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The Passion sub-house is a where sunlight and flowers are present in the meadows; a very serene atmosphere where the Goddesses will protect the values they hold dear.

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Intermediate Gods

Nyarko, Goddess of Idiot Hairs and Manic Girlfriends (Nyarlathotep Yasaka, The Crawling Chaos, Slacker Breaker, Nyaruko, Nyarlko)
Full Force Form 

Lesser Gods

    Heart Aino 
Heart Aino, Goddess of Love Power (The angel who fights for LOVE and Justice!, Heart-head, Pink Lady, Commander)

Inugami, God of Kindness-Induced Love
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red armband with a black kanji for "dog" on it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Kindness-Induced Crazed Love, Only Interested on One Person, Enjoys Other People's Suffering, Hates Almost Everything (including himself), Jerkass With a Gruesome Background, Gender Bender, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Dual Handguns, Iron Butt-Monkey, An Inugami Named Inugami
  • Domains: Dogs, Love, Hatred, Abuse
  • Allies (or people he hate less than others): Other members of Yandere Squad
  • Enemies (or people he hates more than others): Kisuke Uzumi, Cats and those in close relation to them (especially Francesca Lucchini and Taokaka)
  • Possible Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Masato Kusaka
  • Originally Inugami was a dog what was abandoned since birth, with no one caring about him. And once someone did "adopt" him... let's just say that creating an inugami is not a pretty progress. Within his whole existence, only a girl called Kohina had shown any compassion to him, who in return is the only person in this world he truly cares about.
  • Inugami might be one of most spiteful gods in the Pantheon as he hates absolutely almost everything. Including himself. The only things he loves are Kohina and the suffering of others. However, he isn't really open about it, and usually keeps a straight-faced appearance forwards others.
  • He is quite interested in the Yandere Quartet, as he has no problem of their way of thinking about their loved ones. If he were to join them, that would make him the first male member of the group. Well, sort of. At the very least, he could work as the Team Pet.
    • This is why he sort of doesn't like Masato as both of them are competing for the "first male member" of the group and with both of them being jerks to everyone but the ones they love. Masato also expressed that he hates him for being an inugami, where as Inugami himself said in response "Like I needed more reasons to hate you".
    • Ultimately upon the founding of Yandere Squad, he finally joined the team alongside Masato. Though Inugami really has the role of Team Pet.
  • In reality, Inugami cannot really recall what his gender was as a dog. As such, he can openly switch between a male and a female form, with the female form having dog ears and a tail. Though he prefers his male form.
  • Kisuke had an extreme freak-out when he heard he ascended, thinking that the cursed god Inugami had broken out of Kuzukyuu Muramasa and has started wreaking havoc. With one of his blades in hand, he ran to Inugami and stabbed him straight through... only to realize his mistake. Inugami was fine, though and made it clear that he would have no intention to unseal the cursed god. Kisuke still doesn't trust him, thinking that the cursed god would force him to become one of his lackeys.
  • Said to look like Minato Arisato. He doesn't really care for him, though.
  • If there was one thing he openly dislikes, it's cats. Though the cat-related deities he hates more than most are Lucchini and Taokaka due of them souding like his female self.

    Shizuku Kurogane 
Shizuku Kurogane, Goddess of Supporting The Underdog (Lorelei, Witch of the Deep Sea)
  • Lesser Goddess bordering on Intermediate.
  • Symbol: Her sword Yoshigure.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (A bit True Neutral at first)
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Loves her brother Ikki because of her family shunning him, Boyish Short Hair, Combat Medic, Making a Splash and An Ice Person, Can resist electricity by using ultra-pure water, First Kiss with her brother, Good Is Not Soft, Hates humans because of her family's poor treatment of Ikki, Wants Ikki to be happy even without her, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Mystical White Hair, Spock Speak, Squishy Wizard, Weak, but Skilled, One of the few decent people in the Kurogane Clan
  • Domains: Magic, Clans, Love, Siblings, Water, Ice
  • Herald: Nagi "Alice" Arisuin (her roommate and confidant).
  • Allies: Ikki Kurogane (Her older brother), Stella Vermillion (Kinda), Tohka Todo, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Todou, Sub-Zero, Cygnus Hyoga, Queen Elsa, Percy Jackson, Jaina Proudmoore, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga
  • Rivals: Fire based magic users. Besides Stella, she also has a strong rivalry with Kotori Itsuka and Shana
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters and any Abusive Parents, Belarus, Hansel and Gretel
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mana Ouma
  • Shizuku Kurogane is a talented Blazer from the Kurogane clan and also Ikki's little sister. She is about the only person in her family that actually cared about Ikki and didn't shun him in any way, so when Ikki decided to run away from home she started to develop a hatred for humans because of her brother's poor treatment. When she ascended, Shizuku quickly gave her brother a big hug and almost kissed him in the lips, but didn't do so because Stella was also present. Nevertheless, both are very glad she finally found a place to stay.
  • It's no secret that she is attracted to Ikki, her infamous moment when she kissed her brother after reuniting with him is often brought up when people talk about her. But the reason for her love goes a little deeper. Shizuku wants to make up for her family's abuse of Ikki and wants to give him the love he was denied all those years ago.
  • Surprised to see Student Council President Tohka Todo ascended. She doesn't hold hard feelings after their battle and respect each other's fighting techniques.
  • Her magic is water and ice based, and since the pantheon has a number of deities with impressive control over those elements Shizuku was interested in learning a few trick from them. She has trained new ice attacks from Elsa, new fighting techniques with Yoshigure thanks to the help of Sub-Zero and even a few new tricks with water attacks by Percy Jackson. She also likes to visit the House of Magic and Sorcery from time to time, where he happened to meet Jaina Proudmoore who shares similar magic powers as her.
  • She has little to no respect for those who have either abused children or their family, especially when it comes to the Child Abuse Supporters. The reason for this is that, while she wasn't treated unfairly herself, her family's abuse of Ikki has caused her to see other people as nothing but heartless monsters and she still thinks that it still applies to said group.
  • Speaking about her magic and her relationship with Stella, they are actually friends believe it or not, even if it took a while for their friendship to gain traction but their bickering is still ever present. Their respective magics are also complete opposites, which added to their rivalry.
    • That said, she has noticed that there are certain people similar to Stella in terms of attitude and magic. The two that stuck with her the most where Shana and Kotori Itsuka. With Shana because she wanted to know if she was a strong as Stella claimed while with Kotori is mostly both being Little Sister Heroines and also their contrasting personalities.
  • She got to meet both Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Todou thanks to her brother introducing them to her. They both quickly noticed that Shizuku has a lot in common with Saya and wonder how would both react to the other if they happened to meet in person.
  • One would think that both Shizuku and Belarus would get along given shared traits and hobbies, but Shizuku doesn't think highly of her. One reason would be that Shizuku eventually grew those out, even if she still loves her brother while Belarus did not, not to mention that Belarus enraged after feeling insulted tried to attack Shizuku only to be frozen in place by her magic. Needless to say, the two don't like the other at all.
    • The same can be said about Hansel and Gretel, who in turn were convinced by Belarus, who happens to be friends with them, to harass Shizuku for daring to insult her. Of course, the twins are nothing she can't deal with herself, but their constant attempts at murdering her gets a little tiresome after a while.
  • Her title used to belong to Hinata Hyuga before she was relocated to another temple. Shizuku curious went to visit her and ask her some question about her former title. She managed to learn that she also supported a loved one while others overlooked him and coincidentally enough Naruto, Hinata's husband, also is a Fan of Underdog of Rock Lee.
  • Strangely enough, the one she was sympathetic the most of all deities was the Kasugano Twins, who also share the same incestual feelings as her. She is somewhat jealous that they got together in the end but nonetheless, Ikki's happiness comes first before her own and stays good friends with Haruka and Sora. She also feels some sympathy for Mana Ouma by being rejected but the whole business surrounding the Apocalypse Virus and a conspiracy has made Shizuku think twice before becoming friends with Mana, not to mention her being friends with Belarus.
  • Can also be found in Fanbase.


    Kara Thrace/Starbuck 
Kara Thrace, Goddess of Women Less Chaste Than Their Counterparts (Starbuck)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her tattoo on her left arm
  • Theme Song: All Along The Watchtower
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cigar Chomper, Daddy's Girl, Blood Knight, Lady Swears-a-Lot, Really Gets Around, Psychotic Smirk, The Lad-ette, Cartwright Curse, Ace Pilot
  • Domains: Travel, Chaos, Good, Lust
  • Allies: Commander Adama, Jeff Moreau/Joker, Captain Kirk, John Crichton, Mal Reynolds, Commander Shepard, Winry Rockbell, Honor Harrington, Sergeant Calhoun, Liane Cartman
  • Enemies: Triborg, The Daleks, Xenomorphs
  • There are a multitude of Ace Pilots in the Pantheon, but Commander Adama has longed for the return of his most decorated pilot. There was a couple of problems though. No one knew of the faith of Starbuck, and even then many were wary of ascending a person with a dubious past. Nevertheless, he enlisted Joker for help. With the help of some benefactors, they successfully brought back Starbuck into the Pantheon. Adama proceeded to use his powers to ascend her.
  • Just like Adama, she hails from an alternative tale from the original ''Galactica'' Starbuck stands to be the most different as the original Starbuck was a man. Otherwise she's still the cigar chomping, foul-mouthing sexaholic people are familiar with.
  • Was honored by... Honor in her ascension ceremony. Any Space Navy needs a good pilot to take over the reigns and there are few better at that job than Starbucks. With that said, she implored Adama to keep her more unpleasant traits in check.
  • Continued right where she started with male suitors. Already with a storied history of lovers in her universe, she has already racked up an impressive count in the multiverse. The subhouse of Lust beamed in delight over the latest customer.
    • There was a time when she served as an escort for the Enterprise. The crew appreciated the help, but it all ended suddenly. Both Kirk and Starbuck decided to tell what happened. The two of them decided to try starting a relationship. It looked like it would last a while... until Starbuck broke up with him. Kirk saw it as fear of being killed... but Starbuck clarified she thought he would be killed off. In the end, both decided they shouldn't risk finding out who's luck was worse.
  • Likes Crichton's methods of leading his crew on the Moya. He is one of the few platonic male relationships in the Pantheon, mainly due to respecting his relationship with Aeryn Sun. John himself sees her as a friendlier voice to describe her home world than the gruff Adama.
  • Was surprised to find out that much of her heroics in her world was assisted by Mal Reynolds. She had always wondered why it took so long for Mal to get together with Inara. Mal won't go other that moment with her. Otherwise, the two have a blast teaming up with each other. She is one of the few people of authority he actually respects. While it may lead to some conflicting missions from time to time, she isn't above letting him off with a warning.
  • Respects Shepard for his accomplishments against the Reapers. She is more than willing to join his crew, especially after his pilot helped ascend her.
  • While not the best Wrench Wench in the Pantheon, she has had some practice in engineering. He hopes to learn more from the mechanic in due time.
  • Shares a need to defeat help others deal with rebellious robots along side Adama. As such, she has Cy-5 and Triborg on the top of her shit list for supporting them. The decisive defeat of the Cylons have perturbed them greatly and they have been planning on revenge ever since.
  • To he fair, she has proven to be a thorn to any hostile alien that wants to destroy humanity. As such those factions have begun to study her tactics in order to find ways to defeat her. The Borg Queen has been leading the charge in that regard. With the ability to adapt to any weapon imaginable, she believes it's only a matter of time before the pilot suffers a humiliating defeat.
  • There is a huge mystery surrounding her origins. Once thought to be human for certain, some revelations point to her being an organic Cylon, the very thing she sought to destroy. She voluntarily got tested by various scientists to confirm this. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to confirm this without the creator's approval.
  • Starbuck has a feeling that her body was the model for Sergeant Calhoun. Not that she minds; she likes the look on her. The flattery doesn't mean Calhoun won't be any less harsh on her, especially due to Starbuck's brash behavior at times.
  • Was surprised that a mom like Liane Cartman could have such an impressive sex life. Nevertheless, she respects the lifestyle. After all, dating someone has never really stopped Starbuck from banging people.

    Selina Kyle/Catwoman 
Selina Kyle, Goddess of Attraction Towards One's Foes (Catwoman, The Cat, Irena Dubrovna, Marguerite Tone, Elva Barr, Belinda, Madame Moderne)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The paw print of a cat
  • Themes: Kitten with a Whip, Selina Transforms, Selina Kyle's Theme, her theme from Batman: The Animated Series
  • Alignment: More or less Chaotic Neutral, briefly Neutral Evil, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction to Worthy Opponents, Feline Themes, Dangerous Fingernails, Catfights
  • Domains: Thievery, Lust, Stealth
  • Heralds: Eiko Hasigawa and Holly Robinson (her successors), Magdalene "Maggie" Kyle/Sister Zero (her sister)
  • Allies: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Carmen Sandiego, Nami, Kuroka, Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine
  • Rivals: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Enemies: Edward Nigma/The Riddler, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Lex Luthor, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, Roman Torchwick, Norma Desmond, SCP-953
  • Opposes: Zatanna, The Joker, Rohan Kishibe, Cinder Fall, Wesley Gibson and the Fraternity
  • Special Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Batman (her ex-fiancé)
  • Odd Friendships: Fluttershy, Asuka Langley
  • Here is a rather tragic tale of a woman with a complicated history. One of Batman's most formidable foes, she and her siblings were separated by the foster care system following their parent's deaths, with Selina quickly ending up on the streets, where she was forced to survive by pick-pocketing and perfected the art of petty thievery. After getting beaten trying to defend a fellow call girl from her abusive pimp, she received martial arts training from Wildcat, who also taught her to use a bullwhip. An encounter with the mysterious Batman sparked the notion of becoming a similar creature of the night. Styling her costume after her favorite animal, Selina Kyle became the infamous (cat) burglar... Catwoman.
    • There was an intense debate over which subhouse to put her new temple in. Some members of the GUAG wanted to put her in the House of Tainted Love as a warning to those who think they could date villains. Ultimately, it was Batman who helped decide the location. While many heroes may fall sway to villains, the opposite can be true. Thus, Selina resides in the House of Passion.
    • Her partner Skitty was overjoyed to find out her favorite goddess has returned. The Pokemon has been her assistant ever since Skitty ascended.
  • Despite this, she remains on good terms with Carmen Sandiego. Selina still feels awed with the audacity of her increasingly impossible heists. Nowadays, Carmen can no longer pit Selina and Felicity on the same mission lest their arguing cost them the theft.
    • She has also done a great job staying on good terms with other pirates and thieves in the Pantheon. They may not oppose Black Cat's rule, but they will balk with sabotaging Catwoman's work. She does have a more storied history after all.
  • Among the first to greet of her returns were fellow Gotham Sirens Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The three have a long history with each other. While they weren't always chummy with each other, the three stand united. Their first order of business way to get revenge on Black Cat.
  • She has been subject to one of most storied relationships in fictional history with Batman. The two remained lovers even though all sorts of changes: as enemies, rivals and even allies on occasion. Even when some heel turn on her part puts the two directly at odds at each other, Batman still tries to convince her to change her ways, to which she always retorts with a line such as the following...
    Catwoman: My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That's why you'll never really understand me.
  • Her relationship with the Joker is a much simpler matter, one of utter hatred. Not only has she been the subject of torture from him, she also opposed his former treatment of best friend Harley Quinn. If there's one thing she won't agree with Batman about at any point ever, it's her opinion of putting the clown out of her misery.
  • Zatanna is also those on her shitlist, due to what she did to herself and Batman. She was the perpetrator in wiping out both of their memories to prevent a gruesome truth in the superhero community from getting out. When it did, she went straight to her temple to give her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. The two now have restraining orders on each other. Zatanna's pleas of an apology have gone on deaf ears.
    • Because of which, she opposes anyone who has done the same to others. This especially goes to the god responsible for such memory wipes: Rohan Kishibe. Unlike Zatanna, the man refuses to apologize, citing that some good does come from his powers.
    • As bad as her example was, she would never even attempt to compare her plight with that of poor Asuka. Their shared advocacy against mind rape brought the two together.
  • Has been identified as bisexual. Common knowledge predicted that meant some... quality time with Felicity. It has picked up once more after her and Felicia became friends again.
  • Her relationship with Lex Luthor was already strained due to straddling the line between supervillain and anti-hero. Now that she stands opposed to Gotham's chaotic rogues gallery, Lex officially severed ties with her, convincing his allies to turn on her.
  • Often offers Kuroka tribute for giving her the idea of changing her outfit to a sleeker black catsuit. Fluttershy commented on how much she liked the outfit.
  • Is not a fan of Norma Desmond. After expressing her disdain for her vocally, the White-Dwarf Starlet unleashed one of her followers upon her: Clayface.
  • Dislikes Storm heavily, as in addition to the moral contrasts, Selina is not pleased that Ororo reminds her of a girl who dared to call herself "Catwoman". Their only shared trait is equal contempt for Wesley Gibson, who once hit on Selina for reminding him of his love/lust interest the Fox (who is also a Cat Burglar, albeit a completely evil and insane one that looks exactly like Storm), and she's not happy to be the fancied by a rapist jerkass who commands one of the most evil groups in the Pantheon.
  • Has shocked pretty much EVERYONE by accepting Bruce's proposal. It appears the king and queen of Gotham are finally coming together.
    • Talia al Ghul was shocked upon hearing of the engagement. Only after Selina bested her in a swordfight, does she admit to Batman that she "likes her."
    • To the frustration of many shippers, Selina called the wedding off, concerned that such a commitment would interfere with Bruce's crime fighting career.


    Marianne and Héloïse 
Marianne and Héloïse, Goddesses of Intimate Artistry
L-R: Marianne, Héloïse
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (the painting)
  • Theme Song: "La Jeune Fille en Feu", Vivaldi's "Storm"
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic Good leanings
  • Portofolio: Intimate Artistry, Starcrossed Lovers, Fictional Painting, Expository Pronoun
  • Domains: Art, Love
  • Herald: Sophie
  • Allies: Alma and Elisabet, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria, Amaterasu, Ramo, Lola and Quill, Rose Bukater, Jack Dawson, Jane Lane, Helen Graham, Jill Stingray
  • Oppose: Drawcia, Friede and Ariandel
  • Complicated Relations: Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake
  • In the late eighteenth century, Marianne, a painter, travelled to an isolated island in Brittany (northwest France). She was commissioned to create a portrait of a young lady, Héloïse, who was soon to be married to a Milanese aristocrat. Héloïse was unhappy about the arranged marriage and refused to sit for any portrait. Marianne thus hid her trade from her and posed as a companion on her walks, in which she was to memorize her features to create the portrait. The two grew close enough for Marianne to feel guilty about the ruse and reveal the finished portrait to Héloïse, who found it flawed. Unsatisfied, Marianne scrapped it and started over, with a willing Héloïse posing for it. Throughout this process, love blossomed between them and they started an affair. But it could not last due to the time and society they lived in. Once the work was finished, Héloïse had to go get married and Marianne had to leave. They did not forget each other as time passed though, with them communicating their affection for each other in other paintings.
  • That they could not be together is infuriating for many people, including some deities in the Pantheon. In an attempt at remedying this, it was decided to grant them the chance to reunite, by ascending them. Marianne was drawn first into the Pantheon by the promise of a new commission; she thought it was ironic that the sender appeared to be from the same region where she had her fateful encounter with Héloïse, but when crossing the sea she was dropped off at an oddly black-and-white island which she discovered was inhabited by only two women, Alma and Elisabet. They recognized Marianne and Alma brought her up to speed on what was going on, explaining that she had the choice to invite Héloïse in and stay together. Marianne naturally thought this all might be a dream, but she may as well enjoy it and was curious to see just how they would bring her to Héloïse, who was in Milan.
    • Turns out the answer to this is, by way of a white wolf with red markings, as Amaterasu was waiting just outside Alma and Elisabet's temple, waiting to help a fellow painter out. Riding on Amaterasu's back, Marianne ended up in Milan and face-to-face with Héloïse much sooner than she expected. Héloïse, seeing Marianne with a white wolf next to her, most likely thought this was all a dream too, given she didn't ask very many questions and agreed quite easily to go with Marianne. With that, the two were brought to the Main House, where they were pronounced goddesses (and it was also stressed they could go back anytime to attend to their earthly duties). Only when they got to their temple did they pinch each other to finally disprove their belief that it was a dream. Any questions as to their new situation were left for the next day as they basked in the feeling of being together again.
  • As a result of their ascension, the House of Craft now exhibits all the paintings attributed to Marianne. We say "attributed" because a lot of them are signed under her father's name so she wouldn't be instantly dismissed, so that Marianne now gets due recognition for her work gladdens both her and Héloïse. Marianne herself later helped cataloguing them and also arranged for her father's work to be exhibited. The paintings on display have made many deities with an artistic bent interested in the couple and respectful of their bittersweet story.
    • Specific artists who are friendly with the two include Jane Lane and Helen Graham. Jane, being an "alternative" girl, has more respect than usual for the couple for realizing that the norms of their society are kind of crappy and helping others despite the illegality of it and lack of benefit to themselves (such as helping the maid Sophie get an abortion). Helen, though a little more disapproving, at least understands where they are coming from, since they are all women who are trying to make their way in a world where the rules tend to work against them.
  • One of the first things they had to get used to was that the subjects of paintings could sometimes take on a life of their own, as they discovered when they met Ramo, Lola and Quill. They were sympathetic to how Marianne and Héloïse had their romance frustrated by societal obstacles, given they had to contend with an unfair society in their own world, and more specifically, Ramo also had a forbidden romance with Claire and they both suffered for it. The three also find themselves thinking that if only their creator had been more like Marianne, that is, inspired by love instead of creatively hampered, their painting would have been finished faster.
  • Not all animate paintings are as nice as Ramo, Lola and Quill, as they cautioned the couple about beings like Drawcia, Friede and Ariandel, with Drawcia being obsessed with turning the whole world into a painting, and Friede and Ariandel fanatic about preserving their home painting. Marianne and Héloïse heed these warnings and do think those deities sound horrifying, though at the same time they doubt any of them care about the couple's existence as there's little or nothing they would be able to do to stop them. The two just don't think often about them.
  • Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson are another famous couple who were sadly torn apart after only a few short days of knowing each other. In their case it was arguably more tragic, as Jack died to save Rose. As it happens, Jack is also a pretty talented artist, so it wasn't long before he and Marianne met at each other to talk about their work. Rose and Héloïse also hit it off easily because of their commonality of being high-ranked ladies who were expected to marry husbands chosen for them. Rose managed to get out of the obligation, which was obviously not the case for Héloïse, although she admits that her Milanese husband gives her no reason to complain so far, whereas Cal Hockley seems like the worst type of husband. Now, the biggest question is, is Jack's famous nude drawing of Rose putting ideas in Marianne's head? For her part, Héloïse told Marianne she wouldn't mind if she wanted to draw her like that.
  • Deciding to try one of the bars in the Pantheon (presumably it would be unthinkable back in their world, at least for a proper lady like Héloïse), they came across the joint run by Jill Stingray, who was reminded of her own love story with a woman named Lenore upon entering conversation with them. That was a story that also ended in tears, as they had a huge fight after which they never saw each other again, and then Lenore died of illness. Jill thus wishes the best for Marianne and Héloïse. The two felt all the more blessed for the Pantheon providing them with the opportunity to be with each other, which would be nigh impossible in their world. They also keep Jill occasional company out of compassion.
  • They visited Alma and Elisabet again as courtesy for helping out when Marianne had just arrived. They find it a funny coincidence that Alma and Elisabet also live in relative isolation on an island. Possibly as a consequence, they also made some... assumptions about the nature of Alma and Elisabet's relationship, which Alma vehemently denied when she realized the implications. Elisabet, however, neither denied nor confirmed it and amused herself with Alma's reaction. Marianne and Héloïse apologized and calmed things down before the situation escalated.
  • Shortly it occurred to Alma that she knew of a place Marianne might find interesting as a painter, so she took them to the temple inhabited by Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria. The magnificently decorated mansion with its vibrant colors was indeed very fascinating to Marianne and Héloïse and they were welcomed by Agnes, who is herself interested in painting and was enthusiastic to have them. Karin is still not nice to strangers, though for Agnes' sake she tolerated Marianne asking her to pose in such and such manner in front of a red wall (Maria did it rather more gladly). To Marianne's artistic eyes, all the complementing and contrasting colors were a great source of inspiration for her next work.
  • They've come into contact with yet another duo isolated on an island, this time by receiving an impromptu visit from a gloomy-looking sailor called Thomas Wake, a lighthouse keeper. He explained that he lived a damned life with Ephraim Winslow for sole company and admitted he felt a little jealous of Marianne and Héloïse for being so happy together in their own isolated place. While he left shortly after, Marianne and Héloïse think it's probably better to steer well clear from him and Ephraim after doing research on them, given they seem very unhinged. Though on the brightside, Marianne and Héloïse have come to think they were quite lucky to meet each other on that island.

    Mikiya Kokutou 
Mikiya Kokutou, Celestial Love Martyr (Mikiya Kokuto, Kokutoh, Puppy-kun)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His pair of glasses.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Guy, Really devoted to Shiki in spite of her murderous side, Ridiculously Average Guy, Regularly stays out of action due to refusing to hurt others, Has an admirable will of determination, Unknowingly attracts a lot of girls but has only eyes for Shiki, Unfazed Everyman, Good at investigating, Has tendencies to be reckless, The sweet guy to Shiki's hostile girl, Couldn't cry even if he wanted to, Brings out the best in Shiki
  • Domains: Normalcy, Kindness, Love
  • Herald: Mana Ryougi (his daughter with Shiki)
  • High Priest: Michael Hosea
  • Followers: Rolo Haliburton, Gilbert Cocteau, Sybil Vane, Princess Ishtar of Freege, Deionarra
  • Allies: Shiki Ryougi (his wife), Touko Aozaki, Shirou Emiya, Shiki Tohno, Sakura Matou, Rio and Mele, Chihiro Fujisaki, Miku Kohinata, Nate Adams, Lacus Clyne, George McFly, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Hinata Hyuga, Princess Anna, Padme Amidala, Rushuna Tendou, Litchi Faye-Ling, Prince Zuko, Angel (L&S), Relena Darlian, The Human Child/Frisk, Fuuka Yamagishi, AUG
  • Enemies: Souren Araya, Kirei Kotomine, Shinji & Zouken Matou, Molag Bal, Griffith, Embryo, Akio Ohtori, The Joker, Ethan Roark Junior/The Yellow Bastard, Fire Lord Ozai
  • Respected by: Zonda
  • Pities: Rem, Sayaka Miki, Jay Gatsby
  • Opposed by: Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Harley Quinn, Misa Amane, Medea
  • We all needed that one significant other who refused to give up on you, even if you have done some wrongs before because we crave the comfort that assures us while we feel like our world is crumbling down. And this is how Mikiya Kokutou comes into the picture when he fell in love with Shiki Ryougi during their highschool years together, becoming her Only Friend afterwards. He joins Shiki in helping to defeat Souren Araya and other villains with his investigative skills, while witnessing her deadly capabilities in assassination. Despite her murderous tendencies even towards him, Mikiya loves Shiki regardless which ultimately redeems her and gives her affection she has not felt in ages, so much so that they had a daughter named Mana together.
    • That very unbreakable devotion of love to Shiki is so legendary that the Court of the Gods decided to bestow the title of Celestial Love Martyr to help him embody that. Mikiya, who got into the Pantheons by going through a door in his house and into the Courtroom, at first was flattered by the praising but later felt nervous that he's going to be in a very unfamiliar place without access to his home but was relieved when he was told that he can enter and exit the Pantheons at any time as he wished and Shiki is in the Pantheons who he rushed to immediately after thanking the Judges.
  • Shiki Ryougi shed Tears of Joy when she found out her husband and love of her life have ascended into the Pantheons, as he was the reason she was able to become a better person and stop her killing impulses with affection, and woe to anyone who dares to hurt him as doing so will make Shiki sure their death is swift; joining them of course is their daughter Mana who loved them both dearly (though she loves her papa more) as his Herald. Touko was also there to greet Mikiya, seeing that he's just as mild as ever and Mikiya likewise is happy to see her too; he has been keeping her private eye floating back then which she is grateful for and he's more than happy to do it again in the Pantheons. Mikiya also reunited with fellow protagonists Shiki Tohno and Shirou Emiya who are also kind men like him though he is saddened that they have harsher pasts than him so he hopes to give them better happy times to compensate; through Shirou, Mikiya befriended Sakura Matou whose harsh tragedy grimly reminds him of Fujino Asagami's ordeal. Sakura found him to be a very pleasant fellow to talk to, and became curious to this Fujino girl and her life.
  • Mikiya did get the memo from his allies that Souren Araya has returned, and he has continued his experiments of researching people's Origins; Araya was surprised that Mikiya had both reached the Root and unlocked his Origin at the same time and is pushing his experiments more to keep finding the answer, unaware that Mikiya achieved that by being a good person. By association, Mikiya became wary of Kirei Kotomine since he often takes shelter there should his handling of Shirou and his circle goes south; he's not going to engage him straight away because he knows the priest is combat-capable enough to incapacitate a bystander. Mikiya also hates the Matous, Shinji and Zouken for their mistreatment of Sakura and even more when he heard that Sakura was adopted by them and they took advantage of that for... currently unexplainable reasons.
  • As he would do everything to stay with Shiki forever murderous side be damned, Mikiya has a lot of appreciation for other to do the same and it's rewarded positively which results in redeeming love. Black Lion Rio & Mele admires Mikiya greatly for that, and it's not just taking over Mele's old seat though while Mikiya is happy the two turned good from loving each other, he's saddened that they both died later while fighting alongside the Gekirangers though they assured him somewhat that they are now heroes and they are willing to sacrifice themselves again for their friends. Mikiya also liked Padme Amidala, Hinata Hyuga and Litchi Faye-Ling for their devotion to the respective persons they love and they likewise wished the best in his marriage with Shiki; he is more saddened that Litchi did everything she can to bring back Lotte "Roy" Carmine from the Void but nowadays she is content with the fact that he ultimately stays in the Void and encourages her to move on without him and so, Mikiya often visits her, both for medical checkups whenever he or his family needs it and to support her or check on her well-being.
    • He appreciates not giving up on family too as he befriends Prince Zuko, Fate Testarossa, Princess Anna and the Human Child. In the case of Zuko and Fate, Mikiya was bummed that their parents that they desperately seek love from have none to give them as they were too selfish to do so but became glad that they both have since moved on from them in no thanks to making new friends that supported them all the way; this is also why he began hating Zuko's father Ozai as he believes no father should ever disregard their child for their own selfish goal and Ozai himself couldn't care less about someone's opinion on him let alone one from a humble human being. For the Human Child, Mikiya is very amazed that Frisk having unlimited determination enough to redeem Asriel reminds him so much of him ultimately redeeming his wife from her assassinating impulses.
    • Even those like Zonda who hates humans on a regular basis due to suffering some serious discrimination as an Adept, admits the love at display with Mikiya and Shiki is... admirable. Sure, it's to be expected in her more illusory older male and female forms, who are quite vocal about their warped views on love, but this respect even extends to the actual Zonda. Considering what Zonda and her comrades are working towards that's nothing to scoff at.
    • Mikiya honestly felt pretty bad for those like Harley Quinn, Misa Amane and Rem as they sacrificed everything for the person they loved who refused to ever care for them unless it suits their ends or for fun, though for Harley and Misa it's conflicting for Mikiya given that they often revel in killing. Sayaka Miki and Jay Gatsby are more sympathetic as well as their attempts to do everything for their object of affection became All for Nothing in the end and Mikiya hopes to brighten their spirits before they fall into deeper despairs or in Sayaka's case, prevent hers from becoming destructive.
    • As such, Mikiya hates the Joker for both ruining Harley's love for him, and being a despicable monster of a human being; the Joker himself brush him off for now, though he thinks it will be amusing to taunt Shiki by killing him in front of her (which, we all know that won't end well). Mikiya is also unsettled at Medea (the theatrical one, not the Caster Servant) for killing her children just to spite Jason which he perceives as unthinkable and she in turn refuse to care about Mikiya nor his opinion; afterwards, Mikiya wonders if he hasn't met enough are deplorable yet and he's scared at the thought of their existences.
  • Serial relationship saboteur Ato-ko Shirogane is for once, angry at the fact that she can't break off Mikiya and Shiki apart. It is both because of Mikiya's complete devotion to Shiki and Shiki not hesitating to kill her in an instant should she wedge herself into her marriage with her husband. Yet strangely, Ato-ko also welcomes this as a challenge since testing Mahiro and Nyarko's love for each other.
  • The closest thing Mikiya's Origin can be described to is "Normalcy" which is living and behaving a life as normal as possible, but it can also be "one who refuses to hurt others". As he is always the latter when it comes to principles, Mikiya got acquainted with fellow pacifists Rushuna Tendou, Relena Darlian, Lacus Clyne and Fuuka Yamagishi; he's glad that they are able to hold on their own in times of danger and they likewise wished the best on his marriage as well, especially Lacus.
    • As he is also a nice average person, Chihiro Fujisaki, Nate Adams and Miku Kohinata all took a liking to Mikiya as a very trustable adult to talk to. Mikiya became distressed upon hearing of Chihiro's unfortunate demise and Miku getting unwilling brainwashing and he hopes he can give these kids better days than before; Chihiro and Miku likewise are glad that he'll always be there whenever they need comfort, insight into a topic or even valuable life lessons.
  • One of the only things that can actually anger Mikiya is rape, and even if he would protect the rapist's safety he would never excuse their actions. This hatred extends to Nobuyuki Sugou, Embryo, Akio Ohtori, Griffith and Ethan Roark Junior, all of whom scoff at Mikiya for being powerless to fight against them though they'll be foolish hurt him unless they want to incur the wrath of his assassin wife...
    • But they pale compared to Molag Bal who raped a priestess and later resurrects her from the dead to slaughter other women and children and rape other men as he did to her, turning her into the progenitor of vampires and undead in Molag Bal's world, all just to spite Arkay the God of Birth and Death. Molag Bal also relishes in corrupting people in general and he's fascinated to see if a purely good person like Mikiya will fall deep from grace.
    • On a slow day for the Pantheons at a bookstore, Mikiya met George McFly when the latter was signing the latest copies of his book and he was surprised that George saved his then-girlfriend-now-wife from attempted rape, which is a noble thing to do. George likewise also commended Mikiya for sticking by his wife even though she was seconds away from killing him, enlightened at the thought that love does conquer all though he is weirded out by their experiences and the crazy stuff that happened there. Nevertheless, a friendship was forged that day and Mikiya even bought a copy of George's book for leisure reading.
  • Mikiya couldn't cry even if he wanted to, as he believes that crying is a "special" action that makes the person whom you are crying for "special" in return. In other words, due to his Origin of "Normalcy" he can only truly cry if it is someone very dear to him. The T-Doll AUG confronted Mikiya one day and admitted to him that she herself cannot cry to express sorrow, barring some Tears of Blood; she's Unable to Cry to the point that she had long since abandoned wanting to do so. Mikiya was saddened that a robot so human as her couldn't feel sadness as much as he does, so he tries to assure her from time to time that it's okay to feel sadness even if you are unable to do so, a sentiment AUG appreciates dearly.
  • "I guess it can't be helped. I'll bear your sins in your place."

Queen Penelope of Ithaca, the Goddess Who Waits Back Home
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Woman Waiting With Her Cheek On Her Hand; alternatively, the weaving she used to fool the suitors
  • Theme Song: Afternoon At The Park
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Love, Mother, Weaving, Test
  • Portfolio: Waited 20 years for Odysseus to come back Guile Heroine, Bluff the Impostor, Birds of a Feather to Odysseus, has 108 suitors, Keep the Home Fires Burning
  • Allies: Odysseus (her husband), Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, those received unwanted attention like Belle and Esmeralda, Leonidas, Achilles
  • Enemies: Gaston, Frollo
  • Pities: Cassandra
  • Opposes: Medea
  • Unwanted Rival with: Hera
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kratos
  • There is many legend and speculation about how Penelope ascended and her reason for doing so. Some say that she is sick of waiting for Odysseus to return to Ithaca from the Pantheon and afraid of him cheating on her again. Some say that the Council is touched about her story and decided to ascend her. A few even say that Penelope wills the temple into existence through The Power of Love that keeps her waiting for 20 years. However, there is no disagreement over whether or not she deserves her position.
  • Odysseus was reduced to a babble mess and beings to cry uncontrollably when seeing his wife in the Pantheon. The pair shares an emotional reunion with Penelope promises that she will join him in the journey this time.
    • However, anyone that brings up the affair Odysseus had with Calypso that prolonged his journey much longer than necessary will be escorted out of their presence.
  • Penelope asked the House of Magic to put up a spell around her and Odysseusís private quarter in order to only let in people who stay faithful on their spouse. Not many Greek heroes pass the spell, but those who did earn her respect like Achilles and Leonidas.
    • She one time discovers that the spell reacts much more violently towards a visitor. Turn out it was her great-great-grandfather-in-law Zeus. Needless to say, Odysseus is furious when discover the incident.
  • Being one of the few women and stories in mythology who has a happy ending, Penelope is a source of constant jealousy of many of her fellow Greek women.
    • She feels incredibly sorry for Cassandra and her eventual fate, even if she is on the opposite side of the Trojan war from Odysseus.
    • While she has sympathy for Medea, Penelope thinks that the latterís reaction is a little extreme.
    • Penelope finds herself on a nasty unwanted rivalry with Hera. Part of this is due to Hera is jealous of Penelopeís marriage but the biggest offense is the fact that in many cities she was worshipped as the symbol of marriage in place of Hera.
      • This event caused Penelope to seek protection from unusual allies. One of them is Wonder Woman, who is also on uneasy term with Hera and Circe. Another one is Kratos, who Penelope sympathize with losing his family but donít agree with the method.
  • Being on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention, Penelope very much sympathize with those who has suffered similar fate like Belle and Esmeralda while despises those who commit similar act like Gaston and Frollo.