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Greater Gods

    The Dark Dragon 
The Dark Dragon, God of Killing Those Who Won't Join Him (The Dragon of Darkness)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The shadow of a dragon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The #1 Enemy Of The Magical World, The DARK Dragon, Final Boss, Large Ham, Hates Humanity, Kills Dragon Who Won't Join Him, Claims He Wants To Improve Life For Dragons And Magical Creatures, argues that We Can Rule Together, Super Toughness, Knight of Cerebus, Unknown Origins, Imprisoned In A Temple For A Millennium
  • Domains: Dragons, Villainy, Power-lust, Supremacy, Darkness, Terror
  • Interested in: Kaido
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Diagon, Malefor, Bowser, Erik Lensherr, Alduin
  • Enemies
  • Dislikes: The Ebon Dragon, Black Mage Evilwizardington
  • Respects: Sauron
  • Nobody knows where the Dark Dragon came from, but what is known is that he is the first dragon to turn evil. Capable of conjuring Shade Demons for his aid, the Dark Dragon believes dragons and magical creatures should be supreme and humans are inferior. Claims of good intentions are cut down by his employment methods; if a dragon does not join his cause, he will kill them. He is powerful enough and been around long enough to have become the #1 threat to the magical world.
  • Jake Long had hoped that the Dark Dragon would remain imprisoned in the temple for thousand years. It took a far stronger being than the Dark Dragon to break him out, and that was Melkor. It was adamantly clear that he wanted a replacement for Acnalagon in the pantheon, so he rescued the Dark Dragon. It's unclear what happened to Rose, who was locked up to imprison him. The Dark Dragon boasts he killed her, but his words cannot be trusted and Jake hopes Rose survived and is waiting to enter the Trope Pantheon.
  • Upon his rescue, the Dark Dragon considered it an imperative to find magical beings to serve his cause. His primary focus is other dragons. He convinced Smaug that he would benefit from a control/absence of humans and humanoids as he would make sure not a fleck of his valuables will ever be lost in his regime, and he will burn anyone who manages to sneak money without his notice. Often this is just an excuse to get back at humans, but as far as Smaug is concerned it's better safe than sorry/his support could be useful.
  • The Dark Dragon has also convinced Grima and the Void Dragon to side with him, though even with them he is wary they may one day betray him. However very few dragons were willing to be outright allies. Some non-dragons were happy to help; Typhon and Chernabog, to be precise. Typhon is a great and powerful monster who resents being imprisoned as the Dark Dragon must, and the Dark Dragon wanting to make magical beings supreme would give his monstrous offspring free reign. Chernabog sees the Dark Dragon as a means to an end, mainly relating to their similarities of large, demonic beings of darkness who can summon demons to do their bidding.
  • Despite his owing Melkor one and Sauron's permanent estrangement from the former, the Dark Dragon respects him because he's a forceful, brilliant leader who is ultimately the smarter of the two. Of course the Dark Dragon isn't openly about oppression and domination and believes he is in the right, while Sauron has mere relics of a good purpose. It's a near certainty that if Melkor has progressed far enough in his goals he can begin the destruction of reality in earnest, the Dark Dragon will turn on him and try to work with Sauron for his ends.
  • Melkor has noted that in his universe the Dark Dragon is the first dragon to become evil, as he was the first of the Ainur and indeed the first being period in his universenote  to become evil. He has also noted that the Dark Dragon's self-professed motive is akin to Magneto's feelings of mutants and humanity. The Dark Dragon fails to see anything different from a mutant and a human, but does agree the Master of Magnetism and him are not so different.
  • The Dark Dragon has the enmity of many dragons, all of which he wants to join him but recognizes it won't go anywhere. Bahamut and the Tao Trio are powerful enough to pose a serious threat to him, but fortunately for the Dark Dragon Tiamat agreed with a lot of his points and came to his rescue. Another serious threat was Acnologia, who the Dark Dragon personally detests for being a human turned dragon an enemy of both. The Dark Dragon considers him the worst of both worlds, and though he is almost as much of an enemy to dragonkind as Acnologia his contempt is justified.
  • Didn't even bother trying to recruit Falkor, as he knows it would be a waste of time. He did not think trying to recruit Diagon and Bowser wouldn't pan out, but it did. Bowser finds his hatred of humans pointless and racist, and he would rather Take Over the World himself. Diagon may be an inherently magical being, but since his betrayal by Vilgax he is extremely skeptical of the Dark Dragon. As such, he would prefer to take over the world himself.
  • He Would Hurt a Child given his opposition to Jake Long, however he regards the Sorceress's desire to rip the wings off baby dragons and kill them as cruel and unusual. As much as he and Spyro don't get along, he works with him to kick her ass. So deep is his hatred and disgust for the Sorceress he even works with Jake to make her pay...but only against her, and will start attacking his brief allies once he's done with the Sorceress.
  • The Dark Dragon is an enemy of humanity, with the Emperor of Mankind and the Order of Humanity making sure he will never manage to eliminate them. Buffy and Spike's roles of hunting supernatural threats also make them prime enemies for the Dark Dragon. However when it comes to humans his revulsion is saved for Lord Voldemort, who he will constantly refer to as Tom Riddle due to his lack of respect. This is because of his bigoted hatred of other magical creatures, albeit not to the extreme of "half-bloods and muggleborns".
  • Proving he is not so different from Voldemort, the Dark Dragon takes immediate offense to the idea of humans wielding magic, as he feels it should exclusively be for magical creatures. The majority of magical creatures and the House of Magic refuse to believe that this point is valid and as they won't stand by the Dark Dragon, they are his enemies. Fortunately for the Dark Dragon there were those from the House of Magic who wholeheartedly agreed with him.
    • Ultimecia may look human, but she's a Sorceress and she was persecuted by humanity in the past. While the Dark Dragon has warned her not to go too far with her time compression, he agrees with her desires for vengeance against humans.
    • Erazor Djinn has a vendetta against humanity for their imprisonment of him and forced servitude, though it was partly punishment for his misdeeds. His hatred towards humans is not as intense as the Dark Dragon, but it is enough that the two to work together. The Dark Dragon has grown an antipathy towards Sonic like Erazor, who's snarky teenage personality reminds him of Jake Long.
  • Of those who rejected his offer in the House of Magic he considers Vivi Ornitier one of the most missed opportunities for an ally. He thought given his background revenge against humanity would be enticing, but Vivi considers that and the Dark Dragon to be immoral. They are in agreement on one thing, however; that the stab-happy Black Mage is immoral, and as far as the Dark Dragon sees it excessive.
  • The Dark Dragon shows disgust towards Alice and Luka's relationship as he thinks she sullies herself being with a human. He holds a great deal of disgust towards House Targaryen as well, since his Fantastic Racism against humans means he regards their command over dragons, dragon riding and use of dragon symbolism sullying his kind's name and reputation. The Dark Dragon has grown to hate Malekith and his Dark Elves for taming dragons as well, though Malekith has pointed out the dragons they tame are violent and brutal.
  • Nobody should dare compare his misanthropy to that of Zamasu, as the Dark Dragon "merely" hates the human species while Zamasu despises every mortal being, be they magical like himself, designated under homo sapiens, or other. Further winding the Dark Dragon up is that like Zamasu, he would destroy fellow members of his own kind for not agreeing with him. He is alright with making comparisons of his Join or Die methods with Malekith to annoy him, though for the Dark Elf has more to do with being a Manipulative Bastard via poisoned wine.
  • His power over Shadow Demons, literal draconic/demon shadows, got the attention of the Ebon Dragon. The Dark Dragon flatly denied any attempt he made at an alliance; not because he is completely untrustworthy, but because the Dark Dragon recognizes him as an inherently pathetic being and not worth his time. He isn't interested in allying with other villains who share his voice either, as they are either human or do not fit his cause.
  • It is unknown what his true name is, and if his uniquely dark coloration is due to his natural or his becoming evil. Originally he looked very similar to Jake, but black and purple. He's not chatty about his origins, which has led some to wonder if he was anything like Malefor. The two are powerful, feared dragons, something the Dark Dragon recognizes. However he regards him as a rival instead of an ally because Malefor's goal is the destruction of the world, however the Dark Dragon wishes to rule it. Alduin is more willing to go along with the domination part, but he has his own interests and doesn't regard the Dark Dragon as all that impressive. The Dark Dragon responded by declaring him a rival to his power.
  • Not sure if he considers Quetzalcoatl a dragon or not, but he initially respected his divine and somewhat magic position. However the two are at odds because the Feathered Serpent believes humanity should be protected and has more of a fondness towards them than his fellow deities. The Dark Dragon finds this to be unfathomable.
  • Would kindly like to remind the deities of the Mother series that he is not the same as the Dark Dragon they know and fear, only because from what he's studied that being doesn't follow his M.O. However because of the threat he poses and his hatred towards all humans he is an enemy of the lot, especially Porky Minch. Porky is interested in the power he holds, wondering if it's comparable to the Dark Dragon he knows. The #1 threat to the magical world regards him as much of what he sees in humanity.
  • Deathwing and Galakrond don't think the Dark Dragon is all that impressive, and wonder why he is considered the #1 threat to the magical world. The Dark Dragon doesn't regard himself as a threat to the magical world, but he is irked at them not thinking he's impressive. As he seeks world domination and not destruction he considers Deathwing to be a madman, though admits he is impressive. As for Galakrond he doesn't oppose him, but does avoid him as he privately admits Galakrond overshadows him in power and threat.
  • Though he doesn't hate them like he does towards humans, the Dark Dragon regards Moro and Lord Tirek as major threats to him. This is because their desire to devour power, and Tirek's Mana Drain especially, is a serious threat to his livelihood. The Dark Dragon is also not one to underestimate Guts, as he knows his Dragonslayer sword was meant to slay dragons and it is exceptionally good at cutting down tougher demons than his shadowy creations. It may be worth noting that the Dark Dragon actually agrees with Guts' anger to the Apostles, but only because they were humans and thus fuel his belief that Humans Are Bastards.

    Settra the Imperishable 
Settra, The God Who United Kings (Settra the Imperishable, King of Nehekhara, Lord of the Earth, He who Holds the Sceptre, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, and many, many more...)
"There are great deeds that remain undone, enemies yet to conquer and raptures yet to rejoice in. So as it is written, so shall it be done. I, Settra, have proclaimed it - let none dare oppose my will."

Intermediate Gods

Alarak, God of Authority Positions Determined By Power (Highlord of the Tal'darim, (formerly) Fourth and First Ascendant)
  • Theme Song: Unity (shared with all the Protoss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but switches into Chaotic Neutral after hearing the truth about Amon and his "promises".
  • Symbol: The Tal'darim Faction logo.
  • Portfolio: Popular among the characters in LoTV, Dares to fight anyone who opposes him, Brutal Honesty, Blood Knight, Frontline General, Opposite of Artanis, Might Makes Right, Noble Demon, Extremely arrogant and cocky, Villain Respect, Only knows Violence as a solution, Betrays Ma'lash after learning of Amon's true plans, Plans on killing Amon for his lies
  • Domains: War, Brutality, Battles, Retribution.
  • Allies: Really few. Considering his Fantastic Racism, the only allies he's got are the GUAC and the Itazura Griefers (notably Lambdadelta). Khorne could be considered since he's accepted by his standards.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Artanis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jim Raynor] Nova Terra, Alexei Stukov, Sarah Kerrigan, Zargara, Tassadar and all other races in general (especially humans).
  • Worthy Opponent: Verod Rath
  • Rivals: Zeratul, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Megatron
  • Commonality Connection with: Discord, Thaal Sinestro
  • Interested in: Jack Ryan
  • Annoyed with: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Anyone who are considered Abusive Precursors comes into mind, especially The Combine and Amon, Harbinger, the Anti-Spiral, The Old Gods
  • Known as a heretic in the world of the Protoss, Alarak would betray his brothers to worship Amon, a Xel'naga who told them that he was their creator from the start. This would lead to the creation of the Tal'darim, the "heretic" faction of the Protoss. For their kind, it has a Might Makes Right mentality, where the strongest are the leaders. He rose until he was tied as most powerful with Ma'lash. However, when he heard of Amon's true motives and the lies of promise he said, this lead him to resign and ally with Artanis, with the later time allowing him to retake the Tal'darim by killing Ma'lash and taking his position after the battle. This, along with his expertise in combat plus strategy, gave him a good position in the Pantheon.
  • His arrival on the Pantheon has made Artanis proud, with him claiming that with (most) of the Protoss leaders and representatives intact, the race can finally be preserved and in peace. Alarak then questioned how long would this "peace" be kept up. This made Artanis silent, with Alarak responding this:
    Alarak: So much for this peace anyway, back to fighting for us.
    • Ironically enough, he questions the existence of the Main House and the Pantheon as a whole, giving this message as his opinion on its servitude.
    Alarak: "The Pantheon. A conflux of time and space where characters and worlds come together. Sounds like an underwhelming crossover if you ask me. I mean, are you people even trying anymore?"
  • With his extremist views, he feels no sympathy for any race, as he sees his Tal'darim being the superior warriors of the galaxy and not just the Protoss in general. This is why he highly disregards humans in every way. Just ask Jim Raynor during their first meeting.
    • However, he has some "personal" meetings with Nova Terra seeing her as a valuable asset against a certain threat known as the Defenders of Man, even more so on his "experiment" on the so-called Terrazine element. So far, he's still patiently waiting for the next test of events.
      • In which he was dissapointed and angered; just as Nova arrested the leader of the coalition, Carolina Davis, he planned to destroy her and the Defenders of Man for good, only for her and Valerian engage immediately resulting in huge casualties for the Tal'darim. This has eliminated any good relations whatsoever with the Terran Dominion, for the time being.
    • Same goes to the Zerg, the race that he has been fighting for centuries. While Sarah may have switched into the side of good along with Zagara and Alexei, he still doesn't care. So long as one is a zerg, then he'll consider them at watch.
    • It has been discovered though that his "hatred" for Jim Raynor could be because of this incident. He has since been angry when mentioning this because a.) Raynor is an idiot and b.) His stupidity costed a mothership on his part.
  • His race is known for having huge fights against each other, that most people would think of such as completely immoral. One can argue that the Tal'darim are similar to the Orks (minus the unethical language and tech), with Alarak being compared to Warboss Ghazghkull among all people.
    Ghazghkull: Oy, ain't you a tough xeno now ar ya? Let's go for a fist fite, grot!
    • On the other hand, the Emperor has commented that him and his race are oddly similar to the Dark Eldar. This comment made him completely baffled considering that he compared a race filled with strong, fighting warriors to lustful, culturistic-driven xenos.
  • Apparently, his views on his other Protoss brethren are more or less negative, either too boring or underwhelming in his one eyes. For instance, he finds Tassadar's position as Saviour of the Templar to be pretty disappointing on his eyes. He sees his sacrifice to be pitiful, stating that real Protoss are supposed to fight and live another day, rather than being sacrificial lambs.
    Alarak: You know, I'm starting to wonder if your sacrifice introduced us to being suicidal Protoss.
    • On the other hand, Zeratul for him is nothing more than a word-reading templar since his opinions on the Templar nowadays are rather negative for that matter. His main concern for templars like him, attempting to bore him to death with words.
    Alarak: A Templar? I see. Perhaps you can talk our enemy to death.
  • If you haven't noticed it by now, he's a big dick. Almost all the time, he either berates anyone for even the tiniest of failures or constantly mocks the person who did the least amount of effort on the battle. Worse, once he loses and he retreats, he blames everyone for their loss.
    Alarak: I must leave, and I blame this failure upon you.
    • He's also a sadist by the way, for if one ally near him would perish, his sadism increases and gives him a battle boost. For this, plus the huge dick attitude of his, made him have less allies compared to his other Protoss bretheren.
    • This however landed him into the ranks of the Itazura Griefers, with special thanks to Lambdadelta who introduced and instated him into the group. She finds his his trollish attitude worth the invitation and would help in terms of new trolling sessions with the rest. That said, he is still the most unlikeable member of the entire roster.
    • On the other hand, this got him also recruited into the GUAC for his mighty philosophy with his race. Lucifer has taken consideration to make Alarak their commander for the Morningstar Battalion, as he sees his fighting prowess and strategical expereince to be worth the invite. But that suggestion got shot down after going closer to the cultures of the Tal'darim. Instead, he placed him on the Chaos Brigade, the place where his race are compatible with. He has accepted it but on one condition: he gets to challenge a whole bunch of his army for his amusement.
  • With his encounter with Amon, he has no tolerance to any Abusive Precursors around the Pantheon, regardless of their agendas. Among those on top of his list, the Combine is on the highest of his kill list. So far as to team up with Gordon Freeman, and by extension, the Vortiguants to extinguish the menance. However, if anything goes wrong, he's going to abandon both parties unless he gathers a backup plan. The only thing thats giving him his worries is Amon's inevitable ascension.
    • With his "meeting" with the Anti-Spiral, he has also pledged to kill the same entity, but not without help. After talking with Team Dai-Gurren, he's ready to extinguish another menance. The problem is exactly when can they strike him down.
    • Another entity (or entities for that matter) he met and vowed to destroy are the Old Gods. Seeing them as creatures to be almost far worse than Amon himself, he has also pledged his "alliance" with most of the inhabitants of Azeroth. Ironically though, most of them questioned Alarak's position as N'Zoth's Corruptor Herald. He's confused about this revelation and isn't proud if it.
    • In terms of similarities, this is why he and Sinestro get along very well. For instance, both were pawns of a powerful entity that they sought to kill, both have a Social Darwinist mindset and both employ fear into the hearts of their enemies. Said similarities also has the latter giving him a Yellow Lantern Ring as a gift, with pleasing results.
  • For some reason, he gets a weird feeling everytime he's around Discord. The wyrm also has a weird connection with him too. Maybe it has something to do with either their attitudes or their voices. Then theres also the fact that, one of his attacks is named "Discord Strike".
  • Just as he was searching for worthy opponents, he found one by the name of Verod Rath. Impressed by his fighting style, huge arsenal of swords and affinity with the red and black color, he finds him to be the true worthy opponent. He also likes the fact that both of them are Blood Knights.
    Alarak: Face me, Jennerit Warrior! Your presence enlightens my prowess.
    • He also got into a heavy fight with Megatron after hearing of his mindset being similar to his race's own. Sadly, it almost ended badly for him, since he didn't hurt the Decepticon that easily, and that he would have almost squashed him, if it was not for the intervention of his fellow Protoss bretheren.
    • Khorne has also approved his skills, and sees his presence to be worth the power of the Blood God. He has yet to reply due to his oddity to his "race".
  • Has been watching Jack Ryan just as he ascended. No one has an idea why he would observe him, but if anything said about the Terrazine is true, he might be seeking ADAM as an alternative to new power. Time will tell if he succeeds.
  • "I am Alarak, First Ascendant of the Tal'darim."

Artanis, God of Stressed Leaders (Hierarch of the Daelaam, Executor Artanis, Praetor Artanis, "Skippy")
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The insignia of the Daelaam
  • Theme Song: The Stars Our Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Protoss, The Executor in the first Great War promoted to leader, Reasonable Authority Figure, young for Protoss standards, Bling of War, The Hero, Dual Wielding Psy-Blade and Warp Blade, emits lightning-based psi attacks, command the Spear of Adun, Rousing Speech, the Optimist, Kind beings you do not want to antagonize, Heavily chained by the burden of being in command.
  • Domains: Leadership, Stress, Aliens
  • Allies: Tassadar, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Jaina Proudmoore, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Thrall, Tyrael, The Nephalems, Shinji Ikari, Yui Ikari, Asuka Lanlgey Soryu/Shikinami, Knight Gundam, Optimus Prime, Elizabeth Mably, Valeera Sanguinar, Mata Nui, Symmetra
  • Rivals: Eldrad
  • Enemies: Diablo, Arcturus Mengsk, Cthulhu, Unicron, Gendo Ikari, Loki (sometimes), Darkseid, Thanos, YHVH, Zeus (sometimes), Ares (sometimes), The four Gods of Chaos, The Combine
  • Annoyed by: Discord
  • Opposes: Garrosh Hellscream
  • Though Artanis is the leader of the Protoss, he bears a heavy weight in being a leader. He ponders whether retaking his homeworld of Aiur from the feral Zerg was worth sacrificing many Protoss lives. He must perform a perilous balancing act regarding which actions he takes and does not take in keeping the two factions united. Artanis himself never wanted the position of Hierarch in the first place, and only took it because it was the only way to keep the two factions together note . Regardless, he will lead and fight for his people to ensure a better future.
  • In another universe, he was one of the chosen Protoss to undergo the Purifier Project, where their memories and personalities were downloaded to robotic warriors. However, upon reactivation, he destroyed Aiur in an open rebellion and now leads them in purging organic life.
    • One of the various color schemes is what resembles of EVA-01 and EVA-02, and Shinji, Yui, and Asuka noticed. It was pretty clear to them that the Purifier has no intention of sparing them when he was reminded of that mecha. Shinji and Asuka may have to fight it someday should it somehow get into the Pantheon and cause problems. In addition, the weapons he used were similar to those of the Gipsy Danger which Raleigh and Mako noticed.
    • With the real Artanis himself, he is amused by the fact that children are battling against destructive monsters that make the Hybrid look like toys. In addition, he is rather offended at Gendo Ikari's and SEELE's concept of Instrumentality, a corruption of the Khala's ideals and their methods which reminds him of Amon's manipulations. He doesn't know what EVAs are.
  • He'll have you know that this is NOT Warcraft In Space. It's much more sophisticated! And whatever this 'Trope Pantheon' thing is doesn't count!
  • Artanis wonders how the Pantheon is even supposed to work and has also come up with a few questions.
    "This realm poses many questions, and few answers. […] Were the Xel'naga involved in the creation of the Pantheon? If so, they have left no temples, no new lifeforms. [...] Unless...those lifeforms were unseen, controlling us through some complicated digital mechanism, some sort of "edit function" as it were! [...] Maybe even thousands of these lifeforms, all manipulating our lives at once! Aaah... All right, this is giving me a headache."
  • With him is his great companion, Artanis, harboring great respect for his leadership. He practically worships Tassadar and hopes to be a strong leader like him.
  • Probably has one of the blingy-est armors in the Pantheon. Though it is noted that he started wearing them to show leadership and the unity of his people, he wasn't wearing any during the Brood War or in general.
  • Like almost everyone, he is rather annoyed by Discord's antics, though he is a special case for him because his trollish nature and his voice reminds him of a reluctant ally, Alarak of the Tal'darim.
  • He's against Garrosh Hellscream for what he has done to his people. He is also disturbed that he almost sounded like him when he is very angry, which is very rare.
  • The House of Music joke that his name is Sinatra backwards. To be fair, he lived a life that's full, travelled each and every star array, and more, much more than this, he did it his way.
  • He will get annoyed at people if they call him an "orc", no offense to the orcs. All because people were keep poking him.
    "What do I look like, an orc?"
    "Will you stop poking me? Go dispense your aggression on one of the orcs! See how they like it!"
  • Though he wanted to see Kerrigan die for backstabbing the Protoss once and killing his best friend, Fenix, the prophecies from Zeratul tells that Kerrigan plays a role in saving the universe from the end of all things. As he trusts Zeratul, he has to take his word for it and hope that he's correct. Over time, he's begun to warm up to her.
    • And in spite of his old 'alliance' with Arcturus Mengsk last time (which failed to defeat Kerrigan), Artanis has made it clear that it was merely an Enemy Mine situation. In fact, he condemns all of Mengsk's power-hungry lying methods, the eyes of the Daelaam Hierarch sees through his lies and he'd be more glad to eradicate his tyranny if opportunity presents itself. At the very least, Artanis' glad that Arcturus's son Valerian is a lot more redeeming.
  • He directly opposes malicious god-like deities in a more defiant stance. Despite whatever their powers and destructiveness are, it will not deter Artanis and he'll always oppose them to the bitter end.
    • Khorne and Tzeentch took an interest in him at first after seeing him utilizing both skillful melee and psionic powers in tandem. And while Tzeentch left him alone after discovering that psionics were not born of the warp, Khorne only gained a further interest in him, considering that despite being able to utilize almost magical abilities, these abilities were clearly his own and not 'stolen' from the Warp. Artanis made it clear just where Khorne could shove his offers of power, though.
      You would see the universe embroiled in eternal conflict, serving no purpose but your own mindless lust for slaughter. Leave, now, or you will see firsthand that the Firstborn are no strangers to warfare.
      • While Khorne initially thought this to be empty boasting, he eventually did learn of Artanis' excursion to scour his universe of their malevolent god by venturing into its realm. He has not been seen in Artanis's temple since, content to passively profit from the conflict in the Koprulu sector.
  • Though he respects Eldrad as a leader who wants to protect his people from destruction and extinction, he questions his motives about using others as sacrifices. Also, he found him to be a huge dick.
  • At some point, he had crossed paths with Elizabeth Mably. At first the Pandora had mistaken him for the Nova she fought until he explained to her that he is far different from them. While she learned who he really was, she was also impressed with his acts of leadership while Artanis had mutual feelings. They have been good allies ever since.
  • Artanis once made a public statement about how a man who retained a dead man's memories and personality will NOT be automatically be the same person, they are different people who deserve to carve their own destiny as his experience with a certain 'Fenix' (later known as Talandar) concurred. This eventually led the Pantheon to further believe that the incident of 'Magister's Terrace featuring Kael'thas' really is as they theorized: That Kil'Jaeden-loving abomination cannot be Kael'thas at all, it's just a husk possessing his memories and personality. As a result, Artanis seems to hang around with Kael a lot more if they are in the Nexus.
  • He may be an actual leader, but for Protoss standards, he's actually pretty young. That was how he met and befriended a Blood Elf, Valeera Sanguinar, with similar trait of being considered young despite looking like a bombshell for human standards.
  • This is Artanis' worst nightmare. When he woke up, he was very relieved that it's All Just a Dream. Although he has given weird looks to Uther after waking up.
  • Became friends with Mata Nui, as they are both leaders attempting to save their people from destruction; not to mention there was something about Mata Nui that reminded Artanis of Ouros, the last benevolent Xel’naga. One time, Artanis asked Mata Nui if the Great Beings were an alternate iteration of the Xel’naga. Since Mata Nui did not know much about his creators, he admitted it was a likely possibility.
  • After awhile hanging around in the Nexus, Artanis paid a visit to the universe where Omnic Crisis wrecked havoc and to his surprise, he ended up befriending Symmetra due to their utmost belief about order, and Artanis can definitely share about the importance of order and sympathizes with how Symmetra under Vishkar was very similar to himself when serving under Aldaris. Though the chance to just sic the Spear of Adun to Vishkar seems very tempting even for him.

    Former Cipher Pol 9 
Former Cipher Pol 9Members , Deities of Weak Superiors With Skilled Subordinates (Cipher Pol No. 9, CP9, Ninth Justice | Spandam: Spanda | Lucci: Massacre Weapon, Pigeon Guy | Kaku: Mountain Wind | Fukuro: Fukurou, The Silent, Lover of Rumors)
Clockwise: Kumadora, Blueno, Rob Lucci, Kalifa, Spandam, Fukuro, Jabra, Kaku
Zoan Lucci 
Zoan Kaku 
Zoan Jabra 
  • Intermediate God (Lucci), borderline Intermediate (Kaku, Jabra), Lesser Gods (Kalifa, Blueno, Kumadori, Fukuro), Quasideity (Spandam)
  • Symbol: Enies Lobby's Tower of Justice
  • Theme Song: The 3 Towers
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with being Lawful Neutral on good days. Lucci has an attitude not dissimilar to Chaotic Evil. Members were True Neutral as fugitives. Spandam is truthfully Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Animal-Motif Team, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, Badass Crew, Badass in a Nice Suit, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Knight Templar, Quirky Miniboss Squad, Secret Police, Strong and Skilled
  • Domains: Strength, Secrecy, Martial Arts, Order
  • Heralds: Funkfreed, Hattori, Nero
  • Superiors: The Five Elders
  • Allies: Frieza, Ginyu Force, Agent Smith, Sibyl System, The Patriots, Big Brother, Goro Akechi, Bask Om, King Bradley, Lex Luthor
  • Rivals: Agent K and Agent J
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Prime Minister Honest (except for Spandam), Wild Hunt
  • Enemies:
  • Cipher Pol is the investigative department of the World Government, carefully looking into and dealing with threats towards the World Government. Of course, one could expect some skeletons in the closet regarding this department and its methodology. Cue Cipher Pol 9, a branch of Cipher Pol does not exist publicly due to what they specialize in: assassinations. Given the authority to completely kill whoever they see as a threat without hesitation, every combative member was trained since childhood a martial art style is known as Rokushiki—making every member aside from potentially their leader a powerhouse in their own right. They are feared by most people who do know of them, as a single reference to them is enough to scare a person to plead for their life. This generation of Cipher Pol 9 is notable for the dynamic they have which almost led to the destruction of the organization itself. The destruction of Enies Lobby alongside the failure of their greatest mission resulted in much of the members being blamed for it barring their leader who led the accusations in the first place. Those members ended up as fugitives for a bit, hunting down their former director until some members were scouted once again to join Cipher Pol 0, an even more superior branch of Cipher Pol that directly serves the wills of the Celestial Dragons. The Pantheon took note of their time as a group and even if they are not anymore, ascended them as if they were all still together and had the same dynamics then. Most are not pleased with this prospect but they were ordered to still take the position by the Five Elders themselves, something none can refuse.
    Spandam: Ah! This is like good ol' times... with me being a leader and such.
    Jabra: Except if you throw us under a bus again, I'll kick your ass!
    Spandam: Lucci! Punish this man for threatening a CP0 member!
    Lucci: I hereby grant that authority to Jabra and the rest of this group...
    Spandam: UWAAAAH!
    • The eight members are as follows by the Power Level system they chalked up during Enies Lobby: Spandam, Lucci, Kaku, Jabra, Blueno, Kumadori, Fukuro, and Kalifa.
    • Spandam was their director, formerly directing Cipher Pol 5 before reaching the Cipher Pol 9 director status his father once had. A notable aspect to Spandam is his complete incompetence compared to those he supposedly leads, bumbling at everything he does with the hopes to obtain extreme power himself even though that power is meant for the World Government.
    • Rob Lucci on the other hand has been declared to be the strongest member within Cipher Pol's history—showcasing extreme efficiency with accomplishing what he is assigned to do without reservation. Lucci has been infamous across the World Government for his skills and noted he could probably survive a Buster Call if he was in complete strength.
    • Kaku has been heralded as a second to Lucci in terms of power but still is far away from that status. He is polite and compassionate, yet will hold no sympathy when accomplishing his group's goals.
    • Jabra is third in power, something he hates about Lucci to the point of declaring himself as The Rival to the strongest member. Jabra could be seen doing his best to train himself to obtain that status of strength one day.
    • Blueno is rather stoic compared to the rest of the members, being incredibly blunt as well. His Devil Fruit abilities allow him to quickly escape and maneuver an environment freely.
    • Kumadori is incredibly bombastic and hammy for an assassin, though has a few tricks up the sleeves that do not make him a liability. His ability to control his body parts fluidly upon intense focus is impressive, even compared to the other members who have higher power than him.
    • Fukuro has an unsurprising amount of endurance, being able to tank many hits before he is taken down. He also likes gossiping a lot, giving unbiased opinions on things such as his team member's strength levels.
    • Kalifa is the only female member of this Cipher Pol 9 generation and can be quite easy to annoy. She also is listed as the weakest member of the group though that probably changed thanks to her gaining a Devil Fruit ability.
    • Other members not included are Hattori, the pet bird that Lucci keeps around on his shoulder, and Funkfreed, a sword that ate a Devil Fruit that allows it to turn into an elephant. There is also Nero who was newly recruited though was dropped into the ocean during a storm before he could be properly inducted to their ranks. Nobody misses him. Even though this group is eccentric, they are deadly when it comes down to it and nobody should underestimate any of them even if not all are as strong as Lucci.
  • Speaking of underestimating, looking down upon the Straw Hat pirates proved to be their downfall when their underestimation of their abilities caused three marks on their reputations. One was the escape of Nico Robin and Franky, whom they arrested and attempted to coerce. Two was the loss of the plans for Pluton, a superweapon that Spandam wanted to use to overthrow the World Government yet its blueprints only remain in the minds of Franky and Iceberg, students of the legendary shipwright Tom. The third was to reiterate, the destruction of Enies Lobby thanks to Spandam accidentally sending the message to do so. Even now, they all have great animosity for the Straw Hats for it. They would go after them like the Marines had but are too busy in their current duties to do so, especially now that the Straw Hats are tangoing with Emperors of the Sea and their crews. Lucci and Spandam did bump into them at Gran Tesora and Lucci was sent to fight alongside the Marines at the Pirate Festival for a very important treasure that relates to the One Piece. Either way, they are all itching for a rematch and are waiting for the perfect time to do so.
  • As Cipher Pol 0, they did not enjoy covering up Doflamingo's Dressrosa takeover. Not that is morally reprehensible for them—they do it all the time, but they were essentially blackmailed by the former Warlord to follow his whims as Doflamigo could spill a secret the Celestial Dragon want to keep under wrap from the rest of the world. It is generally unknown if Cipher Pol heads know what this "secret" entails but would like not to care either way. They have to serve their masters first and foremost, not even stopping to question if what they are doing is wrong or not. This applies to only the Cipher Pol 0 members, as the Cipher Pol 9 members who are not part of that group are kept out of such meetings much to their frustration. Although they are still family-like, a notable air of mistrust formed around the members now that secrets are being sent in and out.
  • The Five Elders told them to work with Prime Minister Honest a few times. Honest had promised the World Government access to his methodology of controlling people if he was allowed to bring some of those directly under them for missions if Wild Hunt was too risky to send out. Though the Five Elders did not want to essentially obey somebody else, the power Honest has is very much worth it and used the former CP9 members as the bargaining chip. The Five Elders could have used Marines instead but they cannot afford to frustrate them; CP9 is the more obedient, professional, and the safer option. With that said, the members feel offended they have to work for a fat bastard who has no principles aside from getting power and causing misery to others. Of course, Spandam gravitated towards Honest as he and Spandam share the same worldviews on getting up top. Spandam even secretly wanted to ditch the World Government for Honest if it was not for the fact Cipher Pol would have his head. For the other CP9 members, they hate working not only for Honest but with Wild Hunt as well due to how unprofessional they are and how much of a compromise they present. They would rather Rape, Pillage, and Burn than complete missions eloquently, something not dissimilar to pirates. Hell, they even have a pirate within their ranks! The only positive they could say about working with them CP9 coming to conflict with Night Raid who all served as a Worthy Opponent to them. Nigh Raid in turn treats CP9 as a danger not on par with Wild Hunt but somehow even worse. CP9 has displayed that they are not as powerful as Night Raid is, making up for their relatively weaker strength with skills and intelligence that are reserved for the most powerful of foes.
    Akame: They may not pack quite as hard of a punch as others, but I can safely say those at Cipher Pol are most similar to me when it comes to fulfilling their duties. That should already speak on how deadly they are.
  • Another threat that Cipher Pol 9 was sent against was the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The Five Elders believe that their methods correlate to some kind of hypnotism that can affect the highest-ranking World Government members. CP9 followed the Phantom Thieves across the Pantheon, wondering if the teenagers posed such dire threats to government figures. As the Phantom Thieves have not been called to change the cognitions of the corrupt, they were all doing their usual business. Out of all strange information gathered, what Kaku and Kumadori can attest to was their leader could make some pretty incredible curry and coffee when asked—with the former having Kumadori put to tears over its delicious nature. The Five Elders still believe that the World Government is being targeted regardless and asked them to interrogate a member—even the innocuous cat if they have to. On deciding to pick who to interrogate, they found out the existence of Goro Akechi who publicly stated he spied as a member for the Phantom Thieves. CP9 proceeded to kidnap Goro and ask him how they do it, and Goro gave the explanation without hesitance but said that the methods they used are no obsolete considering the Metaverse was shut down. Akechi then took control of the situation, offering the World Government a deal if they let him go and not harass them. He would tell Cipher Pol if the Phantom Thieves are active again and even ring them on their methods before it all becomes obsolete again. They agreed and let Akechi go, waiting for his report on if the Phantom Thieves will be active again...
  • Their job would go a lot faster if Agents K and J would give them the technology to wipe people's memories away and replace those memories with narratives the World Government constructs. That is the precise reason why the Men and Black will not cooperate with any group as the neuralyzer is too powerful in the wrong hands using them. The heads of the World Government are already as corrupt as it is and giving neuralyzers to them may spell the enslavement of the entire world. CP9 has also been tasked to steal neuralyzers from the Men in Black as a result, with Cipher Pol almost inciting a war over this. CP9 has obtained a few already but not enough for Doctor Vegapunk to reverse-engineer safely yet.
  • Are interested in the procurement for nuclear weapons, something that Spandam would want to obtain for himself even if Lucci will dogpile him over it. They went to negotiate several deals for such weapons, and even brought the ever so infamous Metal Gears with them from Liquid Snake, someone Lucci is very much accustomed to. Then it all went to hell when Solid Snake and his fellow Philanthropy agents went to blow up the Metal Gears, causing them and CP9 (whom they detected with their Haki) to do battle. If that was not enough, Big Boss and his men rode in with the hopes to steal the Metal Gear for themselves—going into them and started attacking. CP9 retreated with Blueno's Devil Fruit power, knowing that the Metal Gears would be destroyed at the process. They were fortunate enough to leave with their buying money intact but Liquid on the other hand realized how much he was set back for expenses. Spandam was also depressed afterward, thinking it was a waste of weaponry.
    Spandam: Stupid activists with their stupid terrorism. Somebody should have a Buster Call on them...
  • Are associated with tyrannical figures as a result of their connections to the World Government. The Sibyl System, Big Brother, the Patriots. Though they do not regretfully work for them like Honest, CP9 was promised to use the resources those groups provided if they help "investigate" those they deem as threats. Even someone as politically powerful as Lex Luthor sought them for their efficiency on dealing with certain matters that would be best kept under wraps. Them trying to win favors eventually led them to Armstrong, who has been labeled as a high threat for his machinations against governments. However, when CP9 went to confront Armstrong—he was already prepared to take them on. Each member went after Armstrong but even they were not able to pierce his Haki-like nanomachines which made for a pretty quick battle. Blueno was the first to go, being blasted through a door he created across the room. Jabra went for the kill afterward but barely dented Armstrong before being pummeled to the cut. Kalifa made Armstrong slippery and had Kaku attack from above through his swords ended up broken. Both were easily kicked to the side afterward. Kumadori attempted to restrain Armstrong with his hair as Armstrong was still under Kalifa's powers but the hair ended up slipping off him and Kumadori was taken out by a punch immediately after. Fukuro and Lucci were the last to go with Lucci acknowledging he may not win this one. Fukuro did his best to shield Lucci from Armstrong's first attack but even he ended up getting beaten up after tanking a good four hits, to which then Lucci started rushing in once Fukuro went down. Lucci managed to pull a few scratches on Armstrong, something the senator admires but told Lucci that he still had ways to go until he could reach his leave. Gripping Lucci as the Devil Fruit effects wore off, Armstrong proceeded to beat Lucci within an inch of his life, not stopping even after Lucci reverted from his Zoan form. Armstrong then left them all bloodied on the floor—a defeat not seen since their initial fight against the Straw Hats.
    Armstrong: You all have potential, I'll give you that. But nothing compares to the power of American liberty and nanomachines, sons!
    • Each member had befriended several of the Homunculi that operated in Amestris. There are no issues with this, considering that the Homunculi operated under the military's control (for at least most of them). An especially favorable person they praised was King Bradley who has professionalism and strength that is akin to the best World Government employees. CP9 incidentally also gained the ire of Olivier Armstrong and Roy Mustang who sought to rid the government of the Homunculi's presence after their defeat. Cipher Pol 9 is ready to challenge them if it comes down to it.
    • Though they hope it does not come down to it, they are willing to harm citizens if they pose that much of a threat. Individuals they have no sympathy for but mobs fueled by rage are another story that Cipher Pol no matter what division, cannot find a way to threaten without losing face. Bask Om advised them to think of the ultimate solution to riding large amounts of protesters: gassing! If they do not disperse, then it is their fault for inhaling lethal toxins are Om would say. Cipher Pol had refuted the decision, as that may lead to even more bad publicity but now have that trigger if the situation came down to it. There is a reason why Caesar Clown is still being sought after due to ensuring those lengths are taken. Kamille does not like people interacting with his greatest enemy and wants to ensure Cipher Pol does not use the methods the Titans are so infamous for.
  • James Bond has tried his best to infiltrate the ranks of Cipher Pol after the amount of prodding they have being deemed as too dangerous to be left unchecked. He has discovered traces of their existence but catching the members themselves within the act proves to be too much since they are gone if he so much as catches a glimpse of them.
  • Exclusive to Spandam:
    • If it was not made clear, Spandam has always wanted to oppose his superiors via holding the world hostage with a superweapon. This sounds eerily similar to what Crocodile wanted to do, especially since it is the same weapon they wanted. Spandam may be under Cipher Pol 0 where the World Government has a tighter leash on him, but that does not stop him from trying to find the opportunity to do so. He asked Starscream, Walder Frey, and even Wilhuff Tarkin for advice on when and how to bring that spotlight to himself but was refuted on each one. He still is quite bummed over the fact that his former subordinates now outrank him, making the position he had built up for himself All for Nothing.
    • Thought was the director of several competent fighters, Spandam has shown that he is weaker than the average Marine fodder. He is hilariously incompetent as all he does is let his minions do all of his work while the only thing he could do is threaten others thanks to the said position that he may or may not have had his father pull stuff behinds the to give him. Djibril relates to Spandam for this reason—something hardly good and even Djibril has more bravery than what Spandam has. Kira Yamato once saw Djibril with Spandam and immediately felt the pathetic energy that radiated from Spandam in comparison. He is still angered over such insults to this day.
    • Has a Cool Sword called Funkfreed, that somehow ate a Devil Fruit which can turn it into an elephant at whim. He cannot use the sword well nor can he have Funkfreed be tamed. There will likely be a point if not happened already that Spandam will injure himself with his sword. Barbar who is an elephant wants Funkfreed to escape the grasp of an organization like Cipher Pol, believing it must be in misery. Funkfreed still does not show signs of being abused, only embarrassment for its wielder who probably died in one hit against the young elephant.
  • Exclusive to Lucci:
    • Rob Lucci has been declared to be the most dangerous member of Cipher Pol for a good reason. When he was just starting, he was once tasked to deal with a hostage negotiation where five hundred soldiers were captured by pirates. In the end, Lucci logically assumed that the only way for the negotiations to go smoothly was to not have the negotiations happen at all. He proceeded to murder all the hostages one after the other, and when he was discovered he then wiped out the pirates he was meant to deal with. His brutality that was shown that day persists, hiding underneath The Stoic persona Lucci carries (something mitigated by the bird perched on his shoulder at all times). This sadism and philosophy on "Dark Justice" were appreciated by Seryu who saw Lucci as kin to herself. Lucci would not say it goes that far but was impressed by how much Seryu's methods were similar to his. When people see them together, it is more or less told that people no matter what rank should run away as fast as possible lest they end up as "collateral" for whatever they do.
    • Undyne was shocked and appalled by Lucci's methods, which considering that she was willing to kill kids for the sake of the Underground says a lot. Vile and Gauron may be on the more chaotic side of things, highly respect Lucci and wish to fight him themselves one day even know the pure physical strength Lucci has would like completely wreck them. Solf J. Kimblee is more interested in the philosophy Lucci follows more than his skills, going up to the man himself to ask.
      Kimblee: Willing to do anything for your government, huh? Do you have any principles of your own or are you like a dog, following the command of your masters? Do you fight for them for peace or because they are the stronger force at the moment? Come on, Lucci! Surely, you questioned at least on what cause you're dedicating your life for!
      Lucci: The answer I would like to give you is that the dogs are the Marines, I am more of a tool for whatever task my so-called "masters" wish for me to perform. If it is a genocide they want me to do, I'll do it. If I am asked to boil hundreds of babies alive, I'll do it. If I'm asked to kill my fellow Cipher Pol members, I will do it.
      Kimblee: Amazing. Your principle is Undying Loyalty! Now that is something I can get behind.
    • Out of everybody in the Pantheon who is visually similar to Lucci's Zoan form, it is Eugene Gallardo. Granted, the distinction is that Eugene is a black panther while Lucci is a leopard but the point stands that they are buff cat people. Eugene wanted to fight Lucci after seeing how much menace is placed in the atmosphere once he arrives on the scene and wanted to show the Pantheon that Lucci is nothing to be feared. Lucci and Eugene fought each other afterward, with Eugene surprisingly putting up a better fight than most. It was then when Lucci started to get serious and began pummeling Eugene which resulted in the latter's loss. Lucci told Eugene he had potential, but could not reach the same heights he was in. Eugene took that as a challenge, training every day to one day defeat Lucci.
    • "It's time you understood. This is what happens when you make the World Government your enemy."
  • Exclusive to Kaku:
    • If Kaku was not a member of a professional assassin group, he would be a cool dude to hang around. He is thoughtful, polite, and even merciful but that all falls compared to the orders he is given. What makes Kaku so dangerous is his fighting style where he is Dual Wielding blades, slicing at opponents at fast speeds. His skillset also is factored by his Devil Fruit power that turns him into a giraffe that is capable of spinning so fast, it could slice through the stone. Is acknowledged as the second strongest in Cipher Pol 9 but that is not saying much since Jabra is less than five points below his level while Lucci is far in the first place. Like many other members, he likely mastered his Devil Fruit ability after the Paramount War and increased his power but it is highly unlikely he still reaches the level Lucci is on. As a result, he and Jabra are stuck on the Lesser God level which he is not particularly keen with.
      Kaku: Trained for years and all I get is "bordering on Lesser." Maybe if I work on those pushups more...
    • A distinct feature that Kaku has is his blocky long nose to which people keep confusing him for Usopp just because of that shared if incredibly different trait. Kaku may not feel ashamed of his nose but gets somewhat annoyed over people poking at it. This feature incidentally leads to his friendship with Squidward Tentacles, where Kaku fixed the broken-down boatmobile Kaku stumbled upon at the middle of the road. In truth, Kaku needed a getaway since he was just down with a mission and used his expertise as a shipwright to fix up that escape. Squidward and Kaku bonded over how odd their noses are and Kaku now visits Squidward whenever he has a public recital or an art exhibition. Kaku can sort of appreciating Squidward's art but had to excuse himself from any future clarinet recitals Squidward had due to almost dying the first time he heard them.
    • A person who challenged Kaku's swordsmanship was Samuel Rodriguez, believing that Kaku makes for a good sparring partner. Kaku agreed since he could hone his skills and the two proceeded their dual. The fight was cut short when Kaku's swords were broken by Samuel's. Samuel was embarrassed and offered to have the swords repaired out of his wallet. Thus began the cycle of Kaku and Samuel dueling, breaking Kaku's swords, then having them fixed. Kaku does not mind his blades are getting broken, believing that with each break he is closer to be as fast and strong as his partner is. Rodriguez himself is having fun trying to outwit Kaku but has to admit he is getting bored of breaking the weapons constantly.
    • "You underestimate the destructive power of the giraffe!"
  • Exclusive to Jabra:
    • Jabra can be classified as being the most pragmatic of Cipher Pol 9, acknowledging that as an assassin—they should get things done quickly and efficiently. As a result, he tends to bluff his enemies before going in for the kill. That does not mean most would come to believe his lies though, as he has to come up with complicated lies on the spot before attacking his foe. He can improvise well but that does not mean that he is no longer transparent with his trickery. Kokichi Oma has been schooling him on how to be a better liar—something Jabra feels humiliated for but acknowledged Kokichi is much better with the whole lying schtick than he is.
      Kokichi: Tell me! What is the tragic backstory that will make foes more merciful to you?
      Jabra: I was born under a pile of bodies given birth to my dying mother and I was part of a mining crew who risked their lives daily until I was scouted by Cipher Pol 9. All my fellow orphan kids died to plague and accidents, now I fight with the hopes to die on the battlefield.
      Kokichi: Good job! But maybe add your guardians getting murdered by bandits too. Repetitive tragedies bring out tears.
    • His Devil Fruit ability turns him into a humanoid wolf—something that has been compared to lycanthropy but is not. Through this shared trait had resulted in Jabra gaining a few friends like Wolf who saw Jabra as very formidable and even Zigore who mistook Jabra for second kin to itself—this made him enemies more often than not. Jabra being the competition freak he is, thought Bigby Wolf was stealing his style and assaulted him to impress some ladies. Bigby then proceeded to make Jabra slip, embarrassing him for continuing the battle. Fenrir Grayback and Lawrence Talbot could have been his friends but they dismissed Jabra for not being a true werewolf in their eyes. Especially strange for the latter since he practically hates succumbing to his instincts though it is likely the werewolf side talking. Jabra then declared he would be the greatest werewolf ever... without maiming people nor eating their flesh. It took Jabra a few attempts to realize that such a task would be difficult.
    • Bonded with Monsoon over seemingly being harmless (especially since Jabra likes to prattle on how Lucci keeps stealing the spotlight)—only to prove people wrong by showcasing their strength. To be fair, this friendship is constantly on the brink of breaking off as Jabra complains constantly while Monsoon goes on about memes in turn. At one point, they decided to switch their speaking roles with Jabra talking about the memes while Monsoon complained about Lucci. Both did not know what the other was talking about and ended up realizing how annoying they both sounded to people. A startling realization leads them to take some time off thinking over.
    • "If you hesitate, your prey gets away."
  • Exclusive to Kalifa:
    • A behavioral trait Kalifa has that people outside take seriously while many who know her do not is her calling any inconvenience to her as sexual harassment. From her former boss at the Galley-La Company to the members of Cipher Pol itself, Kalifa holds nothing back on referring to anything she is annoyed at as sexual harassment. She even refers to people who she has a very low opinion on like Spandam having their entire existence be considered sexual harassment. Some deities took her accusations more seriously and Kalifa may have gotten more than one person in trouble because of her catchphrase. She may be considered the most sexually harassed person in the Pantheon at this rate. Of course, there is a person who deserved to be called a sexual harasser is Glenn Quagmire who tried groping Kalifa one time. She kicked his ass instantly, driving him to tears when she said not only his entire life called sexual harassment but also his parents for giving birth, his friends, his job, his extended family, whatever lovers he had taken, his house, whatever pets he has, his clothing, the cashier of his usual restaurant, politicians he voted for, and the food trucks he frequents are all sexual harassment in her eyes.
    • Her Devil Fruit power allows Kalifa to soap people and things with her touch, making them all slippery and cleansing all imperfections they have. This may be more beneficial to her opponent than harmful to them with the only drawback of being imprecise with their slippery bodies but that is more than enough lack of control for Kalifa to begin attacking safely without much fear for counters. Additionally, it also drains users of energy and can leave them looking like a shiny bowling pin. She could also use bubbles produced from her powers to shield herself as well. It sounds powerful, but it is seemingly exceeded by those who have similar powers—Caesar Zeppeli and Josuke Higashikata displayed there can be more down with bubbles there is. And considering that Kalifa has to touch people with said power, it can appear VERY sexual—almost as if she was a soapland employee scrubbing someone down. That ironically classifies herself as... a sexual harasser.
    • Her powers allow Kalifa to easily clean areas of grime and dirt with perfection—something noted by the Court of the Gods. She was offered that anytime she was available, she is to be paid for scrubbing particularly gross places down as the Court of the Gods rather focus on cleaning efforts at more public and livelier areas within the Pantheon. Kalifa would have been offended towards this proposition even though she had done this beforehand but realized that she could sneak around missions under those pretenses of cleaning. Thus Kalifa sweeping the Pantheon clean is now a common occurrence that strikes both gratitude and fear.
    • "That's sexual harassment."
  • Exclusive to Blueno:
    • Though he is considered a formidable fighter in his own right, Blueno is relegated mostly to be the getaway person for his team with his Devil Fruit abilities allowing him to open doors in and out of places at a whim. So cue Blueno being surprised by Okina Matara—someone who has the same ability but has greater control over it. Blueno wanting to improve himself went to Matara with the hopes that she could teach him how to approve his abilities. Matara agreed though when Blueno came up again, she had forgotten her promise to him and almost killed him. No hard feelings were given and now Blueno has thought of new ways to use his door powers against people and as a support unit. Matara could not care less if Blueno was training under her—just wondering how the hell did he find her after hiding for so long undetected.
    • Though he does not talk about it, he has an amicable relationship with Kurogiri who has shown some companionship with the Cipher Pol 9 member. Though Kirigiri and Blueno are on the opposite sides of the fence when it comes to who they are fighting for, they both are the teleporters on their teams and serve as bartenders with Blueno disguising himself under that occupation for half a decade. In exchange for having his bar be their hideout, Blueno opts in to replace Kirigiri and hold down the fort. Moe who thinks he has a rival in town when to confront Kirigiri over his bar but ended up meeting Blueno instead. It was easy for Blueno to kick Moe out, something that remains sore for Moe even to this day.
      Moe: I'll getcha back! I swear to ya!
    • After trying to escape from a mission once, Blueno found himself stuck within Asterion's labyrinth—a place he thought was perfectly okay to rest over but soon realized it was not when he found some children's bones. Asterion then showed up to attack, raging that Blueno maybe some other minotaur out to get him thanks to his horned hairstyle. Blueno and Asterion fought and he managed to get a few good hits at Asterion but the minotaur fell after having nothing to eat but bone marrow for the past few days. Blueno would have left right there and then but knew the labyrinth would be an easy recovery spot, so he opted to feed and befriend Asterion instead. Asterion was delighted in finding a good friend in Blueno, allowing his team to go in and out of his labyrinth if they should. Blueno would give Asterion food if he passes by, enjoying a quiet meal with each other without worry.
  • Exclusive to Kumadori:
    • The most unlikely person who would look like an assassin, Kumadori loves playing up the bombastic personality he defines himself with. Much like the characters of Hamlet and Macbeth, Kumadori takes after them by presenting everything he does with pure emotion and resolve. Kumadori in the Pantheon goes and watches those Shakespearean plays to be "inspired" by the characters as he puts it. Though eccentric, he is a Cipher Pol member and can also be as formidable as the rest of his peers especially with his Seimei Kika powers which allow him to take control of any part of his body. Adding mystery to his character—he may be a descendent or at least a follower of the Wano culture considering he holds many of the traditional Wano warrior's cultural hallmarks within his personality, except amplified. Even the slightest misstep on his part makes him willing to seppuku himself right there and then, something that grates on his fellow members considering how often he does it.
      Kumadori: This failure of mine brings me the greatest shame! In the name of my deceased mother, I will kill myself as retribution!
    • Kumadori managed to befriend Butter Stotch who also showcases an overblown personality when he takes the villainous role of Professor Chaos. Butters wanted Kumadori to teach him the ways of the Rokushiki with the hopes to use it against his enemies. When Kumadori inquired why he wants to use it for a selfish reason, Butters gave his tragic story of being abused by people around him. Kumadori agreed after being driven to tears by his story, almost being dehydrated because of his crying. Butters learned how to be swifter from him but has yet to being at least adept with one Rokushiki technique.
    • One tried auditioning for a soap opera produced by Calculon with the hopes to bring "culture" to the viewers out there but was easily passed over once Calculon was left unimpressed by the overacting Kumadori that would take away from the other actors. Kumadori was furious, questioning what kind of standard does Calculon has for his television shows. Calculon jokingly stated that Kumadori acts like Nicolas Cage before leaving, resulting in Kumadori having to research who Nicolas Cage was because since he did not know. When Kumadori saw some of Nicolas Cage's films, he was offended over how overacted and hammy the guy could get without seeing that he embodied those same complaints he spews out.
    • "YOYOI!!"
  • Exclusive to Fukuro:
    • Looking like a sandbag to most people, Fukuro displayed he can take the beating and uses his size to his advantage when fighting people—overwhelming them with his body. This is also aided by the fact that Fukuro tends to be upfront against his opponents, coaxing them not to run away but to face him directly. That is not to say that Fukuro is invincible—he could take only so much before being downed. That is why he has shown jealousy to the Sandbag that everybody uses as target practice, believing that they are all cowards instead of fighting against a real person. Fukuro then proceeded to attempt to beat the Sandbag out of frustration—unaware he is doing what everybody else does with it.
    • Once tried to be as fast as Sloth the Indolent which caused... many problems for Fukuro down the line as he was unable to keep up. Tons of sweat and splinters were formed thanks to Fukuro running after Sloth as that is what his fellow members told him to do to get stronger. Unfortunately for Fukuro, his pleas to have a new training regiment fell under deaf ears. Sloth is a fine enough guy but Fukuro just cannot reach the speed that the Homunculi has.
    • Though his mouth has a zipper over it, it does not stop Fukuro from gossiping to others on events and is rather perceptive when he has to assess things. So quite literally, Fukuro has a big mouth. He is friends with Squigbly for that very reason—thinking the two share a bond over having a "curse" over each other... when in actuality, Squigbly does not have the unzip option that Fukuro has. She knows he is an assassin but Fukuro claims that he was once, not telling her that his Cipher Pol duties are still active in the Pantheon. Hiding this information is part of him wanting to keep Squigbly safe from what his job entails and also as his duty as a Cipher Pol member. He is not sure if she has caught on yet—which scares him.
    • "CHA PA PA PA PA PA!!"

    Lin Beifong 
Lin Beifong, Goddess of Iron Ladies (Chief Beifong, Lin Bei Fong, (That Lady is) My Hero)
  • Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: Black metalbending gauntlet with a three-claw scar and a golden arch badge.
  • Theme Song: Beifong's Sacrifice
  • Alignment: Lawful Good 90% of the way, but will go Neutral or Chaotic in exceptional times.
  • Portfolio: Metal, Earth, 24-Hour Armor, Amicable Ties to an Ex-Love Interest, Keeping Peace and Stability by Enforcing the Rule of Law, Building-Swinging Cables, The Comically Serious, Powerful Middle-Aged Female Voice, Cool Old Lady, Lowering the Walls Around a Heart of Gold, Being Just Like One's Parents Except Really Not, Iron Lady of War, Protecting Others at One's Own Expense, Maintaining Integrity in the Face of Plausible Deniability, Retractable Blades, Lost and Regained Powers
  • Domains: Law, Metal, Leadership.
  • Herald: Saikhan
  • Allies: Avatar Korra, Tenzin, Asami Sato, Avatar Aang, Katara, Mako, Bolin, Commander Samuel Vimes, Olivier Mira Armstrong (former High Priestess), Greed the Avaricious, Toph Beifong (her mother), Varrick, Sokka, Zuko, Uncle Iroh, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Kirie Sakurame, Chun-Li, Ling Yao
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, Lust the Lascivious, Raditz, Esdeath, Death Phantom
  • Respects: Any non-corrupt members of the Houses of Leadership and Justice, especially Sam Vimes
  • Opposes: Kuvira, Charles zi Britannia, Phoney Bone, Maxie and Archie
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Complicated Relationship: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • The elder (and once-estranged) daughter of the legendary Toph Beifong, Lin is the Chief of Police in Republic City, the capital of the United Republic of Nations. She holds a strict belief in peacekeeping through strong and just enforcement of the law, and has run her department this way. Despite this belief, she hasn't let herself be held captive to the letter of the law, stepping outside those bounds in critical moments to protect her world, charges and loved ones against major threats.
  • In her younger days, Lin briefly dated Avatar Aang's son Tenzin until things fell apart and he left for another woman. In response, she infamously destroyed his house and tried to get his new girlfriend arrested. Aang, who she got along with famously, was briefly disappointed but did not resent her after this.
  • Was initially hostile towards Aang's successor Korra, considering her a lawless, impetuous Destructive Savior coasting on her title. Working together against Amon and his Equalists helped Lin gain respect for Korra as well as resolve her issues with Tenzin, who was Korra's mentor.
  • Philosophically, she comes straight from the school of Samuel Vimes as someone who's strong in the law, faithful to its letter, but more importantly true to its spirit. In fact, he openly campaigned for her to enter the House of Justice. While that push was unsuccessful, the House of Leadership took notice and made sure to have her brought in to fill the vaunted seat of the Iron Lady, one which she's earned as a tough, decisive boss and guardian whose bluster is backed up in action.
  • Was greeted by Korra, Asami, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Samuel himself upon her ascension to the Pantheon. Was not happy to discover that Amon and Zaheer had ascended before her.
  • Is still wary of Varrick for how he played into the Water Tribe tensions to enrich himself at the potential expense of Republic City and the Tribes' safety during Harmonic Convergence season, though she does acknowledge the stroke of conscience that's come upon him in the time since then and is willing to work with him when the occasion calls for it.
  • Met Greed shortly after her ascension. The homunculus caught her at work arresting a street criminal and promptly went to hit on her, declaring that he was the future King of the World and wanted her as his Queen. She rejected him out of hand just as quickly as he came, but later began to see that he had some virtue after he helped her lead a small resistance of both police and civilian fighters to protect Republic City from an attack by Raditz. Since then she's been willing to fight alongside him and go to him for information, but still isn't terribly friendly to his advances. Toph, who approves of Greed, says that's slowly changing with time.
  • Since ascending to the Pantheon, she routinely takes trips to the House of Justice. She often visits Samuel and takes pointers from him about certain situations to see how well his outlook really matches her own.
    • That said, not all members of the House are as keen to her presence there as Old Stoneface. Judge Dredd, for example, is annoyed at her for being so prone to infamous declarations such as "OUTSIDE THE LAW" on the rare occasion that she chooses to bend the rules to protect others. She doesn't think ill of Dredd for this, but does find the objection annoying when it comes up.
  • She first took notice of Charles zi Britannia when she heard about the old emperor with military strength-based ideals similar to those of her High Priestess. After brushing up on his politics and goals, she considers him a revolting and pitiful distortion of both Olivier's and her own ideals who has more in common with Unalaq, Korra's Evil Uncle and Counterpart, and will not hesitate to bring him down if she sees him come near her people.
  • During one of her visits to Greed's bar Stray Dog, she witnessed one Josuke Higashikata willingly heading right for the slot machine in order to get the money to pay back some rich guy whose car his great-niece was accused of stealing. Interested, she cleverly used her metalbending to rig the machine so he could win, with only Greed noticing, then followed Josuke to the House of Commerce, where she witnessed him paying the money to Robert Speedwagon and Integra Hellsing, then conversing amicably with Speedwagon. After looking up connections between the two and discovering Josuke's family ties to Speedwagon's friends, Lin then went to the House of Family to check on Josuke, only to be disappointed at the sight of him beating up on Bowser Jr. for mocking his pompadour. She now thinks he's going down a similar path to Korra as a novice Avatar and Suyin as a young rebel.
  • After being informed that the GUAC wants to extract Vaatu from Korra and several agents of Chaos have already tried to do so, she is more intently watching out for anything they might do as well as becoming slightly overprotective of Korra. Despite knowing the Avatar can more than handle herself, she can't help but think there's no such thing as being too careful. That said, she has no intention on smothering Korra, seeing how badly that's gone in the past.
  • The fact that the benefactor to Greed's bar happens to be a member of GUAE doesn't sit well with Lin. She's confronted the homunculus about this, but was assured that Wario did not ask him to become a member and is only interested in money, and he would've said no even if it came up. For some odd reason, she actually believes him, but still doesn't like the situation.
  • Whenever she sees the Gaang hanging out as kids, Lin still finds herself amazed at how little they've changed personality-wise from how she knew them as adults. Seeing how Toph is in particular, as well as finally being told about her mother's difficulty with being sheltered by her own parents, has given her a new understanding about why Toph was so lax with her and Suyin. In any case, she's more appreciative of her mother taking that route as a parent — instead of turning into someone like Charles or Unalaq.
  • She's also been warned by both Greed and Asami about Lust, Greed's sister and enemy who somewhat resembles an older version of Asami. She understands easily that Lust is a threat to her people and is preparing for the day she crosses paths with her.
  • After hearing rumblings about a long-unseen suspicious character appearing at the House of Heroes, she headed straight there and found three young men fighting: Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Shukuro Tsukishima. Naruto and Ichigo claimed Shukuro invaded the house trying to stab Naruto with his katana and rewrite Naruto's memories, while Shukuro contended the knife was for self-defense and Naruto had started the fight. Lin then asked them what house and sub-house they belonged to. Naruto and Shukuro said Heroes, while Ichigo said Life and Death. The blade of her cable disarmed Shukuro two seconds later and he ran away shortly thereafter. When the boys asked how she figured out who was telling the truth, she stated the intruder would likely conceal their separate housing — something Ichigo didn't do.
  • A certain ballroom dress was sent to her as a congratulations present. She hasn't put a lot of time into searching or asking, so doesn't know who it came from yet.
  • She soon found herself finally greeting the ascensions of first Olivier, then Tenzin, congratulating them each in short order and frequently talking with both of them, albeit separately. She and Olivier even exchange important information about each other's people.
  • When Korra got herself a seat in the Pantheon separate from UQ Holder!'s Touta Konoe, Asami threw a party to celebrate and invited many old and new friends over. Seeing Greed try to apologize to all the teenage girls there for his younger friend Teddie's constant hitting on them, she took the chance to introduce Korra and Tenzin to him by remarking how his first attempt to flirt with her wasn't much better. She also was thankful to both Kirie Sakurame and Alphonse Elric for adding Tenzin's ascension as part of the cause for celebration, as well as tried to object when Korra and Touta decided they wanted to spar with Hercules as Illya von Einzbern's Berserker in the future when both were revealed to be the same only to stop when Touta's confident reply reminded her of Naruto.
    • After the party, the Krew, Toph, the Elric brothers, and Greed stayed behind to talk, with the two verses' deities learning more about each other in order to settle any concerns over Greed's intentions. Not surprisingly, Lin watched him nearly talk himself into a hole several times with his all-things-avarice persona, but otherwise he was appropriately protective, relieved, and bluntly honest with his take on events of her life, such as her family conflict and resolution, her tantrum after the breakup with Tenzin, and being de-bended by Amon. Furthermore, he and the Elric brothers offered many valuable details about the Philosopher's Stone, human transmutation, the Homunculi, and especially their fathers.
    • What did surprise her was hearing from Greed how he'd like to mentor Bolin and Mako should the young brothers ascend to the Pantheon someday. (He would later get that wish.) In the end, she received notes of caution (from Tenzin) and approval (Korra) regarding her "hopeless suitor", and was grateful for getting both. Likewise, now knowing Edward and Alphonse's story, she approved of them most out of Korra's friends, for what it was worth.
  • Has half a mind to arrest the former eco-terrorist Pokémon team leaders Maxie and Archie just to teach them a lesson despite the fact that they've since apparently rejected their evil ways, a sentiment shared with fellow stern policewoman Carmelita Fox. She's held off for two reasons: Toph determined they're telling the truth about being reformed, and Greed wants to see if they start to slip up again first.
  • Phoney Bone ascended to the Pantheon and got his cousin and Herald to bartend at Stray Dog. Smiley's harmless, but Phoney seems a bit too Varrick-esque for her liking. Still, the bone is no real threat, so she's not tapping Greed as a resource to go after him.
  • Finally met Ling Yao after the 12th Prince of Xing turned up in the Pantheon. He burst into laughter shortly after their introductions, which she was annoyed by until she realized he found the coincidence of their names downright hilarious, which got her to join in and chuckle too. After talking with him for a bit, she was reminded of Prince Wu with his smooth charisma, but a far more cunning and serious example. Her protective instinct towards her charges and loved ones also earned his respect.
  • Ichigo later sought her out to take down Tsukishima and get the truth about his agenda. She recommended they get Wonder Woman to help, and the three were able to bring him down and hold him in the Lasso of Truth. Despite this, his accounting of having been sent to Hell before being brought to the Pantheon and rescued by a "faceless robe" was rejected wholesale by Ichigo, who remembered that Shukuro and his boss had met an entirely different afterlife where they even aided Ichigo to repay their debt to him. A further investigation revealed that said "faceless robe" had been none other than Wiseman, who Wonder Woman recalled from Sailor Moon's stories had been an enemy of the Sailor Guardians. They confirmed that the history Ichigo knew was the real one, and purged Tsukishima of Death Phantom's influence. She's still watching carefully that Tsukishima doesn't return to villainy, but knows the real enemy of the story now.

Lesser Gods

    Dana Zane 
Dana Zane, Goddess of Benevolent Bosses (Boss, Chief, The Red Comet, Undefeated of the West, Girl Who’s Eternally Seventeen)
  • Borderline Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her cybernetic arm.
  • Theme Song: Last Call
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Boss and Bouncer of VA-11 Hall-A, Cybernetic left arm, Somewhat of a Cloudcuckoolander who tends to get stuck in stuff, A goof who’s not to be underestimated, Famed In-Story, Amicable Exes with Lexi Rivers, Proudly loves cute and 2D things, Wields a bat with nails named Zankantou, Was a “shallow jerkwad” for a good portion of her teens and doesn’t like recalling it, Idiot Hair, Vague Age (claims to be “eternally seventeen”)
  • Domains: Bar Owners, Cybernetics, Rumors, Mystery, Wrestling (formerly)
  • Allies: Jill Stingray, Alma Armas, Dorothy Haze, Sei Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, The ascended Griffin and Kryuger Tactical Dolls, Tapper, Bartender Bob
  • On Good Terms with: Wrestlers in general such as Mike Haggar and Zangief, Maximilian Caxton, Big Band, Edward Elric, Violet Evergarden
  • Friendly Rivalry: Moe Szyslak
  • Enemies: C.R.A.S.H., Manny Pardo
  • Opposed by: The Gang
  • Herald: Gillian
  • Meet Dana Zane. On the surface, she’s just the boss of the hole-in-the-wall bar that is VA-11 Hall-A. But to those who are even mildly familiar with her Dana is far more than that. Devil-may-care goof she may be on the surface, the owner of the bar has a wild history and is subject to many rumors, some of which surrounding as to how she lost her left arm. Some say it’s from battling a rogue cyborg wrestler, others say it’s from fending off a bear, and some more theorize she tossed something so hard it just fell off. Regardless of the hearsay one thing is for certain: Dana really cares for her subordinates, Jill Stingray and Gillian. Sure, it can be attributed to the fact they’re both pretty diligent and responsible to the point that Dana thinks she’s just their boss in-name-only, but she does go out her way to look after the both of them. Gillian is especially notable as despite being the butt of several jokes she does genuinely appreciate him and was pretty much the reason for him having a safe place from whatever he did in the past.
  • Along with Gillian, Dana served as one of Jill’s Heralds to better help acclimate herself in the Pantheon, and while for the most part has gotten used to the place’s weirdness she still found it odd considering Dana’s her boss. Eventually, Dana did some work and managed to score a position of her own in the Pantheon and decided to surprise Jill with it, something Jill herself was pretty excited to hear. Dana also ended up taking Gil as her Herald given he serves a similar purpose back home, anyways. Other than that, not much has changed when it comes to workflow. Most of the time Dana is either in her office or off running errands as she trusts subordinates to hold down the fort.
  • Being the owner of Valhalla and Jill’s Herald for a period of time she’s on good terms with Tapper and Bartender Bob thanks to Jill’s own familiarity with them though Tapper’s helpfulness and Bob’s all-around easy to approach personality helped. And while there’s somewhat of a rivalry between them being both owners of bars, Dana is even on good terms with Moe after she helped him out with something, although for the most part they don’t interact often. On the other hand, The Gang wasn’t pleased to hear about the owner of a rival bar managing to secure a title for herself, especially since she has an easier time thwarting their already poor attempts at sabotage now. At one point, Dana chased them down with a seeded baguette.
  • Dana’s adventurous history, as it is known, includes the following jobs: She was a wrestler, an MMA fighter, a collaborator with the Neo-San Francisco police department, a chimney cleaner, a lumberjack, a pet shop attendant, and a corporate mascot. Even back then she claimed that as a kid she was the kind to pick fights with those bigger than herself and around twelve years old she “became the Merriam-Webster definition of a ‘shallow jerkwad’”. Dana realizing what kind of person she was around the time she became sixteen years old helped change her for the better. To this day, she would rather not recount such years in her life.
    • While her fighting days are over, Dana’s reputation continues to precede her even in the Pantheon. In special regards to her time as a wrestler, she was dubbed titles like The Red Comet and the Undefeated of the West. There is even someone who takes after her legacy, to where they even go by the moniker of The Red Comet Jr. This, combined with the fact she also watches wrestling, puts her on good terms with the Pantheon’s many wrestlers such as Mike Haggar and Zangief and is particularly fond of watching the latter’s matches when she can.
    • The story of how she ended up collaborating with the Neo-San Francisco Police Department involves her old league, the Grand Slam Fighters, being caught up in something. One officer, Lexi Rivers, came there to ask questions but a fight suddenly broke out. Before anyone knew it, Dana already took care of the situation after some things she ended up becoming a partner to Lexi, and she stands by the fact Dana was one of the best she ever knew. They became an item at one point, though it only lasted for around a weeknote . They remained on good terms, however, and have kept in touch even after Dana left Neo-San Francisco. In terms of other officers, Dana gets along with Maximillian Caxton and Big Band and has even met the former due to being a frequent client of Valhalla. On the other hand, she isn’t all too fond of C.R.A.S.H. and Manny Pardo, especially after she caught the former harassing Jill. They didn’t get to do anything beyond bothering her as Dana didn’t waste a second getting Jill out of there, though not before kicking their asses.
  • As far as preferences go, she doesn't mind anything as long as they're cute and/or 2D and is very much proud of it. Luckily for Jill, who has a massive crush on her boss, she's included in that category. Dana admits that if she had to choose who to marry between Jill and Gillian because she's cute, smart, and (again) she kind of already owns Gil anyways. The bartender is hesitant when it comes to acting on said crush, something Alma and Anna were glad to point out, though they may have gotten together and went to make a week-long trip to Panama months after the New Years party.
  • How exactly she lost her arm is quite the mystery, one Dana herself doesn’t mind perpetuating if only because it’s more interesting that way. What isn’t a mystery is that she made sure the replacement had state-of-the-art tech behind it. Its utilities include a hard disk drive in the forearm, a flashlight, a clock, and apparently the ability to fire her hand akin to a Rocket Punch. Admittedly, she was sad to lose her dominant arm but was also satisfied at the bigger purpose it servednote . Dana would prefer that would be the last time she’d give up a limb for something but if a similar situation would arise she’d do it again. Plus, her cyborg arm is really freakin’ cool.
    Dana: This hand of mine is awesome!
    • Edward Elric and Violet Evergarden can likewise relate to Dana having also lost limbs themselves and being forced to get mechanical prostheses. For Ed, he lost his left leg and right arm when he and his brother, Alphonse, attempted to bring back their mother through the use of alchemy though he eventually got his arm back. For Violet, she lost both her arms in the war during her time as a Child Soldier. Much like Dana, the two have also built up a reputation for themselves, though people tend to mistake Al for him while he gets relegated as “the short one”, much to his intense ire. She accidentally made the same mistake herself (if indirectly), though this mistake was eventually remedied.
  • She’s familiar with the likes the Tactical Dolls of Griffin and Kryuger thanks to their PMC being hired by the Zaibatsu Corporation following the disbandment of the White Knights. Even if their visit was brief due to some complications with conflicting technology, Dana was still excited to meet a few both out on the street and when they stopped by Valhalla. She even got a bunch of souvenirs out of the whole thing to boot. She has no idea what to think about a T-Doll version of her that was rescued from another Doll’s serious drunken mind, though.
  • If there’s one other thing one needs to know about Dana, it’s that she has a habit of getting stuck in stuff. In fact, it’s actually Jill’s first impression of her boss when she came over to submit her contract. Some may compare this habit with Winnie the Pooh with Hunny pots and Rabbit’s door or Setsuna with traps, though Dana has gotten stuck in a wider of things. A jar, a bucket, a helmet, a TV while trying to assemble it, etc. At one point she even got her jaw stuck after trying to eat a big sandwich...
    Jill: I like to think she’ll make an effort now to avoid getting stuck in things.
    Gillian: I want to believe.
  • Instead of something normal like, say, a dog or a cat, her family pet was a bear named Bosco. Aang and his friends wondered if she meant the Bosco that was the pet of Earth King Kuei but Dana clarified it was a separate Bosco (though she wouldn’t object to meeting the other one someday). She hasn’t had much of a chance to meet some of the Pantheon’s many bears and only managed to do so with Bewear while the Pokemon was training with Bear Hugger.
  • Given the prolific life she leads it's inevitable that people would question how old she is. Dana, however, tends to dodge the question though if given the chance she’ll respond that she’s eternally seventeen and doesn’t elaborate further than that. Trying to pry any further will cause her to threaten to take the person’s tongue on the slim chance said person does actually find out. Some have taken the initiative to do the research themselves regardless but the most they could dig up was what was described above and her burning her house down that one time.
  • She’s very much fond of spicy chicken wings, so much so that Dana frequents the Spicy Chicken restaurant two blocks from Valhalla to get her buckets. In the Pantheon, she goes down to Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken or that other chicken restaurant down in the House of Food whose manager doubles as a part-time warrior and idol. In both cases, she thinks both their chicken isn’t to her tastes but it’s good enough for her to buy for Jill and Gillian every now and then since the amount of spice is far more reasonable for them.
    • On an unrelated but still food-related note upon being asked about her opinion on pineapple pizza Dana said: “All food is a blessing you snotty jabroni, be happy that you have it instead of having petty fights over it". The person who asked the question was reported to have been suplexed soon after and had forgotten the experience as well as the hour before it.
  • Though she hasn’t made any statement about it she’s on the lookout should a man named Yasunori Kato ascend to the Pantheon one day. Apparently, Dana has a vendetta against him and plans to bring the hurt on him should the time comes. He’s quite the villainous fiend, and she is very passionate about enacting justice onto him.
  • “I don’t plan and evaluate every move, Jill... I just act.”

    Fiore and Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia 
Fiore and Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia, Sibling Gods of Sudden Leadership
Left: Caules. Right: Fiore.
  • Lesser God(desse)s (Fiore was dropped to Quasideity after the Great Holy Grail War)
  • Symbol: Their Command Spells
  • Theme Song: Battle - Black Faction
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Siblings Who Contrast with One Another a Lot, Take Over Leadership of the Black Faction at some Point
  • Domains: Siblings, Leadership, Magic, History, War
  • Herald: Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia (their "uncle")
  • Allies: Chiron, Astolfo, Jeanne d'Arc, Sieg, Siegfried, The Master of Chaldea, Vlad III, Shirou Emiya, Archer/EMIYA, Artoria Pendragon, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Palom and Porom, Nunnally Lamperouge, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, George Washington, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Akko Kagari, Lua, Luca, Zuko
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mordred (Saber of Red), Illyasveil von Einzbern
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Angra Mainyu (Avenger), Zouken Matou, Shinji Matou, Jack the Ripper (the actual version, Assassin of Black borders on Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), Jeanne d'Arc Alter, Apocalypse, Monaca Towa, Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, Byakyua, Father Elijah, Azula, Ozai
  • Uneasy Relationship: Victor Frankenstein and his Monster (The original iteration only, Berserker of Black is an ally due to being Caules's Servant), Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Opposed By: Argus Filch
  • Ceasefire Towards: Amakusa Shirou (Kotomine) Tokisada, Achilles, Atalanta, Karna
  • As two of the representing masters of the Black Faction, Fiore and Caules were preset to engage in battle against the Red Faction over who gets to claim the Holy Grail and grant their own wishes. In the initial phases of the Great Holy Grail War, Fiore and Caules had Chiron (Archer) and Frankenstein's Monster (Berserker) respectively as their Servants and held their own in battle. That is, until Berserker of Black sacrificed herself battling against Saber of Red and the Black Faction leader, Darnic Prestone was killed by Shirou Amakusa. Being the Magus with the best magical capabilities, Fiore was promoted to be the leader, a position that proved stressful and not one of her preference, despite her great talent and relationship with Chiron. Nearing the end of the war, Fiore sacrificed her family crest magus powers to give leadership to Caules, who would go on to secure victory for the Black Faction, despite the loss of their servants sans Astolfo.
    • In the aftermath, Caules was admitted into Norwich to further continue his magical training, now that he is the head of the Yggdmillennia clan. Fiore was slowly able to recover and regain her ability to walk, though she is currently undertaking physical therapy and aid with the Black Faction's homunculi, in addition to moving to New York.
  • Initially, Caules and Fiore were not interested in continuing with their magical training, even with Caules's admission to Norwich. Still, they were invited to join the Pantheon after receiving an invitation from the Master of Chaldea. Caules was fine with becoming a part of a new world, but asserted that his older sister come along with him too. His wishes were accepted, for Fiore was content with Caules's decision. They did express their surprise on how odd and mystical the Pantheon was, but were able to quickly able to adapt thanks to a few faces that they were familiar with.
  • Due to being the current head of Yggdmillennia, Caules is expected to further practice and better his use of magic. Thankfully, with the abundance and potential of magical deities and elements around the Pantheon, it seems the young master has a lot of opportunities to go through. Fiore however is a Quasideity. This is because of giving up her magus position to Caules, thus also relinquishing her magical powers. Not that she doesn't mind as this is what eventually allowed her to regain the ability to move without wheelchair assistance. It's also one of the very rare instances where being depowered ended up being more beneficial. Though she currently uses a walking stick for support for the time being.
  • One of the first deities they came across was Chiron, Fiore's servant, who was humbled and happy to see his master ascend. Furthermore, he was accepting of the new life that Fiore chose to pursue and Chiron has asserted that he will always be supportive of her actions. That is not to say he wouldn't be around for her, given that their partnership was a very effective and understanding one. As a result, an enemy of Fiore is also an enemy towards Chiron.
    • They were also soon reunited with Sieg, Jeanne, Astolfo, Siegfried and Vlad III, the latter two of whom were pleased to see that the Black Faction managed to win the Grail War and expressed their wishes and luck to the siblings. That said, the fact that there are a whole new slew of servants and masters means that they'll have a lot more to interact with than just the servants that they're familiar with.
    • No longer at war against each other, they're currently under a ceasefire with the ascended members of the Red Faction. It also helps in that Chiron and Achilles were master and apprentice and still maintain friendly contact with one another, even with the occasional fight with one another. Then again, there's bigger threats in the Pantheon for both the Black and Red factions to deal with, so it's not like Shirou Amakusa is in any position to restart another Grail War. Fiore and Caules however are open to having an amicable chat with Shirou and his conspirators, that is if the Holy Grail isn't the main topic.
  • They've developed a wide range of feelings towards many of the new servants and masters, at least in their point of view. Fiore appears to get along really well with Shirou Emiya due to both of them wanting what's best for their close ones and Shirou himself complementing Caules's dedication towards his sister. Their friendship, in turn also extended to Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou who understand the stress of being a master. Rin in particular has taken to training Caules at some point and understands Fiore's wishes to remain out of conflict for the time being.
  • Of all the fellow masters, only their Honorary Uncle, Gordes Musik was appropriate enough to be selected as their herald. Mainly because Darnic Prestone turned himself into a threat towards his own faction the moment he forced Vlad III to use his Noble Phantasm to turn into Dracula, Roche Frain was simply too detached from humanity and his obsession with Golems doesn't help matters and Celenike Icecolle had none of the moral scruples the other masters had and decided it would be best for Astolfo if she doesn't turn up. Ever since their arrival, bringing Gordes along had him rethinking how he should approach Sieg again at some point. That said, they did feel bad for not heralding Darnic and Roche, given that the former was desperate in his goals and the latter was suddenly and cruelly betrayed.
  • The Master of Chaldea has enlisted the siblings into his staff support and seeks to at least provide Caules with magical training, which he states that he will partake mainly to defend himself and his sister. Even with her mana capabilities gone, Fiore could at least mentor and teach the homunucli on how to stand up for one's self and to appreciate life.
    • Fiore and Caules were rather surprised to see someone who shared Gordes's surname, Goredolf Musik, who acted as one of the Master of Chaldea's many heralds. He, in turn met Gordes with some amusement and despite their contrasting personalities, they did warm up with one another overtime. Similarly, Goredolf himself expresses care for Fiore and Caules, even trying to stand up for them despite his cowardice.
  • Caules's first impression on Victor Frankenstein was a skewed one. For one, Caules chewed on him in the fact that he should have been more careful and compassionate about the treatment of his monster, though he does feel saddened about the fact that Victor's actions led to his loved ones being killed before he eventually succumbed to hypothermia while trying to find and kill the monster. The monster, on the other hand feels somewhat grateful to see Caules treat him as an individual and not as a beast. Then again, the Monster was Berserker of Black in Caules's world, a fact that the Monster sees with some surprise. Hearing about himself being Caules's servant and managing to establish an understanding relationship, the monster sees Caules with more respect than he usually does towards others.
  • Fiore is in good graces with the ascended deities who also had to be confined to a wheelchair during their lifetimes, namely Barbara Gordon, Bentley Turtle and Nunnally Lamperouge. Bentley seeks to try getting Fiore to get a better grasp at using technology such as phones, given that Caules is perfectly fine using. Barbara praises Fiore for taking an approach that would restore her physical mobility, given that the only reason she regained the ability to walk was through a series of retcons. Nunnally being a similar idealistic who hopes for the betterment of her loved ones can relate to Fiore in that sense. Charles Xavier is pleased to see Fiore become a well-regarded and capable individual as a master and as a person, with her demeanor reminding Charles of his stance of Humans and Mutants coexisting peacefully with one another. This was a fact that Apocalypse didn't take lightly as he felt that Fiore's mindset was counterproductive to his view in life and seeks to teach her that, the fact that several servants are already opposed to him be damned.
    • As a All Loving Heroine, Fiore may be seen as a brighter contrast to Father Elijah. Like her during the Grail War, he is also a wheelchair-bound individual who is determined to see the end of his goal. However, where Father Elijah really contrasts Fiore is that he's a Control Freak of the highest order and everyone else be damned. To counter Fiore's positive outlook on life, Elijah seeks to "wipe the state clean" with the Sierra Madre Casino via The Cloud and Hologram Defense. Given that she used a mechanical device to aid her in battle, Byakyua took a slight interest, though became disappointed in Fiore for relinquishing her magic and hence, unable/unwilling to use said device.
    • Even if her villainy is downplayed as of recent events, Fiore and Caules are still very wary about Monaca Towa. Given who her inspiration is (or more currently, was), the siblings could hardly be contested by it. Not helping matters is how Monaca posed as a wheelchair-bound student as a way to win students' trust and turn it around for torture, which rubs Fiore the wrong way.
  • On the subject of siblings, they are on good terms with the Elric Brothers and Porom and Palom, due to their sibling instincts and their dedication towards one another. At also helps in that the other two sibling duo ware well-versed in magic, an aspect which Caules feels he can learn a lot from. The Elrics intend on making Caules more versatile in magical combat and respect Fiore's decision to be left out, given she is still undergoing her mobility training.
    • There is also Lua and Luca, who are adept in magic and often engage themselves in hanging out with the Forvedge siblings. Caules is amazed by their feats, namely their nature as Signers who are able to summon the Crimson Dragon and Luca's ability to interact with monster spirits, which is rather similar to the interactions between master and servant. With Zuko, Fiore and Caules tend to be careful with him due to his troubling family issues with his father Ozai and sister Azula despite the fact that Zuko has since moved on from trying to impress his father. It helps that Zuko is willing to befriend Fiore and Caules due to their understanding and caring nature, though the Forvedge siblings do have some ounce of pity towards Azula given the overall treatment Ozai inflicted on her and Zuko.
    • Speaking of, Caules gets along pretty well with Akko Kagari, who also struggles to maintain her use in magic, though the difference in their usage difficulty is that Caules isn't interested in magic whereas Akko isn't a natural born witch. Still, they respect one another, given that Akko is steadily improving herself whereas she is impressed by Caules using the most of his abilities to lead the Black Faction to victory and enroll for further magical training soon afterwards.
  • Despite their relationship with Nunnally, Fiore and Caules are more conflicted with her brother Lelouch, if mainly because of how extreme he is in keeping her safe and happy. For now, Lelouch is fine with the fact that the Forvedge siblings get along with Nunnally and can tell that they have no harmful intent. However, the fact that he would outright force his opponents to kill each other and use his wits to demoralize them makes Fiore and Caules suspicious otherwise. Other than that, there's no real enmity between them.
  • They caught some unwanted attention from Argus Filch due to his inability to use magic. As a result, he's jealous of Fiore and Caules, but especially the latter as he has a better grasp of using magic despite his lack of interest. This has Filch baffled to no end and seeks whatever means necessary to learn magic. Fiore and Caules on the other hand aren't forgiving of the fact that Filch acted under Dolores Umbridge and got away with it. Aside from that, the Forvedge siblings don't have time to deal with Filch given his overall ineptitude in the long scheme of things.
  • Chucky has noticed how Fiore reminds him of one of his top enemies, Nica Pierce due to their disabled mobility (former in Fiore's case) and plotted an attempt to torture and kill her for the hell of it, or even better, possess her just to mess with Caules. The siblings are incredibly cautious about him given that Chucky has an assembled army of possessed dolls at his service, though luckily, Chiron and Berserker of Black are always there for help when needed.
  • Both were quite delighted to come face to face with the former Servant of their former uncle Darnic, Fionn mac Cumhaill, where it turned out that Fionn was actually very chill and managed to show utmost honor that despite Darnic's megalomania and alliance with Nazi, still managed to bring victory to the family and thwarted Zouken Matou. Of course, respect aside, Caules' opinion on Fionn when he makes advances to Fiore is My Sister Is Off-Limits.

    Horde Prime 

Horde Prime, God of Controlling Underlings (Prime, The Emperor of the Known Universe, Emperor of the Galactic Horde, Ruler of the Known Universe, Regent of the Seven Skies, He Who Brings the Day and the Night, Revered One of the Shining Galaxies, Promised One of a Thousand Suns, Brother, Big Brother, Big Brother Prime, Lord Prime, The One Who Destroys)
His true form 
  • Lesser God. His rank can go down or up depending on who he chips. Overdeity when controlling the Heart of Etheria or a similarly powerful artifact. Has the authority of a Greater God.
  • Symbol: The Horde's Logo
  • Theme Song: Horde Prime. Alternatively: The Horde Empire
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Controls his Servants through Various Means, 0% Approval Rating, Adaptational Attractiveness, Adaptation Personality Change, Narcissist, Non-Action Big Bad, Make Way for the New Villains, Ascetic Aesthetic, Final Boss, Knight of Cerebus, Hate Sink, Greater-Scope Villain and true Big Bad of the Series, The Emperor, Galactic Conqueror, Hive Mind, Hope Crusher, Individuality Is Illegal, Industrialized Evil, It's All About Me, Abusive Parents, Bad Boss, Complete Monster, Claims to be Above Good and Evil, Big Brother Bully, Body Surf, Villain Override, But for Me, It Was Tuesday, Control Freak, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Order Is Not Good, Fought the Genocidal First Ones and Won, Cult, Fantastic Racism, Muscles Are Meaningless, Life Drinker, Final Solution, Faux Affably Evil, Demonic Possession, Omnicidal Maniac when pushed to a Villainous Breakdown, Eldritch Abomination in his True Form, Gets Thrown Off to his Death But Survives by Transfering his Consciousness, Deader than Dead
  • Domains: Villains, Control, Masters
  • High Priest: Hawk Moth
  • Followers: Sledge, Dr. Hell, Ysanne Isard
  • Alliesnote : Darkseid, Lucemon, Big Brother, IT, Sauron, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Johan Liebert, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grogar, Gihren Zabi, Junko Enoshima, The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Enemies: All Ascended Masters of the Universe Deities (Especially Adora, Catra, Entrapta and Hordak), All Good Aligned Deities in the House of Magic and Sorcery, All Ascended Steven Universe Deities, Dharkon, Don Thousand, Death the Kid, Discord. Lelouch Vi Britannia, The Good-Aligned Danganronpa Deities, The Rebel Alliance and The Jedi, Ashi, And Pretty Much Everyone Else Not Listed Here
  • Rivals: Zamasu, Galeem, Yalbadaoth, Oryx, The Vex, Malthael
  • Opposes: GOLB, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and Grand United Alliance of Chaos (for the most part)
  • Horde Prime was the leader of a universal-spanning Empire, The Horde, an empire he had founded by using clones of himself as underlings and various machines and weapons of war. Keeping his underlings under control with a combination of indoctrination, genetic modification, mind control and fear, he lead his armies to conquer and destroy any planet and race that stood in their path, however he would ultimately meet his match when facing the First Ones, another powerful galactic empire. Though Prime prevailed, his destruction of their Empire eventually led to a series of events, which included their home planet of Etheria being banished to a separate dimension, that led to Adora, the latest She-Ra of many, to assist a rebellion against Hordak, one of his many clones whom he had exile for being "defective" in the past. After Hordak successfully opened a portal and was able to bring Etheria to Horde Prime's attention, with the help of Catra and Entrapta, members of Hordak's self-made Horde branch; Horde Prime resumed his conquest, easily taking over the planet and installing mind-control chips on most of the populace. However he was met by resistance by the various members of the Rebellion, led by Adora. And after attempting to gain control of the Heart of Etheria, a massively powerful magical artifact that could give Prime Universal-scale power, he was finally defeated. First, when Hordak turned against him and killed his main body out of love for Entrapta (who he developed feelings for while on Etheria) who Prime ordered him to kill, and then when She-Ra destroyed his Mother Ship, stopped his attempts at using the Heart of Etheria by releasing all of its power into Etheria itself and then used her power to purge his spirit out of Hordak's body and promptly disintegrated it, ending his reign for good.
  • It was tricky to bring him back to life, as there was nothing to actually bring him back with as a base due to She-Ra exorcising and destroying his spirit. The Court of Gods took their time, but eventually Horde Prime was fully back. Not satisfied at all with his defeat in the mortal realm, though. Ultimately, he was quite content to be ascended as a God in the Pantheon, and soon enough found out his Empire was resurrected alongside him (excluding his clones as they no longer bear any loyalty to him). Ever since he's been plotting to either gain the magic of Etheria or absorb/assimilate a similar artifact to the now defunct Heart of Etheria, in order to obtain infinite power and conquer the Universe he came from and eventually every Universe there is.
  • He gained quite an array of allies as soon as he entered the Pantheon. Particular stand outs were villains obsessed with law and controlling free will for the sake of their visions. That said he think little of them in the long run besides using their resources for their own uses:
    • Darkseid was one of them. As the Lord of Apokolips was content to see a being that shared his end goals and mentality, he quickly stroked up an alliance of Apokolips and the Galactic Horde, with Darkseid promising Prime that he will gain complete control and his revenge on his home universe's enemies. Alongside various other controllers, they've been thinking of creating a specific alliance for their goal of subjugation. Similarly there was Lucemon, who was content to see a kindred soul that loathes those who they view as chaotic and in need of order, he very much approves of the many methods that Prime employs in his crusade against free will and has become a close ally as well.
    • The Galactic Empire also was quick to support Prime. Palpatine was actually amused by the capacities of the mind control chips on Prime's clone army. Given how it is similar to his use of the inhibitor chips on the Clone Troopers in order to execute Order 66 when he rose to power. Meanwhile others such as Moff Tarkin find Prime's use of fear and subjugation of masses with indoctrination to be a most admirable and praise-worthy technique, and has promised that he will make sure that the Galactic Horde and Galactic Empire forge and retain a strong alliance for the years to come.
    • The amoral Gihren Zabi was quite eager to hear the methods through which Prime kept control of his forces and his similarities in their Nazi-like actions and goals. He formed an alliance with Prime as a result, though like many others will betray him the moment their alliance has no longer any value to his goals.
    • Junko Enoshima was also another ally he made, as she enjoyed seeing his means of mind control and the possibilities of despair and how much cruelty Prime was capable of. Prime reluctantly has accepted her as an ally, though views her as more amusing than the rest.
    • Finally, he's on good terms with the Grand United Alliance of Law, they believe Horde Prime's methods would serve as a good deterrent against rebellion and disorder, and have made plans to give Prime plenty of resources for his goals, as they ultimately seek complete order which YHVH approves of.
  • Has developed a fierce and hateful rivalry with fellow narcissistic and controlling villain, Zamasu, their similarities in goals and reasons for their actions being the main reason. Neither one is willing to team up with the other and have ultimately decided to eventually take the other down. Zamasu himself views Horde Prime as a mere mortal who's way over in his head about controlling all who surround him, while Prime views Zamasu as a flawed and useless God who he ought to prove as inferior to his being.
    • In the same vein, he's grown to become rivals with Galeem, as the Lord of Light views Prime as a mere pretender to the overall goal of subjugating life and free will. Horde Prime also loathes Galeem and is trying to make sure to eventually prove himself as the superior free will crusher. For similar reasons, rivalries with the likes of Oryx and the Vex have been made due to neither party being willing to cooperate with one another in their shared goals due to their egos.
    • On a similar note, he has no intentions of working with either Yalbadaoth or Malthael, viewing them both as too unreliable as allies due to their ideologies. Of course, just like everyone else, its also due to him not having any intention of any alliance lasting long once he's close to his goals.
  • Deities who've suffered from Mind Rape or possession loathe him for his methods of suppressing free will:
    • Asuka Langley was one of the first to loathe him for this very reason, as she suffered greatly due to being subjected to nasty Mind Rape she experienced at the hands of Arael, one of the many angels that threatened her world. Horde Prime's goals of godhood don't help matters, either.
    • The Ninja also hate him for being similar to some of their foes such as the Overlord. Particularly that Prime's ultimate goal is to force all living beings to serve him by forcefully adding them to his Hive Mind doesn't helps matters with them. His method of possession also made him be singled out by Lloyd as the Green Ninja has suffered a lot due to Demonic Possession either happening to him or happening to others around him.
    • As victims of brainwashing and mind control, Anzu and Kotori were furious to learn what kind of things Horde Prime did to others, and as such have grown to oppose him, though they remain fearful he might chip them when their backs are turned.
  • He's got a special amount of contempt for the Steven Universe deities, all for various reasons each:
    • Peridot, due to her breaking off her Empire and defying her superiors, then assisting in taking down and dismantling their empire. Due to the fact that his clone's "defect" and defiance of him brought about the end of his empire both direct and indirectly. Peridot herself finds him despicable due to his genocidal goals and being essentially White Diamond without any redeeming qualities.
    • Steven and Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond, for being deviants similar to Peridot and also being the chief architects of the Gem Empire's reformation. Just like his Etherian enemies, specially She-Ra. That Prime put Catra and various others through a similar trauma that Steven's friends went through does not help, nor does his genocidal goals, which has made it so neither Rose nor Steven have any hope of ever redeeming him.
    • The Crystal Gems. For being rebels who helped overthrow an Empire of order, which he views as a disgrace to be ashamed of. In return, they loathe Prime for his oppression of his underling clones, his suppression of free will (as they all worked hard in order to earn the right to live as they wanted) and lack of empathy for anyone else. Pearl is particularly afraid of his capacity to fully suppress the free will of others, given what she and the other gems suffered at the hands of White Diamond's own brainwashing technique.
    • Finally, the Diamonds, as he was disgusted by learning that they had abandoned their conquering ways and also turned around and dismantled the structure and authority of their Galactic Empire, as well as trying to atone for their actions. Per his own words, he believes them to be weak-willed fools who wasted a perfectly good empire for the sake of some lesser beings (not that he considers the Diamonds to be on his level, he just finds humans and rebels to be even lower than them) and thus seeks to take control of their resources and allies/former servants, believing himself to be the right successor to their empire's rule. All of the Diamonds in return don't harbor anything but an equal amount of disdain for the tyrannical emperor, particularly White Diamond who has been noted to be very similar to Prime in terms of behavior, goals and actions (before White's Heel–Face Turn that is) and thus swears that she will make sure that he is taken down for good.
  • Has also earned the hatred of Angel, Zuko and Guy Montag, all for their own reasons. Angel detests him for the way that he employs mind control on others, going as far as painfully contorting their bodies when taking their minds over. Zuko hates him for being a tyrannical and controlling emperor who keeps his servants obedient through mind control and propaganda and his abuse towards them, which is all too reminiscient of what Ozai did to him and various other Fire Nation people. Guy Montag detests that Prime resembles Captain Beatty in his suppression of free will too much for his comfort, especially with how he imposes order. There's also Lelouch Vi Britannia who rebelled against an oppressive rule and thus earned Prime's ire for it, as well.
    • On a similar note, Ashi really loathes him for his Villain Override, given how her "father" Aku did something similar to what he did to Catra so the latter would fight Adora against her will. Prime himself is rather disappointed in her rebellious nature, mostly with Aku, who he has mocked for his inability to keep his spawn under control.
  • As his one true Achilles' Heel is magic (or rather his lack of understanding about it), he detests all deities from the House of Magic and Sorcery, mostly the good-aligned ones, though even the evil ones have gained his scorn. He plots to one day completely blow the house out of existence, believing it to be one of the greatest threats to him, if not the greatest of them all. That said, he does hope at least some of his allies, some of them magic-users themselves, can help him harness the raw power of the magical forces, as they could serve him well like the Heart of Etheria once almost did.
  • Catra and Adora were not pleased to see him ascend roughly at the same time, as the two suffered many things at his hands or indirectly due to his actions. They have made sure to be among the first to warn the Grand United Alliance of Good about the threat that Prime represents, and are his most personally hated enemies in the Pantheon. Thus he hopes his allies can be powerful enough to help him get his revenge and right his mistake once and for all.
  • As his ultimate desire is absolute order, he detests any deity that support chaos or disorder for the sake of destruction. After all, he wouldn't let anyone else devastate possible things for him to conquer, chief among said enemies are Don Thousand and Dharkon, two beings of pure chaos who embody darkness, as both things he opposes, he does not find anything positive to say about the two, and seeks to eventually exterminate them for good. On similar grounds he despises good aligned chaotic deities, particularly Discord, as his good nature rubs off Horde Prime rather badly, while Discord loathes how Prime's controlling tendencies are taken to very cruel extremes and how he imposes that order. Similarly the chaotic-oriented Barian Emperors are among his enemies, as they find him as horrible as Don Thousand and Eliphas were.
    • In a similar manner, he's rather opposed to the existence of the chaotic GOLB, viewing the entity's existence as a mistake. Though he can't quite figure out how to be rid of it, so at most he's hoping his allies can help in its downfall.
  • Needless to say, all rebellious deities are his enemies, as it was a rebellion that led to his downfall. Chief among the rebels are The entire Rebel Alliance and their allies and the aforementioned Lelouch Vi Britannia, the sentiment is mutual on the other deities' part, with Prime hoping to eventually crush them all under his metaphorical foot and prove their "rebellion" as a weak and faulty ideology that will never defeat his control.
  • The fact that his chips can be stealthily implanted and even Greater Gods can fall under his control, has made Horde Prime's presence a catalyst for a greater sense of paranoia and mistrust as Deities have to watch out for any possibility of being "chipped" and thus brainwashed. Likewise, technicians in the Pantheon have made sure to create methods to remove the chips should a chipped Deity be caught.


    The Tōhōshinki 
The Tōhōshinkimembers , Deified Overseers of the Balance of Power (Group: Ishiyama's Strongest, Big Four, TKKH | Kanzaki: De Niro Kanzaki, Hayena-senpai (don't call him that), Ginkaku | Himekawa: Kinkaku | Kunieda: Queen of Ishiyama, Kunie Aoi, Sagojou | Tojo: Hideotora Toujou, Tora, The Legend of Ishiyama, Moyashi Namul, Ox Demon King)
Left to right, top to bottom: Kanzaki, Himekawa, Kunieda and Tojo
  • Lesser Deities, Intermediate Deities when using their King's Crest tattoos, Tojo can be a Greater God when he gets serious
  • Symbol: Their King's Crest Tattoos
  • Theme Song: Amazing
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Balance of Power, Absurdly Powerful Student Council, Asskicking Equals Authority, Badass Crew, The Dreaded, Empowered Badass Normals, Fire-Forged Friends, Japanese Delinquents, Completely loyal to Oga
  • Domains: Authority, Power, Delinquents
  • Heralds:
  • Allies: Tatsumi Oga and Baby Beel, Hilda, Daigo Kazama, Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Jotaro Kujo, Okuyasu Nijimura, Josuke Higashikata, Jolyne Cujoh, Asuka Kazama, Jimmy Hopkins, Kamina
  • Rivals:
  • Odd Friendship with: Ezio Auditore
  • Enemies: Sargeras, Ishida Mitsunari, Evil demons in general
  • Annoyed by:
  • The Tōhōshinki are the four strongest people of Ishiyama High and thus the leaders of the school's delinquents. At first, they weren't really a coherent group, but rivals who fought amongst themselves for domination of Ishiyama. Tatsumi Oga, trying to find someone stronger and more evil than himself in order to give Baby Beel to them, faced and defeated each of them, briefly uniting the school under himself before inadvertently destroying it. Afterwards, all four had to team up with Oga to deal with Saint Ishiyama, with finding En, and then with the demons from Akuma Academy. The frequent teaming up ended up slowly and tactfully making them much more friendly with each other. After the school was rebuilt, they fought alongside Oga against more than thirty delinquent groups vying for the top spot. During this time, each of them received Beel's King's Crest, which indicates that all four have sworn life-long allegiance and loyalty to Oga. Eventually, Oga once again managed to become the ruler of Ishiyama, with the Tōhōshinki serving directly under him as his Knights.
  • Originally, Tojo was the only member of their group who ascended into the Pantheon, having answered a job ad claiming they needed a new god with the only requirements being that the person had to have a unique quality that could be added. Although Tojo initially managed to ascend as the Unskilled, but Strong God, his position was later put under scrutiny and the possibility of removal was suggested. Fortunately, Oga managed to convince the gods to instead reassign Tojo to a new position and ascend the remaining members of the Tōhōshinki to join him.
  • The Tōhōshinki were quite happy to be reunited with Oga, although Kunieda was a little disappointed to discover that Hilda had ascended as well, as she had hoped to spend more time with Oga without her being present. When given to option to appoint heralds, Kanzaki, Kunieda and Tojo each chose their respective cohorts/underlings. However, Himekawa had a difficult time picking someone due to his lack of friends, but ultimately chose Hasui, his personal butler, Kugayama, his fiance, and the Himekawa Special Forces.
  • They were rather surprised to hear that Oga didn't hold the title of God of Japanese Delinquents and considered challenging the current holder, Daigo Kazama, for it. However, Oga then told them of the mutual respect that the two had developed and of the massive network of like-minded delinquents that Daigo had created. After meeting Daigo and taking a liking to him, the Tōhōshinki agreed to become part of the network.
  • They quickly managed to befriend fellow delinquents such as Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Jotaro Kujo, Okuyasu Nijimura, Josuke Higashikata and Jolyne Cujoh. Himekawa in particular gets along well with Kuwabara and Josuke due to their shared fondness of pompadours, which they've both been otherwise mocked for by others.
  • Their experience with keeping other delinquents in check drew the attention of Asuka Kazama, who was hoping to gain more allies to mediate between gangs. However, only Kunieda and, surprisingly, Kanzaki showed an interest in helping her, as Himekawa prefers to solve conflicts with money and Tojo would rather fight the gangs than mediate between them. Regardless, the four get along with her and they all occasionally have sparring sessions together.
  • They're on reasonably decent terms with Jimmy Hopkins. While he gets along just fine with Kunieda and Tojo, he tends to keep an eye on Kanzaki and Himekawa, as they tend to be more rude to people and used to be bullies themselves. Fortunately, they've both mellowed out considerably since those days and prefer to punish those who actively oppose them rather than bully innocent people.
  • They're all on good terms with Kamina, admiring him for his awesomeness, loyalty towards Team Gurren and, of course, his awesome speeches about manliness, trust and general badassery. Out of the four, Tojo tends to hang out with him the most, having been friends with Kamina since before the other members of the Tōhōshinki had ascended.
  • They've managed to strike up a surprising alliance with Ezio Auditore, who respects their ability to keep the other delinquents in line and protect innocent people from harm. They often provide him with whatever intel he needs through their influence among the delinquent forces.
  • Unsurprisingly, they oppose any and all evil demons within the Pantheon, especially those who threaten Oga and Baby Beel. They even fought alongside Oga against Sargeras and the Burning Legion, being among the few people willing to challenge them. Although they were unable to reach Sargeras himself and were subsequently rescued by forces of the GUAG, they still managed to impress quite a large number of gods with their displays of strength and courage.
  • They strongly dislike Ishida Mitsunari, who compared their loyalty to Oga unfavourably to his own devotion to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. They generally don't take kindly to being associated with him, as they regard his extreme fanaticism as being a rather corrupted version of what actual loyalty should be like.
  • Exclusive to Kanzaki:
    • Kanzaki is the second son of the Kanzaki-gumi oyabun (i.e. a Yakuza boss) and was the first member of the Tōhōshinki to be defeated by Oga. To the surprise of many, Kanzaki's King's Crest indicates that his loyalty to Oga is the strongest among the Tōhōshinki, even stronger than that of Kunieda, who's outright in love with Oga. He's also the member who takes the most active role in keeping the other delinquents in line, as Himekawa, Kunieda and Tojo each have additional interests and activities that they tend to be more interested in. Many suspect that Kanzaki's Yakuza background might play a part in why he tends to be so domineering towards others, although he himself has refrained from commenting on it.
    • Kanzaki is on decent terms with Giorno Giovanna and Kazuma Kiryu. Both of them initially dismissed him as just another delinquent, but he managed to impress them with his strength and loyalty towards his friends and subbordinates. The fact that he uses his status and reputation to keep other delinquents from stirring up trouble further cemented their approval, particularly from Kazuma, whose own past as a Yakuza member resulted in him managing to bond with Kanzaki.
    • Kanzaki has regularly been seen hanging out with Yuka, even though she's not one of his designated heralds. Many have noted that the two have a lot in common and make for a nice couple, although neither of them have commented on it.
    • Kanzaki was rather annoyed to learn that he's on Santa's naughty list not only due to his delinquent behaviour, but also because of that one time that he told his niece that Santa Claus was dead in order to avoid her giving him orders on what to tell Santa to get her for Christmas.
    • "You can't keep something without fighting for it."
  • Exclusive to Himekawa:
    • Himekawa is the son of the head of the Himekawa Zaibatsu and was the second member of the Tōhōshinki to be defeated by Oga. Using money to solve his problems, he bribes friends and enemies into his employment, often turning the tables on dissident challengers by co-opting the latter's own friends against them. After Ishiyama was rebuilt, Himekawa pretended to defect and wore a skin patch to disguise his King's Crest. He acquired a machine to cut off Oga from Baby Beel because he remembered that last time that happened, the power build up was immense and let Oga destroy the school with one punch. The second a spellmaster said the built up power was enough to handle Takiyama and Lucifer, Himekawa destroyed the machine and dismissed it as pocket change, successfully allowing Oga to win.
    • Shortly after arriving in the Pantheon, Himekawa was greeted by Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua, who offered to become his first friend in the Pantheon to help ease any loneliness he might be feeling. Although Himekawa wasn't particularly interested in becoming friends with her, he decided to accept her offer on the condition that she give him a tour around the Pantheon, which she agreed to do. When Himekawa saw that Karen's temple was one of the biggest and fanciest in the Pantheon, he quickly grew to like and respect her.
    • He gets along well with Lili de Rochefort and Karin Kanzuki both of whom are wealthy fighters like himself who like to use their money to circumvent the rules. This was also the reason why he managed to befriend Seto Kaiba, whom he strongly respects for having managed to become wealthy by beating Gozaburo Kaiba at a game of Chess, although he's also frequently perplexed by how Kaiba treats Card Games as Serious Business. He also managed to bond with Ken Masters, who was similarly born into a wealthy family, and the two have occasionally been seen sparring together.
    • Using his wealth, Himekawa ensured that the Tōhōshinki's shared temple had all of the facilities and comforts that they could possibly need. While Kanzaki, Kunieda and Tojo each got several rooms modeled after their respective homes and favorite places, Himekawa had an entire upper floor constructed for himself, which also houses all of his video games. When traveling around the pantheon, he typically travels either via helicopter or limousine.
    • "There's nothing money can't buy."
  • Exclusive to Kunieda:
    • Kunieda was the third leader of the Red Tails and the third member of the Tōhōshinki to be defeated by Oga. She was trained by her grandfather in the Shingetsu Style, which allows her to channel her energy in order to break stones with her bare hands and cut through glass and concrete with a wooden sword. Later on, she made a contract with a Sicarion Demon named Koma, allowing him to imbue the weapon she is wielding with his Demon power to further increase its overall strength.
    • Kunieda originally ascended as a follower of Shigure Kosaka, who ended up supporting Oga's idea of ascending the Tōhōshinki. Kunieda still remains on good terms with her and the two frequently engage in sparring matches together. Being the nicest and overall most polite member of the Tōhōshinki, Kunieda frequently serves as their representative and spokesperson whenever they need to talk to someone.
    • She's managed to strike up a friendship with Gintoki Sakata, a fellow swordsman who uses a wooden katana. Kunieda was initially rather confused by the fact that he sounds like Kanzaki, but otherwise gets along with him quite well.
    • She's also on good terms with Daidouji, whom she initially mistook for a fellow delinquent. Kunieda has admitted that she's slightly bothered by the size difference between them, but nonetheless regularly hangs out and spars with her.
    • Being a beloved figure among her subordinates and dedicated towards protecting the girls of Ishiyama High, Kunieda quickly gained the approval and respect of Wonder Woman. The two have occasionally teamed up.
    • "I don't know if you're truly a tengu or not, but if something like you is a god, then I'll destroy both you gods and demons."
  • Exclusive to Tojo:
    • Tojo was the fourth member of the Tōhōshinki to be defeated by Oga. He was raised in what he called a "Garbage Dump City" and was constantly bullied by the grown-ups. One day, he was saved by a man named Zenjūrō Saotome and started to look up to him, which resulted in Tojo training to become stronger and copying Zenjūrō's royal seal as a tattoo in order to emulate him.
    • Always eager for a fight, Tojo frequently wanders around the Pantheon looking for Worthy Opponents. This resulted in him befriending Ryu and Tien Shinhan, both of whom share his love of fighting. The sheer physical prowess that Tojo displayed during their sparring matches was so impressive that Ryu and Tien wondered whether or not Tojo could one day challenge the likes of Goku and Asura.
    • Even without using his King's Crest, Tojo has often fought against Kenpachi, Lu Bu, Akuma and both versions of Broly on nearly equal ground, though he ultimately always needs to use the King's Crest after a while. It's been noted by all of them that he would be a much greater threat if he actually learned to used strategy during battle, rather than just constantly trying to punch his opponents into oblivion.
    • Tojo's habit of frequently changing jobs resulted in him befriending Mona, whom he met when the two happened to be working at the same establishment. He most often tends to work at the Houses of Craft and Food, with construction work in particular being a job that he regularly returns to.
    • When not training, working or fighting, he can regularly be seen at the House of Beasts trying to pet and befriend the various creatures there, although the fact that he had previously trained by fighting against bears has resulted in the various bears within the Pantheon avoiding him.
    • He tends to often get annoyed by Natsu and Gildarts. It's not that he dislikes them, he just dislikes the fact that they're constantly destroying the buildings that he helped repair.
    • "I thought I had powered up considerably, but... I guess the saying is true. "There is always someone better". That was pretty cool. This is why I can't stop fighting."


    Cornelius Fudge 
Cornelius Oswald Fudge, God of Head-in-the-Sand Management
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ministry of Magic symbol.
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid intially, Lawful Good after his Heel–Face Turn
  • Portfolio: Head-in-the-Sand Management, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Kangaroo Court, Horrible Judge of Character, Meaningful Name, Pointy-Haired Boss, Being Truly Dumb, Obstructive Zealot, Taking Level In Douchebaggery, Turn in Your Badge, What Happened to the Mouse?.
  • Domains: Law, Leadership, Willful Obliviousness, Stupidity, Jerkiness.
  • On speaking terms with: Dolores Umbridge
  • Enemies: Count Dooku, Lord Voldemort
  • Opposed by: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Everyone else from Hogwarts, Josiah Bartlet, The Charmed Ones
  • Cornelius Fudge was the Minister of Magic at Hogwarts at the time that Harry Potter first enrolled there. In the beginning, he appeared kindly to Harry and seemed to get along decently with most in Hogwarts in general. However, behind the scenes he would constantly seek the consultation of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore as well as Ministry official Bartemius Crouch Sr. for nearly every single decision he made. However, when adversity came with the return of Lord Voldemort, Fudge was given the full scoop on a test of character that was anything but secret, and he will be the first to admit that he absolutely failed.
    • Dumbledore told him point blank what the stakes were. Should he accept the reality of Voldemort's return, remove the Dementors from Azkaban, and send envoys to the Giants, he will be remembered as one of the bravest and greatest Ministers of Magic; if Fudge refuses, he will be remembered as the man who stepped aside and allowed Voldemort to destroy everything the Wizarding World has tried so hard to rebuild. Rather than admit then and there that Voldemort had risen, he refused to accept the evidence and act accordingly. Instead, Fudge had Crouch's Death Eater son, Barty Crouch Jr., subjected to the Dementor's Kiss rather than allow him to stand trial and testify what he knew to be true, then would embark on leading the Ministry into a smear campaign to discredit the Headmaster and the Boy Who Lived, all out of fear of the world of war that he would have to live in if he accepted the truth.
    • Harry and Dumbledore became his worst enemies for a long time after that, a situation purely of his own making... until one day Voldemort, having accumulated power thanks to Fudge's inaction, appeared before him and other Ministry members at the Ministry Atrium. Shaken, Fudge realized that all he had done was put off the inevitable and make it that much worse. He announced that Voldemort truly was back as Dumbledore had claimed, desperately endured two weeks of furious pressure from the public and the media for failing to act (including a failed attempt to get Harry and Dumbledore to lie for him as well as Voldemort collapsing the Brockdale Bridge when Fudge wouldn't hand him the Ministry), before finally turning in his resignation in disgrace.
    • "The Cornelius Fudge School of Crisis Management" became absolutely infamous as a most catastrophic example of willfully blind management creating an opening for disaster not only in the history of the Wizarding World, but throughout the omniverse of fiction. Moreover, he himself knew that he fully deserved this, beginning to wise up and atone for his ways. His ultimate fate saw him enter a gateway to the Pantheon, where he was deified under the title of Head-in-the-Sand Management.
  • Fudge resides in the House of Leadership and claims to help the Grand United Alliance of Good in matters of magic, particularly as this follows his Heel–Face Turn. However, he's pretty useless compared to other non-action authority figures on the side of good. Nobody is letting him live his horrible tenure as Minister down, so very few of Cosmos' heroes will take him at his word on anything without verifying it first.
  • He can't refuse to acknowledge that the threat of the Grand United Alliance of Evil exists, for example, having learned his lesson and turned around his worldview against that particular strategy. However he does maintain a tendency to seek easy solutions rather than directly tackle the trouble that comes his way on the job, earning harsh rebukes from the likes of Josiah Bartlet and The Charmed Ones. Count Dooku considers him to be an enemy, as with all others who are Lawful Stupid.

    Emperor Augustus 
Gaius Octavius Thurinus, God of Rulers With Simple Titles (Gaius Octavian, Octavian Caesar, Augustus, Augustus Caesar, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus)
An elderly Augustus as portrayed in I, Claudius.
The young Octavian, as portrayed in Rome.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: his famous statue
  • Theme Song: Octavian's Triumph from Rome
  • Alignment: Either Neutral Evil or True Neutral as Octavian, before maturing to Lawful Neutral as Augustus
  • Portfolio: Cult of Personality, Great-Nephew And Adopted Son To Julius Caesar, From A Minor Member Of The House Of Julii To First Emperor Of The Julio-Claudian Dynasty, Just the First Citizen, I Did What I Had to Do, Meaningful Rename, Non-Action Guy, The Social Expert, Often Seen As More Ruthless Than He Was, Thought To Have Become A Better Person As Princeps, Sickly Prodigy, Happily Married, Wanted To Enforce Family Values But His Daughter Was Often Adulterous, Succession Crisis
  • Domains: Ancient Rome, Emperors, Conquerors, Ambition, Family Names, Legacies
  • Heralds: Livia (his third and most beloved wife), Marcus Agrippa and Gaius Maecenas (his best friends), Drusus the Elder (his adoptive/step-sonnote ), Tiberius (his adoptive/step-son and successor as emperor)
  • Special relationship with: Julius Caesar (his great-uncle/adoptive father), Emperor Caligula (his great-grandson and the third Roman emperor), Emperor and Empress Nero (his great-great grandchildren and the last Julio-Claudian emperor)
  • Allies: Julius Caesar, Niccolo Machiavelli, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Aegon I, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen
  • On good terms with: Takumi Aldini
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Bucciarati's gang
  • Rivals: Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon, Charles Zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Queen Cleopatra, Marcus Junius Brutus, enemies of Rome in general, Prime Minister Honest, Diavolo, Cioccolata, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Respects: Most Happily Married deities, Ned Stark
  • Pities: Robb Stark
  • Opposes: Adulterers like Spirit Albarn, Jafar
  • Opposed by: Boudica
  • Complicated Relationship: Xena, Gabrielle (Xena)
  • Gaius Octavius Thurinus. The grandson of the famous Julius Caesar's sister, and shortly before his assassination made his heir. He grew to be one of the most powerful men in the civil war that followed. With Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus they defeated Brutus and his Liberators, but like the First Triumvirate it would fall apart. Octavian and Antony would fight for control of Rome, and ultimately the ambitious Octavian would rise to become Rome's first emperor. However he chose to be known as princeps, or "first citizen" as a show of humility and avoiding accusations of becoming a king. Barring the Eastern Roman Empire he had the longest reign of any Roman Emperor, and is usually only challenged by Trajan in rankings of "the best emperor".
  • While Caesar was a bit upset over how Augustus treated both Cleopatra and Mark Antony, he is at least grateful that Augustus avenged his death. Augustus can only imagine how awkward it'll be if his arch-rival ever ascends to the pantheon. His and the original Caesar's relationship has been strained upon learning he would have Caesarion, Julius' illegitimate child with Cleopatra, executed in his feud with Cleopatra. While Julius Caesar understands the necessity of the act given the dynamics of power, Caesarion was still his son. He'll stand by him in the pantheon, but won't like him as much as he did before. Augustus is on further edge with the possibility that Mark Antony could one day join the pantheon.
  • Ruthlessly ambitious in his youth, as he grew old the princeps mellowed out. He would be succeeded by his step-son/adoptive son Tiberius, a somber Dirty Old Man who didn't want the job in the first place. While fairly ruthless, a lot of the more negative aspects of his reign comes from his prefect and "friend" Sejanus. Augustus wasn't happy to see this fate befall his heir, and has gained a disliking for Prime Minister Honest and Jafar for representing the Evil Chancellor trope. Primarily Honest, who's vice-fuelled life is in complete opposition to his "family values".
  • On his own ascended family, he is upset at Caligula and Nero's descent to madness, however pities their condition as even in his own lifetime the seeds of the Big, Screwed-Up Family were being planted. The Servant Nero was someone he could be more proud of, however. Augustus believes their madness could've been avoided had Drusus the Elder or his son Germanicus not died at an early age. To help enforce family values and safer households he is an ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family and foe of the Child Abuse Supporters. That said, the former does think he could be a bit nicer, and feel his exiling of his daughter may have been a case of Disproportionate Retribution.
    • He often finds himself relating to the founders of the Targaryen dynasty, as the four of them are conquerors who's legacy has produced great men, terrible leaders and mixed bags.
  • Found a translated copy of The Prince and became interested in its author, one Niccolo Machiavelli. So he invited Machiavelli to his temple, where they had a spirited discussion on politics and life in general. Suffice to say, Augustus and Machiavelli hit it off pretty well.
  • Would like to remind people that he is not a king, however snider deities think the princeps role is fake humility and he's a king in all but name. He does associate himself with the House of Royalty, which doesn't help these accusations. There he talked to Arthur and Artoria Pendragon over their leadership of England, possibly out of hopes of annexing their territory. However he decided it's best for Rome to have a strong ally in the British Isles. Also, he respects the two and their rise to kingship.
  • He isn't all too fond of the Lust sub-houses as his straight-edge personality has him look down on the Roman stereotype of hedonism. They find him somewhat hypocritical given the historical rumors that he had lovers, though even in those rumors they were picked out by Livia so it's not like he ever went behind her back. They're more likely to point out that he and Livia abandoned their first spouses to be together, and she was pregnant with Drusus the Elder at the time. This has led to some historical speculation Augustus was the biological father, though nothing conclusive(though Drusus' son Emperor Claudius encouraged that speculation to have a stronger link to Augustus' bloodline).
  • He's more bothered with adulterers, having labeled it as a crime during his rule. Notably has disdain for Spirit Albarn for not setting a good example for his daughter. He shoots back at Augustus that ignoring her mother and putting her in a loveless marriage with Tiberius didn't set a good example either. Granted Spirit is a cheater, but with the first point he's not off the mark. Augustus would be more annoyed at Joseph Joestar for his adultery as well, but he did stop the Pillar Men who had troubled the Ripple users of 1st century Imperial Rome.
  • While he doesn't like adulterers, Augustus has no hard feelings towards guys like Josuke Higashikata for being the result of adultery. Also while he doesn't care for the Lust sub-houses, he is perfectly fine with Robb Stark for trying to make up for his lustful acts by making an honest woman out of the one he deflowered. He feels bad for how breaking a prior(though not consummated) engagement ended horribly for Robb. Augustus holds some respect for Robb's dad not just for being the ever-honorable and responsible figure, but sullying his own good name with the claim of cheating on his new wife in order to protect his sister's son. However he has given some warning to the Lord of Winterfell
    Augustus: "Honor is a good thing, but pragmatism is the greater virtue".
    • While Augustus respects Ned, Ned criticizes his killing of Caesarion to consolidate power. He gets it has the same reasoning as his buddy Robert Baratheon, but he didn't like it then and doesn't like it now.
  • His Moral Guardians sensibilities lead him to respect those who are Happily Married, and/or have managed to avoid the temptation of an affair. While he feels their marriage needs some work, he congratulates Homer and Marge for having numerous plots where they've been tempted into an affair, but always manage to remain loyalty to each other.
  • The desire for a more virtuous Rome has led to him being frustrated with Diavolo. Him trying to kill his daughter is abhorrent to even the ruthless princeps, as while he's not the most understanding father to his daughter Julia he does try to be a good dad. However Diavolo's Passione spreads narcotic-based societal rot. Worse is Cioccolata, their pet monster, tried to kill everyone in his beloved city For the Evulz. He is aiding Bucciarati's gang to help clean up Rome and get rid of Diavolo's forces, but as they're still a unit of organized crime the emperor doesn't care for them on a personal level and tolerates them only for cleaning things up.
  • Under the suggestion of Dream the elderly Augustus will sometimes disguise himself in the role of the vagrant and explore the Couples sub-houses of Love and Affection, to appreciate true love that he and his wife Livia have appreciated. To complete the illusion he sometimes has Chester A. Bum follow him.
  • His position as a moral authority and father of his nation has him often discuss matters of fatherhood with Charles Zi Britannia. Augustus can understand his desire for a world without lies and concern with his offspring, however he believes his goals are too radical. A "world without lies" may seem appealing, but changing the human mindset and removing identity? No thank you. However Augustus does seem to be sympathetic to him growing up in a toxic family, even if he heavily crticizes the man for repeating that toxicity.
  • Does not think highly of Cersei Baratheon and her inbred son, Joffrey due in part to his own experiences with his own daughter. While he admires Tywin Lannister for his leadership abilities, Augustus believes that Tywin's obsession with his family legacy overrode common sense, leading to a senseless war that was orchestrated by Petyr Baelish. Tywin does point out that his own brood can be rather troublesome, as he exiled his daughter for continued adultery and would have problems getting a concrete heir.
  • Augustus respects the Iceni queen Boudica to a degree, but that respect ends when he discovered her war against the Romans. Granted that the Roman governor was a total dick in screwing Boudica over and ordering her and her daughters to be raped, the interests of the Empire exceeds anything and everything else.
  • His ascension was met with a grimace from both Xena and Gabrielle. While he played a big role in helping the two escape the wrath of the gods to a certain extent, she was not pleased with how he raised her daughter to become the ruthless warrior she used to be. Safe to say that things are complicated between them.
  • One of his more light-hearted moments was pointing out that, as emperor of Rome he was in charge of all Italian deities in the pantheon and used that as an excuse to order Takumi Aldini to be his chef. He enjoyed the meal and Takumi being a Nice Guy, admitting this was a set up and sent him on his way. However given he died about 2000 years before Takumi was born, he's still trying to get used to the new palates his Ancient Roman body wasn't aware of.
  • Never bring up the torrid claims he and his sister Octavia had engaged in incest, or that his wife was behind some of his relatives' demise to make Tiberius the heir. Spread word of both and expect to be crucified. Augustus hates the rumor that his wife poisoned him too, and pointed out that he was plagued with health issues throughout his life and finally died at age 75. It's actually somewhat of a miracle that he lived as long as he did.
  • One might think Augustus would be a little miffed at how, among other figures Palpatine takes influence from him and Julius Caesar. Though Palpatine is too tyrannical for his liking, Augustus does see a lot of his ambition in the Galactic Emperor, and has some respect for how he consolidated power and his intellect. However he criticizes Sidious for letting himself get high on his own power, and that his indulgent cruetly was a large factor in his downfall; he should've practiced more self-restraint and not been as apathetic. To his credit, Palpatine acknowledges Octavian/Augustus as cunning however merely muses that "self-control is not the way of the dark side" and insists "more firepower" is more effective than the Boring, but Practical approach.
  • "I found Rome a city of clay but left it a city of marble".
    • "Have I played the part well? Then applaud, as I exit."

    George Washington 
George Washington, God of Reluctant Rulers (The Father of His Country, First President Of The United States of America, Commander-In-Chief Of The Continental Army, Mr President)
A portrait of George Washington.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Betsy Ross flag, $1 US note or the seal of the United States
  • Theme Song: America the Beautiful
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (seen as Lawful Good by Eaglelanders)
  • Portfolio: First President Of The United States (which he wasn't too fond of), Historical Domain Character, Four-Star Badass and/or General Failure (depends on the situation), Sweet Tooth, Tooth Issues (Said To Be Wooden), The Social Expert, Cincinnatus, Rarely Spoken Poorly Of, Most Popular Revolutionary War Figure, Will Not Tell a Lie (actually The Spymaster), Memetic Badass
  • Domains: America, War, Revolution, Leadership, Generals
  • Heralds: Martha Dandridge Custis Washington/Lady Washington (his wife), John Adams (his Vice President), Thomas Jefferson (his Secretary of State), the rest of his Presidential Cabinet, and the Continental Army of the Thirteen Colonies.
  • Respected by: Almost every American deity
  • Allies: Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy (fellow presidents), Athena (supposedly his mother), Steve Rogers/Captain America, AMERICA, Alex J Murphy, Jim Raynor, Artanis, The Fantastic Four, Ben Tennyson, Clark Kent/Superman, Optimus Prime
  • On speaking terms with: The Planet Express team, The Men In Black
  • Unclear terms with: Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Wade Wilson
  • Enemies: Senator Steven Armstrong, Arcturus Mengsk, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Vandal Savage, Herbert Garrison, The Enclave, Queen Medb
  • Opposes: Richard Nixon's head, Zapp Brannigan
  • No relation: Agent Washington
  • George Washington is one of the most well-known American citizens, and for good reason. He was the first US President (John Adams was his Vice President and the second US President), commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, and one of the most important(if not THE most) Founding Fathers. Despite being one of the greatest presidents and the nation's first leader, he didn't want the position and stepped down after his second term. He'd die a couple years later, but has been immortalized in the minds of his people and his successors.
  • Prefers to go by Mr President, or just General Washington. Very uncomfortable having anything king-related to him, an offer he personally refused. When a piece of Eden showed what he'd be like as king, he was horrified. Especially since it ended up being a DLC alternate history.
  • Steve Rogers immediately began fanboying upon meeting Washington, and to his utter delight the first president was incredibly proud of him and what he's accomplished for both the nation and world at large. Apparently he has an ancestor Steven Rogers who also donned a Captain America title in the Revolutionary War. He and the other dead presidents Came Back Wrong as zombies dedicated to destroying America and rebuilding it from the ashes. Does not like to be reminded of this or Deadpool, though is at least glad that his insane zombie self was taken out.
    • It comes to no surprise that America itself gave him a big old hug. And for once, Washington cracked a big old grin.
  • As the first US President, he is venerated by almost every other president to come afterwards. Theodore Roosevelt and John F Kennedy were really happy to meet him, and Washington was proud of their accomplishments in office. He was a little bit wary of Roosevelt's 1912 election bid since he set a standard of only having two terms, but is otherwise happy with him. He is not happy to learn of Richard Nixon's head in a jar, and especially someone as crazy as Herbert Garrison becoming president. Like the other presidents, he thinks Senator Armstrong is insane.
  • Fine with taking a supporting role in his house. He seems to understand the stress Artanis goes through with leadership, and Jim Raynor for being a rebel leader. He detests Arcuturus Mengsk for becoming what he was fighting against, which he personally went to steps to avoid. Not a fan of Nikita Dragovich or Vladimir Makarov either.
  • It's said that he cannot and Will Not Tell a Lie. He chopped down his father's cherry tree and immediately confessed. Though personally honest, his spy ring during the revolution makes lying a necessity. Whenever he's in the presence of Timmy and his fairies, Washington becomes obsessed with chopping down any wood around him. He, Franklin and Thomas Jefferson ended up getting into some time travel antics with Timmy. Their opinion on him is still mixed.
  • Given his importance, a number of time-travelling events surround him, usually undoing the revolution. Asides from Timmy Turner's screw-up, the Planet Express crew once altered things(they managed to put it back) and Willy Lumpkin alerted British troops before the Fantastic Four put history back to normal. Vandal Savage attempted to replace him with Illuminati look-alike Adam Weisshaupt. As if his Historical Rap Sheet wasn't big enough.
  • Most would rather gloss over his more negative traits, such as some of his more controversial tactical decisions in the Revolutionary War, treatment of American Indians and ownership of slaves. He was still a man of his time and has no issues abandoning slavery in the pantheon. He's actually happy to see that the nation was able to truly become one where all men are equal, even if it's taking him some time to adapt to the 21st century.
  • No, his teeth are not wood. He has dentures, but made of stuff like ivory. He's had tooth problems throughout his life, and it's one of the reasons he usually frowns. The modern medicine in the pantheon has really helped with that and given him some better dentures. Also, while a brilliant general in some regards a lot of his strategies were over-complicated and lost more battles than he won in the American Revolution. However his victories were some of the Continental Army's greatest, and he knew how to survive losses. He doesn't like Zapp Brannigan one bit, since 99% of his battles are sheer incompetence or exhausting his soldiers, while Washington's A Father to His Men.
    • Has the highest rank of any US soldier, being six stars. It's illegal to have a higher rank. Learning Zapp Brannigan had become a 25-star general caused him to facepalm. As a head in a jar.
  • According to Barney Stinson his ancestor Barnabus was friends with him and Benjamin Franklin, and helped write the "Bro Code". He and Ben also participated in a "Devil's Threeway". George scoffs at this story, though wouldn't be surprised if Franklin was involved. He tends to get mad at the accusation he and his descendants were cannibals. It's not like he even had children, and was most likely sterile due to illness at a young age.
  • As a Founding Father, the Enclave's America horrifies him. Before the war they weren't above things like Unwilling Robotization, censorship, or using concentration camps. After the war, they weren't above global genocide if it meant becoming the sole and pure heirs of the world. Contrasting this is his support of Superman, due to being one of the greatest superheroes of all time and the fact he fights for truth, justice and the American way. Also, he's helped saved at least the Earth itself on hundreds of occasions. He's completely supportive of Optimus Prime as well as he believes in freedom for all sentient beings.
  • Speaking of robots, the SCP Foundation made sure to check if the figure that ascended was the real George Washington or SCP-2776. George was downright appalled to learn about said automaton counterpart of himself, specially his radical behavior.
  • Thanks to time-travelling to 1773, Ben Tennyson learned he was one of the original Earth Plumbers (or Plumbiers as they were known back then). He has connections to the Men in Black because of this.
  • This interview with Timmy Turner suggests that he has an unhealthy obsession with chopping wood. Washington has yet to address these claims.
  • Among his fans stands Sarge, who apparently once drafted him to the Red Army and is trying to bring him back. In any case, George accepted the helmet worn by that incarnation as a gift and keeps it in his temple, and has ever since shown interest in visiting the House of Theater, sometimes even wanting to help with production.
  • Not fond of Queen Medb after her forces killed him during the E Plurius Unum singularity.

     Sergey Taboritsky 
Sergey Vladimirovich Taboritsky's eyes snapped open as morning light streamed in through the study windows. Was he in hell? It was far too bright to be. Was the Tsarevich not revealed to be bones and dust and scraps of cloth, all of his efforts, sins and atrocities for naught? Yet there was no sign of Alexei, or even any sound at all echoing in the palace. In the palace grounds outside, strange beings lurked and shifted behind the various hedges and statues, their presence betrayed their colors and glows as they advanced. Some even floated, eyes fixed to the windows in cautious curiosity. They were powerful beings, gods and demons both, telling whoever lurked within the palace to reveal themselves. If it was true that he had come to the land of the gods, then perhaps his Blessed Tsarevich is here as well, ready to be found and take the throne. He steadied himself on the corner of his desk and shakily rose to his feet. With renewed purpose, he picked up the phone and contacted any commanders he could. None answered. In this world, he was alone, but it was no matter. God had given him a second chance, another challenge to prove that he and Russia were truly worthy of Alexei's rule. A grin crept across Taboritsky's face, the first in a long while, silently laughing at how he could ever doubt the survival of the Tsarevich.
There is much to be done.

Sergey Vladimirovich Taboritsky, Unholy Regent of Self-Destructive Repression (Sergius von Taboritzki, The Blessed Regent, Tabby, Taburet, funni clock man) Flag of the Holy Russian Empire
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The flag of the Holy Russian Empire
  • Theme song: "Verify Your Clock"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (belives himself to be Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Alternate-History Nazi Victory, Evil Reactionary, Completely Batshit Crazy And Evil Regent, Guided By The Will Of The Skein, Breakout Character, Historical Villain Upgrade, Believes Alexei Romanov Is Hiding and Purging Everyone In Russia Deemed Impure Will Bring Him Back, Deadly Gas, Absolute Xenophobe, Being A Member Of The Nazi Party Despite Having A Jewish mother, The Theocracy, Allohistorical Allusion, Elevated From A Political Nobody To Being The Reunifier And Ruiner Of Russia, Turning Russia Into A Living Nightmare Tainted With Chemical Weapons, Kill the Poor, Academics, And Anyone Who Has Ever Committed A Crime, Dystopia Is Hard, Clocks of Control, His Sanity Being Represented By Clocks and Dies If They Hit Midnight upon realizing Alexei is never coming back and Russia falls into chaos soon afterward, The Schizophrenia Conspiracy
  • Domains: Royalty, Evil, Insanity, Pollution, Sterilization, Death
  • Herald: Viktor Larionov
  • Allies: None. While some evil deities like The Joker rival him in insanity, he is so completely detached from reality that he is impossible to work with or even steer in a particular direction.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lysandre, Caesar Clown
  • Rivals: Big Brother, Imran Zahkhaev, Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich, Aryan Brotherhood, Konrad von Carstein
  • Has the favor of: Nurgle, Khorne, Delirium, Kefka Palazzo, Hexxus
  • Enemies: Every good-aligned, Jewish and Russian deity, but especially Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, Rasputin, Artyom Alekseyevich Chyorni and Georgy Zhukov, all his rivals for that matter, the God-Emperor of Mankind, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Team Metal, Judge Dredd, the Hall of Disguises, the House of Royalty
  • Opposed By: Most Nazi Deities like Deathshead
  • Pitied by: Anyone who can see through his reign of terror and see the incredibly mentally ill man inside. Mostly at a distance...and shockingly enough, Zamasu
  • Respected by: The Dark Judges (one-sided)
  • Tolerated by: The Grand United Alliance of Law (barely)
  • The world the Blessed Regent hails from is a bleak one, but marked with paths that could turn it to the light. This is not one of them. The Soviet Union had been shattered after Operation Barbarossa and again after the West Russian War. Taboritsky, a Russian emigre living in Berlin, was the one-time assassin of Vladimir Nabokov's father and faked a Russian German noble ancestry to join the NSDAP. He was originally affiliated with Vladimir II’s invasion during the West Russian War, but since dismissed his claim as that of a imposter and left Vladimir’s fiefdom for the Komi Republic, a Disaster Democracy that turned into a haven for extremists at all ends of the political spectrum. A fringe monarchist in the far-right Passionaryy Organization, Taboritsky believes that Alexei Romanov is still alive despite being dead for nearly fifty years. After somehow maneuvering his way into control of Komi and reunifying West Russia, he unveiled his true intentions: he would create a Holy and Pure Russia in order for the Tsarevich to return. To do so, he models his government on an extremist faction of the Nazis and conquers the rest of the country with terrible purges and poison gas. What’s left of his mental state continues to crumble as the constant massacres and total oppression still fail to bring the Tsarevich back. When the clocks hit midnight, Alexei seemingly appears to Taboritsky in his office, only to immediately disintegrate into a child’s skeleton. The Blessed Regent dies screaming and Russia collapses into a charnel house of death and extremism.
    • Other memories have seeped into the Regent's mind as a consequence of the many paths he could have taken. One where he disappeared into the woods on the way to the Aryan Brotherhood, one where he was voted out of the Passionaryy and left calmly composed, and one where he immolated himself in a chapel. The visions of every path ending in failure or death have shaken him, but he can't allow his resolve to falter.
    • Commentators and analysts in the Pantheon are simultaneously dreading and eagerly anticipating a rematch between Taboritsky's HRE and the Aryan Brotherhood. In some timelines the two warlord states never met, and even when they did their insane goals are fundamentally irreconcilable despite their ideological similarities. Taboritsky and Vagner are aware of each other's existence in the pantheon, and the authorities are gearing up for a massive spillover of violence potentially involving chemical weapons.
  • One midnight in the Pantheon, the clocks striking twelve were punctuated by a set of discordant pianos and whistles. An opulent mansion, not that different from the more opulent temples, appeared on a vacant lot, with screaming heard inside. Out of an abundance of caution, an MTF from the SCP Foundation was dispatched to investigate, but were soon overtaken by a toxic gas that melted them into goop and began streaming out of the palace. The substance was identified as Taborite, a chemical agent similar to Nova-6, triggering alarm that such a potent weapon could fall into Nazi hands once more. With help from the GOC and other forces, the temple was sealed off from the main house, but with Taborite unable to be safely neutralized at the moment, the temple lay unbreached. No one has any idea what’s going on inside except for a looping radio broadcast:
    Remain calm.
    The Regent endures.
    Alexei lives.
    The Holy Russian Empire shall endure.
    There is much to be done.
  • Despite the strict quarantine placed on Taboritsky's palace, propaganda extolling the Regent, the "Holy Russian Empire", and the promised Tsarevich, as well as various criminal activities determined to be in support of him, have been reported all over. Whoever dares follow him are still obscure and not much of a threat, confined mostly to Pantheon's underground political fringes, but efforts are ongoing to uncover what support base Taboritsky is building. What can be said is that he is a danger to every single Russian and should he get what he wants, Russia as a country and an idea will never recover. Even Artyom, who lives in a post-nuclear war Russia where he fights off the Red Line and the Fourth Reich, believes if the "Blessed Regent" takes control of the Metro he's in for an even worse fate
  • Only Alexei is fit for the throne and the sight of another Romanov in the pantheon - Anastasia - was enough to send the regent into a rage. He is currently trying to find ways to kill her but ruled out all cooperation with Rasputin, considering him a demonic wizard who threatened the entire Romanov family and his blessed Alexei. Anastasia herself was only made aware of the Mad Regent when she was kidnapped and interrogated about her brother's whereabouts. Having been separated from the rest of the family and suffering from amnesia during the revolution, Anastasia could not provide any answers to the Regent's severe dissatisfaction. Luckily, she was rescued in time by Team Metal and is now under much stricter security.
  • Taboritsky's ascension confused most Nazi deities in the pantheon, first him being a Russian member of the Nazi party, and the second being that he's secretly Jewish. While he shares most of their beliefs, they take offense with how his lunacy exaggerates if not outright parodies how destructive and doomed to failure their ideology is, and his methods were denounced as counter-productive and too excessive even for them. However, they can't disavow him as a pretender as he has the paperwork to prove his membership in the historical NSDAP, offering him more legitimacy than even Johann Schmidt, who disgusted by what he sees as a perversion of Nazi ideology. Steve Rogers naturally thinks Taboritsky is yet more proof about how inherently vile fascism and Nazism is.
  • Deathshead is even more perplexed that the Nazi Germany of Taboritsky's timeline won World War II at all. The Reich conquered most of Europe, shattered the USSR, nuked Pearl Harbor, put a man on the moon, and even constructed Atlantropa (even the Wolfenstein world had to settle for a bridge) but then collapsed into economic depression and then civil war due to their own ineptitude. While willing to concede that they were able to do so without incredible leaps in technology, the sheer inefficiency of Taboritsky’s timeline’s fascists annoys him to no end, leading him to conclude that the only reason they could have succeeded was if they were put on training wheels through the war after which they were promptly removed.
  • Imran Zahkhaev, Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich despise Taboritsky for what he had done to Russia as a card-carrying fascist and Nazi, even though their own use of WMDs barely makes them any better. They could at least say they did it out of patriotism, not a monarchist delusion. In response, Taboritsky denounced them as "Judeo-Bolshevik puppets" for their dedication to the Soviet Union. However he's more concerned about Georgy Zhukov, somehow still alive despite the West Russian Revolutionary Front being defeated in Taboritsky's bloody path to reunification. The People's Marshal himself leaned that his incarnation in Taboritsky's timeline is one of the leaders of the WRRF and one of the better unifiers of Russia. While pleased that he kept fighting the good fight, he could only hope that his counterpart succeeded in the timelines where Taboritsky never came to power given the multitude of other factions in the former USSR, good and bad. Zhukov has since recruited Dimitri Petrenko, Viktor Reznov and other Soviet soldiers to form an All-Russian resistance to oppose the mad regent like all other fascists.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind was disappointed to find the Regent basically acting like another one of his priests, with Taboritsky enacting policies declaring "suffer not the mutant". He took no pleasure in such acts of cruelty to keep humanity from falling to Chaos, but Taboritsky's empire performing similar acts out of a complete delusion to bring back a long-dead monarch sickens him. It certainly doesn't help that Taboritsky favors the insane tyranny the Imperium can and has devolved into; Taboritsky's standards are so high even dropping tools is a death sentence, and the House of Law and Justice has only seen his kind of zealousness exceeded by the Dark Judges; Judge Dredd proved just as appalled as the Emperor. Nurgle and Khorne, however, relish in the self-inflicted suffering by a man thinking he is serving God. Due to the small scale of Taboritsky's activities compared to other struggles in the Pantheon, none have been conclusively proven to have intervened.
  • Given how absolutely insane he is, among the larger alliances it was more a question of "who, if anyone, would be stuck with him". The closest anyone has come to controlling Sergey Taboritsky is probably the GUAL, who manipulate his religious fervor into him thinking God, Alexei and the will of the Skein is talking to him. However he's treated as nothing but a mad dog who's destructive regime works as a deterrent at best, and more realistically so his madness isn't directed at them. The only member of the GUAL who actually likes Taboritsky is Lysandre, as he also believes in a mass purge and genocide to purify the world and preserve its beauty. Also while Lysandre isn't racist per-say, they're both highly elitist. However this only goes so far due to Taboritsky's sheer detachment from reality, as he's liable to consider Lysandre a friend and a subversive in one sitting.
  • His discovery of alternate worlds and timelines was not good for his mental health, and he briefly fixated on finding a world where Alexei survived. He even personally broke into the Locations and Settings to acquire such means for himself and he found just what he was looking for: a portal gun used to travel to other dimensions. However, said device was owned by a certain Rick Sanchez who then proceeded to thoroughly kick his ass and dump him back in his temple. While enraged, Taboritsky felt it would be a waste of energy to go after him and issued a decree banning pickles. Anyone found in possession of them would be assumed to associated with Rick and undermining the HRE, thus punishable by execution. His limited resources to enforce that outside of his tiny zone of control led to it mostly being laughed at.
  • For the love of every god, do not try to impersonate Alexei; you will fail miserably in trying to manipulate him. Sergey Taboritsky wishes to usher a chemical holocaust on the Hall of Disguises for making the idea of impersonating his precious Alexei even possible. He's interested in the Deadly Gas Caesar Clown has access to. Horrifyingly Caesar was crazy enough and so bereft of moral standards to sell poison gas and other weapons to the insane regent...just from a clear distance. Hexxus loved this as he's amused by the Polluted Wasteland Taboritsky is turning Russia into in an attempt to "purify" it. However it's important to remember Taboritsky is too irrational to consistently appease. For further proof, the man plans to tear through the House of Royalty to exterminate anyone who could remotely be considered a pretender to the Russian throne.
  • Alexander Rovias considers Taboritsky an interesting subject with regards to his sanity meter, the clockworks. However, he wasn't that mentally stable to begin with and is understandably not that interested in conversation. The horrors of his regime match that of her most stressful experiences, but being made by humans, isn't enough to truly scare her. Because of his very fragile psyche, the Blessed Regent is easily baited by the Trollkaiger who like to take the piss out of him with memes such as calling him "funni clock man" and saying he invented loli due to his IRL self killing the father of Vladimir Nabokov, eventually leading him to write Lolita. He can't stand them pointing out he has a Jewish mother either. Eric Cartman initially thought he could use Taboritsky's hatred against Jews and as as his bio-father is ginger he's also Boomerang Bigot, but Taboritsky was too insane for him.
  • Amazingly he might be the one mortal Zamasu feels sympathy for, if a purely vain sympathy; like him Sergey Taboritsky is a deranged Knight Templar who wants to see his world become beautiful, even when the way of doing so is so genocidal and xenophobic it's basically apocalyptic. Far saner/more moral gods do pity him even if they can't stand what he's done since it's clear that he's a very mentally damaged person who needs help...but given his position, trying to proscribe it to him is met with a gruesome death. It's said that Delirium watches over him, and Kefka understands him. The latter is more evil than insane and thinks what he's doing is hilarious, so take it with a grain of salt. The Blessed Regent naturally has no idea why people are making the comparisons.
  • Could be considered a Foil to Big Brother and the Party; if the Holy Russian Party is how tyranny is self-destructive Oceania is how tyranny can forever sustain itself. In both cases it's still a hellish Dystopia, and INGSOC prides itself on being well aware of that fact when Taboritsky is FAR from self-aware. In fact the chaotic Holy Russian Empire is something they see as a potential pawn/enemy to further strengthen their hold on the Proles. Sergey just screamed at alleged "subversiveness" going "I AM NOT A JEW, I AM NOT A CAIN".
  • The utter batshittery of Sergey Taboritsky has been compared to Aerys II Targaryen and Luca Blight. To everyone's relief Taboritsky's prior contempt for the House of Royalty and complete disconnect from reality prevents him from trying to strike a chord with them over their madness. Indeed, Taboritsky is so utterly insane even those like Annie Wilkes who are obsessively mad themselves are too afraid of him to try and bond. There was at least one god who made Taboritsky even partially resemble normal and halfway competent at leading, though: Konrad von Carstein. While people like to compare the two, Taboritsky regards him as a bloodlusted beast. As hypocritical as it sounds, he does have a point; because of how broken he is calling Taboritsky a monster is a bit unfair as his delusions prevent him from realizing what he's doing is wrong. Even if Carstein was sane, he would be no less a monster because he was always a genuinely horrid person and his madness doesn't impact that.

    The Sultan of Agrabah 
Sultan Hamed Bobolonius II of Agrabah, God of Clueless Bosses (The Sultan, Little Bobo)


    Bill Lumbergh 
William "Bill" Lumbergh, God of Mean Bosses
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Initech Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil (in a very passive-aggressive way), Jerkass, Kick the Dog, Mean Pointy-Haired Boss at Initech, Smug Snake, "...yeah, that would be great/terrific."
  • Domains: Work, Bosses
  • Followers: Mr. Spacely, Mr. Smitty, Dr. Kelso, Marty Wolf
  • Allies: Mr. Burns, Pointy Haired Boss, Mr. Krabs, Carol/Mom
  • Enemies: Homer Simpson, Benson
  • Opposed by: Michael Scott, Hank Hill, Clark Kent/Superman
  • Annoyed by: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • William “Bill” Lumbergh is a division Vice President of the software company Initech. He serves as a micromanager who is focused on pointless paperwork such as TPS reports have been known to make people work on Saturdays and continously order Milton to move his desk to increasingly absurd locations.
  • His temple is an exact replica of the Initech building where he continues to micromanage his employees. One of his biggest allies is the Pointy Haired Boss due to both of them being micromanagers and the PHB also being a Mean Boss (at least in his earlier years). The two can be seen having conversations every now and then. He and Mr. Krabs are also on good terms.
  • Is not well-liked by Homer Simpson given that he works for a mean boss. However, he does get along well with Mr. Burns due to their ways of managing their employees.
    • Michael Scott also opposes him as the former always wants to be seen as a fun boss. Even if he annoys his employees.
    • Clark Kent also opposes him given his experiences with people like him such as Perry White and Morgan Edge.
    • Benson isn’t on good terms with him either. Sure, he may be a jerkass, but only because he had to deal with the likes of Mordecai and Rigby. As such, he refuses to be associated with him.
  • While they have the same creator in Mike Judge, he often gets annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s antics. As such, he sometimes has to keep an eye on them.
    • For a similar reason, Hank Hill has an odd relation with the man as he reminded him of his boss’ screw-ups that he had to deal with, though he was still able to see said boss’ nobler side.
  • Has been known for beginning his requests with “Yeah, I'm gonna need you to” and ending them with “That'd be greaaaaaaaaat.” For some reason, they have been exploited by other gods as their way of requesting something.
  • There is a rumor that he died when the Initech building was set on fire. So far, Lumbergh neither confirmed nor denied this.
  • Also has a seat in Personality.

Hopper, God of Making an Example of Others (Hoppy)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An ant beneath his foot
  • Theme Song: Hopper and his gang
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, The Bully, Almost Never Smiles, Makes Examples Of Others To Keep Them From Thinking, Vile Villain, Saccharine Show, Sadist, Lives For The Thrill Of Oppression, Suppresses A Numerically Superior Force To Keep Them From Revolting (Ultimately Stops Working), Bad Boss, The Sociopath (except to his mom), Devoured By A Baby Goldfinch
  • Domains: Oppression, Intimidation, Bullies, Harvest, Greed, Grasshoppers
  • Allies: Lotso, Frank Underwood, Darkseid, Big Brother and the Harbingers of Repression, Scar (The Lion King)
  • Rivals: Queen Sectonia, the Radiance (his end only)
  • Enemies: Flik and Z, Jimminy Cricket, Barry B Benson, Atom Ant, Hank Pym, Bug-type Pokémon, Kirin Toudo, James Henry Trotter and those who overcome fear
  • Fears: Birds, Maui, Timon and Pumbaa, Them!, Ragnaros the Firelord, Chaac
  • Respects: Thaal Sinestro
  • Disrespects: Lord Djibril, Spandam
  • Hopper is the leader of a group of grasshoppers who take foods from the ants every winter. A domineering bug to ants and grasshoppers alike, he makes an example in showing he's in charge to prevent the ants from realizing as a group, they can overpower them. Sure one little ant is as harmless as a grain, but en masse? When his demands aren't met, he threatens to crush the queen.
  • Hopper hates ants in general, and to say he was upset by Flik already being part of the pantheon would be an understatement. He regards Atom Ant to be a bigger threat than Flik, but has a lot more personal vendetta against Flik. Hank Pym isn't an actual ant, but Hopper regards him as much of a threat of Atom Ant for his power to command ants and the fact he could easily squish Hopper like an inse-well, you get the point.
  • While he hates ants the most and consider them lower than dirt, he honestly doesn't respect other bugs in general. He seems to dislike Bug type Pokemon in part because they're a lot bigger than he's used to and thus harder to control. Jimminy Cricket doesn't like him given how amoral he is, and Hopper doesn't care for the cricket's advice. Barry B Benson doesn't like for his oppressive nature anyway.
  • Hopper is well aware that as a grasshopper, he doesn't pose a physical threat to humans. This is particularly true with Kirin Tudo and James Henry Trotter, as they have overcome their fear and he is concerned they will be an example to insects he wishes to dominate. However he does have a working relationship with Frank Underwood, who reminds Hopper of himself and he respects the man's ruthlessness and means of securing power. However it's at most a friendship as while they like talking to each other, being a grasshopper doesn't help much with the president's cause.
  • Lotso shares a similar belief of making an example of others and being repressive like Hopper. The two are arguably the darkest Pixar villains, and they soon came to the idea they would be better working as a team. The two also share a belief that Virtue Is Weakness. Many see this as Hopper "working up the food chain", and Lotso believes he should consider overcoming humans by using the grasshopper numbers to devour their food and starve them out like a locust
    Hopper: "As a group we'd be powerful? That's awfully ant-like...but as much as I hate to admit it, it gets results when enough thought is put into it".
  • Hopper holds a lot of fondness for Darkseid and the Harbingers of Repression, as they are his kind of people. He likes Big Brother's ethos of "a boot trampling on a face forever", and hopes to apply it to ants. However being a grasshopper, he can't contribute much even though he wants to. Darkseid is fine with him being a member as he believes in The Evils of Free Will towards all sentient beings, even bugs.
  • Hopper holds no respect towards Lord Djibril and Spandam, primarily for being total cowards. They pointed out that he's at his core The Bully so he doesn't have room to talk. Hopper pointed out that he was infuriated, not outwardly terrified when the ants rebelled. They just pointed out they could easily crush him with their fingers, but by that point Hopper left as he felt he got his point across. He'd later add that he doesn't care for Spandam bossing around people stronger than him, as he has demonstrated dominance over his own men.
  • Utterly terrified of birds. This isn't to say he's a coward, as demonstrated by his disrespect to Djibril and Spandam. Being that one of his eyes was injured in a scuffle with a bird, and he was fed to baby goldfinches, his phobia is justified. He is also scared of the giant ants known as Them!, as they are every concern he has of the ants magnified. Like most bugs he has a healthy amount of fear for Ragnaros the Firelord, given his habit of burning INSECTS! Ironically he equally fears the rains of Chaac as this was the weather condition that led to his demise. Plus there's the fact that raindrops have a fair bigger impact for an insect.
    • Amusingly Hopper is terrified of Timon and Pumbaa of all deities, due to them being consummate insectivores. More understandably he fears Maui for his ability to turn into a giant hawk.
  • The scar on his eye has reminded some of Scar, though he's not partially blind because of it. Scar has a more laissez-faire attitude to ruling, but they are both cruel authoritarians who drain resources dry for their own goals. Naturally the two get along. Still, unlike Scar Hopper was in good terms with his mother and it's why he refrains from getting rid of his incompetent brother. He also enjoys a good circus. He doesn't have enough standards to argue against Scar's fraticide though, so it's not like it's a problem for their alliance.
    • Another similarity is that they both died by being devoured. Neither likes talking about it.
  • Hopper may not care about order in itself, but he does respect Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps for managing to weaponizing and instilling fear. Sinestro is fine with letting an insect enter given one of the Sinestro Corps members is a virus and the Green Lantern Corps had a fly as one of theirs, but first he must re-affirm that he can instill great fear. And after that he needs to go into a Fear Lodge and overcome his phobia of birds. Hopper admits it's a long road ahead before he reaches that point, but it would be oh so worth it.
  • Wishes to become the head of all Insects, and getting in the way of that is Queen Sectonia and especially the Radiance. Hopper really, really wishes he and his grasshoppers could supplant them. However at the end of the day he knows he doesn't stand a chance against them. They don't even recognize Hopper's existence, and Radiance merely regards him as another bug to infect.

    William Henry Harrison 
William Henry Harrison, God of Short Lived Leaderships (Old Tippecanoe)
An 1850 dagurreotype of an oil painting of Harrison.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His coat of arms
  • Theme Song: Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: 9th US President, Short-Lived Leadership (It's All He's Remembered For), Accomplished Veteran Of Tippecanoe And The War of 1812, Take That, Critics! Which Backfired Badly, Outliving One's Offspring, Rumored Curse About His Death
  • Domains: Leadership, Death, War, Slogans, Governing
  • Herald: His Vice President and successor, John Tyler
  • Allies: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (fellow presidents), Toriel, Tony Tony Chopper, Baymax, Dr Gregory House, Ana Amari, Wally, Nunnally Lamperouge, Osmosis Jones, Leonard McCoy, Optimus Prime
  • On good terms with: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Lisesharte Atisma, Princess Zelda
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Steven Armstrong, Herbert Garrison, The Amoeba Boys, any deity who spreads disease
  • Wary of: Native American deities, Chaac, the House of Water and Moisture, Tharja
  • Pities: Enju Aihara, Yuuki Konno, Madeline
  • In the history of the United States eight presidents have died in office, and the first to do so was William Henry Harrison. The first governor of Indiana, Harrison helped defeat the last major Indian military confederation and was a key player in the War of 1812. His reputation of a war hero made him the new Whig Party's main choice for their first president, and after losing the 1836 election he won the 1840 election against incumbent Martin Van Buren. Unfortunately for him he got sick and died a month in office, having the shortest leadership of any president. Most only know him for that.
  • His death led some debate on whether the Vice President should be president or acting president, but John Tyler got his way(and was later kicked out of his own party). Not many people know of the Whig Party, and Harrison fears his death may have something to do with that. He was impressed by former Whig Abraham Lincoln for what he managed to accomplish during the times of war. It's led him to discard his tolerance of slavery and being a slave owner upon his ascension to the pantheon. He gets along with Washington as well, given he was the first president and a war hero like Harrison.
  • While presidents of his party aren't well-regarded, Harrison considers them and himself infinitely better than Herbert Garrison and Senator Armstrong. He's said to Garrison that he was a better president in 100 days than he was, despite being dead for 69 of them.
  • Though he dislikes being known as "the president who died in a month", William Harrison will take the position of Short-Lived Leadership since he can still do more in the pantheon than he was able to as president. He went out dancing in the House of Celebration after making a long speech on a cold day...again. Most thought he was Too Dumb to Live, but Harrison turned out fine and wants to remind the pantheon he was perfectly fine for the next two weeks.
  • Officially his death was due to pneumonia, where he lingered for nine days. Some evidence suggests it was more like typhoid as the White House had no sewer system, and it's possible this played a part in the deaths of presidents Polk and Taylor as well. He's spending time with the (sane) physicians in the pantheon to better understand medicine so stuff like this doesn't happen again.
  • He pities Enju, Madeline and Yuuki for suffering illness at a young age, and is proud of both Wally and Nunnally for what they achieved despite their illness. He appreciates Osmosis Jone's work to keep the body health, and opposes those who wish to spread disease. And the Amoeba Boys, oddly enough.
  • Was actually the replacement for President Quentin Trembley, due to how ridiculous he was. Harrison's grateful towards Dipper and Mabel for keeping that secret, and was shocked that Trembley's harebrained scheme of preserving himself in peanut brittle actually worked. He's learned to be cautious about Bill Cipher from them.
  • His father was a founding father, and grandson was a president, making him one of three presidents with a descendant as president. He had ten children, but unfortunately he outlived six of them and only one son outlived both his parents. Because of this he's sympathetic towards Toriel for losing her son.
  • Originally he wanted to a doctor and entered medical school, but couldn't afford the tuition and dropped out. He later joined the military. In response to how he shed his mortal shell, William Henry Harrison is studying under the House of Health and Diseases. He's been discussion to Ana Amari about their military history, and is trying to better understand her futuristic healing technology.
  • Rumor has it that when he killed Tecumseh, his shaman cursed the position and that's why he died in office. The Zero Year Curse or Curse of Tecumseh/Tippecanoe has it that any president who wins election on a year ending with zero. This only stopped with Ronald Reagan surviving an assassination attempt. Harrison is afraid of Tharja since she's the goddess of hexes, and chooses to stay out of the House of Magic.
  • Given his military endeavors against Native Americans, he would rather not be around Native Americans like Nightwolf. Or those who are a lot like Native Americans such as Neytiri. There's some bad blood between him and Native Americans, though probably not as bad as president Andrew Jackson.
  • He'd also avoid those who bring rain like Chaac or snow and cold, given the unpleasant inaugural address that, while it didn't kill him, probably weakened his immune system enough for the typhoid to definitively off him. He will give Yoshino the benefit of the doubt given she can't exactly control her weather powers, and Shido Itsuka is trying to smooth over things between the two.
  • Gets along with Optimus Prime as they're both military leaders, and appears to respect Princess Zelda for being a symbol of wise leadership that he hoped to be but never could accomplish as president. Seems to sympathize with Lisesharte Atismata for her desire to be a proper and excellent queen for her people, like he desired to be a reasonable president.
  • Comforted in the knowledge to know that as short as his leadership is, it's still longer than the Nostalgia Critic's week-long takeover of Molossia. Or the briefer time Jafar was sultan before being tricked into wishing he was a genie.