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    Aztar/The Spectre 
Aztar, The God With an Omniscient Morality License (The Spectre, The Wrath of God, The Spirit of Vengeance)

Greater Gods

Galactus, Cosmic God of Transcending Morality (Galan, The Devourer of Worlds, The Great Destroyer, The Monster of all Worlds, The Hunger That Does Not Cease, The Lifebringer, Marte, Galaxius, Alberto El Hambriento)
...each mind that views him struggles as best it can to perceive that unguessable force as an image it can comprehend.

    Himura Kenshin 
Himura Kenshin, God of Technical Pacifism (Hitokiri Battousai, Battousai the Manslayer)

    The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind 
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, God of Humanity and Grim Necessity (Master of Mankind, Emperor, All-Father, Primogenitor, Him on Earth, Omnissiah, The Emprah, Big E., the Corpse Emperor, the Corpse on the Throne, The Anathema, The Motherfucking Emperor, The Man-Emperor of Mankind)
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity at full strength (Overdeity as The Emperasque)
  • Symbol: The Imperial Aquila.
  • Theme Song: We Are One
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being the Strongest Psyker in the Imperium, Humanity Is Superior, Humans Are Warriors, Humans Are Special, Humans Are Survivors, Black and Grey Morality, Darker and Edgier, Rule of Cool, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Dramatic Irony, Twist Endings, Only Mostly Dead, Up to Eleven, Super Soldier, Space Marines, The Chosen One, Reluctant Retiree, Reluctant Hero, Humans Are Bastards
  • Domain: Humanity
  • Heralds: The Adeptus Custodes
  • Allies
  • Enemies: The Four Gods of Chaos, Angron, Kharn, Typhus, Perturabo, Konrad Curze, Alpharius, Abaddon, Asdrubael Vect, Gork and Mork, Ghazghkull, The Tyranids, Trazyn the Infinite, Mag'ladroth, Nagash the Undying, The Flood, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Charles zi Britannia, The Vex, Keel Lorenz, Father Homonculous, Nyarlathotep, Yaldabaoth, Dr. Gero, Merged Zamasu, Frieza, Boros, SCP-682, and any enemy to humanity
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Opposes: Present and Future Zen'o (for the most part)
  • The personification of the human race. Spent 40,000 years manipulating humanity from the shadows before events forced him to take a more active role. Did not want to be worshiped, but humanity needed a god and he was the only one up to it. That said, he has had some success in convincing them he's not really one... just better.
  • Ironically, while he is himself a rather "glass half-full" kind of guy, his power is proportional to the grimdarkness of the dimension he is in at the time. In Bokurano-land he is mightier than O-Haruhi-Sama, and in Teletubby-land he wields less than half his usual might, though still possessing great power. It's probably because he doesn't really need much power in worlds like the latter anyway, where things tend to be going fine.
  • Would like to note he does not want to exterminate xeno life wherever it is, and wouldn't mind living in peace with other alien races. He'd just prefer they accept his idea of peace (mainly the aliens under his rule) and not the aliens' idea of peace (like exterminating all life in the galaxy or keeping humans like zoo animals). Furthermore, he thinks the current Imperium's goal of trying to exterminate all aliens in the galaxy is not only impossible but also impractical, and is working day and night to fix this problem.
  • For some reason, many of his followers have an intense hatred of ponies, especially the divine ones in the Pantheon. Same thing goes for furries or anyone from the Starcraft universe. What his own views of these species are, well, that's one of the many questions about him that nobody knows.
  • He learned of an Expy of his that is the Big Bad in Strike Legion, and after looking at her rule over her own Imperium, he is ready to confront her for her crimes against Humanity should she ever ascend to the Pantheon, though is also pulling some strings in the Celestial Bureaucracy to ensure that she never ascends at all.
    • His actions in his own universe were made out of necessity and the current state of his Imperium was beyond his control but his expy's actions are needlessly cruel and evil, plus her insistence on forcing Humanity to worship her as God is anathema to him.
  • The God Emperor is the only being the Chaos Gods ever truly feared. He is the greatest embodiment of Order in their home universe and their eternal enemy, so much so that the Dark Gods have dubbed him as the Anathema.
    • The God Emperor does not oppose the Chaos Gods for petty reasons such as power or influence, but because of his love and dedication to all Humanity. Without the Emperor to oppose them, the Chaos Gods would taint Mankind with their corruption, twisting and defiling all Humankind by their dark powers. His love for Mankind is so great that even on the brink of death, he chose to be eternally preserved upon the Golden Throne for all time, neither living nor dead. His will is constantly challenging the Dark Gods even as his body decays, trapping him in eternal torment as his soul suffers agony beyond measure lighting the Astronomicon to light the way for the Imperium.
      • What makes his sacrifice even greater is that he could have let himself die and be reborn in a new body but a single moment of lapse in concentration would result in Terra being overwhelmed by legions of Daemons, that would mercilessly butcher the hundreds of billions of people living on the planet and turn the homeworld of Mankind itself into an abominable Daemon World.
  • Now and then, he will have enough of sitting on The Golden Throne and transfer his soul into a Tarrasque in order to REALLY shake things up. A healthy body to inhabit allows him to perform feats greater than what he can in the mummified remnants of his original body. Said feats include freeing the Eldar goddess Isha and Eldrad Ulthran from the clutches of Nurgle and Slaanesh respectively, rescuing his son Jaghatai Khan from a chronovortex, curb-stomping the armies of Chaos, etc. Slaanesh and Khorne are fuming in rage for this, Tzeentch offered no comment, and Nurgle was mad, but surprisingly got over it quickly.
  • Now and then he gives Asura questioning looks. Some speculate that this is because he thinks that Asura may be one of his erased Primarchs, which would explain how he managed to create The Angry Marines. Only the most pissed off being in the universe would suffice for such a Chapter.
    • On a similar note, he gains a sad but proud look whenever he sees Gimli. This may be because of the grievous losses and near extinction the Squats suffered through in their continued existence in the galaxy. He is also pissed off at the massive amount of stupidity that ensued when the Imperium realized the Squats survived. Seeing the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, and the Administratum argue about who to blame for losing the Squats really didn't make him happy.
  • Though he is fully capable of interacting with the other gods in the immortal planes, he is unable to do much in the mortal realms, due to his avatar still being a dying corpse on the Golden Throne. Nobody wants to unplug it, uncertain of what will happen if they do.
    • However, he did later get a Text-To-Speech Device installed into the Golden Throne. He has become a lot more chatty since then.
  • Despite the bitter and caustic manner he voices himself, the God Emperor is genuinely sorrowful at what has become of his Imperium; his intended paradise of reason and science has been twisted into a despotic and bureaucratic mess, but with the installation of the Text to Speech device, he has begun restoring the Imperium to what it was meant to be.
  • He's not too happy about Kars convincing The Adeptus Custodes to dress up like the Pillar Men in order to show him tribute.
  • Upon learning that the traitor Primarch Magnus had ascended to the Pantheon he ordered Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarines to capture and bring him before the Golden Throne for judgement.
    • A binary encoded message from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes has revealed that Calgar has somehow succeeded in his mission and is now returning with Magnus. However, the Emperor's response to this development is not what anyone would have expected…
    • After a long heart to heart and revelation of previously unknown secrets the Emperor and Magnus have began overcoming their mutual issues with each other. To prove his goodwill, the Emperor overpowered the Chaos God Tzeentch to restore Magnus's soul. Afterwards, the Emperor revealed that he intended to recover the Primarchs once more and fulfill Mankind's birthright as the masters of the Galaxy.
    • To that intent he has since ordered the Ultramarines to discreetly recover Vulkan's artifacts for the Salamanders to find and bring him along. Apparently, he thinks only they can get the job done.
  • There are not many things that can bring a smile to his face. But one of those things that can are a Centurion from The Imperial Fists. Who, as it turned out to even the Emperor's amazement, is his supposedly-dead son, Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists.
  • He also appears to have a very weird father-son relationship with the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, calling him son and getting called Dad in return.
  • His alliance with Madoka Kaname is because she represents the hope humanity both needs and deserves. When he heard that YHVH was planning to kill her, he became one of the masterminds of The Pantheonic Rebellion. He has since ordered three entire chapters of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Wolves, Salamanders, and Blood Ravens), three regiments of the Imperial Guard (Cadian 8th, Tannith 1st and Only, and Valhallen), 9 Bane Blades, 4 War Hound Titans, 2 Warlord Titans, and 1 Emperor Titan to Madoka's defense.
  • The Emperor abhors both YHVH and Lucifer, seeing the two of them as abominations that feed on human emotions and only cause suffering much like the Chaos Gods. YHVH's order to have Madoka killed only intensified that disgust but he remembers that it was Lucifer who put all these events into motion.
  • The God Emperor has gained an alliance with another founder of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, as well as another of the Sailor Senshi, Hotaru Tomoe, by the existence of an alternate universe wherein the Senshi were resurrected as the Emperor's daughters.
  • Homura Akemi reminds the God Emperor too much of his fallen son, Horus. Both so filled with passion and drive, only to be twisted and broken. With the existence of a universe where Homura became the temporary host to the Emperor's soul while he acted as a replacement father to her, creating a bond between them to the extent that she called him dad, the Emperor has decided to try and convince her to abandon Lucifer.
    • The Chaos Gods fear the possibility of this alliance occurring elsewhere in the Multiverse and within the Pantheon. Such an alliance would likely result in their destruction and as such, they act with all their powers to prevent this from happening.
  • Has begun having humanity's history from before the Age of Strife written down and sent throughout the House of Knowledge for mass copying and distribution, angry at the fact that most of it is currently censored for some reason.
  • The God Emperor is furious and greatly disappointed at the result of the End Times. To see a world that has withstood multiple Chaos incursions destroyed because of idiocy and treachery and the lives of billions of human lives lost as a result, has greatly infuriated Him.
    • The Lord of Mankind has begun to consolidate His forces and made motions to ascend the remaining loyalist Primarchs and other champions of Mankind. His servants have shown an increased preparation for conflict and the other Gods fear the potential beginnings of the Second War in Heaven.
  • After learning the end results of the End Times, the God Emperor has ordered His servants to apprehend the necromancer Nagash and bring the lich to justice, for both his crimes against Humanity and his actions during the End Times.
    • He also gave hints that He seeks the ascension of the Warrior-God Sigmar Heldenhammer. A legendary Champion of Mankind that defeated the first Everchosen of the Chaos Gods and banished Nagash for more than two thousand years, Sigmar's arrival would be welcome sight within the Pantheon for the God Emperor.
  • Upon being asked his opinion of both The Great Upheaval and The Pantheonic Rebellion, The Emperor's response was rather simple.
  • As one of the foremost Champions and God of Humanity, the Emperor was one of the first deities to help the Master Chief fight the Flood. During the conflict, He, the Master Chief, Madoka Kaname and (much to his great reluctance) Lucifer combined powers to banish the Primordial and ensure its imprisonment outside the Pantheon. He now stands alongside the Spartan as the first line of defense against the Parasite should it ever escape from its prison.
    • After the conflict, the Emperor made his thoughts on the Precursor very clear:
    • The danger of a Flood invasion of the Pantheon is great enough that he is even willing to join forces with the Chaos Gods to defeat it, as both sides agree that the Flood is a far greater threat than they are to each other.
  • The Emperor has low views of Social Darwinism, regarding it as a badly disguised Realpolitik underneath false science that has often been used as poor justification for cruel and inhumane actions. He is often found calling those who hold to this philosophy:
    • He has come to conflict with En Sabah Nur and Charles zi Britannia over their philosophies and disregard for the lives and well-being of Humans.
  • Odin and the God Emperor of Mankind met one another after several correspondences through their sons. The two came to instantly respect one another from their mutual struggle against great enemies of their peoples. The determination to overcome seemingly impossible odds and unbeatable foes in order to preserve one's people was resound in both figures. Odin's ages old struggle against Ragnarok and strings of fate was well known to the Emperor while the King of Asgard learned about the Master of Mankind's millennia of warfare against the foul Gods of Chaos. The two forged a powerful alliance with one another. Much to their mutual amusement, they both possessed the title of Allfather.
  • May or may have not been a certain Cimmerian in a past life.
  • Despite maintaining a presence within the Pantheon, being the God of Humanity and worshiped as a God-Emperor by his many worshipers, the Emperor still holds many reservations about the title of God. Many would go as far as to say that referring to Him as a God is actually demeaning, since as a Human being, He is so much more. The Emperor prefers to be called The Man Emperor of Mankind.
  • As a proud proponent of HUMANITY FUCK YEAH, the Emperor wishes that Humanity would stop doing stupid shit such as worshiping obviously evil and malevolent entities (especially if they do so for the petty promises of power and fame), get their act together and finally achieve their birthright.
    • For this reason, Rem sees the Emperor as one of the few humans she can stand. He spends his time with her trying to see the potential humanity can achieve, but every time he gets close to convincing her, some human in the Pantheon does something stupid and evil, and they're back at step one.
    • This is also the reason he first began to take a look at the Elric brothers' journey, as one of their first landmark achievements as State Alchemists was to expose a false religion based around a sun god designed to convince the townspeople to get themselves murdered in a coup. Everything he saw after that proved them to be great champions of humanity's potential, to the point they even managed to impress The Truth, an entity whose entire design centered around punishing humans for thinking they could play God with transmutation knowledge. Needless to say, the Emperor approves.
    • He's also offered his full support to Philemon and Igor for their service in guiding the Persona-using human youths of the Pantheon into fighting back divine entities to protect humanity. Their most recent Wild Cards, Yu Narukami and Ren Amamiya, are particularly impressive, as Yu is proof that humans can seek and handle the truth even when it's uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so, while Ren is proof that humans can reject mundane nihilism and strive to achieve more in their lives than serving prisoner to corrupt systems.
      • As Nyarlathotep and Yaldabaoth are both proponents of humanity's hopelessness who refuse to let up even after being shown they're wrong, the Emperor considers them to be a danger akin to the Chaos Gods themselves. Once said Chaos Gods are finished being dealt with, they're next.
    • With Android 17 rising past his artificial programming from Dr. Gero's experiments to become the ultimate human, not only surviving near-elimination and self-destruction to win the Tournament of Power but also using his wish selflessly to restore the erased universes, the Emperor approves of the MVP chants 17 has gotten since his return from the planet-wide cruise he earned for himself and his family. The Emperor even had a trophy created to commemorate 17's victory and valor. The old doc can suck it.
  • Zamasu's plan to exterminate all mortals "for godly justice" makes the Emperor sick to his goddamn stomach. Aside from the fact that the brutal species he observed at two points a thousand years apart was closer to xeno than human, Zamasu refused to understand the concept of the Kais serving as guides to humanity when it was taught to him. While he applauds Gowasu for trying his best to get through to the prick, Zamasu was hellbent on judging and destroying those he could've instead facilitated towards greatness. For the Emperor, This Is Unforgivable!.
    • He laughs at how blatantly the Tournament of Power proves not only just how dead wrong Zamasu was about how hopelessly destructive humans were, but also that Zen'o, the childish Top God who eliminated Zamasu from his multiverse, knew he was wrong the entire time.
  • Despises fellow "Emperor" Frieza for trying to destroy his Earth at least twice and callously destroying countless lives, including wasting one Earth city with a single beam as a way to say hello. Upon hearing that he's found the sudden interest of helping other despotic Social Darwinists achieve rule over their Earths, the Emperor of Mankind is not mincing words.
  • He has a fondness for Duel Monsters, though he was a little disappointed that he couldn't use broken cards in the Pantheon. To compensate, he's constructed a deck based around powerful LIGHT monsters.
    • Despite their enmity, he hosts regular Duel Monster tournaments with Tzeentch.
  • He hates when people mention that one time he was being choked to death by, of all things, an Ork. Odin sympathizes with him for this; he is still getting shit for having been enslaved by space ants once.
  • Few alien species love humanity as much as the Doctor. So it is rather conflicting for him to side with its patron who thinks little of him or any other aliens. The Emperor hopes that the humans in that world will learn not to rely on the Time Lord's help all the damn time.
  • Is not a big fan of Zen'o for being so childish with ultimate divine power. That Secret Test of Character with the Tournament of Power did impress him, though.
  • Also holds a spot in the Main House.

    The Iron Giant 
The Iron Giant, God of Those Who Don't Want To Be Used As Weapons
  • Greater God (Overdeity if pissed off)
  • Theme: "No Following"; alternatively, "I Won't Run Anymore" by Pete Townshend
  • Symbol: The giant himself adorned with a giant S on his chest.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (becomes Chaotic Good if pissed off)
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant who becomes ABSOLUTELY PISSED OFF if you push him too far, beautiful moments of death to sacrifice himself (yet still heartwrenching), Giant Robot, able to withstand explosions, guns and missiles without a scratch on him, repairing himself by bringing his parts together, Wielding an Arm Cannon, Chest Blaster, and other types of weapons, REALLY REALLY hating guns and insisting that he isn't one (Trope Namer)
  • Domains: Robots, Mechas, Peace, Heroism
  • Herald: Hogarth Hughes
  • Allies: All superhero gods in the Pantheon (particularly Superman) and all gods in the GUAG, Groot, Roboking, SCP-516
  • Commonality Connection: The Incredibles and Remy
  • Enemies: Gods in the House of War, Hatred, and Villainy, and gods who use guns.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Good-aligned gods who use guns, Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi (He's still angry over the Asylum Incident.)
  • Knew that he could not stay with Hogarth forever, knowing there were other places that needed him. He told the young boy, "You stay. I go. No following." Then flew off to the Pantheon. There, he made his temple in the House of Philosophy. He accidentally took Kevin Levin's car (eliciting a "MY RIDE!!!" reaction) to build it, but handed it back after it got tossed into the House of Nature.
    • The Giant later learned that Hogarth has become his Herald, so the two can see each other now.
  • Pissing him off is the eighth stupidest thing to do in the Pantheon. Even Trollkaiger know that a giant walking tank of death is not a good thing to have chasing after you. He is not allowed in the House of War or Weapons due to his stance on guns. The presence of a toy gun can send him to a flying rage.
  • Was...absolutely overjoyed to find Superman, as the Man of Steel's name was the last thing the Giant said before he sacrificed himself to a missile (to the cries of many soft-hearted gods). Superman sees the goodness in the Giant's heart and tells the giant of his tales, absolutely amazed how the Giant could embody the Man of Steel's virtues.
  • The Giant once learned of a dark and foreboding threat called "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and after learning what happened, he wishes to help. Not by killing him (which would be even WORSE than what's going on) but by telling Alternate!Gentaro that he can choose to be whatever he wanted. Many gods really don't want the giant to get involved like that, due to the fact that aside from a humongous giant rampaging across the Pantheon, it will just reduce many into tears cause they just know that the Giant's words won't reach Gentaro's ears. Unfortunately, those plans got derailed by an accidental shot from Mitsuzane Kureshima's Grape Lockseed hitting him, causing him to go ballistic, and by the time he calmed down, he was incinerated by the Winged Dragon of Ra. Many gods mourned his loss.
    • Because of this, both Yugi and Yami Yugi had to apologize up and down for the Egyptian God Cards going on a rampage. The Iron Giant hasn't forgiven them yet, but he has learned that this wasn't truly their fault. Things got sour when word came out what happened to the Cutie Mark Crusadersnote , the only thing stopping him from turning them into paste was that "Souls don't die" and the Crusaders have returned safe and sound.
  • Gets along well with the Incredibles and Remy (the rat), because of them all sharing a similar creator. The Giant has also gotten along with various Pixar gods because of this. Wall-E and EVE dance with him, and have taught him about the magic of "Hello Dolly!" However, the last time the Giant danced to "Put on Your Sunday Clothes", he nearly destroyed half of the Pantheon from stomping around.
  • The Iron Giant once met with Groot, and was surprised at how they sound alike. The two have conversations, but not a lot of Gods know what they talk about due to the Giant's limited vocabulary and Groot only able to say "I am Groot." Fortunately, Rocket Raccoon acts as a translator.
  • Was actually very surprised, yet happy to find a fellow robotic giant companion within Roboking, seeing him as another robotic titan that can be just as friendly without the threat of any weaponry on his body. While he can also be weaponized, it's usually in self-defense (like the Iron Giant usually does), or when he's possessed or hacked into. He is the second deity to be called onto the scene (besides the King of All Cosmos himself) to take care of Roboking when he gets corrupted. Not that Roboking minds, especially as he was built to come back after death.
  • Was interested in Golurk and has taught the Pokémon some of the philosophy he learned during his time on Earth. Golurk is awe-inspired by the Iron Giant's idealism and is hoping to train with him more.

    Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer 
Norrin Radd, The God Who's Intrigued by Humanity (The Silver Surfer)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His board
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Neutral as a herald of Galactus)
  • Portfolio: Started off as an Anti-Villain, now a Chrome Champion with a Cool Board, Alliterative Name, Bald of Awesome, Fad Super, Strives to be more than a weapon, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Invulnerability, Wears no clothes, Sky Surfing, Sometimes jobs to lesser foes
  • Domain(s): Good, Light, Travel, Liberation, Protection
  • Followers: Scarlet, Elvis, Illyria
  • Former Herald of: Galactus
  • Allies: All Marvel Heroes, especially The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and The Hulk, Yomi, John Henry Irons/Steel, Hank Hill
  • Rivals: Kyle Rayner
  • Enemies: Mephisto, Doctor Doom, Thanos
  • Opposed by: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Fears: The Venom Symbiote
  • His ascension could be credited by no other than Mephisto himself. His long-time foe used his newfound godhood to entrap the Silver Surfer in his temple. Unfortunately for him, the Surfer burned him just the same. Mephisto pleaded him to go in exchange for giving him a seat in the Pantheon. Norrin agreed, and the Silver Surfer got himself a temple shortly afterwards.
  • He doesn't spend much time in his temple, preferring to explore the cosmos with the help of his trusty board. This time he has a passenger: Dawn Greenwood. She agreed to travel with him as well as help him learn more about humanity. She has thus far refused to be his herald, citing issues with Surfer's time as a herald himself. She prefers a more minimal role in his temple.
  • It was the Fantastic Four who first got him intrigued with Earth, who he now sees as an honorary citizen. He is always around to help them out.
    • Things got chilly when he went face to face with his former master. Galactus agreed not to meddle with his business... as long as their goals do not align. The Surfer has considered the possibility of being forced to be a herald once more, though Galactus hasn't done so yet.
  • Still holds a grudge against Doctor Doom for all the attacks on him in the past. With that said, the Surfer will not underestimate him; Victor managed to absorb his powers in their first appearance.
  • Doctor Strange and the Hulk welcomed him with open arms. The three of them are a part of the most famous incarnation of The Defenders. Villains can only hope that the fourth member doesn't ascend; the three of them alone could handle most evildoers in the Pantheon. For their sake the three only team up under the most unusual of circumstances.
  • It seems baffling that not even one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe can beat his own game. The House of Gaming doesn't blame him though. It is one of the most difficult games to date, with the player capable of dying to such mundane objects such as rubber duckies. The Angry Video Game Nerd has yet to forgive him for putting him through so much agony playing the game.
    "Oh god, I can't fuckin' stand it..."
  • The Silver Surfer and Dawn had a nice chat with Yomi and Ceri. The kitsune enjoys the stories the Surfer told her about his homeworld as on Earth. Norrin may feel a bit too straight-laced for her tastes though. Ceri on the other hand was excited to find a mortal as adventurous as her. She even took her to various places around the Pantheon. Of course there were some instances where they needed the Surfer and Yomi to rescue them, but it didn't stop them from remaining friends.
  • Apologized profusely to Kyle Rayner whom he delivered a swift defeat when they fought one another. Kyle has long since forgiven him for the incident.
  • Is a constant annoyance to Thanos and his plans to bring death to all. With that said, The Surfer is usually unsuccessful in defeating him.
  • The Silver Surfer is well versed with the symbiote parasite. He once commanded Galactus to destroy the planet out of disgust. The Carnage symbiote managed to get revenge, bonding with him to create a near-unstoppable force. It was only a near fatal blow to its original hosts drew it away from him. Norrin fears the day the deified symbiote set its eyes on him.
  • There was talk of taking the title Chrome Champion from Steel, the current holder. But he wanted no part in taking power from a fellow superhero. He was glad that the two of them managed to work out a compromise.
  • Is thankful of Drax as well as Richard Rider in helping free Galactus during the event. They may not always see eye to eye, but their interests align more than not.
  • Was one of the few non-human species to have ever been invited into the temple of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind. Pleased with his attitude towards humans, his followers had hoped that his presence would confirm the support of humanity over other species. Knowing this, Norrin declined. He may like humanity in general, but found the Space Marines' philosophy to be a bit off-putting. Still, he has offered to help them out against the various forces set against them.
  • He had a history with a man named Hank Hill. When he landed near his temple, Hank inspected his board and decided to give him a propane upgrade to his board with a free T-shirt as a bonus. To his surprise, a human power source managed to ignite his board for more mobility and speed and has since seen Hank Hill for more of his propane and propane accessories.

Intermediate Gods

    Amon (The Legend of Korra
Amon, God of Muggle Power, Ruler of the Divine Anti-Magical Faction (The Solution, Noatak)
Click here  to see Noatak
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Equalist symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (views himself as Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Muggle Power, Villain with Good Publicity, Breaking Speeches, terrorism for a cause, he has a plan, becoming more oppressive than his enemies, Genius Bruiser, Visionary Villain, pragmatism, Creepy Monotone, using jerks as his first victims, Boomerang Bigot, Tragic Bigot
  • Domains: Equality, Non-Magic, Society, Hypocrisy
  • Followers: the Huntsclan
  • Allies: Anti-Mage, Syndrome
  • Enemies: Avatar Korra, Asami Sato, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Katara, Appa, Momo, Naga and Pabu, Touta Konoe, Greed, Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, all benders in the Pantheon, the entire House of Magic
  • Respected Enemies: Avatar Aang, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Orihime Inoue, The Dragon Balls, Fairy Leviathan, Mega Man, X, Zero
  • Opposed by: The Wonderful 100
  • Feared by: Bender
  • It was originally Ghetsis who stuck his neck out for Amon to ensure that the latter ascended. Ghetsis noticed similarities in his goals and Amon's goals, especially after learning that Amon was secretly a waterbender. He had assumed that Amon had ulterior motives much like himself.
    • This was not the case, as Ghetsis found out. Amon sincerely believes his own rhetoric, which bored Ghetsis. Ghetsis also reminded Amon very much of his own, horribly abusive father. The two now have a bitter hatred for one another.
  • Amon, seeing life in the Pantheon as a second chance, has decided to hold off on the "equalizing" for the time being. At least, until the opportune moment — he'd still like to just de-bend every single bender in the Pantheon, as his belief in his own rhetoric that bending is the root of the world's problems has not rested. By extension, practitioners of magic in other worlds are just as bad.
    • Unfortunately for him, the presence of multiple Avatars in the Pantheon makes his de-bending a moot point, as do certain powers from the likes of Orihime Inoue and the Dragon Balls, all of which can restore bending. The Avatars have also amassed a few allies from other worlds that are ready to stand against him as well.
    • He holds a special distaste for Avatar Korra, but has a strange reverence for Avatar Aang, seeing as he can also remove bending, specifically from Amon's own father. Despite his hatred for Korra, he sent a transmission to his Equalist remnants approving of her and Asami's relationship.
  • Amon has tried to tell others his story of being a simple Farm Boy who was scarred by a firebender, but too many of the gods are already aware of his true nature. It did not help that Korra helped get the word out to the other gods prior to Amon's ascension.
  • Due to similar objectives, Amon and Anti-Mage have decided to work together. Though it is unknown if Anti-Mage is aware that Amon is a bender.
  • Is now feared by Bender due to a misunderstanding.
  • Amon is sometimes asked if he has any hobbies that don't relate to his agenda. He's mentioned trying his hand at comedy on different occasions.
  • The Wonderful 100 find that Amon reminds them of Jergingha (it's the voice). Upon learning what he's done, Amon has been made an enemy of the CENTINELS.
  • Is rumored by Varrick to be a zombie, as part of an advertising stunt for one of his latest movers. Amon ignores this.
  • While Twilight Sparkle is naturally Amon's enemy as she's in the House of Magic, the rest of the Mane Six don't like him either, as his ideals and hypocrisy remind them too much of Starlight Glimmer. It probably doesn't help that both of them had rather tragic reasons for becoming who they are, and Starlight is now on the path of redemption while Amon, despite having a worse past than her, simply escaped with his brother Tarrlok, who decided to do the redemption by blowing up their mortal selves. Starlight herself has also voiced her disapproval of Amon, to which he retorted that unlike her, he's faithful to his cause of equality to the end.
  • Has joined forces with his former follower, Syndrome.
  • Since Fairy Leviathan's ascension he's become offended with her habit of challenging Korra and Katara to underwater contest battles. He's also not a fan of Mega Man, X, or Zero for all being androids who can grow their powers in ways that harness the elements similar to benders, making them akin to manufactured pseudo-Avatars. He is impressed at Dr. Light and Dr. Wily for being normal humans capable of creating such beings, but otherwise dislikes the fact that they basically started their world's mess.

    Charles zi Britannia 
Charles zi Britannia, God of Manipulative Social Darwinism (Charles di Britannia, The Emperor, Chuck)

Vergil, God of Might Seekers (Nelo Angelo, Nero Angelo, Vergil Sparda, Gilver, The Dark Slayer, Papa Vergil, V, Demon King Urizen, The Alpha and the Omega)
Click here to see EX Model Vergil 
Click here to see Corrupt Vergil 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when using his Devil Trigger, Lesser God as V, Overdeity as Urizen or when in Sin Devil Trigger form.
  • Theme Music: One More Game -Vergil Battle 2-, its UMVC3 remix, or Crimson Cloud.
  • Symbol: Yamato (his sword) with his half of his mother's pendant put on the sheath.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil as Urizen, Neutral Good as V)
  • Portfolio: Complete Opposite and Evil Aloof Big Brother, Noble Demon, Iaijutsu Practitioner, Distaste of Guns, Worshipper of Might, Nefarious White-Haired Person, Desire to Surpass Father For Mother, Devil Trigger, Blood Knight.
  • Domain: Family, Combat, Might.
  • Followers: Sejuani
  • Complicated Relationship with: Dante (his brother), Nero (his son)
  • Allies: Trish, Kat (DmC), Scar (The Lion King), Ishida Mitsunari, Darius, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Bob
  • Enemies: Lady, Nico Goldstein, Sho Marufuji, Noel Vermillion, Dante Alighieri, Father Balder (or more accurately Loptr), Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Führer King Bradley, Father, and his Homunculi, Esdeath and Seryu Ubiquitous, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Gold-Toothed Doctor, Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), The Fiends, Alice (SMT), Beelzebub
  • Rivals: EMIYA/Archer, Guts, Kenshin Himura, Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen (though he sees Vergil as an enemy), Sasuke Uchiha, Samuel Rodrigues, Zero, Satsuki Kiryuuin, Jeanne, Gul'dan, Sephiroth, Raven Branwen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ten Commandments
  • Opposed by: Raiden (Metal Gear), Azula, Coyote Starrk, Air Defense Princess, Wo-Class, Re-Class, Androids 17 and 18, Bayonetta
  • Opposes: Any god that uses a gun in his presence
  • Respects: Jiren
  • One of two Half-Human Hybrid twin sons of the legendary Ascended Demon Sparda and a human named Eva who may have in fact been a powerful witch, Vergil's family life was torn asunder when demons killed his mother in an attack on their home shortly after his father disappeared. Out of a desire to overcome the helplessness he felt in that situation and Never Be Hurt Again, Vergil sought to become the strongest being in his world, surpassing even the legacy of Sparda himself. While maintaining a code of honor, he eschewed his humanity and embraced demonic power. This would create problems. No, seriously.
  • On his deification, in which he had ascended as he was before he became Nelo Angelo due to 'being sucked into a world unknown with tons of worthy opponents to go', he had a rematch with Mundus, who had defeated and enslaved him. Vergil won this time. By a large margin. Revenge never felt so sweet to him.
    • He also doesn't like those who would underrate such a victory over the Demon Emperor like Jean Grey/The Phoenix, which Vergil sees as a wonderful source of darkness that should be tapped into rather than kept prisoner in her body.
  • Is rumored that he could take on one of Scar's seats, the Evil Brother one in particular. Whether Vergil will go on to pursue that goal remains to be seen, however when last asked about it he seemed content with training himself further. Some believe he'll ultimately pass since he neither cares about being called evil nor hates his brother, but much like how he tried to kill Dante for his piece of their mother's amulet, if the seat can provide more power he might make an attempt on it. For now, though, he and the erstwhile Groundshaker get along decently.
  • He gets annoyed when Dr. Tommy Oliver constantly mistakes him for a Power Ranger. Well, a certain Ranger sounded similar…
  • Unlike Dante, who somewhat respects his alternate counterpart (Donte, "the emo one", or Tim as Dante calls him), Vergil holds absolutely nothing but contempt for his (Vergin, "the weakling", though Dante calls him David). Not just on the usage of guns, which he finds crude as it is, but also the shooting of the demon mother's womb and the deception of the emo one and Kat, actions which he condemned as dishonorable. This hatred was further compounded when the weakling went out and gloated to his mother's spirit that (he genuinely believed) he killed the emo one, before leaving her to stew in her newfound misery for eternity. For all his demon supremacy, Vergil still loved his mother as much as Dante, and this act put the weakling at the top of his to-kill list.
    • Though like his brother, Vergil respects the alternate Dante for his will to rise up against his own Vergil to defend his world's humanity against a version of himself he considers to have crossed an important line.
    • Ironically, his time split into the enigmatic human V and Demon King Urizen (more on that below) allowed him to get a fresh look at his own lust for power and realize that if he completely cast aside his humanity for the sake of power, he would be no less craven or loathsome than his counterpart. He now refers to his counterpart as Urizen to serve as a reminder, and sometimes calls Dante's alternate Orc, after Urizen's counterpart in the William Blake books.
  • Despite often opposing Dante due to competing goals and philosophiesnote , he will enter a truce and even fight alongside his brother whenever a proper reason comes up without having to be told to do so. This was first seen when they fought together to stop a treacherous demon named Arkham upon discovering said traitor's plot. It's often cited as proof that he doesn't really hate Dante, but he doesn't care to clarify one way or the other.
    • Also despite their differences, he is just as strong as his brother. Each has held the upper hand on the other numerous times in battle.
    • Turns out he does…or, more accurately, did resent Dante for a time, believing that his mother had rescued Dante while leaving him to die when the demons assaulted their home. He later learned the truth, that Eva went to look for him immediately after securing Dante but was killed before she could find him.
  • Nowadays the brothers' reason for working together is because of Kat, the young witch who befriended their alternate counterparts only to be betrayed by Vergin. While not sharing Dante's sentimental sympathy, Vergil wants Kat to associate his name with a man of honor and true power as opposed to the duplicitous traitor who used her to rule.
  • Contrary to popular rumor, the name of Sparda has never actually been Vergil's last name. He and Dante just allow others to use it as such as a nod to their father and as a way to separate them from the Comedìa poets Sparda named them each after.
    • Dante's namesake actually visited his temple thinking he would find Vergillus Maro. Displeased with the disruption, Vergil ended up fighting with Alighieri until his brother suddenly intervened to break up the skirmish. As his brother led Alighieri away from his grounds, Vergil gave no protest, simply glad the issue was over with for the time being.
  • Once fought Guts in a battle to the death. However, this was cut short by demons, forcing them to team up. But he will be back to challenge Guts one day.
  • Holds a bit of respect for Jin Kisaragi due to the many similarities between them (both of them practice Iaijutsu). Though likewise, he sees Hakumen as a Worthy Opponent, but Hakumen does not approve of Vergil's lust for power, and also hates him because he reminds Hakumen of his past self somewhat. He also respects Sasuke Uchiha for some reason; The latter in return having no opinion of Vergil. He also has some respect for Itachi Uchiha for his supreme ninjutsu skills.
  • Is a bit surprised that he and Jetstream Sam have the same voice base.
  • His beatdown of Noel has made him a target of Raiden, whose sword skills Vergil wishes to taste.
  • Despite being an aloof douchebag, he somewhat sympathizes with Jin Kazama due to the similar fate of their mothers.
  • He once made a visit to the House of Power to test the whole house's might, and faced Darius. From there, Vergil learned about the Noxus Empire and its philosophies. Vergil is actually impressed enough to honor Darius as one of his allies.
    Vergil: You have impressed the Son of Sparda, you should be honored…
    • On the other hand, just like one of his followers from Freljord (Sejuani), Vergil shows contempt on Ashe in her quest for peace and foregoing strength. While he wouldn't go as far as doing barbaric raids to show off strength, Vergil says that Ashe is extremely naive and will suffer a weakling's death if she continues the path.
  • Has gained another rival in Sephiroth. They met in a grassy field at night, and clashed for a single minute. Vergil came out on top, but Sephiroth has promised they'll meet again. As a matter of fact, Wiz and Boomstick have scheduled a Death Battle between the two.
    • And when that battle came and went… let's just say Vergil's rivalry became stronger than ever given that he lost.
  • Aside from the widespread speculation that he fathered Nero during his stay in Fortuna, there are some who think Jeanne, another one of his many rivals, is in fact the mother. He humors the idea, saying that it would make sense since one who can summon and harness the power of demons would be an exception to his contempt for the weakness of humans but claims he didn't note anything special about any woman he might've met in that city.
    • Despite his dismissal of the idea, he can occasionally be seen watching over Nero. Seems he's at least curious to know whether this boy is in fact his son. Same can't be said for Jeanne, as he still mainly meets the Umbra witch through katana fights.
  • On a related note, he holds a severe dislike for Father Balder in his current state, despite noting the inconsistencies in the history he's researched which call into question how Balder became who he is today. Part of it is due to the Lumen Sage's unbecoming alliance with Mundus, but it seems to have more to do with Vergil's cursory knowledge of Paradiso:
    • His annoyance was palpable when Jubileus was finally ascended to the Pantheon alongside Queen Sheba. He doesn't like either one at all, but at least the latter doesn't pretend to be something noble.
  • Was recruited by the recently ascended Führer Bradley to join his new High Command forces in service of the Homunculus Father. After a brief sword-fight, Bradley offered him the chance to learn secrets of power from Father and his herald, an old woman named Dante. However, he was strung along on the matter until after Bradley and the Homunculi called a meeting to tell the team about an attack from Satsuki Kiryuin and her friends, at which point he swiftly decided to approach Father and Lady Dante for their tutelage. However, he found the Philosopher's Stone too crude a method of obtaining power and learned all the alchemy he could in a week before abruptly quitting the team. Bradley tried to stop him, but Kat helped him subdue the Fuhrer long enough to escape.
    • He's currently preparing for that team's eventual assault, as well as allowing Kat to study from his memories of what Lady Dante managed to teach him. With Dante herself being ascended in her last form, a younger body belonging to someone called Lyra, this has become even more imperative.
  • Upon discovering that the ultra-powerful alien contestant in the Dragon Ball multiverse's Tournament of Power shares a similar backstory and motivations as he does, Vergil quickly motioned to have Jiren inducted as his High Priest, and Jiren nonchalantly agreed to this. Both men have ulterior motives for this agreement, but given their common background, neither has any problem with it: Vergil is trying to use him to gain secrets to getting stronger, while Jiren is looking to ascend into the Pantheon proper.
    • This relationship has earned him the antipathy of Androids 17 and 18, given that 17 literally detonated himself, which was thought to have taken his life, to give Son Goku a fighting chance to stop the Grey Superman, and this "strength is the only thing that matters" mindset is something the twins each heavily dislike.
    • Vergil accepted Jiren despite the Tournament having finally beaten the absoluteness of his strength-is-all mentality out of him, reasoning that the mindset still helped Jiren become as strong as he is and Jiren's strength is what Vergil values most. After Jiren finally ascended to the Pantheon, the two remain on good terms, maintaining respect for one another while amicably going their separate ways.
  • Reports of a demonic outbreak in Red Grave City have led to rampant speculation that Vergil may be somehow connected, either through a man named "V" who has been spotted working with Dante and Nero or through a mysterious hooded figure who ripped Nero's Devil Bringer off. While these currently remain merely unsubstantiated rumors, everyone knows one thing: something big is going down.
    • Turns out the connection is he is both of them. Desperate for power to heal himself and finally settle his grudge with Dante after a certain incident left him physically broken, he ripped away Nero's Devil Bringer and then cast his human and demon halves apart using the Yamato in hopes of healing himself with more demonic power. The pure demon took despotic measures to become "power incarnate" and ultimately replace Mundus as the King of Hell, while the human kept the injuries and went to Dante for help to stop him. The human even came up with both fissees' names, calling himself "V" and the demon "Urizen". By the end of it, Urizen was defeated and V recombined into him, restoring Vergil whole and stronger than ever. Vergil once again tried for a fight to the death with Dante, almost as if to atone for his crimes, during which he was finally confronted with the confirmed truth of Nero being his son. After Nero stopped him and Dante from killing each other, the two brothers opted to go to the Underworld to fix the damage Urizen caused while continuing their battle at the same time, trusting Nero with the Earth above until they got back.
    • His actions in ripping off his son's arm and creating the monster which would destroy his and Dante's hometown have also earned him the displeasure of Bayonetta, who learned about it all through conversations with Kat and Lady after she ascended. While he personally holds no grudge towards Lady, she makes it entirely clear she despises his bitterness towards humanity. Vergil gets along better with Trish, even though she refused to allow V to seek her approval regarding fixing his own mistake as though she were his mother.
  • Later apologized to Kat for having long lost his honor to a mistaken grudge, then sought out Nero for that rematch, only to discover that Dante, Nero, and their weapons supplier had all been kidnapped by a group of apocalyptic demons called The Fiends who were seeking to harvest Sparda's bloodline for power. He promptly rescued his kin, then tried to leave as quickly as he came only for Dante to invite him to ride with them in Nico's van. The ride was awkward, especially since Nico doesn't like him much (being friends with the son whose arm he ripped off and all, not to mention the time he killed her grandmother), and Vergil was the first person dropped off back at his House, but he didn't seem to mind.
  • Vergil eventually dropped the Sparda name from his temple after realizing a few things:
    1. He had finally evolved past seeking to eclipse Sparda's power through realizing the lessons that his father had learned before him.
    2. The only other ascended deity of his name spelled it differently, had their last name revealed in public, and wore a costumed identity much like the heroes he'd encountered from the Marvel Universe.
    3. Even if Alighieri's mentor and guide does ascend one day, that spelling will be different as well.
    • Now free to distinguish himself without any gimmicks, his temple door simply reads his true name: Vergil.
  • Would like for you to know that he's motivated.
  • Might. Controls. Everything.

Lesser Gods

    Fuuka Yamagishi 
Fuuka Yamagishi, Goddess of Badass Pacifists
As of Persona 4 Arena 

    Ghetsis Harmonia 
Ghetsis Harmonia, God of Not Believing In Your Own Cause (One of The Seven Sages, Dennis, G-Cis, Geechisu, Gaycheese, Perfection)
Black 2 and White 2 

    Horace Slughorn 
Horace Slughorn, God of Enlightened Self-Interest

Raspberyl, Goddess of "Evil" Goodness (Beryl, No.1 Delinquent)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A giant skull necklace on top of her tome
  • Theme Music: Love Combination
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Atypical Delinquents, Badass Bookworms, Brainiacs In General, Noble Demon, Fire Magic, Mao's Rival and Morality Pet, Token Mini-Moe
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Pride, Fire
  • Allies: Almaz, Sapphire, Mr. Champloo, Rutile, Stella Grossular, Flonne, Mr. Freeze, Zuko, Midna, Artix von Krieger, Kotaro Minami, Maka Albarn, Jack Skellington, Nana, Rio.
  • Rivals: Mao
  • Opposed By: Dr. Evil, Laharl, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth (long story)
  • Enemies: Aurum
  • Admired by: Seija Kijin(?)
  • Heralds: Kyoko Needleworker and Asuka Cranekick, her posse of "yes" women
  • In the Nether Institute, Evil Academy, what many would consider being good behaviour is considered bad and bad behaviour is considered good. Raspberyl sought to become the greatest delinquent and "total badass" is to behave like a real model student should. Because of this, she used to be the goddess of "Rebellious Rebels", but many gods thought that she wouldn't even begin as an Anti Christ, so she was moved to this.
  • Beryl has made it her afterlife's mission to help convert most of the Evil-aligned deities to nudge toward the "good" side, to show that they don't necessarily have to be evil because they're demons. She cites Laharl and Zuko as prime examples of her theory. Flonne has enlisted her help in a similar matter.
    • Artix von Krieger is also someone she looks up to, considering that he's the Champion of Darkness whose hometown was burned down due to the dark invaders coming for him, and that he is considered one of the shining lights in the House of Good as its founder of the Sacred Knights.
  • Never, ever misses a chance to sit in on a lecture from Great Teaching God Onizuka, and even shows up for class five minutes early when he announces that his class is being cancelled for the day.
  • Amongst all the gods from the Nippon Ichi multiverse, Beryl is the only one to show a bit of satisfaction in Mao's ascension, saying that she was a little worried that her rival was falling behind. In celebration of his ascension, Beryl dragged Mao into Great Teaching God Onizuka's class. The records will show that Mao was kicking and screaming the entire time.
    • Upon finding out that Mao joined the GUAC, Beryl increased her studies and sought help from other members of GUAG to become stronger. As his rival, she feels that she needs to be the one to stop him should he ever attack GUAG or give in to his dark side.
  • Ragna at first wouldn't stand Raspberyl for sounding like Platinum the Trinity. However, after a while, Ragna started to wonder if Beryl could teach those brats a lesson on how to behave. That was said before Ragna went berserk and before Platinum died. However, due of Ragna calming down and Platinum seemingly surviving, maybe she will one day fulfil on that.
  • After moving to her position, she got a weird admiration from Seija Kijin of all people. When asked why, Seija said that if she was stuck in the Evil Academy, she would have probably done same thing as Raspberyl did. Though calling them allies is a far stretch.

    Ratonhnhaké:ton / Connor 
Ratonhnhaké:ton, God of White and Grey Morality (Connor, Connor Kenway, The Man wearing a Wolf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Insignia, specifically the American Brotherhood Insignia
  • Theme Song: ACIII Main Theme, Connor's Life
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: White and Grey Morality, Wields a tomahawk as well as bow and arrows, Aura Vision, Badass Longcoat, Badass Native, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, Friend to All Living Things, Good Is Not Soft, Half-Breed Discrimination, Heroic Bastard, Lightning Bruiser, Humble Hero, One-Man Army
  • Domain(s): Morality, Death, Stealth, Combat, Revolutions, Freedom
  • Herald: Io:nhiòte (his daughter)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templar Order, Shay Patrick Cormac, Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, Pokémon Hunter J, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will or endorses slavery
  • Pities: Nightwolf (due to his fall from grace), Smeagol/Gollum
  • Conflicting Opinion: Iroque
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • Born and raised within Kanatahséton, Ratonhnhaké:ton is the son of the British Templar Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io, a Kanien'kehá:ka woman. As a young child, he lost his mother during the burning of his village. At age 13, Ratonhnhaké:ton left his village in order to fight against the Templars. After convincing former Master Assassin Achilles Davenport to train him, Ratonhnhaké:ton adopted the name "Connor" and formally joined the Assassin Brotherhood. During his hunt for the Templars, Ratonhnhaké:ton aided the Patriot movement and protected George Washington, unwittingly becoming an important figure of the American Revolution. Eventually, Connor eradicated the Templar Order's influence and control in Colonial America by assassinating their leaders and managed to successfully revive the American Brotherhood, which continued to flourish and expand under his leadership.
  • Connor originally ascended as one of Ezio Auditore's many followers. Impressed by Connor's unwavering moral compass in spite of everyone telling him that his quest for Justice is something inherently impossible and beyond reach, Ezio recommended for him to be ascended as a god in his own right. Eventually, Connor ascended as the God of White and Grey Morality, a title that he gladly accepted.
  • Connor was surprised to hear about George Washington's presence in the Pantheon. On one hand, the revelation that Washington had ordered the attack on Connor's village resulted in Connor losing faith in him, but on the other hand, their shared experience of an alternate reality in which Washington had become a tyrannical king had at least reassured Connor that Washington's goal about making America a republic was sincere. Overall, the two remain on amicable terms.
  • He generally gets along well with other Native Americans within the Pantheon, such as Michelle and Julia Chang. He also feels sorry for Nightwolf, whose soul was brainwashed to become one of Quan Chi's revenants. In general, Connor was saddened to learn about what happened to the Native American tribes in the centuries after his time. However, he maintains his positive outlook and idealism, still determined to fight for a better future.
  • Connor frequently hangs out with Jin Kazama, having bonded over how they had both lost their mothers and fought against their fathers. The two are occasionally seen sparring together.
  • Connor is good friends with Raiden, who feels inspired by his desire to fight for justice and ability to remain idealistic despite the losses that he had suffered. Connor often provides Raiden with moral support and encourages him to be better than his enemies.
  • Having been almost single-handedly responsible for undoing everything that Shay had built for the Templars in America, Connor has a particularly strong dislike of him. Shay has a similar hatred towards Connor and is very much interested in assassinating him, with only Ezio himself being higher on Shay's list of Brotherhood members he intends to kill.
  • Connor strongly dislikes Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, as they represent everything that he fights against. Unsurprisingly, their bigotry very much extends to him as well, although the fact that he intimidates them also causes them to generally try to avoid him.
  • Connor has very mixed feelings about Iroque due to the powers of the Indigo Light. As a proponent of free will, Connor strongly disapproves of her use of brainwashing to reform criminals. However, Iroque herself respects him for his strong moral compass, but is also annoyed by his unwillingness to use more extreme methods to fight against injustice.
  • Connor often visits the House of Nature and has managed to befriend Nakoruru, San, Tarzan and Mowgli. Although he's a capable hunter, he always tries to make his hunting kills as clean as possible, sometimes thanking the animal in Mohawk while skinning it. As such, he opposes evil hunters and poachers, which includes Pokémon Hunter J.
  • Many were surprised to learn that Connor is also a skilled naval captain. However, he explicitly made it clear that he only operated as a privateer, not a pirate, and has denied any associations with the pirate deities in the pantheon. Nonetheless, he still respects his grandfather, Edward Kenway, who was a pirate and Assassin during the Golden Age of Piracy.
  • Having experienced temptation by the Apple of Eden in an alternate reality, Connor strongly empathises with Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, as they had similarly been tempted by the One Ring. He also pities Smeagol/Gollum for his inability to overcome that temptation.
  • There was once a debate amongst the gods as to whether Connor's surname would legally be Kenway (after his birth father Haytham) or Davenport (after his essentially adoptive one Achilles). Connor himself doesn't particularly care about the debate, although he has made it clear that he never officially adopted any kind of surname.

    Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty 
Reika Aoki, (Guardian) Goddess of Inner Beauty (Cure Beauty, Chloe, Glitter Breeze)

    Yennefer of Vengerberg 
Yennefer, Goddess of Refusing Blame (Yen, The Lady Of Vengerberg)
  • Theme Song: The Last Wish
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Raven Encased In Lightning
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Older Than They Look, In A Love Triangle With Geralt and Triss, Hot Sorceress, Alpha Bitch, Quarter-Elf, Lady of Black Magic, Hates The Fact That She Is Infertile Due To Being A Sorceress, Mama Bear To Ciri, Mind over Manners, Purple Eyes With Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Tsundere, Vain Sorceress
  • Domains: Magic, Alchemy, Law, Death, Protection
  • Special Relationships: with Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Triss
  • Allies: Doctor Strange, Gabriel Belmont, Daenerys Targaryen, Tharja, Rachel Roth/Raven, llyana Rasputin/Magik, Nico Minoru
  • Rivals: Zatanna Zatara, Morrigan (Dragon Age)
  • Enemies: Eredin Bréacc Glas
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia, Tywin Lannister
  • Pitied by: The House of Children, Daenerys Targaryen
  • The Pantheon was sorely lacking a Lodge of Sorceresses. The position used to be shared between Triss and Yennefer, as they were allowed to establish a Pantheon branch of the famed lodge with the blessings of the Main House. However, there were musing over Yen's lack of commitment to the society. After receiving several complaints, the The Lady Of Vengerberg sought out to build a temple of her own. She never really apologized for her lack of support, ironically giving her the idea of going to the House of Philosophy. Yen may admit to making mistakes, but she justifies all of her actions for the greater good.
    • Yennefer is also part of feud on-and-off again Love Triangle, competing with Triss for Geralt of Rivia. Usually, whenever Yen breaks up with Geralt, Triss is the other woman he hooks up with. To make things even more complicated, Yen and Geralt are seen as the official couple in the books, with Triss in the running from her expanded role in the games.
    • It got so heated that the House of Love forced the three to decide once and for all. In the end, they both decide to share him. Geralt is all for the arrangement, so long as he stays out of the House of Love and remain loyal to the both of them. Geralt agrees to this arrangement.
  • There is no love for Tywin Lannister,, due to his being an abusive dad to his children. His mortal death by crossbow-bolt to the bowels was much well deserved in her opinion.
    • This is especially true to the Patron Saint of all abusive parents: Ghetsis Harmonia. Expect massive fireworks should the two meet in person.
  • Yen's expertise lies in the dark arts and protection spells. The Dark-haired sorceress has no problem with using said dark arts, gaining approval from those who want others to be comfortable using them. It's no surprise that Tharja and Morrigan met with her more often than Triss when she used to share a temple with the redhead.
  • While Yen is very strict when it comes to teaching, she must be coerced into working as a team. Failure to do so will result in her doing her own thing, much to the annoyance of everyone else. This is mostly averted regarding Ciri, her surrogate daughter.
  • As she is a Sorceress, Yen is unable to have children. Which is a sore spot for her. Best not to mention that little fact to her. Or the fact that she used to be a hunchback. That little tidbit Geralt found out on his own.
  • Her home life was...not too pleasant, to be honest. She came from an abusive household, in which her father physically and mentally abused her, while her mother failed to support her. Possibly because she's 1/4 elvish, and Mom was a half-blood.
  • Yen is friends with Daenerys Stormborn, as she, too, is unable to bear children. Of course, that may change now that the both of them are deified... Anyway, Dany seeks to gain a foothold financially in the Pantheon, which is why she seeks to make Valyrian Steel. She has the dragonfire. All she needs is the magic.
    • Due to their traumatic childhoods, Yen also has found kinship with Raven and Magik. As Raven herself is a skilled Sorceress in her own right and Magik is the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, she is offered a place within her temple, even after she left the House of Magic. Magik now divides her time between Yennefer and Doctor Strange in learning the dark arts, as does Raven.
  • While Nico does not trust the Lodge enough to formally join their ranks, she is more comfortable allying with Yen. Besides sharing crappy parent stories, the teen is glad Yen is more supportive of her becoming independent of factions.
  • Gabriel Belmont ended up doing a double-take upon seeing Yennefer, as she looks a lot like his deceased wife.
  • Not every raven-haired sorceress has the same personality. Zatanna is slightly more light-hearted in her affairs. She is also more wary of Yen's attitude as well as her use of black magic. Yen on her part just isn't a fan of her performances. The two hardly ever work together as a result.
  • “I’m not heartless, I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.”


    Barney Stinson 
Barney Stinson, the God who Roots for the Bad Guys (The Legen... wait for it ...dary God, The Awesome One)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Suit
  • Theme songs: Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit and For The Longest Time whenever he's with Ted
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Handsome Lech, Chivalrous Pervert, All Men Are Perverts, Jerkass With A Heartof Gold, Breakout Character, Broken Ace, Comedic Sociopath, The Hedonist, This Portfolio will be Legen… wait for it… Dary, Ambiguously Evil, Bunny Ears Business Man, Butt-Monkey, The Casanova/Casanova Wannabe, Constantly Misses the Point, Consummate Liar
  • Domains: Chaos, Charm, Trickery, Stage Magic, Evil (can be used by all followers regardless of alignment)
  • Followers: Many who write heroes in a negative light and/or write villains in a positive light, Jason Fox
  • Allies: Ted Mosby, Tracy Mosby, Charlie Harper, Mad Moxxi, James Bond, Jiraiya, Panty Anarchy, Darth Vader, Palpatine, The House of Children (except during laser tag), Oscar Diggs, Mary Poppins, Wreck-It Ralph, The Baroness
  • Enemies: All ascended Jedi, Jackie Chan, Dean Winchester, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Miko Miyazaki
  • Rivals:Johnny and Kagura, Isabela of Riven, Zatanna
  • Respects: The Terminator
  • Barney's history with the pantheon has been lengthy, even as a mortal. He was the key witness in the case against Ted Mosby, one of the most heart wrenching cases in history. Taking the stand, he listed a number of atrocities against his former best friend, including going after Robin without his content, implying that having a child would make his past relationship with her merely insignificant and worst of all breaking the #1 rule of his patented Bro Code: Bros before Hoes.
    • Was delighted to see the Mother already in the pantheon. Now that she's not the only member of her show in the Pantheon proper, the two are currently spending time exploring their friendship.
  • Barney then thought he would become the new God of Manwhores, but had to decline when he found out he had a baby daughter to take care of. He advocated for Charlie Harper to take the title instead. While Charlie was thankful for the endorsement, Dean remains resentful to this day for losing his temple in the House of Lust.
    Barney: "Worry not my followers. My ascension will be legen… wait for it..."
  • Eventually, his ascension came when he wrote a scathing article on why the Jedi are far less sympathetic than the Sith. Palpatine was most pleased with his story, and enough followers formed for him to achieve godhood. Expect Barney to exaggerate his story to be a much grander tale.
  • Despite his approval of villains, it should be noted that Barney is not evil (though it took a long and hard look from Artix, God of Paladins, to make sure, he is not evil). He claims that many of the heroes are lame and boring, while the villains are almost always cool and awesome. Many of the good aligned gods may scoff at this, but the more neutral gods believe he has a point: there are many instances in fiction where heroes either act like complete assholes or completely forgettable characters, putting villains in a more positive light. Cosmos has taken this to heart and his working on improving the image of the GUAG.
    • Miko outright refuses that a benefactor of evil would be anything other than evil and swears to bring him to justice. Any attempts to arrest him have failed so far as Barney invests heavily on Escape Artists to escape his bounds. Barney admits he would have gotten her laid if she wasn't such a stick-in-the-mud.
  • Is disappointed (nay, appalled) that his role model Johnny Lawrence had yet to be ascended and is working night and day to correct this wrong. He can only be thankful that neither that bratty karate wannabe or his cheating master had done the same. He still gained the outrage of Jackie Chan for dishing his performance on that other Karate Kid movie.
  • Often tells tall tales about many topics, such as his love life and various theories. Although most gods refute any theory that has to do with the number 83% (Ted theorises that's the reciprocal of his actual percentage of women who go out with him), they do admit that many of his theories do have some merit.
  • Still adores the original Terminator as one of his favorite characters for nearly killing the bland Sarah Connor, drawing her and Kyle's hatred. It's just that he prefers the superior T-1000 and the hot T-X. Newer is always better after all.
  • Frequently visits the House of Magic in the hopes of impressing the audience with his magic tricks. Became great friends with fellow 'magician' Oscar Diggs and the two often team up for performances. Things got tense when an attempt to hook up with Zatanna went horribly wrong, ending with his mouth completely stitched up. The two now see themselves as rivals on the stage, with Barney losing most of the bouts.
  • Is surprising friendly towards children as he loves raising them. Just don't expect that to save them if they face him in laser tag tournaments. There are already several complaints calling to ban him from the sport.
    • Mary Poppins agreed to take care of his daughter whenever he heads out. He's not exactly a role model for children, but she admits he's a decent father.
  • Although no longer the manwhore he once was, he does occasionally visit the House of Love to hook up with hot chicks. He does get into some trouble as many in that house still think he should have ended up with Robin.
  • Completely agrees with Wreck-It Ralph's plight. In fact, he's investing on a game that would make Ralph the protagonist.
  • Sympathizes with The Baroness and her horrid performance in the movie. Also wishes that she wasn't married. The Baroness for her part uses this to her advantage, receiving many gifts from him.
    Barney: "DARY!"

    Maria and Georg von Trapp 
Maria and Georg von Trapp, Divine Balance between Harmony and Discipline
  • Theme Song: Edelweiss
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A guitar (Maria) and a whistle (Georg)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Maria), Lawful Good (Georg)
  • Portfolios: A romance Very Loosely Based on a True Story, Refuge in Audacity, Second Love for the Captain, The Von Trope Family
  • Domains: Music, Nobility, Liberation, Good, Law (Georg), Chaos (Maria)
  • Heralds: The von Trapp kids
  • Allies: The Sisters Act Nuns, Mary Poppins, Giselle, America, Switzerland
  • Opposes: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Adenoid Hynkel, Wilhelm Strasse, Gunnery Sergent Hartman, Red Forman, Alex Delarge, Lady Tremaine
  • Uneasy Relationship: Eda
  • From one of the most decorated musicals of all time comes the loosely true story of the von Trapp Family, headed by Maria and Georg. Long thought to have retreated to Switzerland after the war, they have reappeared in the Pantheon along with the entire family. It was their ability to balance the others' character traits that helped stabilize their family and thus earn a spot in the House of Philosophy.
  • It can't be stated how much they HATE Nazis. Unfortunately for them, there are plenty of nazis that didn't take their defiance too kindly. The Red Skull in particular promised that they won't be safe for long. The only reason he hasn't gone after them was due to their popularity. He has more pressing enemies to deal with.
    • The family lamented the fact that there is at least one Nazi that successfully took over the world. The Captain strives to help out those affected by his rule.
  • Deloris and the other nuns in Nevada were glad to get to meet Maria. Maria even agreed to sing some songs with them in the House of Faith.
  • Does not find Adenoid Hynkel to be hilarious one bit. Understandable considering what the family went through during World War II.
  • She is a nun, but her involvement with the Pantheon actually started with Mary Poppins, who assigned her to the von Trapp family to help sort things. The Magical Nanny couldn't be more proud of the results and welcomed the couple.
    • While she was considered to be a rather unorthodox nun, she doesn't come close to comparable to what Eda has done. It still makes Maria wonder how she got into the organization in the first place.
  • The House of War welcomed veteran Georg into the Pantheon with open arms. One of the most prolific naval officers in WWI, his entrance was highly regarded.
    • There was a time when he would have respected Red Forman and hold a disdain for his kids for disrespecting him. He even started out as a follower. Nowadays, he could only wish that Forman improved his sorry way.
    • The same goes for Hartman. He has long since learned that he could not treat his children in the same way Hartman did to his recruits.
  • Maria sometimes goes out on karaoke trips with Giselle. Both found love in unexpected places, though Giselle sometimes wishes her man liked singing more. It also gave Maria the possibility of seeing New York City, a completely different beast from her home in Austria.
  • After Alex Delarge defaced a beloved musical song, the von Trapp family wanted to make sure that he won't use any of their songs to do the same. It is not likely that a court case would stop him from doing so regardless, especially with the backing of Lucifer himself.
  • Of course there was a chance that the von Trapp family could have gotten a far worse caretaker. Lady Tremaine could have just as easily appointed a more sinister woman to wreck havoc upon the family. She made this point when she appeared at Maria's doorstep. Maria coldly told her to walk away, but not before chiding her for her treatment of Cinderella. The Evil Stepmother may have complied, but Maria fears that Tremaine may be plotting to replace her with a follower of hers.
  • The family is forever thankful for Switzerland and the United States for giving them asylum. It made for an awkward conversation when the fictionalized versions of the countries greeted them.

    Relena Darlian 
Relena Darlian, Regent of Actual Pacifism and Patron Saint of Reassignment Backfires (Crown Princess Relena Peacecraft, [Formerly] Queen of the Earth Sphere, the "Little Prince")
  • Rank: Demigoddess. (Physically speaking, she ranks as a Quasideity; but her scope of influence rivals that of a Lesser Deity)
  • Leitmotif: Soft Hair, Clear Eyes. Alternatively, “It’s Just Love” by Rumi Onishi.
  • Symbol: A small teddy bear partly covered in snow, placed beside a broken wall. Alternatively, the coat-of-arms of the Sanc Kingdom.
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: All Loving Heroine, Actual Pacifist Fallen Princess who nonetheless meddles into political affairs, The Heart, (Former) High Queen, Lonely Rich Kid who grew up into a Plucky Rebellious Princess, going from a mere figurehead of the enemy into a legitimate leader that they should not have had in the first place, proposing to terraform Mars for humanity to inhabit.
  • Domains: Diplomacy, Leadership, Philosophy, Peace, Royalty (Formerly)
  • Allies: Lacus Clyne, Cosmos, Bright Noa, Jeanne d’Arc, Negi Springfield, Kenshin Himura, Optimus Prime, Yuko “YuuYuu” Omori, Misaki Ayuzawa, Most good-aligned deities in the Houses of Leadership and Royalty
  • Complicated Relationship with: Heero Yuy and Zechs Merquise (See rest of profile for details)
  • Commonality Connection with: Ange
  • High Priestess: Marina Ismail
  • Odd Friendship with: Cammy White, Maya Amagi, Son Chihi, and (oddly enough) Kurei
  • Followers: Dianna Soreil, Cagalli Yula Athha, Euphemia li Britannia, Princess Rele, Kudelia Aina Bernstein
  • Opposed by: YHVH, Lucifer, Melkor, Johan Liebert, Embryo, Charles zi Britannia, Millennium, Rau Le Creuset, Wilhelm Strasse, most evil-aligned or war-centric deities from the Houses of Mentalism, Royalty, and Villains
  • Months after the events of The Pantheonic Rebellion and The Morality Civil War had left most of the Pantheon in shambles, Cosmos ordered reestablishment of diplomatic stability all throughout, especially at places where there are still a certain level of resistance. However, she wanted not to cause unnecessary trouble, as both sides have had their share of losses, and she did not want to project a bad image for the GUAG that is reminiscent of YHVH and his recently-established GUAL. Captain Bright approached her with a proposal to establish a Diplomatic Corps to facilitate the peace talks in the unsecured regions, then subsequently handed over Relena’s dossier as the first member thereof. Cosmos, after thoroughly analyzing her credentials, approved of her appointment by facilitating her formal ascension into the Pantheon proper. And the rest, as they say is history.
  • Her involvement in the Pantheon’s political affairs actually predates her formal ascension: she was one of the named proponents behind the terraformation project known as Project Blue Mars, and has long been lobbying support for the project among the inhabitants in space colonies. In fact, when Negi rejoined with the rest of Ala Alba to assist the embattled Sisterhood in the Rebellion, she was appointed as pro tempore overseer of the entire project while he was away.
    • According to some members of Ala Alba, Negi apparently placed Project Blue Mars in her care due to her track record in terms of handling diplomatic and political affairs. And, funnily enough, the fact that she reminds Negi of his missing mother.
  • Since she was born to a family who espoused the idea of “Total Pacifism” (an idea which she still keeps close to her heart), most people tend to overlook her other achievements. In particular, the reason for her second title: after her country surrendered to the Romefeller Foundation (thus putting the entire world at the mercy of its leaders), she was instated into the hierarchy of the foundation’s puppet government as its “Queen” for publicity purposes. What they did not expect was that, through just her inaugural speech, she managed to sway the loyalty of all dignitaries present into overthrowing the Foundation, thus making her a legitimate Queen of the Earth Sphere… For only a short while, until her brother went ahead and started The War to End All Wars, thus forcing her to step down.
  • Apart from her role as a diplomat, most deities remember her for the “unique chemistry” she had with Heero. In fact, she was one of the main reasons (the other being her elder brother Zechs) for Heero’s second title, as he had previously declared his intent to kill her, but could not do so. This did not apparently suit well with the Holy Triad of Slash, who were quick to emphasize her past life as a Lonely Rich Kid, and also the instances of her screaming Heero’s name (Which by the way only occurred thrice or four times depending on who was voicing her). Turns out that, being the Yaoi Fangirls that they were, they only see her as a mere nuisance for their Ho Yay obsessions.
    • However, while she has openly affirmed of her affections for the young Gundam Pilot (which he reciprocates, although not as open), they have yet to enter into a relationship together, partly because of their contrasting roles. And there were still some unconfirmed reports of an alternate continuity where she ended up Brainwashed and Crazy at Mars, becoming her own philosophical antithesis. (Well, according to the deities at the House of Prophecy, anyway; they were the ones behind her "Little Prince" nickname in the first place...)
    • Nonetheless, abducting her is still a very bad idea. The last time it happened, Heero managed to blast through six layers of reinforced steel with three shots from Wing Zero’s Twin Buster Rifle. Vass and definitely learned it the hard way.
  • Her relationship with Zechs borders more on casual friends, despite the fact that they are siblings. She has yet to decide as to whether or not to let his spearheading of the Eve Wars slide, especially since he has long abandoned his title as Crown Prince of the Sanc Kingdom, and Heir Apparent to the throne. Nonetheless, she appreciated his help during Project Blue Mars, as a member of the expeditionary team; while Zechs is just glad to have her in the Pantheon proper, allowing him to protect her better.
  • She quickly became friends with Ange, having their share of experience as Fallen Princesses and all (but with different circumstances), and the fact that they share a common friend in Cagalli. In fact she was one of the first few customers of Café Ange when it opened its branch at the House of Food.
  • Kenshin and Optimus are quite impressed with her, seeing as she had nothing but her knowledge, compassion, and diplomacy skills in upholding her ideals that correspond to her title. Little did they know that she can, on rare occasions, take some matters into her own hands: last time she was abducted, she took the initiative of slapping a disillusioned teenager from blindly following her megalomanic uncle. Turns out that she previously learned the Bright Slap directly from the Eternal Captain.
  • Due to certain similar aspects, she has had odd encounters and relationships with a few deities: Cammy, Chichi, and surprisingly Kurei became close acquaintances with her; the first two for sounding much like her, the latter due to her voice reminding him of his lost love Kurenai. As with Maya though (apart from the aforementioned), she gets teased by the latter to bring with her the teddy bear that Heero gave indirectly to her on her 17th Brithday, months after the Eve Wars ended; turns out that she wants to show to her her stuffed bunny, as well.
    • She did have a bit of a problem with Sebastian Michaelis though, as the latter completely mistook her voice for Angela Blanc, thus making him act a bit abrasive towards her. She nonetheless explained her predicament to the demon butler, who has since apologized for the brief incident.
    • Oddly, Kira Yamato and Setsuna F. Seiei tend to ask her if she previously commandeered a Cool Starship; the latter even inquired as as to any available intervention missions from Veda. Turns out that they tend to confuse her voice to Capt. Murrue Ramius and Sumeragi Lee Noriega, respectively.
  • As head of the Diplomatic Corps, and apparently a former Student Council President before she entered the political scene, she was eager to welcome Misaki into the group upon the latter's ascension. Though Relena herself admitted that she could not pull off doing the reforms Misaki implemented in Seika high, had she been the one in the latter's position.

    Shogo Makishima 
Shogo Makishima, God of Defying Morality (Bitter lit. Makishima, Hipster Makishima)
  • Leitmotif: "Shogo Makishima"
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A book next to a straight razor
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Violent Revolutions, Evil white-haired people, being a villain who isn't entirely wrong, Sociopathy, An Intellectual fighter
  • Domains: Revolution, Books, Sociopathy
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Allies: None. He views them all as tools.
  • People who ideals similar to his own: Lucifer, Senator Armstrong, Kane (Command & Conquer), Johan Liebert.
  • People who intrigue him: GUAC Yandere Squad, Vaas Montenegro, Solf J Kimblee, Sora Takigawa/Gremlin
  • Fan of: Shakespeare
  • Worthy Opponent: Shinya Kogami
  • Enemies: YHVH, Big Brother, Napoleon, most authority figures, especially the GUAL, Sibyl System, Madoka Kaname, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Elizabeth Mably, Akane Tsunemori, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive.
  • Dislikes: The House of Technology.
  • He heard of pantheon as being consider to be the perfect society. Of course he would take this chance to destroy it. Starting with the GUAL as it disgust him as try to force their will on others.
  • He was once approached by both Melkor and Lucifer in an attempt to get him to join their factions after hearing his exploits like how nearly succeded in taking down a Totalitarian Utilitarian system. He refused Melkor as he doesn't see himself as evil for he wants to better society instead taking it over.
  • Despite his dislike for Totalitarian Utilitarian systems, he is a fan of Dystopian literature and often uses it a reference in how to deal with the GUAL. He likes having normal books and dislikes E-Books as he considers them to lack character. Because of this his reason for rising against stems from being a hipster and/or a unemployed English/Literature major that could never make it.
  • He may or not be planning to get the Yandere Quartet to defect to the GUAC as finds them to be very useful pawns as they follow their desires more than anyone in the Pantheon. Terumi is not amused by this and plans on tightening their leash a little more. However, Yukiteru's potential defection from the GUAE could change all that.
  • He has is a rather intelligent individual and he can be seen in the house of knowledge having psychological discussion with others.
  • He dislikes Big Brother and the pig Napoleon as they remind him of the the Sibyl System he tried to destroy. He plans on tearing down them as well and it's going to be ugly. As he is trying to enlist the help of Vaas as well as the Yandere Squad.
  • He had somehow gained an interest in Sora Takigawa, a fellow serial killer, as the Phantom has impressed Makishima for his crimes of killing long-haired women. The two are expecting to work together someday.


    Jiminy Cricket 
Jiminy Cricket, Patron Saint of Consciences (Lord Highkeeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counciler in Moments of High Temptation, and Guide Along the Straight and Narrow Path, The only conscience with a sense of humor, The Ghost of Christmas Past, Archie Hopper)


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