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Intermediate Gods

Alarak, God of Authority Positions Determined By Power (Highlord of the Tal'darim, (formerly) Fourth and First Ascendant)
  • Theme Song: Unity (shared with all the Protoss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but switches into Chaotic Neutral after hearing the truth about Amon and his "promises".
  • Symbol: The Tal'darim Faction logo.
  • Portfolio: Popular among the characters in LoTV, Dares to fight anyone who opposes him, Brutal Honesty, Blood Knight, Frontline General, Opposite of Artanis, Might Makes Right, Noble Demon, Extremely arrogant and cocky, Villain Respect, Only knows Violence as a solution, Betrays Ma'lash after learning of Amon's true plans, Plans on killing Amon for his lies
  • Domains: War, Brutality, Battles, Retribution.
  • Allies: Really few. Considering his Fantastic Racism, the only allies he's got are the GUAC and the Itazura Griefers (notably Lambdadelta). Khorne could be considered since he's accepted by his standards.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Artanis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jim Raynor] Nova Terra, Alexei Stukov, Sarah Kerrigan, Zargara, Tassadar and all other races in general (especially humans).
  • Worthy Opponent: Verod Rath
  • Rivals: Zeratul, Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Megatron
  • Commonality Connection with: Discord, Thaal Sinestro
  • Interested in: Jack Ryan
  • Annoyed with: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Anyone who are considered Abusive Precursors comes into mind, especially The Combine and Amon, Harbinger, the Anti-Spiral, The Old Gods
  • Known as a heretic in the world of the Protoss, Alarak would betray his brothers to worship Amon, a Xel'naga who told them that he was their creator from the start. This would lead to the creation of the Tal'darim, the "heretic" faction of the Protoss. For their kind, it has a Might Makes Right mentality, where the strongest are the leaders. He rose until he was tied as most powerful with Ma'lash. However, when he heard of Amon's true motives and the lies of promise he said, this lead him to resign and ally with Artanis, with the later time allowing him to retake the Tal'darim by killing Ma'lash and taking his position after the battle. This, along with his expertise in combat plus strategy, gave him a good position in the Pantheon.
  • His arrival on the Pantheon has made Artanis proud, with him claiming that with (most) of the Protoss leaders and representatives intact, the race can finally be preserved and in peace. Alarak then questioned how long would this "peace" be kept up. This made Artanis silent, with Alarak responding this:
    Alarak: So much for this peace anyway, back to fighting for us.
    • Ironically enough, he questions the existence of the Main House and the Pantheon as a whole, giving this message as his opinion on its servitude.
    Alarak: "The Pantheon. A conflux of time and space where characters and worlds come together. Sounds like an underwhelming crossover if you ask me. I mean, are you people even trying anymore?"
  • With his extremist views, he feels no sympathy for any race, as he sees his Tal'darim being the superior warriors of the galaxy and not just the Protoss in general. This is why he highly disregards humans in every way. Just ask Jim Raynor during their first meeting.
    • However, he has some "personal" meetings with Nova Terra seeing her as a valuable asset against a certain threat known as the Defenders of Man, even more so on his "experiment" on the so-called Terrazine element. So far, he's still patiently waiting for the next test of events.
      • In which he was dissapointed and angered; just as Nova arrested the leader of the coalition, Carolina Davis, he planned to destroy her and the Defenders of Man for good, only for her and Valerian engage immediately resulting in huge casualties for the Tal'darim. This has eliminated any good relations whatsoever with the Terran Dominion, for the time being.
    • Same goes to the Zerg, the race that he has been fighting for centuries. While Sarah may have switched into the side of good along with Zagara and Alexei, he still doesn't care. So long as one is a zerg, then he'll consider them at watch.
    • It has been discovered though that his "hatred" for Jim Raynor could be because of this incident. He has since been angry when mentioning this because a.) Raynor is an idiot and b.) His stupidity costed a mothership on his part.
  • His race is known for having huge fights against each other, that most people would think of such as completely immoral. One can argue that the Tal'darim are similar to the Orks (minus the unethical language and tech), with Alarak being compared to Warboss Ghazghkull among all people.
    Ghazghkull: Oy, ain't you a tough xeno now ar ya? Let's go for a fist fite, grot!
    • On the other hand, the Emperor has commented that him and his race are oddly similar to the Dark Eldar. This comment made him completely baffled considering that he compared a race filled with strong, fighting warriors to lustful, culturistic-driven xenos.
  • Apparently, his views on his other Protoss brethren are more or less negative, either too boring or underwhelming in his one eyes. For instance, he finds Tassadar's position as Saviour of the Templar to be pretty disappointing on his eyes. He sees his sacrifice to be pitiful, stating that real Protoss are supposed to fight and live another day, rather than being sacrificial lambs.
    Alarak: You know, I'm starting to wonder if your sacrifice introduced us to being suicidal Protoss.
    • On the other hand, Zeratul for him is nothing more than a word-reading templar since his opinions on the Templar nowadays are rather negative for that matter. His main concern for templars like him, attempting to bore him to death with words.
    Alarak: A Templar? I see. Perhaps you can talk our enemy to death.
  • If you haven't noticed it by now, he's a big dick. Almost all the time, he either berates anyone for even the tiniest of failures or constantly mocks the person who did the least amount of effort on the battle. Worse, once he loses and he retreats, he blames everyone for their loss.
    Alarak: I must leave, and I blame this failure upon you.
    • He's also a sadist by the way, for if one ally near him would perish, his sadism increases and gives him a battle boost. For this, plus the huge dick attitude of his, made him have less allies compared to his other Protoss bretheren.
    • This however landed him into the ranks of the Itazura Griefers, with special thanks to Lambdadelta who introduced and instated him into the group. She finds his his trollish attitude worth the invitation and would help in terms of new trolling sessions with the rest. That said, he is still the most unlikeable member of the entire roster.
    • On the other hand, this got him also recruited into the GUAC for his mighty philosophy with his race. Lucifer has taken consideration to make Alarak their commander for the Morningstar Battalion, as he sees his fighting prowess and strategical expereince to be worth the invite. But that suggestion got shot down after going closer to the cultures of the Tal'darim. Instead, he placed him on the Chaos Brigade, the place where his race are compatible with. He has accepted it but on one condition: he gets to challenge a whole bunch of his army for his amusement.
  • With his encounter with Amon, he has no tolerance to any Abusive Precursors around the Pantheon, regardless of their agendas. Among those on top of his list, the Combine is on the highest of his kill list. So far as to team up with Gordon Freeman, and by extension, the Vortiguants to extinguish the menance. However, if anything goes wrong, he's going to abandon both parties unless he gathers a backup plan. The only thing thats giving him his worries is Amon's inevitable ascension.
    • With his "meeting" with the Anti-Spiral, he has also pledged to kill the same entity, but not without help. After talking with Team Dai-Gurren, he's ready to extinguish another menance. The problem is exactly when can they strike him down.
    • Another entity (or entities for that matter) he met and vowed to destroy are the Old Gods. Seeing them as creatures to be almost far worse than Amon himself, he has also pledged his "alliance" with most of the inhabitants of Azeroth. Ironically though, most of them questioned Alarak's position as N'Zoth's Corruptor Herald. He's confused about this revelation and isn't proud if it.
    • In terms of similarities, this is why he and Sinestro get along very well. For instance, both were pawns of a powerful entity that they sought to kill, both have a Social Darwinist mindset and both employ fear into the hearts of their enemies. Said similarities also has the latter giving him a Yellow Lantern Ring as a gift, with pleasing results.
  • For some reason, he gets a weird feeling everytime he's around Discord. The wyrm also has a weird connection with him too. Maybe it has something to do with either their attitudes or their voices. Then theres also the fact that, one of his attacks is named "Discord Strike".
  • Just as he was searching for worthy opponents, he found one by the name of Verod Rath. Impressed by his fighting style, huge arsenal of swords and affinity with the red and black color, he finds him to be the true worthy opponent. He also likes the fact that both of them are Blood Knights.
    Alarak: Face me, Jennerit Warrior! Your presence enlightens my prowess.
    • He also got into a heavy fight with Megatron after hearing of his mindset being similar to his race's own. Sadly, it almost ended badly for him, since he didn't hurt the Decepticon that easily, and that he would have almost squashed him, if it was not for the intervention of his fellow Protoss bretheren.
    • Khorne has also approved his skills, and sees his presence to be worth the power of the Blood God. He has yet to reply due to his oddity to his "race".
  • Has been watching Jack Ryan just as he ascended. No one has an idea why he would observe him, but if anything said about the Terrazine is true, he might be seeking ADAM as an alternative to new power. Time will tell if he succeeds.
  • "I am Alarak, First Ascendant of the Tal'darim."

Artanis, God of Stressed Leaders (Hierarch of the Daelaam, Executor Artanis, Praetor Artanis, "Skippy")
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The insignia of the Daelaam
  • Theme Song: The Stars Our Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Protoss, The Executor in the first Great War promoted to leader, Reasonable Authority Figure, young for Protoss standards, Bling of War, The Hero, Dual Wielding Psy-Blade and Warp Blade, emits lightning-based psi attacks, command the Spear of Adun, Rousing Speech, the Optimist, Kind beings you do not want to antagonize, Heavily chained by the burden of being in command.
  • Domains: Leadership, Stress, Aliens
  • Allies: Tassadar, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Jaina Proudmoore, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Thrall, Tyrael, The Nephalems, Shinji Ikari, Yui Ikari, Asuka Lanlgey Soryu/Shikinami, Seraph Lamington, Knight Gundam, Optimus Prime, Elizabeth Mably, Akatsuki, Valeera Sanguinar, Mata Nui, Symmetra
  • Rivals: Eldrad
  • Enemies: Diablo, Arcturus Mengsk, Cthulhu, Unicron, Gendo Ikari, Loki (sometimes), Darkseid, Thanos, YHVH, Zeus (sometimes), Ares (sometimes), The four Gods of Chaos, The Combine
  • Annoyed by: Discord
  • Opposes: Garrosh Hellscream
  • Though Artanis is the leader of the Protoss, he feels like bearing a heavy weight in being a leader. He pondered whether retaking homeworld of Aiur from the feral Zerg is worth sacrificing many Protoss lives, he must perform a perilous balancing act regarding which actions he takes and does not take in keeping the two factions united. Artanis himself never wanted the position of Hierarch in the first place, and only took it because it was the only way to keep the two factions together note . Regardless, he will lead and fight for his people to ensure a better future.
  • In another universe, he was one of the chosen Protoss to undergo the Purifier Project, where their memories and personalities were downloaded to robotic warriors. However, upon reactivation, he destroyed Aiur in an open rebellion and now leads them in purging organic life.
    • One of the various color schemes is what resembles of EVA-01 and EVA-02, in which Shinji, Yui, and Asuka noticed. It was pretty clear to them that the Purifier has no intention of sparing them when he was reminded of that mecha. Shinji and Asuka may have to fight it someday should it somehow gets into the Pantheon and cause problems. In addition, the weapons he used are similar to those of the Gipsy Danger which Raleigh and Mako noticed.
    • With the real Artanis himself, he is amused by the fact that children are battling against destructive monsters that make the Hybrid look like toys. In addition, he is rather offended at Gendo Ikari's and SEELE's concept of Instrumentality, a corruption of the Khala's ideals and their methods which reminds him of Amon's manipulations. He doesn't know what EVAs are.
  • He'll have you know that this is NOT Warcraft In Space. It's much more sophisticated! And whatever this 'Trope Pantheon' thing is doesn't count!
  • Artanis wonders how the Pantheon is even supposed to work and has also come up with a few questions.
    "This realm poses many questions, and few answers. […] Were the Xel'naga involved in the creation of the Pantheon? If so, they have left no temples, no new lifeforms. [...] Unless...those lifeforms were unseen, controlling us through some complicated digital mechanism, some sort of "edit function" as it were! [...] Maybe even thousands of these lifeforms, all manipulating our lives at once! Aaah... All right, this is giving me a headache."
  • Among him are his two great companions, Tassadar and Zeratul, harboring great respects for their leadership. He practically worship Tassadar and hope to be a strong leader like him. He is a great ally to Zeratul, battling their enemies for some time and the two were able to stop the Zerg Cerebrates in Shakuras during the Brood War. However, he feels guilty over not listening to him when he invaded Aiur and got himself and his people possessed by Amon when he corrupted the Khala. Zeratul saved him by severing his nerve cord, at the cost of his own life, which Artanis blamed himself because of this. Though, Zeratul doesn't take it too badly since he knew that his people is under a good leader and heeded his prophecies, as well as taking his warp blade until the very end.
  • Probably has one of the blingy-est armors in the Pantheon. Though it is noted that he started wearing them to show leadership and the unity of his people, he wasn't wearing any during the Brood War or in general.
  • Like almost everyone, he is rather annoyed by Discord's antics, though he is a special case for him because his trollish nature and his voice reminds him of a reluctant ally, Alarak of the Tal'darim.
  • He's against Garrosh Hellscream for what he has done to his people. He is also disturbed that he almost sounded like him when he is very angry, which is very rare.
  • The House of Music joke that his name is Sinatra backwards. To be fair, he lived a life that's full, travelled each and every star array, and more, much more than this, he did it his way.
  • He will get annoyed at people if they call him an "orc", no offense to the orcs. All because people were keep poking him. No wonder he sympathizes with Akatsuki.
    "What do I look like, an orc?"
    "Will you stop poking me? Go dispense your aggression on one of the orcs! See how they like it!"
  • Though he wanted to see Kerrigan die for backstabbing the Protoss once and killing his best friend, Fenix, the prophecies from Zeratul tells that Kerrigan plays a role in saving the universe from the end of all things. As he trusts Zeratul, he has to take his word for it and hope that he's correct. Over time, he's begun to warm up to her.
    • And in spite of his old 'alliance' with Arcturus Mengsk last time (which failed to defeat Kerrigan), Artanis has made it clear that it was merely an Enemy Mine situation. In fact, he condemns all of Mengsk's power-hungry lying methods, the eyes of the Daelaam Hierarch sees through his lies and he'd be more glad to eradicate his tyranny if opportunity presents itself. At the very least, Artanis' glad that Arcturus's son Valerian is a lot more redeeming.
  • He directly opposes malicious god-like deities in a more defiant stance. Despite whatever their powers and destructiveness are, it will not deter Artanis and he'll always oppose them to the bitter end.
    • Khorne and Tzeentch took an interest in him at first after seeing him utilizing both skillful melee and psionic powers in tandem. And while Tzeentch left him alone after discovering that psionics were not born of the warp, Khorne only gained a further interest in him, considering that despite being able to utilize almost magical abilities, these abilities were clearly his own and not 'stolen' from the Warp. Artanis made it clear just where Khorne could shove his offers of power, though.
      You would see the universe embroiled in eternal conflict, serving no purpose but your own mindless lust for slaughter. Leave, now, or you will see firsthand that the Firstborn are no strangers to warfare.
      • While Khorne initially thought this to be empty boasting, he eventually did learn of Artanis' excursion to scour his universe of their malevolent god by venturing into its realm. He has not been seen in Artanis's temple since, content to passively profit from the conflict in the Koprulu sector.
  • Though he respects Eldrad as a leader who wants to protect his people from destruction and extinction, he questions some of his motive of if it is right about using others as sacrifices. Also, he found him to be a huge dick.
  • At some point, he had crossed paths with Elizabeth Mably, at first the Pandora had mistaken him for the Nova she fought until he explains the situation to her that he is far different from them. While she learned who he really was, she was also impressed with his act of being a leader while Artanis has the same expressions to her, they became good allies ever since.
  • Artanis once made a public statement about how a man who retained a dead man's memories and personality will NOT be automatically be the same person, they are different people who deserve to carve their own destiny as his experience with a certain 'Fenix' (later known as Talandar) concurred. This eventually led the Pantheon to further believe that the incident of 'Magister's Terrace featuring Kael'thas' really is as they theorized: That Kil'Jaeden-loving abomination cannot be Kael'thas at all, it's just a husk possessing his memories and personality. As a result, Artanis seems to hang around with Kael a lot more if they are in the Nexus.
  • He may be an actual leader, but for Protoss standards, he's actually pretty young. That was how he met and befriended a Blood Elf, Valeera Sanguinar, with similar trait of being considered young despite looking like a bombshell for human standards.
  • This is Artanis' worst nightmare. When he woke up, he was very relieved that it's All Just a Dream. Although he has given weird looks to Uther after waking up.
  • Became friends with Mata Nui, as they are both leaders attempting to save their people from destruction; not to mention there was something about Mata Nui that reminded Artanis of Ouros, the last benevolent Xel’naga. One time, Artanis asked Mata Nui if the Great Beings were an alternate iteration of the Xel’naga. Since Mata Nui did not know much about his creators, he admitted it was a likely possibility.
  • After awhile hanging around in the Nexus, Artanis paid a visit to the universe where Omnic Crisis wrecked havoc and to his surprise, he ended up befriending Symmetra due to their utmost belief about order, and Artanis can definitely share about the importance of order and sympathizes with how Symmetra under Vishkar was very similar to himself when serving under Aldaris. Though the chance to just sic the Spear of Adun to Vishkar seems very tempting even for him.

    Lin Beifong 
Lin Beifong, Goddess of Iron Ladies (Chief Beifong, Lin Bei Fong, (That Lady is) My Hero, Sexylin McBeifong on the rare occasion she wears a hot ballroom dress)
  • Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: Black metalbending gauntlet with a three-claw scar and a golden arch badge.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good 90% of the way, but will go Neutral or Chaotic in exceptional times.
  • Portfolio: Metal, Earth, 24-Hour Armor, Amicable Ties to an Ex-Love Interest, Keeping Peace and Stability by Enforcing the Rule of Law, Building-Swinging Cables, The Comically Serious, Powerful Middle-Aged Female Voice, Cool Old Lady, Lowering the Walls Around a Heart of Gold, Being Just Like One's Parents Except Really Not, Iron Lady of War, Protecting Others at One's Own Expense, Maintaining Integrity in the Face of Plausible Deniability, Retractable Blades, Lost and Regained Powers
  • Domains: Law, Metal, Leadership.
  • Herald: Saikhan
  • Allies: Avatar Korra, Tenzin, Asami Sato, Avatar Aang, Katara, Mako, Bolin, Commander Samuel Vimes, Olivier Mira Armstrong (former High Priestess), Greed the Avaricious, Toph Beifong (her mother), Varrick, Sokka, Zuko, Uncle Iroh, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Kirie Sakurame, Chun-Li, Ling Yao, the GUAG, non-corrupt members of the GUAL
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, Lust the Lascivious, Shukuro Tsukishima, the GUAC, the GUAE, Raditz
  • Respects: Any non-corrupt members of the Houses of Leadership and Justice, especially Sam Vimes
  • Opposes: Charles zi Britannia, Phoney Bone, Maxie and Archie
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • The elder (and once-estranged) daughter of the legendary Toph Beifong, Lin is the Chief of Police in Republic City, the capital of the United Republic of Nations. She holds a strict belief in peacekeeping through strong and just enforcement of the law, and has run her department this way. Despite this belief, she hasn't let herself be held captive to the letter of the law, stepping outside those bounds in critical moments to protect her world, charges and loved ones against major threats.
  • In her younger days, Lin briefly dated Avatar Aang's son Tenzin until things fell apart and he left for another woman. In response, she infamously destroyed his house and tried to get his new girlfriend arrested. Aang, who she got along with famously, was briefly disappointed but did not resent her after this.
  • Was initially hostile towards Aang's successor Korra, considering her a lawless, impetuous Destructive Savior coasting on her title. Working together against Amon and his Equalists helped Lin gain respect for Korra as well as resolve her issues with Tenzin, who was Korra's mentor.
  • Philosophically, she comes straight from the school of Samuel Vimes as someone who's strong in the law, faithful to its letter, but more importantly true to its spirit. In fact, he openly campaigned for her to enter the House of Justice. While that push was unsuccessful, the House of Leadership took notice and made sure to have her brought in to fill the vaunted seat of the Iron Lady, one which she's earned as a tough, decisive boss and guardian whose bluster is backed up in action.
  • Was greeted by Korra, Asami, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Samuel himself upon her ascension to the Pantheon. Was not happy to discover that Amon and Zaheer had ascended before her.
  • Is still wary of Varrick for how he played into the Water Tribe tensions to enrich himself at the potential expense of Republic City and the Tribes' safety during Harmonic Convergence season, though she does acknowledge the stroke of conscience that's come upon him in the time since then and is willing to work with him when the occasion calls for it.
  • Met Greed shortly after her ascension. The homunculus caught her at work arresting a street criminal and promptly went to hit on her, declaring that he was the future King of the World and wanted her as his Queen. She rejected him out of hand just as quickly as he came, but later began to see that he had some virtue after he helped her lead a small resistance of both police and civilian fighters to protect Republic City from an attack by Raditz. Since then she's been willing to fight alongside him and go to him for information, but still isn't terribly friendly to his advances. Toph, who approves of Greed, says that's slowly changing with time.
  • Since ascending to the Pantheon, she routinely takes trips to the House of Justice. She often visits Samuel and takes pointers from him about certain situations to see how well his outlook really matches her own.
    • That said, not all members of the House are as keen to her presence there as Old Stoneface. Judge Dredd, for example, is annoyed at her for being so prone to infamous declarations such as "OUTSIDE THE LAW" on the rare occasion that she chooses to bend the rules to protect others. She doesn't think ill of Dredd for this, but does find the objection annoying when it comes up.
  • She first took notice of Charles zi Britannia when she heard about the old emperor with military strength-based ideals similar to those of her High Priestess. After brushing up on his politics and goals, she considers him a revolting and pitiful distortion of both Olivier's and her own ideals who has more in common with Unalaq, Korra's Evil Uncle and Counterpart, and will not hesitate to bring him down if she sees him come near her people.
  • During one of her visits to Greed's bar Stray Dog, she witnessed one Josuke Higashikata willingly heading right for the slot machine in order to get the money to pay back some rich guy whose car his great-niece was accused of stealing. Interested, she cleverly used her metalbending to rig the machine so he could win, with only Greed noticing, then followed Josuke to the House of Commerce, where she witnessed him paying the money to Robert Speedwagon and Integra Hellsing, then conversing amicably with Speedwagon. After looking up connections between the two and and discovering Josuke's family ties to Speedwagon's friends, Lin then went to the House of Family to check on Josuke, only to be disappointed at the sight of him beating up on Bowser Jr. for mocking his pompadour. She now thinks he's going down a similar path to Korra as a novice Avatar and Suyin as a young rebel.
  • After being informed that the GUAC wants to extract Vaatu from Korra and several agents of Chaos have already tried to do so, she is more intently watching out for anything they might do as well as becoming slightly overprotective of Korra. Despite knowing the Avatar can more than handle herself, she can't help but think there's no such thing as being too careful. That said, she has no intention on smothering Korra, seeing how badly that's gone in the past.
  • The fact that the benefactor to Greed's bar happens to be a member of GUAE doesn't sit well with Lin. She's confronted the homunculus about this, but was assured that Wario did not ask him to become a member and is only interested in money, and he would've said no even if it came up. For some odd reason, she actually believes him, but still doesn't like the situation.
  • Whenever she sees the Gaang hanging out as kids, Lin still finds herself amazed at how little they've changed personality-wise from how she knew them as adults. Seeing how Toph is in particular, as well as finally being told about her mother's difficulty with being sheltered by her own parents, has given her a new understanding about why Toph was so lax with her and Suyin. In any case, she's more appreciative of her mother taking that route as a parent — instead of turning into someone like Charles or Unalaq.
  • She's also been warned by both Greed and Asami about Lust, Greed's sister and enemy who somewhat resembles an older version of Asami. She understands easily that Lust is a threat to her people and is preparing for the day she crosses paths with her.
  • After hearing rumblings about a long-unseen suspicious character appearing at the House of Heroes, she headed straight there and found three young men fighting: Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Shukuro Tsukishima. Naruto and Ichigo claimed Shukuro invaded the house trying to stab Naruto with his katana and rewrite Naruto's memories, while Shukuro contended the knife was for self-defense and Naruto had started the fight. Lin then asked them what house and sub-house they belonged to. Naruto and Shukuro said Heroes, while Ichigo said Life and Death. The blade of her cable disarmed Shukuro two seconds later and he ran away shortly thereafter. When the boys asked how she figured out who was telling the truth, she stated the intruder would likely conceal their separate housing — something Ichigo didn't do.
  • A certain ballroom dress was sent to her as a congratulations present. She hasn't put a lot of time into searching or asking, so doesn't know who it came from yet.
  • She soon found herself finally greeting the ascensions of first Olivier, then Tenzin, congratulating them each in short order and frequently talking with both of them, albeit separately. She and Olivier even exchange important information about each other's people.
  • When Korra got herself a seat in the Pantheon separate from UQ Holder!'s Touta Konoe, Asami threw a party to celebrate and invited many old and new friends over. Seeing Greed try to apologize to all the teenage girls there for his younger friend Teddie's constant hitting on them, she took the chance to introduce Korra and Tenzin to him by remarking how his first attempt to flirt with her wasn't much better. She also was thankful to both Kirie Sakurame and Alphonse Elric for adding Tenzin's recent ascension as part of the cause for celebration, as well as tried to object when Korra and Touta decided they wanted to spar with Hercules as Illya von Einzbern's Berserker in the future when both were revealed to be the same only to stop when Touta's confident reply reminded her of Naruto.
    • After the party, the Krew, Toph, the Elric brothers, and Greed stayed behind to talk, with the two verses' deities learning more about each other in order to settle any concerns over Greed's intentions. Not surprisingly, Lin watched him nearly talk himself into a hole several times with his all-things-avarice persona, but otherwise he was appropriately protective, relieved, and bluntly honest with his take on events of her life, such as her family conflict and resolution, her tantrum after the breakup with Tenzin, and being de-bended by Amon. Furthermore, he and the Elric brothers offered many valuable details about the Philosopher's Stone, human transmutation, the Homunculi, and especially their fathers.
    • What did surprise her was hearing from Greed how he'd like to mentor Bolin and Mako should the young brothers ascend to the Pantheon someday. (He would later get that wish.) In the end, she received notes of caution (from Tenzin) and approval (Korra) regarding her "hopeless suitor", and was grateful for getting both. Likewise, now knowing Edward and Alphonse's story, she approved of them most out of Korra's friends, for what it was worth.
  • Has half a mind to arrest the former eco-terrorist Pokémon team leaders Maxie and Archie just to teach them a lesson despite the fact that they've since apparently rejected their evil ways, a sentiment shared with fellow stern policewoman Carmelita Fox. She's held off for two reasons: Toph determined they're telling the truth about being reformed, and Greed wants to see if they start to slip up again first.
  • Recently Phoney Bone ascended to the Pantheon and got his cousin and Herald to bartend at Stray Dog. Smiley's harmless, but Phoney seems a bit too Varrick-esque for her liking. Still, the bone is no real threat, so she's not tapping Greed as a resource to go after him.
  • Finally met Ling Yao after the 12th Prince of Xing turned up in the Pantheon. He burst into laughter shortly after their introductions, which she was annoyed by until she realized he found the coincidence of their names downright hilarious, which got her to join in and chuckle too. After talking with him for a bit, she was reminded of Prince Wu with his smooth charisma, but a far more cunning and serious example. Her protective instinct towards her charges and loved ones also earned his respect.

    Liu Bei 
Liu Bei (style name: Xuande), God of Benevolent Leadership (The Greatest Good, The Emperor of Shu)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Shu Flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, All-Loving Hero, Asskicking Equals Authority, A Father to His Men, Blood Brothers, Honor Before Reason, Rags to Riches, Reasonable Authority Figure, Reluctant Warrior, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Leadership, War, Royalty, Family, Benevolence
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideoyoshi, Ishida Mitsunari, Mori Motonari, Kratos
  • Allies: Ieyasu Tokugawa, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Sun Ce, Sanada Yukimura, Sun Shangxiang his wife.
  • Originally ascended to join his sworn brother Guan Yu as Co-Deity of Sworn Brotherhood, but after a few weeks found out that both Cao Cao and Oda Nobunaga had already ascended and had acquired large followings. He then took this position as well to prove that not all leaders have to fight wars for selfish reasons or by selfish means. Men can fight with benevolence, for benevolence.
  • On other days, Liu Bei has been seen sharing a drink in the company of Ieyasu. They're very friendly to one another, sharing very similar ideals between bonds and benevolence. However Ieyasu couldn't help feeling a little awkward at an off hand comment that he should "make sure he stays in shape."
  • Just like Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Liu Bei was known to be a father in action. While Zhang Fei's children were definitely also combat-capable like Guan Yu's, Liu Bei's son was... lackluster.
  • While it was known that Liu Bei was a rather treacherous being that betrayed several lords he served under, he recognized that he's trying to fix the image to live up the benevolent persona he preached. Not to mention, many would still comment that he still rewarded those who served under him generously in as much as he could, and it was a time of war; he was doing what he could to survive, not out of malice. All in all, he wished he paid more attention to the history department of his kingdom. Even then, people and Liu Bei himself have pointed out that he didn't bother to rat out his former superiors to their respective enemies; he just packed up his things/forces and just left as an independent power.
    • That, and he wondered if there could have been mutual peace between the respective camps of his two sons Liu Shan and adopted one named Liu Feng, who was ordered to commit suicide for him having more positive influence over the inheritance of the Shu throne. He also still admits he did pull off some crocodile tears towards Liu Zhang when it came to Yi Province, but he still had to try and claim Shu by any means.
  • Opposes Kratos firstly for taking his sworn brother's previous throne as the God of War, and furthermore for being a homicidal Blood Knight who willingly murders innocents to get at the targets of his rage. He does fully support his reformed attitude however, seeing as he is now a changed man for better or worse.
  • Is rather surprised at the current form of Mouri Motonari, who is far different from the lazy, yet level headed and scholarly man that Liu Bei remembers him as.
    • This happened again with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Date Masamune. While he is sorry that Hideyoshi is far darker, much like Motonari, he is pleased to find that Masamune does not and will never worship Orochi and is actually rather amiable.
    • Mitsunari however, is not that different. Or perhaps is much worse (psychologically speaking) than his "cool-helmet-wearing" counterpart.
  • Had a VERY awkward reunion with his brother in law, Sun Ce. However, Ce assured him that he doesn't blame him for the actions that he took following the tragedy at Fan Castle, as had one of his siblings been lost, he probably would have gone on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge as well.
    • Then comes the fact that Sun Quan may be able to relate, since both him and Liu Bei have lost a lot of family up to the point of Yiling. Sun Jian may or may not feel very awkward about a large family of sworn-brothers and sisters-in-law. Though also on Sun Quan's case, Liu Bei started to weep a bit when he found out that Sun Quan's frequent losses of family may have possibly drove him insane out of grief historically....
      • He also hopes that both Sun Quan and Zhang Fei don't end up drinking together; taking into account the historical Sun Quan and the fictional Zhang Fei in tandem, Liu Bei has predicted destructively-disastrous results....and it seems his fellow brother-in-law Sun Ce could not agree more. Cao Cao himself however, also realizes even more disaster will occur if his middle son Cao Zhi (ANOTHER infamous drunkard) joins in....
  • Also apparently a master of distraction tactics. If he's really not in the mood to talk, all he has to do is point behind the one who talked to him and yell "LOOK, BAOZI FAIRY!" then run off. He gets creative at times and replaces his words with other things if 'Baozi' does not work.
    • Liu Bei wonders if it's his awkwardly subpar military record from his historical records catching up to him in terms of always having setbacks on his own (despite having a few other prior victories with other collaborations), especially when former Xu Province ruler Tao Qian (someone else who was as bad and fictionally-whitewashed as Liu Bei) used it against the creator of the tactic out of karma. Liu Xuande can only shrug and sigh.
  • When introduced to the Midnight Channel and watching it at... midnight... Liu Bei was in utter shock when he saw someone similar to him, but acting like how he was historically (or how some of his detractors like to think he is), claiming that he will expose to the world what a 'phony hero' he has been and he is undeserving for his position, and even beckoned to go ahead and try to stop him, that'll show the world that he's more concerned in keeping his goody-goody image than actual virtue. Liu Bei has inducted a call-to-arms and found out that his sworn brothers also saw similar images. He resolved to solve the problem, but NOT to preserve said image, but to show that he's genuinely concerned for his men... who knows what would happen if said unpleasant historical selves would take over them and undo every hard works they have done to better themselves and especially made people suffer.
    • To Liu Bei's surprise, even Cao Cao gave him a message, signifying that even he's not pleased of being whitewashed by these people who seemed to form up a 'realm' that could prove dangerous to the stability of the land. Liu Bei is considering the prospects of an Enemy Mine with Cao Cao one day.....
      • Cao Cao also says to Liu Bei that "even if you were cruel and crazy beforehand, you still can rule your land for the better; that's the most important thing".
  • Is rather embarrassed that between two live-action Three Kingdoms dramas (including the one that focused on Sima Yi), an actor by the name of Yu Hewei has portrayed both Liu Bei himself and Cao Cao.


Lesser Gods

Standard Carrier Wo-Class, Goddess of Commanding Staves (Black Wock Shooter, "Yorktown", Kisa-Wo-Gi)


    Cornelius Oswald Fudge 
Cornelius Oswald Fudge, God of Head-in-the-Sand Management
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Ministry of Magic symbol.
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid intially, Lawful Good after his Heel–Face Turn
  • Portfolio: Head-in-the-Sand Management, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Kangaroo Court, Horrible Judge of Character, Meaningful Name, Pointy-Haired Boss, Being Truly Dumb, Obstructive Zealot, Taking Level In Douchebaggery, Turn in Your Badge, What Happened to the Mouse?.
  • Domains: Law, Leadership, Willful Obliviousness, Stupidity, Jerkiness.
  • Allies: Dolores Umbridge, The Pointy-Haired Boss.
  • Enemies: The rest of the Harry Potter cast, Count Dooku.
  • While he resides in the House of Leadership, and claims to help the GUAG, he's pretty useless, as he refuses to acknowledge that the GUAE exists, or is any threat, because that would mean trouble in his job.
    • At least, until his heel-face turn, after which he has turned his worldview around and now uses his position in the wizarding world to help the GUAG. However, since he only wised up after leaving office, nobody is letting him live his period of Head-in-the-Sand Management down, which is why he's still here.
  • At first, appeared kindly to Harry. Showed his true colors when Voldemort returned, and he ran a smear campaign on the Boy Who Lived so that he wouldn't have to live in a less comfortable world than the one he already lived in. Harry is now his worst enemy.
    • Then after realizing how big of a douche he was, he began to atone for his ways and asked Harry to forgive him for his mistakes.
  • The Cornelius Fudge in the pantheon sometimes appears as himself pre-heel face turn, and sometimes after. No one knows if that's a property of his position, or a result of one of the timey-wimey things that occasionally happen around the Pantheon.
  • Count Dooku considers him to be an enemy, as with all others who are Lawful Stupid.

    George Washington 
George Washington, God of Reluctant Rulers (The Father of His Country, First President Of The United States of America, Commander-In-Chief Of The Continental Army, Mr President)
A portrait of George Washington.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Prefers the old United States flag, but a $1 US note would do
  • Theme Song: America the Beautiful
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: First President Of The United States (which he wasn't too fond of), Historical Domain Character, Four-Star Badass and/or General Failure (depends on the situation), Sweet Tooth, Tooth Issues (Said To Be Wooden), The Social Expert, Cincinnatus, Rarely Spoken Poorly Of, Most Popular Revolutionary War Figure, Will Not Tell a Lie (actually The Spymaster), Memetic Badass
  • Domains: America, War, Revolution, Leadership, Generals
  • Respected by: Almost every American deity
  • Allies: Theodore Roosevelt, John F Kennedy (fellow presidents), Athena (supposedly his mother), Steve Rogers/Captain America, AMERICA, Alex J Murphy, Jim Raynor, Artanis, The Fantastic Four, Ben Tennyson, Clark Kent/Superman, Optimus Prime
  • On speaking terms with: The Planet Express team, The Men In Black
  • Unclear terms with: Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Wade Wilson
  • Enemies: Senator Steven Armstrong, Arcturus Mengsk, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Vandal Savage, Herbert Garrison, The Enclave
  • Opposes: Richard Nixon's head, Zapp Brannigan
  • No relation: Agent Washington
  • George Washington is one of the most well-known American citizens, and for good reason. He was the first US President (John Adams was his Vice President and the second US President), commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, and one of the most important(if not THE most) Founding Fathers. Despite being one of the greatest presidents and the nation's first leader, he didn't want the position and stepped down after his second term. He'd die a couple years later, but has been immortalized in the minds of his people and his successors.
  • Prefers to go by Mr President, or just General Washington. Very uncomfortable having anything king-related to him, an offer he personally refused. When a piece of Eden showed what he'd be like as king, he was horrified. Especially since it ended up being a DLC alternate history.
  • Steve Rogers immediately began fanboying upon meeting Washington, and to his utter delight the first president was incredibly proud of him and what he's accomplished for both the nation and world at large. Apparently he has an ancestor Steven Rogers who also donned a Captain America title in the Revolutionary War. He and the other dead presidents Came Back Wrong as zombies dedicated to destroying America and rebuilding it from the ashes. Does not like to be reminded of this or Deadpool, though is at least glad that his insane zombie self was taken out.
    • It comes to no surprise that America itself gave him a big old hug. And for once, Washington cracked a big old grin.
  • As the first US President, he is venerated by almost every other president to come afterwards. Theodore Roosevelt and John F Kennedy were really happy to meet him, and Washington was proud of their accomplishments in office. He was a little bit wary of Roosevelt's 1912 election bid since he set a standard of only having two terms, but is otherwise happy with him. He is not happy to learn of Richard Nixon's head in a jar, and especially someone as crazy as Herbert Garrison becoming president. Like the other presidents, he thinks Senator Armstrong is insane.
  • Fine with taking a supporting role in his house. He seems to understand the stress Artanis goes through with leadership, and Jim Raynor for being a rebel leader. He detests Arcuturus Mengsk for becoming what he was fighting against, which he personally went to steps to avoid. Not a fan of Nikita Dragovich or Vladimir Makarov either.
  • It's said that he cannot and Will Not Tell a Lie. He chopped down his father's cherry tree and immediately confessed. Though personally honest, his spy ring during the revolution makes lying a necessity. Whenever he's in the presence of Timmy and his fairies, Washington becomes obsessed with chopping down any wood around him. He, Franklin and Thomas Jefferson ended up getting into some time travel antics with Timmy. Their opinion on him is still mixed.
  • Given his importance, a number of time-travelling events surround him, usually undoing the revolution. Asides from Timmy Turner's screw-up, the Planet Express crew once altered things(they managed to put it back) and Willy Lumpkin alerted British troops before the Fantastic Four put history back to normal. Vandal Savage attempted to replace him with Illuminati look-alike Adam Weisshaupt. As if his Historical Rap Sheet wasn't big enough.
  • Most would rather gloss over his more negative traits, such as some of his more controversial tactical decisions in the Revolutionary War, treatment of American Indians and ownership of slaves. He was still a man of his time and has no issues abandoning slavery in the pantheon. He's actually happy to see that the nation was able to truly become one where all men are equal, even if it's taking him some time to adapt to the 21st century.
  • No, his teeth are not wood. He has dentures, but made of stuff like ivory. He's had tooth problems throughout his life, and it's one of the reasons he usually frowns. The modern medicine in the pantheon has really helped with that and given him some better dentures. Also, while a brilliant general in some regards a lot of his strategies were over-complicated and lost more battles than he won in the American Revolution. However his victories were some of the Continental Army's greatest, and he knew how to survive losses. He doesn't like Zapp Brannigan one bit, since 99% of his battles are sheer incompetence or exhausting his soldiers, while Washington's A Father to His Men.
    • Has the highest rank of any US soldier, being six stars. It's illegal to have a higher rank. Learning Zapp Brannigan had become a 25-star general caused him to facepalm. As a head in a jar.
  • According to Barney Stinson his ancestor Barnabus was friends with him and Benjamin Franklin, and helped write the "Bro Code". He and Ben also participated in a "Devil's Threeway". George scoffs at this story, though wouldn't be surprised if Franklin was involved. He tends to get mad at the accusation he and his descendants were cannibals. It's not like he even had children, and was most likely sterile due to illness at a young age.
  • As a Founding Father, the Enclave's America horrifies him. Before the war they weren't above things like Unwilling Robotization, censorship, or using concentration camps. After the war, they weren't above global genocide if it meant becoming the sole and pure heirs of the world. Contrasting this is his support of Superman, due to being one of the greatest superheroes of all time and the fact he fights for truth, justice and the American way. Also, he's helped saved at least the Earth itself on hundreds of occasions. He's completely supportive of Optimus Prime as well as he believes in freedom for all sentient beings.
  • Speaking of robots, the SCP Foundation made sure to check if the figure that ascended was the real George Washington or SCP-2776. George was downright appalled to learn about said automaton counterpart of himself, specially his radical behavior.
  • Thanks to time-travelling to 1773, Ben Tennyson learned he was one of the original Earth Plumbers (or Plumbiers as they were known back then). He has connections to the Men in Black because of this.
  • This interview with Timmy Turner suggests that he has an unhealthy obsession with chopping wood. Washington has yet to address these claims.
  • Among his fans stands Sarge, who apparently once drafted him to the Red Army and is trying to bring him back. In any case, George accepted the helmet worn by that incarnation as a gift and keeps it in his temple, and has ever since shown interest in visiting the House of Theater, sometimes even wanting to help with production.

    The Sultan 
Sultan Hamed Bobolonius II of Agrabah, God of Clueless Bosses (The Sultan, Little Bobo)


    Bill Lumbergh 
William "Bill" Lumbergh, God of Mean Bosses
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Initech Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil (in a very passive-aggressive way), Hollywood Dress Code, Jerkass, Kick the Dog, Mean Pointy-Haired Boss at Initech, Smug Snake, "...yeah, that would be great/terrific."
  • Domains: Work, Bosses
  • Followers: Mr. Spacely, Mr. Smitty, Dr. Kelso, Marty Wolf
  • Allies: Mr. Burns, Pointy Haired Boss, Mr. Krabs, Carol/Mom
  • Enemies: Homer Simpson, Benson
  • Opposed by: Michael Scott, Hank Hill, Clark Kent/Superman
  • Annoyed by: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • William “Bill” Lumbergh is a division Vice President of the software company Initech. He serves as a micromanager who is focused on pointless paperwork such as TPS reports have been known to make people work on Saturdays and continously order Milton to move his desk to increasingly absurd locations.
  • His temple is an exact replica of the Initech building where he continues to micromanage his employees. One of his biggest allies is the Pointy Haired Boss due to both of them being micromanagers and the PHB also being a Mean Boss (at least in his earlier years). The two can be seen having conversations every now and then. He and Mr. Krabs are also on good terms.
  • Is not well-liked by Homer Simpson given that he works for a mean boss. However, he does get along well with Mr. Burns due to their ways of managing their employees.
    • Michael Scott also opposes him as the former always wants to be seen as a fun boss. Even if he annoys his employees.
    • Clark Kent also opposes him given his experiences with people like him such as Perry White and Morgan Edge.
    • Benson isn’t on good terms with him either. Sure, he may be a jerkass, but only because he had to deal with the likes of Mordecai and Rigby. As such, he refuses to be associated with him.
  • While they have the same creator in Mike Judge, he often gets annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s antics. As such, he sometimes has to keep an eye on them.
    • For a similar reason, Hank Hill has an odd relation with the man as he reminded him of his boss’ screw-ups that he had to deal with, though he was still able to see said boss’ nobler side.
  • Has been known for beginning his requests with “Yeah, I'm gonna need you to” and ending them with “That'd be greaaaaaaaaat.” For some reason, they have been exploited by other gods as their way of requesting something.
  • There is a rumor that he died when the Initech building was set on fire. So far, Lumbergh neither confirmed nor denied this.
  • Also has a seat in Personality.

    William Henry Harrison 
William Henry Harrison, God of Short Lived Leaderships (Old Tippecanoe)
An 1850 dagurreotype of an oil painting of Harrison.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His coat of arms
  • Theme Song: Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: 9th US President, Short-Lived Leadership (It's All He's Remembered For), Accomplished Veteran Of Tippecanoe And The War of 1812, Take That, Critics! Which Backfired Badly, Outliving One's Offspring, Rumored Curse About His Death
  • Domains: Leadership, Death, War, Slogans, Governing
  • Herald: His Vice President and successor, John Tyler
  • Allies: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (fellow presidents), Toriel, Tony Tony Chopper, Baymax, Dr Gregory House, Ana Amari, Wally, Nunnally Lamperouge, Osmosis Jones, Leonard McCoy, Optimus Prime
  • On good terms with: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Lisesharte Atisma, Princess Zelda
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Steven Armstrong, Herbert Garrison, The Amoeba Boys, any deity who spreads disease
  • Wary of: Native American deities, Chaac, the House of Water & Moisture, Tharja
  • Pities: Enju Aihara, Yuuki Konno, Madeline
  • In the history of the United States eight presidents have died in office, and the first to do so was William Henry Harrison. The first governor of Indiana, Harrison helped defeat the last major Indian military confederation and was a key player in the War of 1812. His reputation of a war hero made him the new Whig Party's main choice for their first president, and after losing the 1836 election he won the 1840 election against incumbent Martin Van Buren. Unfortunately for him he got sick and died a month in office, having the shortest leadership of any president. Most only know him for that.
  • His death led some debate on whether the Vice President should be president or acting president, but John Tyler got his way(and was later kicked out of his own party). Not many people know of the Whig Party, and Harrison fears his death may have something to do with that. He was impressed by former Whig Abraham Lincoln for what he managed to accomplish during the times of war. It's led him to discard his tolerance of slavery and being a slave owner upon his ascension to the pantheon. He gets along with Washington as well, given he was the first president and a war hero like Harrison.
  • While presidents of his party aren't well-regarded, Harrison considers them and himself infinitely better than Herbert Garrison and Senator Armstrong. He's said to Garrison that he was a better president in 100 days than he was, despite being dead for 69 of them.
  • Though he dislikes being known as "the president who died in a month", William Harrison will take the position of Short-Lived Leadership since he can still do more in the pantheon than he was able to as president. He went out dancing in the House of Celebration after making a long speech on a cold day...again. Most thought he was Too Dumb to Live, but Harrison turned out fine and wants to remind the pantheon he was perfectly fine for the next two weeks.
  • Officially his death was due to pneumonia, where he lingered for nine days. Recent evidence suggests it was more like typhoid as the White House had no sewer system, and it's possible this played a part in the deaths of presidents Polk and Taylor as well. He's spending time with the (sane) physicians in the pantheon to better understand medicine so stuff like this doesn't happen again.
  • He pities Enju, Madeline and Yuuki for suffering illness at a young age, and is proud of both Wally and Nunnally for what they achieved despite their illness. He appreciates Osmosis Jone's work to keep the body health, and opposes those who wish to spread disease. And the Amoeba Boys, oddly enough.
  • Was actually the replacement for President Quentin Trembley, due to how ridiculous he was. Harrison's grateful towards Dipper and Mabel for keeping that secret, and was shocked that Trembley's harebrained scheme of preserving himself in peanut brittle actually worked. He's learned to be cautious about Bill Cipher from them.
  • His father was a founding father, and grandson was a president, making him one of three presidents with a descendant as president. He had ten children, but unfortunately he outlived six of them and only one son outlived both his parents. Because of this he's sympathetic towards Toriel for losing her son.
  • Originally he wanted to a doctor and entered medical school, but couldn't afford the tuition and dropped out. He later joined the military. In response to how he shed his mortal shell, William Henry Harrison is studying under the House of Health and Diseases. He's been discussion to Ana Amari about their military history, and is trying to better understand her futuristic healing technology.
  • Rumor has it that when he killed Tecumseh, his shaman cursed the position and that's why he died in office. The Zero Year Curse or Curse of Tecumseh/Tippecanoe has it that any president who wins election on a year ending with zero. This only stopped with Ronald Reagan surviving an assassination attempt. Harrison is afraid of Tharja since she's the goddess of hexes, and chooses to stay out of the House of Magic.
  • Given his military endeavors against Native Americans, he would rather not be around Native Americans like Nightwolf. Or those who are a lot like Native Americans such as Neytiri. There's some bad blood between him and Native Americans, though probably not as bad as president Andrew Jackson.
  • He'd also avoid those who bring rain like Chaac or snow and cold, given the unpleasant inaugural address that, while it didn't kill him, probably weakened his immune system enough for the typhoid to definitively off him. He will give Yoshino the benefit of the doubt given she can't exactly control her weather powers, and Shido Itsuka is trying to smooth over things between the two.
  • Gets along with Optimus Prime as they're both military leaders, and appears to respect Princess Zelda for being a symbol of wise leadership that he hoped to be but never could accomplish as president. Seems to sympathize with Lisesharte Atismata for her desire to be a proper and excellent queen for her people, like he desired to be a reasonable president.
  • Comforted in the knowledge to know that as short as his leadership is, it's still longer than the Nostalgia Critic's week-long takeover of Molossia. Or the briefer time Jafar was sultan before being tricked into wishing he was a genie.


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