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Greater Gods

    Akantor, Ukanlos, and Odibatorasu 
Akantor, Ukanlos, and Odibatorasu, Gods of Incorrect Names (Akantor: The Black God, Tyrant of Fire, The Supreme Monster, Aka, Akamu | Ukanlos: Ukamurubasu, The White God, The Tyrant of Ice, Uka, Jay Leno, Shovelchin, You-Can-Lose | Odibatorasu: Cannon Rock Wyvern, The Sand God, The Third God, Odi, Sand-Blastoise | The Twin Walls, The Triple Walls)
From top to bottom: Akantor, Ukanlos, Odibatorasu
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Hunter Guild's icons for Akantor,Ukanlos, and Odibatorasu
  • Theme Songs: Tyrant of Hellfire (Akantor) / Absolute Zero (Ukanlos) / Titan of the Desert (Odibatorasu)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Akantor), True Neutral (Ukanlos and Odibatorasu)
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Dig Attacks, The Dreaded, Geo Effects, Kaiju, Classified as a Flying Wyverns despite being flightless, Mighty Glaciers, Tunnel Kings, Ultra-Powerful Beam Attacks
  • Domains: Incorrect Names, Wyverns, Flightlessness
    • Akantor: Fire, Sound
    • Ukanlos: Ice, Snow
    • Odibatorasu: Sand
  • Size: 3049cm (Akantor), 3188cm (Ukanlos), Very Large (Odibatorasu)
  • Allies: Godzilla, Gamera (All) Flame Princess (Akantor) Blastoise (Odibatorasu) (an Odd Friendship)
  • Rivals: Gogmazios (All) Wamuu, Rashid, Von Twirlenkiller (Akantor) Sub-Zero II, Cygnus Hyoga, Queen Elsa (Ukanlos) Gaara, Toph (Odibatorasu)
  • Enemies: Miraak, Hircine, The House of Fighting and Combat (All) The Corpus (Ukanlos)
  • Opposed by: The Monster Hunters and other hunters, the Dragonborn (All) Daredevil and those sensitive to sound (Akantor) Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Odibatorasu)
  • Opposes: Users of electricity (All)
  • In a place as active as the Pantheon, there's bound to be more than a few things that tend to get glossed over in the chaos, and it actually took the creation of the House of Naming and Epithets for deities to notice that Akantor, Ukanlos, and Odibatorasu's temples were starting to fall into disrepair (not that they used them anyways), and that the remote areas the three Flying Wyverns were normally located have become silent and unused. Many took it as a sign that the three have lost interest in the Pantheon and their divine titles. After enough time has passed, it seemed as though their suspicions were confirmed and went in to bulldoze their temple and make use of the territory they once inhabited for other purposes. While the enlisted mix of deities and Mooks were successful in doing the former, they were in for a rude awakening when they found the tenants were still there.
  • They ascended and re-ascended to the Pantheon as the Gods of Non Indicative Names due to the fact that they're in the Flying wyvern classification. Now, the most recognizable monsters are of the Flying Wyvern category — every aspiring Hunter's "baptism of fire", so to speak. They are unofficially divided into two subtypes: "True", which are, for the majority, bipedal that use their wings to fly, and "Pseudo-", which usually use their wing-arms as forearms instead. These three, however, are the only "Flying" Wyverns to lack any ability to fly whatsoever, as even the Monoblos, Diablos, Basarios and Gravios have the ability to fly. Many believe these three are actually Elder Dragons that were incorrectly classified, though the Monster Hunters gave an explanation as while they originally qualified as Elder Dragons, The Guild simply discovered their distant ancestry to other Flying Wyverns... Despite the fact that they've long since dropped wings down their evolutionary line, leaving behind only nubs that are wings in the vestigial sense, something no other Flying Wyvern has. Some criticized if they go with that line of qualification, why not just name the class "Winged Wyverns" to begin with. The Monster Hunters rebutted: "It just stuck in the same way the title of 'Elder Dragon' stuck".
  • They were quick to establish themselves as ruling monsters within their respective biomes, and are even quicker when it comes to fighting if anyone is willing to have a dispute over it. Lesser beasts are wise enough to not to even think about contesting and tend to avoid the area altogether out of respect, or fear.
    • Having said that, even they bow their heads in respect to the King of Monsters. There are some hostilities (mostly out of pride) but their relationship with Godzilla is all in all pretty friendly. They have a similar relationship with Gamera with the difference being their fights occur when they cause trouble when deities trespass on their territories. Odi has the most positive relationship with Gamera out of the three, if only for more visible reasons.
  • During Miraak's botched resurrection they have managed to avoid being bent to his will by virtue of simply not being in the Hall of Draconic Beings and even then that was during a time where they were simply "not at home". He has his sights on them now that he's not only banned from the House he just attacked, but also was notified that they indeed exist here in the Pantheon during their rampage. He has the same problems though, being not exactly a popular god and the various deities nearby are enough to hound on him before deities such as the Dovahkiin and Paarthurnax come on by as well, not that it has stopped him from trying anyways. There were some times where he did manage to get to the three and control them, but none of them allowed him to fully realize their use in his machinations. Obviously, they don't like him as much as anyone, and that same dislike extends to Bowser considering he tried similar things to them like what he did with the Ruined Dragon.
    • Really, if there's anyone with a good enough chance of recruiting them onto their side it would probably go to Viridi given that she's the Goddess of Nature. She tries appealing to their territorial nature by bringing up that if given the chance humans and other enemies of nature will keep on bothering them. While they have nothing against her, time will tell if they will actually go along with her Forces of Nature as they seem more content at being left alone than participating in whatever grudge she has against humanity.
  • It's not recommended to tick off any of them. They were previously seen as Elder Dragons for a reason. Besides their affects on the environment whether it's making the very land around them shift up and down like with Akantor and Ukanlos or even shaping an entire desert into what it is today like with Odibatorasu, all of them are capable of throwing their weight around. Hircine finds their strength most fitting for the more larger hunts he hosts, and various members in the House of Fighting and Combat have engaged the three Wyverns which greatly annoys them. While the Nature Preservers have tried to prevent this, some remain persistent enough to want a good fight.
  • Akantor only:
    • Akantor has giant fangs in addition to other sharp teeth, which can deliver powerful bites and weaken defenses if the victim wasn't finished already. While ironically not possessing elements befitting its on hand like its other non-flying wyverns, its very roars compensate for this. Not only are they loud enough to do physical harm and even cause some miniature eruptions of lava, but it can condense it into a beam known to many as the Sonic Blast. Unsurprisingly, it's not liked by anyone who are sensitive to sound like Daredevil given that they have it much, much worse. Aka considers the likes of Wamuu, Rashid, and Von Twirlenkiller to be potential threats considering their similar abilities and has taken the time to further its own strengths leading to many noise-related complaints from the House of Fire and Electricity as well as some shift in the terrain, though admittedly nothing to completely revamp maps of the House over.
    • If he's not within his claim of the House of Fire and Electricity, it's probably hanging around Flame Princess' temple. Her elemental take on morality could be the result of why they're on good terms with each other, even if she has also approached a "more traditional" take on it. Woe to anyone wanting to pick a fight with the Princess of the Fire Kingdom — Akantor is another hurdle among the allies she has for someone to take on.
  • Ukanlos only:
    • Ukanlos' chin is shaped like a spade, allowing to dig up chunks of snow and ice from underneath its opponents and can breathe an icy beam. And speaking of digging it can home in on things much better than its fellow flightless wyverns, acting more like a giant armored land shark rather than just a way to create some distance. Well aware that it's far from the only ice-user in the Pantheon, Uka took it upon itself to further its own abilities, often resulting in much harsher blizzards within the House of Water and Ice. The need for large vehicles meant to push through such harsh weather has rose and made some cash for deities in the House of Travel and Technology, whether operating vehicles or making them.
    • Seeing as though they mainly make their bases within such frigid environments, they and the Corpus have inevitability and violently crossed paths with each other. While they have made sure to avoid doing operations that require them to be in the titanic monster's territory for the sake of saving funds, they do want to evict Ukanlos at some point or another. Well aware of their actions endangering many species on the surface of Venus, some report the White God deliberately going into Corpus bases and destroying whatever it can, claiming it as its own territory.
    • Because of the way its name is spelled, some may also refer to the Ukanlos as You-Can-Lose. Not wanting others to be discouraged, some Monster Hunters took it upon themselves to go to the House of Craft to print up something motivational. This was the result.
  • Odibatorasu only:
    • Odibatorasu utilizes sand. Lots and lots of sand, of which it can manipulate like causing large sandstorms or creating sand pillars around itself by simply roaring or just digging through it almost replicating swimming. And on its back lies a cannon which fires, if you couldn't guess already, sand projectiles in addition to the beam of sand from its mouth. If one doesn't like sandnote  you won't like Odi. Acknowledging it's not the only sand user after seeing the likes of Toph and Gaara in action, it took to whipping up its own sand abilities more often as to not fall behind. As a result, sandstorms have become a tad bit more common within the House of Earth and Metal.
    • Surprisingly it has gotten along with Blastoise, though, since the Cannon Rock Wyvern sees it as almost of its own if you put aside both the sheer difference in size and elements. More unusual is that from the Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors Blastoise knows, water types would be pretty potent against ground types (which Odi would be designated as such if it were to be applied). Odi clarified that it sort of does, but only by a minuscule amount compared weaknesses to Thunder and Dragon from back home.

Xion, Goddess of Meaningful Names (Number XIV, No. i, Replica, Xionort)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A bright seashell. Alternatively, The number "14" in roman numerals (XIV) or The Aubade Keyblade
  • Theme Song: Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion, Vector to the Heavens (her default battle theme), At Dusk, I Will Think of You (Shared with Roxas and Lea), Hearts As One (her other default battle theme) (shared with Roxas), Vector The Heavens (Re:Mind Remix) (her battle theme when she gets serious or angry)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral
  • Keyblades: Kingdom Key Replica, Aubade
  • Portfolio: Having a Name of Many Different Interpretations, A Replica Created by Vexen (Which she Struggles With), Plain Damn Adorable and Can Kick Ass Just As Well As Her Friends Can, A Special Type of Nobody, Technically Genderless, Unintentionally Siphoning Sora's Memories into Herself, Gets Berated and Disregarded for her Existence, Has Had A Really Crappy Life But Still Perseveres Through It, Progressively becomes more Powerful Overtime, Unintentionally Mimics And Gains Power From Those Around Her In Battle, Inseparable Friendship with Roxas and Axel, One of the only Organization Members to Not be Malicious, Action Girl, Fond of Dogs, Living Memory, Realizes her Existence poses a Threat to Roxas and Sora, Forces Roxas into Killing Her, Dies Peacefully by Roxas's Side, Her Death goes by Unremembered by Anyone, Brought Back for the True Organization XIII and Turned Into A Vessel For Xehanort, But Eventually Turns Back To Normal And Reunites with Roxas and Lea, Manages to Live a Life free from the Organization
  • Domains: Exclusion, The Forgotten, Erasure, Memories, The Void, Artificial Humans, Friendship, Naming, Meaning, Independence
  • Allies: Roxas, Axel (Lea), Naminé, Ventus, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Team RWBY and JNPR (Especially Ruby Rose), Sayori, Master Hand, the Duck Hunt Dog, Roy Mustang, Mr. Eaten, Sunset Shimmer, Dog (sorta), Courage the Cowardly Dog, Filia, Snoopy, Pluto the Pup, Charlie Barkin, Clifford, Ash Crimson, Milla Basset, Guthix, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jason Todd/Red Hood, John Wick, Elliot Alderson, Wally West, Madoka Kaname, Ragna the Bloodedge, The Doctor, Devola and Popola.
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations (mainly Xemnas), Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Barbatos, The Batman Who Laughs, The Dawnbreaker, Agent Smith, Albert Wesker, Lord Recluse, Cruella de Vil, Lord Brevon, The Beastmen (Especially Gorthor), Dio Brando, Vanilla Ice, The Master
  • Respected By: The Hall Canines and the House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Opposes: Animal Abusers especially Dogs, Evil Rulers and Deceivers, especially Sauron, Emperor Palpatine, and Darkseid
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Raiden
  • One's story and life experience tends to be remembered and cherished by their loved ones. In the case of an Artificial Human known as Xion, this was unfortunately not the case. Created by Vexen of Organization XIII, she was to serve as the 14th member, often being paired up with Roxas during their earlier missions. However, Xemnas intended for Xion to develop her powers overtime via sapping away Roxas and Sora's powers as the Organization leader wanted to see who would prevail and be more useful between her and Roxas. Xion was able to develop her own personality and bond deeply with Roxas and Axel, often joining them together to eat Sea-Salt Ice Cream together on top of the Twilight Town Clock Tower. Unfortunately, Xion began to experience disappointment, bullying and dismissal from the other Organization members, especially Saïx, who saw her as nothing more than a replica. Not helping matters is her defeat and humiliation from a rogue Riku, who was in works with Naminé and DiZ in securing Sora and Roxas's safety. The final straw that dissolved Xion's friendship with Roxas and Axel was when she discovered her nature as a replica and that her existence Endangered Sora and Roxas by extension. She eventually decided to desert the Organization and meet up with Roxas later on before attacking him. This was all a ploy set up by Xion so that Roxas could kill her and preserve Sora's existence. She proved successful and thanked Roxas for the time they spent together before dying peacefully in Roxas's arms. Because she was created and further developed with Sora's memories, Xion soon became forgotten by everyone who knew her, the Organization included.
    • Despite her disappearance, Xion isn't completely forgotten, rather memories about her are buried deep withing Sora's heart. She herself was bought back to serve Master Xehanort in the The Second Keyblade War to power up Kingdom Hearts. Sora was eventually able to reach out to her, causing those who previously knew knew to recall their memories. Ultimately, Xion reunited with Roxas and Axel (who was now Lea) and defected to the side of Light. Once the battle ended, Xion was finally able to earn herself a normal life, hanging out with Roxas and Lea and even inviting the reformed Isa (Saïx's Somebody) into their group.
  • Xion ascended into the Pantheon not long after Roxas did. Before the Second Keyblade War reached its conclusion, Sora asked the Court of the Gods to allow Roxas a chance to enter the Pantheon. They eventually allowed it under the pretense that Roxas was his own individual and genuinely earned a right to live out like how he wants to, but Roxas declared that he wouldn't enter unless he could have his best friends alongside him. Hence the Court decided to allow Xion and Lea into the Pantheonic ranks as well.
  • Like Roxas and Lea, Xion is not a member of the Grand United Alliance of Good, though she does respect and is willing to fight alongside them, given that some of her friends are a part of it. Instead, her time in the Pantheon is spent on more normal terms, mainly just exploring and familiarizing herself with new locales, figures and experiences. As someone who barely had any happiness and moments outside of the Organization, Xion wants to develop and build more of those and simply wishes a simple life with her friends.
  • Used to be The Blank to anyone without ties to Sora or Ven, her face depending on who they have connections to or what they expect to see in her, but thanks to the Pantheon and KH media, what you seein her profile image is what most people will see her as.
  • Alongside skyscrappers for beautiful views (If the Twilight Town Clock Tower isn't any indication), one of Xion's favorite places to visit are beaches. Maybe there's some form of symbolism regarding her and water, given that Kairi and Naminé are named after references to water, and Xion is no different. Speaking of, she and Naminé get along very well after their experiences in the Second Keyblade War. They'll often hang out near the shores and Xion will often tag along in drawing some art for herself like Naminé does, eager to learn something new. She is thankful for Riku to have finally reunited with his friends in addition to becoming a dedicated Keyblade wielder just like Sora way. Riku in return is willing to help out Xion in her fighting experience, given that the Pantheon is filled with threats left and right.
    • She also finds great company under Ventus. Aside from looking exactly like Roxas, Ventus is a big softie who is known for his generous personality and his strong feelings towards friendship. Sometimes Ventus would visit the Clock Tower Trio to share some Sea-Salt Ice Cream and hang out around various Pantheon locales. Additionally, they'd would also fight alongside each other when the chips are down.
  • She has a huge fondness for dogs, so much so that she's become a regular visitor of the Canines Sub-House. Because of her sweet and gentle nature, dogs in general get along with Xion pretty well and she's more than happy to play with them. Even the Duck Hunt Dog finds her great company, seeing as Xion is one of the few individuals to not express any sort of annoyance towards him. She quickly became friends with fellow dog lover Roy Mustang, who himself sometimes visits the Sub-House.
    • Xion once met Elliot Alderson at the same area, where the latter was tending to some dogs. Xion approached him, not familiar with him and asking why would he came to the Canine's Sub-House. Elliot explained that he has a dog named Flipper whom he saved from an abusive owner and that he feels obligated to take her there for comfort. Despite his morose and sullen demeanor, Xion smiled and assured him that what he did was a good thing. The two have bonded with one another after Elliot told her about his experience with depression and anxiety, something which Xion had also dealt with during her days in Organization XIII. She was initially hesitant to confront John Wick due to his reputation in the criminal underworld, but after seeing how loving he is towards canines in general, Xion has also grown to be good friends with him, even petting and playing with Wick's dog when he goes away during his own endeavors.
    • The Canines Sub-House is one of those areas where Xion tends to display her most caring nature. That said, she is not hesitant to defend its residents and visitors, especially during the Beastmen invasion set up by the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Xion took to rescuing and protecting as many dogs as she could before confronting Gorthor the Beastlord, who led his Beastmen faction to massacre as many beings as they could to assert dominance. They engaged in a brutal duel, with Xion receiving aid from Mustang and eventually succeeding in driving the Beastlord back. Gorthor has since developed a deep animosity for Xion and promises to kill her the next time they meet.
  • Technically, she is genderless, given her nature as a replica. However, Xion has stressed that she be identified as a female, which most residents in the Pantheon took to accepting, given that Xion would like to have an identity and personality beyond just being an Artificial Human.
  • Is friends with the Doctor, despite his ability to ravel back in time and to alter and erase memories. The Doctor's experience of erasing Donna's memories to ensure she doesn't die from being infused with Time Lord DNA made the Doctor sympathize with Xion given her unintentional memory sapping from Sora played a role in tragedy and has made an effort to see her being comforted, given the Doctor is familiar with being erased from existence and how damaging it could be to someone.
  • Has a pretty close friendship with Ruby Rose, and by extension, Team RWBY and JNPR. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Ruby and Xion look remarkably similar plus the former is very close friends with Kairi. That said, whenever Ruby is away from her own personal team, she takes to meeting Kairi and Xion first as she feels she could cheer them up, especially given what they'd had to go through.
  • She's the closest thing to a friend that Mr. Eaten has, mostly because of their similar fates. While Xion is smart enough not to ask for too many personal details, she's saddened that someone could have suffered an even worse un-personning than the one she experienced herself, and hopes that someday Mr. Eaten will find some solace beyond the hunger and rage.
  • While usually not interested in battling, Xion is still a credible fighter and is able to take on scores of Hearless without issue. There has to have been a reason why Master Xehanort decided to enlist her into being one of the 13 Seekers in the True Organization XIII. Case in point, once she found out about the actions of Cruella de Vil, Xion stormed into her complex and threatened her to not even consider coming to the Canines Sub-House. Her demeanor was terrifying enough that Cruella had to take a small break from kidnapping and abusing dogs. While she does continue on with her usual dog-abuse, she does stay wary of Xion. And that's even getting into John Wick...
  • Xion absolutely abhors Dio Brando and Vanilla Ice. The former's Lack of Empathy, torturing and killing Danny just to rub it in on Jonathan Joestar and the latter's unwarranted and incredibly overblown attack and crippling of Iggy that led to the dog's death frustrated Xion to no end and has no qualms about killing them if need be. That said, Dio and Ice are formidable opponents in their own right, hence Xion would much rather fight against them with her allies rather than on her own.
  • Given her experience as an Organization XIII member, Xion vehemently opposes tyrants and villainous leaders in general as they tend to remind her of Xemnas and his machinations that led to her death. She fully understands why Roxas is enemies against some of the more notable tyrants in the Pantheon, especially Sauron, Palpatine and Darkseid. These three frighten Xion not just because of their overwhelming strength, but also because they are skilled manipulators just like Xemnas was. She currently steers clear of them, aware that her power pales in front of them, but she will fight back if she has no other choice.
  • The Clock Tower Trio were confronted by Bruce Wayne, who offered to provide them social and emotional help and support as at least Roxas and Xion didn't have a parental figure in their lives. On another note, Bruce, as Batman aims to toughen up the Clock Tower Trio and to make sure they can defend themselves against greater threats in the Pantheon. That said, they didn't catch on to Bruce and Batman being the same person until the trio confronted The Batman Who Laughs and the Dawnbreaker during a raid on the House of Friendship and they spilled the beans on Batman's real identity the moment Bruce came into their aid. Since then, Roxas, Xion and Lea have promised to keep Batman's identity confidential.
    • Speaking of, Xion has wondered why would Bruce want to help them out, both in his civilian identity and has Batman. She was told by Bruce that he himself associates himself more with kids and teens than he does adults, which is why he felt like helping the Clock Tower Trio out. The fact that the trio also had their own series of angst and emotional pressure made Bruce interested, seeing as he understood how struggling to coming to terms with tragic situations, albeit his situation was a different matter.
    • That said, Xion does get along with Bruce pretty well. It also helps that he owns a dog named Ace. On a similar note, she's made good acquaintances with Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, the former for is inspiring and humble attitude, in addition to Dick sounding similar to Roxas. The latter can relate to the Clock Tower Trio under the circumstances of being manipulated and being put in a lose-lose situation.
  • Not a lot of residents talk about the circumstances leading up to her death, with Roxas barely recalling her dying moments and more interested in making new moments instead. That said, Xion has been told about her passing, which was a sacrifice meant to save and preserve Sora, by a select few deities who can understand sacrificing themselves for the greater good whilst being forgotten.
    • Madoka and Ragna are among two beings that chose to have their own life erased in some way or another to prevent a greater threat from ever gaining prominence. Additionally, Wally West knows all too well, seeing someone getting erased from existence and no one recalling it. They've all sent their condolences to Xion, alongside respecting her decision and willingness to do anything for her loved ones. Madoka, Ragna and Wally have made a point to look after the Clock Tower Trio in some way or another, wanting to prevent the three from going down another tragedy like they did during their days in Organization XIII.
  • There's an occasional joke to refer Xion as "Who?", a metaphor for how everyone forget about her when she died. While Xion doesn't mind it too much, it's a surefire way to anger Roxas, who'll bash anyone who says this as he doesn't want Xion to be disrespected as a person in his point of view.
Wow. The sun sure is beautiful. I know we've seen a lot of sunsets, but today's puts them all to shame. If only things stayed like this.

Intermediate Gods

Empoleon, God of Pun-Based Creatures (The Emperor Pokémon, Master of the Waves, Emperte)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its trident-like beak
  • Theme Song: Empoleon's Snow Slide
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Swords Dance
    • Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash
  • Portfolio: Prideful Emperor Penguin Based On Napoleon, Has The Attitude To Match, I Work Alone, Classy Cravat, Pun-Based Creature, Water And Steel Type, Starter Mon, Prongs of Poseidon That Doubles As A Crown
  • Domains: Pride, Puns, Historical Influences, Penguins, Starters, Stubbornness, Swimming
  • Heralds: His pre-evolutions Piplup and Prinplup
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Dawn, Cynthia, Sgt. James Byrd, the Penguins of Madagascar, The Antarctic Research Crew, Olivier Armstrong, Davos Seaworth, Franky, Enterprise, Ice Man
  • On good terms with: House Stark, Vegeta
  • Rival: Sun Wukong
  • Enemies: Hunter J, Giovanni, Cyrus, Rusty, Joffrey Baratheon, The Thing, Gaston, Colonel Volgin
  • Opposes: Prince Charmless
  • Wary of: The Hall of Electricity
  • One of the three starters of the Sinnoh region is the Water-type penguin Piplup. Piplup is known for a strong sense of self-pride, and it has a hard time accepting food given to it. To its credit, the penguin is a really good swimmer. Their pride stops them for forming a group as each member insists they're the most important one of the group. The final form of this Pokémon is Empoleon, a Water/Steel emperor penguin that can move as fast as a jet boat. The people of old Hisui called Empoleon "Master of the Waves" and though very haughty, it prefers not to get into unnecessary conflict.
  • Empoleon is an emperor penguin both biologically, but also in character. And not just any emperor, but Napoleon Bonaparte. Its name is a mix of "emperor" and "Napoleon", its height is the same as Napoleon, and its personality is pretty similar too. Naturally, Napoleon was one of the only people that someone as egotistical as an Empoleon would accept as a partner, in part because it sees a lot of himself in the guy. However the penguin considered Dawn a close second, as she had successfully raised a strong Piplup as her starter. He is also generally respectful towards Ash since his love and compassion for Pokemon everywhere rewards him that respect. Empoleon also possess respect towards the champion of his native region, Cynthia.
  • On the flip side Hunter J is Hated by All Pokémon for the opposite reason Ash is loved. Empoleon is certainly no exception. He isn't fond of Cyrus or Giovanni either; the former is a villain who directly threatened his region, while the latter considers him a "valuable asset" and believes that Pokémon are tools for power. And don't get him started on Pokemon "Trainer" Rusty, who should've never been allowed near another living thing. Empoleon isn't fond of Gaston either, but not because of any hatred. Instead, it's because Gaston has a love of showing how great he is and wants to hunt down Empoleon as he's a tough, exotic animal.
  • Empoleon was hardly the first Water type starter, let alone starter to be introduced to the Trope Pantheon. Among the other fully evolved Water starters the Emperor Pokémon boasts to be the best choice of the bunch, citing his steely determination as a cut above the cannon-wielding tortoise, amphibious ninja and strong-jawed crocodilian. The four have come to regularly spar in order to prove once and for all who's the best of their kind, however it is entirely in good spirit as they usually get along off the battlefield. A less friendly rivalry would be born between Empoleon and Sun Wukong, as the penguin is well-aware that its own contemporary Infernape was a disciple of the Monkey King; to best him would be an absolute flex on the fire monkey. But against a true god, Empoleon was outmatched. Still Empoleon swears he won't give up and he will get stronger; it's not for nothing that this Empoleon has the Hidden Ability of Defiant.
  • If it were not apparent already, Empoleon may be the haughtiest of all Water type starters and one of the most prideful Pokémon going. If anyone were to hurt its pride, it would slash them with wings that can cleave through an ice floe. Even his choice of a partner was partly an exercise in narcissism. It is this pride that has led to the Master of Waves find common ground with the House of Pride and Egotism. Personally he has come to like Vegeta and his growth into having a more healthy but no less present ego, though he doesn't think Empoleon has enough in common with him to be an ally. Most of the time, however, you can find Empoleon chilling at the Hall of Ice and Cold.
  • Empoleon may be haughty but he is no Smug Snivy and will stay composed, letting their actions and body language do the boasting for them. He'll use his mighty swimming skills to save people not just because Empoleon want to show off, but because he is an emperor (penguin) and it is his duty. He will aid people in need sailing the seven seas because it is the responsible and right thing to do. And as such, he has aided a number of deities in the Hall of Land and Sea Travel. Empoleon has come to respect House Stark as their time in the cold north has sharpened them into a hardy, loved noble family.
  • While having grown seasoned and calm over time, Empoleon won't deny that it used to be an arrogant little brat. By all accounts Piplup and Prinplup are royal brats nigh-incapable of respecting anyone and refusing to accept being subordinate to everyone. Empoleon regards being a Prinplup as "why puberty sucks" and he projects this upon his strong dislike to royal brats like Princess Charmless. Empoleon is especially frustrated by Joffrey Baratheon since he's the absolute worst kind of a spoiled, egotistical brat, and one with such little self-awareness the penguin speculates it would take dying over and over for him to understand his actions have consequences.
  • When it comes to other members of his kindnote , Empoleon can't say that the Trope Pantheon has bad representatives. Empoleon seeks to learn from Sgt. Byrd on how to be capable of flight, as while a penguin the bird can fly. He also respects his work ethic. Empoleon also likes the Penguins of Madagascar because he finds their antics rather amusing and wants to see if they can scheme a way to counter-act Electric types. Sure Empoleon is also weak to Ground and Fighting types, but they can be covered by Aqua Jet and Drill Peck. Also, he's part of the Pokkén Tournament so wanting to avoid the House of Fighting and Combat due to type weaknesses would come off as rather cowardly. Still, Empoleon is man enough to admit he fears to tread in the Hall of Electricity, especially Zeus and Eneru. The penguin dreads the idea of meeting Colonel Volgin too as he'd want to watch him explode in agony from electric torture.
  • Despite being a penguin, Empoleon is not an Ice type. However, Piplup are found in typically icy and cold climates. Empoleon's ability to carve through ice floes like a living icebreaker ship has made the Pokémon an attractive figure among those who work in tundra or arctic conditions. Hoping to prove to others of his superiority, the penguin applied to aid Fort Briggs. He personally respects Olivier Armstrong for her hard work ethic and hard-ass attitude since it gets results, however she wants him to prove that he is willing to go through the Training from Hell to do so. Napoleon gave in good word to his partner since he doesn't intent to let the winter foil his troops like the last time.
  • Empoleon has volunteered to aid the Antarctic Research Crew in cutting through the ice in order to help them traverse the continent. He wasn't expecting there to be something like the Thing lurking there and truth be told, he's terrified of the entity...but his pride and stoic demeanor refuses to let him back down. His ability to function as an icebreaker has also allowed him to help Ice Man with his subzero research.
  • Took a wrong turn at one point and found himself in the Iceberg Lounge, the "legitimate" establishment of one Oswald Cobblepott. The Penguin allowed his entry because let's face it, he could not resist the novelty. And personally, he was impressed to see an example of a penguin that could actually kick ass and wasn't just some funny animal. When questioned by Batman, Oswald replied "what, I just let him have some free fish. I just thought Empoleon was neat. And before you ask no, I don't get penguins wasted".

    Shining Armor 
Shining Armor, God of Trustworthy Names (Twilight's B.B.B.F.F. (Big Brother Best Friend Forever), Captain of the Royal Guard, Prince Shining Armor)
  • Speaking of youth, it is said that the two meet and fell in love with each other during high-school (?). Since it was years ago and Canterlot was all 80's at the time, those who fell in love during that decade/style sent their regards.
  • The dorkiness in him despite being a knight found him a companion in Spiderman, who is also a hero and massive dork.
  • As a knight and the Captain of the Guard, he was practically the leader of what is considered the entire military force in Equestria, protecting his kingdom and family. Even after becoming regent ruler of the Crystal Empire, the only thing that changed was who he was training. He's also considered joining the GUAG Sacred Knights to find good allies.
  • He would not stand evil brothers who act cruel toward their own siblings, especially those that would dare try to harm Twilight Sparkle.
    • Though Shining Armor sometimes make fun of Axel because of his Butt-Monkey status, he admits that he like his protective of children and his siblings and willing to protect them at all cost, like what he would do with his sister.
  • Has a terrible case of motion sickness, and constantly has to fight it when on an airborne vessel. Thankfully for him, there are ways to curb it in the Pantheon, such as motion sickness pills.
  • While he agrees with Cadance's reasons for her contempt/rivalry for/with Kyu Sugardust, he doesn't share the same opinions as her and prefers to stay out of whatever fights they get into. The fact that the love fairy blessed their marriage helps a bit.
  • Apparently, his rock performance to woo Cadance was what got Vinyl Scratch her cutie mark when she was fascinated by the music.
  • The House of Sports joked about making "wife-tossing" an official sport when Shining Armor threw Cadance like a javelin in the Crystal Empire to swipe Spike and the Crystal Heart from King Sombra's reach. Jokingly, Bob Parr agrees with the assessment.
  • Domon is impressed in how he and Princess Cadance defeated Chrysalis and the that it resembled that Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken. Both he and Cadance actually tried to imitate this act once or twice.
  • There are rumors of Shining Armor having a child not through Cadance but through Queen Chrysalis, during his Mind Control. Not only were the rumors false and demonizing (especially since that would make him victim of rape by deceit), but also aggravates him whenever this is brought up. Even more frustrating since he and Cadance now have a foal by the name of Flurry Heart.
  • Humorously, some suggest that Shining Armor was used for the voice tester for Megaman.EXE. The latter is confused of why the House of Technology wanted to use him as the basis of his voice.
    • On top of similar-voice related reasons, their shared tenures as Captain of the Guard before moving on to greater duties (emperor regent and Toa respectively) is what got him on amicable terms with Jaller. He sometimes even gets into joint missions with the rest of the Toa Mahri.
  • When asked where he was during the Storm King's attack on Canterlot, he doesn't have a ready reply save that he was handling duties in the Crystal Empire and caring for Flurry Heart. After he heard what happened, he berated himself for not being there (where he at least could've barred the Storm King's troops long enough for the guards to get in formation ("Why weren't they present at all during that?" he also asked) and for the populace to evacuate), and Cadance assured him that it's not his fault and that he probably wouldn't have made a difference given the Storm King's forces and Tempest Shadow's Obsidian Orbs. And given that the Storm King was after four alicorn princesses, it was a good thing Flurry Heart wasn't at Canterlot.

    "Speed-O'-Sound" Sonic 
"Speed-O'-Sound" Sonic, God of Redundant Names (Jack o' Lantern Panic, Joint of Bones Panic, _____ of _____ Sonic)
  • Intermediate God, but he can reach Greater God if he is motivated enough
  • Symbol: His Sword
  • Theme Song: Sonic
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Can dip into Chaotic Neutral if Saitama is involved)
  • Portfolio: Ninja, gets confused for a woman at times, Often injured in hilarious ways, Determined to defeat Saitama but the latter doesn't notice him, Lightning Bruiser, Butt-Monkey, Being super fast, Stalking Saitama in hopes of defeating him
  • Domains: Ninjas, Speed, Assassins, Rivalry, Redundancy
  • Allies: Ryu Hayabusa, Naruto Uzumaki, Homura, Greninja
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Boros, Shay Patrick Cormac, Agent 47
  • Opposes: Johnny and Cassie Cage
  • "Speed-O'-Sound" Sonic is a Ninja who often works as a Professional Killer or a Bodyguard, until one fateful day during his job he met Saitama. After being defeated by him in a very particular way, he swore that he would defeat Saitama one day and declared him his rival. When he heard that Saitama ascended as a God, Sonic immediately found his way, looking for a rematch with the Hero. (While having a childish smile through all the way.) It ended as you might expected, but the sheer determination of the Ninja earned him a spot, as the god of Redundant Names.
  • People tend to mix up his name for how incredibly silly it sounds. Saitama has once called him "Joint of Bones Panic" and other gods quickly started to make fun of it, much to his dismay.
  • Sonic caught the attention of the other Sonic when the latter heard that he was incredible fast and because they both have the same name. Both the Ninja and the Hedgehog agreed to participate in a competition to see who is faster.
  • He was surprised that there were people around here who sound suspiciously like him, such as Issei Hyodo, Shu Ouma or Eren Jaeger. For the moment, he has been interested in challenging these fellows, only after dealing with Saitama first.
  • As his name implies, he is incredibly fast, which caught the attention of various Speedsters like him. He really doesn't care about them, except for maybe The Flash, who is claimed to be the fastest in the Pantheon.
  • Has been the unfortunate victim of a Groin Attack in his first encounter with Saitama, and has since developed a distaste for those who go for below-the-belt attacks. This particularly goes for both Johnny Cage and his Daughter.
    • This incident is labeled by some of his followers as "Sonic and Knuckles", much to his annoyance.
  • Frequently confused for a woman, given his feminine looks. He really doesn't care about these comments.
    • Although many rumor that the he was punched so hard by Saitama that he turned into a woman. He doesn't find this funny at all.
  • Has surprisingly made friends with various Ninjas in the pantheon, like Ruy Hayabusa or Naruto Uzumaki. It's a nice change of pace for him, as he does want to relax before getting ready to confront Saitama.
    • However, a particular Shinobi that caught his attention was Homura of the Crimsom Squad, who is also obsessed with defeating her Rival, Asuka. He thinks she is a wonderful sparing partner and encourages her to defeat Asuka with all of she has. Homura on the other hand, doesn't think the same about Sonic's situation, as even she would think twice in confronting Saitama.
  • He works as a professional assassin whenever the price is right, earning him a lot of rivals in the bussiness (That he doesn't care of). However, one that caught his attention was Agent 47, who he thought he was one member of the Paradise Group that got away. He plans to finish the job but 47 already told him that he won't play nice.
  • Has butted heads with Genos numerous times, given that the cyborg is under the training of his rival. However, many think that they look like two angry girls fighting for a man, even to the point that Sonic actually is fighting for the love of Saitama. None of the parties find this funny at all.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, God of Great Villains With Mundane Names and Phylacteries (Lord Voldemort, The Heir of Slytherin, I Am Lord Voldemort, The Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, Voldy, No Nose)
Click here  for Young Tom Riddle

Lesser Gods

    The Cat In The Hat 
The Cat in the Hat, The God Named After Their Clothing
  • Symbol: His candy-striped Hat or the Moss-Colored, Three-Handled Family Gradunzanote 
  • Theme Song: Either The Animated Series's Theme Song or Fun, Fun, Fun.
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Occasional Neutral shades)
  • Portfolio: Fun Personified, Wears Only a Hat and Tie, A very odd individual, Often Teaches Lesions with His Shenanigans, Rarely Loses His Cheery Attitude, Unusually Large For A Cat
  • Domains: Fun, Cats, Hats, Messes
  • Heralds: Thing 1 and Thing 2, and his Little Cats A to Z.
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Allies: Horton, The Once-ler, His Fellow Cats (Mostly), Pinkie Pie, Star Butterfly, Steven Universe, Wander, Unikitty, George And Harold, Hat Kid
  • Enemies: Katz, The Empress, Burgermeister Meisterburger, Father
  • Annoys: The Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor, Death The Kid
  • On Good Terms With: The Grinch
  • One of Dr. Seuss's most famous creations, The Cat In The Hat is a mysterious but extremely cheerful, well, hat-wearing cat with a love of all things fun. The Cat often wonders the world, looking to teach other how to have fun while getting into all sorts of shenanigans. The most famous case would be when he visited Sally's house during a rainy day and her mom was away, showing Sally and her brother all sorts of ways to have fun, albeit while making an absolutely massive mess of their house, much to their fish's dismay. Thankfully, when it was time for the Cat to leave, he promptly cleaned up after himself and went on his merry way, with their mother none the wiser that he even existed. Other instances of his appearances include when he came back to "help" clean a driveway of snow, proclaiming to the reader how much he loves to read, and endured endless trolling from The Grinch, all while never losing his cheery, fun-loving personality.
  • It was only a matter of time before Dr. Seuss himself requested that The Cat be brought to the Pantheon, having already gotten up a few of his creations up for the realm and figuring that the Cat would fit quite well here. As soon as the Cat was brought to the Court however, he immediately derailed his ascension by claiming to have lost his "moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza" and managed to get the residents of the Court to join him looking for it. The bizarre situation, which involved everyone making a huge mess of the temple thanks to some encouraging from the Cat by using a method called "Calculatus Elminatus"note , was finally resolved when one god finally pointed out that The Cat never even entered with a moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza (others speculated that he was carrying one, which was actually a green umbrella) and was probably just messing with everyone, and thus the Court punished the Cat by making him clean up the mess he caused. Cue the Cat coming in with a machine, effortlessly cleaning up his mess in five minutes flat, resuming getting his title, and him leaving with a friendly goodbye. Though most of the Court won't admit it, they actually found the whole situation to be fairly amusing more than anything: helps that he cleaned up after himself.
  • While The Cat has his own temple, which is of course his old house, he's rarely ever seen in it. Instead, he wanders the Pantheon and its domains, often to show others how to have fun or have a good time. Sometimes, he'll come across a temple and invite himself in, often tricking the residents into having fun by giving them a mundane task, like his stunt at the Court showcases, after which he cleans up any mess made and goes on his jolly way. While this sounds like a recipe for disaster, all things considered he's usually well-liked by those whom he visits, which mostly consists of bored individuals/kids, at most annoying some with his antics and messy habits. On a related note, the Cat sometimes undergoes a change in personality, becoming much wilder and more unpredictable, complete with a more risqué sense of humor. He still genuinely wants people to have fun and still cleans after himself, just expect a lot more shenanigans from him.
  • For obvious reasons, he's welcomed with open arms to the Hall of Joy and Happiness, and if there's anywhere he's going to stay for more than a few hours, it's usually here. Having been introduced to the House by the happiness obsessed Unikitty, his fun-loving antics quickly endeared its residents to him, and as a result he's often visited the place on his off time to goof off and have fun. Unikitty herself was an even quicker friend and has often invited The Cat to Cloud Cuckooland to hang out and spread some joy, and while he's usually a bit too busy to accept he more than appreciates the gesture. He's also well liked at the house of Celebration, as his antics often cause a wild party to break out. Pinkie Pie in particular recognizes his potential for a fun party and occasionally recruits him when she needs ideas for a particularly wild party. Nowadays, Pinkie's parties are the only parties where "Calculatus Eliminatus" or "balance the fishbowl on random objects" is played, and you can thank the Cat for that.
  • Surprisingly, the Cat is of the opinion that anyone has a reason why they do things and that they can be redeemed with enough patience, and as a result has picked up quite a knack for psychoanalysis of all things. This was most evident with when he first met The Grinch, who had briefly relapsed into being a cruel jerk and had decided to bother The Cat for the flimsiest of reasons. While he was one of the few people to truly get under The Cat's skin, he was nonetheless adamant that there was still goodness in him and searched for a redeeming quality, eventually finding out that he still loved his mother. He then used that to turn The Grinch back to good again. Upon finding out about this adventure, firm pacifists Steven Universe and Wander were impressed with his acts and sometimes come to him for advice on redeeming some particularly bad apples, which The Cat is more than happy to share. It should be noted that he's fully aware that The Pantheon has some truly irredeemable folk that he probably can't sway, but that hasn't stopped him from analyzing them to at least get why they're like that. If anyone's wondering, he and The Grinch are still on good terms, with The Grinch himself advising that The Cat should step in if he's back in a bad mood again.
  • The Cat, thanks to his antics, has gained the favor of a good chunk of children residing in The Pantheon, with most welcoming his talent for chaotic fun and eagerly anticipating the day he shows up. Some adult gods, while not minding The Cat himself, aren't a huge fan of his "breaking into people's houses" gimmick, and so most kids have to ask if they can hang out with him beforehand. To name specifics, the imaginative George and Harold are nothing but impressed by The Cats zany creativity, with The Cat himself admiring their dedication to cheering people up with their pranks, resulting in the trio going on a prank spree, though The Cat avoids pulling their more crude jokes. A chance encounter with Hat Kid also resulted in the two getting along as well, mostly for their fondness of hats (it's in the name, after all). Expect a lot of hats when the two start hanging about, alongside the usual shenanigans involving both of them. He even got on the good side of the ascended KND, with Sector V offering to help him out if he's ever in a pickle. Helps that, by technicality, he's not really an adult; he's a Cat, after all.
  • One day, The Cat was simply getting his groceries and going about his day when he was suddenly smacked from behind by a frying pan and thrown into a sack by some small, Mask wearing cats. Being dragged to an undisclosed location, the first thing he saw when his blindfold was removed was Katz, a notorious feline Serial Killer. Katz explained that he hired the aid of The Empress, who was also watching nearby, to kidnap the Cat just so he could kill him, gloating that it'll demoralize every child in The Pantheon, as well as just being bored. Before he could even get started however, The Cat asked him to take off his Hat, to which a confused minion complied before finding a tinier version of The Cat under there called Little Cat A. And then a tinier Cat under there named Little Cat B. And then another tinier Cat under there, and another, and another...until there was Little Cat Z ready to have their hat removed to unleash something that was called "Voom". It didn't take long before the base suddenly erupted into chaos, with the Cats utterly trashing everything while subjecting the villainous felines to various humiliating pranks. By the time everything had settled, The Cat had fled, the whole base had been trashed, and The Cat hadn't cleaned up after himself. While The Empress simply cut her losses and ignored The Cat from then on, Katz was furious and vowed to kill the Cat the first chance he gets.
  • Aside from the two above, The Cat overall has a very good reputation with his fellow felines of The Pantheon, with most of them thinking The Cat gives them a good name. The Cat's fully aware of his reputation and frequently visits the hall of Felines to hang out with his brethren. While most of them prefer to be lazy, there's still plenty of them that'll happily go along with his antics. Initially, the incredibly lazy Garfield just found the guy annoying and just tried to sleep off his activities, but the Cat knew Garfield just needed some encouragement and offered some lasagna in exchange for playing a few games, something that Garfield reluctantly accepted. Sure enough, he ended up actually finding everything he did a little fun, and since then had a better opinion on The Cat. Helps that he actually cooks a pretty good lasagna all things considered.
  • Generally, it takes a lot for the Cat to genuinely dislike someone, as usually he'll just be dedicated to seeing if they can be improved or redeemed. That can't be said for someone like Burgermeister Meisterburger, the toy hating mayor of Somberland that causally ruins any and all fun as a hobby. He disliked how the Cat does nothing but spread cheer wherever he goes, and the last straw was when he heard he was giving out free toys, prompting him to send out his men to throw The Cat in the dungeon. Thankfully The Cat was more than wily enough to evade his men whenever they come for him, much to Meisterburger's usual frustration. Later on, the much more dangerous Father caught wind of The Cat and, out of spite for his profession, occasionally sends The Delightful Children to outright kill him, proving to be much more dangerous than the Burgermeister's bumbling guards. Thankfully, he has the KND backing him for both occasions, as well as The Cat being good at evading the menaces, but either way The Cat has nothing but contempt for the two and declared them completely irredeemable, to the shock of most.
  • One thing people like about The Cat is that, for as huge the messes he makes, he almost always cleans up after himself, and quite efficiently to boot. Generally this involves him hopping in a special cleaning machine and sucking up all the messes he made, usually not taking more than 5-10 minutes at most. That said, The Pantheon is much more expansive and chaotic than even he's used to, and as a result he occasionally forgets to clean up after himself. As a result, other janitors have to be hired to clean up after him, with the Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor often being the one to be hired due to being fairly cheap and experienced. While at first the Janitor was glad to be cleaning something that isn't gore and body parts being flung everywhere, eventually the sheer amount of painted striped hills, multicolored hats, and bouncey balls strung around everywhere, combined with just how big they tend to be, eventually annoyed the crap out of him and caused him to dread the (admittedly rare) case The Cat screws up. For his part, The Cat is genuinely sorry and offers to actually help, but The Janitor wants the full pay and usually rejects his help,to The Cat's confusion.

    Hyde Kido 
Hyde Kido, God of Real Name Aliases (Unknown Actor, Unknowing Costar, Kido Haido, The Insulator, Boy Who Happened to be Messed With, Clownfish)
  • Lesser God, with the potential to become Intermediate
  • Symbol: His kanji name 城戸 灰都 (Kido Haido)
  • Theme Song: Scraper Sky High, Mutual Situation when fighting Seth.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Casting a Shadow, Cool Sword, Hair Antennae, Hellish Pupils, Hot-Blooded, Glass Cannon, Scratch Damage, Storybreaker Power, Wants Nothing More Than A Normal Life, Chick Magnet, Tendency To Save Women He Has Just Met, Endearingly Dorky, Shotoclone, Can Cause Cessation of Existence, Red Oni, Stock Light-Novel Hero, Sometimes Controlled By His Weapon.
  • Domains: Names, Darkness, Good, Destruction, Protection, Strength
  • Allies: Linne, Orie Paladia, Waldstein, Vatista, Claire Bennet, Genos, Terry Bogard, Samurai Jack, Aigis, Blake Belladonna, Noel Vermillion, Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami, Yukiko Amagi, Naoto Shirogane, Ruby Rose, Ren Fujii, the House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • Rivals: Seth, Samuel Rodrigues, Heishiro Mitsurugi
  • Enemies: Merkava, Chernabog, Adam Taurus
  • Opposes: Carmine Prime, Felix, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Yoshikage Kira
  • Opposed by: Light Yagami, Phonon
  • Fears: Amane Nishiki
  • Not To Be Confused With: Mr. Edward Hyde
  • Hyde Kido is a young man who once lived an ordinary life, only to have that stripped away from him one fateful night. On that day, he was attacked by one of the mysterious creatures known as Voids. Rather than dying, he manifested an immensely powerful ability known as EXS, and was rescued by a girl, Linne, who he had met a few days earlier. Since then, he has been roped into the business of the Night Blade, and wants nothing more than to return to his normal life.
  • One of the most powerful In-Births in his world, Hyde patiently bid his time to get a spot in the Pantheon. An opportunity finally occurred when Orie noted his last name as his alias (albeit in kanji form). Thus, the student seeks out help to stop the next Hollow Night event, should it ever be brought to the Pantheon. Once he met them in the Pantheon, he immediately teamed up with Orie and Vatista to take care of the more malevolent Merkava, Carmine and Hilda. Vatista now spends much of her time in his temple, allowing rumors of a romance to run wild in the House of Love. Hyde has denied this and has specifically told Vatista not to talk about it to anyone. The revelation that he's seen her naked and the two now live together has only added fuel to the fire.
  • One day, Hyde was just minding his own business, bothering nobody else, when all of a sudden, he was attacked by Seth, who challenged him for the Insulator. Hyde was more surprised by the fact that he had ascended in the first place, and soon learned that Linne had ascended with him when she arrived on the scene. He was relieved at that, but chose to ignore her protests and battle Seth, the fight ending in a draw. Ever since, Hyde and Linne have been trying to catch up, though he still has to deal with Seth's insistence on staying by her side.
  • Despite his outgoing attitude, he sometimes wishes he doesn't have to deal with his powers and live his life as a normal boy, and as such, he found his way into the Hall of Power Mentalities, hoping to find someone who shared his plight. While he didn't find such a person in there, he did manage to at least relate to Starkiller, for their shared trait of being good at heart despite the stigma associated with their powers.
    • He was eventually directed over to the Hall of Goals, where he met Claire Bennett, who happens to represent the trope covering his exact predicament. The two of them managed to get along rather swimmingly, both of them appreciating the simple fact that they are not alone in their dilemma.
    • Once, he was approached by a handsome gentleman going by the name of Yoshikage Kira, who revealed that, much like Hyde, he is also a man seeking a quiet, normal life. They chatted for a bit, but Hyde couldn’t help feeling like something was off about him. He had a few more encounters with him, only to one day learn about all the crimes he had committed and the motive behind them. Needless to say, he was disgusted by what he’d learned, so much so that he decided then and there to find something else to bond with people over.
  • It's hard to believe, but most of Hyde's training is self-taught. Terry Bogard was interested in meeting the boy once he found out. He managed to convince Hyde to spar with him, something he was reluctant to do because of his powers. Afterwards, the Southtown handed him one of his hats to wear, something he does from time to time in private. He’s a little too self-conscious to wear it in public, but secretly he finds the headwear to be rather cool. The two also managed to bond over their shared love of Engrish, which puzzles outsiders, and even annoys them from time to time, but they don’t see any problem.
  • Ever since she saved his life, Hyde has dedicated his life to helping Linne. This bond has touched Genos, who has a similar life debt to Saitama. While Hyde isn't quite as powerful yet, Genos has been willing to train with him to get used to his powers. Hyde is somewhat grateful for this, but worries about the sheer extent of Genos’ gratitude to his master. He has since decided to keep his life debt to Linne within moderation, a notion supported by Linne herself.
  • He only pays lip service to Jackie Estacado. He may have similar powers, but has no interest in aiding him in his battles against the light. Still, Hyde isn't antagonistic towards him, recognizing that he is not inherently evil. This hasn’t stopped Jackie from trying, though, as he feels he could use an umbrakinetic of Hyde’s power to help him in his fight.
    • Chernabog on the other hand is a different story. Hyde sides with Sora, hoping to aid him in containing the being. Luckily, Chernabog isn't actively attacking the innocent, since the two are well aware of how dangerous things could get if Chernabog decided one day that it was time to get dangerous. Hyde recognises that unlike Jackie, Chernabog ‘’is’’ evil to the core, and is trying to get his fellow ascended In-Births to help him.
    • His power over darkness has earned him the unfortunate attention of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, who also wishes to have him on his side. He is more interested in studying the Insulator and its unique properties, though taking it from him by force is not out of the question, either. As Hyde has heard about him from Sora, he isn't giving into Ansem anytime soon, though he prefers to just remain out of his way lest he incur the wrath of the rest of the Xehanorts, the concept of whom he’s still wrapping his head around.
  • Samuel Rodrigues took an interest in the boy, especially in his self-taught katana skills. Fighting Hyde all but confirmed his suspicions. He could be a potent fighter with enough experience; experience that he is willing to give. Hyde is fine with the company, even if he is wary of some of the company the samurai hangs out with. He has often wondered what his own designation would be as a Wind of Destruction, at least, though he has no interest in joining. To Sam, he’s more like Raiden, anyway.
  • Heishiro Mitsurugi, on the other hand is a man he would never want to fight against. That's because he knows that the Rōnin would want to make it a fight to the death. Some claim it's for Mitsurugi's own safety; Hyde's shadow powers have the potential to erase any god out of existence, including those in the Pantheon. Hyde, knowing the fight could be lethal either way, wishes to steer clear of Mitsurugi's path.
  • Hyde was rather interested to hear the adventures of Samurai Jack, the wandering swordsman. Against Linne's guidance, he has also offered to help him return to the past to defeat Aku. As the Indulgence of Sever-Rending may be one of the few weapons that can harm the God Made of Evil, Jack finds the offer tempting, but doesn't wish to endanger the brash, inexperienced young boy, and so politely but directly rejects it whenever it comes up, much to Hyde’s dismay.
  • Stays clear of Amane's path whenever he gets the chance. Amane has taken a special interest in the boy. Usually Hyde fits the bill for boys he's attracted to, but one that can also inflict chip damage to his opponents was too enticing to ignore. Hyde adamantly pointed out that he has never paid tribute to Amane nor does he ever plan to.
  • Once asked the Investigation Team about a string of cold case disappearances in his high school. He was certain that it wasn't Hilda or her organization that was responsible, so someone else must have done it. A slew of evidence revealed the perpetrator to be Adachi. This happened to be well before his Heel–Face Turn. Despite this, Hyde hasn't forgiven the former detective for what he did, believing him to be too heinous and his motives too unforgivable. Adachi, for one, isn’t exactly begging for forgiveness, either, so the two aren’t getting along anytime soon, even when fighting together in the clash of fates.
  • The House of Friendship in general has been impressed with his commitment towards his friends. Hyde doesn't even spar with his allies for fear of harming them, as his Insulator is too dangerous and wooden swords aren’t always accessible. With that said, he is more than willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, though he’s a little squeamish when it comes to the idea of killing someone, something Linne criticises him about but doesn’t necessarily fault him for.
    • There is one member that he outright hates, however. Hyde was appalled when he found out what Felix did to his potential friends (or even his allies at the time). It took a long hard conversation from Orie to convince him the marine wasn't worth the effort. To her, sitting with no allies in the House of Friendship is the best punishment for him. Hyde has chosen to listen to her for now, but has made it clear that he won’t hesitate if Felix tries anything funny in the Pantheon.
    • He disapproves of the Hall of Tainted Friendship in general. He values his friends and the idea of friendship, and people who would taint it. He shares this sentiment with Kyo Kusanagi, himself a member of said house, and likens his partnership with Iori with Hyde's own tenuous alliance with Seth. Hyde acknowledges that he has it easy compared to Kyo, however, as he’s observed that Iori is pretty insane, while Seth is, at worst, kind of a dick.
  • Another reason he uses the codename Kido is because his first name enacts fear from those who hear it. Confused, he found out that the other Hyde in the Pantheon is a darker and edgier version of a respected scientist. Horrified by the things his namesake has done, Hyde has sworn to be the best person he can be, and so steers clear of even Dr. Jekyll, unaware of when he might turn into Mr. Hyde and not willing to find out or risk killing or being killed by him.
  • Many depend on Hyde's trickery of alias to keep their real identities a secret. Those who want to find one's true name have deemed him an enemy. Special mention goes to Light Yagami, who found out that L used a similar trick against him, making it difficult for him to distinguish fake aliases with real ones. Hyde himself is doing all he can to stay off Light's hitlist. As for L, while he does acknowledge that Hyde used a clever trick to hide his identity, he otherwise considers the boy too stupid to be of any real help to him, especially after learning he once got Distracted by the Sexy so much that he ended up spilling crucial information to Hilda.
  • He went on to participate in a battle with Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami and Ruby Rose. There, he became allies with those three as well as Aigis, Naoto Shirogane, Noel Vermillion and Blake Belladonna, though the latter was at first a little wary around him due to his similarities to Adam. In addition, Yukiko Amagi was very grateful when he saved her from eating a meal she and Noel cooked.
    • He did not make it out without any enemies, however, as the space they were in ended up threatened by Yuuki Terumi, who in his Susano'o form nearly destroyed the world they were in and threatened to destroy their homeworlds, too. Nowadays, Terumi wants Hyde dead, due to his Insulator's ability to destroy anything, including immortals like him. Recognising quite acutely that he is way out of his depth taking on a threat like Terumi, however, Hyde gives him a wide berth, and tries to stay clear out of the Dark Susano'o's path, considering him to be even worse than the likes of Hilda.

"An ordinary high school student, huh...? What I wouldn't give to live a life like that."

    James Bond 
James Bond, God of Secret Agents and Surname-Full Name Introductions (Mr. Bond, 007, Agent 007, 7777, Royal Navy Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, Peter Franks, David Somerset, Sir Hilary Bray, David Barlow, Frank Westmacott, Mark Hazard, Mr. Jones, Francisco Scaramanga, Robert Sterling, Charles Moreton, James St. John Smythe, James Stock, Jerzy Bondov, James Boldman, Arlington Beech, "Mickey Mouse", Problem Eliminator, Sexist Misogynist Dinosaur, Jimbo)
All his (main) on-screen avatars so far. Clockwise from top left: Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Daniel Craig.

    Josie Rizal 
Josie Rizal, Goddess of Characters Named After Famous People (MUT)
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her red headband
  • Theme Song: Ruin 65 1st, Equator Line 1st
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Named After Jose Rizal, Is Afraid Of Bears, Genki Girl, Kick Chick, Neck Snap, Doesn't Have A Filipino Accent, Some Of Her Moves Are Named After The Cities Of The Philippines, Colors Of The Outift Is Based On The Philippine Flag
  • Domains: Kickboxing, Eskrima, Victims
  • Allies: Rise Kujikawa, Sonya Blade, King, Chun-Li
  • Enemies: Quan Chi, Negan
  • Avoids: Subhouse of Weather, bear deities
  • Respects: Heihachi Mishima
  • One of the newer competitors to the King of Iron Fist tournament, who in particular emerged for the seventh tournament, is a girl from the Philippines by the name of Josie Rizal. She works to support her family in the aftermath of a natural disaster plaguing her coutnry by moonlighting between two jobs, as both a local Filipina clothing model and a professional kickboxer. She's bright, energetic, very capable in combat, but also a bit of a crybaby and utterly terrified of large bears.
  • Josie was ascended because the Court of Gods realized that her name is based on Jose Rizal, one of the two national heroes of the Philippines. Funnily enough, she considers the Tekken Force to be saviors thanks to the fact that they give relief aid to her country, and wants to eventually join them. A lot of deities try to tell her to back off from joining the Tekken Force, knowing how the dangers of joining a military organization that is owned by Heihachi. Her fear of bears is also considered completely laughable because the mascot of the Tekken Force is Kuma. She doesn't listen to these critics.
  • She tries to stay away from the bear deities as much as possible, as she is very afraid of large bears. She also avoids the Subhouse of Weather because they remind her of how typhoon-prone her country is and how traumatizing it is considering she is a victim of one.
  • When Talim heard that there is another Filipina in the Pantheon, she rushed over to meet her and she finally did! Although she thinks she needs to toughen up considering Josie's crybaby attitude, she nonetheless was happy to see someone that shares her nationality and hangs out with her since then. In fact, when people would question how Filipina Josie really is due to her not speaking Tagalog in public yet (besides some of her move names) and her being a kickboxer instead of a straight up Eskrima fighter, Talim would be the one to stick up for her, pointing out that her love of country which can be clearly seen in the style and colors of her main outfit, her strength being good enough to enter the Tekken tournament, and her determination to both support her family by working two jobs and to earn the notice of the Tekken Force (however misguided that may be), all proves Josie is Filipina no matter what. Funnily enough, when Talim left the Pantheon, Josie cried due to missing her friend.
  • Some deities are impressed that she was able to combine kickboxing and Eskrima together into a single fighting style. She was happy to meet King, a fellow female kickboxer who is famous for dressing in a masculine way, both to get into tournaments where women weren't allowed and to be taken more seriously in ones where they were. Aside from King having once worked for a man whose fighting discipline is Eskrima and thus being curious to know how she was able to combine the two distinct styles of martial arts, the two bonded over their reasons for fighting, as King competed in tournaments to support her brother and cover his medical expenses. While impressed at her determination to defy gender stereotypes in battle, Josie hopes King can become more accepting of her femininity as not being a bad thing; King conversely would like to see the Genki Girl concentrate more and get tougher.
  • Her modeling career was also considered questionable by some, because Filipina models tend to be more on the fairer-skinned and longer-haired side compared to Josie. There is proof in pictures that she once had longer hair, and may have cut it short to help with her fighting. She's never been said to be a supermodel or a top model, indicating that her modeling work is likely more tailored to doing photoshoots for local brands. One person who may know more for certain is Rise, who Josie became friends with because she understands what it's like to become a model for personal reasons.
  • When she heard that someone uses Eskrima like her, she wanted to meet the person. However, she ended up being on bad terms with Quan Chi when she found out that he is a villain. She also met someone who used some kind of weapons called the Kali Sticks in Eskrima and met Sonya Blade. While she was afraid of her because of the abilities she heard around the Pantheon, she became friends with her after knowing that she is a good person. The encounter with Sonya also made it to the ears of Chun-Li, who decided to approach and welcome the younger kicking girl. Although the First Lady of Fighting thinks that she needs some improvements in terms of her skills and personality, she is nonetheless impressed with her progression to this point and wishes to see her continue to improve.
  • On the topic of "Saviors", she hates Negan, finding him to be terrifyingly violent. It didn't help that she heard he may be entering her home universe anytime soon. This turned out to be true, as he became a guest of the seventh tournament once the Master Raven contracted him to help investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation war for some reason. Predictably, the two came to blows.

    Magica De Spell 
Magica De Spell, Goddess of Punny Names (Sorceress of the Shadows, Queen of Shadows)
Classic Appearance
DuckTales (2017) Appearance 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Number One Dime with her face on it
  • Theme Music: Her Boss Theme from Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers, her theme from DuckTales (2017), Transylvania (Remastered version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Lady of Black Magic, Dark Is Evil, Evil Is Hammy, Evil Sorcerer, Laughably Evil, Determinator, Either Actually has Magic or has to Rely on Artifacts for such
  • Domains: Sorcery, Villainy
  • Allies: Adria, Jafar, Zarok
  • Rival: Shadow Weaver
  • Enemies: Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Donald Duck, Wario, Tirek, Moro, Murkrow Flock
  • On poor terms with: King Midas, Morathi
  • Strained Alliances with: Flintheart Glomgold
  • Scrooge Mcduck’s wealth has made him a target of a variety of foes for a number of reasons and Magica De Spell is among those who fall into that category. In her case, she is a sorceress with access to dark magic most of the time and she is mainly after Scrooge’s lucky dime because she believes that it’s the source of Scrooge’s massive wealth and thinks that if she steals it, she’ll gain the same kind of fortune that he has (or something else such as the Midas Touch, which would be a removable charm and bypass the negative side-effects usually associated with that ability), though there are other reasons for the animosity such as a long-standing blood feud between the Mcduck clan and the De Spell clan. While being able to use magic should make Magica a potent threat to Scrooge Mcduck and his allies (and she is indeed capable of being a dangerous foe), she has largely been unsuccessful in achieving her objectives no matter what they are or what method she uses to try and pull them off.
  • Hoping to find a way to get her revenge on Scrooge Mcduck and his allies and finally secure that Number One Dime without any setbacks, Magica conjured up a series of spells in her lair to see if there was any way to accomplish her goals. Her efforts resulted in her learning of a world that was far from Duckburg, yet connected to that place in a number of ways. This world that Magica was known as the Pantheon and with access to many more resources than before, including magical trinkets more powerful than what she currently has at her disposal, she was convinced that she was one step closer to defeating Clan Mcduck for good. Once she gained access to the Pantheon, Magica took some trinkets she never saw before and, imbuing them with her dark magic, used them to try and take on Scrooge once more. It took a bit of effort, but Scrooge, alongside Huey, Dewey, and Louie, thwarted Magica once more, forcing her to retreat, but not before telling Scrooge that she’ll return more powerful than before.
  • For all of her magical skills, one thing that isn’t consistent about Magica is whether she actually has innate magic in her or if she has to rely on artifacts to pull off her plans. While some like to believe that Magica has a limit to how much innate magic she can use per day (if not per week) in the Pantheon, Scrooge and his friends and family don’t believe that’s the case as, according to Scrooge, Magica is someone who is willing to use whatever she has at hand, be it magic that she inherently has or trinkets designed to make up for apparent magic deficiencies, to get what she wants. On her end, Magica doesn’t care much for rumors on how much innate magic she (and others like her) can use within the Pantheon as the place has given her plenty of magic tools to use and if she really wants to get serious, she can just use her innate magic to fight back.
  • There were a plethora of sinister sorcerers for Magica to get familiar with, with a majority of them having access to a stronger set of spells in comparison to Magica. Some such as Jafar and Zarok are willing to enact revenge on those who have defeated them a number of times, with Zarok being a necromancer who can also summon demons to do his bidding and Jafar a treacherous advisor who sought power. Magica told them that one of her goals was to gain fortune equal to that of Scrooge’s and while Zarok wasn’t enthused with what he thought was a minor goal at first, Jafar took an interest after learning that Magica wanted to accomplish that (in addition to revenge) via looking for ways to get around the weaknesses, believing that if she can remove the main flaw of the Midas Touch, then she can figure out a way for someone like himself to gain the omnipotent powers of a genie without the drawbacks of such, even if accomplishing that was going to be very difficult. Zarok then thought that Jafar could help Magica gain more power and learn more tricks through it (with Zarok overseeing the progress of such and fine-tuning things if necessary) and thus, Magica’s alliance with the two came to be and all three are willing to help each other get their revenge on their respective enemies.
  • Morathi was one practitioner of dark magic who took some interest in Magica after learning of what the latter sought. Morathi approached the duck with the promise of having improved magic should Magica join Morathi, though what The Hag Sorceress of Ghrond was interested in wasn’t of any use to Magica. They also had a child that they wanted to use to defeat their enemies and while Magica’s attempt failed, Morathi was able to corrupt Malekith to her liking to the point of possibly being uncomfortably close to him. Morathi thought Magica wasn’t even trying to corrupt her “niece” that time and Magica insisted that being too close to your potential weapon wasn’t necessary. Magica left Morathi with the intention of never wanting to talk to her again despite her capabilities, but the Dark Elf is still interested in trying to get Magica to work with her, no matter what it’ll take.
  • It wouldn’t take long until Magica directly met with King Midas, the one who had that power she had been seeking for quite some time. Having been used to witnessing the drawbacks of his own abilities, Midas kept trying to dissuade Magica from getting the powers he had, even though she had no intention of giving up. The fact that she was looking for ways to overcome the weaknesses that served as Midas’ undoing only made him more worried about what could happen if someone as vile as her was able to use a better version of the Midas Touch whenever they wanted. It became clear during their conversation that Magica didn’t care about Midas’ personal plights and only saw weaknesses in what she thought was a potent spell. Although Magica claimed to Midas as the two parted ways that this improved Midas Touch she was seeking could be given to him if he really wanted it, he had no interest in it and even told Magica that she will regret gaining that kind of power should she succeed in obtaining it.
  • One of Magica’s attempts to defeat Scrooge involved creating a “niece” from her shadows named Lena, which didn’t work out thanks to Lena accepting the Mcduck Clan as her friends and being adopted by a different family on top of that. Despite this, it hasn’t stopped her from coming across others who had a family member made for the sole purpose of achieving a dark goal such as Adria. Adria is capable of magic like Magica, but while the latter merely attempted to use her “niece” in a failed revenge plot against Scrooge and his friends, Adria birthed Leah so that said child would be used as a vessel to resurrect Diablo, a formidable demon, and was successful in that regard. While Adria is aware that Magica can be dangerous with her magic, she believes that it will require more than trinkets and smoke bombs to be truly dangerous and that includes pursuing more ambitious goals if it means defeating her sworn enemies. That and Adria believes the reason why Magica failed at using Lena to defeat Mcduck Clan was that she was too cruel to Lena from the start and that resulted in her “niece” turning against her instead of waiting for the right time to push her relative to the point of no return and pull off a devious plot like what Adria did. While Magica hasn’t considered bigger ambitions yet, she is interested in some sort of magic trick that would give her a more dangerous form akin to Adria’s and although Magica was told such a spell would require plenty of effort, Adria assured her such power would be worth it once mastered.
    • Shadow Weaver was another magic caster who had a less-than-pleasant relationship with her offspring like Magica, but things between the two are nowhere near as smooth as that of Adora. Whereas Magica was far less subtle with her villainy and never cared about Lena, Shadow Weaver not only is much more underhanded when it comes to being close to others and often has some sort of ulterior goal in mind, but she had a rather twisted way of showing affection to her daughters Adora and Catra, even if said affection is genuine at times. Knowing what it’s like to be backstabbed in failed villainous alliances in the past, Magica opted not to get too involved with Weaver, especially since the latter wants to absorb magic for herself and is possibly willing to target Magica, regardless of whether or not she gets that Midas Touch spell finished. Like Adora, Weaver thinks that Magica did a poor job at keeping Lena in check and making sure that her “niece” at least cared somewhat about her akin to Adora and Catra’s conflicted feelings towards Weaver.
  • Another villain who learned about Magica’s attempt at creating a kid to further her goals of revenge and failing at that plan was Ultraman Belial, who was a destructive entity who created Ultraman Geed as a means to take over the multiverse he resided in, only to have Geed turn against him. Beyond that particular plot, Magica noticed that his plans are driven by revenge much like her own attempts at defeating Clan Mcduck. They have also taken to conquering places to rule over them and destroy on a whim, though the scale of Belial’s actions are obviously on a much grander scale than Magica’s (who hasn’t planned much in the way of conquering as far as her time in the Pantheon is concerned). Even if Magica were to revisit the idea of conquering places and become a tyrannical leader who would later destroy such after gaining the power she’s been seeking, Belial cares little for her plans, especially since he’s far more effective at pulling off villainous schemes than she is.
  • Having dealt with The Phantom Blot, an individual who had his home and people destroyed by her and vowed revenge by wanting to destroy magic via a gauntlet, Magica had to put up with others in the Pantheon capable of draining magic that are potentially more dangerous than he could ever be. Lord Tirek was someone who gains more power by draining magic from others and while he considers Magica a target to drain magic from, he finds it hard to believe that someone like her doesn’t have natural-born magic at hand given what she’s done with her magic. That and even with her various magic trinkets in the event of not being able to use magic, Tirek thinks she’s no match for him. While fighting a sufficiently powerful Tirek is going to be a challenge for Magica, it’s Moro that will end up being more of a threat for her. Even at his weakest, Moro is more of a threat than Tirek thanks to his intelligence and how potent his magic-draining abilities are in comparison to Tirek. Fighting Moro will require a lot of strong abilities and even with her strongest spells, Magica knows that she has no chance of surviving an encounter with someone as powerful as Moro.
  • Amid growing frustration at being unable to steal Scrooge’s most prized dime, Magica attempted to find other wealthy denizens from the Pantheon and steal some sort of prized possession they have in an attempt to get that Midas Touch spell. Flintheart Glomgold was out of the question as while they have teamed up on occasion, those never end well for both of them, so Magica ended up learning about Wario, a treasure hunter like Scrooge who has procured a lot of valuables in his journeys and she was convinced that one of Wario’s treasures had to be extremely valuable to be used as the finishing touch for that spell she’s seeking. She then found an extravagant gold-coated castle which she believed to be one of Wario’s homes and then proceeded to explore the castle to see what kind of treasures she could steal from there. Wario received word that someone broke into his castle and was possibly trying to steal something from there, prompting him to go there in a rage and throw that intruder out. He then reached the castle basement and discovered Magica de Spell, who was attempting to steal some of his treasures in an attempt to complete a spell. The two engaged in battle, with Magica using her magic to counter Wario’s brute strength. It got to a point where Magica attempted to use Wario’s shadow against him a handful of times, but Wario was undeterred and after piledriving her a few times (along with throwing her violently), she was defeated and forced to retreat. Both have grown to hate each other since that fight and while she isn’t above trying to steal something very interesting that Wario finds every now and then, she remains focused on defeating Scrooge Mcduck and his allies for good.
  • Ravens have been something Magica has used at times for her plans, be it Ratface or her brother Poe de Spell (the time she accidentally turned Poe into a raven and was unable to turn him back to normal is one of the very few past regrets she has). While looking for a Familiar to have, she found some corvids that were stealing things and had some unorthodox abilities as well, prompting Magica to try and take a Murkrow to use as her sidekick. It didn’t go well as it ended with the other Murkrows flying towards Magica’s lair and making a mess of the place trying to steal stuff from there, prompting her to drive them out and getting into a fight with the Alpha of the flock. While she has continued to look for a Familiar that she can consistently use for her schemes, this incident solidified the fact that a Murkrow isn’t going to be her sidekick at any point.

    The Princesses of the Glade of Dreams 
The Princesses of the Glade of Dreamsmembers , Goddesses of Both Mundane and Fantastical Names in the Same Setting
(in the foreground, from left to right) Elysia, Barbara, Avelina; (in the background, from left to right) Twila, Aurora, Ursula, Emma, Estelia, Selena, Olympia, Sibylla
Barbara in her Adventures outfit
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Barbara's axe and helmet
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: varying degrees of Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Royalty, Protection, Unity, War, Strength, Bladed Weapons (most of them), Spiked Weapons (Estelia, Selena), Nature (Aurora, Twila), Barbarism (Barbara and Elysia), Death (Estelia and Selena), Stealth (Ursula and Emma), Assassination (Avelina), Tempest (Aurora, Twila (sky); Ursula, Emma (sea)), Twilight (Twila)
  • Heralds: the princesses from Rayman Adventures (Holly, Amazonia, Snowbrina, Swifterella, Hellen, Sakura, Candice, Barr-Barr)
  • Allies: Rayman, Globox, most of the Teensies Betilla, Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, good-aligned wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio
  • Rival: Evan "Vanoss" Fong
  • Enemies: Ales Mansay of the Teensies, Razorbeard, other evil pirates such as Captain Hook, Doflamingo, and Sir Crocodile, Galeem and Dharkon, Crow
  • Wary of:
  • Complicated Relationships:
  • After Rayman and his friends fell into a century-long slumber, they were awoken by Murfy to find that their world — the Glade of Dreams — had once again been overrun by nightmares. Time to save the world again; more specifically, they had to rescue the Teensies and Lums from the clutches of Ales Mansay, his clones, and his other nightmare cronies. Most prominent among the rescue-ees were the barbarian princess Barbara, her twin sister Elysia, and their cousins, also princesses of different lands. All were rescued, all joined Rayman and friends in rescuing the rest of the Glade of Dreams from Ales Mansay and his forces, sending the five Dark Teensies to a small planetoid populated by what looked like little, red, pitch-fork-wielding, horned demons. Rayman and friends then presumably partied with the Livid Dead.
    • Rayman, Globox, and their Teensy friends had told people about their adventures with Barbara and the other princesses, not only the previously-mentioned dealings with the Dark Teensies, but also their ongoing fight against a group of Lividstone pirates to rescue a group of musical creatures called the Incrediballs (as well as dealing with some size-changing mischief committed by a Flaming Teensy). Some of the deities noted the names of these princesses; some of them had rather mundane names like Barbara and Emma, but others had more "out-there" names like Olympia, Twila, and Estelia. As there was no-one to represent the trope Aerith and Bob, they decided that these princesses would be suitable candidates. Barbara was the first to be invited, followed by Elysia, then the rest of their cousins that had joined them against Ales and his forces.
  • For their part, the princesses were happy to see Rayman, Globox, and most of the Teensies again — especially Barbara, who was closest to the Hero of the Glade (and to a lesser extent, Globox and the Grand Minimus). They were less happy that Ales Mansay was in the Pantheon, and the feeling was mutual. In addition, they had heard good things from Ray, Glo, and the Teensies about Betilla, and were pleased to meet her. They had also been warned by the heroic trio about Razorbeard, who had enslaved the entirety of the Glade, and are always ready to kick his metal chassis back to whatever planet he and his crew came from.
  • The princesses are always ready for a good scrap, and thus are seen frequenting the House of Fighting and Combat, sparring with any willing deity. At first, they — especially Estelia and Selena — were wary around the wrestlers of the Pantheon, especially the luchadores, all due to their experience with nightmare luchadores in the land of La Fiesta de los Muertos. However, they warmed up to the more good-aligned wrestling deities fairly quickly, including Rey Mysterio.
  • They learned about someone who had vaporized Rayman, stole his spirit to control a puppet, and forced him into servitude. This being was Galeem, and the princesses were quick to oppose him. They also quickly saw that Dharkon, despite being Galeem's enemy, wasn't much better, partly because it was plain to see that if given the chance, he would've taken Rayman's spirit from Galeem and used it for himself. None of the princesses are afraid of these two; they're all ready to throw down with these beings wherever, whenever.
  • Each pair of princess sisters has an established set of ally and enemy groups.
    • While all the princesses are opposed to evil pirates, it especially applies to Barbara, who has recently taken to sailing the skies with a red-headed captain, along with Rayman, and later, Globox and a new Teensy named Teen Punk. On the flipside, she gets along well with non-evil pirates; she's gotten especially chummy with the friendly Straw Hat Pirates. Similarly, Barbara was star-struck to know there were other heroic barbarians in the Pantheon, including one Conan. (There are rumors that she has a crush on him, but these rumors have yet to be confirmed.)
      • Getting back to enemies that all the princesses are opposed to, Crow is a villain who not only kidnaps princesses frequently, but is also quite proud of it. Of course, when he kidnapped Barbara (mistaking her for another do-nothing Damsel in Distress), he quickly found himself smacked through a wall by her axe!
    • Aurora, Twila, Ursula, and Emma have dealt with nasty Toads before, so when they heard of a toad that could hypnotize people, they were immediately on alert. They are more calm around Mr. Toad; he may be eccentric and full of himself — and has a nasty habit of getting himself in trouble by following any fad that catches his eye — but as his friends can attest to, he does mean well.
    • Estelia and Selena have a...complicated relationship with skeletons, considering so many of them opposed the heroes, until they beat the Giant Wrestler, after which a good number of them cheered for Rayman and the rest. The sisters of La Fiesta de los Muertos were happy to know there were good-aligned skeletons in the Pantheon — such as Sans and Papyrus — and were especially happy to meet good-hearted (so to speak) skeletons from the Land of the Dead (which may or may not be where La Fiesta is set; no one is sure), not to mention other beings connected to it, such as Héctor and his familia. Inversely, they were strongly opposed to Ernesto de la Cruz and Chakal the moment they learned about what they were capable of and willing to do, and are wary of the one named Xibalba. They're happy that La Muerte is there to keep the latter in line; they believe the Land of the Dead is in good hands with her in charge.
    • Ursula and Emma, for their part, are very much fans of good-aligned spies. However, they're not sure what to make of Mann Co.'s Spy. On the one hand, he can be charming to females when he wants to be. On the other hand, he has a hidden sadistic side that comes out when he really gets into killing his enemies, and even for them, this side of him is a little much.
    • Olympia and Sibylla are most closely connected to those from the Greco-Roman Pantheon, such as Zeus, Hades, and Hercules. They are aware of the actions of each god and other figure — Zeus's perversity, Hades' strange change in character in this pantheon, etc. — and especially those of Kratos. On the one hand, he killed many of the gods and other figures in Greek and Roman mythology, as well as his own family. On the other, he seems to regret what he did back then, and has since calmed down, even having a son with someone in a new pantheon (the Norse Pantheon). They are amicable enough with the two, but they worry about Kratos regressing...
      • Being Olympians — of a sort — they are very much hated by Arachne as much as any god. She has sent spiders of varying size and nature in attempts to kill them; several times, and every time, the two have come out on top, to Arachne's further anger.
      • They are especially wary of minotaurs, who had invaded Olympus Maximus before; at first, they were on the defensive against Prince Asterion — the original Minotaur — but were surprised to see that he calmed down around Wonder Woman.
    • Avelina, for her part, is always ready to throw down with evil assassins — such as the Dark Brotherhood, which doubles as a cult to one Sithis — and finds kinship with good-aligned ones. She felt an especially close connection with Aveline de Grandpré, and the two became fast allies, always ready to take the fight to slavers, racists, and other bigots.
  • Barbara is an infamously aggressive UNO player, as many YouTubers — such as Markiplier, Vanoss, and their friends — can attest to. She has made many a competitive UNO player froth at the mouth in frustration. She seems to get along with Terroriser just fine, for some reason...

    Professor Poopypants 
Professor Poopypants, God of Unfortunate Names (Professor Pee Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants Esquire [in the film], Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants [in the books], Tippy Tinkletrousers)

    Rad Dudesman 
Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman, God of Metaphorical Middle Names
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Cool Ship, the Lovely Duck
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: An Anti-Hero who has a metaphorical name and is Only in It for the Money, duck person, notoriously ungrateful, token morally ambiguous teammate
  • Domains: Mercenaries, Smugglers, Names
  • Herald: His ship's AI, Pyxi
  • Allies: The Corpus
  • Odd Friendship: Blizz
  • Enemies: Zs'Skayr, Kuphulu
  • Rivals: Felix, Kano
  • Opposed By: Harry Potter, Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ben Tennyson, Dr. Viktor
  • This mercenary and smuggler for hire is often known to imply that his middle name is either Trouble, Danger, or Profit. The thing is, he really isn't wrong in these claims, because they are ALL legitimately his middle names. Yes, really.
  • Rad is capable of working for just about anyone, provided that the money is good. Those looking to hire him, however, should be made aware of his notorious ungratefulness. Ben Tennyson is able to attest to this, having gotten the silent treatment from him, been thrown out of his ship's airlock, and been punched in the face all for accidentally breaking a ship part and later saving him after using his ship to break into Zs'Skayr's castle.
    • Long story short, Rad's ship means everything to him. Do NOT mess with his ship.
  • If Rad is willing to thank anyone, it would be his mother. If not for her having given him his name, he would not have been able to ascend in the first place.
  • When Rad was stranded on Anur Transyl along with Ben and Plumbers, Rook Blonko and Hobble, Zs'Skayr and Kuphulu caused a lot of trouble for him. Kuphulu kidnapped him and the Plumbers, ambushing Ben when he came to rescue them, and Zs'Skayr worked with Lord Transyl to take control over the populace. Rad ended up becoming a victim of this himself.
    • He isn't entirely sure how he feels about Dr. Viktor, though. While he was involved in Zs'Skayr's scheme, at least initially, he is also the one who ultimately thwarted his plans.
  • Oddly enough, Rad seems to get along fairly well with Blizz. One would think that a ship such as Rad's would set off the Jawa's curious nature like none other, but he still manages to keep his hands to himself, at least for the most part. The both of them are also aliens in small stature with a fondness for heavy weaponry.
  • Rad is not particularly well-liked by Harry Potter or Peter Parker due to his notoriously ungrateful attitude and only being in his business for the money.
  • Many deities of the Pantheon are perplexed by Rad's chosen herald. Appointed to the position is the AI of the Lovely Duck, Pyxi. It is unable to move beyond the ship and can only be understood by Rad, who will serve as a translator if necessary, and if he wants to.
  • Reportedly, Rad has done many jobs for the Corpus. These typically involve his usual deliveries and acquisitions. He's made a lot of money working for them.
  • Like Rad, Felix and Kano are known to do just about any job asked of them as long as it pays enough. As such, they're often competing for the best and most lucrative job deals. Perhaps the only thing keeping Rad from making more than them most of the time, however, is that fact that even someone just as in it for the money as them thinks that they can go too far.
  • Notable ducks of the Pantheon such as Donald and Daffy Duck have asked Rad if he really is a duck or not. Truthfully, he's more of a duck-like alien than anything.
  • Rad is commonly known to frequent the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. The denizens of the cantina learned the hard way very quickly never to underestimate him. He is FAR from "just a duck." Sometimes, due to Kuphulu also being a frequenter of the cantina, they cannot resist the urge to start a bar fight.

Staff Sergeant Sarge, God of Monikers That Are Actually Real Names (S-Dog, [Super] Colonel Sarge)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Shotgun, damn it!
  • Theme Song: Sarge's Blues
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at first, later Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: His Name Really Is Sarge, Southern-Sounding Staunch Anti-Blue Drill Sergeant Nasty With a Boner for Murder, Insane Troll Logic, Colonel Kilgore to Sergeant Rock, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Former Orbital Drop Shock Trooper And Now Fears Heights Because Of It, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder Played for Laughs and Easily Forgiven, The Only One Allowed to Defeat the Blues, The Neidermeyer to Grif, Supporting Leader, Wouldn't Hit a Girl
  • Domains: Red, Shotguns, Mechanics, Cars
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Donut, Simmons, Grif, Church, Epsilon, Tucker, Lopez, Caboose, Tex, Sister, Washington, Carolina, Locus (it's really complicated, though, in regards to all the aforementioned except Donut and Caboose), Master Chief, Colonel Kilgore, Wiz, Ashley J. Williams
  • Enemies: The Meta, Felix, Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus
  • Opposes: Mega Man, X, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yasha, Noel Vermilion, Arturia Pendragon, Jin Kisaragi, anyone wearing blue
  • Respects: George Washington, Alexander the Great, Commander Shepard, Pyrrha Nikos, Ruby Rose, Mario, Optimus Prime, Zero, Asura, Flandre Scarlet, Issei Hyodo, Rias Gremory, Spider-Man, Ragna the Bloodedge, anyone wearing red.
  • Friendly Rival: Gunnery Sgt. Hartman
  • Special Relationship: Boomstick (his son)
  • Complicated Relationship: Doc
  • Has a Crush on: Raven Branwen
  • Sarge was scheduled for ascension upon defeating the Meta at Sidewinder, though plenty of bureaucracy issues resulted in his registration getting lost. After enough time had passed that made Sarge angry, feeling there could be great wars to be fought as a god, Sarge strongarmed his way into the Pantheon riding a Warthog. The ensuing judgment by the Court of the Gods eventually found the original papers and Sarge being acquitted and ascended.
    • Despite his stupidity and questionable actions (most notably, becoming sargeant only because all the other candidates died, and betraying his comrades for Temple's team), Sarge was considered to be a great commander to his team on occasion, and having stood out for himself in battle against Wyoming copies, Washington during his villain streak, and the fight against the Tex-bots, not to mention what happened in Chorus.
  • While Sarge would've preferred a title more related to combat, the Pantheon just honored how even before being promoted to Sargeant he already got the name for it:
    Pappie always told me to dress for the job you want! Figured I'd just take it a little but further.
    • He also refuses at all costs to reveal his name before he legally changed it to "Sarge". As far as we know, it is 13 syllables long, requires a Mandarin keyboard to spell and the fifth letter is an emoji.
  • On the day of his ascension, Grif stood atop of a cliff while screaming out a Big "NO!", dismayed on the fact that he'll have to deal with Sarge again. Sarge then proceeded to shoot at Grif as he tried to avoid the hits by moving left and right, all the while complaining. Sarge claimed that it was the best game since Grifball.
  • Every now and then, Sarge wakes up in the House of Aquatic Life with weights around his feet, as Lopez decides to exact revenge on him with the help of his robot friends (and at times even Grif!). While the Pantheon has advised Lopez to stop, the robot thinks of how to get Sarge on Atlantica, Bikini Bottom or R'yleh.
  • Deeply likes Ruby Rose, given she's a great warrior with a shared background and she's a Red, goddamit! Sarge's second favorite RWBY character is Pyrrha, who resembles the female Commander Shepard ("She took down the media with three punches and a headbutt! An inspiration to all.") even if she also reminds him of "Miss Fussy-Britches", I mean, Carolina. Still, the deities from that series are a bit wary of him due to Sarge's extremism, insanity and Bad Boss tendencies.
  • No matter how long ago Blood Gulch was, Sarge still prefers red deities and is against primarily blue ones. After all, he can't function without a battle in his mind.
    • Deities that combine red and blue confuse him, and Sarge even said he'd like Superman more if he inverted his color scheme. Still, the fact Mario, Optimus Prime and Spider-Man are mostly crimson makes them fair game for him.
    • Sarge's kinda disappointed that the third RWBY goddess who wears red is a villain, specially as the fact he Wouldn't Hit a Girl means he can't reserve a shotgun shell to shoot Cinder in the face. The equally Red and Black and Evil All Over Adam Taurus, on the other hand, Sarge would shoot him if not for the fear he'd deflect the shot.
  • Once Raven Branwen threatened the Reds and Blues while they approached her shrine, Sarge reacted with "Lady, I feel I speak for everyone when I say... Marry me!" He's constantly sending bouquets of roses with shotgun shells to Raven shrine hoping she one day accepts to go out on a date.
  • Easily got along with Colonel Kilgore, as both get a kick out of war. While Kilgore dislikes how bad Sarge treats his men, he's always amused by his ridiculous leaps in logic.
  • Mocked in the House of Time and Space because he tried to make an enemy out of gravity, and didn't do very well when given a time machine.
  • Even if he likes battles a lot, Sarge has limits and will back out of things that make him think "this ain't my fight" (specially personal missions such as Carolina's "vendetta" against the Director).
  • Easily got along with the God of Boomsticks, even if Ash's chainsaw reminds Sarge of the Meta. Both frequently hold shooting competitions at the Pantheon's firing range.
  • Gunnery Sgt. Hartman wanted to see this new nasty sargeant that arrived, and he and Sarge started Volleying Insults in a manner that suddenly drew a crowd to watch. Needless to say, a begrudging friendship begun.
  • Has a great relationship with Wiz and Boomstick, feeling their Death Battles are some of the best fights he's ever seen. Sarge might even be Boomstick's father.
  • Happy that three of the greatest historical warriors ever whom he once drafted are ascended, Sarge is trying to convince the Pantheon to let him have another shot with Privates John, George and Alex under his command. They only accept his repeated suggestions to have some laughs.


    Amy Pond/Williams 
Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond, Goddess of The Maiden Name Debate (Amy Williams, The Girl Who Waited)

    Cobra Bubbles 
Cobra Bubbles, God of Embarrassing Last Names
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His "Cobra" Knuckle Tattoos
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Scary Black Man Still with the Surname "Bubbles" (First Name "Cobra"), Brutal Honesty, Cool Shades, Was an Antagonist, but Just Doing His Job, Sympathetic, If Not All That Friendly, The Men in Black, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: The CIA, Social Workers, Intimidation, Investigation, Extraterrestrials
  • Herald: Shush/Experiment 234note 
  • Keeping tabs on: Jumba's Experiments, any extraterrestrial activity in Hawaiʻi, Necrozma, The Ultra Beasts, the Extraterrestrials house (especially) Roger the Alien
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch (and their ʻohana), Agent K and Agent J, Conrad S Hauser and Snake Eyes, Mary Poppins and the rest of the Heroic Protectors of Family, The Blorg Community, The Silencerz, the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Stan Smith and Avery Bullock
  • Enemies: Dr. Hämsterviel, Boris the Animal, Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness, Zim, evil and invasive aliens in general, The Child Abuse Supporters, Granny Goodness, Vicky, Uncle Howee, Darkseid, SCP-993, those who Would Hurt a Child
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents on principle
  • Uncertain on: The SCP Foundation
  • Cobra Bubbles is a stern social worker and supposedly former CIA agent concerned with Lilo and Nani Pelekai's relationship. While gruff and not all that friendly, he means well for them. However, it's not just family environments he has to worry about, what with the arrival of the alien Stitch. Having had experience with extraterrestrials in the past, and secretly a member of a Men In Black-type organization, he becomes an important player in the strange alien occurrences in Hawaii.
  • Yes, his surname is "Bubbles". He admits it's kind of embarrassing, which is why he prefers to only be referred by his first name of Cobra. This doesn't stop him from being badass. The dude was able to convince an invading alien force to spare Earth by lying and saying that mosquitoes were an endangered species. Cobra's skill in defending the Earth shows he's a brilliant operator, and a strong asset to the GUAG.
  • If you want to be more specific on the time he saved the world, it's because he convinced them mosquitos were endangered. The fact he made such a bold-faced lie and convinced them is all the more impressive. This happened in Roswell, though in 1973 rather than 1947. However, he did end up finding Bender's head buried in the ground from the incident. Having been informed of the time traveling of that Roswell incident, he let Bender's head continue his rest in the ground to avoid a nasty time paradox.
  • It's not known if the organization he works for is literally the Men in Black, but in the pantheon they are for all intents and purposes. He's keeping tabs on the House of Extraterrestrials for them. Naturally this makes him an enemy of any hostile alien, and this also includes Zim. He's not an idiot and sees past his Paper-Thin Disguise, nor does he think that "because Zim's an idiot, he doesn't pose a threat to mankind" because he's seen evidence that he can be. Due to his role in extraterrestrial phenomenon and First Contact scenarios, Cobra is also working alongside the Silencerz, who are another top-secret US government that's capable of combating hostile aliens. He is also working with the Blorg Community to expand humanity's reach and eye in case of alien threats.
  • Much of Cobra Bubbles' attention in matters of the extraterrestrial are on Hawaii. By extension, this includes Alola. As such, he is on full alert when it comes to the Ultra Beasts, and especially Necrozma after their invasion there. Fortunately, Necrozma has found its one true place with Nebby and the unascended Gen VII protagonist, however it still posed a threat only comparable to Jumba's greatest experiments.
  • Though he didn't have enough connections to make Shush a god, he was able to make him his herald. For those in the know, Shush was one of Jumba's experiments meant for eavesdropping. Now he's an espionage agent for the CIA, which Cobra actually still works with. He wasn't exactly pleased to learn that Avery Bullock and Stan Smith have maintained their job, however when not goofing around or distracted by their own emotions they can be surprisingly effective. He's willing to work with them, but wishes they could be more competent and often plays the Straight Man to their wacky antics.
  • He is keeping watch out for Stan because he makes sure Roger doesn't misbehave too much. Of course, he can't let Stan know he knows about Roger being an alien. On Roger, he has made it clear to him he is watching and the moment he proves himself a significant enough threat to the safety of the human race, he will tell every CIA operative of his alien nature. Any attempts Roger made at intimidating Cobra failed and has made it a point that he has tangled with worse.
    • As part of his connections to the CIA, he is an enemy of Cobra and an ally of the G.I. Joes.
  • Cobra still takes his job as a social worker under the United States Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families seriously, and as such he makes frequent visits to the House of Family and Relatives, especially the Hall of Family Dysfunctions and the mischievous Lilo and Stitch over in the Companionship wing of the House of Communities and Solitude; as close as he is to them, they still tend to misbehave a lot, and sometimes he has to intervene. Immediately, he was enraged by the Child Abuse Supporters and has sworn to bring them to justice, along with destroying their faction. To start with, he's buffed support for the Heroic Protectors of Family and made it clear he's watching any abusive parent in the pantheon. Among the Heroic Protectors of Family, he works the closest with Mary Poppins.
  • Keeps a more public profile within the sub-house of Social and Recreational Work, where he keeps an eye on those who work around children. Seeing the absolutely horrific abuse Granny Goodness inflicts, to the point of being the god of child abuse, set him into a white-hot rage. Sadly since Granny Goodness is an actual deity even someone as badass as him wasn't able to stop him. And if he managed to lock her away forever like he hopes, he will have Darkseid's immediate attention.
  • Though not as far reaching in her abuse as Granny Goodness, Vicky's abuse as a babysitter has led Cobra to blacklist her from every babysitting service. And as she's a normal, if very nasty human, and he doesn't have a trace of stupidity, she's completely out of her luck with him. Cobra Bubbles is also trying to restrain Uncle Howee due to turning bulllies into puppets. Yes, he does respect Uncle Howee for being concerned about the kids. However, he regards that kind of defensiveness as extreme.
  • Cobra Bubbles might have some connection to the SCP Foundation given their closeness to the Men in Black. He's not confirming or denying that, but he does admit he is researching the extraterrestrial SCPs. At first he only really kept checks on SCP-1171-1. Though racist, Beauremont is a non-issue. He is a more serious opponent of Bobble the Clown, who's corruption of the youth has him wish the Foundation would just terminate him. They stated they usually don't do that, but are dedicated to preventing anyone from watching his show.

    Daemon Blackfyre 
Daemon I Blackfyre, God of Edgy-Sounding Names (Daemon Waters (birth name), The Black Dragon, The King Who Bore the Sword, The Pretender)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Blackyfre sigil-a black three-headed dragon on a red background. Alternatively, the sword Blackfyre
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though he tries to play it off as Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Posthumous Character, Treacherous Bastards Living Up To The Stereotype, Fantasy Conflict Counterpart, Won't Leave A Man Behind, Love Ruins the Realm, The Resenter, The Rashomon, Using Bastardry Against Daeron Despite Being One Himself, "Darkness von Gothick" Name, Warrior Prince, Bling of War, "Darkness von Gothick" Name
  • Domains: Bastardry, Rebellion, Royalty, Strength, Claims
  • Herald: His half-brother Aegor Rivers, aka Bittersteel
  • Followers: Grimsley
  • Spiritual Successor: Renly Baratheon (distant great-nephew)
  • Allies: Robert and Renly Baratheon (distant great-nephews), Scar, Vergil, Azula, Bowser, Ramses II, Doctor Doom
  • Special relationship with: Aegon the Unworthy (his father)
  • Additional relationship with: Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen (ancestors), Jon Snow (distant great-nephew)
  • Enemies: Aemon, Rhaegar, Aerys and Daenerys Targaryen, Stannis Baratheon, (half-brother's descendants), Catelyn Stark, Nohr Royal Siblings, Maleficent, Murkrow, Clint Barron and Oliver Queen, Artemis, Hanzo Shimada
  • Not so different from: Daenerys Targaryen
  • Envies: Alistair Theirin
  • Opposed by: Josuke Higashikata, Prince Eric
  • Unclear relationship with: Varys (possible descendant)
  • Daemon Blackfyre, born Daemon Waters is the illegitimate son of Aegon "The Unworthy" Targaryen and his cousin Daena "The Defiant" Targaryen, sister-wife to Baelor "The Blessed" Targaryen. Though initially not knowing who his father was, he was later revealed and favored by his father, and granted the ancestral sword Blackfyre. When Aegon the Unworthy died he legitimized all his bastards, giving the impetus for Daemon to be seen as the true successor over Daeron, who he and his supporters would insist the lawful king not be the king's son. Thus started the Blackfyre Rebellions, a series of conflicts for the throne that'd go on for over sixty years.
  • Prior to Robert Baratheon, he was the greatest threat to the supremacy of House Targaryen. He met up with the ascended Baratheons, and hoped to form an alliance to tackle the ascended Targaryens. In particular he's fond of Robert not just because he succeeded where the Blackfyre line failed, but his fat, whoring ways reminds him of his father. That being said, Robert has warned Daemon that they're Not So Similar as their rebellion was for different reasons and Daeron was no Aerys.
    • Catelyn was really upset to learn that Daemon Blackfyre had ascended, as her family had been involved in the Blackfyre Rebellions. It's one of the reasons she distrusts bastards in the first place.
  • Like all gods with the blood of the dragon, he was really happy to learn that the Trope Pantheon had a House of Dragons and wanted to see if he could ally with one. His natural choice was Zekrom due to being a black dragon, however the Deep Black Pokémon found nothing in common and ignored him. Instead, he turned to Bowser. The Koopa King admired his ambition and desire for power, and is currently fine allying with him.
    • Has heard of Hydreigon, and hopes the Pokémon ascends later on. Probably because it's a black, three-headed dragon and would be a fitting partner.
  • Being a royal usurper, he has a spotty relationship with the House of Royalty. Most (understandably) consider him treacherous, though would also like to remind him that it's not because he's illegitimate; he brought the stereotype upon himself. In particular he's extremely jealous towards Alistair Theirin due to being a royal bastard who succeeded at becoming the king. Of course, Alistair was quick to point out it had nothing to do with usurpation like him.
  • As he was killed by arrows, he has a heavy dislike to all arrow wielders in the pantheon. He also doesn't like anyone associated with crows and ravens, as they were spies for his half-brother Brynden Rivers, whom sided with Daeron.
  • Asides from the claim that Daeron was actually the son of Aemon the Dragonknight, Daemon and his followers believed he had the right to the throne due to his charisma, great strength and in general being a potential new Aegon the Conqueror. There's also the belief that he and his legitimate half-sister Daenerysnote  were in love, motivating him. He certainly thinks he'd do a better job as the king, which is why he supports fellow usurper Doctor Doom(though Doom would point out that he usurped an asshole).
  • Renly agreed with this though claimed he would of course make a better King, overlooking the fact he was a poor warrior and commander.
  • Stannis hated any association with Daemon, stating they were a usurper like Renly and at least he remained loyal to his brother.
    • The actual Aegon the Conqueror is mixed on Daemon; though a usurper and bastard, he can't exactly talk since he became king through force. He's more annoyed at his father than anything.
  • Given his conflict against his siblings, he naturally sided towards Azula and Scar. Scar particularly as like him he's a brother out to usurp his brother for the throne. He also sided with Ramses II and Virgil, due to their sibling and pride issues, and believing in strength. On the flip side the Nohr Royal Siblings hate him for betraying the Targaryen side of his family despite Daeron's attempt to patch up the storm their father started.
  • While he and Daenerys Targaryen are naturally at odds, they're more alike than they think. After all, Daenerys is trying to obtain the throne by force and argument that she's the legitimate heir, though in her case she actually is. If anything, the comparison between the two grows their embitterment to one another.
  • Though the male Blackfyre line is extinct, the female line's fate is unknown and may still be around. It's common speculation that Varys is of Daemon's descent, as is "Aegon VI/Young Griff". Daemon would be honored to have Varys as a descendant, since he admires his excellent manipulation. In addition, he considers the current Succession Crisis of Westeros a sign of history repeating, as it's yet another civil war over the king's legitimacy.
  • Josuke Higashikata and Jon Snow look down at Daemon, since he gives bastards a bad name. Prince Eric dislikes Daemon due to wanting the position of Prince Charming and his treasonous nature.
  • Has mixed thoughts on a play about him, agreeing with the assessment of Brynden Rivers and sympathetic portrayal of him... but not liking the way his rebellion is portrayed as the acts of resentful advisers.

    Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad 
Mole, Rat, Mr. Badger and Mr. Toad, Holy Quartet of Animals Named After Their Species (Mole: Moley; Rat: Ratty; Badger: Old Badger)
Clockwise from top left: Badger, Mole, Rat and Toad
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: (None, because Rat and Toad had a fight as to whether it should be Rat's beloved boat or Toad Hall, so Badger determined they'd do without one.)
  • Theme Song: The Wind in the Willows
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, except Toad who's more like Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Known only by their animal names, behaving exactly like late 19th century middle-class Englishmen despite being animals, Four-Temperament Ensemble, inconsistent levels of anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Animals, Anthropomorphism, Names, Adventure
  • Herald: Otter
  • Allies: The Hundred Acre Wood Gang, Mrs. Brisby, Babar, Lady Amalthea, Black Beauty
  • Enemies: Toon Patrol, The Headless Horseman
  • Admires: Kyogre (Rat)
  • Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad are four friends living in an idyllic forest in Edwardian England. Mole is a sensible homebody who nonetheless has a craving for adventure sometimes, which led him to become friends with Rat, an easygoing yet grounded gentleman with a passion for the river and boating. From there Mole was introduced to the capricious Toad, who has a penchant for taking up a different hobby every other day, and Badger, who generally prefers to be left alone in his home in the dangerous Wild Wood due to his contempt for society, though he'll do anything for his friends (and can keep Toad's fancies in check).
  • After many misadventures that famously included Toad's incarceration for vehicle theft and reckless driving, his subsequent escape, and ridding Toad's manor of the weasels who were unlawfully squatting there in his absence, it seemed as if things would at last settle down in the four animals' lives. One day they heard that a unicorn was sighted wandering in the Wild Wood. Mole and Rat, who've had some run-ins with the supernatural, were curious, but Badger thought it was all hogwash, and Toad too busy with some new hobby to care. Feeling confident after the battle at Toad Hall, Mole and Rat ventured into the Wild Wood to see the truth for themselves. They found the unicorn alright, but also found that the weasels had had similar ideas and captured and tied her up as though she were a common horse, with the intent of selling her off. So Mole and Rat gathered Badger and Toad and together they hatched a plan to free the unicorn from the weasels. They were successful and the unicorn thanked them. She revealed herself to be Amalthea and that she was in that world to verify whether there were beings worthy of godhood. She deemed Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad to be suitable.
  • Knowing how much they love their home, the Main House made it so the temple is pretty much the forest they live in, with the Wild Wood serving as the connecting point between their world and the Pantheon. While the four have a hankering to go adventuring in some far-flung corner of the Pantheon once in a while, it's definitely comforting to know they can always go back to their familiar homes in the end.
  • Rat likes to say that nothing is worth doing as much as messing around in boats; he has a great love for navigating rivers and once seriously considered leaving everything behind and setting out to sea. Naturally, as he's a Water Rat. He's very fond of going boating all day in the House of Water and Moisture, with Mole sometimes accompanying him. He became a great admirer of Kyogre after hearing of its ability to increase submerged territory, though deep down he understands that if such a thing were to pass, it wouldn't be very pleasant for his friends. He's quite sure he could never come to like Kyogre's counterpart Groudon under any circumstance, however.
  • The Pantheon being an extremely varied place, Toad has no shortage of new things to try out and take up as a new hobby. This means Mole, Rat and Badger, more than ever, have their hands full trying to rein in their friend's enthusiasm.
    • The House of Travel is on the look-out in case Toad gets it into his head to steal any of the vehicles to go joyriding. Toad has done a fairly good job of containing himself in that regard. However, one day he saw this picture and he couldn't get out of his mind what a thrill it must be to race the Headless Horseman for one's life. So he sneaked into the House of Travel one night, stole a motorcycle, then went to the Headless Horseman's temple and proceeded to taunt him to come get his head. A wild chase ensued, with Toad having several close calls as he had no familiarity with motorcycles. When Toad got to his home, the Headless Horseman was left frustrated due to it being on a river, which he can't cross. Because of this, he has a deep grudge against Toad. This was all very amusing for Toad, though he inevitably had to pay the price for stealing by getting locked up for a while in the House of Justice, while Mole, Rat and Badger shook their heads at their friend's incorrigibility and for getting them a new problem in the form of the Horseman. Though Rat was oddly proud that the Horseman's weakness is the river.
  • Given their turn-of-the-century upbringing and set of values, they cultivate cordial relationships with just about anyone, especially anthropomorphized animals, in the Pantheon, and never openly antagonize anyone who didn't antagonize them first. They've become particularly close to Black Beauty, who, as a horse brought up in Victorian England, has a rather similar mindset to them, and could be considered a Quintessential British Gentleman, just as a horse. When Toad needs a horse to pull his carriage, he favors requisitioning Black Beauty, and Toad may have many faults but treating horses badly isn't one of them, so Black Beauty obliges him whenever he can.
    • Other animals they're good friends with include the mouse Mrs. Brisby, who the four friends, especially the somewhat timid Mole, all admire because of the courage and determination she displayed in facing many deadly dangers for the sake of her children. Babar is another one they like for bringing civilized society to his corner of the jungle.
  • Once, Winnie-the-Pooh got it into his head to explore the Wild Wood and see if he could find delicious honey somewhere in its depths and got himself lost instead. Badger fortunately rescued Pooh before anything bad could happen. Perceiving Pooh as something of a child, he wasn't too hard on him and even gave him some honey, but strongly hinted that the Wild Wood was no place for... someone like Pooh, and so he shouldn't wander in again. After that, Mole and Rat were put in charge of safely bringing Pooh to his own home; that's how they met the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood Gang. They quite enjoyed their time there as Rabbit did his utmost to make them feel at home after "all that bother with Pooh". Subsequently, the two groups often visit each other and go on small adventures together.
  • There are humans in their world, however interaction between the two societies seems to be restricted only to what is strictly necessary. For that reason, the four friends rarely interact with human deities. They'll happily interact with the Token Human of the Hundred Acre Wood Gang, Christopher Robin, since he's proved himself to be an upright young boy who can keep the follies of his friends in check, but he's the exception rather than the rule.
  • They have never had a great opinion of weasels, even before the squatting incident at Toad Hall. Those weasels would be followers of the Toon Patrol, and they aren't happy with the way the four have treated them. So when Toad went away somewhere for a prolonged time, the Toon Patrol decided they'd invade Toad Hall themselves in order to avenge their brethren. Toad and co. weren't really scared of the Patrol; they'd dealt with larger numbers in the original incident and came out successful, after all. But they did not quite expect just how unhinged the Toon Patrol could be, and Rat got seriously hurt in the ensuing battle. Despite these difficulties, they quickly won back the manor once they enlisted the help of some of their allies. This is unlikely to be the last time the two groups see of each other, though.

    Silver (Pokémon) 
Silver, God With an Unknown Alias (???, Passerby Boy, Soul, Heart, Chedr, My Butt, Eyan, Baba)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Feraligatr's head
  • Theme Music: A Rival Appears!, Battle! (Rival)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though softened)
  • Portfolio: Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, Jerkass Rival Who Got Better, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Most Of His Angst Comes Due of His Father, Loners Are Freaks
  • Domains: Names, Attitude, Hair, Children, Trainers
  • High Priest: Doopliss
  • Party Pokémon: (Johto Starter Pokémon strong to the player's pick) Gengar, Crobat, Magneton, Sneasel, Alakazam
  • Allies: Gengar, Alakazam, N, Ho-Oh
  • Rivals: Red, Ash Ketchum, Calem and Serena
  • Complicated Relationship with: Giovanni (his father)
  • When Silver ascended into the Pantheon, he didn't really has his name publicly shown. It all appeared as ????. Some other gods then decided to try to name him with different names (even ????), some less appealing than some. He only got his name back when ironically The Mob tried to name him and ended up giving his normal name (their tried naming him something stupid, but accidentally exited out of the name input screen before putting anything in).
  • Even if he knows that Giovanni is in the Pantheon, he hasn't done anything to really confront him. He doesn't want to really confront him before he believes he is strong enough to defeat him, and tries to keep away from his business unless it specifically bothers him. Giovanni meanwhile knows that he shouldn't bother his son, so he hasn't done anything to confront him personally.
    • Jessie, James and Meowth are confused how the boss suddenly has a son and they haven't heard of him. When they asked Giovanni about Silver, he said to them that it really isn't their business and they should not bother him.
  • Apparently hates trashy men. He thinks they are unpardonable and their strolling are an eyesore, and wants to beat all of them up note .
    • He also thinks that he is a monster
  • His relation with the female protagonist (was it Kris or Lyra) has been argued about, something that he's bothered with. Especially when they bring up the one time when he tore off the MC's Team Rocket disguise.
    • It has also come to his attention to that some believe that he later became the man named Roark, something he is baffled with.
  • Don't ask him about his mother. He really can't give you an answer about it. Some speculate his mother might be the Rocket Admin Ariana.
  • Got really annoyed at his old man for his plans to create Team Rainbow Rocket due to him needing to rely on help from other villains who succeeded in their plans to apparently get back to the top. And the fact that he somehow still lost, even when he had back-up and even captured Mewtwo, has made him lose any respect he had for him.


    Hikaru and Sachiko Azuma 
Hikaru and Sachiko Azuma, Divine Parent and Child of Names With Phrase Meanings
Sachiko on the left, Hikaru on the right
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A sunrise
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A parent and child pair adjusting to normal life, Hikaru having autism (though not heavily exaggerated) leading to him being mostly silent, often has an attraction to shiny items, often victims of ignorance but with improvement later on, slowly getting their lives better
  • Domain: Children, Names, Slice-of-Life, Parenthood, Mild Autism
  • Heralds: Masato (Sachiko's husband) and Kanon (Hikaru's sibling)
  • Amicable People: Hana and the Wolf Man, Selma Ježková, Max Jerry Horowitz, Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya, Sei Asigiri, Hal, Kayla Day
  • Welcomed Guests to: The Houses of Mothers, School, and Childhood and Adolescence
  • Hikaru Azuma was a child born with an affliction known as Aspergers Syndrome under the care of his mother, Sachiko Azuma. Named after the sunrise of the day he was born, his mother would take care of him to ensure his life would go smoothly and prepare him for the rough life that is modern-day Japan. On that path came a ton of challenges, whether it be her son's condition, to the perils of favoritism, bullying, societal issues and forces outside of her family's control. Regardless of how bad real life can be, she would prevail and Hikaru would slowly grow accustomed to the realities of childhood, make new friends and would continue being assisted by his mom to prepare him for his eventual adulthood as well as his adaptation to his affliction.
  • Living under the umbrella that is Japan is very stressful as the country, proudly shown in various ways, may not be the very paradise it is shown at times. With various challenges stemming from a society not really known for socialization and constant ostracization for even the tiniest of disabilities, it makes it a miracle that Hikaru would survive even in his high school days. Thankfully, Sachiko did much of the effort to make sure her son was well established early on as she has high hopes for her children. Naming her two children based on certain events, such as Hikaru's name based on him being born under the sunrise and Kanon named after the sound of a cannon on radio, made her treasure them both well, especially the former, of which she is willing to ensure her son's future is well.
  • Their arrival to the Pantheon was a deep surprise, as neither did the two expect themselves to be chosen for a new realm for them to exist on, with Hikaru's slow fears making him worry and Sachiko calming him down. After being led in a large structure akin to a temple, they were introduced to a realm where characters were chosen as Gods, though Hikaru was busy staring at some of the golden pillars as Sachiko was understanding of the whole kerfuffle. However, missing their old home and especially their remaining family, she formally requested if their home in Japan would suffice, as she believes that they can go through the Pantheon on the condition that her son will grow up to be a "cheerful working adult", of which it was granted as they know have access to Pantheon grounds while busy in their personal lives.
  • Much like their experience in their home, both of them were worried of their stay in the Pantheon, knowing how some people would perceive Hikaru's mannerisms and would quickly blame it on his mother for failing to discipline him. Oddly enough, most of the Pantheon's residents seem to care less of their presence, especially when considering the majority of the Pantheon being mostly occupied by superpowered beings as regular Quasideities like them are not the highlight. While this brings less of a burden to their image, one issue comes from that they are alone despite being in such a vibrant environment. It would not take long till a single mother by the name of Hana, who has seen Sachiko in very good heart, to assist and guide them around the Pantheon. She has seen quite a few, if not very similar circumstances between the two of them, and seeing Hikaru slowly going along her children has made both of the mothers smile. She has a great feeling for Hikaru's future and wishes Sachiko the best to maintain her heart, especially as he grows into an adult someday.
    • Hana's guidance for the two of them has also made her friends with another single mother by the name of Selma Ježková, a poor Czech immigrant who dedicated most of her life to help her son fix his hereditary eye condition. Much like Hana, Selma's heart has also gone out to the pair, seeing that Hikaru's condition is harder to fix and requires a lot of attention, which considering where she lives, is very difficult to pull through. She also learned from Sachiko's stories the truth about Japan and how almost all countries seem to have unique issues over the other, but is often pitied due to her wrongful death, though Selma has no regrets; in the end all that mattered was that her son would gain a better life after the eye operation, with or without her.
  • With somewhat of a slow experience roaming around the Pantheons, common avenues that the duo (and her other family) often go to are in three specific houses, the Hall of Mothers and the Houses of School and Childhood and Adolescence. The Hall of Mothers is where Sachiko often have small talks with other supportive women, in particular, how to raise a child of special needs, though it goes without saying that not all mothers are is supportive as the aforementioned two. On the other hand, the Elysium Academy is where Hikaru's studies for Junior High are added and the latter House is where a few of his new friends are made, particularly younger children due to his age. Most other houses do not interest them in the slightest, they are a very busy family after all and Hikaru has a long way to go before he finally lives out exploring other avenues in the Pantheon.
    • Her son's entrance in the House of Childhood and Adolescence is actually a very long story. In one time during his introduction in the Elysium Academy, mentions of his homeland being Japan was discussed by some of the younger students, seeing that they have had idealized visions of what living in Japan must be. This is what compelled Shouko to intervene and with the help of Shouya, got Hikaru's attention. One would ask what an autistic child has to be connected to a deaf girl, as it turns out that Japan is not a very accepting place for people with affliction and is a society filled to the brim with societal issues, most of which are not solved and often leads to people holding their own issues until said person snaps in various ways. Both Hikaru and Shouko seem to have gotten a very grim reminder though the two of them have gotten better, she seems to be reminded of her past life whenever she sees the child. Sachiko is proud to see a few Japanese locals willing to help her son out.
  • Very few people in the Pantheon have shown symptoms, or at the very least, confirmation of the affliction known as Aspergers Syndrome, a communication disorder that is often hard to treat and requires very special attention to those affected. This is what compelled Sachiko to meet Max Jerry Horowitz, as she can learn from his story the effects of what he has gone through. What she was not prepared was a dark story that entailed with depression, meltdowns and eventually, his slow but peaceful death. She was scared and ready to leave but when he heard of her child's similar symptoms, he stopped and agreed to help the child in other possible ways. When asked, he simply stated that he wanted to make her child smile throughout his life, a goal she has also wished to accomplish.
  • Throughout most of his outside life, Hikaru often remains silent, avoiding conversations out of fear and lack of understanding on how to communicate with others, byproducts of his condition that require special care. His mom has done a lot of effort to make sure he can learn to socialize with others but it will take a long while till he can socialize all on his own. His silent demeanor bears similarities to both Hal and Kayla Day, as the two displays similar tendencies to his own, that being silence and social contact with others. Sachiko is especially worried with Kayla as she does not want her cellphone addiction to manifest in her son's life seeing that it may add more stress if he ends up copying what she does later on in Middle School. Hal also has her best wishes for Hikaru as his anxiety is similar to hers but not to the extreme that she has and so far his mother is slowly helping him remove that part of his affliction.
  • Before entering the Pantheon's School, there was a time in Junior High where Hikaru entered a Special Education class to help accommodate his condition. No one knew of this until Sei Asagiri learned of his education history and was briefly reminded of her own bitter youth. For one, she refused to take Special Education classes due to her unwilling belief that she should be treated under a different roof, something that Sachiko understands since she took a long while to find a school that treated some students differently, both from the teachers and from the students. The Special Education part seems to be the one that rubbed the both of them, especially since her son took said classes but the teacher did absolutely nothing of value to help the students, which lead to Hikaru learning nothing from those sessions. This also explains why she has no plans on another Special Ed class added on her son's curriculum in the Pantheon's School, she would rather help her son on her own than let an outsider do it.

    Iwatobi Swim Club 
Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, Rin and Gou Matsuoka, Bearers of Opposite-Gender Names
L-R: Rei, Nagisa, Rin, Haruka, Makoto
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A pool filled with cherry blossoms and the Iwatobi mascot
  • Theme Song: "EVER BLUE", "Taste the satisfaction"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sports Stories, Cast Full of Pretty Boys, Gender-Blender Name, Animal Motifs, Color-Coded Characters, Ho Yay
  • Domains: Names, Gender, Sports, Water, Friendship
  • Heralds:
    • Staff: Miho Amakata (club supervisor), Goro Sasabe (coach)
    • Fellow swimmers: Seijuurou and Momotarou Mikoshiba, Aiichirou Nitori, Sousuke Yamazaki, Ikuya and Natsuya Kirishima, Asahi Shiina, Nao Serizawa, Hiyori Toono, etc.
  • Allies: House of Sports, The Diver, Ariel, Melody, Ecco, Mumble, Madagascar Penguins, Polar Bear Cafe, Houkago Tea Time, Aqours, Akari, Aika and Alice, Adventure DigiDestined, Alex Louis Armstrong
  • In the coastal town of Iwatobi lives Haruka Nanase, noted for his love of water and rare talent for swimming. He has been friends since childhood with Makoto, Nagisa and Rin, who share his love for the pool and practiced since an early age. Rin left to train in Australia when they were in middle school and certain events led to a rift in their friendship. Rin came back during high school and was distant from his friends, who decided to revive their school's swimming club so they could meet Rin in competitions. His sister Gou was enlisted as manager and they got track and field athlete Rei to join to round out the number of members. Rin became close with his friends again after sorting out his issues with Haruka, who he considered his biggest rival, and they went on to pave their way to competing at the world level.
  • They were formally invited to join the Pantheon with sponsorship from the House of Sports, who were eager to have talented swimmers (of which Haruka and Rin are likely to go to the Olympics) representing the sport in the Pantheon. At first it was only really Nagisa who was excited about it, regardless of the inherent weirdness of a place where people like them can be made gods, which Rei pointed out only to fall on deaf ears. Haruka however was enticed when he was told about the House of Water and Moisture and demanded to see it immediately. Easygoing Makoto just smiled and went with the flow. Eventually they decided there was no harm in being gods of the Pantheon and decided to stay, upon which they were given the trope Gender-Blender Name, as their names are feminine or popular to give to girls. At length, they contacted Rin so he could join them, and, largely at Nagisa's behest, also got their club manager Gou in, with Nagisa reasoning they should have a female representative with a manly name. Gou is not the least bit amused, but stays with her friends anyhow.
  • Their temple consists of a homely clubroom. What is considered the greatest swimming pool complex in the Pantheon was also built in their honor, though that's located in the House of Sports. Deities of all stripes are allowed to come swim in it, provided they don't cause any havoc. Makoto can often be seen mentoring deities who are beginning to learn to swim. It is where most indoor aquatic sports competitions in the Pantheon occur. The gang also occasionally gets it into their heads to fill the pools with fun things like cherry blossoms or balloons for some extra fun.
  • Being that they spend a lot of time in water due to their sport of election, they have made their fair share of water-dwelling friends, especially as far as Haruka is concerned; he'd spend his whole life submerged if only he could get away with it. He and his friends have hit it off with mermaids like Ariel and her daughter Melody, who are fond of humans and thus glad to show these boys who love water so much all that there is to see underwater. To make things easier, the mermaids taught them to make use of Oxygenated Underwater Bubbles, making Haruka in particular indescribably happy at how he is not so limited by his lung capacity anymore.
    • Hanging out with the mermaids also led them to eventually meet The Diver, an underwater robot who preserves the aquatic environment. The Diver is not much of a talker and doesn't tend to seek out the company of humans like the mermaids, but she thinks that Haruka and his friends could be a sort of key to the harmony between the human world and the underwater one and is thus willing to guide them in their explorations.
    • Eventually Nagisa (of course) got the idea to get The Diver to help them make friends with their respective symbolic animals. For Haruka this was an easy endeavor, seeing that Ecco is an heroic and pleasant dolphin. The same can be said for Nagisa with penguins; he has loads of fun attempting to tap-dance alongside Mumble or witnessing the Madagascar penguins' crazy schemes. There was also a time when he dragged everybody to the Polar Bear Cafe when he heard a penguin hung out there, and sure enough, he glomped Penguin when he saw him, much to the bird's bewilderment. The whole gang have developed a habit to hang out there after practice. Makoto's animal is the orca and... well... even though The Orca is best friends with The Diver, there wasn't much she could do to convince the human-hating creature that these five boys in particular were fine. Makoto didn't take it to heart and smiled and waved at him from afar. At least, The Orca, usually very violent, leaves them alone. As for Rin, he contented himself with swimming alongside The Diver's Great White companion; sharks are generally unadvisable to try to make friends with. Rei refused to bother with this nonsense, probably because his animal is the non-aquatic butterfly.
  • On the other hand, the Pantheon's oceans also feature a lot of dangerous monsters (such as Lagiacrus and some variations on the Kraken) that wouldn't hesitate to gobble up the boys should they run into them, so they are a bit more conscientious about going in the sea than they would be in their world. Though, the fact that they've made friends out of so many good-hearted aquatic dwellers does mitigate the danger a little, since they are able to warn and protect the boys to a certain extent, and sometimes even dissuade the monsters from acting out.
  • Became friends with Houkago Tea Time after meeting at a club presentation and briefly competing (Nagisa and Ritsu's idea) to see who could put on the better show. After that, the swim club hung out with the Houkago Tea Time girls in the latter's club room, having cake and tea and talking about nothing among themselves. Nagisa started comparing everybody and arrived at the conclusion that he is like Ritsu (as they're both very energetic), Haruka is like Yui (very talented in their respective areas but have their heads in the clouds), Rei is like Mio (always trying to put a stop to their club mates' antics to no effect) and Makoto is like Mugi (both are cheerfully relaxed). Rin is Azusa, because they've run out of members to compare; Rin called out Nagisa for his laziness upon hearing that. Yui in turn proposed that Gou was her sister Ui... because they're both little sisters. Everybody thought that was groanworthy, but good times were had by all as they goofed around.
  • Another group of singers they've made friends with is the idol group Aqours, who coincidentally also hail from a seaside town (the group's water-themed name is no accident, after all). Given the two groups' shared affinity for water, they have agreed to team up on occasion for a show or to promote their relatively sleepy towns. Aqours have noticed that female attendance tends to spike when the Iwatobi boys feature as guests. By the same token, they've been personally invited by Akari, Aika and Alice to visit their homeworld of Neo-Venezia. It was quite difficult to keep Haruka from diving into the canals, but either way, they've become good friends with the Undines in the course of that visit.
  • At one point they were practicing their swimming when Rei suddenly let out a scream; he had come face to face with a little white and purple seal-like creature like he'd never seen before. That was the Gomamon belonging to Joe Kido of the eight Digidestined, who were also in the area and Joe was quick to scold Gomamon for his mischief. Despite the abrupt meeting, the Iwatobi group showed interest in the creatures known as Digimon and talked to the Digidestined at length. The Digidestined do have rather more in common with the swimmers than one might think, because despite their past heroic adventures in another world, they eventually started having to give serious thought to their adult lives in their own world, something the swimmers can relate to. Haruka and Taichi in particular struggled to really take that first step into the adult world, being a little reluctant to let go of their carefree childhoods. Other interactions went as follows:
    • It's not a coincidence that Gomamon decided to pick on Rei, as he looks rather like Joe with his glasses and blue hair. The resemblance also extends to their personalities, as Rei and Joe are both rather nervous and fastidious. Rin finds Matt's aloof behavior obnoxious for someone who has the crest of Friendship, despite Nagisa commenting that Rin was just like him when he was estranged from the group. Matt also distanced himself from the Digidestined in the past, though this doesn't seem to impel Rin and Matt to talk to each other about these similarities, perhaps owing to a sense of shame. Nagisa was mainly interested in cuddling with the Digimon, although he seems to get along with the similarly unfiltered Mimi. Gou hit it off with TK and Kari as they remarked on their older siblings' sometimes foolish behavior. Makoto and Sora quietly bonded, owing to their calm and collected maturity compared to the rest of their groups.
  • The Iwatobi boys are well-known for bringing the beefcake, of which Gou is a true connoisseur (distressingly, she doesn't mind fawning over her own brother in such a way, either). So enthusiastiac is Gou for a well-defined six-pack that she is known to prowl the Halls of the House of Personal Appearance in search of more (some of the deities there consequently think she's kind of a creep). Luckily for her, she quickly found one in the form of Alex Louis Armstrong, who is so proud of his physique that he doesn't mind showing off his muscles for Gou at her request, much to her glee. They make an odd pair for sure, but it's such a symbiotic relationship that nobody minds. That said, the boys aren't really sure what to make of it when Armstrong challenges them to a "flex-off".

    Serena van der Woodsen 
Serena Celia van der Woodsen, Goddess of Overly Sophisticated Names (S, Queen, Princess, It Girl)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Anyone of her dresses next to anyone of her cellphones (She's rich)
  • Theme Song: "Gossip Girl Theme Song"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (borders into Stupid Good at times)
  • Portfolio: Constantly Gets into Trouble, Progresive Stupidity, Name Befitting of One Born into Wealth, Extreme Beauty, Spoiled Sweet At Times, In Love with Love, Good Bad Girl, Horrible Judge of Character, The Fashionista, Hard-Drinking Party Girl, Bad Luck in Romance
  • Domain: Love, Popularity, Wealth, Beauty
  • Herald: Eric van der Woodsen (her brother)
  • Allies: Dan Humphrey (her husband), Princess Zelda, Liz Lemon, Celestia Ralgris, Fuuka Akitsuki, Tohka Yatogami, Julis Riessfeld, Honoka Mitsui, Hal Jordan, Lili
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Wario, Mr. Krabs, the Corpus, the House of Tainted Love
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Ancestor
  • Known as the "it girl" of the Upper East Side, Serena van der Woodsen practically defined teenage popularity in her homeworld. Born to the van der Woodsen family, Serena embodied every negative stereotype associated with her upbringing: she always wore trendy clothes, always attentended to wild parties and slept around with any men she came across. Her life changed when one of her teenage escapades resulted in the death of a man she had previously slept with. Feeling guilty, Serena left New York City for boarding school and didn't return until she found out her brother had attempted suicide. Since then, Serena has made a sincere, albeit clumsy, effort to improve herself, but she is known to fall back on old habit once in a while.
  • Her backstory earned her the sympathy of Celestia Ralgris, who felt guilty that her efforts to help Lux Arcadia result in his and family's exile. Because of her stronger moral compass, Celestia has agreed to keep Serena's more negative traits in check. Serena has also taken a liking to Fuuka Akitsuki because of her free spirit and singing ability. All three girls offer each other advice on how to improve their relationships with their respective boyfriends, but because Serena is so naive at times, Celes and Fuuka think Serena should be treated with kid gloves.
  • Since they have the same attitude towards money, a friendship with Lili was inevitable. Despite being a fighter, Lili was actually the more restrained of the two, which motivated Serena to get Lili to unwind a little bit and try to have more fun. The two girls enjoy going to parties, concerts, auctions and what have you. All these crazy activities have earned some unwanted attention from thugs looking for some easy money, but luckily, Lili has been able to defend Serena.
  • Serena's homeworld is relatively mundane by Pantheon's standards, so she was obviously surprised to learn of the existence of magic and those who use it for good or bad. Fortunately, she has made friends with the magical community, such as Tohka Yatogami, Julis Riessfeld and Honoka Mitsui. Serena sees much of her friend Blair in Julis, respecting her strength of will and intention to save her homeland from an evil corporation. At the same time, Serena has compared Tohka and Honoka to her friend Jenny, at least when she was first introduced to the Upper East Side. To make a long story short, Jenny's sudden increase in popularity caused her to alienate some of her friends and family, so Serena has taken steps to ensure the power and influence in the Pantheon doesn't affect Tohka and Honoka the same way.
  • Hal Jordan once confused Serena with Carol Ferris because of their physical appearance. Once the mistake got cleared up, Hal left Serena to her devices but he did observe she could be worthy for a Star Sapphire ring, for better or worse. Until Carol ascended, he had decided to keep Serena safe. Ever since Carol arrived, she made sure to meet Serena in retribution and put her under Star Sapphire's protection.
  • As previously stated, Serena is not the smartest person in the Pantheon, especially in regards to money and romance. She never had to work even a day in her life and always had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Because the Pantheon is full of people who would take advantage of her, more sensible people like Princess Zelda and Liz Lemon have to constantly supervise her monetary activities to ensure she doesn't make a bad investment.
  • Despite this behavior, Serena was a Nice Girl at the core. In regards to her approach to sex, it was less than Serena slept around for fun and more that she fell in love too easily. Unfortunately, this made Serena into a Horrible Judge of Character, as she has been duped by her longtime love interest Dan, not to mention she had affairs with two teachers, her best friend's boyfriend, and an ex-con, two con artists and a married man. Even Dan, the so-called good guy, was revealed to be the anonymous blogger Gossip Girl, therefore fitting Serena's interest in bad boys. Needless to say, Serena's case is a love therapist's dream come true and the Nurturers of the House of Love and Affection have agreed to keep tabs on Serena to make sure she doesn't screw up her marriage with Dan.
  • Hates Mr. Burns and Wario for being greedy jackasses obsessed with money, exactly the kind of person she doesn't want to become. Not fond of Mr. Krabs either when she became aware of his less-than-ethical practices. Serena was absolutely horrified to learn about the Corpus, an interstellar faction who wage war across the Sol system and even worships the very concept of profit. She has donated massive amounts of money to the Grand United Alliance of Good to stop them. At the same time, she doesn't know what to make of the Ancestor. At first, she was appalled that his ignorance, caused by his aristocratic status led to untold destruction in his world and every monster that dwells in his Estate was his doing, but in fairness he is trying to control the damage. Even so, Serena keeps her distance from him.
  • Because of her incredible beauty, Serena has attracted a lot of potential suitors in the Pantheon. Predictably, she has turned them all of down because she is already married, but some people won't take "no" for an answer, especially the House of Tainted Love, giving Serena a good reason to stay away from that House.