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"Life finds a way."
Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park (1993)

Connected to the House of Nature, the House of Beasts and Fauna is a massive wilderness made up of every major ecosystem and environment imaginable, not only from Earth's past and present but also from worlds far beyond. It is also home to a variety of organisms great and small; living, extinct and mythical (and disputed). From the smallest insect to the largest dinosaur, and everything in between. The House of Beasts and Fauna is overseen by "The Beasthood" consisting of Io, Bahamut, Tiamat, Kroq-Gar, Grymloq and Rexxar. They maintain the peace, but allow the creatures within to go about their daily business. After all, nature cannot be controlled.

This House is, for the most part, untouched wilderness with a few small settlements scattered across the different habitats found within - usually close to the temples. But you may hear some people call it a zoo without cages. The reason for it? The main gateway to the House is a large zoo, known by most as the Central Zoological Garden. It is around 1,800 acres in size and showcases a variety of species found throughout the worlds*. This region serves as both an introduction to the House in general but to the conservation efforts that have been underway. But most tend to forget its third purpose; acting as a gateway into the wild. Visitors can travel to whatever region in both the House of Beast and Nature. But it is a dangerous place to traverse. Luckily, many of the Nature gods come to visit this House and will sometimes come and keep an eye on travellers. Normally, they act as the guardians of this place but the collective inhabitants are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Especially the cute ones. Mere mortals and deities wishing to not suffer embarrassing injury or fatalities are encouraged to find a tour guide. Steve Irwin leads daily expeditions into the wilderness, with David Attenborough sometimes joining in when he's not doing documentary work. Rexxar keeps things in some semblance of order, but then again, nature doesn't abide by human order.

In the past, there was severe poaching in the House resulting in strict protection measures being put into place. This also resulted in several deities being banned from the House due to either poaching or harming animals in general. Pokemon Hunter J, Cruella De Vil, and Saxton Hale are among the few permanently denied entry. Others, like the Monster Hunters and The Dovahkiin are allowed to take down particularly dangerous beasts and preserve the peace. Still, the House of Dragons doesn't take lightly to their presence.

Not every God or Goddess here is bestial in nature, though. There are some humanoid Gods and Goddesses residing here. Hey, someone's got to take care of the beasts after all. Their temples are located in the settlements scattered across the house, allowing them the chance to interact with the locals and help them out with whatever they need.

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The Beasthood

The Six Guards of the House of Beasts

    Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat 
Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat, Divine Triumvirate of Dragons (Io: The Ninefold Dragon, the Concordant Dragon, the Great Eternal Wheel, Swallower of Shades, Creator of Dragonkind, World-Shaper, Sire of All Creation, Asgorath | Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Grandfather of Dragons, Lord of the North Wind, the Dragon King, Justicemaker, Draco Paladin, Xymor, Marduk the Justice Bringer, Paladine, Apsu | Tiamat: The Chromatic Dragon, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, the Avaricious, the Dragon Queen, Nemesis of the Gods, the Dark Lady, Queen of Chaos, the Undying Queen, Bane of Bahamut, the Primeval Mother, Takhisis, Lotan)
Clockwise from top left, Io, Bahamut, Tiamat
  • Overdeity (Io), Greater Deities (Bahamut, Tiamat)
  • Symbols: A multicolored metallic disk (Io), A star above a milky nebula or A blue shield with a white dragon's head (Bahamut), A five-headed dragon representing the primary Chromatic Dragon types (Tiamat)
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Io), Lawful Good (Bahamut), Lawful Evil (Tiamat)
  • Portfolio: Dragonkind
  • Domains: Dragon (All), Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel, Wealth, Spell (Io), Law, Good, Protection, Light (Bahamut), Destruction, Evil, Greed, Hatred, Law, Scalykind, Trickery, Tyranny (Tiamat)
  • Herald: Aasterinian (Io)
  • High Priests: Apsu (Bahamut), Dahak (Tiamat)
  • Followers: ALL Dragons
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Gandalf (Io)
  • Rivals: Smaug (Tiamat)
  • Enemies:
  • Io is the progenitor of dragonkind, all dragons that exist in the multiverse, including his children exist in some manner thanks to him. Melkor claims to have created dragons but in actuality his were simply corrupted versions of Io's dragons. He reclaimed his seat from his son Bahamut when the Hall of Dragons was formed. Or, to be precise, Bahamut called dad because he needed experienced help dealing with a large amount of dragons with vastly different personalities (and sanity levels). While Io rules dragonkind, Bahamut and Tiamat rule the good and evil members respectively.
  • Io has little love for Ornstein, due to him making a living off of hunting dragons. It's the one thing Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat can agree on unanimously.
  • Exclusive to Io:
    • Io's true form is unfathomably large; it is said the largest dragon who ever lived is no bigger than a single one of his scales. He can, and does, appear as any age or breed of dragon, however.
    • Io, for the most part, cares for nothing but his children, dragonkind, as a whole. If an individual dragon jeopardizes the safety of the draconic races, he will oppose it. He prefers to remain aloof from conflicts between dragons, however.
    • It is said by his priests that Io existed before the Shadow Void, which is known to us as the multiverse. He existed in the First Void, the hidden domain of pre-creation. And, if they are to be believed, Io existed alone in the First Void until he shed some of his own blood and created the potential for other things to come into being.
    • He has nothing to do with that Io, so please tell the Radiant Heroes to stop bugging him. It's getting on his nerves.
    • Due to being the primordial dragon, the original, the Alpha, Io has the unique station amongst Dragons. Because of this, Io has command of all dragons, mattering not if they're a deity. Which is one of the main reasons why he's the overall leader of the Hall of Dragons, as no matter how strong a dragon deity thinks they are, they still answer to Io.
    • Io is slow to act, and even slower to anger, (except when dragonkind itself is in danger) due to his habit of thinking out any action carefully in advance, he is however a truly terrible sight to behold when angered. One particular facet of his power is his breath: All dragons have a breath weapon, Io has all breath weapons and may use them all at once. The specifics: Fire, Sleep Gas, Repulsion Gas, Lightning, Acid, Slowing Gas, Combustible Gas, Ice, Paralyzation Gas, Flaywind sand, Caustic Ooze, Corrosive Gas, Psychotropic Vapor, Force, Blinding Light, Deafening Sound, Panicking Sound, Dehydration, Freezing Crystals, Pulsing magnetic energy, Superheated sparks, Sleep Gas, Superheated Sand, White-hot fire, Hold monster Gas, Razor-sharp thorns, Dismissal effect, Scouring Dust, Sonic energy, Fear Gas, Confusion Gas, Poisonous Insanity vapors, Antithetical energy, Whitefire, Ectoplasm, Inebriation Gas, Apathy Gas, Howling sound, Maddening wails, Tranquility Gas, Pyroclastic, Disintegration, Rusting liquid, Stupefying Gas, Disruptive force, Will-sapping Gas, Sludge, Energy-draining shadows, Electrically-charged Gas, Incarnum energy, Sun Blast, Prismatic Spray, Poison, Elemental energy, Strength-draining Gas, and Negative Energy.
    • Acnologia attempted to usurp Io's position by using his ability to absorb all magic to No-Sell his Breath Weapon alongside his Dragon Slayer Magic. Io just threw him through a mountain in response.
    • Despite viewing all dragons as his children, there are some... problem ones. He does not approve of what Deathwing has done to Azeroth, as not only was it jeopardizing the world itself, it was also endangering the Dragonflights, and lead to the near-extinction of the Black Dragonflight.
    • Creatures that look like dragons, but aren't really dragons, are not his descendants, and more often than not annoy him.
  • Exclusive to Bahamut:
    • Some dragons, sadly, have taken to the path of evil. Bahamut is always on the watch for their actions and will take wing to combat them if they get out of control, but mostly leaves other beings to their own matters.
    • Bahamut governs his throne with several aides created by others in his image, including Paladine, another dragon named Bahamut, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Seven golden dragons guard the entrance to his throne.
    • Upon learning of the Dovahkiin's ascension, he immediately arranged for a third party to very carefully explain he was not evil and had no intention of pissing said Dragonborn off. Thankfully, the Dovahkiin got the message and agreed to live and let live so far.
    • You do NOT want to be near him when his eyes are dark blue, as it’s a warning sign that he's pissed off. Anyone who tries to provoke Bahamut in this state ends up as either a bloody smear on the floor, reduced to ash by his primary Breath Weapon, or a popsicle via his secondary Breath Weapon.
    • Very fond of polymorphing into something seemingly weak and defenseless to bait evil people into attacking him. It never ends well as the aggressor receives the wrath of eight (including himself) angry dragons as their reward.
    • Became fast friends with Alexstrasza as they had quite a lot in common.
    • Despite being allies with him, Bahamut has mixed feelings for Issei: he knows he's a really good person at heart, but is mortified by the fact that he's called the Chichiryuutei due to his perversion. Nonetheless, the two still remain good friends no matter what.
    • Has nothing but contempt for the self-proclaimed Dragon King Acnologia, seeing him as nothing more than an usurper who took it over the corpses of his fellow dragons, many of them innocent. This only increased when he learned that he Was Once a Man, which means he doesn't even have the honor of being among the dragons birthed from his father, Io. As such, Bahamut would have no objections to putting an end to the Black Dragon's rampages personally if he gets out of hand.
  • Exclusive to Tiamat:
    • Tiamat is the five-headed queen of the evil chromatic dragons. She has one head for each of the most common colors of chromatic dragon (Black, Blue, Green, Red, White), and each head has the powers of a member of the respective race of dragonkind.
    • Tiamat had an immediate enemy in Squall Leonhart, as he did battle against one of her Avatars.
      • Optimus Prime also made her an enemy of his due to her once sounding like Megatron. Though it was also pointed out that Prime sounded like the other villain in the cartoon. He chooses to ignore that.
    • Tiamat HATES Alexstrasza, seeing her as a shameful excuse for a Red Dragon, and focused too much on others rather than survival. Alexstrasza in response views Tiamat as a ruthless despot, one who focuses on plans to subjugate and control as opposed to aiding others. Tiamat thanked Alexstrasza for restating the obvious. Another reason is their differing views on the mortal races. Alexstrasza views them as having incredible potential that should be nurtured. They've turned their short lived nature into the drive behind their greatest strength. Tiamat however, views the mortal races as merely pawns at best, and food at worst. Another reason is that Bahamut dared to mistake Alexstrasza for her. An insult like that, Tiamat will never forget nor forgive.
      • Due to this, the sisters Alexstrasza and Ysera attempted to do battle with Tiamat. The combined strength of the green and red wyrms was great, and sundered the surrounding area. But Tiamat is a crafty dragon, and didn't get to her station through a lack of cunning. As suddenly as the battle started between the three she-wyrms, Tiamat revealed her four other heads. Acid and corrosive gas struck Ysera, while lightning and ice buffeted Alexstrasza. The combined might of Tiamat's five heads drove the twin Dragon Aspects off, though all three suffered injuries to both themselves and their pride.
    • Tiamat has a mostly friendly, if cool, relationship with King Ghidorah. Their relationship is mostly because of their shared trait of multiple heads.
    • Has a rather positive relationship with Acnologia. Despite having once been human, she believes he is the very definition on what a true dragon should be: Proud, feared, battle-ready, and uncaring for the mortal races. It helps to the fact that he considers her a Worthy Opponent and is content with leaving her with her title... for now. Some wonder, more seriously than others, if their relationship isn't just suffering from Unresolved Sexual Tension though...
      • She also looks favorably on Deathwing, laughing with relish when she learned about his entrance across Azeroth as well as the grief he gives to Alextrasza and Ysera. Some believe that if it weren't for his... condition, she'd gladly mate with him.

    Kroq-Gar & Grymloq 
Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Saurian Gods of Mounted Combat (Last Defender of Xhotl)
Foreground: Kroq-Gar, Background: Grymloq
  • Greater Gods when Together (Individually Intermediate Gods)
  • Symbol: A Golden Totem embedded underneath a Carnosaur Footprint
  • Theme Song: The Fallen Gates
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral With Traces of Orange (Kroq-Gar), True Neutral (Grymloq)
  • Portfolio: Mounted Combat, Fighting Partners, The Last Remnants of the City of Xhotl, Covered in Millennia Worth of Scars, Very Affectionate for One Another
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Mounts, Combat, Rage, Loyalty
  • Heralds: The Lizardmen of Lustria (Gor-Rok, Chakax, Tehenhauin)
  • Superior: Lord Kroak
  • Allies: Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Rexie, The Raptor Pack, Rampardos, Speckles, The Dinobots, The Other Dinobot, Doctor Fate, Reptile, Kotal Kahn, Grøh, Velvet Crowe, Night Raid, The Doom Slayer, Rexxar, Thrall, The Nameless King, Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Heroism Cosmos]] and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Karl Franz, Tyrion, Teclis, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Settra, King Arthur Pendragon, Arturia Pendragon, Optimus Prime, The Four Magicians, Guts, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers
  • Enemies: Archaon, Nagash, Melkor, Griffith, The Beastmen, Malekith, Bernkastel, Pokemon Hunter J, Mr. Burns, Mesogog, The Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Deviljho, Spinosaurus, Riptor
  • On Speaking Terms With: Eliza Thornberry, Bowser
  • Respected By: The Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, Atrocious, Thaal Sinestro)
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Alan Grant
  • Complicated Relationship: The Gang of Seven, The Monster Hunters, Regina
  • Feared By: Numerous Beast Deities (especially those in the House of Beasts), The House of Commerce
  • Among many of the Lizardmen born in the city of Xhotl, Kroq-Gar was destined to be a warrior for his race and was marked with greatness by his kin. His birth also coincided with a brood of Carnosaurs, one of the most feared predators of the New World, with Kroq-Gar claiming the biggest one for his own, naming him Grymloq. Fighting against the general onslaught of Chaos for centuries, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq took refuge in Xhotl with the Slann erecting a magical barrier to enforce defence before it wore off, causing the Daemons to pillage and wreck the city to ruins and killing anyone they came across. This enraged Kroq-Gar beyond all belief, fighting and slaughtering his enemies before leading his army out of the now depopulated Xhotl. Over the centuries, Kroq-Gar travelled around the dense forests of Lustria, his army slowly dying off until him and Grymloq were what's left of it. He was then found and approached by Lord Madzamundi in Hexoatl, who took the Lizardman warrior under his wing and unite as many of the Lizardmen as possible. Enlisted in leading his race to carry out the "Great Old One's Plan" Following this, Kroq-Gar has led several battles with Grymloq and the Hexoatl troops over the centuries to ensure his race's ultimate goals. It's only a matter of time before the End Times begin to coincide with the task.
  • Like nearly everyone from his world, Lustria included, Kroq-Gar entered the Pantheon after the End Times. The last report of his sightings were his escape from Lustria via a series of spaceships designed by the Lizardmen in case the Great Old Plan had failed, and as shown, the New World, alongside everything else was destroyed by the machinations of the Chaos Gods and the heralding of Archaon. Turns out, it took years for Kroq-Gar to make his way to the Pantheon, given that while he did manage to find a ship, unbeknownst to most, he didn't keep contact with anyone and was unaware of Lord Kroak's position of Greater God. His arrival did little to faze him though, given that he's already experienced enough. That, and the fact that the Chaos Gods have settled for conquering new worlds, one of which he and his race have recently begun to colonize has gotten him riled up and ready to battle once again.
    • If there's one sort of compensation to be had in the entire situation, it's that Kroq-Gar was reunited with Grymloq after the Carnosaur was fatally poisoned and dissolved to acid by the Skaven Lord Skrolk. Additionally, having new lands also means Grymloq has a new opportunity to carve out a territory for him and Kroq-Gar to patrol.
  • The Lizardmen, in general, are some of the most mysterious races of their world, and it still remains in the Pantheon. They are vicious, brutal and unforgiving when it comes to their demeanour and each and every Lizardmen is born to be a warrior and serve their leaders with utmost dedication. However, despite their perpetually raging nature and being rather solitary, they are not evil, but rather have a very skewed perspective of morality. They don't hate other races (In fact, their mind cannot process the idea of malice), but they usually don't understand much about the other races anyway. They do, however, have a select list of enemies on their hit-list, namely the Skaven and the Forces of Chaos. To the races they don't care about, they'd let them be and even form an alliance if there's a form of convenience and common goal (The threat presented by Archaon was enough for the Lizardmen, the High Elves, Dwarfs and Human Civilization to form the banner of the Shield of Civilization in one alternate timeline). To their enemies, they would commit outright genocide towards them because they are simply not mentioned in the Great Old One's plan. Kroq-Gar is no different from a typical Lizardmen save for the fact that he is among the greatest warriors his race has ever produced.
    • And even with the Shield of Civilization, the Lizardmen alliance is tense and difficult at best. They can be too aggressive to negotiate with and it's normally best to not approach them when their natural battle instincts are hit. That said, they are reliable warriors and having common goals means they can be trusted upon to some extent. The Dwarfs, however, are not over the fact that the Lizardmen heavily damaged their kingdom by literally moving a series of mountains where the Dwarfen strongholds were built under were moved, destroying them. That said, the Lizardmen had no idea that the Dwarfs would have fortresses in these mountains as they expected them to be someplace else according to the scriptures of the Great Old Ones.
  • As a very skilled, experienced, and powerful warrior that would impress most individuals in the Houses of Combat and Military and Warfare, Kroq-Gar comes equipped with two special pieces of equipment that have highlighted his talented prowess, excluding Grymloq of course:
    • Hand of Gods - A mechanical arm device that is implemented into Kroq-Gar's amputated left-arm, this allows his to conjure spheres of light in his palms which he can use to launch onto his foes.
    • Revered Spear of Tlanxla - A legendary weapon once believed to have been wielded by the Old One deity Tlanxla. It has ancient magical energy coursing around it and whatever enemy it strikes causes them to sap away their will to fight via projecting them with visions of doom.
  • Kroq-Gar is one of the most resilient and determined beings in the entire Pantheon. How so? The poisoned plague censor wielded by Lord Skrolk that killed Grymloq is stated to instantly kill anyone upon contact. Kroq-Gar was stabbed by it... and he resisted the effect by nothing other than sheer willpower. No healing magic, no advanced immune system, just plain determination. And no matter what sort of obstacle comes across to intrude his path and goal, Kroq-Gar will simply not back away and plough through, wasting no time to do what needs to be done. It's a relief that he isn't evil, although calling him good can be a bit of a stretch.
  • The Carnosaurs of Lustria are said to be among the most terrifying beings of their world and one of the undisputed apex predators of Lustria. They were so feared and successful as predators that there were no dragons in Lustria. Carnosaurs were able to hunt and kill dragons effectively in spite of simply being animals with no elemental attribute. Add to the fact that the Lizardmen and their mounts both get Stronger with Age and you have a duo that could intimidate beings from ever coming to their hunting grounds or cities which they defend. Considering the fact that Grymloq is just as old as Kroq-Gar...
    • The Carnosaur's position as apex predators are mainly due to the fact that they are inherently so good at taking down their prey, which also includes large monsters. In fact, Grymloq, being a Carnosaur with millennia worth of experience and getting Stronger with Age like his companion, manages to inflict even more damage than usual when attacking monsters. For this reason, numerous animals and beasts are downright terrified of him and only a beast of Intermediate God status or higher are able to properly rival Grymloq and there are some dragons who are capable of matching up to or even defeating the Carnosaur in a fair fight. At least Grymloq isn't evil is that's worth a compensation.
  • Immediately reuniting with Lord Kroak, Kroq-Gar had to quickly learn about new customaries that were established in the Pantheon. Given his age and the wisdom he has earned from this, he was able to adapt and learn faster than his fellow Lizardmen which he bought forth as his Heralds. However, Kroq-Gar does have a very skewed way of understanding regarding other races. While the Great Old One's plan may not exist anymore in this literal new world, some of his beliefs are kept in check, mainly his hostility towards most races that don't belong to him. He's beginning to mellow out, but that doesn't wash away his ruthlessness in any way.
  • Understandably, Kroq-Gar is not over the fact that Archaon destroyed the world, effectively ruining the Great Old One's plans and rendering the Lizardmen's thousand-year efforts meaningless. Now that they're both in the Pantheon, Kroq-Gar is more than willing to pay him back. That, and potentially slaughter the Chaos Gods too while he's at it. The problem is, the Chaos Gods are way too powerful beyond his comprehension. That might be mitigated given that Kroq-Gar and Lord Kroak can find potential new allies to work with.
  • Kroq-Gar works with Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, given that Lord Kroak secretly covers for them and offers them magical support from time-to-time. However, working with such a new alliance proved to be difficult as Kroq-Gar is rather vicious and brutal. That said, the Chaos Gods are aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Kroq-Gar and his race are infinitely opposed against the Forces of Chaos, so he and Lord Kroak would need an alliance with others fast.
    • As Lord Kroak is a secret benefactor for the Puella Magi, Kroq-Gar feels as if it's his duty to provide aid for them in battle. He and Madoka turn out to have no difficulty working with one another as her position as the Pantheon's mascot Hope Bringer seems to be something that the saurian warrior can rely on without issue. He's also assigned himself to teach Sayaka in how to better her fighting performance. If he's got thousands of years of experience, then it should be of value in Sayaka's perspective. Again, while all this is likely because of Lord Kroak's guidance, Kroq-Gar can be a very reliable ally to those not of his race, provided he has the motivation to carry it out.
  • While Lizardmen don't really have much concern regarding Commerce, one should really think twice if they're wanting to steal their gold. No, Lizardmen don't value their gold because of wealth, but because it's in their gold that the Great Old One's plan and messages are inscribed into it. That was one lesson Mr. Burns learned the hard way when he tried to steal some of the Lizardmen's goal. Along with Kroq-Gar himself, the Lizardmen are insanely dedicated to their cause. It might be considered luck that Mr. Burns survived with his life and the House of Commerce outright fear the Lizardmen after this situation.
  • Eliza Thornberry has managed to establish a decent relationship with the Lizardmen in general. It helps in that she could translate the race's foreign language and Eliza can use this to hopefully make people understand the Lizardmen somewhat better. She's nice enough to respect the Lizardmen's needs and interests and is very cautious about their gold, unlike many of the more greedy gods in the Pantheon. Kroq-Gar, in turn, has no ill will against Eliza due to her hospitality and occasionally would allow her to visit his domain. Still doesn't allow her to touch gold though.
  • The Great Rebellion was an outcome that not only affected the Pantheon but also further complicate the Lizardmen's goal of trying to maintain law and order. With the rise of YHVH and Lucifer, one would assume that Kroq-Gar and Lord Kroak would leave the GUAG and instead join the Grand United Alliance of Law. Instead, they saw YHVH as being far too restrictive regarding carrying out orders plus the GUAL's overall goal is simply subjugation for the sake of an egocentric god. At least Cosmos is respectable and understanding enough to let Kroq-Gar and the Lizardmen to operate freely, though there's the occasional penalty if their actions come off as too extreme.
    • He hates Lucifer for representing Chaos and for causing mayhem and a schism in the Pantheon during his establishment for the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Furthering this animosity is him grooming Homura to be one of his top generals, an idea that Kroq-Gar finds insulting towards Lord Kroak. While he clearly doesn't understand Homura's love for Madoka, he also feels that Homura is being forced against her will. That and the fact that Lord Kroak himself doesn't have any ill feelings towards Homura's defection to Lucifer means Kroq-Gar feels obligated to bring her back, regardless of the consequences.
  • Being dinosaurs, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq very frequently visit the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts and find it to be a very suitable hunting ground and place of solace. Their presence caught the attention of the many dinosaurs that dwell here. It seems Rexie, Own Grady's Raptors and Rampardos don't object and get along. The Gang of Seven is a lot more complicated. Chomper is on good terms with Grymloq, but the other members, particularly Littlefoot are outright terrified of Grymloq given his destructive prowess and fearsome appearance. That said, Grymloq doesn't see the Gang of Seven as prey as they're too small to really fulfil his diet anyway and Kroq-Gar doesn't seem to mind their presence all too much either.
    • Speaking of dinosaurs, Grymloq is named after the leader of the Dinobots. Grimlock (The Dinobot) sees this as a sign of respect and admiration and has gotten along pretty well with the Carnosaur. The other Dinobots also see Grymloq without much concern and the other Dinobot (The Raptor) will often think about working with Kroq-Gar and Grymloq when it comes to dealing with threats. Grymloq himself is also one of the very few dinosaurian beings who can take on Deviljho in a fair fight. Then again, this is a beast that terrifies dragons, so Monster Hunters have taken some kind of interest in it.
    • Alan Grant was curious about Grymloq's physiology and seeks to study about the dinosaur at some, provided if Kroq-Gar would even allow him to do so. And given the Carnosaur's reputation, it's very easier said than done. Regina, however, tends to keep her distance, given her experience with dinosaurs but has seen that Kroq-Gar wouldn't pose her a threat if they happen to have a similar threat to deal with, namely beasts like the Sharptooth, the Spinosaurus and Riptor.
  • Kroq-Gar's indomitable will and his controlled rage were seen in a very favourable light by the Green and Red Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps were also impressed given the fear factor Grymloq possesses and how Kroq-Gar manages to make this more effective. Each of them has had a small quarrel over which Lantern Ring will Kroq-Gar take up. The Lizardman hasn't said anything about the matter.
  • Despite their solitary behaviour towards other races and civilizations, Kroq-Gar is not without having some allies from that side. He gets along pretty well with Thrall and Rexxar, especially considering that the latter was able to pet Grymloq, much to Kroq-Gar's surprise and it was nice to have a pair of Orcs that weren't outright hostile for once. Velvet Crowe is another solitary figure, though she notes that her and Kroq-Gar use their hate very often, though, in Velvet's case, it's more offensive whereas Kroq-Gar's is more tied to his willpower and goals. And regarding assassinations, Kroq-Gar can usually rely on Akame, Night Raid and Kiritsugu Emiya in getting tasks done. With Velvet and Night Raid all being more ambiguous heroes, Kroq-Gar doesn't have to worry too much about disappointing them.
    • With their Aztec influence, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq have no problem in making accomplices with Kotal Kahn, with Kotal being rather pleased to have a dedicated warrior as a confidant and ally in critical situations.
    • He has some form of respect towards The Nameless King. It helps in that the king himself has a very close bond with his dragon, The King of the Storm, similar to how Kroq-Gar and Grymloq are more-or-less Bash Brothers. Thankfully, Grymloq and the King of the Storm don't fight one another as their companions already share some form of camaraderie.
  • In one possible timeline set after the End Times, the Lizardmen have taken up the name of the Seraphon and are among the factions of the Grand Alliance of Order. Kroq-Gar is not happy with the fact that he and Grymloq don't get to appear in this new world, though at least his race is still continuing on the fight. That said, he doesn't like the notion of the Seraphons being labelled as "Daemons of Order", given that he, Grymloq and his race did everything they could in keeping the Daemons of Chaos away from destroying the world.

Rexxar, Divine Representative of Beastmasters (Champion of the Horde, Last son of the Mok'Nathal, The Hunter, Facehunter, SMOrc and variants of "X" Hunter, Deathstalker Rexxar)
Rexxar with his pet bear Misha
Deathstalker Rexxar 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His wolf Mask and the two axes he carries
  • Theme Song: His Heroes of the Storm theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dark wolf mask, Master of five different wild animals, Deep and Raspy voice, Hermit Guru, Hero of the wild, Belongs to a Hybrid race of Half-orcs and Half-Ogres, Trap Master
  • Domains: Beast, Nature, Hunting
  • Heralds: His pets Misha (a bear), Huffer (A boar), Leokk (a wyvern), Haratha (a wolf) and Spirit (a hawk)
  • High Priests: Karroch, Takkar
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Leoric, Zhaitan, Diablo, Mordremoth, anyone who mistreats animals
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Uther Lightbringer, Muradin Bronzebeard, Kunkka (However, they got inmense respect for each other)
  • Tamed Beasts: Rexie and Sharptooth
  • Rexxar is a member of the Mok'nathal, half-orc and half-ogre hybrids. He lived in the wild all his life thanks to the countless betrayals he suffered at the hands of his kin, only coming to trust the beasts of the wild. Thanks to his connections with his good friends Thrall and Vol'jin, and his bonds with wild animals, Rexxar was allowed a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Rexxar is never seen without his trusty animal companions, and they have gone on numerous adventures together. For Rexxar, the animals are the only family he has… except for his father...(It's...complicated)
    • At first, he was sad because there was someone missing. However, to his surprise, his old pet wolf Haratha was also revived via the House of Life and Death. Rexxar was on the verge of tears and promised to never separate from Haratha again.
    • If Rexxar was bound to be on a pinch, he would always have the backup of his animal friends, Although people has pointed out that his boar, Huffer, is the most likely to show up first.
    • Super secret: Misha is his favorite.
  • It's really tired that everyone keeps confusing his mask for a bat. It's a Wolf!…and a dark one at that!
    • However, he doesn't hold ill will towards the other masked Batman.
  • It was no surprise when he became friends with The Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis, since they both have a lot in common. Although Rexxar praises her proficiency with the bow, he doesn't believe that hunting with a bow is the ultimate challenge, people should try with an axe.
  • If there was any doubt that he was a Beastmaster, those were ended when he was seen taming both Rexie and Sharptooth at the same time. This is isn't the first time he managed to do this, given that back in his home world, He did the same with two creatures called King Krush and Gahz'rilla.
  • Rexxar immediately became friends with other hunters in the Pantheon, but his relationships vary with each one he meets:
    • He often joins the Monster Hunters along with his fellow animal companions on their quest to slay monsters and actually, he has really proven himself to be quite a force to be reckoned with. However, when it comes to looting, they always call him out on his ridiculous earnings.
    "Just to be clear, all the loot we get from this is mine, I need it for… hmm, hunter reasons!"
    • The Dovakhin is really impressed with Rexxar's abilities and often the two tag along during their hunting sessions. However, he doesn't trust his bear Misha, given his horrible encounter with bears. Rexxar usually is the one caught in the middle of the fights between Misha and the Dragonborn.
    • He gets along really well with both team RWBY and JNPR and actually is impressed with how these young kids can handle themeselves in such a hostile world such as Remnant. However, he is much more closer with Blake, as he also understands why she lived as a loner who was shunned by her people, since Rexxar also suffers from the same problem.
  • It has been noted that Rexxar usually avoids saying a name of an animal directly. It seem that whenever he pronounces one, a sound from said animal will play on his back, greatly annoying him. Unfortunately, this has been the reason why he was constantly trolled by this condition
  • He gets along quite well with fellow ogre Shrek, citing that he is very much surprised that this ogre isn't as dumb as the ones in his world. Shrek is also particularly confused of how there can exist a race of half-ogres but he stopped asking that question after seeing Donkey's kids.
  • Because of his heritage, Rexxar has bonded with those who also have received discrimination for being Halfbreeds, like Setsuna Sakurazaki or Rutile. He however claims that he is only a quarter Ogre (That would explain why he isn't as stupid as his Homeworld Ogres)
  • Kunkka just happens to have a strong feeling of distrust of Mok'nathal for reasons he himself doesn't understand. However, both he and Rexxar acknowledges as worthy adversaries and Rexxar himself can't help but feel a really familiar face in the pirate.
  • He made friends with Wolverine pretty quickly. It might be because that they are both loners who sounds Suspiciously Similar.
  • Rexxar is often seen spending time on Moe's tavern, particularly playing his favourite card game and frequently challenges other people he happens to come by. He also claims that the hunter is one of the best Classes available to play at.
    • However, one particular playstyle of him is largely considered very anti-fun to play against thanks to his disregard in dealing with the enemy board and just attack the Hero. His opponents usually blames his ogre side for that.
    • Oh, and everytime you have been beaten by a hunter? That was him...
  • "It is said that I hunt alone. Wandering these bitter lands, far from civilization. But in truth, I hunt with family. One that I hold close. I protect them, and they protect me. I am Rexxar, Champion of the Horde. And I never hunt alone."
    • It has been pointed out in confusion that Rexxar once also said that he "Hunts alone". Other group, states that instead he said that He Hunts a Loan. Nobody is sure what he actually meant when he said that.
  • He heard that prior to his own ascension, there was a notable Beastmaster that had been keeping one of the greater deities in it (Godzilla) in line and visited this House a lot, but had done so less frequently than usual due to the presence of two other deities in this House. That Beastmaster deity turned out to be a rather timid Pegasus pony who immediately reeled back upon first meeting him. But after some patience and conversation, Rexxar was in awe that Fluttershy could cow great beasts without violence or threats (apart from an occasional Death Glare) and the two became allies.
  • There are rumors that Rexxar secretly is abusive to his poor Misha, thus his positioning is a sham. It's not true, as Rexxar takes good care of all his pets. Well, about the first statement, true believers... Dooooon't yoooouuu beliiieve iiiiit! (Though you can believe claims about how he can stave off death beams from the sky by just playing dead.)
  • In an alternate universe, after witnessing the decay of the wilds and losing his closest companions, Rexxar made a deal with Gul'dan and became a Death Knight to take revenge on Malfurion. Little did he know that Malfurion also felt prey of the same bargain, as he became a Death Knight to protect the wilds but ended up making things worse. His domain over undead beast had let Rexxar create a few unnatural creatures by being stitched and put together, like the Bearshark. This Rexxar caught the attention of the Undead Dragon Zhaitan, who specializes in something very similar and wants to learn more about said alternate Rexxar.
  • "Let the Hunt begin!"

There are around 700 species represented in the Central Zoological Garden. Here are just a few examples.

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