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One of the most common ways of going places is to go into a vehicle that can fly. With a bit of creativity and effort with certain objects, there can also be a few not-so-common ways to fly.

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Intermediate Gods


EDI, Goddess of Spaceship Girls (Enhanced Defense Intelligence, the Normandy SR-2's onboard AI, EDIBot)
Her default projection in the SSV Normandy
Her physical robotic platform 

    Galaxy Man 
Galaxy Man, The Divine Flying Saucer (DLN-072, Space Man)

Kalrow, God of Levitation (Kalrow of the Seven Deities, The Great Tactician)
  • Intermediate God (potentially capable of becoming a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His staff
  • Theme Song: Fear God
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Levitation, Beam Spam, Beard of Evil, Brilliant, but Lazy, Cutscene Boss, Dirty Coward, Evil Genius, Evil Old Folks, Mad Scientist, The Strategist, The Unfought, Too Important to Walk
  • Domain(s): Levitation, Sloth, Strategy
  • Allies: Deus, Wyzen, Augus, Sergei, Dr. XXX, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gunter Prozen, Sloth the Indolent
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yasha
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Chun-Li, Robin
  • Kalrow was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from the dark forces of the Gohma, his mantra affinity is Sloth. Despite his status and rank, Kalrow generally stays out of the fighting, instead preferring to organize the battle plans of the fleets. Kalrow was the mastermind behind General Deus' coup d'etat, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,500 years later, Kalrow and his fleet engaged Asura in battle after they had tried to collect the souls of the people in a village that Asura was defending. Ultimately, Asura was too powerful and managed to wipe out Kalrow's entire fleet. Kalrow managed to use an escape pod to flee, but Asura managed to grab on it. Kalrow begged for his life, but Asura crushed the escaped pod and Kalrow with it. Kalrow was later reincarnated into the modern world and got in trouble with the police by speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle.
  • Kalrow originally ascended into the pantheon as part of Deus' plan to reunite the Seven Deities, he was made the God of Evil Geniuses. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Kalrow was removed along with Wyzen, Olga and Sergei.
  • Although he had lost his title, Kalrow managed to re-ascend into the pantheon as the High Priest of Dr. XXX, the new holder of Kalrow's former title. However, Deus, who had remained unperturbed by his setback, attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities and managed to once again ascend Kalrow as a god into the pantheon, this time as the God of Levitation.
  • Following his re-ascension, Kalrow remains on good terms with Dr. XXX. Although he's rather annoyed by the Doctor's hamminess, Kalrow nonetheless respects his skills and mastery in manipulation.
  • Kalrow has managed to befriend Grand Admiral Thrawn and the two share a mutual respect for each others' respective talents. Their shared belief in performing Necessary Evil in order to achieve their goals further strengthened their cooperation. They occasionally collaborate with each other when making plans in order to ensure that they are truly perfect.
  • Kalrow also quickly befriended Gunter Prozen, who had similarly betrayed his Emperor and prefers to send lackeys to do his dirty work for him. Kalrow was quite happy to finally meet a kindred spirit and the two frequently help each other to plot against their respective enemies.
  • Kalrow quickly gained the trust and obedience of Sloth the Indolent, who is perfectly satisfied to work for someone who similarly appreciates laziness. Kalrow is quite content to have a weak-willed but otherwise powerful lackey to order around.
  • Kalrow was rather annoyed to learn of Asura and Mithra's presence in the pantheon as well as Yasha's betrayal of the Seven Deities. Although he generally avoids them, he looks forward towards making a plan to exact revenge upon them. However, Kalrow is still willing to work alongside Yasha whenever the deities battle against particularly strong enemies such as Chakravartin.
  • Many were confused as to why Kalrow has a particularly strong dislike of Chun-Li specifically. She herself eventually revealed that she was the police officer who apprehended him for speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle. Although he's admitted that his grudge against her is petty, Kalrow continues to resent her nonetheless.
  • Due to having been the one who devised the plan to kill the Emperor of Shinkoku, Kalrow quickly became enemies with Robin, who was abhored by his disloyalty and betrayal of the Emperor in order to eventually create "paradise". Kalrow, on the other hand, views Robin as a fool for his/her unwillingness to take more drastic measures in order to create a better world.
  • Members of the House of Swords have shown an interest in testing Kalrow's swordsmanship skills after having heard that he's a master swordsman, even though he's never actually been seen displaying such skills.
  • "With no plan, there is no victory. The age of beasts has long since ended."

    Meta Knight 
Meta Knight, God of Faceships (Sir Meta Knight, The Masked Swordsman, Mecha Knight, The Lone Swordsman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Galaxia sword superimposed over the letter M
  • Theme Song: Meta Knight's Revenge, his boss theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral by action, Lawful Good by intentions
  • Portfolio: Opposing Kirby while fighting for peace, Well-Intentioned Extremist, A Father to His Men, Master Swordsman, refusal to explain his motives before it's too late, varying antagonism proportional to how far ahead of Kirby he's acting and bouts of brainwashing, being the hardest non-final boss, wearing a mask, having a lavish taste in capes that also allow teleportation, Cape Wings, Badass Adorable but keeping it hidden.
  • Domains: Knighthood, Stoicism, Swordsmanship, Conquest (formerly)
  • Heralds: The Meta-Knights (his ship's crew)
  • Followers: Lubba
  • Allies: Kirby, King Dedede, Bandana Dee, Marth, Ike, Xu Shu (?)
  • Rivals: Inahime
  • Enemies: Tabuu, Ganondorf, Bowser
  • Opposes: Magolor
  • Opposed by: Seto Kaiba
  • Meta Knight noticed just how many dangerous, villainous gods were in the Pantheon, and seeing it as a threat, he flew straight into the Pantheon on his battleship Halberd and declared war upon any house where villains could be residing. Just as before, Kirby quickly infiltrated and critically damaged the Halberd before defeating Meta Knight in a sword duel, before his ship crashed outside the House of Travel.
  • Meta Knight was then taken to the Court of Gods, where he explained his situation. It was eventually decided that although he went overboard, Meta Knight had the Pantheon's best interests at heart. With that in mind, and being impressed by the Halberd itself, Meta Knight was then ascended to full godhood, but is on probation for the time being.
  • Despite being in the House of Travel, Meta Knight actually spends his time right outside the house, repairing the Halberd with his crew. He plans for the Halberd to become airborne again and will patrol the Pantheon's airspace as a sort of watchdog. Meta Knight has also been made to promise to only use the Halberd during emergencies.
    • The House of Technology has donated some of their goods in order to make the Halberd even better than before upon repair.
      • Eventually, the Halberd was repaired and made part of the Dominions. Meta Knight and his crew plan on making necessary repairs for it in case it gets damaged again.
  • When not working on his ship or reading books in the House of Knowledge, Meta Knight can be found in the House of Combat, looking for the strongest warrior in the Pantheon, with the intention to best them.
    • As of currently, it is believed that the strongest warrior in the Pantheon is likely Asura. However, even Meta Knight himself has to admit that he's probably not there yet in terms of power. He is determined to change that, though.
  • He's devised a training regimen for himself, called "Meta Knightmare Pantheon", in which he reenacts several key battles in the Pantheon's history (including taking down a copy of his Halberd) in order to prove that his might is equal.
  • Is banned from competing in select tournaments among the Smash Bros. Gods, viewing his abilities as being too good.
  • Solid Snake isn't the biggest fan of the fact that the Halberd resembles Meta Knight himself, thinking Meta Knight's a bit of a narcissist. Meta Knight responded by telling Snake that when he builds his own fully-functional warship, that he can make it look like whatever he wants.
  • His mask has a tendency to break whenever he loses a sword fight. For a fleeting moment, people can see that underneath, he resembles a blue Kirby with whitenote  facial features. This has led to some Wild Mass Guessing, none of which Meta Knight will comment on.
  • Seto Kaiba really hates him, mostly for the fact that they sound very similar. Got even more aggravated when Meta Knight challenged him to a duel—by tossing a sword to his head.
  • Recently, it would seem that Xu Shu AKA Xu Yuanzhi is bent on learning most of Meta Knight's secrets in a fated-duel, even though he himself refuses due to Xu Shu rushing things. Funny enough, due to the man's historical past, the masked swordsman can't help but sense something similar between themselves...
    • Then comes along Inahime; for some reason, she reminds Meta Knight of Kirby AND Ness A LOT.
  • Despite the fact that Kirby and even King Dedede seem happy with Magolor despite his past, Meta Knight has NOT forgotten NOR forgiven him for his past mistakes. He acknowledges that the Master Crown corrupted him a bit, but he still stands firm that he is planning another attack on Dreamland. Magolor certainly isn't helping his case by teasing him with jokes that he is planning on building new weapons to fight Kirby and claim that he's just jealous because the Lor Starcutter is so much cooler than the Halberd.

    Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa 
Suguha Kirigaya, Goddess of Wishes For Flight (Leafa, Leefa, Lyfa, Rifa, Speedaholic, Sugu, Green Swordswoman:Earth Goddess Terraria)
Leafa (ALO)
Suguha (OS) 
Suguha in real life 

Lesser Gods

    The Carpet (Aladdin
The Carpet, God of Magic Carpets (Carpet, Rugman)

    Cid Pollendina and Cid Highwind 
Cid Pollendina and Cid Highwind, Co-Gods of Airships
Cid Pollendina
Cid Highwind
Highwind's Advent Children appearance onward 
  • Exclusive to Highwind:
    • Uses a spear in battle and employs a few Dragoon-esque abilities with it. He also utilizes dynamite, and can call on his airship to launch a volley of missiles at the enemy. While it's the Highwind that's been seen doing this, he's presumably had the Shera be able to do the same.
    • He likes his tea. Never mess with Cid during tea time. Fail to comply will result in a warning: "Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!" Continue to act as a nuisance and he will impale you with his favorite spear, Venus Gospel.
      • By extension, this got him the attention of Iroh, a fellow tea lover. Being a pretty much chill guy, Cid has no problems hanging out with him and likes his company.
    • Given she never got to see it before her demise, Cid (at Cloud's request) has offered Aerith a ride on his airship one of these days.

    Fareeha Amari/Pharah 
Fareeha Amari, Goddess of Hovering Jetpacks (Pharah)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Raptora Mark VI Helmet or Eye of Horus
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: 24-Hour Armor, Blue Is Heroic, Mommy Issues, Idolizing Overwatch and Not Joining, Military Superhero, Coming from a Long Line of Heroes and Warriors
  • Domains: Military, Heroes, Family
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Soldier, Tony Stark
  • Enemies: Widowmaker, Reaper, Lupo of the Wolfpack
  • Opposes: Kardel Sharpeye
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Soldier: 76, Kokonoe A. Mercury
  • Fareeha Amari was born into a family of soldiers and warriors, her mother, Ana, being a famous operative of Overwatch and the person she idolized the most, which eventually she did by joining the Egyptian military. Although Fareeha never quite got the chance to join Overwatch, since it got disbanded before she could. Having left the army, Fareeha ended up being employed by Helix Security, where she got to wear the Raptora Mark VI, a Power Armor that allows her to fly and combat evil at the same time. The sight of Fareeha on the skies with her jetpack is a sight to behold and makes her quite mobile while raining down rockets onto her enemies, it was much more important than her rocket strikes, allowing her to ascend.
  • While Fareeha's Barrage missiles is very devastating, there's one fatal flaw: it leaves her wide open for attack, especially for a sniper. There are those who tell her not to do it in the sky even if it gives her good max range. Nevertheless, if she ever gets a free shot and best position, it's best to get out of the way whenever you hear her Catchphrase... "JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE!"
  • Not many know how Fareeha's relationship with her mother has been after she faked her death. Supposedly many believed that she was mad at her for not taking care of her properly and focused too much on her job. But that was further from the truth as Ana always was a good mother to Fareeha and to this day she still loves her mother deeply. Knowing that she was present in the Pantheon made Pharah very happy, and now their relationship seems to be going in a better direction, even to the point that both don't have a problem fighting together.
    Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
    Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
  • There's a debate among the Pantheon on whether or not she has cyber limbs. What makes this hard to prove or not is that it seems Fareeha wears her armor constantly. They have sworn they saw her playing basketball in it in the House of Sports.
  • Many have compared Fareeha to Samus Aran since both are female warriors in power suits. The two actually met and got along pretty well. In fact, the two made new power suits based on the other's as means of showing their newfound friendship.
  • Being a daughter of a Overwatch member, Fareeha grew up idolizing the organization. She actually wanted to join them, but was stopped by her mother Ana who didn't want her to follow in her footsteps.
    • Would admit, a bit embarrassingly, that she owned a poster of Reinhardt and had a crush on the tank. Reinhardt did have a good-natured laugh when he found out. He understood since back in day, his hair was great.
    • She and Angela Zeigler are shown to be a great pair since Mercy can keep Pharah in good health during her Barrage stage while also giving her a power boost. It's because of this that many have started to ship the two and label them as Pharmacy. Though she sometimes gets embarrassed if her mother somehow managed to get a little 'jealous'.
    • She and Morrison aren't in the best situation. Even though Morrison praises Fareeha's accomplishments that would make her mother proud, she would refute that he didn't know anything about her. She also berates him on not noticing the pressure her mother was under and not helping her.
  • She actually understood that sometimes things end up sharing the same name, especially when taken from 'myths'. This is why she had nothing negative to say about Anubis, despite being the namesake of that one system she shut down because of going on a rampage and brainwashing Omnics. For the most part, Anubis is also glad that Pharah is smart enough to not fall for the common interpretation people had on him. And to show his good faith to Pharah, Anubis created a special Raptorian battle suit modeled after the jackal.
  • She often found herself being assigned to work alongside Kokonoe A. Mercury, for various threats, including possible attacks by Yuki Terumi. However… Pharah has a rather severe distaste towards Kokonoe, matching her distaste towards Soldier: 76. This is chiefly because of how disgusted she was on Kokonoe's approach with her mother Nine, discounting how Nine would end up crazy, Pharah is not too keen on how Kokonoe's reasoning to use science was to show that she's totally better than her mom's magic, considering her rather selfish and ungrateful. This is very contrasting with Pharah's relationship with her mom Ana; she might look like she had issues with her, but they love and protect each other like a true family.
  • While there's plenty of information about Fareeha's mother, info about her father is pretty scarce. There has been rumors going around that her father may be an Overwatch member, the top two candidates being Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Whether they are true or not is currently unknown.
    • Both theories have been debunked in 2017 when Fareeha's father came to visit her. He's actually a Canadian civil servant named Sam. In addition, many have speculated he is of First Nations descent, a theory that was reinforced when Fareeha showed off her Raindancer and Thunderbird attire. It's still unknown whether his surname is Amari. Regardless, this revelation has endeared Fareeha more to the Canadian members.
  • Pharah owns another Raptorian battle suit that many said reminds them of a Gundam mobile suit. And it looks like the House of Commerce has capitalized on it as it started selling model kits based on it.
  • Has heard of the term "Rocket Jump" and she considers that a dangerous practice. The most common offender is The Soldier, who often uses that method to move around in the battlefield. However, he was quick to call her out that she does the same by using her concussion blast to propel herself higher.
  • "I will protect the innocent" note 

    Fox McCloud 
Fox McCloud, God of Dogfights (Fox Jr., Leader of Star Fox, Star Fox, Foxy Boy, Pup)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Arwing
  • Theme Songs: Star Fox Theme or Venom overall, and Area 6 for attacks on enemy bases
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Fox Named Fox, Guile Foxes, Reflectors, Incredible Piloting Skills, Barrel Rolls, Fire Fox, The Landmaster, Metallic Legs, Being A Leader, Looking A Lot Like His Father
  • Domains: Foxes, Space, Pilots, War, Leadership
  • Allies: The Star Fox crew (Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad), Good Gods in the House of War, Samus, Captain Falcon, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, Jon Jafari, Shiki Tohno (though he opposes his Nanaya-persona), Lu Xun
  • Worthy Opponent: Wolf O'Donnell
  • Unknown Relationship: Krystal
  • He and the rest of Star Fox were on patrol in the depths of space when they were attacked by one Captain Bucky O'Hare who mistook poor Slippy Toad as one of the malicious toads they usually fought against and seemingly killed him. This set off Fox's Berserk Button, sending a Smart Bomb to the Righteous Indignation before having a one-on-one battle with Bucky himself. The match ended with Fox's legs blown off and him ramming into Bucky on his jetpack, choking the rabbit to death before blowing his head off with the blaster.
    • Thankfully, Slippy was able to make a full recovery from the attack. Nobody knows what happened to Bucky's soul, however; we only know that he has not ascended.
  • With Fox's ascension, this meant that the original 12 Smashers of Master Hand's first Smash Bros. tournament were in the Pantheon. The eleven veterans: (Mario, Samus, Captain Falcon, Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby, Ness, Link, Donkey Kong, Jigglypuff, and Luigi) helped celebrate this with an epic free-for-all. It ended with the House of War, Combat and Technology in shambles when Fox used the Smash Ball to summon the Landmaster.
  • Would really like it if the Gods stopped asking him to DO A BARREL ROLL! Besides, it's an Aileron Roll! (The only reason Peppy didn't say anything at the time is because he decided the Aileron Roll sufficed.)
  • Together with Captain Falcon, they have performed the Wombo Combo.
  • He wishes to debunk rumors that Miles "Tails" Prower is his illegitimate son. Tails, an orphan as far as anybody knows, has yet to comment, though the parallels between the two characters do make one wonder.
    • If nothing else he could be more distantly related, like a long-lost uncle.
  • Is very annoyed when some of his followers demand about "NO ITEMS. FOX ONLY. FINAL DESTINATION."
  • Nobody is entirely sure whether or not Fox knows of any woman named Krystal. He has in some timelines, however, but our Fox doesn't seem to come from any of those timelines.
  • Even now, Fox wonders whatever happened to his father, who supposedly got killed in a struggle against Andross. He has made occassional visits to the House of Life and Death to see if his father was alive, but the gods of that house were unable to confirm his status. Still, Fox is determined to find out the truth.
  • Has recently been getting along with both Shiki Tohno and a portrayal of Lu Xun of all people, possibly due to one certain similarity.
    • However, he finds Falco's friendship with Cao Ren a bit odd. Yes, (they sound somewhat alike), but Fox feels a bit odd about Cao Ren's personality: a stoic, no-nonsense attitude combined with being a bit of a "crane" with a very big heart.

    Gyro Man 
Gyro Man, God of Propeller Flight
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: One of his Gyro Attacks
  • Theme Music: Gyro Man Stage
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (with shades of Punch-Clock Villain)
  • Portfolio: Helicopter Pack, Can Actually Only Hover, Obviously Flawed Robot, Instant Turn Projectiles, Helicopter Blender, Green-Coloured Air-Themed Robot
  • Domains: Travel, Helicopters, Robots
  • Followers: Elemental Hero Stratos, Rotor, Aviator
  • Allies: Dr. Wily (his creator), Wood Man, Crystal Man, Junk Man, Nitori Kawashiro, Jack Spicer, Colonel Kilgore
  • Enemies: Mega Man, Gravity manipulators
  • Opposes/Rivals: Those who use Jet Packs
  • A robot created by Doctor Wily for aerial combat, Gyro Man was originally meant to have jet engines for flight. However, since he was running out of funds, Wily had to substitute the engines for a propeller. While it gives Gyro Man great stability in air, he is actually unable to properly fly with it. He is capable of vertical lift-offs, at the very least.
  • Even though he is an air-themed Robot Master, he doesn't actually have any wind-based attacks. Instead, he throws out miniature propeller-shaped cutters which can change direction on the dime. If desperate, he can launch his propeller as a improvised Fuuma Shuriken.
  • While not really an inferiority complex, he does have a dislike for those who use jet packs for transportation. On the flip side, he does appreciate those who do use propeller-based transportation. Though he is bit creeped out by Painwheel.
  • Even though he is one of Wily's creations, he does show some levels of decency. For example, he and the rest of the Fifth Numbers set once worked in an amusement park (under the name Hourly-Pay Squad Part-Timers!) to gain funds, and actually acted perfectly good, even doing a Super Sentai-styled show with Mega Man. And when Bass tried to fight Mega Man, he and the rest of the Robot Masters tried to keep the parkgoers from the battle.
  • Supposedly enjoys eating Greek sandwiches (aka gyros)... Somehow. Especially with no visible mouth.
  • Due to the fact that his propeller is rather light, quick switches in gravity can cause stress on it, causing him to easily crash down into the ground.
  • Easily got along with Colonel Kilgore, who rides a helicopter and carries Gyro Man along to serve as a living support aircraft, as taking off from inside the chopper is easier than from the ground.

Kiki, Goddess of Delivery Services via Flight and Flying Broomsticks


    Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 
Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 Members , Patron Saints of Non-pilot Combat Flight Crew
PBY-6A Catalina "Mantaray"
Radioman Landry 
Petty Officer Laughlin 

    Carl Fredricksen 
Carl Fredricksen, God of Balloon Travel (Mr. Fredricksen)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ellie Badge, a picture of Paradise Falls or Ellie's Book of Adventures.
  • Leitmotif: Married Life
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portolio: fighting at the age of 78, having a dog as a pet, Happily Married...until death do them part, marrying a friend from his youth, the last person to be a hero, having his wife's possessions as memories to her
  • Domains: Travel, Love, Family, Promises, Adventure
  • Heralds: Russel (surrogate son), Dug (adopted dog)
  • Allies: Wall-E and EVE, The Toy Story Cast, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Pinkie Pie, Pooh, Marlin, Dory, Freakazoid
  • Not So Different From: Cranky Kong
  • Ascended into the pantheon for his ability to somehow use thousands of ordinary balloons to make his house fly in a few seconds. Before he went there, however, he made a promise to his wife to bring their house to Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, the house was last descending into the Amazon (it eventually made it to Paradise Falls safe and sound). Many gods have wanted to tell Carl about it, but Carl has stated that it was alright. He moved on and was off on another adventure.
    • What makes it amazing was that he was originally going to be taken into a retirement home. Some sources say that as he flew off, he either cried "I'll see you in a week" or blew a raspberry at the caretakers.
  • Anyone who has had a chance to read Ellie's Book of Adventures will cry at her parting words. "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have another one."
    • Also, anyone who happens to hear his leitmotif "Married Life"—or any variations of it like "Stuff We Did"—will be reduced to tears in five seconds. As such, the gods have prevented any musician to play it for fear of causing the whole pantheon to be flooded with everyone's tears. In fact, anything involving his life with Ellie has reduced some of the most hardened gods into tears. The less they hear about it, the less the Pantheon becomes flooded.
  • Hangs out at the House of Family and tells stories about his adventure at Paradise Falls and treats all child deities like they were his own due to the fact that Ellie was unable to bear children while she was alive.. Will sometimes go down to the mortal realm and be with his surrogate son Russel and pet dog Dug.
    • He has a big soft spot for The Cutie Mark Crusaders because they remind him of Ellie. The Cutie Mark Crusaders like him because of the stories he had when he was in Paradise Falls. When it finally came to him explaining his love live with Ellie, Sweetie Belle was heard throughout the Pantheon crying like no other.
      • Was gone during the events of Through Darkness and Mirrors and, after learning of the utter hell these three have went through, has decided to babysit them since their usual caretakers are going through a bout of depression. Things changed when the Crusaders became good friends with The New Day as their optimism keep the ponies in check.
  • Pinkie Pie honors him because of how he held onto his promise of taking the house to Paradise Falls due to the fact that she acts so similar to her "Pinkie Pie Promises". She too cried a river upon hearing the backstory regarding it, though.
  • Has talks with Cranky Kong every now and then, regarding how they're Not So Different.
  • Is well connected with various Pixar gods: he finds Wall-E and EVE's love story to be similar to his, smiles at the adventures of the Toy Story cast and praised both Marlin and Dory's adventures in order to find their loved ones.
    • Was curious to learn about the Emotions (one of the reasons being that they share the same director) and was close to Sadness since he was unable to move on from Ellie's death until Russel and Dug came into his life.
  • He's very friendly with the various canine dogs in the Pantheon, due to his own dog, Dug. Also is shown being a scout guide since it reminds him of his surrogate son, Russel.
  • Has become good friends with Cid due to the fact that he's obtained the zeppelin of his former idol, Charles Muntz, "The Spirit of Adventure". He sometimes lets gods use it if they need it to travel from one place to another.
  • Surprisingly has a friendship with Freakazoid since Freakazoid confused him for his old friend Sgt. Cosgrove. He takes it all in stride.
    • The Warner sisters are wary of him; after all, Sgt. Cosgrove is the only person to ever make these guys sit down and not get into any crazy antics.

    Chuck Brown/Kite-Man 
Charles "Chuck" Brown Sr., God of Kite Riding (Kite-Man, Kite Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His kite with a "Hell yeah"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral
  • Portfolio: From Nobody To A Different Nobody, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Simply A Burglar Compared To Batman's Other Villains, Driven To Villainy Due To His Son's Death By The Riddler, Death Seeker
  • Domain(s) Thievery, Kites
  • High Priests: Gou Pei and Haoyou
  • Followers: Zangetsu, a few Ewoks, purple Imps, The Forerunners of the Travellers
  • Allies: Nothern Ocean Princess
  • Enemies: The Riddler
  • Odd Friendship: Charlie Brown
  • On neutral terms with: Bruce Wayne/Batman, the Joker
  • Opposed by: I Hate Everything, Kal-El/Superman, Peter Parker/Spider-man (last two out of principle)
  • A D-List villain, Kite-Man is known for his thievery and his use of kites in his criminal activities. Sure, he actually uses a glider, but those are basically kites designed for carrying humans. And because of his theme, and the fact that he's the only one who performs this on a regular basis (well, as regular as a character like him can, anyway) rather than just a one-off, he was selected to join the Pantheon with this title.
  • As for why he became a villain in the first place, here's why: During "The War of Jokes and Riddles", he was approached by Batman. As one of the engineers responsible for creating the Jokermobile, Batman convinced him to arrange a meeting with the Joker, which he begrudgingly agreed to do. Unfortunately, the Riddler caught wind of this, cornered Charles, and ordered him to double-cross the Joker and Batman. Chaos ensued at the meeting and he was dragged away by the Joker, who was surprisingly understanding of the betrayal and sent him to Batman with a suicide bomb.
    • Except when he tried to detonate it, it turned out to be a complete dud. And then turns out the Riddler poisoned his son's kite string, who was using it to fly his kite the morning before Charles' meeting with the Riddler, which shortly ended in his death. Distraught with vengeance, he decided to take Joker's side in the war as Kite-Man.
    • Eventually, in the war, Kite-Man was left for last as Batman defeated every villain on the Joker's side, and was shortly captured so he would leak Joker's location. He would then later end up allying with Batman, tricking the Riddler's forces into wearing special kites that flew them up to the Bat-Blimp for capture.
    • In the end, it turns out the Riddler made Kite Man. He made him to be a joke. So that Joker would laugh again (he had been in a deep slump during the storyline).
  • At present, when he's not performing thefts as Kite-Man (given the Pantheon's amenities to most deities, he probably doesn't even need to steal anymore), he's inventing glider kites for his future heists or supplying them to other villains (or anyone else willing to buy, which includes some of the good guys). He also designs "jet-propelled inverse parachutes" that, instead of slowing descent, sped up ascent.
  • Sometimes, when he's not doing villain work, he can be found hanging with Charlie Brown and helping with flying his (regular) kite. And for some reason, he almost treats him like a good father would his son. That said, as far as anyone knows, there's no relation between them.
  • Skeet once joked that Booster Gold was the Kite Man of the Justice League. Of course, he doesn't take that well.
  • Kite-Man is well aware of his position in Gotham's criminal hierarchy (i.e. near the bottom) and that he's considered a joke by many. This is how he copes.
    "All of us. We're all jokes. But the thing is, right, you got to laugh, too. It's the only way. I mean, you got to laugh with them. Okay, I'm a joke. I'm a joke and I'm funny! Then you're laughing with them. And if you're laughing with them. Then at least you're laughing."
  • Superman and Spider-Man only oppose Kite-Man out of principle. Otherwise, they feel sorry for him and try to encourage him to turn his life around.
  • I Hate Everything hates a lot of things, usually the mainstream, but he's sometimes gone out of his way to ridicule the…less mainstream ones. And Kite-Man fell under his radar. That said, IHE had very little to rant about against Kite-Man, especially since he ignored the "War of Jokes and Riddles", which is where most of his recent character development showed up.
  • Given he's also lost his son, Kite-Man sympathizes with Aquaman.
  • "Hell, yeah!"


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