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Greater Gods

Broforce, Deity Crew of Patriotic Fervor (Rambro: Grand Emperor of The World)

Lesser Gods

    Gertrud Barkhorn 
Gertrud Barkhorn, Goddess of Germanic Perfection (Trude/Trudy, Gertrude, Barkhorn)

    Ood Sigma 
Ood Sigma, Divine Representative of Naturally Pacifistic and Tragic Races



    Hank Hill 
Hank Hill, God of Traditional Americans
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Grill fueled by Propane.
  • Theme Song: Yahoos and Triangles
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Being a Good Ol' Boy from Texas, Not Understanding Modern Day Society and Wanting Things to be Simple Again, Keeping His Emotions Guarded Most of the Time (Due to Him Breaking His Ankle at a State Football Game When He Was Younger), Frowning as His Default Face, Kicking Ass of Both Figurative and Literal Varieties.
  • Domains: Propane, Family, Law, Conservatism,
  • Herald: His wife Peggy and his son Bobby
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Lee Everett, Bob Belcher, Dell Conagher, Applejack, Ron Swanson, Anne Shirley, Silver Surfer
  • Enemies: Bandit Keith, Lisa Simpson
  • Opposes: Seth MacFarlane
  • Uneasy Relationship: Red Forman
  • Annoyed by: Ned Flanders, Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Observes: Pippi Longstocking
  • Admired by: Steven Armstrong
  • A man resistant to change, Hank Hill resided in the House of Food for years, selling propane and propaone accessories to the masses. Of course, this came with a catch: his complete lack of followers. And thus came a time when the Court of the Gods demanded that he take an actual title to stay in the Pantheon. It looked like an impasse was about to unfold... until he realised there was a market for people like him who value tradition. Because of this, he now hold the title of Traditional Americans.
    • He still hangs out in the House of Commerce to sell propane and propane accessories, which deities admitted would have missed if he got kicked out of the Pantheon.
  • Shares a bond with the Fox comedies currently residing in the Pantheon. His appreciation of Homer is obvious; his bond with Bob is more intimate. After his show's demise at the hands of Seth MacFarlane, Bob's Burgers has been seen as its successor of sorts. While Bob underwent Character Development that deviated from Hank's personality, the two remain best of friends. The two work together to keep Bob's show alive despite Seth's intentions to end the show.
  • Speaking of which, he has yet to forgive Seth for ending his's show in favor of Seth's spinoffs starring Cleveland. A blatant attempt to put one of his creations into the Pantheon, the poor reception ended that show prematurely. Hank hopes to eventually do the same to Family Guy, Seth's prized creation.
  • Is currently looking for more people to stand outside his temple to drink beer with him. He has recruited Lee Everett, Ron Swanson and Dell the Engineer to the cause.
  • Hank's relationship with Red Forman is... strained at best. And that's not just due to the later's insensitive nature. It was his decision to make Hank's own father his high priest that made his blood boil. Hank could only tolerate him so far before he kicks Cotton out of his temple. Hank has been trying to convince the veteran father to choose a different high priest, with little success.
  • When he found out that there was a God-devoting citizen in the subhouse of Specialized Narratives, Hank couldn't wait to meet the new person. Unfortunately, Flanders' devotion was too much for even Hank to handle. Just as he was just about to ditch him, Ned declared the whole thing a joke. He may be known for exaggerating his personality, but he can at least control himself. Hank recalled Flanders' brief stay in the Fallen and can sympathize for him. He just visits Flanders on occasion.
  • Hank is also annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s antics due to their complete inability to act like basic humans. He's also uncomfortable with how they share the same creator.
  • He has been increasingly wary with the plight of Pippi Longstocking. Worried about a lack of a parent figured, he made an attempt to take up the role himself. Pippi considered the visit as an act of friendship and let him into her temple. He lasted 30 minutes before running out of the building. He as since taken a more covert method of watching over the girl. He does hope that her father returns to meet her.
  • When Applejack went in for a visit, Hank was initially cautious with meeting a talking pony. But when he found out how much the two had in common, he got used to it. He was even delighted when she bought some his propane accessories.
  • Like many like him, he was initially swayed by the teachings of Senator Steve Armstrong. That is until he revealed himself to be in favor of discarding the US Government with a system where only the strongest decide who governs. Hank made it out of his way to declare that philosophy Un-American and ditched his support. That hasn't stopped Steve from admiring his resolve to tradition, something that annoys Hank to no end.
  • He thought about making friends with Bandit Keith, inviting the family over to his temple. Things went well at first... that is until Keith challenged the family to a duel. Keith defeated Hank and Peggy, bragging about how easy it was to beat them...but lost to his son Bobby due to unfavorable cards. Enraged at the outcome, Bandit Keith pushed them out of his temple, declining to ever speaking to them again.
  • Lisa holds a deep contempt for people like Hank, blaming his followers for the decline of the country. To her surprise, a number of fathers defended the man. He may not be the best dad, but he has been shown in a sympathetic light.
  • Has taken a liking to Anne Shirley, pointing to her as the proper way to act like a young girl.
  • He had a history with the Silver Surfer. When he landed near his temple, Hank inspected his board and decided to give him a propane upgrade to his board with a free T-shirt as a bonus. He was impressed with negotiating and tampering with galactic devices to be powered by propane with great success that he considered opening business to more powerful deities so he could provide them propane.

    Hilda (Hildafolk
Hilda, Goddess of Those Conflicted Between the City and the Country
Hilda with her loyal companion, Twig.
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her beret and yellow scarf
  • Theme Song: Hilda Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bold Explorer, Constantly Curious, Overconfidence being her Fatal Flaw, Takes a while to adapt to her new life at Trolberg, Friend to All Living Things, Nature Lover, Nice and Plucky Girl, Often sports a beret, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Adventure, Children, Bravery, Curiosity
  • Heralds: Twig (her deerfox), Alfur, Johanna (her mum), Frida, David
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Yosuke Hanamura, Heidi, Lazlo, Raj, and Clam, Cream the Rabbit, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Totoro, Chihiro Ogino, The Smurfs, Finn and Jake, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Mario, Link
  • Enemies: Bill Cipher, Archibald Snatcher, The Lich
  • Fascinated with: The Colossi
  • Hilda is a young blue-haired girl who's fascinated by the incredible and supernatural world around her. She used to live in the mountainous wilderness, populated by elves, giants, and other creatures, with her mum and her pet deerfox, Twig, until certain circumstances forced them to move to the walled city of Trollberg. Despite this, she has continued to explore new creatures who are stranger - and more dangerous - than she ever expected. It's because of her situation that gave her a position in the Pantheon.
  • Her temple is pretty much a recreation of her house in Trolberg. As much as she missed her old wilderness home, she has come to accept her new house. Whenever she has the opportunity to do so, she would explore the vast reaches of the Pantheon, sometimes with Twig and Alfur accompanying her.
  • Her adventures have been compared to those of Dipper and Mabel Pines, what with all three of them being involved in a town with strange secrets and mysterious creatures (Gravity Falls for the Pine twins and Trolberg for Hilda), and it was a matter of time before she ended up encountering and befriending the twins. Sometimes, Hilda would help the Pines in whatever mystery they are involved in. Unfortunately, this led Bill Cipher to view her as another potential bait, leading Dipper to warn the blue-haired girl about him.
  • Her situation of moving from the wilderness to Trolberg led other deities to relate to her. She gets along with Yosuke Hanamura, who has unresolved problems living in a town and longs to return living in a city until the end of his social link. She’s also friends with Heidi as the latter is reminded of the time that she struggled to adjust to city life as she prefers life in the mountains. She would even invite Hilda over to play in the Alps.
  • She tends to help out the supernatural, even though it would screw her over in the end (like with the giants that ended up destroying her own house after helping them). When it comes to certain creatures that reside in the Pantheon, Hilda was amused with how different they are from the ones the reside in her home universe, sometimes even bringing her sketchbook to draw any of those creatures. In particular, she is fascinated with the Colossi as they remind her of the giants from her world. She’s also fascinated with the Smurfs and the civilization that they reside in.
    • Unfortunately, there are several deities who don’t have as much respect for supernatural creatures as she does. One such god is Archibald Snatcher, who has a tendency to demonize any “evil” race for his own benefit. Because of this, she felt the urge to protect any of those “evil” races.
  • She also serves as a Sparrow Scout, but despite this, she could not get any badges during her first year. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam took note of this and offered to help her in any activity that could potentially earn her a badge.
  • Befriended Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe given that they’re also girls who have had adventures with supernatural creatures. Not only that, but the three girls can relate to a new house that has several fantastical connections. Once, the two sisters even introduced Hilda to their friend Totoro, whom she instantly took a liking for given his friendly personality. She also enjoys hanging out with Chihiro Ogino after hearing about the latter’s journey in the Spirit World as well as the spirits that inhabit that place.
  • Her adventurous personality has brought the attention of other deities such as Finn and Jake as well as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who enjoy hearing about her stories. She also gets along with Cream the Rabbit due to both of them being Free-Range Children and both of them being accompanied by their respective pets (Twig for Hilda and Cheese for Cream).
  • Also resides in the Subhouse of Specialized Narratives.
  • “Well, that was pretty traumatic, but such is the life of an adventurer.”

Moana Waialiki, Goddess of Cultures Centered Around Sailing (Moana of Motunui, Vaiana)

    Nikita Dragovich 
Major General Nikita Dragovich, Representative of Ruthless Communists

    Roman Bellic 
Roman Bellic, God of Immigrant Patriotism (Rom, The Janitor, Fatty Roman, Chubby Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Express Car Service
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Actual Pacifist, Big Fun, Boisterous Weakling, Butt-Monkey, Kavorka Man, Large Ham, Morality Pet, Non-Action Guy, Plucky Comic Relief, Sad Clown
  • Domains: Taxies, Patriotism, Cousins
  • Allies: Niko Bellic (His cousin), Luis Fernando Lopez, Travis Bickle, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, The Dude, Fred Flinstone, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Archie Bunkers
  • Enemies: Dimitri Rascalov, Zoran Lazarević
  • Odd Friendship: Superman, Zoidberg
  • Roman Bellic was a former Serbian citizen that immigrated to America when the war hit his home. Having working hard to live the so promised american dream, Roman convinced himself that being american was the best thing that happened to him and convinced his cousin Niko to move to Liberty City with him. While Niko eventually came, he learned that life in Liberty City wasn't as glamourous as Roman said, but both cousins eventually managed to better themselves after a lot of hardships.
  • Roman was happy that his cousin was already present in the pantheon and went to his temple to give him a big hug. Roman asked Niko to give him a tour around the pantheon to know the in and outs of it and most importantly, to meet ladies. Niko was quick to remind Roman that he was still married even in the pantheon, but Roman promised he would behave.
  • One of Roman's favourite activities is Bowling, which he constantly asks his cousin to go play with him. He can be often be found in the House of Sports playing it from time to time.
  • Often seen hanging around with Homer Simpson, Fred Flinstone and The Dude in bowling allew of the sports house, given that they also love playing his favourite sport. From Homer he also got to befriend Marge since Roman also had issues with Gambling addiction which got him into trouble a lot.
  • Roman is planning to bring his business into the pantheon and has been looking for potential new drivers. So far he has hired Travis Bickle, despite the horrible things he heard about him.
  • He also got meet a lot of immigrants that came to love their new country such as Apu. However, he also got along with others who aren't really from earth and came to love their new home like Superman or Zoidberg.
  • Roman tries to avoid gambling since he has an unhealthy addiction to it and it also got him into a lot of trouble with the Albanian and Russian mafia. For that reason he doesn't like Hotel Moscow at all.
  • Roman also got to meet Archie Bunkers who also suffered from gambling addiction that also got him into a lot of trouble though he eventually got better. Although Roman got a little nervous when he complimented him about being a good natured serbian.
  • Doesn't like Zoran Lazarević given that he reminds him of the brutal times he had to endure during the wars. Of course, Lazarević considers Roman another weakling like his cousin.
  • Was surprised to find Luis Lopez in the pantheon and asked him what was he doing here instead of working on the Maisonette 9. Luis told him that he works as a freelancer ever since Tony moved from the city and got a job in the pantheon. Roman then proceeded to ask Luis for a free pass but Luis refused it, but they still get along.

    Tashkent (Pacific) 
Tashkent, Representative of Sympathetic Communists (Tasha, Tier IX Soviet DD, The Blue Cruiser, Trashkent, Trash Can)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the only Tashkent-class destroyer
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Rapunzel Hair, Girlish Pigtails AND Braids of Action mixed together, Commissar Cap, Keeping a PPSh-41 with her at all times, Fondness for wearing short shorts, Moe Anthropomorphism, Commissar Fairies, Working under the Soviet Red Fleet, Hero of Another Story
  • Domain(s) Soviet Armed Forces, Military Superheroes, Destroyer Leaders
  • Allies: O'Bannon, Hibiki Verniy, Heavy Weapons Guy, Zangief, Natasha Romanoff, Alex Mason, Sanya V. Litvyak, Soda Popinski, Nikolai Belinski, Viktor Reznov (her former High Priest)
  • Commander: The Soviet Admiral in charge of Abyssal Response Command
  • Enemies: All Abyssals, but most notably Northern Ocean Princess, Kane, The Red Skull, Edward Richtofen, any Nazis and Dirty Communists in the Pantheon, Adenoid Hynkel, Nikita Dragovich
  • Headbutting Heroes: With Bismarck, mainly due to their countries' pasts.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With the IJN kanmusu. While willing to work with them, she still harbors some resentment towards them. As with her friend O'Bannon, their Enemy Mine situation is what keeps them working together.
  • Nervous around: Liberty Prime
  • Upon ascension, she notices one thing: the huge influx of Japanese kanmusu. While initially hesitant to work with them, that all changes when she finds out about the existence of Abyssals in the pantheon as well.
    • She gets more good (and at the same time, bad) news from there.
      • Upon finding out that Bismarck was an Intermediate Goddess, it triggered a Berserk Button response, and immediately sought after the German battleship in order to rid the Pantheon of the "Fascist Reich" (not helped by Viktor Reznov's (and to an extent, her Commissar fairies) rousing speeches). Only the timely arrival of O'Bannon prevents things from getting out of hand. How she managed to calm both parties down, we may never know completely...
      • She finally calms down after the potato-wielding American destroyer introduces her to someone she can easily relate with among the Axis ships, in this case Hibiki, or as she calls her, Verniy. As expected, they get along pretty quickly, all the while speaking in Russian.
  • Upon finally meeting the Pantheon's version of Hitler, her only response is a look of disappointment, as she expected an epic fight against him and his forces ala the Battle of Berlin, only to find a bunker with a rambling wreck of a man surrounded by a bunch of imbeciles. She never wants to speak of the incident again.
  • Tashkent comes from the same universe as O'Bannon, albeit with some differences from her comrade-in-arms. Most prominently, rather than being posted under the US Navy's STEC, she serves under the Soviet Navy's own Abyssal Response Command (ARC).
  • She was amused upon finding out about one particular game where her vessel form makes an appearance. Much to her chagrin though, her torpedoes still perform relatively poorly in comparison to her American and Japanese counterparts (although she does get some compensation upon finding out that her artillery guns were still very much viable). She was less amused at the nicknames of "Trashkent" and "Trash Can" that her vessel was saddled with, however.
    • Like O'Bannon before her, she also pities the situation regarding Kitakami in that game.
  • When she got a good look at the ascended Abyssals for the first time, she's surprised at how different their forms are from the ones she's been fighting up until her ascension. Verniy and O'Bannon then begin explaining the situation to her.
    • Of all these Abyssals, the one that seems to tick Tasha off the most would be Northern Ocean Princess, mainly for being the closest to home. And no, she has no sympathy for her or any of the other Abyssals, in part due to ARC's no holes-barred policy against the Pacific-verse's own monsters.
  • Similar to O'Bannon's admiration for Steve Rogers, Tashkent looks up to Natasha Romanoff, though it's mainly due to being from the same country. She also sees Zangief in a similar light, mainly due to having similar views with regards to their love for Mother Russia.
    • On the opposite end of the spectrum, she absolutely hates Kane and his manipulations of the Soviet government in another universe...
  • Her High Priest Viktor Reznov then informs her of another potential ally in Alex Mason. When she meets the man in person, she notices about him. It's from here that the vengeful Russian informs her about the circumstances behind his current state. She is...not pleased about it, and it prompts her to give an hour long What the Hell, Hero? speech to her High Priest. Despite this, he proves to be a very strong ally to her, which quickly earns her respect.
    • It also earned Reznov a place in the Pantheon proper.
  • Another fellow Russian she's glad to see is Sanya V. Litvyak, who also comes from an Alternate Universe. What catches Tasha's interest the most about her is how her equipment differs a lot from her very own, most notably that she's geared towards air-to-air combat rather than sea combat. Their jobs, meanwhile, which is fighting Alien Races terrorizing different parts of the Earth, are very similar in a lot of respects.
  • Not to be confused with the Kancolle-verse incarnation of Tashkent, though their color motifs and designs are remarkably similar.

     Vladimir Makarov 
Vladimir Makarov, The Russian Renegade God (The First Horseman, Kingfish)

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