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*ringing school bell sounds*

Also known as The Elysium Academy, the House of School is home to many of their teachers and students. The house also doubles as the official school of the Pantheon for any deities who are still in school or want to continue to learn. It also employs all deities who are certified in learning and teaching.

Has close ties to the House of Knowledge as some of their members moved from that house. Its library also doubles as this house's library as well.

Compared to other Houses, this place is designed like an actual school campus as befitting its status. Multiple buildings have been constructed to house all forms of teaching. They include normal subjects like math, science and language, but also monster hunting and magic. There is also a dorm building in which students sleep in. While it is coed, males and females are not allowed to room with one another, one guess why.

Has been known to host school festivals for the other Houses to visit. They include food stalls, cafes and even plays. On occasion, it gets attacked by some members of GUAE or the more anarchist members of the GUAC. Why they do that is unknown.

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The Headmasters

    Chifuyu Orimura 
Chifuyu Orimura, Goddess of Badass Teachers (Brunhilde I)
  • Lesser Goddess (May bump up to Greater Goddess if she gets her IS back.)
  • Symbol: Her Infinite Stratos, White Knight
  • Theme Song: Straight Jet (off vocal) (shared with Ichika)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hot Teachers, Badass Teachers, Sexy Mentors, Ace Pilots, Deadpan Snarkers, Harem Nannies, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Does not pilot IS anymore, but can still kick ass, Call her Orimura-sensei or else, World's Best IS Pilot
  • Domains: Teaching, Badassery, Mechas, War
  • High Priestess: Raine Sage
  • Herald: Maya Yamada
  • Followers: Kobayashi, Professor Sycamore, Tadaomi Karasuma
  • Allies: ICHIKA ORIMURA (her brother), Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott, Laura Bodewig, Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, Negi Springfield, Sol Badguy, Ness, Amuro Ray, Tabane Shinonono, Aqua, Nagisa Furukawa, Simon, Kamina, Yoko Littner, Yukari Takeba, C.C., Eikichi Onizuka, Suzune, Issei Hyodo, Ellen Kurokawa
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his Mastermind
  • Being a teacher doesn't always mean having to teach students something that you've simply studied or taken interest in. Sometimes, it can involve getting into action. In fact, some of the most credible teachers are those who can not only teach the thing, but also have done the thing and still can do it if need be. This is the case with Chifuyu Orimura, the head of Infinite Stratos Academy's Class 1-1. Not only is Chifuyu capable of using an Infinite Stratos herself, she has been widely regarded as the best IS pilot in the world since the inception of the powered exoskeletons. Over the course of ten years, she won the first ever Mondo Grosso tournament handily, made her way to the finals in the second tournament and only lost because she no-showed the match to save her brother from a kidnapping, went to Germany and trained some pilots there as thanks for the German army's help in rescuing her brother, then came back to Japan and became a teacher as the IS Academy just in time to guide her little brother Ichika as the first ever male capable of piloting an IS. And this is all the stuff that's been formally acknowledged.
  • Chifuyu ascended after managing to defeat turned-evil sister Madoka Orimura and Squall Meusel. She's also informally accredited with saving the nation of Japan from a Macross Missile Massacre while still a teenager. Eikichi Onizuka has also given his blessings to her, judging her as worthy to be his "successor".
    • She has since been promoted to 'Headmaster', a position she now shares with Eikichi. He was quite happy as this mean he could shove the more tedious aspects of the job onto her, but she isn't having any of that.
  • Chifuyu has legions of admirers due to her incredible badassery combined with gorgeous looks. She wouldn't mind if they didn't follow her around, or worse, bug her younger brother for info about her. She has kept leaks about her private life to a minimum through threatening Ichika should they find out anything through him.
  • Her introductory combat lessons, however, are well-sought after by many sword-wielding and mecha pilot hopefuls despite her Spartan approach. Many of the more seasoned mecha pilots approve of this.
    • Oversaw the combination of Ryuko's Senketsu to Charlotte's Rafael Revive and Satsuki's Junketsu to Laura's Schwarzer Regen. Her reaction: "Hmph, not bad."
  • Chifuyu gets along surprisingly well with Hungary. Some gods noticed that the two do sound a lot alike. She's also found a surprisingly strong kinship with Aqua from the House of Combat Magic due quite a few similarities. The two of them both have younger 'brothers' of whom they are very protective of, and are potentially the best fighters of their respective times. Oh, and they do sound similar to each other as well.
  • One time, Char Aznable challenged Chifuyu in a one-on-one battle between their mecha. Surprisingly, it ended in a draw. She has also been seen sparring with the likes of Sanger Zonvolt, Erza Scarlet, and even Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiyurin while they were in their Kamui. When asked why she would continue to train and practice as she does she gave a small smile and this answer, "Until he's strong enough."
    • As in her own verse, doubts of Chifuyu's combat potential have been effectively silenced with the knowledge that she fought against a high-tier IS on foot. And she would have won if she had a weapon that could withstand the fight.
  • Whatever you do, you must refer to Chifuyu as "Orimura-sensei" (when in class of course). If you don't do it, you'll get dope slapped so hard it's gonna leave a mark.
  • Chifuyu has been known to leave her post from time to time in order to visit her, at the time, still-mortal brother Ichika down below with an empty stomach, baskets full of laundry, and demanding a massage. She has mixed feelings about introducing him to anyone else from the Pantheons other than those who already know him due to certain 'reasons'. Unknown to virtually everyone, she works tirelessly during her off-hours to see him ascended with her.
    • At long last, Ichika has ascended and has got a place in the house of Love and Affection. Chifuyu's reaction was a simple smile, but deep down, her heart was brimming with joy. She has resigned herself back to teaching and also making sure that the other Goddesses don't take things with her brother too far. She still goes over to his temple every so often to enjoy his cooking and massages. She checks the doors and windows for any signs of people trying to listen in on them since she is known to get quite 'vocal' during their sessions.
  • Chifuyu seems to get along with Issei Hyodo, since she is glad to see that Issei is acting as a mentor towards Ichika and has helped him release his feelings to his haremettes - even if that would make his life even harder than it is now.
  • She does not like Monokuma and his Mastermind at all for attempting to be in charge of a school and manipulating the students there into trying to kill each other. She hates the Mastermind for another reason.
  • Has heard about Ichika's alliance with Banagher Links. She is noted to be impressed with the duo whenever they are in action. She's a bit surprised with something about Banagher.

    Eikichi Onizuka 
Eikichi Onizuka, Great Teaching God (Great Teacher Onizuka, GTO)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His motorcycle, complete with a plate with the number "22" on it
  • Theme Song: Driver's High by L'arc-en-Ciel
  • Alignment: Omniscient Morality License
  • Portfolio: AWESOME Teacher, Chivalrous Perverts, Situational Ugliness, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Escalating Wars, Friends of the Yakuza, Delinquents, Aces, German Suplex
  • Domain: Knowledge, Pride, Strength
  • Followers: Mizuho Kazami, Jonathan Turner, David van Driessen, Mr. Kieslowski
  • Allies: Negi Springfield, Sket Dan (especially Hime Onizuka), Chiyo Mihama and the rest of the Azumanga Daioh girls, Chifuyu Orimura, Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, Kayla Day, Izumi Curtis, Julia Chang, Sakamoto, Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino, Rynn Jacobs, Shuichi Akai, Garrod Ran, Koro-sensei, Guy and Maki, Team Art Of Fighting/Ryuko no Ken (especially Ryo), Roy Bromwell, Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush, John Keating, Shino Aburame, Byleth Eisner, Miharu Rokujou, Delsin Rowe, Lily Aldrin, Valerie Frizzle, Chuta Ohsugi, Izumi Curtis, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Labrys
  • Interested in: Katsuki Bakugo
  • Odd Friendship with: Daffy Duck, Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Opposes: Principal Krupp (but is cool with Captain Underpants), Denzel Crocker
  • Pities: Walter White
  • While by no means a perfect man, Onizuka plans to introduce his own style of teaching to the House of Knowledge, and hopefully get some of the younger deities to fall in line with him. Yukari claims not to be impressed by his shenanigans, but feels genuinely threatened as he seems to have won Chiyo over to his side with a smile and a wink.
    • He has taken young Hime Onizuka as his apprentice after she expressed the idea to become a teacher.
  • Ned doesn't want him anywhere near Moze, though.
  • When Gentaro Kisaragi met up with him, Ekichi was amazed to see such live and energy inside the kid. The whole idea of befriending everyone gave him the idea that he'll befriend his students in order to help them in their troubles.
  • Occasionally when pissed off, he could make the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face without even meeting Excalibur. It happens.
  • It is known that if there's anyone who endangers his students, he will stand up for his student and the agressor is viable to be slammed to the ground with his own Signature Move: The German Suplex.
  • Took a liking to Cory Matthews during his time as a mortal and was glad to have more good-aligned teachers in the Pantheon. Cory tried to be a follower... but couldn't quite become the Cool Teacher he was hoping to be. It was never his strong suit in the first place.
  • Kayla Day expresses that she talks a lot if she gets herself in a conversation. These moments though tend to be rare, but she tries to be extroverted nonetheless. This was something that Onizuka noticed rather quickly upon meeting her and has tried to get Kayla to be open about herself. It's already tough, given that Kayla is usually with a phone in her hand, wearing headphones listening to music and looking down on the floor. She does however like Onizuka for trying to be there for her.
  • The House of School found Rynn Jacobs' seclusiveness to be very weird and jarring, partly because of her precocious age and partly because they find it difficult to realize why would an intelligent and gifted girl like Rynn not take any interest in schooling. Some efforts were taken by staff members, particularly Eikichi, to reach out to Rynn. She surprisingly likes Onizuka for his determined nature and even allows him to enter her household either as a guest or as a private teacher, but affirms her point in not wanting to join the Elysium Academy. Onizuka decided not to press her further, even when he became one of the few to learn about Rynn's dark secrets, in which he decided that it would be best if he doesn't frustrate Rynn into becoming hostile towards him, in addition to valuing his respect towards Rynn.
  • Given their own stories and experiences, it didn't take long for Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush to meet up with Eikichi, a representing teacher who got himself into a lot of ruckuses, especially during his younger years as a high school delinquent, though, in spite of all this, decided to do whatever it takes to motivate and inspire others as a teacher, even if it meant using unscrupulous methods. Learning about stories involving DUFFs, Eikichi was thankful for Bianca and Wes's story and decided to try instilling others to believe in their own self-worth and to make the most of their efforts. And not only that, he'll even play football with Wes partly to make him a better player and partly out of being a friendly sport for him to compete against. While not too much in the field of electronics, Eikichi has made sure to let Bianca know that maybe too much social media can be dangerous, to which she replied with a deadpan "yeah, I know". Regardless, they remain on good terms with Eikichi being supportive of their relationship.
  • Was quick to welcome John Keating to the various schools of the Pantheon and even offered him to observe one of Onizuka’s lessons for a day. Keating noticed that Onizuka was much like himself in terms of helping students better themselves via unconventional methods, though it was clear that Keating wouldn’t resort to violence to solve anything. In any case, Onizuka saw plenty of good things in Keating and is hopeful that the lessons that Keating will teach in the schools of the Pantheon will impact his students for the better.
  • Sees a bit of his delinquent younger self on Katsuki Bakugo and would like to provide some sort of guidance to him, so that he doesn't end up stepping out of line in the future (although the fact that Katsuki has superpowers might make him Onizuka's biggest challenge yet).

    Severus Snape 
Severus Snape, God of Mean Deans (The Half-Blood Prince, Sev, Snivellus)

The Student Representatives

    Hinagiku Katsura 
Hinagiku Katsura, Goddess of Top-Graded Athletes ("Invincible-Senpai")
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Wooden Masamune and Shirosakura swords crossed over the Hakuou Academy Crest
  • Theme Songs: Power of Flower (sung by her) and A Cruel Angel's Thesis (also sung by her)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Strangely Influential Student Council Presidents, Excelling At Both Grades And Sports, Cripplingly Afraid of Heights, Masked "Ally of Justice" Alter-Egos, Unexpectedly Extreme Popularity, Tsunderes, Cute But Tough Girls, Shock and Awe, Being Idolized By Both Genders
  • Domains: Studying, Swordsmanship, Responsibility, Romance
  • Followers: All honor students who are also excellent at sports
  • Allies: Hayate Ayasaki, Nagi Sanzen'in, Mikoto Misaka, Fate Testarossa, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Akeno Himejima, Xenovia Quarta, Jimmy Hopkins, Makoto Niijima, Kyle Broflovski, Asuna Kagurazaka, Chie Satonaka, Shizuru Fujino, Labrys
  • Smash Sisters with: Misaki Ayuzawa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Asura (one-sided)
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after winning a popularity contest in the Academy as well as being among the smartest.
  • Often seen with Hayate Ayasaki in the House of Profession and always has tea prepared by him after her morning jogs. She remains oblivious to the rumors surrounding them and thinks her feelings for him are a secret.
  • When not in student council meetings, supervising her followers, or out on her morning jogs, she enjoys stopping by the House of Combat for some sparring. The residents there have learned the hard way not to take her lightly just because she is an honor student - turns out she spends just as much time practicing her swordsmanship as she does studying. And she studies A LOT. Having two magic swords that she can call at will also help though, and she's proven more than capable of fighting everything from ghosts and demons, to big robots and other skilled combatants.
  • Occasionally works up the courage to ask Hayate to spar with her. Despite a little flirting they really are just sparring, and Hinagiku consistently proves to be an even match for the Combat Butler. At the end of their sparring sessions she always seems to be about to say something before running off...many of the other Gods have started a betting pool to see if she'll ever manage to tell him.
  • Hinagiku was given a place in the Battle Harem of the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet, of which Hayate is part of. There she formed a good friendship with Akeno, though some gods did notice a quite strange similarity between the two.
    • Hinagiku was thoroughly unamused to hear from the Quartet's leader that Hayate has received a bloody beatdown by Asura - out of mistaking Mithra for his Ojou-sama for the voice similarities, and thus decided to visit his temple to ask him why he's done it. Asura calmly explained that he doesn't trust Hayate the slightest bit, being part of the Chick Magnet Quartet, out of thought of him "corrupting" Mithra, as is the rest of the Quartet. While she does understand his reasons and is happy on the fact that Mithra has such a good father (unlike Hayate), Hinagiku would still remind him that she won't forget and she won't forgive.
  • Is currently negotiating with Wiz and Boomstick to have a Death Battle arranged with her against the Master of Katanas and Japanese Swordsmanship, Samuel Rodriguez. So far, Sam's expressed interest in fighting against her.
  • Shizuru Fujino is very pleased with her ascension and is currently working to get her more involved with the Academy as a fellow Student Council President. She's also dropped repeated hints about Hinagiku coming to visit her at her temple in the Love House and how excited her followers are to meet her but so far her hints have gone completely over Hinagiku's head. Shizuru is fine with a challenge.
  • A rumor is circulating across the Pantheon that the reason why she is so masculine is because Johnny raised her as his adoptive daughter. Both her and Johnny seem to hold no comment over it.
  • Recently has been seen sparring with Setsuna and Misaki in the House of Combat. Some people claim that she has some aspects in common with the aforementioned deities, moreso with the latter.
  • Made a cover of Cruel Angel's Thesis.

    Jimmy Hopkins 
James "Jimmy" Hopkins, God of Bully Hunting
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Bullworth Academy Emblem.
  • Theme Songs: Bully Main Theme and Walk Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some shades of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bully Hunters (Codifier of the Trope), Casanovas, The Only Sane Kid in a School of Oddballs, Redhead Wearing a Signature Blue Colored Uniform, Jerks with Soft Spots, Smart, Fast and Short Powerhouses, Suffering Genre Blindness Because Gary Smith Used Him, Being a Proud Momma's Boy.
  • Domains: School, Pranks.
  • Heralds: Pete Kowalski, Russell Northrop, Zoe Taylor
  • High Priestess: BB
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemies: Sae Kasiwagi, Seymour Skinner
  • Enemies: Gary Smith, Agatha Trunchbull, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler
  • Odd Friendship: Aran Ryan
  • Jimmy was always a rebellious student, a huge reason he was expelled from a lot of different schools for the crimes of vandalism, violence, vulgarity, insubordination and arson. After entering Bullworth Academy, he met Gary Smith and he showed Jimmy how to get around Bullworth, but as it turned out Gary was not only a bully but a sociopath as well and double-crossed Jimmy the moment he saw an opportunity. This took Jimmy on a quest to put take control and dominate every clique in the school, whatever the means and defend those that take advantage of weaker students. After taking down Gary, Jimmy was later invited to the Elysium Academy as one of its chief students, becoming an honorary Hall Monitor (A title he isn't very confortable with, given his relationship with the Prefects at Bullworth) and even getting the title of Bully Hunter.
  • Jimmy is usually fairly easy-going and likes to stick up for the weaker students. He may be a shortie but he is not any less dangerous because of it and his fighting skills, while not very perfect, are good enough that he has no trouble keeping up with foes double his size.
  • Despite his anti-heroic stance on bullying, Jimmy is actually a good friend of the Kamen Rider Club. This is mostly because Gentaro Kisaragi found a kindred spirit in getting people to get along with each other, and Jimmy Hopkins respects Gentaro as a friendly delinquent that doesn't bully others. The two sealed their friendship with Gentaro's Secret Handshake and have now become the "Academy Hunters", preparing to capture any and all bullies to administer justice. Jimmy also holds lots of respect for Shun, Miu and JK for many different reasons: Shun for being a Lovable Jock who fights for the side of good because it feels good to do so, Miu because she works hard in order to get to where she is, and JK for his knowledge intel. It's also because all three of them have their own mechas (The King, Queen, and JK Dizer respectively) and is itching to build one of his own mechas to help administer justice.
  • Jimmy decided to be a lot more proactive in fighting bullying, making many friends and plenty of foes along the way. Some people started to praise and even help Jimmy in his attempts at taking down bullies. Some like Kyo Kusanagi, Asuka Kazama and Chie Satonaka respect his combat prowess, with Jimmy often tagging along whenever they run into a problem (running errands and fixing stuff what he usually does).
    • Then there was Makoto Itou, at first Jimmy didn't have a good opinion about him, considering his womanizing nature, but hearing that bullies is the one thing that sets him off, he ended warming up to him. Makoto has even attempted to convince Jimmy to help him deal with both Kotonoha and Sekai, but Jimmy being savvy enough to know that those are bad news, he decided to abstain and only get involved if things get messy.
  • Jimmy is no stranger to meeting eccentric or borderline insane people (He used to think Gary was a friend to him) but becoming friends with Irish boxer Aran Ryan, notoriously for being insane and a cheat, is something he never ever expected. The reason Aran respects him is because in the past he was bullied because of his name pronunciation and so he likes to join him in some bully beatdown if available. While Jimmy appreciates the help, he is a bit wary of the irishman.
  • His days as the Pantheon's Bully Hunter got a lot more difficult once Gary Smith entered the picture. Having learned that his old nemesis manipulated and stole a temple from a deity, Jimmy quickly confronted Gary and kicked him out before anything bad happened. Unfortunately, Gary was here to stay and so Jimmy swore that he would take down Gary whatever the cost. Thankfully, Jimmy made enough friends that Gary had to sneak his way into the House of Villainy to avoid getting ganged up by all of Jimmy's pals, and this time these people aren't as gullible or stupid as the ones at Bullworth were.
  • Speaking of bullying victims, many of those adore Jimmy for standing up for them, even if many would prefer a less violent approach to calming things down. Gary was a huge reason why he ended up befriending both Chihiro and Misao, since they were targetted by Gary and given their history with bullying, he didn't want them to suffer more than they already did. That and in a way both remind him of Pete Kowalski, his one true friend.
  • He is respectful towards teachers that treat him well, even if his general delinquent appearance may say otherwise. While at first he thought Skinner was another useless principal like Crabblesnitch, Jimmy's opinion changed the moment he discovered that, even with his flaws, Skinner wants the best for his students.
    • That said, he hates Agatha Trunchbull for embodying the worst traits of both Mr. Burton and Mr. Hattrick while looking like Edna, Bullworth's cook. The moment Trunchbull caught sight of Jimmy, she wanted nothing but to punish the young man but thankfully, Matilda was there to help Jimmy handle her. After that, both Jimmy and Matilda became friends, usually being her best partner when it comes to keeping the halls of School safe.
  • Besides Gary, he's been keeping tabs in a few notable awful people. He constantly is on the watch of Biff Tannen since at least he is dangerous enough to know how to time travel but when it comes to a fist fight, Jimmy thinks he is just a wuss. He is also not fond of rich assholes like Princess Morbucks or the Reagans, having dealt with the Preppies hasn't left Jimmy with a nice impression of rich people in the first place. He personally has beaten the crap out of Neil a few times after he kept pestering some of his associates and other times because he is one of Gary's confidants.
  • When it comes to female bullies or Alpha Bitches, Jimmy likes to take a less direct approach since he doesn't like hitting women. Libby Chessler and the aforementioned Eliza Reagan have been two of the most frequent female bullies he has encountered and usually to combat this he has enlisted the aid of his female Bully Hunter friends to deal with them if things get physical. Other time though he prefers to just egg them or hit them with a slingshot.
    • That's when he ended up meeting Pippi. Her unassuming looks tricked all bullies into thinking she was just a weird girl, only to get plummeted. Jimmy saw potential in her and since then recruited her as another Bully Hunter friend, usually having her patrol the younger members since they are more likely to be safe with her.
  • Believe or not, he is a very good artist even if Jimmy sells himself short. He tends to visit the House of Craft on ocassion, often because he likes to gather items.
  • Niko Bellic believes to have spotted him once on Liberty City, wandering around the park. Jimmy has never really been to that city and he can't quite confirm Niko's suspicion, especially since apparently this was a more grown up Jimmy. Even then, the similarities of both men made them bond and Jimmy fears that his rebellious nature may land him in a similar life as Niko.
  • Can also be found in Hunters and Slayers.

    Luna Platz 
Luna Platz, Goddess of Class Representatives (Luna Shirogane, Prez, Satellite, Queen Ophiuca/Ophiuchus Queen)
Queen Ophiuca

Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Goddess of School Nurses can be found here more than where her temples are officially since she's officially the Academy's School Nurse. It's just that there isn't a section yet for non-teacher school staff at the moment.