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Greater Gods

Killia, God of Heroic Self-Deprecation (Sir Killia, Cryo Blood Overlord, Tyrant Overlord Killidia)
  • Greater God Overdeity at full power
  • Symbol: Red taloned gauntlets encased in ice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Heroic Self-Deprecation, Anti-Hero (type 2), Good Is Not Soft, Love Redeems, Limit Break (Time Master), Draconic Humanoid, Good Old Fisticuffs, An Ice Person, Supreme Chef, Terrible Artist, Magically Inept Fighter, Bully Hunter, Revenge, Mr Fan Service, Enemy Within (conquered), Clueless Chick Magnet, Single-Target Sexuality, The Comically Serious.
  • Allies: Usalia, Lamington, Kenshiro, Riku, Zuko, Alexstraza, Ysera, Spyro, Bahamut, Palathurix, Uther Lightbringer, Gabriel Belmont, Cygnus Hyoga, Sub Zero, Queen Elsa, Jaina Proudmore, Madoka Kaname, Dante, Raiden, Sayaka Miki, The Investigation Crew, Lionelle, Kharazim
  • Enemies: Lucifer, YVHV, Senator Armstrong, Darkseid, Palpatine, Trollkaiger, Gul'dan, Jaraxxus, Satan, Gilgamesh, Gork and Mork, Esdeath, Ornstein and Smorgh, Ragnaros, Nefarian, Xehanort, Doflamingo, Shao Khan
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Miia (one-sided)
  • Odd Friendship: Iron Tager
  • Killia came to the Pantheon after an... interesting encounter at the Court of the Gods. After being judged "White", Killia made a comment about how he isn't a hero, nor is he very nice either. Eiki after repeated nagging, snarked at him saying what the audience could plainly see.
  • If he is seen with light blue hair and gold wings, then Killia has activated his Overload skill "Tyrant Revelio". How it actually works is under fierce debate by many time mages in the Pantheon. Is he under the effects of a triple strength haste spell, or is he freezing time during his onslaught of flash steps and attacks? This news makes Homura Akemi nervous since Killia has the tools to exploit every weakness (physical contact, 2-second delay) her time magic has.
    • The first victim of Tyrant Revelio ended up being Satan. After making one of his arrogant comments regarding human monkeys and Killia's friendship with some of them, Killia decided he had enough. Satan didn't even get to finish his sentence before seeing a red taloned gauntlet impaled through his chest from behind him. To further add insult to injury, many humans were pointing and laughing at him as he lay defeated. Turns out angering someone who gets a +100% bonus to his attack modifier while in Revenge Mode wasn't such a good idea after all.
  • Miia doesn't trust him over her "experiences" with a dragonnewt. Even worse for her, Killia's element is ice.
  • Gets along with those who have found redemption. He's especially close friends with Riku and can't help but smile when Riku talks about "Way to the Dawn".
    • This extends to those who have had to fight their inner darkness and gained control over it as a power up or otherwise conquered it, like Raiden and Sayaka Miki.
  • Found a friend in Madoka Kaname after it was shown that he brought hope to many worlds after they were brought to the brink of despair at the lowest point of the Void Dark War.
    • There are rumors of Kibou Go considering recruiting Killia as their "Token Anti-Hero Teammate". These rumors worry both the Liebertarian Movement and Trollkaiger given that Killia does not hesitate to kill if he thinks he has to.
  • When Killia arrived, he was quickly glomped by Usalia, who was overjoyed at the arrival of the "Saviour of Toto Bunny". Lamington was there too in secret, greeting one of his old comrades from the Void Dark War.
  • Is disgusted with the idea of Might Makes Right, though he is significantly more tolerant of those who at least don't pick on the weak. This is ironic given he used to believe in it himself. Given how those who believe in it tend to pick on the weak, he had this to say about it.
    Killia: Being the strongest Overlord means being constantly surrounded by betrayal and enemies, with blood being washed away by new blood.
    • As the embodiment of said philosophy, Lucifer has since become at the very top of Killia's to kill list.
      • And then Sayaka told Killia about what Lucifer did to the Sisterhood, especially to Madoka during The Great Upheaval. It took all of 5 seconds for Killia to swear revenge on their behalf. Rumors abound of a planned joint attack with Tyrant Valvatorez and Gabriel Belmont on the Labyranth of Amalia.
  • In addition to hating bullies, Killia has no love for those who abuse their power. YVHV's approach to law is just like the words "Obey or die", which in Killia's eyes makes the mad creator god the ultimate bully. Just as evil if not worse than Void Dark. He has since sworn to take Revenge on behalf of every innocent YVHV has ever killed. Hitting Etna with a curse that downgraded her to Level 1 and prevented her from both gaining experience and levelling up for the second time has only increased his anger at YHVH, which was evident when he broke the curse. Flonne had to physically restrain him from going out and beating YHVH to a bloody pulp immediately after breaking Etna's curse.
  • Is quite popular in the House of Food for his amazing cooking talents, especially when it comes to curry. Alas, patrons have to be quick, lest Usalia detects the scent of curry and subsequently devours the entire pot in a few seconds. Killia learned his cooking from Liezerota.
  • He's a surprisingly good singer too, being the one singing "Kill Real". Eren Yaegar has noted the Attack on Titan inspirations the song has.
  • Killia is not allowed anywhere near the House of Craft on the grounds that each picture he draws is an Eldritch Abomination capable of driving people mad with how horrible it is. Two of such pictures (one of Red Magnus and one of Liezerota) are sealed in the Treasury's Maximum Security wing for the protection of everyone's sanity.
  • Morrigan and Panty tried to use their charms on him once. It didn't work. Turns out his Single-Target Sexuality makes him immune to seduction to the point where "Balor Gaze" doesn't work on him.
  • Ornstein and Smorgh tried their usual dragonslaying antics on him. It didn't turn out so well for them.
  • Gets along well enough with Lionelle through their shared hatred of those who abuse their power and limited hesitation to kill. There is some degree of discomfort though due to many of her lion-like features being reminiscent of his girlfriend.
  • The fact that Jaraxxus sounds so much like his master Goldion has made Killia's enmity towards the Eredar lord personal.
    • Kharazim, on the other hand, has his full respect due to reminding him of Goldion.
    • Oddly enough, so did Iron Tager, who also sounds much like Goldion. Tager's fighting style of trapping his foes in close range is just like Goldion's evility
  • Given his vulnerability to fire, he doesn't get along with any evil fire users. A similar hostility exists against many evil casters over a similar weakness against staves.

    Metro Man 
Metro Man, God of Heroic Fatigue (Music Man, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, Markiplier)

    Naruto Uzumaki 
Naruto Uzumaki, God of Determination (Number One Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja, Nanadaime Hokage, The Orange Hokage, The Seventh Hokage, Naruko, Nardo, Shippuu no Naruto)
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  • Greater God (Overdeity in Six Path Sage Mode)
  • Symbol: A Naruto, the Spiral-Shaped Garnish of a Bowl of Ramen. Of course! Also, his Uzumaki Clan symbol.
  • Theme Music: Naruto Main Theme, The Raising Fighting Spirit, or Strong and Strike.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Determinators, Idiot Turned Idealistic Heroes, Highly Visible Ninja, Converting His Enemies By Beating Them, Hidden Badassery, Facial Markings, Hurting Hero, Red Scarves of Assckicking.
  • Domains: Determination, Optimism, Love, Happy Endings
  • High Priest: Vyse
  • Teachers: Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki (his parents), Kakashi-sensei, Jiraiya
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Hayate Ayasaki
  • Friendly Rivals: Ichigo Kurosaki (that other popular Shonen Jump series guy), Luffy again, Black*Star
  • Enemies: Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Deidara, Mori Motonari, SCP-953, Shukuro Tsukishima, SHOCKER, Sephiroth, Kars, Tenjuro Banno
  • Opposes: Lucia Nanami, most Abusive Parents
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sasuke Uchiha
  • On good terms with: Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Uneasy Relationship: Orochimaru
  • Determined to someday redeem Sasuke Uchiha as well as return him to his rightful place as God of Emo. Sometimes sits at the feet of Kamina and begs to "try out" the Gurren. Successfully utilizing all his chakra, he can defeat Goku in an eating contest. Just barely.
    • His wish came true. Sasuke came to the Pantheon. But... he's not too happy with how he came back.
    • And he succeeds in redeeming Sasuke as well. Some are not happy about this, others do point out the fact that Itachi was the one who made Sasuke into who he was. In any case, Naruto is happy enough with it, and Sasuke is seemingly hell-bent on serving Konoha as Naruto's hidden hand for the rest of his life, so he's not rocking the boat over what anyone thinks.
  • The only god on the Tropes Pantheon to solicit followers himself.
  • Gets on well with Nanoha, Goku, and Touma Kamijou due to their similar views on making friends and what happens when they're threatened, as well as other similar traits such as desiring peace, open-minded kindness (though it shows somewhat differently with Touma than the others), and not being able to stand by when innocents are threatened. With Goku and Nanoha, this friendship extends to the three of them helping each other train, which has quite a few evil deities nervous; the thought of Naruto having access to Nanoha's brand of powerful and non-lethal (but very, very painful) magic is bad enough, much less the idea of him knowing the Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, or the Spirit Bomb…
  • Is unamused with the fact that he's not part of the Pantheon Ninja Trinity. He made it his other goal to replace Ryu Hayabusa as the leader of the Trinity and that's a promise! For he never goes back on his word as it's his Nindo (ninja way)
    • When he heard the news of the coaxing of Litchi Faye-Ling to the GUAG, Naruto immediately volunteered to join. Along the way, he managed to make a bet with Bang Shishigami that if they succeed, the Trinity is going to be revamped into a Shitennou/Four Guardians, and he's gonna get that position. Yes, for this one, it's gonna happen! Dattebayo!
      • And yes, he succeeded. Now he's part of the new Ninja Shi-Tennou.
  • Has begun hanging out with Axel Almer, after a fight that literally went on for days until they both realized that neither one of them was going to admit defeat. Because of their similar attitudes, Axel is one of the few older people that Naruto addresses with the utmost respect.
  • Has become friends with Hayate Ayasaki after realizing how his life is just as uber-fucked up as his after listening to a paragraph detailing on how he lives with his parents and being driven to tears by it.
  • Garrod Ran is his representative in the Gundam multiverse; as to how he got the job, this happened:
    Garrod: Tiffa, if I get to become Naruto's prophet, I'll believe in God!
    *Naruto appears out of nowhere*
    Naruto: Sure thing, dattebayo!
    Garrod: Tiffa, I believe in God!
  • For some odd reason, Naruto sees a good ally in Asura, if not for sounding very familiar to one of his friends, but for his Power type to be very similar to himself when tampering into his Nine-Tailed fox powers. Similarities have been noticed, but most do NOT want to see the day the two fight in those states.
    • As a result of this, when it became known that Naruto is the reincarnation of another Asura, both were quite obviously amused.
  • Often participates in friendly competitions with Monkey D. Luffy around the Pantheon, attempting to settle which is better between ninjas and pirates. What the events entail has varied from eating contests and sparring matches to a race that left the two in perpetual debt after they crashed the Gurren and Lagann into the House of Commerce. Despite this rivalry, Naruto and Luffy remain close friends.
  • Sometimes sneaks into the House of Love to meet with both of the Mais — sparring with Mai Shiranui, and sneaking out bowls of ramen from Mai Tokiha's kitchen (often asking Jiraiya to cover for him when he does).
    • He no longer sneaks inside as he goes to spend some time with his wife, Hinata.
  • Naruto avoids Lucia Nanami's music like the plague, believing it to be absolutely dreadful. His quest ended in failure when he was incarcerated on Ninja Shutter Island, where Mermaid Melody fandubs were used as a Cool and Unusual Punishment. Lucia herself doesn't quite understand this hate directed at her.
  • Quite a few members questioned his sanity and collectively facepalmed after he declared that Obito Uchiha (the guy that killed his parents, ruined a lot of people's lives and killed quite a bunch of them, including his future wife's cousin) was the "coolest guy ever".
    • However, a few took a metaphorical view, since Obito stopped being Obito after the tragedy and became Tobi, in much how Anakin Skywalker died and became Darth Vader. Considering how Obito was like Naruto before his breaking, some have interpreted this is what he meant.
  • It was always his dream to achieve the title 'Hokage'. But then, he felt a little challenged when there's someone claiming to be (from) Hokage, Recca Hanabishi, entering the Pantheon. There was a bit of a brawl, but it ends with great friendship since Naruto recognizes that Recca is kinda similar to him in a way that they're 'instincts first, brains later'.
  • He is happy to hear that his parents had ascended into the Pantheon. Unlike Jin Kazama, who dislikes the Mishima surname, he wished that the Namikaze surname would fit him, hence technically his full name is Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. Then he realized that it would sound weird and thought how weird his children's names would sound with 3 last names.
  • At one point he used to scream "believe it!" all the time but it grew out of style.
  • Has bonded with Akihiko Sanada over their love of ramen and constant training to get stronger and protect others. When the two are around each other, expected a dish of Ichiraku's combined with something baked by Akihiko's friend Kotone Shiomi to be there as well. It also helps that Akihiko's voice and attire colors kinda remind him of Gaara.
  • In the wake of the Great Upheaval, Naruto has developed a very strong dislike of Lucifer, explicitly comparing him to Madara Uchiha due to similarities: like Madara, Lucifer is a seemingly-selfish being who corrupted an innocent, traumatized child into doing his dirty work and becoming his disciple, taking advantage of Homura's moment of weakness just like Madara did Obito's. To that end, Naruto has sworn to help the Sisterhood against Lucifer, and to redeem Homura just as he redeemed Obito.
  • A strange young man with a long sword once came after him, but he saw the man's strikes coming and evaded every one of them. During this, he suddenly heard Ichigo frantically shouting to make sure that sword didn't touch him lest the enemy, named Shukuro Tsukishima, try to rewrite his memories. As the two friendly rivals converged on Tsukishima a police lady came through demanding answers. While they explained what was happening, Tsukishima tried to spin the situation as them being a couple of angry delinquents: however, when Tsukishima tried to say he came from the house of Heroes and Ichigo did not, the chief saw the truth and chased off the intruder.
  • Naruto and Ichigo eventually decided to finally settle their rivalry and find out once and for all who was stronger in a one on one fight to the finish. While Ichigo proved to be faster, Naruto's superior durability, destructive power, training and versatility proved too much for Ichigo to handle and the fight ended up escalating to the point where Ichigo used Mugetsu after even his Merged Hollow Form proved to not be enough, and Naruto responded by tanking the blow and basically overkilling Ichigo with his Six Paths: Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken and Tailed Beast Bomb at the same time once Ichigo lost his powers. The two still remain on good terms even after the battle, though.

    Ragna the Bloodedge 
Ragna the Bloodedge, God of Meanie Good Guys (The Grim Reaper, Rawrgna, Good Guy, Dark One, The World's Nightmare, The Black Beast, The Destroyer of the World, Protector of the Azure, Man of the Azure, Crimson Grim Reaper, The Most Kingdom Hearts-Emo-DeviantArt Crap Ever, The Central Fiction, Bloodedge)
  • Greater God (Borderline Overdeity after activating the Azure Grimoire, Overdeity as the Black Beast, or as the New Master Unit with the Azure Flame Grimoire, Intermediate God as Bloodedge)
  • Symbol: His Blood-Scythe plus his Azure Grimoire (fake) on his Emblem.
  • Theme Song: Rebellion. When in Unlimited Mode, Black Onslaught
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but doesn't care if others see him as Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Dhampyr, Being a Jackass Good Guy With A Heart Of Gold, Swearing A Lot, BFS, Using Darkness For Good, Unlimited Mode, Dark and Troubled Past, Family Issues, Power With Crappy Defense, Screaming Like A Little Girl In Front Of Ghosts, '90s Anti-Hero, Artificial Human, Cosmic Plaything, The Central Fiction, Transcending Humanity To Save Everyone, Sacrificing Himself for Everyone's Sins and Regrets
  • Domains: Good, Chaos, War, Death, Godhood
  • Herald: Es
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kokonoe Mercury
  • Rivals: Jin Kisaragi (his brother), Hakumen (his brother's alternate future self), Ky Kiske, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Dante, Vergil, Nero (DMC), Gig, Death the Nephilim
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Hazama, Relius Clover, Izanami, Azrael, Dr. Weil, Freddy Krueger, Nui Harime, Nue Houjuu, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Griffith, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen, most Bounty Hunters
  • Odd Friendship with: Kyon, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Alice Fateburn XVI, Chrom
  • Special Connection with: Amaterasu, The Truth, Yog-Sothoth
  • Complicated Relationship: Nu-13 (his other sister)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Ragna the Bloodedge was once a simple young boy that lived with a Nun, and his two younger siblings at a secluded church in the middle of the woods. But everything changed when Yuuki Terumi tricked his younger sister, butchered the Nun, set the church on fire, possessed his younger brother into cutting off Ragna’s right arm and then leaving him for dead. Ever since that day Ragna had sworn revenge and grew to become the notorious SS class Criminal as well as the dreaded Grim Reaper. Ragna has with the power to end all life in the world, has ended the lives of over a hundred NOL soldiers, and has admitted to actively hating everything in the world thanks to all the tragedies he’s suffered throughout his life. But at the end of the day he’s still a good man, just don’t expect him to be nice.
  • Is often seen with Sol Badguy, for various reasons. Though, Sol himself feels kinda uneasy since Ragna sounds kinda like the guy he loathes the most.
  • While Ragna is mostly a loner at heart, he’s sometimes been seen by the side of Noel Vermillion. One of the few people he’ll openly admit to care about. This is because Noel is his reincarnated sister Saya. Keep in mind, he is very protective of her, so it’s best to keep away.
  • When he heard the voice of Nu-13 resounding throughout the Pantheon, his eyes immediately widened and he suddenly burst off running as fast as he could. Eyewitnesses say that this is what would have happened if he had not collapsed after meeting the Ghost Lady.
    • Things have become very complicated between the two do to certain events. Because of what happened in her homeworld, Nu is now an Empty Shell thanks to Hakumen. Many gods believe her to have deserved her fate, but Ragna has been shown to regularly visit her under Noel’s care.
  • When he learned Lambda-11 had ascended, he instead very hesitantly approached the Murakumo, as he had not forgotten what she did for him once. The result was a very tentative friendship.
    • But she eventually proven herself to be one of if not "the" most loyal of his allies. Lambda has openly admitted that she’s willing to do anything Ragna would ask. Many gods have teased him about this.
  • Is glad that his formerly psycho brother Jin Kisaragi has repented and is proud to see him grow both as a person and as a fighter. Ragna has great faith in Jin, sighting that once Jin fully grows and realizes hit true potential, he will become Ragna’s greatest enemy.With the existence of Hakumen, Ragna's belief may have some merit.
  • While Ragna is mostly annoyed with the appearance of Rachel Alucard, he regularly does whatever she asks of him to do. Reason? Rachel was the one that saved his life so many years ago, and she’s also one of Ragna’s oldest friends. Although some gods believe it to be something more.
    • It’s because of her that Ragna is acquainted and then allied with both Raiden and Alucard (Castlevania). And unlike Ragna, they are very much aware of how Rachel feels for him.
  • Often seen in the House of Food, since he's really good with meat dishes. No one can understand how can someone with his attitude can cook really good. When hearing the comments, he simply shrugged it off.
    • It's here where he met and befriended both Shirou and Archer. When he heard about Archer’s status as a Counter Guardian, it reminded Ragna of the Power of Order and brought Ragna to see the similarities between him and Hakumen. After that Ragna later took notice that Shirou's desire to help in anyway he can reminded him of how Jin used to be as a kid. Neither Shirou or Jin enjoyed the comparison, Archer how found it hilarious.
  • Lately shown to be comforting a crying Heart after she was being ridiculed by Sasuke Uchiha for promoting love instead of hatred. Though Ragna doesn't necessarily like such heavy promotion of love, he didn't seem to mind this girl.
  • Avoids houses of anyone affiliated with ghosts (Yuyuko, Scorpion, Casper and the Ghost Lady). The last time he did that, he let out a loud girly scream and it embarrasses the hell outta him. This was deeply regretted by Scorpion who found some common things to relate with Ragna. Same goes with Freddy Krueger, something which disturbs him, since he's more or less a 'ghost' in 'dreams'.
    • Upon encountering the Ghost Lady, Ragna didn't even scream - he collapsed on the spot, having suffered the equivalent of 10 heart attacks at once, as diagnosed by Dr. Litchi Faye-Ling, the most she's seen out of anyone who has encountered it. He was also noted as waking up a week later screaming at the top of his lungs, forcefully, as someone (presumably Terumi) left an MP3 player at his bedside playing the Ghost Lady's theme in secret. This is how the scream sounded as emulated by this certain mortal named Gintoki Sakata. Although he tried denying screaming like a little girl, nobody was fooled.
    • Ever since Scorpion regained his humanity, Ragna feels a bit more at bay with him, but is still reluctant to meet him at his temple. That being said, though, Ragna feels much better around Scorpion's apprentice, Takeda Takahashi.
    • He's obviously wary around Bloody Marie, but he does understand and sympathize with her desire for vengeance against those who wronged her and her best friend Peacock. Plus, she doesn't take shit from Rachel one bit, and that's something he can privately admire.
    • He has a similar disposition towards Squigly, though even he saw the sight of the zombie-girl happily devouring his meat dishes...kind of cute. He's also intrigued by her Parasite Leviathan's words about him sounding like his rival, Samson. And when he finally met Samson and his host Filia, he befriended them both.
    • Ragna used to think that running into a ghost was the worst thing ever, and then he met Mako Reizei and Alice who's fear of ghosts is so great that when they encounter a ghost, Mako goes full-speed in reverse without looking where she's going; running over whatever's behind her tank, and Alice either passes out in a shivering mouth-frothing mess or nukes the entire area with magic.
      • On one occasion, a ghost (later known at Nue Houjuu) suddenly appeared before all three of them; while hugging each other and Screams Like a Little Girl, he noticed that Mako have fainted in his arms. In order to keep her from danger, he fought off his scare, Princess Carry her and running away as fast as Mako can handle while Alice blasted the the ghost before leaving her at the hospital. After having been thanked by her while under some gods prying eyes, their relationship has become a bit awkward. He swore to slash that Youkai to piece if he meet her again, making those same gods to Squee! with their imagination and Mako reddened with embarrassment. Alice has done nothing to stop these rumors.
  • Has grew a begrudging respect on Kenshiro, seeing how many times he ruthlessly whacked Terumi's butt and unaffected with his massive plannings. Kenshiro is kind enough to let Ragna knew that he'll always reserve the final blow for Ragna, and to achieve that, encourages Ragna to steel himself, as Kenshiro has been crawling back from the depths of Hell to punish the wicked despite the miseries of his life... and it's Ragna's turn now.
  • Was also random approached by Hibiki Tachibana of the Music house on the basis that he might be a certain Dr. Ver in disguise and up for no good, on Hibiki's charge, what crossed Ragna's mind was, "Was it that two-personalities brat again!?". Ragna just stood their in confusion, until Hibiki's friends Tsubasa and Chris had her stop and explained the situation and who Ver is. Although Ragna forgives and befriends the Symphogear, he couldn't help but think if this Ver is a spawn of Terumi created to Troll him and smear his name.
  • Has a friendship with Grey, due to their similar attitudes and having to deal with both assholes and murderous family members possessed by dangerous evils. Ragna even let him copy one of his techniques to help him out against one of his foes.
  • He gets along well with Riven the Exile, due to their similar weapons, pasts, appearances, personalities, and their desire to right the wrongs against both themselves and others, though Riven's glad that Ragna chose a much more noble path. He's also kinda amused (and slightly disturbed) by the fact she sounds like a colder and more experienced Noel despite looking more like a girl version of himself.
  • He has become friends with Ruby Rose. She found his weapon, the Bloodscythe to be one of the coolest weapons she has ever seen (even though it isn't a gun). Ragna sees a bit of Noel in Ruby as well.
    • However, there was that one time where he caught Ruby, Ruby happened to grab his face to support herself from falling and their faces ended up getting really close. Ruby's team keeps teasing her about this, and the rumors of Ragna being a pedophile have gone off the charts much to both of their annoyances.
    • Tensions have been rising between Ruby and Ragna lately, brought on by the news that the two would soon have to fight each other. However, due to the fact that the fights are in Tag Team style match-ups, they're both hoping to get onto the same team, yet training each other in case they have to fight.
      • Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido can be seen occasionally training alongside the two. Jin on the other hand refused to join them after the first training session ended up badly for him. They, along with Ruby, have formed quite the unorthodox yet close group of friends, which has surprised those who are aware of Ragna's lone wolf tendencies. While he hates to admit it, he has a tendency to act as an older brother figure due to having what he calls "more city miles" on them. He sees a lot of himself within Hyde, often drops unusual but not unwanted nuggets of wisdom on Yu, and can't help but rarely dote on Ruby. In fact, while they acknowledge that she is a powerful fighter in her own right and trust her to solve problems if she can do it on her own, any mistreatment of her is enough to send them all on a violent frenzy.
    • With his friendship with Ruby, Yu, and Hyde, along with having previously met them in the Tag Team tournament, Ragna had become well equated with the rest of the Investigation Team, team RWBY. Ragna doesn't mind them too much and genuinely respects some of them.
      • While they are no longer on opposing sides, he's still annoyed with Weiss and that stupid wanted poster. Blake is in turn annoyed on how casually he finds taking down enemies that she however finds difficult to deal with. Yang on her part genuinely likes Ragna, sees them to be similar to one another, but wishes that he would be more social.
      • The Investigation Team is genuinely kind and respectful towards Ragan, to which he finds great relief in with his usual treatment. Yosuke and Chie think he's nice, if a bit violent. Yukiko thinks his red coat is charming, and their shared connection with Amaterasu helps them get along even further. Naoto and Kanji were initially suspicious of him, but they quickly learned that he was a good person at heart. Kanji even willingly joined him in a battle against Hakumen and Rachel Alucard, because he considered Ragna and the team to be allies. Ragna respects them for his bravery.
      • While still annoyed with Vatista shooting him outside of battle and Orie for bringing the wanted poster,Hyde vouches for them and says that they can be trusted. So Ragna lets them off the hook.
  • His ultimate fate and the reason he cemented himself in his position was when after he was turned into a beastly abomination that wreaks havoc to everything despite his pleas for everyone to run. After he regained consciousness, he awoke with no memory of what happened or who he was. After going through a set of trials and hardships, Ragna regained his memories and discovered the truth of his world. Ragna then proceeded to enact his plan to save his family, the world, and the Master Unit. In doing so he battle against and defeated almost every fighter from his world, devouring both their Dreams and their memories of him. Defeated both Izanami, Nine and FINALLY killed Yuuki Terumi. Once he was finished putting an end to Terumi, Ragna had one last battle with his siblings and removed their memories of him so they wouldn't feel sad about him leaving. Ragna then proceeded to awaken Amaterasu from her dream and activate her powers one last time with his new Azure Flame Grimoire. Creating a new world where no god can interfere with it, bring the world back to that of man, and remove himself from existence. Now he stays beyond the Boundary forever alongside Amaterasu protecting her from those who would threaten to abuse her power.
    • Unfortunately not everything went exactly as he planed. Ragna wasn't able to fully remove himself from everyone's memories. Those of the Main House where left unaffected and five other individuals were able to vaguely remember his existence. They were Rachel Alucard, Ruby Rose, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido. When they realized that they were missing someone from their memories, they went to investigate. As they continued searching, others realized that their memories were tampered with as well. Fortunately someone did know who they were searching for, unfortunately it was Hazama. Who proceeded to purposely withhold important information, and mock them by revealing the level of importance that the individual had towards them. This was especially bad for both Jin and Noel, as they were just informed that they completely forgot about having an older brother, that had gone through hell and back for them. It wasn't until they heard someone yell out "DEATH SPIKE" and attack Hazama did everyone calm down. They saw a White Wolf that they immediately recognized as Amaterasu, alongside a white haired man in red. But before they could as anything an Azure Light engulfed them, restoring everyone's memories, cue Tears of Joy from nearly everyone. As the world of Pantheon is different from their home world, Ragna could afford to allow everyone to remember who he is. While they would prefer to remember who he is at all time, they're content with being able to remember who he is now.
    • Because of his sacrifice, he bonded with Xion and Madoka Kaname, who also erased themselves from other peoples memories for the greater good, although they did come back through different means.
  • Not long after reuniting and restoring the memories of his friends and family, Ragna found Gilgamesh in his temple, sitting in a golden throne. When questioned why he was there, Gilgamesh said that he was simply curious to see the man who ended the age of gods and begin the age of man. Sighting that it reminded him of what he did in his mortal life as well. After a lengthy conversation Gilgamesh left, but has occasionally been seen alongside Ragna as well. Gilgamesh says that he’s somewhat interested in the man. Sighting that while he acknowledges his position as king, he simply doesn’t care about his position, power or influence and freely tells him how he feels about Gil whenever he’s given the chance. Apparently Gilgamesh actually respects some of these qualities in an individual and has found Ragna as an interesting way to pass of his boredom.
  • It should go without saying, but there is not a single being that Ragna hates as much, or can be hated by more than Ragna, then Yuuki Terumi. When Terumi revealed to Ragna that he was yet again still alive, saying that he wasn't happy would have been the understatement of the century. Ragna had sworn to one again end him, and that he wouldn't leave either a body, soul, or memory left behind.
    • His anger only increased when Hazama decided to show up in front of his temple as well. And to add more fuel to the fire, Hazama had once again brought along Ragna’s wanted poster. Now he’s being gunned down by multiple bounty hunters after his head.
  • It should be said, the Ragna that everyone sees in Pantheon is not the real Ragna, but an avatar instead. His real body (assuming he still has a body) lies beyond the boundary and past the Forbidden Gate. Due to his status in his home reality, some have wondered if there is a potential connection between Ragna, The Truth and Yog-Sothoth. The answer is mixed
    • Ragna and the Truth both act as guardians to their own Gates (initially it was believed to be Es until Terumi revealed that the true guardian was Ragna all along), with incredible untold power and knowledge waiting on the other side. The two gates have what could be similar, yet different description as well, Truth's is "All is one, one is all" while Ragna's could be described as "where all endings begin and where all beginnings end".
    • Yog-Sothoth has a much closer connection with Ragan, thanks to the Azure Grimoire. The Azure Grimoire acts as a gateway to the Boundary, the pinpoint location of all time and space that also exist outside of it. Exactly like Yog-Sothoth, further belief on a possible connection is that there have been reports of an eye on Ragna's right hand during the few times he's activated his Grimoire. No confirmation from either of them as of yet.
  • During his down phase, he was chosen to fight a Death Battle with Sol Badguy. But due to that, even Wiz and Boomstick was forbidden to even contact Ragna this way. Fortunately for them, the Pantheon gives an alternative: yank out a Ragna from another timeline where he is at his peak strength and where shits hasn't hit the fan and set him up to fight Sol.
    • Once the fight actually happened, the judges were surprised how evenly Sol and Ragna ended up going against each other, all things considered. However, something about the Ragna that was used seemed to have been "faulty", as he transformed into Black Beast fully after Sol only did one significant stab at him, forcing Sol to activate full Gear mode to kill the Black Beast in one shot before anything worse would happen.
    • That wasn't even the last of the alternate Ragnas. It seemed that someone was able to create a white-coated clone of Ragna that possessed higher agility than the regular one and the ability to create duplicates of himself, in addition to several Hakumen clones. Dante was sent to dispose of these clones unbeknownst to him, but the clone Ragna destroyed the Hakumen clones and then managed to defeat Dante in precisely one minute, after which he disappeared. There's a bit of a search going on to find it, but no such luck yet. Wiz and Boomstick are supposedly sheltering him as an enforcer.
  • After the fiasco with the Ragna clone, both Dante and Ragna had decided to finally meet with one another face to face. The two got along surprisingly well, not really being bothered by their supposed conflicting personalities. Dante reminds Ragna a little bit of Kagura, and Ragna reminds Dante a little bit of Vergil.
    • After their initial meeting, Ragna would eventually be greeted by Vergil. Like with Dante, both believed that it was high time to meet one another, as they already knew their respective younger brothers. To the surprise of each other, they noticed that they were more alike to one another then to their similar colour coated, weapon wielding younger brothers. Both are practically opposites of their younger siblings, and their younger siblings were mostly annoying growing up (while they were admittedly a bit aloof). Both desired to become more powerful after the loss of their home, and were haunted by the memories. Both had performed a number of morally questionable actions, and initially had a strong disdain for seeing someone with a familiar face. Ragna with the Murakumos and Vergil with Trish. It was awkward for both, and they both agreed to never talk about it again.
      • After meeting the Sparda Twins, Ragna would eventually meet with Vergil’s son Nero. While Dante was similar to Ragna, and Vergil was very much like him. Ragna and Nero were almost exactly the same. Like with Vergil it was strange at first, but they soon got used to it and have remained on good terms ever since.
  • Ragna has become well acquainted with Velvet Crowe and Guts. Partly due to them a lot in common. All three are anti-heroes, with a Dark and Troubled Past involving the betrayal from someone they trusted, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a limb and even a little bit of their humanity.
    • It didn’t take long for Ragna to see the similarities between Velvet and and his younger sister Noel. But he chooses not to compare the two so much. The two also made an agreement, she would help deal with Terumi and in turn he would help against Artorius should he make it into Pantheon. This also extends towards Guts. They will help against Griffith, if he helps against Terumi and Artorius.
  • Despite what one might think. Ragna doesn’t necessarily interact with others who bare the same title of Grim Reaper, at least until his latest actions in the mortal world. When others saw how he single handedly took down almost every other god from his home world and then later proceeded to kill The Susanoo, others had finally began to notice him. They later learned that the title wasn't something he gave to himself. But was given to him from fear, not from his sword Aramasa, not from his power, but from the sheer number of NOL soldiers he killed in the first night when he went to war with the Library. Some Reapers have formed a bit of a rivalry between them and Ragna due to this.
    • Gig was one of the first to meet up with him. When he did, Ragna was trying out a new recipe that Gig was incidentally very familiar with hotpods. The two get along surprisingly well, it could be attributed to the fact that both are incredibly foul mouthed, have zero care for authority, and are one of the most dangerous and feared individuals in their respective worlds. Although their relationship borders on Vitriolic Best Buds. Gig will regularly call Ragna Rags, knowing full well that he hates it, and Ragna will in turn call Gig an ass.
    • Death the Nephilim soon met Ragna as they walked past one another before they were ambushed by a small army of angels. Neither were remotely fazed, or surprised by the sudden attack. It didn’t take long to finish them and when all was said and done, Death had grown a sense of respect for the younger reaper. His reason?
    Death: “It takes a special set of skills to turn the land into image of Hell, using the corpses of Angels.”
  • "If you got a death wish, then you’ve come to the right place."


Intermediate Gods

    Hal Jordan/Green Lantern 
Hal Jordan, God of the Heroic Spirit (Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Parallax, the Spectre, Highball)
  • Intermediate God (Greater god in the proximity of a Blue Lantern, was an Overdeity during the time he was a host for The Spectre)
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern Insignia.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but tends to veer in Chaotic Good territory from time to time.
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Heroic Willpower, Heroic Spirit, Cowboy Cop, Imagination-Based Superpower, Ace Pilot, Chick Magnet, Loveable Rogue, Space Police, Cowboy Cop (sometimes).
  • Domains: Willpower, Sector 2814, Law Enforcement, Flight
  • Heralds: Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz
  • Allies: The Green Lantern Corps, Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire (his girlfriend), Superman, The Flash, Chosokabe Motochika, Batman, Wonder Woman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Emiya Shirou, Naruto Uzumaki, Green Arrow, Rock Lee, Serena van der Woodsen, Luke Skywalker, Fox McCloud, Hayate Immelman, Taichi Yagami
  • Friendly Enemies With: Thaal Sinestro
  • Enemies: Pitch Black, Fiddlesticks, Nekron, William Hand/Black Hand, Krona, The Anti-Monitor, The Joker, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Lex Luthor, Evolto, Vril Dox/Brainiac
  • Pities: Jean Grey/Phoenix, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Additional Relationships: The rest of the Lantern Corps (Atros/Atrocitus, Larfleeze)
  • After watching his pilot father's death in a plane crash, Hal Jordan followed in his footsteps and became an Ace Pilot. Upon being brought to the crashed ship of the dying Abin Sur, he was entrusted with his ring and power battery and the responsibility that came with it as a new Green Lantern, an entire faction of Space Cops who use rings powered by the emotion of willpower. With the Green Lantern ring, Hal Jordan can create constructs which are limited only by the user's imagination and willpower. When it comes to constructs, Hal prefers to focus on precision, using only exactly as much power as necessary.
  • Written upon his shrine is the Oath of the Green Lanterns. Followers who come to pray always recite this oath, despite not being lanterns themselves.
  • Hal Jordan has to date worn and used the powers of seven of the nine known rings of the emotional spectrum. He has not mastered all of his emotions, however, and as such remains green.
  • No one who has defeated Hal in a contest of wills when the stakes have been large. Those who can offer testament to his determination are the Phoenix and even Nekron himself.
  • Hal has enjoyed some adventures with Kara Zor-El, which is because he was so utterly shocked when he found out she was chosen by a Red Ring. Hal was so concerned he sought Guy Gardner's help to guide the young Kryptonian in properly channelling her anger (and entrusted him with the task to inform Superman that his cousin was now a Red Lantern. Guy was not amused)
  • Hal likes to think he'd never give up the good fight, so naturally he didn't take it well when he learned another version of himself traded in the green for yellow and sided with tyranny. He is glad to know that his Alternate Self did eventually earn his green ring back.
  • Despite his ring granting him flight, Hal Jordan, or "Highball" in these situations, often jumps at the chance to fly the many wonderous vehicles pulled from across the multiverse. His hotdogging has lead to a few crashes, unfortunately. He has become friends with fellow hot-shot pilots with absent fathers Luke Skywalker, Fox McCloud and Hayate Immelman. They enjoy having friendly dogfights every now and then but some... dedicated fanboys give Hal grief because his power ring gives him an unfair advantage. On a more personal level, Hal feels a bit sorry that Luke's father, Anakin, feel into the dark side and became a Sith Lord and has vouched for Anakin's quest for redemption. While Anakin appreciates Hal's friendship, he does point out that Hal's villainy can be attributed to Parallax, while Anakin's choices were his own.
  • Became friends with James T. Kirk after having some adventures in a parallel universe. To the surprise of many gods, Kirk did become worthy of a Green Lantern ring and has vouched for collaboration between Starfleet and the Green Lantern Corps. Kirk normally doesn't wear his ring if he can help it, preferring his beloved Enterprise above anything else, so he leaves it under Hal's care but when the situation calls for it, Hal is more than happy to give Kirk the ring if he needs it.
  • Regularly antagonized by Deadpool for having also used Ryan Reynolds as an avatar.
  • Got really happy once his beloved Carol finally got a place in the Pantheon. While she was away, Hal spent time with the next best thing, Serena van der Woodsen, who looks a lot like Carol.
  • Hal was eventually called to fight Ben Tennyson, in a battle to the death. Even with aliens as strong as Way Big and Alien X, Hal was able to claim victory, but the two emerald heroes don't hold anything against each other. Though the fact that a Green Lantern was able to overpower a Celestialsapien made Hal all the more dreaded.
  • Became good friends with Taichi Yagami from the Digidestined, given that they share the same bravery and determination. He also understands Taichi's struggles to maintain his bravery and Tai has begun to Hal as a mentor. Hal even thinks Taichi would be worthy of a Green Lantern ring. Unfortunately, this brought some unwanted attention from Sinestro, who hates Tai for reminding him of Hal, and Parallax, who thinks that breaking Taichi's will would be very satisfying to break. Since then, Hal has done everything he can to keep Taichi safe.

    Sanger Zonvolt 
Sanger Zonvolt, The God that Cleaves/Smites Evil! (Zengar Zombolt, Sanger Sombold, The Sword that Cleaves/Smites Evil, The Sword that Cleaves/Smites Gods)

    Sir Galahad 
Sir Galahad, God of Pure Heart Restrictions (Galaad, Sir Galahad the Pure/Chaste, Shield Bastard (by Mordred), Jenkins, Shielder, Saber Alter, Noble Knight Gwalchavad)
Sir Galahad by George Frederic Watts
Saber Alter 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white shield with a red cross on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Purity Privileges, Heroic Bastard, Chaste Hero, The Strongest Knight, The One Chosen to Find The Grail, Literally Escorted to the Heavens, Messianic Archetype
  • Domains: Knights, Purity, Children
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Sir Gawain, Merlin, Solomon, Silver the Hedgehog, Bell Cranel
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Yaldabaoth
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Clark Kent/Superman
  • Complicated Relations: Lancelot (his father), Mordred (more decisive with Sir Mordred)
  • Sir Galahad is the illegitimate son of Lancelot due to his mother's actions and one of the Knights of the Round Table. He is known for his utmost purity, mainly due of it allowing to do things like sit on the Siege Perilous, use two swords what would cause harm to the wielder if they were unworthy and being the knight to finally find the Holy Grail.
  • Has a really bad relation with his father, Lancelot, likely because he refused to marry his mother and generally not raising him since youth. In general, he is probably the one to call out his father's faults. Not helped by the fact that he has seen him turn into a villain once.
    • While he might have Bastard Angst regarding his father, he cannot really agree with Goro Akechi's actions to get back at his father, as Galahad would rather confront his father personally than conspire against him.
  • Didn't as much die as much as he was taken to Heaven by angels. This has impressed Eliphas due of him being able to ascend like that, a compliment Galahad is not sure if he should be flattered by or not.
  • There are a lot of arguments on if he really is the real Grail Knight or if the title should belong to Sir Percival. He definitely debuted in the Arthurian Mythos much later than most of the other knights.
  • His chastity is often mocked by other gods. Other gods try to test his chastity, such as tricking him into a castle full of horny women. He was "saved" by Lancelot before anything would happen, even if he insisted he would be fine.
  • Still seems to mess up if asked what is his favourite colour.note 
  • Is said to be the last descendant of King David. Because of this, Solomon and his wife build a ship containing knowledge from the past and David's sword so that Galahad would one day find it. He is grateful to finally have the chance to meet him in the Pantheon, though Solomon feels bit inferior to Galahad since while Solomon asked for wisdom from God, all what Galahad asked for was the ability to die when he wanted.
  • Mordred really never got along with him, even if they worked together as knights. When asked what he thinks about Mordred's rebellion since he had already ascended to the Heavens when that happened, he doesn't want to give a real answer, though learning that Mordred was also a bastard does make him think about few things.
  • Despite being "pure", most people find it incredibly difficult to get along with Galahad, due to being utterly impossible to relate to. Superman, due to knowing what it's like to face many of the same problems, extended a hand of friendship, though even he admits that Galahad is very difficult to get along with since he's "kind of a jerk".
  • In one world, he was portrayed by Silver the Hedgehog, something he is fine with.
  • Probably the one person who would rival Kenzo Tenma when it comes to purity. However, he is fine holding the position he has now. He is also impressed how pure Bell's heart and is happy to train if he wants to.
  • To counter the The Incineration of Humanity, he was summoned by Chaldea Security Organization into the body of Mash Kyrielight as an experiment. However, he refuses to do anything due of being disgusted by Chaldea's experiments and merely stuck around to look over Mash. Ultimately he gave Mash his powers as a Shielder-class Servant in order to save her life.
    • Things took a turn for the worse on his part after the Incineration of Humanity was prevented. At first it seemed like he merely left Mash alone after the fact, leaving her powerless. But when a new threat starter looming in the horizon, he appeared in front of the Master of Chaldea to tell them that defeating Goetia only has made things worse, telling that they should just give up and refusing to offer any help to them before leaving. Many were flabbergasted by this, especially since this is effectively the third time he has refused to do anything directly to stop a crisis (including refusing to be summoned by the Lion King even to stop her). If anyone were to ask what is up with his bleak view on things, he would tell them to leave him alone about it.
  • Even though his most defining characteristic is his purity, there exits an Alter version of him. Contrast this with Jeanne d'Arc, who is so pure that it is impossible for her to have an evil side, with her Alter version being an Evil Knockoff of her. Fortunately, Galahad Alter is less evil and more snarky.
  • Since he is the knight who found the original Holy Grail, Yaldabaoth thought that he would use him in his plans. However, Galahad is wise enough not to fall into his tricks, and says that his Holy Grail is a mockery of the real one.
  • One of the people Mephisto wouldn't dare to make a contract with since he thinks that having his soul would be more of a problem than worth. Heck, just convincing him to make a contract with him would be an achievement as of itself.
  • He isn't overly familiar with his family from his father's side, but he knows that his grandfather is King Ban. So he is rather confused by certain thief carrying a similar name.


Lesser Gods

    Blitz Team 
The Blitz TeamMembers , Heroic Neutral Deities (Leena: Rinon Toros | Brad: Ballad Hunter | Steve: Doc Toros | Liger Zero: Jaeger, Schneider, Panzer)
From left to right: Brad Hunter, Liger Zero, Bit Cloud, Leena Toros, Jamie Hemeros and Steve Toros.

    Edward Kenway 
Edward James Kenway, God of Underhanded Heroes (Captain Kenway, Edward the Legend)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ship's Jolly Roger, the Assassin insignia with a skull inside it
  • Theme Song: Black Flag Main Theme, The Fortune of Edward Kenway
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Underhanded Hero, Anti-Hero, Guile Hero, Pirate, Lovable Rogue, Broken Ace, The Atoner, Adventurer Archaeologist, Aura Vision, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, The Dreaded, Dual Wielding, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, One-Man Army
  • Domain(s): Piracy, Death, Stealth, Combat, Atonement
  • Heralds: The crew of the Jackdaw
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templars, Shay Patrick Cormac, Sakazuki, Stannis Baratheon, Black Manta, Luxord, Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will or endorses slavery
  • Complicated Relationship with: Blackbeard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • One-Time Employer: Al Capone
  • Edward was born in Swansea, Wales to humble farmers. At the age of seventeen, Edward met Caroline Scott, who intervened on his behalf during an altercation. The two fell in love and, despite their differences in social status, were married. Wishing to provide Caroline with a decent life, Edward became a privateer for the Royal Navy and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies. However, an abrupt end to the War of the Spanish Succession and the promise of gold, glory and fame eventually seduced him into a life of piracy. It was during this quest that Edward first encountered the Assassin and Templar orders, and became embroiled in their struggle. After losing nearly all of his closest friends over the course of several years, he realized the folly of his quest for glory. He then joined the Assassin Brotherhood, hunted down the Templars in the region and entrusted the Observatory to the Assassins. Eventually, Edward learned that Caroline had passed away during his absence and was later introduced to their daughter, Jennifer, whom he had unknowingly fathered prior to his departure. After returning to Britain and receiving a pardon, Edward soon acquired an estate in London and married Tessa Stephenson-Oakley, with whom he fathered a son named Haytham. Edward also joined the British Brotherhood of Assassins and eventually became their leader. However, Edward was ultimately killed in his manor by mercenaries in the employ of the Templar Grand Master Reginald Birch, who wanted to acquire Edward's journal.
  • Originally ascending as one of Ezio's many followers, Edward drew the attention and sympathy of Il Mentore due to his past tragedies. Deciding to grant him a position as a deity, Ezio eventually succeeded in granting him the title of God of Underhanded Heroes. Although all of the Assassins had used underhanded methods to various degrees, Edward was most well-known for his use of such methods.
  • Edward quickly befriended fellow pirate deities such the Straw Hats, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Edward Newgate, Boa Hancock and the Gokaigers. He's quite supportive of Luffy's dream of becoming Pirate King and was amazed by all of the skills and abilities of his crew. Although he finds the Gokaigers pretty weird, he relates to the fact that they don't think of themselves as heroes. Having previously lost all of his comrades, he enjoys once again being around people who understand him. However, due to being a pirate, Edward also became enemies with Sakazuki, who has placed him pretty high on his list of pirates he intends to eliminate, and Stannis Baratheon, who hates pirates in general.
  • Edward gets along quite well with Jack Sparrow, whose love of rum exceeds even that of Edward. Edward is also on good terms with Will and Elizabeth, who sympathize with him over his pirate past and regard him as being at least more reliable than Jack.
  • Sora having his own ship called the Leviathan gained him the attention of Edward and other sailors in the Pantheon. Edward quickly came to like Sora due to his enthusiasm for being a pirate, although he also cautioned him to try and avoid the more unsavory aspects of the pirate's life. Edward was decidedly less happy to hear that Luxord, one of Sora's enemies had his own vessel as well. After a battle with Luxord, Edward and Sora also encountered Heartless that could possess ships and commandeer them for terrorizing the seas. Fortunately, their weak points made them tremendously easier to sink than conventional man-crewed ships.
  • Having spent the later portion of his life traveling the world in search of First Civilization sites and artifacts, Edward occasionally teams up with Lara Croft to go on adventures. Although intially skeptical of Edward, Lara came to appreciate his ability to keep up with her and his use of Eagle Vision to avoid traps and find hidden places. Since then, the two have been good friends.
  • Edward managed to strike up a friendship with John Constantine after the two had noticed that they shared the same voice. As they had both lost friends and gone through incredible hardships, they quickly bonded and can occasionally be seen hanging out together.
  • Like the other Assassins, Edward strongly dislikes Shay Cormac. The fact that Shay works alongside Edward's son Haytham and was responsible for Adéwalé's death has resulted in Edward attacking him on several occasions, although these encounters have so far always ended in a draw. Shay and Haytham have occasionally attempted to turn Edward against the Assassins by pointing out how he had worked with the Templars in the past, but Edward has consistently refused to do so, fully affirming his allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood and that their cause is something that he truly believes in.
  • He quickly became enemies with Black Manta upon discovering that he was willing to hurt children. Manta being a modern pirate initially intrigued Edward, but the extent of his cruelty was something that Edward could not tolerate.
  • Due to his friendship with Adéwalé, a former slave, Edward dislikes slavery and strongly opposes Calvin J. Candie and Stephen. Candie is particularly annoyed by the fact that he's being judged by a pirate, but nonetheless, he and Stephen try to avoid Edward as much as possible.
  • Edward was pleasantly surprised to hear that Blackbeard was in the pantheon. Assuming that the claims of him being Chaotic Evil were just a result of Thatch deliberately cultivating such a reputation for himself, Edward decided to seek him out. However, Edward discovered that, within the pantheon, Blackbeard has a habit of switching between different incarnations of himself from various universes, ranging from the treacherous Marshall D. Teach to a buffoonish Rider-class Servant. As a result, their encounters vary from the two having a drink and pleasantly reminiscing about old times to the two engaging each other in combat. Their relationship isn't helped by the fact that, when Blackbeard and Al Capone engaged in a rap battle, Edward was hired by Capone to retrieve his rum supply from Blackbeard, during which he killed several members of Blackbeard's crew. Edward has since apologized for doing it, insisting that it wasn't anything personal, but it still remains a sore point between the two.

    Galford D. Weiler 
Galford D. Weiler, God of Heroes and Dogs' Kinships (Galford)
Galford with his companion Poppy
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His dog Poppy, wearing his scarf.
  • Theme Music: "Tuna".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Fighting for Justice, American Ninjas With Less Emphasis on Stealth, Dog Care and Partnership, Lightning Jutsu, Dogged Nice Guys, Tons and Tons of Engrish, Yelling "NOOOO!!" When Beaten
  • Domains: Heroism, Justice, Combat, Ninjutsu
  • Herald: Poppy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Evil Gods (sue him, he hates evil)
  • Ascended as the Pantheon witnessed that Galford's relations with his dog Poppy is more than 'I love dogs and I fight alongside them'. He's willing to risk his life getting sucked into Hell just to make sure his dog and pups did not get dragged there... Then he Escaped from Hell when he perceives danger on the dog. Truly one of the more inseparable duo in the Pantheon.
  • There was a tearful reunion when he met with Nakoruru in the Pantheon, as last time, their separation was just plain gut-wrenching. However, Galford made it clear that he's not there to re-pursue romantic interest, they're REALLY better off as Just Friends as they have their own greater duties to pursue: Justice and Nature. Nakoruru agreed on that.
  • Before he ascended, he was a 'classmate' to Chipp Zanuff under the tutelage of Bang Shishigami. Now that the three has risen, they're also planning some 'class reunion'.
  • He is very profound in his quest to pursue and deliver justice. Which makes him best buds with fellow justice pursuer from another decade down below, Kim Kaphwan. He's also friends with Terry Bogard due to the sheer amount of Engrish they bring.
  • He once visited the house of Hattori Hanzo, thinking that he's the same Hanzo he knew of. He was wrong, but was surprised to hear his feats about 'Sword that Cuts Down Gods'. Galford has aske if he can borrow it in case there's a great evil looming. He eventually reunites with the actual Hanzo, but can't help but notice that he looks different than what he knew of. And... "Since when did he speak about shadows and darkness nonstop?"
  • While he's usually seen fighting with Poppy, it's known that Galford IS a capable ninja on his own, using more direct lightning attacks without depending on his dog. The problem is he refused to be separated with his partner.
  • Various Champions from Runeterra wondered if his dog was somehow a certain Yordle Ambassador Girl that got a permanent polymorph. Galford has denied this, though he confirms that Poppy is female.

Liam, God of Hardened Heroes (Angelus, Angel, The Scourge of Europe, The Vampire with a Soul)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Angelus)
  • Symbol: His gravestone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Angelus)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Vampire Detective though more of a Clueless Detective, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, The Atoner, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Cultured Badass, Dark Is Not Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Villain Cred, Tall, Dark and Broody, former Sadist, The Dreaded, received a Gypsy Curse, Scarily Competent Tracker, proud practitioner of the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique
  • Domains: Good, Redemption, Strength, Protection, Magic, (Evil, Chaos and Destruction as Angelus)
  • Followers: Dalton, Dr. Tachyon, Jane Doe, Olivia Pope, Kyle Katarn, Kei Nagase
  • Superior: Joss Whedon
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Sol Badguy, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Rivals: Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Enemies: Dracula, The Mayor, Yuuki Terumi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Xander Harris
  • There are plenty of people in the GUAG that would give villains as many as 77 chances to redeem themselves. Then there are those who will off you the moment you cross the line. Those followers go to the domain of Angel. Once a former enemy of Buffy, he now helps the Scoobies take down the bad guys his own way.
    • Buffy hesitated to ascend him for a reason. There was a time when he was one of the most feared vampires in the multiverse. His Angelus persona revelled in causing as much chaos as possible. And there is still the possibility that someone could convert him back into that monstrosity. Nevertheless, both Melkor and Lucifer see an opportunity to corrupt him to do their bidding.
    • Xander was the longest holdout. Already wary of vampires, he was especially adamant against ascending someone as powerful as Angel. Constant pressure forced him to reconsider, but he has yet to keep his eye off him.
  • His arrival revived one of the most contentious shipping wars in the Multiverse. He and Spike were Buffy's most like suitors and their fans fought tooth and nail for their side to win. The two hated each other long before that; the two clashed over their opposing viewpoints of evil. Their change of hearts has done little to soothe the tension. Angel takes great pleasure in seeing his pupil in the Fallen.
    • In a rare form of not Jossing a theory, Joss Whedon stated Angel indeed had at least one sexual encounter with Spike. The prospect of a One True Threesome between him, Spike, and Buffy nearly broke the House of Love. None of the three would comment on the possibility.
  • Angel may have the face of an Angel, but the angelic deities know better than to judge him at face value. This is a vicious man even with the change of heart. Angel himself told them to just refer to him as Liam, his original name, whenever he visits the sub-house.
  • He had hoped that no other Buffy villains would be in the Pantheon, but the Mayor was happy to berate him over his romance with Buffy. Angel thinks of him of a hypocrite who hides behind his friendliness to enact evil deeds.
  • As one of the top vampires in the business, Alucard wasn't impressed with this newcomer, even when he regained his powers. Angel for his part doesn't trust him to serve humanity's interests.
  • After leaving the Scoobies, he decided to create a detective agency to help out people. With that said, don't expect anyone to hand him the title Vampire Detective as the group is far better at fighting demons than solving mysteries.
  • As of late, he has partnered himself with the troubled slayer Faith. They have helped each other achieve redemption for their pasts against all odds. Sol Badguy has offered to help them go down that path.
  • It looked like Terumi wanted to give him a warm welcome in the Pantheon, sending him a rather big gift. When Angel opened it, he was thrown into a fit of rage. The reason being Terumi sent him a coffin with a note, saying: "Hope you like your new bed". Three hours later, the other members of Trollkaiger found their bloodied leader buried six feet under in the very coffin he sent the vampire. The lesson? Never mention coffins to Angel.
    • Don't call him a 'eunuch' either. No one knows why he hates the term, but no one has been brave enough to ask him.
  • Dean may have his misgivings, but Sam convinced him to try and make amends for his pasts. Yet Dean wanted to make clear that if he becomes Angelus again, the hunter won't hesitate to put him down.
    "Doesn't matter what you try. Doesn't matter where I am or how badass you think you've become. 'Cause you know what? I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys."

    Naofumi's Party 
Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo, Triumvirate Deities of Rude Heroes and Nice Sidekicks (Naofumi: Hero of the Shield, Devil of the Shield, Master Naofumi, Savor of the Heavenly Fowl, Shieldbro, Loli Magnet || Raphtalia: Raph, Raftalia, Hero of the Hammernote /Hero of the Katananote  || Filo: Big Fat Bird (Call her that at your own risk), Firo, Hero of the Claw)
Clockwise from the bottom: Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo
  • Lesser Gods (Naofumi and Raphtalia's fragments are this, while their divine selves are Overdeities)
  • Symbol: Their respective weapons (Naofumi's Legendary Shield, Raphtalia's Vassal Hammer or Katana, and Filo's Vassal Claws)
  • Theme Music: RISE
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes
    • Naofumi: Shield, Protection
    • Raphtalia: Swords, Slaves, Loyalty
    • Filo: Birds, Claws, Strength
  • Herald: Rishia Ivyread, Atlas, Fohl, Melty Melromarc, Every villager in Naofumi's village
  • Allies: Rias Gremory, Kirito and Asuna, Tusk, Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato
  • Enemies: Any deity that wants to mess with the worlds (like GUAD), Embryo, wicked women who screw over others (like Raynare), corrupted royals in general, Stain, Dolores Umbridge, Atrocitus, Parallax, Issac Westcott
  • Odd Friendship with: Morgiana
  • Complicated Relationships: Mordred (Filo), Rocket Raccoon (Raphtalia)
  • Opposes: Cornelius Fudge
  • Exclusive to the party:
    • Naofumi was originally a regular college student and otaku who found a book titled "Four Heavenly Weapon's Manual" which told the story of four Heroes summoned to defend another world. In an instant, this became his reality as he was summoned to a new world and declared one of the Legendary Heroes. Becoming the Hero of the Shield, Naofumi briefly fantasized about the adventures he would lead, but is treated as a joke for having a shield. Naofumi met a woman named Myne who seemed to want to help him, only for her to stab him the back by robbing him of his equipment and falsely accusing him of attempting to rape her. His reputation ruined and now full of hate, Naofumi turns his back on the world and tries to find a way to get back to his world.
      • Naofumi would eventually come across a slave trader who can magically bind slaves to prevent from betraying or disobeying their masters. Seeing this as the only way to get an ally, Naofumi would buy a tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia, who was dying from an illness and devoid of hope after losing her parents and childhood friend, as well as going through several abusive masters. Although afraid of Naofumi at first, Naofumi treating her like a person, feeding her healthy food, and providing medicine to cure her illness allowed Raphtalia to see Naofumi as a good person and becomes all too willing to become the sword to his shield, becoming his first loyal party member and falling in love with him. She would also age quickly into an adult after levelling up from slaying so many monsters, due to her people's natural ability to physically age as they level up, though Naofumi's trauma from Myne's betrayal distorted his perception and prevented him from noticing. It wasn't until Raphtalia fully proved her loyalty to him despite being forcibly freed that Naofumi finally saw the physical changes she went through. Since then, Naofumi and Raphtalia have become inseparable.
      • Filo was originally a newly hatched filorial that Naofumi bought from the slave trader. Filo grew up from a small chick to a big queen filorial in just few days, and because of that, she was allowed to pull the carriage Naofumi got as a thank you gift from the villagers. To Naofumi and Raphtalia's shock, Filo turned into a young girl with wings, and is able to switch between that and her filorial form at will.
    • Both Naofumi and Raphtalia would befriend Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, both of whom would dream of becoming fantasy heroes just like Naofumi and Raphtalia, but fell victim to bullying, forcing Ichiro to endure a small period of depression and Ryoko even attempting to commit suicide. Naofumi and Raphtalia saw much of themselves in the young lovers and promised to do whatever they can to help them.
    • Stain once attempted to kill Naofumi, seeing him as a false hero too because of his methods and the fact that he has slaves. Naofumi's party managed to repel Stain, all the while calling him out on his views and how they cause more harm than good, especially when he's targeting heroes whose reasons aren't altruistic, but not bad at the same time. Stain has made Naofumi a target ever since.
    • While everyone was concerned about how Morgiana would react to Naofumi having slaves, considering how she hates slavery, it surprisingly turned out well. Morgiana noticed how Naofumi treated his slaves like equals, and thus earned Undying Loyalty, all the while opposing slavers who are not like him. Because of this, Naofumi is one exception to her hatred of slavers.
  • Exclusive to Naofumi:
    • He and his company come to the Pantheon from time to time (time is relative to whatever dimension he's in) to take vacations (sometimes by leaving fragments at the Pantheon).
      • That's the official reason. In reality, he came to the Pantheon in order to monitor the many world-destroying deities that live there.
    • His legendary shield has the special ability to adapt the properties of other shields it encounters into itself. For this reason, Naofumi has visited the House of Weapons in order to get the most out of said ability, which has drawn the ire of some people, given the means by which the Legendary Shield gains new abilities.
    • While visiting the House of Food (disguised as a bird), he was invited to a drinking competition. In the end, all of them were kicked out for emptying the House's alcohol reserves without determining a winner, so Naofumi took out the Lukor fruit for everybody. It's said that only the most hardcore alcoholics managed to avoid passing out that day.
      • Incidentally, that fruit has been planted for alcohol and future challenges.
    • Naofumi sees a lot of himself in Ange, someone who was mistreated and looked down on by society and Took a Level in Cynic, before finding people who helped her to regain some of her faith. Unlike Naofumi, Ange actually turns her back on her former world when its society lost its ability to use Mana, though considering how the people didn't change for the better and had the nerve to beg for her help after everything they did, Naofumi can't really fault her for that, though he also points out that there may have been some people who were different from the other Mana users, with Ange's loyal maid Momoka being an example.
    • He's also stopped by various Blood Knights fairly often, as they want to test their strength against the strongest shield of all. He refused them each time, saying it was a bother, so some of them decided to just randomly attack him. There has yet to be anybody who has succeeded in damaging him.
    • He's allied himself with Captain America, for obvious reasons. Although Steve has repeatedly spoken about his notably less-than-heroic acts. Naofumi's response is typically that he did what he had to in order to survive, since the king took refused to give him any money or support out of a misplaced and petty grudge. All the same, Naofumi still respects the Captain for trying to hold on to his ideals and principles.
    • Although Issei Hyoudou reminds him of the moronic Hero of the Spear Motoyasu (With whom his relationship is strained), the two are on good terms, as, unlike Motoyasu, Issei isn't an idiot, despite his Harem Seeker tendencies. This has resulted in Naofumi being invited to the Chick Magnet Quintet, although, due to his trust issues regarding women, he declined.
      • Incidentally, Atlas, his shield's spirit, has shown interest in joining the Special Lovers Squad. Due to not being an official god, though, she can only be there as an Honorary Member.
    • Upon learning about the way Raynare tried to take advantage of Issei and noting the similarities between that and what he suffered at the hands of Malty (whose nickname 'Bitch' is very well-deserved), Naofumi has offered his assistance in dealing with Raynare.
    • Naofumi became curious about Overskills, so he has been seen talking to Shiroe about it. In turn, Shiroe asks about Naofumi's fighting style, and how he gets by with only defensive and supportive skills and his shield.
    • Naofumi is naturally liked by animals, so sometimes, when he's seen in the House of Beasts, many of the animals there would gather around him and show their affection (much to his dismay).
    • On the rare occasion that he comes across hostile monsters, after slaying them, he would often cook them. This naturally attracts the attention of many hungry deities, causing these cooking sessions to turn into full-blown feasts, often with Naofumi as the only chef.
    • Naofumi in his exploration of the Pantheon found other people that sounded similar to him such as the Cyborg Genos who he gets along with fine, and Tenya Iida who at first irritated Naofumi for his prattle on proper heroics reminding him of Itsuki but later found that Iida was willing to change and learn but Naofumi got a bad reputation at U.A. not that Naofumi cares.
      • Related, Naofumi once mistakenly believed that he had seen and heard Ren, Hero of the Sword, in the Pantheon, and tried to greet him (as the only one of the Cardinal Heroes whom he had respect for), but was instead greeted by a very confused Kirito. This wasn't helped by the fact that they sound VERY similar when speaking Japanese, though the mistaken identity was eventually cleared up. The two are on fairly amicable terms, although Naofumi isn't exactly comfortable with the large number of females Kirito is often seen with. He's also made this comment in regards to Kirito's story, at one point:
    • Naofumi gets along very well with Harry Potter, especially after hearing he was subject to a smear campaign by Cornelius Fudge after trying to warn everyone of Voldemort's return. Naofumi doesn't take too kindly to Fudge's actions, since they remind him of how he was treated like a pariah by the king of Melromarc. He also detests Dolores Umbridge, seeing her as no better than Malty. Naofumi's also sympathizes with Harry being forced to endured an abusive childhood just because he has magic, yet still understood the importance of love and kindness throughout the years. Harry in turn also sympathizes with Naofumi's methods, remembering the time he used dark magic both within and outside of Hogwarts.
    • Initially, Naofumi thought Shido Itsuka was just like Motoyasu when he found out about his harem, but they put in a good word for Shido and told Naofumi everything Shido has done for them, such as walking through a snowstorm and jumping straight through a laser beam. This earns Shido Naofumi's respect, and the two have become good friends since. Shido warns Naofumi to be careful around Isaac Westcott, who is just as evil as Malty (if not more so) but is far more intelligent and competent.
    • Naofumi shows great respect for Lux Arcadia for remaining on a nobler path than him, despite becoming an indentured servant since childhood. Lux, in turn, sympathizes with Naofumi for having been mistreated by corrupt royalty, having had to deal with a corrupt emperor before in the past.
    • At first, Naofumi was jealous of Touya Mochizuki for having an easier, comfortable life while Naofumi had to endure bitterness and discrimination. Touya admits that yes, compared to Naofumi, he got lucky, and every day, he must remind himself of how lucky he is.
    • Sympathizes with Elliot Alderson, seeing the abuse he had to endure at the hands of Angela being similar to how he had to endure the mistreatment from Malty. That said, Naofumi would rather be on his guard around Mr. Robot.
    • Naofumi doesn't see himself as a hero, but no matter how many times he objects, many gods are quick to point out that, at least out of the Cardinal Heroes, Naofumi was the most heroic, despite the way he goes about it.
    • Naofumi typically tries to avoid the House of Anger, for fear that it may cause his Shield of Rage to act up. Given that the Curse Series shield runs the risk of consuming Naofumi in pure unfiltered anger when used (Which can result in him lashing out at those around him, including his closest friends- only Raphtalia can snap him out of it), this is probably for the best.
    • Because he is a Pragmatic Hero, Naofumi gets along swimmingly with Batman, who often functions a barometer on what is considered morally acceptable for A-list superheroes and Hal Jordan, who worked really hard to earn his redemption after he was possessed by Parallax. Batman and Hal would tell Naofumi to be careful around Atrocitus, who thinks Naofumi would be worthy of a Red Lantern ring thanks to the Wrath Shield.
    • Naofumi would meet the Shield Knight and notice that her relationship with Shovel Knight contrasts that with his relationship with Raphtalia. While he and Raphtalia were able to stay together through their journey in Raphtalia's world, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight got separated, with the latter becoming the Enchantress up until her lover was able to free her from her curse. This reminds Naofumi of the time when Ren and Itsuki were corrupted by their curses and had to be saved by their future wives, so he does at least congratulate the Shovel Knight for saving the one he loves.
  • Exclusive to Raphtalia:
    • Immediately after ascending, the first thing Raphtalia would do is to greet Master Naofumi. She is proud to officially stand by Naofumi's side, vowing to remain his sword no matter where he goes. Naofumi is also glad to see Raphtalia in the Pantheon, since she is his most trusted and loyal companion, as well as his first bride in the historical documents.
    • Raphtalia admires Samurai Jack, a fellow katana wielder, after hearing of his many accomplishments during his quest to return to his time. The famous warrior is also legitimately impressed by all the good deeds Raphtalia manage to do alongside Naofumi. Though he does express concern when he learns Raphtalia was originally Naofumi's slave, he's far more willing to listen to reason, hearing the full story out and accepting that Raphtalia is genuinely loyal to Naofumi and that the latter treats the former as an equal. Naofumi and Raphtalia are glad he didn't react the same way as Motoyasu did when he heard about Raphtalia being a slave.
    • Raphtalia gets along with Blake Belladonna and Makoto Nanaya, all of whom are Little Bit Beastly who have been on the receiving end of Fantastic Racism. Although Blake and Makoto were shocked to learn that Raphtalia was originally a slave, Raphtalia assured that Naofumi treated as an equal despite buying as a slave. The two appropriately turned their anger to the right people when Raphtalia explained how her people were given the same social standing as monsters, and being a slave is the only thing that gives her legal protection against anyone who kills Demihumans for sport. Blake and Makoto actually lampshade how really bad her world is if being a slave is preferable to being free.
    • Raphtalia once crossed paths with Eveline, who also underwent Rapid Aging, albeit through genetic modification. Though she acknowledges her desire to have a family, she points out it does not excuse her actions, since she basically brainwashed and killed people to get such a family. She's always ready put a stop to Eveline if she tries something funny.
    • Raphtalia tends to speak with fellow tanuki Mamizou, Tom Nook, and the Tama Hill Tanuki every now and then whenever she isn't speaking with her comrades. Raphtalia is happy to speak with other tanuki (even if the ones from Tanuki Hill tend to gross her out with their... size-altering testes). The other tanuki welcomes Raphtalia as one of their own.
      • Raphtalia would also cross paths with Rocket Racoon, who she initially thought was a tanuki in beast form, only to be disappointed to find out he is really a talking, bipedal raccoon. Raphtalia would work alongside Rocket against a common enemy, but she disapproves of his kleptomaniac tendencies.
    • Thanks to Shido, Raphtalia becomes great friends with Tohka Yatogami. Not only are they great swordswomen, they become stronger and better people thanks to the men in her life (Shido and Naofumi). The two have promised each other to help the other win the heart of the man they love.
  • Exclusive to Filo:
    • Filo is downright happy to ascend to the Pantheon, since she now gets to be alongside her beloved master and fellow slave Raphtalia. The feeling is mutual on Naofumi and Raphtalia's end.
    • As a Filorial, Filo is natural enemies with dragons, so every evil dragon in the Pantheon becomes her enemy.
      • Despite being a natural enemy of dragons, if a dragon has proven themselves good, she can overcome that hatred and befriend them. Some of these include Yoshi, (a dinosaur with draconic traits), Charizard (whom Ash and Harry would put a good word in), and Paarhunrnax (whom Filo is impressed by how he overcame the evil nature inherent in all dragons of Skyrim through great effort).
      • Filo also dislikes pedophiles or lolicons, since they remind her of her Abhorrent Admirer, Motoyasu Kitamura, who had first made fun of her as a filorial before she took on a human form. She has bad memories of the much older Spear Guy trying to get her affections, before and after his Sanity Slippage. If any pedophiles try to make a move on her, she will not hesitate to kick them in the crotch, or if that is not possible, punch them in her human form with a magical strength-enhancing glove.
      • Because of the above incident, Filo befriends Rom and Ram due to their shared hatred of pedophiles, and forms a kinship with Chris Hansen for the same reasons. They all form a group of pedophile hunters to prevent any pedophiles from making a move on children.
    • Filo would soon befriend Yoshino, someone who is capable of Flight and controlling ice and water to support Filo in air combat, and Kirin Toudou, who is a great swordswoman the same as Raphtalia.
    • Filo gets along with Medli, since she is also a bird person like she is. They both note the contrast between their elements (Filo with her Wind-Affinity magic and Medli being the Sage of the Earth) and show great interest in the differences.
    • Filo would soon meet Flonne, someone who Motoyasu had compared to Filo (a version of Flonne from Motoyasu's world anyway). Filo and Flonne do see the resemblance between each other, but they acknowledge that they are different people with different interests. The two still get along swimmingly, with Filo even seeing her as a Cool Big Sis just as Sicily did before her.
    • Filo would meet Sara Crewe, someone who reminded her of her Best Friend, Melty Melromarc back in her world due to being kind-hearted royalty. Filo treats Sara as a Cool Big Sis, with Sara acting like a parental figure to Filo.
    • Filo became fast friends with the Chocobos, who are a lot like Filorians back in her world. She tends to race them during their spare time. She, in particular, showed great interest in a fat Chocobo that served as inventory storage, which reminds her of how Melty once slept on her feathers. Filo also met Totoro, who like her, could also be a makeshift bed, allowing others to sleep on them comfortably. The two actually like each other a lot.
    • Filo would meet Mordred, who the former thought looked like a female version of Motoyasu. Filo learns that while Mordred is nothing like the Spear Guy, she is still someone to be cautious of, especially after she called him a girl.
    • Gods tend to be interested in Filo's cowlick, whether it's because it's cute or something to joke about, much to Filo's chagrin. The cowlick represents Filo as a Filorial Queen, and she will get more as she gets stronger and older.

    Pegasus Seiya 
Pegasus Seiya, God of Heroic Resolve (Seiya, Saint of Pegasus, Saint of Sagitarius, The Cockroach Saint)
  • Lesser God (Greater God while wearing the Sagittarius Cloth)
  • Symbol: The Pegasus Constellation
  • Theme Song: "Pegasus Fantasy" or "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Bad At Lying Down When Good Things Are At Stake, Symbolism of Pegasus, Heroes, Looking Older When He's Just 14, Pegasus Ryuuseiken, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Heroism, Willpower, Pegasus, Combat
  • Heralds: Pegasus Tenma and Pegasus Kouga
  • Allies: ATHENA, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki, Axel Almer, Amuro Ray, Kenshiro, Jotaro Kujo, Yamcha, Chiron
  • Conflicting Opinions: Any Greek myth deities. If they're not being asses to the world or Athena, he doesn't see any harm in them and is OK with them. But otherwise, he will oppose them. Also Nasuverse!Medusa/Rider
  • Enemy: Kratos, Hades (both)
  • When the Saints fought against Kratos; Seiya, who couldn't stand seeing his friends getting heavily pummelled by him, finally couldn't stand just watching. However, as he was formerly under the tutelage of Axel Almer, who was told to curb his tendencies to doing his Determinator trait in rather ridiculous ways, Seiya was told to stay put until he fixed his way. Ultimately, Seiya broke away to help his friends anyway, with this message: "Sorry, but if there's one thing I'm bad at, it's to stay put when my friends' lives are in danger!"
    • Eventually, Seiya came up to challenge Kratos anyway in place of his friends... and the results weren't pretty. Broken down on bones and many of his senses, it usually would leave someone unable to fight, regardless if Kratos cannot destroy all other senses like enemies of the Saints. However, the sight of Athena being insulted, his friends in danger, makes Seiya stand his ground, Kratos unable to dismember him like usual, and brought him a second wind that pushes away Kratos and making him cease the attack at the moment. This, understandably, made him pass out at the end.
    • When Seiya woke up, he was greeted by not just Axel, but also the incarnation of Athena herself, the latter thanked him for protecting her incarnation Saori Kido, and the former telling him that he has heard other tales where he wised up and not always taking the spotlight, that, combined with his stint against Kratos, finally convinced him and the Pantheon that Seiya's finally eligible to ascend to the Pantheon as the deity of the Heroic Resolve (as Axel admits that his resolve isn't always heroic...) Seiya was very much joyful, but when he asked about why this Athena has a Russian accent, he's asked to shut up.
  • The presence of Seiya is known as the day where Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs becomes a very popular combat method. He, along with Kenshiro and Jotaro Kujo, are known as the Gods with greatest Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, the combination of Star Platinum's fisticuffs, Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Pegasus Ryuuseiken are known to brought down many foes, no matter how strong.
    • Though Seiya wondered if he should make his own unique battle cries for his Ryuuseiken, in the same vein of "ORAORAORAORAORAORA" or "AAAATATATATATATA"
  • After seeing the image of Pegasus flying at high speed for various destruction, Seiya investigated and came across a certain Medusa classified as Rider, with the Pegasus known as 'Bellerophon'. He nearly thought that she's just the same as the other Medusa, who certainly stood opposed to Athena. But on hearing her actual tale, Seiya actually agreed to leave in good terms, saying that she's been through a lot he couldn't dislike her for that.
  • For some reason, he's one of the people who can tolerate Yamcha and not see him as nothing but the eternal loser. It's not just the same voice, but Seiya is convinced that horrid fighting record that is hard to live down aside, if his heart is in the righteous side (and Yamcha usually is), that's all that matters.
  • Is known that while his Pegasus style is his most iconic and usual form, he has another card up to his sleeve if things go south in spite of that: The Sagittarius Gold Cloth has also chosen him and when he wore that, it makes him MUCH more powerful than he is.
    • This usually gets even more powerful when the incarnation of Sagittarius, Chiron, would descend on and help him out, already impressed with Seiya's bravery and tenacity.


    Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot 
Elliot Alderson, The Broken Heroic God (Mr. Robot, The Mastermind)
Click here to see Mr. Robot 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The fsociety logo
  • Theme: Mr. Robot Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Mr. Robot alternates between that and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Depressed and flawed Hacker with Massive Emotional Baggage, Crusade Hacker in the Night, Founder of ''fsociety'', Wants to benefit and save the World, Often talks to the Viewer, Able to effectively understand People with his Words, Master Hacker, Excellent Liar (Can fail at times), Keeps Himself Socially Isolated, Not Good at Socializing but will Do the Right Thing Regardless, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Cynical but Well-Intentioned, Went through numerous critical and endangering situations, Surprisingly Cute
  • Domains: Hackers, Rebellion, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Crisis
  • Herald: Darlene Alderson (His sister)
  • Allies: Hackerman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi, Otacon, Neo, Morpheus, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Pollyanna Whittier, Lisbeth Salander, Radical Ed, Frank Pritchard (All of them have trouble dealing with Mr. Robot)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec (Both are allies under the Mr. Robot persona), Tony Stark/Iron Man, Norman Jayden, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Will Graham and Clarice Starling
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor, Eliza and Neil Reagan, The Corpus, Sundowner, The Slavers, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, Penelope Mouse
  • Additional Relationship: Freddie Mercury
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Sombra
  • Visitor of: House of Canines
  • An unsocial security worker in day and a hacker at night, Elliot Alderson lived a life confined in struggling to communicate with others and battling severe depression and anxiety. Then one day, he encountered an enigmatic anarchist, Mr. Robot, who offered him a chance to join an organization called fsociety for a grand ambition; to Save the World from top global conglomerates, particularly E Corp. Elliot, a naturally gifted and skilled hacker, managed to commit 5/9, a hack that plunged much of the world into a Class-5 Societal Disruption, resulting in a grand economical depression around the world. Unfortunately, while E Corp was affected by the damage, what was to come later was far worse and drastic than Elliot hoped to be...
  • Mr. Robot; the enigmatic and caustic leader of fsociety is in truth, a darker, more extreme-driven persona of Elliot taking the guise of his deceased father, Edward Alderson. Whereas Elliot was restrained by his morality regarding his actions, Mr. Robot is far more willing to commit dangerous and life-ruining acts if it meant achieving his goals. They would often battle against each other for supremacy, neither of them fully triumphing over the other. Elliot sees Mr. Robot as insane, whereas the latter sees the former as too weak and frail to really push onto achieving their goal. Not helping matters is the fact that Elliot was once thrown out of his house window by his father when he announced Edward's leukemia diagnosis to their family. And with Mr. Robot being supposed an idealized version of his father, their situation gets even worse.
    • Ultimately, Elliot found out he flung himself out of the window after undergoing a psychotic breakdown, and Mr. Robot found out that his efforts regarding 5/9 Stage 2 would only benefit his opponents and that there was nothing he could do. Elliot came to terms with his Split Personality, with Mr. Robot reciprocating the feeling and deciding to work with Elliot in taking down the Dark Army.
  • No one is sure how Elliot managed to ascend into the Pantheon. There are rumours that Elliot hacked his way into it, whereas others have stated maybe Mr. Robot's influence had something to do with it. As of now, Elliot has remained quiet about this. His first signs in the Pantheon was simply him prodding around with his hoodie on before entering a building and working on his computer desk, presumably ready for a hack.
  • Elliot is really good at deducting and revealing a person's personality and feelings by the use of his own words. Unfortunately, because his beliefs in people tend to be pessimistic, he mainly talks about the negatives and causes himself to isolate. However, he is a good person in heart and likes the company of genuine and morally upstanding individuals.
  • Met up with Pollyanna Whittier, and immediately became friends due to Pollyanna's sweet nature and Elliot seeing her as a good soul, something which he expressed towards his late employer Gideon. Whenever Elliot seeks company, Pollyanna is among the first he visits, seeing her occupation as serene and optimistic. It also helps in that Pollyanna serves as a subversion to Elliot's views on people.
  • Is on good terms with the House of Canines. He blackmailed his therapist's ex-boyfriend, "Michael Hansen" (real name Lenny Shannon) who uses a fake profile to meet underage women to have sex with and abused his dog, Flipper. Elliot did this because "Hansen" was cheating behind behind his therapist's back and the idea of his having sex with underage prostitutes was disgusting on Elliot's mind. Alongside incriminating him, he also took Flipper from him, after which Elliot treated her a lot better than "Hansen" ever could. He occasionally takes visits to the House of Canines for Flipper to visit.
  • Hackerman was greatly intrigued by the amount of energy and skill Elliot has in hacking. Elliot sees Hackerman as a good soul and gets along with him pretty well, although his Mr. Robot persona would much rather prefer Hackerman to be more militant in his work. Elliot also found company under Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi and Otacon as all of them are skilled in hacking and technology. They would all want Elliot in the GUAG White Hats, although Mr. Robot seems to be making things difficult. Only time will tell if Elliot will be able to convince Mr. Robot to join the White Hats. Elliot also found friends with fellow hackers Radical Ed and Frank Pritchard, the two of them being keen on supporting Elliot out.
    • Managed to make friends out of Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix and Vanellope Von Schweetz. Not much is known about how they got along, though rumor has it that Vanellope thinks Elliot is cute. Bentley's experience with Penelope Mouse is not different to when Elliot himself was blackmailed and used by his closest friends for their own goals. Alongside opposing Penelope for an understandable reason, Elliot took pity towards Bentley and has the biggest relation with him in regards to the hackers.
    • He made contact Lisbeth Salander during a hacking session. Agreeing to meet in person under the plans of hacking their enemies, the two were surprised to learn they were pretty similar to one another. Despite working together, Elliot and Lisbeth tend to keep each other anonymous in an effort to keep up with their unpredictability in their work. Mr. Robot sees potential in her, thinking about bringing her into fsociety.
  • Sees Bruce Wayne as one of the more accepting rich people in his views. Hacking into his information was tough, though he hacked enough to uncover his identity as Batman. Seeing this, Bruce paid a visit as himself, sympathising with Elliot and offering him therapy and guidance. He was surprised to see Elliot's ambition in saving the world to be larger in scale compared to his goal in defending Gotham, although Bruce reprimanded that Elliot seeks company and allies should he proceed. He also became fast friends with Barbara Gordon as both of them are master hackers, although the two of them differ in their personalities. Barbara is willing to help out Elliot whenever possible, although Mr. Robot is a lot more problematic, seeing Bruce as another vigilante, although he does admit that his tech would be useful in regards to their skills.
  • Aiden Pearce took notice of Elliot and offered him an alliance to take down those who exploit people using money and technology. Elliot is respectful of Aiden, but the extremity of his methods and his willingness to sometimes have innocent people involved in his crusade makes Elliot rebound in doubt. Mr. Robot however is more than willing to join Aiden, believing that destruction and damage is inevitable when it comes to revolution. The same sentiments go for the San Francisco DedSec, although they are less morally ambiguous than Aiden for Elliot to only be slightly more comfortable working with.
  • Gets along with Neo, seeing as he was a hacker and ultimately built himself up to be a hero. Elliot also sees Morpheus as a good influence for Neo and has stated that he would like to help regarding the Matrix if possible. He also seems to be rather respectful about Tron, viewing him as benevolent for a program.
  • Elliot has a rather complicated history with the FBI. As a hacker who exploits personal information and scandals, he gets some degree of flak from FBI agents. To further this mess, Elliot's sister Darlene had a relationship with one, Dominique "Dom" DiPierro. Seeing as Elliot has good intentions, some of the agents get to sympathize with him, especially Norman Jayden as both of them undergo a drug issue that they try to overcome. Others, such as Will Graham, Clarice Starling and Peter Burke, while sympathetic are more hesitant to work with him due to Elliot's criminal history. And that's not even getting into his Mr. Robot persona, who can't bring himself up to trust FBI agents in any way. Neal Caffrey is more amicable and has befriended Elliot rather easily, though he himself would get into arguments should Mr. Robot ever show up.
  • Elliot normally tends to oppose giant corporations, seeing as them leeches that feed on other people, draining them off of their money and caring only for themselves. Its no wonder he dislikes Mr. Burns for that aspect. Elliot also hates Eliza and Neil Reagan for being incredibly entitled and only caring about themselves. And while Elliot doesn't have much to say about Superman, he hates Lex Luthor because he is able to tell that Lex is fixated on a petty grudge against the Man of Steel and for someone with a vast amount of resources, wastes it only for himself. Mr. Robot agrees with Elliot about them, which says a lot.
    • Once met Patrick Bateman in his Mr. Robot persona. Patrick's egotism and pretentiousness were incredibly grating, escalating to the point where Mr. Robot prompted to punch him in the face just to shut him up. The two had a hard brawl, with Patrick driven to kill and Mr. Robot managing to knock him out for a time. Elliot sees Patrick as corporate scum, though doesn't recall the experience with him. Same thing goes for Handsome Jack, whom Elliot would like to hack one day just to drive him nuts, in addition to benefiting the Vault Hunters. Elliot and Mr. Robot also took notice of Norman Osborn and with a hack, figured out his Green Goblin identity. They've agreed on a reluctant alliance with Tony Stark in regards to combating him, with Tony thinking about training Elliot as a hacking protege of sorts, though he isn't interested.
    • Elliot however, does have one commerce-based individual in the Pantheon who he likes; Robert E.O Speedwagon. He is able to deduct that Speedwagon is a humble and caring person who invests his money on topics that matter and Speedwagon has decided to try helping Elliot out about his mental health issues. Its tough, but Speedwagon will try to manage.
  • Above all, Elliot hates massive corporations that benefit in the deaths of people, and it has been a major contributing factor in his views on people. The Corpus and Sundowner's Desperado company are among those that Elliot despises with a passion, being individuals who seek war for the sole intent of profit, and he is willing to team up with anybody in the House of Justice if it means bringing them down. The Slavers are another group that Elliot loathes, to the point where upon hacking their tracks and their objectives of extorting a group of children, he immediately notified the House of Heroes about it, prompting an a quick and well-deserved beatdown. Also dislikes Walter White and Gustavo Fring for their pride and indulgence in crime, in addition to Elliot's struggles with drugs.
  • Was shocked upon hearing about the Grand United Alliance of Machines and their intentions to robotize the Pantheon for their own needs. He's been trying to convince Mr. Robot to join the GUAG White Hats solely to combat against them, thinking his hacking skills can be used to good use for the general public in this occasion. Mr. Robot, understanding the Machine Council being something way beyond even their minds and skills has agreed to join the GUAG in combating against them.
  • During a hacking session, he came across Sombra, who's hacking skills were beyond what Elliot and Mr. Robot are capable of. Elliot does sympathize with Sombra over their tragic pasts, but he can't bring himself to associate with her due to Sombra's allegiance and harming innocents. Mr. Robot has admitted to stating he needs help in dealing with Sombra, but his extreme methods make him difficult to trust in the wider Pantheon.
  • For all their tension and struggles, Mr. Robot does care for Elliot. Ever since finding out the true circumstances of Elliot's accident, they've been getting along much better, though its a long road before Elliot will begin to treat Mr. Robot like his father.
  • A lot of Pantheon residents think Elliot is adorable. He hasn't made a comment about this yet, though he feels relieved to see there are those who genuinely like him. Its thought Elliot's experiences and nature are what make him so endearing.
  • He is surprised to see he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. And like everyone else, Elliot enjoys his music a lot. Freddie was initially surprised by his look-alike but accepts Elliot as a fan nonetheless.
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