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One of the most common ways of going places is to go into a vehicle that can fly. With a bit of creativity and effort with certain objects, there can also be a few not-so-common ways to fly.

This goes without saying, but anyone who has a not-so-good history with piloting air-based vehicles is to be VERY closely monitored while in this House.

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Greater Gods

    Meta Knight 
Meta Knight, God of Faceships and Cape Wings (Sir Meta Knight, The Masked Swordsman, Mecha Knight, Party Mask Meta Knight, The Lone Swordsman, Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knight, Surviving Guardian, Borb)
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The letter M superimposed over his Galaxia sword; alternatively his Dream Friend icon
  • Theme Music: My Friend and the Setting Sun (Rainbow Curse remix, Planet Robobot remix/Brothers in Arms, Fighters 2 remix); Revenge of Meta Knight (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Remix), Vs. Meta Knight, Friends and the Sound of Those Crossing Blades or Sword of the Surviving Guardian (battle themes); Meta Knight's Surprise Appearance , Meta Knight Spotted! (short jingles); Warrior's Secret (when narrating or lecturing); Take Off (personal song)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Chaotic tendencies (formerly Lawful Neutral).
  • Portfolio: Cape Wings, Opposing Kirby at Times While Fighting For Good, Well-Intentioned Extremist at his Worst, A Father to His Men, Master Swordsman, Bad at Communicating, Often the First to Act Against a Bad Situation, Sometimes Brainwashed or Overcome by Evil, Extremely Tough Boss when Fought, Intimidating Mask, Awesome Cape That Can Teleport, Cute Underneath the Mask as Shown When It Breaks, Secretly Loves Sweets, Not Entirely Dead-Serious, Subtly Demonstrates Narcissistic Traits, Unfitting Voice for His Appearance, Sillier and Flirtier in the Moretsu Pupupu Hour manga
  • Domains: Knighthood, Stoicism, Swordsmanship, Conquest (formerly)
  • Heralds: The Meta-Knights and associates (Captain Vul, Sailor Waddle Dee, Axe Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight, Trident Knight, Sword Knight, Blade Knight), Kit Cosmos, Knuckle Joe, Sir Arthur, Galahad, Lancelot, Percival
  • Allies:
  • Respects: Ikki Kurogane, Senator Steven Armstrong
  • Rivals: Galacta Knight, Dark Meta Knight, Jugglus Juggler, Samurai Jack, Haohmaru
  • Enemies: Nightmare, The Dark Matter Horde, Star Dream, Marx, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, Ganondorf, Bowser, Ridley, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Grima, SKYNET, The Venjix Virus, SHOCKER, Yapool, The Black Knight, The Seven Spears of Jakanja, Prime Minister Honest, Ethan Roark Senior, Tywinn Lannister, Sauron, Sigma, Thanos, Metal Face, Darkseid, Emperor Palpatine, Frank Underwood
  • Friendly Enemies: Whispy Woods, Kracko
  • Meta Knight's true past is unknown, all that it is known about him is that at some point he came to Dreamland in Planet Popstar and became one of its sworn protectors, initially working under King Dedede before going solo after a single service to the self-proclaimed/self-made King; he initially clashed with the young warrior, Kirby, as Meta Knight often acted in good interests that had actions with less benevolent methods that clashed with Kirby's but overtime the warrior instead became an ally to the pink puffball and even possibly a sort-of-mentor and ocasional rival.
    • In another universe he has a more detailed backstory where he was once part of the Galactic Soldier Army, a large army that fought against Lord Nightmare, a malevolent overlord who plotted to conquer the Universe. Meta Knight belonged to the elite group of the Star Warriors, as the best soldier in the army but unfortunately the army lost in the end and he was one of the scant survivors who fled to Popstar and for a long time had to bid his time until the Star Warrior Kirby appeared, who he trained to fight and defeat Nightmare which Kirby eventually did allowing Meta Knight to reunite with his surviving companions and friends in peace.
  • Meta Knight made his presence known in the Pantheon with a lot of flair and discord, upon arriving he began a rampage across the Houses and Halls as he challenged and defeated God after God until Kirby stepped in to knock sense into him, once calmed down from his self-imposed challenge to prove his might, Meta Knight settled peacefully in the Pantheon as the God of Faceships and Cape Wings, while he wished to have a trope more related to his swordship skills he didn't make a fuss about it. The Meta Knight in the Pantheon is a mixture of various incarnations, sharing the backstory of the anime version along with the personality traits of all three versions mixed into one, mostly serious knight, albeit with a bit of a narcissistic streak.
  • His relationships with the allies/acquaintances from his world varies. Most of them on the affable or outright friendly end.
    • Kirby and Meta Knight have had an interesting story about their friendship with an ocasional pinch of rivalry. Most gods were perplexed by Meta Knight's initial assistance in Kirby's journey to reassemble the Star Rod and that he possibly was training the puffball to deal with Nightmare given his repeated assistances and nobility in giving Kirby a sword before their own duel. Later on, Meta Knight has been a full-blown ally besides the incident of the Buddy Fighters Tower where he was desperate enough to defeat Kirby that he willingly corrupted himself to try and win, he feels nothing but shame about the incident as the thought of even trying to give himself an unfair advantage over Kirby is something he considers shameful. While in the anime they are mentor and student, with Meta Knight having a more big brother/father-like relationship to Kirby. In the Pantheon Meta Knight mostly sticks to his way of treating Kirby in the anime but ocasionally may go harsh on him if they cross paths while opposing each other's methods.
    • His relationship with King Dedede is all over the place, but they seem to be on better terms with each other recently. During the incident of the Buddy Fighters Tower, King Dedede and Meta Knight bonded over their constant losses to Kirby and grew as battle partners and genuine friends in their bid to defeat Kirby once and for all, only to repeatedly fail even when giving themselves an unfair advantage by using the darkly-empowered Masks of Dark Bonds when they were about to lose a second time only to still be beaten in the end and blasted away for their troubles; while Meta Knight and Dedede both look back in shame at their immaturity and dishonorable actions, they do not regret the closeness this experience brought to them, though Meta Knight still prefers to be on his own rather than stick around Dedede's side. While some think that Meta Knight might act as a full-time Knight to the King, he often prefers to just wander off doing his own thing and only aiding Dedede for a just cause. While their anime counterparts are far more explicitly Knight and King, they didn't really have a friendship as Meta Knight was happy to betray Dedede for the greater good constantly, though in the Pantheon this relationship isn't reflected at all given Dedede overall sticks to a benevolent attitude.
    • Bandana Waddle Dee, Adeleine, Gooey and the Animal Friends all get well along with Meta Knight and even show admiration towards him for his fighting abilities, cool attitude and overall helpfulness against many evils that have risen up, in addition to Meta Knight's more protective attitude towards his allies and friends that have included them from time to time. Gooey in particular feels good that Meta Knight has not treated him any differently from his friends despite being an entity of Dark Matter. As for Adeleien and the Animal Friends, they hadn't gotten to know him much besides teaming up in some adventures though they were intrigued by his initial rivalry with Kirby.
    • Kracko and Whispy Woods are occasionally his enemies, but Meta Knight is also their friend most of the time with them all sharing a closeness to King Dedede as their main point of bonding. Meta Knight himself doesn't sees much issue with hanging out with the two from time to time or teaming up to fight a bigger threat if need to, especially since neither has any grudge against him like they do against Kirby.
  • He still is good friends with the allies he made during the events of The Subspace Emissary among them stand out Lucario, Solid Snake, the Hero King Marth, Ike, as well as Lucas and Red who he personally saved from falling to their deaths or being trapped in Subspace when they defeated Galleom. Out of them, Solid Snake isn't the biggest fan of the fact that the Halberd resembles Meta Knight himself, thinking Meta Knight's a bit of a narcissist for it, in addition to naming his own followers the Meta-Knights which Snake views as way too on the nose about the high opinion the small knight has about himself. Meta Knight didn't truly care and instead just denied his narcissism which convinced no one in particular.
  • Despite the fact that Kirby and even King Dedede seem happy with Magolor despite his past, Meta Knight isn't the most comfortable or easygoing aroun his former enemy. While he acknowledges that the Master Crown corrupted him a bit, he still stands firm that Magolor willingly and happily manipulated him and his allies for his own ends and only seemed to regret his villainy after he'd been beaten down and damn near killed for it. Magolor has tried to make sure that everyone knows he truly isn't going back to doing villainous things but does take his chances to tease and mess with Meta Knight for his own amusement, pretending that he'd go evil again one day and is just bidding his time to the Knight's frustration.
    • Similarly Susie, who once served as one of the commanders of the Haltmann Works Company's invasion of Popstar, has also become a reformed ally of Kirby and his friends but while Meta Knight is willing to let bygones be bygones he still isn't the most comfortable around the former villain due to a repressed fear of being turned into her mechanical slave once again, which Susie doesn't helps with her continued interest and admiration for Meta Knight and his strength, abilities and personality; even at times Dark Meta Knight has joined his counterpart in being wary of the pink-haired lady out of fear of being mechanized too.
  • Meta Knight has developed a surprising friendly rapport with the bounty hunter Wolf O' Donnel, Wolf and Meta Knight have a mutual respect for each other's attitudes, lack of hesitation in doing what they believe necessary for their goals and overall strength. Meta Knight in turn respects that Wolf is pretty good when he's not hired by Andross and can even relate to his competitive spirit and frustrations at not being able to overcome his personal rival, Fox, as he has been unable to defeat Kirby in battle no matter how hard he trains or how stronger he gets. The Star Fox crew also gets along with Meta Knight, particularly Falco whose similar personality meshes well with the Knight's and has history from the Subspace crisis; even if they get uneasy around his friendship with Wolf.
  • Meta Knight developed an intense hatred for the treacherous Metal Face, as when he was Mukhar he betrayed the side he was working for, the Homs, and left his whole team to die to try and claim the Monado only to be mechanized into a killing machine who willingly took it upon himself to spread misery, including tormenting Shulk by killing his love interest, Fiora (though she got better eventually), before commiting atrocity after atrocity to sate his sadistic bloodlust; since he's not too dissimilar to Yamikage, a traitor to the Star Warriors who Meta Knight developed a personal grudge against. Metal Face has been wary of facing the warrior for his unquestionable power and prowess, and has sought help from some of Meta Knight's enemies to fight him.
  • Similarly to the above Mumkhar, he has no kind words for the swordsman Sandaaru of the Seven Dark Spears, Sandaaru is well known for his treachery and lack of true redeeming qualities despite his pragmatism and his murder of members of his own side is something that disgusted Meta Knight despite him considering the rest of the Spears and Jakanja in general to be deplorable too. Sandaaru has been somewhat interested in learning more about Meta Knight and about what kind of power he could take from his world for his own use to further his conquests and maybe even take over Meta Knight's world while he's at it.
  • Meta Knight has no kind words for those who turn others into their slaves or servants, especially if a forceful transformation is involved such as mechanization given that it happened to him. As such a few deities were on his shitlist for it:
    • The Venjix Virus was a murderous sentient computer virus who'd taken it upon himself to exterminate all organic life (mainly humans) and create a world where he'd be in control of all things; eventually expanding said ambitions to a multiversal scale once he'd become Evox. For this Meta Knight had a big hatred of the evolved virus, viewing it as one of the vilest things he'd ever met, especially since it reminded him of Star Dream, though much worse, as he'd at least heard that the wish-granting machine could be somewhat less destructive if you could take control of it while Venjix is pure evil. SKYNET also transformed a version of the legendary hero, John Connor, into its cyborg slave which forced alternate version of Sarah Connor to destroy the now-evil former hero. Meta Knight is just as disgusted with SKYNET as he is with the Venjix Virus for its actions.
    • SHOCKER specialize in transforming humans into cyborg or mutant warrior kaijin for their cause, as such Meta Knight had no kind words for them either. He also particularly hated that they had their origins based around Nazi remnants, given his hatred of corrupt politicians and evil armies. Meta Knight also dislikes them on the basis that many of the Showa Kamen Riders were victims of the organization's attempts to create a perfect obedient cyborg warrior by brainwashing said warrior and modifying them.
    • Dr. Eggman is also fond of turning innocents into robots as part of his schemes to take over the world, that he's not too dissimilar from the likes of President Haltmann in attitude made the small knight get some rather high disdain for the doctor. Eggman himself has been interested in Meta Knight's abilities after hearing of his own mechanization and has planned on either capturing and mechanizing him or create robotic copies of Meta Knight for his own ends.
  • Has a lot of respect for Samurai Jack, a warrior of the far past who was forcefully flung into the future by the evil demon Aku to prevent the samurai from thwarting him, however Jack did not give up and even after 50 years he found a way to defeat Aku and return to the past ending the evil overlord for good after an arduous battle, Meta Knight respects the Samurai's cred and determination to end the threat of Aku equaling said determination to his own in stopping the evil Lord Nightmare with Kirby's help in a different reality. Jack himself is one of the few opponents that didn't underestimate nor ridicule Meta Knight when they first met and fought to the Knight's delight.
  • Another masked swordsman he found in the Pantheon was the electric warrior, Blade, though she only wore a mask after he was brainwashed into serving Demerzel's cause. After being freed she no longer works for evil and now works for good, she finds Meta Knight to be an admirable foe with his otherwordly skills and has challenged him to a few duels from time to time, most of which the Knight won, inspiring Blade to get stronger; Meta Knight himself greatly respects her for actually using her powers from evil for good.
  • Given his meetings and bonding with Ike and Marth in the Subspace crisis, Meta Knight got to know other deities from the multiple worlds of Fire Emblem:
    • First he learned of the close allies of Ike and Marth such as Caeda (who is Marth's wife), Tiki, Anna and Micaiah; all of them were intrigued and a bit amused at what Meta Knight looked like, though it didn't take long for them to truly respect him once he showed his prowess. Enemies of Marth and Ike also became his enemies by extension, he particularly holds disdain for the Dark Knight, who killed Ike's father and generally acted as a cruel presence in the life of the warrior, some have drawn comparisons between Meta Knight and said knight, though Meta Knight prefers not to be compared to the evil knight. He has even more disdain for Gharnef, a vile sorcerer and enemy of Marth who plotted to cause destruction, ruin and death all because he was denied a single tome and retaliated with most disproportionate intent proving himself an irredeemably evil monster to the end.
    • The Royal Family of Ylisse (Chrom and Lucina) and their tactician (and depending on which version can be either Lucina's mother and Chrom's wife, Lucina's husband, their in-law or just a close friend) Robin all earned Meta Knight's respect for their defense of their world from the evil Fell Dragon, Grima, he particularly grew a lot of respect for Lucina due to her determination to stop the Fell Dragon despite losing almost everything and everyone she loved to the evil demon, as he knows from experience how harsh and difficult to go on despite losing everything can be, he also related to her inability to be taken seriously for her serious yet unintentionally silly attitude; in turn Chrom and Robin view Meta Knight as an admirable hero an potential ally in dealing with the returned Grima who roams the Pantheon awaiting the day to strike. Meta Knight was also curious to learn of Chrom and Lucina's status as descendants of Marth who inherited the Falchion. For this reason he developed an intense hatred for Grima, the nemesis of the Ylissians, particularly for how he ruined the future where Lucina came from: by possessing Robin against their will and turning them into its vessel before killing Chrom in cold blood, as he is reminded of how he had to kill his best friend when Nightmare transformed said friend into a Demon Beast and sent him to kill his fellow Star Warriors.
  • Meta Knight once sought to end the corruption he perceived there was in Dreamland's monarchy by overthrowing King Dedede and installing himself as the new ruler, however he gave up on that goal after being thwarted by Kirby. Regardless he holds corrupt governments and politicians in very low regards, while respecting any politician willing to end corruption themselves even if they're not quite good themselves.
    • Senator Steven Armstrong was an extreme albeit well-intentioned candidate who wished to create a better world devoid of the cynical and destructive policies of his age which he perceived as corrupt and in need of overthrowing, while Meta Knight agrees with Armstrong's enemies such as Raiden about how extreme his methods were, he can't help but respect the senator's conviction and dedication to his own ideals as he can see that he was being legitimate about his desire to help the greater good no matter how screwed his methods or Armstrong himself were. Armstrong for his part is a bit disappointed that Meta Knight abandoned his own ambitions against a perceived corrupt government but nonetheless thinks highly of him regardless thanks to his proactiveness and strength. Raiden, who is a bit allied with Meta Knight, has even given Meta Knight some small assurance that even he knew and recognized that Armstrong had good intent behind his goals, no matter how twisted and darwinistic they were.
    • For this reason he has nothing but disdain for the likes of Prime Minister Honest, Frank Underwood, Emperor Palpatine and all other similarly corrupt and/or cruel politicians and rulers; Meta Knight in particular singles out Palpatine for his manipulation of the entire galaxy's politics and people to secure his rise to supreme power, destruction and killing of countless lives, general treatment of anyone who worked under him and his ambitious plans to become a god-like being so he could rule over existence itself as the Ultimate Sith, he especially detests what he did to Anakin Skywalker, with his act of turning the once-good Jedi warrior into a cyborg servant being beyond cruel as it reminded him of his own remodelation albeit much, much worse.
  • Even in the Pantheon, a warrior like Meta Knight never stops looking for the means to get stronger and train to become better; luckily for him there were several warriors ready to give him a challenge for a mutually beneficial strengthening regimes for both himself and his opponent.
    • Dark Meta Knight had ascended as well into the Pantheon and Meta Knight was more than ready to deal once again with his evil counterpart from the Mirror World, while also making sure to keep an eye out on Dark Meta to thwart any plans he might have, for his part Dark Meta Knight views his counterpart's presence in the Pantheon as a most preferable one since it gives him the chance to get revenge. Another one of Meta Knight's favored rivals, Galacta Knight, was also present still as powerful as ever and with Meta Knight more than ready to fight him, while also intrigued by how it is back in one piece in the Pantheon.
    • One of these warriors was the wandering Majin, Jugglus Juggler, known for having been the nemesis and rival of Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb though nowadays is a full-on good guy with some occasionally grey moments of morality. Meta Knight has been impressed and even matched by Jugglus' power, he particularly is interested to see what Juggler has picked up from his multiple duels against Gai and experiences fighting many Ultras and powerful opponents across several universes. Juggler in turn has been intrigued by Meta Knight and respects the strength the small-sized warrior has.
    • Powerful samurai are also high on his friendly rivalry list, among them stand out those such as the aforementioned Samurai Jack as well as another called Haohmaru, a lordless samurai who goes around looking for a good fight. Haohmaru has taken to being impressed by Meta Knight's power, viewing the small masked puffball as one of the fiercest and toughest foes he's ever had the chance to fight against, Meta Knight can be a little annoyed at the warrior's tendency to boast and brag about himself but nonetheless is respectful of his prowess and determination to not lose.
  • In the anime continuity Meta Knight has a few personal relationships that have settled a bit in the Pantheon.
    • First of all is the young female warrior, Silica, daughter of one of his closest friends, Garlude, who gave her life so Meta Knight could obtain Galaxia; Silica at first believed Meta Knight to be her mother's killer and that he stole the sword once she'd tried to get it but soon learned she was wrong and reconciled with her mother's friend. In the Pantheon Silica has sought out Meta Knight a bit more, in order to grow stronger as a person and warrior given that not only Nightmare has returned but he's also got some new allies and forces that she wants to be ready to deal with.
    • Lord Nightmare is bar none Meta Knight's most hated and personal foe, responsible for killing most of his allies and friends and even forcing him to kill his closest one all for his entertainment. Some suspect Meta Knight might've been a creation of Nightmare given some details about the Demon Beast that rebelled against Nightmare, but nothing is certain except that there's nothing but loathing and bad blood between the nightmarish entity and the knight.
    • Related to all this, Meta Knight in that world was part of the Star Warriors and the elite squadron (including the leader of them all) are called Sir Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and Sir Percival; all of them are named after the Knights of the Round Table, of which Arthur, Lancelot and Galahad themselves are all present; they can match Meta Knight in their stronger forms and have earned the Knight's respect as a result. Meta Knight has been interested in learning more about their world as he has done in the worlds of Fire Emblem, particularly due to his interest in finding possible stronger foes to deal with in the place.
  • For your own good (and that of everything) do not try and call him cute, underestimate him because of it or just being condescending in general. Meta Knight can at least tolerate affection from close friends and trusted allies but he's not one to let it happen often. At least he does not mind Kirby getting affectionate, even if he's not particularly thrilled about it. Like this, also don't bring up his hidden love of sweets, as Meta Knight is majorly determined to keep that factoid a secret for all eternity.

    Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer 
Norrin Radd, Master of Sky Surfing (The Silver Surfer)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His board
  • Theme: The opening to his show, or Silver Surfer Suite
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Neutral as a Herald of Galactus)
  • Portfolio: Started off as an Anti-Villain, now a Chrome Champion with a Cool Board, Alliterative Name, Fad Super, Strives to be more than a weapon, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Invulnerability, Wears no clothes, Sky Surfing, Sometimes jobs to lesser foes
  • Domain(s): Good, Light, Travel, Liberation, Protection
  • Followers: Scarlet, Elvis, Illyria
  • Formerly Former Herald of: Galactus
  • Allies: All Marvel Heroes, especially The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and The Hulk, Yomi, John Henry Irons/Steel, Hank Hill
  • Rivals: Kyle Rayner
  • Enemies: Mephisto, Doctor Doom, Thanos, Evolto
  • Opposed by: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Fears: The Venom Symbiote
  • His ascension could be credited by no other than Mephisto himself. His long-time foe used his newfound godhood to entrap the Silver Surfer in his temple. Unfortunately for him, the Surfer burned him just the same. Mephisto pleaded him to go in exchange for giving him a seat in the Pantheon. Norrin agreed, and the Silver Surfer got himself a temple shortly afterwards.
  • He doesn't spend much time in his temple, preferring to explore the cosmos with the help of his trusty board. This time he has a passenger: Dawn Greenwood. She agreed to travel with him as well as help him learn more about humanity. She has thus far refused to be his herald, citing issues with Surfer's time as a herald himself. She prefers a more minimal role in his temple.
  • It was the Fantastic Four who first got him intrigued with Earth, who he now sees as an honorary citizen. He is always around to help them out.
    • Things got chilly when he went face to face with his former master. Galactus agreed not to meddle with his business... as long as their goals do not align. The Surfer has considered the possibility of being forced to be a herald once more, though Galactus hasn't done so yet.
  • Still holds a grudge against Doctor Doom for all the attacks on him in the past. With that said, the Surfer will not underestimate him; Victor managed to absorb his powers in their first appearance.
  • Doctor Strange and the Hulk welcomed him with open arms. The three of them are a part of the most famous incarnation of The Defenders. Villains can only hope that the fourth member doesn't ascend; the three of them alone could handle most evildoers in the Pantheon. For their sake the three only team up under the most unusual of circumstances.
  • It seems baffling that not even one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe can beat his own game. The House of Gaming doesn't blame him, though. It is one of the most difficult games to date, with the player capable of dying to such mundane objects such as rubber duckies. The Angry Video Game Nerd has yet to forgive him for putting him through so much agony playing the game.
    "Oh god, I can't fuckin' stand it..."
  • The Silver Surfer and Dawn had a nice chat with Yomi and Ceri. The kitsune enjoys the stories the Surfer told her about his homeworld as on Earth. Norrin may feel a bit too straight-laced for her tastes though. Ceri on the other hand was excited to find a mortal as adventurous as her. She even took her to various places around the Pantheon. Of course there were some instances where they needed the Surfer and Yomi to rescue them, but it didn't stop them from remaining friends.
  • Apologized profusely to Kyle Rayner whom he delivered a swift defeat when they fought one another. Kyle has long since forgiven him for the incident.
  • Is a constant annoyance to Thanos and his plans to bring death to all. With that said, The Surfer is usually unsuccessful in defeating him.
  • The Silver Surfer is well versed with the symbiote parasite. He once commanded Galactus to destroy the planet out of disgust. The Carnage symbiote managed to get revenge, bonding with him to create a near-unstoppable force. It was only a near fatal blow to its original hosts drew it away from him. Norrin fears the day the deified symbiote set its eyes on him.
  • There was talk of taking the title Chrome Champion from Steel, the current holder. But he wanted no part in taking power from a fellow superhero. He was glad that the two of them managed to work out a compromise.
  • Is thankful of Drax as well as Richard Rider in helping free Galactus during the event. They may not always see eye to eye, but their interests align more than not.
  • Was one of the few non-human species to have ever been invited into the temple of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind. Pleased with his attitude towards humans, his followers had hoped that his presence would confirm the support of humanity over other species. Knowing this, Norrin declined. He may like humanity in general, but found the Space Marines' philosophy to be a bit off-putting. Still, he has offered to help them out against the various forces set against them.
  • He had a history with a man named Hank Hill. When he landed near his temple, Hank inspected his board and decided to give him a propane upgrade to his board with a free T-shirt as a bonus. To his surprise, a human power source managed to ignite his board for more mobility and speed and has since seen Hank Hill for more of his propane and propane accessories.

Intermediate Gods

EDI, Goddess of Spaceship Girls (Enhanced Defense Intelligence, the Normandy SR-2's onboard AI, EDIBot)
Her default projection in the SSV Normandy
Her physical robotic platform

    Galaxy Man 
Galaxy Man, The Divine Flying Saucer (DLN-072, Space Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A chrome "L" symbol
  • Theme Song: Galaxy Fantasy (AST No.7, Rockman Holic ver.)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (briefly reprogrammed to Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Black Holes That Sucks up EVERYTHING, Flying Saucer Weak to Concrete, Became Antagonistic (not by choice) Because of Expiration Date, Absurdly Good Weapon
  • Domains: Astronomy, Black Holes, U.F.O.s
  • Allies: Doctor Light (his creator), Mega Man (older brother), Proto Man (oldest brother), Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Palkia, Rosalina, Optimus Prime, Felix, Mogo
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender
  • Enemies: Doctor Wily, Lumine, Dr. Eggman, Sirius, Randall Ross, Vril Dox, Majora's Mask, David Zappa, The Grox
  • Opposes: Zapp Brannigan
  • Galaxy Man (serial code DLN-072) was one of at least twenty Robot Masters developed by the famous Dr. Light. Though initially created for a space research center, he and seven other of his fellow Robot Masters would become obsolete and destined for the scrap heap. Dr. Wily would feed on this fear to brainwash Galaxy Man, turning him into his tool for world domination. After his defeat by Mega Man, he be rebuilt with new purpose by his creator. And in the pantheon, he has found residency as their Flying Saucer. Hoping not to break down, he usually visits Fix-It Felix for repairs.
  • His Special Weapon is the Black Hole Bomb, which is capable of firing a controllable Unrealistic Black Hole. It is widely regarded as completely broken, and his weakness to concrete is almost certainly a means of damage control.
  • Though there are no hard feelings towards him and Mega Man, he feels closer to his oldest brother Proto Man. They've both had to suffer with being outside factory standard, choosing their freedom above the second law of robotics. Likewise, he is deeply respectful to Optimus Prime, who's ideology that "freedom is the right of every sentient being" is something Galaxy Man values deeply. Conversely, he absolutely hates Lumine, more so than even Dr. Wily. Lumine seeks to enslave or destroy "inferior" robot models, and sees the century out-of-date Robot Masters as an utter disgrace.
  • His job is to calculate trajectories for rockets, probes and spaceships. As such, he often visits the House of Time and Space to better plan them out, and in particular do some work in the Hall of Planetary and Celestial Beings. He's rather annoyed by the number of more chaotic spatial and temporal manipulators, since his programming can't overcome such dimensional manipulation. The Creation Trio has been a big help with this, and his black holes are a bane to Randall Ross. He values the work of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, as if it weren't for their work on gravity space travel would've never come to be and he wouldn't exist. He's also had to fight off the likes of David Zappa for trying to mess with the Moon, as with Majora's Mask and evil space travelers like Vril Dox and the Grox. Mogo has been big help in this task, who usually serves as a respite. Since the House split into two, most of his duties related to it have been transitioned over to the House of Space and Cosmos, though he does help keep an eye out for distortions in Time and Temporality from time to time.
  • Before taking up the role of "The Divine Flying Saucer", Galaxy Man tried to become the god of black holes. However Sirius already held it, leading the two to trade blows. Though Galaxy Man believed his Black Hole Bomb would triumph, Sirius utterly dominated the fight. Galaxy Man is trying to upgrade himself, as he rightly believes Sirius to be a threat to mankind. His study of black holes once resulted in an accidental wormhole into the Void Between the Worlds, which resulted in crashing into Shinryu. Galaxy Man was promptly swatted aside and told not to mess with him, which upsets the Robot Master as he believes that void may be a possible key for interstellar travel.
  • While he understandably hates Dr. Wily for manipulating his trust and reprogramming him, he can't help but agree he's right about the expiration laws; Galaxy Man may not have the most developed A.I., but he is sentient and shouldn't be discarded because of it. Likewise, he's no fan of Wily's rival Dr. Eggman, as they forced him to help in their interdimensional domination scheme. He's often seen getting a drink with Bender, since he's also been on the wrong side of the law due to design issues, though after being told about the complete dumbassery that was Zapp Brannigan's piloting of the Space Titanic, Galaxy Man doesn't want to hear about that man ever again.
    Galaxy Man: This fool makes my CPU hurt harder than wondering who was stupid enough to name a cruise ship the Titanic.

Kalrow, God of Levitation (Kalrow of the Seven Deities/Eight Guardian Generals, The Great Tactician, God of Sloth, Old Man)
  • Intermediate God (potentially capable of becoming a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His staff
  • Theme Song: Fear God
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Levitation, Beam Spam, Beard of Evil, Brilliant, but Lazy, Cutscene Boss, Dirty Coward, Evil Genius, Evil Old Folks, Mad Scientist, The Strategist, The Unfought, Too Important to Walk
  • Domain(s): Levitation, Sloth, Strategy
  • Allies: Deus, Wyzen, Augus, Sergei, Dr. XXX, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gunter Prozen, Sloth the Indolent
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yasha
  • Enemies: Asura, Mithra, Chakravartin, Chun-Li, Robin, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Kalrow was originally one of the Eight Guardian Generals in service to the Emperor of Shinkoku to protect the Realm of Shinkoku and Gaea from the dark forces of the Gohma, his mantra affinity is Sloth. Despite his status and rank, Kalrow generally stays out of the fighting, instead preferring to organize the battle plans of the fleets. Kalrow was the mastermind behind General Deus' coup d'etat, which culminated in the assassination of the Emperor and the banishment and death of General Asura, who was blamed as the cause. Afterwards, the Eight Guardian Generals were disbanded and transformed into the Seven Deities. 12,500 years later, Kalrow and his fleet engaged Asura in battle after they had tried to collect the souls of the people in a village that Asura was defending. Ultimately, Asura was too powerful and managed to wipe out Kalrow's entire fleet. Kalrow managed to use an escape pod to flee, but Asura managed to grab on it. Kalrow begged for his life, but Asura crushed the escaped pod and Kalrow with it. Kalrow was later reincarnated into the modern world and got in trouble with the police by speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle.
  • Kalrow originally ascended into the pantheon as part of Deus' plan to reunite the Seven Deities, he was made the God of Evil Geniuses. However, once further scrutiny had been given for each and every one of them, Kalrow was removed along with Wyzen, Olga and Sergei.
  • Although he had lost his title, Kalrow managed to re-ascend into the pantheon as the High Priest of Dr. XXX, the new holder of Kalrow's former title. However, Deus, who had remained unperturbed by his setback, attempted to ascend the remaining Seven Deities and managed to once again ascend Kalrow as a god into the pantheon, this time as the God of Levitation.
  • Following his re-ascension, Kalrow remains on good terms with Dr. XXX. Although he's rather annoyed by the Doctor's hamminess, Kalrow nonetheless respects his skills and mastery in manipulation.
  • Kalrow has managed to befriend Grand Admiral Thrawn and the two share a mutual respect for each others' respective talents. Their shared belief in performing Necessary Evil in order to achieve their goals further strengthened their cooperation. They occasionally collaborate with each other when making plans in order to ensure that they are truly perfect.
  • Kalrow also quickly befriended Gunter Prozen, who had similarly betrayed his Emperor and prefers to send lackeys to do his dirty work for him. Kalrow was quite happy to finally meet a kindred spirit and the two frequently help each other to plot against their respective enemies.
  • Kalrow quickly gained the trust and obedience of Sloth the Indolent, who is perfectly satisfied to work for someone who similarly appreciates laziness. Kalrow is quite content to have a weak-willed but otherwise powerful lackey to order around.
  • Kalrow was rather annoyed to learn of Asura and Mithra's presence in the pantheon as well as Yasha's betrayal of the Seven Deities. Although he generally avoids them, he looks forward towards making a plan to exact revenge upon them. However, Kalrow is still willing to work alongside Yasha whenever the deities battle against particularly strong enemies such as Chakravartin.
  • Many were confused as to why Kalrow has a particularly strong dislike of Chun-Li specifically. She herself eventually revealed that she was the police officer who apprehended him for speeding on his Segway-esque vehicle. Although he's admitted that his grudge against her is petty, Kalrow continues to resent her nonetheless.
  • Due to having been the one who devised the plan to kill the Emperor of Shinkoku, Kalrow quickly became enemies with Robin, who was abhored by his disloyalty and betrayal of the Emperor in order to eventually create "paradise". Kalrow, on the other hand, views Robin as a fool for his/her unwillingness to take more drastic measures in order to create a better world.
  • Members of the House of Swords have shown an interest in testing Kalrow's swordsmanship skills after having heard that he's a master swordsman, even though he's never actually been seen displaying such skills.
  • "With no plan, there is no victory. The age of beasts has long since ended."

    Space Power Rangers 
Space Power Rangers Members, Patron Saints of Starships (In Space Power Rangers, Power Rangers Turbo II [sans Andros and Zhane]; Andros: Red Space Ranger, Red Solar Ranger; T.J.: Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, Red Turbo Ranger II, Blue Space Ranger; Carlos: Green Turbo Ranger II, Black Space Ranger II; Ashley: Yellow Turbo Ranger II, Yellow Space Ranger II; Cassie: Cass, Pink Turbo Ranger II, Pink Space Ranger II; Zhane: Silver Space Ranger, Psycho Silver Ranger)
From left to right:T.J., Ashley, Andros, Cassie, Carlos
Space Power Rangers
Power Rangers Turbo II (subtract Justin)
  • Intermediate Gods, Lesser individually. Andros is a full-blown Intermediate with his Battlizer activated.
  • Symbol: The Astro Megaship
  • Theme Song: Power Rangers in Space or Power Rangers Turbo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Five-Token Band, Galaxy Gliders, Sky Surfing, Cool Starship, Grand Finale to the Zordon Era, Thememobile, Being Successors to Power Rangers Turbo I, Recruit Teenagers with Attitude
  • Domains: Starships, Vehicles, Heroes
  • High Priests: Denji Sentai Megaranger
  • Heralds: Phantom Ranger, Alpha Six, DECA
  • Allies: Zordon, Bulk and Skull, all ascended Power Rangers, especially the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Tommy Oliver, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Commander Shepard, EDI, Silver Surfer, Team Lightyear, Optimus Prime, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Gentarou Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Team Voltron
  • Enemies: The Psycho Rangers, Dark Specter, Trakeena, Lord Drakkon, Shockwave, Mesogog, Enter, SHOCKER, Ultraman Belial, Melkor, Harbinger (Mass Effect), Megatron, The Combine, Babidi, The Dalek Empire, Aku, Darkseid, Sauron, Sheev Palpatine, Thanos, Emperor Zurg, Gihren Zabi
  • Respected by: Paul Atreidas (T.J.)
  • Opposed by: all ascended Toku villains
  • Opposes: Century King Shadow Moon (Andros)
  • If there are any Power Rangers team that are the most infamous amongst your daily Monster of the Week, it’s the Space Power Rangers. Through their actions, they managed to to take down the United Alliance of Evil, an organization that ruled the known universe at the time. This is all in spite of the fact, they never even personally faced the leader though they did kickstart their downfall. Their actions catapulted them into living legends and to the Pantheon despite a variety of successors arriving prior. Likely to the horror of all evildoers out there, they have come to absolutely and positively, kick their butts to high heaven.
  • Four of the team members were originally the Power Rangers Turbo II, the successors to the first Turbo team as they left for college. Despite having the means to return to being the Turbo team, they are more inclined to use their Space Ranger forms, thinking it binds them together. They only use their Turbo suits if the situation really calls for it. Then again they might have given the Turbo Morphers back as of now.
  • Andros and Zhane are from KO-35, a planet inhabited by Human Aliens. They once had other teammates besides the one from Earth but have since passed on. They believe that the GUAE is the new successor to the United Alliance of Evil they despise and hope to be rid of them with the help of other heroes.
  • Notable for having several spaceship as Zords, not including the Astro Megaship II. They have so many spacecraft, it’s borderline excessive. That’s not even mentioning the even more plentiful vehicle arsenal but people really do not care about those.
    • Thanks to having an AI on their ship, they’re friends with EDI and Commander Shepard. They also shared beef with Harbinger and the rest of the Reapers before meeting them, so they approached Shepard who withheld the weaknesses of Reapers. Shepard, either Paragon or Renegade, gave them the list as soon as possible.
  • Tried their best to get into the Pantheon prior after hearing word from other Rangers that Zordon had been resurrected here but there were many problems they had to deal with prior to entering. When they did finally manage to ascend, they all personally met with Zordon to give the tube a big old Group Hug.
  • Were not happy in the slightest upon learning that the Psycho Rangerss, Dark Specter, and even Trakeena had all arrived in the Pantheon ages before they did. They have sworn to take them all down for good and you could really see the sweat running down on their foes’ faces.
  • As they are a Ranger team set in well... space, they seem to crash into a lot of villains who are stationed in the cosmos. Many said villains have the Space Rangers as a thorn on their side, to the point they are willing to band together to take them down. The Space Rangers meanwhile are just surprised by the amount of evil organizations exists up there and their workload amount being almost unbearable.
  • Met Gentaro Kisaragi upon accidentally crashing into the team’s ship. After clearing stuff up with them, he managed to hit it off with the team, admiring them for the bonds they have created with others, bonds that in turn aided them against their foes.
  • Absolute floored by the pure scope of the GUAE, amassing forces of evil from all of existence to conquer The Multiverse. While intimidated, they know with their allies, they could face the GUAE head on and every third-party villain out there too.
  • To elaborate on their relation to The Psycho Rangers, the team and vice versa find each other to be their absolute worst enemies, even more than Dark Specter himself. The Psycho Rangers swore to make the team pay for their constant defeats at their hand and have many counters to the strategies placed against them. Too bad for the Psychos, the Space Rangers will only just make even better counters against them.
  • Though people do not talk about this (for obvious reasons), they have met the TMNT beforehand during one of Astronoma’s schemes. They keep close ties with the Ninja Turtles in the Pantheon though they question where is their sister. The four wondered what in the world are they were talking about.
  • Another ally of theirs took the form of the Silver Surfer, who wanted to meet the so-called saviors of Earth and wished to see if they were on par with what their popularity states. After seeing how well the team coordinated, the Silver Surfer was satisfied with what he has seen and introduced himself.
  • Chose to side with the New Republic and the Autobots in their wars against The Dark Side and the Decepticons respectively. Due to having a Humongous Mecha, their help is greatly appreciated.
  • Speaking of Decepticons, the Space Rangers’ ascension may have been helped by Shockwave who did it in exchange for Psycho Rangers’ cooperation. Shockwave knew that he would not be taken fondly by the team once they hear about his involvement and held onto the idea that perhaps they should be grateful to him for their appearance. Guess what happened.
  • The Spage Rangers were happy to see Bulk and Skull having ascended, as the group are proud of the two leading "Angel Grove's Last Stand" against the forces of evil. The duo said that it was thanks in return for the Rangers saving Angel Grove throughout the years.
  • Exclusive to Andros:
    • Andros has led two iterations of theSpace Rangers. The ones that protected KO-35 until the United Alliance of Evil wiped them out and the former Power Rangers Turbo II who joined him to find the missing Zordon. It comes to no surprise he is a pivotal part of the group. Initially quite skeptical to leading a team, Andros has proved that he still had it in him to be a leader.
    • Likely the most important relationship Andros has is with his sister, Karone, known as Astronoma the Queen of Evil during her time serving the United Alliance of Evil and would eventually become the second Pink Galaxy Ranger. Ironically enough, Astronoma’s attempted treachery on Dark Specter led to his eventual demise, not the Space Rangers at any point. Andros is still doing his best to get his sister in the Pantheon, thinking she’ll be an absolute boon on their side. He isn’t wrong about that idea though.
    • He can almost find pity for Shadow Moon for his Heel–Face Brainwashing forcing him to be the extremely powerful villain he is now. Holds on to the hope Nobuyuki could be recovered for his fate.
    • Astral and Andros find good relations to each other for their adjustment to human society being quite similar, as Earth culture was rather alien to them. Andros did not know what a smoothie was until he saw one, so everyone can presume KO-35 has some missing food elements Earthlings have commonplace.
    • Feels for Amuro after his home was invaded by Zeon forces, like how his home was invaded. The two promised each other to do their best to take down evil and avenge their homes to prevent more tragedies like this. Amuro did not even know why the goal was promised, as it was already their shared goal then he realized it was a swear to make it out for everybody’s sake. Amuro then made that same promise as well.
    • Also gained a Super Mode for him that basically made him a buff powerhouse to deal with. Also had a new form as the Solar Red Ranger after remaking his Morpher. Does not go into the latter for the Battlizer and aesthetic consistency.
  • Exclusive to T.J.:
    • T.J. Is rather unique for a Power Ranger as he was demoted from leader position after becoming the Blue Space Ranger. He was and still is the second Red Turbo Ranger though takes more comfort in being the second-in-command of Andros. The color does not define what you can do, T.J. says. We were sure he was referring to being a Power Ranger on that quote.
    • Got along with fellow secondary leader, Gai Yuki otherwise known as Black Condor. T.J. thought he was some sort of Ranger he had never heard of until he was corrected. Remained amazed on hearing how Gai went from a selfish douche to becoming a true hero. T.J. wants to take some cues from Gai but Gai told him nada. Find your own path to take, Gai told him.
    • Miles Morales comes to T.J. for advice on superheroing. T.J. is always willing to give advice when needed. Though T.J. has a hard time keeping up with how fast Miles can be.
    • Paul Atreidas is not the kind of person who does not give praise easily but has given respect for T.J. for showing leadership when Andros did not. Paul actually thinks that T.J. grew into a more competent person after becoming a Space Ranger.
  • Exclusive to Carlos:
    • The Black Space Ranger, Carlos was chosen to be the former Green Turbo Ranger’s successor. Carlos has more or less shown to be the middle man of the team, which does not detract his importance in the team. Works hard as ever to make sure his team exceed.
    • As a soccer player, Carlos was challenged by Nekomaru Nidai to see if his resolve outweighed his. The result was a rather intense one-on-one soccer match that Carlos managed to win thanks to his less bulkier physique. The two became fast friends soon after, with Carlos trying to learn from Nekomaru’s enthusiastic training regime.
    • Basically was the team member that charged into battle first, think second. It got to a point he accidentally hurt Cassie in one incident, leading to a very bad Heroic BSoD. Eventually snapped out of it and tries his best teaching Damon Kasshu to think ahead as to not unintentionally hurt friends after being approached.
  • Exclusive to Ashley:
    • The Yellow Ranger to both the Turbo Rangers II and the Space Rangers, one would underestimate Ashley for getting kidnapped a whole lot. Those underestimating her were quickly dispatched by a slingshot to the face, with Ashley having no tolerance for their mockery.
    • Last time anybody heard was that she was still in a relationship with Andros and still are by what. It looks like. People made quick similarities to her and Fiora due to well... blondes and having relationships with two main heroes. The two eventually did meet and hit it off quickly. Lots of shopping and girly stuff ensued afterward, much to their partners’ chagrin.
    • Lisa Simpson considers Ashley to be a role model she has been looking for: strong independent women. While Ashley was honored, she told Lisa to live out her ideal role models instead of searching for them because it only takes action to be the hero the Yellow Space Ranger is. Lisa happily obliged.
  • Exclusive to Cassie:
    • As the Pink Space Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger II Cassie has a lot on her mind for when it comes to helping her team out. Apparently she once considered on returning to Terra Venture to become the second Pink Galaxy but Karone already beat her to it. Not a big problem since Cassie feels more in line defending Earth and other part of the universe at the moment.
    • Likely has the most vitriolic relationship to the Psycho Rangers since she was stalked by them, destroyed Psycho Pink as their first member loss, then helped end Psycho Pink again as their last member loss at the cost of the Pink Galaxy Ranger’s life. Yeah, out of all the people on the team, the Psycho Rangers want her gone the most.
    • Barbie seems to find Cassie quite appealing for all the pink she has on her, which Cassie could not tell if it is a good or bad thing. However, she and Barbie do get along well though when Barbie is at a more action-centric mood due to constantly fighting makes it hard for Cassie go back and do normal things.
    • Also is friends with XJ9 otherwise known as Jenny. Cassie finds how Jenny manages to balance school life and blowing up enemy upon enemy intriguing, as her entire team had a harder time balancing school life and being heroes.
    • Made a friend on a monster who was supposed to be her enemy. Thanks to said monster being based upon bees, Cassie made a good friend with Barry Benson who occasionally weirds out Cassie over the human-bee romance Barry has. Then again Divatox tried romancing a rock monster so...
  • Exclusive to Zhane:
    • Zhane is a rather interesting member of the team as he was there since the beginning, albeit in a frozen state to stave off death. Had been there in his team’s incarnation, being the only two survivors of the KO-35 team alongside Andros. He eventually did come back in a big way and despite being separate from the main team a good chunk of awhile to do other things, he always comes back to save their butts some more.
    • Notable ridiculously handsome and loves using his charms. Had a bit of a scuffle with Angelo because of this over how handsome they were. After a bit of an handsome battle of handsome proportions, they eventually got along pretty well afterward, to almost Bash Brothers material.
    • Where does he go when separated from his team? Helping others of course as he did not have the same goal looking for Zordon, instead trying protect the remaining KO-35 resistance. He did get his own sweet Zord (that latter blew up but got better) and a Cool Car as well. Luckily, he didn’t lose that one.
  • 3... 3... 5...

    Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa 
Suguha Kirigaya, Goddess of Wishes For Flight (Leafa, Leefa, Lyfa, Rifa, Speedaholic, Sugu, Green Swordswoman: Earth Goddess Terraria)
Leafa (ALO)
Suguha (OS)
Leafa (UW)
Suguha in real life
  • Intermediate Goddess, borderline on Greater status as Terraria, Demigoddess IRL
  • Symbol: The Sylph Race Emblem
  • Theme Song: Face To You and Sky The Graffiti
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Little Sister Heroine, Getting A Lot Of Jokes Over Her Cup Size, Desires of Self-Flight, Well-Versed In Mythology, Hero of Another Story, Iconic Sequel Character, National-Level Kendo Practicioner, Lightning Bruiser, Magic Knight, Ms. Fanservice, Strong and Skilled IRL but Weak, but Skilled in ALO, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, Surprise Incest, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, Tsundere
  • Domains: Family, Gaming, Combat, Fairies, Accidental Incest, Kendo
  • Allies: Kazuto Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki (Her big brother/cousin and sister-in-law), Yui (her adoptive niece), Shino Asada/Sinon, Yuuki Konno
  • Odd Friendship With: Hubie and Rocko, Samuel Rodriguez, Uzu Sanageyama, Wakaba Saegusa/Vivid Green, Annabelle (former holder)
  • Complicated Relationship: Abridged Asuna and Kirito
  • Rivals: Most other sword-fighters in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, SHODAN, Kyubey, Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon), Mana Ouma, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after finding out that Kirito, the dashing Spriggan warrior she fell in love with, was her own adoptive big brother Kazuto, yet still helped him successfully win an epic war to save Asuna Yuuki, his beloved wife, and finally accepting that although he will still love her and be there for her, he will do so as a big brother.
  • After her ascension, she was reunited with the rest of her cousin's associates, with them congratulating her for making her way into the Pantheon before they start to play ALO once again with them.
    • However, the new regulations have made put her position in question as the Court felt Kissing Cousins should belong to a reciprocal relationship instead of one girl whose feelings are doomed to be one-sided. As such, in order for her to stay, another trope has to be found that she can represent. Remembering what she had said about ALO and why she loves it, Kazuto approached the reindeer Annabelle for help on this matter. As she already holds Make a Wish, she allowed for her other title to be surrendered to Suguha, enabling her to stay in the Pantheon. The Sylph/kendo nationalist was grateful for this act. And now she's got two Houses: one in Goals and one in Air-Based Travel.
    • As for why she managed to claim the trope, it's because it's one of her defining characteristics; her love of flying through the air as a Sylph. Suguha tried out ALO to experience this magical phenomena, and once she had it, she couldn't be without it.
  • Like everyone else from her world, she's given the ability to switch between her IRL and game (ALO only) forms at will. While most stay in their game avatars for most of the day (and instantly revert to their IRL forms when going to [voluntary] sleep), Leafa spends an approximately equal amount of time between forms, mainly when she's practicing kendo as she feels she might get complacent if she doesn't keep practicing as Suguha. Besides, who knows if an enemy might "mode lock" her into her IRL form?
  • Abridged Kirito and Asuna were initially willing to befriend her, only to learn that she was once in love with the main Kirito. Cue jaw drop. She's friendly, but only to an extent, since the Abridged counterparts keep mentioning it in passing despite her attempts to move past it.
  • Has started an "AA Meeting" called "I Love My Brother Anonymous", where deities can share embarrassing stories and help get over sibling romances, accidental or otherwise, that would have ended in incestuous tragedy if taken further.
    • So far, among the regular attendees are Princesses Leia and Cagalli as well as their repsective brothers Luke and Kira.
    • One member, Kirino Kousaka, is on "probation" because not only is she un-repentant about her lust for her brother, but also being a little premature to her age. Suguha feels awkward around her becuase they sound curiously alike when speaking in Japanese.
    • However, she is not amused to the likes of Mana Ouma, and Hansel and Gretel, after she became disgusted with their incestuous acts in a depraved level.
    • She still maintains this Meeting even after her House change, and after letting go of her crush on her brother.
  • Is known to have an excessive appetite, especially for sweets. Luckily for her, the physical lifestyle she indulges in keeps her from gaining weight.
  • She adores Asuna, who is the caring and affectionate big sister she always wanted, and therefore happily "gave up" Kirito to her, knowing that the two people she loves most will be happy together.
    • And it goes without saying, she LOATHES Nobuyuki Sugou, and has threatened with drawn-katana to slice him into ribbons if he EVER dares go near her beloved big-sister again. That or beat him senseless with her bokken if she feels like making room for others to take their fury on him.
  • She gets along well with Komaru Naegi due to them being Little Sister Heroines in their respective universes. It is also interesting that their older brothers (or in Suguha's case, her older cousin) were sounded alike which they think it's just an coincident of sorts.
  • For some reasons, she gets along well with Labrys, Koneko Toujou, Azusa Nakano, and Yamato, due to their voices are sounded alike when they speak in Japanese, Same thing with Aoi Asahina and Ritsu Tainaka whenever they speak in English.
    • The biggest exception of this rule is Kyubey, not only because she is annoyed when she found out that the Incubator sounds similar to her, but she's also gained an animosity towards him for his modus operandi towards the Puella Magi.
  • Has gained a friendship of sorts with Samuel Rodriguez, Wakaba Saegusa, and Uzu Sanageyama after she learned that they also happened to be practitioners of kendo just like her. From time to time, she spends her time training with them as a means to improve her skills in both real life and in-game.
    • Of course, on occasion she's also made time to spar against sword-user with different arts. Examples include Luke (with them using training lightsabers, of course) and Pearl of the Crystal Gems.
  • Kirito claims she has the "superpower" of being able to fall asleep within seconds of finding a comfortable spot. During one event with a sleepover, she literally plops down onto the bed and talks about how much fun they're going to have before literally falling asleep and disconnecting from the game (since the Amusphere automatically logs out anyone who falls asleep while playing) so fast that everyone but Kirito wonders what just happened. She logged back in right as Lisbeth was telling a ghost story, which managed to freak all of the assembled out with her utterly oblivious.
  • It seems that her opinions on both Monokuma and the Trollkaigers were shared with Kirito and Asuna, this intensifies her anger on them even more after she found out that they made a cruel joke to both of them.
  • At some point, she had thrusted herself into an unknown dimension after Kirito and Asuna got involved in a battle against Zetsumu, with her assisting them in their fights.
  • Cursed herself for not being there with Kazuto during the Ordinal Scale incident. Had she known what would've happened, she would've helped them out without hesitation (and might've resolved the plot much quicker thanks to her real world kendo skills).

Lesser Gods

    Barry Steakfries 
Barry Steakfries, God of Piloting Custom Jetpacks (One Super Badass, Mr. Steakfries, Lord Steakfries, Jetpack Hero, BarrySF, LarrySteak, Bareth McSteakington-Friesenhausen)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Machine Gun Jetpack
  • Themes:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, sometimes comes off as Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded, Sleeveless Badass in a Nice Suit, Steals inventions and uses them against their own creators, Utilizing guns (and other unlikely items) as an aviation device, Hunter of Monsters, Awesome Aussie, Can drive any vehicle he can get his hands on
  • Domains: Jetpacks, Clothing, Vehicles, Weapons, Gadgets
  • Heralds: Flash, Craig, Prince Runingunin
  • Allies: The Angry Birds, Crazy Dave, The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants, Opa-Opa, The Ghostbusters (Peter Venkman in particular), The Pyro, Saxton Hale, Yoshi, The Peregrine Falcons Squad and The Sparrows Team, Abraham Lincoln (or so he claims), Santa Claus and plenty of deities from the House of Travel in general
  • Rivals: HUNK (Worthy Opponent), Gyro Man
  • Enemies: Most of the Zombie deities (especially Dr. Zomboss and his minions), Big Bad Mad Scientists of the Pantheon (Dr. Eggman, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Wily, etc.), Big Bull, Prince Asterison, The Rebel Army, Gray Mann
  • On friendly terms with: The Other Barrys, Back to the Future Deities
  • Feared by: House of Science
  • Respects: Gildarts Clive, Kenshiro
  • Respected by: Captain Viridian
  • Opposes: Garfield Lynns
  • It was quiet that day in the House of Weapons. When it seemed like nothing strange could happen, a mysterious guy in a blue suit with no visible sleeves broke through the wall and started flying through the house on what looked like two miniguns as if they were a Jet Pack, in search for... nobody knew for sure. Because the house is already accessible to everyone, this stranger was thought to be an insane Cloudcuckoolander with no real motives, so the house members used many deadly weapons against the invader, only for them to silently dodge everything coming their way. After a while, a mysterious figure groaned that they couldn't find what they were looking for (but noted that they could make a use of some weapons to themselves later) and flew away. This event left everyone in the house confused. After some mild guessing and assistance from other houses, the identity of the stranger came clear - it was a jetpack traveler from Australia, Barry Steakfries.
  • Long time ago, Barry was just a struggling gramophone salesman, but his life changed when he discovered the laboratory, known as "Legitimate Research". The scientists were testing their new Machine Gun-based jetpack, which Barry saw as a way to start a new life, using this new toy to save kittens and fight against the criminals. Without any further thought, he broke into the laboratory and took the jetpack to himself. He would later find out that he is not just dealing with some ordinary lab, but an evil corporation, whose goal is to rule the world. Barry decided to visit Legitimate Research on daily basis, as it distracts them from their world domination plans. He's having fun doing it, so why not?
  • Pantheon members eventually found Barry and asked him what exactly was he trying to achieve that day. As it turns out, he thought that the House of Weapons would have some unordinary jetpack he could borrow, as the house was quite known for it's range of weapoised items. Indeed, Barry is well known for his huge collection of jetpacks stolen from Legitimate Research. He is most commonly seen with the Machine Gun Jetpack, which uses recoil, but he does not limit himself to just that. Other jetpacks are powered by Bubbles, Balloonacy, Rainbows, Music, Bees, Lasers, Fruits, Eggs, and the list goes on. As such, it was decided to give him a place at the Hall of Air-Based Travel, as his stash of jetpacks left everyone impressed. Despite the incident, Barry was still allowed to visit the House of Weapons, but on one condition: He'd have to fix that hole he made.
    • Much to his dismay, there was one Jetpack that he could steal, but wasn't able to notice in all the chaos he caused: Big Bull's Jet Hammer. Upon learning about it, Barry was impressed by its disguise as a simple hammer that he might be able to use for flight and doubly excited to be add it to his jetpack collection. It's owner wouldn't like their property taken for very obvious reasons, and is always ready to give Barry a nail in the head. Despite few close calls, Barry doesn't give up trying to borrow their weapon yet.
  • At first, the other members of his hall had hard time figuring out just where exactly his temple is. It eventually became known that he lives in a super secret hideout, hidden from the public view. This is where he practices his fighting skills, though it usually ends with him being distracted by more entertaining things, such as watching videos of fat cats getting stuck in the cat doors. When not spending time in his hideout, Barry is either traveling across the Pantheon on one of his jetpacks or bothering Legitimate Research, as usual.
  • It is rumored that Barry was a smoker and used a lot Vulgar language in the past. He also has his own video blog, where he talks about various topics and reads fan comments, and those who seen it noticed him being slightly different from what he usually is as well. In these vlogs, Barry tends to stutter a lot, has slightly bigger ego, likes shouting his own name often lot and has many side-comments making more awesome parts of his personality sound suspiciously false. He drops most of these tendensies outside of his recordings and claims that neither really happen(-ed), though parts of his vlog and past-selves occasionally leak into the regular self.
  • Jetpack Joyride is recognised by many as a timeless mobile classic. As such, The Angry Birds, who share the similar spotlight, approved of Barry's ascension into the Pantheon. The House of Science on another hand, wasn't as happy to hear about his new status. It didn't took them too long to realise that Mr. Steakfries would eventually decide to invade their own laboratories and rob them of their inventions, which is why they asked the Court of Gods to ban Barry from ever visiting their residence. When asked what he thinks about it, Barry claimed that he does not mind, as long as he has an access to Legitimate Research.
  • Dynamic Entry by smashing through the wall is one of Barry's favourite ways of making an appearance. In fact, his every visit to Legitimate Research starts with a hole. It became the reason for his respect to Gildarts Clive, who can break the walls effortlessly. Not to mention, his looks remind Barry of himself a lot.
  • Barry has a "shirt-ripping desease". Every time he gets excited, he can't help but rip the sleeves off his suit. He always need them back though, so he often visits clothes-making deities to do so, becoming one of their biggest (and infamous) clients. They eventually started to get tired of Barry's constant shirt-ripping, but don't complain about it too much, since he's always ready to pay a fair price. They did suggest him to wear detached sleeves few times, and while he is said to like them enough, he prefers the regular sleeves instead, because it's far more satisfying to rip them off the shirt in his opinion.
    • Was very impressed with Kenshiro, who often destroys his entire shirt whenever he gets mad. Craig often tells Barry to take notes from the guy, as he seems to restore his clothes by himself, but Steakfries seems to be more interested in Kenshiro making people "already dead".
  • Barry's Arch-Nemesis is an evil Mad Scientist, who goes by the name of Professor Brains. His relation to Legitimate Research was ambiguous for a while, but it was eventually confirmed that he is the owner of the laboratory. Other evil scientific geniuses, who plan to take over the world, decided to avenge their fellow doctor and deal with Barry by themselves. Barry was only happy about it, as it meant that he would often have to take trips to their temples.
    • Jetpacks are not the only thing Barry steals from the scientists, as he often takes a ride on their Awesome, but Impractical vehicles, such as a Robot Bird that shoots money out of its back, a Robot-Dragon hybrid, a Mini-Mecha, a Motorboat and many many more. And he's surprisingly good at driving all of them. When he takes a journey to a residence of any Mad Scientist, people predict that he would take control of their machines and cause even more destruction using them. They are always right. One machine that Barry liked the most was Eggman's Death Egg Robot, which was positively compared to a Strong Arm Machine.
    • Few months before his ascension, the scientists of Legitimate Research got tired of Barry's antics and decided to do something about it. Thus, a bunch of robot guards, known as "Guardbots" were made. Barry was quick to adopt to his new obstacles and simply shoot them down with a pistol. This made his visits to the evil scientists' temples even easier, as he would simply destroy their robot minions, accusing them of being unoriginal in process.
  • One of Dr. Wily's robot masters who also happens to be Barry's neighbour, Gyro Man, dislikes those who use Jetpacks to fly. If Barry storms Dr. Wily's Castle, Gyro Man will likely be there to settle it in a battle. Due to being cheaply made, however, he doesn't tend to last long. Gyro Man eventually changed his mind a bit, when he found out about Helicopter Jetpack and suggested Barry to use only that, as he is fine with those who use propellers to fly. While Barry admits to having his eyes on it since he was a kid, he knows that he'd get bored of it really fast and keeps using other jetpacks a lot more often.
  • His ability to control many vehicles with ease also gave him enough respect from other members in his house of Travel. Most members of the Hall of Teleporting for example, were quite impressed by his "Crazy Freaking Teleporter", but admit to it being nowhere nearly as good at teleporting long distances as they do.
    • If a situation involves Gravity Screw, he always has a solution: The Gravity Suit, another successfully stolen technology of the future. With a simple button press, Barry can turn flip up and down, and even do so in mid-air, something that got Captain Viridian's envy. Their adventure would've been so much easier, if they could manipulate the gravity without landing. They sometimes ask Barry if they could borrow this cyber-suit, to which he agrees, but warns that while it might solve their gravity-changing problem, it wouldn't help against the spikes.
    • Has initially mistook Opa-Opa for a Profit Bird modification and was quite surprised to find out that it is a sentient being that needs no pilot. They became friends for sharing liking to collect coins from defeated flying enemies and spending them on various upgrades.
  • When Saxton Hale found out about a new badass from Australia joining the Pantheon, he approved of Barry's tendencies, but often asks him to use Mann Co. technology more, even offering the Thermal Thruster for a test flight. Despite taking an interest in Hale's collection and his general love for jetpacks, Barry is not fond of Jump Jetpacks, as he has Air Barrys to fill that role. That said, he considers Thermal Thruster's actual user, The Pyro, as a good friend of his and a gas mask foil to Craig's Hazmat Suit (Even though Craig doesn't seem to share his opinion), and often challenges them for a friendly race. On another hand, Gray Mann, one of Hale and Pyro's enemies, didn't appreciate a random buisinessman teaming up with his opponents. It was only a matter of time for Barry to start messing with his robots, by Saxton's request.
  • HUNK, being a mercenary for hire, immediately recognised a Worthy Opponent in Barry. Given his past with Gas Mask Mooks (which were completely harmless), HUNK prepares to give him a huge surprise. When warned about his new opponent, Barry initially dismissed him for another uninteresting obstacle he'll clear in seconds. but upon learning more about his new rival, he got far more interested in HUNK, becoming eager to face him as soon as possible. Both are aware that they'll eventually meet and prepare for a deadly duel with each other.
  • One day, Professor Brains used an HTM (which stands for Hypertimealogical Transfer Machine) to send his zombie minions though time to destroy the humanity forever. Not wasting any time, Barry used an HTM to travel to various time periods, defeat the undead army and save the humankind from the Zombie Apocalypse. Needless to say, he was not happy to hear about many zombie deities he'd have to meet in the Pantheon. One zombie he dislikes the most is Dr. Zomboss, who is a Mad Scientist with an army of undead, just like Professor Brains. The fact that he also tried to use time-traveling for his schemes in the past didn't help. Fortunately, he found allies in Crazy Dave and his plants, who are willing to help him in a dire situation. Barry appreciates his new friends, but is affraid they might change their mind when they find out about the Fruit Jetpack.
    • In the culmination of his time-traveling events, Professor Brains revealed his real name to Barry Steakfries: Barry. Steakfries was quite surprised to know that he's not the only one named Barry: the letter B, jokes about the master of unlocking, a pain they both know all too well. While this did not stop their rivalry, it made Barry realise, that he must come on friendly terms with the other Gods sharing his name. He was especially happy to earn respect from Barry Allen/The Flash, as his name reminds him of his thrustworthy Robot Dog, also named Flash.
  • Despite Barry's past with the zombies, there's one that outstands in his eyes: Zombie T-Rex. He first met it on his trip to the prehistoric era, but was forced to kill it alongside the rest of the undead. Fortunately, he managed to befriend it later under a different circumstances, so it came to no surprise that Barry would absolutely adore another green dinosaur, Yoshi, and would see him as a great alternate. Despite such an akward comparison, Yoshi would sometimes allow Barry to ride on him.
  • He once tried to take a cast as Marty McFly (who was missing that day), when Pantheon tried to film Back to the Future remake. His performance was seen as atrocious, for which he was kicked out by the Back to the Future deities. Marty and Doc didn't seem to hold grudge against him for too long though, given that Barry is sometimes seen using their DeLorean Time Machine and the Hoverboard with their permission.
  • Legitimate Research has become frequent allies with the Rebel Army. Because Barry knows the most about Morden's newest allies, Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio often team up with him, and even hire him to assist them on some of their other, unrelated missions.
    • One of the Legitimate Research's finest properties is the S.A.M. Defender, a Humongous Mecha, which originally belonged to the Regular Army but decomissioned to Legitimate Research, who replaced it's vulcan cannons with an energy shield. Barry didn't believe it at first, and asked the Metal Slug crew if it wasn't just another stolen vehicle. They could only give him a shrug, saying that the Regular Army probably wasn't aware of Brains' actual motives when signing a deal.
  • Searching for more Jetpack users, he stumbled across Garfield Lynns, a former pyrotechnic expert with a self-made jetpack. Firefly was impressed by the chaos Barry causes in Legitimate Research (and the Flamethrower Jetpack, which he happened to strap on his back that day) and offered him to become partners and unleash the chaos together. It didn't took Barry too long to turn off the offer, as despite his love for chaos, even he thinks Firefly is pushing it too far. He's come for the fun, but not For the Evulz.
  • When there's a monster outbreak, ghosts or not, Barry will be always ready to jump into action. Few of these involved Slimers walking around the Pantheon. This lead to him teaming up with Peter Venkman and the rest of the Ghostbusters team to take them down. He'd later team up with them again,this time when Legitimate Research became a residence for even more supernatural creatures. Barry would get a permission to use their Ecto-1 and got his own Proton Pack as a gift, in case there's something strange still hiding in the laboratory. The latter was proven to be not only a great weapon, but an amazing jetpack in its own right.
  • To prove himself as a true monster hunter, Barry was asked if he can come out alive out of Minotaur's (Whom he nicknamed "Minertaur") labyrinth. He answered, that it will be a piece of cake, as according to him "That labyrinth is just another straight line, something I'm very used to". People tried telling him how wrong he is with this assumsion, but he didn't listen and set for a journey to Minotaur's residence. His herald, Craig, had to explain that Barry's "Minertaur" is one of Brains' allies, who not only took a lot of insparation from Asterison, but actually had his labyrinth to be a long corridor. Apparantly, a straight line can become a labyrinth if you can get lost in one. As for the outcome, Barry came out unscratched, though he admitted it to be a bit more challenging than he thought.
  • Has teamed up with Abraham Lincoln to defeat zombie clones of George Washington in the past. Although if most of the evidence is to go by, it was just another Barry dressed up as the president, made possible thanks to the time-traveling. Some thought that it is too odd for Barry to do such a thing (He's an Australian) and believe that the real Lincoln helped him by channeling his power to Barry, as weird as it may sound. Both Lincoln and Washington refused to offer any comments on this.
  • When the scientists asked him to decorate their lab with christmas decorations, he turned it into a Dubstep performance, which had an unfortunate consequence of Santa Claus getting a seizure upon withnessing it. Barry had to act quick, and took the Sleigh of Awesome to finish Santa's job and deliver the presents. He made a lot of holes on his way, but still managed to save the day and earn Santa's pardon nevertheless.

    The Carpet (Aladdin
The Carpet, God of Magic Carpets (Carpet, Rugman)

    Cid Pollendina and Cid Highwind 
Cid Pollendina and Cid Highwind, Co-Gods of Airships
Cid Pollendina
Cid Highwind
Highwind's Advent Children appearance onward

    Dixie Kong 
Dixie Kong, Goddess of Helicopter Hair

    Fareeha Amari/Pharah 
Fareeha Amari, Goddess of Hovering Jetpacks (Pharah)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Raptora Mark VI Helmet or Eye of Horus
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: 24-Hour Armor, Blue Is Heroic, Mommy Issues, Idolizing Overwatch and Not Joining, Military Superhero, Coming from a Long Line of Heroes and Warriors
  • Domains: Military, Heroes, Family
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Soldier, Tony Stark
  • Enemies: Widowmaker, Reaper, Lupo of the Wolfpack
  • Opposes: Kardel Sharpeye
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Soldier: 76, Kokonoe A. Mercury
  • Fareeha Amari was born into a family of soldiers and warriors, her mother, Ana, being a famous operative of Overwatch and the person she idolized the most, which eventually she did by joining the Egyptian military. Although Fareeha never quite got the chance to join Overwatch, since it got disbanded before she could. Having left the army, Fareeha ended up being employed by Helix Security, where she got to wear the Raptora Mark VI, a Power Armor that allows her to fly and combat evil at the same time. The sight of Fareeha on the skies with her jetpack is a sight to behold and makes her quite mobile while raining down rockets onto her enemies, it was much more important than her rocket strikes, allowing her to ascend.
  • While Fareeha's Barrage missiles is very devastating, there's one fatal flaw: it leaves her wide open for attack, especially for a sniper. There are those who tell her not to do it in the sky even if it gives her good max range. Nevertheless, if she ever gets a free shot and best position, it's best to get out of the way whenever you hear her Catchphrase... "JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE!"
  • Not many know how Fareeha's relationship with her mother has been after she faked her death. Supposedly many believed that she was mad at her for not taking care of her properly and focused too much on her job. But that was further from the truth as Ana always was a good mother to Fareeha and to this day she still loves her mother deeply. Knowing that she was present in the Pantheon made Pharah very happy, and now their relationship seems to be going in a better direction, even to the point that both don't have a problem fighting together.
    Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
    Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
  • There's a debate among the Pantheon on whether or not she has cyber limbs. What makes this hard to prove or not is that it seems Fareeha wears her armor constantly. They have sworn they saw her playing basketball in it in the House of Sports.
  • Many have compared Fareeha to Samus Aran since both are female warriors in power suits. The two actually met and got along pretty well. In fact, the two made new power suits based on the other's as means of showing their newfound friendship.
  • Being a daughter of a Overwatch member, Fareeha grew up idolizing the organization. She actually wanted to join them, but was stopped by her mother Ana who didn't want her to follow in her footsteps.
    • Would admit, a bit embarrassingly, that she owned a poster of Reinhardt and had a crush on the tank. Reinhardt did have a good-natured laugh when he found out. He understood since back in day, his hair was great.
    • She and Angela Zeigler are shown to be a great pair since Mercy can keep Pharah in good health during her Barrage stage while also giving her a power boost. It's because of this that many have started to ship the two and label them as Pharmacy. Though she sometimes gets embarrassed if her mother somehow managed to get a little 'jealous'.
    • She and Morrison aren't in the best situation. Even though Morrison praises Fareeha's accomplishments that would make her mother proud, she would refute that he didn't know anything about her. She also berates him on not noticing the pressure her mother was under and not helping her.
  • She actually understood that sometimes things end up sharing the same name, especially when taken from 'myths'. This is why she had nothing negative to say about Anubis, despite being the namesake of that one system she shut down because of going on a rampage and brainwashing Omnics. For the most part, Anubis is also glad that Pharah is smart enough to not fall for the common interpretation people had on him. And to show his good faith to Pharah, Anubis created a special Raptorian battle suit modeled after the jackal.
  • She often found herself being assigned to work alongside Kokonoe A. Mercury, for various threats, including possible attacks by Yuki Terumi. However… Pharah has a rather severe distaste towards Kokonoe, matching her distaste towards Soldier: 76. This is chiefly because of how disgusted she was on Kokonoe's approach with her mother Nine, discounting how Nine would end up crazy, Pharah is not too keen on how Kokonoe's reasoning to use science was to show that she's totally better than her mom's magic, considering her rather selfish and ungrateful. This is very contrasting with Pharah's relationship with her mom Ana; she might look like she had issues with her, but they love and protect each other like a true family.
  • While there's plenty of information about Fareeha's mother, info about her father is pretty scarce. There has been rumors going around that her father may be an Overwatch member, the top two candidates being Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Whether they are true or not is currently unknown.
    • Both theories have been debunked in 2017 when Fareeha's father came to visit her. He's actually a Canadian civil servant named Sam. In addition, many have speculated he is of First Nations descent, a theory that was reinforced when Fareeha showed off her Raindancer and Thunderbird attire. It's still unknown whether his surname is Amari. Regardless, this revelation has endeared Fareeha more to the Canadian members.
  • Pharah owns another Raptorian battle suit that many said reminds them of a Gundam mobile suit. And it looks like the House of Commerce has capitalized on it as it started selling model kits based on it.
  • Has heard of the term "Rocket Jump" and she considers that a dangerous practice. The most common offender is The Soldier, who often uses that method to move around in the battlefield. However, he was quick to call her out that she does the same by using her concussion blast to propel herself higher.
  • "I will protect the innocent" note 

    Gyro Man 
Gyro Man, God of Propeller Flight (DWN-036)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: One of his Gyro Attacks
  • Theme Music: Gyro Man Stage; alternatively, his Power Fighters theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (with shades of Punch-Clock Villain)
  • Portfolio: Helicopter Pack, Can Actually Only Hover, Obviously Flawed Robot, Instant Turn Projectiles, Helicopter Blender, Green-Coloured Air-Themed Robot
  • Domains: Travel, Helicopters, Robots
  • Followers: Elemental Hero Stratos, Rotor, Aviator
  • Allies: Dr. Wily (his creator), Wood Man, Crystal Man, Junk Man, Nitori Kawashiro, Jack Spicer, Colonel Kilgore
  • Enemies: Mega Man, Gravity manipulators
  • Opposes/Rivals: Those who use Jet Packs (including Barry Steakfries)
  • A robot created by Doctor Wily for aerial combat, Gyro Man was originally meant to have jet engines for flight. However, since he was running out of funds, Wily had to substitute the engines for a propeller. While it gives Gyro Man great stability in air, he is actually unable to properly fly with it. He is capable of vertical lift-offs, at the very least.
  • Even though he is an air-themed Robot Master, he doesn't actually have any wind-based attacks. Instead, he throws out miniature propeller-shaped cutters which can change direction on the dime. If desperate, he can launch his propeller as a improvised Fuuma Shuriken.
  • While not really an inferiority complex, he does have a dislike for those who use jet packs for transportation. On the flip side, he does appreciate those who do use propeller-based transportation. Though he is bit creeped out by Painwheel.
  • Even though he is one of Wily's creations, he does show some levels of decency. For example, he and the rest of the Fifth Numbers set once worked in an amusement park (under the name Hourly-Pay Squad Part-Timers!) to gain funds, and actually acted perfectly good, even doing a Super Sentai-styled show with Mega Man. And when Bass tried to fight Mega Man, he and the rest of the Robot Masters tried to keep the parkgoers from the battle.
  • Supposedly enjoys eating Greek sandwiches (aka gyros)... Somehow. Especially with no visible mouth.
  • Due to the fact that his propeller is rather light, quick switches in gravity can cause stress on it, causing him to easily crash down into the ground.
  • Easily got along with Colonel Kilgore, who rides a helicopter and carries Gyro Man along to serve as a living support aircraft, as taking off from inside the chopper is easier than from the ground.

Kiki, Goddess of Delivery Services via Flight and Flying Broomsticks

    Rainbow Brite 
Rainbow Brite, Goddess of Transportation via Rainbows (Wisp)
Her original design
Her reboot design
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Color Belt
  • Theme Song: Rainbow Brite Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Genki Girl, Heartwarming Orphan, Plucky Girl, The Leader, Rainbow Motif, Magical Girl
  • Domains: Orphans, Rainbows, Colors
  • Heralds: Starlite, the Sprites, and the Color Kids (Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O'Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo Doll, Shy Violet, and Tickled Pink)
  • Allies: Rainbow Dash, Megan Williams, the Care Bears, Numbah 3, Cure Black and Cure White, Annie, the Baudelaires, Anne-Marie
  • Adored by: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Enemies: Lord Tirek, Morathi, the Dead Moon Circus (Queen Nehelenia in particular), the Evil Queen, Queen Sectonia
  • In the realm of Rainbowland, seven children known as the Color Kids laid captured by the wicked King of Shadows and his servant, Murky Dismal, and none of them had any chance of escape. Enter an orphan named Wisp, brought in from another world to help free them. Gaining the weapon known as the Color Belt, and the aide of the horse Starlite, Wisp rescued the Color Kids and destroyed the King of Shadows, gaining the title of Rainbow Brite and bringing color to Rainbowland in the process. Murky escaped, and continued to try to follow in his master's footsteps with his dim-witted minion Lurky, being bested every time.
  • Originally, Rainbow Brite was a High Priest under Rainbow Dash, and remained that way for quite some time. That all changed one day when Joker was able to use some of Bad End's black ink to warp the Pantheon into a Death World. Remembering what she had done before, Rainbow Brite was able to unite the Color Kids to fight against Joker, battling hordes upon hordes of Akanbes. In the end, Rainbow Brite hit Joker with a blast of rainbow magic from her Color Belt, which defeated him and caused all of his damage to be undone. For this act, Rainbow Brite was promoted to full godhood, and, after seeing that she had ridden on the rainbow to get a good shot in on Joker, the Court of the Gods have her the Ride the Rainbow trope.
  • Rainbow Brite's role is bringing color and light to the Pantheon, and she does this from her temple, the Color Castle, which was formerly the King of Shadows' castle before his defeat. The Color Kids operate a machine called the Color Console, while her Sprite heralds mine for Star Sprinkles to fuel the Color Console.
  • From Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Brite was quick to meet Megan Williams. As their main methods of battling evil are utilizing magical rainbows, they were quick to befriend each other and remain on very good terms. It helps that they seem to think they sound like each other.
    • At one point, Tirek attacked Color Castle with the goal of draining it of its magic and becoming stronger. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids were quick to combat him, and, after being blasted by some of Rainbow Brite's magic, he was forced to retreat in fear. Soon enough, Megan told her about Tirek and she vowed to help her combat him whenever possible.
  • Another quick friend Rainbow Brite made were the Care Bears, who note that her task of bringing color to all realms of the Pantheon is a brilliant and beautiful thing to them. Rainbow Brite enjoys the fact that they seem similar to the Sprites, and also is very impressed by the Care Bear Stare.
  • During one day at the Color Castle, Numbah 3 entered, overjoyed at the colors and cuteness of it all. When Rainbow Brite came to meet her, they quickly became friends, and Numbah 3 often visits the Color Castle when she can. Numbah 3 particularly enjoys the Sprites and hugs them on a very frequent basis.
  • Some have considered Rainbow Brite to be a Magical Girl, and she has often helped Magical Girls around the Pantheon whenever she can. Her favorites are Cure Black and Cure White, as even though they are based around colors one associates with negativity, they can utilize a rainbow based attack to purify opponents.
  • The House of Childhood and Adolescense loves her because of her rainbow based powers, and she, in turn, loves them equally, often stopping by when she has time to play with the deities there. She became friends with other deities who are also orphans, including Annie, Anne-Marie, and the three Baudelaire siblings.
  • Aside from Murky and Lurky, Rainbow Brite's other recurring enemy was a Vain Sorceress known as the Dark Princess, who she considers to be her most evil enemy- even more so than the King of Shadows. Naturally, people who fit the Dark Princess' description are high on her enemy list, such as the Dark Elf Morathi, who is vain, cruel, and hedonistic.
    • Also falling into that description are Queen Nehelenia and her Dead Moon Circus, who are particularly angry at Rainbow Brite for thwarting the plan of their ally, Joker, the Evil Queen, who considers her as fair as Snow White, and therefore, a threat, and Queen Sectonia, who really has it out for her considering her defeat at Kirby's hands came while he was in Hypernova form, which causes him to glow in a rainbow texture.

    Star Fox 
Star Foxmembers, Divine Squadron of Dogfights (Fox: Fox Jr., Leader of Star Fox, Number 7, Star Fox, Foxy Boy, Pup, Furry Luke Skywalker; Falco: Proud Space Ace, Number 20, Feathered Han Solo; Slippy: Slip)
Clockwise from top: Falco, Slippy, Fox, Peppy
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Star Fox insigna
  • Theme Music: Main Theme - Star Fox (64)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew, Private Military Contractors, Valuing Moral Integrity over Money
  • Domains: Space, Flight
  • Heralds: General Pepper, ROB 64
  • High Priest: Mobius One
  • Allies: Samus Aran, International Rescue, The Crew of Serenity, SWAT Kats, Porco Rosso
  • Rivals: Wolf O'Donnell
  • Enemies: Andross, The Aparoids, Galeem & Dharkon, Tabuu (mainly for Fox and Falco), Ridley, The Borg Queen, Napoleon
  • Keeping an eye on: The Lanius
  • On the planet of Corneria within the Lylat System, there is a privately-run paramilitary group named Star Fox. Consisting of Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad, they are dedicated to stopping various intergalactic threats that the Cornerian army are struggling against. The team does their job very well, but they don’t work for cheap given the maintenance needed for their machines. While they specialize in dogfights given what they’re up against, they aren’t adverse to tackling groundbound enemies if the mission calls for it.
  • As Star Fox was relaxing, having had a few days without any serious threats headed their way, they received a call from General Pepper saying that Corneria had received a distress call from a planet of unknown origin far from the Lylat System. Fox accepted the mission given to him and he and his team headed out, with only an image of the planet the distress signal came from being a clue on what the team had to confront. After fighting a number of enemies on the way there, Star Fox arrived at a planet that was unlike anything they’ve seen prior. After learning that they were in what was referred to as a “Pantheon” and that there were many other places beyond the Lylat System, Star Fox was prepared to continue their objective of protecting others from intergalactic danger no matter what comes their way.
  • The International Rescue has proven to be a valuable ally for Star Fox given how they specialize in air-based missions and the variety of vehicles that have been utilized in their assignments. Even if Star Fox has a tendency to take on jobs that pay well, their effectiveness at fighting evil earned them the respect of the Tracys and the Star Fox team has taken a liking to the Thunderbird vehicles that the Tracys have at hand. Much of their team-ups involve Star Fox shooting down any enemies that are contributing to a scene of disaster while the Tracys help innocents get to safety.
  • A mission of Star Fox would lead them to encountering a ship known as the Serenity. The landscape they were on was a dangerous wasteland and Star Fox was tasked with getting rid of an army base that was going to threaten the Pantheon. As the team got inside, they were greeted by a dangerous army and got into trouble until the team was saved by members of the Serenity, who were given a similar mission. Afterwards, Star Fox was introduced to Malcom Reynolds, captain of the Serenity, and he explained to Star Fox who he and his team was, what they do, and how Mal is motivated to perform heroic acts in spite of what he’s up against. Star Fox has since taken to becoming friends with the Serenity Crew and have worked together in a number of missions since then.
  • One ground-bound assignment resulted in an encounter with the SWAT Kats, a pair of animal pilots that will stand up against evil when the authorities are unable to do so. In particular, Slippy was impressed with the SWAT Kats’ skills as mechanics, being able to build a fighter jet and a versatile assortment of weapons out of used junk. The duo are more than willing to help out Star Fox with a mission should the opportunity call for it and Star Fox has since accepted that offer.
  • The Borg has become one of Star Fox’s more problematic adversaries given how similar they are to The Aparoids in terms of goals and abilities. Even if The Borg and The Aparoids aren’t working with each other and have tried to battle each other’s armies, this only emboldened Star Fox to try and take both of them down to ensure the Pantheon doesn’t become assimilated to one or the other. It was bad enough that The Aparoids temporarily assimilated General Pepper and Star Fox really doesn’t want The Borg to assimilate him (or any of their other allies) to their ranks.
  • One of Star Fox’s more unorthodox missions in the Pantheon revolved around The Lanius and what that group was up to. This all started after Star Fox noticed some scrap parts from their machinery suddenly went missing and noticed a report about parts from space stations disappearing as well. The group then decided to accept a mission where they had to track down the thieves and some time later, they encountered The Lanius and the missing scrap parts. The team then learned what The Lanius is, what they wanted, and how some members of The Lanius aren’t as benevolent (relatively speaking) compared to others. Following this, Star Fox has taken on subsequent missions involving taking down hostile members of The Lanius while keeping check on the friendlier members of that group.
  • Napoleon has proven to be a recurring issue for Star Fox as a whole given how his selfish power-hungry demeanor and traitorous actions makes him not that different from Pigma Dengar, though what Napoleon lacks in combat skills he makes up for having plenty of smarts. Of the team, Peppy has a stronger dislike of Napoleon as Peppy was a member of the original Star Fox team alongside James McCloud and Pigma before the latter betrayed the team. Napoleon knows better than to deal with a group of space mercenaries directly and has planned to undermine them from behind the scenes to prevent them from interfering with his goals.
  • Fox has been a prominent and agile competitor in the Smash tournaments since the first one and Falco has been involved with them since the follow-up iteration and the way he fights is a bit similar to Fox, but with a number of differences. As for Peppy and Slippy, if a fight ends up taking place in the Lylat System, Fox and Falco are able to call them up for some advice, though the advice given is not entirely useful. Fox and Falco also got caught in the war between Galeem and Dharkon and worked alongside the other Smash participants (including Wolf) to take the two down. Getting caught in Galeem’s ultimate attack was enough to make Fox and Falco despise it and Dharkon, but the fact that their allies (not just Peppy and Slippy) fell victim to Galeem just added to Star Fox’s overall hatred of them.
    • In addition to Galeem and Dharkon’s war, Fox and Falco have also ventured into Subspace alongside Diddy Kong. Fox first met Diddy while the latter was being attacked by Rayquaza and subsequently helped him find Donkey Kong, with Falco later joining them. Their friendship was maintained after defeating Tabuu, with Diddy sometimes requesting Fox and Falco’s help whenever DK and another member of the Kong Krew gets kidnapped.
  • The team has managed to find good company with another space explorer in Samus Aran. It helps that much like how Fox was brought into action via an arch-enemy bringing about the death of his father, Samus has a recurring foe that killed her parents and has fought against other planetary threats. Whenever Star Fox and Samus cross paths with each other, they make for a great team and Samus’ starship has traveled with the Great Fox a number of times. This also meant that Ridley has interfered with Star Fox’s missions several times and has attacked both parties whenever he feels like it. Given how Star Fox learned about Ridley through Samus, the team has prepared themselves for when Ridley makes surprise attacks on the Great Fox and elsewhere.
  • Fox McCloud is the leader of Star Fox and the son of James McCloud, the previous leader of the group who was killed in action. James’ death at the hands of Andross and his army serves as a strong reason for Fox and co to oppose Andross and Fox as a leader generally remains cool under pressure.
    • He is able to relate to Hal Jordan and Luke Skywalker very well since both are skilled pilots whose fathers went missing and are leaders of a group dedicated to fighting villainous entities that want to take over the cosmos. In particular, Hal Jordan has used his Green Lantern powers to help Star Fox whenever the team is in a difficult fight and Hal and Fox have both bonded over how they took on a piloting role after their respective fathers died.
    • In order to get the money needed to fix up the Great Fox, Fox took up a mission to investigate Dinosaur Planet (aka Sauria) and found himself helping its inhabitants, befriending a triceratops named Tricky, and going up against a murderous leader of a dinosaur tribe. Whenever Star Fox isn’t busy with serious matters, Fox has sometimes helped out some of the friendly dinosaurs in the Pantheon, usually defending them against other truly threatening members of their kind such as Sharptooth. It’s during these instances that Fox uses a specialized staff that’s essentially the same as the one he used on Dinosaur Planet instead of Star Fox’s more advanced weaponry.
  • Falco Lombardi is a skilled pilot and the snarky and hot-headed foil to Fox. Despite being rather brash and trading verbal barbs at Fox, Falco’s skills as a pilot are undeniable and he’s come to value the team in general as a family of sorts.
    • Some have drawn similarities to Falco and Han Solo, both in terms of personality and background. Both are former criminals who joined a team dedicated to taking down an evil empire, have a snarky attitude and serve as a contrast to their respective leads (already helped by Fox and Luke’s friendship with each other), and ultimately value the team when it comes down to it. The two make for a great team of pilots, whether Han Solo and his allies are working with Star Fox or if it’s just Han and Falco going out on independent missions.
  • Peppy Hare was a member of the previous Star Fox team and serves as something of a father figure to this iteration of the team. Sometimes, Peppy will directly join Fox and the others in action and other times, he’ll give the team advice (which, among other things, includes telling them to perform actions such as doing a barrel roll) from behind the lines.
    • Commander Shepard is someone whom Peppy has talked to on a regular basis. Shepard serves as the leader of a space team and has played a substantial role in stopping many conflicts that happened in their world. Shepard is also willing to be a sort of parental figure to the team and has given Peppy some advice on how to make sure Star Fox doesn’t fall apart. Peppy has taken the advice to heart, though some of the more aggressive tidbits haven’t really been taken to consideration.
  • Slippy Toad has been friends with Fox since being in school together and is the team mechanic. In spite of his bumbling demeanor, Slippy is a friendly fellow and has been useful in helping Star Fox figure out how much more damage a powerful enemy can take before it goes down.
    • He had a conversation with Solid Snake at one point thanks to hacking in the server that allowed Snake to communicate with his allies via Codec. The conversation between the two went over smoothly, with Snake giving praise to Slippy’s skills as a mechanic. Some time after that event, Slippy learned of one of Snake’s most trusted allies, Otacon, another friendly face with a knack for technology and one whose advice from behind enemy lines proved to be useful. Slippy became quick friends with Otacon, and he, alongside other friendly mechanics such as Tails (whom Fox has also befriended given how similar Tails is to Slippy in terms of personality and skill), have been working on some sort of machine designed to be of great help for the GUAG.
    • One of his inventions was an elaborate security system that was used to fend off intruders from his uncle’s mining company. This system has been utilized in parts of the Pantheon to help the GUAG deal with anyone that’s trying to steal resources for their own benefit, with numerous modifications being implemented by others whenever necessary and with Slippy’s approval.


    Black Cat Mantaray 5- 4 
Roebuck:"When we shipped out for Okinawa, the airfield became a vital asset in the campaign. Among those stationed there were the crews of the US Navy Black Cats. Men who would risk everything before leaving any of us in enemy waters."

Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 Members, Patron Saints of the Gunship Rescue
PBY-6A Catalina "Mantaray", with "Hammerhead" in the background, both attacking a Japanese merchant convoy off Okinawa
Captain Booth
Radioman Landry
Petty Officer Laughlin
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The logo of VPB-54 "Black Cats"
  • Themes: Call of Duty: World at War Original Soundtrack- Black Cats, Zeroes alt., and PBY Rescue
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: United States Navy, Rescue, Night Battles, Reconaissance
  • Heralds: The crew of ''Hammerhead'', Thermal Imaging TV Operator, AC-130 Gunner, Maj. Neitsch
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Launchpad McQuack, Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon
  • Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, or simply Mantaray, is a Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina Flying Boat belonging to VPB-54, a unit tasked with conducting air and sea rescue in the Central Pacific during the Pacific War. Their crew members included Petty Officer Locke, Petty Officer Laughlin, Radioman Landry, and Captain Booth. Their PBY was armed with two M2 Browning Heavy Machine Guns on the waist, one M1919 machine gun in the ventral hatch, a twin mound M1919 in the nose, and, most notably, heavily customized additional forward firepower in the form of two Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft cannons, placed within the nose as fixed weaponry. This additional firepower allowed the Catalina to take out lightly armored targets, particularly enemy patrol boats and merchant shipping.
  • During the Battle of Okinawa, Mantaray, alongside another PBY codenamed Hammerhead, were conducting a routine patrol off the coast of the aforementioned Japanese island. In the midst of this mission, they had spotted a Japanese troop and supply convoy bound for the island of Okinawa, which was currently being invaded by United States forces. With approval from USMC Major Gordon, the Black Cats sprang into action. Despite not having any torpedoes or bombs, the Black Cats were able to sink all 3 Japanese merchant ships as well as a number of torpedo boats escorting them, for no losses of their own, although Hammerhead had sustained moderate engine damage.
  • Just as they were about to return to base, however, both PBY crews received a Distress Signal from elements of the US Pacific Fleet. According to Landry, Mantaray's Communications Officer, several ships were hit while en route to Okinawa, with the US Navy's air cover being too far out to assist. With no one else capable of rescuing any shipwrecked US Navy sailors nearby, both Black Cats crews volunteered to undertake a rescue mission into enemy-controlled airspace. Just as both planes made their way towards the fleet, however, they encountered a swarm of enemy aircraft, including several dozen A6M Zero fighters. Despite shooting down several of the attacking Japanese fighters, a few managed to shoot down Hammerhead, killing all of the plane's crew including its pilot Harrington. With no backup and all alone, the crew of Mantaray continued their rescue mission alone, outnumbered and outgunned.
  • Upon emerging from the clouds, they found out that the Japanese, specifically their kamikaze formations, had inflicted devastating damage on numerous transport and landing ships bound for Okinawa, with only their escorts, a number of Fletcher-class destroyers, still being afloat. Despite the persistent Japanese air and sea attacks, the Black Cats crew manage to rescue a handful of shipwrecked survivors from the sea, while also sinking and/or shooting down several of the attacking Japanese torpedo boats and kamikaze aircraft. Ultimately, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 and its crew end up on both the giving and receiving end of the Gunship Rescue, as, in the midst of their valiant rescue efforts, their weaponry had all run out of ammunition. Just as they were about to be strafed and obliterated by Japanese Zero fighters, they were rescued just in time by a flight of Marine F4U Corsair fighters. With their plane just barely holding on, and their rescued crewmen needing immediate medical treatment, the Black Cats finally made their way back to base.
  • Following this successful rescue mission off Okinawa, as well as dropping off the men they rescued from the water, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 had somehow ended up in the waters off the Pantheon, their crew exhausted following their hours long flight and ordeal. Eventually, they come across an apparently friendly airfield located on a tropical island. Making a landing there, they soon come across an SBD Dauntless dive bomber parked in one of the makeshift hangars, and promptly park their PBY nearby.
    • Upon emerging, they're greeted by none other than Fleet Admiral Nimitz himself, who welcomes the US Navy crew. He soon explains to the Black Cats crew that they're no longer in their home universe, and that they're now in a faraway place known simply as the Trope Pantheons. He had arranged to bring all of them here for one goal: to help the American Forces in the Pantheon defeat the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy forces present there as well. Despite having already lost the Pacific War in their respective timelines, units such as the Banzai Chargers and the Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces, under the command of high-ranking Japanese officers such as Admiral Yamamoto and Commander Shima, continue to wage both conventional and guerilla warfare against the Allies on both land and sea. These range from small holdouts in the jungles of the South Pacific, to massive fleet anchorages located in a major naval base, and even entire island bases complete with operational airfields.
    • Unsurprisingly, none of the crew refuse the Fleet Admiral's offer, especially given that there's now even more American sailors, Marines, and ships needing their help. Booth, speaking on behalf of the rest of the crew, agrees to stay in the Pantheon. With that, Nimitz officially appoints them as the Patron Saints of the Gunship Rescue. The Temple Nimitz then provides the Black Cats with is a naval airbase more sophisticated than the commandeered airfield that they had originally used during the Battle of Okinawa.
  • Following this briefing and appointment as official deities in the Pantheon, the entire Black Cats Crew decide to dedicate themselves to continuing their missions of rescuing and supporting other US Navy and US Marine units in the field. This is mainly done by the Black Cats providing them with reconaissance, intel, and delivering vital supplies to them, not to mention the occasional Gunship Rescue. They also provide assistance and help to US Marines on the ground, such as helping Sgt. Conlin and his squadmates locate the air and naval bases of the aforementioned Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces scattered throughout the Pantheon. Another mission has them assist members of the 1st Marine Division led by Sgt. Roebuck, the very same Marine who had narrated the beginning of their story, by saving them from a Japanese Banzai attack via fire support from their machine guns.
  • Among the new mission objectives given to them by Admiral Nimitz includes the destruction of German U-boats and freighters making their way into the Pacific, specifically those used by the Nemesis Squadron to supply their Japanese allies with jet engines, advanced technology, and blueprints for wonderweapons. With the Japanese having used these weapons in an attempt to turn the tide of war in their favor already in the Pantheon, destroying these shipments becomes a huge priority for both the Black Cats as well as other Naval aviators like Lt. Commander Dick Best.
    • During one of these missions off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia, the Black Cats, with help from an Allied squadron known as the Battlehawks, had sunk a German U-boat carrying Hexenium-based wonderweapons, while also downing a few Japanese Zeroes and even a Nemesis Fw 190. Following this battle, American Battlehawks member James Chase thanked Petty Officer Locke, one of the gunners of Mantaray, for saving his life, telling the Navy gunner that the Fw 190 he had downed belonged to none other than the infamous Oberst Krieger, leader of the Nemesis Squadron. For this, he offered the Black Cats Crew to be honorary members of the Battlehawks, to which the Black Cats accept without hesitation.
  • Among the most significant allies of the Black Cats are the American Fleet Girls Johnston and Fletcher, being personified versions of the same Fletcher-class destroyers that had helped Booth, Locke, Landry, and Laughlin fend off multiple kamikazes, attacking Japanese fighters, and torpedo boats. The Black Cats Crew have, in fact, saved the two Fleet Girls at least a few times, both from attacking Japanese fighters and ships as well as from a new threat known as The Kraeken. In return, the two girls save them from an attack by a Neuroi formation with their strong Anti-Air defenses, with some help from members of the 501st JFW.
  • Unsurprisingly, the entire Black Cats crew are unanimously opposed to Launchpad McQuack and his "poor" handling of aircraft, it being the very reason for the latter's ascension to begin. They absolutely refuse to allow him anywhere near Mantaray, knowing very well that he would likely cause their PBY to be a complete loss should he be the one on the stick. Another deity they've come to oppose is Fooby, the kamikaze watermelon, no thanks to being named after the Japanese Suicide Attack aircraft and pilots of the same name.

Booth: "Okay...Taking us home."

Laughlin: "Halle...fucking-lujah!"

    Carl Fredricksen 
Carl Fredricksen, God of Balloon Travel (Mr. Fredricksen)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ellie Badge, a picture of Paradise Falls or Ellie's Book of Adventures.
  • Leitmotif: Married Life
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portolio: fighting at the age of 78, having a dog as a pet, Happily Married...until death do them part, marrying a friend from his youth, the last person to be a hero, having his wife's possessions as memories to her
  • Domains: Travel, Love, Family, Promises, Adventure
  • Heralds: Russel (surrogate son), Dug (adopted dog)
  • Allies: Wall-E and EVE, The Toy Story Cast, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Pinkie Pie, Pooh, Marlin, Dory, Freakazoid
  • Not so different from: Cranky Kong
  • Carl Fredricksen is a man pushing 80 who was once married to the girl of his dreams, Ellie. The two married, grew old together, and both had a dream of going to Paradise Falls in South America. Tragically, life got in the way of that adventure, and by the time Carl was ready to surprise Ellie with tickets to their dream, she passed on. Carl himself grew bitter, unable to leave the house he and Ellie grew up with until an accident with construction workers almost had him force to relocate. With nothing left to lose, Carl rigged his house to fly with millions of balloons to fulfill his and Ellie's wish. Unfortunately, he also had to deal with a stowaway named Russel (who he put on a Snipe Hunt) and a golden retriever named Dug. Not to mention that his idol had gone through a massive Sanity Slippage since last met. Nevertheless, Carl was able to find new resolve after reading the last message from his wife thanking him for the adventure, and he resolved to save Dug and Russel while moving forward with his life.
  • Carl was resting in his new home with Dug when a message was delivered to him through a balloon, telling him it was time for a new adventure. At first, he was hesitant about the offer, but reassurance from Dug made him decide that it was time to set sail once more. With his newly acquired zeppelin, "Spirit of Adventure", Carl drove him and Dug to the Gates of the Pantheon, to which he was granted as God of Balloonacy, due to his skill in carrying his house through thousands of balloons in a matter of minutes. Carl graciously accepted his offer, thinking that Ellie would love to learn all about the adventures that awaited him.
  • Anyone who has had a chance to read Ellie's Book of Adventures will cry at her parting words. "Thanks for the adventure. Now go have another one." Moreover, anyone who happens to hear his leitmotif "Married Life"—or any variations of it like "Stuff We Did"—will be reduced to tears in five seconds. As such, the gods have prevented any musician to play it for fear of causing the whole pantheon to be flooded with everyone's tears. In fact, anything involving his life with Ellie has reduced some of the most hardened gods into tears. The less they hear about it, the less the Pantheon becomes flooded.
  • Hangs out at the House of Family and tells stories about his adventure at Paradise Falls and treats all child deities like they were his own due to the fact that Ellie was unable to bear children while she was alive.
    • He has a big soft spot for The Cutie Mark Crusaders because they remind him of Ellie. The Cutie Mark Crusaders like him because of the stories he had when he was in Paradise Falls. When it finally came to him explaining his love live with Ellie, Sweetie Belle was heard throughout the Pantheon crying like no other.
      • Was gone during the events of Through Darkness and Mirrors and, after learning of the utter hell these three have went through, has decided to babysit them since their usual caretakers are going through a bout of depression. Things changed when the Crusaders became good friends with The New Day as their optimism keep the ponies in check.
  • Pinkie Pie honors him because of how he held onto his promise of taking the house to Paradise Falls due to the fact that she acts so similar to her "Pinkie Pie Promises". She too cried a river upon hearing the backstory regarding it, though.
  • Has talks with Cranky Kong every now and then, regarding how they're not so different due to them losing the loves of their lives but learned to move on thanks to their encouragement.
  • Is well connected with various Pixar gods: he finds Wall-E and EVE's love story to be similar to his, smiles at the adventures of the Toy Story cast and praised both Marlin and Dory's adventures in order to find their loved ones. He was also curious to learn about the Emotions (one of the reasons being that they share the same director) and was close to Sadness since he was unable to move on from Ellie's death until Russel and Dug came into his life.
  • He's very friendly with the various canine dogs in the Pantheon, due to his own dog, Dug. Also is shown being a scout guide since it reminds him of his surrogate son, Russel.
  • Has become good friends with Cid due to the fact that he's obtained the zeppelin of his former idol, Charles Muntz, "The Spirit of Adventure". He sometimes lets gods use it if they need it to travel from one place to another.
  • Surprisingly has a friendship with Freakazoid since Freakazoid confused him for his old friend Sgt. Cosgrove, stoic, deadpan voice and all. He takes it all in stride. On the opposite end, the Warner sisters are wary of him; after all, Sgt. Cosgrove is the only person to ever make these guys sit down and not get into any crazy antics.
  • Someone decided to analyze his balloon feat and came to a conclusion: he must've had some sort of... connections and his balloons can't be normal because he's not using nearly as many balloons as one would need in reality (which should be in the millions), and the balloons, helium, and string needed to pull this off would've been obscenely expensive for him to afford.

    Chuck Brown/Kite-Man 
Charles "Chuck" Brown Sr., God of Kite Riding (Kite-Man, Kite Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His kite with a "Hell yeah"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral
  • Portfolio: From Nobody To A Different Nobody, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, Simply A Burglar Compared To Batman's Other Villains, Driven To Villainy Due To His Son's Death By The Riddler, Death Seeker
  • Domain(s) Thievery, Kites, Fatherhood
  • High Priests: Gou Pei and Haoyou
  • Followers: Zangetsu, a few Ewoks, purple Imps, The Forerunners of the Travellers
  • Allies: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Dr. Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Enemies: The Riddler
  • Odd Friendship: Charlie Brown, Starlight Glimmer
  • On neutral terms with: Bruce Wayne/Batman, the Joker
  • Opposed by: I Hate Everything, Kal-El/Superman, Peter Parker/Spider-man (last two out of principle)
  • A D-List villain, Kite-Man is known for his thievery and his use of kites in his criminal activities. Sure, he actually uses a glider, but those are basically kites designed for carrying humans. And because of his theme, and the fact that he's the only one who performs this on a regular basis (well, as regular as a character like him can, anyway) rather than just a one-off, he was selected to join the Pantheon with this title.
  • As for why he became a villain in the first place, here's why: During "The War of Jokes and Riddles", he was approached by Batman. As one of the engineers responsible for creating the Jokermobile, Batman convinced him to arrange a meeting with the Joker, which he begrudgingly agreed to do. Unfortunately, the Riddler caught wind of this, cornered Charles, and ordered him to double-cross the Joker and Batman. Chaos ensued at the meeting and he was dragged away by the Joker, who was surprisingly understanding of the betrayal and sent him to Batman with a suicide bomb.
    • Except when he tried to detonate it, it turned out to be a complete dud. And then turns out the Riddler poisoned his son's kite string, who was using it to fly his kite the morning before Charles' meeting with the Riddler, which shortly ended in his death. Distraught with vengeance, he decided to take Joker's side in the war as Kite-Man.
    • Eventually, in the war, Kite-Man was left for last as Batman defeated every villain on the Joker's side, and was shortly captured so he would leak Joker's location. He would then later end up allying with Batman, tricking the Riddler's forces into wearing special kites that flew them up to the Bat-Blimp for capture.
    • In the end, it turns out the Riddler made Kite Man. He made him to be a joke. So that Joker would laugh again (he had been in a deep slump during the storyline).
  • At present, when he's not performing thefts as Kite-Man (given the Pantheon's amenities to most deities, he probably doesn't even need to steal anymore), he's inventing glider kites for his future heists or supplying them to other villains (or anyone else willing to buy, which includes some of the good guys). He also designs "jet-propelled inverse parachutes" that, instead of slowing descent, sped up ascent.
  • Sometimes, when he's not doing villain work, he can be found hanging with Charlie Brown and helping with flying his (regular) kite. And for some reason, he almost treats him like a good father would his son. That said, as far as anyone knows, there's no relation between them.
  • Skeet once joked that Booster Gold was the Kite Man of the Justice League. Of course, he doesn't take that well.
  • Kite-Man is well aware of his position in Gotham's criminal hierarchy (i.e. near the bottom) and that he's considered a joke by many. This is how he copes.
    "All of us. We're all jokes. But the thing is, right, you got to laugh, too. It's the only way. I mean, you got to laugh with them. Okay, I'm a joke. I'm a joke and I'm funny! Then you're laughing with them. And if you're laughing with them. Then at least you're laughing."
  • Superman and Spider-Man only oppose Kite-Man out of principle. Otherwise, they feel sorry for him and try to encourage him to turn his life around.
  • I Hate Everything hates a lot of things, usually the mainstream, but he's sometimes gone out of his way to ridicule the…less mainstream ones. And Kite-Man fell under his radar. That said, IHE had very little to rant about against Kite-Man, especially since he ignored the "War of Jokes and Riddles", which is where most of his recent character development showed up.
  • Given he's also lost his son, Kite-Man sympathizes with Aquaman.
  • Somehow he's gotten along very well with Poison Ivy to the point of being a couple. Gods are wondering just how that works, with Ivy telling them that while he is a horrible villain, a joke, she admires his self confidence. Unfortunately for everyone, he later realized that Ivy's heart belonged to Harley and decided that it was best to let her go.
  • He garnered attention towards Kyle, believing he was ripping his schtick off. The Human Kite and Kite Man confronted each other and surprisingly, hit it off well despite being on opposing sides. Kite Man spoke on the tragedies of his life that led him to become the person he is today, leading to him becoming a very pathetic supervillain in the eyes of the world. Kyle felt bad and the two ate ice cream with each other afterward. Though the Human Kite has to stop Kite Man at his tracks, Kite Man himself sees Kyle as if he were a replacement for his deceased son and even upgraded the tech Human Kite uses. He also gained a friendship with Starlight Glimmer since she also has a love of kites and knows plenty of proper terms for flying. Starlight has given him a few tips on how to improve his kite-flying, to which he's been grateful for...even if the advice is coming from a talking unicorn.
  • "Hell, yeah!"

    James Murray and Bruno Gaido 
Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray and Aviation Machinist's Mate Bruno Gaido, Divine Representatives of Backseat Flight Crew
James Murray
Bruno Gaido
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their flight helmets, life preservers, and Browning AN/M2 machine guns
  • Theme: Dogfight
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Murray) and Neutral Good (Gaido)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Flight Crew, United States, Aviators
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Jiro Horikoshi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Seita and Setsuko Yokikawa, Suzu Houjou
  • Respect: Star Fox, The SWAT Kats, Han Solo
  • A pair of flight crew from VB-6, stationed aboard the USS Enterprise, Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray and Aviation Machinist's Mate Bruno Gaido were just some of the many crewmen assigned as radiomen slash rear gunners for the ship's and bomber group's complement of Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers. Murray served as the rear gunner and radioman for Lt. Commander Richard Halsey Best, one of the group's squadron leaders and arguably their best dive bomber pilot. Gaido, meanwhile, initially served as the radioman and rear gunner for Lt. Clarence Earle Dickinson, before being reassigned to the plane of Ensign Woodrow O'Flaherty.
  • Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States' entry into World War II, both Murray and Gaido would be flying aboard SBD Dauntlesses in attacks against Japanese bases in the South Pacific. During this first battle, Murray would aid Best in performing an attack on a Japanese airfield as well as shoot down at least one A6M Zero fighter. Gaido, on the other hand, would save the USS Enterprise from a suicidal Japanese bomber and its crew, by instinctively manning an SBD's rear machine gun and finishing off the attacker. The latter's action would immediately earn attention from Admiral William F. Halsey Jr., who promoted Gaido on the spot.
  • During the Battle of Midway, their actions would once again prove to be important.
    • Murray in particular would end up saving Best's and himself from certain doom, by shooting down a number of attacking Zero fighters that were determined to shoot them down, not to mention helping Best determine their plane's altitude as they were diving into the attack. In the former, Murray's hands were even burned thanks to the mishandling of his machine gun's barrel, but despite this injury was still determined enough to repel their attackers. Murray himself would survive the battle, albeit without the proper use of his hands for the time being, even being forced to refuse a flask of alcohol due to it.
    • As for Gaido, however, despite shooting down at least one Zero, would alongside his pilot Frank O'Flaherty, end up being captured and executed by the Imperial Japanese Navy via Cement Shoes. Gaido himself would refuse to divulge any important intelligence to his captors. And, knowing he was going to die either way, he chose to remain silent, especially after several of his friends were killed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. This delay in refusing to divulge intel ultimately paid off, with the Americans managing to cripple the last Japanese carrier before the Japanese command could put their gathered intel to good use.
  • In the Pantheon, increasing numbers of deities from the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army have forced the American forces there to seek for any and all reinforcements as soon as possible. This is not helped by the fact that the Japanese were receiving technological aid from various Nazi German deities, among which included advanced weapon designs, blueprints, and components. Lt. Cdr. Richard Halsey Best, already an established deity within the Pantheon, and one of the United States Navy's best dive bomber pilots, decided to vouch for his high priest, Radioman James Murray, to be a deity not unlike himself. Murray himself suggested to his superior officer that he should be joined by Aviation Machinist's Mate Bruno Gaido in this position, given that he was the squadron's most competent rear gunner and someone that both Murray and Best trusted. Best agrees, and makes arrangements for Gaido to be brought Back from the Dead before being ascended alongside Murray. With that, Chief Aviation Machinist's Mate Bruno Gaido was resurrected and brought into the Pantheon, with both Murray and Best personally welcoming their old squadronmate and friend back. Upon the former two explaining to the newly resurrected Gaido the current situation in their new home, the latter agrees to help.
  • Upon their ascensions, both men get to work doing their old jobs, in the backseats of the SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Whilst Murray remains as Lt. Cdr. Best's own gunner and radioman, Gaido, due to Ensign O'Flaherty not being in the Pantheon, works mainly with US Marine Sgt. Thomas Conlin, who has the necessary piloting skills to fly an SBD, and often does when not fighting the Japanese on the ground. When Conlin isn't flying, Gaido is usually assigned to be the rear gunner of one of Lt. Cdr. Best's heralds and Gaido's former assigned pilot, Lt. Clarence Earle Dickinson. On certain occasions, the crew of Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, a PBY Catalina flying boat, offer both SBD gunners the chance to act as additional gunners, due to their own crew being understrength and short two gunners.
  • Much like before they were in the Pantheon, Murray's and Gaido's missions were against Japanese air and naval bases of both the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy, as well as their warships, cargo, and transport ships. Thanks to recent events in the Pantheon, these now include Japanese I-400 submarines and German Type VII U-boats from the Operation Kraken fleet as well those being used by the Nemesis Squadron. In many of these missions, their SBD Dauntlesses are often accompanied by friendly aircraft, most often the aforementioned Black Cats and various USAAF and USN aircraft flown by the Battlehawks.
    • Aside from these, Gaido's and Murray's most prized targets are the Imperial Japanese Navy's battleships and aircraft carriers currently residing in the Pantheon. These include: the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Hiryu, the Japanese Battleship Yamato, and the Taiho-class Aircraft Carrier Toshikaze. These three ships serve as the flagships for three of the Imperial Japanese Navy's highest ranking officers currently in the Pantheon: Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi, Marshal Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, and Commander Masataka Shima. Yamaguchi in particular is of note for Murray, as he and Lt. Cdr. Best were involved in and were responsible for sinking the Japanese Admiral's flagship late in the Battle of Midway. Gaido on the other hand was killed by Yamaguchi's subordinates as a Prisoner-Of-War, and upon hearing that Shima himself was also involved in the Cold-Blooded Torture of Americans as well, also made it a point to go after the Japanese officers as well.
  • Upon hearing of the A6M Zero's creator being in the Pantheon, both US Navy servicemen were less than happy to learn about it, given the endless trouble that the fighter in question gave them, with Gaido having been shot down by one such plane that indirectly led to his capture and execution. However, upon learning from their fellow Allied pilots the Battlehawks that Jiro Horikoshi was actually a good man who was and is still being exploited by his own country's military (now joined by Nazi Germany's Nemesis Squadron), their stance soon changes to a mix of pity and begrudging respect.
    • While both men are determined to take down the Imperial Japanese military deities in the Pantheon, the same cannot be said for targeting Japanese civilians. Both men, Murray in particular, are less than pleased to find out that there are indeed Japanese civilians who suffered and died at their fellow American servicemen's hands During the War. Lt. Cdr. Best, having already met and talked with Suzu Houjou, one such civilian, assures Murray that it's not their fault for their circumstances in their past and now current lives, and that their military government is fully to blame for dragging them into a Hopeless War.
  • Despite flying different types of air and space craft, not to mention hailing from completely different universes, the two US Naval servicemen have earned the mutual respect of a few other deities associated with dogfighting, the most notable being the SWAT Kats, Han Solo, and Star Fox. Alongside Lt. Cdr. Best and the Black Cats, the two SBD gunners begin exchanging stories of their respective experiences with their new acquaintances, who in return relate to them their own experiences.
Gaido: "What, too much excitement for you?"

Murray: "I'm not looking to win a medal."

    Richard Halsey Best 
Lieutenant Commander Richard Halsey "Dick" Best, The God of Ground-Scraping Flights
Douglas SBD- 3 Dauntless "Black B1"
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber, as well as his Distinguished Flying Cross and Navy Cross
  • Themes: Dogfight, The Last Dive, This is for Pearl, and Best Returns
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being known for flying low to the sea and ground, both during training missions and in combat, Being a very skilled dive bomber pilot and sinking two aircraft carriers, Being the hero of his respective story, Happily Married, Action Dad, Being the first man in the squadron wanting to go into battle, Suffering from a bad case of Tuberculosis during his last mission, effectively grounding him for the rest of the war, Military Maverick, Being the Sergeant Rough towards the pilots under his command, Forced to take up command after his superior officer is severely wounded
  • Domains: Pilots, Aircraft, Flight, War
  • Heralds: Anne Best (his wife), Barbara Ann Llewellyn (his daughter), Wade McClusky (his commanding officer), Clarence Earle Dickinson, Eugene Lindsey (fellow pilots), James Murray (his radioman and gunner)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Headbutting Heroes: The Admiral, Akagi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nathan Algren, Suzu Hojou, Okita Souji
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The 501st JFW, Most IJN Fleet Girls
  • Opposes: Cole Phelps, Takeo Masaki, Launchpad McQuack, Michael Bay
  • Formerly the Executive Officer, and later, the Commanding Officer of Bombing Squadron 6 aboard the USS Enterprise, Lieutenant Commander Richard Halsey Best (March 24, 1910-October 28, 2001), better known as Dick Best, served in the US Navy both before and during the War in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Of special note are his flying skills in the Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Unlike most pilots of the dive bomber, he made it a point to drop his bombs really close to the ground (below 1500 feet, to be precise), in order to ensure that his bombs would always hit their target. This always resulted in him flying dangerously close to both the sea and the ground. During his combat tours in the Pacific in early 1942, these tactics of his had paid off, with him having destroyed a squadron of Japanese G3M "Nell" bombers during an attack on the Marshall Islands, when he dropped a 500 lb. bomb below 1500 ft. Later, he would be responsible for the sinking of two Japanese aircraft carriers, the Akagi and the Hiryu, again having dropped his bombs below 1500 ft., and this time having come real close to scraping the water's surface.
    • In addition to his bombing skills, he's also quite competent in an Old-School Dogfight, having shot down at least 2 A6M Zero fighters during combat over the Marshalls and later Midway.
  • Thanks to inhaling a bottle of bad oxygen mixture early in the aforementioned battle, he had begun coughing up blood that eventually turned out to be Tuberculosis, which would ultimately result in the Battle of Midway being his last flight of the war. Because of this, he also suffered from a Post-Victory Collapse immediately after his last, successful combat sortie, having to be carried into the Enterprise's sick bay as a result.Following a lengthy treatment for his sickness, Best ended up retiring from the Navy in 1944. He would then live peacefully until his death in October of 2001.
  • The Dick Best that ascends into the Pantheon is, interestingly, from his time as a naval aviator in early 1942, free of his debilitating disease. Like Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 before him, he also ascends alongside his old aircraft, in this case his SBD-3 Dauntless dive bomber.
  • And so, on a random clear day, a lone SBD Dauntless dive bomber arrives in the Pantheon, piloted by none other than Lt. Commander Best, looking for a place to land. In the rear gunner's seat is Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray, Best's long-time rear gunner and Communications Officer, who ascends alongside him as his High Priest. With no friendly aircraft carriers in sight, he tries to look for islands with airfields to land on. Fortunately for him, he comes across land, with an airfield on it. It turns out to be the Temple of the 2nd Marine Division, which is modeled after Henderson Field on Guadalcanal. With little to no fuel left, Best, again, makes yet another close Belly-Scraping Flight on approach to the airfield, before landing his SBD in one piece.
  • Seeing an SBD for the first time in years, Sgt. Thomas Conlin goes to inspect the plane and its pilot. Best and Murray, relieved to see friendly forces, emerge out of the cockpit and gunner's seat respectively, and promptly introduces themselves to the squad of Marines. Best and the Marine Sergeant soon become fast friends, thanks to their experiences in flying the SBD. Murray himself begins bonding with the other members of Conlin's squad, thanks to them also having experience as the Guy in Back for an SBD.
    • Thanks to their Temple being a military base and airfield, Best's SBD is refueled and rearmed in a matter of hours, no thanks to help from fellow Navy crewmen from Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, also from the same House. With that taken care of, Best, alongside Murray, decide to patrol the Pantheon in search of Imperial Japanese forces, having been informed by Conlin about their presence prior to taking off.
  • Best's first few bombing missions in support of the Marines prove to be successful, with Best destroying several important Imperial Japanese military bases and supply caches. Among the supplies and shipments destroyed by Best include unassembled prototypes and advanced weaponry created by HYDRA intended for Commander Masataka Shima's forces, as part of a deal Shima had made with Johann Schmidt.
  • During one initially uneventful mission, having found nothing but clear skies and oceans, Best and Murray spot something, or rather, someone, in the waters below. He notices a young woman with an all-too familiar flight deck pattern, exactly the same as the one found on the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, alongside several other young women wielding what appear to be Japanese naval guns and torpedoes. Not only that, but he also witnesses the woman launch A6M Zero fighters, D3A "Val" dive bombers, and B5N "Kate" torpedo bombers. Immediately assuming that she's a part of the Imperial Japanese threat that Conlin had told him, Best tells Murray to get ready for a dive bombing run. And so, they catch the Japanese aircraft carrier by complete surprise, essentially repeating history. Except this time, instead of trying to shoot down the unwitting US Navy pilot and his gunner down, she tries to hand-signal them into stopping. Despite this, Best, determined to take down the Japanese carrier out of revenge for what happened Pearl Harbor, continues his dive. He ultimately succeeds in hitting the Japanese carrier again, leaving her badly damaged but still alive. Now at sea level, Best and Murray decide to head back to the airfield, flying low in order to avoid fighters and flak, of which there are none. This immediately strikes Best and Murray as odd, who know that the Japanese would do anything to bring them down.
  • Before both of them can think it over, though, their plane soon comes under attack by a mysterious new force. Murray immediately calls out to Best about bandits on their six o'clock, and subsequently readies his twin M1919 machine gun. However, upon closer inspection, he notices that the bandits in question are not Zeroes, but rather round, white objects with glowing red eyes. Best, doing his best to get the new threats off their tail, also notices the ocean turning red and the sky turning dark gray. Things them go From Bad to Worse, when a black, white, and gray figure appears before Best's gunsight. Said figure then begins launching more of the white objects that were chasing them. It's then that the Lieutenant Commander tells Murray to send out a Distress Call for reinforcements, to which the radioman doesn't hesitate to do.
  • While Best and Murray do their best and manage to down a few of the white objects, without any bombs under their wings, the damage they inflict on the mysterious figure is negligible. Just as it seems that they're going to be overwhelmed and shot down by the white objects, several of the latter are suddenly shot out of the sky by a combined hail of concentrated flak, as well as F4F Wildcat fighters with all-too familiar markings. When Best turns to see who saved them, he finds a group of young women clad in white, gray, and blue, who hand signal him into following their lead. They end up directing him to land on another island, the barren volcano island of Iwo Jima. Upon landing his plane, he finds out that Murray, his gunner, had received burns to his hand, as well as being hit in the arm by a stray round. Murray is then pulled out of the plane by one of the young women who had saved him earlier, effortlessly picking him up and bringing him to a nearby aid station.
    • One of the young women then introduces herself to Best as Enterprise. Surprised, he asks her name, to which she responds that she knows that he's Dick Best, leader of Bombing Squadron 6. She then begins explaining to him about the ship girls and the Abyssal Fleet, including his recent encounter with the Abyssal unit known simply as Wo-class. Just as she's about to explain to him about the IJN ship girls, the Admiral attempts to introduce himself to the US Navy pilot, to which Best's response is to pull out a pistol and point it at the IJN officer.
    • Thankfully, the standoff is de-escalated when Iowa, who had been witnessing the conversation the entire time, effortlessly disarms the enraged pilot. The American battleship then explains to Best that his actions had nearly killed the ship girl Akagi, who was trying to combat the Abyssal Wo-class, and that the Admiral and the IJN Fleet Girls are not associated with the Imperial Japanese forces under Commander Masataka Shima's command. He soon apologizes for actions, but still can't communicate face-to-face with the IJN officer.
    • Not long after, Conlin's squad and the Black Cats arrive at the Lieutenant Commander's location, having received the Distress Call made by Murray earlier. The Marines and Navy pilots immediately apologize to those present about this incident. They admit to Best that it was their fault for not telling him about the IJN Fleet Girls prior, and that Murray's and Akagi's current conditions could have been avoided altogether. Corpsman Sullivan, a member of Conlin's squad, decides to compensate for their failure by tending to both the wounded High Priest and deity, respectively.
  • Deciding to atone for his actions, Best decides to help the Fleet Girls fight the Abyssal Fleet and its allies when he's not fighting the Imperial Japanese forces. It's through one of these battles against one of the Abyssal Fleet's head honchos, Air Defense Princess, that he first meets members of the 501st JFW, who save his life just as his plane is getting shot up by the Anti-Air fire of the Abyssal monstrosity. Despite being a Multinational Team, Best manages to get along well with them, impressed by their Magitek equipment. It's thanks to this friendship that he strikes with their members that he also learns of The Neuroi, who, like the Abyssal Fleet, are a mysterious and otherworldly force threatening the Pantheon's oceans, skies, and land. Unsurprisingly, Best volunteers to help them fight the alien threat, as a return favor for them saving his life.
  • With Murray still recovering from his battle wounds, Best ends up asking Conlin to act as his substitute Guy in Back. Thankfully, the Marine's prior experience in manning the SBD's twin M1919 pays off, with Conlin downing at least a few dozen Abyssal Cat Fighters during combat missions against the Abyssal Fleet.
  • Like many an American military deity, Best finds one of Michael Bay's works to be a huge insult. Having lost a close friend during the attack doesn't help matters at all. Best had found out about the film's existence thanks to Sgt. Conlin, who had narrated to Best a summary of the film, and what exactly Bay and the films writers and producers had gotten wrong (which is to say a lot of things).
  • Thanks to having served on an older incarnation of the USS Enterprise, many Star Trek deities, both good and evil, take an interest in Best, not unlike their interest in Pacific-verse Enterprise. Best himself is in awe at the technology they have access to, being hundreds of years ahead of even the technology wielded by the 501st JFW.
  • Much like the Black Cats before him, Best refuses to let Launchpad McQuack anywhere near his SBD, much less pilot the dive bomber, having already been told by Lt. Booth about the cartoon duck's reputation regarding aircraft.
  • Is...rather conflicted regarding Nathan Algren. He knows that the ex-Union officer is firmly against the Imperial Japanese forces led by Shima, but he also isn't trusted at all by his fellow American servicemen. With Cole Phelps, however, he, much like the US Marines, dislikes his leadership style as well as his service record during the Battle of Okinawa.
  • Despite his mistrust of the Japanese as a whole, there are, interestingly, two deities he isn't outright hostile to.
    • The first is Suzu Houjou, a noncombatant who had lost several family members and a hand during US bombing raids on Kure. Best, being a Navy bomber pilot with dozens of successful bombing missions, actually feels somewhat guilty, shaking his revenge and hatred for the Japanese to a degree.
    • The other, more prominent person is Okita Souji, who, like himself, is a combatant who suffered from a bout of Tuberculosis that ultimately resulted in the end of their careers. The key difference is that Best recovers from his sickness thanks to modern medical treatments, while Souji ends up dying from it. These similar experiences would have made them friends, had Souji not been a part of a Secret Police unit responsible for dozens of murders and part of a corrupt military dictatorship.
  • "This is for Pearl."


    Ted Striker 
Ted Striker, God of Horrible Airline Experiences (Ted Stryker)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An airplane tied up in a knot
  • Theme Music: Airplane! Main Title; Notre Dame Victory March when getting really serious
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shell-Shocked Veteran, The Bore, Mostly Verbatim Parody of an Earlier Serious Disaster Film
  • Domains: Flight, “Seriousness”
  • Herald: Elaine Dickinson
  • Allies: Launchpad McQuack, International Rescue, Tails
  • Enemies: HAL 9000, AUTO, Manfred von Karma, The Mafia of Cooks
  • Odd Friendship: Cyrus Albright
  • On good terms with: Niko Bellic, most good-aligned Gundam pilots
  • Avoids: Glenn Quagmire
  • Concerned about: Martin Walker
  • Thanks to a bad wartime experience, Ted Striker has developed a fear of flying and is unable to drink properly. In an attempt to get back together with his wartime girlfriend Elaine Dickinson, Ted buys a ticket for the flight she’s on, only to find himself in a precarious situation in addition to the wide variety of hijinx going on between some of the other passengers. With some of the passengers and the flight crew suffering from food poisoning thanks to eating fish, Ted ends up being the only one on board with flight experience that can get the plane to safety, something that is accomplished thanks to the help of Elaine and Dr. Rumack. Ted would later get involved in another aerial misadventure where, after escaping a mental asylum following a faulty conviction, he had to get a lunar shuttle to the moon as a malfunction caused the shuttle’s AI to turn violent.
  • Hoping that things have settled down for good, Ted and Elaine got a ticket for a flight, but the fact that they weren’t told where their flight was headed was a sign that their misadventures are far from over. After Ted fell asleep during the flight, having had a dream about reminiscing about more horrible war experiences, he found out that he slept through an attempted hijacking that left the flight crew badly injured and unable to control the plane further. It was a dark and cloudy night and with no clear indication of where the plane was headed, Ted and Elaine were left to control it, and they only received a call from an unknown source telling them how to land just as the plane was running out of fuel. With an airstrip close by, Ted had to take the advice and the plane landed harshly, but without any injuries from the passengers otherwise. After seeing a sign that read “Pantheonic Airlines”, it took a while for Ted and Elaine to process where they were, but the destination was something they later accepted, even with the greater number of strange events they’ll later come across.
  • One of the handful of airplane pilots that took a liking to Ted was Launchpad Mcquack, who is a competent pilot despite his record of crashing nearly everything he pilots while landing his vehicles. Ted was even invited to a place where Launchpad was piloting a new vehicle and was a copilot for said vehicle. The experimental aircraft was unlike anything that Ted had seen prior, though Launchpad was able to get a good grasp of the vehicle and both pilots were able to hold a conversation with each other during that time. Although Ted would end up boring some of the people he talked to with his long-winded stories, Launchpad didn’t hold that against him and was even going to offer some support to help Ted with trying to get out his lapses quicker. The conversation ended with Ted pointing out the aircraft was nosediving towards the ground and Launchpad corrected it too late, causing the vehicle to get wrecked, but neither pilot was seriously injured in spite of it. Although Launchpad’s landing skills in general leave a lot to be desired, Ted knows that Launchpad’s heart is in the right place and wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again.
  • Not only are airplanes and lunar shuttles present in the Pantheon, but so are a larger variety of aircraft that Ted hasn’t seen or heard of before. Ted ended up seeing a series of vehicles far removed from anything he’s piloted before both in function and appearance. Ted happened to be a witness for one of International Rescue’s missions and he met their leader, Jeff Tracy in the midst of it. Jeff told Ted about what he and his family do and offered Ted a tour of their base, which would include a better look at their vehicles. For as much of a flawed person Ted is, Jeff does believe that Ted has done a good job being a pilot that can rescue others in dire situations and has offered him continued support. Tails has offered Ted similar help, thanks to the fox being both a pilot and a mechanic for numerous aircraft, be it mundane or unusual. The irony of someone that’s essentially a child having to help an adult get through their problems wasn’t lost on Ted, but he didn’t mind it otherwise.
  • Ted’s experiences being part of a war remain a bad memory for him and the Pantheon being home to not just a variety of smaller ones, but one larger unending war, made it worse for him. He has tried to not let it get the better of him to mixed results, though he did find a few other deities who took part in different wars and have had bad experiences from them. Learning about what happened to Martin Walker and how much psychological damage he’s taken worried Ted greatly since he isn’t sure if Martin will be able to get his life back on track. Niko Bellic was another war veteran who Ted was able to meet up and despite Niko performing some morally grey actions in the present, he’s otherwise a generally friendly person who Ted was able to be amicable with.
    • As far as the numerous wars are concerned, Ted was more than bewildered when he found out about a series of conflicts that happened across different futuristic periods of time that utilized giant robots. Not only that, some of the participants of these wars were younger than he is and a majority of them were noticeably impacted from the battles they fought in. Even if the concept of a Gundam was a lot to take in, he’s still sympathetic towards many of the benevolent Gundam pilots and what they had to go through. Even if his circumstances are much more mundane, most of these aforementioned heroic pilots do return the sentiment in regards to Ted’s former wartime experiences and hope he can fully recover from it.
  • Whenever Ted talks for a very long time, there’s a good chance the person he’s telling his conversation to will get bored to the point that they’ll end up as a skeleton of their former selves. According to a few people who had the misfortune of listening to long-winded stories as told by Ted and Owl (the latter of whom somehow thinks that Ted would make a good storyteller), most people considered Owl’s stories to be less mind-numbingly dull. Ted would end up meeting another deity that’s into long conversations named Cyrus Albright, who was on an errand for the rest of The Eight Travelers, and the two ended up going to a bar a bit confused about what Cyrus wanted, especially when Cyrus started talking about magic, an unfamiliar concept to Ted. Ted did talk about what happened to him to Cyrus and in turn, the idea of technology seemed intriguing to him. While those who eavesdropped on their conversation apparently killed themselves in boredom (moreso in regards to Ted talking than Cyrus), Ted and Cyrus have since kept in touch with each other, even if it is very infrequent.
  • The fish being poisoned on the flight Ted was on ended up being the catalyst for Ted having to get back in the pilot’s seat to set things right. One thing that Ted learned about in the Pantheon was that there were a lot of chefs that put out some terrible food. While a good number of these awful cooks are actually benign otherwise, there was a group of cooks that Ted had to be worried about known as The Mafia of Cooks. Even if they aren’t the biggest threat in general, the fact that it’s possible some of their food could end up in another flight, combined with the fact that their members are willing to put up a fight if possible, was enough for him to worry about them derailing a potential flight and them interfering with him trying to get that flight to safety.
  • Glenn Quagmire had a job being a pilot for a commercial airline and lost it as a result of Peter Griffin’s antics. Peter and his friends put a flight at risk just to get Quagmire his job back, with Quagmire getting a pep talk from Hugh Hefner much like how Ted was encouraged by Rumack in order to get the plane to land. That said, Quagmire is considered by many in the Pantheon to be a creep and while Ted does know about Quagmire’s stint as a commercial flight pilot, an actual meeting with Quagmire isn’t something he’s eager to take part in.
  • Despite trying to point out to a court that Mayflower One had faults that made it unsafe to use, he got framed for the shuttle’s crash during testing of it and sent to a mental asylum as a result. Ted has developed a dislike towards morally corrupt law officials, notably Manfred von Karma since they’ll likely try to pull a repeat of what happened to Ted if offered to do so. Unlike that trial back then, the Pantheon has much more experienced legal practitioners that can help him out in a situation like this, alleviating some of his concerns about going through another lega trial.
  • Ted really doesn’t like HAL 9000 since it being an AI inside a spaceship that tried to kill its own crew members reminded him of ROK, a similar AI that he had to stop while in a different lunar shuttle. He has taken issue with AUTO as well and believes that the AI is very misguided in trying to uphold its own orders instead of acknowledging what’s at stake, though neither HAL nor AUTO care all that much about someone like Ted. While Ted destroyed ROK using a passenger’s briefcase bomb, that resulted in another challenge in trying to get the shuttle to land safely on the Moon. Many in the Pantheon consider Ted’s solution against ROK to be a last resort if AIs like HAL become a bigger problem than normal.