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Greater Gods

Chernabog, Evil God of Darkness
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Bald Mountain itself
  • Theme: Night on Bald Mountain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (possibly Chaotic Evil if he were more proactive)
  • Portfolio: Satanic Archetype, Eldritch Abomination, being sealed in his mountain by day, Evil Overlord, Reality Warper, Creepy Awesome, Weakened by the Light
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Demons, Fire, Night
  • Allies: Xehanort (conjecture), Hades (is a fan of Chernabog), Yami, Gul'dan
  • Opposed by: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, Amaterasu, Frollo
  • Followers: His many legions of demons and ghosts
  • Chernabog usurped this position from King Sombra. When asked how he did it, he said that he was… pathetic, to say the least.
  • There is no temple for Chernabog in the Pantheon, but rather Bald Mountain itself is in the Pantheon. By day, there is nothing to fear. But at night, Chernabog awakens and begins commanding his ghosts and demons to do whatever he pleases, or he just smothers them in lava. Many times, he does both.
  • Despite the magnitude of his sheer presence, and the power he wields, Chernabog does not have as much clout in the Pantheon as one would expect, because he mainly keeps to himself. He will have his nightly "session" with all of his underlings, but will not do much else. The GUAE is interested in him, but messengers have a tendency to get killed, and sometimes brought back as ghostly minions for Chernabog.
    • As Sora (and later Riku) can attest, he will attack anyone who comes near his mountain while he is awake, so the GUAE's plan may not be going anywhere for now.
  • His one weakness (other than a Keyblade to the face) is the light of day, preferably with church bell accompaniment. When people are a little too nervous of Chernabog, Amaterasu (or her son) is called in to Cue the Sun and put Chernabog back in his mountain.
    • Amaterasu has sensed power emanating from Chernabog that is quite similar to that of Yami, the source of all darkness in her home world. Since Chernabog is considered to be the devil himself, some wonder if they're somehow connected.
  • In spite of being quite monstrous himself, Frollo holds nothing but the most venomous contempt for Chernabog, for being such a Satanic Archetype.
  • Though he's named after a non-evil Slavic god, Chernabog acts and certainly seems to be based off of Satan. Satan himself had made no comment on the relation between himself and Chernabog, but has noted the beast is a sorry excuse for a demon: more interested in having those "juvenile raves" rather than using his power "productively".
    • Lucifer has seconded the notion. While he's actually never met Chernabog, he's fairly sure the actual deity is a lesser demon of winter, death and decay.
  • Has a rather embarrassing secret.
  • Along with his role in the Pantheon, he also holds a position of power in the alliance of Disney villains known as the Friends from the Other Side.
  • Ended up being part of "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil" with Nyarlathotep, Griffith, and Diablo. For whatever reason, Nyarlathotep made him the Team Pet.
  • For safety reasons, DO NOT claim to be smarter than Chernabog, especially if your name is Homer Simpson.

Eris, Goddess of Slinking Evil (Discordia)

    Harbinger (Mass Effect
...Okay, so who's nex-


Harbinger, God of Villainous Overrides (The First Reaper)
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    Light of Destruction 
The Light of Destruction, God of Evil Light (The Light of Ruin)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its own radiance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (masquerades as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Light Is Not Good, Possesses People And Spreads Evil In People's Souls, Greater-Scope Villain, Time Abyss, Seeks To Destroy Everything (Or Be Worshipped In The Dub), Unrealistic White Hole, Evil Is Hammy, Absolute Evil
  • Domains: Light, Possession, Destruction, White Holes, Malevolence, "Fate"
  • Followers: Innominat the Suppressor, Armisael, Dr. Arthur Light, Ashen-Shugar, Nakadai Mikoto/Abarekiller
  • Interested in: Griffith
  • Varying relationship with: Sailor Galaxia, Takuma Saiou (enemies normally, allies when she's under Chaos' influence/when he's possessing Takuma Saiou)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Melkor, Kefka Palazzo, Deathwing, The Firebird, Giygas, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Headbutting Villains with: Galeem, Nekron
  • Rivals: Darkseid, Dharkon, YHVH, Chernabog
  • Enemies: Every deity (top priority Jaden Yuki and Yubel), the House of Friendship, Cosmos, Lucifer, Iroque, Father Balder, Melisandre of Asshai, Beerus, Shin, Ra, Eru Ilúvatar, Ungoliant, Amaterasu, Ezalor, Amara, any benevolent light or darkness user, everything else that lives.
  • Out in space, there exists a strange white hole emitting a potent light. This light, the Light of Destruction, is a cosmic evil who's energy inspires calamities such as dictatorships and wars. Eventually possessing Takuma Saiou/Satorius, it founded the Society of Light to possess and control members to do its bidding. The Light of Destruction's ambition? To destroy the universe.
  • The entity is hated by all Yu-Gi-Oh deities, but especially Jaden and Yubel who are destined to destroy it. It is also hated by the House of Friendship for trying to pervert The Power of Friendship into its sinister cult. Iroque hates that it would brainwash people to destruction, though the Light of Destruction pointed out she uses light to brainwash people for "good". Though in reality, it simply desires to twist the Indigo Tribe into agents of brainwashing for its own purposes.
  • Naturally, all those who follow benevolent light consider it an abomination. Ra hates seeing light used for the same purposes as his greatest foe, Apophis. Melisandre had believed that there was no such thing as Light Is Not Good, however seeing what the Light of Destruction does has convinced her otherwise. Benevolent darkness users oppose the Light of Destruction equally.
  • The evil light to Chernabog's evil darkness. Naturally, they're in competition. The Light of Destruction is also in competition with Darkseid in the field of brainwashing and destruction. It regards Ezalor as a rival, but this is one-sided and like any good force of light Ezalor despises the Light of Destruction. Ungoliant seems to think of it as food.
  • Worryingly, there was one deity who appreciated the evil light; Melkor. To him, it is a great mockery of his creator Eru Ilúvatar, as the Light of Destruction seeks the same desire of corruption and destruction that the first Dark Lord did. That corruption of light symbolism led the Light of Destruction to be rather amused by Griffith's actions and wants to see his end goal.
  • The other Grand United Alliance leaders oppose it for various reasons-morality for Cosmos, wanting life to exist for Lucifer and YHVH. Though YHVH at least seems to respect its use of using light to bring judgement and worship, seeing the Light of Destruction as more of a rival than traditional foe. To a lot of people's surprise, Nekron did not. Nekron is no fan of light, but he shares the same purpose and desire-the destruction of all life. And the Light of Destruction might give it an edge against the Life Entity and white light of creation.
  • Believes that destruction is the destiny of the universe and claims it has happened many times before. While it considers itself a Destroyer Deity, Beerus thinks that it is merely a sadistic monster who destroys for the fun of it and hates it. So does Shin, who finds it just as repulsive as Zamasu. The Light of Destruction doesn't care about this, nor does it have much of an opinion on the mad Kai.
  • Finds kinship in the Firebird and Deathwing are they are harbingers of destruction. It thought it might find allies in the House of Otherness Abominations. It soon pestered Amara and tried to goad her on to destruction, thinking it is the destiny of the universe. She vehemently opposed the Light of Destruction. It did find kinship with Giygas however due to ushering in an apocalypse.
  • Saw some of itself within Galeem, being a monstrously destructive being of light that twists the world around it. Galeem seems to understand its actions and methods, however, considers it a bit too chaotic to be straight allies. Particularly that while Galeem hates Dharkon with a passion, the Light of Destruction merely considers Dharkon to be competition. Perhaps this is because it can see the two forces are far more similar in goals than they would ever admit.
  • Has seen some of its former host in Sailor Galaxia, with a similar malevolent entity possessing her. When it does possess her, the Light of Destruction has an ally. Balder opposes him given the possession he suffered. And despite the name, it doesn't have any connection to Kefka Palazzo. Not that it doesn't approve of Kefka's use of light to cause mass death.
  • One would think the Light of Destruction and Evolto would be allies considering that they possess their victims and have similar goals of destruction. What really happened is that the Light distrusts Evolto due to him backstabbing any ally he makes once they have already suited his ends. Evolto admits to that one, though he wouldn't mind being best buddies with the Light.

    Ultimate Chimera 
Ultimate Chimera, Divine Avatar of Invincible Boogeymen

Intermediate Gods

Eneru, God of Evil Electricity Users (Enel, God)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The drums in his back, with lightning going between them
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Psycho Electro, Nigh-Invulnerable, A God Am I, The Sociopath, Averting The Sorting Algorithm of Evil, Weaksauce Weakness, Kryptonite Factor, Where I Was Born and Razed, Person of Mass Destruction, Shock and Awe, Thunder Drum
  • Domains: Lightning/Electricity, Haki, Tyranny, Evil
  • High Priest: Maxwell Dillon/Electro
  • Allies: His four "priests"
  • Enemies: Luffy, The rest of the Straw Hats, Akainu, Boa Hancock, Thor, Cole MacGrath, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, The Magical Girl Sisterhood.
  • Ironically, Sakazuki/Akainu dislikes him greatly despite both opposing Luffy, viewing him as a threat to the world due to his destruction of Skypiea.
  • A good deal of the Pantheon was disturbed when he ascended; however, they still have Luffy as a countermeasure for him, and he's gotten far stronger since he last fought Eneru, so nobody's that concerned.
    • It has been brought to the attention of the Pantheon that back when Fate Testarossa-Harlaown was the Goddess of Lightning, he used to hold that position, but for some reason all stories involving his being such had been covered up. The Question is, of course, investigating the matter, but Eneru doesn't much care for that anymore now that he has a new position for himself. He's still miffed that his position had been stolen and nobody had known about it and has since sworn vengeance on Fate.
  • The Technology house has been attempting to study the "Spaceys" that he awakened on the moon.
  • After his ascension, was (though he doesn't know it) dubbed as the Pantheon's backup power supply.
  • Due to his Haki and Shock and Awe powers allowing him to strike from miles away at will, he is being watched carefully by the GUAG.
  • Upon discovering that, while he was a god in the Pantheon, he was not the top god, attempted to confront Dream to steal his position. Dream imagined a small pool around Eneru, rendering him powerless, and sent him back to his temple. Eneru has not tried since, but it is rumored he is planning with some of the other evil deities to steal Dream's position.
  • Has been trying since he ascended to add some of the female deities to his harem of women. One of his more well-known (due to its failure) attempts was when he tried to kidnap Ysera, who promptly sent him into a coma. All of his other attempts have been thwarted by the Magical Girl Sisterhood and Luffy. And even he knows better than to try Mithra.
  • Also present in the House of Electricity.
  • Some groups have taken a greater interest in his powers when in one of the video games (Gigant Battle 2), his electric Logia abilities were able to counter the seemingly-unstoppable light Logia powers of Admiral Kizaru.

Kalibak the Cruel, God of Brutish Villains

Kurogiri, God of Villainous Teleporters (Black Mist)

Lesser Gods

    Chris Walker 
Chris Walker, God of Unstoppable and Determined Pursuers (Big Fucking Guy, The Soldier, Strongfat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Heads of His Victims
  • Theme Song: Chris Walker chase themes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a twisted shade of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Pig Motifs, Anti-Villain, The Brute, Chain Pain, The Dreaded amongst the Variants, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Stout Strength, Tragic Monster
  • Domains: Inmates, Insanity, Strength, Determination, Head-ripping
  • "Allies": Piggsy, Roadhog, Spooky, Needless Kane
  • Rivals: Nemesis
  • Enemies: Lois Lane, Jade, Dr. Angus Bumby, Jill Valentine
  • Pitied: Anyone who suffered from PTSD
  • Opposses: Martin Walker
  • Chris Walker was once a soldier serving in Afghanistan but after returning and heavily suffering from PTSD, he wanted to get treated. Unfortunately that landed him into Mount Massive Asylum, a place where he was used as a Human Resource for the Morphogenic Engine, which did wonders for him. During the incident where the Walrider broke out, Walker made his duty to stop the creature from escaping the facility, which prompted him to chase the reporter Miles Upshur every went he went to ensure he didn't make contact with the creature. In the end after cornering Miles, the Walrider swiftly took care of Walker and caused the big guy's death.
  • Even though the threat of the Walrider is nowhere near the pantheon halls, Walker insists in eliminating anyone who might prove to be an effective host of it, so it's not uncommon for him to start chasing some poor sap that stumbled upon him endlessly until he is either stopped or he catches them. He is so persistant in capturing his victim that he follows them anywhere, regarding of house.
    • If you happen to be caught by Walker, he will either throw you around or or Rip your head off. And he tends to keep the latter as trophies in his temple.
  • He tends to refer to his victims as "Little Pig" and his look invokes an overall Pig Motif. This might be why he is not hostile towards Piggsy, a similarly deranged killer with a Pig Mask to boot.
  • The reason of his looks, besides the Morphogenic Engine driving him mad, he started mutilating himself after feeling that his skin was holdin him back.
  • Many pity poor Chris given that he suffered for a severe case of PTSD, which many can agree that is not pretty. Many veterans were devastated to learn of how Walker wanted to treat his condition, only to land in Mount Massive asylum.
  • Because of his experience chasing Miles around all the asylum, Walker has grown a distaste towards Reporters, especially the intrepid ones. According him, those little piggies are very slippery.
  • One time wandering around in the pantheon, he stumbled upon Roadhog and immediately tried to attack him but he got quickly taken care of because Roadhog was armed (And he is bigger than walker). They have remained in amicable terms since Roadhog also tends to refer to his victims as "little piggies" and may or may not be physically altered as well.
  • Spooky saw potential in Walker and decided to offer him a spot in her mansion as another specimen. Walker didn't take her offer at first but he wandered in the mansion anyway as a constant pursuer of anyone who enters. Apparently he was told that a being worse than the Walrider was located in there and Walker would not let that happen again.
  • Has a very low opinion on Mad Scientists and Psychiatrists, considering he wasn't treated correctly but instead experimented on, which causes what he is today. He has a special distaste for Dr. Angus Bumby considering how he handled his patients and has ocassionally ripped his head off more than one time. Not that anyone minds.
  • He used to have a little stuffed pig that kept him company when he was being treated during his time in the asylum. It's adviced to not make fun of it unless you want your head gone.


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