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Greater Gods

Valvatorez, God of Promises (Tyrant Valvatorez, Valzy, Mr. Vampire, Mr. Weirdo, Prinny Instructor)
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  • Greater God (Overdeity should he ever regain his Tyrant powers)
  • Symbol: His twin snake emblem
  • Theme Song: Arcadian Vampire, Unflyable Wings, Sparking (when raving about sardines), (Naked Requiem should he ever regain his Tyrant powers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with lots of good leanings
  • Portfolio: Promises, Non-Bloodsucking Vampires, Sardine-based Nutrition, Ties of Camaraderie, Respected Prinny Instructors, Uplifting speeches, Noble Demons, Spirit and Fortitude, War Is Hell
  • Domains: Law, Vampires, Fear, Ambition
  • Allies: Fenrich, Artina, Monkey D. Luffy, Usalia, Adell, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Rika Furude, Sora, Midna, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Histoire, Axel (on a good day), Kiritsugu Emiya, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Gandalf, Anos Voldigoad
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer
  • Rivals: Zetta, Alucard
  • Thanks to testimony from Zetta about Valvatorez was much more powerful than he lets on, namely that he canonically is nearly equal in power to the Nipponverse big three (all greater gods residing in the house of life and death, otherness, and theatre respectively) despite his de-powered state, he was promoted to the Main House.
    • Although Fenrich, his loyal servant, was happy to see his lord move up the ranks, Fenrich is already plotting to push his lord further, stating that his lord should not be second to any god. However, Val is more concerned about upholding his duties as God of Promises than anything else.
    • Though to further these plans, Fenrich has persuaded Valvatorez to see about getting himself a spot in the Pantheon, which eventually happened.
  • Oh, and the reason he holds The Promise as his title? Well, the driving force behind the plot of his story is his dedication to fulfilling his promise: to give his Prinny trainees a sardine once they finish their training. However, because the Netherworld's government decided that all Prinnies needed to be exterminated to cut back on expenses, he decided to overthrow the government because their verdict would get in the way of him fulfilling his promise, and he takes them very seriously.
  • Ever since his promotion, there have been some dreadful rumors being spread about him, namely one that his Tyrant state is every bit as powerful as Tyrant Overlord Baal.
    • It's unknown if he or Flandre Scarlet is the strongest vampire in the pantheon.
  • During his spare time, Valvatorez can often be found in the House of Food proclaiming the benefits of sardines and sharing his vast knowledge on them. Most try to ignore him, though some are rather curious about his claim that sardines have allowed him to still be powerful without the need of blood.
  • Defeating Fear the Great has earned him the respect of other gods who fight against evil gods and their creations, though Valvatorez remains modest, saying that it was a joint effort by his comrades in his Hades Party and that it was to fulfill his promises. That said, Asura has invited him to join his task force to defeat Gohma Vlitra.
    • Speaking of Fear the Great, there have been rumors that YHVH was behind its creation. Regardless of whether he was behind it or not, his MO matches the God who created Fear the Great and has thus become Val's enemy.
  • Has an odd friendship with Alucard (the one from Hellsing) and Rachel Alucard. The three of them often meet to have tea, cakes, cookies and...sardines?
  • Once upon a time, a shining yellow ring appeared in front of Valvatorez and said: "VALVATOREZ OF THE NETHERWORLD. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO INSTILL GREAT FEAR. WELCOME TO THE SINESTRO CORPS." As it turns out, Sinestro purposefully gave one of his rings to the vampire as a token of friendship and after hearing of his reputation as a fearmonger/former tyrant. Naturally, Fenrich doesn't trust Sinestro one bit and neither does Valvatorez.
  • Although Valvatorez admires that Pinkie Pie is also a strong believer in keeping promises, the two have an ongoing argument over what the last line of a planned Official "Pantheon Promise" Swear should be; Pinkie in favor of "Stick a cupcake in my eye" and Valvatorez in favor of "Stick a sardine in my eye". However, the Swear in general has yet to be approved by the rest of the Pantheon and everyone hopes that it stays that way.
    • He also gets along rather well with Fluttershy since she's helping him with the Prinnies who've redeemed themselves, though she gets a little frightened when he becomes boisterous.
    • After learning of Princess Luna's role as the Princess of the Night, Val has become good friends with her and has vowed to protect the moon for her and Fenrich's sake. While Fenrich does not want Val to be making more friends and promises, he at least (begrudgingly) respects Luna as the moon is very important to him.
  • On the subject of Prinnies, he's quick to remind them that they must not let their ascension get to their heads as they still need to fulfill their duty for them to reincarnate and will not allow any slacking.
  • Due to the canonicity of certain endings, his transformation into Tyrant is only a matter of time.
  • Due to his experience in successfully rebelling against psychotic gods, he was amongst the first to be recruited to fight in "The Pantheonic Rebellion". He plans to take part in the "Deep Strike" front and by then, his Tyrant state will have awakened.
  • After regaining his Tyrant status, he became the head Vampire Lord of "The Children of the Night", a rather informal group consisting of the most powerful vampires in the pantheon. In fact, being the strongest is the condition for entering, which has managed to humilate Dracula.
    • The Belmont family considers him a vampire not worth hunting due to a combination of actually being harmless and friendly when off the clock and due to him being massively off the charts in terms of raw power, even dwarfing the dreaded Gabriel Belmont in terms of power.
  • Also gets along well with Sora, due to him also being a strong believer in keeping promises, as well as ties of camaraderie.
  • Though not by his choice, has been nominated for largest ham ever.
  • Upon seeing the ways that Popeye and Soda Popinski gain power from their respective favorite food and drink, Valvatorez has suggested to them that they start eating sardines instead, and become even more powerful. Neither have taken him up on that.
  • War and war mongers are amongst the fastest ways to make him truly angry. As such, the Tyrant is not fond of the GUAC in general. This shared hatred of war earned the respect and camaraderie of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Intermediate Gods

Abadar, God of Favoring the Law over Money (Master of the First Vault, The Gold-Fisted Judge of the Gods, God of Walls and Ditches)
  • Intermediate/Greater God
  • Symbol: A golden key
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domains: Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel
  • Portfolio: Keeper of the First Vault, By-the-Book God, Honest Corporate Executive, Always Keeps his Word, Rules Lawyer, Utopia Justifies the Means
  • Herald: The Lawgiver
  • Allies: Cayden Calien, Erastil, The Judge, Eiki Shiki, Varric Tethras, Anna, Most good and neutral-aligned members of the House of Commerce
  • Rivals: Asmodeus, Judge Dredd
  • Enemies: Cyth V'sug, Seto Kaiba, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • Opposes: Tywin Lannister, Cersei Lannister, YHVH, Wario
  • Opposed by: Vidiri
  • Annoyed by: Calistria
  • There is a god located in the House of Justice who abides entirely with the law. Sure he also looks after merchants and the wealthy, but he regards following the rules above all other endeavors. Such is the way of Abadar, Master of the First Vault and sixth Golarion deity in the Pantheon.
    • Is most famous for holding the First Vault, one of the largest collections of items in the Multiverse. It is said to contain a replica of every single item known. Speedy deities such as the Flash have taken up the challenge to prove it, but his domain has proven to be too vast for even him to search.
    • As usual, he maintains reasonable diplomatic ties with all in the Pantheon. He enjoys Shelyn's company as well as Erastil to a lesser extent (he has yet to strike a balance to his love of cities and the Stag God's preference to the wilderness). Relations with other Golarion neighbors are a bit more precarious. He is one of the few gods capable of matching Asmodeus in being a Rules Lawyer, disapproving of the archdevil's dishonest deals. While he appreciate's Cayden's followers for protecting cities, he wishes them to be more civil. That with Calistra remains his most strained relationship in the Pantheon, with her penchant for revenge outside the rule of law.
  • He may be the God of Law in Golarion, but Judge Dredd was quick to remind him that in the Pantheon HE is the law. Abadar is not a fan of Dredd's harsher uses of the law, believing it causes dissent among civilians. He would prefer law enforcement that respects the city's inhabitants. as much as the other way around, depending on rules to give everyone a fair shot at trial.
  • Was rather disappointed with the guardians of the House of Commerce. He may be a god of wealth, but he despises corruption above all else. While he disdains Kaiba's disregard of the rules, he is especially appalled by Mr. Burn's drive for money at the expense of others. He does hope to have better representatives in that House.
    • Upon a second inspection, he saw great potential in many of its inhabitants. He has striven to maintain relations with most involved in that house. He hopes to influence the place to it's true nature of creating wealth and maintaining settlements.
    • Second on the list is probably Looten Plunder for representing the worst aspects of corrupt corporations. He may find the actions of Captain Planet excessive, but he will always side with the nature god against his greatest foe.
  • Has repeatedly warned his followers not to be driven by Greed, pointing to Wario as one of the top reasons followers lose his favor. The scoundrel considers all who follow that god to be losers. He can't understand how anyone would hold back their abilities to gain some money.
  • Respects the Judge's decisions in court. It helps that he has a healthy list of lawyers that make sure the law is fair to all. He does wish that there wasn't such a divide between good and evil aligned attorneys.
  • Tywin thought it would be a good idea to give him a little bribe money to get in his good graces. That only resulted in getting blacklisted from his temple and a petition to boycott Tywin's services with a growing number of followers doing just that. His opinion on the former ruler was already sour due to the what he saw was an unnecessary massacre. All too familiar to being rejected, Tywin is comfortable with playing the long game to strike back.
  • Is not much of a fan of Cersei either. He finds her decision making to be rather bizarre, too caught up in perry revenge over thinking in the long term of things.
  • His promotion of the city life did not sit well with those in the House of Nature. This is especially true for Vidiri, who has taken measures to throw extreme weather conditions on his temple. Abadar sees it as a challenge, as any building should match the best Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Was delighted at first at the prospect of an entire faction dedicated to Law. He felt the classic Good and Evil axis to be antiquated. When he found out who was leading the group, Abadar was quickly turned off. He didn't see YHVH as someone who looked out for humanity, but looking out for his own self-interest. But he didn't lose out hope. He likes what Eiki brings to the table and would tolerate the GUAL if she took over.
  • The weapon for many of his followers is the crossbow. It came to his attention that some people have been able to make Automatic Crossbows, more advanced than the ones he's used to. As such he struck a deal with Varric to place stock in his weaponry in exchange for a discount for his followers. Varric agreed... if Abadar did more selfless acts to those in need. Otherwise, the dwarf has taken a liking to the god.
  • Has his suspicions on the true nature of Anna the shop keeper. Still, he is rather impressed with her dealings with her clients.

Asmodeus, Divine Master of Loophole Abuse (The Archfiend, Dark Prince, The First, God-Fiend, King of Hell, Lord of Darkness. Lord of Hell, Lord of the Pit, Master of Witches, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Devils, Prince of Hell, Prince of Law, Ruler of Hell)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A pentagram known specifically as the Archstar.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Big Red Devil, Light Mace as his signature weapon, Cool Chair, Deal with the Devil, Dystopia Justifies the Means, Even Evil Has Standards, Hates Free Will, God of Evil, Horned Humanoid, Legions of Hell, Rules Lawyer, Satanic Archetype, Visionary Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery
  • Herald: Basileus
  • Allies: The Godhand, Calypso, Agatha Trunchbull, Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, Doctor Faustus (usually)
  • Rivals: Melkor, YHVH, Vegeta
  • Enemies: Lucifer (SMT), The Beast, Samuel, Morrigan and Lilith, Drizzt Do'Urden,
  • Opposed by: Cayden Cailean, Rosemary Woodhouse
  • One of the oldest deities in the Pathfinder universe, Asmodeus has gotten word of the ultimate Pantheon. All it took was multiple dealings with those knowledgable of the place and it wasn't long until he found a cushy spot for himself. He delighted in all the new faces to make contracts (and abuse the hell out of them).
    • His ascension was met with immediate condemnation with Cayden Cailean. Previously the lone deitiy of his world, the Archdevil was literally one god he wanted the least to ascend. Is also one of the few gods in the Pantheon that would never negotiate with him for any circumstances. He also warned Cosmos not to do the same.
  • Upon entering the Pantheon, he was annoyed with the notion of being a newcomer when he was so quick to dismiss younger deities in his own world. His own followers would retort he has a contract that would deliver him the multiverse. Most deities would consider that an outrageous bluff. The Question put it as one more conspiracy to uncover.
  • Asmodeus not only rules Hell in Golarion's multiverse, but also in the Forgotten Realms' multiverse. He hopes to spread his influence in even more worlds.
  • Has a rather conflicting relationship between Melkor and YHWH. In truth, he enjoys working with both deities and was disappointed in how much both factions hate each other. When both gods told him to choose a side, he chose to walk out. Both sides vow to bring Asmodeus into the fold; The Prince of Darkness duly intends to play the field.
  • There is one deity who he refuses to cooperate with. He was appalled to see a demon as one of the four most powerful deities in the Pantheon. Lucifer delightfully pointed that out to troll him. Asmodeus has put significant resources to unseat the leader of the GUAC.
    • Various demons in the Pantheon have pooled their resources towards Lucifer after their followers started being attacked by his forces. The Beast, Samuel and the succubi all teamed up in support of Lucifer.
  • Asmodeus already has a strong disdain for the drow, disappointed in their choice of Chaotic Evil gods and demons. The existance of Drizzt Do'Urden is an even greater insult, seeing him side with Cayden after defecting. Drizzt is well versed in the devil's existence and has experience in dealing with his kind.
  • Rumor has it that he killed his Good-aligned equivalent deity in his world, which was his brother. The Godhand was impressed with his treachery and vowed to vouch for his side in the meantime.
  • He has domain over some other concepts in the Pantheon in Golarion such as Tyranny, Slavery, Pride and Contracts. For contracts, he made a deal with Calypso to carry on his work there while the later maintains his work elsewhere.
  • Behind every dictatorship is an education to match, one that is designed to suppress any chance of rebellion. To that end he depends on Agatha Trunchbull. She may be a Sadistic Teacher, but she knows how to keep a classroom under control.
  • While Asmodeus employs those who exploit loopholes with contracts, Faust is in charge of those who sign said contracts. Whether he cooperates with the devil depends on the version. In some cases, Faust is under the complete command of Mephistopheles, Asmodeus' direct underling. In other cases, he revolts against so far as to use his new powers against the dealers.
  • Rosemary saw far too many similarities with his followers to cultists she had to deal with. Her followers lament about having to deal with yet another Satanic Archetype character. They have already been subject to attacks from his own followers.

    The Falcons 

The Falconsmembers , Grand Heralds of Superhuman Conscription (General: Winged Warriors | Rebellio: The Craftman's Dream | Isola: Falcon★Idol | Crimm: The Explosive Artiste | Stella: The Sudarshana Gravity Well | Dystnine: Altair of Vengeance | Bakto: The Leonian Tempest)
First column downward:Dystnine, Rebellio, Isola. Second column downward: Stella, Crimm, Bakto
Weaponized Forms 
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Their Falcon Quills, each one surrounded by a circle and wings bearing their respective colorsnote .
  • Theme Song: The Thin Dark Waiting on Ahead, Critical Moment, Septima Burst (in general), The Past Peace is Distant (Rebellio only), Wishing for a Megalopolis (Stella only), The Evil Palace of Distorted Beauty (Crimm only), Runway to the Skies, Full-Power Support: Full Throttle (Isola only), Wielding the Abandoned Feelings (Bakto only), Synaptic Code: IRE (Dystnine only)
  • Alignment: Previously Lawful Evil under the Sumeragi's Institute of Human Evolution. Bakto and Crimm are Chaotic Neutral. Rebellio, Stella, Dystnine, and Isola are True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Quirky Miniboss Squad and Thematic Rogues Gallery themed after the Western Zodiac, Feather Motif, Conscripted into the Mutant Draft Board, Ultimately Punch Clock Villains and generally Forced into Evil, Anti Villains, Contrasting Sequel Antagonists
  • Domains: The Western Zodiac, Hierarchy of Angels, Psychics
  • Special Relationships: Copen (as Luminous Avenger iX, their killer), Blade (former superior)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: George Washington, Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillenia (Bakto, moreso on speaking terms for Washington)
  • Frequently hires: Saffron and Hazel (Stella)
  • Rivals: Gemini Man (Isola) The Corpus (Stella)
  • Pitied by: Gunvolt
  • Pities: Mima Kirigoe (Isola)
  • Enemies: The Sumeragi Swordsmen
  • Conflicting Opinion: Zonda and The Seven (opinions vary between member, generally apathy)
  • Interests: Siebren de Kuiper/Sigma (Stella)
  • It is a rather bleak future in the setting of Luminous Avenger iX to put it mildly. Humans born without the supernatural powers known as Septima, often referred to as Minos, are nearing eradication and live out the rest of their days hiding out in dingy ruins. Those who do possess Septima, who are thus referred to as Adepts, aren't much better off. They're the now dominant species on the planet, living in pristine cities with the luxuries associated with them, but at the end of the day they're still being monitored by the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution. Those who take their interest are forced into Sumeragi's rank and file, and there doesn't seem to be any option of refusing the call to action. It is here where we meet The Falcons, a group of Adepts whom Sumeragi judged to be the very best out of society and are thus put into use in ushering in a new age of humanity.
  • Like with the previous rosters of bosses they were killed in action. One by one The Falcons awoke in a place unfamiliar to them, and each time they were greeted by a peculiar sight: Their former superior, Blade, now unmasked and a different person from who the. Setting aside the shock regarding that Blade is a woman, the azure swordsman not only relayed to them that they were in "the Pantheon" but also a proposition to them set by The Court of Gods: Alongside their fellow Falcons, they would hold a position of godhood under the trope of Mutant Draft Board due to the way in which Sumeragi Institute had recruited them. Refuse, and who knows by that point? Perhaps they'd be regulated to High Priests or Followers, but more than likely they'd go back to being dead. Realizing the advantage of the Pantheon being less restrictive/holding greater opportunities they, through differing motives, agreed to hold their position. As a bonus all of them have free reign to utilize their Falcon Quills.
  • They differ from various other Adept bosses in that they're ultimately just Punch Clock Villains, many of whom were even forced into their position as a Falcon under the fear of the consequences. Even their superior Blade was brainwashed into the position but after breaking free and reuniting with her Minos friends she wants nothing to do with them, wanting to leave behind this past of hers. And that's not even beginning to mention the subconscious manipulation done by the Butterfly Effect to increase their indiffernce to the lives of all Minos. Though Copen (as Luminous Avenger iX) ended up killing them all in the end it ultimately wasn't anything personal — a sentiment many of them have also shared save for Dystnine, who fought to the bitter end to avenge Stella. On their end they don't want anything to do with the two either especially Copen when regarding his more hateful self in the other continuity. All the more reason to not get involved, really. Things get interesting for the other Azure Striker Gunvolt deities, however, given that their setting takes place a century after Nova Tsukuyomi's defeat in Firmament by Gunvolt in addition to Joule and GV's own murders thereafter.
    • Gunvolt can't help but sympathize with many of The Falcons after hearing they are Adepts who are conscripted to join Sumeragi's ranks and for being subtly manipulated mentally, as with every other Adept under Demerzel's shadowy iron fist. Compared to The Sumeragi Swordsmen and Eden's Grimoired Seven they're all far nicer by comparison. Seeing as they generally want to be left alone from further conflicts he decides to respect their wishes by choosing to put a distance from him and them whenever possible, though he keeps an eye out on Crimm. The Swordsmen meanwhile have branded all of them criminals for their coercion with the Sumeragi Institute as that version of the organization has betrayed what the group originally stood for and has harassed many of The Falcons on a number of occasions in other Houses, though they tend to be intercepting by said Houses' local authorities.
    • Zonda, along with some of The Seven have tried coercing The Falcons into allying with them, promising that the Adept society they fight for will be leagues better than the one run by Demerzel and his world's version of Sumeragi. Time and time again, however, they've been met with limited success. Most of The Falcons seem too disinterested in fighting any further and have begun to focus on their more personal interests. Of them, the person who wants nothing to do with conflict period is Rebellio after being forced to fight for causes he doesn't believe. The closest they can manage is with Crimm, who's a Psycho for Hire and someone who even they think is quite the loose cannon, and Isola, who gives performances for the various Eden members and not much else in the way of help. Not that she is incapable of anything other than idol work but since she's out of the job she's been working full-time as a singer now.
  • All of The Falcons correspond to not only the Western Zodiac but also the various levels in the Hierarchy of Angels. The latter stands out as it helps contrast with the original Sumeragi Swordsmen Seven who were based off the Seven Deadly Sins and the animals that correspond to each individual sin, further cementing that the two teams of Adepts are from vastly different iterations of the Sumeragi Group.
  • Rebellio only:
    • The Zodiac of Aries, the Angel Hierarchy of Seraphim. Rebellio's life honestly is, to put it simply, tragic. His family was taken hostage by an anti-Sumeragi group and in exchange for their safety he was forced into a life of terrorism. At some point he would be incarcerated by Sumeragi and would await his death sentence but Rebellio's conscription into becoming a Falcon would soon change that. In exchange for working with them, Sumeragi would not only pardon his crimes but also protect his family. He hates conflict and fighting but is also willing to commit to such lows if it's for their sake. Even in such a situation he remains quite kind to everyone he meets, even willing to chat and dryly joke around.
    • You could say that Rebellio's powers are the red strings of fate themselves. His Septima, Energy Wool, certainly gives that impression for he is able to create and shape red threads, even able to convert his body into it to simulate teleportation. It's not naturally deadly on their own as they are indeed fibres but he's still able to form brutal weapons ranging from Gatling guns, flails, scythes, and even giant guillotines which is suggested to stem from being Motivated by Fear. His Limit Break, Crimson-Death-Thread, has him unravel as threads stretch across the arena to catch his opponents in increasingly complex and intricate patterns. Getting caught by any of the threads immediately ensnares and immobilizes them, creating an opening for Rebellio to ram them with a thread-made drill.
    Rebellio: The strings of fate that bind us together lead to the same end, in a sea of red. Crimson-Death-Thread!
    • He's now a freeman in the Pantheon, but Rebellio still takes the time out of his day to meet with other notable inmates around. Sitting in a dingy cell can get pretty lonely, you know? He can be seen talking with the likes of Jolyne Cujoh and The Sinner for this very reason finding solace in either similar powersets with Jolyne and her Stand, Stone Free, or with working off one's own burdensome sentence like with The Sinner (even if Rebellio's isn't nearly as ridiculous). Admittedly there's some slight envy thrown towards The Sinner for being able to accomplish their goal of freedom, though it's nothing truly malicious. And speaking of similar powers he also finds solidarity with Mami Tomoe who has similar powers and applications involving her ribbons.
    • Quite ill fond of the Earl of Lemongrab, a pathetic and stupid ruler known for sentencing people to disproportionately long sentences in prison. Plus, he's quite grating to the ears. He likes talk as much as the next guy and gal but he'd be happy to skip out on any discussion with the lemon Earl. And being essentially a Boxed Crook for Sumeragi has made him quite wary of Amanda Waller. Personally, couldn't care less about whatever future conflicts the Pantheon has in store, whether it involves the Alliances or not, especially since no one in the Pantheon can truly hold his family hostage anymore.
    • Said to bear quite the resemblance to Nagito Komaeda, mostly owing to the fluffy hair and stepford smiles they have going on. Rebellio has not met the Ultimate Lucky Student of Class 77-B but could only imagine what kind of person he is through rumors spread by other people.
    • "Personally, I've got nothing against you. But if I can take you down, Sumeragi will lighten my sentence, you see. I'd really like to see my family again someday, so I'm gonna hit you with everything I've got."
  • Isola only:
    • The Zodiac of Gemini, the Angel Hierarchy of Powers. Isola's true character is hard to truly pinpoint, and it's even rumored to be something she herself has forgotten. There are two main persona's to her: A serious and cold young woman befitting her position as a Falcon, and a bubbly and cutesy young woman also befitting her occupation as an idol singer. If there's anything that's certain about Isola is that she's truly dedicated to not only the entirety of her fans, going above and beyond to connect with them at a personal level, but also to whatever position she takes up, especially as an idol. In fact, she's got a... rather odd view on what an idol should be, and this idea is further fed by all the books and magazines about being an idol she's able to refer to at a moment's notice.
    • She's a crowdpleaser so it would natural that her Septima, Companion, would allow her to bring on quite the show. Isola is able to create and manipulate energized constructs known as EXISA, usually taking the form of large, concentrated particles or copies that bare her likeness. Expect the lightshow when fighting her. In battle she's also able to swap between "Normal Mode", in which her skirt armor doubles as a deadly blade, and "Arena Mode" where said skirt becomes a weaponized platform for her to stand on. Her signature claim to stardom is her Limit Break, Wonderful Rush, where Isola and her copies showers the environment in multi-colored lasers.
    Isola: The roar of the crowd gives me life as I strut down the runway to deliver your ticket to Hell. Wonderful Rush!
    • Keeps friendly with those involved in the idol business such as with 765 Pro, Muse, Miku Izayoi, SoLaMi Smile, Rion Kugayama, the AKB0048 Trainees, and Mima Kirigoe. Officially, Isola is a friendly rival to many of them. Despite her status as a Falcon to Sumeragi, even being one of the few who embraced her newfound role, they all admit she's legitimately good person to be around when in her idol persona. Not only is Isola's creed to personally connect to fans respectable her drive to put in 100% in everything she does is truly something to be admired. That said, they also admit her idea of an idol's image is... something else. Isola respects them right back but also very much sympathizes with Miku Izayoi and Mima Kirigoe as she's well aware of how harsh their worlds are.
    Isola: I'll deploy all of my strength into any job, and I'll do it at full throttle... That's my path as an idol!
    • Apparently, Isola picked up on agricultural work during a brief stint in a TV show and is remarkably good at it if the "aftercare" for the fan who taught her it when he broke is back is to be believed. For this reason it isn't too odd to see her helping out The Farmer and Rolf with their related work. While the two didn't expect much at first they were quickly blown away by how she efficient Isola can really be when she commits to something.
    • Being her group's resident Gemini with the double personas to boot has brought her some comparisons to Gemini Man. Seeing that she too possesses the ability over light and copies the Robot Master had declared himself a rival to the Full-Throttle Idol. Isola, for her part, has not slacked off returns the rivalry right back and is further motivated to improve her Septimal powers.
    • "That was nothing for a Virtual Idol like me ★ Don't forget to smash that "Like" button and click "Subscribe", tee hee ★"
  • Crimm only:
    • The Zodiac of Cancer, the Angel Hierarchy of Dominion. Crimm is the Falcon's Psycho for Hire. By day, people know him as a famous hair stylist. By night, he is a Mad Bomber who exploits his position as a Falcon to lay waste to anything in sight. He's an arsonist for the sake of art for there's nothing more captivating than the art of explosions, especially if it's by his hands. He is but a painter, and the entire world is his canvas.
    • He wields the Septima of Detonation which allow him to condense energy into balls of devastating but compact bursts. In short, explosions, and they are powerful enough to send even his heavily armored self flying. And speaking of armor, after undergoing Weaponization he gains access to equipment that not only protects him but also create impenetrable barriers though he's unable to attack when shielding himself. Crimm is either all attack with his Septima or all defense with his barriers and there's no in-between in combat. His Limit Break, Exquisite Artillery, has the artiste armor up and let loose one massive discharge that's capable of filling an entire room while he carpets the little remaining safe-spots with even more explosions.
    Crimm: Dazzling blasts bloom upon my canvas. The world engulfed in radiant conflagration. Come now, let me hear your screams. Exquisite Artillery!
    • Words could not even begin to scarcely describe how beyond ecstatic he was when word of a House specifically tailored to explosions reached his ears. Obviously he wasted no time in getting to know each and every deity around the place and group and just as quickly did Crimm win them over. As you can imagine he got involved with Michael Bay quite a number of times after demonstrating the power of Exquisite Artillery. Outside of the House and Group he found other likeminded individuals in the form of Megumin and Mona after the aforementioned stint with Michael Bay.
    • Despite indulging his status as a Mad Bomber to its absolute fullest he still also works as a charismatic hair stylist. Most people agree that this side of him compared to when he's out blowing anything to kingdom come for the sake of art is as different as night and day. Perhaps this sudden change is why he's able to smoothly get along with Freaky Fred and Edward Scissorhands despite being a ahem "blastomaniac" (and to borrow dear Fred's words he's quite naaaaauuuuughtyyy). While we're still talking about Fred, the Explosive Artiste does take a bit of care to make sure he's not around his fellow Falcons (mainly Rebellio) having quickly understood the barber's obsession with cutting hair.
    • "Hahahahaha! Did you see that?! That right there is true art! What a stunning explosion! Art is detonation!"
  • Stella only:
    • The Zodiac of Libra, the Angel Hierarchy of Principality. Stella is the young president of the electronic manufacturing company, Gargantua. No-nonsense and shrewd, she is a business woman at heart and handles everything with the professionalism it entails despite the impressions her accent brings. Gargantua grew to the very top of her nation and attributes all of its successes to her own doing. Still, even with this attitude Stella is not completely harsh. She's particularly close to her android butler, Dystnine, and her reasoning for becoming a Falcon is to protect him when the Sumeragi Institute took notice of him with his "soul" and Septima.
    • Fitting for a woman who believes her entire company revolves around her that Stella's Septima is of Gravity. As the name implies, her bread and butter is of gravitational fores either through lowering or amping it up. Primarily, she turns it on herself to fly and utilize the weapons she has on hand like balls of energy and a BFS mounted on her waist, but her main tools of offense are two Deadly Discs. It is through them that Stella channels most of her powers towards, either by sending them careening towards her foes at great speeds or entrapping her foes inside increased gravity. Graviton Pandemonium, her Limit Break, has Stella lower the entire area's gravity as she either tries to cut her opponents to pieces or crush them in clumps of debris before the discs become gigantic in size, grinding anything caught in their wake to dust.
    Stella: In the swirling chaos forgotten remnants form together, pulverizing all in their path! Graviton Pandemonium!
    • Her power is an odder one, but one that isn't at all unseen or uncommon. Kat and Ochaco Uraraka also dominion over gravity and have caught her interest during her days off and nods at their efficiency. On their end, the two girls are on good terms with Stella but they can't help but sympathize her situation in being force into fighting to save Dystnine though Stella brushes off their concerns. It's unfortunate, sure, but her only regret in the end was that she lost and left him alone.
      • While on the topic of gravity wielding gods both Kat and Ochaco have warned Stella to be wary of a man asking about the secrets of the universe and its "song" that he hears. This man is Siebren de Kuiper aka Sigma and he's a brilliant astrophysicist turned asylum patient and later Obliviously Evil member to Talon. Though she does take the warning seriously she too can't help but find Sigma's state to be pitiful in the end.
    • As far as professional relationships go Stella has worked alongside with Susie, the current head of Haltmann Works Company specializing in robots and machinery. Through Susie, Stella has considered bringing aboard Mei Hatsume having seen the use of her inventions in helping heroes though the only reason she's still in the considering phase is because of Explosive Results her inventions tend to unfortunately veer towards. On that note Stella recognizes the economic giant that the Corpus are and doesn't see a bright future for Gargantua when it comes to affiliating with them as more than likely it will end with the company getting absorbed.
      • Stella also frequently hires the likes of Saffron and Hazel to work on more experimental projects within Gargantua. Magic isn't quite the same as Septimal power as she knows it, and the young president wanted to see what the two were capable of. This is in spite of the fact that she knows Saffron and Hazel have quite the one-sided rivalry going on with the former always outshining the former, but she doesn't mind too much. Apparently it hasn't affected their work ethic save for day one when the two realized they were hired by the same person and figured since they did patch things up after coming to Eden they'd be fine.
    • "When ya say boneheaded stuff like that, ya sound creepily human. But that's what I like about ya."
  • Dystine only:
    • The Zodiac of Taurus, the Angel Hierarchy of Cherubim. Once apart of an electronic manufacturers mass-produced products by some miracle he was built with not only a "soul" but also a Septima, making him a peculiar Adept. Stella took interest in him as a personal servant and for that he was eternally grateful and such feelings only increased when she saved his life from being picked apart by Sumeragi for "research". He's courteous and formal to everyone he meets and such manners would prove unshakable even when confronting Copen in Stella's name after her death at the hands of iX. The glitched reverb in his voice when speaking to him betray the fact he's suffering an overwhelming amount of rage and grief, however.
    • Able to not only create estocs made of light but also wield them and even throw like knives Dystnine fights much like the bullfighters of yore with his Septima, Vectored Cloth. Starting out, it was at first weak but Stella's death soon helped amplify its strength. Vectored Cloth allows him to do all sorts of things with the vector manipulating capes he creates. When guarding with it, attacks become useless as their vectors are redirected elsewhere. In addition to altering the shape of his capes such as bouncing spears to entrap foes but also giant bulls Dystnine can even use them to turn invisible. Total Blackout, his Limit Break, is his most fearsome out of everything in his arsenal. Dystnine cloaks the entire area in his shroud as he tries to catch his foes in its grasp as any and all wiggle-room gets smaller and smaller. Getting trapped by it opens them up to Blade Spam.
    Dystnine: The midnight curtain descends upon the stage, drenching all in darkness as the final act begins! Total Blackout!
    • Due to the way he sticks to Stella he initially didn't have much in the way of friends besides Stella's own allies. It's not that he doesn't care to make friends but that he can't bare the thought of her dying for him ever again. Eventually he did develop a friendship with the various maids and butlers around the Pantheon and joins in on various meetings should their free days coincide with one another. Sebastian Michaelis, Jakob and Felicia, G36, Mr. Deeds (when summoned), Hayate Ayasaki, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Maika Sakuranomiya, Fiona Mayfield, the list goes on. Of them, he's particularly close with G36 given that they're both robotic servants. On her end, G36 is awed by Dystnine's combat efficiency with his Vectored Cloth and is somewhat reminded of the Sangvis Ferri Ringleader known as Agent. With his abilities he may just as easily wipe the floor with her (heh), even with her Dummies.
    • Being once driven to take up the mantle as a Falcon after Stella's death he finds some connection in the House of Revenge and Retribution. Though, with his lady being alive and well he didn't see much reason in actually interacting with them. There have been those in the Houses of Friendship and Love and Affection who wonder how deep his relationship goes with Stella. With the surfacing of this image it might lean towards the romantic side of things. Might. Dystnine doesn't see any need to entertain any of their rumors.
    • In case if you are wonderinghis name is pronounced "Dye-Nine". As in, the "st" is silent.
    • "I am Dystnine, Gargantua's top-of-the-line multi-purpose android. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
  • Bakto only:
    • The Zodiac of Leo, the Angel Hierarchy of Virtues. Once a low-ranked leader for grunts, Bakto ended up becoming a head of the crime family after in-fighting tore it all apart and forcing him to rebuild it from the ground up with quite the following. Sumeragi would imprison many of its members and coerce Bakto into becoming a Falcon. While staunchly apathetic towards Sumeragi and whatever goals they have in mind he nevertheless was forced to grin and bear it for the sake of the clan. He's a man who lives by the code and for a gangster he's remarkably nice and easy to talk to, even towards his enemies. Bakto may also feel he's not up to being a leader of the family, planning to relinquish his position to someone else if given the chance.
    • He's an absolute beast in combat, and it's all thanks to his Septima, Spiral. With it, violently swirling energy are at his command and call, and woe betide those who are unprepared. Simplistic? Sure, no doubt about that. But the versatility it had in practice is nothing to scoff at. Whether its to enhance his attacks though his fists or his entire body or to shape it into all sorts of bullets and tornadoes he's no less deadly than his fellow Falcons. His Limit Break, Sonic Spiral, has Bakto generate create colossal drills out of swirling energy before allowing two of them to cross and violently discharge to devastate his opponents.
    Bakto: Vicissitudes bring swirling flux. The whirling twin helixes of chaos set humanity on its true path. Sonic Spiral!
    • Now without Sumeragi's leash around his neck he has since focused on rebuilding his Family. To this he's affiliated himself with various other bosses in the House of Crime and Transgressions most notably with the Corleones and Giorno Giovanna as well as his branch of Passione. Bakto has gravitated more towards Giorno, though, citing him as the epitome of the kind of people you should follow. Other than them he's been known to also associate himself with Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, two heirs to crime families who were forced to be in a relationship so as to not start a gang war between their respective families. At least, that was until Chitoge actually fell for Raku. And when Raku confesses to her and soon marries in the future, complete with kids.
    • Leadership is a heavy thing to carry, and not everyone finds themselves truly up for the task. Such as a sentiment is shared by George Washington and Fiore Yggdmillenia, whom Bakto is fond of speaking to on occassion. No, the image of a mob boss having some fellowship with the first President of a country and a former magus isn't lost on him. But the Pantheon is weird like that, you get used to it.
    • "None o' my business how the fat cats up top run the place. If it'll bring back the Family, I'll eat dog shit and ask for seconds! I live by the code!"

Lesser Gods

    Commander Samuel Vimes 
His Grace His Excellency Commander Sir Samuel "Sam" Vimes, The Fettered God (Old Stoneface, The Duke of Ankh, Lord of Ramkin Estate, Ambassador for Ankh-Morpork, Blackboard Monitor Vimes, King of the River)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A copper badge in the shape of a shield with the number 177 on it.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Lawful Good. (While noteworthy for maintaining "a certain anti-authoritarianism" he is often seen as defining lawful good)
  • Portfolio: Grumpy but Good-Hearted Ppolice Chief, Heroic Willpower, Dirty Fighting for a Good Cause, Papa Wolf, Badass Normal
  • Domains: Law, Good, Truth, Badassness
  • Followers: Andrew F. Gooley, Inspector Todd, Chief Bogo, Julius Root, Barney Miller, Lieutenant Al Giardello, Aveline Vallen
  • Superior: Terry Pratchett
  • Allies: The House of Law and Justice ... the institution itself rather than the people who are in it, Rick Blaine, Dr. House, Lin Beifong
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore
  • Enemies: The House of Crime and Transgressions, Lex Luthor
  • Opposes: The Houses of Commerce, Vampires and Royalty
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: All members of the House of Law and Justice good aligned or otherwise, Axe Cop, Inferno Cop
  • Pities: Chester Bum
  • Odd Friendship: Omar Little
  • Samuel Vimes was born on Cockbill Street, within the poverty-stricken "Shades" of the city-state of Ankh-Morpork, to a family with a history of serving within the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. He lost his father Thomas at a young age, when the man was run over by a cart (at least, that's the story his mother told him; he always believed it had something more to do with his father being an alcoholic). The area he lived in was so impoverished that very little crime occurred there because there was very little to gain from it; despite this, he actually spent time as a member of a street gang called the Cockbill Street Roaring Lads. He also did not spend much time in the education system, describing himself as being low-educated, since his family literally could not even afford the cheapest schooling available, and is openly speciesist towards such beings as dwarfs, trolls, and even vampires. A man on a textbook path to becoming a Lower-Class Lout, he instead joined the City Watch at the age of sixteen...and proceeded to defy every stereotype he had every right to fall into.
    • In spite of his low education, he turned to be incredibly well-read and intelligent. In spite of what he believes to be a predilection for criminality, he became one of the finest officers his world had ever seen. In spite of the Fantastic Racism in his words and stated beliefs, he is shown in his actions to value non-human members within the Watch and to defend both civilians and fellow officers alike with full life and vigor regardless of their race. In spite of the borderline third-world level poverty he grew up in, he would be made a knight, then a duke, as well as marry the richest woman in the city.
    • How does Vimes manage to grow past his shortcomings and circumstances to be a legendary standup guy? It's been explained that Vimes struggles between "the Watchman and the Beast", the contrast between his fundamental good nature and the darkest tendencies that lie within him, and that in his mind, the symbol of his own badge serves as a mental check to prevent him from becoming the criminal he despises. Members of the Watch, however, believe that Vimes exists in a state of hyper-sobriety known as "knurd", wherein his mind is incapable of loosening its internal checkpoints because his body does not produce any of the "natural alcohol" that most people have in them that allows them to relax. Aside from possibly being the thing that drives him to drink alcohol just to balance it out (and often get drunk overdoing it), this allows him to see through not only the deception of others, but also his own internal dark thoughts, fueling him to do the right thing in spite of that part of himself. Whatever the case, instead of ending up one of any number of tragic statistics involving both policing and street life, he became a god among policemen when he entered the Trope Pantheon.
  • No one knows when this man entered the Pantheon, but it's common knowledge that Sam Vimes is one of the founders of the House of Justice and thus one of the oldest members. After serving as a patron for policemen throughout the Pantheon, he has took on responsibility to lead them all. As head of all police officers divine and mortal, he only had two rules: do your job and don't talk to him unless spoken to. Although the latter rule isn't strictly enforced, he is clear in his dislike in being forced into a conversation. With that said, he firmly has faith in the House to deliver justice to those who need it... it's just that he holds a cynical view on everyone he meets. Not even Dredd himself is exempt. Eventually, he stepped down from the position and is looking for the next best candidate for the job.
  • Has a long list of gods he hates in the Pantheon. Most of those gods reside or are associated with the Houses of Commerce, Vampires and Royalty. That includes good-aligned deities, though those gods have a chance to get on his good side with a lot of persistence. In general, he despises heads of authority more than anything else. It's the reason why he refused to take a spot in the Protectors of Justice.
  • Has always had a soft spot with the homeless, giving small donations to Chester A. Bum's temple. That doesn't mean he goes light on the man whenever the bum gets caught. It only means that he's more comfortable with the poorest beggar than the richest man.
  • Is naturally enemies with the House of Crime given the work he does. With that said, many in the Pantheon respects the man to stick up against authority, something many would agree on.
  • Frequently spends his time drinking alcohol in the House of Food, although there are times he can go without for months; to wit, he acknowledges his alcoholism but considers his suspicious policeman's eye a far more prevalent addiction to himself. Still, during one of his trips there, he heard the infamous sound of "Omar Comin'." Instead of fleeing, the Chief decided to stare face to face with the man for once. Omar was impressed with his bravery, deciding to sit down to eat with him. After some minutes, Sam grew a begrudging respect for the man and his honor. Likewise, Omar appreciated someone who could stand next to him without being a prick. The two promised to chat again sometime before departing. Thus a beautifully odd friendship was formed. After learning more about Omar and why he was so feared, Sam pitied the fact that a man like him lived his life pulling stickups on criminals instead of busting them, though found relief in that Omar has been tapped by detectives on rare occasions when dealing with enemies who made it personal. He hopes that if he should ever have to deal with the terror king of Baltimore's criminal underworld on a case, it's to work together rather than to bring him down.
  • Only goes to Dr. House in one of the rare times he goes to get a check up. The two love to chide each other through the entire checkup, but it's in good faith with each other. Dr. Cox may not meet up with him for checkups, but the two tolerate him enough to occasionally hang out.
  • Being the former God of Policemen he has been the subject of many assassination attempts, including those who want to steal his throne. Yet Sam managed to best every challenge so far. One can only wonder what would happen if he faces the God of Assassins himself. Ezio has declined the challenge for now, citing there are more vile enemies to take down. Still, the challenge in itself would be difficult to turn down in the long run.
  • A villain such as Lex Luthor has proven to be both his most hated foe and the most difficult to fight. His good publicity coupled with his cunning has stymied his efforts to put him behind bars.
  • Other cops who reside outside the House of Justice receive similar treatment.
  • He is slightly more tolerant of Inferno Cop and Axe Cop, mainly because they never ask questions about their work and are in general highly successful in their work. He's satisfied as long as they keep up the good work.
  • Given his anti-authoritarianism, some deities put him more in line with detectives. Indeed, those deities are less disliked by Vimes than cops.
  • Even Vimes spent a small part of his time mourning for his creator's passing. When asked why the change of heart, he retorted that even he can grieve about things at times.
  • Unique among gods in that he disapproves of people following him (and many of the other gods in the Pantheon of Justice). He holds that any true copper would be far too suspicious of someone claiming to be a god of policemen to actually worship him. That said, he seems to have less issue with "followers" who simply take after him in the right ways rather than worship him outright, such as Lin Beifong, who he personally campaigned to ascend to the House of Justice. Despite this failing and her being ascended in another house, Vimes and Beifong have continued to maintain an alliance, as she often visits him for advice and to compare perspectives.
  • Despite the opinion of his Disorganiser imp, he is not to be confused with Insert Name Here of the House of Ambiguity.


    Chris Mclean 
Chris Mclean, God of Ignoring His Own Rules
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An image of his own face
  • Theme Song: "I Wanna Be Famous"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Loving attention, self endorsement, Depraved Kids' Show Host, a drama queen and an absolute jerk, a gigantic ham, nothing is ever directly his fault, Really Enjoys Screwing With People (Especially Teenagers)
  • Domains: Animated Reality Shows, Selfishness, Fame
  • Herald: Chef Hatchet (his sidekick).
  • Enemies: The entirety of the Main House (even if they don't realize it), Uncle Howee, Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Was ascended due to the success of his TV series, Total Drama. Upon arrival, Chris attempted to enter the Main House, but was rejected and now occupies the House of Theatre. Chris has hated the members of the Main House ever since.
  • Actually has standards. He doesn't like airing out dirty laundry via reading someone else's diary and he pretty much cringed when he saw what Uncle Howee did with naysayers of his show (ie transform them into marionettes).
    • He once forced a contestant off the show because she attempted to murder the remaining contestants.
  • The Trollkaiger have become interested in him for his trolling ways, except they declined when he decided to make a Reality Show about them and would not stop following them with cameras.
  • As of late, a young mortal by the name of Topher (one of Chris's contestants) has tried sucking up to Chris since ascension, trying to usurp his place in the Pantheon. It has yet to actually work out for him, though.
  • He seeks the powers granted by the Realm of Darthon, which let his rule-breaking reach its fullest extent. Mordecai and Rigby have agreed to keep the game away from him, as he reminds them of a Japanese reality show host that once tried to kill them.
  • Things have gotten sour as of late regarding his daughter having a Persona...most notably he has learned how violent she has become (like how she once pierced Jeff Hardy's eye out) and her friendship with the Cutie Marks Crusaders (who have become unhinged due to two trips to Limbo) has caused him to be worried for the future. Time will tell whether or not he gets taken by the TV world...