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Greater Gods

Eris, Goddess of Slinking Evil (Discordia)

    Harbinger (Mass Effect
...Okay, so who's nex-


Harbinger, God of Villainous Overrides (The First Reaper)
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    Light of Destruction 
The Light of Destruction, God of Evil Light (The Light of Ruin, The Dark Light)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its own radiance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (masquerades as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Light Is Not Good, Possesses People And Spreads Evil In People's Souls, Greater-Scope Villain, Time Abyss, Seeks To Destroy Everything (Or Be Worshipped In The Dub), Unrealistic White Hole, Evil Is Hammy, Absolute Evil
  • Domains: Light, Possession, Destruction, White Holes, Malevolence, "Fate"
  • Followers: Innominat the Suppressor, Armisael, Dr. Arthur Light, Ashen-Shugar, Nakadai Mikoto/Abarekiller
  • Interested in: Griffith
  • Varying relationship with: Sailor Galaxia, Takuma Saiou (enemies normally, allies when she's under Chaos' influence/when he's possessing Takuma Saiou)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Melkor, Kefka Palazzo, Deathwing, The Firebird, Giygas, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Headbutting Villains with: Galeem, Nekron
  • Rivals: Darkseid, Dharkon, YHVH, Chernabog
  • Enemies: Every deity (top priority Jaden Yuki and Yubel), the House of Friendship, Cosmos, Lucifer, Iroque, Father Balder, Melisandre of Asshai, Beerus, Shin, Ra, Eru Ilúvatar, Ungoliant, Amaterasu, Ezalor, Amara, any benevolent light or darkness user, everything else that lives.
  • Out in space, there exists a strange white hole emitting a potent light. This light, the Light of Destruction, is a cosmic evil who's energy inspires calamities such as dictatorships and wars. Eventually possessing Takuma Saiou/Satorius, it founded the Society of Light to possess and control members to do its bidding. The Light of Destruction's ambition? To destroy the universe.
  • The entity is hated by all Yu-Gi-Oh deities, but especially Jaden and Yubel who are destined to destroy it. It is also hated by the House of Friendship for trying to pervert The Power of Friendship into its sinister cult. Iroque hates that it would brainwash people to destruction, though the Light of Destruction pointed out she uses light to brainwash people for "good". Though in reality, it simply desires to twist the Indigo Tribe into agents of brainwashing for its own purposes.
  • Naturally, all those who follow benevolent light consider it an abomination. Ra hates seeing light used for the same purposes as his greatest foe, Apophis. Melisandre had believed that there was no such thing as Light Is Not Good, however seeing what the Light of Destruction does has convinced her otherwise. Benevolent darkness users oppose the Light of Destruction equally.
  • The evil light to Chernabog's evil darkness. Naturally, they're in competition. The Light of Destruction is also in competition with Darkseid in the field of brainwashing and destruction. It regards Ezalor as a rival, but this is one-sided and like any good force of light Ezalor despises the Light of Destruction. Ungoliant seems to think of it as food.
  • Worryingly, there was one deity who appreciated the evil light; Melkor. To him, it is a great mockery of his creator Eru Ilúvatar, as the Light of Destruction seeks the same desire of corruption and destruction that the first Dark Lord did. That corruption of light symbolism led the Light of Destruction to be rather amused by Griffith's actions and wants to see his end goal.
  • The other Grand United Alliance leaders oppose it for various reasons-morality for Cosmos, wanting life to exist for Lucifer and YHVH. Though YHVH at least seems to respect its use of using light to bring judgement and worship, seeing the Light of Destruction as more of a rival than traditional foe. To a lot of people's surprise, Nekron did not. Nekron is no fan of light, but he shares the same purpose and desire-the destruction of all life. And the Light of Destruction might give it an edge against the Life Entity and white light of creation.
  • Believes that destruction is the destiny of the universe and claims it has happened many times before. While it considers itself a Destroyer Deity, Beerus thinks that it is merely a sadistic monster who destroys for the fun of it and hates it. So does Shin, who finds it just as repulsive as Zamasu. The Light of Destruction doesn't care about this, nor does it have much of an opinion on the mad Kai.
  • Finds kinship in the Firebird and Deathwing are they are harbingers of destruction. It thought it might find allies in the House of Otherness Abominations. It soon pestered Amara and tried to goad her on to destruction, thinking it is the destiny of the universe. She vehemently opposed the Light of Destruction. It did find kinship with Giygas however due to ushering in an apocalypse.
  • Saw some of itself within Galeem, being a monstrously destructive being of light that twists the world around it. Galeem seems to understand its actions and methods, however, considers it a bit too chaotic to be straight allies. Particularly that while Galeem hates Dharkon with a passion, the Light of Destruction merely considers Dharkon to be competition. Perhaps this is because it can see the two forces are far more similar in goals than they would ever admit.
  • Has seen some of its former host in Sailor Galaxia, with a similar malevolent entity possessing her. When it does possess her, the Light of Destruction has an ally. Balder opposes him given the possession he suffered. And despite the name, it doesn't have any connection to Kefka Palazzo. Not that it doesn't approve of Kefka's use of light to cause mass death.
  • One would think the Light of Destruction and Evolto would be allies considering that they possess their victims and have similar goals of destruction. What really happened is that the Light distrusts Evolto due to him backstabbing any ally he makes once they have already suited his ends. Evolto admits to that one, though he wouldn't mind being best buddies with the Light.

    Spriggan 12 
Spriggan 12Members , Deities of Antagonist Abilities (Shields of Spriggan | August: Wizard King, Disaster, Calamity, Grandpa, General of the Spriggan 12 | Irene: Scarlet Despair, Scarlet Scourge, Queen of Dragons, The Sage Dragon, Lady Irene, "Wendy Belserion", Leader of the Irene Squad | Larcade: White Dragneel | Invel: Winter General, Chief of Staff | Brandish: Nation Destroyer, Country Demolisher, Leader of Brandish Squad | DiMaria: Warrior Queen, Leader of DiMaria Squad | Neinhart: Leader of Neinhart Squad | Bloodman: Grim Reaper | Ajeel: Desert King, Leader of Ajeel Squad | Wall: Judge, Leader of Wall Squad | Jacob: Assassin | God: Eight-Dragon, Hybrid Theory)
L to R, T to B rows: August Dragneel, Irene Belserion, Larcade Dragneel, Invel Yura, Brandish μ, DiMaria Yesta, Neinhart, Bloodman, Ajeel Raml, Wall Eehto, Jacob Lessio, God Serena
August's battle form 
Irene Belserion as the Sage Dragon 
Invel Yura under True-Ice Kamui 
DiMaria Yesta under God Soul: Chronos 
Bloodman under Third Seal 
Wall Eehto's Machias Puppet 
Wall Eehto Assault Mode 
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: Alvarez Empire Imperial Crest
  • Theme Song: Spriggan Twelve
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as a whole during the Alvarez invasion. August Dragneel is Lawful Neutral. Irene Belserion, Neinhart, God Serena are Neutral Evil. Larcade Dragneel, Invel Yura, and Wall Eehto are Lawful Evil even now. Brandish μ and DiMaria Yesta are True Neutral now. Bloodman will always be Chaotic Evil. Ajeel Raml and Jacob Lessio are now Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Asskicking Equals Authority, Bodyguarding a Badass, Extremely Powerful Magic, Military Mage, One-Man Army, Praetorian Guard, Quirky Miniboss Squad, Story-Breaker Power
  • Domains: Magic, Powers, Antagonism, Military
  • Superior: Zeref
  • Allies: Mard Geer Tartaros, The Wizards
  • Rivals: Former Cipher Pol 9, Sound Five
  • Enemies: Acnologia, Nagato, Madara Uchiha, Miraak, Alduin
  • Former Enemies: Fairy Tail (barring some Spriggan 12 members)
  • The former Shields of the Alvarez Empire, the Spriggan 12 are amongst the most powerful mages in the world. All of the members had mastered particular magic abilities that they all utilized for devasting effects against their enemies. Although all the members have differed in personalities and loyalty to their cause, they all generally have done whatever the Emperor Spriggan, otherwise known as the Black Wizard Zeref, ordered to do. Despite being the greatest power within the Alvarez Empire, the Spriggan 12 faced defeat in Alvarez's invasion of Ishgar. All members proved to be the most formidable foes that the continent has ever seen, with the efforts being against even one was a constant struggle of life and death. Despite being defeated, the members nor the Alvarez Empire had been tried for their war crimes, and the Spriggan 12's surviving members simply dissolved their group to pursue different career options. Whether those career paths were good or not is dependent on perspective. They all ascended to the Pantheon regardless due to how powerful and unique their abilities proved to be and though the group would likely not return to their status quo, they are all just happy that they can see each other again.
  • Some members asked Zeref on their next course of action should be. This primarily came from Invel Yura and Neinhart who both probably had no other ambitions after getting arrested for trying to reignite another war. Zeref just told everyone to do whatever they feel like. They could either return to govern the Alvarez Empire as leaders (unless you were barred much to the arrested Shields' dismay) or just do whatever. Zeref even told them that could join Fairy Tail for all he cared as he was too busy trying to mend things with his wife and Etherious brother. He also said not to expect him to return to the throne, as that job is already being fulfilled by Ajeel. This caused a wave of relief for some Spriggan 12 members, horror by some Spriggan 12 members, and just sheer indifference by the rest. To Zeref's surprise, he thought that they would have all started ripping each other apart by now upon their ascendence but most ended up doing their work quietly.
    Zeref: Day 10... they haven't killed one another. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • Many members have let go of their grudges against Fairy Tail even after their war against them. August simply only fought because he was ordered to. Irene Belserion is conflicted on what to regard Fairy Tail as. Larcade Dragneel has itched to destroy Fairy Tail but was forbidden by his father. Invel Yura had done well serving his empire until he wanted to break the peace. Brandish μ has adventured throughout the lands for any purpose, having completely ditched her empirical duties. DiMaria Yesta went to the farming industry then go for vengeance, crying from her previous actions. Neinhart was also arrested with Invel for conspiracy, which is odd as Neinhart was lazy enough to ignore Zeref's orders. Bloodman just wanted to kill as many people as possible through the Alvarez Empire. Ajeel Raml settled down and became the peaceful ruler of the Alvarez Empire in Zeref's stead due to his royal background. Wall Eehto though a sadist, still has his empire's interest heart and does not wish to harm the current regime. Jacob Lessio is by Ajeel's side to push for the Alvarez Empire's new pursuit of international relationships. God Serena can just fuck right off. It does not look like they will be major players within the Pantheon even though a single Spriggan 12 member is incredibly formidable. Aside from minor incidents they are involved in, they will not unite unless their home is threatened once more.
  • What they all do share is mutual hate against Acnologia, who is the reason why they went to invade Ishgard with the hope to find the means to destroy Acnologia. However, most of the Spriggan 12 members are hilariously ineffectual against him, to the point that God Serena whose entire powers derive from Dragon Slayer magic, went instantly die in a single blow from Acnologia. August could probably give some damage to Acnologia due to his sheer power, but that likely means using his magic to nuke the entire planet to do so (and it will probably not kill Acnologia either). Irene Belserion is the creator of the Dragon Slayer magic could think of something up... which would likely lead to Acnologia shrugging it off. Considering the sheer power that Acnologia holds, the Spriggan 12 went to reconvene to answer that question without having Acnologia turn to the Alvarez Empire himself. The answer is that they have no clue.
  • Nagato went to the Alvarez Empire when the nation was on a holiday that made the Spriggan 12 (the ones who are not pariahs now) all show up in the same city for the festivities. Bringing his bodies with him, Nagato went to engage the Spriggan 12 in a battle that went to push them to their absolute limits. His bodies went to engage with each member, tagging out bodies to bring others once it becomes clear the Spriggan 12 members are adapting to his techniques. Nagato through the Deva Path went to give his reasons on why he is assaulting the Alvarez Empire to his opponents, Jacob Lessio, Irene Belserion, and Brandish μ. Nagato went on to describe that his upbringing in warfare costs him the life of many of those he loves and that the Alvarez Empire is all guilty of war crimes due to their invasion of Ishgard. He does not see that the Spriggan 12 who are the perpetrators of the conflict who given proper punishment, not even speaking on the military that serve as their empire's tools or the citizens whose blind support brings. Nagato finds disgust that the Rape, Pillage, and Burn aspects of their invasion are never given address and deems that the Alvarez Empire's current path will never truly wrong those sins. For this, he deems all of the nation's citizens from the lowliest to highest man, woman, or child as guilty. He will inflict them pain that generations would remember. Nagato preparing to wipe the Alvarez Empire off the planet never went to fruition, as August went to use some wind magic to blast Nagato in the air high enough so that his attack would not hit anyone before kicking him halfway across the world after. Even Nagato did not expect his Six Paths of Pain to face such defeat at the Spriggan 12's hands. For this incident, the Spriggan 12 went to declare war again the Akatsuki and is currently trying to uncover Nagato's new plan to achieve peace in the Pantheon. Needless to say, they found themselves in a deep rabbit hole...
  • As annoying as Mard Geer Tartaros is towards the Spriggan 12, he knows that he has to work together with them due to their shared master in the Black Wizard. Mard Geer Tartarus allying himself with the Spriggan 12 would have been the definition of a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (aside from Bloodman who likes Tartaros well enough) since most of the Spriggan 12 were humans. However, they more than proved themselves to him by destroying Tartarus even when he went under his Etherious Form to bridge that power gap but still could not even land any significant hit. Now Mard Geer Tartaros wants to not only help the Spriggan 12 for whatever endeavors they have out of respect but also with the intent of joining the Spriggan 12 since he believes that doing that will be the best way to serve their master. Of course, since the Spriggan 12 is nonfunctioning, they will not go ahead to anoint Tartaros as a new member nor will they have him replace a previous member's old position. It is like if a group would call themselves Organization XIII but have a XIV member.
  • Madara Uchiha gave every Spriggan 12 member a run for their money in terms of power. Upon seeing that not even the brat who he hid his Rinnegan within could not beat the Spriggan 12 at their maximum power. Unfortunately for him, not all the members were together at this time but Madara went to challenge the ones who were available. August, Jacob Lessio, Bloodman, and Wall Eehto were his foes and he made quick work of most of them. Wall Eehto went to spam as many of his missiles as possible and sent out countless Machias Puppets to overwhelm Madara. Madara went to tear through them all like paper. Jacob Lessio went to use his magic to seal Madara into a space that the former controls but Madara went to nullify that with his Rinnegan powers. Bloodman did his best to use physical force to beat Madara but the Sharingan made Bloodman believe that Wall is Madara. Needless to say, Wall Eehto began looking like paint on a wall. August went down to stop Madara himself and shockingly, the wizard did prove himself to match the Uchiha in combat. Any element that Madara went to use against August only went back to him and the Sharingan's illusions were broken by August's magic. August being able to tank Amaterasu is indicative of his strength. Madara Uchiha went to be among his happier moves as he and August's fight went to rage on. August did eventually realize that the fight is pointless once his comrades left and just went to surrender in front of Madara Uchiha. Needless to say, Madara did not like that and went to kill August with all of his rages. It is fortunate for August that he did copy the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan as well, leading to Madara attacking what is the air as August simply went on his way.
  • The Wizards hold a particular reverence to the Spriggan 12, believing that they are the apex of what wizards can do, with or without Magicks. However, much of the Spriggan 12 believe that such high praise for them is the result of the misconceptions that all of the members are physically strong as a result of their magic skills. Many of the members are physically strong to a ridiculous degree, but a few members are also similarly Glass Cannons like the Wizards in terms of their power. There is a reason why their powers hold people off more than promote direct conflict. The Spriggan 12 just do not want to say it in fear that these Wizards want to make a new Spriggan 12 on their own.
  • Miraak went to challenge the Spriggan 12 after hearing some members go into an altercation with Alduin after the dragon went to try the blow up the Alvarez Empire if Nirn could not. Even though Miraak refuses to kill Alduin out of arrogance in the past, the fact that a group did have Alduin running with his tail between his legs went to intrigue him. If Miraak could beat this Spriggan 12, then he can rule their empire to gain a presence that far exceeds that of Solstheim. Miraak using "Bend Will" to control the more isolated members, began his assault against the Alvarez Empire. What is likely one of the bigger miscalculations of his life, the Spriggan 12 members under his control went to have his hold over them disappear when August went into the picture. What went to happen after Miraak was constantly being beaten by the members. From sand to ice, to orgasms, to a dragon's mouth were what Miraak found himself stuck in for around three hours before the Spriggan 12 went to toss him into a boat out of their nation's waters. He may be a powerful Dragon Priest that could take the will of others, but his ambitions were put to rest rather quickly.
  • Exclusive to August:
    • August is the child of Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel, a fact that he has kept to himself for the longest time. He found his way to his father at a young age and did his best to make his father's wishes come true even if Zeref is still not aware of his son's existence or his mother thanks to a comatose state making her unaware of her pregnancy. Due to his heritage, August is so powerful that his skills exceed even that of Gildarts Clive who can brutalize nearly anybody, thus contending if not already fulfilling the strongest mage across all the lands. As a result of his very odd title, August has made friends with many mages who respect him. It helps that August is not a bad guy but rather a person who is just that fiercely loyal to his nation no matter what.
    • The Sorceress Ultimecia went to measure how strong August is in the hopes that she could absorb his powers for himself to become an Overdeity. However, August is so masterful at all types of magic, that he could already sense Ultimencia spying on him the moment she went to do so and went to confront her. Ultimencia went to try to isolate August but as always, August simply copied her magic and manipulate it for himself. Only now does Ultimencia understand the pain of Hell's Judgement that she likes to use. Before August would leave, Ultimencia made probably the most dangerous gamble she could. That being mentioning Time Compression magic and that if she could not achieve it, August likely will. August did not want to hear anymore and left, and Ultimencia is preparing for the day she could possess the body of August once he can use Time Compression magic himself which she is banking on. He does not know that she already knows this, though what she seeks is August creating an even stronger version of that spell, as she feels like she is getting nowhere with it currently
    • Sarda is quite wary over what is August's capabilities. If August were to copy Sarda's magic if they were to ever interact, then August would become an Overdeity and may even rise above Sarda himself in terms of strength. For this reason, Sarda plots to have August be taken down to the point that such a threat is null, even if August is not aware of Sarda's existence.
  • Irene Belserion:
    • Irene Belserion is the mother of Ezra Scarlet and the inventor of Dragon Slayer Magic created to combat the dragons of old. Despite being a beloved queen of a nation, it was all ripped from her when Irene would be mutated to becoming a dragon herself thanks to the magic she held. For hundreds of years, Irene faced torture and humiliation from the humans who she sacrificed herself for and gave birth to Ezra Scarlet hundreds of years later from her original impregnation. As the Sage Dragon, the Scarlet Despair has a plethora of magic spells apart from her Dragon Slayer Magic that renders her just below August himself. She can compress entire landscapes, create a giant radar, enhance her physicality, fly, and even switch consciousness with single targets. It speaks a lot that the only person who killed Irene Belserion was herself at that moment. Technically, she lives on through her daughter (who finds it awkward to talk to) and Wendy Marvell through her Residual Thought Enchantment which is meant to emulate the Sage Dragon. Needless to say, the outfight the Scarlet Despair wears does not fit Wendy that well.
    • Tiki feels bad for Irene Belserion, not in a passing pity sort of "feels bad" but "genuine extreme sympathy feels bad". As a dragon herself, Tiki never was accustomed to the idea that she could have been discriminated against by others out of fear for her power as her mother hid her away from the fearful humans. Hearing how the Sage Dragon was abused by so many tugged at her heartstrings to the point she wanted to hug Irene Belserion. To be honest, Tiki admitted that she may have hated humanity if she went through Irene's pain. The Sage Dragon felt a bit of connection to Tiki with that and accepted her friendship. She just warned Tiki to never have kids since the number of pains she went through for hundreds of years was harrowing. Tiki never replied out of politeness.
    • Haruto Soma was alerted when finding out The Sabbath was beginning somewhere else again. Going there, he found Irene Belserion leading the ritual with a bunch of prisoners she was going to sacrifice to satiate some curiosity she had when she learned of the ritual. Misinterpreting her actions as being genocidal to humanity, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard and prepared to duel against her. Irene Belserion never held back against the Ringed Magician, to the point that he had to take out Infinity Gold Dragon to counter her since Infinity Style still was not enough to best her magic. She retreated afterward, swearing that the next time they meet will be on the battlefield. Even though he could have caught up with the woman, Haruto let her go because he felt as if he reached his limit at that point.
      Haruto: Damn that lady needs some hope injected into her.
  • Larcade Dragneel:
    • A failed Etherious that was meant to replicate the original Natsu Dragneel, Larcade Dragneel proclaimed himself to be the son of Zeref as a result. As much as he yearns for the approval of his "father" whom he worships, Zeref is not keen on Larcade, only having him around for his magic which can even overwhelm Zeref. His powers involve striking at the needs that humanity has. Whether it be pleasure, hunger, or sleep, he makes anybody in his radius suddenly experience them to a lethal degree. Larcade wanted to follow Zeref to the ends of the earth to make up for the failed invasion, but Zeref ordered Larcade to go back to the Alvarez Empire as he is busy with his lover. Larcade cried at the thought of having a mom, causing Zeref to run as fast as possible so that Larcade does not suddenly have a mother complex as well.
    • Considering that Nero wanted his family members to acknowledge him, he should have sympathy for Larcade Dragneel. Unfortunately, Larcade Dragneel is too much of an arrogant asshole to be sympathetic towards. Nero just ran into Larcade while hunting for some demons, and the Etherious would not budge from meditating. So Nero tried to bash Larcade's head in but the guy was ludicrously powerful by demon standards. Nero finally was able to beat Larcade after activating his Devil Trigger which left Larcade a bit of a chopped-up mess on the floor.
    • Due to still believing that he will one day inherit the will of his "father", Larcade made many friends with those who have taken it upon themselves to carry the mantel of being the familial leader through thick and thin. Stannis Baratheon, Schneizel el Britannia, and even Charlotte Katakuri are friends with Larcade but it is more out of pity than anything else. Larcade Dragneel is in such denial over being rejected by Zeref that he believes that Ajeel Raml will give him the throne one day after being blessed by his "father". To be honest, they are kind of scared of him for that.
  • Invel Yura:
    • The former Chief of Staff for the Alvarez Empire can be said to have been at Emperor Spriggan's side more than the actual leader of the Spriggan 12. His cold demeanor fits his Ice Magic perfectly, which has been utilized to a chilling effect on his opponents. With his Ice Slave spell, Yura can remove the free will of others and with his True-Ice Kamui armor, he can freeze anything that he touches even if said thing was immune to extreme cold. That is not even to mention that he has Snow Magic which can conjure a snowstorm that can blanket a region if not an entire country at will. This makes him extremely dangerous to fight against and those like Elsa and Jack Frost have been quite disturbed by how ruthless Yura can be. His is like an Evil Counterpart to themselves, devoid of any love and lacking any empathy towards others. Yura has ironically been cast out of the Spriggan 12 for his actions in trying to start another war and has since been looking for a job until Ajeel, "Begs on his knees once things go to complete shit," as Yura puts it.
    • Akainu and Yura have got along well, surprising due to their contradicting elements. Akainu considers Invel Yura as what the former Admiral Aokiji should have been. Yura is dedicated to his duties and his empire and does not content against the leadership in a match that costs him his leg. Akainu's respect for Yura got to the point that with the power vested in himself, he conscripted Yura to be a Vice-Amiral in the Marines. The application is getting pushback from Akainu's superiors who believe that he might be amassing too much power with the whole conscription process but Akainu has faith Yura will fight for the word of justice.
      Akainu: Chief Yura, resumes are not just a list of tropes that you say embodies your character. Genius Bruiser? The Strategist? To be frank, doing that looks quite pathetic.
      Yura: I only admit the truth of my character in my resume.
      Akainu: Yura, I think if I wrote Magma Man, Knight Templar, The Dreaded, I would become the opposite of the latter example I've just given.
    • If there is any positive relationship that Yura has at the moment, it is with Winterbolt and Crygonal. Winterbolt appreciates the insane magical abilities that Yura utilizes and wants to quote, "overthrow the government" to place himself as ruler. Yura appreciates the sentiment since he is honestly, pretty down on his luck at the moment even though he will not do something like overthrowing the Alvarez Empire. Crygonal floats around Yura likely in response to his magic and while initially having high annoyance with the creature, Yura got used to it after a while. These friendships are one of his few saving graces at the moment before he might completely go off the deep end.
  • Brandish μ:
    • This bikini-wearing woman is not a joke when it comes to her power. With her Command T magic, Brandish can alter matter with whatever shape and height she desires. It comes as no surprise she is feared as the Nation Destroyer/Country Demolisher. Brandish μ (she is the only one with a Greek letter as a surname) was driven for a good chunk of life to take revenge against the Hearfilias for what she perceived was the murder of her mother but was soon set straight when the details on that incident were illuminated in its entirety to her. After the Alvarez Empire faced defeat, Brandish more or less ditched to wander the world. She never said she is doing anything noble or ambitious, doing only whatever floats her boat. She honestly is thankful that she is in the Pantheon due to how boring everything is at the moment.
    • Out of anyone who understands Brandish, it would be Nico Robin who felt a need to be distant from the world around herself thanks to the tragedies of her life prior. Fortunately for Robin, she found a crew who accepted her, and now she became a much more moral person as a result. Brandish received her intervention through Fairy Tail but has not wanted to find companionship in any form at the moment. Robin finds that completely understandable though the sooner it is, the better since the powers of Brandish μ are like a nuke waiting to go off.
    • Ultraman Belial was at one of his deranged rampages but had not noticed Brandish underneath him. She punched his foot so hard, that he started screaming and was subsequently shrunk by her. Belial was not just shrunk to a regular size but shrunk enough to fit inside a jar that Brandish took around with herself for a few weeks. Belial hated feeling extremely powerless, only escaping because Brandish accidentally left the jar over a rock and the Ultra had to roll himself away. He never wants to see Brandish again after that fiasco left him scarred (excluding the moments where he saw her bathe, he liked that a lot).
  • DiMaria Yesta:
    • A cynical woman who has a volatile bloodlust when fighting, DiMaria Yesta was chosen by the god Chronos himself to be his vessel through the magic of God Soul which allows Chronos to possess DiMaria for a bit of time. However, DiMaria also learned magic spells relating to time from Chronos himself, allowing her to pummel them with her brute strength. After the Spriggan 12 disbanded, DiMaria left to become a farmer upon being softened enough to serve the pacifist lifestyle instead. Perhaps it was out of fear thanks to a certain Natsu Dragneel but she is at least satisfied with the new life she chose for herself. Chronos has not derided his former host for this and just wishes her the best of luck.
    • Dio Brando wishes to absorb the powers of DiMaria as a way to improve the power of The World. After all, the best teacher to use the power of stopping time is the Anthropomorphic Personification of it. He just needs to learn how to since Dio Brando has not trained himself with using the variety of techniques that his vampirism enjoyed outside of regeneration and extreme strength. He can probably use the power of absorption if he discovers it. Of course, Jotaro Kujo would not allow that and asked DiMaria to help decapitate Dio if the time is right. Even though she became a pacifist, DiMaria said yes. A vampire WILL NOT interrupt her harvesting season after all.
    • Just like a certain prince of the Saiyans, DiMaria started extremely overconfident then had a wave of humiliation wash upon her. With Vegeta however, he at least found a new drive to fight while the former Shield now decided to seclude herself from the world. Vegeta is always trying to urge the old DiMaria Yesta to come back out, always threatening to blow up her farm if she does not. She knows he is full of it yet is still friendly regardless.
      DiMaria: Is it because you're going through a crisis or-
  • Neinhart:
    • Neinhart is perhaps the most inactive of the Spriggan 12 as a result of his Historia of the Dead magic. He can essentially resurrect those that his target deemed as impactful people that were killed some time ago, giving them a new purpose under his orders. They are not zombies in a sense as they retain all their abilities when they were alive but considerably less powerful. With this blatantly broken magic, what Neinhart needs to do is just relax as those he brought back to do the work for him. That is not to say that is the only magic he knows, as he is proficient with Wind magic and Blast magic. Though honestly, what holds Neinhart back is his perchance of laziness, to the point of wanting to ditch a direct order from Emperor Spriggan. It just brings the question of why did he help Yura start a war...
    • Orochimaru likes Neinhart for his capabilities. Historia of the Dead sounds like an imperfect version of the technique that allows Orochimaru to resurrect the dead. Except somehow that it drains Neinhart's stamina when using it. After failing to learn from the generous Archviles, Neinhart wishes for Orochimaru to teach him the technique since he is kind of getting sick of having Historia of the Dead taking so much energy from him. At some point, he needs to upgrade it.
    • Shinji Matou being an egotistical prick, gets along well with Neinhart who is a similar egotistical prick. What Shinji went to inform Neinhart is the Heroic Spirit summoning ritual, which would get him dead historical figures to fight for him instead of dead people that he has to summon for him. Neinhart loves the idea, yet never actually did properly learn how to do the ritual himself. It is understandable due to how confusing the Adjacent Worlds are. Neinhart believes that kidnapping Servants and forcing them to make a new contract with him is the solution, so he went to the Master of Chaldea to find a plethora of Servants. Too bad most of them went to kick his butt. The Master of Chaldea is, fortunately, very merciful and lets Neinhart live. If the Servants were to have their way with Neinhart instead, then surely Neinhart would be summonable in a banner later.
  • Bloodman:
    • Being an Etherious created from the Books of Zeref, Bloodman is perhaps the height in terms of the power an Etherious can hold. Bloodman possesses the entire magic of Mard Geer Tartarus and his Nine Demon Gates alongside a host of other abilities. Not only that, Bloodman is composed of Magical Barrier Particles in the First Seal that make him physically intangible unless when directly trying to harm others. He also has trump cards in his Second Seal and Second Seal which summons a mass of soul-eating skulls and coats himself in lethal poison respectively. It is not out of the ordinary to say that Bloodman is an idol every bloodthirsty demon should strive for, even to his Etherious brethren. Fairy Tail members are still extremely hostile to him thanks to his barbaric ways but do not hold it against the Alvarez Empire since it is Bloodman's nature after all.
    • The Godhand had always wanted to invite Bloodman to be among their Apostles' ranks for the longest time. The Etherious has the power that exceeds many of them, perhaps comparable to their power in a sense. Of course, they cannot since Bloodman is not a human who sacrificed their humanity to them nor does he hold interest due to Bloodman's loyalty to the Alvarez Empire's cause. Bloodman was manipulated by them to face Guts, however, and much to Bloodman's shock, the man sliced right through him without even wearing his Berserker Armor. The Dragon Slayer if those who must know, is imbued with so much demon blood that it transcends dimensions. For short, Bloodman's Magical Barrier Particles do not mean jack shit. Bloodman had a lot of fear now when it comes to seeing a man with a giant black sword running around.
    • Bloodman would laugh at the idea that a mere human can punch him. Doom Slayer did try though. The guy braved through his poison that would have killed a normal man and started punting the ever-living crap out of Bloodman. Bloodman did not die as a result of Doom Slayer punching him for hours on end (he just left after since he got bored) but remains traumatized to this day.
      Bloodman: If I had a coin every time a giant buff man show up to kill me, I have two coins. Weird that it happened twice.
  • Ajeel Raml:
    • Ajeel Raml was a former prince in the Alvarez Empire before being conscripted to join the Spriggan 12 by Emperor Spriggan. He used to be a very antagonistic person to his opponents, showing no mercy to them as he tossed his Sand magic around without a care. He mellowed out considerable after succeeding Emperor Spriggan as ruler of his empire, likely due to his royal heritage being already set. Azir highly respects Ajeel Raml for having what could have been a tense period for his people and the world after they failed in a war. By promoting policies that emphasize peace, Ajeel did drag his country out of something dangerous which is VERY impressive to anybody. As a result, Azir says that his kingdom is willing to help out the Alvarez Empire as long as they maintain this level of cooperation.
    • Ajeel and Crocodile share many qualities in their powers, to the point that they share the epitaph of "Desert King" to drive their sand powers further. However, what makes Ajeel technically stronger than Crocodile is that he lacks the severe weakness that Crocodile has with water and is physically powerful enough to deflect a cannon's blast. There are rumors that Crocodile has begun operations to undermine Ajeel's rule of the Alvarez Empire under the pretenses of "special pirate operations" to take over himself. However, Ajeel would be ready to bring on some "special defense operations" in turn if there is an attempt at a takeover. All that Ajeel needs is to be stricken first by such attempts with blatant evidence to be given.
    • Similarly to Gaara who became the Fifth Kazekage, Ajeel had to grow to be a leader after leading a life of brutality. Ajeel would like to thank his grandfather Yageel for steering him on a better path. This makes him similar to Zuko in a sense who rejected his nation's imperialistic ways under the guidance of a parental figure. Ajeel can only hope that the Alvarez Empire remains steady under his rule.
  • Wall Eehto:
    • Wall is a strange wizard who combined both technology and magic to devasting effect. Using his Weakness magic and the Machias puppet that he created, Wall can pump out an army of mechanical soldiers that are specifically meant to match his opponents' capabilities. He can even create weaponry that any military will slather for at a whim. That is not to say that Wall Eehto is completely defensive outside these elements as his own body is not too dissimilar from his puppet. Dropping his mischievous personality, Assault Mode makes what Tony Stark calls, "An Ultron who beefed up his main body." Ultron would like to contest that but a single blast from Wall made Ultron consider Iron Man's words were accurate.
    • Franky has considered Wall Eehto to be what he would have become if he continued to upgrade himself to the point of forsaking his humanity. Sure, Franky would love to be way stronger than he is but then he would not experience the joys of comradery. Meanwhile, Wall is an arrogant asshole one second and then an emotionless killing machine the next. It is honestly a disturbing juxtaposition. Though if Frankly did want his humanity discarded for more upgrades, he would want to look like a giant boat than be a regular cyborg.
    • The Borg Collective maintains a high interest in the Machias technology that Wall Eehto holds inside of him and has tried to procure Wall for themselves. Fortunately, Wall is more than ready to rip through the Borg but he is more scared of the idea of them finding out what he is mining inside of him. For those who are unfortunate enough to understand what that means, Wall would like to explain.
      Wall: Have you heard a thing called cryptocurre-
  • Jacob Lessio:
    • Known by the simple epithet of "Assassin", Jacob Lessio sure lives up to that name. Using magic which is called Assassination, the magic has three functions that helped him accomplish his missions. He can erase his presence, see the invisible, and utilize invisible weaponry. There is also the fact that he can use Transport to pull numerous people to another dimension. Jacob Lessio is also an expert on beating a person to a pulp, which already seems like a bonus. Instead of murders, he now spends his time advising the current ruler of the Alvarez Empire.
    • King Hassan thought that if Jacob continued living up to his "Assassin" epithet, then he would have been worthy enough to live up to the name of Hassan. Okay, that is stretching it since it is implied he murdered all of them for not living up to his name. The Old Man in the Mountain only lamented that if Jacob lacked the weakness of looking at womanly nudity, then he would have looked into a potential job offer. While Jacob is thankful for that sentiment, he is batfuck terrified of the First Hassan as he should be and has a heart attack every time the world's oldest assassin sneaks upon him. Somehow, King Hassan can find Jacob while he is invisible which underlines how skilled he is.
    • Due to his powers of being able to transport people to another dimension and having a gentlemanly attitude reserved for themselves, Jacob and Luxord get along swell. Sometimes they play poker together on a shared boring night and end up drunker than pirates. Jacob is surprised that Luxord can drive and has done a really good job on that friend. Luxord would like to say he has a lot of experience driving people around.
  • God Serena:
    • Perhaps the most loathed member of the Spriggan 12 in their circle, God Serena was placed there out of pragmatism than actual respect for his capabilities. Previously regarded as the strongest of the Wizard Saints before leaving them for the Alvarez Empire. The reason why is so that he may challenge Acnologia, a task that he felt was worthy of the eight magic of Dragon Slayers that he held within his body. Then God Serena died instantly without lifting a single attack against the dragon. Neinhart resurrected him for another shot but he got blown away then too. It is no secret that the Spriggan 12 have a distaste for God Serena thanks to not warming up to him nor putting up with his somehow even more obnoxious arrogance. He still says he is part of their force and while he technically is, holds no actual authority in the Alvarez Empire nor Ishgard after his treachery.
    • The Dovahkiin, Alduin, and even Miraak can agree that God Serena is a blight. While the former Wizard Saint is extremely powerful even by their standards, his annoying demeanor made them want to throw him into the gates of Oblivion to never be opened again. It was then the three devised a plan together to satisfy themselves by killing God Serena who wanted to kill them to "prove that he is the ultimate slayer of dragons." Alduin baited God Serena into fighting him, Miraak trapped God Serena with an army of dragons, then Dovahkiin who mastered sneaking sniped God Serena in the head with a high multiplier of damage. God Serena ragdolled away as the three had fun and continuously abuse their annoyance until there was barely anything left. God Serena is still miffed at that trap given to him.
    • Considering that God is in his name, God Serena would like to say he is comparable to God being in physical form on Earth as he wanders around delivering salvation to the peasants around him. The Avatars who fit that description of what God Serena is looking offended that this arrogant prick related himself to them. Even Aang who was raised as a pacifist wanted to have the guy get run over open hearing that since he has eight different sorts of magical elements inside of him, then he must be superior to the avatars who have only had five at most.

    Ultimate Chimera 
The Ultimate Chimera, Divine Avatar of Invincible Boogeymen

Intermediate Gods

Kalibak the Cruel, God of Brutish Villains

Kurogiri, God of Villainous Teleporters (Black Mist, Oboro Shirakumo)


Lesser Gods

    Chris Walker 
Chris Walker, God of Unstoppable and Determined Pursuers (Big Fucking Guy, The Soldier, Strongfat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Heads of His Victims
  • Theme Song: Chris Walker chase themes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a twisted shade of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Pig Motifs, Anti-Villain, The Brute, Chain Pain, The Dreaded amongst the Variants, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Stout Strength, Tragic Monster
  • Domains: Inmates, Insanity, Strength, Determination, Head-ripping
  • "Allies": Piggsy, Roadhog, Spooky, Needless Kane
  • Rivals: Nemesis
  • Enemies: Lois Lane, Jade, Dr. Angus Bumby, Jill Valentine
  • Pitied: Anyone who suffered from PTSD
  • Opposses: Martin Walker
  • Chris Walker was once a soldier serving in Afghanistan but after returning and heavily suffering from PTSD, he wanted to get treated. Unfortunately that landed him into Mount Massive Asylum, a place where he was used as a Human Resource for the Morphogenic Engine, which did wonders for him. During the incident where the Walrider broke out, Walker made his duty to stop the creature from escaping the facility, which prompted him to chase the reporter Miles Upshur every went he went to ensure he didn't make contact with the creature. In the end after cornering Miles, the Walrider swiftly took care of Walker and caused the big guy's death.
  • Even though the threat of the Walrider is nowhere near the pantheon halls, Walker insists in eliminating anyone who might prove to be an effective host of it, so it's not uncommon for him to start chasing some poor sap that stumbled upon him endlessly until he is either stopped or he catches them. He is so persistant in capturing his victim that he follows them anywhere, regarding of house.
    • If you happen to be caught by Walker, he will either throw you around or or Rip your head off. And he tends to keep the latter as trophies in his temple.
  • He tends to refer to his victims as "Little Pig" and his look invokes an overall Pig Motif. This might be why he is not hostile towards Piggsy, a similarly deranged killer with a Pig Mask to boot.
  • The reason of his looks, besides the Morphogenic Engine driving him mad, he started mutilating himself after feeling that his skin was holdin him back.
  • Many pity poor Chris given that he suffered for a severe case of PTSD, which many can agree that is not pretty. Many veterans were devastated to learn of how Walker wanted to treat his condition, only to land in Mount Massive asylum.
  • Because of his experience chasing Miles around all the asylum, Walker has grown a distaste towards Reporters, especially the intrepid ones. According him, those little piggies are very slippery.
  • One time wandering around in the pantheon, he stumbled upon Roadhog and immediately tried to attack him but he got quickly taken care of because Roadhog was armed (And he is bigger than walker). They have remained in amicable terms since Roadhog also tends to refer to his victims as "little piggies" and may or may not be physically altered as well.
  • Spooky saw potential in Walker and decided to offer him a spot in her mansion as another specimen. Walker didn't take her offer at first but he wandered in the mansion anyway as a constant pursuer of anyone who enters. Apparently he was told that a being worse than the Walrider was located in there and Walker would not let that happen again.
  • Has a very low opinion on Mad Scientists and Psychiatrists, considering he wasn't treated correctly but instead experimented on, which causes what he is today. He has a special distaste for Dr. Angus Bumby considering how he handled his patients and has ocassionally ripped his head off more than one time. Not that anyone minds.
  • He used to have a little stuffed pig that kept him company when he was being treated during his time in the asylum. It's adviced to not make fun of it unless you want your head gone.