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Greater Gods

    Nabu/Doctor Fate 
Nabu, God of Hats Making The Man (Doctor Fate, Nabu the Wise)
  • Greater God, Overdeity when operating without a host or when utilizing the TRUE Fate
  • Symbol: A golden ankh and the Helmet of Fate.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Amulet of Concentrated Awesome, Badass Boast, Clingy MacGuffin, Empathic Weapon, Esoteric Motifs, Hermetic Magic, Mind Rape, Order Versus Chaos, Upgrade Artifact, and, pun intended, You Can't Fight Fate
  • Domains: Magic, Order, Fate, Law
  • Host: Kent Nelson
  • Heralds: All previous Doctor Fate hosts.
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Doctor Strange
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Spectre
  • Enemies: Ganondorf Dragmire, Raiden, The Four Chaos Gods, the GUAC Lords Of Chaos
  • Blind Obedience to: The GUAL High Council (especially YHVH)
  • Friendly Enemy: The Emperor of Mankind
  • Complicated Relationship with: Anubis, Zatanna Zatara, Carter Hall/Hawkman and Shiera Hall/Hawkgirl
  • Opposes: All Chaotic-aligned deities, the sub-house of Opposing Fate, The Anti-Monitor
  • Interested in: Judai "Jaden" Yuki
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Eiki Shiki
  • When Doctor Fate first ascended, he attempted to usurp Doctor Strange's position in the Pantheon, which resulted in an epic clash between them, which spanned multiple dominions across the Pantheon. Although he managed to defeat Strange, the battle was difficult and the victory incredibly narrow. Fate realized it was Strange's destiny to be a guardian of the House of Magic, not his, and instead chose a more suitable position for himself.
    • Though Nabu can operate by himself, doing so takes great effort and cannot be accomplished indefinitely. As such, he needs a host to function perpetually. Since he has taken on numerous hosts over his various incarnations, there was some debate about who the titular "Man" should be (assuming he was to be a man at all). Some deities in the Pantheon were wary of forcing anyone to do the job, as it would require possibly being bound at the mercy of the Lord of Order. Although any number of magical solutions were tried, none of them succeeded. Luckily, the problem was solved when Kent Nelson, the original Doctor Fate, volunteered for the task. When asked why he made that sacrifice, even though he could have stayed with his beloved wife, Inza, he said, "Don't sweat it. I'll spend a few millennia here, and then see her. That's the great thing about eternity. It's eternal."
    • It's also been shown that years of experience with the Helm of Fate has made Kent "more than a mortal man", giving him the ability to share the Helm's power with others without even needing to wear it himself. Due to this, other hosts of Nabu besides Kent—both old and new ones originating in the Pantheon and out—may be seen throughout the Pantheon at times, most notably Egyptian-American medical student Khalid Nassour, Kent's grand-nephew and most recent successor as Doctor Fate.
  • Nabu is a member of the Lords of Order, beings obsessed with maintaining Order in the universe who have been in a constant battle with their opposites, the Lords of Chaos, since their creation. In 3500 BCE, Nabu descended to Earth and became an advisor to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, earning him the title, Nabu the Wise. However, the magic that Lords of Order and Chaos harnessed became too powerful for their bodies to handle, and they were forced to find another way of existing. Nabu created the Helmet of Fate and sealed his soul within it. Anyone who dons it, along with his two other creations, the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny, is bestowed the power and identity of... Doctor Fate.
    • Doctor Fate wields the Amulet of Anubis, which, amongst other powers, possesses the souls of all previous Doctor Fates, including Kent's wife, Inza. Nabu can combine himself with the souls of Kent and Inza, creating the TRUE Fate, an entity with power great enough to overpower other reality warpers and destroy the universe. However, this is a dangerous procedure and could end up killing them all, so Fate only uses this power when he absolutely has to.
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Prophecy, where he works tirelessly to keep the influence of the sub-house of Opposing Fate under control so that it doesn't Logic Bomb the Pantheon out of existence. He's allied himself with many of the deities there, primarily Nozdormu, who shares his belief that You Can't Fight Fate. His presence there often leads to unintentionally hilarious conversations due to the possible confusion caused by his name.
    • During one of their conversations about the nature of destiny, Fate learned of the person named Jaden Yuki. Though not quite as interested in his abilities as the dragon was, Nabu still found him an intriguing, if somewhat alarming, anomaly.
  • While as a general rule, Doctor Fate considers most heroes from his old universe to be allies, he feels uncomfortable around former JSA associate Carter Hall and his wife, Shiera, due to them being the parents of a former Doctor Fate, Hector Hall, who did not have the best relationship with them.
    • Was pleased to hear that one of his colleagues from the JSA was in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, he was mistaken, as the Atom he remembers was Albert "Al" Pratt, who is completely unrelated (other than living in the same universe, of course) to the pantheon's Atom, Ray Palmer.
    • Hates his former teammate, The Spectre, as he was the final casualty in his rampage against magic, but will work with him so long as he's bonded to a human.
  • As a Lord and Champion of Order, Doctor Fate's main duty is to serve the cause of Order, superseding the cause of Good, if necessary. This has, at times, caused him to take anti-heroic or even villainous actions. This commitment has put him in the service of the Grand United Alliance of Law, who he equates with the other Lords of Order, putting him in conflict with The Emperor of Mankind, but this opposition is not personal on either end. Fate respects him as a powerful force of Order, and when Fate is not working directly for YHVH, he is more than willing to ally with The Emperor, especially against the Four Chaos Gods.
  • Has had to fight Raiden numerous times since his ascension. Raiden has a personal hatred of Fate, as he sees the Lord of Order as a reflection of his time when he served the Elder Gods of his world, whom he has lost complete faith in and renounced.
  • Whilst exploring the pantheon, he stumbled upon an old enemy of his, Anubis. Or at least, he thought it was. It turns out that while the Anubis he knew was evil, the pantheon's version is different, and actually much like himself. Though he is cautious of Anubis, he does not consider him a threat.
  • Has developed animosity towards Ganondorf Dragmire, who reminds him of his Arch-Enemy, Wotan. Both are green-skinned people with tremendous mystic power (especially with the Triforce of Power) who reincarnate, although unlike Wotan, Ganondorf prefers to revive himself through other means, and does not retain his memories when he does reincarnate. For this reason, Fate has become his main adversary (aside from Link, of course) in his quest to capture Princess Zelda and the other pieces of the Triforce.
  • Overheard people talking about "an Egyptian who possessed a host using a magical golden artifact" and thought they were talking about him. He was introduced to Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi soon afterward. Though the bond between Kent and Nabu is not as strong as that of Yugi and Yami, they all got along pretty well, especially Nabu and Yami, who are both powerful magic-users who have strong faith in destiny. Fate now serves as an advisor to The Nameless Pharaoh, as he served the Egyptian Pharaohs of his universe when he was the mortal Nabu the Wise, and they are now investigating a possible connection between the Helmet of Fate and the Millennium Items.
    • Fate was intrigued when Yugi told him of a similar duo to himself in the House of Gaming, Mario and Cappy. Kent was interested in whether Mario was an actual doctor, since he himself is, despite what many others may think, a qualified medical practitioner (he also has a Ph.D. in Archaeology). Nabu is fascinated by Cappy's capturing mechanics.
  • Zatanna Zatara was uneasy about Doctor Fate's ascension, due to a version of him possessing her father in order to spare her. Kent Nelson taking on the role has prevented that scenario (for now), but she still doesn't know how to feel about him. Fate is at odds with her due to her assuming the role of "DC's magical representative" in the Pantheon, which he feels he rightfully deserves. Unfortunately, everyone likes Zatanna more.
  • His temple is the Tower of Fate, which exists outside of conventional Space and Time, but it's been magically joined to the Houses of Magical Items and Hats.

Intermediate Gods

    Honda Tadakatsu 
Honda Tadakatsu, Honda Heihachirou Tadakatsu, God of Badass Helmets (The Warrior who Surpassed Death Itself, Tokugawa's Luxury)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Helmet or Spear
  • Theme Songs: from Samurai Warriors and from Sengoku Basara
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Dad/Papa Wolves, Loyal Retainer, Seeking Worthy Opponents, Bad-As-Shit Deer Antler Helmet, Implacable Man, One-Man Army, Avoiding Injuries, Tonbo-giri, Overriding Theme Musics
  • Domains: Combat, Helmet, War, Fathers
  • Allies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, Hattori Hanzo, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhang Xingcai, Sven, Musha Gundam, Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, Yagyu Munenori, Dialga
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku Basara), Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Fortinbras, Otani Yoshitsugu
  • Special Relationship with: Default Oda Nobunaga
  • For the longest time, everyone would have known that Tadakatsu was a robot, a very badass robot nonetheless, under service of Tokugawa Ieyasu. That is, until the arrival of Hattori Hanzo, which caused Tadakatsu to have 'dreams' or sorts where he's actually with a humanoid flesh, but still an uber badass. Investigation led to his mechanical antler helmet, and when the House of Technology tried to solve this problem, the helmet brought forth that Tadakatsu, the humanoid one. After a bit explanation by Hanzo, he then realized that he's ascended because of how his helmet was very distinctive to lure any poor schmucks trying to beat him, yet he always beat them without suffering major injuries, or it could be used to scare enemy soldiers off with his presence. With honor, Tadakatsu accepted the position.
  • He had a lot of re-adjustments when he arrived in the Pantheon, though, he had to get used that the Ieyasu here wears yellow instead of blue and has a much more younger, slimmer build than his old Ieyasu. Still, appearance mattered not, because the spirit of the Tokugawa Ieyasu is still there, so Tadakatsu still put his loyalty to him, and this means bad news for those who threatens the Tokugawa, because now the house has two extreme badasses, one humanoid, one robot, guarding it. Anytime they arrive on battlefield would be considered a Mook Horror Show for those who face them.
    • Though he does wonder what would his daughter Komatsu/Ina would say if she saw his robot self... It wasn't to his shock that he saw her fainting in shock when she thought he was permanently roboticized, it was the logical act. Regardless, he's glad that the rest of his family are in the Pantheon.
    • Other adjustments includes getting used with how Sanada Yukimura yells way too much right now, or Date Masamune spouting Engrish all day. But most importantly, to his shock, how the other two Unifiers, Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, took levels in evilness that he will have to face them, demonic or super strength and all. He did, however, breathe a small bit of relief with the rise of the more normal Nobunaga, but he's still wary of him, because he's unpredictable.
  • Whenever he makes an appearance, his grand music blares through and overrode every other musics there. It seems that he learned that from Elzam von Branstein.
  • On his arrival, he once again issued his challenge to Lu Bu, but was surprised with how much Lu Bu has improved, apparently having fought his alternate self in his absence. Tadakatsu's response is merely 'I just have to train harder!'.
  • Had a surprise meeting with Sven, in which the two bonded after a spar and the realization of both their helmets being really awe-inspiring, and Tadakatsu's style also are pretty good in clearing a bunch of crowds, possessing similar inhuman Strength and sharing the same ideals of honor about what a warrior/knight/samurai should be. Tadakatsu has been considering to invite Sven to train his men, he's pretty sure that the latter will pump his soldiers up good.
  • Notes that his helmet was modeled after a deer that helped him find his way back home from hunting via following its movements, which is a popular piece of folklore.
  • Finds it odd and disturbing that his voice is the same as the adult Xehanort and Marshall D. Teach of all people (as well as Seth). However, another person sharing his voice seems to feel the need to ally with Tadakatsu, that said person being Solid Snake.
  • Fortinbras once concocted a plan where he collaborated with the demonic Nobunaga to have Tadakatsu assassinated. Fortunately for him, all of the sudden, Tadakatsu rose once again and kicked Genma ass. Apparently around that time he also made contact with the Guardian Spirit Shin-roku that gave him rapid regeneration that patched his wounds. Henceforth, Tadakatsu has also stood to oppose the Genma.

    Inspector Gadget 
Inspector Gadget, God of Hats of Flight (Augustin Tamare, John Brown)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hat, of course
  • Theme Song: The Inspector Gadget Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Lawful Stupid AND Stupid Good tendencies; some argue he may even be Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hyperspace Arsenal Inspector Oblivious with Artificial Limbs and Swiss Army Appendages, Kindhearted Simpleton, Invincible Incompetent, The Fool, Spanner in the Works, Badass Longcoat, says Go-Go Gadget "..." to bring out his gadgets, ultimately a Fake Ultimate Hero
  • Domains: Artifice, Law, Good, Travel, Glory
  • Heralds: his niece Penny and his pet Brain, who do most of the work
  • Allies: The House of Justice in general especially Robocop and Inspector Koichi Zenigata, GiIvaSunner, Inspector Clouseau, Marge Gunderson, Richard Castle, Nicholas Saint North, Castiel,
  • Rivals: The Nostalgic Critic
  • Enemies: Dr. Claw, James Moriarty, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash
  • Judge Dredd wasn't sure on bringing this man to the Pantheon. Sure he has constantly defeated Dr. Claw at every turn and has a fairly successful win rate. On the other hand, one couldn't figure out who he was capable of such a thing at first glance. The man trips over himself at nearly every turn and causes a mess wherever he goes. It was under further investigation that it was actually a team effort; while Inspector Gadget wrecks havoc, Penny and Brain save the day. And there is the occasional time when Gadget gets serious and lets loose. Thus Dredd decided to let him in on the condition that Penny and Brain join him as his herald.
    • He may as well be the comedic version of Robocop. Actually, Gadget has the supercop beat by four years. Officer Murphy may not show it, but he holds a deep sense of respect for the man, clumsiness aside.
  • Moriarty didn't think much of the man at first. It seemed that it was only a matter of kidnapping Penny and Brain, leaving the inspector to wallow in his own incompetency. Instead, it spurred Gadget to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge throughout the House of Crime with terrifying efficiency. The gods there practically begged him to release the two, which he reluctantly did. He will have to find another way to foil Inspector Gadget. Moriarty is in talks with follower Dr. Claw on how to deal with him.
  • The other detectives are hesitant to work with the Clueless Detective. Richard Castle has had the best luck working with the group, being able to use his Genre Savvy knowledge to make better use of Gadget's abilities.
  • Marge has also done a good job tolerating the man. She has done it by talking to Penny on what to do. Turns out it was easier to let Gadget do his thing while they do the rest of the work. It helps that he is extremely hard to damage, making him especially handy in a gun fight.
  • Several theories abound when it comes to the dynamics between him and his heralds, like Penny and Brain probably being the real agents, with Gadget just being the loud diversion (and whether or not he knows this, given his always successful rescues of his niece). Of course, none of them are going to confirm these theories, and Gadget always brushes them off.
  • GiIvaSunner is a huge fan of the show, so he was elated to meet Inspector Gadget in person. He was so delighted with his ascension, he celebrated with a new remix at Gadget's minted temple.
  • One would think that Gadget is the lost brother of Inspector Clouseau. While that wasn't the case, the two remain good friends. But woe be anyone who is involved with a case with the two working together. It would definitely not end well for anyone, including those just trying to help.
  • Was one of the least pleased people at seeing Dr. Claw's ascension, specially since Gadget's nemesis can now join forces with dangerous criminals instead of the bumbling henchmen that Gadget usually defeats with no problem.
  • Lupin III doesn't see him as much of a threat. The Phantom Thief is usually good at hiding his tracks. That doesn't mean he is complatent; Gadget would easily defeat him if caught so it is in his best interest to keep at bay.
    • Koichi appreciates the help he gets from Gadget in capturing criminals, even when it usually amounts to bumbling their way to solving the case. It at least makes them slightly more competent.
  • Actually knows a thing or two about time travel. For one, a villain named Thelma Botkin has tried to erase him from time on a few occasions. Some sleuthing revealed her patron to be Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash. While the group doesn't think they can beat the speedster, the Flash has promised to protect them from any time anomalies that the Reverse Flash may cause.
  • The Nostalgia Critic may have been more receptive of his arrival... if not for the existence of his films which he described as a disgrace to the source material. Gadget himself thinks it has its charms, including its kick-ass rendition of his theme song, the animation and the way the second movie stuck close to the original. (Gadget learned his first actor has other characters in the Pantheon, but prefers to keep his distance, as Ferris Bueller has little regard for peacekeepers, and Gadget thinks Simba will scare Brain)
    • They can at least agree that the Christmas Special was... odd to say the least. Santa Claus was at least grateful to give Gadget a ride on his sleigh.
  • The angel Castiel thought he looked good with his Trenchcoat. He just can't see the man as part of his followers. He was at least supportive of his ascension.

Linkara, God of Signature Headgears (Lewis Lovhaug, That Guy With The Hat, A MAN! (punch), Awesome McBadass Powerfist, Captain Linkara of the Starship Green Futon, Champion of Earth-4W, Liberator of Kickassia, Psyweedle)
Click here to see him in his previous outfit 
Click here to see him in his original outfit 

Marx, God of Harlequin Hats (Mark, Marx Soul)
Marx's normal form
Marx's True Form

    Sally Whitemane 
Sally Whitemane, Goddess of Hats That Represent Authority (High Inquisitor Whitemane, Initiate)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Chapeau
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (True Neutral as a Death Knight)
  • Portfolio: Ruthless Crusader named Sally, Healing Hands, Staff of Authority, White Hair, Black Heart, Combat Medic, Noblewoman's Laugh, Facial Markings, Fantastic Racism, The Fundamentalist, Light Is Not Good
  • Domains: Religion, Light, Healing, Hats, Fanatism, Crusade
  • Allies: William Stryker, Judge Claude Frollo, YHVH, Father Elijah
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alexander Anderson
  • Sally Whitemane was one of the many victims of the onslaught that befell Lordaeron, where the Undead Scourge ravaged the land, murdering any living being on their way. While she survived the conflict, the young Sally swore that she would destroy every single undead and became an adept priest of the Light. She eventually became one of the Heads of the Scarlet Crusade, who like Whitemane seeked to purify Azeroth of all creature that would taint it and the Light and Whitemane eventually attained the title of High Inquisitor. Her rule and methods where ruthless and violent, eventually growing mad with power and fanatism but unknown to her she and her peers were being manipulated by the Dreadlord Balnazaar and eventually the Scarlet Crusade where taken down by the Alliance and Horde who believed their methods were getting out of hand. Whitemane herself was killed much later by a former member of the Scarlet Crusade turned undead and her power of resurrection was nullified. However, her services were required once more after the Ebon Blade revived her and turned her into one of their Horsemen. However, her ascension to the pantheon brought a much different Whitemane.
  • While flattered over being chosen as a deity, Whitemane was brought back as a human to the Pantheon and that caused her to become a light devotee again and so her dedication towards the Light and The Scarlet Crusade also returned. It's implied that the behavior is due to her counterpart in the Nexus still being the High Inquisitor instead of the Death Knight and so her goals of purging the world of all that would oppose the Light returned.
    • However, she was utterly baffled that the only reason she ended up ascending is because of her chapeau given the significance of her position in the Scarlet Crusade. That hat made her a big target to adventurers looking to take it for themselves and she is very tired of their constant meddling just for a hat.
  • Her organization opposses the undead and seek to purge every single one of them. The High Inquisitor has the same idea for the pantheon and has embarked in a quest to do that but was met by a lot of opposition in certain cases, since she cares little for the morality of the undead deities and sometimes she goes after those who are actually heroic. Whitemane scoffs at the idea that the mindless undead can actually be morally correct and she only cares about their destruction, ironic considering that in Azeroth she is eventually risen as a Death Knight by the Ebon Blade and she is a lot more reasonable as an undead.
    • Her biggest enemies are by far the Scourge, who are responsible for ravaging her home and turning her into what she is today. She holds Arthas with nothing but contempt and has sworn to punish him with the power the light has given her.
  • Many of the deities associated with the Light have wondered why a force that is considered benevolent as the Light would consider lending its power to someone so ruthless as Whitemane, not to mention that she is considerably powerful for a priestess and her resurrection spell is infamous among adventurers. It's been theorized that the Light isn't too picky when it comes to giving power to those that would carry their will but aren't morally right while other believe that the entity that lends power to Whitemane is none other than YHVH himself.
    • This in turn made her be in conflict with the draenei Paladin Yrel and fellow user of the light, who can't believe that Whitemane uses its power for the atrocities the Scarlet Crusade has commited, prompting the High Inquisitor to scoff at the beliefs of the young draenei and that the Light is more vengeful that the Draenei would like to admit.
  • As a religious figure, Whitemane is quite involved in the House of Religion and Faith, even trying to bring her fellow comrade Renault Mograine and the rest of the Scarlet Crusade. She even got involved with other less than savoury fellows like Frollo or William Stryker who like her are The Fundamentalist. Stryker even shares the same racism against any creature that isn't human.
    • She hates that most deities brush off the Scarlet Crusade as nothing but a Corrupt Church, claiming that they can't see the true purpose of the organization and that they will pay for looking down on them. Oyashiro felt pity for such a misguided soul believing the lies she was told by her superiors but Whitemane completely ignored her, refusing to listed to someone whose blood is tainted by demonic energy.
  • She hates demons too, moreso after finding out that a Dreadlord secretly manipulated her order for his own gain. However, she has retained her faith in the Scarlet Crusade and so she also is very adamant in exterminating demons, Sargeras being her top priority.
  • Whitemane has a reputation of being a very effective healer, even if some people think she is a bit aggressive sometimes. Her Healing Hands have reminded people of Asia Argento, who besides holding the title also used to be an important church figure with healing power that also fell victim of a demon manipulating her and making her life worse. Whitemane finds said comparison laughable, since she stated that she will never steep as low as Asia and become a demon like she did, even though the latter had no choice. Asia, while not really fond of the High Inquisitor herself, only felt pity for her because in her eyes she was as much of a puppet as she used to be and finds it ironic she would criticize Asia's transformation into a demon considering that Whitemane would eventually be revived as an undead, making the both of them not so different.
  • She considers the world of Sanctuary to be a place of sin and would undoubtably purge the demonic entities that plague the land. She had the displeasure of meeting a few of its demonic denizens during the conflicts in the Nexus, with the Lord of Hatred Mephisto being the one she found the most repulsive, unaware that the demonic overlord feasts on her hatred for everything. Meanwhile, she looks down on the crusader of the Nephalem because she refused to work under the Scarlet Crusade and Johanna herself considers Whitemane an insane fanatic whose beliefs could bring more harm than good.
  • Noticed that a few deities sound a lot like her, but she paid no mind to most of them except for a couple few. She was intrigued by Farnese de Vardimion given her past as a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights and was dissapointed when she eventually foregone her beliefs after her experiences in the battlefield, but Whitemane has been careful with provoking her too much since Farnese's tools are similar to those that ultimately caused her death. Then there was Sophitia Alexandra, whose dedication to the Greek Gods could match that of the High Inquisitor efforts in the Scarlet Crusade, but Sophitia doesn't want to be associated with such an evil person such as Whitemane.
  • A bit of a Dominatrix in both clothing and attitude, preferring to punish heretics over aiding her allies. One would say that she would easily get along with the likes of Bayonetta and Ivy Valentine but she refuses to be associated with a witch and a criminal.
  • Surprisingly enough, Whitemane managed to make a good impression on Father Elijah and vice versa. While the High Inquisitor could care less about technology, she did find Elijah's dedication to make a "quieter" world to be an useful asset in the Scarlet's Crusade purge against anyone that dare oppose them and so decided to strike a deal with him. Elijah at first didn't really want to bother with her but he also saw some use in her even if she can be a bit overbearing with her devotion to the light, nevertheless they agreed to work together.
  • For someone with a reputation of being ruthless and unforgiving like Whitemane, some people find it hilarious that her first name is Sally, which paints a huge contrast with her usual demeanor and attitude. She isn't bothered by her name but is so more annoyed at the people that poke fun of it.
  • "Let the inquisition commence!"

Lesser Gods

Cappy, God of Living Hats (The Mind Flayer, Crappy)
True form
As Mario's hat
  • Lesser God, but can possess Overdeities if they're small enough
  • Symbol: Himself; alternatively, a Bonneton coin or the Odyssey
  • Theme Song: Bonneton
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Living Weapon, Capturing others and using them for himself, Caring for his sister, Different from usual Mario ghosts, Changing his style to suit the wearer
  • Domains: Hats, Ghosts, Possessions
  • Herald: Tiara (his sister).
  • Allies: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, 9-volt and 18-volt, Cerebella, Linkara, Casper, Danny Phantom, Erma, Glitchy's Mario, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Hat Kid, Aku Aku, Rexie, Barroth, Glavenus, Navi, Midna, Fi, Paarthurnax
  • Rivals: The Ruined Dragon
  • Target Of Interest Of: the Mann Co. Mercenaries
  • Enemies: Bowser, Ragyo Kiryuin, Majora, Uka Uka, The Shadow Monster, Indominus Rex, Deviljho, Sharptooth, King Boo, Dimentio
  • Mario's latest adventure took him all over the globe; ranging from his own Mushroom Kingdom to new lands like Steam Gardens, New Donk City, and all the way to the moon itself. However, he wasn't by himself this time. He had the help of a Living Hat by the name of Cappy. He got roped into Mario's adventure after Bowser kidnapped his sister, Tiara. He quickly teamed up with Mario to help track Bowser down and save her. For this bravery, Mario was more than happy to vouch for his ascension.
  • Mario also ensured that his ascension was with a good amount of fanfare, calling up the yet-unascended Pauline and getting some help from the house of Music to perform one of the catchiest jazz numbers the Pantheon has ever seen and heard. Mario also hopes that this event will one day lead to the Pantheon considering Pauline for a spot here.
  • With his ascension, he has been mostly seen with Mario on his head. Mario certainly doesn't mind it and even welcomes it, as besides being a good friend and partner, Cappy's ascension also brought with him the Odyssey for Mario to use (and was modified by the house of Technology so that Mario doesn't need Cappy to use it anymore), making travelling around the Pantheon a breeze. It's also worth mentioning that Mario is able to jump around much more efficiently with Cappy by using him as a mid-air stepping stone to bounce off of. And this isn't even mentioning his ability to capture people...
    • Cappy capturing mechanic is actually based off more on size rather than the power they possess. He is able to easily possess objects that are around Mario's height for seemingly long periods of time. Meanwhile, bigger beings or objects tend to take up more of Cappy's energy, putting him on a strict time limit with them. However, it also helps that beforehand, the deity is rendered unconscious, like with Bowser when he and Mario had to capture him to escape Honeymoon Ridge with Peach. Still, should the pieces fall into place, he is very capable of capturing powerful deities. Melkor claims to not be scared by this, and simply ordered that The GUAE would wear hard hats with straps just as a new uniform code, and not because a good half of his units got scared by this information, including himself. REALLY!
      • Despite this, he is sometimes seen with other deities, either hanging out with them or even letting them use him. He is sometimes seen helping out Hat Kid as he helped out with Mario. He also sometimes drops by 9-volt and 18-volt's temple to listen to them recap some of Mario's other tales so he can catch up on what Mario accomplished without bothering him too much.
  • Was shocked to see that the Ruined Dragon ascended before him, but is glad to know that there are plenty deities keeping a watch on him so that other deities can't force him to attack for them like Bowser did.
    • When he first came across Paarthurnax, he mistook him for someone related to the dragon he and Mario fought in the Ruined Kingdom, but was relieved to find out that this wasn't only a nicer dragon than the Ruined Dragon, but also befriended Mario as well. The fact they both share the same voice wasn't lost on Cappy.
  • After hearing of Cappy's ascension, Luigi decided to set up "Luigi's Balloon Pantheon" for the Pantheon to play. The mode is simply that deities are given 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere in one of the houses in the Pantheon. The balloon must be on the ground or on a pole that can be climbed on (and NOT hidden within walls or places that are impossible to access to a normal lesser god) in order for it to count. Other people would try and find the hidden balloons in an allotted amount of time. It's quickly becoming a smash hit among the most mobile deities.
  • Cappy's more than happy to find Peach here as well as the fact she made her own allies, keeping her even safer. He's also secretly helping Mario prepare another proposal for Peach, hopefully, one that won't get interrupted or cause Mario to act forcefully in fear of another suitor winning her heart.
  • Upon finding out about the Mind Flayer and being called him by "Honest Games Trailers", the name has quickly become a Berserk Button for him. He also doesn't appreciate Glitchy's Mario calling him "Crappy", but unlike other Mario deities, he still acknowledges him from time to time, mainly because he actually tried to help his counterpart a couple times. Despite this, he knows full well not to let him capture anyone with him.
  • He gets along swimmingly with Cerebella for her hat, Vice-Versa, as well as Linkara and Aku Aku, even though the latter is a mask and not a hat technically. Of course, this also led to him detesting the likes of Uka Uka and Majora for being vile headwear pieces.
  • Of course, the presence of a ghostly hat that can take the forms of many other hats hasn't been lost on the Team Fortress 2 mercenaries nor their love for hats. They quickly adapted "hunting down Cappy and wearing him" as part of their daily activities. Cappy usually outsmarts them by possessing one of the mercenaries and letting the others lunge at him before escaping as the mercenaries get trapped in a Big Ball of Violence.
  • Due to being a ghost, he drops by the House of Ghosts from time to time to chat up with the other ghostly deities, befriending the likes of Casper with how friendly he is, Danny Phantom with just how much of a Lightning Bruiser Cappy can be if the situation calls for it, and even Erma was more than happy to greet him.
  • Due to how Mario managed to get himself some sentient clothing, there have been jokes about how similar he is to Ryuko and Senketsu. On their end, Mario and Cappy and more than happy to be friends with them and even help her out with fighting Ragyo. They did say that if Ragyo is without a hat and knocked out, Cappy can capture her and Mario can take control of her. However, when capturing a new person, Mario ends up experiencing a brief history of what that person's life was, and considering Ragyo's rather vile nature, Mario and Cappy both hope that this option is a last resort.
  • One of his most famous "CAPtures" during his adventure was capturing a T-Rex for Mario to use. He had the chance to show off this ability in the Pantheon when he and Mario teamed up to trick Indominus Rex, who just escaped its temple, to knock itself out by ramming its head against a tree and capturing it to return Indominus Rex to its temple. Rexie, Barroth and Glavenus have been impressed by this feat, while Indominus Rex is preparing for a rematch. Deviljho and Sharptooth have their eyes out for Cappy, careful to not let their guard down in front of him or to be surprised by him.
  • As an Exposition Fairy, he has gotten along with the helpers from Link's quests that provided him information, namely Navi, Fi, and Midna. He did however confess that he didn't really have any magical powers that helped him out with knowing about the lands he and Mario traversed; he just read Mario some information off a travel pamphlet.
  • Also has a spot in Living Objects

Cassandra Veranos, Goddess of Hats of Power (Cerebella, The Diamond In the Rough, Akrobat/Acrobat)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Living Weapon, Vice-Versa; alternatively, a sign for Cirque des Cartes in front of a big diamond shape
  • Theme Songs: Where Money Flows Like Water, The Seat of Power
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (but with the misfortune of working with Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil people)
  • Portfolio: Symbol Motif Clothing, Nice Girl (but Pure Is Not Good), Ambiguously Brown, Break the Cutie, Calling Your Attacks, Combat Stilettos, The Dragon to The Mafia, Heel Realization in her story's ending, Playboy Bunny Minidress of Power, Ink-Suit Actor to Cristina Valenzuela, Only Known by Their Nickname, The Only One, Orphan's Plot Trinket, Skill Gate Character, Token Good Teammate, Zettai Ryouiki boots
  • Domains: Circuses, Hats, Entertainment
  • Allies: Filia, Squigly, Beowulf, Riven, Painwheel, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Edward Newgate, Sakaki and other fellow cat-lovers
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, good-aligned members of the Anger sub-house
  • Enemies: Peacock, Bloody Marie, Double, Eliza, Valentine, the rest of the aforementioned Anger sub-house, the Terraformars
  • Cerebella — real name Cassandra Veranos — is the acrobatic star of the Cirque des Cartes, admired for her strength, dexterity, and beauty. Sadly for any would-be suitors, she only seeks the attention of one man: Vitale Medici, one of the most important members of the Medici mafia, who took her in and became the closest thing to a father she’s ever known. Cerebella is a good person at heart, but her heart is misguided; when not performing in the circus, she is the leg-breaker for the Medicis. Vitale keeps her at an arm's reach in order to give her a goalpost to work towards, and thus keep her on his side.
    • Someone in the Pantheon must have noticed Cerebella's control over her living weapon, a hat named Vice-Versa (though, of course, it's hard NOT to notice something with arms THAT big). This being approached Vitale and explained their interest in Cerebella and her hat. After some discussion, Vitale agreed to allow Cerebella to have a place in Pantheon, so long as she isn't kept away from the Medicis for too long. Cerebella, for her part, was eager to meet new people, especially when she heard there were professional wrestlers in the Pantheon! Now that Cerebella is in the Pantheon, it would seem that the entire original roster of Skullgirls has been ascended!
      • To go into detail on the reason for Cerebella's ascension to this title, Vice-Versa is capable of sprouting a pair of very large, very strong arms. She uses it for tricks that require great upper-body strength (i.e. lifting elephants over her head) and, of course, for combat. It's not known how Vice-Versa is able to do the things it can do, but there is no denying its strength.
    • When not in use, Vice-Versa can be found in a much smaller, rounder form, as can be seen in this picture.
  • For those curious, her birthday is April 11th; she is eighteen years old; her blood type is B; her likes include competition, showing off, cats, professional wrestling, sudoku, flirting, pleasing Vitale, and teasing her roommate Feng; her dislikes include badmouthing of the Circus, badmouthing of Vitale, angry people, quitters, and cockroaches.
  • Several good-aligned members of the Pantheon are rather exasperated that Cerebella, the one pure-hearted character among the Skullgirls cast, works for a seedy mafia group, although they understand why; the mob boss, Vitale, who took her in and became like a father to her. As such, no one is sure how to address the issue, if it even CAN be addressed.
  • Cerebella had already gotten on good terms with Filia when they met, mainly because they are both kind characters, but their bond only strengthened when she discovered that, though she had somehow forgotten, Filia is actually a part of the same mafia family that 'Bella is devoted to.
  • Cerebella had been given a view of different timelines she was involved in, and thus discovered what would have happened in each of them. She was killed by Eliza in one timeline, by Peacock in another timeline, and worst of all, in a third timeline, Cerebella herself ended up murdering Ms. Fortune for the sake of the Medicis. She hopes to never be forced into the latter position in this timeline, and she's also now very distrustful of Eliza and Peacock.
    • Who was it who showed Cerebella these timelines? Why? How? All that anyone knows, including Cerebella herself, is that this person came out of the House of Time and Temporality to show her this. She can't seem to remember what they looked like; for this reason, it's suspected that this person either had connections to the Men In Black (or at least to its ascended members, Mr. K and Mr. J) or somehow managed to swipe one of their pocket neuralizers.
    • Of course, while 'Bella doesn't want to kill anybody, Ms. Fortune, with her hatred of the Medicis, makes it quite difficult for the acrobat not to repeat what happened in that timeline. Still, Ms. Fortune doesn't seem to have anything against Cerebella, and that may be the one thing keeping their Teeth-Clenched Teamwork from turning into something ugly.
  • Cerebella already hates cockroaches; the Terraformars in the House of Beasts' Insect sub-house terrify her to the point of never wanting to set foot in there again.
    • She is perfectly willing to explore the rest of the House, though, especially wherever she can find cats. This love of felines allowed her to bond with Sakaki.
  • Other deities involved in other (potentially-rival) mafias, such as Vito Corleone, have decided to keep tabs on her, so as to make sure she doesn't start an unnecessary war between mobs. They know it seems unlikely for a kind girl like her to start a fight, but you can never be too careful. Cerebella is are blissfully unaware of these mobs watching her, but she may not be for long. After all, some deities have the word "mafia" as part of their official title; she's sure to notice.

    Ika Musume 
Ika Musume, Goddess of Perma-hats (Ika-chan, Ika neechan, Squid Girl, Squiddie, Squid Girly)

    Robert I Baratheon 
King Robert Baratheon, The First of His Name, God of Horned Crowns and Cuckold Horns (The Usurper, The Demon of the Trident, The Whoremonger King, Rob, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Bobby B)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Sigil of House Baratheon-A black stag on a yellow field
  • Theme Song: Ours is the Fury
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Usurper Kings, Unfit for Greatness, Red Oni to Ned's Blue Oni, Jaded Washout, Siring Plenty of Bastards Even Now, Formerly Fit, Loves Sex, Wine, Victory Is Boring, Stag Motifs, Horned Crowns Indicating Adultery
  • Domains: Kingship, Hedonism, Drinking, Hunting, Warriors, Cynicism
  • Herald: Renly Baratheon (younger brother and former God of Usurpers, shared with Stannis)
  • Allies: Eddard "Ned" Stark (his Hand), Tyrion Lannister, Aphrodite, Zeus, Bacchus, Glenn Quagmire, James Bond, Mad Moxxi, Alistar Theirin, Artanis, Andre the Giant, Brian Blessed, Xerneas
  • Additional relationship with: Cersei Lannister (his wife), Lyanna Stark (his former betrothed)
  • Enemies: Rhaegar Targaryen, Tywin Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Daenerys Targaryen (rival claimant), Petyr Baelish, Hera, Caligula, Luca Blight, Jafar, Deathwing, Kane (WWE), Ragnaros the Firelord, Ganondorf Dragmire, Lady Macbeath, Leonidas, The Pyro, Garfield Lynns/Firefly
  • Opposes: Jaime Lannister, Prince Charmless, Belarus, Bugs Bunny
  • Pities: The Emperor of Mankind, Princess Anna
  • Envies: Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime
  • Doesn't know what to think about: Jon Snow
  • Odd Friendship: Fred Flintstone
  • Robert Baratheon was the son of Steffon Baratheon, and elder brother to Stannis and Renly. He was the first of his House to be the King of Westeros, having overthrown the Targaryens in "Robert's Rebellion." An avid hunter and renowned fighter in his youth, as king the man has become a fat cynic who'd have abdicated the throne if it wouldn't cause things to fall apart. With his own death, he's been proven right. It's worth noting that he never wanted to be king; he started a rebellion because his betrothed Lyanna Stark was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, and it snowballed from there. The kick in the teeth is that after all the effort, she died and he never truly got to know her. Because of this, he can sympathize with Artanis.
  • Having overthrown the insane, Pyromaniac King Aerys Targaryen, Robert is understandably disdainful towards deranged members in the House of Royalty, such as Caligula and Luca Blight (Caligula in particular unnerves him, due to his resemblance to Joffrey). He also hates Rangaros the Firelord, Deathwing, and Kane for being crazy pyrophiles, especially the latter for being the kind of psychotic dragon Aerys would love. Suspects that the Pyro and Firefly are surviving pyromancers of the Mad King.
  • Though not without some claim to the throne(his grandmother was a Targaryen princess), he is nonetheless a usurper to the position and as such finds Daenerys Targaryen to be a dangerous enemy. Ned Stark talked him out of trying to assassinate her shortly before his passing. After a couple years from his death, Robert declared his Hand "full of shit" and is now opposing Dany in the pantheon. The Mother of Dragons is no fan, given he usurped her family's position and got most of her family killed.
  • Was unsure how to feel when he found out his Best friend Ned had been lying to him for all these years about his supposed bastard Jon Snow, and his true parentage as the child of his greatest enemy Rhaegar Targaryen and his greatest love Lyanna Stark. After days of questioning whether he should feel angry, shocked or betrayed he just decided to do what he seems to best. Drown himself in Fighting, Fucking and Feasting.
  • As he expected, things fell apart (though not the way he expected). His "son" Joffrey was a complete lunatic of a king, his best friend Eddard Stark was killed and his family enemies of the Lannisters, all while Westeros falls into civil war. Now having ascended, he's working with Ned to trying and bring order to all this madness, starting with Tywin for controlling the throne and Littlefinger for fanning the flames of the War of Five Kings.
  • Much of the Succession Crisis that fuels the War of Five Kings can be blamed on his wife, Cersei Lannister. She would cheat behind his back with her own twin brother, Jaime Lannister. As such, the three Baratheon children have no right for the throne, giving his brothers reason to rebel and it just escalated from there. While furious at Jaime for this, he has proven himself reformed and it's for the best that they don't go at it less the civil war worsen. Also, while a Lannister, he has nothing against Tyrion since he's actually doing his job for the crown.
  • Moped around about how everything went to shit after his death, which annoyed the Emperor of Mankind. he stupidly asked "oh, like you'd know", leading to the Emperor lecturing him on just how ABYSMALLY GRIMDARK things went and how he was stuck in the deepest of Hells in his un-life. Robert went several days just repeating "I'm sorry" before drinking a literal keg of the strongest wine he could find.
  • Is considered one of the greatest manwhores of Westeros, beating even Tyrion Lannister in women he's slept with (though Oberyn Martell may have him beat); thus earning the title of "The Whoremonger King." As such, he's gotten along well with a number of lovable sex maniacs in the pantheon. This consistent cheating on his (admittedly unwanted) queen has put him on Hera's hitlist, and conversely in Zeus for being such a player, even as he grew fat and bitter. Robert is seen in the House of Lust, comparing sexual exploits to James Bond and Mad Moxxi.
  • Much of his dour attitude comes from having lost Lyanna, the one women he truly loved (something Quagmire can relate, given his relationship with Cheryl Tiegs). While most believe he would've still slept around even if they married, it wouldn't be as loudly and excessive as the Whoremonger King we know. Has fathered a total of sixteen bastardsnote , all who share the Baratheon's signature black hair and curls, along with their stubborn temperament. They're also good-hearted and capable(or were killed). The Demon of the Trident naturally found it unfortunate that his "legitimate" heirs turned out poorly. He has shown interest in Alister Theirin, in hopes of trying to figure out how to legitimize his more worthy bastards without causing another Blackfyre-esque Rebellion. He also seems to just plain like him.
  • Given his experiences with love and marriages, he pities the likes of Princess Anna, believing she's damn lucky it wasn't merely the opportunistic Prince Hans who she fell for. On the flip-side, he can't help but feel envy to Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime since their Perfectly Arranged Marriage is almost the exact opposite of his own. As they have to deal with an Unwanted Spouse, Aphrodite and Robert are really good friends. And much to their spouses' mutual dismay, they're Friends with Benefits and can often be seen as each other's bed partner; something Tyrion hopes to get details on.
  • His other two loves in life are hunting and drinking. Though the two ultimately got him killed, he stills enjoys participating in them in the pantheon. You can usually see him either drinking with Bacchus or going after game in the House of Beasts. With the latter, he's been humiliated on a number of occasions by Bugs Bunny. He's very good friends with Andre the Giant, a fun, kind-hearted drinker. At first, due to his size, he thought he might be related to the Cleganes, but it turned out there was no relation. He and Ned seem interested in Andre the Giant being the Good Counterpart to Gregor Clegane.
  • Once got in some trouble with Leonidas, who thought he was sleeping with his wife. Though they figured out their wives' look-alike is a coincidence, the Usurper still regards the Spartans as a threat; their Spartan ways come off too much like the Dothraki for his tastes, and as with all Westerosi he considers their slavery practices barbaric.
  • He's noticed that Brian Blessed looks likes him. After getting to know him for some time, Robert has gotten to like him due to the merriment and happiness he's brought into his life. And given Given his sigil is a stag, Robert gravitated towards Xerneas; he's awed at The Marvelous Deer.
  • He knows not to trust the likes of Lady Macbeath or Jafar. Lady Macbeth especially, since she reminds him of Cersei.
  • While he doesn't consider them a threat, he considers Prince Charmless and Belarus frustrating due to his experiences with Joffrey and Cersei. The latter hasn't said much, but the former feels insulted since he considers him just as awful as everyone else. He does see Ganondorf Dragmire a grave threat, and while easily understandable it might be more because he reminds Robert of the boar that killed him.
  • In his younger form, he hangs out in the House of Blunt Weapons to test his hammer skills. You can see him spar off with Amy Rose and King Dedede, the latter of which invites him over for dinner.
  • Was pissed off the learn that his brothers Renly and Stannis would go to war for the succession after his death. He immediately berated Renly for not accepting his brother's better claimant, and called out Stannis for never trying to have Robb Stark work with him as the three have a common enemy in the Lannisters and Balon Greyjoy.
  • After an encounter Fred Flintstone, Robert felt some sort of familiarity, and the two somehow became friends, going out to eat together and either bowling or hunting.


    Bowler Hat Guy and DOR- 15 
Bowler Hat Guy and DOR-15, Co-Deities Of Sinister Derby Hats (Bowler Hat Guy: Mike Yagoobian, Goob, DOR-15: Doris, Helping Hat)
Bowler Hat Guy with DOR-15 floating on him.
Click here  for Bowler Hat Guy's younger self.
DOR-15 on her own.