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Greater Gods

Broforcemembers , Deity Crew of Patriotic Fervor (Rambro: Grand Emperor of The World)
AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!!! (absent: all Bros introduced since July 7th, 2016)

Lesser Gods

    Gertrud Barkhorn 
Gertrud Barkhorn, Goddess of Germanic Perfection (Trude/Trudy, Gertrude, Barkhorn)

    Ood Sigma 
Ood Sigma, Divine Representative of Naturally Pacifistic and Tragic Races

    Theon Greyjoy 
Theon Greyjoy, God of Conflicted Cultural Conformity (Theon Turncloak, Theon Kinslayer, The Prince of Winterfell, A Ghost in Winterfell, Reek)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A transparent image of the House Stark sigil (a grey direwolf on an ice-white field), superimposed over the House Greyjoy sigil (a golden kraken on a black field)
    • For his time as Reek, a mutilated hand
  • Theme Song: What is Dead May Never Die, Pay the Iron Price and I Paid the Iron Price
    • For his time as Reek, Reek
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Born into a Pirate Culture, The Most Northern Ironborn, Being Torn Between Greyjoy and Stark, "Well Done, Son" Guy, former Womanizer, Formerly Skilled With a Bow, Asshole Victim Who Became Sympathetic, Having His Pride Brutally Destroyed, Subject to Cold-Blooded Torture and Mind Rape, Being Castrated, Believing Himself to be Reek, The Atoner, Redemption Equals Death
  • Domains: Identity, Cultures, Seafaring, Krakens, Hunting (formerly includes Lust and Betrayal)
  • Herald: Jeyne Poole
  • Superior: George R.R. Martin
  • Interests: Omastar, The Kraken, Cthulhu
  • Respects: Riza Hawkeye
  • Allies: Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Blooper, Zinogre, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Octodad, Ika Musume, Squidward Tentacles, The Inklings, Princess Anna, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Zuko, The GUAG Ministry of Atonement, Lilo and Stitch
  • On speaking terms with: Wolfgang Schreiber, Vegeta, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
  • Enemies: Ramsay Bolton, The Night King , Euron Greyjoy (his uncle), Vilgax, AM, torturers, Big Brother, Griffith, Infinite, Ozai
  • Opposed by: All ascended members of House Stark (but especially Robb), Gods who hate traitors, John Wick
  • Theon Greyjoy is the only surviving son of Balon Greyjoy, leader of the Ironborn. He was taken and fostered by the Starks after the failed Greyjoy Rebellion, and after Ned's execution was given a chance to reunite with his biological family. Though a Greyjoy, his has many values of the North that has gotten him the disdain of his fellow Ironborn. The desire to fit in led him to turn on the Starks, only to eventually be captured and broken apart. Despite his arrogance, he is rather insecure.
  • The Ironborn worship the Drowned God, and his family is associated with squid imagery. The iconography might be inspired by the Kraken or Cthulhu, who have a passing interest on the Greyjoy. Theon is more for keeping his distance, but he does seem to get along with other cephalopod deities. Squidward pities what he went through, finally realizing there was someone much more unlucky than him.
  • After being tortured by Ramsay Bolton, broken down completely and struggling to repair himself, Theon is no longer the arrogant turncoat and wants to better himself. For this, he has joined the Ministry of Atonement to see if he can overcome his sins, and find a place in the world. Darth Vader and Zuko were most interested in this, Vader having suffered severe burns and dismemberment as price for his arrogance, Zuko being a former heir to a total dick that eventually became a better man.
  • Doesn't think he's worthy of being anywhere near the House of Family or Friendship for turning on the Starks. With the latter, he respects Riza Hawkeye for being a moral anchor for her friend Roy Mustang, the way he wished he had one himself. Lilo surprised him with a speech that You Are Better Than You Think You Are; she has helped redeem almost all 629 dangerous genetic experiments Jumba made, she knows a thing or two about believing someone can always find a family and a place where they belong. Theon found her adorable and hugged her for showing him such kindness.
  • Stays the hell away from torturers in general, given the horrific abuse he underwent at the hands of Ramsay. AM believes he can do far, far worse to Theon. Theon doesn't want to be associated with Vilgax due to his squid symbolism, because of how dangerous he is. And he doesn't want to be anywhere near Firelord Ozai because of how much of an asshole Balon Greyjoy was to him.
  • Finds himself not so different to Griffith, at least pre-Eclipse. Both were cocksure and confidant, yet their dreams came crashing down and they found themselves tortured. Of course, Theon's great betrayal preceded his fall, and as horrific as the Break the Haughty experience was he improved his attitude. Griffith ended up sacrificing his men to escape as a demon god. Also, his brutal rape of Casca reminds him of how Ramsay forced him to watch Jeyne Poole/Sansa Stark being brutally raped by Ramsay.
  • In the past, he would've been an ally of Prince Hans. They're charming, arrogant princes who have inferiority complexes. In Hans' case, it stems from being the last in line to a bunch of princes in a Royally Screwed Up family. Of course, now they don't care for each other-Hans reminds Theon too much of his bad habits. That, and Theon is protective of Princess Anna, as she reminds him of Sansa.
  • Was once very appealing to women, and had no problem sleeping around. He'd be one to visit the lust sub-houses, but with his humbling and castration he's not interested. Especially because he can't bare to see Robb again due to the guilt and shame of betraying him and Winterfell. Sometimes he can be seen conversing with Wolfgang Schreiber, who suffered severe trauma through castration. However this turned him spiteful against the world, so it's more of a "I understand your pain" kind of relationship.
  • Converses with Vegeta and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. The former is due to having their pride tested and how they were made a ward against their will, though Ned Stark was much kinder than Frieza could even try. Theon soon ended up finding Infinite detestable, since his bruised pride and monstrous actions basically amounts to being pissed that Shadow beat him and called him weak.
  • His fate in the books is yet to be written. In the show, he sacrificed himself and was impaled by the Night King to save Bran. It gave Arya the precious time to kill the Night King and end the threat of the White Walkers once and for all. As far as Theon is concerned, it's the best death he could have, as the Starks have finally accepted him.
  • "Theon. My name is Theon. You have to know your name."


    Aryan Brotherhood 
The Aryan Brotherhood, Unholy Faction of Policing Culture (The state: Permhaym, Purified Aryan Brotherhood (under regional unification), Russiky Reyk (under superregional unification), Hyperborea (Velimir), Perm Antifascist Committee (as an Onega client state). Potential Fyurers: Gutrum Vagner (birth name Alexey Alexandrovich Dobrovolsky) and Zigfrid Shultz/Velimir (birth name Valery Nikolayevich Yemelyanov))
Flag of Hyperborea 
Flag of the Perm Antifascist Committee
The initial Fyurer, Gutrum Vagner.
The potential successor, Zigfrid Shultz.

    Hank Hill 
Henry Rutherford Hill, God of Traditional Americans (Hank)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Grill fueled by Propane.
  • Theme Song: Yahoos and Triangles
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a Good Ol' Boy from Texas, Not Understanding Modern Day Society and Wanting Things to be Simple Again, Keeping His Emotions Guarded Most of the Time (Due to Him Breaking His Ankle at a State Football Game When He Was Younger), Frowning as His Default Face, Kicking Ass of Both Figurative and Literal Varieties.
  • Domains: Propane, Family, Law, Conservatism,
  • Heralds: Peggy (his wife), Bobby (his son), Luanne (his niece), Ladybird (his dog), Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale (his neighbors)
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Lee Everett, Bob Belcher, Dell Conagher, Applejack, Ron Swanson, Anne Shirley, Silver Surfer
  • Enemies: Bandit Keith, Lisa Simpson
  • Uneasy Relationship: Red Forman
  • Annoyed by: Ned Flanders, Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Observes: Pippi Longstocking
  • Admired by: Steven Armstrong
  • A man resistant to change, Hank Hill resided in the House of Food for years, selling propane and propaone accessories to the masses. Of course, this came with a catch: his complete lack of followers. And thus came a time when the Court of the Gods demanded that he take an actual title to stay in the Pantheon. It looked like an impasse was about to unfold... until he realised there was a market for people like him who value tradition. Because of this, he now hold the title of Traditional Americans.
    • He still hangs out in the House of Commerce to sell propane and propane accessories, which deities admitted would have missed if he got kicked out of the Pantheon.
  • Shares a bond with the Fox comedies currently residing in the Pantheon. His appreciation of Homer is obvious; his bond with Bob is more intimate. After his show's demise at the hands of Seth MacFarlane, Bob's Burgers has been seen as its successor of sorts. While Bob underwent Character Development that deviated from Hank's personality, the two remain best of friends. The two work together to keep Bob's show alive despite Seth's intentions to end the show.
  • Speaking of which, he has yet to forgive Seth for ending his's show in favor of Seth's spinoffs starring Cleveland. A blatant attempt to put one of his creations into the Pantheon, the poor reception ended that show prematurely. Hank hopes to eventually do the same to Family Guy, Seth's prized creation.
  • Is looking for more people to stand outside his temple to drink beer with him. He has recruited Lee Everett, Ron Swanson and Dell the Engineer to the cause.
  • Hank's relationship with Red Forman is... strained at best. And that's not just due to the later's insensitive nature. It was his decision to make Hank's own father his high priest that made his blood boil. Hank could only tolerate him so far before he kicks Cotton out of his temple. Hank has been trying to convince the veteran father to choose a different high priest, with little success.
  • When he found out that there was a God-devoting citizen in the subhouse of Specialized Narratives, Hank couldn't wait to meet the new person. Unfortunately, Flanders' devotion was too much for even Hank to handle. Just as he was just about to ditch him, Ned declared the whole thing a joke. He may be known for exaggerating his personality, but he can at least control himself. Hank recalled Flanders' brief stay in the Fallen and can sympathize for him. He just visits Flanders on occasion.
  • Hank is also annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s antics due to their complete inability to act like basic humans. He's also uncomfortable with how they share the same creator.
  • He has been increasingly wary with the plight of Pippi Longstocking. Worried about a lack of a parent figured, he made an attempt to take up the role himself. Pippi considered the visit as an act of friendship and let him into her temple. He lasted 30 minutes before running out of the building. He as since taken a more covert method of watching over the girl. He does hope that her father returns to meet her.
  • When Applejack went in for a visit, Hank was initially cautious with meeting a talking pony. But when he found out how much the two had in common, he got used to it. He was even delighted when she bought some his propane accessories.
  • Like many like him, he was initially swayed by the teachings of Senator Steve Armstrong. That is until he revealed himself to be in favor of discarding the US Government with a system where only the strongest decide who governs. Hank made it out of his way to declare that philosophy Un-American and ditched his support. That hasn't stopped Steve from admiring his resolve to tradition, something that annoys Hank to no end.
  • He thought about making friends with Bandit Keith, inviting the family over to his temple. Things went well at first... that is until Keith challenged the family to a duel. Keith defeated Hank and Peggy, bragging about how easy it was to beat them...but lost to his son Bobby due to unfavorable cards. Enraged at the outcome, Bandit Keith pushed them out of his temple, declining to ever speaking to them again.
  • Lisa holds a deep contempt for people like Hank, blaming his followers for the decline of the country. To her surprise, a number of fathers defended the man. He may not be the best dad, but he has been shown in a sympathetic light.
  • Has taken a liking to Anne Shirley, pointing to her as the proper way to act like a young girl.
  • He had a history with the Silver Surfer. When he landed near his temple, Hank inspected his board and decided to give him a propane upgrade to his board with a free T-shirt as a bonus. He was impressed with negotiating and tampering with galactic devices to be powered by propane with great success that he considered opening business to more powerful deities so he could provide them propane.

    Hilda (Hildafolk
Hilda, Goddess of Those Conflicted Between the City and the Country
Hilda with her loyal companion, Twig.
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her beret and yellow scarf
  • Theme Song: Hilda Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bold Explorer, Constantly Curious, Overconfidence being her Fatal Flaw, Takes a while to adapt to her new life at Trolberg, Friend to All Living Things, Nature Lover, Nice and Plucky Girl
  • Domains: Adventure, Children, Bravery, Curiosity
  • Heralds: Twig (her deerfox), Alfur, Johanna (her mum), Frida, David
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Yosuke Hanamura, Heidi, Lazlo, Raj, and Clam, Cream the Rabbit, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Totoro, Chihiro Ogino, The Smurfs, Finn and Jake, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Mario, Link
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Archibald Snatcher, The Lich
  • Fascinated with: The Colossi
  • Hilda is a young blue-haired girl who's fascinated by the incredible and supernatural world around her. She used to live in the mountainous wilderness, populated by elves, giants, and other creatures, with her mum and her pet deerfox, Twig, until certain circumstances forced them to move to the walled city of Trollberg. Despite this, she has continued to explore new creatures who are stranger - and more dangerous - than she ever expected. It's because of her situation that gave her a position in the Pantheon.
  • Her temple is pretty much a recreation of her house in Trolberg. As much as she missed her old wilderness home, she has come to accept her new house. Whenever she has the opportunity to do so, she would explore the vast reaches of the Pantheon, sometimes with Twig and Alfur accompanying her.
  • Her adventures have been compared to those of Dipper and Mabel Pines, what with all three of them being involved in a town with strange secrets and mysterious creatures (Gravity Falls for the Pine twins and Trolberg for Hilda), and it was a matter of time before she ended up encountering and befriending the twins. Sometimes, Hilda would help the Pines in whatever mystery they are involved in. Unfortunately, this led Bill Cipher to view her as another potential bait, leading Dipper to warn the blue-haired girl about him.
  • Her situation of moving from the wilderness to Trolberg led other deities to relate to her. She gets along with Yosuke Hanamura, who has unresolved problems living in a town and longs to return living in a city until the end of his social link. She’s also friends with Heidi as the latter is reminded of the time that she struggled to adjust to city life as she prefers life in the mountains. She would even invite Hilda over to play in the Alps.
  • She tends to help out the supernatural, even though it would screw her over in the end (like with the giants that ended up destroying her own house after helping them). When it comes to certain creatures that reside in the Pantheon, Hilda was amused with how different they are from the ones the reside in her home universe, sometimes even bringing her sketchbook to draw any of those creatures. In particular, she is fascinated with the Colossi as they remind her of the giants from her world. She’s also fascinated with the Smurfs and the civilization that they reside in.
    • Unfortunately, there are several deities who don’t have as much respect for supernatural creatures as she does. One such god is Archibald Snatcher, who has a tendency to demonize any “evil” race for his own benefit. Because of this, she felt the urge to protect any of those “evil” races.
  • She also serves as a Sparrow Scout, but despite this, she could not get any badges during her first year. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam took note of this and offered to help her in any activity that could potentially earn her a badge.
  • Befriended Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe given that they’re also girls who have had adventures with supernatural creatures. Not only that, but the three girls can relate to a new house that has several fantastical connections. Once, the two sisters even introduced Hilda to their friend Totoro, whom she instantly took a liking for given his friendly personality. She also enjoys hanging out with Chihiro Ogino after hearing about the latter’s journey in the Spirit World as well as the spirits that inhabit that place.
  • Her adventurous personality has brought the attention of other deities such as Finn and Jake as well as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who enjoy hearing about her stories. She also gets along with Cream the Rabbit due to both of them being Free-Range Children and both of them being accompanied by their respective pets (Twig for Hilda and Cheese for Cream).
  • Has noticed a certain resemblance between David and Billy Batson with their Black Bead Eyes, to the point where Billy could be David's (usually) teenage older brother.
  • Also resides in the Subhouse of Specialized Narratives.
  • “Well, that was pretty traumatic, but such is the life of an adventurer.”

Moana Waialiki, Goddess of Cultures Centered Around Sailing (Moana of Motunui, Vaiana)

    Nikita Dragovich 
Major General Nikita Dragovich, Representative of Ruthless Communists
Dragovich in the 1960s
Dragovich in October 1945 

    Roman Bellic 
Roman Bellic, God of Immigrant Patriotism (Rom, The Janitor, Fatty Roman, Chubby Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Express Car Service
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Actual Pacifist, Big Fun, Boisterous Weakling, Butt-Monkey, Kavorka Man, Large Ham, Morality Pet, Non-Action Guy, Plucky Comic Relief, Sad Clown
  • Domains: Taxies, Patriotism, Cousins
  • Allies: Niko Bellic (His cousin), Luis Fernando Lopez, Travis Bickle, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, The Dude, Fred Flinstone, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Archie Bunkers
  • Enemies: Dimitri Rascalov, Zoran Lazarević
  • Odd Friendship: Superman, Zoidberg
  • Roman Bellic was a former Serbian citizen that immigrated to America when the war hit his home. Having working hard to live the so promised american dream, Roman convinced himself that being american was the best thing that happened to him and convinced his cousin Niko to move to Liberty City with him. While Niko eventually came, he learned that life in Liberty City wasn't as glamourous as Roman said, but both cousins eventually managed to better themselves after a lot of hardships.
  • Roman was happy that his cousin was already present in the pantheon and went to his temple to give him a big hug. Roman asked Niko to give him a tour around the pantheon to know the in and outs of it and most importantly, to meet ladies. Niko was quick to remind Roman that he was still married even in the pantheon, but Roman promised he would behave.
  • One of Roman's favourite activities is Bowling, which he constantly asks his cousin to go play with him. He can be often be found in the House of Sports playing it from time to time.
  • Often seen hanging around with Homer Simpson, Fred Flinstone and The Dude in bowling alley of the sports house, given that they also love playing his favourite sport. From Homer he also got to befriend Marge since Roman also had issues with Gambling addiction which got him into trouble a lot.
  • Roman is planning to bring his business into the pantheon and has been looking for potential new drivers. So far he has hired Travis Bickle, despite the horrible things he heard about him.
  • He also got meet a lot of immigrants that came to love their new country such as Apu. However, he also got along with others who aren't really from earth and came to love their new home like Superman or Zoidberg.
  • Roman tries to avoid gambling since he has an unhealthy addiction to it and it also got him into a lot of trouble with the Albanian and Russian mafia. For that reason he doesn't like Hotel Moscow at all.
  • Roman also got to meet Archie Bunkers who also suffered from gambling addiction that also got him into a lot of trouble though he eventually got better. Although Roman got a little nervous when he complimented him about being a good natured serbian.
  • Doesn't like Zoran Lazarević given that he reminds him of the brutal times he had to endure during the wars. Of course, Lazarević considers Roman another weakling like his cousin.
  • Was surprised to find Luis Lopez in the pantheon and asked him what was he doing here instead of working on the Maisonette 9. Luis told him that he works as a freelancer ever since Tony moved from the city and got a job in the pantheon. Roman then proceeded to ask Luis for a free pass but Luis refused it, but they still get along.

    Vladimir Makarov 
Vladimir Makarov, The Russian Renegade God (The First Horseman, Kingfish)


    Alexander Kerner 
Alexander Kerner, God of Ostalgie
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The statue of Lenin being carried away by a helicopter
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: End of an Age, keeps his mother in the dark about it through an elaborate ruse, has a Disappeared Dad who defected to the West, Deadpan Snarker, Visual Title Drop via Toppled Statue, German Humour
  • Domains: Communism, Change, Lies, Nostalgia
  • Heralds: His girlfriend Lara, his sister Ariane, his friend Denis Domaschke
  • Allies: Winston Smith and Julia, Truman Burbank, Heroic Protectors of Family, Vincent Freeman, The Earth Sciences Club, Kamen Rider Club
  • Enemies: Big Brother, Napoleon, Red Ivan
  • On good terms with: Georgy Zhukov
  • Annoyed by: Basil Fawlty
  • Creeped out by/pities: Norman Bates
  • Alexander Kerner grew up in East Berlin and witnessed the Wall falling and communism falling with it. His mother, a fervent partisan, was in a coma at the time, and had no idea what had happened. Fearing that telling her the news would give her a fatal shock, Alexander started an elaborate ruse, convincing his mother that although the Wall was no more, communism was thriving more than ever. The lies ranged from pretending Coca-Cola is really a communist drink to asking a friend with film-making aspirations to reproduce old Eastern newscasts. Alexander roped his reluctant family and neighbors into going along with the charade. The mother eventually came to know the truth from other sources, but humored her son. So ultimately she didn't suffer a shock, but she did die a few days after the total dissolution of the GDR.
  • Alexander's ruse was witnessed by the Pantheon with much admiration, leading to the gods to extend an invitation to the East German boy to join their divine ranks and use his skills to replicate his fallen country through his assigned temple. After overcoming the typical surprise that more grounded characters have at the existence of the Pantheon and being contacted by its inhabitants, Alexander accepted their invitation, likely out of some pride that the ruse he worked so hard at really was that convincing, and possibly some personal nostalgia for the country and system he grew up in, even though his professional life actually improved under capitalism. Alexander's temple is thus the place to go to if one wishes to get a taste of life behind the Iron Curtain, or just acquire some memorabilia of the period.
  • His overall feelings for communism might be complex, but he's become aware that in the Pantheon he's seen as standing in favor of a rather controversial political belief. Therefore he's quick to shut down any association with any negative deities associated with communism/socialism, particularly dictators known for taking advantage of those systems to get in power and then pervert it beyond recognizability for their own gain. Probably the biggest case of a "communist" leader who did away with its tenets for his own convenience is the pig Napoleon, whose Animal Farm was once slated to be a paradise where all animals are equal and work only for each other's mutual benefit and not for the sole benefit of any human, only for Napoleon to make it a place where the pigs have the other animals work for them instead, making the pigs no different from the much-maligned humans that the animals had ousted. So when Napoleon figured he'd try to hire Alexander to come up with some slogans to promote Animal Farm as a communist paradise, he was unpleasantly surprised when Alexander shamed him for his hypocrisy and told him to rot in hell. Napoleon was left feeling resentful at being called out so blatantly by one of the humans he's trying to emulate.
  • For many people, the evils of communism have their ultimate personification in the figure of Big Brother. This is particularly frustrating for Alexander, since anyone willing to think carefully will see that neither Big Brother nor any of the people behind him truly stand for communism, but rather selfishly aim to stay in power solely for the sake of it, without working towards any actual political ideals. Unfortunately, many will keep insisting that "Big Brother=communist", which in turn leads to Alexander getting mocked and criticized for, according to those people, romanticizing the totalitarian dystopia of Oceania, which is certainly not fun for Alexander, but he tries to maturely deal with this by explaining that Big Brother actually represents the evils of totalitarianism in general and that such a thing can come from many different political systems.
  • Conversely, he gets along quite well with Winston and Julia, two citizens from Oceania who dared to hope that they could rebel against Big Brother, only to be caught, horribly tortured and brainwashed, ultimately only finding freedom by ascending to the Pantheon. For sure, something like what happened to Winston and Julia was a threat hanging over everybody's heads in East Germany in case they were ever suspected of dissent; Alexander himself is all too aware that something terrible could have happened to his family should his mother not have proved himself such a good communist (which, he's starting to realize, may not have been all that sincere on her part) after his father left for the West. So, Alexander, Winston and Julia can relate to each other for having lived under that kind of oppression (even though it was something Alexander was blissfully unaware of as a kid). On another note, Alexander has noted that Winston's work in the Ministry Truth in which he rewrote the truth has... disturbing parallels to his own efforts to create a whole other reality to protect his mother from the truth. He decided it's better not to dwell on it.
  • Various figures from the Soviet Union (or something analogous to it) see Alexander's big claim to fame as evincing a great creative mind and think he could be a boon to any potential projects to restore communism to relevance on a global level (or whatever other projects they might have). This is why he's been contacted by Georgy Zhukov, who was a military bigwig and prominent political figure in mid-20th-century Russia. Alexander thinks Zhukov is a very upright guy who wouldn't be a terrible boss, but has made it clear to him he wants nothing to do with the idea of a reborn USSR and wants to keep out of politics in general. Zhukov fortunately respects his wishes. The same can't be said of Red Ivan, who would like to have Alexander as his henchman to aid him in recapturing his country of Ivania, but Alexander naturally wants even less to do with a war criminal and dictator.
  • Alexander's whole ruse might be seen as a bit morally repugnant by some, seeing as he essentially deceived his own mother, prevented her from living in the real world and showed some troubling lack of faith in her ability to handle things on her own. This used to be the opinion held by Truman Burbank, doubtlessly because he himself was locked away from the real world and essentially kept in an artificial one from the moment he was born, all for the sake of other people's entertainment; that was, until he realized something didn't add up and he ended up breaking free of that world. That said, when he personally confronted Alexander about it, Truman found himself sympathizing with the German boy's side of things; that he was above all afraid of losing his mother and doing his best to make sure that wouldn't happen. Additionally, Alexander himself was fooled by his mother by his mother for years regarding his father's motivations for fleeing to the West and her own motivations for staying, so in a sense he spent his early life living in a constructed reality of his mother's making. This made Truman consider that though Alexander may have done things similar to Christof, the boy is not so different from himself either.
  • Many family-oriented deities are of the opinion Alexander showed a remarkable level of devotion to his mother by looking out for her health with such zeal. The Heroic Protectors of Family approve of his actions for this reason, commending his creative means to make sure his mother would not be put under physical or emotional strain in her delicate condition. Alexander is just happy to see some deities look past any political intentions behind what he did and realize that it was ultimately all out of love and care for his mom, even if getting the outspoken approval of Pantheon bigwigs makes him a little embarrassed and somewhat makes him fear getting potentially labeled as a Momma's Boy on top of "commie".
  • A much darker example of a boy being devoted to his mother can be found in Norman Bates, whose troubled upbringing by a fanatically religious mother led to him becoming a twisted individual and murdering her but preserving her corpse so they could always stay together. To Alexander, Norman's deeds are a pretty compelling argument to try to dodge the Momma's Boy label, if only to avoid comparisons to a deranged Serial Killer like Bates. Still, he can't help but feel some compassion for the hotelier, since he is clearly mentally sick and not necessarily evil to the core.
  • Alexander's actual job is to install satellite dishes. Basil Fawlty hired him to provide his hotel with satellite TV, which should have been a regular day for Alexander as far as one can have a regular day in the Pantheon. Of course, it was not to be, and Alexander had to put up with Basil's constant failures to "not mention the war" in front of the German boy, as well as getting dragged into his zany schemes and lies. Basil said the two of them should be birds of a feather in that regard, considering Alexander's famous ruse; Alexander in turn asked Basil not to compare his petty lying to his own efforts to keep his mother healthy. Alexander couldn't feel pity for Basil when his schemes ended up blowing up in his face at the end of the day, as they usually do. Despite all that, Basil still tries to rope Alexander into some other ill-begotten scheme of his, claiming they could both strike it rich if Alexander really supported him. Alexander wants nothing to do with the jerkass hotel manager, though ineviatbly still has to deal with him, given he's Basil's satellite provider and so has to do repairs on occasion.
  • As a kid, he was fascinated with the exploits of cosmonauts and his hero was Sigmund Jähn, who could be said to be like a spiritual father to him, especially in light of the absence of his actual one. This might be why he has come to admire Vincent Freeman, a man who managed to accomplish Alexander's never-realized childhood fantasy even with the huge odds stacked up against him. The fact that Vincent had to do so in defiance of the society he lives in should also be relatable to someone who lived through communism, and makes him all the more admirable in Alexander's eyes. Vincent has also expressed some admiration for Alexander's elaborate ruse, likening it to his own long-term cheating of the system. Aside from that, Alexander also likes hanging out with the Earth Sciences Club and the Kamen Rider Club, since they allow him to engage in astronomy as a hobby, and the latter club even has an easy way of letting him go to the Moon.

    The Sullivan Family 
Johnny, Sarah, Christy, and Ariel Sullivan, Divine Family of Intimidating Big City Experiences
From left to right: Christy, Sarah, Ariel, and Johnny.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Christy's Camera and a plush E.T. Toy
  • Theme Song: Some Things You Should Wish For, Time Enough for Tears by The Corrs (written by Bono and Gavin Friday)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Family, Cities, Culture, Struggle, Loss
  • Heralds: Mateo Kuamey, The Family's Third Daughter (has "Mateo" as a Middle Name)
  • Allies: E.T., Lemony Snicket, The Baudelaire Trio, Hilda, Charlotte LaBouff, Cinderella, Tiana, Aladdin, Pinocchio, Iroh, Marlin, Joe Bucket, J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Baby, Johnny, The Muppets, Danny and Sawyer, Kayla Day
  • Opposes: Count Olaf, Travis Bickle, John Kramer/Jigsaw, Rameses
  • Conflicted Opinion: Thomas Waynenote , Kratos, Nina Sayers
  • On Speaking Terms With: The West Coast Cabbies, Takuto Maruki
  • The Sullivan Family was once a family of five from Dublin, Ireland, leading an ordinary life. That is until the family's only son, Frankie, died from a brain tumor, devastating the family. To start anew, the remaining four members decide to relocate to New York City, though there, they faced a new challenge with the city's chaotic nature and unpredictability as well as its people usually ranging from indifferent to demeaning and living under a dilapidated apartment room. Despite this, the family persists in spite of their growing issues and Dysfunctionality, with the family's two daughters, Christy and Ariel managing to befriend their apartment neighbor, Mateo Kuamey, who despite his intimidating appearance, is rather friendly and willing to support the Sullivans, despite father Johnny's former suspicions. Things get complicated when the mother, Sarah, becomes pregnant, though her ongoing grief with losing her son still troubles her as well as her marriage with Johnny, especially when the child's birth becomes a complicated matter as well as Mateo dying from AIDS. Sarah gives birth to a third daughter but is weak and frail, so Christy volunteers to have a blood transfusion to save her newest sister's life. The baby is saved, though not without Mateo dying from his disease after one last prayer to the Sullivans and the baby being dubbed "Mateo" as her middle name. The baby's birth allowed Johnny and Sarah to overcome their grief of losing Frankie and settle down in NYC with their three daughters, with Christy musing about looking out for Mateo in the night sky.
  • Since their story, the Sullivans have done the best they can to immerse themselves in New York and make the most of it in spite of the difficult situations that came with a city this surprising and unpredictable. Having caught the attention of the Pantheon, the high realms of a collective series of deities felt that the Sullivans had a wondrous story and they were fitting to join their ranks, which eventually came in the form of Johnny receiving a mail post from someone claiming to be from the Pantheon and that he and his family were appointed as deities to represent the challenges of coming to and living in a big city. The family had differing thoughts, with Johnny and Sarah being humble about the message, Christy being happy about being acknowledged albeit reserved and unsure, and Ariel expressing the most joy about meeting with new people and seeing new places. Thankfully, the family was permitted to keep their residency as they worried that the whole ascension thing may have forced them to leave, but for Christy and Ariel's sake, Johnny and Sarah have made an effort to traverse and see the Pantheon on occasion to make their daughters happy.
  • The Sullivans are an ordinary family of four and are just as relatable as any other family you would come across, with both parents and children having their share of difficulties and struggles that they deal with in everyday life, such as working in a job to provide for the other members and having to go to school to study and socialize. It's for these reasons that the Pantheon was seen in such a fantastical light, especially in the eyes of Ariel and Christy who were blown away and in awe of what the higher realms had to provide, though Johnny and Sarah, although surprised, understandably were concerned and cautious of their daughters, knowing that the Pantheon can be unpredictable and they themselves are unsure of how safe or dangerous the realms can be. To their fortune, their new friends in the Pantheon may make them feel secure and safe, in addition to providing some comfort and happiness. Of course, there are some things and information about the Sullivans that make them distinctive enough from other families in the Pantheon.
  • The family has been encouraged to visit the Houses of Death and Postmortem if they ever want to pay their respects to Frankie and Despondency if they ever want to express their grief and hopefully connect with others regarding a similar loss, particularly for Johnny and Sarah. Even so, most that have come across the two are happy to learn that the family is recovering from their son's untimely death, and hearing from the experience of other people losing their children, they've been doing their best to ensure Christy and Ariel are given a happy life in the Pantheon. Johnny and Sarah have met with a number of parents who have undergone similar tragedies and they've come to realize that even if there's something that they can connect on, it's not always guaranteed that they would converse with each other comfortably, let alone be on good terms with. Still, there are some who've become good friends with the Sullivans and sometimes visit them, if mainly to give Christy and Ariel a good time.
    • One such figure that caught Johnny and Sarah's attention was Kratos, a Semi-Divine man from Ancient Sparta who used the accidental murder of his wife and daughter, caused by the deception of Ares, as his main drive of revenge and killed the Greek God of War before taking his place and later slaughtering the rest of the Greek Pantheon after being manipulated and disregarded too many times. Understandably, Johnny and Sarah, despite expressing some sadness and pity over his story, keep a great distance away from Kratos, fearing that he might be a dangerous man to come across and have made it clear that Christy and Ariel would never ever come across him. Kratos, on the other hand, actually respects their decision and is content with them not liking him, though this is symptomatic of Kratos's self-loathing nature, now that he's come to regret his actions. Meanwhile, his son, Atreus is eager with the idea to meet with Christy and Ariel, but Kratos suggests otherwise, feeling that being in contact with Johnny and Sarah would complicate matters, not to mention they don't want to drag the Sullivans into their personal mess, my h to Atreus's disappointment.
    • Among other parental figures of interest were Thomas Wayne, the Martian Manhunter, and Iroh. The latter two lost their child in terrible circumstances, and thus, they came to empathize and connect with the Sullivans, with J'onn offering some words of wisdom to Johnny and Sarah for encouragement and spending some time with Christy as her precociousness reminded J'onn of his own late daughter. Iroh was willing to serve the parents tea and Ariel found the man to be a lot of fun to hang out with, which Iroh gladly reciprocated by taking her and Christy along to play some games together with Johnny and Sarah's approval. Thomas was the oddity among the three as it was he who died and his son Bruce, who witnessed his murder. However, there exists a. Alternate counterpart where Bruce was the one who died, causing Thomas to become more disgruntled towards society and become an aggressive vigilante. While the Sullivans are not aware of his reputation as a Batman, they still find this version of Thomas to be a hard person to approach, though he personally pities the family for the loss of their son, hence he sees them as relatable. In contrast, the main Thomas is more compassionate about the matter and is willing to visit and help the Sullivans whenever he could.
    • They even caught the attention of John Kramer, though this was a rather unnerving experience for Johnny and Sarah after learning of Kramer's reputation for creating the legacy of the Jigsaw Killer. Strangely, Kramer was interested and curious about the family, seeing as both had sons they lost. Adding to that, Frankie's brain tumor was not too different from Kramer having brain cancer, so he was rather sympathetic to the family. That said, his sympathies came off as very warped and it turns out that his reasons for not wanting to put Johnny and Sarah into his games are simply because they haven't done anything morally wrong to justify them being tortured for a lesson. He anonymously sent them his regards, but the family is hesitant to read the full manuscript, not knowing who wrote it. Still, it hasn't changed the fact that Johnny sees Kramer as a madman and shows distressing concern for Christy and Ariel, hoping that Kramer never kidnaps them, especially after learning that the Jigsaw Killers are not above kidnapping kids as leverage. Ironically, Kramer's letter actually states that he has no intention of harming the family, much less kidnapping Christy and Ariel, not that it mitigates the fear he inspires.
  • Christy and Ariel are very much welcomed with open arms in the Hall of Siblings where the two sisters were very eager to find and play with other children their age, especially Ariel who was expanding her views and thoughts on many different matters as well as about living. Christy, being very precocious for her age, likes to take her camera around and record her moments playing in the House of Family and Relatives with Ariel and learning about other families with her parents' guidance. The sisters did visit the Hall of Family Dysfunctions on a few occasions, if mainly because Johnny and Sarah have managed to get appointment dates with a therapist working there, and Christy recounts her experience there as being very quiet one minute and then full of crying and screaming the next. She also noted the number of people there venting about all sorts of things about family and was even perceptive enough to learn about how some people had thoughts of treating their children terribly or even wanting to kill. Johnny and Sarah have since been very wary of taking their kids along there since, and while it's justified for Ariel, Christy suggests that she still wants to learn more in the hopes of being a good mediator in bad situations in the future.
  • Despite the initial fear of the Pantheon being too unfamiliar a place for them to be properly adjusted in, the Sullivans did manage to settle and make their time there work, even if new struggles and problems were to come at some point. They would be pleased to find a couple of figures who've had trouble adjusting to the city life themselves, among them being Hilda, a young, yet very precocious girl who iced in the countryside exploring the wilderness and glancing and even befriending wild fantastical animals anytime she gets the chance but found herself moving to a walled city named Trollberg, which complicated her hobby. Still, she persisted and continues to keep tabs on her nostalgia for the countryside whilst adapting to her new livelihood in the city. She and the Sullivans were recommended to each other by their new friends in the Pantheon and it didn't take long before Hilda got along with the family thanks to her energetic and outgoing, yet gentle and polite nature. She was understandably upset by learning about what the Sullivans went through regarding their son but asserted that there's still a way for them to lead a happy life and is glad to support Johnny and Sarah's needs if she is available. Christy and Ariel, in particular, came to really like Hilda and, having gained their parents' trust, sometimes Hilda takes the sisters on some explorations in the wilderness, albeit with some surveillance added to ensure Christy and Ariel's safety. This being a whole new experience, Christy recounted in a video entry how exciting it was to look at weird creatures and mentioned how Ariel was overjoyed at the sight of unicorns, wanting to hitch a ride on one.
  • To provide for their daughters and thems lives, Johnny and Sarah took a menial job to earn money and as expected, it came off more difficult than they expected. Sarah worked at an ice cream parlor whereas Johnny tried to get work as a stage actor, but the trauma brought on by Frankie's death severely hampered his acting ability, forcing him to take the alternative of being a taxi driver. Fortunately, the birth of their third daughter allowed Johnny to come to terms with his son's death, which helped him gain enough confidence and spirit to get into acting again. He was eager to visit the House of Theatre and Spectacle, believing that he could score some roles there as well as find some social support as well as a financial one. Sarah's work experience led her to work in the House of Food and while not the most popular food store, it does have a decent audience, seeing as ice cream is a popular choice for kids to eat during their spare time as well as a number of Sweet Tooths.
    • When it came to cab drivers, Johnny was a bit perplexed by the West Coast Cabbies. While they were genuinely nice people despite their punkish appearances, they were noted to be very chaotic in their driving, so as a result, Johnny tends to be very hesitant about tagging along with them for any sort of ride, something that the quartet accepts as they figured that Johnny has a family to take care of and that is an important task in and of itself. On another note, Johnny is taken aback by Travis Bickle, a fellow taxi driver from New York. While both have had their problems adjusting to city life, Travis took his circumstances a lot more violently than Johnny ever did, choosing to be a taxi driver as a front for his vigilantism towards criminals. That would be fine if it weren't for the fact that his time as a Vietnam Vet left his mental state very fragile and susceptible to madness. While having some pity, Johnny recognized him as a danger and does what he could to prevent getting in his way, fearing for his wife's and daughters' safety. That said, Travis doesn't really mind Johnny and lets him mind his own business, but considering how violent he could be in his vigilante work, Johnny's fears are rather justified. Lastly, there was Takuto Maruki, who worked on the goal of using his Persona Powers as Azathoth to grant the wishes of anybody based on their deepest desires, though after having his heart changed by the Phantom Thieves, he's since become an ordinary taxi driver. He's actually become a recurring one for the Sullivans by coincidence and it became an even bigger coincidence for him to learn that Johnny was also one during his more desperate moments to provide for his daughters. Still, Maruki does what he needs to do and would pick up Christy and Ariel to take them to school and back home if scheduled, so he and the Sullivans are on amicable terms, with even the girls having a decent time talking to Maruki anytime they're his passengers.
    • On the side of theatre plays, Johnny found some company with Danny, Sawyer, The Muppets, Baby, and another man named Johnny whom he met during visits to the House of Theatre and Spectacle. They initially treated Johnny under professional terms and saw him as a decent actor to work with, but became more friendly and personal over time, with Johnny often hanging out with them over time, not to mention Baby's dances with her Johnny, regardless of how primal and sensual it looked, prompted Johnny himself to open up romantically more with Sarah, albeit out of Christy and Ariel's sight. Speaking of, the girls would have been delighted to get along with Danny and Sawyer for being anthropomorphic cats and The Muppets for being larger-than-life figures with many having a soft spot for kids. Johnny and Sarah were very open to bringing their kids to the former's play, simply so that their daughters can find some new friends to play with. On the other hand, Johnny also got to learn about Nana Sayers and while he respected her talents, Nina's mental state was anything but and her distress caused her to be difficult to approach. As a result, Johnny expressed some pity for Nina, with Christy hoping she gets well soon.
    • Count Olaf was one individual that Johnny was told to keep out of contact with, according to a couple of people he encountered in the Pantheon. There was one time when Olaf actually did encounter Christy and Ariel with the intent of taking them out to a festival after school, which was actually a ploy to invade their apartment and steal their belongings. Fortunately, Johnny and Sarah caught on and drove Olaf out of their residency, though the latter persisted. The fact that Olaf has posed as both a taxi driver and as a stage performer made things more worrying for Johnny. Still, learning about Olaf did get the Sullivans to learn about Lemony Snicket, who, unbeknownst to the family, had been narrating about their experience in the Pantheon for quite some time. They became friends after Johnny found out about Lemony's enduring grief with the loss of his love Beatrice, which Johnny could relate to the loss of Frankie. Additionally, the Baudelaire Children came to be acquainted with the Sullivans as well after they learned about how the family had been dealing with Olaf as well. Klaus gets along well with Christy, seeing as the latter is interested in the former's deep thinking and knack for making inventions while Violet likes to oversee Ariel and her younger sister, making sure she could bond with them, which paid off as Ariel enjoys her company. Sunny is a bit of a mischievous infant but ultimately doesn't mind the Sullivans all too much.
  • Even before her brother's death, Christy had a fondness for documenting her life and preserving any memories of her childhood. In fact, her camera footages are the only proof of Frankie's existence in the Pantheon that is accessible by ordinary standards. Yes, they are told that Frankie might be among the wandering spirits in the House of Death and Postmortem, but Johnny and Sarah are hesitant to potentially meet him as the very idea of it seems too overwhelming for them. With some encouragement, Christy was able to ask if she can have her brother's footage preserved, which was accepted by the House as they believed that protecting these videos is an important step to take and they were willing to keep Frankie's memory alive in some capacity. Outside of the Sullivans, the only holders of Frankie's videos as well as Christy's trip and experience in New York City are the archiving department in the House of Legacy and Influence, which were delivered to them by the House of Death and Postmortem, and they intend to exhibit Frankie's story as one of inspiration and a mix of sweet and tragic. Of course, Johnny and Sarah are observing the occasion to make sure their late son's memories are honored and respected properly as well as the fact that they are given royalty fees to allow them to better handle themselves financially for the sake of their daughters' livelihoods.
    • Christy's habit of documenting her life led her to meet Kayla Day, a teenage girl who faced trouble getting along socially during high school and took to making YouTube about self-help and motivation to help cope with her struggles and insecurities. While Christy's circumstances were worse, the younger girl still found it quite sad how Kayla didn't really have anybody to get along with outside her father, but she was happy to see that Kayla has been doing better since her ascension into the Pantheon. Kayla found Christy and Ariel to be quite a sweet pair and hung out and played with them. The two noted their use of technology based on the time period they came from; Christy had no idea what YouTube was, with Ariel even suggesting something about becoming or entering a tube, which Kayla chuckled at. On another note, Kayla was happy to see that Johnny and Sarah were Good Parents, much like her own father and she understood their troubles too, as Kayla's father had trouble understanding his daughter whilst simultaneously dealing with the separation of his wife years ago. Overall, Kayla served as an introduction to YouTube for Christy and Ariel, who have since been using the website on occasion, though Christy is unsure whether she should upload her videos regarding her time in NYC and of Frankie, though Johnny and Sarah think that is unnecessary as they are already being held by another body, who are simultaneously providing their finances as well. Lastly, Christy seems to like Kayla's videos and would like to encourage her into making more, even if that seems unlikely, and is thinking about owning a smartphone someday.
  • Ever since the death of her younger brother, Christy is a firm believer in wishes, and she is eager to credit these as the reasons why she has a new sister and their parents have been recovering from their past. That said, she's a bit taken aback by how fantastical wishes are in the Pantheon, given that she's from an ordinary world and despite the fact that she's aware of the magical aspect of them in fiction. Regardless, she's found herself making quite a number of friends who've had a theme in wishes. Coincidentally, they included a lot of princesses including Tiana who had the misfortune of turning into a frog due to a misuse of a wish, and Cinderella, whose efforts to escape the clutches of her abusive stepfamily paid off with some help and a wish to earn love with a prince and their nature in helping others made them easy to get along with by the Sullivans. Pinocchio, a former animatronic doll, was another figure with a strong wish theme, namely his desire to Become a Real Boy and went through a lot to get his deepest desires, which was achieved when he seemingly sacrificed his life to save his adopted father and became a human in the process. His curiosity for siblings led him to Christy and Ariel, where they became good friends, with Pinocchio himself being just as eager to learn new things as Ariel does. Even so, they just hope they don't end up getting swallowed again by a giant whale, not that it's going to happen again.