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Greater Gods

    The Dinobots 
Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop, Gods of Bestial Mecha (The Dinobots, The Dynobots, The Lightning Strike Coalition Force, The Beast, Volcanicus | Grimlock: Dinobot, Clobber, King of the Dinobots, Grimlock of Iacon, Build Hurricanenote  | Slag: Slug, 'Snarl' | Sludge: Slog, 'Sludge dumb' | Snarl: Fangwolf | Swoop: Divebomb, Strafe, Ptero)
The original G1 lineup. From back to front: Swoop (background) Sludge, Grimlock (middleground) Snarl, Slag (foreground, left and right)
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  • Greater God (Grimlock), Intermediate Gods (Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop)
  • Symbol: The Dinobot emblem
  • Theme Song: "Dinobot Charge"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good depending on their mood
  • Portfolio: Robots Based on Dinosaurs, Anti Heroes, Badass Crew, Breakout Characters, Combine into Volcanicus, Despise Those Who Abuse Their Strength, Dumb Dinos, Become Dumber In Later Seasons of G1, Don't Like Their Leader Optimus
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Technology, Creation, Beasthood, Violence, Power, Disobedience, Anti-Heroism
  • Heralds: Grimmaster, Skar, Strafe, Scorn, Slash, their various incarnationsnote 
  • High Priest: Sky OtomoNin Lion Ha-Ojo/Shishi-Oh
  • Followers: G1 Predacons, The Terrorcons, Strutters, Reptar
  • Allies: Dinobot, Tommy Oliver, Jason of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Hulk, Owen Gradynote 
  • Odd Friendship: Derpy Hooves (Grimlock only)
  • Rivals: Godzilla, Anguirus, Vegeta, Mikazuki Augus (Grimlock only), Kenpachi Zaraki, Nappa, Carrera, (Snarl only)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most of the Autobots, especially Optimus Prime, most dinosaurs in the Pantheon with the above exceptions
  • Enemies:
  • Respect: Strong deities like Saitama, Goku and Asura
  • Oppose: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos (except Sludge, a self-professed sympathizer)
  • Opposed by: Most military officers and tacticians in the Pantheon, like Prowlnote , Bright Noa, Führer King Bradley
  • Conflicting Opinion: Michael Bay, The Gang of Seven
  • Grimlock originally dwelt alone in his temple, with his team-mates and heralds only able to visit him every now and then. A series of rampages afterwards, the Court of the Gods finally conceded to let his destructive team-mates into the Pantheon on the condition that he stop destroying property as he did during his phase of solitude. Among the first Animal Mecha in fiction to be fully sentient, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop proudly accepted the new larger temple specially accommodated for them in the Types of Mechas sub-house, a gigantic rock formation with connections to other Autobot temples in a jungle environment, far away from the other residents.
  • If it wasn't obvious already, the Dinobots transform into dinosaurs, the most powerful beasts on Earth when the Autobots first arrived, namely:
    • Tyrannosaurus rex (Grimlock)
    • Triceratops (Slag)
    • Brontosaurus (Sludge)
    • Stegosaurus (Snarl)
    • Pteranodon (Swoop)
  • Unlike most ascended Transformers, the Dinobots' memories come entirely from their Transformers: Generation 1 selves as their Alternate Timeline equivalents have the tendency to undergo confusing name changes or not be Dinobots at all. All the better since Grimlock and company wouldn't be able to handle the extra brain space. They're either seasoned war veterans once known as Dynobots who clashed with Shockwave on Earth as the first Autobots there, or primitive creations of the Autobot Wheeljack based on dinosaur fossils. Either way, they're still a band of rough, tough, stubborn, challenge-seeking and fire-breathing bots and they ain't changing that any time soon.
  • When the original crew vacated their spots, Grimlock replaced them with Grimmaster, Skar, Strafe, Scorn and Slash, more recentnote  recruits. Grimmaster (Styracosaurus) is former Decepticon Kakuryu who defected and is a clumsy yet hard-working rookie, Skar (Ankylosaurus, also known as Scarr) was their Combat Medic who was accidentally killed by Grimlock after granting them their beast modes, Scorn (Spinosaurus) is a demolitions expert of massive size, Strafe's beast mode (two-headed draconic beast) came from experimentation by Decepticon Bludgeon and thus she has a deep desire for revenge and Slash (Velociraptor) is a tracker and loner who sees the others as big siblings. Their other incarnations all have connections to the comm station in their temple in case reinforcements are needed ASAP. Grimlock also took on a high priest, Shishi-Oh during his time alone. The Ninningers' Lion Zord is among the only non-Autobots able to placate Grimlock and speak on their behalf in human form. When battles with SHOCKER or the old Demonic Legion come up, Grimlock is more than happy to battle alongside Lion Ha-Oh.
  • They often clash with their leader Optimus, seeing him as too weak to perform nastier tasks for the Autobot cause, viewing his subordinates with similar contempt. They live on the fringes of Autobot society, only joining the larger faction when they see a good reason to. Grimlock and Prime's first meeting after the latter originally ascended ended in a massive slugfest that thankfully took place in the House of Military and Warfare. Knowing that there are worse threats like Megatron that need to be dealt with, they will dutifully report when their help is sorely needed. After all, the one thing they hate more than Optimus is people who use their strength to hurt others.
    • Aren't as averse to working with the Maximal Dinobot, since he's a fellow dinobot with a similar personality and code of honour to Grimlock. Their descendant gets along fantastically with Grimlock, and both treat each other as brothers-in-arms, each taking care of the opposite's potential weaknesses, all the while turning any hapless foes into scrap metal.
  • They despise the art of combination with all their heart and soul. Their first attempt was so unbelievably savage that even Grimlock fears its power, and was devastated to learn after-the-fact that it massacred both alien factions and rendered that universe helpless to Unicron. They hate the Chaos-Bringer as much as they do Shockwave. Their second attempt, Volcanicus, succeeded but the prior trauma leaves them unwilling to combine again so carelessly. Sometimes Skar takes part in the latter's combination.
  • Even more than Megatron, the Decepticon Shockwave is their greatest enemy. As mentioned above, they were the first Autobots on Earth and were re-activated to fight Shockwave off on a prehistoric Earth. Both parties would be entombed in a tar pit for centuries until they were freed by Ratchet. They hope to the beat the tar of that one-eyed pile of metal into scrapheap, even more so now that they know Shockwave was responsible for their beast modes by experimenting on them in the Aligned continuity. When they learnt he had ascended, the robotic archosaurs went to his temple and unleashed a literal Roaring Rampage of Revenge. The resulting onslaught nearly resulted in Shockwave's termination, with him going all out to defend himself from the five Autobots. While Shockwave doesn't really care for Grimlock's animosity towards him, he has had to upgrade his temple's defences in case the Dinos' come knocking again.
  • The Gang of Seven, a more watered-down gang of dinos is conflicted on the Dinobots despite Littlefoot, Cera, Spike and Petrie sharing beast modes with Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop respectively. Grimlock at least is willing to liaise with their alpha male Littlefoot (and Chomper, who he sympathizes with for his problems with predatory instinct) on matters relating to their arch-nemesis Sharptooth.
  • Exclusive to Grimlock:
    • The leader of the team, Grimlock is one of the toughest Autobots around, rivalling that of other heavy-hitters like Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus and even Prime. Intolerant of weakness or insubordination, Grimlock is quick to bash in anyone or anything that questions his leadership and isn't part of his team. And boy is he a leader, speaking up for the rest of the team when they commit mishaps. Most think he's a big, mindless brute: this could not be farther from the truth. While he tends to refer to himself as 'me', he is actually quite intelligent. He loves it when a villain seeking to use him realizes he can actually think before he tears their heads open.
    • Once assumed leadership of the Autobots but proved to be a tyrannical leader not unlike Megatron. Prime's herald Prowl (and Grimlock's very antithesis) shudders to think of being under his command again. Nevertheless, more 'wild' members of the GUAG are quite happy to follow his lead if necessary, especially the gritty Anti Heroes of Tekkadan. Mikazuki Augus in particular enjoys smashing maces with the rough-and-tough Dinobot. Toku-based Kaiju like Godzilla argue the same, though they're loners. Prince Vegeta is a highly proud member and leader of what remains of the Saiyans and like Grimlock, isn't liked by his subjects (the majority hold a vendetta against him), thus they have a heated rivalry over kills, which Grimlock insists are too quick and painless in his case.
    • Is highly contemptuous of other ascended dinosaurs (though he doesn't show it outwardly) and until Slag came along, was greatly disliked by the Pantheon's reptilian community and had few friends among them, Rexie and Tyrantrum included. Despite this he is very proud of his dino heritage, especially since his beast mode was gained from the death of a friend. Because of this, he often stays in dino mode and only transforms if he deems the deity requesting it to be worthy, even though everybody already knows what he looks like. Grimlock disagrees:
    • Grimlock was once arrested for causing property damage back on Cybertron due to his bouts of aggression. While he has visibly restrained himself in the Pantheon, several cases have ensued that have placed him in the House of Law and Justice's holding cells. In fact, a reason why the Court was insistent on Grimlock being the sole holder of his trope is because his team-mates, especially Slag and Snarl, are more likely to destroy things without apology. They have warned him that if any big complaints come in, his teammates are out of the Pantheon.
    • One of his alternate color schemes replace his gold and grey with black and green. In this look, many have compared Grimlock to the Hulk. He likes to hang around the green behemoth but he doesn't care as much for 'puny' Banner. He gained a newfound respect for the gamma specialist when his expertise helped save Snarl from certain death at the hands of Doomsday. Just don't remind him of the other time he was painted green...
      • Don't ask about the Build Team. He insists that wasn't him. And woe betide the next person that calls him Build Hurricane.
      • Speaking of black and green, the other Grimlock is a pathetic excuse for a Dinobot. After hearing that an actual counterpart of him existed in that universe and the 'pathetic excuse' idolized the same, Grimlock has taken that incarnation as an apprentice and a full-time herald.
    • Oddly enough, Grimlock has made friends with the pony Derpy Hooves. Maybe it's because the two are grey and gold in color and are very popular in their fandom despite having odd/unlikeable qualities. Things like that do form some sort of kinship anyway. He gained a better friendship with Spike the Dragon after Spike somehow ended up teleported into the Ark and began gushing at how Grimlock was amazing. Grimlock in turn respected Spike's analytical skills and untapped potential when Devestator came knocking on Grimlock's door. Spike ended up fainting on the spot.
    • Unlike his fellow Dinobots, Grimlock would end up downsizing into a Maximal body, and gaining a white and black raptor beast mode in the process. He would put this form to good use during the Beast Wars, going toe to toe with the Predacon commander Magmatron. Though he lost the match and frankly preferring his traditional mechanical alt mode, Grimlock will occasionally change into a Maximal whenever the situation calls for it. He's still looking forward to a rematch with Magmatron, whom the Dinobot learned is serving as herald to the Beast era Megatron.
    • One time he was turned into a Titan Master and had to end fighting riding a drone as he was unable to do much on his own. How this happened? No one knows, but during this time he went by the name Clobber. Why? No one knows, but this being Grimlock, it might have to do with a matter of pride to his name. The same happened to Swoop and he went by Ptero at the time, likely for a similar reason.
  • Exclusive to Slag:
    • Slag hates anything and everything. His tendency to start a fight at the drop of a microchip makes him the most unlikeable of the bunch. Not that he has a problem with it. His sadistic zeal in breathing fire on his enemies and reducing them to molten metal makes it quite obvious he's more Decepticon material than anything. Even Megatron has compared him favourably to the movie universe version of his soldier Bonecrusher and has the doors open should Slag opt to defect.
    • Was very confused when British deities called him 'Snarl', the name of another of his team-mates. Turns out he inadvertently got that name in that timeline because 'Slag' is a vulgarity in the United Kingdom. It is more partial to Slug, since he voluntarily changed to that name in the IDW timeline as 'slag' is now also a rude word in Cybertronian culture. To clear things up, no, you cannot call him Snarl. Slag remains his official designation in the Pantheon but Slug is more often used in public to avoid offending the masses. So long as Slag remains ignorant that 'slug' on Earth refers to a puny disgusting mollusc, things should be fine.
    • Slag is really unpopular in the GUAG amongst senior military officers. His tendency to mouth off at his superiors (even Grimlock isn't immune) has earned him stern reprimandsnote . Bright Noa especially has been particularly vocal on giving him a long sentence in the detention barracks due to his destructive tendencies which unlike Grimlock, he isn't sorry for. Given what always happens though...
      • Place Slag in confinement.
      • He gets mad and sets fire to the detention barracks, killing hundreds.
      • Optimus forced to suspend his sentence indefinitely.
      • Rinse and repeat.
    • Is a firm supporter of somehow removing the Death Is Cheap doctrine in the Pantheon, even though the Progenitors agree it's flat-out impossible. His argument does have some meat though since the Alliances want to end the Forever War either through peace or terror, which isn't at all attainable if the Big Bads keep coming back. Melkor hasn't been killed or defeated yet, but even if it does happen it'll all be for nothing when Virtuous resurrects him. He's been confined numerous times for killing defenceless prisoners but that doesn't seem to deter him at all.
    • Atrocitus has inducted him into the Red Lantern Corps. Slag's desire to fight and habit of raging for even the smallest reason convinced Atrocitus to help the bot channel his rage into a more concentrated form and use in better in battle as energy constructs. While Slag accepted the offer, he has made it clear that he sees the ring as a joke and would rather use his raw power alone in combat. He doesn't want a case of 'The Beast' occurring again.
    • Slag isn't a people person. Even if there are other deities that share his personality and temperament, he wouldn't sit with or spar with them for all the Energon cubes in the world. He's more content killing and unleashing his unbridled rage on anything within touching distance. While Grimlock's there to keep him in line, their 'no-rules' policy means that Slag usually does what he likes. Which the neighbours are fine with, so long as they're not involved.
  • Exclusive to Sludge:
    • The Dinobots are dumb compared to the Autobots, but Sludge makes the other four look like scholars. Sludge knows how much of a mental drag he is and chooses to use his Big Guy persona to compensate for it, intimidating and/or roughing up anyone who threatens the Dinobots. As with Slag, he is also known by the name Slog, but naysayers tend to use it to refer to him The Load of the group.
    • Even more than his leader, Sludge believes that only the strongest deserve to lead and dislikes Optimus on the same level as Slag for not being a strong enough leader. In his view, Grimlock ought to lead the Autobots instead. Sludge tends to gravitate towards others who share this philosophy and thus is a self-professed sympathizer to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos for their desire to create a world where strength is the only thing that matters. The guiding hand of his leader is the only thing that is preventing him from enlisting in the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, who has introduced him to dual GUAG-GUAC member Asura to help him out.
    • While he shares Grimlock's desire for strength and bloodshed, he's more tolerant of lesser beings than his brethren and is more or less a Gentle Giant to others. He enjoys the company of children who can see past his tough exterior. He's violent but has a soft side that shows when off-duty. He particularly enjoys spending time with fellow primitive being Fred Flintstone and his family and is happy giving his children rides whenever he feels like it.
    • Maybe it's because he'd love to eat a Krabby Patty, but he once chanced upon Patrick Star and snatched one from him in hunger, forgetting that robots don't eat organic food. What started with a fight ended with a unique friendship, as they both are fellow dum-dums. And there's also the fact that cartoon physics render Patrick immune to Sludge's destructive temper tantrums.
    • His solution to any problem? Stomp it.
  • Exclusive to Snarl:
    • An unpleasant and unsociable loner, Snarl only reluctantly follows Grimlock's orders, leaving the thinking to others involved. This only serves to add to his isolation, hating his beast mode and fearing the war on Earth - and by extension, the Pantheon - will prevent him from returning to Cybertron. Only on the battlefield does Snarl find any sort of joy, the carnage and brutality helping to ease the pain and self-loathing in his spark.
    • Enjoys visiting the House of Fighting and Combat even more so than Grimlock to ease his pain and is a card-carrying member of the area's fight club, and his most frequent sparring partners are Asura and Nappa, both unconventional good/neutral-aligned fellows. Another is Kenpachi Zaraki. The man may be ruthless in battle and looks intimidating, but he does show kindness every now and again and pities Snarl and his self-hatred over his alt-mode.
    • As the team's Blood Knight (if not their most violent then their most bloodthirsty), he's made friends with other team Blood Knights like Carrera of the Sumeragi Swordsmen. They both don't care whatever end goal their superiors are working towards: both just want strong opponents to fight. Gibril meanwhile is the most unhinged member of her team, outwardly the most violent and murderous, though Snarl admits she can be a bit domineering at times.
  • Exclusive to Swoop:
    • The only flier in the Dinobot ranks, not to mention the only pterosaur, Swoop is surprisingly enough, the most outgoing and friendliest of the team. He doesn't get along with Optimus like his comrades, even possessing an insubordinate nature to him, but when push comes to shove, Swoop will stand up for the little guys, even if his leader won't.
    • Even though his supposedly frightening alternate mode turns people off (for some reason), Swoop is a tried and true practitioner of fear as a terror tactic. He is very proud of his alternate mode causing would-be Decepticon punks to back off. Nevertheless, he draws the line at using it for malicious purposes like Scarecrow does. Having seen what his fear toxin did to the House of Family and Relatives, he is itching to tear that fleshling's head off. He is thus allies with the Dark Knight himself since he clearly knows how to use fear the right way.
    • Just as how Grimlock is a rival of Godzilla, Swoop is a rival of his pteranodon friend Rodan. They aren't about to raise Cain together in their respectives houses or anything, but when the chips are down and King Ghidorah's in da house, they will beat the ever-loving shit out of him even if he hasn't attacked anyone yet, especially when he's in Mecha-King Ghidorah form.
    • Taking notes from Atrocitus, Sinestro approached him with an offer to join the Yellow Lantern Corps. Swoop told him this:
    "You lost yer chance when Scarecrow joined up. Nuh uh."
    • Like his team-mates, Swoop also has the names Divebomb, Strafe and Ptero. He is comfortable with Ptero, seeing as he does transform into one, but the other Strafe is one of his heralds and Divebomb is a Decepticon Predacon who stole and made a mockery of said name. Use of the latter name either gets you a slap (for deities between 15 and 18) or a plasma shot to the facenote  (for anyone older).


MechaGodzilla, Patron of Robotic Beasts (Showa MechaGodzilla: MechaGodzilla I, Bionic Monster, Cosmic Monster, Mecha-G | Heisei MechaGodzilla: Super MechaGodzilla, MechaGodzilla II, Anti-Godzilla Super Weapon | Kiryu: MechaGodzilla III, Multipurpose Fighting System Type-3, Ki-yu, Machine Dragon, The Dangerous and Mysterious MechaGodzilla, A Robotic Weekend At Bernie's with Old Man Godzilla's Bones note , Goji Unit-03, Rebuild of Evangelion -1.0, Deus Lacerta Ex Machina, The Folly of Man, The Scars of Atomic Fire, Grampzilla/Go-JiJi, Ultimate King of War, Supreme King of the Monsters, Kiryu-san | MechaGodzilla City: Anti-Godzilla Super Heavy Mass Nanometal Decisive Battle Weapon | MonsterVerse Incarnation: MechaGodzilla IV, Ultimate Destroyer, Mecha-Kevin)
The many variants of MechaGodzilla (center: MechaGodzilla I; left top: Kiryu; left bottom: MechaGodzilla City; right top: MechaGodzilla II; right bottom: MechaGodzilla IV)
  • Greater God. Bordeline Overdeity (as MechaGodzilla City)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Theme Song: MechaGodzilla's Suite (In General)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Showa and MonsterVerse); Neutral Goodnote  (Heisei); Chaotic Neutral (Kiryu and MechaGodzilla City).
  • Portfolio: Breakout Villain, Evil Knockoff, Humongous Mecha, Walking Armoury, Nigh-Invulnerable, More Dakka, Robot Me
  • Domains: Clones, Robots, Beasts
  • Followers: Iron Thorns, Howard the Cyber/Mecha-Goose/Geese (Kiryu) | Trypticon (MechaGodzilla City)
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relationship: Godzilla, Zilla Jr. (Kiryu) | King Ghidorah (MonsterVerse)
  • Opposes: Gendo Ikari (Kiryu)
  • Pities: Yui Ikari/Eva Unit-01, Tetsuo Shima (Kiryu)
  • Good Counterpart to: Godzilla (GMK incarnation) (Kiryu)
  • Not to be confused with: Kazuma (Kiryu)
  • There's actually many different versions of MechaGodzilla, but the one thing connecting them all is that all of them were made to take down Godzilla:
    • The Showa version, which was created by an alien race known as the Simians in a bid to conquer Earth, however they knew that Godzilla by the time they attacked had become Earth's mightiest hero and thus sought first to discredit him by having MechaGodzilla disguise as Godzilla and attack cities to make humans think that Godzilla returned to his destructive old ways. Luckily the real Godzilla defeated and exposed his copy, even when it came back years later for Round 2.
    • The Heisei version was designed by humans to combat against Godzilla and similar Kaiju, using the remains of the Futurian Weapon, Mecha-King Ghidorah, though it was actually successful in defeating Godzilla and all but succeeded at killing him, Rodan sacrificed himself to empower Godzilla and let him destroy his mechanic doppelganger. The remains of the mecha were later refitted into the less anti-Godzilla mech M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
    • The Millennium version, known as Kiryu, a man-made machine like the Heisei version, but made with the bones of the original Godzilla that struck Japan back in 1954 and was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. As it is tied with the original Godzilla's DNA, it didn't really follow orders much... But eventually it grew a conscience and after fighting the modern day new Godzilla, it put an end to the conflict by taking him to the seas and going inactive so as to let them both rest from the violent lives they had so far.
    • In another Earth taken over by kaiju, MechaGodzilla was instead the project of the seemingly benevolent alien race, the Bilusaludo, who plotted to destroy all kaiju and Godzilla with it; however their installation was destroyed before the mech could go online and thus the project was abandoned. Thousands of years later, MechaGodzilla (now known as MechaGodzilla City) survived and started an assimilation process on Earth with its nanomachines, intending on creating a body powerful enough to destroy Godzilla and then help the Bilusaludo take over Earth unopposed; however with help from the human survivors Godzilla destroyed the bigger threat to everyone, ending the Bilusaludo's ambitions.
    • In yet another universe, MechaGodzilla was instead a robot made up to match Godzilla by the human corporation of APEX Industries; it was built based on the brain schematics of the brain of King Ghidorah who Godzilla had previously beaten but when it went online after APEX found a power source powerful enough it proceeded to go berserk and start destroying everything in its path, seeking to continue the plans of King Ghidorah whose consciousness had possessed the mech, but King Kong and Godzilla teamed up to bring an end to the Devil of Three Heads in its new form once and for all.
  • Should be noted that each MG acts very differently from one another due to their differing origins. The Showa version is controlled via control panel and is first and foremost a weapon for planetary conquest. The Heisei version known as MechaGodzilla II is instead piloted by humans within a cockpit and is meant to protect humanity from threats. Kiryu moves independently after gaining true sentience when the spirit of the original Godzilla possessed it. MechaGodzilla City needs a collective of minds to move, as it is more of a colossal metallic liquid that assimilates everything in range when not controlled. The MonsterVerse version, known as MechaGodzilla IV, is similar to Kiryu in that it moves on its own... but is also malevolent thanks to housing a partially reborn King Ghidorah's consciousness.
  • When ascended into the Pantheon each mech was taken by different factions each in accordance with what each MechaGodzilla was made for or did best, for the good-aligned deities primarily those in the Grand United Alliance of Good, MechaGodzilla II was the main concern to obtain as it had been made for defense; for the evil deities, particularly those of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, MechaGodzilla I, City and IV were the main interest to have on their ranks given their history as creations of evil with mostly evil programming or in the case of IV, outright evil personalities of their own.
  • The MechaGodzillas do not get along with Godzilla in any situation, but most withstanding are the evil ones that actively have opposed Godzilla such as the first, second, City and fourth. Kiryu has strangely enough resonated with Godzilla on the topic of being the reincarnation of the original one, who's also present in the Pantheon albeit differentiated from the composite version usually representing the King of the Monsters.
  • The MechaGodzillas all have also been of interest for the mech-developing organization of STORAGE which specialize in creating giant robots to fight kaiju and aliens with; they were mostly interested in further developing MechaGodzilla II, whose potential for defense against evil threats was a selling point in them investigating more about the reverse-engineered mech and its capacities for the good fight, which STORAGE believes that they can bring out with their developments. STORAGE's nemesis, Celebro, has also taken a dark interest in the MechaGodzillas as he believes they could be useful for his planet-destroying games.
  • Team Voltron were wary of the MechaGodzillas as a whole, given that they commonly faced the Robeasts, mechanical kaiju of the Galra Empire who had similarities to Godzilla in their general way of being and purposes. Though they are far more receptive to those such as MechaGodzilla II for being made for more benevolent purposes and Kiryu for ultimately becoming a more peaceful entity upon gaining more freedom of action and even ending a conflict between himself and Godzilla peacefully. The one they most dread facing is MechaGodzilla City for its assimilation capacities and having overall much more destructive power than most MechaGodzillas.
  • Exclusive to MechaGodzilla I:
    • It was created to both help conquer Earth and to impersonate and frame Godzilla as a destructive monster after the King of the Monsters had changed his ways. Due to this it found some common ground with mecha impersonator Metal Sonic who while not having been made to impersonate Sonic has tried to dispose of his organic counterpart to become the only blue speedster hedgehog around. MechaGodzilla's camaraderie with Metal Sonic has also made Dr. Eggman interested in the robot's capacities and replicating its more destructive and useful arsenal for his own Badniks and other robots he makes.
    • He is still a sore point for Anguirus, given that the mechanical Godzilla clone broke his jaw when they first fought and also had tried to discredit Godzilla when he was in his heroic days. Anguirus has been eager to get a rematch against the mechanical behemoth, believing himself more than ready to re-challenge the great robot as do most of Anguirus' allies.
    • It has also made an enmity against Rei's Gomora, as Gomora previously fought a robot clone of itself aptly named Mecha-Gomora, Gomora has taken great offense to MechaGodzilla's I framing of the then-benevolent Godzilla, given that Godzilla is a Worthy Rival of it that is friendly to a degree. Rei himself also finds MechaGodzilla dangerous for its arsenal and abilities reminding him too much of the King Joe Black units he fought during his adventures, as they were fearsome nigh-unstoppable foes.
  • Exclusive to MechaGodzilla II:
    • Unlike most MechaGodzillas, this one is by all accounts a weapon of the side of good, having been created to stop the destructive rampages of Godzilla rather than supplant or incriminate him. It also has an exclusive pilot control rather than an AI or remote one, thus making it a more traditional mecha. This has made it easy for the good-aligned deities to use this model for the purpose of dealing with assorted threats, with the most notable possible users being the benevolent Gundam pilots, who are interested in the mech's potential and are out to keep it from falling on the hands of their enemies.
    • Rodan still doesn't thinks too much of this Mecha G, as he was killed by it forcing him to sacrifice his life to give Godzilla a boost to destroy the mech so as to protect its younger brother figure, Godzilla Jr., while Rodan is glad that MechaGodzilla II won't be used against benevolent kaiju he still distrusts the robot all the same personally. Godzilla himself is also heavily wary of this MechaGodzilla even if it is currently under use by benevolent deities, as it is both made of the remains of his worst enemy and it almost killed him in their showdown. Other kaiju are mostly careful but nothing else about the mecha.
    • It doesn't have anything close to an independent thought, as it was created to merely be a mecha to be piloted so it wouldn't go out of control from repurposed futuristic technology. This has made it rather interesting as an investigation topic for Tony Stark/Iron Man, who wants to know more of the materials that the mecha is made out of and what exactly its abilities and materials could help in for humanity's development if not applied for the purpose of hunting kaiju. He's also gotten close to STORAGE for potentially seeing pilots willing to use the mecha for the right purposes.
    • It was technically reworked into M.O.G.U.E.R.A, a stronger robot unit, in its home universe but the one in the Pantheon is based on the original MechaGodzilla II though upgraded accordingly to keep up with its upgraded robot form. This work was overseen by engineers such as Victor Stone/Cyborg, Entrapta and Tony Stark/Iron Man, all while reworking it so it doesn't sees Godzilla as a priority target while the King of the Monsters is not causing any trouble. They've also made sure to create a way to keep evil deities from getting their hands on the robot, fearing what it could do if taken by evil forces.
  • Exclusive to MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu:
    • Kiryu has recently come out of its metaphorical shell to try and ally with benevolent kaiju, especially the more reformed Godzilla that now resides in the Pantheon. It still feels iffy given all the things that went down between it and Kiryu, but feels hopeful that Godzilla's recent role as a "Guardian King" means that they can be on better terms than before, especially given that even Mothra has become more of an ally to the King of the Monsters. On the other hand it feels weird to be in the same place as the original 1954 Godzilla, given that Kiryu's consciousness is that of the original Big G reborn in a metallic body.
    • Kiryu has taken something of a friendship with the Iron Giant, given that like the Giant he was made to be a superweapon of violence but eventually chose peace for himself and Godzilla, the enemy that he was created to destroy, sacrificing himself to ensure both of them could rest in peace rather than continue perpetrating the endless cycle of violence they were stuck in. The Iron Giant felt relieved to hear that Kiryu continued its more peaceful life in the Pantheon, even if he will take up arms when the time is needed.
    • Because of Kiryu's status as a being of good he made a friendship with the Autobots, more specifically Optimus Prime, the leader of that faction who believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings and thus likes to see that Kiryu had enough freedom from within to choose not to continue being a murderous or destructive machine, instead choosing to relieve even his nemesis of the pointlessness of their engineered conflict.
    • Because of him being a sentient mecha he's become allies with the Super Sentai and Power Rangers deities, as some of them (like the Lost Galaxy, Taylor Earthard, the Goseiger and the Kyoryuger) ocassionally or frequently had to pilot sentient mechas who they rightfully treated in their respective cases as the living beings they were. Other Toku heroes sympathetic to this rebel mecha were Kamen Riders Ichigo, Nigo and Black as well as the independent hero Kikaider, as they were modified against their will into cyborgs but out of free will escaped being made into evil's servants.
    • Kiryu was made up of the remnants of the original Godzilla, with its soul possessing the robot and initially being violent before calming down and willingly ending its conflicts peacefully; this caused him to strike up sympathy with those who were rebuilt into robots such as Red Genesect, who was a long-extinct Pokémon whose fossil was resurrected and modified by Team Plasma into a cyborg superweapon for their own purposes, Genesect feels glad to see that Kiryu was made for more benevolent purposes and eventually went against his programming and even his original violent nature in the end.
  • Exclusive to MechaGodzilla City:
    • It has one of the more dreaded reputations of all MechaGodzillas thanks to its assimilation abilities due to its nanometal. Among those who fear it the most for it are Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, due to having to confront a roboticized version of John Connor who was assimilated by nanobots from Skynet to turn him into a Terminator to destroy the duo. They have fears about Skynet taking over the mecha given the terrifying possibilities of Skynet employing the robot against humanity.
    • It is feared by the House of Nature for its assimilating nanometal, as when unchecked it will consume its surroundings and in its world that translated to assimilating all other lifeforms in its vicinity or unfortunate enough to cross paths with the collective nanometal. Likewise, its status as a mechanical being created to conquer Earth after deceiving humanity into trusting its creators. Gaia herself views this MechaGodzilla as the most aberrant of them all, being made directly to emulate a god's power and intending to completely end all organic life for some alien conquerors' interests.
    • It has resumed its enmity with Godzilla Earth above all other Godzillas, as it continues with its directive to destroy the almighty version of Godzilla and it has taken a hostile approach to learning of the Big G's presence in the Pantheon. Earth has not taken much amusement to seeing one of its greatest adversaries back on action in the Pantheon. It has been sought out for an alliance by Ultron, who views its nanometal as a valuable asset for his own upgrades, but City isn't too keen itself given it recognizing Ultron as a hostile lifeform to be destroyed.
  • Exclusive to Mechagodzilla IV:
    • It's perhaps the vilest of all MechaGodzillas, as it is not just a killing machine, but also a nefarious sapient evil since it was made up of King Ghidorah's remains and neural capacities from one of its heads, as such it has tried rallying its fellow Mechagodzillas to its cause of terraforming Earth to its liking, though without much success given most of the others' varying goals and alignments. It has seen a little more success in teaming up with its origin, King Ghidorah, and the original MechaGodzilla who are more or less on the same morality and goal spectrum as him. King Ghidorah is very interested in MechaGodzilla IV's capabilities in helping his goals of destruction given that he is basically the same as the golden demise.
    • Because the King of Skull Island was the one to deliver the finishing blow to it, it has a grudge against King Kong and has targeted him in revenge throughout the Pantheon; even thinking of going after Kong's allies to spite him. Kong has, of course, taken to seeing this MechaGodzilla once again as a great threat to take down and has even gotten closer to fellow kaiju that could help him against the mechanical abomination in the future. It also seeks a Revenge by Proxy via targeting Kiko, as the small ape is no match for its power and killing him would surely hurt Kong, something this sadistic MechaGodzilla would be very happy to achieve even if it just purely as a spiteful fruitless act.
    • It has something of an admiration for the Venjix Computer Network's ability to almost successfully turn against those who created him and destroying most of humanity and Earth's biosphere with only small pockets of resistance left before he was defeated. It even has thought of teaming up with the murderous AI virus, seeking to benefit from the resources that Venjix and his forces have at hand to become an even deadlier enemy, Venjix has been hesitant to accept the help of the MechaGodzilla, however, as he has his doubts on the mech's reliability as an ally due to its origin, Ghidorah, not being known for liking to cooperate beyond his own needs.
    • It was intended to be controlled via a neural link of the pilot, using their minds along with the energy sources needed to move the mecha to control every movement. However, when Ghidorah's consciousness awoke, it corrupted this mechanism, consuming the mind of its pilot before using the leftovers of Ghidorah's psyche to create a brand-new demonic being, this caused the mecha to become infamous with Mako and Raleigh who heard of an incident in their world where Jaegers were hijacked by Kaiju brains and turned on humanity almost destroying them, as such they view this MechaGodzillas a rather big threat for its origins.

Intermediate Gods

    Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man 
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, God of Personalized Mechanical Suits (Iron Man, The Armored Avenger, Shellhead, Master of Machines, The Golden Avenger, The Iron Knight, The Man in a Can, The Invincible/International/Superior Iron Man, Dennis Coles, The Consultant, The Mechanic, Tony Stank, Howard Potts, Mr. Metal Mojo Man)

Ex-, God of Meta Mechas (The Embodiment of Despair, Ex, EX-, EXA-666, Extreme Gundam, Gundam.exe)
The Extreme Gundam
His "true" form

    Shotaro Kaneda 
Shotaro Kaneda, God of Remote-Controlled Mecha (Jimmy Sparks)
  • Intermediate God (Demigod if access to Tetsujin 28 lost)
  • Symbol: Tetsujin 28's remote control. Alternatively, a silhouette of Tetsujin 28 flexing its arms.
  • Theme song: Tetsujin 28-gou (when together), Shotaro’s March (Shotaro only)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Trope Maker to Mecha Show and Super Robot Genre, Kid Detective, Adorably Precocious Child, shown to drive a car at the age of 10, used to carry and use a gun, Happily Adopted, Simple, yet Awesome
  • Domains: Robots, Detectives, Youth
  • High Priest: Daisaku Kusama
  • Heralds: Professor Shikishima, Inspector Ootsuka, Kenji Murasame, Masato Kaneda
  • Followers: Joey Jones, Juston Steyfort, General Jumbo, The Meganites, Frankenstein Jr.
  • Allies: All Heroic Mecha Pilots, The MEGAS Crew, Astro Boy, Optimus Prime and all other ascended Autobots, Shinichi Kudo, The Hall of Detectives, Professor Utonium, Commissioner Gordon, Kikaider, Mega Man, Tony Stark, The Iron Giant
  • Rivals: Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Enemies: The Friend, Shocker, Dr. Wily, all ascended Decepticons, Tetsuo Shima, Colossatron
  • Following the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, Shotaro Kaneda was raised as a kid detective under the guidance of Chief Otsuka and Dr. Shikishima. At the age of 10, he discovered a massive robot that had been built by his father towards the end of World War II as a replacement/brother for Shotaro. Abruptly assigned control of the machine, dubbed Tetsujin 28 (Iron Man 28), via a hand-held device, Shotaro wielded the steel giant in his battle against crime, monsters and the remnants of Imperial Japan's Iron Man projects.
  • While the Pantheon was filled with sentient robots and piloted mechas, a few of the older gods reminisced about the remote-controlled mechs that had dominated the genre in its early days. It was unanimously decided that the pantheon’s representative for this mecha archetype would have to be Shotaro Kaneda and his robot Tetsujin 28, who paved the way for nearly every giant robot in the Pantheon through their genre-creating series. Soon after, onlookers who heard jet noises above them and could see the original super robot flying through the air with its controller in his hand.
  • Soon after ascension, Shotaro was pleased to become reacquainted with the Pantheon’s many mecha pilots, many of whom he had met during the Plural War. In return, many of these pilots expressed gratitude and awe towards Shotaro and Tetsujin 28 for having kickstarted the genre that they stemmed from. While Shotaro admittedly felt Tetsujin 28’s limited arsenal pales in comparison to the younger generations of mecha, he felt more reassured knowing not only that he had been accepted among the Pantheon’s mecha pilots but also that, at the end of the day, he could still do good with his Simple, yet Awesome robot.
    • Of the many new pilot allies he made in the Pantheon, many were surprised by the intergenerational friendship forged between Shotaro and Coop. Despite the former being a level-headed child capable of preventing his inherited robot from breaking too many things, in complete contrast to the latter being an immature adult who hotwired his car to command a Destructive Savior robot, the two saw past these surface-level differences and joined forces over their shared love for justice and giant robots. That being said, their contrasting outlooks on life and personalities have led to some considering them the Pantheon’s mecha equivalents of a Straight Man and Wise Guy duo when off-duty.
  • Many deities noted that Tetsujin 28 (Iron Man 28) was referred to as Gigantor by the American deities, as the term Iron Man had been claimed by Tony Stark before Shotaro’s adventures became known in the US. Despite this, Shotaro holds no ill will towards the American superhero, who in turn admires the young boy’s dedication to justice and willingness to sacrifice himself to support the common good.
  • As another giant robot closely linked to a young boy, The Iron Giant was delighted to become acquainted with Tetsujin and Shotaro. However, the ex-superweapon initially expressed discomfort over Shotaro’s near-absolute control over his robot as a non-sentient weapon, whereas his relationship with Hogarth was purely consensual, didn’t rob the Giant of his consciousness and above all, didn’t force him to act violently. Fortunately, Shotaro’s been able to convince the Iron Giant that he sees and treats his robot as a big brother of sorts, only forcing it to fight when absolutely necessary against those that wish him or the public harm. Since then, the Giant thinks highly of the young boy, and hopes that Hogarth, should he ascend, would make a great friend for Shotaro.
  • Despite being best known for controlling Tetsujin 28, Shotaro has also spent much time in the Pantheon aiding the House of Justice in resolving puzzling cases. He’s especially enjoyed working with fellow kid detectives such as Shinichi Kudo, as well as collaborating with figures such as Professor Utonium and Commissioner Gordon, who remind him of his allies from his home. Despite investigative work often requiring the employment of stealth, Shotaro tends to hold Tetsujin 28 on standby nearby, whether it be to uncover clues or defend him from surprise threats.
  • As another child in form at least with complete control over a powerful entity, Illyasviel von Einzbern was intrigued by Shotaro’s attachment to Tetsujin 28. Having come from a far more complex and tragic world than that of the kid detective, she initially resented Shotaro for having had “an easier life”. Even after her Heel–Face Turn, her sociopathic tendencies, coupled with Berserker’s capacity for senseless violence, drove a massive wedge between herself and Kaneda that likely won’t repair for a long time.
  • Inevitably, the Friend attempted to approach Shotaro as an ally by proclaiming himself as a massive fan of the kid hero’s original manga and anime. Fortunately, prior to said meeting, Shotaro’s allies informed him of the litany of crimes, murders and acts of deceit that the genocidal mastermind(s) had committed prior to his ascension. To put it mildly, Shotaro was horrified by these crimes, and was especially revolted to hear that the Friend had corrupted the concept of Tetsujin 28 into a remote-controlled mecha meant to destroy the world, down to using his show’s lyrics to manipulate his followers and control the Friend’s robot’s towards its final suicidal march. After being driven off by Tetsujin 28, the Friend shed his guise of affability and vowed to destroy the kid hero.
  • Upon hearing that a Shotaro Kaneda had ascended, Tetsuo Shima rushed to the scene, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t the one he knew. Annoyed he had wasted time just to find the wrong guy, Tetsuo decided to blow off steam by beating the living daylights out of Tetsujin 28, with Shotaro helplessly watching until the GUAG arrived for backup. Terrified by the young man’s tremendous psychic powers and lack of empathy, Shotaro has sworn to oppose his goals with everything he’s got, even if he’d rather not admit that he’s out of his league.

    Team Voltron 
Team VoltronMembers, Gods and Goddesses of Combining Mecha (Paladins of Voltron, Defenders of the Universe, Shiro: Black Paladin, Guardian Spirit of the Sky, Champion, Sven, Gyro, Kuron, Kuro, Space Dad, Keith: Red Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Fire, Pidge: Pidge Gunderson, Green Paladin, Guardian Spirit of the Forest, Meklavar, Gremlin, Lance: Blue Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Water, Pike, Hunk: Yellow Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Land, Block, Princess Allura: Princess of Altea, Valayun, Coran: Coran Hiernoymus Wibelton Smyth, Dakin)
From left to right, top to bottom:Hunk, Coran, Allura, Lance, Pidge, Shiro, Keith

Vexus, Goddess of Mechanical Insects (formerly Queen Vexus, QT-2)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A drawing of Cluster Prime
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Insect Alien Queen, Hive Queen, Arch-Enemy to Jenny, Diminishing Threat Due to Losing It After Being Dethroned, Extremely Petty, Desperate for Attention.
  • Domains: Insects, Robots, Aliens
  • Followers: The Cy-Bugs, Droidekas, Mecha-Wiggler.
  • Allies: Sheldon J. Plankton, Vlad Masters, Denzel Crocker, Ozai, The Shredder, Dag, Queen Chrysalis, Pythor, The Fabrication Machine, The Decepticons, Ultron, Venjix, Ares, Gigan, Vilgax (less so in his case).
  • Annoyed by: Invader Zim, GIR.
  • Enemies: Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9, Dib Membrane, Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Ren and Stimpy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Heroic Mega Man Deities The Crystal Gems, Himitsu Sentai Goranger, Steven Universe, Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, MEGAS Team, Astro Boy, Robotboy, Ben Tennyson, Phineas and Ferb, Kirby, Team Voltron, The Heroic Star Wars Deities, Angel, Peridot, Zuko, the Formics, the Heptapods.
  • Wary of: The Daleks, the Harvesters.
  • Vexus was once known as the Queen of the Cluster, an intergalactic robotic empire hellbent on taking over the universe and assimilate into their ranks any robots they found; when she came to Earth to continue her conquests she found herself opposed by the human-made robot XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman whose constant victories over Vexus' forces caused the tyrannical emperor to grow more and more obsessed with besting her foe. Eventually her downfall came when Jenny went to fight the Cluster in their homeworld and managed to convince Vega, Vexus' daughter, to rebel against her mother and rework the Cluster into a peaceful society, exiling Vexus in the process. Without her army and forces, Vexus has been on a downwards spiral of threat level, eventually resorting to petty schemes just to threaten Jenny in some way.
  • Vexus came into the Pantheon rather glad to be in something that wasn't her daily bitter cycle of swearing revenge against Jenny, as she was eager to find if she could build herself a new army in the place; building a temple resembling her old palace in the Cluster, she has looked out for allies to help her build new forces to serve her.
  • Right off the bat Vexus once allied with the various Nickelodeon villains, mainly Denzel Crocker, Vlad Plasmius and Sheldon J. Plankton, who all had previously come together to create a Legion of Doom known as the Syndicate (along with the unascended Professor Calamitous) to fight the various heroes of the Nickelodeon universes and take over the Multiverse, among the latter ranks which her nemesis, Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 was. She gets along in spades with them, often clashing with Plankton's and Vlad's egos but otherwise seeing them as valuable teammates. She has also encountered some new faces such as Invader Zim and GIR, an irken with delusions of greatness and his robot sidekick, who she finds irritating and annoying for their non-stop talkativeness and general lack of smarts.
  • The Nickelodeon heroes were all quick to oppose her given her alignment and pasty enmity with Jenny as well as her attempts to conquer Earth; first and foremost of this enemies was Dib Membrane, Zim' nemesis who has fought off many of Zim' ill-thought plans to conquer Earth and even at times the Irken Empire itself Jimmy Neutron who's had to deal with several alien invasions and has an alien royal as his nemesis; Nickelodeon heroes like Timmy Turner and Spongebob Squarepants have also dealt with several evil aliens on some adventures, which gave them ample reason to oppose Vexus themselves, while Vexus sees them as beneath notice for the time being, she has at least kept an eye out for them, just in case they could become troublesome for her operations in the future.
  • Has made something of a friendship with another exiled former queen, Chrysalis, as the changeling was once a proud and respected ruler of her kind before the ponies turned her hive against her due to exposing her true uncaring nature as well as revealing that changelings did not need to steal love to survive as Chrysalis made them believe; while Chrysalis and Vexus find each other too odd to truly work together they do at least understand each other's situation and how similar they currently are.
  • Pythor was another former authority figure that was ousted by his own kind following them growing disillusioned with his leadership. While Pythor's circumstances are much different from Vexus' as he wasn't born into royalty and rather than getting betrayed to his face he was merely ditched by his former servants once Skales took over and their current reformation also means his ideas are rather unwelcomed with his people. Pythor has occasionally offered her to join him in revenge plots, but Vexus is confident that she doesn't needs his help for her plans.
  • The Transformers are another race of robotic lifeforms who have one faction that's tried to conquer the universe several times and even destroyed Cybertron in various universes in their pursuit of power. Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, became allies with Vexus fairly quickly due to their similar ambitions and while she doesn't associates often with him or his group, she has kept in contact with them just in case she feels the need to team up with them. The Autobots all don't have a high opinion of Vexus resulting from her desire to conquer the universe and cruelty to her subjects, in addition to her already nasty personality.
  • Hates those similar to her nemesis, Jenny, two such robots were Astro Boy and his expy, Robotboy as both are child-like robots who fight evil and in Robotboy's case even resemble her nemesis to a degree. Both of the child robots return this sentiment, viewing Vexus as a threat to the world in spite of her recent decline in competence and threat level. Vexus also views their power as threatening as Jenny's to her plans and thus keeps a big eye out on them. Like with Jenny, she's also plotted to capture and reprogram them to be her servants, as their power is of great interest to her.
  • Vexus was betrayed by her daughter, Vega, who overthrew her and seized control of the Cluster, reforming her empire into a benevolent society. This caused her to grow hatred for the succesful rebel prince, Zuko , as he helped overthrow his father, Ozai and install a peaceful reign in the Fire Nation after they had spent years waging war on all other nations of their world in a wide conquest campaign. This also led to her becoming somewhat allies with Zuko's father, Fire Lord Ozai who holds similar views to her even if she views him with contempt for being a human. The other Avatar deities equally had a sentiment of disdain for Vexus as a result of this enmity.
  • Ben Tennyson had to deal with a similar hive-queen of a race of nanobots, while said queen was different to Vexus in many ways, their MO is mostly the same and as such he too became an enemy of hers. Other heroes of Cartoon Network also got tangled up in the web of Vexus' enmities thanks to learning about her from Ben, the main foes she made were Samurai Jack whose had to deal with his fair share of insect robots and the Crystal Gems, benevolent aliens who've had to fight their own race's empire and see Vexus as the same as the Diamond Authority was before their redemption and are keen on not letting her enslave humanity as she plotted, Peridot's own rebellion against the Diamonds further reminded Vexus of her betrayal which only served to enrage her further.
  • She has severe wariness of the Dalek Empire, another space empire made up of machines who view organics as inferior along with just about everyone else and view Vexus' plans and trying to take in robots of all kinds into her empire as a shameful and laughable action. For similar reasons she is wary of the Harvester race, who have ravaged entire solar systems in their conquests and don't see any other race in the Universe as anything but an obstacle to be destroyed for their conquests.
  • For his anti-human behavior, she has made allies with Ultron, the murderous AI having successfully turned against his creator, Hank Pym/Ant-Man, and tried to destroy him several times; while Ultron does not exactly consider Vexus the most commendable or useful ally, he nonetheless keeps a mostly polite tone when speaking with her since she does provide some use as a helping hand in his plans, even if she isn't aware of that. A similar machine with anti-human sentiment was the Fabrication Machine, engineered to be a peaceful being but tortured into a monster. Similarly, the genocidal A.I.s Venjix and Ares were quick to become allies with Vexus over their similar disdain for humanity and desire to enslave the world as they pleased, even if there is an underlying tension of who gest to rule in the end.
  • The Power Rangers Zeo team had to deal with the Machine Empire, a space regime made up of machines that wished to conquer the universe and rule over organics. Of them, Tommy Oliver the Zeo Red Ranger was ascended into the Pantheon and found Vexus just as despicable as the Empire he fought, especially given her similarities to King Mondo regarding her supremacist view of machines (mostly herself) over organics and desire to rule everything with an iron fist. While he is less focused on her due to her lack of resources, he nonetheless still keeps an eye out on the insane former queen.
  • Alien species that have had benevolent contact with humanity don't do anything but elicit disgust from her; especially the more advanced ones, as she believes they're doing wrong in not using their might to oppress those she considers inferior beings. Of these groups she mostly is repulsed by the Heptapods and Formics, the former for outright helping humanity develop and the latter for getting almost wiped out by mankind and still maintaining a positive relationship following Ender helping the last queen left. This also drove her hatred of the Crystal Gems further, as they had made the previously imperialistic Gem Empire stand down and become a benevolent space force focused on undoing the damage of their conquests.

    White Metagross 
White Metagross, God of Spider Tanks (The Iron Leg Pokémon, Rape Machine, Anus Destroyer, Masher of Dreams, Sweeper of Teams)
Mega Metagross
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Mega Metagross)
  • Symbol: The Cross on its Face
  • Theme Song: Battle! Steven (Colosseum/B2W2/ORAS/SSBU/Masters)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Clear Body (Tough Claws as Mega Metagross)
  • Gender: Genderless (identifies as male)
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Moveset: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Magnet Rise, Earthquake
  • Portfolio: Being Very Agile For Something So Heavy, Spider Tank, Given Early on and Incredibly Powerful, A Fusion of Beldum and Metang (Possibly), Four Brains Making it Smarter (and Thinking Faster) Than A Supercomputer, A Pseudo-Legendary of Gen III, Intelligent and Strong Physical Attacker, Mighty Glacier that becomes a Lightning Bruiser, Steel and Psychic Type, Mega Evolution
  • Domains: Tanks, Steel, Supercomputers, Intelligence, Psychics
  • Allies: Professor Xavier, Tate & Liza, Ash Ketchum, The Iron Giant, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Gardevoir & Gallade, The Ghostbusters, John Connor, Alan Turing, The Doctor, Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four
  • On good terms with: Charlotte
  • Rival: Salamence
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket and Hunter J, Dr. Weil, Garfield Lynns, Sakazuki, Azula, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, The Sarkic Cults and evil luddites, Lolth, Jervis Tetch, SKYNET, The Cybermen
  • Opposes: Fire and ground manipulators, the Hall of Ghosts
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucy, Max Eisenhardt/Magneto
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Zinnia, Marvin the Paranoid Android
  • The humble Beldum is weak and can only ever learn Tacklenote  naturally, but within its body are the makings of a supercomputer. To reach this potential Beldum must combine with another Beldum through reaching Level 20. Metang has two brains which already makes it a really clever Pokemon, but by reaching Level 45 and thus combining with another Metang, the result is a four-brained, literal supercomputer Spider Tank that's among the greatest non-legendaries in the game; Metagross.
  • Ascended to its throne due to.... well being the only living Spider Tank. Some have questioned why its a Shiny Metagross, while others just assume that its simply a unique member of its species, similar to Pikachu. This was probably because Otacon, who pulled strings to get the tank up in the first place, thinks its shiny is really cool. Having the lowest catch rate among some legendaries and being shiny, Otacon saved the Master Ball he got won in the Pokemon lottery for the Iron Leg Pokemon. Metagross was happy with the arrangement, as the guy actually knows what he's doing with big-ass mechs and is a good guy all around. He's also a genius that the Iron Leg Pokemon enjoys matching wits with.
  • Ash Ketchum feels that he recognizes this Metagross, having met a shiny Metagross before, one belonging to Steven Stone. However it was actually a wild shiny, which was spectacuarly lucky however given its partner he wasn't able to catch him, however Ash gets along with basically everyone Pokemon. He noticed that Metagross is rather unique for a psuedo-legendary as he is doesn't have any dragon-like designs, or an official gender. Despite sharing mutual weaknessesnote  the three found they were good at working together because of type coverage and being the only psuedo-legendaries benefiting from Sand Stream.
  • Chummy with Gardevoir and Gallade, fellow Psychic types from the third generation of Pokemon. Also chummy with Tate and Liza as they're the Psychic type Gym Leaders from said generation. Uniquely it's a generation with two psuedo-legendaries, the other of which is Salamence. The two regard each other as serious rivals, which may be why Zinnia doesn't care all too much for the Spider Tank that keeps trying to prove he's better than her dragons. While they are rivals, Metagross and Salamence still hate Hunter J a country mile more than they do each other and have no problem teaming up to crush her.
  • Some joked Metagross should be in the Hall of Arthropods because of the Spider Tank trope has "spider" in it, but it simply said "no". One of the reasons you rarely see Metagross there is because of Lolth, who he considers hideously evil. 99% of the pantheon agrees with him on that. He does, however, sometimes gives Charlotte the spider a ride on him as he likes her company. He still said no to her suggestion that he join her Hall, stating "I'm not the kind of spider you're looking for".
  • Used to get neutral damage from Dark and Ghost type attacks, until Steel was nerfed. He has enough meat to put up a fight against them though, but just in case he's been helping improve the Ghostbusters' tech as a counter-measure to spirits. Add in Magnet Rise to get on top of those pesky Ground types, and Metagross is most concerned over Fire-type users. However he's more concerned with Azula and Admiral Akainu as their ambitions and villainy coupled with their power poses a threat to him. Doesn't care for Team Rainbow Rocket either.
  • Metagross are incredibly useful for clearing traffic on the way to their trainer's work. More importantly, the Pokemon is a living supercomputer and one of the smartest Pokemon. Back when Alakazam was in the pantheon the two had a rivalry over their IQ, and now that he's gone the Iron Leg boasts of being the smartest Pokemon. The Grand United Alliance of Machines believed there's a connection between Metagross and the Protoss, due to similarities with their powers and design. Once they had deconfirmed that rumor they requested he join them because of he's a living, but the Pokemon declined as he seems himself less of a machine than a steel organism.
  • Dr Weil noticed the comparisons the GUAM made to Metagross and despises him for not behaving like "good robots are supposed to be", aka "being slaves to humans, especially me". Metagross retorted by saying that Weil is as far from a good man as possible, and the fact he admits it destroys any argument he makes. The Sarkic Cults hold a less insane contempt for Metagross, but that's just down to them being luddites 90% of the time. Both Eggman and Wily were observing these complaints and felt they were ridiculous; Metagross is a brilliant "machine" in their eyes. Unfortunately for the Iron Leg Pokemon, that means they want to take control of him.
  • The encounter with the GUAM had Metagross consider what robots in the pantheon share his interests. He started a conversation with Marvin the Paranoid Android but soon found his attitude intolerable, and when he beat him in intellectual contests the Iron Leg Pokemon left in a huff. On the way back to his Hall he stumbled into Alan Turing, who was fascinated by this living supercomputer; as the inventor of the Turing Test, Metagross' living supercomputer was beyond his wildest dreams. Metagross also found himself getting along with the Iron Giant, due to being a friendly yet powerful robot.
  • The fact that Metagross is both a living organism and a metallic supercomputer made him a Pokemon of interest to the Cybermen and SKYNET. SKYNET wants to infect it with a program to make such a powerful Pokemon under its control; besides maybe Porygon it doesn't really have any Pokemon it can do it on. The Cybermen felt after their failure with Diancie the already mechanical attributes of Metagross could expand their ability of Cyber-Converting to Pokemon...but they'd first have to dissect him. Fortunately the Doctor is always there to protect Metagross, though he usually doesn't need it. John Connor is also willing to aid Metagross in defense against SKYNET.
  • ExandShadow isn't a fan of White Metagross, simply due to it reminding him of all his bad luck with shiny Pokémon. It also doesn't help that its an event-Pokémon that was specifically a shiny.Squall was more fixed at first towards Metagross because it kind of reminds him of the X-ATM092. Thankfully, he realized the major difference of Metagross being biological and not bent on hunting him, and asked Otacon if he can ride it on its back once in a while (where Metagross does not seem to mind).
  • Good luck trying to use psychic powers on Metagross; unless you're a Greater God, that 4x resistance is a nigh-impassible wall. This didn't stop Jervis Tetch from putting a massive mind control hat on him, but Metagross resisted it and just shook the hat off, along with throwing the Mad Hatter across the room. After that embarassment Legion approached the Iron Leg Pokemon as they were interested in discussing ideas and psychology with one another; like Legion, Metagross is technically multiple minds working in tandem. Though they didn't leave the conversation of friends, they did enjoy said conversation.
  • He isn't quite sure how to feel about Lucy. He doesn't approve of what she's done but he does feel pity for the oppression she suffered from humanity and the general tragedy of her life. The Iron Leg Pokemon has similar conflicting feelings towards Magneto, though he is a lot more mentally stable. Metagross would prefer to keep his distance from the Master of Magnetism, which the psuedo-legendary admits is more impressive than his own. Given its line has magnetism for blood, it says something.

    Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger 
Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerMembers, Battle Deities of Motion-Capturing Mechas (Daigo: note  | Ian: note  | Nobuharu: note  | Souji: note  | Amy: note  | Utsusemimaru: note  | Yuko: note  | Shinya: note  | Yayoi: note  | Torin: note  | Dantetsu: note )
The main six Kyoryugers in their civilian forms. From Left to Right: Ian Yorkland, Nobuharu Udo, Utsusemimaru, Daigo Kiryu, Amy Yuuzuki, and Souji Rippukan.
Wise God Torin.
The Last Four Kyoryugers in their Civilian Forms. From Left to Right:Shinya Tsukouchi, Dantetsu Kiryu, Yuko Fukui, and Yayoi Ulshade.
Clickhere to see their transformed state
  • Intermediate Deities as a team, Lesser Deities individually. Daigo is a Greater God as Kyoryu Red Carnival
  • Symbol: The Kyoryuger team symbol
  • Theme Song: "Vamola! Kyoryuger"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Combat, Friendship, Dinosaurs, Courage
  • Heralds: Ramirez, Tessai, Doctor Ulshade, Rika Fukui, Gentle, Candelira, Luckyuro, Future KyoryugersMembers, the Kyoryuger/Dino Force BraveMembers and their respective Zyudenryu.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Rivals: Dante Sparda, Sephiroth (Torino), Rohan Kishibe (Shinya)
  • Wary of: Jeanne Alter (Shinya)
  • Exasperated at: Johnny Bravo (Ian)
  • Opposes: AZ (Dantetsu)
  • Conflicting Opinion on: The Carnotaurs, Kroq-Gar & Grymloq, Kriemhild, J.J. Jameson (Yuko)
  • Dinosaurs plus humans. Crossing over billions of years to protect the world is history's strongest brave team, the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Mainly consisting of the leader Daigo "King" Kiryu, the second-in-command Ian Yorkland, the team muscle Nobuharu "Nossan" Udo, the budding swordsman Souji Rippukan, the then-token girl Amy Yuzuki and Sixth Ranger from the Sengoku Period Utsusemimaru AKA Utchi, they are guided by their mentor Torin to defeat the Deboth Army from harnessing the powerful emotions of humanity to revive their leader also called Deboth. After a long journey of facing them off, the Kyoryugers eventually defeated the Deboth Army for good by defeating the revived eponymous leader and the Deboth Hell below that allowed the monsters to revive. Of course, like all other superheroes they have allowed new teams to suceed them in the threat against Deboth-related threats with Torin and the newly-reformed Candelira guiding them along the way.
  • Torin and Bragigas were in the GUAG headquarters one day and Bragigas expressed sadness that the other Kyoryugers and Zyudenryus haven't been brought in yet. Realizing that the GUAG's fights were getting difficult more than usual and he couldn't help out more if he wanted to, Torin decided he must rectify the situation; he must call in his team. He makes his case to the Court of the Gods. The judges reviewed their case and found it to be worthy, not just for their bravery but being able to carry on the legacy for another hundred years and the Kyoryugers are en route to their ascension. When they finally arrived, they were very glad to see Torin alive and well in the Pantheons since him departing as a spirit to which he responded that being a spirit will never snuff out the bravery within him. With the Spirit Base within Bragigas as the temple, the Kyoryugers are ready to be brave once more.
  • They decided to appoint their closest allies as their Heralds, among them being the Spirit Rangers, Tessai and Ramirez who were recruited long ago to become rangers, with Tessai being earlier than Ramirez. Dr. Ulshade also came along to provide more technical support since he knows he couldn't be a hero forever, something that Yayoi is nonetheless still happy about. Nossan and Yuko brought Rika along and Amy brought in her butler Gentle, mostly so that they can be safer with them and also provided them big reasons to protect. Candelira and Luckyuro brought themselves along because they've been helping the team and their successors ever since moving on from Aigaron's death and wanted to continue since. The former and Torin also recommended the successor teams, the Dino Force Brave and the Future Kyoryugers to be Heralds as well; both teams were amazed to see their brave predecessors in the flesh, the future rangers even more so when they see their ancestors as very young and they vow to be there should they need the extra hand and bravery.
  • Applies to all/two or more of them:
    • They were quite happy to find many of their allies and friends in the Pantheon such as the Gokaigers, the Go-Busters, the ToQgers, Haruto, Nitoh and Jumonji. After the reunion passed, they were introduced to the GUAG Toku Division, which they quickly joined in order to keep up the fight against evil. They were somewhat disappointed to not find their dinosaur seniors on the Pantheon, though they later met their alternate counterparts in the form of the Power Rangers Teams of Mighty Morphing, Dino Thunder and the legendary Tommy Oliver who all praise their efforts against the Deboth Army. Together, the rangers and Riders fight together to spread more bravery to their other allies and mortals of the Pantheons.
    • The Kyoryugers also got along well with the Pretty Cures in general. For the standouts, Mana Aida and Makoto Kenzaki of the DokiDoki Cures with Mana and Daigo for sharing determination and being good at everything (though Mana is terrible at singing) while Makoto got along with Ian, Souji and Utchi for the former two in being former loners who gained friends and the latter for sharing angst of not saving their former lords back then. Yayoi Kise AKA Cure Peace got along well with the similarly-named Yayoi Ulshade and Shinya for the former being both shy nerds and the latter being mangakas with Peace hoping to learn more from Shinya's experience; Peace likes to draw Yayoi and Daigo together as a sign of their friendship and when Daigo confessed his feelings to Amy, she did comforted Yayoi from that, though later on Yayoi slowly accepted it which alleviated Peace's tension.
      • Iona Hikawa AKA Cure Fortune got along with Souji, who like her is also a Heir to the Dojo with the only difference is that she studies karate and he studies kendo; as he's an only child, Souji couldn't imagine what it's like to lose a sibling but he'll nonetheless be there for her when she needs it, a kindness Iona couldn't rebuff even if she wanted to. Yuri Tsukikage AKA Cure Moonlight likes to spend time with Torin because they shared the pain of being warriors who had once lost their motivations due to their traumatic pasts until they gotten better from the support of their respective allies.
    • The first they do once establishing Bragigas' new resting place as their temple, the Kyoryugers got to know their neighbours in their residential Hall, such as the Gang of Seven, Harry with his small dino friends and Rexie the Tyrannosaurus rex. The gang was amazed at their feats and saw how a group of humans can use the might of dinosaurs as an admirable feat and the rangers likewise praise the young dinos to persevere against the harsh conditions of their world which they declare to be very brave; on the same note, Harry and his friends also found them to be awesome superheroes like the other dino rangers with Daigo and Ami said to him that he can face anything head-on (obstructing or otherwise) if he becomes brave enough to confront them. Rexie meanwhile was a little apprehensive with the rangers at first until Daigo and Dantetsu are able to reassure her that they meant no harm; she did warmed up to them eventually, even coming to their aid if they are in a pinch.
      • Even those outside their Hall like Speckles the Tarbosaurus, the Dinobots, the Maximal Dinobot and Yoshi took a liking to them as well as the researching humans like Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond were amazed at their bravest feats. The Dinobots and Dinobot also got along with the Zyudenryu though the former would often clash with them at even the most mundane of subjects, a small price to pay when they are all brawn and no brainsnote  but they nonetheless are staunch allies to them, with Grimlock considering them better than the other Autobots at times. Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm were amazed to see dinosaurs capable of fighting as well as the idea of the Earth's melody calling for the planet's protection (more so with Dr. Grant) and Hammond considers the Zyudenryu to be the ancient beasts' full potential, though Dr. Malcolm once questioned on how and why did the dinosaurs turned robotic and Torin explained that they were modified to combat the Deboth Army, something that Malcolm slowly accepted as he learned that Torin used his experience from being in said Army to help in doing so.
    • Of course, just because they have allied with good dinosaurs, that doesn't mean they'll let the evil or opposing ones slip by. Sharptooth, Riptor, One Eye, the Spinosaurus, the I. Rex, the Indoraptor and even the Deviljho all have gained vehement oppositions from the Kyoryugers as they have threatened innocent beings out of desire for destruction or extreme hunger with Daigo noting that the Spinosaurus is like if D and Tobaspino were forcefully fused into one horrible being. While Kroq-Gar, Grymloq and the Lizardmen are opposed to evil (especially the Chaos Gods), they are also not nice and are extremely territorial. They will work with others if there's a mutual goal and will generally leave you alone if you're mentioned in the Great Old One's plan but if you happen to not be mentioned in said plan, they will commit genocide on your whole race. Thankfully, those not mentioned are the more immoral races, but it doesn't stop them from being incredibly ruthless and brutal in their goals; Daigo and the others are conflicted because on one hand they have a noble cause to oppose the evil Chaos Gods yet on the other, their brutal methods are enough to make them sure that they cannot step into their Earth ever lest they cause too much unnecessary grief.
    • They have also antagonized other tokusatsu villains that their allies have faced, such as the organization Shocker, Dark Specter, Mesogog, Tenjuro Banno, Ryoma Sengoku, Enter, Trakeena and King Ghidorah; the Kyoryugers are gearing up to stop them and their respective plans. Mesogog gets a special mention as he's aiming to turn humans into dinosaurs because he believes that dinosaurs are the superior species; even if he's aiming to better the world, it still doesn't change what he had done for that and Nossan is grimly reminded of his friend Nakazato losing himself and his ideals of a better world in his anger. As a creator of evil Kaiju and entities that harm Earth with their existence, Yapool is far too reminiscent of Deboth and his army who destroys life on all planets they come across. So does Evolto and Killbus and they're arguably worse because it's both in their nature and they enjoy doing it, with Killbus clearly being the more unstable brother.
    • Other enemies include Frieza and Boros who are galactic conquerors like Deboth, the Trollkaiger of which Basco is a member of and not to mention that they have tormented lots of innocents which might give the Chevaliers a run for their money, Ghetsis Harmonia for using a cause he doesn't believe in to rule the world on top of abusing N for his whole life and Kefka Palazzo for seeking the destruction of everything and less significantly, sullying Dr. Ulshade with their shared voice. Frieza and Boros are considering harnessing emotion for themselves while taking notes from Deboth's shortcomings, the Trollkaiger are coming up with ways to torment the Kyoryugers than they already are, Ghetsis is making sure he doesn't catch their attention while he's having his way and Kefka doing the same as the Trollkaiger with the added torture towards Yayoi by saying stuff her grandfather wouldn't say, which gets both Ulshades to iresome degrees.
    • Their past experiences with certain weekly enemies have gotten them relevant allies. Tsubasa Oozora and Tetsuya Kuroko have heard of the encounter with Debo Spokorn, who forced the rangers to beat him in basketball but later switched to soccer once he knew about their training; they both found it unfair to change sports to make himself unbeatable but nonetheless, both of them are impressed by their tactics of switching up their designated roles with Kuroko wanting to go up against them in a match if they like and Tsubasa being willing to train them in soccer should the situation arises. The meetings with Morty the director ghost and Hikari made them recalled about Debo Kantokku, who can shape reality by framing it like a movie with a relevant genre from anyone's mind; Morty and Hikari proved friendly enough with Morty being curious about Kantokku can make everyone act in a scene of his choice and Hikari's backstory of going through so many traumatizing incidents throughout her life in three schools and misinterpreting her father's question made the rangers vow to her that chasing her dreams of directing movies is never wrong, because it's already brave in and of itself. And of course, Robo Santa grimly reminded them of the Debo Yanasanta brothers who would give out poor gifts to harness the power of the children's anger over not getting their gifts though Robo Santa is a different ballpark as he punishes anyone on the naughty list (as in, almost everyone) with extreme prejudice; luckily, they have the Zyudenryu to combat him and make sure everyone celebrates Christmas without fear nor anger.
  • Exclusive to Daigo:
    • As a baby, Daigo Kiryu was bathed by the earth's melody along with his father Dantetsu, gaining the ability to hear it. After Dantetsu left him, Daigo traveled around the world helping people and having fun. It was when he was in an island in the South Sea fighting off Zourima that Torin found him and chooses him to be KyoryuRed after witnessing his bravery. Since then, Daigo rounded up the Kyoryugers and brought them together. Losing them ended up proven to be his greatest fear while all of them are training under Tessai, as he had valued them the more he spends time with them.
    • He was quite surprised when he found out about the Red Dino Thunder Ranger Connor's three different Super Modes capable of stacking on top of each other, especially considering that his Sentai equivalent only had up to two. Regardless, the two bonded over their status as Red Rangers and their similar personalities. Likewise, he found admiration for the legendary Tommy Oliver, particularly for Tommy having been part of several teams and donning multiple Ranger identities and also greatly respects Jason Lee Scott due to his status as the very first Red Ranger of the Power Rangers' history on Earth.
    • As someone who's bonded with his representative dinosaur Gabutyra, he found another Toku ally in the form of Rei, who is bonded to his Kaiju, particularly Gomora and views them as more than just aids for battle, instead viewing them as genuine close friends. King may not be a delinquent who loves to brawl, but if there's one or two things he and Masaru Daimon have in common, it's that they both were red rookies, they slowly warm up to their friends, having a dinosaur companion with a small form and are reckless enough to resort to using their fists. He does wish Masaru would be more nobler but at least his current behaviour does not detract from his own brand of bravery; Masaru meanwhile is reminded of Gentaro Kisaragi, who is also as friendly and warm as King who is delighted that someone like Masaru got in contact with the friendly Rider.
  • Exclusive to Ian:
    • Ian Yorkland is an archaeologist working with his best friend Shiro Mifune to find the crystallized dinosaur fossils that later proved important to the sentai in awakening Bragigas. Shiro was later held hostage by a caped kaijin and when Ian hesitated to shoot his captor, he ended up dead as a consequence. This makes Ian vow to make the women he flirts with smile so that they doesn't have to feel the sadness he did, as well going on a vengeance quest to find Shiro's killer while initially rebuffing his newfound allies for fear of losing them like he did with Shiro. At first, it was seemingly Debo Doronboss who killed because he has the mantle but as revealed later on to him, Aigaron was the true culprit who gave Doronboss his mantle for being his favourite subordinate and this sent Ian on a rage that he fortunately kept overcoming; it's only later during the final battle when Aigaron was defending Candelira and Luckyuro that Ian lost all of his drive to kill Aigaron out of vengeance, due to seeing the former protecting them out of love for Candelira.
    • Ian continues his ladies-man habits in the Pantheons, often taking his dates out to the House of Love and Affection. He once invited Aki Izayoi out on one and while she only gone along since she's both free and just to go away once he's done, she ended up enjoying their time together enough to confide in him. Aki told him of her past of being a psychic who would unintentionally hurt others, causing her to be shunned by her schoolmates until the man Divine took her into his cult of psychics, bent to serve his need to rule the world. Afterwards, Yusei saved her and she became attached to him ever since, which is why she doesn't want to enjoy her date with Ian at first. Ian understands, as he only wants to give her a good time while not looking for romance too much and agrees that Divine is not boyfriend material; since then, they both kept in touch with Ian encouraging her to open up her feelings to Yusei even after their departure moment.
    • Speaking of ladies-men, Ian has hit up with most of them with the notable ones being the aforementioned Dr. Ian Malcolm, the amateur Johnny Bravo, Vinsmoke Sanji, James Bond, Ringabel and surprisingly enough, Dr. John Watson. Dr. Malcolm did clarify that he's hasn't flirt with anyone in a while though he was skeptical of Yorkland's intentions at first until learning about the actual reason, to which he relented and also snarked that he might as well be a gigolo if he's keeping the habit up. It was surprising to hear that someone like Dr. Watson knows nearly everything about women according to Ian, to which Watson responded by saying that he only has a good eye on their expected behaviours. Ian and Sanji hit it off super well, even as going as far as him joining Sanji with cooking for girls at the House of Love and also high fives Ringabel for getting with Edea, even assuring him that it's okay to drop being flirty with other women afterwards. As for Johnny Bravo, Ian tries to give actual pointers to win over women effectively but so far, he's heeding a quarter of the advice which caused Ian to go "Oh my!" yet again.
    • He's also notable for prefering guns to fight instead of swords. This has gotten him in contact with the magical girl Mami Tomoe who would dual wield rifles in her fighting style. Ian was horrified that Mami used to broke under the pressure to the point of killing her fellow magical girls though became relieved once she said she had patched up her friendship with Kyouko Sakura as well as aiding in defeating Kirika Kure, all with the help of Yuma Chitose. Mami herself sympathizes when Ian told her about his tragedy with Shiro, as it's something she would have experienced it herself with her fighting style.
    • The heroic archaeologist never thought he would relate a lot to a former yakuza but that's how he is able to do so with the Dragon of Dojima himself, Kazuma Kiryu. His decision to take the blame for his best friend Akira Nishikiyama murdering the Dojima family patriarch on October 1st of 1995 ended up sparking the chain of events that would ultimately lead to the deaths of Nishikiyama, his other closest friends, and his father figure; a far cry from Ian losing Shiro since Kiryu unwittingly caused said deaths, but the two nonetheless got along because of their respective tragedies and Ian briefly lamented that he couldn't imagined Shiro turning evil from his own set of problems.
    • The same probably couldn't be said for Jacket, who lost Beard, a comrade he fought with during the Russo-American War, to the nuking of San Francisco and that lead to him getting involved in 50 Blessings' plot and in his comatose dream, he hallucinates seeing Beard everywhere he goes for a while. Ian couldn't imagine going off the deep end after losing his own friend, but whatever Jacket did even in a comatose dream, he wouldn't approve of it even if he has some pity towards the masked man.
  • Exclusive to Nossan:
    • Nobuharu Udo is a man who wanted to help as many people as he can, a dream he shared with his best friend from high school, Hiroshi Nakazato. At first he did so by starting a shipping company to help get Nakazato's inventions around the globe but he later quit to become a Jack of All Trades handyman to give more direct help to those in need. Later when his brother-in-law Kenichi Fukui died in an accident, Nossan worked harder to provide for his sister Yuko and niece Rika. Ever since becoming KyoryuBlue, he's able to help more than ever before by rescuing others and even made Nakazato realized his actual dream when he was sidetracked by his anger towards people who refused to acknowledged his genius.
    • Yuto thought he heard his friend Shun Kurosaki, but it turns out to be Nossan doing his usual stand-up comedy routine. Yuto finds Nossan amusing, despite the 'old man' jokes he's making and also surprising that he's jollier than Kurosaki, who's really unscrupulous and harsh to everyone he came across in his quest to find Ruri. Ruri herself is shown to see Nobuharu like a father-figure.
      • Speaking of which, Nossan's "stand-up comedy routine" is mostly based on old man jokes/puns. It's for this reason that he is discouraged (by those who hate puns) from collaborating with pun-loving deities like Yang Xiao Long or Chuggaaconroy.
    • Being an all-rounder handyman, he once met Fix-It Felix Jr. while on a repairing job. They both got along with enjoying helping others as well as being closely connected with a not-really-evil person (Felix being friends with Wreck-It-Ralph and Nossan once dated Candellila). Nossan wishes Felix a happy marriage with Sergeant Calhoun while Felix thinks Nossan should keep up dating Candellila and Nossan would but despite the close proximity with her being a Herald, Candellila is being distant from him both to give him some space and not being ready for that relationship; he'll try to reach out to her when he has the opportunity.
  • Exclusive to Souji:
    • Souji Rippukan is the heir to the Rippukan kendo dojo where his father Genryu wants him to inherit his fighting style, though Souji wants to develop his own style of sword fighting instead, which Genryu was convinced of when he witnessed his son using the style's finishing move. This is also why Souji's mother, Reiko Tanba left; she couldn't bear to see her husband pressure their son to inherit something he doesn't want, and this left Genryu devastated but comforted by the young Souji. Another of Souji's contacts outside of the Kyoryugers is his schoolmate Rin Katsuyama, the manager of their school's kendo team; she was there for him even at his lowest prior to joining the rangers and had unrequited feelings for him for a while, though not that he would ever notice it much. It takes a very long while for him to return the feelings, as he eventually married her and they started a family which eventually birthed his descendant and successor, Soujiro in a hundred years after.
    • Masaya Okonogi approached him one day while Souji was practicing as he heard that Souji had a rough childhood struggling to do things his own way while enduring his parents' arguing. Masaya admits to him that he had it rougher; his own father was a Con Man who is ungrateful towards his son's existence and his own mother ran away to get away from said Con Man who mistreated her. Souji is horrified when he listened, and from then on decided to befriend Masaya so that he can move on from his own darker past. On a lighter note, Masaya is a little annoyed that Souji hadn't noticed Katsuyama's feelings for him initially though he can understand it when he's too concerned with his own family problems. Masaya then introduced Souji to one of his love interests, Konomi Yanase; she had handled swords before, both genuine and wooden but she doesn't practice kendo, instead she handles naginata. Souji found her to be a fun sparring partner regardless, as in his eyes swordsmen must adapt to any enemy though he's a little annoyed that Konomi can't keep secrets which might give away the Kyoryugers' identities too easily and with great risk though luckily, Masaya might help curb that.
    • Souji still resolved to hone his swordsmanship, even after taking cues from Utchi and Torin. To find inspiration and incorporate moves from others, he looked to Samurai Jack and Himura Kenshin for such. Jack is impressed with the swordsmanship so far and so did Kenshin and told him to keep up during their training. Souji is more impressed with Jack and Kenshin managing to stay pacifistic despite being capable of taking lives, something that Kenshin struggled a lot during his journey. On a lesser note, Kenshin's idiotic facade often rubs the serious Souji the wrong way until Jack clarified that it's how he copes with his crimes; Souji hopes Kenshin can find proper closure to that.
  • Exclusive to Amy:
    • Amy Yuuzaki is a wealthy and rich girl belonging to the prestigious Yuuzaki family, under the care of the butler Gentle. She doesn't really act like a typical wealthy lady, as she is usually tomboyish and finds manners to be hardwork which makes Gentle's job of teaching her said manners harder; he does mean well unlike the Monster of the Week at the time who finds unlearned behaviour unacceptable. To the Kyoryugers, she's the secondary moral center of the team as like Daigo, she provided the other members the push to be better version of themselves. On the subject of Daigo, they both see each other as equals and good friends but Amy has grown feelings for him over time; later on during the final battle, Daigo admits to reciprocating her feelings and they got together after he survives his final counterattack against Deboth. Their bloodline later birthed two descendants and successors each, one also named Amy and the other Dai-kun.
    • Amy relates a lot to rich people who would act casually around others rather than keeping up the Stiff Upper Lip and this got her connected with Jonathan Joestar. Amy finds his adventure bizarre as he had faced zombies and vampires while being an archaeologist while Jonathan is amazed that dinosaurs can be resurrected and help humans as he only has a surface-level idea about paleontology. She is saddened that he died young while on a burning cruise but he did assured her that his bloodline carries on and tells her to keep up her bravery. He does tell her to have some manners but so far, she's still a little stubborn about that.
    • Stella Hoshii, in stark contrast to her status, finds the lower parts of Glitch City more comfier than uptown and according to her, there's a warmth in the people there that isn't present in the latter which she describes as sterile, and she ended up being a recurring patron for VA-11 Hall-A. Of course there's some dangerous folk, but she has Sei and the rest of her security staff with her. Stella also prefers stuffing herself with cheap food over expensive restaurants whose price tags don't match the quantity and while reserved, every once in a while she slips out something about her and quickly tries to brush that off in embarrassment such as being a massive fan girl for the idol Kira Miki, excitedly talking about how happy the kids were in her Mega Christmas party, or knowing about Henshin. Amy instantly likes her as she is proof that some rich folk can be nicer than they appear and aside from Souji, Stella is the only other person to know of her embarrassing Handy Feet.
    • Through Souji, Konomi was introduced to Ami and she decided to have Tamie Nogi tag along; the three hit it off as they all come from rich families and study at prestigious academies, but are rather laid-back in comparison to their peers. Konomi is amazed that people like Souji and Ami can express their bravery when they can and Tamie is definitely covering the rangers' exploits in her school newspaper... with their civilian names revoked of course, to protect their privacy.
  • Exclusive to Utchi:
    • Hailing from the Sengoku Period, Utsusemimaru was a ronin until the feudal lord Moshinosuke Iwaizumi appoint him as a samurai under his army. When the Deboth Army attacked Japan either before or after he bested Pteragordon, Utchi was appointed as a Kyoryuger by Torin with Iwaizumi's approval. During one fateful battle against the Army, Utchi foiled a kidnapping by Debo Tangosekku and tried to awakened the child but it was a ruse as that child is a Zourima in disguise. As it was about to strike Utchi, Iwaizumi shielded the attack to protect him at the price of being severely injured. Distraught, Utchi slayed the Zourima and grieved as Iwaizumi died in his arms.
      • Later when Torin was captured and about to be executed by Dogold, Utchi rescued him in the nick of time and gave chase to Dogold who then possessed and sealed Utchi within himself so that he can take control of Pteragordon. Four centuries later, Dogold's face cracked enough that Utchi awakens and with the help of the present day Kyoryugers, he was able to break free of Dogold and join them, after some minor friction out of apprehension from himself as well as Daigo reminding him far too much of his Lord Iwaizumi. As time goes on, he began to have a taste for ice cream and couldn't get used to today's women. Later during the final battle, Utchi and Dogold made a truce to defeat Endolf, the Chevalier of Resentment so that they can finish their duel for real and when they did, they have considered each other Worthy Opponents. He later got over his fear of women enough to create a descendant later on named Uppy who took on his mantle as the second KyoryuGold.
    • As he came from the Sengoku era, Utchi tries to find the famous figures of that era and he tries his hand at Tokugawa Ieyasu. He didn't expect this Tokugawa to be more benevolent who seeks to bridge relations with those from other clans because as far as he knows, Tokugawa was a strict shogun. This new Ieyasu managed to get on good graces enough since he's also just like his lord Iwaizumi.
      • As he couldn't talk to today's women, Utchi instead seeks the women from his era as well to see if they're still around. The Oichi from where the aforementioned Ieyasu hailed from likes Utchi enough, though Utchi feels bad for her as she had gone through so much that she becomes an apologizing mess and her husband Azai Nagamasa had to look after her psychological. Utchi had a more civil relationship with Tomoe Gozen and he respects her prowess in war and dignity out of it, though he is surprised that she is half-oni; she invites him to gaming sessions on occasion, something Utchi slowly accepts since he himself had to adapt to today's Japan in his own way.
    • As he is a Fish out of Temporal Water figuratively speaking, Utchi got along with others out of their home periods such as Philip J. Fry, Squigly and Goliath. Fry was cryogenically frozen to the future after a staged accident to bring him there and he adjusted there quite well, he even finds the idea of fighting with dinosaurs to be "awesome, but it can be better". Squigly always resurrect in different eras whenever the Skull Heart arises again, and she always have singing and eating to help her adapt to whatever era she's in; she assumes Utchi's sealing within Dogold is like being dead, though Utchi affirms her that it's harder when Dogold is also supressing his will during that time. Goliath and his fellow gargoyles were awakened in New York after David Xanatos moved every single brick and stone of their castle to his tower, and they had to adapt to a land far from their world, so aside from Utchi still being in Japan, Goliath does relate to him on being brought to the present by an enemy.
    • To clarify, Utchi has no problem talking to women, it's just that he doesn't want to shamefully look at them with disrespect and he's not used to women coming at him. This is how he relates to Chrom who, despite being a capable leader, fumbles and is quite awkward when talking with women as his supports demonstrate; Utchi is fascinated to connect with another ancient swordsman from another culture, let alone another world and Chrom in turn is in awe of his exploits as a ranger able to control robotic dinosaurs, something he hasn't seen in his own world.
    • Utchi has a love of ice cream and sometimes goes to the House of Food to snack on some. He's gotten interested in sea salt ice cream after meeting with three friends who have them while watching the sunset.
  • Exclusive to Torin:
    • The former Demon Sword Priest of the Deboth Army, Torin was sent to Earth long ago to ensure its destruction. But once he saw the planet's beauty, he couldn't help but feel a new emotion and have a change of heart, that emotion being "bravery". Filled with justice in his heart, Torin betrayed the Army, along with his older brother High Priest Chaos among them to defend Earth by using his powers to alter each member of twenty-four specific dinosaur species that would be later known as the Zyudenryu. It was during the battle against Gadoma that Torin cut off his brother's shoulder pauldrons, causing Chaos to develop a grudge as symbolised by not regenerating the wound. Over the next millennia or two, Torin had recruited several humans who can fight with the Zyudenryu, slowly forming the Kyoryugers over time and bonding with them, all the while hiding his former Deboth allegiance which Dantetsu was the only one aware of it at the time.
      • Later on, Chaos captured Torin and forced him to grow large with Luckyuro's restoration water, revealing to the heroes that he was a former Deboth member; they still try to restrain him but he sacrificed himself to stop his wild rampage and his body fossilized and it took using the Secret Stones/amber fossils to revive him. After Chaos made a duplicate of him in the form of Mad Torin, Daigo and the others convinced him that he is still chosen by Earth's creatures to defend them and once he realized Bragigas is okay with him as a partner, Torin's bravery returns enough that the silver Gaburevolver becomes a Giga Gaburevolver, granting him the mantle of KyoryuSilver.
      • After a couple of cooldown shenanigans with his team, Torin along with Tessai and Ramirez was approached by Dantetsu about the Earth's melody telling him to defeat the everlasting evil once and for all and once they realized they have to do so by destroying the Deboth Hell, the Army's source of resurrection, Torin had to die to get there. So they all carry out a gambit with Dantetsu being the traitor and becoming KyoryuSilver while Tessai and Ramirez joins Torin in the assault; the plan worked, albeit it would take Daigo figuring it out later and proving to the rest of the rangers of their true intentions that it'll still work out smoothly. Now a spirit, Torin still guides the Kyoryugers from time to time even to the successors a hundred years later but since even he couldn't do it forever, which is why Candelira who recently defected from the Army, takes over his position. It also should noted that Torin already gave up his powers as KyoryuSilver to Dantetsu Kiryu but despite losing his ranger powers to his dear friend, he is still proven to be a competent fighter even as a spirit.
    • Dante, son of Sparda had a rough first meeting with Torin. Not only do they sound like each other, but this was also due to Torin originally being a creation of Deboth himself which he sees as no better than the devils he hunted. What followed afterwards were the two flying throughout the House of Combat, Dante with Ebony & Ivory and Torin with his Giga Gaburevolver, shooting each other to oblivion and then an epic sword clash that ended with Torin's Trinity Straizer, cutting the house in half. When the dust settled, Dante laughed and shook hands with Torin; he realized that Torin can't be that bad of a dude once he saw his resolve and bravery and apologies for the mix-up. He later suggested that they'd go for pizza some other time (his treat, of course) to which Torin agreed.
      • On the subject of similarities, Torin also got into a fight with Sephiroth, once again due to their similar voices, fighting styles and appearances. The two had an epic sword clash in their basic forms, until Sephiroth decided to go One-Winged Angel. Torin fought back as Kyoryu Silver and summoned the GigaBragioh to fight to a standstill. After the dust settled, Sephiroth considered him a Worthy Opponent but the feeling may not be mutual; Torin has witnessed too much malice and resentment from Sephiroth's aura and is cautiously watching over his future activities to make sure he doesn't try to cause destruction again, a task he shares with Yayoi.
    • Despite his appearance, Torin actually has a humorous side. He's shown to have a curiosity for shoujo manga and monster movies when not on the job. Out of all of the kaiju in the Pantheon, Torin managed to get on Rodan's good side by bringing along Pteragodon; liking that a fellow pterosaur is within their ranks even they're more robotic, Rodan decided to make sure his destruction does not reach the Kyoryugers and hinder their heroics. A few days later, Torin stumbled upon Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi who are from a shojo manga; hearing out their story, Torin praised Tsukushi's bravery for standing up to Domyouji and change him for the better and even when both of them managed to eventually overcome Domyouji's mom. He's somewhat perplexed that their romance started when Tsukushi kicked Domyouji in the gonads and he was intrigued by her for that, but he'll welcome any fresh takes on the shojo genre regardless while the couple are a little embarrassed that some people, let alone inhumans like to read up their story.
    • Torin naturally relates to those who defected from their evil superiors after witnessing something touching. Among them being Ashi, whose time observing Samurai Jack and hearing him led her to realization that the samurai meant no harm and it is Aku that's actually evil and one of the things that helped her come to that conclusion was seeing him gently handle a ladybug, a stark contrast to when her mother unhesitatingly crushed it back when she was still training as well as Akame, who defected from the Empire which inevitably put her in conflict sister Kurome who stayed and felt betrayed by the former's decision. Both girls were sympathetic to his past plights and Torin in turn not only see them as brave for standing up against their former evil faction, but was saddened with Ashi's final fate. He's also proud of Raspberyl who reformed her world's collective of demons by being a model student by human standards as opposed to them being evil by nature; the morality prevalent there initially baffled him for a while, but he's still glad she's in the process of changing the demons for the better. Artix does not have an evil superior but he did go against his very nature as a Champion of Darkness in order to save the numerous souls of the undead he had slain by becoming a High Paladin, an experience Torin can relate to and made him commend Artix's bravery to do so, while Artix himself commends Torin back for being brave enough to go against his very nature as a Deboth High Priest and inspire more heroes to come.
      • Joshua Graham, once the brutal Legate and co-founder of Caesar's Legion, pulled a Heel–Face Turn after being burned alive and thrown off the Grand Canyon (his "baptism of fire" so to speak) and being welcomed back by New Canaan which rekindled his faith. It wouldn't last though as the White Legs sacked New Canaan and Graham sought to turn his rage on them, seeing himself as the wrath of god when really it was to satiate his own hate; luckily, the Courier helps him cripple the White Legs while also realize his faults before he could repeat history, allowing him to mellow out and find peace. Torin praises Joshua's own bravery and was also glad that he was talked out of going off the deep end in his crusade against his own evil faction.
    • Torin also related to heroic brothers standing up against their evil ones. He got along with the pacifistic Firestar, who ended up opposing his more bloodthirsty brother Scourge after the latter killed Tigerstar for leadership and power and is surprised that a cat like Firestar can exude such bravery. Firestar then introduced Torin to Mufasa who also was enemies with his own brother, Scar; Torin was saddened that his life was cut short, but was relieved and glad to hear that Mufasa carries on as a spirit guide for his own son, a lot like Torin guiding the Kyoryugers' successors even as a spirit.
      • In turn, he opposes Scar and Scourge for both being bad brothers and seeking power for themselves, not unlike High Priest Chaos. Scar wouldn't get hung up on Torin since he has a Heartless form to combat him while Scourge finds himself outmatched and often stays away from the humanoid bird; they both entertain the idea of collaborating with Chaos, a possibility Torin wouldn't let happen. Of course, the original Cain deserves a mention as he killed his brother out of jealousy without considering the consequences of doing so. Regardless if he did regretted it, Torin refuses to talk to Cain.
    • If Torin is given magic, he can appear in a handsome human form in a white suit and matching fedora that goes by the name of "Torii".
  • Exclusive to Yayoi:
    • Yayoi Ulshade is the granddaughter to Dr. Ulshade, the creator of the Gaburevolvers and Zyuden Arms which she helped on their development and the first KyoryuViolet. She was initially a shy, nerdy girl who often relegated herself to a support role because she's too self-doubting about her abilities. When she gathered enough bravery to reawakened Plezuon after the Plezuon Lab was first attacked from Daigo's encouragement and Amy reminding her the real reason why she wants to become a Kyoryuger (because she wanted to be just like her grandfather), Yayoi gained the bravery to take her grandfather's mantle of KyoryuViolet. Since then, she had provided big help to the Kyoryugers by fighting alongside them, piloting Plezu-Oh whenever Daigo is elsewhere and making more Zyudenchi batteries.
    • Yayoi as a genius, obviously got along with people like her such as Houka Inumuta and the kid scientist Dexter. Houka does not like anyone touching his computer but he can see that Yayoi is doing her best and can see that both of them have brought value to their respective teams by gathering data and upgrading existing gear with them. As for Dexter, he knows a shy person or two once during his adventures and can also see Yayoi doing her best; he often try to get her to aspire bigger in her technological endeavours, but she declines, something Dexter is bummed at since he wants another rival to one-up, but nevertheless respects her wishes.
    • Himari Arisugawa AKA Cure Custard is another shy genius that Yayoi had befriended, though Himari's problems mostly lie with being lonely rather than having doubts about herself. Yayoi briefly considered taking Daigo out on a date to the KiraPatisserie but since Daigo hooked up with Amy, she dropped the idea though that hasn't stopped her from buying treats there on occasion.
  • Exclusive to Yuko:
    • The mother of Rika and sister to Nossan, Yuko Fukui initially resented KyoryuBlue for getting Rika hurt, until the summer in autumn incident where she put two and two together that she realized her big brother is KyoryuBlue but hasn't asked him directly for worrying about tripling his concern for their safety. It's only when she later takes up Ramirez's mantle of KyoryuCyan that she becomes even more capable in combat, previously using her raw strength to defend herself.
    • Yuko had grieved Kenichi's death so much, to the point that she easily fell into Debo Kokodoko's maze dimension than her own daughter which Nossan luckily got her out of; this got her to meet Jill McBain and Kriemhild in separate instances. Jill can see that Yuko had so much grief with Kenichi's death and is glad that she has support from her brother to help her get through that unlike her own situation where she carries on to fulfill her husband's dream; she considered protecting her, but is surprised that she can defend herself, even more so as a ranger. Kriemhild unsettles Yuko a lot as she processed her grief through vengeance towards her husband's killer as well as killing everyone else in the vicinity but she still understands how much Siegfried means to her; Kriemhild herself is indifferent to Yuko, though when she heard of her being trapped in a mental maze, she did expressed that it would have made her vengeful quest worse.
    • J.J. Jameson has disagreed a lot on the actions of the Kyoryugers, as he claims that their bravery is all but a facade and they're overshadowing the bravery of the real heroes in police officers, firefighters and doctors. Yuko was annoyed since he's basically her when she's less aware of her brother being KyoryuBlue but she can understand being frustrated at people not understanding the hardwork of public service workers and decided to ignore him and his propaganda. Glad she didn't tell him that she is a hero as well...
  • Exclusive to Shinya:
    • Shinya Tsukouchi is the descendant of Tessai and a former rugby player who took up drawing after he cheered up the two managers of the club he was in with a drawing of them in a shoujo style after they got stressed out of their jobs and their likenesses provided the designs of his main characters in his manga Love Touch, which he penned under the alias "Yuu Aoyagi". After Tessai witnessed Shinya recklessly protected a woman from danger and hearing his aforementioned reasons, he was impressed by his resolve and later on, Shinya takes up his ancestor's mantle as the second KyoryuGray.
    • The other mangakas of the Pantheons actually praised *Love Touch* in their own way. The duo Ashirogi Muto, can see an anime adaptation coming soon, though Shinya doesn't know if he can handle that happening. Rohan Kishibe praises his storylines and art and while he would gloat that his catalogue is better, he nonetheless can see merit in his work; he's more interested in finding inspiration from the Zyudenryu since it's not everyday in his world he gets to witness robot dinosaurs.
    • The rising ones such as Jeanne Alter, Girag and Nagi Sanzen'in also can see Shinya's manga as good and strive to be as good as him. Shinya is a little scared of Alter and what she can do but she assures him in her own way that she won't be roasting him for any slight, he nervously tells Girag to keep up drawing even if he's taking a long while to improve and he hopes Nagi can improve way more if she believes she can do it even if they'll reject her anyway.
  • Exclusive to Dantetsu:
    • While wandering the world carrying his then-infant son, Dantetsu was showered with the Earth's melody, chosen to be the planet's king by the Earth itself, as Torin describes and since then he used his powers to help the rangers from behind the scenes, including finding the rest of the stones (which are the tears of Bragigas). He separated from Daigo when he was a kid so as to not endanger him further when the Deboth Army grew stronger and was glad he followed in the path of the dinosaur like him when they reunited. He later devised a plan with Torin, Tessai and Ramirez to win over Deboth and become the second KyoryuSilver in order to get Torin into the Deboth Hell to destroy it; it temporarily cost him the trust from his son and fellow Kyoryugers, but luckily Daigo did catch on by realizing he was also showered by the melody which didn't maliciously called for Torin's senseless demise.
    • Dantetsu wandered the Earth in order to collect the tears of Bragigas for his resurrection which is fundamental to combat the Deboth Army; this trait is how he met AZ as their paths crossed. AZ tells him that he was the King of Kalos, cursed to wander the earth immortal because of how he ended a horrifying war while dooming his Pokemon partner Floette to the same fate. Dantetsu scorns him for that transgression but ultimately lets him off once AZ expresses regret and since then, both men only meet each other when passing by with AZ expecting a lot of cold shoulders from the planet's king of another world.
    • There is one father Dantetsu is openly amicable enough with and that's Minato Namikaze. Unlike Dantetsu who is very much alive when he aided the Kyoryugers, Minato was long dead and Orochimaru had to resurrect him in order to help his son Naruto and talk down Obito. Still, they both commended each other's heroics and share their respective pride in their sons.
  • "Brave In!"

Lesser Gods

    The Black Tri-Stars 
Gaia, Ortega and Mash, Divine Trio of Mecha With Hovering Legs (The Black Tri-Stars, Black Trinary, Black Trinity | Gaia: Lieutenant Commander Gaiaformerly, Miguel Gaia | Ortega: Lieutenant Ortegaformerly | Mash: Lieutenant Mashformerly)
Gaia, Ortega and Mash
  • Lesser Gods, Demigods without their mobile suits
  • Symbol: Their custom logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Lawful Evil leanings
  • Portfolio: Pilot the Dom, A Mecha with Hovering Legs, Among The First Ace Pilots of the Principality, Jet Stream Attack, Elite Mooks, The Doms are Lightning Bruisers, Killed Some of the Most Important Heroes in the Series, Terrible Trio... And Competent Too, True Companions
  • Domains: Customized Suits, Attacks, War, Violence, Capture, Friendship, Evil
  • Mecha piloted: MS-01 Mobile Worker, MS-05A Zaku I Early Type, MS-05B Zaku I, MS-06A Zaku II First Mass Production Type (pre-OYW), MS-06C Zaku II Early Production Type, MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type, MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type, MS-09B Dom (OYW), AMX-009 Dreissen Black Tri-Stars Custom (current)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Char Aznable (one-sided), Anavel Gato, Lordgenome and his generals
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril (for their racism), Captain Cold
  • Enemies: Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, Kira Yamato, Setsuna F. Seiei, Shinji Ikari, Mirage Farina Jenius, Sousuke Sagara, Giorno Giovarna
  • Oppose: The Titans task force, especially Bask Om and Jerid Messa, Rau Le Creuset
  • Embarrassed by: The Team Rocket trio
  • Complicated Relationship: Gilbert Durandal
  • It was a proud day for Gihren Zabi's Black Zeon faction and the GUAE Mecha Cohort as a whole. Ace Pilots Gaia, Ortega and Mash dealt a decisive blow to a Dalek attack force sent by the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. When asked what they desired as a reward, the trio instantly replied; ascension. Without further ado, Gaia, Ortega and Mash were granted the embarrassing-sounding trope Hover Skates, a move they protested until told of what it truly meant: their MS-09B Doms were equipped with special rockets in the feet that increased the suit's speed and performance in ground combat. These new innovations made the Dom superior to the Principality's previous ground mobile suits, the MS-06J Zaku Ground Type and the MS-07B Gouf. It took a while for them to get used to it, but the trio eventually settled down in their elite villa in the House of Types of Mechas, jubilant at earning godhood at last.
    • At the promotion ceremony, they were awarded the Sinner's Cross with Flamesnote  and were finally promoted for the first time in the Pantheon. Gaia was promoted from lieutenant to lieutenant commander while Ortega and Mash were promoted to full lieutenants.
  • Gaia, Ortega and Mash first met in May of Universal Century 0076 when they were assigned to the same platoon and quickly became good friends. They were the test pilots for the first mobile worker units (the forerunner of mobile suits) and under the tutelage of Ramba Ral grew into a venerable fighting unit. At the Battle of Loum they demonstrated for the first time their legendary "Jet Stream Attack", a triple assault formation using their individual long-range, mid-range and close-range specialties. They disabled the enemy flagship Ananke and captured the Earth Federation Forces commander-in-chief, General Revil. Late in the One Year War, the trio was summoned to Earth to participate in the defence of Zeon mining facilities at Odessa, gaining their new Doms. Their Jet Stream Attack was quickly trounced by Amuro Ray in his RX-78-2 Gundam and all three were killed in action at Amuro's hand. Mash died first, then Gaia and Ortega were slaughtered in a rage-fueled revenge attack.
    • Gaia is the leader of the Black Tri-Stars and the one who keeps the other two under control. While a Blood Knight, Gaia is visibly more restrained and cultured enough to give enemies a fighting chance or avoid killing if keeping the target alive proves useful in the long run. He is the mid-range member of the trio, using a standard machine gun and bazooka.
    • Mash specializes in long-range combat, which is quite odd if you consider the fact that he has a scar over his right eye. He is a cackling Smug Snake and a laid-back warrior who mediates when Ortega gets into scrapes with their arch-rival Char. His units are often equipped with a long anti-ship or anti-air rifle.
    • Ortega is the Hot-Blooded Close-Range Combatant of the trio, and his units carry a gigantic heat axe into battle. He is prone to extreme bouts of anger against those who insult the team, and Gaia and Mash usually step in to contain his rampages. His face is described as something only an elephant seal would love. It's near impossible to miss him since his units are usually equipped with a an oversized heat axe.
  • The Black Tri-Stars used customized High Mobility Type Zakus with their signature black and purple colour scheme for most of the war. They upgraded to their Doms when they transferred to M'Quve's unit on Earth for Operation Odessa, where they found to their peril that with ground-based mobile suits, their Jet Stream Attack was far less effective. All three have since procured heavily modified Dreissens that can be retrofitted for both space and atmospheric environments so they never have that problem again. They're absolutely incensed at Char, of all people, for using their old Zakus to attack a Federation fleet.
  • Amuro is looking forward to another battle with the Black Tri-Stars as he still hasn't gotten over the death of Matilda Ajan, an officer on the White Base who Ortega killed by smashing her shuttle cockpit. He nearly got his chance when the Black Tri-Stars launched an attack on the House of Machinery and Technology to seize a cache of important energy cubes for the Decepticons in the GUAE. However, the trio saw his team coming and high-tailed it out of there. Amuro's teamnote  arrived to meet a smoking pile of rubble and instead coordinated search-and-rescue of deities caught in the crossfire. On their end, the Black Tri-Stars don't fancy having to face a now all-powerful Newtype who managed to best their Jet Stream Attack at the moment until they've honed their skills enough.
  • It's too bad that Char Aznable happens to be their boss, Gaia says, or Ortega would have killed him in some way or another the second he got the chance. They have an intense grudge on him for stealing their thunder during the Battle of Loum and snatching kills way before that. From an objective point of view, it's understandable. Char received a two-rank promotion and an ace name for destroying five enemy battleships while they took the time to disable the enemy flagship Ananke and capture the supreme commander of the Federation Forces and all they got for it was a pat on the back. And they weren't even mentioned by name! Typical of Char, he dismisses them as too far out of his league to challenge him and just expects them to do what they're told. By recent standards, they're only above-average. If they do go against his orders, he could easily demolish them in seconds if he wanted to.
    Ortega: THAT PUNK! If Char thinks he can steal our thunder again here in the Pantheon he's got another thing coming to him!!
    Mash: [empathic] Calm down, Ortega. You wanna look a cry-baby in front of everyone? If we're gonna prove we're better than him, there's better choices than slugging him in the face.
    Gaia: Agreed. Supreme Commander Gihren is our best hope here. We help him kick Char out of the GUAE, Ortega, and you can make him your personal punching bag for all I care. But don't go for him directly. You know what happened the last time you did that.
  • Partnerships with fellow mecha pilots are to be expected, though the attention they receive among their allies in the GUAE Mecha Cohort is pretty low to say the least. Some are even clamouring for the Black Tri-Stars to get their due credit. Historically well-read pilots in the GUAE are disappointed at how they've been overlooked because the Black Tri-Stars have clinched at least three firsts in mobile suit history:
    • 1. The first mecha pilots in the Universal Century. They tested the precursor to the mobile suit, the MS-01 Mobile Worker and subsequently were among the first to pilot every prototype mobile suit up to the MS-06A Zaku II First Mass Production Type.
    • 2. They participated in the first armed engagement between mobile suits. A battle on the Moon between their Zaku Is and the Federation's outdated prototype Guncannons ended in victory for the Black Tri-Stars.
    • 3. The first-ever mobile suit aces in the Universal Century. Unlike most Zeon aces like Johnny Ridden and Shin Matsunaga who earned their status in the Battle of Loum, they were already well-known and respected by their moniker before then for actually scoring kills before the One Year War even began.
  • Gaia is quite close to Ali al-Saachez, likely because Gaia was once a guerilla freedom fighter much like the Blood Knight Ali. Ortega's learnt some lessons in charisma and anger control from Ali so it doesn't become a Fatal Flaw like it did when he tried to avenge the death of Mash.
    • Mash gravitates towards Gauron, one of the GUAE's top freelance aces as a source of inspiration. He's both disturbed and enamoured by Gauron's utter lack of compassion and obsession with Sousuke Sagara. Likewise, Gauron doesn't seem to care who keeps him company or who partners up with him so long as Mash and his buddies don't get in his way.
  • Enmity for Amuro aside, the Black Tri-Stars are also in deep personal conflict with Lacus Clyne and the peacekeeping ZAFT forces under her command. Why? They have never gotten on board with the idea of expies from alternate universes, plus Hilda Harken, Mars Simeon and Herbert Von Reinhard are good guys. The one time the trio met them in battle, the Strike Freedom came to the rescue and took them prisoner on the Eternal. The subsequent escape attempt ended in a brutal beatdown between Gaia and team leader Hilda. To this day, no one knows who won the fight thanks to disabled security cams and both have never revealed the truth.
    • On the radical ZAFT side, they don't know what to think of Gilbert Durandal and his social darwinist philosophy. The ever-cynical Mash is still certain that in a world like his where profession is decided based on genetics, they'd probably be janitors in a run-down high school in the middle of nowhere.
  • When the Black Tri-Stars were introduced to their one-time commander Zeheart Galette (Char's herald), they were disgusted that Char of all people would be popular enough to spawn a gazillion AU counterparts. The one they hate the most is Rau Le Creuset, and it's more than just being a Char Clone. They thrive on violence, but even they're not genocidally violent. Gaia and Mash in particular are in full agreement that a hellish life is better than no life, hence they categorically refuse to serve under him. They also abhor the use of Child Soldiersnote  for war, which is why they utterly despise Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril for using the Biological CPUs and Extended for the First and Second Alliance-PLANT War. That the two politicians are genocidally racist towards space-dwelling humans doesn't help matters any.
  • Gaia is very chummy with fellow team leader Captain Ginyu who despite being a well-mentioned powerhouse and ace fighter was absolutely wrecked by Goku and turned into a frog (the first time) and then Killed Off for Real by Vegeta (the second time). Ginyu earned himself a fancy new TIE Advanced for his excellent work in the GUAE, so he and Gaia are thinking up a showy new dual move. Similarly, Mash and Ortega are bar buddies with the rest of the Ginyu Force (except Guldo, but no one likes him). Ortega enjoys wrestling with Recoome at the Pantheon Wrestling Federation headquarters and Mash takes pride in being the one who always wins bets with Jeice and Burter. They're unimpressed with Jeice's choice of mobile suit though. His custom Over Flag reminds them too much of Char's Zaku.
  • La Squadra Esecuzioni and Zonda and the Seven are both teams of bad guys who are True Companions. They're not mobile suit pilots for sure, but in temperament they're very similar. The trio are particularly impressed by Risotto Nero's Stand, Metallica for its ability to manipulate the iron inside an object to mutilate or brutally maim a target. They sometimes hang around the gang's many hideouts, and revel in any moment anyone tries to challenge Risotto for the entertainment of seeing the poor victim dismembered by his Stand. The Tri-Star's brutality has earned them many an enemy from the Joestar family and their allies, in particular Giorno Giovarna. They're a bit freaked out by the Seven, especially their favourite one of the lot, Gibril, but they're willing to play ball with each other because of Risotto Nero's friendly-unfriendly rivalry with them.
    • If you see them fight with Captain Cold and his Rogues against the GUAG Superhero Division it's out of necessity. They enjoy killing and aren't particularly fond of villains who don't kill. Killing to them is half the fun of being a soldier.
  • The GUAG have labelled them as an Evil Counterpart to the Whitewings (Palla, Catria, Est), given the fact that they also use code-named attack commands. Their Triangle Attack has a striking similarity to their Jet Stream Attack at least in theory. Logically since as melee attackers and not mecha pilots, the Black Tri-Stars don't pay them much mind.
  • Another foe of theirs is Lordgenome, the former Big Bad of the Gurren Lagann universe who switched sides along with his entire Army. The low-key Hot-Blooded Gaia can't help but voice the tiniest iota of respect for his extreme measures to prevent the human race from being exterminated by the Anti-Spirals. Lordgenome can appreciate the team's tenacity and camaraderie, but their taste for violence does not endear him to them since he's on the side of Team Dai-Gurren now.
Gaia: [blasting a ship] "Go get 'em, Mash!"

Mash: [puncturing the ship's engine room] "Pipe down and watch this!"

Ortega: "I'll finish them off!" [proceeds to slice the ship in half]

    Catherine Kyoubashi 
Catherine Kyoubashi, Goddess of Mini Mechas (The beautiful young genius and the beastly robot, Cathy, Takoyaki Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Minigawa
  • Theme Music: Charming Girl and the Beast
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pilots the Terry Yodogawa, Scientist At Age of Ten, American With Japanese Heritage, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Magnetism
  • Portfolio: Mechanics, Mechas, Youth, Magnetism
  • Allies: Kira Daidouji, Mei-Fang, Dorothy Albright, Skuld, Terry Bogard, Raspberyl, Akane Hino, D.VA
  • Enemies: evil scientists (especially Dr. Eggman)
  • Rivals: Kokonoe Mercury
  • Catherine is third-generation American-Japanese, with her grandmother being from Osaka. Even at a young age, she is a genius when it comes to celestial engineering, with her greatest invention being the mech Terry Yodogawa.
  • Her Arcana is Median, a giant turtle which allows her to control magnetism.
  • She does not appreciate the stereotype that people from Osaka are backwater buffoons.
  • Has a liking for food like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. As such, she is interested in Akane's cooking. She has also trying to pick up some jokes from her.
  • Her alliance with Raspberyl comes from the fact that she is what Raspberyl is to Mao with Kira; her biggest rival, her best friend and only person who can bring the best of her.
  • Some gods wonder if Catherine named Yodogawa after Terry Bogard. She herself hasn't answered anything to that question.
  • Catherine has no idea where people started saying that she's a "moe, non-pudgy" version of Eggman and frankly, she doesn't even want to know. She is also sort of bothered how Kira keeps hanging around with him and other evil scientists. She knows that Kira wants to Take Over the World, but hasn't gotten her chance to do so. With other evil scientists help, she might just get the footstool to actually achieve something.
  • Catherine likes to visit House of Theater to improve her jokes and whatnot. Most gods say that where she is not the greatest, she is at least good enough of a jokester.
  • Some gods have questioned Catherine on why she never wears shoes or clothes besides her swimsuit. Catherine has yet to give an answer that makes sense.
  • Has been mistaken by some of the Witches to be one of them due of her rabbit attire and her powers as a Maiden. She herself thinks that she cannot operate a Strike Unit, especially the legendary Tiger Land Striker. That being said, she has lend her hand to Shirley to improve her Striker Unit the best she can.
  • She admits that Terry Yodogawa looks sort of like the Robobot Armor. She herself has taken inspiration from it, as she has thought about ways for Terry Yodogawa to have adaptive capabilities.
  • As someone who specializes in celestial engineering (read: Magitek ), she works with Skuld quite a bit. She also a bit of a rivalry going with Kokonoe in terms of their research.
  • Seems to run into Vile a lot when he is riding his Ride Armor, leading to them fighting a lot. She isn't really pleased with the reploid's attitude.
  • Is looking into D.Va's MEKA to see if she can find a way to utilize the Self-Destruct command without needing to sacrifice the mech itself. When asked how she can be knowledgeable on such things, she admits that some of the explosives inside Terry Yodogawa tend to explode without her releasing them without any damage to Yodogawa itself. It isn't really that pleasant to Catherine herself, though.

    Liberty Prime 
Liberty Prime, God of American Robots
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head overlaid on the American flag
  • Alignment: As far as he's concerned, Lawful Good, but it's closer to Lawful American
  • Portfolio: Throwing explosives, Eye Beams, Humongous Mecha, Patriotic Fervor, Hamminess, Badass Boasts, Rousing Speeches, Anti-Communism
  • Domains: America, Robots, War, Explosions
  • Followers: The Brotherhood of Steel, Heroman, Atomic Robo, The Big Guy, the MetalWolf
  • Allies: Chin, The Lone Wanderer, Will work with any good-aligned deity, as long as they're American.
  • Opposed by: Any deity he finds working with the Chinese, regardless of alignment.
  • Since coming to the Pantheon, the Laughing Man and Gadget have reprogrammed him to recognize his fellow deities and visitors to his seat as Americans so he will not attack them on sight. For this same reason they try to keep him away from the entrance to the Pantheon for the time being until they finish fine-tuning his systems. If any visitors hear the words "COMMUNIST DETECTED ON AMERICAN SOIL, LETHAL FORCE ENGAGED" booming in a mechanical voice, they are encouraged to flee for their lives.
  • According to his creators, he was not constructed as a tribute to Optimus Prime, but the similarities are unmistakable. Optimus doesn't mind the idea and would be willing to work with Liberty if the situation called for it, but is quite concerned with Liberty's rampant destruction of any non-Americans.
  • Kamina has expressed interest in riding on Liberty Prime's shoulder during the final battle between good and evil, pending being able to teach the robot to say "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU COMMUNISTS THINK I AM!?"
  • Liberty Prime considers the infamous being known as Chin to be an honorary American, being the only other deity in the Pantheon whose hatred of communists, China, and communist China comes close to Prime's own. The military strategists in the House of War have been planning for the possibility that the two might someday decide to team up and go on a rampage.