Fuku
  • Symbol: A star with their school uniform over it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Tsukasa, Miyuki), Neutral Good (Kagami), True Neutral, bordering on Neutral Good with her friends (Konata)
  • Portfolio: Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms, Slice of Life, Mundane, Pointless Conversations, Moe, Schoolgirl Series, Four Girl Ensembles, Speech-Centric Work, World of Technicolor Hair
  • Domains: High School, Schoolgirls
  • Heralds: Yutaka Kobayakawa, Minami Iwasaki, Hiyori Tamura, Misao Kusakabe, Ayano Minegishi, Nanako Kuroi, Yui Narumi, Soujirou and Kanata Izumi, Tadao, Miki, Inori, and Matsuri Hiiragi, Yukari Takara
  • Allies: Patricia Martin, The Azumanga Daioh girls, Houkago Tea Time, The Nichijou Main Cast, The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments, the SOS Brigade, The Seinfeld group
  • Odd Friendship with: Thor Odinson, Karna (Konata)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Champ, the Beast (OTGW) (All), Filthy Frank (Konata)
  • Avoids: The Incubators
  • In the city of Kasukabe in Japan's Saitama Prefecture, there live four schoolgirls; Brilliant, but Lazy otaku Konata Izumi, Tsundere tomboy Kagami Hiiragi, ditzy, forgetful Tsukasa Hiiragi, and intelligent, well-mannered Miyuki Takara. They spend their daily lives like any other regular teen girl; wake up, go to school, hang out with friends, go home, sleep, repeat. The conversations the girls have are rather varied, ranging from daily routines to food items like chocolate cornets. When someone incredibly geeky like Konata is involved, her friends lives often get swept up into her otaku interests, and as such either get in touch with their nerdier sides or are compared to common, popular anime archetypes.
  • Konata was the first to ascend to the Pantheons, having wandered there by turning a wrong corner on a street. She was naturally elated to discover a world where she can meet many different anime and video game characters and was given the divine title of Viral Marketing and Geek Pride. Later on, She invited Kagami and Tsukasa to show them the Pantheon, and they too were given their own divine titles of Eye Shapes. Much later on, Konata was thinking of inviting Miyuki to the Pantheon and get her own divine title as well, but another idea came into her mind; why not unite the four under one title? And so she requested the Court of the Gods to ascend Miyuki and combine the four of them as one group. Eventually, the four girls were reunited in the Pantheon as goddesses. Alongside gaining the title of Works Using Symbols Within the Title, Nanako Usami and Yukari Kohinata decided to pass their title of Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms to the four, having decided to retire from the divine lifestyle. Konata naturally decided to celebrate this occasion by bringing the three along to an anime convention. All of them had a great time together, even if Kagami tried to deflect her true feelings away.
  • Shortly after their reunion, the girls have decided to make their classmates, teachers and families Heralds, as they love the idea of showing them around the realm and Konata thought that them being called "Heralds" sounded cool. Some of the students are no strangers to the realm though; Yutaka Kobayakawa and Hiyori Tamura were once goddesses who have stepped down from their positions for varying reasons. Patricia Martin is still holding onto her godly position, so she, alongside the Heralds, naturally joined up with the girls to celebrate their new joint positions. She and Konata naturally spent their time talking about manga and anime, much to Kagami's consternation.
  • The four are among the many who have enrolled in the Elysium Academy to continue their studies, where they have met some of the other ascended school girls of the Pantheon. They first encountered the girls that make up Houkago Tea Time, and they often make visits to their club to listen to their jams... when they're not eating cake, that is. When Konata heard about Mio's tendency to get dragged into fanservicey situations due to her moe looks, she quickly believed that having her and Miyuki be clothed in maid outfits would radiate so much moe energy it could give someone a heart attack. The four also tend to hang out with the Azumanga Daioh girls, of which Tsukasa's and Osaka's combined spaciness result in very strange dialogues. Konata's short height only serves to make Sakaki more self-conscious about her height. At times, they crash into the Yamabuki art school students temple to see what artworks they made and, well, just hang out. And whenever they cross paths with the Tokisadame girls... well, let's just say that things get absurd extremely quickly, much to Kagami's shock and consternation. The chaos they cause on a regular basis still never fails to surprise her to this day.
  • Eavesdropping onto the girls conversations reveals... nothing that would interest anyone searching for dirty little secrets or confidential information, but people quickly learn that the girls would talk about literally anything that's on their minds. Chocolate cornets? Shampoo? The latest manga issues? There's not a single topic for them to not talk about with each other. And the topics only increase whenever they cross paths with the Seinfeld four, as only they can match them in talking about literally every topic. It's almost fascinating to sit and watch these two different groups talk and argue seamlessly about nothing. And speaking about bizarre nothings, there has certainly been a few encounters with the ever bizarre schoolgirls Popuko and Pipimi, where things can certainly go for the surreal as per usual for the duo. Though, it usually involves Popuko getting enraged during her arguments with Konata about anime, resulting in Pipimi restraining her and Konata's friends dragging her away. Their relationship remains tense to this day, as both Konata and Popuko never have an amicable conversation about anything at all.
  • Unfortunately for many, the Pantheon is fraught with many dangers, including those who wish to harm and kill helpless children and adolescents. As such, those who cannot fight back, like regular unpowered humans must be careful not to end up in such grisly fates. As the quartet belong in said group, they have been made aware of certain threats who would love to kill them. While there are unfortunately a lot of horrid monsters prowliing about, special mentions go to three; Springtrap aka William Afton, who's made a name for himself for killing multiple children at Fazbear establishments, the Beast who hunts down children to torment them and turn them into edelwood trees, and Champ, a depraved clown who rapes and kills "angels". As Konata notes, villains are really scary when they're real. Let's hope they never meet...
  • Every Thursday, the girls go to the Hall of Dance to boogie down to energetic music. A few songs they play during their routines are their theme song and "Out of Touch" by Hall & Oates. Over time, some Deities even joined in their dance routines, resulting in some impressive choreographed dances. Some even dress up in their own cheerleader ensembles when the girls bring their uniforms over for the dances. These days are referred by some as "Out of Touch Thursdays".
  • Exclusive to Konata:
    • If you opened a dictionary and flipped to the page where "otaku" is located, you'll find a picture of Konata Izumi attached to the entry. She's a massive fan of all things anime and manga, and would rather spend her days consuming media than do her homework. Her father massively influenced her hobbies, so she's far more interested in boy-oriented media over those aimed at girls. Whenever there's an anime convention around and open, you can guarantee that she'll visit it in a heartbeat. Predictably, she gets along swimmingly with other otakus in the Pantheon like Otacon, Umaru Doma, Travis Touchdown, and Tomoko Kuroki. It's not uncommon to see them geek and obsess over the latest anime and video games in the market. Tomoko in particular is happy to make another friend with little trouble, especially as Konata isn't too bothered by her more eccentric habits. Kazuma Satou is another otaku she befriended, and internally he finds her more bearable than his party members at times; at least she's more relatable. Alphys was very excited to meet someone who looks like the characters in the anime she watches, and Konata likes to introduce her to new anime, leading to many binge-watching sessions between them. While not exactly an otaku, she and Deadpool also get along well, with her being able to keep up with his bizarre idiosyncrasies as well as riff on cliches when they see them. On the other hand, Filthy Frank's open dislike of "weeaboos" quickly made him an enemy in Konata's eyes, and the feeling is mutual; childish squabbles between them are common whenever they cross paths.
      • Befriended Thor Odinson, The God of Thunder, after he failed to stop Thanos from wiping out half of all life with a snap of the Infinity Gauntlet... The once regal Asgardian Prince spent five years of depression as an overweight video game addict and shut in who inhales junk-food and drinks beer like water, only leaving his cabin to get more beer. She found a kindred spirit in him as a fellow video game and television addict. They regularly spend Fridays playing Fortnite together, in exchange for Thor allowing her to use him as click-bait for her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even after he managed to recover from his depressive slump, he still sometimes drops by her place on Fridays for game nights. Some habits are hard to break, it seems.
      • Speaking of unlikely friendships with the divine, she also managed to become friends with Karna, of all people. It started when she apprached him and gushed about how cool he looked and compared him to plenty of other anime characters she knows. Curious, he started hanging out with her, and over time grew increasingly fond of her. He particularly likes listening to her okatu ramblings, providing her with someone to talk to. It wasn't long before he swore to protect her should any danger threaten her wellbeing. This bizarre pairing has prompted a few to ask why he likes her, to which he only replies with one thing; she reminds him of a certain master he met in one Holy Grail War...
    • Aside from anime and manga, Konata also happens to be a passionate gamer. From MMORPG's, to fighting games, to eroge, there's no shortage of games that she wants to play with. Naturally, she was overjoyed to discover the House of Gaming and became one of the House's most frequent visitors, playing the many games located there. It was in that House that she bumped into Chiaki Nanami, or rather the human Chiaki Nanami. Chiaki asked if she would like to co-op with her on a game, and Konata agreed to try it out. The two had a great time playing together, and soon became close friends. The human Chiaki introduced her to the A.I. Chiaki, of which Konata was amazed to meet; not only is she a real A.I., but she's another gamer to play with! From then on, the three sometimes come together to play video games together, and have loads of fun doing so. She also managed to quickly bond with Malina and Scott Pilgrim over their shared love of games, of which Konata is planning to introduce the former to many other turn-based strategy games and sometimes listens to the latter perform with the Sex Bob-Ombs.
    • Being the massive otaku she is, Konata knows about many different works of anime, manga, and video games, to the point to being near encyclopedic. Predictably, she was stunned to hear that the characters of the works she enjoys also reside in the Pantheon. She spent most of her early Pantheonic life rushing over to meet her favorite characters in the flesh. When she finally found them, she was practically jumping and screaming with fangirlish glee, much to the embarrassment of the persons in question. She even managed to get some of their signatures or even a photo from them, which she hangs up in her temple and greatly treasures. She tends to brag about how she got to meet her favorite anime characters, something that most people can only dream of, to her friends, which Kagami is quickly getting sick of.
    • It was an ordinary day in the Elysium Academy, and Konata was walking down the halls after her classes have ended. She was so lost in her thoughts about the next Shonen Jump issue that she neglected to look in front of her, which predictably made her crash into someone else, making her fall down to the floor. As she picked herself up, she realized just who she bumped into; a student with a brown bobcut and yellow ribbons... none other than Haruhi Suzumiya herself! With that, Konata went into full fangirl mode, excitedly bouncing around her while running her mouth on how she's such a big fan of her series and how she owns all the merch and that she wants to meet the other SOS Brigade members and so on. While initially surprised by all of this attention, Haruhi quickly basked in the praise that was heaped on her and decided to introduce Konata to the other members of her beloved club. Predictably, Konata's fangirling went into overdrive, enthusiastically blathering to all four of them about how cool she finds them and that she read all the novels and watched every episode of the anime and blah blah blah. Itsuki somehow managed to catch up with her ranting, Mikuru tried to shrink herself as if to be invisible to no avail, Yuki didn't react at all, and Kyon internally wondered what he's done to deserve this.
      • Of course, it didn't take long for Konata to consider introducing the club to her friends as well, because hey, why not? And so she did, the two groups meeting one another one afternoon. Tsukasa and Miyuki quickly got along with Mikuru, something that made Konata state that their combined moe aura could fell an entire army. Mikuru also got interested in Yuki's novels, and while they don't have many conversations between them, it's obvious a bond has been made. To the side, after getting over the shock of seeing the club in person, Kagami and Kyon related to how they have to deal with all of their friends bullshit on a daily basis, dreading the potential chaos these new friendships will create.
    Kagami: Seriously... seeing them in the flesh feels really weird.
    Kyon: Believe me, your friends are damn quirky as well...
  • Applies to the Hiiragi sisters:
    • Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi are twin sisters who stick together thick-and-thin and share the same hair and eye colours, but their personalities couldn't be anymore different; Kagami is intelligent, sour, and a closet otaku, Tsukasa is ditzy, sweet, and isn't very invested in anime and video games. As they soon found out, Dipper and Mabel Pines and Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi share a very similar dynamic as twins; Kagami, Kyou, and Dipper being the more serious one in contrast to Tsukasa, Ryou and Mabel's silliness. Such a dynamic seems to be more common than those groups think, to their surprise. Nevertheless, it's quite evident that these sibling duos balance each other out very well, with the level-headed ones keeping the silly ones in check. While Kagami gets frequent migraines from Mabel's antics and often confides to Dipper about them, Tsukasa finds them fascinating. Meanwhile, both of them managed to find a lot of common ground with the Fujibayashi twins, almost as if they were copies of one another.
    • The Kagami sisters hail from a family who work and serve at the Takanomiya shrine, where family patriarch Tadao is a priest and the sisters work part-time at the shrine as mikos. The two girls wandered around to see if there are any other shinto shrines in the Pantheon, which lead to them encountering a few other mikos. Rei Hino was the first of them they met, and she shocked them when she saved them from a malevolent youkai with a Paper Talisman. Of course, their relationship deepened as they related to working at their families shrines, but the Hiiragi sisters started to wonder; are the other mikos of the Pantheon magical as well? The answer: Likely so. Mitsuha Miyamizu was normal at the start, until they were informed of her body-swapping situations with Taki Tachibana. Learning about kuchikamizake was quite interesting though. Rika Furude also seemed to be quite normal, but Kagami can't seem to shake off a feeling that she's... off, somehow. And last but not least, Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya can't really be called normal, being magical flying mikos who fight youkai with magic bullets on a regular basis. Kagami swore they look like video game characters that she saw once, but Tsukasa's just mesmerized by their intricate danmaku patterns. Still, they take their time to visit all the mikos shrines and support them, especially Reimu, who's very appreciative of any generous donations.
  • Exclusive to Kagami:
    • Kagami Hiiragi is your textbook Tsundere; grumpy, sour, and prone to snarky, snappy remarks on the outside, while hiding a softer, vulnerable side deep within. While she does get easily annoyed by Konata's lazy otaku antics, she truly does care for her as a friend (or maybe more). Don't point that out to her though, she'll quickly try to deny it in any way she can. She and Rin Tohsaka can relate to being grouchy on the outside and caring on the inside very well, and Kagami noted that Rin's looks are what Konata called the "quintessential Tsundere look". Such similar attitudes also allowed her to become friends with Natsuki, to the point that the pink-haired girl can safely read her manga with her with feeling ashamed or scared. And Asuka Langley Soryu... her anger hides many scars and issues that troubles Kagami, and she tries her best to be supportive of her without ticking her off. It might be hard, but she still can't help but worry about the redhead.
    • Out of the four, Kagami is the most normal and levelheaded of them all, meaning she often plays the straight man to their wise guys. Thus, whenever any one of them (especially Konata) get into their wacky shenanigans, she's quick to react with frustrated annoyance. Grumpy Bear is no stranger to being the only glum one in a group of cheery folks, so he sometimes hangs out with Kagami whenever he needs some down time from his exhuberant friends. Kagami was kinda weirded out when she first saw the talking bear, but quickly warmed up to him over their similarities. Meanwhile, Squidward Tentacles finds her a kindred spirit in having to deal with all sorts of nonsense from everyone, so he allows her to visit him so they can escape from their frequent headache inducers. Kagami, on her part, is still wondering how Squidward is able to handle Spongebob and Patrick's nonsense without completely snapping.
    • Want Kagami to feel intensely self-conscious? Just say anything about weight or wave a Pocky stick at her. She's deeply insecure about her own and tends to get pessimistic very quickly when she gains a few pounds, though her snacking habits aren't helping her in the slightest. Such an issue is something Sakura Haruno can relate to, as she has watched her weight and dieted with the intention of still looking atractive to Sasuke Uchiha. Kagami's pretty glad to find someone she can vent her weight-related worries on, because Sakura knows how she feels. On a more surprising note, Stocking Anarchy, of all people, went on a mad quest of dieting and exercising to burn off the weight she recently gained one day. It resulted in her ballooning up to absurdly large levels which her sister Panty took advantage of to fight a ghost. Kagami's flabbergasted (and more than a little afraid) to hear such a story, but it did end up with her having a few desserts with Stocking. Hey, a few indulgences can't hurt, right?
  • Exclusive to Tsukasa:
    • Tsukasa is the polar opposite of her sister Kagami; sweet, friendly, feminine, and ditzy. While quite a pleasant person to be around, she's quite the airhead who often gets bad grades and is nowhere near her sister's skill level, often asking her to help her with tasks such as texting. It's probably not a surprise that she gets along swimmingly with the just as loopy Dee Dee and Billy, giving her sister, Dexter and Mandy more headaches than they want. Not that any of them even notice it, Tsukasa just likes hanging out with her new friends. While not as dense, Timmy Turner and Katsuya Jounouchi (or Joey Wheeler) have their own ditzy moments, which means they can easily get on Tsukasa's wavelength, thus giving her more friends. She sometimes drops by Timmy's temple to have fun with him (he thinks she's a way better babysitter than Vicky), and is learning the ups and downs of Duel Monsters from the duelist.
    • Tsukasa is quite the sleepyhead, as it doesn't take much for her to completely conk out on the spot and is difficult to rouse her from her slumber. It isn't unheard for her to wake up until noon or even later, and it's near impossible for her to sleep at a set time. Such bad habits allow her to become nap buddies with Tanaka-kun, who would much rather sleep than do anything at all. The speed at which they knock themselves out is truly remarkable; only a few seconds and BAM! Fast asleep. Mako Reizei approves of her late waking hours, for she absolutely loathes the idea of waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Good luck trying to rouse any of them up from their slumbers, for they can sleep through anything.
  • Exclusive to Miyuki:
    • Last but not least, Miyuki Takara is a sweet, polite girl who hails from a very well off family. While she's incredibly nice and gets high grades, she's also very clumsy, often tripping and dropping her stuff on a semi-frequent basis. Not only that, but she's prone to spacing out, almost as if she's getting lost in her thoughts. However, to Konata and many others, these traits only serve to make her very endearing. With her niceness, demure behaviour, good looks, harmless clumsiness and a vulnerable aura, it isn't much of a shock that Konata declares her to be "the personification of moe itself". As it turns out, there are plenty more adorable schoolgirls out there, like the aforementioned Mio and Mikuru. It wasn't long before Miyuki bumped into another cute schoolgirl named Eru Chitanda, who has the pure innocence of a child and whose stunning eyes glow with wonder and curiousity. As Konata observed the two become friends, she realized something; if Miyuki, Mio, Mikuru and Eru get together, with the right setup, there's a chance that their combined moe auras would create a powerful shock of energy that could possibly kill everyone from sheer moe overload...! Another devious plan added to Konata's list. On an somewhat unrelated note, she gets along quite well with cute Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi. Seems like cute gets along well with cute.
      • One day, Miyuki was walking from school when she saw a curious, yet cute critter; a white cat with long floppy ears, a large tail, and round red eyes looking at her. At first, she went up to pet it, when it was then shot by so many bullets that its remains resembled white mush more than a living creature. Scared out of her mind, she was then approached by a girl with long black hair and a stoic expression. Homura Akemi imparted her the knowledge of the dangers of the Incubators and why she and her friends should NEVER accept a contract with them, much less get near them. With that knowledge, the quartet now steer clear of the emotionless aliens ever since. As dangerous as the prospects of becoming a Puella Magi is, Konata can't help but feel a bit tempted to live out some of her magical girl fantasies.
    • Despite her clumsiness and forgetfulness, Miyuki isn't a class representative for nothing. She's very intelligent and knowledgeable in many things, thus her fellow students often ask her for help for particularly hard assignments. Not only that, but the amount of things she has stored in her head is truly staggering, making her able to explain just about any topic in encyclopedic detail, earning the nickname "Miwiki" from some others. This leads to a saying in the Elysium Academy: "Don't know something? Ask the Miwiki!". Lida Simpson, a girl known for her smarts and knowledge, bragged that she knew more than her and challenged her to a competition, only to be surprised when Miyuki could catch up to her without breaking a sweat. Since then, they eat lunch together occasionally and inform students in need of their assistance. With her being a polite, smart friendly girl with vision issues well liked by her schoolmates, she also became good friends with the also exemplary Lilly Satou, whom she has tea parties with on sunny days.
    • A notable part of Miyuki's wardrobe is her prescriptive glasses, which Konata believes adds to the cute and vulnerable aura she exudes, as well as an easy identifier of her being The Smart Guy of the group. While she is aware contacts are an option, she refuses to wear them as she fears putting anything in her eyes. She once swapped her specs with Velma, another woman well known for her signature eyewear. It was interesting to compare lenses, and after that they got along over their knowledgeable skills. Connie Maheswaran used to wear a large pair of glasses like her, but after Steven Universe magically fixed her eyesight, she removed the lenses and eventually ditched them altogether. Still, the two get along and read books together, though Konata still feels that Connie was cuter with the glasses on.

    Stephen King 
Stephen Edwin King, The Literary God Who Is Billed Above the Title and Having Little Control Over The Plot (Richard Bachman, John Swithen)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Any book cover with his name front-and-center
  • Theme Song: Stiff Upper Lip by AC/DC (one of King's favorites)
  • Alignment: varies with him
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Literature, Horror, Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Films Adapted From His Books, New England Authors
  • Heralds: Joe Hill and Owen King (his sons)
  • Followers: Peter Straub, Dean Koontz, John Grisham
  • Underlings Include: Annie Wilkes, Pennywise the Dancing Clown/IT, Carrie White (his first creation), Randall Flagg, Roland Deschain, Crimson King, Jack Torrance, Damon Killian
  • Honorary Membership In: The House of the Undead
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: George RR Martin, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King
  • Annoyed By: The Nostalgia Critic
  • Enemies: Nathan Drake (due to creating Pennywise the Clown)
  • Stephen King was beside himself when he discovered that J.R.R. Tolkien, Rod Serling, and H.P. Lovecraft were the ones who successfully petitioned for his ascension into the Pantheon, the deities in question having found out that the usually-snarky King drew inspiration from their works, and after reading some of King's novels, were wholly impressed with his work.
  • Annie Wilkes, the antagonist of Misery vowed to hogtie her creator to the bed and cripple him with her sledgehammer in such a way that even Shao Kahn and Robert Baratheon squeamish until he penned a book detailing the return of her favorite character, Misery Chastain. Only the threat of being sent screaming to Lovecraft's Old Gods made Annie relent. Not even Flagg nor Pennywise would be that stupid to go against their creator.
  • Johnny Cage and Fei Long both are fans of King's work, and seek to adapt one of his novels to the big screen; Johnny wanting to remake The Stand whereas Fei wants to co-star with Pai Chan on Needful Things. In fact, Johnny's namesake fatality (Here's Johnny!) is a homage to The Shining, and by extension, King himself.
  • The Joker has a minor connection with King, as he shows up in a parody of The Shawshank Redemption.
  • For all the acclaim earned by Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, King resents it given it strays away from the source material. Both avoid each other's shrines as a result.
  • Calypso is a big fan of King's work, with Needful Things as his favorite, given as to how he can relate to the novel's antagonist, Leland Gaunt. After King autographed Calypso's copy of the novel, Calypso promises one free wish to King...with the added bonus of not screwing him over the moment King cashes in on that request.
  • While his wife and daughter loves his novels, Nathan Drake hates the guy solely because of that gods-be-damned clown. Whenever Pennywise is within distance, Nathan's coulrophobia kicks into overdrive. The same can be said for Tallahassee's chief herald, who also had a fear of clowns before Pennywise appeared.
  • Has honorary membership in the House of Undead, due to Pet Sematery being the favorite novel. So much so that they adopted "Dead is better!" as their unofficial motto.
  • King is also a former addict, having been clean of drugs and booze for many years. It's a well-known fact that whilst directing Maximum Overdrive, he was high on cocaine.
  • Both he and Edgar Allan Poe had disagreed on a past issue, to which they decided to settle their differences in a rap battle. While King called Poe out on his opium addiction (forgetting about his own substance problems in the past), even King was creeped out by Poe perving on his 14-year-old cousin.