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This sub-house contain any deities that have to do with the types of students that can be found in any fictional institution. Be aware that these are not the only students in the House of School, and that any relevant deity can attend.

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Intermediate Gods

    Koichi Hirose 
Koichi Hirose, God of Short Students (Guanglai Kangyi)

Lesser Gods

    Batsu Ichimonji 
Batsu Ichimonji, God of Transfer Students (Burning Batsu, The Hot-Blooded Transfer Student)

    Roy Bromwell 
Roy Bromwell, God of Lovable Jocks


    Biff Tannen 
Biff Howard Tannen, God of Bullies (Homelander minus the superpowers and media training)

    Johnny Lawrence 
Johnny Lawrence, God of Bullies All Grown Up
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Cobra Kai Logo. Nowadays, the Eagle Fang Dojo Logo
  • Theme: Fight Song
  • Alignment: Between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good. Formerly Neutral Evil in his youth.
  • Portfolio: School Bully who remains the Same but is taking strides to be a Better Person, The Top Student of Cobra Kai, Anti-Heroic Substitute to Mr. Miyagi, Raised by an Abusive stepfather, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Substitute Father to Miguel, Disco Dan, Sink or Swim Mentor, Loved his Mother, Truly cares About his Students, Smarter than he Looks, Politically Incorrect Hero, Frequently drinks Alcohol to cope with Depression, Good Intentions but reiterates his former sensei's teachings to his dismay
  • Domains: Karate, Bullies, Mentors, Refinement, Redemption
  • Followers: Ivan and Viktor Drago
  • Heralds:
  • Allies: Ken Masters, Darth Vader, Sasuke Uchiha, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Raiden, Barney Stinson, Johnny Cage, Mr. Satan, TJ Combo, Dudley, Hitomi, Tifa Lockhart, Yang Xiao Long, Joseph Joestar, Jimmy Hopkins, Mikoto Mikasa, Matilda Wormwood, Damien Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Tina Armstrong
  • Friendly Rivalry: Ryu, Danny Rand/Iron Fist
  • Rivals: Liu Kang
  • Enemies: John Kreese, Balrog, Master Bison, Frost, Kars, Gary Smith, Biff Tannen
  • Respects: Mr. Miyagi, Bruce Lee, Kenshiro, Son Goku, Draco Malfoy, Flash Thompson, Superman, Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, Bully Hunters, Master Oogway
  • Opposes: Anyone who Resorts to Fighting Dirty
  • Complicated Relationship: Daniel LaRusso
  • Johnny Lawrence was a school student who excelled in karate and was relatively popular. However, he wasn't a good person to be around with, which Daniel LaRusso learned the hard way. Johnny would hound and bully him whenever he could, resulting in Johnny's then-girlfriend, Ali Mills, to break up with him. After a Halloween beating on Daniel with his Cobra Kai comrades and being repelled by Mr. Miyagi, Johnny would agree to face Daniel in the All-Valley Karate Tournament 1984. Despite trying his hardest, Johnny lost to Daniel, after which he accepted his defeat and presented the trophy to his Arch-Enemy.
    • However, through all of this, Johnny was a person who struggled to adjust to a stable life, as his mother resorted to becoming a Gold Digger to support her only child. This further worsened after his loss to Daniel when his sensei, John Kreese broke Johnny's runner-up trophy and later began choking him, almost to death. This destroyed Johnny emotionally and mentally, being unable to actually move on from his defeat at the treatment Kreese gave him. While Daniel would later become a successful businessman, Johnny would become a strung-up alcoholic who would take failing jobs and have no one to maintain contact with. Furthermore, he has a son, Robby Keene, whom he barely takes the time to hang out with. This all changed when he encountered a Millennial youth, Miguel Diaz. Initially refusing to talk to him, Johnny would later save him from a gang of bullies who were harassing Miguel. After some time and a few events, one of which involved his car and Daniel's daughter Samantha, Johnny decided to bring back the then-abandoned Cobra Kai and enlist Miguel as his student, hoping that as sensei, he would help in developing the new generation in fighting and defending themselves.
    • Through all of this, Johnny is also seeking to find a way to reconnect with his son, but Robby is unwilling to go ahead with it, thinking of his father as a loser. Gets further complicated when Robby becomes a student to Daniel, ruining a potential truce, and later with Robby dating Samantha, the situation has become more mangled. Despite this, Johnny still loves his son.
  • Johnny's entrance in the Pantheon was bombastic, with a fancy car and booming Rock Music. This unfortunately caught the attention of Daniel, who, as usual, felt frustrated that Johnny has once again returned. As the two met each other again, Johnny has stated that he is trying to be a better person and that he wants to help the people he enlists, to which Daniel scoffed, citing the situation Johnny's Cobra Kai is going through. The two did however state that they'd be willing to patch things up, although random situations ruin any chance of reconciliation whenever they try. Even then, it's reached the point where they've realized that things will only get worse for everyone unless they can finally bury the hatchet somehow.
  • Normally, Johnny would be teaching and training his students in how to defend themselves and how there is no mercy when outside of regulated fighting (e.g. tournaments) Unfortunately, as most people have attested, while Johnny is not wrong about how fighting works and that he has genuinely good intentions at heart, he is unknowingly teaching his students what Kreese taught him, thus resulting in the students becoming more aggressive and reactive. Having noticed these when Miguel won the 2018 All-Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny is doing his best to make sure he doesn't lead his students astray.
  • Johnny is still not a nice guy. Despite having gotten older, he is still prone to being condescending and rude towards other and making same rather sensitive comments towards others. His training regime is also rather hard, some of which could potentially cause serious harm for the uninitiated. Despite all of this however, Johnny is trying to make an effort in becoming a better person. And the students who manage to get past his training are very loyal and respectful of their sensei. Johnny reciprocates this feeling, something which earns him the respect of many Combat-Based deities, such as Ken Masters, Johnny Cage and Dudley.
    • Has a rivalry with Ryu and Danny Rand, both of which have caught Johnny's respect. Ryu and Danny aren't exactly optimistic about what Johnny teaches to his students, but they do praise him in the aspect that he wants to be better than he was back then. Liu Kang isn't so cooperative. He state that Johnny isn't teaching his students discipline, which he feels would hamper a student's emotional and mental capacity to register appropriate responses other than to be violent. Johnny has since concurred.
  • Is often seen in the House of Sports, eager to challenge skilled fighters. He was impressed watching TJ Combo who's fighting stance was something Johnny was willing to learn, despite TJ being a boxer. Being a Disco Dan, he often has fantasies about Tifa Lockhart, Hitomi, Yang Xiao Long and Tina Armstrong in his mind. When it comes to meeting the girls in real life, Johnny remains cordial with them and likes the fact that they're all powerful women in their own right.
  • Is friends with Barney Stinson in the sense that Barney looks up to Johnny as a protagonist, and this was before he reopened Cobra Kai. Barney would often hang out with Johnny and even ask him to be taught karate. Additionally, rumour has it that LaRusso is a sociopath and that Johnny was the one who was bullied. Johnny and Barney find this hilarious, knowing this story frustrates Daniel to no end.
  • If there is one thing Johnny hates above all else, its using underhanded tactics in a fight and general cowardice. He immediately expressed a strong dislike towards Balrog and has made it clear he would like to beat the hell out of him. While he is nowhere near as strong as someone like M. Bison, Frost and Kars, he hates them for never really living up to their word, especially Frost upon finding out he tried to masquerade as a hero.
    • Normally, he wouldn't be too fond of Joseph Joestar, but after hearing of his victory against Kars, his honourable attitude beneath his boisterous and cocky demeanour and weird tactics that tend to work in his favour, Johnny has taken a strong liking for him. Johnny sometimes allows Joseph to speculate in his dojo should he feel like it.
  • Can be seen as a Foil towards Biff Tannen. Both of them were bullies during their high school years who would relentlessly torment another student and face a crushing defeat. However, Biff remained a bully throughout his adult years whereas Johnny ultimately wizened up and took measures in becoming a better person. As a result, Johnny has nothing but disdain for Biff, seeing him as a waste of time.
    • That said, he does like Draco Malfoy, given that he himself was put into a difficult situation at some point and became a better person because of it. It also helps in that both of them tend to be sympathized and adored by their fandom, despite some of their actions being unforgivable.
  • Has earned the approval of bullying hunting deities such as Jimmy Hopkins, Mikoto Mikasa and Matilda Wormwood. While the three of them are not going to forget Johnny's bullying behavior in the past, they do respect the fact that he is bettering himself as a person and that his beatdown on Kyler and his gang after the assaulted Miguel was well-deserving. Jimmy is thinking about approaching Johnny in teaching him karate, to which Johnny is eager to do.
  • Has a high amount of praise for several heroes, namely Superman, Captain America and Batman, namely because they are positive idealization of America that Johnny wishes to see. He also likes Son Goku mainly because his outlook on fighting is something Johnny he can respect. Flash Thompson is more personal matter, as Johnny can relate to him in the sense of personal redemption.
  • Talking about being a sensei is a sensitive topic for him, given how he feels about Kreese. And although he wouldn't say it, he admits that Mr. Miyagi was a much better sensei than Kreese would ever be, and sees why Daniel was able to live out a happy life. A chance encounter with Miyagi had him telling Johnny that there is still room for improvement and that there is never a bad student, only a bad teacher. These words have left Johnny with a strong impression, though he doesn't mention much about it.
  • In a surprising turn of events, John Kreese came back to look after and mentor Johnny after his victory in the All-Valley tournament. Initially starting well, Kreese would soon begin influencing the Cobra Kai students behind Johnny's back, and although Johnny threw Kreese out sometime after and tried to reconcile with Daniel, it all went to hell when the new generation Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai students engaged in a massive, brutal brawl that ended in Johnny's star student, Miguel, being thrown off a flight of stairs by his son Robby, all because of a misunderstanding revolving around Samantha. Even his attempts to leave Kreese out of his life were for nothing as he forcibly took back Cobra Kai and his students, leaving Johnny with no one to be with and without a home.
    • This has caught the attention of Raiden who understands what Johnny has been through. He is currently trying to find Johnny in the hopes of guiding him to a better path and redemption if possible. So far, there is no report of what has happened to Johnny nor what he does does as of now, but Pantheon residents are clearly not hoping for the worst.
"Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy"

    Suzune Horikita 
Suzune Horikita, Goddess of Academic Alpha Bitches
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: Caste Room and Beautiful Soldier
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Dark Haired Girls, Broken Aces, Friendless Background, Ice Queens, It's All About Me, Tsundere
  • Domains: Being Alone, Popular But Mean, School
  • Herald: Kiyotaka Ayanokouji.
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Origami Tobiichi, Spock, Hayate Immelman, Lux Arcadia, Shadow The Hedgehog, Mirage Farina Jenius, Celestia Ralgris, Princess Zelda, Honoka Mitsui, Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Opposes: Anyone who talks to her or attempts to befriend her, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nico Yazawa, Mordecai and Rigby, Haruhi Suzumiya, Issei Hyodo, Natsu Dragneel, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Pities: Benson
  • Enemies: Megatron, Albert Wesker, Charles zi Britannia, Heinz Windemere, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • A serious intellectual girl, who rarely shows any emotions and seems generally unfazed by most things, this was seen as she was unmoved by a boy from class 1-C threatening her. She comes off as rather cold to her classmates due to her lack of communication with them as well her tendency to distance herself from them. Because of this attitude, she is openly honest about many things, which is shown when she admits to having no friends as she thinks that friends will only serve to drag her down, but this begins to change as the series proceeds.
  • Possesses antisocial outlook that has caused to hardly talk to anyone except Kiyotaka (who she sits next to) and not to trust anyone like those who try to befriend her such as Kikyō Kushida. However, unlike Kiyotaka, who seeked to make friends, she is the opposite of him when it comes to friendship as she disregards it, thinking it as nothing more than a distraction and thinks of only getting promoted to the A-Class. It is highly suggested by Kiyotaka that her attitude was the reason she was placed in the class and her inability to work properly with people or her tendencies on focusing too much on her goal, that alone distracts her.
  • She is not easily convinced, as she refused to accept that she was placed in the class 1-D and strives to ascend to a higher class. This goal, however, was refuted by her brother, who suggested that she has no knowledge of her lack of character which is greatly holding her back. She refuses to believe that she needs friends to help her though she did force Kiyotaka to help her reach her goal. When Kiyotaka pointed out her isolation towards other could of been why she was place in D-Class, she quickly denied this theory but appeared to briefly ponder on it being a possibility as the reason.
  • She is very skilled in her studies as she makes sure to do so all the time while home alone. Suzune's dedication to keeping up her goal of advancing to A-Class, the class she believes she deserved in from the start.
  • Spock is impressed by her intelligence and logical thinking, considering them almost Vulcan qualities in Suzune. He has recommended her for Starfleet Academy, something she is seriously considering.
  • One day, when studying in the House of Knowledge, Suzune came across Shido Itsuka, who had confused her voice with that of his sister, Mana. Despite her reservations, she has accepted Shido's help in some of her schoolwork.
  • Through unknown circumstances, she has become acquainted with Hayate Immelman. Although his exuberance and lackadaisical nature irks her to no end, she admits his piloting skills would be useful against aggressors. For his part, Hayate sees much of his wingmate Mirage Jenius in her and hopes she can open up about her feelings like Mirage did.
  • Surprisingly, she has a soft spot towards Lux Arcadia. Although they both have suffered under the heel of abusive brothers, Manabu was nowhere as evil as Fugil. She is more amazed that Lux never became as jaded as her and struggles to make his world a better place than her own.
  • A random coincidence earned her a meeting with Hachiman Hikigaya, who saw much of his friend Yukino Yukinoshita in Suzune. Ultimately, they earned each other's respect thanks to their intelligence and observation skills. Also, Honoka Mitsui is very fond of Suzune, who at the very least tries to be cordial towards and is quick to compare her to Airi Sakura. She was even surprised to see Airi among Honoka's followers.
  • Not very fond of Tsumugi Shirogane for reminding her of Mio Ibuki. Considering what Tsumugi did, it's fair to say Suzune is right to stay away from her.
  • Thanks to Shido, Hayate and Lux; Suzune has become acquainted with Celestia Ralgris, Origami Tobiichi and Mirage Jenius. Surprised their intellectual similarities, the four girls became friends. Celestia, Origami and Mirage admit they were obsessed with becoming the best in their fields to make up for their inadequacies, but they were able to come to terms with their issues with the help of their male friends and encourage Suzune to be more friendly towards people.
    • Mirage did warn Suzune not to seek out Heinz Windermere, the source of the Var syndrome. Unfortunately, Heinz had already heard of Suzune and had her and Kiyotaka brought to his temple. He attempted to convince them that everything he did was for the good of his people. Suzune, having previously investigated Heinz's actions with information supplied by Mirage, coldly deconstructed Heinz, referring to his inability to actually rule his people and lack of political acumen. She even capped it off saying that perhaps Roid Brehm should be king of Windermere, because at least he would keep things running. Suzune's comments caused Heinz to have a nervous breakdown and his medics rushed to help him while Suzune and Kiyotaka took their life.
    Kiyotaka: "Well, that was harsh even for you, Horikita."
    Suzune: "He is not fit for leadership, Ayanokouji. It was about time somebody opened his eyes."
  • Enemies with Megatron, Albert Wesker and Charles zi Britannia for embodying the ruthless Social Darwinism that has segregated people in her world, albeit in different forms.
    • Suzune actually facepalmed when she heard that Charles didn't believe in social darwinism, he only uses it as a front to create "a world without lies", something to which Suzune understands would lead to social stagnation, because what is the point of truth if there are no lies to contrast it? Such observation earned her Lelouch vi Britannia's respect.
  • Doesn't really like Mordecai and Rigby for their laziness and infantile nature and pities Benson for having to put with them for so long. They do, however, admit they can be useful every once in a while.
  • Due to their cold, grumpy and stoic personalities, she and Shadow the Hedgehog did become friends. Shadow is gracious enough to visit her whenever he feels the need to get away from Sonic and his friends and be with someone of similar nature. Suzune is surprised by how thoughtful and considerate Shadow can be when there are no enemies for him to fight.
  • Dislikes Nico Yazawa in various ways. She's easily annoyed by her "Nico Nii" as well as her stubborness. Unless she can change her attitude, Suzune has banned her from her temple.


    Libby Chessler 
Libby Chessler, Goddess of Alpha Bitches
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Alpha Bitch (one of the most famous) because she was never shown compassion, Rich Bitch, Smug Snakes, bullying Sabrina thanks to Contrived Clumsiness and gets away with it (most of the time)
  • Domains: Personality, Bullying
  • High Priest: Regina George
  • Followers: Heather, Victoria Chase
  • Allies: Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom (Not so much from Veronica though), Larxene
  • Headbutting Villains With: Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Pities: Pacifica Northwest, Azula
  • Evil Counterpart to: Miu Kazashiro
  • Was very excited to see Veronica and Cheryl in the Pantheon and proposes to make another Terrible Trio with them. Veronica declines because she thinks it will detracts her from fighting for Archie's affection and that would give Betty a chance to "steal" him away from her. So, she formed the trio with her high priestess Regina instead. They usually go and terrorize any non-supernatural teenage goddess in the Pantheon.
  • After learning about Sabrina's ascension, Libby frequently drops by her temple in order to harass her. Although she is confused about Sabrina position, she still taunting Sabrina anyway because Status Quo Is God (and just because).
  • Feels sorry for Pacifica Northwest because of her horrible home life and agree to let Pacifica to leave the Alpha Bitch house without any retribution as Libby can see that it's making her life miserable.
    • Also feels sorry for Azula because of how broken the princess is. Not that she would show it, of course. She has an image to maintain.
  • She and her Girl Posse enters a rivalry with the Ashleys group over which group is more effective and should get which house, leading to a verbal combat between two side. Eventually, they reached an agreement to patrol and terrorize the Pantheon according to the time table.
    • However, one argument from the Ashleys groups still stuck with Libby is that the insult that her group lack "diversity". This led Libby embark on a quest to recruit a Token Minority girl in order to shut down that argument. Her search led Libby to discover Sae Kashiwagi after hearing about the circumstances surround her ascension. Sae now acts as a bait for the more naive goddesses in the Pantheon in order for Libby to approach them.
  • Libby proves herself to not be entirely selfish when she opposes Eliza & Neil Reagan's action, saying that Neil's Scarpia Ultimatum is too far.
  • Libby's temple is one of the most feared place to the Pantheon. While it sometimes stems from Libby herself (she essentially bullies a goddess two ranks above her frequently without any consequences), most of this is because of how frequently her temple is used and how many of her followers appeared and terrorize ascended deities in any story that is set in high school. And even those whose world isn't involve with that setting still wary of her temple due to the amount of High School AU fanfics that their followers wrote that cast female villains as her followers. This caused the Pantheon to try keeping Libby away from accessing the House of Travel in order to avoid Libby bringing her followers across dimension and into the Pantheon.
  • Is the enemy of Miu Kazashiro as Miu's attitude stems from working her butt off to inspire people, while Libby is more about being a bitch just for the sake of it. Putting these two in the same room is a very, very very bad idea.

    The Lucky Star Main Cast 
Okay, who's next?
Konata: Okay, let's do this!
Miyuki: Sure, let's go!
Tsukasa: N'gah!
Kagami: Quit screwing around and start!

Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara, Holy Quartet of Works Using Symbols Within the Title and Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms (Konata: Kona-chan, Lucky Star, Legendary Girl A, Shorty McBlue Hair, konakona | Miyuki: Yuki-chan, Miwiki, Miyukipedia)
L to R: Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami, Miyuki
  • Quasideities
  • Theme Song: Motteke! Sailor Fuku
  • Symbol: A star with their school uniform over it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Tsukasa, Miyuki), Neutral Good (Kagami), True Neutral, bordering on Neutral Good with her friends (Konata)
  • Portfolio: Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms, Slice of Life, Mundane, Pointless Conversations, Moe, Schoolgirl Series, Four Girl Ensembles, Speech-Centric Work, World of Technicolor Hair
  • Domains: High School, Schoolgirls
  • Heralds: Yutaka Kobayakawa, Minami Iwasaki, Hiyori Tamura, Misao Kusakabe, Ayano Minegishi, Nanako Kuroi, Yui Narumi, Soujirou and Kanata Izumi, Tadao, Miki, Inori, and Matsuri Hiiragi, Yukari Takara
  • Allies: Patricia Martin, The Azumanga Daioh girls, Houkago Tea Time, The Nichijou Main Cast, The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments, the SOS Brigade, The Seinfeld group
  • Odd Friendship with: Thor Odinson, Karna (Konata)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Champ, the Beast (OTGW) (All), Filthy Frank (Konata)
  • Avoids: The Incubators
  • In the city of Kasukabe in Japan's Saitama Prefecture, there live four schoolgirls; Brilliant, but Lazy otaku Konata Izumi, Tsundere tomboy Kagami Hiiragi, ditzy, forgetful Tsukasa Hiiragi, and intelligent, well-mannered Miyuki Takara. They spend their daily lives like any other regular teen girl; wake up, go to school, hang out with friends, go home, sleep, repeat. The conversations the girls have are rather varied, ranging from daily routines to food items like chocolate cornets. When someone incredibly geeky like Konata is involved, her friends lives often get swept up into her otaku interests, and as such either get in touch with their nerdier sides or are compared to common, popular anime archetypes.
  • Konata was the first to ascend to the Pantheons, having wandered there by turning a wrong corner on a street. She was naturally elated to discover a world where she can meet many different anime and video game characters and was given the divine title of Viral Marketing and Geek Pride. Later on, She invited Kagami and Tsukasa to show them the Pantheon, and they too were given their own divine titles of Eye Shapes. Much later on, Konata was thinking of inviting Miyuki to the Pantheon and get her own divine title as well, but another idea came into her mind; why not unite the four under one title? And so she requested the Court of the Gods to ascend Miyuki and combine the four of them as one group. Eventually, the four girls were reunited in the Pantheon as goddesses. Alongside gaining the title of Works Using Symbols Within the Title, Nanako Usami and Yukari Kohinata decided to pass their title of Japanese School Girls in Sailor Uniforms to the four, having decided to retire from the divine lifestyle. Konata naturally decided to celebrate this occasion by bringing the three along to an anime convention. All of them had a great time together, even if Kagami tried to deflect her true feelings away.
  • Shortly after their reunion, the girls have decided to make their classmates, teachers and families Heralds, as they love the idea of showing them around the realm and Konata thought that them being called "Heralds" sounded cool. Some of the students are no strangers to the realm though; Yutaka Kobayakawa and Hiyori Tamura were once goddesses who have stepped down from their positions for varying reasons. Patricia Martin is still holding onto her godly position, so she, alongside the Heralds, naturally joined up with the girls to celebrate their new joint positions. She and Konata naturally spent their time talking about manga and anime, much to Kagami's consternation.
  • The four are among the many who have enrolled in the Elysium Academy to continue their studies, where they have met some of the other ascended school girls of the Pantheon. They first encountered the girls that make up Houkago Tea Time, and they often make visits to their club to listen to their jams... when they're not eating cake, that is. When Konata heard about Mio's tendency to get dragged into fanservicey situations due to her moe looks, she quickly believed that having her and Miyuki be clothed in maid outfits would radiate so much moe energy it could give someone a heart attack. The four also tend to hang out with the Azumanga Daioh girls, of which Tsukasa's and Osaka's combined spaciness result in very strange dialogues. Konata's short height only serves to make Sakaki more self-conscious about her height. At times, they crash into the Yamabuki art school students temple to see what artworks they made and, well, just hang out. And whenever they cross paths with the Tokisadame girls... well, let's just say that things get absurd extremely quickly, much to Kagami's shock and consternation. The chaos they cause on a regular basis still never fails to surprise her to this day.
  • Eavesdropping onto the girls conversations reveals... nothing that would interest anyone searching for dirty little secrets or confidential information, but people quickly learn that the girls would talk about literally anything that's on their minds. Chocolate cornets? Shampoo? The latest manga issues? There's not a single topic for them to not talk about with each other. And the topics only increase whenever they cross paths with the Seinfeld four, as only they can match them in talking about literally every topic. It's almost fascinating to sit and watch these two different groups talk and argue seamlessly about nothing. And speaking about bizarre nothings, there has certainly been a few encounters with the ever bizarre schoolgirls Popuko and Pipimi, where things can certainly go for the surreal as per usual for the duo. Though, it usually involves Popuko getting enraged during her arguments with Konata about anime, resulting in Pipimi restraining her and Konata's friends dragging her away. Their relationship remains tense to this day, as both Konata and Popuko never have an amicable conversation about anything at all.
  • Unfortunately for many, the Pantheon is fraught with many dangers, including those who wish to harm and kill helpless children and adolescents. As such, those who cannot fight back, like regular unpowered humans must be careful not to end up in such grisly fates. As the quartet belong in said group, they have been made aware of certain threats who would love to kill them. While there are unfortunately a lot of horrid monsters prowliing about, special mentions go to three; Springtrap aka William Afton, who's made a name for himself for killing multiple children at Fazbear establishments, the Beast who hunts down children to torment them and turn them into edelwood trees, and Champ, a depraved clown who rapes and kills "angels". As Konata notes, villains are really scary when they're real. Let's hope they never meet...
  • Every Thursday, the girls go to the Hall of Dance to boogie down to energetic music. A few songs they play during their routines are their theme song and "Out of Touch" by Hall & Oates. Over time, some Deities even joined in their dance routines, resulting in some impressive choreographed dances. Some even dress up in their own cheerleader ensembles when the girls bring their uniforms over for the dances. These days are referred by some as "Out of Touch Thursdays".
  • Exclusive to Konata:
    • If you opened a dictionary and flipped to the page where "otaku" is located, you'll find a picture of Konata Izumi attached to the entry. She's a massive fan of all things anime and manga, and would rather spend her days consuming media than do her homework. Her father massively influenced her hobbies, so she's far more interested in boy-oriented media over those aimed at girls. Whenever there's an anime convention around and open, you can guarantee that she'll visit it in a heartbeat. Predictably, she gets along swimmingly with other otakus in the Pantheon like Otacon, Umaru Doma, Travis Touchdown, and Tomoko Kuroki. It's not uncommon to see them geek and obsess over the latest anime and video games in the market. Tomoko in particular is happy to make another friend with little trouble, especially as Konata isn't too bothered by her more eccentric habits. Kazuma Satou is another otaku she befriended, and internally he finds her more bearable than his party members at times; at least she's more relatable. Alphys was very excited to meet someone who looks like the characters in the anime she watches, and Konata likes to introduce her to new anime, leading to many binge-watching sessions between them. While not exactly an otaku, she and Deadpool also get along well, with her being able to keep up with his bizarre idiosyncrasies as well as riff on cliches when they see them. On the other hand, Filthy Frank's open dislike of "weeaboos" quickly made him an enemy in Konata's eyes, and the feeling is mutual; childish squabbles between them are common whenever they cross paths.
      • Befriended Thor Odinson, The God of Thunder, after he failed to stop Thanos from wiping out half of all life with a snap of the Infinity Gauntlet... The once regal Asgardian Prince spent five years of depression as an overweight video game addict and shut in who inhales junk-food and drinks beer like water, only leaving his cabin to get more beer. She found a kindred spirit in him as a fellow video game and television addict. They regularly spend Fridays playing Fortnite together, in exchange for Thor allowing her to use him as click-bait for her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even after he managed to recover from his depressive slump, he still sometimes drops by her place on Fridays for game nights. Some habits are hard to break, it seems.
      • Speaking of unlikely friendships with the divine, she also managed to become friends with Karna, of all people. It started when she apprached him and gushed about how cool he looked and compared him to plenty of other anime characters she knows. Curious, he started hanging out with her, and over time grew increasingly fond of her. He particularly likes listening to her okatu ramblings, providing her with someone to talk to. It wasn't long before he swore to protect her should any danger threaten her wellbeing. This bizarre pairing has prompted a few to ask why he likes her, to which he only replies with one thing; she reminds him of a certain master he met in one Holy Grail War...
    • Aside from anime and manga, Konata also happens to be a passionate gamer. From MMORPG's, to fighting games, to eroge, there's no shortage of games that she wants to play with. Naturally, she was overjoyed to discover the House of Gaming and became one of the House's most frequent visitors, playing the many games located there. It was in that House that she bumped into Chiaki Nanami, or rather the human Chiaki Nanami. Chiaki asked if she would like to co-op with her on a game, and Konata agreed to try it out. The two had a great time playing together, and soon became close friends. The human Chiaki introduced her to the A.I. Chiaki, of which Konata was amazed to meet; not only is she a real A.I., but she's another gamer to play with! From then on, the three sometimes come together to play video games together, and have loads of fun doing so. She also managed to quickly bond with Malina and Scott Pilgrim over their shared love of games, of which Konata is planning to introduce the former to many other turn-based strategy games and sometimes listens to the latter perform with the Sex Bob-Ombs.
    • Being the massive otaku she is, Konata knows about many different works of anime, manga, and video games, to the point to being near encyclopedic. Predictably, she was stunned to hear that the characters of the works she enjoys also reside in the Pantheon. She spent most of her early Pantheonic life rushing over to meet her favorite characters in the flesh. When she finally found them, she was practically jumping and screaming with fangirlish glee, much to the embarrassment of the persons in question. She even managed to get some of their signatures or even a photo from them, which she hangs up in her temple and greatly treasures. She tends to brag about how she got to meet her favorite anime characters, something that most people can only dream of, to her friends, which Kagami is quickly getting sick of.
    • It was an ordinary day in the Elysium Academy, and Konata was walking down the halls after her classes have ended. She was so lost in her thoughts about the next Shonen Jump issue that she neglected to look in front of her, which predictably made her crash into someone else, making her fall down to the floor. As she picked herself up, she realized just who she bumped into; a student with a brown bobcut and yellow ribbons... none other than Haruhi Suzumiya herself! With that, Konata went into full fangirl mode, excitedly bouncing around her while running her mouth on how she's such a big fan of her series and how she owns all the merch and that she wants to meet the other SOS Brigade members and so on. While initially surprised by all of this attention, Haruhi quickly basked in the praise that was heaped on her and decided to introduce Konata to the other members of her beloved club. Predictably, Konata's fangirling went into overdrive, enthusiastically blathering to all four of them about how cool she finds them and that she read all the novels and watched every episode of the anime and blah blah blah. Itsuki somehow managed to catch up with her ranting, Mikuru tried to shrink herself as if to be invisible to no avail, Yuki didn't react at all, and Kyon internally wondered what he's done to deserve this.
      • Of course, it didn't take long for Konata to consider introducing the club to her friends as well, because hey, why not? And so she did, the two groups meeting one another one afternoon. Tsukasa and Miyuki quickly got along with Mikuru, something that made Konata state that their combined moe aura could fell an entire army. Mikuru also got interested in Yuki's novels, and while they don't have many conversations between them, it's obvious a bond has been made. To the side, after getting over the shock of seeing the club in person, Kagami and Kyon related to how they have to deal with all of their friends bullshit on a daily basis, dreading the potential chaos these new friendships will create.
    Kagami: Seriously... seeing them in the flesh feels really weird.
    Kyon: Believe me, your friends are damn quirky as well...
  • Applies to the Hiiragi sisters:
    • Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi are twin sisters who stick together thick-and-thin and share the same hair and eye colours, but their personalities couldn't be anymore different; Kagami is intelligent, sour, and a closet otaku, Tsukasa is ditzy, sweet, and isn't very invested in anime and video games. As they soon found out, Dipper and Mabel Pines and Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi share a very similar dynamic as twins; Kagami, Kyou, and Dipper being the more serious one in contrast to Tsukasa, Ryou and Mabel's silliness. Such a dynamic seems to be more common than those groups think, to their surprise. Nevertheless, it's quite evident that these sibling duos balance each other out very well, with the level-headed ones keeping the silly ones in check. While Kagami gets frequent migraines from Mabel's antics and often confides to Dipper about them, Tsukasa finds them fascinating. Meanwhile, both of them managed to find a lot of common ground with the Fujibayashi twins, almost as if they were copies of one another.
    • The Kagami sisters hail from a family who work and serve at the Takanomiya shrine, where family patriarch Tadao is a priest and the sisters work part-time at the shrine as mikos. The two girls wandered around to see if there are any other shinto shrines in the Pantheon, which lead to them encountering a few other mikos. Rei Hino was the first of them they met, and she shocked them when she saved them from a malevolent youkai with a Paper Talisman. Of course, their relationship deepened as they related to working at their families shrines, but the Hiiragi sisters started to wonder; are the other mikos of the Pantheon magical as well? The answer: Likely so. Mitsuha Miyamizu was normal at the start, until they were informed of her body-swapping situations with Taki Tachibana. Learning about kuchikamizake was quite interesting though. Rika Furude also seemed to be quite normal, but Kagami can't seem to shake off a feeling that she's... off, somehow. And last but not least, Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya can't really be called normal, being magical flying mikos who fight youkai with magic bullets on a regular basis. Kagami swore they look like video game characters that she saw once, but Tsukasa's just mesmerized by their intricate danmaku patterns. Still, they take their time to visit all the mikos shrines and support them, especially Reimu, who's very appreciative of any generous donations.
  • Exclusive to Kagami:
    • Kagami Hiiragi is your textbook Tsundere; grumpy, sour, and prone to snarky, snappy remarks on the outside, while hiding a softer, vulnerable side deep within. While she does get easily annoyed by Konata's lazy otaku antics, she truly does care for her as a friend (or maybe more). Don't point that out to her though, she'll quickly try to deny it in any way she can. She and Rin Tohsaka can relate to being grouchy on the outside and caring on the inside very well, and Kagami noted that Rin's looks are what Konata called the "quintessential Tsundere look". Such similar attitudes also allowed her to become friends with Natsuki, to the point that the pink-haired girl can safely read her manga with her with feeling ashamed or scared. And Asuka Langley Soryu... her anger hides many scars and issues that troubles Kagami, and she tries her best to be supportive of her without ticking her off. It might be hard, but she still can't help but worry about the redhead.
    • Out of the four, Kagami is the most normal and levelheaded of them all, meaning she often plays the straight man to their wise guys. Thus, whenever any one of them (especially Konata) get into their wacky shenanigans, she's quick to react with frustrated annoyance. Grumpy Bear is no stranger to being the only glum one in a group of cheery folks, so he sometimes hangs out with Kagami whenever he needs some down time from his exhuberant friends. Kagami was kinda weirded out when she first saw the talking bear, but quickly warmed up to him over their similarities. Meanwhile, Squidward Tentacles finds her a kindred spirit in having to deal with all sorts of nonsense from everyone, so he allows her to visit him so they can escape from their frequent headache inducers. Kagami, on her part, is still wondering how Squidward is able to handle Spongebob and Patrick's nonsense without completely snapping.
    • Want Kagami to feel intensely self-conscious? Just say anything about weight or wave a Pocky stick at her. She's deeply insecure about her own and tends to get pessimistic very quickly when she gains a few pounds, though her snacking habits aren't helping her in the slightest. Such an issue is something Sakura Haruno can relate to, as she has watched her weight and dieted with the intention of still looking atractive to Sasuke Uchiha. Kagami's pretty glad to find someone she can vent her weight-related worries on, because Sakura knows how she feels. On a more surprising note, Stocking Anarchy, of all people, went on a mad quest of dieting and exercising to burn off the weight she recently gained one day. It resulted in her ballooning up to absurdly large levels which her sister Panty took advantage of to fight a ghost. Kagami's flabbergasted (and more than a little afraid) to hear such a story, but it did end up with her having a few desserts with Stocking. Hey, a few indulgences can't hurt, right?
  • Exclusive to Tsukasa:
    • Tsukasa is the polar opposite of her sister Kagami; sweet, friendly, feminine, and ditzy. While quite a pleasant person to be around, she's quite the airhead who often gets bad grades and is nowhere near her sister's skill level, often asking her to help her with tasks such as texting. It's probably not a surprise that she gets along swimmingly with the just as loopy Dee Dee and Billy, giving her sister, Dexter and Mandy more headaches than they want. Not that any of them even notice it, Tsukasa just likes hanging out with her new friends. While not as dense, Timmy Turner and Katsuya Jounouchi (or Joey Wheeler) have their own ditzy moments, which means they can easily get on Tsukasa's wavelength, thus giving her more friends. She sometimes drops by Timmy's temple to have fun with him (he thinks she's a way better babysitter than Vicky), and is learning the ups and downs of Duel Monsters from the duelist.
    • Tsukasa is quite the sleepyhead, as it doesn't take much for her to completely conk out on the spot and is difficult to rouse her from her slumber. It isn't unheard for her to wake up until noon or even later, and it's near impossible for her to sleep at a set time. Such bad habits allow her to become nap buddies with Tanaka-kun, who would much rather sleep than do anything at all. The speed at which they knock themselves out is truly remarkable; only a few seconds and BAM! Fast asleep. Mako Reizei approves of her late waking hours, for she absolutely loathes the idea of waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Good luck trying to rouse any of them up from their slumbers, for they can sleep through anything.
  • Exclusive to Miyuki:
    • Last but not least, Miyuki Takara is a sweet, polite girl who hails from a very well off family. While she's incredibly nice and gets high grades, she's also very clumsy, often tripping and dropping her stuff on a semi-frequent basis. Not only that, but she's prone to spacing out, almost as if she's getting lost in her thoughts. However, to Konata and many others, these traits only serve to make her very endearing. With her niceness, demure behaviour, good looks, harmless clumsiness and a vulnerable aura, it isn't much of a shock that Konata declares her to be "the personification of moe itself". As it turns out, there are plenty more adorable schoolgirls out there, like the aforementioned Mio and Mikuru. It wasn't long before Miyuki bumped into another cute schoolgirl named Eru Chitanda, who has the pure innocence of a child and whose stunning eyes glow with wonder and curiousity. As Konata observed the two become friends, she realized something; if Miyuki, Mio, Mikuru and Eru get together, with the right setup, there's a chance that their combined moe auras would create a powerful shock of energy that could possibly kill everyone from sheer moe overload...! Another devious plan added to Konata's list. On an somewhat unrelated note, she gets along quite well with cute Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi. Seems like cute gets along well with cute.
      • One day, Miyuki was walking from school when she saw a curious, yet cute critter; a white cat with long floppy ears, a large tail, and round red eyes looking at her. At first, she went up to pet it, when it was then shot by so many bullets that its remains resembled white mush more than a living creature. Scared out of her mind, she was then approached by a girl with long black hair and a stoic expression. Homura Akemi imparted her the knowledge of the dangers of the Incubators and why she and her friends should NEVER accept a contract with them, much less get near them. With that knowledge, the quartet now steer clear of the emotionless aliens ever since. As dangerous as the prospects of becoming a Puella Magi is, Konata can't help but feel a bit tempted to live out some of her magical girl fantasies.
    • Despite her clumsiness and forgetfulness, Miyuki isn't a class representative for nothing. She's very intelligent and knowledgeable in many things, thus her fellow students often ask her for help for particularly hard assignments. Not only that, but the amount of things she has stored in her head is truly staggering, making her able to explain just about any topic in encyclopedic detail, earning the nickname "Miwiki" from some others. This leads to a saying in the Elysium Academy: "Don't know something? Ask the Miwiki!". Lida Simpson, a girl known for her smarts and knowledge, bragged that she knew more than her and challenged her to a competition, only to be surprised when Miyuki could catch up to her without breaking a sweat. Since then, they eat lunch together occasionally and inform students in need of their assistance. With her being a polite, smart friendly girl with vision issues well liked by her schoolmates, she also became good friends with the also exemplary Lilly Satou, whom she has tea parties with on sunny days.
    • A notable part of Miyuki's wardrobe is her prescriptive glasses, which Konata believes adds to the cute and vulnerable aura she exudes, as well as an easy identifier of her being The Smart Guy of the group. While she is aware contacts are an option, she refuses to wear them as she fears putting anything in her eyes. She once swapped her specs with Velma, another woman well known for her signature eyewear. It was interesting to compare lenses, and after that they got along over their knowledgeable skills. Connie Maheswaran used to wear a large pair of glasses like her, but after Steven Universe magically fixed her eyesight, she removed the lenses and eventually ditched them altogether. Still, the two get along and read books together, though Konata still feels that Connie was cuter with the glasses on.

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