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Greater Gods

    The Dinobots 
Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop, Gods of Bestial Mecha (The Dinobots, The Dynobots, The Lightning Strike Coalition Force, The Beast, Volcanicus | Grimlock: Dinobot, Clobber, King of the Dinobots, Grimlock of Iacon, Build Hurricanenote  | Slag: Slug, 'Snarl' | Sludge: Slog, 'Sludge dumb' | Snarl: Fangwolf | Swoop: Divebomb, Strafe, Ptero)
The original G1 lineup. From back to front: Swoop (background) Sludge, Grimlock (middleground) Snarl, Slag (foreground, left and right)
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  • Enemies:
  • Respect: Strong deities like Saitama, Goku and Asura
  • Oppose: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos (except Sludge, a self-professed sympathizer)
  • Opposed by: Most military officers and tacticians in the Pantheon, like Prowlnote , Bright Noa, Führer King Bradley
  • Conflicting Opinion: Michael Bay, The Gang of Seven
  • Grimlock originally dwelt alone in his temple, with his team-mates and heralds only able to visit him every now and then. A series of rampages afterwards, the Court of the Gods finally conceded to let his destructive team-mates into the Pantheon on the condition that he stop destroying property as he did during his phase of solitude. Among the first Animal Mecha in fiction to be fully sentient, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop proudly accepted the new larger temple specially accommodated for them in the Types of Mechas sub-house, a gigantic rock formation with connections to other Autobot temples in a jungle environment, far away from the other residents.
  • If it wasn't obvious already, the Dinobots transform into dinosaurs, the most powerful beasts on Earth when the Autobots first arrived, namely:
    • Tyrannosaurus rex (Grimlock)
    • Triceratops (Slag)
    • Brontosaurus (Sludge)
    • Stegosaurus (Snarl)
    • Pteranodon (Swoop)
  • Unlike most ascended Transformers, the Dinobots' memories come entirely from their Transformers: Generation 1 selves as their Alternate Timeline equivalents have the tendency to undergo confusing name changes or not be Dinobots at all. All the better since Grimlock and company wouldn't be able to handle the extra brain space. They're either seasoned war veterans once known as Dynobots who clashed with Shockwave on Earth as the first Autobots there, or primitive creations of the Autobot Wheeljack based on dinosaur fossils. Either way, they're still a band of rough, tough, stubborn, challenge-seeking and fire-breathing bots and they ain't changing that any time soon.
  • When the original crew vacated their spots, Grimlock replaced them with Skar, Strafe and Slash, more recentnote  recruits. The former was their Combat Medic who was accidentally killed by Grimlock after granting them their beast modes and the latter two are female Transformers with beast modes (Strafe's came from experimentation by Decepticon Bludgeon). Their other incarnations all have connections to the comm station in their temple in case reinforcements are needed ASAP. Grimlock also took on a high priest, Shishi-Oh during his time alone. The Ninningers' Lion Zord is among the only non-Autobots able to placate Grimlock and speak on their behalf in human form. When battles with SHOCKER or the old Demonic Legion come up, Grimlock is more than happy to battle alongside Lion Ha-Oh.
  • They often clash with their leader Optimus, seeing him as too weak to perform nastier tasks for the Autobot cause, viewing his subordinates with similar contempt. They live on the fringes of Autobot society, only joining the larger faction when they see a good reason to. Grimlock and Prime's first meeting after the latter originally ascended ended in a massive slugfest that thankfully took place in the House of War. Knowing that there are worse threats like Megatron that need to be dealt with, they will dutifully report when their help is sorely needed. After all, the one thing they hate more than Optimus is people who use their strength to hurt others.
    • Aren't as averse to working with the Maximal Dinobot, since he's a fellow dinobot with a similar personality and code of honour to Grimlock. Their descendant gets along fantastically with Grimlock, and both treat each other as brothers-in-arms, each taking care of the opposite's potential weaknesses, all the while turning any hapless foes into scrap metal.
  • They despise the art of combination with all their heart and soul. Their first attempt was so unbelievably savage that even Grimlock fears its power, and was devastated to learn after-the-fact that it massacred both alien factions and rendered that universe helpless to Unicron. They hate the Chaos-Bringer as much as they do Shockwave. Their second attempt succeeded but the prior trauma leaves them unwilling to combine again so carelessly.
  • Even more than Megatron, the Decepticon Shockwave is their greatest enemy. As mentioned above, they were the first Autobots on Earth and were re-activated to fight Shockwave off on a prehistoric Earth. Both parties would be entombed in a tar pit for centuries until they were freed by Ratchet. They hope to the beat the tar of that one-eyed pile of metal into scrapheap, even more so now that they know Shockwave was responsible for their beast modes by experimenting on them in the Aligned continuity. When they learnt he had ascended, the robotic archosaurs went to his temple and unleashed a literal Roaring Rampage of Revenge. The resulting onslaught nearly resulted in Shockwave's termination, with him going all out to defend himself from the five Autobots. While Shockwave doesn't really care for Grimlock's animosity towards him, he has had to upgrade his temple's defences in case the Dinos' come knocking again.
  • The Gang of Seven, a more watered-down gang of dinos is conflicted on the Dinobots despite Littlefoot, Cera, Spike and Petrie sharing beast modes with Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop respectively. Grimlock at least is willing to liaise with their alpha male Littlefoot (and Chomper, who he sympathizes with for his problems with predatory instinct) on matters relating to their arch-nemesis Sharptooth.
  • Exclusive to Grimlock:
    • The leader of the team, Grimlock is one of the toughest Autobots around, rivalling that of other heavy-hitters like Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus and even Prime. Intolerant of weakness or insubordination, Grimlock is quick to bash in anyone or anything that questions his leadership and isn't part of his team. And boy is he a leader, speaking up for the rest of the team when they commit mishaps. Most think he's a big, mindless brute: this could not be farther from the truth. While he tends to refer to himself as 'me', he is actually quite intelligent. He loves it when a villain seeking to use him realizes he can actually think before he tears their heads open.
    • Once assumed leadership of the Autobots but proved to be a tyrannical leader not unlike Megatron. Prime's herald Prowl (and Grimlock's very antithesis) shudders to think of being under his command again. Nevertheless, more 'wild' members of the GUAG are quite happy to follow his lead if necessary, especially the gritty Anti Heroes of Tekkadan. Mikazuki Augus in particular enjoys smashing maces with the rough-and-tough Dinobot. Toku-based Kaiju like Godzilla argue the same, though they're loners. Prince Vegeta is a highly proud member and leader of what remains of the Saiyans and like Grimlock, isn't liked by his subjects (the majority hold a vendetta against him), thus they have a heated rivalry over kills, which Grimlock insists are too quick and painless in his case.
    • Is highly contemptuous of other ascended dinosaurs (though he doesn't show it outwardly) and until Slag came along, was greatly disliked by the Pantheon's reptilian community and had few friends among them, Rexie and Tyrantrum included. Despite this he is very proud of his dino heritage, especially since his beast mode was gained from the death of a friend. Because of this, he often stays in dino mode and only transforms if he deems the deity requesting it to be worthy, even though everybody already knows what he looks like. Grimlock disagrees:
    • Grimlock was once arrested for causing property damage back on Cybertron due to his bouts of aggression. While he has visibly restrained himself in the Pantheon, several cases have ensued that have placed him in the House of Justice's holding cells. In fact, a reason why the Court was insistent on Grimlock being the sole holder of his trope is because his team-mates, especially Slag and Snarl, are more likely to destroy things without apology. They have warned him that if any big complaints come in, his teammates are out of the Pantheon.
    • One of his alternate color schemes replace his gold and grey with black and green. In this look, many have compared Grimlock to the Hulk. He likes to hang around the green behemoth but he doesn't care as much for 'puny' Banner. He gained a newfound respect for the gamma specialist when his expertise helped save Snarl from certain death at the hands of Doomsday. Just don't remind him of the other time he was painted green...
      • Don't ask about the Build Team. He insists that wasn't him. And woe betide the next person that calls him Build Hurricane.
      • Speaking of black and green, the other Grimlock is a pathetic excuse for a Dinobot. After hearing that an actual counterpart of him existed in that universe and the 'pathetic excuse' idolized the same, Grimlock has taken that incarnation as an apprentice and a full-time herald.
    • Oddly enough, Grimlock has made friends with the pony Derpy Hooves. Maybe it's because the two are grey and gold in color and are very popular in their fandom despite having odd/unlikeable qualities. Things like that do form some sort of kinship anyway.
    • Unlike his fellow Dinobots, Grimlock would end up downsizing into a Maximal body, and gaining a white and black raptor beast mode in the process. He would put this form to good use during the Beast Wars, going toe to toe with the Predacon commander Magmatron. Though he lost the match and frankly preferring his traditional mechanical alt mode, Grimlock will occasionally change into a Maximal whenever the situation calls for it. He's still looking forward to a rematch with Magmatron, whom the Dinobot learned is serving as herald to the Beast era Megatron.
  • Exclusive to Slag:
    • Slag hates anything and everything. His tendency to start a fight at the drop of a microchip makes him the most unlikeable of the bunch. Not that he has a problem with it. His sadistic zeal in breathing fire on his enemies and reducing them to molten metal makes it quite obvious he's more Decepticon material than anything. Even Megatron has compared him favourably to the movie universe version of his soldier Bonecrusher and has the doors open should Slag opt to defect.
    • Was very confused when British deities called him 'Snarl', the name of another of his team-mates. Turns out he inadvertently got that name in that timeline because 'Slag' is a vulgarity in the United Kingdom. It is more partial to Slug, since he voluntarily changed to that name in the IDW timeline as 'slag' is now also a rude word in Cybertronian culture. To clear things up, no, you cannot call him Snarl. Slag remains his official designation in the Pantheon but Slug is more often used in public to avoid offending the masses. So long as Slag remains ignorant that 'slug' on Earth refers to a puny disgusting mollusc, things should be fine.
    • Slag is really unpopular in the GUAG amongst senior military officers. His tendency to mouth off at his superiors (even Grimlock isn't immune) has earned him stern reprimandsnote . Bright Noa especially has been particularly vocal on giving him a long sentence in the detention barracks due to his destructive tendencies which unlike Grimlock, he isn't sorry for. Given what always happens though...
      • Place Slag in confinement.
      • He gets mad and sets fire to the detention barracks, killing hundreds.
      • Optimus forced to suspend his sentence indefinitely.
      • Rinse and repeat.
    • Is a firm supporter of somehow removing the Death Is Cheap doctrine in the Pantheon, even though the Progenitors agree it's flat-out impossible. His argument does have some meat though since the Alliances want to end the Forever War either through peace or terror, which isn't at all attainable if the Big Bads keep coming back. Melkor hasn't been killed or defeated yet, but even if it does happen it'll all be for nothing when Virtuous resurrects him. He's been confined numerous times for killing defenceless prisoners but that doesn't seem to deter him at all.
    • Atrocitus has inducted him into the Red Lantern Corps. Slag's desire to fight and habit of raging for even the smallest reason convinced Atrocitus to help the bot channel his rage into a more concentrated form and use in better in battle as energy constructs. While Slag accepted the offer, he has made it clear that he sees the ring as a joke and would rather use his raw power alone in combat. He doesn't want a case of 'The Beast' occurring again.
    • Slag isn't a people person. Even if there are other deities that share his personality and temperament, he wouldn't sit with or spar with them for all the Energon cubes in the world. He's more content killing and unleashing his unbridled rage on anything within touching distance. While Grimlock's there to keep him in line, their 'no-rules' policy means that Slag usually does what he likes. Which the neighbours are fine with, so long as they're not involved.
  • Exclusive to Sludge:
    • The Dinobots are dumb compared to the Autobots, but Sludge makes the other four look like scholars. Sludge knows how much of a mental drag he is and chooses to use his Big Guy persona to compensate for it, intimidating and/or roughing up anyone who threatens the Dinobots. As with Slag, he is also known by the name Slog, but naysayers tend to use it to refer to him The Load of the group.
    • Even more than his leader, Sludge believes that only the strongest deserve to lead and dislikes Optimus on the same level as Slag for not being a strong enough leader. In his view, Grimlock ought to lead the Autobots instead. Sludge tends to gravitate towards others who share this philosophy and thus is a self-professed sympathizer to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos for their desire to create a world where strength is the only thing that matters. The guiding hand of his leader is the only thing that is preventing him from enlisting in the Morningstar Battalion, who has introduced him to dual GUAG-GUAC member Asura to help him out.
    • While he shares Grimlock's desire for strength and bloodshed, he's more tolerant of lesser beings than his brethren and is more or less a Gentle Giant to others. He enjoys the company of children who can see past his tough exterior. He's violent but has a soft side that shows when off-duty. He particularly enjoys spending time with fellow primitive being Fred Flintstone and his family and is happy giving his children rides whenever he feels like it.
    • Maybe it's because he'd love to eat a Krabby Patty, but he once chanced upon Patrick Star and snatched one from him in hunger, forgetting that robots don't eat organic food. What started with a fight ended with a unique friendship, as they both are fellow dum-dums. And there's also the fact that cartoon physics render Patrick immune to Sludge's destructive temper tantrums.
    • His solution to any problem? Stomp it.
  • Exclusive to Snarl:
    • An unpleasant and unsociable loner, Snarl only reluctantly follows Grimlock's orders, leaving the thinking to others involved. This only serves to add to his isolation, hating his beast mode and fearing the war on Earth - and by extension, the Pantheon - will prevent him from returning to Cybertron. Only on the battlefield does Snarl find any sort of joy, the carnage and brutality helping to ease the pain and self-loathing in his spark.
    • Enjoys visiting the House of Combat even more so than Grimlock to ease his pain and is a card-carrying member of the area's fight club, and his most frequent sparring partners are Asura and Nappa, both unconventional good/neutral-aligned fellows. Another is Kenpachi Zaraki. The man may be ruthless in battle and looks intimidating, but he does show kindness every now and again and pities Snarl and his self-hatred over his alt-mode.
    • As the team's Blood Knight (if not their most violent then their most bloodthirsty), he's made friends with other team Blood Knights like Carrera of the Sumeragi Swordsmen. They both don't care whatever end goal their superiors are working towards: both just want strong opponents to fight. Gibril meanwhile is the most unhinged member of her team, outwardly the most violent and murderous, though Snarl admits she can be a bit domineering at times.
  • Exclusive to Swoop:
    • The only flier in the Dinobot ranks, not to mention the only pterosaur, Swoop is surprisingly enough, the most outgoing and friendliest of the team. He doesn't get along with Optimus like his comrades, even possessing an insubordinate nature to him, but when push comes to shove, Swoop will stand up for the little guys, even if his leader won't.
    • Even though his supposedly frightening alternate mode turns people off (for some reason), Swoop is a tried and true practitioner of fear as a terror tactic. He is very proud of his alternate mode causing would-be Decepticon punks to back off. Nevertheless, he draws the line at using it for malicious purposes like Scarecrow does. Having seen what his fear toxin did to the House of Family, he is itching to tear that fleshling's head off. He is thus allies with the Dark Knight himself since he clearly knows how to use fear the right way.
    • Just as how Grimlock is a rival of Godzilla, Swoop is a rival of his pteranodon friend Rodan. They aren't about to raise Cain together in their respectives houses or anything, but when the chips are down and King Ghidorah's in da house, they will beat the ever-loving shit out of him even if he hasn't attacked anyone yet, especially when he's in Mecha-King Ghidorah form.
    • Taking notes from Atrocitus, Sinestro approached him with an offer to join the Yellow Lantern Corps. Swoop told him this:
    "You lost yer chance when Scarecrow joined up. Nuh uh."
    • Like his team-mates, Swoop also has the names Divebomb, Strafe and Ptero. He is comfortable with Ptero, seeing as he does transform into one, but Strafe is one of his heralds and Divebomb is a Decepticon Predacon. Use of the latter name either gets you a slap (for deities between 15 and 18) or a plasma shot to the facenote  (for anyone older).

Mechagodzilla, Patron of Robotic Beasts (Bionic Monster, Cosmic Monster, Mecha-G, Super Mechagodzilla, Showa, Heisei, Kiryu, The Airplane Toilet)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Showa); Neutral Goodnote  (Heisei); Chaotic Neutral (Kiryu)
  • Portfolio: Breakout Villain, Evil Knockoff, Humongous Mecha, Walking Armoury, hard to damage, plenty of ammo
  • Domains: Clones, Robots, Beasts
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Baragon, Anguirus, Tyranitar, Grimlock, Rainbow Dash, Sonic, Caesar, Queen Elsa, Korra (only towards Showa and Heisei. She's a bit more conflicted on the Kiryu version)
  • There's actually three different versions of Mechagodzilla:
    • The Showa version, which was created by an alien race known as the Simians in a bid to conquer Earth and was originally meant to discredit Godzilla.
    • The Heisei version was designed by humans to combat against Godzilla and similar Kaiju.
    • The Millennium version, known as Kiryu, a man-made machine like the Heisei version, but made with the bones of when Godzilla struck Japan back from 1954. As it is tied with the original Godzilla's DNA, it didn't really follow orders much...
      • In essence, all three of them are present in the Pantheon, but which version deities encounter tends to be random.
  • Should be noted that each MG act very differently. The Showa version is controlled via control panel. The Heisei is actually piloted by an actual person. Kiryu is the only one that can move indepently after gaining true sentient.
  • While it's pretty obvious that the Showa MG is owned by the GUAE, many were shocked that the GUAG owned the Heisei. Turns out, Tony Stark himself vouched for its ascension as a countermeasure against Godzilla himself. He even added his own technology to the mecha kaiju. There are some members of the GUAG who aren't happy about this. If only because they know it's going to bring more trouble than it's worth.
  • Kiryu has made friends with the Red Genesect since both were cybernized from dead fossils and were use as weapons.
    • Kiryu joined the Chaos Brigade as he views it as the only place he can truly be at peace.
  • Since they are evil robotic counterparts, Mechagodzilla has been getting along with Metal Sonic. Needless to say, the real things haven't taken it well.
    • Before the group's disbandment, Mechagodzilla heard about The Robotic Ravagers and joined them. More specifically, the Showa version joined. Though it's been disbanded, Mechagodzilla joined its successor; The Grand United Alliance of Machines.
  • Caesar really doesn't like Mecha-G in any of its forms, but the ape has special hatred for the Showa version due to it being created by alien monkeys that are downright cruel.
  • Queen Elsa has a lot of contempt for Mechagodzilla, moreso for his Kiryu form because this form has a deadly Freeze Ray.
  • Korra was more than angry about an evil robotic counterpart of one of her friends rampaging across the Pantheon. Given how difficult it is to damage Mechagodzilla as it is, she has plenty of reasons to be livid.
    • She later did hear that the Kiryu version was made of the bones and DNA of the original Godzilla. She's a bit hesitant on attacking that particular version if it rampages around the Pantheon.
  • Unless you like to get blasted into oblivion, don't call him The Airplane Toilet. He won that fantasy monster fight battle arranged by his followers fair and square!
  • After the attack on the Spirit World by the GUAE, the Spirit Vines that were stolen were incorporate into Mecha-Godzilla, turning most of its weapons into spirit energy. It's Verrick's nightmare come true.

Intermediate Gods

    Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man 
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, God of Personalized Mechanical Suits (Iron Man, The Armored Avenger, Shellhead, Master of Machines, The Golden Avenger, The Iron Knight, The Man in a Can, The Invincible/International/Superior Iron Man, Dennis Coles, The Consultant, The Mechanic, Tony Stank, Howard Potts)

Ex-, God of Meta Mechas (The Embodiment of Despair, Ex, EX-, EXA-666, Extreme Gundam, Gundam.exe)
The Extreme Gundam
His "true" form 
  • Intermediate God normally, varying power levels depending on which pack is used.
  • Symbol: A silhouette of him. Alternatively, his guitar-shaped beam rifle.
  • Theme song: The End Of Authority, normal or revised
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Only Known AI to cross the Despair Event Horizon, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Meta Mecha
  • Domains: Despair, Robots inside robots, Rogue AIs
  • Allies: Frieza, The Dementors, The Anti-Spiral, Flowey, GUAE Trollkaiger, Tenjuro Banno, Monokuma, Monaca Towa, Ryoma Sengoku, Dark Danny, SHODAN
  • Enemies: All hope bringers, all Gundam pilotsnote , Kamina, Simon the Digger, Yoko Littner, Viral, Clockwork, Neo, General Fletcher
  • Interested In: The Meta, Love Machine
  • Did not actually ascend through normal means. He saw a timeline in which there was great happiness. Being the Embodiment of Despair, he could not allow this. Thus, he made a plan to cause destruction and despair, by bringing as many deities into his realm as possible and defeating them. When everyone saw how he fought, they decided to give him the title of Meta Mecha, as nothing else could possibly fit him, nor could it fit anyone else after him.
  • Frieza was just absolutely livid that the robot had "stolen his pose," as the alien said. Ex just said that he simply took a page from the greatest bringer of depair in the alien's universe. Frieza was simply flattered by this, and the two are the closest of allies. No one wants to think of what would happen if the two were to team up in battle.
  • Before you ask, yes, he is a fully sentient machine. And yes, in his Carnage Phase, he counts as a fully operational battle station.
  • The Trollkaiger are intruiged by the AI's sheer fall from what he used to be. They are considering having him join as Trollkai Silver.
    • He gained sentience in a time where almost all of humanity was extinct (not his fault, by the way). He eventually evolved into a perfect being. However, when he viewed "The History Filled With Sorrow And Mistakes,"note  he believed that hope was an illusion and became the Embodiment Of Despair, aiming to create a world in which there was no hope and despair reigned supreme and become its ruler.
  • He is ironically banned from the House of Technology and the House of Gaming, as well as the world of Tron, for fear of him hacking these locations. That doesn't stop him from going where he pleases, though.
    • This is because he once hijacked a Gundam. To be specific, he went into the Universal Century to hijack the seventh iteration of the original Gundam. This Gundam, however, had weaponry that rivaled a battleship and was built to take on entire fleets and win.
      • It is unsure if he actually uses time travel or if he just inserts himself into an already-recorded history in some database. If it's the latter, then there was note  a definite ending. Which raises further questions, such as who is recording the history of the Pantheon?
  • Banno, as well as Monokuma and his Mastermind were intrigued that a machine was so hell-bent on causing despair after finding out his motivation. Sengoku was intrigued by the Extreme Gundam as well, albeit for a different reason: He wishes to use its capabilities to study data based on other mecha pilots.
  • Absolutely adores the fact that Dark Danny can even exist, as to him, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that even the greatest of heroes can succumb to their despair to become truly evil.
  • Has actually come to a draw with Neo in the digital world. Given that he is literally the Chosen One, this is saying a lot. In the first round, he pummeled the human. In the second round, however, Neo clove the Extreme Gundam in two. A third match is still being decided upon.
  • Has called the Anti-Spiral one of the most devious bringers of despair he has ever seen. He has been seen conversing with them with increasing frequency.
  • Was surprised when he heard about The Meta's special ability, which has made him curious about what would happen if he tried to do the same thing.
  • Many in the Pantheon theorize that his name is a shortened form of something. The most popular guess is "Extreme", as that seems to fit the theme he has going.

    Team Voltron 
Team VoltronMembers , Gods and Goddesses of Combining Mecha (Paladins of Voltron, Defenders of the Universe, Shiro: Black Paladin, Guardian Spirit of the Sky, Champion, Sven, Gyro, Kuron, Kuro, Space Dad, Keith: Red Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Fire, Pidge: Pidge Gunderson, Green Paladin, Guardian Spirit of the Forest, Meklavar, Gremlin, Lance: Blue Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Water, Pike, Hunk: Yellow Paladin, Guardian Spirit of Land, Block, Princess Allura: Princess of Altea, Valayun, Coran: Coran Hiernoymus Wibelton Smyth, Dakin)
From left to right, top to bottom:Hunk, Coran, Allura, Lance, Pidge, Shiro, Keith

    White Metagross 
White Metagross, God of Spider Tanks (The Iron Leg Pokémon, Anus Destroyer, Masher of Dreams, Sweeper of Teams)
Mega Metagross 

Lesser Gods

    Catherine Kyoubashi 
Catherine Kyoubashi, Goddess of Mini Mechas (The beautiful young genius and the beastly robot, Cathy, Takoyaki Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Minigawa
  • Theme Music: Charming Girl and the Beast
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pilots the Terry Yodogawa, Scientist At Age of Ten, Dark-Skinned Blond, American With Japanese Heritage, Does Not Like Shoes, Kansai Regional Accent, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Magnetism
  • Portfolio: Mechanics, Mechas, Youth, Magnetism
  • Allies: Kira Daidouji, Mei-Fang, Dorothy Albright, Skuld, Terry Bogard, Raspberyl, Akane Hino, D.VA
  • Enemies: Vile, evil scientists (especially Dr. Eggman)
  • Rivals: Kokonoe Mercury
  • Catherine is third-generation American-Japanese, with her grandmother being from Osaka. Even at a young age, she is a genius when it comes to celestial engineering, with her greatest invention being the mech Terry Yodogawa.
  • Her Arcana is Median, a giant turtle which allows her to control magnetism.
  • She does not appreciate the stereotype that people from Osaka are backwater buffoons.
  • Has a liking for food like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. As such, she is interested in Akane's cooking. She has also trying to pick up some jokes from her.
  • Her alliance with Raspberyl comes from the fact that she is what Raspberyl is to Mao with Kira; her biggest rival, her best friend and only person who can bring the best of her.
  • Some gods wonder if Catherine named Yodogawa after Terry Bogard. She herself hasn't answered anything to that question.
  • Catherine has no idea where people started saying that she's a "moe, non-pudgy" version of Eggman and frankly, she doesn't even want to know. She is also sort of bothered how Kira keeps hanging around with him and other evil scientists. She knows that Kira wants to Take Over the World, but hasn't gotten her chance to do so. With other evil scientists help, she might just get the footstool to actually achieve something.
  • Catherine likes to visit House of Theater to improve her jokes and whatnot. Most gods say that where she is not the greatest, she is at least good enough of a jokester.
  • Some gods have questioned Catherine on why she never wears shoes or clothes besides her swimsuit. Catherine has yet to give an answer that makes sense.
  • Has been mistaken by some of the Witches to be one of them due of her rabbit attire and her powers as a Maiden. She herself thinks that she cannot operate a Strike Unit, especially the legendary Tiger Land Striker. That being said, she has lend her hand to Shirley to improve her Striker Unit the best she can.
  • She admits that Terry Yodogawa looks sort of like the Robobot Armor. She herself has taken inspiration from it, as she has thought about ways for Terry Yodogawa to have adaptive capabilities.
  • As someone who specializes in celestial engineering (read: Magitek ), she works with Skuld quite a bit. She also a bit of a rivalry going with Kokonoe in terms of their research.
  • Seems to run into Vile a lot when he is riding his Ride Armor, leading to them fighting a lot. She isn't really pleased with the reploid's attitude.
  • Is looking into D.Va's MEKA to see if she can find a way to utilize the Self-Destruct command without needing to sacrifice the mech itself. When asked how she can be knowledgeable on such things, she admits that some of the explosives inside Terry Yodogawa tend to explode without her releasing them without any damage to Yodogawa itself. It isn't really that pleasant to Catherine herself, though.

Golurk, God of Unexpected Mecha Additions (The Automaton Pokémon, Goloog)

    Liberty Prime 
Liberty Prime, God of American Robots
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head overlaid on the American flag
  • Alignment: As far as he's concerned, Lawful Good, but it's closer to Lawful American
  • Portfolio: Throwing explosives, Eye Beams, Humongous Mecha, Patriotic Fervor, Hamminess, Badass Boasts, Rousing Speeches, Anti-Communism
  • Domains: America, Robots, War, Explosions
  • Followers: The Brotherhood of Steel, Heroman, Atomic Robo, The Big Guy, the MetalWolf
  • Allies: Chin, The Lone Wanderer, Will work with any good-aligned deity, as long as they're American.
  • Opposed by: Any deity he finds working with the Chinese, regardless of alignment.
  • Since coming to the Pantheon, the Laughing Man and Gadget have reprogrammed him to recognize his fellow deities and visitors to his seat as Americans so he will not attack them on sight. For this same reason they try to keep him away from the entrance to the Pantheon for the time being until they finish fine-tuning his systems. If any visitors hear the words "COMMUNIST DETECTED ON AMERICAN SOIL, LETHAL FORCE ENGAGED" booming in a mechanical voice, they are encouraged to flee for their lives.
  • According to his creators, he was not constructed as a tribute to Optimus Prime, but the similarities are unmistakable. Optimus doesn't mind the idea and would be willing to work with Liberty if the situation called for it, but is quite concerned with Liberty's rampant destruction of any non-Americans.
  • Kamina has expressed interest in riding on Liberty Prime's shoulder during the final battle between good and evil, pending being able to teach the robot to say "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU COMMUNISTS THINK I AM!?"
  • Liberty Prime considers the infamous being known as Chin to be an honorary American, being the only other deity in the Pantheon whose hatred of communists, China, and communist China comes close to Prime's own. The military strategists in the House of War have been planning for the possibility that the two might someday decide to team up and go on a rampage.

    The Sky Girls 
The Sky GirlsMembers , Goddesses of Motion Capture Mechas (Master Sergeant Otoha Sakurano, Master Sergeant Karen Sonomiya, Lieutenant Eika Ichijo, Elise)
From left to right: Eika, Otoha, Elize and Karen


Sentinel, God of Mecha-Mooks (Mango Sentinel)


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