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Greater Gods

    Kei Shirogane/Shiroe 
Kei Shirogane, God of Magically Binding Contracts (Shiroe the Strategist, Black Heart Glasses, Dark Shiroe, Kuroe, The Villain in Glasses, Machiavelli in Glasses, Arch Mage, Chronicler of the East, Chéng huì, City Benefactor, My Lord)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Shiroe's guild, Log Horizon
  • Theme Music: Database
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral when he needs to be
  • Portfolio: The Strategist, Awesomeness by Analysis, Sexy Mentor, Big Good, Hero with Bad Publicity, Creating contracts that even gods themselves cannot break, Tying together the Houses of Magic, Knowledge and Mentalism.
  • Domain: Magic, Paperwork, Mentorship.
  • Herald: Minori
  • Allies: Akatsuki, Spock, Annabeth Chase, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Yuuki Konno
  • Rivals: Ichigo Kurosaki, Beat
  • Enemies: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Master Li, Izaya Orihara, The Incubators
  • Partnerships: Kamina
  • The Mentor to: Han Jee-Han
  • No one is quite sure just how the heck Shiroe ascended to the Pantheon—let alone as a Greater God. When asked, he produces a 20,000-page document with numerous fine-prints which "clearly explains" that a majority of the members of the Pantheon recommended him for the position. Those whose signatures appear on the contract confirm that it's real, but have no memory of signing it.
  • Surprisingly, he works quite well with Kamina and the two's partnership has proved unstoppable. Shiroe prefers to remain back planning and running the logistics while Kamina inspires everyone with his speeches and keeps spirits high.
    • Shiroe initially did not get along well with Kamina besides respecting his charisma and capabilities until he learned of Kamina's deeper motiviations and insecurities, something that impressed him enough to befriend him. Meanwhile, Kamina has always respected Shiroe for doing the impossible by using the rules against themselves.
  • Shiroe doesn't get along that great with Ichigo Kurosaki, largely because Ichigo keeps rushing forward and ruining Shiroe's well thought-out plans. Lately, they've reached a mutual agreement, which Shiroe describes as "Letting that idiot do whatever he wants." Uryu enjoyed that one.
  • Due to him being a class that doesn't specialize in combat, but rather combat support, Shiroe usually spends his fights at the back, buffing his allies and restraining his enemies.
  • Shiroe's magical contracts are so powerful that it's theorized he could even become an Overdeity if he wrote one well-thought-out enough.
  • He is convinced that his Arch-Enemy, Thrawn, isn't dead. Either that, or the man had more plans than anyone realized. He is conjuring a plan with Haruka Kotoura to make sure that is not the case.
  • Shiroe also appreciates Haruka's cooking, almost to Mundane Made Awesome levels! Even in the world of Elder Tale her food just will not explode into a poisonously purple paste.
  • Due to the fact that Shiroe was a normal person who became unable to leave Elder Tale, Shiroe gets along well with Kazuto Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki and the previously-ascended Keiko Ayano.
  • Before getting into a fight, Shiroe will often be seen spending time with Annabeth Chase coming up with strategies for the fight.
  • Because he looks at everything logically, Shiroe gets along well with Spock and Harunobu Madarame.
  • Having had an apprentice studying under him while he was mortal, Shiroe can't stand Master Li, as the latter's protectiveness of his apprentices ends when they've outlived their usefulness.
  • Is trying to figure out the mechanical kinks behind the increased brokenness of Hit's Time Skip when combined with online lag, hoping to discover how this could be exploited before anyone else does.
  • Also has a place in the Houses of Mentalism and Magic.

Intermediate Gods

    Ahsoka Tano 
Ahsoka Tano, Goddess of the Master-Apprentice Chain (Snips, Little Soka, Ashla, Fulcrum, The Apprentice, Lady Tano, Space Aunt, Ahsoka The White)
Rebels (32 years old), Clone Wars (16 years old)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her face markings
  • Theme Song: Anakin talks to Ahsoka
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (As long as the Empire rules the galaxy. Once the empire falls and the republic returns to power, then she'll be somewhere between Lawful Good and Neutral Good.)
  • Portfolio: Saving her master as many times as he saves her, Growing kinder as she ages, Fighting in Reverse Grip, Giving people nicknames and growing out of it, Leaving the Jedi Order after they abandoned her, Giving information to various Rebel groups and coming back with more experience
  • Domains: Students, Rebellion, Knowledge, Mentors
  • Followers: Wakui Tsubasa, Penny Ngwenya, Evvy, Apollo Justice, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Shao Jun
  • Allies: Padmé Amidala, Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sora, Korra, Anakin Skywalker (cover as Darth Vader), Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, The Doctor, Terry McGinnis/Batman V
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Maul,Darth Plagueis, General Grievous, Emir Wat Tambor, Count Dooku, Director Orson Callan Krennic, Grand Moff Tarkin, Boba Fett, Darth Vader (her master, but only to keep his cover)
  • There was a great disturbance in the Pantheon, as if millions of people went silent and then they suddenly went screaming with joy.
  • March second was the date that made the Gods discuss about ascending her to the Pantheon.
    • She on the other hand wishes for them to stop talking about that date.
  • Formerly a member of the Jedi Order, Ahsoka left after the Jedi council abandoned her to be executed for a crime she did not commit. Now fifteen years later "Fulcrum" as her code name fights with the rebellion to stop the Empire and bring back the Republic.
  • When she discovered that her reformed Anakin is in the Panteon as Darth Vader; him being the only person she could trust after the betrayal of the Council went to his House and put a holographic device so they could talk.
  • Obi-Wan and Yoda are still asking for forgiveness, for abandoning her, but she's still not certain if she should. However she still considers them as friends and Ahsoka will join them for fighting injustice.
    • Luke heard what happened and assured her that his new Jedi Order will never do that to her or anyone in it.
  • Has recently made an return in March second aiding the Rebels, the same date that she left the Order years ago.
  • The day that she came back on the same day she left made the fanbase scream of joy, to the point that they were thinking of naming the date March 2nd "Ahsoka Lives Day". She's desperately trying to calm down the fanbase and convince them not to name that date.
    • She failed but what they gave her made her smile.
  • Ahsoka was surprised that her voice actress opened a clothing store called "Her Universe".
    • Padme will certainly use the store.
  • She's rather embarrassed about her younger years where she gave some people nicknames and she's glad that she grew out it. She called Anakin "Skyguy" ONCE but that did not stop him from calling her "Snips" even after three years of being together.
  • She went to the House of Time and Space and House of Knowledge to ask them why her adult self looks different than her vision self in Mortis, but sadly there was no answer.
    • Some say that The Son made a "what if" future of herself and he was not creative enough to change her clothes and lightsabers, her body on the other hand they had no idea.
  • She met Sora once when both were training in the House of Weapons with other blade masters. They bonded quickly over each other's stories of failed graduations (which were actually caused by other people). Ahsoka admires how his optimism shines through the event (even after almost being turned into another Xehanort), finding it to be the kind of hope and cheerfulness her rebels need.
  • Ahsoka and Korra also talk together about how they've matured over the years. Korra does find it kind of funny that she gets along well with a high ranking member of a rebellion when the last one she knew was an enemy that tried to take away her bending.
  • Inadvertently made friends with Ruby Rose after she began gushing over her white lightsabers, which she thought looked cooler than the others. Through her she met the other members of Team RWBY.
    • Yang simply went with 'a friend of Ruby is a friend of mine'. She actually witnessed one of her 'hair rampages', and has said that it was even scarier than any encounter she had with Grievous or Ventress.
    • She somewhat relates to Blake since a large group of her people were kidnapped and forced into slavery by the Separatists.
    • Weiss took the longest to get used to her since her experience with a certain 'rebellion' resulted in the death of some of her loved ones. Though after some talks with her, she came to the conclusion that this was far from the same case, especially when hearing of the Empire's cruelties.
  • Met The Doctor sometime after she left the Order. She apparently went on a few adventures with him, but strained the friendship when she decided to join the rebellion. They have reconciled since then and are still good friends, but she understands that he will in no way partake in the war.

    Fighter McWarrior 
Fighter McWarrior, God of Miraculous Ignorance
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Sword-chucks
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Achievements in Ignorance, Stupid Good, Too Dumb to Live, Sword-chucks, Beware the Silly Ones, Beware the Nice Ones, Dumbass Has a Point, Token Good Teammate
  • Domains: Swords. He likes swords.
  • Allies: Black Mage, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage, Warrior of Light, Veigar, Vivi Ornitier, Cloud Strife, Luke Skywalker, Yurnero, anyone who mentions swords within earshot.
  • Friendly Enemy: Lord Chaos, Lucifer
  • Opposed by: Sarda, Most of the House of Weapons
  • He lost most of his power to Sarda, but forgot about it when he ascended, so he has access to all his equipment and abilities.
  • If he wants to be on multiple teams at once, or believes himself to be in several places at once, it will be so. Once formed a team made up of three of himself and a pirate, and later battled four of himself to the death.
  • Claims to be able to fly due to having "defeated gravity," and if he forgets, he just blocks the ground to avoid falling damage.
  • If he is stabbed in the head, there is a chance he will become intelligent until the weapon is removed. Almost nothing can actually kill him, and weapons impaling him just stick out at odd angles while he carries on obliviously.
  • If asked for his greatest weakness, Fighter just says that he is too naive.
  • Most of the House Of Weapons shuns him due to his habit of taking swords and nunchucks and gluing them together.
  • Black Mage was horrified when Fighter ascended, and tried to make himself invisible, but Fighter didn't know he was invisible and went and hugged him anyway. Black Mage has a habit of stabbing Fighter, but usually Fighter doesn't notice.
  • When Black Mage can get away from him, Fighter hangs out with Veigar because he honestly believes Veigar to be Black Mage due to his appearance. Veigar's attitude and horrific treatment of Fighter only encourage the misconception.
  • Fighter once went up to Vivi and said hi, thinking that he was Black Mage. When Vivi greeted him with a degree of warmth, Fighter immediately realized he was not Black Mage, but Vivi's pity for Fighter led them to eventually become good friends, much to Black Mage's disgust.
  • The "original generation" Fighter, now known as Warrior of Light, was disappointed to learn that his counterpart in the 8-Bit Theater world was a complete moron. Fighter still felt the the need to approach someone so similar to him, specially one wielding such a shiny sword, and so Warrior has since grown fond of him.
  • Has befriended Cloud on the basis of their mutual interest in swords, and idolizes him for carrying such a huge weapon. However, Cloud attempts to limit their interactions because he can feel his brain cells dying.
  • Sees Luke Skywalker as a genius because he thinks he invented the lightsaber, which Fighter describes as "almost as cool as sword-chucks." No one has bothered to correct him.
  • Admires Yurnero for having equipped four swords at once.
  • Anyone who mentions swords is Fighter's new best friend. In his own words:
    Fighter: I like swords.
  • Thinks Chaos is the same Chaos from his world, and tries to fight him or get him to turn the Pantheon into cake. Chaos is annoyed, and was offended when he actually looked up what 8-Bit Theater's Chaos was like. After learning of Lucifer, Fighter asked him to turn the Pantheon into cake, amusing him, and the two are competing to think of the most amusing random thing to do to reality.

    The Guru 
The Guru, Holy Wise Hermit (Agent Old Rock)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His walking stick and attached Moon Stone
  • Theme Song: "The Shaman Rides"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Australian koala, Wise Hermit, Badass Grandpa wearing only a loincloth, known only as "The Guru", The Unintelligible, Psychic Powers (including Telepathy, Mind over Matter, and Psychic Link), Transformation Camouflage, Controlling the Weak-Minded and Animals, Technical Pacifist, Protecting Aboriginal Lands
  • Domains: Hermits, Mystics, Australia
  • High Priestess: Zecora
  • Followers: Guru Pathik, Oranguru
  • Allies: The Cooper Gang (Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, The Panda King, Dimitri L. Lousteau), Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Goliath, Scrooge McDuck, John Constantine, Princess Luna, Captain Planet, The Lorax, The Beatles, Aku Aku, Thrall, Vol'jin, Nazeebo
  • Additional Relation: Dream of the Endless
  • Enemies: Clockwerk & Neyla, Looten Plunder, Hexxus, the Kraken, Uka Uka, Majora's Mask, Indominus Rex, all evil beasts
  • Pities: Penelope Mouse
  • Feared by: Mooks everywhere
  • A strange mountain appeared out of the blue one day within the confines of the House of Knowledge. After some gods climbed (or for some, flew) to the top. They discovered a small hut there along with a strange purple koala in deep meditation as a wooden stick with a beautiful orb made of an unknown mineral attached to it was at his feet. When word reached those below, Bentley and Murray went up to see if their suspicions were correct. Upon seeing the koala, Murray shed tears of joy as he called out for his "master". Bentley then informed the others present about the koala known only as the Guru. When asked how he managed to arrive, the Guru, in his strange dialect, said it was by the will of the Dreamtime and that he was needed. Nobody questioned him further. With his inclusion, the Cooper Gang was finally assembled within the Pantheon.
  • The Guru may look harmless and would never raise a paw to fight others, but he has been empowered by his connection to the Dreamtime, giving him unnatural Psychic Powers. Telekinesis, changing shape to blend into surroundings, and being able to control the minds of both people and animals alike are the only known abilities the Cooper Gang have seen. Murray probably knows more but he's too excited over his "master's" arrival to really explain them.
  • The Guru seldom leaves his humble temple at the peak of his mountain in the House of Knowledge, so those who want an audience with him have to make the long trek up the mountain to see him unless they can fly or teleport up. Bentley then had an elevator built to accomodate those unable to make the trek up much to the relief of many.
    • Strangely enough, despite talking in a dialect outsiders are unable to understand, everyone around him can understand him perfectly. Some chalk it up to the Guru using telepathy to make his words understood within the minds of those who hear them.
  • Due to his connection to the Dreamtime/Dreaming, the Guru is familiar with Dream of the Endless. It's quite a shock seeing one of the Pantheon Holy Trinity calmly talk things over with a lesser being, but Dream states that the Guru knows a lot about the Dreaming than he lets on and considers the old koala a valuable ally. This, of course, makes Murray fanboy him even more.
  • As a short being who can also tap into a mystical force, it's no surprise the Guru and Yoda get along well. Even though the Jedi Master still has amazing swordsmanship unlike the Guru's technical pacifism in avoiding conflict head-on, he considers him an equal.
  • Unlike the other members of the Cooper Gang, he really doesn't antagonize former member Penelope Mouse due to his calm demeanor, and instead pities her, as he believes she was misguided in her single-minded attempt to have Bentley all to herself by erasing Sly's history as love can be dangerous if not properly centered. Penelope in return doesn't like being pitied, but at least makes a note to not bother the old master for old times' sake.
  • Aside from Dream, many other characters who have had prior experience journeying into the Dreamtime come to him from time to time to talk with him as well. Goliath, Scrooge and Constantine are three of his most frequent visitors. More often than not, he takes visitors into the Dreamtime to help solve problems in unconventional manners.
    • As a "spiritual guide", he gets many newcomers who want to be his students. The Guru gauges their spiritual centers and if he finds them pure, allows them to join him. Some of his most known students are the Fab Four from Liverpool, whom remind the Guru of another group of four musicians whom he took as students while in New York.
  • During one sojourn through the Dreamtime, he came across the Royal Equestrian Dream Walker, Princess Luna as she was in the middle of visiting the dreams of deified ponies. They got into a conversation and the old master gave Luna some advice which left the alicorn pensive. Later on in waking hours, she flies up to the Guru's mountain to resume conversations with him.
  • He is strictly against any form of environmental destruction as he considers it a defiling force over nature. He has allied himself with both Captain Planet and the Lorax to help preserve the natural habitats within the Pantheon from destruction from the likes of Looten Plunder, Hexxus and others.
  • Evil masks are one of the few things that concern the Guru as he was once the guardian of the Mask of Dark Earth which was thankfully destroyed. However, he has new mask enemies in the form of Majora's Mask and Uka Uka. The Guru has sworn that he will rid the Pantheon of their presence and "purify" them by any means necessary.
    • He nearly mistook Aku Aku as another evil mask until Crash Bandicoot stopped him. Realizing his mistake and learning Aku Aku is a powerful spirit in his own right, both of them have joined forces in stopping the two evil masks.
  • Aside from Aku Aku, he met Thrall as a fellow shaman, who introduced him to Vol'jin, whom he then introduced to Nazeebo of the Nephalems. The five of them meet up once in a while to discuss various rites and their experiences.
  • The Guru may be peaceful, but he has no qualms about using Mind Control. Mooks everywhere fear the Guru as he is able to control their minds with ease. Thankfully the Guru does nothing really deadly with them aside from using them mainly as living battering rams. It's only when he instead turns to animals that really cement the Guru as dangerous. Nothing scares a mook more than seeing a koala ride atop a fearsome dragon and directing its attacks.
    • Due to creating a Psychic Link between himself and beasts, he is one of the few who can look into the minds of them to better understand them. This has proved beneficial as he's sometimes called to deal with a troublesome animal. However, even the Guru has his limits. He has attempted to go into the minds of many evil beasts and was horrified to see nothing but hatred and single-minded carnage. Of all the beasts that worry him, Indominus Rex is at the top of the list. The Guru talks in whispers over the things he saw deep within her mind and gets chills just with the thought.

    Robin (Fire Emblem
Robin, Co-Deity of Loyal Tacticians (The (other) Avatar, My Unit, Reflet, Bubbles, The Tactician (Magician), Tome-toting Strategist, High Redeemer, High Deliverer, Mystery Tactician)
Robin's Male default appearance
Robin's Female default appearance

Lesser Gods

Azmuth, God of Cynical Mentors (First Thinker, Sculptor of Worlds, Bug Eyes, Watch Maker, Demon from the Pit)
Azmuth's Omniverse design

    Chance the Gardener 
Chance the Gardener, God of Seemingly Profound Fools (Chauncey Gardiner)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Crest of a lotus flower and a television remote control
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (tender heart, weak mind)
  • Portfolio: Seemingly Profound Fool, Ice-Cream Koan, Twist Ending, Mysterious Past, Parody Stus
  • Domains: Philosophy, Nature, Disability
  • Allies: Mary Lennox, Totoro, Fritz Von Meyer/Swarm, just about all the House of Plants, Forrest Gump
  • Enemies: GUAE Trollkaiger, Biff Tannen
  • Chance is a simple-minded man who knew no other life besides gardening and watching television. He had never even been outside until the man who sheltered him died and he was forced out and on his own. After being nearly run over by a business mogul's car, Chance was brought to his house to recover, and the mogul and his wife were charmed by his old-fashioned manners, mistaking him as being very well-educated and philosophical. More and more high-profile people come to see Chance in such a way and he rose to the top of the political world, with even a possibility of becoming the next president of the USA. This, despite the fact that he speaks of nothing but gardening, which most people take as deep metaphors for something more meaningful.
  • Unlike in his world, most deities in the Pantheon are wise to Chance's true nature and they're not sure someone as naive and uneducated as him should get himself involved in such matters as politics. Others would argue that someone like him is just what those corrupt circles need. Whatever the case, many deities of all stripes find his "advice" to be helpful and inspiring in some way or another, so he was allowed domain over Seemingly Profound Fool and a temple with a television and a huge garden, just the right things to make him happy.
  • He sometimes does gardening in other temples as well, when invited by their respective deities. Sometimes he's invited in tandem with Mary Lennox to see what their gardening abilities combined can produce. Their frequent work together has caused them to become good friends, and Chance often visits Mary in her temple for a cup of tea and to discuss gardening. Chance finds himself rather pleased that restoring a garden to its full splendor had such a positive effect in Mary's life.
  • Chance was quite amazed to discover that there exist plants that can talk to him as though they were other human beings. With that said, he still tries to take care of them like he would with any other plant; it's just that in such cases Chance will politely offer his services to them before anything else. Even evil flowers like Cagney Carnation and Flowey tolerate having him around their roots, ostensibly because he is too insignificant to bother with (at least, this is what they'll say if one asks them upfront). Upon hearing of his activities, Mary advised Chance to at least be careful of Flowey, as the evil flower has done some really terrible things in her opinion. Chance listened, though he keeps visiting Flowey for reasons only he knows.
    • Seeing his kindness, Flowey has considered telling Chance about where his true loyalties lie and about his past, but ultimately he thinks Chance doesn't have the mind to understand the gravity of it and he might spread it around by accident. Nevertheless, anyone who attacks Chance is liable to feel Flowey's wrath.
    • With all that said, Chance learned the hard way not to go anywhere near Audrey II after the carnivorous plant nearly tore his arm off. Learning that she required human blood for nourishment convinced Chance that it's really better to leave that one alone. And yet, even after all that, he still doesn't seem to bear her any ill will.
  • One of the few adult humans capable of seeing Totoro, certainly because his extremely sheltered upbringing combined with his simple-mindedness meant he never had the opportunity to become world-weary like most adults. Totoro, as a nature spirit, really likes Chance's deep understanding of plants and the way he handles them, so much so that he frequently helps out with his own divine intervention to allow the plants to bloom to their full potential.
  • Somehow Fritz Von Meyer/Swarm has managed to strike a deal with Chance - everything that grows in the Pantheon gets pollinated, even the man-eaters, a tithe of honey every month - and in return, Swarm gets every melted puddle of ice cream in the Pantheon and something new to think about every other day.
  • The fact that in his world he was last recorded walking on water has some deities wondering whether Chance possesses much greater power than appearances suggest. Asking him about it is pointless as Chance always says gardening is all he knows, but the Main House has him under scrutiny to see whether he can pull off more miracles, maybe even unintentionally.
  • He is definitely not the sort to make enemies easily, being naturally unfailingly gentle and just too content where he is, and also possessing nothing of value that he could be targeted for. But his very passive demeanor and lack of wit can lead to some particularly scummy deities wanting to torment him anyway. He's a favorite target for bullies like Biff Tannen to pick on, and deities who relish psychological torment like those composing the Trollkaiger, who'll sometimes take the time to wreck Chance's beloved gardens. Poor Chance can't do much except resignedly fix the damage, but fortunately Mary and the whole House of Plants are on his side on such occasions. And Flowey will personally get revenge for Chance.
  • Chance is often compared to Forrest Gump, because they both have a tendency to say things that have no deeper meaning below the surface, yet tend to greatly affect whoever is listening. And as some envious deities point out, they both rose to incredible heights with very little effort. With that said, when the two meet, it's all pretty mundane and even boring, as they are both impervious to each other's faux-hidden meanings. But at any rate they find each other to be very pleasant company, having similar calm temperaments.

Gate, God of Persecuted Intellectuals
Click here  for his battle form

    Gunter Prozen 
Gunter Prozen, God of Treacherous Advisors (Gunther Proitzen, Dark Kaiser)
Spoiler from the second half of the anime 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Guylos Empire Symbol.
  • Theme Song: Prozen
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil later Chaotic Evil as Dark Kaiser
  • Portfolio: Treacherous Advisors, Regents for Life, Villainous Chancellors, Faux Affably Evil, Sociopathy, Big Bads Who Doesn't Fight During All The Anime, Absurdly Long Hair,Disney Death, Body Horror, That Man Is Dead, The Man Behind the Man, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Betrayal, Evil, Manipulation
  • High Priest: Kor
  • Followers: Kabuto Yakushi, Zead, Alpha, Gil Graham, Albert Maverick, Korso, Shuji Ikutsuki, Ulube Ishikawa
  • Allies: Prime Minister Honest, Jafar, Orochimaru, Hades (Kid Icarus), Ali Al-Saachez, Deidara.
  • Rivals: Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, Cao Cao, Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Van, Fiona, The Blitz Team, Rosso, Viola, Rudolph, Thomas, Hiltz, Most heroic mentors on the Pantheon as well as their students, Every single member from the GUAG mecha division, Jiraiya, Corvo Attano, Night Raid, Aladdin (Disney), Jasmine, The Genie, Pit, Palutena, Viridi.
  • Interested on: Heinz Windermere, The Backdraft Group
  • After the ascension of many heroic Zoids deities, and more recently the failures of Hiltz and The Backdraft Group, the most evil members from the Council of Shadows have an idea - Ascend another one of their worst enemies from Planet Zi. So they give Gunter Prozen, a former chancellor from Guylos Empire an offer: The godhood title of Treacherous Advisor. Prozen accepts.
  • Since the day that he was ascended into the Pantheon, he still hates Van and Fiona, given that they're the ones who ruined his plans. Twice, but especially in the Grand Finale, even though they weren't the ones who killed him.
    • Rosso and Viola still hates Prozen for his attempts to kill Rudolph. And the Emperor himself is no more fooled.
    • Prozen still found new enemies on the form of the Blitz Team. Thanks to Van and Fiona's previous advices, the members aren't fooled. Also, of all the members, Bit, Brad and Jamie are the most hated: Bit is a Liger-pilot similar to Van (and possibly his descendant), Brad's attitude is no different from Irvine and Jamie because the fact that he pilots aerial-type Zoids (Pteras and later Raynos) makes him no different from Rosso and Viola. Leena is sometimes also hated as she used to pilot a Dibison... the same as Thomas, one of the members from the Guardian Force.
    • And speaking of the guy himself, Thomas is not subtle on showing his hate for Prozen... independent if he's Dark Kaiser or not.
    • As for Hiltz, Prozen still hates him so much... Especialy considering that he's the one that killed him in the last fight.
    • Less bad is his situation with The Backdraft Group, as while he doesn't hate them, Prozen is dissapointed by the fact that they're mostly incompetent. That said, the fact that the organization's goals is to subvert the "Noble" concept of Zoids Battles makes them a possible pawn for his future plans. It helps that Vega, one of the members, is similar to Raven, one of Prozen's former soldiers, at least appearance-wise. He still hates Stoller, Sanders and Pierce through, not helped that the latter pilots a Storm Sworder.
    • Surprisingly, his view of Dr. Layon is neutral, likely because Prozen only sees him as an "incompetent ramen eater". On the other hand, he fully disapproves of Layon's "relationship" whit Leena, one of his enemies in the Blitz Team.
  • Prozen isn't much of a fighter, as he prefers to see his "allies" do the dirty work to him. Many gods compares him to Viridi, as both are pretty much The Unfought and relays on Mooks. However, this similarity is only superficial: While Viridi is not that heroic, she at least cares for the nature. Prozen, on the other hand, is a boderline sociopath which cares for no one but himself. It doesn't help that Viridi sounds similar to Fiona, especially considering that both are blond-haired girls and have the "power" to destroy the world.
  • Being also an Evil Chancellor himself, he allied with Prime Minister Honest and Jafar. Prozen also seems to have a rivalry with Gihren Zabi, Haman Khan, who also are villainous chancellors. Bonus points for Haman, who, like Prozen, is also a Regent for Life.
  • He is targeted by many assassin gods: Most notably, there's Night Raid, since Prozen is a corrupt nobleman who also have connections with the aforementioned Prime Minister Honest. There's also Corvo Attano, as Prozen's actions reminds him of Hiram Burrows.
  • Due to a certain incident involving Van and Fiona, Jiraiya also hates Prozen very much, due to their "similarities": Both are white-haired long-haired guys, have Facial Markings and shares the same japanese voice actor. But, there's a difference: While Jiraiya is a lovable pervert, Prozen is a dirty, rotten, and manipulative minister.
    • Many gods also comment that Prozen's theme song sounds a lot like Orochimaru. In fact, there's a rumor that Prozen has sided with Orochimaru: In exchange for the secrets of ninjutsu, Prozen will supply the former Sannin with some of the most powerful Zoids in existence to eradicate the Hidden Leaf Village. That said, there's also a good chance that he'll backstab Orochimaru after the invasion.
    • Because of that, Naruto sees Prozen as a legitimate threat in the Pantheon, especially concerning his alliance with Orochimaru.
  • The fact that he used to manipulate Prince Rudolph and trying to kill him earned the ire of many mentors in the Pantheon. Their pupils aren't too found of him, either.
  • He also gained a lot of enemies from the GUAG robot division, most notably Domon Kasshu. The hateful relationship is mutual, as Domon reminds Prozen of Irvine in a lot of things. Meanwhile, Prozen himself reminds Domon of Ulube Ishikawa, given that both believed power to be the ultimate deciding factor in life, and have used incredibly powerful and destructive machines to obtain said power.
  • Seems to have an interest on Heinz Windermere, given that he reminds him of Rudolph, the emperor from the Guylos Empire. This immediately gives Hayate (Which is also a member of the GUAG) another reason to put Prozen's name in his list of "enemies" - The other is that like Roid, Prozen is also a villainous chancellor with seeks domination.
  • Is also a rival of Cao Cao, given that he is the one with the official title of Regent for Life. As surprising as it is, Cao Cao is surprised by the fact that Prozen is one of the few people that nearly succeed in his plans of dominate Planet Zi, albeit he didn't counted with the fact that Van and Fiona defeated him. Still, the regent sees him as a enemy, rather than a rival and a Worthy Opponent.
    • Also has another rivalry with Oda Nobunaga. He's pretty impressed by the fact that he's the "Demon King Nobunaga", and that's one of the reasons why Prozen considers him his biggest rival. It helps that he's pretty much a Large Ham, not unlike Prozen himself.
  • After becoming Dark Kaiser, Prozen started recruiting some terrorists to help him further his plans. Two of them are confirmed to be Deidara and Ali Al-Saachez.

    Lanaya the Templar Assassin 
Lanaya, Goddess of Seekers of Mysteries And Truths (Templar Assassin, TA)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Psionic Trap
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Purple-Colored Graceful Ass Kicking, One-Hit Polykill, Seeking Knowledges, Non-Malicious Secret Circle of Secrets, Studious Badasses, Kunoichi-Like Attire And Style, Invisibility, Refraction, Glass Cannon, Psionic Traps
  • Domains: Knowledge, Combat, Stealth
  • Allies: Depends if the Temple orders it, but mostly on fellow Defenders of the Ancients, The Investigation Team, Tassadar, Artanis, Zeratul, The Scooby Gang
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Omniknight
  • Rivals: Champions of Runeterra, but in particular Akali. Also Shiro Tagachi
  • Odd Friendship: Leonardo Watch
  • Already an utterly curious and studious individual, Lanaya's constant search for more mysteries and truths led her to become the Templar Assassin and eventually proving her mettle along with her unbridled curiosity in the fields of the Ancients. That was apparently not enough for her, leading her to discover the secrets known as the Trope Pantheons... and she ended up being ascended for that very reason as well, as now she continued to dig through the vast knowledge and mysteries there is. For her temple.
  • Lanaya is constantly being warned that her curiosity will be the end of her. Well, the reason why she ascended in the first place was because she pretty much gives the middle finger on that, anyone who tried to kill her ends up lying on the ground dead or unconscious if she's feeling generous after having a psi blade impaled on them. How Kel'Thuzad gets tired of saying that everytime she explores his home to uncover its mysteries and that of Naxxrammas' and walk away unscathed.
  • As one who sought mysteries and truths, Lanaya gets along with those who sought that, such as the Investigation Team and the Scooby Gang. She occasionally pops in to give some hint that will lead to the truth, but prefers them discover those truths themselves.
    • Of note, Terumi Yuki has constantly dissuaded her to stop looking for more mysteries and just accept that the only truth there is is despair, Lanaya constantly ignored him and kept the beliefs that there are more mysteries and truths than despair. If the ignorance tactic works with that Jah'rakal, it should work with fellow Trolls, even their God, like Terumi. Any attempts for him to strike back from afar usually gets blocked off with her Refraction.
  • She wonders if she was actually not descended from some human, but instead being a Protoss. She has contacted other Protosses like Tassadar, Zeratul and Artanis to solve that mystery.
  • She made it clear that in spite of her style, she is not a Kunoichi, so does not accept any invitations to the Kunoichi Go-Nin-Shuu. Though it didn't stop her to engage rivalry with the kunoichi of the Kinkou Order, Akali, who had similar stealth assassination style with her.
  • In spite of her title, she has no interest in the whole 'Templar vs Assassin' struggle. It's not in the scope of her Temple's orders.
  • Somehow if she gets near Illidan Stormrage, he gets overly paranoid with "Maiev is behind me, right? She's always behind me, right?" A few mystery searching and she found out that in the past she used to sound like that warden and after a bit of an attack that caused damage on her throat and brain (which erased that memory a bit), she stopped sounding like that.
  • Well, that's it. The secret is out.
  • In Lanaya's curiosity and pursuit of the truth, she has found a new friend of sorts... Leonardo Watch. Lanaya heard the rumors of Leo's All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods and after a brief and humorous interaction of her utterly fascinated with her eyes, she asked if he would help her. His Eyes would let her find and discover more things, things she wanted to know. Leo actually agreed to her request if in exchange she acted as a bodyguard to him, due to the large amounts of malicious individuals who want his eyes. He also wished to try and find a way to restore his sister's eyesight and let her walk.

    Lisa Simpson 
Lisa Marie Simpson, Goddess of Intelligent Loners
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Saxophone, or alternately, a Picket Sign
  • Theme Song: Her version of "JazzMan" by Carole King
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, but sometimes Neutral Good or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Children Who Are Smarter For Their Age, Soapbox Sadie, Innocent Child Prodigy, A much better person then her brother and father, Introverted Cat Lover, Insufferable Genius, Little Miss Snarker, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Women Are Wiser, Splits the fanbase, Standing in for Her Creator Matt Groening, Adorkable, Sometimes Smug, The Responsible to Bart's Foolish, Very serious in contrast to her wacky father
  • Domains: Knowledge, Politics, Morals, Activism
  • Followers: Alex Dunphy, T.J. Henderson, Brick Heck
  • Allies
  • On good/neutral terms with: All good/neutral-aligned Pokémon Trainers, Ron Swanson
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Charles Montgomery Burns, Hexxus, Cruella De Vil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Miles Quaritch, B.B. Hood, Herbert Garrison, Ethan Roark Senior
  • Opposes: Hank Hill, Stan Smith
  • Pities: Rowf and Snitter
  • She was once the Goddess of Author Tract, but Lisa disliked the trope she was given, saying that she is more then just a mouthpiece for her creator. The Gods then gave her two new tropes, which she felt was more fitting. However, they later felt that she went too far with her soapboxing, and was kicked out of the Pantheon with her tropes given to other deities. Her parents were not happy about this, and after begging to let her back in, Lisa was accepted with a new trope.
    • Before she re-entered the Pantheon, the Gods agreed that Lisa should have a mentor to keep an eye on her so she could keep her promise of not going too far with her values. However, her mother was busy with cleaning the Pantheon and her father was denied for being a not-so-great parent. The Gods then chose Lesile Knope for having similar ideals without outright forcing others to agree with her. While Homer and Marge were wary about this at first, they both noticed how they enjoy each others company and her parents kept the two of them alone ever since.
    • With that said, Lisa doesn't hold any ill towards those who have her former tropes. She heavily relates to Momo Isshiki's life, and is regularly seen protesting with Marzipan.
  • Originally, Lisa was manipulated by Ghetsis into believing that all Pokémon are being abused by their trainers and they need to be released in the wild. After that, she hated all Pokémon trainers for apparent "animal cruelty". And when the partnership program was launched, she protested that it further encourages it. However, after meeting N, she learned that their supposed "cruelty" was just a misconception and that Ghetsis is a horrible person who abused his own son and ran an animal rights group that was anything but. Nowadays, she's very supportive of the practice and only hates the Evil-aligned trainers. It helps that she did enjoy a bland name version of one of their games.
  • Despite her trope, she managed to make a decent amount of friends in the Pantheon compared to her universe. Apparently, the status quo doesn't apply here.
  • She was hoping to find another politically opinionated, young girl around her age; she managed to find Mafalda, who was just that. They love talking about how talking about the multiple problems the world has, with Mafalda even seeing Lisa as true friend.
  • Malcolm Wilkerson really relates to Lisa with how they feel that they're the only smart and sane member in their respective families. Though, they both agree that his family is much crazier.
  • Lisa absolutely hates animal cruelty. After hearing about Rowf and Snitter's experience at the animal research facility, she teamed up with other people who love animals such as Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry to stop such treatment.
    • She doesn't like Cruella De Vil for her hatred towards animals, her love of fur coats and strangely enough, having a plan similar to what Mr. Burns did. When she was about to throw red paint at her, Lisa encountered Stan Marsh, who had plans to prank Mrs. De Vil. Stan noticed that she's very similar to his on and off girlfriend, Wendy. While Lisa does love that he despises those who harm animals, Stan just wants to be friends with Lisa, even though Wendy recently broke up with him. He knows that she can't keep a boyfriend.
  • She really cares about the environment and will do anything to stop pollution and deforestation. She highly respects the House of Nature, though she finds some of Captain Planet's statements on the earth too overbearing even for her.
    • Lisa hates Miles Quaritch for planing to devastate the alien planet, Pandora, for the sake of getting resources for Earth.
    • While Lisa was protesting, Hexxus stepped in to ruin her plans and nearly killed her with his smog. Fortunately, Swamp Thing came in to save her. Lisa was scared of him at first, but he told her of the many things he had done to protect the environment. She has respected him ever since.
  • Lisa may soapbox a lot, but she's still an eight-year-old girl and as such, loves ponies. She met Spirit once and became one of the few humans he liked for her dislike of pollution and Mr. Burns. Unsurprisingly, she got along with some of the deities from Equestria. But the one pony she really liked was Fluttershy due to how both of them love animals and have a hard time making friends (Though Fluttershy's reason for the latter is different).
  • Lisa got along quite nicely with Amy Santiago for being a fellow Fox deity (Formerly, in Amy's case) who's smart, adorkable, and can get smug at times. Amy once tried to convince Lisa to work for the police force when she grows up, but she respected her decision not to do that, considering how terrible the cops in Lisa's town are.
  • She was originally turned off by Sam Manson due to having bad experiences with rich people, but Lisa found out she cared about important issues just as much as her. Since then, the two of them became protest buddies along with Marzipan.
  • She doesn't care for Hank Hill and Stan Smith as Lisa feels people like them are ruining America. Despite Ron Swanson having similar traits, Lisa goes out of her way to tolerate him because A, he's only a libertarian and not a full on right-winger and B, Ms. Knope told her to be nice with her (somewhat) friend.
  • Lisa once tried to make friends with B.B. Hood, seeing her as a nice girl. That was until she saw her walking to the House of Beast, pulling out her Uzi, and shooting anything with four legs. Lisa stayed far away from her ever since.
  • She doesn't care for horrible politicians after her trip to Washington, D.C.. Ethan Roark Senior does not like her views, but ignores her, seeing Lisa as just a little girl.
  • Upon entering the House of Music, Lisa got a couple surprises. First, Paul McCartney managed to get in. While Paul doesn't like that Lisa still kept shoving her beliefs down other people's throats after he told her not to do that, he's still happy to see her and is glad that she's trying to change. Another interesting tidbit was that she finally got to meet Michael Jackson!
    Lisa: "You know, Michael, my dad once brought home a mental patient named Leon Kompowsky, but he had the same voice as you and he co-wrote a birthday song with my brother!"
    Michael: "Yeah, I'm sure he was a nice guy."
  • She met Yoshino once, who also has a hard time making friends. While Lisa finds that her constant talking to her puppet Yoshinon a bit creepy, she understands why she does it, as she uses him to deal with her loneliness and overall, sees her as a nice girl.
  • Don't ask her about where her boyfriend, Colin, went after the movie. Not even she knows about his whereabouts.
  • At one point in the future, she will become President of the United States after President Garrison's disastrous stint with the job.

    Luna (Sailor Moon
Luna, Goddess of Mentor Mascots

    Matilda Wormwood 
Matilda Wormwood, Goddess of Psychic Powers Borne From Smarts
Matilda as depicted in the film (top) and the book (bottom)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A library card
  • Theme Song: The film's theme song Naughty
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: smarts and telekinetic powers awoken from her Berserk Button being pressed, Adorably Precocious Child, Child Prodigy, Kid Hero, Brainy Brunette, two kinds of Bookworm (Cute and Badass), Good with Numbers, Lady And A Scholar, Abusive Parents, Sadist Teacher Hunter, Wise Beyond Their Years, Guile Heroine, Plucky Girl
  • Domains: Intelligence, Psychics, Bully Hunter
  • Followers: Jobe
  • Avatar: Mara Wilson
  • Allies: Mafalda, Calvin, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, the Powerpuff Girls, Twilight Sparkle, Jimmy Hopkins, Haruka Kotoura, Sara Crewe, James Henry Trotter, Willy Wonka, Madeline, Marge Gunderson George and Harold
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge, Mr. Krupp, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Ever since she was young, Matilda had a desire for knowledge. She learned much about life by going to the library, going through nearly every book there. All while having to deal with a family who didn't care at all for her. Eventually, she managed to earn a happy ending. She may have lost her powers after burning them out from ousting Trunchbull from her school, or likely because she's now using her brain to the fullest, which disables her from using those powers. But whatever the reason, upon ascension, she found that she has access to these powers once more.
  • Her story has since found itself both on the big screen and even in Broadway with success. She can attest to how malleable her story is for others to use.
  • Naturally, Trunchbull was pissed when she found out that Matilda has made it to the Pantheon, but with all the weirdness in the Pantheon, as well as the revelation that Matilda is telekinetic, she restrains herself for her own sake. That and she fears that Matilda could oust her from her teaching job in the Pantheon.
    • She was even more pissed when she found out that one of her followers ran into trouble with Matilda. Miss Minchin saw much of her bills swirl around her before ending up in a fire. She wept for the tragedy while Sara Crewe hugged Matilda for the deed. The brainy girl has become her new best friend in the Pantheon.
  • As stated from above, she hates bullies more than anything. That put her in good company with Jimmy Hopkins. Few bullies can handle the two of them together.
  • Is she ever a child prodigy. She spoke in full sentences when she was one and a half, taught herself to read adult novels when she was four, and by the time she's in first grade, has already memorized the 12-times table, can multiply 13 x 379 in her head in about 3 seconds, figure out how much money her father earned in a day selling low-quality cars, can write limerick poetry, and single-handedly devised a plan to get rid of Agatha Truchbull using nothing more than her powers and a piece of chalk.
  • Many deities are thankful that Matilda is able to keep herself optimistic despite all her hardships. If not, she could've been a potential Intermediate God-level danger like Andrew Detmer, Carrie White, or even Lucy.
  • If you don't want her to torment you with her telekinetic powers, don't accuse her of anything unless you have undeniable proof that she did it, hurt children in her presence, or take away her books. And it takes a lot to make her angry.
  • Twilight Sparkle, overjoyed to see another brilliant mind, decided to take Matilda under her wing, both to tutor her in her telekinetic powers, and to just chat between smart individuals. One side-benefit to this is that Matilda's telekinetic powers have improved greatly.
  • Calvin dared Matilda to try and figure out the nature of Calvin. She came close to succeeding. She only conceded defeat because she didn't want the kid to leave the Pantheon as a result. She felt that Calvin has a rough life what caused him to act as he has. As the result of losing the bet, Calvin now has an ace to deal with his babysitter.
  • Matilda may well have graduated from the temple of Neville Longbottom. Taking on an Olympic athlete may not seem much compared to what Neville got put through, but the wizard recognizes her greatness, congratulating her on her ascension.
    • Is also good buddies with Harry Potter due to handling awful guardians. She allowed the wizard to study her powers to figure out how they worked. It also helps that they both despise Ms. Umbridge.
  • There are other telekinetics in the Pantheon… but some with more tragic origins. Haruka Kotoura got EMP powers when she was young... bringing her nothing but misery. It was only the friendship and eventual love of a boy that snapped her out of it. Matilda has taken note of the plight of powers and strives to help out others to deal with their powers.
  • There seemed to be far more friendly adults in the Pantheon. Marge for example welcomed her with a hot cup of cocoa. Matilda was initially suspicious that she might try to get her parents arrested, but Marge was adamant to let those incident slide. After all, it's not in her jurisdiction.
  • Matilda didn't think that her own avatar could be just as devastating to her enemies as she can be with her powers. But Mara Wilson proved to be quite the companion. She was especially glad to see one of her favorite roles have a seat in the Pantheon, reminding her of her own sense of justice for those who wronged her. They proceeded to do just that, trolling everyone from Mr. Burns to Ms. Trunchbull herself.
  • Her parents may not have been too abusive, but she is not a fan of any parent that does just that to their children. This guarantees that Ghetsis Harmonia will be one of her most hated foes in the Pantheon.
  • George and Harold made a habit of mocking her intellligence, that is, until she pulled a prank on Mr. Krupp involving his toupee and hydrogen peroxide. They have since dubbed her "pretty cool for a brain."
  • There seems to be a growing number of deities who were created by Roald Dahl. Among them, she enjoyed Trotter's company the most. They are both kids who learned to stand up for themselves. She has a mixed opinion of Willy Wonka. His intellectual achievements are impressive, but is unsure what to think of the fate of those who do not listen to his instructions.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi 
Obi-Wan Kenobi, God of Mentors (Ben Kenobi, Old Ben, OB-1)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in his younger form)
  • Symbol: His blue lightsaber
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Force, Well-Intentioned Lies, Calmness In Death, Spirit Advisors
  • Domains: Force, Mind, Mysticism, Spirit, Wisdom
  • Followers: Splinter, Stick, Rufus
  • Allies: Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Vader (as Anakin), Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Yoda, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, C-3PO and R2-D2, Jar Jar Binks, Albus Dumbledore, Celestia Ralgris
  • Enemies: Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, General Grievous
  • Having lost a planet 30 years ago, Obi-Wan browses the shelves looking for it, as he tells anyone who asks.
  • He very rarely leaves this House these days, although once he was a very active member of the House of Defense. If asked, he might just say that he's looking for that planet. He has never confessed to simply waiting.
  • Frequently the God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion will find him, talk to him, and eventually ask him to help out - he and his are up against Vader and Thrawn (sometimes) and the Death Star and the Imperial Missile Boat and the Emperor himself! Obi-Wan feels a little guilty about leaving them like this and not wanting to face Vader yet, so from time to time he does go out briefly.
  • Widely considered one of the most famous and respected mentor figures in modern fiction, alongside Gandalf, Albus Dumbledore and fellow Jedi Master Yoda, Obi-Wan has moved away from mentoring duties and acquired a more active role in military and diplomatic affairs in the GUAG, as the Pantheon had gifted him the ability to change into his younger appearance from the Clone Wars. Admittedly, Obi-Wan felt that he failed as a teacher to Anakin and only felt he truly redeem himself by guiding his son Luke to become a better version of his father. The other wise mentors, however, are not nearly as harsh on Obi-Wan as he is with himself, telling Obi-Wan that his wisdom ultimately helped save the galaxy and he should take pride in that. Obi-Wan and Gandalf bonded fairly quickly over their sense of humor and a few cups of tea in Gandalf's temple.
  • Befriended young pilot Celestia Ralgris, as he reminded her of her deceased mentor, and comforted over her guilt for indirectly causing Lux Arcadia's exile, telling her she only did what she thought was right, and ultimately gave Lux the opportunity to be the hero he was always meant to be. Accepting Obi-Wan's advice, Celestia felt her burden had become lighter. He also facilitated a friendship between Celestia and Ahsoka.
  • Said God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion was played by the uncle of the actor who played young Obi-Wan. Both of them are aware of that. It's part of the reason Obi-Wan lets Wedge find him. When he does leave, it's in his younger form, which is ironically younger than Wedge. At those times he wears armor, hides his face, and tries to pass as just another pilot/commando. Since the pilots are based in the House of Defense, where Vader works, there have been many close calls.
  • Readily saves people who are threatened by the House's fauna, including the squinting degenerated descendants of those who got too caught up in their research. He can make an eerily realistic imitation of the threat-call of the greater thesauri. Scares smaller creatures right off.
  • Said to be unstoppable when on the high ground. Of course, his followers like to go further than that and say he's unstoppable in the presence of the high ground.
  • One of his allies decided to send him a video on what could've happened had he actually bought the death sticks from that dealer. Needless to say, the Jedi was more grateful than ever that he never took them.
  • When he learned of General Grievous' ascension, he snuck into the Kaleesh general's base and welcomed himself to Grievous with a snide "Hello There". Grievous didn't take it too kindly.

    Peppy Hare 
Peppy Hare, God of Wisdom That Comes With Age
  • Theme Song: Heroes of Old, Peppy Hare and James McCloud
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Arwing
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Lawful Good as a general in one timeline)
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guys, Heroes Who Are Now Mentors, Badass Grandpa, Righteous Lagomorphs, Telling Players How and When To Do A Cool Maneuver, Being Really Quotable
  • Domains: Space, Pilots, Lagomorphs, Experience, Advices
  • Allies: The Star Fox crew (Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad), Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cranky Kong, Bugs Bunny, Tewi Inaba, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Rabbit (Winnie-the-Pooh), Roger Rabbit, Cream The Rabbit, Usalia, Erica Hartmann, SCP-524
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Napoleon, Mojo Jojo, Springtrap
  • One of the founding members of the legendary Star Fox mercenary team, Peppy ascended to the Pantheon after mentoring Fox into becoming a strong enough pilot in order to defeat Andross, something that he had failed to do prior to the events of the Lylat Wars, when his fellow wingmate Pigma Dengar betrayed him and Fox's father, James McCloud, leading to the latter's death (as well as some major debts that were passed to Fox).
    • Peppy was not happy about Fox killing fellow galactic hero Captain Bucky O'Hare, even though the latter had seemingly killed Slippy. He told Fox to not let his emotions take him over, or else he could end up straying away from the path of justice.
  • He is willing to give Arwing piloting classes in the House of Travel to any deities who are interested. Those who partake in his lessons will be able to try somersaults, use bombs wisely and master the legendary BARREL ROLL! maneuver. So far, Erica Hartmann appears to be his best disciple.
    • And yes, he is aware that the "Barrel Roll" is actually called the "Aileron Roll" and that the actual Barrel Roll is a completely different maneuver. He just keeps using the name "Barrel Roll" because the other deities find it amusing.
  • Peppy is apparently able to be everywhere in the Pantheon, giving catchy advice to several random deities when they are stumped with something. No one knows how he manages to do this, not even the House of Time And Space.
  • Has bonded with both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Auron, engaging in conversations about their respective "pupils" and the harsh events they had to go through before they helped the young ones fulfill their destinies, such as the deaths of their best friends.
    • He is also known for having several conversations with Cranky Kong. The old monkey sometimes criticizes Peppy for becoming famous for "barrel rolling", which he believes it is supposed to be his thing, but aside from that, he respects Peppy for being a fellow senior who has the duty to tell those "whippersnapper protagonists" how to do stuff right.
  • Has a good relationship with all the rabbit deities of the Pantheon, be they the rascally Bugs Bunny, the grumpy Rabbit, the quirky Roger Rabbit, the lucky Oswald Rabbit or even the mostly humanoid Tewi, Reisen and Usalia. He is particularly close to Cream The Rabbit, who he views as a granddaughter figure. Cream apparently likes to hear stories about his space adventures.
    • However, he dislikes Springtrap like every other rabbit deity. At first, when it appeared before Peppy, he dismissed it as just some sort of Halloween prank devised by Slippy. Thankfully, Reisen appeared in time to blast it away.
  • Thanks to his fellow ex-wingmate Pigma, Peppy is wary of any deceptive-looking pig deity such as Napoleon and Ganondorf.
    • He once confused Mojo Jojo for one of Andross' minions. This deeply offended Mojo Jojo, who started blabbering about being stronger, smarter and eviler than this "Andross fellow" (in at least 7 different ways). This culminated in Mojo Jojo leaving and coming back while piloting a giant vehicle not unlike one of Andross' own creations, full of glowing weak points everywhere, which Peppy just had the trouble to fire at while inside his Arwing. Mojo Jojo escaped and swore revenge over this incident (in at least 8 different ways).

    Yuuno Scrya 
Yuuno Scrya, God of Asskicking Scholars (Ferret Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ferret form with his magic circle in the backdrop.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Asskicking Scholars, Badass Bookworm, Adventurer Archaeologist, Barrier Warrior, Stone Wall, Weak, but Skilled, Shapeshifter, having a power set that could be surprisingly lethal, target of a lot of NanoFate shippers
  • Domains: Knowledge, Archaeology, Magic
  • Allies: Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Hayate Yagami, Reinforce Eins, Signum, Vita, Yomiko Readman, Rinnosuke Morichika, Ronald Weasley, Shiroe, Mami Tomoe, Len, Vivio Takamachi, Indiana Jones, Ma-Ti, Masaya Aoyama, Yuno, Miyako
  • Enemies: Incubators, Micolash
  • Nervous around: Any cat deities or well, any animal deity that dwarfs a ferret.
  • Opposed by: Many, many NanoFate shippers
  • Yuuno ascended after being assessed for both his intelligence and his combat capabilities, but prior to that, he was the chief priest of Yomiko Readman.
  • Yuuno is notable for being the only mage from his universe to lack an Intelligent Device to assist in performing magic. He's the also known mage who can shapeshift into a ferret when needed.
  • Is often seen around the House of Knowledge, either teaching young mages on the use of magic, or discussing with other gods on ancient history.
  • Being Nanoha's magic teacher, Yuuno is assumed to a mythical figure of biblical proportions. This has often led to battle maniacs seeking a fight with him. In reality, Yuuno is a Stone Wall. Though, a very good Stone Wall given that he was able to fend off Vita's attacks.
  • Yuuno is often taking care of the Pantheon's library with Vivio assisting him. As a result, he dislikes it whenever Marisa fails to return a book.
    • This has led to him bonding with Rinnosuke for similar reasons.
  • Enjoys the company of Indiana Jones as they are both archaeologists looking with lost artifacts.
  • Friends with people who's voices are similar to his including, Mami Tomoe, Len and the aforementioned Vivio.
  • Absolutely abhors Kyubey, not only for being the one responsible for many a Magical Girls suffering, but also for being so nonchalant about it. Not helping with the fact with people mistaking ferrets for weasels.
  • Symphatizes with Ron Weasley due to both being portrayed negatively. Same goes to Masaya Aoyama.
  • Yuuno was there when the House of Knowledge was visited by Micolash. He also almost went mad when the insane scholar shared his so-called "knowledge." Then his hatred on Micolash doubled after he found out about the Mensis Ritual. Then tripled after Micolash tried to convert the entire School into the Nightmare of Mensis. Yuuno also criticizes Micolash's status as "scholar."
    • Micolash is also in the shit-list of Nanoha and co. after almost making one of their friends mad.


    Deckard Cain 
Deckard Cain, God of the Scholar Race and Getting Skipped Over (The Last Horadrim, Cain the Elder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Staff and the Horadric Book
  • Theme Song: Deckard Cain's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Ancient Keeper, Cool Old Guy, The Last Horadrim, Nice Guy, Mr. Exposition, Non-Action Guy
  • Domains: Knowledge, Exposition, Exploring, Story, Lore, Age
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Imperius and Angels of similar attitude, Alarak
  • A very old and wise man from the world of Sanctuary, Deckard Cain was part of the Horadrim, an order created by the angel Tyrael to keep watch of the sealed Diablo. He has been aiding the heroes of Sanctuary in their quest to slay Diablo and has proved to be valuable asset to them. He also took his time to raise Leah as his own daughter and it all tragically ended when Deckard was assassinated by members of the Coven. However, his spirit lingered and he eventually reincarnated as a Pantheon deity, he was awarded for his bravery and knowledge and given his own temple as well.
  • Cain is known for giving long lectures and explanations about items and other locations in the world of Sanctuary. The downside is that people rarely like to listen to his ramblings and so usually ignore him or flat out fall asleep in his presence. It's been annoying for Cain but at this point he got used to it.
  • He was overjoyed to find Leah as well as important heroes from sanctuary and the archangel Tyrael. He was less amused by also knowing about the presence of Diablo and other demons, not to mention Demons from realms outside of sanctuary. He was also very saddened by the reveal of what happened to Leah and it happening after his own death, swearing he would make Adria pay for that.
    • Adria even tried to confront Cain and mock him about his involvement in Tristam. Cain retorted by pulling out a book and using his classic "Stay a while and Listen", boring her to sleep and the nephalems having the perfect opportunity to beat her down.
  • Not the first time Cain finds himself wandering a massive realm where realities clash, having already experience that in the nexus. He is both searching for the mysteries about said worlds while supporting the actual fighters that engage in the battlefield. Cain finds the Pantheon not that different and plans to find out the secret behind the Pantheon's origin. The higher ups also went ahead and made him the master Lorekeeper of the Pantheon that would inform other gods about the place they visit, but as usual, a handful of deities avoid his lectures and never actually stop to listen.
  • He befriended fellow Mr. Exposition Kaepora Gaebora after finding him during a trek around the House of Narrative. The latter has heard about Deckard usually getting ignored by others and decided to help him. Considering the owl's method of exposition, it tends to work pretty well sometimes.
  • During one of his treks around the Nexus, he stumbled upon a young mage by the name of Orphea, who seemed to be running away from the forces of the Raven Lord. Orphea and Cain eventually found themselves under the care of the Lady of Thorns. When asked about why he decided to aid the mysterious yoing girl, Deckard just answered that besides his usual curiosity that gets him in all sorts of trouble, she reminding him about Leah and decided to help her out.
  • Being a prominent member of the Horadrim and seemingly knowing a lot about the pantheon, Meteora Österreich came to visit Deckard and learn more about him. Turns out that the last Horadrim confused her for Orphea but it turned out that Meteora was unrelated to her and most interestingly, she knew that Deckard was a videogame character like her. Meteora even told him about the events she experienced concerning Altair. Considering he is that usually gives the lectures, he felt that it was a nice change of pace that for once he gets to stay a while and listen.
    • However, having learned that Meteora discovered that she was a fictional character and that would certainly hold true for Deckard too, the old man suggested partnering with the librarian to learn about the inner secrets of the pantheon and find out if the pantheon is a fictional place or something else entirely.
  • His opinion on angels is a bit mixed since he feels that they look down on humanity and had done nothing to prevent demons from running rampant in the world of Sanctuary. There are exceptions though, as Tyrael has shown time and time again that he is willing to side with mortals just to do the right thing and he respects that. The archangel of Hope Auriel has also shown that she believes in humans, which made Deckard think that maybe angels might not be so bad after all and he even learned of other angels who are much more benevolent.
  • His pursuit for knowledge has landed him in trouble plenty of times. One of those incidents involved the Daedric Prince Hermaus Mora and Cain unknowingly wandering into his temple and coming accross one of the many tomes Mora possesses. If it weren't for a timely interevention by the Nephalem, it would have ended badly for the Last Horadrim.
  • He may be old and a bit frail but he is certainly brave. He is also a bit slippery according to the denizens of the Nexus and considering how often Cain is found in the right place at the wrong time and still kicking it even at his age, some wonder if he is some supernatural Doom Magnet with incredible good luck or he is actually an skilled wizard that pretends to be a simple old man.
  • "Stay a while and listen".
    • (Everyone proceeds to leave) (sigh) Nobody ever listens...

Ginko, God of Ignored Experts (Yoki, Pimp-ko)

    Shiena Kenmochi 
Shiena Kenmochi, Goddess of Cute Bookworms
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A computer and a thistle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute Bookworm, Playful Hacker, Friendless Background, Revenge, Bully Hunter, Bokukko, Brainy Brunette, Smart People Wear Glasses, Being Demoted to Extra In the Anime, Schoolgirl Lesbian
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Any bullies in the Pantheon, the Master Control Program, Clu, the Trunchbull.
  • Used to be the official goddess of Demoted to Extra due of her being practically a non-entity in the anime, not even covering her background as a Bully Hunter with a Friendless Background. However, feeling sorry for Satsuki Yumizuka, she proposed that she would be pulled out of the Fallen and given a spot in the proper Pantheon, with her moving into Cute Bookworm spot.
  • Due of her background as a Bully Hunter, she is allies with deities with similar objectives.
  • Splits most of her time evenly between the House of Knowledge what is her main spot, House of Theater due to her enjoyment of directing and the House of Technology due her enjoyment of hacking. She gets along well with Radical Ed due to that.
    • Shiena once showed off her computer skills to the Hacking Trio by tampering with the data of Clu's Black Guards, causing them to go haywire and attack each other in a Light Cycle match (and allowing Riku to escape undetected). Otacon was said to be impressed, and even considers making Shiena a member of the Hacking Trio.
      • Shiena is now in. Since she and Estonia joined at the same time, the group has decided to change it's name to the Hacking Quintet.
  • Despite trying to kill Haru Ichinose in the past, the two of them are on surprisingly good terms.
  • Was not a huge fan of the Yandere Quartet, due to getting incapacitated by one during the game and ending up in the GUAG Medical Division. Neku Sakuraba took pity on Shiena, having seen Joshua, Beat, and Sora go through the same fate a few weeks prior, and offered friendship with her. Oddly enough, this was identical to the circumstances of her death on the mortal plane. Since Yandere Quartet broke down, she has been at rest.
  • While trying to help her fellow hackers with guarding an old computer, Shiena ended up as part of a group of deities determined to solve the riddle of a suspicious note that The Doctor found

    Suzune Horikita 
Suzune Horikita, Goddess of Academic Alpha Bitches
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: Caste Room and Beautiful Soldier
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Dark Haired Girls, Broken Aces, Friendless Background, Ice Queens, It's All About Me, Tsundere
  • Domains: Being Alone, Popular But Mean, School
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Origami Tobiichi, Spock, Hayate Immelman, Lux Arcadia, Shadow The Hedgehog, Mirage Farina Jenius, Celestia Ralgris, Princess Zelda, Honoka Mitsui, Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Opposes: Anyone who talks to her or attempts to befriend her, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nico Yazawa, Mordecai and Rigby, Haruhi Suzumiya, Issei Hyodo, Natsu Dragneel, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Herald: Kiyotaka Ayanokouji
  • Pities: Benson
  • Enemies: Megatron, Albert Wesker, Charles zi Britannia, Heinz Windemere, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • A serious intellectual girl, who rarely shows any emotions and seems generally unfazed by most things, this was seen as she was unmoved by a boy from class 1-C threatening her. She comes off as rather cold to her classmates due to her lack of communication with them as well her tendency to distance herself from them. Because of this attitude, she is openly honest about many things, which is shown when she admits to having no friends as she thinks that friends will only serve to drag her down, but this begins to change as the series proceeds.
  • Possesses antisocial outlook that has caused to hardly talk to anyone except Kiyotaka (who she sits next to) and not to trust anyone like those who try to befriend her such as Kikyō Kushida. However, unlike Kiyotaka, who seeked to make friends, she is the opposite of him when it comes to friendship as she disregards it, thinking it as nothing more than a distraction and thinks of only getting promoted to the A-Class. It is highly suggested by Kiyotaka that her attitude was the reason she was placed in the class and her inability to work properly with people or her tendencies on focusing too much on her goal, that alone distracts her.
  • She is not easily convinced, as she refused to accept that she was placed in the class 1-D and strives to ascend to a higher class. This goal, however, was refuted by her brother, who suggested that she has no knowledge of her lack of character which is greatly holding her back. She refuses to believe that she needs friends to help her though she did force Kiyotaka to help her reach her goal. When Kiyotaka pointed out her isolation towards other could of been why she was place in D-Class, she quickly denied this theory but appeared to briefly ponder on it being a possibility as the reason.
  • She is very skilled in her studies as she makes sure to do so all the time while home alone. Suzune's dedication to keeping up her goal of advancing to A-Class, the class she believes she deserved in from the start.
  • Spock is impressed by her intelligence and logical thinking, considering them almost Vulcan qualities in Suzune. He has recommended her for Starfleet Academy, something she is seriously considering.
  • One day, when studying in the House of Knowledge, Suzune came across Shido Itsuka, who had confused her voice with that of his sister, Mana. Despite her reservations, she has accepted Shido's help in some of her schoolwork.
  • Through unknown circumstances, she has become acquainted with Hayate Immelman. Although his exuberance and lackadaisical nature irks her to no end, she admits his piloting skills would be useful against aggressors. For his part, Hayate sees much of his wingmate Mirage Jenius in her and hopes she can open up about her feelings like Mirage did.
  • Surprisingly, she has a soft spot towards Lux Arcadia. Although they both have suffered under the heel of abusive brothers, Manabu was nowhere as evil as Fugil. She is more amazed that Lux never became as jaded as her and struggles to make his world a better place than her own.
  • A random coincidence earned her a meeting with Hachiman Hikigaya, who saw much of his friend Yukino Yukinoshita in Suzune. Ultimately, they earned each other's respect thanks to their intelligence and observation skills. Also, Honoka Mitsui is very fond of Suzune, who at the very least tries to be cordial towards and is quick to compare her to Airi Sakura. She was even surprised to see Airi among Honoka's followers.
  • Not very fond of Tsumugi Shirogane for reminding her of Mio Ibuki. Considering what Tsumugi did, it's fair to say Suzune is right to stay away from her.
  • Thanks to Shido, Hayate and Lux; Suzune has become acquainted with Celestia Ralgris, Origami Tobiichi and Mirage Jenius. Surprised their intellectual similarities, the four girls became friends. Celestia, Origami and Mirage admit they were obsessed with becoming the best in their fields to make up for their inadequacies, but they were able to come to terms with their issues with the help of their male friends and encourage Suzune to be more friendly towards people.
    • Mirage did warn Suzune not to seek out Heinz Windermere, the source of the Var syndrome. Unfortunately, Heinz had already heard of Suzune and had her and Kiyotaka brought to his temple. He attempted to convince them that everything he did was for the good of his people. Suzune, having previously investigated Heinz's actions with information supplied by Mirage, coldly deconstructed Heinz, referring to his inability to actually rule his people and lack of political acumen. She even capped it off saying that perhaps Roid Brehm should be king of Windermere, because at least he would keep things running. Suzune's comments caused Heinz to have a nervous breakdown and his medics rushed to help him while Suzune and Kiyotaka took their life.
    Kiyotaka: "Well, that was harsh even for you, Horikita."
    Suzune: "He is not fit for leadership, Ayanokouji. It was about time somebody opened his eyes."
  • Enemies with Megatron, Albert Wesker and Charles zi Britannia for embodying the ruthless Social Darwinism that has segregated people in her world, albeit in different forms.
    • Suzune actually facepalmed when she heard that Charles didn't believe in social darwinism, he only uses it as a front to create "a world without lies", something to which Suzune understands would lead to social stagnation, because what is the point of truth if there are no lies to contrast it? Such observation earned her Lelouch vi Britannia's respect.
  • Doesn't really like Mordecai and Rigby for their laziness and infantile nature and pities Benson for having to put with them for so long. They do, however, admit they can be useful every once in a while.
  • Due to their cold, grumpy and stoic personalities, she and Shadow the Hedgehog did become friends. Shadow is gracious enough to visit her whenever he feels the need to get away from Sonic and his friends and be with someone of similar nature. Suzune is surprised by how thoughtful and considerate Shadow can be when there are no enemies for him to fight.
  • Dislikes Nico Yazawa in various ways. She's easily annoyed by her "Nico Nii" as well as her stubborness. Unless she can change her attitude, Suzune has banned her from her temple.

    Tucker Foley 
Tucker Foley, God of Extraverted Nerds (Techno-Geek)


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