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Video Game / Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism

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Touhou Chireidennote  ~ Subterranean Animism is a video game created by Team Shanghai Alice for Windows computers in 2008. It's the eleventh videogame installment in the Touhou Project franchise.

A geyser erupts near the Hakurei Shrine, and Reimu looks forward to turning it into a proper hot spring to attract patrons. But with the water come vengeful spirits from deep underground, and Patchouli Knowledge takes this as a sign that something dangerous is happening in the Underworld. Gensokyo has ancient treaties with the Underworlders which forbid surface youkai from entering their domain, but the youkai sage Yukari Yakumo promises that she will send humans to investigate.

This game features only Reimu and Marisa as playable characters, but they can choose from one of three youkai partners to direct them from above ground (Yukari/Suika/Aya for Reimu, and Alice/Patchouli/Nitori for Marisa), each granting a different shot type. The value of point items is modified by your partner's signal strength, which is increased by grazing bullets or staying above the Point of Collection.


The game's official website can be found here (in Japanese).

This game provides examples of:

  • Beneath the Earth: This game introduces a society of "hated" youkai living underground; surface youkai are forbidden from entering their realm due to an ancient treaty, but the opposite is not true. This realm includes the former site of Hell - it was relocated due to overcrowding, but some of the workers and evil spirits are still around.
  • Boss Warning Siren: Utsuho Reiuji, the nuclear-powered Hell raven girl (and final boss) of the game, has the distinction of prefixing each of her spell cards with klaxons while the text "CAUTION!!" flares on-screen.
  • Comm Links: Yukari modifies Reimu's Yin-Yang Orbs and Alice's dolls to act as communicators. According to Suika, the Mission Control end consists of a TV screen and a "cellphone-type thing".
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  • Do Not Run with a Gun: Aya's passive ability grants Reimu increased movement speed while she's not firing.
  • Ghostly Chill: How do you tell the difference between phantoms from the Netherworld and vengeful spirits from Former Hell? Phantoms are cold, while vengeful spirits are hot. In the Marisa A ending, Marisa makes an ill-conceived attempt to cool down the hot spring by filling it with phantoms.
  • Hell Gate: Patchouli takes notice of the incident because the geyser is leaking vengeful spirits from Former Hell (also referred to as "earth spirits"). In the end the causes of the spirits and the geyser turn out to be unrelated - Rin was sending the spirits through in the hopes of alerting the surface to Utsuho's rampage.
  • Hot Springs Episode: Defied - Reimu and Marisa are more than ready to build an onsen around Utsuho's geyser, but the water turns out to be too hot to bathe in.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: The difficulty levels are named after various youkai, supposedly in ascending order of danger.
    • Easy: Fairy Class
    • Normal: Kappa Class
    • Hard: Tengu Class
    • Lunatic: Oni God Class
    • Extra: Idol Class
  • Legacy Boss Battle: Satori draws on the player character's memories to recreate spell cards used by their youkai partner. E.g. if Reimu's partner is Yukari then she'll face weakened versions of "Double Black Death Butterfly", "Flying Insect's Nest" and "Boundary of Wave and Particle".
  • Lethal Lava Land: Stages 5 and 6, which take place in the former Hell of Blazing Fires, further warmed by an underground STAR.
  • Mission Control: Various youkai provide this to Reimu and Marisa, leading to different ammo/bombs, different special skills for Reimu, different dialogs and endings, and different ways of getting horribly mauled by Satori.
  • Powerup Magnet: When playing as Reimu with Suika as her partner, the player can attract items by releasing all buttons.
  • Stance System: Patchouli grants Marisa five different elemental shot types, which can be switched between by pressing Shot + Focus.
  • Undead Counterpart: Zombie Fairies are undead variants of the regular Fairy enemies. They share the exact same attributes as them (can swarm the player in droves but go down easily), but unlike the regular variants, Zombie Fairies don't "die" and will come back to life shortly after being shot down. They're only ever deployed by the Stage 5 boss: Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou, making them a case of Unique Enemies as well.
  • Wrap Around: Reimu gains the ability to go from one side of the screen to the other by going either left or right for long enough while Yukari is her partner.

Alternative Title(s): Subterranean Animism