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Greater Gods

    Kara Zor-L of Earth-2/Karen Starr/Power Girl 
Kara Zor-L, Goddess of Superheroine Breasts (Power Girl, Karen Starr, Betty Burns, Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, The Last Daughter of Earth-2)
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity if near a blue star, Lesser Goddess if near a red star or exposed to gold kryptonite)
  • Symbol: Her chest through that infamous "Boob Window" or a stylized P.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral when exposed to red kryptonite)
  • Portfolio: The Most Common Superpower, Those Who Flaunt What They Have, Capes, Leotards, Supergirl's Awesome Alternate Self, Super-Strength, The Height of Beauty, Used to Do Long Jumps Until She Could Fly, Large and Strong Women Who Are Even More Attractive For It, Mama Bears
  • Domains: Beauty, Lust, Strength
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Kokonoe Mercury, Noel Vermillion
  • Opposes: Raditz
  • Feared by: Laharl
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lois Lane, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • The Earth-2 version of Kara Zor-El arrived from the exploding Krypton to Earth after a prolonged stay in stasis, much like her Earth-1 counterpart. Unlike her Earth-1 counterpart, her transport pod was not knocked off course and held up in a Kryptonite meteor or the Phantom Zone, but designed to go slow and steady. She was first raised in an artificial Krypton reality created within her ship, then in reality by her cousin Kal-L, the Golden Age Superman, and his wife Lois Lane. While her Kal and Lois saw her as a daughter, she regards them as her "uncle" and "aunt".
  • Although she sometimes complains about how very few people will make eye contact, the bold-and-brash counterpart to Supergirl is self-confident enough that she really doesn't mind. In fact, it's part of her battle strategy to flaunt her formidable and distracting assets to catch her opponents off guard. Woe to anyone who expects her to be passive cheesecake; she's related to Superman, so there exist few who can take her in a fair fight even without that "advantage". While she has occasionally worked as the more conservative Supergirl in some continuities of her world, as well as donned a Supergirl-like version of her Power Girl outfit with a stylized P, her iconic flaunt-what-you-got style has defined most of her career and is why she got her title in the Pantheon.
  • The Karen Starr thing is really thanks to Wonder Woman and Superman's help more than anything; she borrowed a "memory teacher" from Wonder Woman to add "computer genius" to her "badass puncher" cred, while Clark suggested she do more to disguise herself better in civilian form than simply counting on tied-back hair and big boobs. Of course, prior to this, whenever a certain hero with a ring would bring up her lack of effort to make a distinction, she'd merely brushed it off.
    Power Girl: Green Lantern used to ask me why I never wore a mask. It's because most of the time... They ain't lookin' at my face.
  • She's gone from simply being one of her homeworld's few survivors to one of her universe's few survivors to an outright orphan of her entire former multiverse. This is actually part of why she usually goes with the Cleavage Window instead of a Chest Insignia like most superheroes: she's trying to make her own mark on the world and figure out where she fits.
    • This may also explain how the boldness of her personality manifests itself. Sometimes she's bitchy and overconfident of her "Girl Power", other times she can be flirtatious or even downright lewd and lustful.
  • Unfortunately due to the size of her chest, she has been placed high up on the death lists of the likes of Etna and Mileena, and certain ladies, such as Noel and Professor Kokonoe, aren't very comfortable in her presence. On the plus side, her noticeable figure has also made sure that Laharl will be easily handled should he ever try to cause any major troubles in the Pantheon.
  • Despite her close familial ties with her world's Lois and Kal-L and how well she gets along with Clark, she hasn't gotten too well acquainted with Earth-1's Lois. She and the latter haven't made much effort to bond, and it's not entirely clear that there's a reason for it.
  • Her own Alternate Self, though, she gets along with quite well, when they're not clashing over their fashion style and personality differences. Given she's the older one and has both a human and Kryptonian upbringing, this is entirely to be expected.
  • Meshes well with She-Hulk, as the two strong-and-sexy heroines enjoy debating about exactly who in this Pantheon is the best lay. Some of the more lecherous or flashy male good guys around are entirely receptive to being on their good lists. They often sigh with boredom when fans suggest they try each other, though.
  • When General Zod ascended, she joined all ascended House of El members in declaring they will NEVER kneel before Zod, no matter how much he demands it, and they WILL kick his butt before banishing him to the Phantom Zone if he tries to force them. And then the Bat-Family declared they would side with the Super-Family when he tries anything. While Zod did promptly shut up, Karen and others know he won't be playing nice forever. She also shares their enmity with certain villains who want to contain or destroy them, like Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Darkseid.
    • Similarly, she absolutely DESPISES Regime Superman, considering him and his world a twisted monstrosity of what she knew. The only thing she has in common with him is their shared distaste for the Joker.
  • On the technology side of things, she's friends with fellow tech geniuses such as Asami Sato, Iron Man, Winry Rockbell, Batman, and Bulma.
    • In Iron Man's case, she's perfectly cool with teaming up on high-tech projects to help out their fellow superheroes, but occasionally the two may start flirting with each other. Every once in a blue moon it goes beyond just friendly fun, but nothing ever comes of it beyond Friends with Benefits and they make sure NEVER to go there while he's attached — especially if it's to Pepper Potts.
    • In Winry's and Asami's case, she's mostly just impressed with what they're able to accomplish through gadgetry and mechanical knowledge, but has offered her expertise if they ever decide to get into computers or technology with software. Both are awed to know that a blonde exists with beauty, brawn, and brains all in spades — but also secretly on guard about their love interests, not that it actually matters.
    • In Bulma's case, the friendship extends to the present version of her son Trunks, who she considers the "cool kid" compared to both his alternate future self and his best friend Goten, as well as her husband Vegeta, who once listed Power Girl among the deities he would consider high candidates for potential "honorary Saiyans", moreso of the known variety than of the past.
      • On that note, Raditz has also said she would've made a great Saiyan, but after Karen put out the reply that she wants nothing to do with destroying planets like they did in his day, the long-haired renegade has clammed up since. She-Hulk thinks he was trying to gauge his chances with her from afar. Karen openly laughed at the idea.
      • Following a high-stakes tournament in their multiverse which everyone watched, Bulma and Vegeta decided to make a team out of these "honorary Saiyans", bringing her onto it. She gladly accepted, and even thinks well of the other members. Except Tatsumaki, her personality can get pretty grating. Eventually two Saiyan girls from the aforementioned tournament joined, meaning there were almost as many actual Saiyans on the team as honorary ones. Either way, she enjoys sparring with both Kale and Caulifla, though she's careful not to make it seem like she's trying to come in between the two lest Kale get jealous or Caulifla overprotective.
    • In Batman's case there's also the fact that on her Earth she is best friends with his daughter Helena AKA the Huntress. Here in the Pantheon she's trying to help look after the Dark Knight's Earth-Prime children Cass and Damien, mainly as a nod to her best friend Helena, but also because she's just protective of kids in general. Bruce appreciates the effort, but as she admits, they can be a handful at times. Especially Damien.
  • Occasionally teams with Harley Quinn... when Harley isn't playing second to somebody like Joker or Poison Ivy.
  • Also seen in the House of Defense.
  • "Let's put these right up front, shall we?"

Intermediate Gods

    Nancy Archer 
Nancy Fowler Archer, Goddess of Giant Women (The Fifty Foot Woman, Nancy Cobb Archer)
Nancy Cobb Archer
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: an Immense human hand with a smaller, normal-sized hand in the middle of it.
  • Theme: Main Title Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: An iconic giant woman, Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, Touched by Vorlons, Sometimes attacks with just her hand, Idle Rich, The Alcoholic, No one believes her claims... at first, Usually seen in a makeshift bra and skirt, Immune to Bullets, Woman Scorned, Later kills her husband's mistress, Sometimes is too Naive as a human, and apologizes a lot, The huge girl to her husband's tiny guy
  • Domains: Monsters, Revenge, Giantesses, Alien Contact, Mental Instability
  • High Priestess: Dr. Doris Zeul (Giganta)
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Alfred Pennyworth, Scrooge McDuck, Jay Gatsby
  • Enemies: Susan Murphy, Wonder Woman, Kratos, Wander, Eren Yeager, The Ten Commandments, The House of Madness and Insanity
  • In Awe of: The Colossi, Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera
  • Wary of: Most ascended aliens (including The Ultra Beasts, Arael, Ramiel, Kaworu Nagisa), the Electricity sub-House
  • Opposes: Sterling Archer, Annie Leonhart, Bertolt Hoover, The House of Tainted Love
  • Opposed by: Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley
  • Pitied by: The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Originally a normal human, Nancy Archer was a wealthy heiress with a drinking problem and a husband who was cheating on her with another woman. This all changed when she transformed into her more iconic form after encountering a 30-foot giant in the California hills. With her newfound size and power, she went after her unfaithful spouse, killing his latest girlfriend and taking him hostage. It didn't last long. After her death, Nancy was brought to the Pantheon... to serve as High Priestess under Susan Murphy. Unfortunately, this relationship was a rocky one, with Nancy stating that since Susan was inspired by her, she rightfully deserved Godhood. It soon came to a head when the two began fighting each other, causing massive collateral damage in their wake. Eventually, the Court of the Gods interfered and removed Nancy from the premises. After listening to her side of the story, they decided to give her a new position as Goddess of Giant Women. It wasn't what Nancy had asked for but, in the end, it was better than nothing.
  • Her encounter with the alien giant left Nancy paranoid of the Pantheon's many alien lifeforms, not wanting to find out what they're capable of. Unfortunately, she has witnessed the might of the Ultra Beasts and the sheer terror unleashed by the Angels and let's just say, she doesn't want to end up like Asuka and going back to the Asylum.
  • Due to being electrocuted to death by a malfunctioning transformer, Nancy has come to be wary of the House of Electricity, as well as any other deity with electric and lightning based powers. It made for a humorous incident when she first encountered Ash Ketchum's Pikachu, with the tiny electric mouse Pokémon sending her running in the opposite direction.
  • Wonder Woman initially mistook Nancy for her old nemesis Giganta, and proceeded to fight the giant. The fight was incredibly one-sided due in part to Mrs. Archer's lack of combat training and as such, Diana quickly overpowered her. The fighting only stopped when Steven Universe jumped in and pointed out the obvious differences between the two. But even with things cleared up, Nancy didn't accept Diana's apologies, and personally brought up Giganta to serve as her High Priestess just to spite the Amazon.
    • Speaking of Steven Universe, the young man gets along wonderfully with Nancy, due to viewing giant women as cool thanks to a... particular incident involving Opal. This, along with his fun-loving personality actually moved her to be friends with him and possibly use her power for good.
  • She was also mistaken for a Titan at first, and nearly got herself torn apart by Eren Yeager upon first encounter. Luckily, for Nancy anyway, Mikasa was there to stop him but the incident resulted in the three having a strained relationship. The only silver lining of this? Nancy now knows that the other Titan Shifter note  are in the Pantheon, and is not interested in any plans they're conjuring up.
  • Nancy's ascension drew excitement out of the ascended Seven Deadly Sins, particularly Diane, who had yet to find another giant such as herself. Then they met, and the Serpent's Sin of Envy was immediately shocked by the apparent size difference. Nancy on the other hand, was surprised that the smaller giant was self-conscious of her height and was in many ways her opposite in terms of personality. This caused a brief clash between the two and afterwards they've kept their distance, though that didn't mean they were enemies. Far from it. Diane and her fellow Sins have helped out Nancy with getting use to life in the Pantheon, and she's even promised to help the Fifty Foot Woman with using her size and strength for good.
  • While she may be one of the largest human-based giants in the Pantheon, note  even Nancy was awestruck by the sheer size and majesty of the Pantheon's other giant deities, with Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera and the other Kaiju being high on the list, with the sixteen Colossi leaving her even more flabbergasted. Unfortunately, it also resulted in Wander mistaking her for a Colossus and tried to climb up to stab a weak spot. For her part, Nancy wanted nothing to do with Wander, so she picked him up and threw him halfway to the House of Health and Diseases. That said, it was still easier than getting rid of Kratos.
  • Many thought Nancy was a relative to Sterling Archer, though the shared surname is only superficial. To be truthful, Nancy wants absolutely nothing to do the alcoholic, whoring secret agent, considering him no better than her philandering husband, Harry. Indeed, her relationship with Harry has also lead Nancy to oppose the Sub-House of Tainted Love and lead her to meet Cersei Lannister. The Queen of Westeros assumed she had found a kindred spirit in Nancy, as she had to deal with her failed marriage to Robert Baratheon... but it was anything but. Nancy wanted nothing to do with the Mad Queen and has kept her distance in case Ser Robert Strong is sent after her.
  • Interestingly, Nancy has found a few deities that she can get along with, some of them being in the House of Commerce. Scrooge McDuck was a tad impressed by her net worth of $50 million note  and has offered to put the money in a special part of the McDuck Vault for safekeeping. Meanwhile, she sympathizes with Jay Gatsby due to also being Lonely at the Top just like him. She's also on good terms with Alfred Pennyworth, who reminded Nancy of her own faithful butler Jess Stout. As for Batman... that's still up in the air.
  • Outside of electricity, Many have yet to figure out how to stop Nancy in case she goes on another rampage. Gunfire was ruled out as it has no effect on her, though some speculate grenades and heavy artillery could do the trick. She immediately said no to those proposals and walked off.
  • On a quick side note, Nancy's size tends to fluctuate. A lot. Sometimes she's seen as her traditional fifty foot self, while other times she becomes smaller than thirty feet, her original human size and, on very rare occasions, grows to be around a hundred feet; the same height she was depicted as being in a certain poster. She initially had some difficulty retaining her official height but with some help from the House of Space and Cosmos, she managed to get everything settled. Despite this, she still ends up changing whenever she becomes mentally unstable.
  • Edmond was sad to see her quest for Revenge reach a tragic end. He believed she was justified for her reacting in such a way to her husband, but wished she showed some more restraint and consideration for others in her path. He frequently goes to her temple to reconcile with her fate.
  • Some have asked Nancy if she sometimes goes blond, changed her maiden name from Fowler to Cobb, if her father was as much of an ass as her husband, or if she went into space with two additional giant alien women while their husbands went through marriage counselling. Nancy has responded, in order with this; "yes, yes, why bring that up, and yes that did happen, can we move on please?"
  • Even though Nancy, Susan, and Diane are on rocky terms with one another, all three unanimously agreed on one thing and one thing alone. They have no intentions on exploring certain sections of the internet for... reasons they wish not to bring up. Anyone who dares to do so will be faced with the terror of three giantesses on a berserker rampage.

Lesser Gods

    Betsy Braddock/Psylocke 
Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, Goddess of Boob & Butt Posing (Psylocke, Bee, Captain Britain, Lady Briton, Lady Mandarin; House of M: Princess Elizabeth Glorianna Braddock, Horsemen of Death, Horseman of Pestilence)
As Psylocke in Kwannon's body.

    Ichiko Sakura and Momiji Binbouda 
Ichiko Sakura and Momiji Binbouda, Goddesses of Contrasting Bust Sizes
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: The somin shourai and sakura blossoms for Ichiko; a medical syringe and autumn leaves for Momiji
  • Theme Song: "Make My Day!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Vitriolic Best Buds, Bash Brothers, Mayfly–December Friendship
  • Domains: Friendship, Luck, Divinity
  • Heralds: Keita Tsuwabuki, Tama-chan, Ranmaru Rindou, Nadeshiko Adenokouji, Kumagai, Inugami Momo, Bobby Statice, etc. (just to list the more "on hand" ones)
  • Allies: Yato, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Milo Murphy, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir, Doraemon and Co., Lum Invader, Subaru Mikazuki and Haru, Sora, Xion, Charlie Bucket
  • Enemies: YHVH
  • Annoyed by: Issei Hyodo
  • Ichiko Sakura was born into a life blessed with good fortune; besides being wealthy, beautiful and multi-talented, good things happened to her on a constant basis. Her life was suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of Momiji, a goddess of misfortune tasked with taking Ichiko's fortune energy, as the gods above judged her to have an unnatural excess of it; worse, Ichiko was also unconsciously absorbing other people's alotted fortune and bringing them terrible fates. Having grown up with absent parents and no true friends, and mistrusting everyone besides her butler/father-figure, Ichiko was not moved by this information, so she and Momiji started a long-term game of cat-and-mouse, with Ichiko typically coming out the victor, as a misfortune goddess like Momiji, no matter how determined and crafty, is a poor match against an extremely lucky girl. Despite that, Momiji would have a slow but profound impact in Ichiko's life, as Ichiko found herself opening up to the people around her and establishing strong friendships (which include Momiji herself, as much as the two might deny it), eventually leading to Ichiko caring about and fighting for people outside her circle. The two spent a year fighting not only each other, but also various gods bent on causing trouble, culminating in a showdown against Ikari, a man-turned-god who loved Ichiko's past incarnation Kanna and wanted two things: to replace Ichiko's personality with Kanna's, and to turn Ichiko's hometown into a deified paradise filled with good fortune, killing all its inhabitants in the process. Thanks to the support of all the friends she accrued that year, Ichiko, together with Momiji, put a stop to that catastrophe. In the end, Ichiko realized true happiness came from being with people and helping them, and so gave up her excessive fortune energy, then shared a heartfelt goodbye with Momiji, who had changed her life so much for the better.
  • Some time after Ichiko went back to living a (relatively, since she still has all those odd friends) normal life as a high school girl, Momiji's trusty stuffed bear sidekick Kumagai suddenly showed up and urgently called upon Ichiko to help the heavens above, which had been hijacked by some major foreign god on a power trip. Ichiko was once again armed with her somin shourai, which lets her command the animals of the Eastern Zodiac and ran to help her divine friends, fearing for Momiji's safety above all. Though Momiji characteristically wasn't really worried at all about the situation, which annoyed Ichiko. At any rate, their enemy was the ever-self-centered YHVH, who wanted to try to rid this universe of its unseemly deities to crown himself its sole god (between everything about Momiji and goddesses dressed like maids or wearing puppets for hands, he felt he was doing the universe a favor). Everybody from Ichiko and Momiji's circles pitched in as they fought against YHVH's angelic army, but things really turned in their favor when several residents of a place called the Pantheon suddenly showed up to aid them. After the battle was won, Ichiko and Momiji were invited to join said Pantheon. Given this all proves there are threats to their world on a multiversal level, the two accepted, and are rather happy that they have a good excuse to spend more time with each other (even if much of it is spent arguing and fighting).
  • One of the deities that helped them fight off YHVH is Yato, who as another minor Shinto god has a beef with the big jaundiced head, but also he couldn't help wanting to help out a fellow unlucky god like Momiji. Granted that Yato desires to quit being a God of Calamity and become a God of Fortune instead. Momiji might have taken offense to that if she weren't so laidback, or if she didn't know that part of Yato's motivation was to separate himself from his evil Father, who created him as a God of Calamity to begin with, so Yato would commit murders on his behalf. She might also personally relate to the circumstances of Yato's birth since she came into being from half of Ikari's soul. Momiji and Yato's commonalities aside, Ichiko mainly finds him annoying for his perverted tendencies, though having to routinely put up with that kind of behavior from Momo and Bobby means she's somewhat used to it and she can appreciate that Yato is a good and loyal guy despite his flaws.
  • Despite YHVH leaving a bad impression, Momiji is not averse to palling around with other foreign deities or mystical creatures and ended up becoming fast friends with the Genie since they share such interests as doing character/celebrity impressions and transforming (or cosplaying in Momiji's case, though it might just be the same thing) just for the hell of it. Seems like Kumagai and the Carpet have become friends as well, probably due to being the silent yet capable sidekicks. Momiji and the Genie could also bond over how they pushed their mortal charges to be with their love interests. Speaking of which, Ichiko hit it off with Aladdin easily despite their very different backgrounds (Aladdin having grown up a poor, homeless kid) because they could relate to how their supernatural friends changed their life for the better and improved them as people; it might also have something to do with their perennially absent parents, with Ichiko's being overseas for work, while Aladdin's father Cassim is... sort of doing the same thing, just very illegally. Ichiko got along swimmingly with Jasmine as well, with the two relating to each other over their wealthy but lonely existences until the right people came into their lives.
  • Through Momiji's help, Ichiko learned that misfortune was important to build character and empathy, but still definitely not something that was fun, so seeing Milo Murphy actually revel in his many misfortunes as being great fun was certainly a different perspective for her to ponder. Upon learning Milo's entire life was filled with misfortune because he's practically cursed with Murphy's Law, Momiji remarked that it made sense that Milo would have developed such an optimistic, considerate and good-natured attitude to cope with it, making him the complete opposite of Ichiko back when her excess fortune made her into a self-centered brat. At any rate, the Goddess of Misfortune can definitely relate to a kid for whom nothing seems to go well, and Ichiko finds Milo's positive demeanor inspiring to the point where she wants to personally help him out with his problems. Milo likes Ichiko for how she came to appreciate the value of misfortune, while Momiji's presence means more interesting things can happen.
  • Ichiko and Momiji are not the only good luck/bad luck-themed duo to have teamed up to fight evil, as proven by the existence of Ladybug and Chat Noir, two French superheroes who protect the people of Paris from Hawkmoth's corruption on a daily basis. Ironically it was the Japanese good luck girl and the French bad luck boy who bonded more directly, as Ichiko and Adrien both grew up wealthy but lonely before the world opened up to them as teens and they gained more friends, which coincidentally happened at the same time they met their opposite-luck counterparts, completely upending their lives. Granted that Adrien's isolation was not of his own choice but rather imposed by his father, whereas Ichiko actively scorned most people. In fact, Ichiko's former attitude strongly reminds Adrien of his longtime Only Friend Chloé Bourgeouis; of course, he's glad that Ichiko managed to vastly improve where Chloé ultimately failed to.
  • Momiji is savvy enough about pop culture to know that her living arrangements with Ichiko have precedent in two anime icons: Doraemon and Lum Invader. She was not the least bit surprised that they were both present in this Trope Pantheon and made good friends with them; Doraemon because his attempts at improving the personality of Future Loser Nobita are similar to what Momiji did for Ichiko. With Lum, there's not much similarity, other than the fact that they both run in crazy company, but Momiji piqued her interest when she remarked that she doesn't know why they all have to put up with sleeping in dusty closets and that maybe they should form a society to revindicate better sleeping conditions. Of course, Momiji isn't actually that serious about this and it's just a ploy to get on Ichiko's nerves. Either way, Momiji, Doraemon and Lum have all grown closer through the "society"'s meetings.
  • Because of Ikari's machinations, Ichiko was put through the harrowing experience of being forgotten by every friend she'd ever made, with many of them even turning hostile towards her. While this was reversed eventually, this got her a lot of sympathy from Sora and Xion, who also had periods in which they had been forgotten by everyone who'd ever known them, although they were given a twisted sort of relief in that they were either asleep or temporarily dead when that happened. Still, Sora and Xion value their friends very deeply and always say that true friends never forget each other, so knowing Ichiko got put through that grinder because a villain wanted to break her spirit is just tragic to them.
  • One of the few creatures Ichiko was genuinely kind to when she was still a haughty jerk was her pet kitten Tama-chan, who soon gained god powers thanks to Ichiko's fortune energy, making her very helpful in Ichiko's adventures with the divine on top of being a sweet and loyal pet. So Ichiko decided to go to the Hall of Felines as a special treat for Tama-chan, and that's how the two crossed paths with mystery novelist Subaru Mikazuki and his pet cat Haru. As the two cats played (with Haru's Big Sister Instinct making her coo over the younger Tama-chan), Ichiko and Subaru were left to talk to each other, with Subaru eventually remarking about how having a pet could make a world of difference in one's life; before meeting Haru he was a lot more closed-off towards people and would not be able to make easy conversation with Ichiko. Ichiko can see what Subaru means, having also been aloof from people, so she feels like having Tama-chan around was one of many things that helped her become a better person. The two agreed to meet more times, not least so their pets can play together.
  • Given her connection to the impoverished Keita Tsuwabuki and his many younger siblings, Ichiko can be sensitive to the plights of poor people, not least because she deeply regrets her past moments where she was flippant regarding the Tsuwabukis' money problems. She finds herself developing a protective instinct towards Charlie Bucket, seeing his family's situation as similar to the Tsuwabukis'. Charlie's Rags to Riches situation also has Ichiko concerned that it may be too good to be true, since there was an occasion where the Tsuwabukis became wealthy overnight, only for that to turn out to be a malevolent god toying with them by using up 10 years-worth of the Tsuwabukis alotted fortune energy, which nearly led to the death of the youngest child when misfortune kicked in almost immediately. While fortune and misfortune aren't quite as balanced in other universes, and anything awful has yet to happen to Charlie since becoming rich, Ichiko still can't help but worry about him.
  • Ichiko and Momiji are well-known for constantly needling each other over their breast sizes. Though it's perhaps more correct to say that Ichiko takes so much pride in her cups that Momiji's insults bounce off her, whereas Ichiko's remarks about Momiji's flat chest always throw the goddess into a jealous rage (note that Momiji is rarely this emotional over anything else). Despite that, they can agree on how much Issei Hyodo's breast obsession can irritate them. Ichiko is not fond of perverts, at least two people in her social circle are giant, devoted perverts and that's enough for her; she doesn't let them get away with it without them suffering pain, so there's no way Issei would ever get away with it. Momiji is mostly irritated at Issei's disregard for flat chests. Incidentally, Momiji is also a bit of a terror to the Hall of Female Anatomy, due to its large population of well-endowed women whose breasts Momiji wants to pop with her syringe as though they were balloons.

    Kaguya Nanbu 
Kaguya Nanbu, Goddess of Comedy-Inducing Boobs (Princess Cow, Dairy Cow Princess, Princess Family Size)

    Litchi Faye-Ling 
Litchi Faye Ling, Goddess of Boobies and Gorgeous Doctors (Dr. Faye Ling, Boobie Lady, Boobzilla, Rackula)

Ryoubi, Goddess of Expanding Breasts (The Savage Sniper With A Sadistic Streak, RB, HurtYouMore)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A mounted deer head and a musket
  • Theme Music: Wayward Thoughts, I Have Only One Wish, In Order to Stay True to Myself
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil at Hebijo. Otherwise Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Causing Her Breasts to Expand, Feeling REALLY Insecure About Her True Breast Size, To the Point of Murder, Cold Sniper, Long-Range Fighter, Weaponized Gun Twirling, Sadist, Trigger-Happy, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Breasts, Muskets, Sadism
  • High Priestess: Chifusa Manyuu
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: The members of Poly Racks besides Litchi. Scratch that, most of the well-endowed goddesses.
  • Former Enemies: The Students of Hanzou and Gessen Academy, The Crimson Squad
  • A shinobi from the Hebijo Academy of Serpent Girls, she is notable for one particular aspect: whenever she does her Shinobi Transformation, her rack suddenly jumps from mere 27" to 37". She also has some other ways, but they are a bit out of control to her.
  • She utterly hates Rias Gremory. Not only does she have to be in the same house as her, not only is her rack larger than hers, even after Shinobi Transformation (Rias beats her by 2"), not only do they sound the same, and not only is she the opposite of what she is, but Rias honestly thinks that she should be fine with her because her breasts shrunk down for a whileHint. The only reason why Ryoubi hasn't unleashed Minuet Missile on her is because Issei Hyodo would go and beat her to a bloody pulp. She started to calm down a bit after Rias was moved to another house, but she still keeps her eye on her.
  • Ironically enough, she seems to get along with Litchi, saying that her fighting style reminds her of Imu and sympathizes with her regarding the question of alignment. Where she isn't above throwing petty insults at her, she at least keeps it minimal. She also gets along with Noel Vermillion (fellow flat chest) and Shanoa (who does try to keep her breasts in place) from Body Images house.
  • She allied herself with League of Flat Chests, though the relationship with them is a bit out there. They are both jealous of her abilities (even if she assures that she feels empty when turning back to normal) and scared of her due the fact that she is a sadist and it shows (she actually killed someone for telling out loud few ways she tries to make her breasts bigger). Koneko has also tried to make her calm down about Rias with no real avail.
  • There is one thing not related about her breast size you shouldn't do: talking about her dead sister, Ryouki. She is ready to snipe the person to the gender areas for that.
    • She was almost ready to snipe Belldandy due of certain thing, but because Belldandy's personality makes her remember Ryouki even more, she can't do it. She even says that Ryouki actually died 17 years oldnote . Though she is ready to kill I-No because of similar reasons.
  • Due to her being a sniper, she gets along with Lockon and The Sniper. The latter even says that she is about as verbally berating as he is.
  • Some gods in House of Weapons find it surprising that she weaponized Gun Twirling. Does help that the butt of her musket is an axe head.
  • Even though she is a sadist, she doesn't get along with some other sadistic gods. Mainly because she is at least "focused" on whom to aim (helped by that she is shinobi-for-hire), and since she joined Hebijo out of vengeance, she doesn't think that dark is really evil.
  • She may or may not actually pad her breasts during Shinobi Transformation. However, due to the fact that her breasts definitely don't look like they are pads, she might not literally pad them in that way.
  • At one point, she was really... "obsessed" with her rear end and how large it is. Not in a "bad" way, but more as a way to take away from her breast obsession. However, it caused to go a little bit nuts, even dragging Yomi into the whole mess. Fortunately, she has calmed down now.