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The Divine Tabernacle of Religion and Faith!

Out of all the Houses in the Pantheon, this is probably the one that inhabitants of the mortal worlds has the most access to. This is where people from all worlds and religions pay their respects to their gods. The House of Religion and Faith is not just one house due to the massive diversity that religions have, but is instead a massive collection of gargantuan churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, totem poles, monasteries, cathedrals and so forth. There is at least one place for every god, Good, Evil, Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral, for the mortals to pray to. In this place, you can find anything from marriages, animal sacrifices, fighting pits (for worshiping war-loving gods such as the Nordic Pantheon), holy as well as unholy rituals and so forth. It is also one of the most guarded Houses in order to make sure that followers do not clash against each other. Sometimes, gods from the other houses will visit in order to bless (or curse) their followers.

Contrary to popular belief, this house doesn't promote sacrilege, as the Gods sometimes pray to Ilúvatar. And they mostly abhor their priests (excepting Evil Gods here) to shamelessly use the word "Wololo"

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The Great Triad

Azmodan, God Herald of the Seven Deadly Sins (the Greatest General of Hell, Lesser Evil of Sin, the TRUE Lord of Hell, Azmodunk, Lord of the Court)
  • Lesser Evil (in other words, Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: Azmodan and his Boss theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Adipose Rex, Wants to be the Prime Evil and ursurp Diablo, Four-Star Badass, Fat Bastard, The Hedonist, Taunts to his enemies, alot, Jerkass, Large Ham, Super Arrogant due to being the representation of the seven sins, Lots of minions and resources, Fantastic Racism
  • Domains: Sin, Evil, Arrogance, Minions
  • Followers: All non-ascended Homunculi, The Fallen Heroes
  • Heralds: His Sin Lords, Cydaea, Maiden of Lust and Ghom, Lord of Gluttony. The rest haven't been mentioned until today.
  • Allies: Gul'dan, the House of Demons, the Koopalings, Pride, Lust, Father, The Old Gods (specifically Y'shaarj), The Chaos Gods, especially Slaneesh and Khorne, Lord Jaraxxus
  • Sibling Rivalry with: Diablo
  • Weirded out with: Murky, Artanis
  • Rivals: Sans, Adria
  • Evil Counterpart to: Alphonse Elric
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, the majority of the House of Angels especially Tyrael, Billy Baston/Shazam, The Mane Six (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity), Greed, Akeno Himejima (and by extension, Issei Hyodo and the ORC), Death (Darksiders), Sicily, Terrorblade, Meliodas, Uther the Lightbringer, Illidan Stormrage
  • Lesser Evil, Lord of Sin, Azmodan is basically the amalgamation of the Seven Deadly Sins: Greed, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Envy and Gluttony. Placed in his minions and his most trusted Sin Lords, these sins is what comprises Azmodan's power and at the same time caused his downfall, especially against Diablo. Worse, his pride costed him his plans and himself, though this could be because he is the embodiment of the seven deadly sins.
    • After his death at the hands of the Nephalems, he was shortly ported back into Court of the Gods, where he was judged for his sinful ways. There, they placed him as the herald of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • As one of the brightest generals of Hell, he is highly regarded as a good tactician, although no one sees him doing such. This has given a trust issue with most tacticians around the Pantheon, as he also has the tendency to spill out the plans.
  • His anger immediately unfolded when he heard of the Nephalem's presence, sending unending minions and fireballs at the House of Prophecy. After the battle, Azmodan was forced to retreat back into his temple, seeing that there are surprisingly more powerful deities than what he can deal with.
    • His infuriation however reached peak levels when he saw Diablo's presence as well. While this will help settle their rivalry once and for all, he noticed that he already has a large amount of allies to help him when he decides to fight the Lord of Sin. With this discovery, he decided to leave him be, only when the time comes.
    • He has stated that it feels like a reunion in here, after seeing familiar faces of many kind, especially his sworn enemies.
    Azmodan: So many faces, so little time. My plans shall fall into their own fates.
    • For him however, he loves to gloat around Tyrael for sacrificing his anglehood to save humanity. Since this is the Pantheon however, the Angel can switch to being mortal and angel at will, given thanks to Cosmos. That doesn't stop The Lord of Sin to mock his actions.
    Azmodan: How does it feel like losing your position, for such worthless rewards. Such shame for you.
    Azmodan: You sound like a Fallen One.
    • The same thing can be said with Artanis since the latter thinks he is a zerg.
    Azmodan: Zerg? You fail to amuse me.
    • He thinks that Uther's plight to the light is worthless on his crusade. After all, he did extinguish him in the many battles of the Nexus just to prove it.
    Azmodan: Consider your Light...extinguished.
    • Worse, when he met the Nephalem Johanna, she kept on insisting that if they are fighting together, never reveal your plans. To add even further salt to the wound, almost every villain has reminded him to never overdo himself due to his General Failure tendencies. He's pretty much annoyed with her (and by extension, every villains') comments.
  • Currently, he is training the Koopalings in the art of embracing the Seven Sins. While they "failed" most of Azmodan's tests, he is somewhat amused with their shenanigans and has shown that the Koopalings have a sin that they have mastered, Greed.
    • At the same time, he has become allies with the ascended Homunculi Pride, Lust and Father. All who are representations of their respective sins. They often go to Azmodan's temple, further increasing their power from sins done from Pantheon members and mortals alike. This has gotten Azmodan's attention and is considering to place them as his remaining heralds as replacements.
      • He considers Lust's looks veeeery distracting as he either contests which is better, Cydaea or Lust. Though the both of them are okay with Azmodan as their "master".
    • He became very disappointed with Greed after the latter's Heroic Sacrifice in order to reach a godly level. Because of this, he considers him a travesty to all sinners in the world.
    • There was also a time when Meliodas was going to be considered a herald for Wrath, until he saw his true side. To this day, he is still pissed for the former's motivation of good rather than evil (despite being a representation of wrath).
  • Is being considered for recruitement into the Burning Legion, commanded by none other than Lord Jaraxxus. He has politely accepted such offer and is willing to send reinforcements from Hell just to assist, though this could be a cover up to usurp Sargeras.
    • Illidan however saw this and has warned the GUAG of his plans, forcing Azmodan to "cover up" his plan. It didn't work to say the least.
  • Shazam has dreaded his existence as his title is a grave sign of his former fight against the Embodiment of Sin itself. Azmodan however, has other plans for the hero.
  • The rage he has against the Nephalems have extended to almost every single Nephilim in existence. So far, he has encountered three other nephilim inside Pantheon proper: Akeno Himejima, who met him in person and lost to him in a horrible way, Death, who proved him to be a great adversary, and Sicily, who can not only go toe to toe against him, but defeat him thanks to her magical-defense stats. He's not proud about the results, despite winning once.
    • This did however gave him the ire of Issei Hyodo and the rest of the Occult Reearch Club very quick after the incident with Akeno. Azmodan has been warned him several times to not mess with the Lord of Sin, or else.
    Azmodan: You dare test the Lord of Hell, boy. Because I think you have no idea what you are up against.
  • Warning to all who wish to fight him: Never fight him in Melee combat, as his powerful strikes can leave you vulnerable and his tanky health adds up the difficulty. On the other hand, ranged attacks can make him look like a joke.
  • The Mane Six are watching the Lord of Sin due to being the opposite reflections of Sin and Evil. This annoys Azmodan to a great degree, since he cannot corrupt them in anyway, unless he starts contacting aid from the Old Gods that is.
    • Alphonse Elric was even more shocked to hear an evil representation of him, due to containing all the 7 Great Virtues. Azmodan is not amused at the slightest. With that said, he's going to make his first strike on Alphonse in his to-do list.
  • He has been contacted once by Orc Warlock Gul'dan as a part of his ritual of binding demons. During the ritual, it didn't go so well for the Orc due to Azmodan taking over his body. However, after that incident, Gul'dan has commented that the power inside Azmodan was worth the price.
    • After his "visit", he was met with the Old Gods, who somehow read his mind and got interested with his motivations. Y'shaarj also made a deal that the demon couldn't resist, defeat Diablo with his help. The Lord of Sin reluctantly agreed, without thinking twice. His allies have been warning him of his actions, as it could lead to an even more embarrassing defeat.
  • The Chaos Gods have decided to recruit Azmodan as a Primach for their plans (some say that Tzeentch planned this). Slaneesh especially has been interested with his "sinful" actions. To say that Azmodan was quite pleased is a complete Understatement.
    • Khorne on the other hand has some interesting motives for Azmodan, though he is not going to give it away that easily. Tzeentch has revealed that the Chaos God of War is planning to use him as the next Angron. Time will tell if he will accept the offer.
  • Much like every demon in the Pantheon, Terrorblade has placed him on his kill list. However, the only confusion that both him and Terrorblade share is their voices. It almost becomes hilarious when they even attempt to use Large Hams against each other, someting that irritates both of them so easily.
  • While his plans during the Diablo-verse were albeit stupid for most villains, the biggest mistake Azmodan committed was that he was a Great Evil by default after Belial's death and would have been the true Lord of Hell if he stayed, which was his objective all along. There, many villains also noticed how he fell: Greed.
  • Azmodan's attacks consist of a large long-range behemoth firball called Globe of Annihilation, a laser-like beam that deals heavy longing damage on a certain range, summoning of Demonic Lieutenants, and a wave of minions on the target's corners. All these attacks, and Azmodan can ruin your day, in any way.
    Azmodan: Boom shakalaka...
  • Also has a spot on the House of Demons.
  • "You thought you were so clever...".

    Kiara Sessyoin 
Kiara Sessyoin, Goddess of Naughty Nuns (Heaven's Hole, Last Prophet, Alter Ego, Moon Cancer, Sessyoin Lily, Beast III/R, Beast of Lust, The Demonic Bodhisattva, Melon Mountain, Cow Woman, Wench from the Gutter)
As Heaven's Hole 
As the Mermaid Bodhivattva 
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity as a Beast
  • Symbol: A Copy of The Little Mermaid
  • Theme Song: Anima Ataraxia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Messiah, Sickly In Love With Humanity, Loving Receiving Pain and Giving It, Lustful Demons, The Corrupter
  • Domains: Sex, Religion, Destruction
  • Allies: Akasha the Queen of Pain, Mad Moxxi, Calistria (maybe), Anarchy Panty, Morrigan Aesland
  • Enemies: Nero Claudius , EMIYA, Gilgamesh, Gaia, Viridi, Aphrodite, Shelyn, Lisa Simpson, Byakuren Hijiri, Zenyatta, Ganesha, Maitreya
  • Person of Interest: Shirou Emiya, Wonder Woman
  • Kiara Sessyoin was a leader of a Buddhist sect that believe the only one to achieve true enlightenment is through sex. Dress in a not so holy garment, she would entice any men and women into her wings.
  • Kiara's end goal can be basically sum up as wanting the entire world to end up in a giant orgy and merge together to reach true Nirvana. Despite how it sounds like she wants to doom humanity, thats very far from the case. In her own twisted mind, she believes she helping them end their suffering. These goals have not change as she ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Had a very dark past that pretty much shaped the way she is today. She actually grew up in the decadent Buddhist sect, being expose to the rampant coitus of its members. She was also suffering from a curable disease that went untreated until late in life. She was also ignored by her by her parents. And then when she started to help people, she was hunted down by different organization. All while not understanding why she was being hunted down. Many wonder if she lead a more normal life she would of been seen as a true savior to humanity.
  • Sex crazed angel Anarchy Panty really like the idea of a religion centering around having sex. The only reason why she hasn't join her yet is because of the end goal. Though, Kiara did invite her to try it out for a week. It lasted a month.
    • There are other deities out there who don't mind joining Kiara sex religion. Like Mad Moxxi who had her own trial run to get in. Not too surprisingly, succubi Morrigan Aesland and Akasha have also joined her cult. The latter she especially gets along with since both can get off through pain. But maybe her most ethusiastuc new members would be Charlie Harper, Glenn Quagmire, and Zapp Brannigan.
  • It seems her sexual urges are so great that she even uses the Earth itself as her own pleasure device. This really didn't set well with Earth Goddesses Viridi and Gaia who don't like their Earth being violated. She was also been oppose by love Goddesses Aphrodite and Shelyn. While these two are ok with sex, they are not ok with ending the world in the process.
  • Heard about the sexual frustration of Judge Claude Frollo. Believing she was helping his suffering, she offer her body to him. Though, nothing came out of it as Frollo was either to shock or scared to do anything.
  • Has a soft spot for the story of The Little Mermaid. In her childhood, she admired the fairy tales written by Hans Christian Anderson. She even had a copy of the book as she lay dying from a disease.
    • On an unrelated note, Kiara would deny any assumption of ever meeting Anderson or doing any with him. Nope, she has zero recollection of ever being bad mouthed by him.
  • Being a fellow Buddhist, Lisa Simpson has expressed utter disgust at Kiara's own perverted views of the religion. Especially since Buddha himself abstained from any form of desires. The same goes for Ganesha who couldn't help but roll his eyes at Kiara's actions. In addition to these two, the only other prominent Buddhist practicioner in the Pantheon, Byakuren Hijiri, has effectively banned her from ever setting foot anywhere in the Myouren Temple or its premises.
    • Kiara herself does not have a high opinion of Lisa Simpson, often calling her an "omnipotent moral busybody", and sniping at her by saying "My lust can be sated. What about your need to control how others think?". As for Byakuren, she uses similar comments and questions, in addition to some real low-blow accusations of some...rather risque interactions with some humans, whether it'd be her followers or even Byakuren herself. Neither targeted party were amused by Kiara's callouts towards them, and especially the youkai monk in particular.
  • Truly believes that humanity are the only beings to express emotions. Perticular that of love. She especially looks down on A.I.s as she sees them as lesser beings to be use. Because of that, she can't understand how artificial beings like Yui can be given parental love from Kirito and Asuna or even robots likes WALL-E and EVE falling in love or a human like Kosmos romancing a robot like Nova. To her, it's unnatural and shouldn't happen.
    • Because of this mind set, she made enemies with the Omnic monk Zenyatta who believes that robots are able to gain a soul and develop human emotions.
  • Might not look it, but Kiara has a major in computer science. Her skills are at a level in which she able to rewrite an entire A.I.'s program. So far she has zero desire to use her ability with dealing with any machines or robots. Unless it furthers her own plans.
  • Kiara's pleasure isn't limited to the carnal of the flesh. She also draws from pain, both in delivering and receiving. Any battle with her would sound as if she is reaching a climax.
  • Has shown a surprise interest in Shirou Emiya. Or maybe not that surprising knowing her relationship with his Archer selves. She seems to be attractive to his tragic past and wanting to "heal" that emptiness of his. Many have compare it to a twisted version of falling for a injured animal and wanting to heal it.
    • She has also shown interest in Diana of Themyscira. She wants to transformed the embodiment of truth, peace and love and into one of lust and desire so she can spread her Mad Love to the entire world. So far, any attempts to do so have failed. But she hadn't given up.
  • There are two known alternative version of Kiara Sessyoin. One was part of a cult that actual had ties to an alternate version of a Shirou Emiya. This version of Emiya would have a very twisted love/hate to Kiara that ended with him murdering her and her cult and causing him to end up as an Alter. Another version was a simple therapist working at Chaldea Foundation's Seraphix project. This version, with some manipulation from the Demon Pillar Zepar, saw visions of her other selves. This ended badly as she transformed herself as Beast III/R, The Greatest Enemy of Humanity. Unlike the normal version of Kiara who love humanity, no matter how twisted, this version was a monster who saw herself as the only true human and lead to over hundreds Servants death.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Lustful Behavior.

YHVH, Anthropomorphic Depiction of Archetypal Maltheism (God, YHWH, Yehowah, Yahweh, The Judge, Adonai, King of Light, Elohim, Sabaoth, El Shaddai, Yaldabaoth, Kagutsuchi, Arrogant God, The Three Wise Men, Refined Voice, Metatron, Shekinah, Ancient of Days, The Creator God, The Creator, God of Law, The Great Will, The Holy Grail, False God Demiurge, EMMA, The Lord)
Megami Tensei II YHVH 
El Shaddai 
Three Wise Men 
Ancient of Days 
Demonized YHVH 
  • Overdeity of Law (Overdeity as Kagutsuchi, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah, or Demonized | Greater God as The Three Wise Men, Demiurge, or Ancient of Days | Intermediate God as Sabaoth, Shaddai, Elohim, or Metatron)
  • Symbol: His Countenance
  • Theme Music: Omega (Majin Tensei), Law (PSX version, II, Strange Journey), Major Boss (PSX version), Last Boss Battle 1, Last Boss Battle 2, LAW, Last Boss Battle Before Transformation, Last Boss Battle After Transformation, Shekinah, Law Theme, Battle - b5, Battle - b6, Outer Universe, Battle - f7 Existence of All Things, Battle - f8 One Who Stands Against God, Freedom and Security, Jaldabaoth, Demiurge I: Exodus, Demiurge II: Negai
  • Alignment: Pure Law, which makes him Lawful Neutral to allies and Lawful Evil to enemies. Elohim, Sabaoth, El Shaddai, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah, Ancient of Days are Lawful Evil. The Three Wise Men are Neutral Evil. Kagutsuchi, Demiurge and Metatron are Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Top God, God of Order, The Evils of Free Will, Knight Templar, Order Is Not Good, Flying Face, Disproportionate Retribution, Inconsistent Characterization, Equal-Opportunity Evil, Need For Praise, Creating Avatars, Everybody Hates YHVH, Evil Is Hammy, Greater-Scope Villain, Lack of Empathy, Light Is Not Good, The Maker, Not Quite the Almighty, Omnicidal Maniac, Visionary Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Light, Law, Order, Creation, Tyranny, Faith
  • Heralds: Raguel, Mastema
  • High Priestess: Goddess Ilias
  • Followers: "The Loving God," The Creator, a second The Creator, The Occuria, Wick, Father of Colors, O'ne the Creator, Delaxion, Hapexamendios, One God, YHWH
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Shadows, Chakravartin, Eru Ilúvatar, The Celestials, Vishnu, Chuck Shurley, Zanza, The Love that Moves the Stars, Perpetua
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Auditors of Reality
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone with who disobeys Order or rejectors of salvation from him.
  • Opposes: The Endless
  • Opposed by: Eiki Shiki, Eliphas
  • Respects: Takuto Maruki
  • Disrespects: Claude Frollo
  • Conflicting Opinion: Flynn, Kazuya Minegishi and Hibiki Kuze
  • The divine who holds the name of God in Abrahamic religion, this version of that deity is a far cry from what most religions promote today with a "God Is Good" mindset. YHVH is a god more in line with an older and absolute archetype: a god that should be given 100% adoration by his followers and every law YHVH directs must be given adherence to unconditionally by the masses. YHVH himself has legions upon legions of angels at his disposal to spread his order across different universes, either justifiably or on a whim. Normally, YHVH would not bother with trying to "fix" a functioning society no matter the ideology behind it as long as it has structure. However, if the forces of chaos are going to spill onto the streets, YHVH's forces arrive to quell it all with the belief that uniting everybody under one direction is the ideal way to go. What this ideal direction is varies on who is in charge of spreading YHVH's law but frequently, it involves adoration for YHVH and what he does for civilizations. Many scorn YHVH for these very reasons, finding the Knight Templar nature of his army to be too imposing and frequently quite genocidal towards those who they deem as a threat. As a result, many refuse to join YHVH and even join the forces of chaos because what YHVH represents is just that unlikeable. Some would go as far as to say that YHVH is a Deliberately Bad Example of the faction he represents and only uses the ideology there to promote his own worship, a sentiment even some of his angels agree with such as Satan. Needless to say, YHVH would like to ignore those sentiments and points out he too has sent agents to stop those under his army being too tyrannical even by his standards as rare as that is. Coming to the Pantheon, YHVH outright despises the title he is given because he believes that he truly is doing just things that nobody can understand. Due to his extreme influence and effective methodology, YHVH is one leader among many Grand United Alliance of Law with the hopes that one day, all of the omniverse can be at peace under the rule of order. Being part of the GUAL leadership, YHVH represents absolute and imposing nature of law, even if he is not present to directly lead himself as he acts more of a figurehead.
  • YHVH takes on many forms just like its parent, drafting its power onto certain entities it creates willing or unwilling. Within Satan's Megiddo Ark, there exists Sabaoth, Elohim, and Shaddai who represent the punishment on defying YHVH's will. They are powerful but nothing extremely difficult. Yaldabaoth though truly embodies the worst things that YHVH can bring. Ruling Idea Space, Yaldabaoth wishes to bring the extinction of humanity by any means necessary. If any angel were to ask if this is the god they wish to follow, even they would cringe finding an answer. Kagutsuchi is a strange entity as it is entirely separate from the mythology that its name carries. It is more of an avatar of the Great Will, whose purpose is to bring the Reset Button to the world whenever it shows up. Its still seen as a YHVH avatar by association alone and even has a similar appearance even if Kagutsuchi is way more blocky than YHVH would like. Then the Mother Goddesses show up and destroy YHVH, causing him to split to several known beings: the Three Wise Men, Metatron, and Demiurge. The Three Wise Men can fuse with each other to becoming Shekinah, who is far similar to YHVH in terms of sheer power and attitude. The Three Wise Men themselves appear human and enigmatically manipulate those to freeing them from the Mother Goddesses' grasps. YHVH also has taken the form of Metatron, one of his direct subordinates as an avatar to try to restore his own power. Demiurge on the other hand is another aspect of YHVH having taken a physical form but is under the direct belief that he is the true iteration of YHVH to the point of wiping the floor with Metatron whose goal it is to reassemble their true form. Demiurge shows up again more times afterward, claiming to be god even though it is not the case. The Ancient of Days is a VERY reliable able avatar to YHVH as not only is it powerful but because it is made of an alien matter, the Ancient of Days cannot be seen by mortals regularly. There are probably more forms YHVH could take, all having different purposes and effectiveness but he would not release them unless the situation absolutely necessitates it.
  • YHVH detests Lucifer no matter the incarnation. Even if he is not there, Lucifer believes that destroying the cycle of civilization will bring the best out of mankind. As much as Lucifer would like to point YHVH is the primary cause of this cycle, YHVH would like to point out humans create structural systems as they civilize. It does not even have to relate to religion as using a agnostic approach, even someone who is not an anthropologist can find that human societies universally root themselves into following laws that they share, whether that be written or cultural practices. Technically, YHVH would say that Lucifer follows law to an extent by making a structural system for his forces because without it, Lucifer's ambitions would collapse due to the chaos ironically. He sees Lucifer as a troublesome Fallen Angel who brings nothing seeks to sow disarray across worlds, then abandoning it after succeeding or failing in his grand mission. Lucifer laughs and states that is a fair assessment YHVH has but he would like to point out that that is a very narrow view on what he wants to do. Lucifer does not only want to defeat the forces of law, but to take on the Great Will itself that mandates the repeating cycles of existence and the true driver of the Law concept across their multiverse. Even YHVH is taken aback by that declaration, as his parent deity basically serves as the glue holding existence together and recounts there is only one person YHVH knows who is capable of such a feat, so he and his forces fear how far Lucifer would go regarding this plan.
  • YHVH does his best to try to seem appealing to humans, as there are many cases where he or his avatar find defeat at a mere human's hand alongside the plethora of demons they gain but he still proves to very unpopular regardless. There are even people who join his cause not because they like him but they agree with the ideals on bringing order to the world, something that is detachable from YHVH. Either YHVH makes people like Flynn have a Sadistic Choice between friends or forces himself to permit humans forcing his angels to be Lighter and Softer. This inherent concern or even fear on what humans are capable of makes YHVH seem not as powerful as claims and lot more pathetic to people. That is not true, but what is true is how infinitely strong humans can become when they are given the right means to do so. Since the Pantheon litters itself with humans more than actual deities, many gods are seeing YHVH's point regarding this.
  • YHVH is proud of The Alliance he has made and respects his fellow leaders behind it if not outright enjoying their presence. He personally picks who joins his side and has several qualifications on who he picks. First, you cannot be mortal. There are many lawful mortals out there willing to uphold order with their lives which he respects heavily, but he still considers them more vulnerable to fallacies and giving into chaos more than divine beings or what he calls "artificial constructs" similar to Metatron. There are exception such as a Deity of Human Origin may join but must have the psyche unlike a mortal and must follow the second qualification. The second qualification is the complete reliability behind their dedication to upholding and spreading law. This entity by YHVH does not even need to be loyal to his cause nor have pure motivations behind his spreading law, just the idea that they will uphold it equally and fairly across their domains against all opposition. Malthael, IT, and Jyggalag follow YHVH's motivation on bringing order even if it means wiping away countless lives to do so. The Sibyl System, Nerose Satanel, and the Patriots embody YHVH truly believing Utopia Justifies the Means no matter what and that those sacrifices will be better for society. Then Ashera and Galeem have the more selfishly characterization that YHVH is known for too, wanting order to revolve around themselves. There are more of those who YHVH wants to bring in the Pantheon such as Itempas, Abucus, or White Guardian but not even YHVH can start bringing them to the Pantheon on a whim.
    • Ironically, those who dedicate themselves to upholding order who loathe YHVH for his angels' methodology and his own ego. Eliphas and Eiki Shiki particularly believe YHVH's need to impose his rule across universes only brings hatred against the governance and thought there are cases where order needs to be present, him trying to make everyone worship him afterward does not relate to this goal at all. If YHVH would just tell his angels to allow cultures and governments to still be intact but provide the necessary means and advice for them to function instead of outright conquering places, people will have a less harsh opinion on him and give less controversial reasonings behind his motivations.
    • The Auditors of Reality do not see YHVH highly either for an entirely differing reason. They see him as too weak, not committing the genocide necessary to ensure order. Either YHVH should wipe out all life to ensure a World of Silence which embodies pure order or brainwash everybody to essentially be robots. YHVH would like to point that first, he only wipes out all life on a planet if he intends to replace humanity after. Second, brainwashing everybody is an option but that is not true faith by all accounts even to him. If he did not need to convince humans to embrace law, perhaps but he relies on humanity's worship to empower him. The Auditors while aligning with YHVH regardless, find contempt with his unwillingness to be as excessive as he could be (which is strange as the Auditors should not have emotions regarding this. YHVH publicly complains that he does not like entities imposing their beliefs onto him and that it intrudes on his character.
  • More or less sees the God of Control, Yaldabaoth's existence as proof mortals need to have higher powers control them as Yaldabaoth (who is entirely different from YHVH Yaldabaoth) is more blatantly born from the collective human unconsciousness. Mortals have made idols, leaders, and systems that exploit them, and the public as a whole are unwilling to stop such exploitations because they normalize it no matter how much they bemoan over them. It is comical to him the only reason that the Phantom Thieves were given celebration only to be in a public lynching in an instant, only gaining support again when dramatic theatrics that won some over when they would turn their back on them beforehand. The Phantom Thieves retort by claiming that the public being unable to think for themselves does justify YHVH or his forces the right to inject their ideas onto others. YHVH then gave a counter to their statement to them through Metatron.
    YHVH: On the contrary, it seems like your children lack the understanding of what you are dealing with. You tirelessly attempt to target those you deem to be the hidden evils of your society. However, little do you realize that it was society itself that normalize these evils to begin with. Even to this day, not few but many areas of your world oppose racism, corruption, slavery, and other heinous acts that you deem barbaric. However, they are still functioning regardless and why is that so? Because society accepts these things as an aspect of reality, instead of blemishes that they must unite to remove. Those who indulge tin these acts remain while society ignores its then, all for the sake of maintaining the ignorance. So I ask you this Phantom Thieves, did your actions truly change the world or merely yourselves? Even now the Phantom Thieves are labeled as criminals by many despite them proving the corruption of others. Stour true enemy is not these hidden blemishes but society itself! And I promise, in my ideal society I propose to spread, I will correct these systems to make the word 'outcasts' nonexistent as everybody will be find a place of comraderie through my worship.
    • The Phantom Thieves once tried to find YHVH's Palace for the theft of a lifetime but did not find it. Not because of YHVH being outside of the human consciousness (he too was born in it albeit differently from Yaldabaoth) but as a result of his Blue-and-Orange Morality, a Palace cannot be manifested. Palaces are created by those ruling it be subconsciously aware of what their doing is wrong but insist on repeating their actionns. However with YHVH, he does not find a single fault with any action he does, only the regrets of mistakes that beset him being these unkept desires YHVH holds. By logic, if the Phantom Thieves did find his Palace and rob him of his desires, YHVH would end up even more omnicidal and competent as a result instead. Upon this harsh realization, the Phantom Thieves decided to a discard that infiltration.
    • Many people see Takuto Maruki as a potential law advocate along the same lines as YHVH. He did succeed what the God of Control try imposing onto Tokyo and is willing to overwrite the free will of then entire world, but Maruki is NOT a law person by all accounts. His methods may be similar but his wanting to bring happiness to everybody by fulfilling their wishes does not relate to what YHVH's forces are doing by taking advantage of pandemonium to be the governing body of humans. As if it even matters to him as he cannot care about a Forever War between law and whatever when he has to make a living with being a taxi driver. YHVH would like to acknowledge Maruki on his grand ambitions for bringing salvation to humanity and finds disappointment he lost the resolve to carry out his plan.
  • Sees Melkor as just another creature of chaos to remove from the world. Whatever allies Melkor has, YHVH believes that some may be beneficial as allies of his own or he needs to eliminate because they are unruly like their current leader. It is highly questionable to YHVH that people follow Melkor, knowing that Melkor only wishes to destroy existence in the end. Moreover, he has some degree of respect for Cosmos, as she has is able to unify so many people with differing ideals under one banner, an impressive feat that even he sees as an invaluable asset. It is disappointing that she opposes his rule, as sees her potential on keeping order throughout many realms a perfect ally to have. When many of both Cosmos and Melkor's allies went to either YHVH or Lucifer, YHVH went to yawn at the latter's temper tantrum for how childish he became.
    YHVH: Foul beast of Ilúvatar. Do you not comprehend what you seek? Law and Chaos are as eternal as Good and Evil. It matters not that neither myself nor the fallen one is removed. The ideas that shape us both are woven in the hearts of ephemerals and immortals alike; others shall come, and through them, we shall be reborn, as long as the will of the universe calls upon us! Are your pride and arrogance so vast you would dare to believe you could stop a war so long, it cannot be measured in linear time, and so vast, gods have gone mad trying to grasp its scope? That we care about your petty grievances? How many would embrace the idea of evil as you do as their final goal? When the time comes, you will stand alone whimpering. Grovel and curse in silence, and let the grand war continue forevermore.
  • YHVH's and Darkseid's relationship is a complex one as while the two of them call each other allies, they cannot meet with their same goals. YHVH wishes to bring order across the universe, preferably under his command but as long as chaos does not reign he accepts any reality. Darkseid though wishes to take the free will of everybody with the Anti-Life Equation which he infamously seeks. Darkseid by all accounts is more of the tyrant between him and YHVH because at least YHVH has the courtesy to give mercy beforehand. Although YHVH does not think Darkseid can truly embody the archetypical being of order if the New God were to reign, YHVH would not contest Darkseid's contest. They both seek the same goals with entirely different outcomes, it would only harm both of them to argue. Darkseid while respectful to what YHVH represents, went to ask what would happen if the Anti-Life Equation were to control YHVH. YHVH went to reply that such an attempt will likely bring a war that would encompass the entire omniverse but for now, they can at least deal with those concepts later.
  • YHVH holds a very negative opinion on Madoka Kaname, a girl who YHVH sees as someone who sees as a perverter to the natural state of the universe for a selfish desire, thus dooming countless future generations. It more or less began after YHVH heard the Incubators out and learned of their plans to prevent the heat death of the universe by creating and sacrificing Magical Girls for eons. YHVH, while not comfortable with the idea of these sacrifices, understands the weight behind it and deems these girls' deaths were necessary for the betterment survival of all future life. The Incubators even said they wish to find alternative solutions to this issue but if they found it, then they would not be in the predicament where they are. This solution became null when Madoka became a goddess, creating a system instead that involves hunting down Wraiths and achieves the same goal at a slower rate. YHVH would forgive it more if Madoka in her infinite omnipotence and omniscience comparable to his, FOUND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM THE INCUBATORS GAVE. He gets there are even limits to what a god can do but he is sure she could have found an answer to what this issue but did not since Madoka cannot stand idly by on the suffering of girls like her. Then there is Madoka's girlfriend (as everyone knows), who he considers even more selfish than Madoka: Homura Akemi. Not only did Homura pull the Reset Button on everything Madoka made but also went onto what he sees as enslaving the well meaning Incubators and made the reality Madoka made never happen, thus making the world even worse off than when it beforehand. At this point, YHVH was willing to have Madoka just be given her powers back if it meant removing Homura from power, but he feels like Madoka will not take the opportunity to destroy her old friend out of some goodwill that he would like to say should have been gone. YHVH said to his forces to have Homura and even Madoka taken when the time is right so he can ensure try fixing the mess they made, and maybe EVERY Magical Girl to try to "fix" them as well. This made many of the girls' allies and anybody who does not like the idea of the kidnapping young girls oppose him as a result.
  • Kouta Kazuraba, otherwise Kamen Rider Gaim seeks to end the cycles of suffering of the Pantheon and finds that YHVH is an inherent factor in why the Pantheon becomes such a shitshow eventually in potential futures. One outcome has YHVH one day have his army try kidnapping Pantheon members, robotizing them to be part of his army which leads to a full-scale war to Unwilling Roboticisation as many mortal Pantheon members as possible. Another one has YHVH dying, and his Knowledge that contains his power goes all around the Pantheon which causes a violent hunt for his power within deities who could potential bring out supreme power at any given moment. The point is, Kouta thinks that if he does not steer YHVH's motivations, the Pantheon will end up in a horrible predicament that would cause everybody to suffer. He cannot even face YHVH head on even though he is capable of doing so as Kouta's direct influence may bring about one of those futures. YHVH would only like to say how impressive the former mortal's new omniscience is like, and would also like to comment on his ridiculous clothing. YHVH finds mortals that ascend to godhood have horrific fashion sense. At least there is contextual reasoning behind his force's appearances but that cape the Kamen Rider wears is a sin by itself.
  • One of the few gods to tell Mr. Rogers where to stick it (to paraphrase) when Rogers tried stopping the Order Versus Chaos conflict that was seeping into the Pantheon. While YHVH is powerful in his own right, consensus chalks the action up to YHVH's delusional inability to comprehend the fact that ANYONE could be stronger than him. Still, he did appreciate, however slightly, Rogers' willingness—nay, devotion—to help others. As a gesture of respect, he sees Rogers off when he did depart from the Main House after willing choosing demotion through Metatron and even sent a nice fruit cake Mr. Rogers enjoyed quite well. The cake was made from the various Forbidden Fruits YHVH always tests civilizations with, just to see if Rogers prone to temptation as other humans can. The issue is as even Satan pointed out, YHVH never informed Rogers its true nature so he basically never committed an intentional sin at all. YHVH retorted that being unaware makes it still count but Satan gave his own retort that if YHVH intentionally failed to disclose important information, HE is just as bad as a sinner. Backing off his petty plan to discredit Rogers afterward, YHVH wished he did not make Satan so precise on his judgements.
  • YHVH hold several mix feelings on three particular mortal followers in the Pantheonin that considers him their god. Amatsu Shirou Tokisada says he believes that YHVH will bring salvation to the world, but if not then the Japanese Christian would rely on his methods to do so. Anderson, while still holding the YHVH's trust, maybe too much of a Wild Card for YHVH to consider truly reliable. The man's sheer dedication to slaughtering evil forces may be seen as a plus though. Then there Jeanne d'Arc, who YHVH went onto predict to be a boon to his ranks. By convincing her he is the god she worships, Jeanne obeys his orders... mostly. She's still very much conflicted on serving those in Good or Law, a conflict she constantly challenges herself with. It is not like Jeanne herself did saintly things entirely during her travels across France but at least she did it in the name of unquestionable faith to God. With the Pantheon having so many voices running around it, she cannot decide if her decision is just right. YHVH would like to keep Jeanne close but knows if he does not tug at her that hard, thinking that some information he is not meant to know will leak out through her. Claude Frollo on the other hands has faith is unyielding but YHVH does not want to give Frollo salvation as he went to fall victim to his temptations that instead of pragmatism, went on a persecution rampage so bad that he made chaos across Paris by nearly burning it to the ground. YHVH is not letting that man cause another Tokyo Millenium if he runs rampant, so he makes Frollo eternally repent for his crimes by praying.
  • As a result of him allying with both Rassilon and Omega, YHVH made enemies with the Doctor. As quirky as the Doctor is, YHVH is aware how much of a threat the Time Lord is and went to inform his forces that no matter what, avoid involving the Doctor at all costs unless necessary. Even though coveting Time Lord technology through his new allies are enough to satisfy any conqueror, YHVH wishes to use the regeneration aspect of the Time Lords to not rely on humanity's faith to revive himself. He may not be able to die as long as order exists but it takes a long time to bring himself back anyhow. He wants another revival technique to fall back on, so YHVH covets the Timeless Child which he came to learn of. The Timeless Child is a prophetic Time Lord that can do things like grant regenerations, so YHVH wishes for the Timeless Child's powers. Fortunately, he does not know who the Timeless Child is in the slightest. He may be god but he ironically lacks omniscience.
  • YHVH does have a few virtues to him. Unless he deems it necessary, YHVH will not senselessly sacrifice his forces or his worshippers for his goals unless he needed to. He is merciful to those who oppose him, giving them ONE chance before marking them for death (on a good mood at least). He also does not hold prejudices against people in the slightest, even if they did not worship him originally (he demands said worship once they are made aware). All he asks for them is that they help spread the word of Law to others and uphold said convictions. Most of these traits are shown off by his worshippers to see how great YHVH is... only for the atrocities to come up moments later. Another complexity to YHVH is his stance on order-focused societies that he has not touched. YHVH does not just approve of tyrannical governments, but also societies in general that wish to spread their ideals of order to others. Even if said society's values conflict with another, YHVH will still harbor respect towards both for spreading Law. Though if he would have to choose, YHVH would pick tyranny over benevolence as he sees democracy as too slow and ineffective while tyrants are more competent when it comes to spreading Law around their domains and expanding them. Plus, if a rebellion takes place, most of the time afterward the overtaking group uses the same tactics their former oppressors use because it is just that helpful. The use of Law is a tool that YHVH as he says represents and truly believes that his obeying it and himself consequently is the ultimate salvation.
  • The moment that made YHVH one of the more central figures in the Pantheon ties to a person given mention prior: Eiki Shiki. Put under trial Court of the Gods, there were several incidents that people suspect YHVH may have been the cause of that put the balance of the Pantheon at risk. These Noodle Incidents include making an asylum using deities as experiments in some hybrid between mind controlling them and distorting space-time to do so, the brining of members of his forces to the Pantheon when they did not go through the proper ascending process, and being suspect to an insurrection to overtake the Pantheon. The efforts of Eliphas, Shu Shirakawa, and Dante Sparda gave YHVH a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the head to the point of rendering YHVH a floating yellow head in a container as if he were a discount Zordon. The trial of YHVH did take a week and many of YHVH's forces under Metatron did their best to refute the evidence given against their god. Everyone tuning into seeing the trial, Eiki Shiki went to declare YHVH... not guilty due to a lack of sufficient evidence implicating YHVH to be the main instigator. The shock from the conclusion went to wash itself across the Pantheon, to the point a mob was going to rush in to the Main House where it all began. YHVH went onto take advantage of the situation, issuing a statement that went onto empowering him due to the newfound faith towards him, gaining the respect of many sympathizers in the process who went onto joining YHVH's mission on spreading order.
    YHVH: Do all those who hate thyself blind themselves to the madness! It is not the masses power to judge if I am guilty for crimes, but the justice systems that you adhere too! Eiki Shiki, Yamaxaadu is not at fault for being an impartial judger of crimes! If I were a guilty man, then will all of you in your seething rage be here to bring chaos? Nay! Neither you know my true character nor do you seek to know as your opinions are already set! This trial is all spectacle to you rather than a true belief in justice! Would you like it for me to grovel for my sins if I were the guilty? I cannot fulfill your wishes now but I can plead that all of you must not take innocence on the order that you all agree to! If you do, your crime going against the governance of the Pantheon will be similar to the crimes you accuse me of! I see that satisfaction you all have must be quite deep, if it drives you to wage war with the will of justice itself.
  • Attempting to have angels join his side proves to be much more difficult to YHVH. Many angels believe in concepts like goodness and goodwill more than what YHVH offers, and those who do believe in maintaining order do think YHVH represents it at all. Archangel Michael in the Pantheon turns out to be entirely different than the Michael YHVH has in his forces and this Michael completely opposes everything YHVH stands for. Rodin is a Fallen Angel that YHVH went to personally see but even with the good incentives YHVH sent, Rodin blew him off. YHVH wishes angels had the same mindset as someone like Malthael has... whose alliance with YHVH cost him the cooperation of Imperius. Sometimes, YHVH wonders if the world just hates the path towards law nowadays.
  • Etna went onto hacking YHVH's public profile to show off his Demonized Form and went onto labelling him as a demon instead of a god to mock him. She was given strict warning immediately by her friends to cut it off as fast she could before YHVH himself will give her a rather imaginative punishment for what she done except he will have complete justification to do so. She blew them off, something she would later regret once she was found out by YHVH's security team. Moments later, Etna was stricken with a curse that reset her stats, skills, and abilities back to Level 1 and not being able to gather experience of any kind to regain her levels. She went to call for every favor she could to get the curse broken, making her a bit of a laughingstock in the process for her foolish actions. After finally grinding her way back to her peak condition, the curse hit her again, as final spite from her rather pissed victim. Killia went to break the curse out of pity and while everything went back to normal for Etna, she has PTSD every time she hears YHVH's name.
  • YHVH has a little bit of amusement and disturbance at Lucifer's children. Not that having children is unfamiliar to YHVH but Lucifer has so much progeny, his angels should be wary of all of them but the issue is that most if not all of them never follow their father's path. At most, they recognize him as their father and even rescue him but never aiding Lucifer's quest to bring chaos across space-time. One of Lucifer's most prominent children in the Pantheon is Luka who YHVH is unsure is even one of Lucifer's children which he just made up to manipulate the poor lad. He would want to tempt Luka to joining his side to be the hero he initially went on his adventure to be but even YHVH finds complete appalment upon seeing the amount of disgusting sex Luka has with monster girls to the point that YHVH wonders if the Luka is emotionally functional. YHVH holds more concern for Lucifer's child than anybody in Luka's own life. It may be odd to be fraternizing with the brood of the enemy but if YHVH is willing to extend a hand to the reincarnation of the King of Bel then he might as well do so for a child of the devil.
  • The god the sees potential of planting his word towards the Imperium of Man, as the people there need to fervently follow a new leader not that their God-Emperor and whoever else is notably divine have notable presences within the current Imperium. All that YHVH needs to do is show up at the right time when the Imperium is at a pretty vulnerable place, make their miserable lives better and then structure around the culture for his forces' new rule. The biggest hurdle however is again, forces of chaos but more like the forces of the Chaos Gods this time who strike even to YHVH as particularly heinous. The Immortal God-Emperor upon learning this plan went to reaffirm that no outside influence whether that be gods, xenos, or materialism will corrupt his subjects. He went as far as to declare YHVH a Chaos God himself but embodying order instead of the hell the other Chaos Gods bring. YHVH would commend the extreme loyalty the Immortal God-Emperor has to have such loyalists but going by his description on how Chaos Gods are made, then the Imperium itself might be creating a new one due to the passion the Imperium has for what it stands for and the hatred against all outsiders to humanity.
  • YHVH does not want to start a battle with the Endless, not out of fear but knowing that there would be no point in doing so. As the Endless are incarnations of aspects of reality, he knows even if he does want to remove some of the Endless to suit whatever needs he may want, Endless of them like Death and Destruction will not ever go away even if you erase the personalities of every human out there. He just has to accept that they will likely be there when he wins, a fact he is not happy about but cannot find a way out of because there can only be one Top God ruling the cosmos. At least he is aware none of the Endless have those world-conquering ambitions.
  • YHVH are amongst many who have concerns over the idea that two small beings have a stranglehold over the entire universe of Dragon Ball, being capable on eliminating even the strongest of beings out there. The fact that they were willing to wipe all of existence if one specific chosen action did not happen at the end of the Tournament of Power solidified that both Zenos aren't responsible enough for the power they carry and must have their power be put in check. There is the Grand Minister who does that but if the Zenos are willing to do something, nothing can stop them. YHVH would deny this fear is born due to Zeno potentially destroying every iteration of himself across existence all the way back to the Axiom where he belongs.
  • Thor really hates YHVH, not just because his father opposes the god. It is due to the fact a Thor born from the Expanse became an agent to YHVH and presenting him under the disguise of an ambassador to bring about the Great Cataclysm for the world. For short, the demon Thor went to cause the nuclear holocaust. YHVH would like to point out to Thor probably thought making paradise would be better than the world be at constant fear of demons running amok. Thor would like to retort that bring what is essentially Ragnarök to everyone is not an ideal solution either. Odin himself though said to his son to just stick his hammer up YHVH if he were to ask Thor to join him. Thor did throw a hammer at Metatron for that offer as Odin foresaw but Metatron at least did anticipate an attack beforehand as he went to use Tetrakarn on himself. Thor went back to Asgard with a giant hammerhead-shape bruise across his forehead.
  • Dante Alighieri does not consider YHVH to be "the true God of the universe" as he would like to say. It is mostly due to the lack of seeing the Holy Trinity within YHVH's true form as already seeing The Love That Moves the Sun and the Other Stars makes Dante understand from his soul what God truly must be. He calls YHVH a demon is disguise, tempting others with false premises instead of doing the true goodness man must strive for. Also, Dante would like to say if YHVH is truly a god, then why must he look as simple as he is? What Dante saw within the Highest Joy is so grand, he cannot express his God's form properly. But for YHVH, he can clearly comprehend a giant lemon with a face being the one who calls himself God. YHVH then came to wonder if he should have made himself blue if his appearance would lead even the highly religious Dante to give him such shallow critique but Satan said to YHVH that would just make people compare him to a blueberry instead of a yellow floating Patrick Stewart head.
  • YHVH does not generally bother in other multiverses' affairs unless he can see some sort of benefit from it. Despite this, even YHVH felt the aftereffects of the Fifth Smash Bros Tournament, how grand and promising it was and then it all went to hell when Galeem wiped out every universe that was connected to it. It even distantly affects his multiverse through the Phantom Thieves, even though it did not give any effect onto the Expanse fortunately. That shocking event went to catch YHVH's eye and he personally went to visit its perpetrator, to try to have Galeem join despite all of the danger surrounding it the ball of light. Galeem, seeing that YHVH will allow the fulfillment of the World of Silence that Galeem desires, went to join YHVH's alliance much to the horror of everybody. Not even YHVH became sure he would succeed at such a foolhardy negotiation. Though YHVH would like to invite Galeem at events, the ball of light just sitting there shining really makes no room for social interaction.
  • There was one time where the universe he made for himself went to have random intruders appear suddenly, all due to Rick Sanchez accidentally dropping a beer onto the Interdimensional Travel Device he uses. Rick and his grandson Morty came to see a million giant heads staring down upon them. With the belief that they were facing down Cromulons again with another rap battle, Rick and Morty went to beatboxing the song they won the Cromulons over with last time. Upon hearing the rap, YHVH went to stare down at the two, contemplating on what the do with the two wanderers.
    Morty: Hey! I'm proud of the beatbox noises I made!
  • Started taking an interest in the Master of Chaldea, analyzing their actions to see how was the Master of Chaldea was able to command so many people from every walks of life join their cause in saving all of existence from the Beasts of Humanity. YHVH wishes to test the Master of Chaldea eventually by trying to hack into a Singularity to take place in a universe where chaos is rampant, and the Chaldean must find a way bring order across it. Of course, YHVH would stay at the sides to see the progress but has high hopes for the (generally mediocre) mage. YHVH also seeks to test one of Ritsuka's most promising followers, The Singularity in a similar test too but perhaps with less demanding efforts. The ability of those who tie to Mobile Phone Game can gather powerful parties when given an influx of cash, so YHVH wants to see how far they can go.
  • YHVH claims to the Shadow that he predates even the Empty, a fact that is incredulous for anybody to believe. The Shadow would like the point out that YHVH said by his own admission that he in an Anthropomorphic Personification of law, meaning how can that YHVH predate nothingness if that is the case. YHVH eventually went onto this long rant on how his making came to be. He considers even nothingness gains a form of structure towards it, then that would mean if nothingness is present, that is a form of order that exist. The sheer Insane Troll Logic YHVH held made the Shadow go back to sleep, wake up for a second, just to ask if YHVH went to snort some godly drugs do think that even bases itself in logic. YHVH's reliance on human belief also brings question, "How can YHVH preexist before nothingness when he says he is made by humans?"
  • Seeing the Magnetic Hero nature of Sora who travels across worlds, YHVH invests in his adventures. Not because he likes to see a spunky hero go across various worlds to save them, but because of wanting to witness Sora's potential outshine. Sora's power to connect with others makes YHVH wonder if it is a potential tool to use to control others, thus uniting worlds under the name of law. Sora does not even know YHVH is recording is actions but YHVH knows he will inevitably. Hopefully for him, Sora is open to his suggestions.
  • YHVH eventually did die again, but the consequences regarding THIS particularly death are far reaching to the point YHVH may no longer be functional enough to lead his own army. Seeing the Nahobinos fight for the Throne of Creation, YHVH went to "solve" their conflict by splitting Nahobinos to demons and humans. Despite sitting on the Throne of Creation, YHVH would lose to Lucifer and his forces at some point. Lucifer then did what is likely his greatest feat and made a grab for YHVH's divine power. Devouring YHVH's Knowledge, Lucifer became a being comparable to YHVH and await for humans to bring forth a new world of their choice. This defeat is so devasting, the forces of law were wondering if their leader is able to come back ''at all' due to his defeat. Of course, YHVH would normally restore himself after a long time even if someone takes his Throne of Creation but since Lucifer did devour his power, that may mean one needs to challenge Lucifer to do so. Lucifer technically beat YHVH on the Power Levels scale if not only prove his superiority by defeating him somehow and adding YHVH's power to his own makes the Throne of Creation not even a necessary thing to gain. Many angels have given up on YHVH's return with going as far as to replace YHVH to serve their same role, and many of YHVH's current allies in the Pantheon are scrambling to take his place due to these shocking events. Maybe YHVH could come back considering regardless but Lucifer's Knowledge eventually made its way to the victorious Nahobino, thus YHVH's too. Who knows when the Nahobino will allow YHVH to revive himself.
  • "Praise my name! Witness, bathed in the glory of my countenance! Praise my name!"

The Holy Quintet

Not to be confused with the other Holy Quintet.

    Mata Nui 
Mata Nui, the Benevolent God (The Great Spirit, The Being, not the Island)
Toa Mata Nui (and Click!) 
Prototype Great Spirit Robot 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding
  • Theme Song: (as the Great Spirit) Legend of Mata Nui, (as a Toa) Bye Bye Babylon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Abel to Makuta Teridax's Cain, Deus Est Machina, God Is Good, God of Good
  • Domains: Destiny, Elements, Heroes, Machines, Science
  • Followers: Every Being in the Matoran Universe
  • Allies: the Toa Nuva, the Turaga of Mata Nui, the Toa Mahri, Cosmos, Primus, Jeanne d'Arc, Optimus Prime, Simon the Digger, Kamina, Jean-Luc Picard, Emmet, Gandalf
  • Enemies: Teridax and, as a result of his actions, most other Chessmaster Magnificent Bastard-types, Darkseid, Megatron, [Ruin and Destruction Unicron]]
  • Odd Friendship with Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork / Headbutting Heroes with: YHVH
  • Membership: Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Mata Nui's ascension was met with much rejoicing from the Toa Nuva. Though they were surprised when he met them in his Toa form. He explained that his true form is far too large to interact with most members of the Pantheon. That and his actual body is on a scale far too large to even see most members of the Pantheon.
    • Somehow Click, Mata Nui's Scarabax Beetle Pet and Sidekick came with him. He's incredibly happy at this.
    • Makuta Teridax has now joined the Pantheon, something which Mata Nui is not happy about - particularly considering that he was assigned the trope that he is now God of, Hijacking Cthulhu, as a result of his takeover of the Great Spirit's body. Mata Nui is determined to ensure that nothing like that will ever befall anyone again, and with his newfound allies at his side and lessons learned on Bara Magna fresh in his mind, he is more ready than ever to stand up to the task.
  • The reason why the Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding is symbol of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, is because their functions are the same: to protect.
  • Because of the Great Spirit's truly massive size, he does enjoy spending time with Primus due to being of similar size and disposition towards their subjects, though their reasoning for their non-interference are slightly different: Primus dislikes interfering on a non-interference clause, Mata Nui is simply mostly unaware of the beings in his body.
    • Due to Mata Nui and Primus' alliance, he has an enemy in Unicron and Megatron.
  • Jean-Luc Picard immediately took a shine to the Great spirit, due in both to having similar philosophies and Mata Nui having a voice that Picard could trust immediately.
  • Arael shows an odd interest in Mata Nui, due to believing that the Great Spirit may be a Seed of Life. Mata Nui has no comment on this, as he doesn't understand exactly what a Seed of Life is. Eventually it was explained to him, to which he explained while his Duty was similar, it was not the same.
    • Despite this, his relationship with Shinji, Rei, and Asuka is on mostly good terms, due to his naturally benevolent nature. His relationship with Kaworu is a bit different, as there's something about the boy that just seems... off to Mata Nui.
  • Team Dai-Gurren (mainly Kamina and Simon) were interested in how a robot of his size was able to operate without Spiral Energy. Mata Nui explained that his body runs on Energized Protodermis, which is comparable. He did warn them not to touch it, as it's effects are incredibly unpredictable.
    • Kamina also decided to make Mata Nui an honorary member of the Dai-Gurren Brigade, in any of his forms. (Kamina would prefer his 40-million feet tall body though)
  • He ended up having a surprising friendship with Satsuki Kiryuin, due to their shared trait of dominating a sentient being to their will. Though he didn't enjoy learning Satsuki did it for power, as his reasoning for dominating the Ignika's will was born from a need to survive and having multiple minds in one body is fairly counter-intuitive for survival. Though he did eventually come around after learning exactly why Satsuki needed to dominate Junketsu. They have remained friends and allies since, and Satsuki is in the process of having Mata Nui meet her group, causing Mata Nui to be surprised that Gamagoori is bigger even than him.
  • Due to being another LEGO-originated God, Mata Nui gets along incredibly well with Emmet. Mata Nui also approves of his creative ideas when it comes to design, as creativity has benefited his own followers.
  • Mata Nui has already informed the Treasury Keepers that the Ignika won't be put in The Great Treasury, despite it being a Weapon of Mass Destruction, as the Ignika is an essential item for his body, not to mention it being where his spirit and consciousness is also kept. That and keeping the Mask of Life in a room with other things is a very, very, VERY bad idea. Just ask the Cursed Great Being.
  • Mata Nui is in a unique position due to being a member of both the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Law, as while he understands the GUAL's spirit, he dislikes its manner. Due to this, he tends to be a bit distant when dealing with members of the GUAL.
    • However, he has struck up a friendship with one member of the GUAL: Jeanne d'Arc. They quickly became close allies because of their shared outlook on things, and due to the fact that Jeanne reminds Mata Nui of Kiina. Though their time spent together has amused many due to the size disparity between them, in either of his forms. As she's 5'2 and he's 7'6 as a Toa, or 40 Million feet as a Great Spirit.
  • Mata Nui once encountered Eliphas and Eiki Shiki. After a introductions from the other two and a short discussion, Mata Nui learned of the plan to reform the GUAL. He agreed to help, and also informed Eliphas that while order is good, chaos is also a necessary and fundamental force of existence. Balance between the two is better than having one or the other, as he pointed out what happened with Eliphas' Astral World.
    • Despite not having died permanently (he did die once, but was brought back with Matoro using the Ignika to revive him), Eiki Shiki decreed that his spirit was undeniably White.
  • Recently became friends with Artanis, as they are both leaders attempting to save their people from destruction; not to mention there was something about Mata Nui that reminded Artanis of Ouros, the last benevolent Xel’naga. One time, Artanis asked Mata Nui if the Great Beings were an alternate iteration of the Xel’naga. Since Mata Nui did not know much about his creators, he admitted it was a likely possibility.

    The Moriya Shrine 
Sanae Kochiya, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya, Holy Trinity of Gathering Faith (Sanae: Deified Human of the Wind, Miraculous Living God, Newbie Goddess of the Mountain, Sanae Kotiya, Lady Sanae, Miracle★Sanae | Kanako: Avatar of Mountains and Lakes, Guncannon | Suwako: The Epitome of Native Gods, Suwacko, Swackers, Kero-Chan)
Sanae Kochiya
Kanako Yasaka
Suwako Moriya
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Kanako, Suwako), Lesser Goddess (Sanae)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Symbol: The Moriya Shrine Gate
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Sanae), Lawful Good (Suwako), Lawful Neutral (Kanako, though some see her as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Gathering Faith, Animal Motifs, Friendly relationships between mortals and gods, From Outside To Gensokyo
  • Domains: Faith (All), Miracles, Deity Friendships (Sanae), Snakes, Qian(乾), Technology (Kanako), Curses, Frogs, Kun(坤), Earth, Mountains (Suwako)
  • Allies: Kasen Ibaraki, Princess Sakuna, Amaterasu, Holo, the Guardians of Childhood, The Acolyte and the Radiant Goddess
  • Admires: All mecha and mecha users, including the Hall of Types of Mechas (Sanae)
  • Enemies: The Nameless God, the Radiance, Hades (Kid Icarus), Nehelenia, Voldemort, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier
  • Rivals: Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko, YHVH, Aqua (Konosuba), Yato, the Master (ActRaiser) (one sided, from Kanako)
  • Opposes: Bernkastel (Sanae), Cirno (Suwako)
  • Keep distance from: Kratos
  • Commonality Connection with: Pharaohs (Yami Yugi, Anakaris, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun) (all), Hercules, Achilles, Perseus, Zagreus (Sanae), Zeus, Cronus (Kanako)
  • The power and influence of religions and their gods are heavily dependant on how many people believe in them. If there is little to no faith from the people, then the religion may splinter and fade to obscurity and the gods may die. This scenario was plagueing the Moriya shrine, whose influence was waning in recent years. The current head god of the faith, Kanako Yasaka, decided to take the shrine, as well as the original god Suwako Moriya and shrine maiden Sanae Kochiya to Gensokyo, a secluded land where the forgotten beasts, myths and legends of Japan reside. Making residence on the Youkai Mountain, they begin to convert the denizens of the mountain to followers of their faith. Visitation to the Hakurei Shrine dwindles, and Reimu is informed by Sanae to shut down her shrine. Incensed by her message due to the importance the shrine has in Gesokyo, she and Marisa travel to the Youkai Moutain to face off against the newly encroaching religion. Both sides began to mend relationships after Reimu and Marisa defeat Kanako, and Sanae became a regular participant in investigating strange events in Gensokyo. Meanwhile, Kanako's attempts to modernize Gensokyo lead to a chain of events where she empowers Utsuho Reiuji by making her swallow the sun god Yatagarasu, which resulted in a geyser blowing Byakuren Hijiri's ship out from its underground tomb thanks to her newfound power, which then lead to Toyosatomimi no Miko to awaken in Gensokyo.
  • The House of Religion And Faith is home to many temples and shrines representing many diverse religions across worlds, so it is no stranger to sudden appearances of new establishments and beliefs. However, no one could've expected the appearance of a new geological formation in the House. A mountain suddenly emerged from what was once an empty plain in the House, prompting many curious onlookers to gawk and climb the mountain. Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame quickly knew just what this sudden event means, so they flew over to investigate. To their lack of surprise, it turned out that it was the doing of Kanako Yasaka, who wanted to spread her faith around by creating a new location to attract new followers. Sanae Kochiya and Suwako Moriya quickly greeted the two and the many others who climbed the mountain. The Court of the Gods agreed to let the Moriya Shrine operate their business in the Pantheons as well as grant them divine titles. While Sanae used to hold the title of Human-Deity Companionships, she has successfully requested to swap out her title and share Kanako's and Suwako's title instead, as well as serving as Guardians of the House.
  • Ever since their initial altercation, Sanae became good friends with Reimu and Marisa. Sanae occasionally drops by Reimu's temple to hang out, as well as helping her with gathering faith for her shrine in turn. While they do have their more antagonistic moments, they are quickly resolved by a quick danmaku duel. Sanae also tends to tag along with the two during some "youkai exterminations". She also gets along well with Sumireko Usami, who like her also hails from outside Gensokyo. Sanae was quite surprised to hear about how things changed ever since the shrine moved to Gensokyo, particularly all the technological advancements she doesn't have much access to anymore. As neighbours on the Youkai Mountain, she, alongside Kanako & Suwako, is on friendly relations with known hermit and youkai sage Kasen Ibaraki. Kanako, being the pragmatic type, sees the others in terms of how they can bring more faith to the shrine. While Suwako treats the other Gensokyo deities rather pleasantly, she does not extend this pleasantness to Cirno, whose frog-freezing hobby angers her to no end. Whenever she spots the ice fairy encasing any frogs in ice, she retaliates with a flurry of bullets, leading to many scuffles. The trio have become fierce rivals with fellow faith-gatherers Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko, not helping their rivalry is that both represent more popular religions like Buddhism and Taoism while their faith is rather niche. Kanako refuses to give up on the competition, so any meeting between them tends to get passive aggressive at the very least.
  • The divine trio arrived to the Pantheon with the express purpose of harvesting more faith from the populace, and as such continue with their mission to this day. Kanako spends her time scheming on how to generate more faith, giving orders to Sanae and Suwako about any actions they should take. As Kanako and Suwako rarely leave the shrine, Sanae is resposible for traveling throughout the Pantheon advertising the faith and shrine, encouraging mortals to make pilgrimages and support her gods. If a mortal happens to be disrespectful to any of the three and the faith, Suwako will make sure to curse the mortal as payback. As of now, they gave gained a sizeable following amongst the mortal population. That said, they do encounter much competition from other divine beings who siphon off of belief and faith, with their relationships with them varying considerably.
    • Knowledge of the presence of Shintoist Deities like Amaterasu and Susano'o did not escape the ears of the Moriya Shrine. While Kanako predictably sees them as opposition in her quest for more faith, Sanae and Suwako were more open to meet up with them and forge a bond of sorts with them. Ameterasu was quite receptive towards the two, with Sanae even petting her in her wolf form, and occasionally visits the shrine to chat with them. Susano'o, however, was being his regular arrogant self with them, which turned them away from him makes further communication with him rather difficult, so they just avoid approaching the storm god from now on. Being the daughter of a war god and harvest goddess, it didn't take long for Sanae to meet Sakuna and strike up a friendly relationship with her. Sakuna brings some of her harvested crops as offerings to the shrine whenever she visits, and Sanae sometimes helps her with managing her rice fields.
    • When the goddess Aqua of Kazuma's party ascended, she quickly set out to create a pantheonic branch of the Axis cult. Her activities ended up drawing attention from the Moriya Shrine, who took offense at the new competitor in the realm. Sanae sent herself to talk with Aqua about her cult, which she expected to be a somewhat manageable affair. However, Aqua was incensed to hear about another divine following in the Pantheons, and tried to fight Sanae only to be hit by a spray of danmaku from the shrine maiden. The two groups remain on heated terms with Aqua trying to sabotage them on a regular basis which is repayed with Kanako and Suwako cursing her. As a god without a shrine or a faith, Yato has made it clear that he will surpass them as the most revered in the pantheonic realm (well, even though he more often than not is a volunteer to Reimu’s shrine). While Sanae takes him seriously, Kanako just sees him as entertainment due to his many screw ups. Holo isn't as indignant as the water goddess or the god of calamity; rather, she's quite intrigued by the shrine's focus on blessing the land for good harvests, not unlike her who served as a harvest deity for a small village. As such, she doesn't place herself as a competitor to the faith, and thus isn't a rival in Kanako's eyes. The Guardians of Childhood are also spared from her crosshairs, as they relate to how she needs belief to exist, much like how they need the hope of children to continue existing. Thus, no scuffles ensue should they visit. Sometimes she drops by to simply relax in the temple grounds. Meanwhile, Kanako is jealous of the Master for His methods of collecting faith and his immense power as a result, and is considering taking a page out of his book by erecting statues of herself all over the Pantheon.
    • Alas, with competition comes great enemies, for there are gods who hunger for worhsip and will stop at nothing to gather followers and faith no matter what, horrible disasters be damned. YHVH happens to be a massive thorn on the shrines side, as his megalomaniacal desire to subjugate everyone under his absolutely rigid rule where he is worshipped for eternity automatically makes him a big threat to the shrine’s operations. Thankfully with recent implications and restructuring of the GUAs as a whole, he no longer leads the GUAL, and is instead run by a much more bearable & understandable leader, Gensokyo’s own Eiki Shiki, much to Kanako's relief. Another god they watch out for is the Nameless God, who has imprisoned every other god in its world and took all the worlds payers onto itself. Such a feat makes the trio incredibly fearful and wary that he might pull off the same trick and steal their accumulated faith. As the Radiance requires others to remember her to exist, this only made Kanako more than willing to completely snuff out her memory with her own so she would never steal their light. Plus, her spreading her Hate Plague around would be very bad for them.
  • The three of them see and treat each other as a loyal, close-knit family, far beyond the expected "God and worshipper" dynamic. This relationship is more than just a Family of Choice; Sanae happens to be of a divine heritage as Suwako's distant descendant, hence why she has her miracle powers. When not carrying out their duties, the three spend their time together as a family. With a place teeming with gods, it's not impossible to meet someone who are associated with the divine. Sanae is the most proactive in meeting them, as Kanako and Suwako spend more time at the shrine compared to her. Of note are the teenage campers of Camp Half-Blood, who are all descended from the Greek gods themselves, and thus have powers. Such a commonality allowed them to become fast friends, with them talking about all sorts of regular teen topics. Speaking of the Greek gods, Hercules, Achilles, Perseus and Zagreus happen to be just a mere few who are born from the gods. Sanae has heard many tales of them except for Zagreus, for some reason. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt intrigue her greatly; human incarnations of a god? Now that's something! While their birth was more unconventional, the Knight, born of the brood of the Pale King and the White Lady was quickly considered to be super adorable by the shrine maiden, and the Knight is now welcome at the shrine. Them opposing the Radiance is also a bonus; something to defend the shrine should disaster strike. She was very surprised to find out about the romantic relationship between the Acolyte and the Radiant Goddess, for she has never heard of anything like that before. The two, in turn, treat and regard her well, finding her divine heritage just as interesting. Lastly, Gilgamesh was taken aback by Kanako's ways of harvesting faith and Sanae's own quirks, but took a liking to her for her polite and respectful demeanor. And finally, Kratos... while the man has managed to temper his infernal rage, his reputation as a god killer precedes him with Kanako and Suwako on the watch just in case they become his new targets.
  • Once a long time ago, Suwako was the ruler of a small nation, but everything changed when the gods of the Yamato came to assimilate the land into one greater country named Japan, Kanako being one of them. She and Suwako fought, with the battle ending with Kanako using a thin vine to rust Suwako's rings. Suwako graciously accepted her loss and let Kanako take over, yet in practice they rule together due to the humans refusal to worship a god who cannot control the troublesome Mishaguji. In a way, Suwako is still the true head of the shrine, with Kanako merely being the face and handling the "sales". A similar cycle happened twice in the Greek Pantheon; Cronus overthrew his father Ouranos, and was later overthrown by one of his sons Zeus. While they haven't crossed paths much, Kanako is intesely jealous of how the Greek gods are still highly remembered and looked on fondly by humans despite their religions fading into irrelevance in the modern day.
  • Exclusive to Sanae:
    • Sanae is the one and only shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, who performs the typical shrine maiden duties of maintaining the shrine, worshipping the gods, spreading word of her faith, and exorcising any malevolent spirits that harm the shrine. With there being plenty of other mikos around in the Pantheon, she couldn't resist the chance to meet with them in person and see what they're like. One such girl she befriended is Rika Furude, who finds the green-haired girl to be strange, but nice, though Sanae can't help but feel like she keeps seeing a lavender haired girl with horns near Rika sometimes. She finds Mitsuha Miyamizu's kuchikamizake fascinating, her body-swapping situation even moreso. Rei Hino's psychic and magical powers also impressed her greatly, and she's thinking of dragging her to fun youkai exterminations one day to see her powers in action. Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi... aren't supernatural at all, but Sanae likes dropping by them anyway. Kagami was surprised to see her fly at them, remarking that she looks like a video game character Konata would be obsessed with, while Tsukasa thinks she looks cool.
    • The Moriya Shrine was originally located outside of Gensokyo, so Sanae lived a relatively ordinary life as a teenage girl. As an immigrant to Gensokyo, she has experienced plenty of Culture Clash with her new surroundings. While she was seen as a living goddess in Japan for her miracle powers, she isn't seen as so special in Gensokyo due to many of its residents having fantastical powers. Having knowledge of things that are absent in the culturally and technologically frozen Gensokyo spurs her into trying to explain details about modern living and scientific concepts to the denizens of the land, but this tends to befuddle them more often than not. On the other hand, she isn't used to certain things in Gensokyo, such as there being far more drinkers than she is used to in the outside world. This predicament isn't so pronounced in the Pantheon, as the realm is populated by many deities who hail from modern day Japan. That said, there are a few who share similar stories about moving to a more rural area and adjusting to their new lives there.
      • The first such person she met was one Keiichi Maebara by recommendation of Rika, who moved to the rural town of Hinamizawa. She was impressed that his very presence provided a breath of fresh air to the increasingly stale vibe of the town, plus gaining plenty of new friends along the way. Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura also are city folk who moved to the rural Inaba, Yu due to his parents working overseas, Yosuke simply was transferred alongside his family. Sanae thinks their Personas are cool and finds Yu to be strangely charming, while Yosuke grumbled a bit about how cooler Gensokyo sounds. She also gets along with Riko Sakurauchi, a City Mouse who now lives in a coastal town. This does make Sanae think of a question: Does Gensokyo actually have a coastline? Eh, she'll figure out later. Lastly, Hilda has sort of the opposite story; she lived in the fantastical wilderness and moved to a city later, though this didn't stop her from encountering all sorts of supernatural creatures. Curious as ever, she now has the immense desire to see what the youkai are like in Gensokyo.
    • While Sanae may be busy with her job, that doesn't mean she's idle. Whenever Reimu and Marisa go to investigate strange events caused by youkai or other kinds of supernatural creatures, there's a chance that Sanae would join them on their expeditions as additional muscle. This is how she met up with fellow youkai investigator Nate Adams, who initially mistook her for a green and blue Reimu. Sanae was fascinated by his Yo-Kai Watch as well as his many Yo-Kai friends, so she's always happy to let him visit the shrine so she can meet more of the Yo-Kai. Witnesses say that Sanae tends to be quite... eager during these incidents, having a rather manic and offbeat demeanor during battles and scuffles. When questioned about this, her only response just puzzled people more:
    "You can't let yourself be held back by common sense in the Pantheon, right?"
    • Sanae's powers revolve around causing miracles to occur, which she mainly uses to manipulate the weather, such as summoning rain during prayers. Whether or not the miracles are harmful or beneficial is irrelevant; as long as the events have a chance of occuring, Sanae can will them to happen. Every miracle needs time for it to be manifested; simple miracles can easily be invoked in a single word, but unlikely, complex miracles can take days to come into effect. Bernkastel happens to have very similar powers; if there's even the smallest change of an event happening, she can will it to happen. Such a power is similar to a certain Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel, though unlike her she can manifest miracles instantaneously. Sanae is incredibly on edge regarding her; not only does she look too much like Rika, her cruel personality makes it possible that she could use her miracles to bring ruin to the shrine. She prays that that day would never come, but you can never be sure when it comes to someone so unpredictable. Bernkastel, on her part, is merely amused by her relative weakness. Needing a few days just to make something happen? How pathetic.
    • Prior to her migration to Gensokyo, Sanae would indulge herself in ordinary teenager activities like consuming manga and anime. When Hisoutensoku suddenly appeared in Gensokyo, Sanae believed it to be a Humongous Mecha just like the ones she saw in fiction, and decided to take a closer look. Having heard of actual mechas residing in the Pantheon, an ecstatic Sanae traveled to the House of Machinery and Technology to see some some giant robots, and she was certainly not disappointed when she entered the Hall of Types of Mechas. Sanae was excitedly flying around the Hall, gawking and admiring the mechas and asking the sentient machines and pilots all sorts of questions, much to their surprise. One such mecha she gushed over is the MEGAS, to the exasperation of Kiva and joy of Coop and Jamie. After all, chicks DO dig giant robots! Something that has caught her eye is Gunpla battles, where people use plastic Gundam models to compete in championships for fun. Having watched Sei Iori, Reiji and Team TRY Fighters compete in matches, she wasted no effort in becoming a fan of them and learning how to play gunpla from them.
  • Exclusive to Kanako:
    • After the events of Mountain of Faith, Kanako had begun researching ways of gathering more faith for the shrine. One of these ventures led her to making a deal with the market goddess Chimata Tenkyuu, where a market would be held at the shrine which became tangled up in an incident of its own. Despite this setback, the duo are now amicable collaborators, seeking new opportunities both in Gensokyo and in the Pantheon, particularly in the House of Commerce. On the flip side, however, there's The Master in the Hall of Game Characters; she's rather envious of how He is able to collect a lot of faith in order to reach higher and higher power levels. To that end, Kanako decided to follow His example of erecting statues across the Pantheon, but to her likeness instead of His, though He doesn't seem to pay too much mind.
    • At some point, Kanako had been able to move more than enough chess pieces to result in a win-win-win scenario one time, engineering a scenario involving the inauguration of a cable care ropeway at Youkai Mountain. Not only did she bolster the faith of the Moriya Shrine, she was also able to solidify the tengu's power, instill fear in humans from entering their tengu territory, and maximize kappa profits in the process in a sneaky but clever way. The Hades of Kid Icarus found this a very amusing display and has offered to help expand upon underhanded techniques like this, wanting to see just how complicated and crazy these schemes can get. Kanako has blatantly and openly stated, however, that she would rather lose all faith and disappear than to be in cahoots with that Hades, making her and the other members of the Moriya Shrine direct opponents of him.
    • Is welcome, though rather sternly by most of its gods, to the Hall of Wind and Air, as she does carry the capabilities of harnessing the wind. Al'Akir in particular finds the goddess to be rather keen and intelligence, but rough around the edges when it comes to planning. In return, Kanako considers the Windlord to be quite the brute when it comes to presentation and ego, though she is one to have an ego of her own, which amuses Al'Akir. Surprise surprise, they've become decent friends through this, much to the rest of the hall's displeasure.
    • When it comes to new solutions, Kanako is one to quickly deliver herself to fresh considerations, committing to contemporary techniques for faith collection. In that case, she finds herself often in the House of Machinery and Technology for ideas, thinking that the advancements of multi-dimensional innovation would help further her case. Specifically, she consults with those from the Hall of Technological Experts for modern ways to bring faith back to the Moriya Shrine, with mixed results. One such example of a good alliance came from Susie Haltmann, who agreed to be a business partner of the Moriya Shrine in return for knowledge about the inner workings of Gensokyo and access to Kanako's fusion reactor as a power source.
    • Of the many different forbidden templates, one of the more (in)famed ones is that "It's a Moriya Shrine conspiracy", and while that is not wrong, it's kind of not specific enough. Stemming from the transportation of the shrine to Gensokyo, to Kanako granting nuclear power to Utsuho, resulting in the Palanquin Ship being blasted out of the ground into the sky, and then Kanako offering to renovate the ship into the Myouren Temple in a rather contentious location...well, you can figure it out. This has made her quite the conversation topic among other deities, as they muse over the idea that many a Pantheonic trouble having ties to Kanako somehow.
  • Exclusive to Suwako:
    • Suwako is the original god of the Moriya shrine who holds power over the earth. It's far broader than just Dishing Out Dirt, as she is capable of fertilizing the ground, draw water from underground and sprout trees in an instant. Of course, the good old "manipulate dirt and rocks" technique is always useful for combat purposes. She has been welcomed into the Hall of Earth and Rock far more warmly than Kanako was in Wind and Air. There, she met notorious earthbender Toph Bei Fong, bumping into her as she was training. She was greatly impressed by her skill in manipulating the earth, even moreso when she found out that she was blind and uses her powers to see instead. Toph, in turn, was interested in figuring out how well and Suwako can fight, and thus challenged her to a battle. After an intense showdown that rearranged the very battlefield they stood on, they became friends and sometimes spar with each other whenever they get bored.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Suwako is not the goddess of frogs. She is very fond of them however, with her wearing clothes having frog decals, hopping like a frog on the ground, and protecting any and all frogs from harm whenever possible (especially from a certain pesky ice fairy). This affection extends to all other frogs in the Pantheon; whether they're toads like the Hypnotoad and Toad, Frog Men like the Plantars, frog-like mons like Greninja, those turned into frogs like Frog, Tiana and Naveen, muppets like Kermit, or have froglike powers like Tsuyu Asui, she has pleged to love them and protect them from harm. Trying to hurt them while in her vicinity is just asking to be in a world of hurt. Speaking of the Plantars, she was introduced to three humans named Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu through them and got along very swimmingly, with the trio finding her cute and cool and Suwako wanting to visit Amphibia one day and see all the frogs, toads and newts herself.
    • Suwako is one of the few people who is able to tame and control the Mishaguji, snakelike gods with the power to curse others. With the Mishaguji now forever loyal at her side, she has the power to curse others, usually those who stop worshipping the shrine, rival shrines and those who hurt frogs. Her ability to tame these curse gods is why she rules alongside Kanako, as the gods and humans weren't happy with a successor who couldn't control the Mishaguji. But just as she can curse others, she can administer blessings to the land, ensuring a good harvest. Shirley the Medium is another giver of curses, and often bewitches those who anger her like "the stupid one". Suwako has sometimes popped by her shop to purchase some wares and ask her to curse certain people who have disrespected the shrine and faith. However, there are many who use curses for malevolent purposes such as Nehelenia, Voldemort, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier, who are entirely willing to torture all kinds of people, including children, for their twisted pleasure and goals. Such twisted souls have automatically been marked as enemies of the shrine, as it's entirely possible for them to curse the shrine and bring it to ruin.

Palutena, Representative Goddess of Attractive Deities (Lady Palutena, Pretty Palutena, Professor Palutena, Know-It-All Palutena, Goddess of Obvious, Number 54, Goddess of Light)