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Drill Sergeant Nasty Kilowog introduces a brand new bunch of recruits to Catch Phrase Insult

Garnet: Don't worry, Peridot. It's our sworn duty to protect anything that calls this planet home. And that includes clods like you.
Peridot: That's my word...

Some characters don't take the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" to heart. Other characters have a favorite Catchphrase. What happens when you put the two together?

A Sub-Trope of Catchphrase. This is what happens when a character is fond of using a particular insult at a frequent basis. It can range from a demeaning nickname (like "Dumbass"), an expression (like "Kiss my ass"), or even a threat ("I'm going to kick your ass").

The opposite of this trope is Affectionate Nickname.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Frieza likes to call Saiyans "Monkeys."
    • Vegeta is fond of using "Insect", even becoming a Memetic Mutation. For Krillin, he often calls him "Baldy." For Goku, he often calls him "clown."
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • Ranma ½: Akane often calls Ranma either a "pervert" or a "Jerk," and Ranma in return calls her a "Macho Chick."
    • Pantyhose Taro calls Ranma either a "crossdresser" or a "faggot."
  • Fruits Basket: Kyo Sohma's is "Damn Rat" for Yuki and in return, Yuki calls him a "Stupid Cat."
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Katsuki Bakugo calls Izuku "Deku," which means "weakling," but Izuku later adopts it as his superhero name because it can also mean "never giving up." His other favorite insult for Izuku is "Damn Nerd," or "Fucking Nerd" depending on the translation. He calls Todoroki "Half-and-Half Bastard" (or Icy-Hot in the dub). To everybody, Bakugo will often say "I'll kill you" or demean them as "extras" in his road to becoming Number One Hero.
    • Stain calls his victims "Fake Heroes."
  • Naruto:
    • Both Sasuke and Sakura tend to call Naruto an "Idiot." In the dub, Sasuke calls him a "Loser," and in both versions, he calls Sakura "Annoying."
    • When Sai first appeared, he called Naruto "Dickless" or any variation of such, and he would call Sakura "Ugly," usually "Ugly Dog."
    • Naruto used to call Rock Lee "Bushy Brow" as this, but over time, it became an Affectionate Nickname.
  • "Idiot" or "Baka" is this by default for any Tsundere character.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: Genkai always calls Yusuke "Dimwit," and in return he calls her "Grandma." Though, as time went on, the latter insult started to become an Affectionate Nickname for her.
  • Soul Eater: Excalibur says "Fools" like a Verbal Tic.
  • Detective Conan: Kogoro would often call Conan a "Brat."
  • In the dub of Shaman King, Ryu (or "Rio" in the dub) likes to call Ren (Len) "Shortpants."
  • Blue Exorcist:
    • Izumo Kamiki has many of these, but the most prominent ones are "weed" for Shiemi and "pinky" for Renzo.
    • Rin always calls Izumo "polka-brows," but it could also be an Affectionate Nickname.
    • Shura always calls Yukio "Four-Eyed Chicken," or "Wimpy Four-Eyes" depending on the translation.
  • Durarara!!: During Izumii Ran's A Day in the Limelight episode, he called random people, the viewers, and even himself a "Scumbag" during his narrations. In the dub, it was changed to "Asshole."
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Seto Kaiba is fond of calling Yugi and his friends either "Dweebs" or "Geeks." Joey in particular is victim to being called "a dueling monkey" or "a dog."
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Chazz calls all Slifer Red students (usually Jaden) "Slifer Slackers."
  • Sgt. Frog: Natsumi usually calls Keroro (a frog-like alien) "Stupid frog". In the dub, she usually shorts it to "fridiot".
  • Pokémon anime:
    • Team Rocket will often refer to Ash and his friends as "the twerps".
    • In the Best Wishes saga, Iris often calls Ash a "kid" as either a taunt or a teasing tone. It's not always saved for Ash, however.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Many people call Edward a "Pipsqueak," much to his chagrin. Envy in particular calls Edward "the Fullmetal Pipsqueak."
  • Kaguya-sama: Love is War has Kaguya responding to Shirogane showing feelings for her (or on rare occasions, the other way around) with a condescending "how cute". Although it's worth pointing out that it's all in their heads and on the rare occasion one of them actually says it, it's with complete sincerity. Kaguya actually says it in the usual manner in chapter 142, though it's because Shirogane isn't acting on his feelings for her.

    Comic Strips 
  • Peanuts: All around preferred insult was "blockhead."

    Comic Books 
  • More than one specific insult, Captain Archivald Haddock from Tintin is a walking encyclopaedia of insults, especially if they're Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness type, becoming intergral part of the character (Haddock without throwing insults isn't Haddock at all). Out of Haddock's many, many insults he uses, the most frequently-used one seems to be "Bashi-bazouk". He made that one up, just like most of his other colourful curses.
  • Green Lantern Kilowog refers to both enemies and his own trainees as "poozers", an insult he picked up from the Lantern who instructed him (who just happened to be named Ermey). He also uses it as a term of endearment toward veteran Lanterns he trained.
  • The Joker always calls Batman either "Batsy" or "Dork Knight." He also calls Robin "Bird Boy."
  • Wolverine calls people, usually his enemies, "Bub."
  • In Condorito, Pepe Cortisona and Doña Tremebunda always call the eponymous hero "Pajarraco" (ugly bird), "Plumífero" (feathery one) and "Roteque". Condorito for his part always refers to Pepe as "Saco de plomo" (Sack of lead), "Lingote" (lingot) and pretty much anything having to do with lead. Yuyito also usually calls Coné (Condorito's nephew) "Pelón" (Baldie), but it seems to be more of an Insult of Endearment.


  • Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye says "Phony" a lot.
  • Harry Potter:
  • Michael Vey: Because of Michael's Tourette Syndrome, he is often called "Blinky" by Jack before he Took a Level in Kindness. Quentin also calls Michael "That Ticking Idiot."
  • Gone: Drake, and to a lesser extent, Howard, call Little Petey "Petard" as a shot at his Autism. At one point, when Drake is torturing Astrid, Petey's sister, she forces her to call him that too. The Human Crew try to pass "Moof" off as a slur for the FAYZ mutants.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Tyrion Lannister would occasionally call people and things "As useless as nipples On a breast plate."
  • Fudge: Fudge and Peter sometimes call each other Turkey Brain during their Sibling Rivalry squabbles. When Fudge was asked if he was not allowed to say "stupid", he replied that he was allowed to say it, just not about people. If you want to say it about people, say "Turkey Brain".
  • In Peter Pan, Peter likes to call his mortal enemy Captain Hook a "codfish".
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
    • Annabeth's is "Seaweed Brain" for Percy, though over time, it eventually becomes an Affectionate Nickname. It shows when Percy gets into argument with Thalia and she calls him that, but he feels insulted because he feels only Annabeth should call him that.
    • Dionysus would often engage in Malicious Misnaming to most of the campers. The most notable one is "Peter Johnson" for Percy.
    • Percy has "Smelly Gabe" for his abusive stepfather, Gabe.

    Live-Action TV 
  • That '70s Show:
    • Red Forman calls somebody a "Dumbass" nearly Once an Episode. His Mad Libs Catchphrase Insult is "My Foot Up Your Ass." In earlier episodes, he would also frequently say "That kid's on dope." He also tends to call Fez "Hadji."
    • Michael Kelso, after he (or someone else) delivers a good insult, he usually screams "Burn!" which also becomes a Memetic Mutation.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Similarly, Leslie Winkle tends to call Sheldon a "Dumbass."
    • Sheldon's catchphrase, "Bazinga," is often used whenever Sheldon delivers an insult.
  • Sanford and Son:
    • Fred Sanford to his son Lamont - “You big dummy!”
    • Aunt Esther to Fred - “You old fish-eyed fool” and “You heathen!”
  • Good Times:
    • Everyone to Bookman - “Buffalo Butt.” (Later became an Insult of Endearment as Bookman became a cast regular)
    • James to Willona - “The Rona Barrett of the projects” due to Willona’s gossiping.
  • Dad's Army: Captain Mainwaring always calls Private Pike a "Stupid boy" whenever Pike causes a screw up.
  • Two and a Half Men: Charlie calls Alan a "Mooch." Both Alan and Charlie tend to call their mother, Evelyn, "The Devil." Berta always calls Alan "Zippy."
  • The iCarly gang always call their antagonists "Nubs." In one episode, they deal with a pompous talent contest runner-up who calls the kids a barrage of insults, but one that catches their interest is "Hob-Knocker." When they look it up, all they can say that it's disgusting and illegal.
  • All in the Family: Archie regularly calls Mike a "Meathead."
  • Pretty Little Liars: 'A' tends to call the protagonists "Bitches."
  • Alice (1976)
    • The waitress Flo would regularly use the insult "Kiss my grits!".
    • The diner owner Mel would often tell people (especially his waitresses) to "Stow it!" and would say "Bag it, blondie!" to the waitress Jolene.
  • Victorious: People always call Jade a "Gank," Trina "Talentless and Irritating," and Rex a "Puppet."
  • The Inbetweeners: The eponymous group tends to say "Wanker" a lot. In one episode, Jay says "Bus Wankers" a few times to groups of people standing at a bus stop. The second time he does this nearly gets Simon throttled by a Scary Black Man.
  • Breaking Bad: "Bitch" is practically Jesse's Verbal Tic.
  • Stranger Things:
    • Eleven's is "Mouth Breather."
    • Troy has a few of these. He calls Mike "Frogface," Dustin "Toothless," Lucas "Midnight," and Will "Fairy Boy."
  • Happy Days: Sit on it!
  • Welcome Back, Kotter: Up your nose with a rubber hose! (And variants)

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Rock, who is known to be a heavy trash talker in wrestling, frequently calls any wrestler or any official a "Jabroni". In other insults, he would call them "candy ass", "monkey ass", "piece of monkey crap", "piece of trailer-park trash".
    • During his feud with Stone Cold in the '90s, he would often call him "the biggest piece of Texas trailer-park trash".
    • Whenever Kevin Kelly interviews him, he always calls him "hermie".
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would use "jackass", "piece of trash", or "piece of crap" as frequent insults.
  • Chris Jericho has "ass clown" and, most recently, "stupid idiot".
  • Enzo Amore has one in "a cuppa hatas".
  • Booker T often refers to anyone as "sucka".
  • Whenever cutting a promo, Scott Steiner would refer to the audience as "white trash" and "rednecks".

    Video Games 
  • Kingdom Hearts: Everybody in Organization XIII outside of Roxas and Axel call Xion a "Puppet."
  • Danganronpa: Many of them are usually archived lines inserted in non-speaking dialogue boxes, but they sort of count.
    • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Mondo has "Piece of Shit" and "Son of a Bitch," Byakuya has "Stop Talking," "Idiot," and "Commoner," Sakura has "Bastard," and Toko (as Genocide Jill) has "SOB."
    • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Fuyuhiko has "Dumbass," "Bastard," and "Don't fuck with me." Gundham Tanaka has "Mortals" or "Mere Mortals." Hiyoko always calls Mikan "Pig Barf" and Byakuya "Mr. Ham Hands" ("Mr. Porkfeet" in Japanese).
    • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:
      • Maki more often than not threatens Shuichi, and to a lesser extent, Kaito, with "Do you want to die?"
      • Tenko calls every guy she encounters a "Degenerate Male."
  • Most of the members of the Grove Street Families in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas tend to call Carl a "Busta", Ryder being the most liable one of the group to use said insult.
  • Fate/stay night's Gilgamesh is fond of calling those he considers beneath him (which considering his supreme arrogance is just about everyone) "mongrels" or "lowlifes".
  • In Persona 3, Yukari always calls Junpei "Stupei."
  • Oddworld: Many of the characters use "Schmuck."
  • In Mega Man ZX Advent, Aeolus, one of the bosses, is particularly fond of the word "fool", as he considers everyone else beneath him.
  • In Pokémon Red and Blue, your rival (canonically named Blue Oak) always leaves with a loud "Smell ya later!"
  • Life Is Strange: Chloe's Mad Libs Catchphrase Insult is "Step X" for her overbearing stepfather, David. The one used most frequently is "Step Douche." A lesser one is "Sergeant Shithead."
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Siefer tends to call Zell "Chicken-Wuss."
  • Bully:
    • '' Gary is a fountain of these. He calls Petey "Femboy," Algernon "Pee-Stain," and the Preps "Inbreds."
    • The Preps call Jimmy a "Pauper."
  • Ace Attorney: Franziska von Karma uses the word "fool" and its' variations to the point of redundancy.
    • Also, Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in likes to call people "nincompoops"
  • Bosco Sam & Max Save the World likes calling the Freelance Police "foo'", with the justification that they keep paying the ridiculous prices he comes up with for his Bosco-Tech.
  • Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 likes to call Vault Hunters "bandits." The Children of the Vault from Borderlands 3 follow his example by calling them "Vault Thieves."
  • Theseus of Hades, a supremely arrogant and self-important "hero", is quite fond of calling Zagreus a "hellspawn" or a "blackguard".


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Kevin likes calling the Eds "Dorks" so much, that in one episode, he lost a bet to see if he could go the whole day without saying it.
    • Eddy always calls Ed an "Monobrow", "Lumpy", "Burrhead", and "Idiot", and Edd "Sockhead" (though that could be debatably an Affectionate Nickname).
    • Eddy's Brother always called Eddy "Pipsqueak."
    • Sarah often says "Fathead." To Eddy, she'll say "Eddy, you idiot."
  • The Simpsons:
    • Bart Simpson is synonymous with the phrase "Eat My Shorts."
    • Homer, more often than not, calls his neighbor, Ned Flanders, "Stupid Flanders." He would also say "Why you little" to whomever ignites his wrath, usually to Bart before strangling him.
    • Nelson would often laugh at people's misfortunes with "Haw-haw." A lesser-known insult of his is "Dingus."
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    • Eustace has a list of these for Courage, but the one he says at least Once an Episode is "Stupid Dog."
    • The computer Courage uses often calls him a "Twit."
    • Di Lung has "Ya Foo," but he usually says "Watch where you're goin', ya foo!"
  • Futurama:
    • Bender has "Bite my shiny, metal ass." One he uses not as frequently is "Chump." Also, he usually calls humans (Fry included) as "Meatbags."
    • Leela uses either "Pompous Dimwit" or "Buffoon" for Zapp Brannigan.
  • Beavis And Butthead have a dictionary of these, but the ones they use the most are "Dumbass," Fart-Knocker," "Asswipe," "Dillweed," "Bunghole," and "Dillhole." In one episode, Butt-head calls Beavis a "Butt-Knocker," which seems to be a Berserk Button for Beavis. They'll also say "I'll kick you in the nads" to somebody who threatens them, "Dork" for Mr. Van Driesen and Mr. Anderson, and "Wussy" for Stewart.
    • Mr. Buzzcut has "Losers," "Morons," and "Failures" for the titular duo.
    • Principal McVicker and Mr. Anderson always calls Beavis and Butt-head "Little Bastards."
    • Todd always calls them "Little Girls" or "Kindergarteners."
  • King of the Hill:
    • Hank has "Jackass," usually for Dale or Bill. He also has "I'm Gonna Kick Yer Ass!"
    • Kahn and Mihn often call their neighbors "Rednecks" or "Hillbillies."
    • In "Movin' On Up", Luan's new roommates call anyone who tries to boss them around a Nazi. Unhinged WWII veteran Cotton didn't take it well.
    • In "Hank's Bully", Hank deals with a Bratty Half-Pint who calls him "Dusty bones full of green dust."
  • The Fairly OddParents:
    • Vicky always calls children (especially Timmy) "Twerps."
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik always calls Scratch and Grounder "Nincombots."
  • Mega Man: Guts Man and Cut Man both call Mega Man "the Blue Dweeb" or "Mega Twerp." Mega Man himself likes to call Wily's robots "Scum-bots."
  • South Park:
    • Cartman has "Screw you guys" (sometimes followed with "I'm going home"), "I'll kick you in the nuts," "Respect my Authority" (pronounced as "authoritah"), "Suck my balls," and for Kyle, "Jew."
    • Stan and Kyle would always call Cartman "fatass." Kyle also has "You Bastard(s)" to whoever kills Kenny.
    • Mr. Garrison calls his students "Retards" from time to time. In season 1, he occasionally used "You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!" He would also use "Fag" under the excuse of it being N-Word Privileges for him.
    • You can count with your fingers the people Shelly doesn't call a "turd."
    • Nathan always says "Shut up, Mimsy" right after Dope Slapping him for saying something stupid.
  • In Steven Universe, Peridot is fond of calling everyone a "clod". This reaches its heights in "Message Received", when her Heel–Face Turn is marked when she calls Yellow Diamond— her Diamond— a clod. Right to her face.
  • Rugrats: Angelica likes to call the babies "dumb" and "stupid".
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil: Brad often has the habit of calling Kick "Dillweed".
  • The Loud House: Lincoln is often the phrase catcher for his sisters, who like "twerp" and "doofus". Ronnie Anne calls him "Lame-o", but it's an Insult of Endearment more often than not. Lynn will often call him "Stinkin'", but whether it's playfully or maliciously depends on what they're up to.
  • PJ Masks: The villains use a lot of the same one:
    • The Whole Team: "PJ Pests", "PJ Pains"
    • Gecko: "Lizard Legs."
    • Catboy: Frequently some variation on "Kitty Cat", or "kitty litter."
    • Owlette: "Bird Brain."
  • Popeye:
    • Olive Oyl had "brute", "masher" and "four-flusher" most frequently used when she was being kidnapped by Bluto.
    • Bluto frequently calls Popeye a "runt", mostly in the Famous Studios shorts.
  • In Hey Arnold!, Helga usually refers to Arnold as "football-head", due to his oddly-shaped head.
  • In Total Drama, Duncan's Catchphrase is "Later losers."
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon frequently mock the Cutie Mark Crusaders for their "blank flanks".
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Bugs Bunny usually calls his adversaries, usually Elmer Fudd, a "maroon" or "nimrod".
    • Bugs is often called a "wascally wabbit" (by Elmer Fudd) or "varmint" (by Yosemite Sam).
    • Daffy Duck has "You're despicable." He's also used "(miserable) rodent" to describe Speedy Gonzales.
    • Speaking of Speedy, he often calls Sylvester a "gringo pussycat".
    • Tweety always calls Sylvester "Bad Ol' Putty Tat."
  • The Cramp Twins: Wayne calls Lucien "Girl Pants" at least Once an Episode.
  • Rocket Power: The gang uses "Shooby" to describe tourists. In one episode, Otto and Twister keep calling Reggie "Lame-O."
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja: "Shoob" is frequently used by the characters.
  • Doug: Roger Klotz is fond of saying "Sayonara, Suckers." A lesser used one is "Funny Face" for Doug, as a pun on his surname, "Funnie."
  • Scooby-Doo: It's tradition for the unmasked crook to say that he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dog.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: Ren constantly calls people, usually Stimpy, an "eediot". He also calls Stimpy a "bloated sack".
  • Family Guy:
    • "Shut up, Meg."
    • Stewie often calls Brian "Dog", particularly in earlier seasons.
    • In later seasons, whenever Brian has done something to piss Quagmire off, Quagmire lividly calls him a "son of a bitch".
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter always "Stupid" (pronounced "Stoopid"). A lesser used but still well-known is "You are stupid! You are Stupid! And don't forget, you are stupid!"
  • Dan Vs.: Dan has "Jerkface."
  • In Samurai Jack, Aku tends to call the titular character a "foolish Samurai." He also calls him a fool a few times to boot.
  • Dick Dastardly would usually call his squadron charges "dumbheads."
  • Batman: The Animated Series, Arnold Wesker was a Ventriloquist who had Dissociative Identity Disorder, and he developed a criminal mastermind personality which was vented through the dummy named Scarface. Scarface, who is a dummy, always calls Wesker "Dummy".
  • Ben 10: Ben and Gwen's go-to insults for each other in the original series were "Dweeb" and "Doofus", respectively.
  • Transformers Beast Wars: Rattrap and Dinobot have an extremely large amount of these for each other. Rattrap's favorite is "Chopperface" and Dinobot's favorite is "Vermin."
  • CatDog: The Greasers always call the titular characters "Cat-Butt."
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "Barnacle Head" is the go-to insult for the characters, usually for Squidward to SpongeBob.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette and Alya always call Chloe a "Brat."


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