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Film / Midway (2019)

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"Today we prove the American Navy isn't a joke!"

Midway is a 2019 war film directed by Roland Emmerich.

The story is about the Battle of Midway in June 1942 during World War II, told by the leaders, pilots and sailors who fought it.

The All-Star Cast features Patrick Wilson as Edwin Layton, Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz, Luke Evans as Commander Wade McClusky, Ed Skrein as Lt. Commander Richard Halsey "Dick" Best, Mandy Moore as Anne Best, Nick Jonas as Aviation Machinist Mate Bruno Gaido, Darren Criss as Commander Eugene Lindsey, Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Doolittle, Tadanobu Asano as Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi and Dennis Quaid as Admiral William "Bull" Halsey.

It is due to release on November 8, 2019. The trailer can be viewed here.

For the 1976 film, see here.


Midway provides examples of:

  • Battle Epic: The trailer shows early events of the Pacific War: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Enterprise's early raids after Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid, and the titular air and naval Battle of Midway that was the turning point for the American forces in the Pacific during World War II.
  • My Greatest Failure: In the trailer, the surprise Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor is considered as "the greatest intelligence failure in American history".
  • Old School Dogfight: The trailer showcases some dogfights between American and Japanese planes.
  • Precious Photo: In the trailer, Dick Best looks at the photo of his wife and child pinned to his cockpit before diving to attack one of the Japanese carriers.
  • Recycled Title: Uses the same title as the 1976 film.


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