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Sometimes people aren't lucky in love. Maybe they get in a break up, maybe tragedy or outright death gets in the way or they just can't attract who they want at all. The House of Romantic Loss was made for these people. It's a cozy little cafe where the gods can chill and feel better about their situation, sometimes exchanging stories.

Anakin Skywalker is a regular visitor, given his turn to the Dark Side and tragedy was the fall-out with his wife. He tends to not let people whine or complain that they're entitled to have someone, and when Vader complains about you being whiny you listen to him. There's a difference between romantic loss and being a creep. Or being a stalker/yandere, though some toe the line.

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Greater Gods

Inanna, Goddess of Not Being Good With Rejection (Ishtar, Inanna-Ishtar, Goddess of Sex, War, Justice, and Political Power, Queen of Heaven, Lady of the Date Clusters, Queen of the Universe, The Great-Hearted Mistress, Goddess of the Fearsome Powers, Keeper of the Flame, The Maiden, Goddess of Weather, Lady of the Rivers, Mother of the Harvest, Lady of All Love, Rin Tohsaka, Archer, (Red) Devil of Venus, Rider, Filia, Trisha, Rue Ishida, Midnight Venus, Astaroth)
As an Archer Pseudo-Servant 
As a Rider Pseudo-Servant 
As Filia 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Star of Ishtar, alternatively, a hook-shaped knot of reeds, a lion, a rosette or a dove
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lawful Good (kinda) as a Pseudo-Servant)
  • Portfolio: Not Good with Rejection, Crazy-Prepared, Ensemble Dark Horse, Femme Fatale, Guile Hero, The High Queen, Had many lovers, Has a very large portfolio, Jerkass Goddess, Love Goddess, Mood-Swinger, Proud Beauty, Rivals with her sister, Sometimes depicted with bird feet, Controls the seasons, War Goddess, Weather Manipulation, Woman Scorned
  • Domain(s): Sex, War, Justice, Political Power, Many, many more
  • Heralds: Dumuzid/Tammuz (her husband) and Ninshubur (her second-in-command)
  • Allies: The Bull of Heaven, Master of Chaldea, Isis, Hera, Aleph, Tadano Hitonari, Flynn, Dorothy Haze, Belle du Jour, Mary, Sakura Matou, Queen Medb, Mitsuko Souma, Casca
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rin Tohsaka, Storm, Nami
  • Rivals: Aphrodite, Shelyn, Calistria, Athena, Bellona, Freya
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Tiamat (both of them), YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Jack the Ripper, Molag Bal, Shinji Matou, Griffith
  • Respects: Quetzalcoatl, The Morrigan
  • Alternate Self: Inanna, The Mother of All
  • Interested in: Bell Cranel, Vincent Brooks, (Insert Name Here)
  • Consort: Thomas Mutton
  • Annoyed by: Aqua the Water Goddess, Pazuzu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nemesis, Wonder Woman
  • Inanna-Ishtar is the Mesopotamian goddess of sex, war, justice, and political power. Worshipped throughout Mesopotamia as the Queen of Heaven and protector of kings, she was by far the most popular and venerated goddess as well as the most complex of all Mesopotamian deities, displaying contradictory, even paradoxical traits. Her most well-known myths are her descent into and return from the underworld, her theft of the holy mes (godly decrees foundational to civilization) from Enki, the god of wisdom, and her getting rejected by Gilgamesh and sending the Bull of Heaven after him and Enkidu in retaliation.
  • Inanna-Ishtar originally burst into the Pantheon looking for Gilgamesh. Upon finding him, the two engaged in a battle which destroyed several temples and endangered numerous bystanders. After she was finally restrained, the gods, hoping to keep her under control, assigned both her and her sister Ereshkigal as Rin Tohsaka's heralds upon learning of their shared history. Although none of them liked the arrangement, the goddesses had no choice but to accept it, especially since both Rin and Ereshkigal agreed that Inanna-Ishtar needed to be kept in check.
  • Not wanting to be removed from the Pantheon, Inanna-Ishtar agreed to become one of Rin's heralds while trying to figure out how to ascend. Eventually, she entered the Main House and once again argued to be properly ascended. Worrying that she would unleash more destruction if she didn't get her way, the gods agreed on the condition that her title would be Goddess of Not Being Good With Rejection. Although she felt insulted and demanded to be given a more "respectable" title, the gods held firm in their decision and she begrudgingly accepted her new title.
  • Unsurprisingly, one of the first things she did upon ascending was to seek out the Bull of Heaven and start plotting her revenge against Gilgamesh. However, when she learned that two versions of Tiamat were also present, she begrudgingly agreed to put aside her grievance with him in order to battle against them.
  • Although she was recorded in the Throne of Heroes and became a Servant, she normally can't be summoned due to being a major goddess. However, she managed to bypass this restriction by instead possessing the body of Rin Tohsaka as a Pseudo-Servant. However, her relationship with Rin tends to be somewhat adversarial, as Rin considers dealing with her to be like looking into a mirror at times. Due to Rin's influence, it's been noted that Inanna-Ishtar becomes less cruel and scheming, more caring towards humans, and even oddly endearing. Even Gilgamesh remarked that she was fundamentally still a benevolent goddess, although he still regards her as a daily pest at worst. She also remains on good terms with the Master of Chaldea, although she can't quite bring herself to admit that she likes them.
  • Her reputation for trying to usurp the domains of other gods has resulted in many of the gods in the Pantheon being very wary of her. However, she nonetheless managed to strike up a friendship with Isis and Hera and the three of them bonded over how they all held the title of "Queen of Heaven". They also like having conversations regarding their dynamics with their respective families, particularly their husbands. She bonded with Isis over how they both sought to resurrect their husbands and with Hera over how they're both known for being spiteful towards those who anger them. As a result, Isis and Hera are some of the very few deities capable of talking her down whenever she goes on a rampage.
  • In the SMT Multiverse, she exists as two seperate entities, the Sumerian Inanna and Akkadian Ishtar. While Inanna was overthrown by YHVH and joined the Divine Powers, Ishtar was forced by him to fuse with the Semitic god Ashtar into becoming the demon Astaroth. Fortunately, Astaroth was eventually defeated by Aleph, one of the Great Will's Messiahs, and was seperated back into Ishtar and Ashtar in the throne room in Binah. Inanna-Ishtar has remained on good terms with Aleph because of this and is willing to lend him aid if he ever needs it.
    • She's also on good terms with Tadano Hitonari and Flynn and is similarly willing to help them whenever they call her. She respects Tadano for having managed to fight her in the Second Sphere of the Womb of Grief, where she was convinced by Demeter to hand over the 2nd Fruit to him following her defeat. She is also grateful to Flynn for aiding Minako, who sacrificed her body and soul in order to revive her and and make the land of Tokyo fertile again.
    • She was both surprised and annoyed to discover that Inanna of the Divine Powers had ascended seperately into the Pantheon alongside the rest of the cabal. She was rather confused by Inanna's title of "The Mother of All" and her obsession with having children, as she herself was rarely associated with motherhood and childbirth. In order to prevent confusion, she is fine with people adressing her as either "Ishtar" or "Inanna-Ishtar".
  • Her ability to control the weather drew the attentions of Storm of the X-Men and Nami of the Straw Hats. Although not as powerful as her, the two often try to limit the destruction of the storms she causes, which tends to frustrate her. However, she doesn't regard them as enemies and is even willing to team up with them whenever they have a common goal.
  • Being a goddess of sex associated with the planet Venus, Inanna-Ishtar has a strong rivalry with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, whose development she strongly influenced. She also competes with Shelyn and Calistria from time to time, though they tend to otherwise be cordial towards one another. She similarly tends to clash with Athena and Bellona due to them also being war goddesses.
    • However, her rivalry with Freya tends to be the most fierce out of all of them, as their respective stubbornness prevents either of them from backing off when challenged. This is especially prevalent when one of their incarnations were in the city of Orario, where their familias regularly competed against one another and Ishtar, much to her dismay, was Always Second Best to Freya. Many of the gods were particularly appaled by this version of Ishtar being particularly depraved- treating her familia like dirt by creating a system of forced prostitution, kidnapping both women (to serve as prostitutes) and men (to serve as "clients" against their will). She also trafficed in slavery and, for a cheap power-up, sacrificed those slaves in a deadly ritual to boost her forces for total war on Freya. Things came to a head when Ishtar kidnapped and tried to charm Bell Cranel into becoming her slave just to tick off Freya, which ended in Freya invading and curb-stomping her Familia in retaliation and Freya herself personally sending Ishtar back to heaven. As a result of this incident, their rivalry in the Pantheon has only intensified and that Ishtar has continued to show an interest in Bell, much to his discomfort.
  • Due to her being a beauty and sex goddess, Inanna enjoys getting laid with as many individuals as possible regardless of their gender. However, plenty of people know Gilgamesh's story which told what happens to those unwise to accept a night with her. Word spread out and eventually all the Pantheons were warned about Ishtar's dangerous advances, which ended up making her angrier than before.
  • Among her many duties, Inanna-Ishtar is a patron and protector of prostitutes. Because of this, she quickly developed a strong dislike of Jack the Ripper, who is infamously known for having brutally killed at least five prostitutes. Recognizing that she is too strong for him to face head on, Jack generally tries to just avoid her. By extension, she's highly protective of prostitutes such as Dorothy Haze, Belle du Jour, and Mary.
  • Similarly, due to having once been raped by the gardener Shukaletuda in her sleep, she loathes rapists such as Molag Bal, Shinji Matou and Griffith. When Molag pointed that she wasn't exactly purely benevolent herself, she replied that, although she's indeed fully capable of doing evil things, even she still has standards. Because of this, she became allies with rape victims such as Sakura Matou, Queen Medb, Mitsuko Souma and Casca and is willing to come to their aid whenever they ask her.
  • As a Pseudo-Servant, she once encountered Quetzalcoatl and was subjected to her (he had a female body at the time) pro-wrestling moves, which Inanna-Ishtar found to be ridiculously painful. While her Pseudo-Servant incarnations have developed an outright fear of Quetzalcoatl as a result, Inanna-Ishtar's regular incarnation has instead expressed a strong respect for him.
  • Will get quite annoyed whenever someone thinks she and the other Annunaki deities are actually aliens that visited Mesopotamia in ancient times and helped humans evolve as well as build civillizations with the advanced technology and science. Inanna personally finds this whole concept inaccurate and retarded.
  • The revelation that she was responsible for creating the nightmare world in order to find a man worthy of replacing her cheating husband Dumuzid, not caring that it killed a lot of innocent men along the way, came as quite a shock to Vincent Brooks, especially since she still views him as a potential love interest. Additionally, her acquired knowledge of the Fourth Wall has resulted in her developing a crush on (Insert Name Here) after they beat the Tower of Babel stages.
  • She first met Aqua the Water Goddess as a Pseudo-Servant, and the two bonded over how they were both chided for being called "useless goddesses", although Aqua became more jealous of Ishtar being more combat-capable and victorious in her fights whereas Aqua herself typically can't do her job right which results in her failing a lot. However, Inanna-Ishtar's regular incarnation is less cordial with Aqua and instead simply finds her to be annoying.
  • Being an enforcer of divine justice, Inanna-Ishtar once approached Nemesis and Wonder Woman with the offer for them to team up. However, both of them felt very conflicted about it, remarking that Inanna-Ishtar had many of the same hypocricy issues as Zeus. Although she nearly started a fight with them, Inanna-Ishtar decided that provoking Nemesis would be a really bad idea and instead chose to concede that they had a point. Nonetheless, the three are occasionally willing to team up whenever they happen to be going after the same target.
  • Eventually, word got to her about a universe where characters from different pantheons and mythologies duked it out between each other in combat. The Battleground of the Gods intrigued Ishtar and she decided to visit it in the hopes of proving her abilities to others. Which ended up in failure, due to her pantheon not being invited yet by the Powers That Be. Insulted and angered, Ishtar flew away to her temple hoping that one day the Mesopotamian pantheon with her fellow deities would be included.

Intermediate Gods

    Gideon Graves 
WARNING! Gideon Gordon Graves is Fast Approaching! New Title: God of Evil Exes (G-Man Graves, The Man Who's Lost in the Void)
Alternate costume unlocked! Live-action version! 
  • Intermediate God
  • New Symbol Unlocked: Three Gs that form an inverse Triforce.
  • Theme Music Unlocked: Gideon's Wrath, Gideon Wrath II, or Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones
  • Alignment Analysis: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio Multiplier: Evil Exes, More than Mind Control, Implausible Fencing Powers, Final Bosses, Evil Guys with Glasses, Being Evil for Romantic Reasons
  • Domain Stats: Love +1, Domination +2, Evil +3
  • Allied CPU: Raynare, Angus Bumby, Hoyt Volker, Adam Taurus
  • Enemy Warning For: Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim, Issei Hyodo, Angel, Team RWBY and Co. (ESPECIALLY Blake), Bill and Ted, Team Dai-Gurren, the Joestar family
  • What a dick.
  • Suave, cunning and calculating, Gideon Gordon Graves at first appears to be a catch. He is a millionaire multimedia mogul by his early 30s. Beneath that, he is a sociopath to the nth degree who made his fortune through literal psychic warfare.
  • While already cold and distant as a boyfriend, Gideon became even worse after being dumped, using his resources to plague those who've spurned the affections of twisted men and women.
  • Started The League of Evil Exes after Ramona his Muse left him, he then formed the League after he posted a drunken rant on craigslist, hates Scott defeating them as it took him a good amount of time to get their contact information to form the League like Two Hours, TWO HOURS!
  • He is also very polite to the people around him usually referring to others as "Buddy" even Scott though smarter gods know that this is a false front and it hides cold calculating nature.
  • Hates it when people attack him when he is chewing gum as he fears if he swallows it, it will be in his digestive tract for seven years.
  • He is also a master at using Subspace even inventing a Subspace Power known as The Glow, it uses Subspace inside the minds of those it infects, causing them to become overwhelmed by their personal issues. It suppresses positive emotions such as friendship and love, and simultaneously enhances negative feelings like suspicion, jealousy, and self-loathing.
  • Gideon calls that "Emotional Warfare" and he implies that he made it for military purposes (likely where some of his funds came from.)
  • Is despised by Issei of the House of Power because of being a lousy excuse for a boyfriend, something he deeply hates due to his Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Also likes to take control of others through microchips attached to the back of the neck.
  • If he is left without a weapon he can pull it out of the dresses of women around him.
    Gideon: Yes! I had a sword built into their dresses in case of emergency! THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM!
  • He is also able to use Scott's Power of Love against him by ripping it out of him.
  • If he is against stronger swords like The Power of Understanding or Self-Respect he has his own sword to use against them, it is called The Pixel Katana which he can summon through hand seals similar to Naruto, the blade of Gideon's Pixel Katana is made entirely of blue and white video game pixels (hence its name).
  • When challenged in Subspace he likes to use it to grow himself into a brutishly muscular version of himself surrounded by his fawning (and brainwashed) ex-girlfriends. If fast enough he can be knocked out of it, if the person is too slow then he will transform into what looks like a cross between Safer Sephiroth and the Tyrant. His lower half is even composed of faces of the other exes.
  • He formed the League to take control of Ramona's Love life but he also has another reason and that is to complete his collection of his seven former girlfriends, all of whom have been stored in cryogenic freezing capsules.
    • Now that the actual Ramona Flowers has ascended into the Pantheon, he is looking to complete his collection, or at least he was, until his defeat which led to his frozen ex-girlfriends being freed. He is now just looking for revenge, but yet still has run into trouble thanks to Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and their allies easily outmatching him.

    Hiiro Kagami/Kamen Rider Brave 
Hiiro Kagami, God of Those Who Failed To Save A Loved One (Kamen Rider Brave, The Super Surgeon Who Never Fails, The Greatest Doctor in the World, Taddle Quest, Taddle Fantasy, Taddle Legacy, Super High-School Level Surgeon, Super High-School Level Knight, Super High-School Level Legacy)
Kamen Rider Brave 
Legacy Gamer 

Lesser Gods

Belarus, Goddess of One-Sided Sibling Attraction (Natalia Arlovskaya)

    Brienne of Tarth 
Ser Brienne of Tarth, Goddess Of Strong Women Men Don't Want (Brienne the Beauty, the Maiden of Tarth, Lady Brienne)

Mako, God of Not Getting the Girl (Detective Mako)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His red scarf
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Firebender and Lightningbender, Responsible and Aloof Sibling, Fought Together with his brother, The Cynic with a Good Heart, Only Pairless of the Team But Got Over It
  • Domains: Fire, Romance
  • Allies: Bolin (his brother), Korra, Asami Sato (his ex-girlfriends), Pabu and Naga, Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Ling Yao, Greed, Lynn Minmay, Vi
  • Enemies: Amon (Legend of Korra), Zaheer, Azula
  • Opposes: Kuvira, Varrick
  • Mako was a young Firebender growing up in Republic City alongside his brother Bolin. Once a professional competitive bender, he's a cop working in Republic City Police Force with some trouble in romance…and trouble is putting it lightly.
  • For clarity, he dated Asami Sato when the two met for the first time (or rather, ran him over first). But he got into sexual tension with Korra, who joined the Fire Ferret team, despite she was at the time on a date with Bolin. The two got together when things with him and Asami grew problematic and broke up, but then because of his work, she and Mako broke up. He and Asami briefly comforted each other, then Korra came back with no memory of their breakup, and… overall, things fell apart in both directions.
    • People will never live down him being a terrible boyfriend. Some even point out that he was so bad that his exes are now a couple. For his part, he's acknowledged that he should be a better partner in a future relationship — specifically, to be more resolute in who he wants, instead of trying to please everyone to the point of pleasing no one.
  • Is somewhat reserved about trusting Greed the Avaricious, who is both pursuing his boss Lin Beifong romantically as well as trying to mentor him and Bolin in growing as men, but so far is willing to go with it since Greed has started helping them defend Republic City as well as help keep his Homunculus siblings in check in the Pantheon. He has an easier time with Ling Yao, on the other hand, as Ling reminds him a lot of the Earth Kingdom's Prince Wu, except Ling is already matured as well as battle-competent even without special abilities like bending.
  • Sympathizing with him not being with a girl in the end, Lynn Minmay approached him and asked if he'd like to hear a song. Humoring her, he accepted, and was surprisingly impressed. The two became friends after that. Greed teased him when he first found out, but isn't making a big deal about it.
  • Incidentally, Zuko was also a Firebender that didn't get the girl. However, in Zuko's case, Katara was never the girl he wanted, as that was simply an idea other observers bought into; she and Aang are happy together while things are complicated but still present between Zuko and his own love interest, a stark contrast from Mako's situation. Still, Mako is relieved with the outcome of how things went, as he's supportive and happy for both Korra and Asami. Actually, everyone involved is tired of the Ship-to-Ship Combat at this point.
  • Though he stopped being a pro-bender for at least four years, he and his brother Bolin considered introducing the sport into the Pantheon, considering that the requisite of a waterbender, firebender, and earthbender can easily work with the diversity of the Pantheon.
  • He is proficient in Lightningbending, a technique that was originally only used by the Fire Nation Royal Family, as he uses it for both fighting and working in an electric generator. It seems to tick off Azula, who is insulted that the technique is being used by a peasant.
  • Due to signing up as a detective with the Republic City Police Force, he took part-time work at the House of Justice. He once worked with the Triple Threat Triad when he was orphaned as the only way to provide for himself and Bolin, to which he shows some sympathy towards Vi as he was no different.

    Spike Spiegel 
Spike Spiegel, God of Heartbroken Badasses (The No.1 Bounty Hunter You Don't Want to Get Captured By)

    Tatewaki Kuno 
Tatewaki Kuno, God of Prince Charming Wannabes (The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, The Shooting Star, Kuno-Baby, Tatchi, Julian Storme)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A wooden sword surrounded by blue lightning bolts.
  • Theme Song: Tatewaki Kuno, Age 17 Kuno's Counterattack
  • Alignment: Thinks he's Lawful Good, really closer to Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Think of himself as a dashing and irresistible knight, Kendo Team Captain, Sheltered Aristocrat, Abhorrent Admirer, Handsome but perverted and unsuccessful in love, Hopelessly obsessed with two girls despite their clear disdain of him, The Bully, Outmatched by much more formidable fighters, Selective Obliviousness to the point of self-delusion, Small Name, Big Ego, Never accept his failings, Take a lot of abuse but is never seriously hurt, Abusive childhood played for laugh
  • Domains: Kendo, Delusion, Love, Pride
  • Herald: Sasuke Sarugakure, his servant
  • Allies: Kyu Sugardust, Saeko Busujima, Gaston, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Don Quixote, The Fairy Godmother
  • Rivals: Ranma Saotome (male form), Uzu Sanageyama, Peko Pekoyama
  • Enemies: Issei Hyodo, Kirito and Asuna, Jimmy Hopkins, Asuka Kazama, The Child Abuse Supporters, Freaky Fred, Tsuru Tsurulina IV, Steven Universe, Embryo
  • Abhorrent Admirer towards: Ranma Saotome (female form), Suguha Kirigaya, Yang Xiao Lang
  • Annoys: Touya Mochizuki, Wakaba Saegusa, Iori Hida, Souji Rippukan, Sasuke Uchiha, Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Respects: Miyamoto Musashi, all samurais in general.
  • Pitied by: Ui Hirasawa
  • Opposed By: The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Some people are fit to be called heroes as they possess brave hearts, peerless combat skills, and charm that woo the coldest maidens. Tatewaki Kuno very much believes he's one. Born as the scion of the ancient and wealthy Kuno family, Tatewaki always has fancied himself as an honorable and noble samurai who stands above and is loved by all. His natural talent at Kendo allowed him to become the club captain of Furikan High and to push everyone around him. Eventually, he fell in love with Akane Tendo, the most popular girl in the school and youngest daughter of a martial artist family, and convinced himself that she loved him in return. Every show of disgust at his behavior was interpreted as simple shyness, with even angry beatings being taken as coy flirtation. He eventually made up the rule that the only one who could date her was someone who could beat her, which led to the male half of the student body trying to beat up the girl every morning.
    • This all changed when a new boy joined this school. This was none other than Ranma Saotome, Akane's fiancee as decreed by their respective fathers. This of course outraged Kuno, who defied the martial artist and was promptly defeated. But perhaps more importantly, Ranma was secretly afflicted with a curse that caused his gender to switch around. Soon after their fight, the Kendo practitioner happened to meet his female form shortly after their fight. Unaware of her true nature, he became just as obsessed with the 'pig-tailed girl' as he was with Akane, and just as delusional about her own feelings for him. And so, the narcissistic fighter's amorous annoyance only grew even more as he targeted two girls who very much hated him at once.
  • One day, after Ranma got back to the Pantheon from their homeworld, they hadn't noticed that Kuno happened to follow them. As the first was in her female form at the time, the deluded upperclassman promptly tried to embrace her to show his love, which led to him being kicked into the ceiling. Before he could be cast out, however, the Court of the Gods found that his lifestyle of believing himself to be a dashing samurai loved by every woman around him despite their obvious, repeated, and often violent disgust at him made a perfect representation for the title of Prince Charming Wannabe. Naturally, Kuno was at first quite upset with the position he was offered, not understanding at all why it applied to him. But he nonetheless accepted it so that he could remain here and bask in his love with the Pig-Tailed Girl, much to her great dismay.
  • Naturally, his very... complicated relationship with Ranma has continued in the Pantheon. If anything, Akane's absence from the Pantheon means that his obsession is for now completely focused, as are his relentless attempts to woo and get affectionate with her. Of course, the red-haired martial artist wants nothing to do with it and often shows it through insults and beatings, but that does nothing to convince him she's anything less than heads-over-heel about him or that they're not destined to be together. On the flipside, Ranma doesn't have many qualms with using her charms to trick the dumb guy into doing anything she needs, as he is more than happy to serve or fight for 'his lady'.
    • It's a whole other story with Ranma's true male form, as Kuno is one of the few people that doesn't know about the gender-bending, and he completely ignores any signs or evidence that it exists. So, to him, Ranma Saotome is his hated enemy, an underhanded and honorless friend who is keeping him from reaching his happy life with the Pigtailed Girl and Akane. There is nary a day when the zealous upperclassman doesn't pick a fight with him on the way to the Elysium Academy. Which naturally always end in his abject defeat, though he keep claiming that those only means thanks to some dirty tricks made by Saotome. As for the pigtailed fighter himself, he's much more okay with that than being hit on while in girl form, and sometimes even just hang out around his much weaker rival (mostly to mock him, but still) and is not advert to teaming up with him when they have a common objective.
  • Yes, he is going after two girls at once. When asked for this, he answered that while he knows such an act is typically seen as sinful, he just can't bear the thought of depriving one of his adored women with the gift of a life of love with him, and so has decided to marry them both. For this reason, he has been searching for a way to ascend Akane Tendo. People who actually married all of their love interests, such as Touya Mochizuki, are very much not amused not only because both of Kuno's paramours hate his guts, but because he's obviously using this as an excuse for his perversion. He is also liable to get amorous intentions towards other women, especially if they did something he misinterpreted as a sign of attraction, but those are mostly short-lived whims and he always goes back to Akane and the Pig-Tailed Girl.
    • One person his attitude actively piss off is Issei Hyodo. While Issei is a self-admitted pervert and Harem Seeker who nonetheless treats girls with respect and care about their feelings, Kuno is someone who fancies himself as a gentleman, yet shamelessly sexually harass and even outright glomp women without giving any thoughts about whether they actually reciprocate. As such, the Devil User hates the hypocritical creep's guts and the sentiment as mutual since Tatewaki sees him as a perverted beast and enemy to all womankind, despite the kendo practitioner's own perversion.
  • Seeing his objective to go after several women and his dismal lack of success concerning it, Kyu Sugardust had proposed her service in helping Kuno become a true Casanova. Unfortunately, the self-declared samurai is completely convinced that all of the girls he is interested in already love him, and so completely ignore all of the fairy's advice. Though it leaves her frustrated, Kyu still insists on trying to help a case that may even be more hopeless than Johnny Bravo.
  • Upon learning of the existence of a god of Kendo, Kuno laughed at the mere thought that someone could be better than him at that sport. And so, he promptly went to challenge Uzu Sanageyama for his divine title. Needless to say, he lost quite badly. Uzu, for his part, is greatly annoyed by the fact that while Kuno is undeniably talented, he's much too arrogant to even think about bettering himself. And so, the former Elite Four members keep shouting at the Kuno heir every time the latter insist on fighting him again. But as usual, Kuno just dismisses his losses as the result of cheating, preventing him from realizing his flaws. Another person who he tried to duel for their title was Peko Pekoyama, the Ultimate Swordmaster. Unlike Uzu, however, the yakuza bodyguard usually ignores him, as for her kendo is just a meant to an end.
    • Due to Sanageyama already having graduated, Kuno felt like he had a sure chance to become the captain of the Kendo Club at the Elysium Academy. Unfortunately, while he is indeed skilled enough to create Razor Wind through his blows, putting him far beyond normal people, his personality proved far too troublesome for most of the other kendo-practicing students. Wakaba Saegusa of the Vivid Team is completely annoyed by his overbearing personality. Iori Hida shares a background of traditional values and shows courtesy towards his elder but thinks the older boy's violent behavior is unworthy of a Kendo Practitioner. And Souji Rippukan is disappointed that Kuno is content remaining stagnant and not improving on his style. All in all, while he is tolerated at the club due to his real love for the sport, he's very much not liked there.
    • Suguha Kirigaya was initially impressed with his skills after a practice fight. Unfortunately, Kuno mistook this for a crush and immediately went on about how honored he was that 'a comely maiden was showing him pure love'. Obviously, this creeped out the younger girl greatly, and it only got worse when he tried to glomp her, leading to him being blown into the wall by a blast of wind. He still tries to grace her with his presence from time to time, much to the anger of her cousin Kirito and her 'sister-in-law' Asuna, which isn't helped that though he's much less monstrous, his absurd entitlement and perviness can't help but remind them of Nobuyuki Sugou. For his part, Kuno actually despises Nobuyuki for his abject cowardice and trying to outright rape a woman, so he eagerly tries to beat up the businessman whenever he sees him.
    • One kendo-practicing deity he manages to get along with relatively well is Saeko Busujima, of all people. They both possess a very old-fashioned fondness of Bushido but, perhaps most importantly, Saeko greatly enjoys fighting him, especially since even violent beatings don't seem to bother him for long. For his part, Kuno doesn't mind her unhinged behavior due to a lifetime of being used to his outright psychotic sister.
  • His shared complete egotism and belief that he deserves the love of women allowed him to bond rather well with Gaston. Though any attempt the hunter makes to show sympathy for being rejected by women, Kuno only shows confusion as he earnestly believes his love is mutual. Still, the two can often be seen boasting together and supporting each other's ego.
  • Despite all his pretensions about being a noble and honorable samurai, he's a rather nasty person who tends to throw his weight around and randomly beat up whoever happens to anger him for whatever reasons. Naturally, such an attitude earned him the ire of bully hunters like Jimmy Hopskins or Asuka Kazama. Though as usual, he assumes Asuka's insistence on breaking any fights that he starts is a sign that she's in love with him, which only pisses her off more.
  • Kuno's father often abused and tormented him during his childhood, making his disappearance for years an honest relief for the young scion. As such, he naturally despises any sort of Abusive Parent such as the Child Abuse Supporters, and has sworn as an 'honorable warrior' to defeat these miscreants.
  • He was just happening to mind his own business when his hair caught the attention of Tsuru Tsurulina IV, who convinced Freaky Fred to try to shave off Kuno's head. This proved to be a grave mistake, as one of his previously-mentioned father's favorite ways to torment others is to give them Traumatic Haircut. Being reminded of such an awful experience caused the kendo practitioner to deliver a thorough beatdown to the emperor and upon hearing of the Maruhage Empire's goal to 'baldify' all things, he declared that he would fervently oppose such a nefarious plan. This enmity caused him to ally with Empire's sworn enemy, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, with respective completely insane minds allowing them to work surprisingly well together.
  • Thanks to a grueling training on Watermelon Island, Kuno managed to learn a technique that allows him to instinctively sense and strike a target at blinding speed without even thinking about it, even allowing him to create a whirlwind of violent wind all around him. The flipside is that this amazing reflex only activates when it comes to Smashing Watermelons. To every martial artist's great annoyance, he never even thought about a way to extend such a fearsome skill to cutting other things, as he already thinks he's an unbeatable warrior. This did end up causing a problem where Steven Universe was visited by some of his creations, the Watermelon Stevens. Upon seeing them wander around, Kuno ended up going on a murderous rampage towards the fruit people which was thankfully nipped in the bud by Steven himself. Ever since then, the half-gem has been very cautious around the kendo practitioner.
  • He has a very pointed interest in the history of samurai and likes to collect artifacts from it. In one incident back in his world, he ended up finding the wooden sword carved by Miyamoto Musashi out of an oar. Musashi's vengeful spirit possessed him and caused him to go on a rampage before he was stopped by Ranma. Naturally, he was very elated to meet the actual, living person in the Pantheon, who is one of the people he gives actual respect to and acknowledges as a superior swordsman. Musashi sucks up the praise, naturally, but wish he would 'get that stick out of his ass'. Some have wondered if their shared arrogance is what drew his world's version of Musashi to him in the first place. In general, Kuno shows much reverence towards ancient Japanese warriors and samurai, as he sees them as forebears to himself and sometimes wishes he could have been born in their time. Most of them just see his hero worship and arrogance as annoying.
    • Due to this incident, Ranma is very adamant about keeping Kuno away from any evil weapons that could influence him. The pigtailed martial artist is especially worried about Soul Calibur, since Kuno's self-righteousness along with the sword's method of impersonating people his wielder care about would make the upperclassman very vulnerable to its manipulation.
  • His distorted desire and screwed-up worldview has led to the Phantom Thieves of Heart choosing him as a target to have his heart stolen, though a rather low priority one as he's mostly an annoyance. Kuno himself has no idea about it and mostly just finds it a disgrace that thieves could be adored by the public.
  • Upon hearing of a young man who behaved as if he was a knight, Don Quixote approached Kuno in great curiosity. The teenage boy then proceeded to explain to the self-proclaimed knight all about his life, including his struggle against the 'wicked rogue' Ranma who keeps him from reaching happiness with his true loves. And unfortunately, the insane old man completely bought into Kuno's own delusions and, though he found it odd that someone could have two paramours, nonetheless swore to support him in his fight for love and justice. Now, the two self-declared noble warriors often work together, much to the pain of everybody around them.
  • When he heard of a ninja named Sasuke living in the Pantheon, Kuno at first thought that his family's servant had somehow ascended. He promptly barged into the temple of the said ninja while shouting at him to do his chores. To his utter shock, however, he was instead staring at the face of a very pissed-off Sasuke Uchiha. It took practically all of the shinobi's willpower to not strike down the fool with lightning before he backed away. Needless to say, the local Sasuke really doesn't like him now.
  • His title of Prince Charming Wannabe earned the attention of the Fairy Godmother, whose son is actually named Prince Charming. Upon learning more, she decided that a wealthy and relatively formidable fighter like him could be a useful asset, she proposed to help him achieve a happy ending with the women he's after. The gullible boy saw this as a generous higher being recognizing his love was pure and readily accepted her offer. And so, he now pretty much serves as her patsy while she try to figure out a spell way to make 'the pig-tailed girl' fall for him.
  • Due to his previously mentioned father abandoning him and his younger sister Kodachi to go to Hawaii, Kuno had to take care of her in his place. Considering she grew into a downright psychopathic girl whose first solution to a problem is poisoning other people, including her brother, he probably didn't do the best job. But the fact that he honestly cares for her and that their dad is an abusive loon makes a rare situation where he looks a lot better. Other deities that had to take care of their sibling in their parent's stead such as Ui Hirasawa can't help sympathize with him, even if they think he's pretty awful in his own way.
    • Yang Xiao Long, hearing about someone who hated forced haircuts almost as much as her, went to meet Kuno. At first, the conversation went surprisingly well as the two related to each other due to their issues with a parent who abandoned them and having to take care of their respective little sisters. But then the inevitable happened when he burst into tears and tried to hug her while yelling about how they'd comfort each other. He was promptly punched out of a window.
  • Judging by the two girls he's attracted to above all, Kuno had a thing for strong women. Indeed, his first meeting with the 'Pigtailed Girl' even had him went on how he'd give her the 'privilege' of dating him if she won their fight. After hearing about this from Ranma, most female deities decided to avoid fighting him as much as possible to avoid getting a moronic stalker.
  • Out of all people, he had decided he wanted to try to defy Napoleon Bonaparte. Of course, this confused pretty much everybody around him, but he went on to explain that he had heard tales about how Funrikan High School was a part of the alliance that defeated Napoleon in the fateful battle of Waterloo, and that he had always wished he was born at a time that would have allowed him to take part in it. Naturally, he ignores anyone that tries to tell him this is obviously complete nonsense invented by a crazy old man and is absorbed in trying to test his might against the legendary emperor's armies. For his part, Napoleon's more annoyed by the prissy noble yelp than anything.
  • Despite them both being pretentious men who fancy themselves as gentlemen while being absolutely perverted and thinking they deserve to be loved by any woman, Kuno absolutely detests Embryo. The self-proclaimed samurai has nothing but hatred for the wicked man who has little hesitation into bespelling women and making them his playthings, and has sworn that he would protect all of womankind from such a wicked man.


    Johnny Bravo 
Johnny Bravo, God of Casanova Wannabes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hair
  • Theme song: From his show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dumb Blonde, Cool Shades, Never Gets The Girl,Top Heavy Hunk, Momma's Boy, Narcissist, Handsome Lech, Nobody Touches the Hair, Paper Tiger, Screams Like a Little Girl, Small Name, Big Ego, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Hairstyle Inertia, Is honest and hates faux nice guys, deconstruction of the Fonz
  • Domains: Lust, Chaos, Strength, Hubris
  • Herald: His mother, Bunny Bravo
  • Followers: Captain Hero, Bud Bundy
  • Allies: The vast majority of the Cartoon Network gods except for the female human deities, all Indian deities except Symmetra, Beavis and Butt-Head, The Helltaker, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Opposed by: Most human females in the Pantheon
  • Unknown Rival: All actual casanovas
  • Admires: Elvis Presley
  • Uneasy Relationship: The Mystery Gang
  • Complicated Opinion: Kyu Sugardust
  • The former holder, Zapp Brannigan, handed over the title to him after the Court of the Gods decided that he would be better suited in the House of War. There were other followers, but he proved to be the most well-known example in the multiverse.
    • There was a significant resistance to give the title to anyone, given how annoying the last holder was. But some footage revealed that his makeover was for noble reasons, earning his approval to the other gods.
  • He received the backing of the Cartoon Network gods, eager to add one more person into the fold. Of course this meant some of them now have to deal with his flirtations in then Pantheon as well.
  • As with the previous holder, Johnny Bravo struggles to keep up with the more successful Casanovas in the Pantheon. Unlike Zapp, he isn't as antagonistic towards his rivals. He was even spotted in their temples to take notes. Unfortunately, he never lasts long as he gets kicked out for hitting on the ladies there.
  • Is actually pretty strong, even capable of breaking rocks with his head. Still, he loses more of his fights than otherwise, with the trend continuing in the Pantheon.
    • With that said, mess with his hair and glasses at your own peril. Threatening his Momma will also put you through a world of hurt.
  • Unlike other lookalikes in the Pantheon, Johnny Bravo has no shame copying the look of his inspiration: Elvis Presley. The rock star was flattered at the man's dedication, wishing Johnny well in his future endeavors.
  • Is actually extremely popular in India to the point that they even made slang out of him. The country has become a significant source of his followers. Unsurprisingly, Symmetra proved to be the exception. She has stated that she had no time to watch childish cartoons as a child. As such she treats Johnny as most other women do to him: with complete disdain.
  • When he met up with the Mystery Gang, they stared in silence before going on their merry way. The encounter only reminded them of their awkward first meeting, which ended up with the gang tying him up to a tree. It wasn't all bad for him; he ended up hooking up with Debbie on the end, one of his few sexual conquests.
  • After getting a good laugh from their antics, Johnny started to hang out with Beavis and Butt-head more often. The teens gave him some sound pick-up lines in return. That only ended his chances twice as fast.
  • As someone who makes Casanovas out of Casanova Wannabes, Kyu Sugardust has taken Johnny Bravo in as a client. But his mannerisms leave her opinions mixed between seeing him as her greatest accomplishment yet and allowing her track record to be stained by giving up on him. But given she has a reputation to uphold, she's determined to make a true Casanova out of him, despite his title making it impossible to accomplish without making him unworthy of his godhood.
  • He tends to encourage the surrounding to do The Monkey with him. It will succeed, even with the ladies. Of course, flirting with the ladies in the middle of The Monkey will yield predictable results not in Johnny's favor.
  • For as much as he's a Casanova Wannabe he has some standards. His biggest one is that he dislikes nice guys who actually use a nice guy façade but are actually jerks who drag other women around so he hates how Prince Hans manipulated Anna in an attempt to win the throne. He's a moron, yes, but he's an honest moron.

    Waylon Smithers 
Waylon Smithers Junior, God of Ignored Enamored Underlings (Mr Smithers)


    Charlie and Nicole Birdman 
Charlie and Nicole Birdman, Former Couple That Broke Up Due to Conflicting Priorities
Nicole on the left, Charlie on the right
  • Quasideities
  • Theme Song: I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding.
  • Symbol: Their divorce papers, alternatively, both of their arms crisscrossed with their child Henry in the middle.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for both.
  • Portfolio: A slowly broken couple forced to be with each other for their child, extremely competitive to each other, both are extremely self-centered resulting to their slow divorce, good people despite each of their own questionable actions, the divorce result to 55:45 of their custody to Henry, with Nicole leading the ratio
  • Domains: Love (formerly), Divorce, Ex-husbands and wives, Broken Marriages
  • Herald: Their child, Henry.
  • Mutual Understandings with: Trip and Grace, Dong-ik and Yeon-kyo, Finn the Human, Larry Daley, Maria and Karin, Ran Mouri
  • Opposes: Ato-ko Shirogane, Dick Grayson
  • Opposed by: Majority of the House of Love and Affection, Howard "Buckshot" Holmes
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Hallie Parker and Annie James, Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski
  • Pities: Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson
  • In marriage, there exists two sides, the marriage goes smoothly, there are a few twists and turns, yet the couple still stands up until death. This is not one of those. This is a marriage story on the point of view from a divorce. Charlie and Nicole Birdman were such a lovely couple for 10 years until an opportunity for Nicole to move to Los Angeles conflicted with Charlie's hard work on settling to New York. The biggest change of this is her intention of bringing their 8-year old child Henry with her, becoming the very thing Charlie has sworn to fight for his custody. Throughout their conflict, both sides have been slowly trying each of their best to win Charlie's custody through a bitter court hearing, while at the same time, several truths have been heard on the two with Nicole being extremely manipulative and Charlie cheating on Nicole due to the latter not being able to have sex with him for a year. Ultimately, after numerous hearings and agreements, the divorce is complete and Charlie receives no primary custody on his child while Nicole walks away with Henry and lives through her life as a New Yorker. Even with the two living off their lives as usual, it becomes clear that the love the two have cherished before will never be felt once again.
  • When a court hearing was finished between the two and they were talking to their attorneys, in a sudden flash, a door with beaming light appeared within the entrance of the court. This was unexpected for the two as when they opened the door, they were suddenly pulled into it. The entrance to the door revealed itself to be a part of the Pantheon, with the Court of the Gods coming in peace between the two, even announcing that their temples have been made for good measure. Seeing this, they would question their entrance to such a weird world, when the answer became clear: they wanted to represent a breakup that would be final and true, and considering that the two are in a divorce, their case fits the bill.
  • Upon hearing that the temple would bring both together, Nicole was immediately put off by this and demanded to either separate the temples or make them return to their cities. Even with the builders unable to max space or time to cut the temple in half, Charlie proposed something, he and Nicole would be gods in the Pantheon, but would also let them live in their respective cities: New York for Charlie and Los Angeles for Nicole. The decision came in favor of this idea and as a result, their temples scrapped.
    • For those wondering, because of them having no temples, the two would often reside in their respective cities, doing their usual work. This decision was made to accommodate their divorce and made sure that it was final. They have no intentions of becoming relatable exes amidst the pressure given by other deities. Though as an act of good measure, the two would come to terms and decide to ask for a temple that would act as a backup, or perhaps be used so that Charlie may visit his son Henry at times.
  • To summarize, formerly these two were once a loving couple with their beloved child, but after years of dissatisfaction between the two, and eventually Nicole's decision to move from New York to Los Angeles even with Charlie's hard work placed into their home resulted to the final strain and their slow, painful divorce. In the Pantheon, divorce is a rare sight, something the House of Love has not noticed. This also means that the two are forced to share a title that would remain a reminder and a burden of their lives.
  • For being one of the very few people who actually succeeded in the divorce and never came back even as nicer exes, this lead to a massive backlash on the major houses of the House of Love, as most of the deities there are rather lovey-dovey on their pursuit of love. To Nicole, this is off-putting for her, as love doesn't always work like such and believes that such mindset towards love will only dampen the relationships they make, just like how she and Charlie have gone through.
    • Thankfully, they aren't the only people who have gone through a breakup or are suffering through the issues of marriage. When it was announced that their ascension was complete, the first couple to reach them was Trip and Grace, who saw the two's separation to be very close with each other's own. However, while Trip and Grace's separation was subtle, Charlie and Nicole's were blunter and more obvious, not to mention Charlie's emotional outbursts during one of their fights. They will admit that their cases of failed marriages points to their difference in professions.
    • It may not be a divorce, but a Happy Marriage Charade also counts when it comes to slowly failing relationships. Yeon-kyo visited them upon hearing their stories regarding marriage. She would tell them about her issues with Dong-ik, her husband and how she basically treats her like a trophy than a wife. Both would agree that Yeon-kyo should separate but she would make a ton of excuses not to. Then Nicole saw that she was incapable of doing simple chores, which even made the talks more confusing. At the end of the day, they convinced her to file a divorce, but only time will tell if she will go for it.
    • Outside of couples, several individuals have also felt the same way when it comes to a stuttering relationship. For Larry Daley, the duo reminds him of his failed relationship that lead to him being a museum guard. He especially understands Charlie, while on his end, he envies Larry due to earning his custody for his son, something that he lost. Meanwhile, Finn the Human's case is somewhat interesting as he had an optimistic mindset on love but took it for granted and broke up with Flame Princess as a result. Nicole was upset hearing this but hopes Finn learns his lesson never to take it for granted again.
    • Two women suddenly approached the two before leaving again to their homes, greeted themselves to be Maria and Karin, who understood the life of a messed up matrimonial life, though their relationships would become sour when they realized how they ended up having miserable lives, with Maria's philandering making her no better than Charlie. On Karin's side though, they see why though he leaves immediately before Nicole reminds him again of their lives.
  • Most, if not the majority of the House of Love has opposed them fiercely, as most deities are often not accustomed and some not even believing in the aspect of marriage, a concept no one would wishfully accept save some few deities. Some have tried bringing them back but the two have agreed to disallow it, though Charlie has been slowly saddened every time someone has to mention the brutal divorce.
    • The first few people to try to bring them back together was the twins Hallie Parker and Annie James, both who managed to save their parents' marriage in a smart move regarding switching their identities. Even with the courageous story, it did not motivate either of the two, more so on Nicole, who has been getting sick of the girls pestering her to return to Charlie. At one point, she saw the twins playing with Henry, and in a small piece, the twins in return asked if she could go back to her husband, to which she shooed the girls away. Ever since, her patience for the two have been small and has requested a restraining order on the two, never allowing them to see her nor Henry.
      • Following the order, the twins' worry is not much on Nicole as her stubbornness and manipulative attitude has made it clear she won't change, but on Henry, their only child. They only wish the child doesn't go through a hard-parenting life as they worry, he will have to live through a divorced family, something that the two have thankfully averted.
    • It speaks a lot when Charlie got interested in the idea of Mind Wipe when he met Joel Barish, who he and his wife Clementine Kruczynski attempted wiping out their memories possibly to repeat their relationship, a relationship that has been sour for more than once. Even when Joel has said many times not to try it out, Charlie has been thinking about using it on him and Nicole so that their marriage could reset and live happily again, a thought Nicole has been adamantly against as she is happy on her own.
    • Regarding failed marriages, a certain announcer was found mumbling about his former marriage life to the point of calling the two a reminder of his unwanted memories. This announcer, Howard Holmes, got really sick of the marriage life he was in and has stated numerous times of the disaster, referencing it with his commentary. When the duo ascended, he spoke this:
    Howard: "Jack lobs those losers like they were my ex-wife tossing my belongings out the second story window of our house...without even so much as a warning, I mean...I asked her why, but all I got was the same old 'I wanna be treated like a woman' and 'You never put the lid down on the toilet'..."
    Kreese: "...and we're back from the sad epoch that is Howard's life to rejoin Death Watch!"
    Howard: "'Why can't you get it up like your brother?'"
    Kreese: "Shut yer trap."
  • The pity between the two and Peter Parker and Mary Jane are reasonable as all the four have dealt with the problems of relationships, but their sympathies for the two are based on certain conditions that the two cannot control, be it Peter's constantly busy life to Mary Jane nearly getting killed many times. They can only hope the two do get together at some point.
    • Speaking of superheroes, Dick Grayson's antics as a sexual ex has put Nicole off so many times and has called him abhorrent, never even trying to try to make his relationships worthwhile, though some people may find more to this than just plain sexual desire, that being related to their former marriage with Charlie who cheated on her just for not having sex in a year.
  • They may be divorced but those who would get rid of relationships out of pure spite is not something they would tolerate, of course this is something that Ato-ko Shirogane would say regarding her "profession" as a relationship destroyer but in Charlie and Nicole's defense, their divorce was based on a slowly failing marriage. Meanwhile Ato-ko's case is more on ruining relationships just for the hell of it and nothing else.
  • It may not be a breakup, but the two have heard stories regarding Ran Mouri and her parents' issue of being separated. Thankfully they still do love each other though that revelation ended up leaving both bitter due to their love life being pretty much dead. On the other hand, they also wish that both her and Conan would have a happy romantic ending now that the two are girlfriend and boyfriend respectively.

    Scum's Wish Cast 
Hanabi Yasuraoka, Mugi Awaya, Narumi Kanai, Akane Minagawa, Sanae Ebato, Noriko Kamomebata, Sextet God/dresses of Unattained Reciprocations of Love
Counterclockwise from center-left: Hanabi, Mugi, Noriko, Akane, Narumi and Sanae
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A pair of hands held together with petals of red leaves falling in the background.
  • Theme Song: Usu no Hibana, Sayuri - Heikousen
  • Alignment: Usually True Neutral with some Neutral Good moments (Hanabi, Mugi, Narumi, Sanae and Noriko), Neutral Evil and later True Neutral (Akane)
  • Portfolio: Romantic Feelings that are not Reciprocated (To the point of Deconstruction), Love Triangle Greatly Exaggerated, Love Relationships that are Ultimately Damaging and Unproductive, Lonely Together, Teacher/Student Romance (Between Hanabi for Narumi and Mugi for Akane)
  • Domains: Love, Relationships, Dysfunction, Growth, Need, Attention
  • Associated With: The Couples Orientation Sub-House, Yomi and Ceri, Emily, Asuka Tenjoin, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Sayaka Miki, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar
  • Pitied By: A Majority of the House of Love (Barring Akane, given her actions)
  • Opposes: Mrs. Robinson (Hanabi and Mugi, she's on more amicable terms with Akane)
  • Uneasy Relationship: House of Family (Akane)
  • High school romance is a common trend regarding teenagers, but other times, the meaning and hardships of experiencing love and needs can be incredibly overwhelming. Such is the case of students Hanabi Yasuraoka, Mugi Awaya, Sanae Ebato and Noriko Kamomebata, each of whom have their own desires for love and the people that they want to be with. Hanabi was in love with her childhood friend and later homeroom teacher, Narumi Kanai, but she soon discovers that he is attracted to fellow teacher Akane Minagawa. Mugi, much like Hanabi, also fell for Akane, but seeing her be with Narumi resulted in him becoming lonely. He eventually joins along with Hanabi, who start up a fake relationship to satisfy each other and ease their loneliness respectively. However, the price of love and need is far greater than they could have expected.
    • On another note, Sanae is a student with sexuality issues. She lives alongside her cousin Atsuya Kirishima who has feelings for her. Unfortunately, Sanae is a lesbian and cannot develop any romantic feelings for him, leading to her meeting up and being infatuated towards Hanabi. Noriko has known Mugi for a long time and has romantic feelings for him. Unfortunately for her, despite trying her best to gain his attention, Mugi is instead interested in Akane, who herself is sexually involved with Narumi. The fact that Mugi has started a relationship with Hanabi (A falsified one at that) doesn't hep either. As a result, all four students go through a tumultuous and difficult attempt to try satisfying each others's needs and never really coming out of it happy. Akane herself is a sociopath who partly sexually involves herself with Narumi to mentally hurt Hanabi for the hell of it whilst also being dismissive about Mugi's feelings towards her. That said, Akane does start to express genuine feelings for Narumi and get married. While Hanabi is heartbroken twice, she has managed to move forward from it and keeps in contact with Mugi.
      • Although their romantic experience and struggle is over (for the most part), the four students are beginning to move past. Noriko has set her sights on becoming a fashion designer, has gotten over Mugi and has mended her relationship with Hanabi. Mugi realizes he does love Hanabi, but while they're not pursuing romance, they still get along and talk to one another. Sanae however has hut off some of her hair to remind herself to never romantically involve herself with Hanabi again. That said, she is biding her time before Sanae can get to be friends with Hanabi again. As of now, Narumi and Akane have a child together and look to be rather content with one another.
  • All of them entered the Pantheon after their stories were recorded by the House of Knowledge as a means to describe the problems and difficulty in trying to maintain a romantic relationship as a high school student and a few residents were sent to confront and to inform each of them about their newfound place in a new land, plus their representing trope. Of the six, Noriko was the most happy, seeing as there was an entire house dedicated to clothing and fashion to look into, though the other five were surprised, but nonetheless amicable with the sharing position that they got. Except for the fact that Hanabi, Mugi, Sanae, Narumi and Akane are seeing each other again a couple more times.
  • In a rather odd way, all six of them lead some of the most ordinary lives in the Pantheon. Although they do somewhat interact with beings outside of their world, they simply just focus on their own habits and focuses. Narumi and Akane are too occupied with being teachers and parents, Hanabi, Mugi, Sanae and Noriko attend high school as usual, though Noriko is seen at the House of Costumes, seeking to take notes and lessons in achieving her dream job while Sanae is rather reclusive about her nature as a lesbian. She does know that there are residents who are accepting of her sexuality, but she's assuring herself that she isn't ready as of now. Hanabi and Mugi are "soul-searching" as some eyewitnesses claim and are not exactly sure of what they want to be focusing on in the future. Given that they're high school students, witnesses and students usually conclude that they're still processing their thoughts about it.
  • Because of their experiences, they tend to be heavily pitied by the House of Love, mainly because their experience with said feeling hasn't exactly worked out for the better. Barbarella is one of them and she's trying to find a way to help them out in some way without offering them sex. Akane seems to be the exception, given that she's yet to talk about her exploits against Hanabi and not returning Mugi's feelings.
  • Though she seems to be the most isolated within the core grouping, Sanae is surprisingly quite accommodated within the House. Her sexuality meant that she welcomed with open arms by many of the residents under the Couples Orientation Sub-House where much of the Pantheon's homosexual representatives dwell in. There, Sanae became pretty associated with most deities, especially Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar who've offered her any sort of support whenever possible.
    • Adding to this, they have one of the most distinguishable stories regarding Love in the House, given that many of the deities in it tend to have happy endings. There are a few who can share the same conclusion as they have, namely Charlie and Nicole Birdman who are a divorced couple and will never feel the same passion of love towards each other again. They can agree on Noriko and Mugi's feelings being outgrown, stating it's only natural it occurred, though they are uneasy about Akane, just like everyone else here. That said, it's new to them that Mugi loves Hanabi, though he's yet to act upon it for now.
  • Being someone with feminine interests, Sanae is sometimes seen in the House of Pantheon/Costumes, browsing through a selection of clothes and makeup to bring along with her. However, Noriko has a far stronger interest in said domain as she's studying and training to become a fashion designer some day. It's a tough path, but she's assuring herself that she will make it.
  • Despite being parents, Narumi and Akane are rather polarizing in the House of Family. They're content with Narumi around, but not happy at all if Akane is present. In spite of her changing as a person overtime (a fact that she has difficulty comprehending with), they're not totally forgiving towards Akane. Really, the only reason why Akane is even allowed in the House of Family is because she is a mother and she's yet to display any negative characteristics towards her child. The House of Family have asserted to not make a wrong move, lest they want to warrant a ban towards Akane.
    • That said, despite her personality, Akane is at least cautious of the villainous deities in the House of Family and does her best to avoid them, knowing that if their child starts to take influences from them, it's going to result in a serious altercation against Narumi.
  • Hanabi and Mugi heavily dislike Mrs. Robinson for some obvious reasons. She doesn't really seem to mind and actually finds herself on favorable grounds with Akane, a fact that only frustrates Hanabi and Mugi even further. Hell, Mrs. Robinson has become among Akane's closest friends because their similarities really align with one another and it's not rare to see the two of them together talking about their work and exploits.
  • Hanabi is noted to attract a lot of males. She finds this annoying, given that she isn't in the pursuit of having a boyfriend. Conversely, Mugi genuinely loves Hanabi, but respects her thoughts and privacy enough to at least try meeting up with her as friends. To him, it should be enough to make Hanabi content and happy for some time. It's something the House of School notices quite frequently, though the teachers are making it clear about getting the students to pay more attention to their work for the time being.
  • In spite of what has happened, Narumi is at least willing to try getting back in contact with Hanabi and maintain their friendship. That said, being with Akane has made that rather difficult, but he's trying nonetheless. Hanabi is willing to spend as much time with him, even if she knows their relationship will never be romantic.
  • With the obvious exception of Akane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson take pity for the five of them, with Peter trying to see if he can find a way to cheer up Hanabi and Mugi in some way and he's thinking of presenting some Spider-Man inspired designs for Noriko for creative help. Him and Mary Jane know how much Love Hurts and it isn't just exclusive to their own romantic experiences, given that Peter had several girlfriends before ending up with Mary Jane. Sayaka Miki is another one who can relate to them in a sense, given that her romantic feelings towards a friend, Kyosuke Kamijo, was never reciprocated, though the results were much worse for her than the five could think of. That said, Sayaka is willing to help them out in some way if she can.