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Greater Gods

    Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 
In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power—Green Lantern's light!

The Green Lanterns of Sector 2814note , Celestial Patrons of the Heroic Willpower (Hal: Parallax, The Spectre, Highball, Pol Manning, Human Starburst, God of Light, The Man with No Fear, The Hero with No Fear | Guy: Warrior, The Gardner, Guy Joseph Gardner, Darkstar, Christmas Lantern | John: Stewart Johnson, "Square" John, The Master Builder | Kyle: Ion, Torchbearer, Omega Lantern, Hybrid Lantern, Crab-Face Guy | Jessica: Power Ring Jess, Limelight)
Clockwise from Top-Left; Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan as Parallax 
Hal Jordan as the God of Light 
Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern 
Kyle Rayner as Ion 
Kyle Rayner as a White Lantern 
Jessica Cruz as Power Ring 
  • Greater Gods as a group, Intermediate Gods individually (Individual members can become Greater Gods in the proximity of a Blue Lantern member, Hal and Kyle were once Overdeities as Parallax, the God of Light and under influence of the Spectre and while wielding all of the Lantern Rings respectively)
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern Symbol
  • Theme Song: First Flight, Emerald Knights, Green Lantern theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall, though each member has a personal set of ethics and approach.
  • Portfolio: Heroic Willpower and Spirit, Flying Brick, Imagination Based Superpowers, Determinators, Intergalactic Peacekeepers, Badass Creed
  • Domains: Heroism, Willpower, Courage, Determination, Space
  • Heralds: Alan Scott, The Unascended Members of the Green Lantern Corps (shared with Abin Sur, Kilowog and Mogo)
    • Hal: Jack and Jim (his brothers), Janice "Jan" and Susan "Sue" (his sisters-in-law), Harold Jordan/Air Wave (his cousin), Jason and Helen II (his nephew and niece from Jack's side), Howard "Howie", Jane and Arthur (his nephews and niece from Jim's side)
    • John: Shirley Stewart (his mother), Rex Stewart/Warhawk (his son with Hawkgirl from another universe)
    • Simon: His parents, Sira Baz (his sister), Nazir Amar (his brother-in-law), Farid Amar (his nephew)
    • Jessica: Sara Cruz (her sister)
  • Allies:
  • Head Butting Heroes: Aztar/The Spectre, The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro (Former Green Lantern Member and Hal's Mentor), Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Count Dooku, Jiren
  • Enemies:
  • Commonality Connection: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Matt Murdock/Daredevil (for Hal Jordan)
  • Worthy Opponent: Scarface (one-sided on Scarface's part)
  • Pities: James Heller (John), William Baker/Sandman (Simon), Yuri Nakamura, Frank Castle/The Punisher (Jessica)
  • Respects: Asura (Guy), Vincent van Gogh (Kyle), House of Family and Relatives (Simon)
  • Respected by: Sigmar Heldenhammer, The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Admired By: The Emotions, Sheldon Cooper
  • The Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic organization dedicated to overseeing and keeping the universe protected. To do so, members are granted a special ring that grants the wearer with incredible strength, reflexes, flight, durability and the ability to conjure and mentally construct anything in the wearer's mind with solid green light. What energizes the rings is the wielder's Willpower, which is represented by the colour, Green in the Emotional Spectrum. Members of the Green Lantern Corps are sent by their superiors, the Guardians of the Universe, to look after and protect a specific part of the Universe, which as designated as "Sectors". And as which any sort of fiction, much of the most exciting, life-threatening and emotional stories of the Corps happened in Sector 2814, which was where Planet Earth is set. And from Earth, came six of the greatest and most influential of the Green Lantern Corps; Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.
  • As Nekron was among the first beings in the Pantheon, it took some time before the Emotional Spectrum began to flourish and become a dominant presence during it's earliest timeframe. Nekron saw the Emotional Spectrum as a threat to his existence and power and sought to have it extinguished by any means necessary. Unfortunately, the ascension of Ganthet, who was backed by Cosmos was able to ensure that the possibility of fighting back against the Lord of the Unliving; while the Goddess of Good was preoccupied in her battles against Melkor, who established the Grand United Alliance of Evil in his quest of sundering the Pantheon for his own use, Ganthet and Nekron played their battles elsewhere, both trying to build up their forces, the former more discreetly as he saw Melkor as competition and the latter being open due to him and Cosmos being allies. And when the time came, Ganthet was able to use a good deal of his powers to unleash a rift, summoning an assortment of powered warriors of various colours, which shined brightly in the horizon. The colour Green was what caught Ganthet's attention as a collection of beings, both human and extraterrestrial glided down gracefully. In the forefront were six humans; the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814. Ganthet told the Corps about Nekron, Cosmos and the Pantheon and asserted them that with this ream possessing a far greater outpour of power and life that their home universe did, he concluded that the Lord of the Unliving is dead-set in rendering it devoid of any life. It is here that the Sector 2814 Lanterns declared that they will continue on with their resolve and fight to the very end. The Green Lanterns have entered the Pantheon.
  • In a short time, the Green Lanterns became among the more established and revered heroes in the intergalactic cosmos and very frequently soar in the House of Space and Cosmos. It helps that that is the general observatory of the Pantheon and that fellow Green Lantern member, Mogo is a part of it. And being the token humans in the organisation also meant that a strong connection between their race and other forms of extraterrestrial life be established with the House of Extraterrestrials.
  • When the Green Lanterns ascended into the Pantheon, so did the rest of the major Lantern Corps. Given that each of them were powered and motivated by an emotion that fuels their rings, their goals tend to be rather different. In the Green Lantern's case, they have a great relationship with the Blue Lanterns and are on amicable terms with the Indigo Tribe and the Star Sapphire Corps. Larfleeze is too greedy, hence he's the only Orange Lantern, the Red Lanterns are brutal and uncompromising, seeking for vengeance and punishment, which often competes against the Green Lantern desiring order and control. The Sinestro Corps has the closest relationship, given that its leader, Thaal Sinestro, was a former Green Lantern himself (and the greatest before Hal came along). While the two Corps went neck-and-neck against one another constantly, Sinestro has made some gambits to make his former allegiance better than before (in his way, at least).
    • Regardless of their extreme differences, all of the Lantern Corps have a common enemy in Nekron and, in general, those who seek nothing more than to obliterate the universe and existence, so by extension, all of the GUAD are in their list of enemies. Because of Nekron's ever-growing influence, the seven Lantern Corps decided to stop fighting against one another and cooperate for the time being. It's not the easiest thing they've done, but they did do this before and they feel that this alliance is more important than ever.
    • To their utmost displeasure, there are two alternate versions of the Green Lantern concept in different multiverses that have posed themselves a serious danger; Hal Jordan of Earth 3, who goes by Power Ring and Bruce Wayne of Earth -32, who gained a Green Lantern Ring moments after his parents' death and used it to kill Joe Chill and overwhelm the Lanterns in his universe with his own will, hate and feelings of the inability to grow past his parents' murder, becoming the Dawnbreaker. While both of them are in the Pantheon, they don't have much of a strong presence as Nekron himself does, but the Green Lanterns are taking caution in dealing with him. That said, Power Ring was not happy to hear how Jessica was able to destroy his ring and personally hunts her out of revenge.
  • Becoming aware of the increasing presence in his own hands, Melkor not playing a hand in aiding him and the rising powers of Law and Chaos, Nekron decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own Organization; the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, gathering as many individuals as he could who were either part of the undead or desired total annihilation. These events quickly alarmed the Pantheon by a long mile, seeing as an army focused on eradicating the living was taking a large role. And if the Green Lanterns were to be getting new friends and allies in the Pantheon, then so would Nekron, who is more than willing to extend his war towards life even in other dimensions and universes.
    • At some point, Nekron gained an ally and a commander of his undead legion; Nagash. The Great Necromancer, largely having the same omnicidal desires as the Lord of the Unliving also took his time in creating an army and scouring for allies, in addition to searching for his nine books, which were scattered around the Pantheon. After amassing enough troops and comrades, Nagash, apparently taking permission from Nekron, waged an invasion in the Pantheon to slaughter and plunder as many as they can. Though it seemed as if Nekron would be pleased by such events, Nagash had ulterior motives, namely that those he would kill would have their souls stored into the Black Pyramid back in Nehekhara. He managed to kill a few deities before being driven back, but Nagash was able to still collect enough corpses to further add to the GUAD's forces. The Lantern Corps were unable to respond due to other commitments going on regarding the Great Upheaval and rising alliances.
  • The rampage inflicted by Nagash resulted in heavy environmental and social damage in the Pantheon and cleanup took a long time due to the undead still lingering long enough to hamper the progress. Upon receiving news of the attack, the Green Lanterns were alarmed and, in a rare moment, decided to call upon the other six Lantern Corps with Hal representing his own allegiance. All of them were conflicted on how to properly deal with the GUAD and some of the leaders providing more contrasting ideas on the situation, Sinestro proposed that it was necessary at this point that their Corps should begin looking for recruits in the Pantheon. Knowing that the growing threat of Nekron's new alliance is encompassing beings from different universes, the Corps leaders acknowledged Sinestro for making a valid point and took it upon themselves to allow their organizations' Central Power Batteries to start scouring for those worthy of possessing a Lantern Ring. In time, an immense army of protectors, powered by the emotional spectrum may rise up to save the Pantheon. It will take time, but the Lantern Corps will make sure of it, at least until the day comes where Nekron is finally vanquished.
  • As something akin to an intergalactic space police, the Green Lanterns are highly respected by the House of Heroism and Law and Justice thanks to their repeated efforts in stopping galactic threats and saving the universe multiple times. One such Organization to see them in very high regard were the Space Sheriffs, who were also humans who took it upon themselves to defend other worlds and the ones they love. Additionally, both groups were determined to get their job done, to the point where the Space Sheriffs would be a potential candidate for Green Lanterns.
  • On the subject of Willpower, they also receive admiration from the Emotions, who often ponder which sort of feelings would be needed to generate enough Willpower. Fear feels that he's alienating towards them, though Joy assures him that he plays an important role in some way. Joy thinks a combination of Anger, Fear and herself is what would be needed for Willpower. So far, the Green Lanterns haven't confirmed it, but Joy isn't giving up just yet.
    • In general, anyone who exudes the determination and resolve to do the right thing and keep going, even if the odds are stacked against them, is a plus for the Lanterns. Shirou Emiya was one of those beings; in fact, his weapon creation theoretically makes him a Green Lantern in all but wearing the ring nor possessing the title. Link and Naruto Uzumaki were also renowned figures whose main trait was never giving up. Evidently, they get along very well with the Green Lanterns and they would also understand how they are willing to act independently in their goals, given that Hal and Guy have done it several times and the former is hailed for being the greatest of the Corps. And they're more than willing to team up and fight for the greater good, which they all appreciate and look forward to.
  • To everyone's surprise, the Green Lantern Corps are pretty good friends with Colonel Sanders. And even more shockingly, Sanders himself became a Green Lantern at one point where, with the help of Hal, his Kentucky Fried Chicken brands were spread across the universe. That is until Larfleeze took a liking to KFC's unique Zinger Burgers and stole all of it. Hal and Colonel Sanders worked together to defeat the Orange Lantern by... introducing him to franchising. In case there's a KFC food chain somewhere in space, it's thanks to these weird form of events, not to mention that the colonel is an honorary Green Lantern.
    • Among other beings who've interacted with the Green Lanterns included Daffy Duck, whom they met when Daffy took on the role of Duck Dodgers and Starfleet Command under the leadership of James T. Kirk. In the case of the former, Daffy had a genuinely heroic experience where he was able to stall of Sinestro and gain the Lantern Corps' respect. For the latter, Starfleet had to deal with Nekron invading their universe and threatening to end all life in it. Ready to defend life itself across the entire universe, both James and Leonard McCoy are willing to once again accept the Green Lantern (Kirk) and Indigo (McCoy) rings to take on Nekron. If worse comes to worst, Spock as agreed to fight as a White Lantern once more.
    • Thanos actually has some sort of history with the Lanterns, barring that one time he fought Darkseid and the Justice League, this during the time when Hal was Parallax. In a bizarre situation, the Mad Titan ended up working with Kyle Rayner whereas the Parallax was allied with the Silver Surfer, albeit both cases were temporary and each had their own goals to fulfil. In the Pantheon, the Silver Surfer was able to establish a friendship with the Green Lanterns whereas Thanos was immediately registered as a grave danger to the cosmos. The Mad Titan is eager to see if the Corps can provide him with a worthy challenge.
  • Predictably, they expected that they would encounter a whole slew of galactic threats once they entered the Pantheon. While most of them were just as dangerous and vile, like Frieza and the Shroobs, the most persistent of these new enemies just so happened to be Evolto, who desired to destroy planets just because. That and the fact that Evolto happens to accumulate more power with each successive destruction was a big worry for the Green Lanterns. Evolto himself was fascinated by the power generated by the Guardians and Ion, and the situation became worse when he took an interest in Mogo. The Green Lanterns have since battled Evolto a number of times, with the latter becoming more determined to finish them off and destroy Mogo for himself. And no, just because Evolto's older brother, Killbas happens to be far worse than he isn't going to open up to an Enemy mine either, or unless there's really no other choice.
  • Another recurring enemy were the Daleks, a race of mechanised beings whose sole desire is to "EXTERMINATE!!!" all of life. Due to their one-track-minded nature, the Green Lanterns can't do much except fighting them back. There is, however, some pity towards them, given that their creator, Davos, specifically created them to be that way and that he went as far as to destroy his own race to further his own goal for the "Death of Reality ITSELF!". He was not unlike either Nekron or the Anti-Monitor in that regard, and the fact that he takes sadistic glee in his actions makes it all the more determined for the Green Lanterns to either imprison him indefinitely or kill him.
  • Exclusive to Hal:
    • Harold "Hal" Jordan was born to renowned pilot Martin Jordan, who used to take piloting duties from Ferris Aircraft. Hal idolised his father and was traumatized when he saw Martin get killed in an accident, instilling a sense of fear in the boy. Nevertheless, Hal was not deterred by his passion for flying, eventually becoming a pilot himself. One fateful day, he came across an odd crashed ship where he discovered the dying Abin Sur, who decided to pass on the mantle of his Green Lantern ring to him, believing that he has the potential to overcome his fears. Despite a wonky start, both in his personal life regarding his family and job and as the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Hal proved himself a worthy replacement, eventually being enlisted to being personally trained by Thaal Sinestro of Sector 1417. Although both worked well as a team, Sinestro had a series of shady agendas on his part, namely that he was instilling fear into his homeworld, Korugar, as a means to elicit control and dominance over it, as Sinestro believed that this was the best way to maintain Korugar's protection. Realizing the threat he was posing and that he was violating the Corps' ethics, Hal took to letting them know of what Sinestro was up to, leading to him being banished and being stripped of his Green Lantern powers. Soon enough, Hal would go on to inspire others of his allegiance, defend the galaxy against numerous galactic threats, including Parallax and become a founding member of the Justice League. It culminated in Hal Jordan becoming the greatest Green Lantern ever.
    • Before becoming a Superhero Hal was a trained and talented pilot, inspired by his father who was one beforehand. In case he isn't in his heroic duties, Hal would often be at the House of Travel, either borrowing a plane for personal flight training and rides and to spectate on others taking sessions and giving them advice. He found himself becoming quick friends with Charlotte E. Yeager pretty quickly, given that the two of them were hot-blooded thrill-seekers when it comes to flight, in addition to Charlotte also being a member of a team that had to stop an alien invasion. Hal also became quickly acquainted with Richard Halsey Best and Captain Booth, both of whom have taken a big liking to Hal's heroic career and wanting to learn how to overcome or at least surprised fear during the midst of flying.
    • To everybody's surprise, Hal manages to get along with Anakin Skywalker. And there's a lot of reasons and similarities that the two of them share; they're both heroes and Ace Pilots who were determined to prove their worth. However, tragedy after tragedy continued to break them down until they suddenly snapped and decided to lash out on anguish and hate, becoming great enemies to those they once used to fight alongside. Parallax and Darth Vader have become grim reminders of how noble heroes can sometimes lose themselves and succumb to hate and darkness. However, while both were able to regain their senses, it seems only Hal was able to restore his reputation and goodwill, unlike Anakin, who remained reviled throughout the galaxy, which is further reflected as he ascended into the Pantheon with his cybernetic suit. Despite this, Hal is one of the few to treat Vader with respect and relatable remorse, knowing how it feels to lose the ones you love and to snap. Vader, uncharacteristically, has since come to respect Hal in his own right, seeing a lot of himself whenever they meet.
      • Hal's nickname, "The Man with No Fear" was also one that was shared by the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen". Matt Murdock himself was intrigued to learn of someone with the same nickname and unsurprisingly, he and Hal became friends. It also helped that both could relate to losing their fathers at a young age, which is what prompted them into their professional work to honour their legacies. By extension, Matt's reputation as Daredevil has had him be put into several severe situations that potentially could have turned him villainous, but (usually) always stuck with his moral code by the end. The Guardians recognized that Matt has great potential to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, even if he isn't chosen as a candidate yet.
  • Exclusive to Guy:
    • Guy Darrin Gardner had a rather... unhappy and undesirable childhood. Regardless of who his father was (Ebenezer for New Earth and Gerald for Prime Earth), he was always overshadowed by his older brother (Mace from New Earth and Gerald for Prime Earth, alongside a younger sister, Gloria, turning Guy into a middle child) and would receive scorn and disregard from his dad. Guy did a lot to prove himself a worthy son, but kept going through one roadblock after another, and was often challenged by his brother(s). Only after going through a series of familial tragedies would Guy finally become aware of the Green Lantern Corps, including one such incident where he was to me for and look after Hal Jordan during the latter's prison sentence, where they became allies. However, it was revealed that Guy was actually the first choice Abin Sur would have went with as his successor; Hal just so happened to be closer to Avon's crash site. Still, whenever Hal was out of commission, Guy was chosen to become a Green Lantern in his steed. And for all his jerkiness, he's proven himself a capable fighter who will do what is right.
    • Though it may not seem like it, Guy actually took up a lot of jobs, including being a social worker, a police officer, a bar owner and special education teacher, though his reason for being an officer was to show his father that he can make him proud. Even then, one can assume that Guy has a lot of working experience and thus, is open to working for the House of Jobs and Profession, who think that while Guy can be brash and immature, he's a dedicated guy if the chips are down.
      • Deciding to play the role of a social worker to pass the time and help others without using his powers, Guy came across Maki Nishikino and Nico Yazawa of μ's fame. Apparently, his job role for a week was to look over Nico's younger siblings after it was revealed that Nico tries to single-handedly take of them. Although he felt that his jerkish demeanour might be problematic, Guy took it in stride to try providing for Nico's siblings, whilst also giving out some advice to the older two girls about life struggles. He was able to relate to Maki in finding difficulty in trying to get along with her parents, though Guy assured her that regardless, she's making them proud, whereas in regards to Nico, Guy said that she was a great sibling, though, in his mind, he wished his brother would have treated him in that fashion. After the week, Guy makes some efforts to reunite with Maki and Nico, who were glad to see him as a friend and that Nico's siblings look up to him. He plans to bring along his Green Lantern one day to provide them with more fun.
    • Thanks to his working experience, he sometimes takes up a job in the Alcohol Sub-House to work as a deputy manager for a few days. It's there where he met Tifa Lockhart, though their first conversation wasn't really a positive one, given that Guy did try to hit on her. But when a group of goons threatened to loot the place and to attack visitors if they weren't given what they wanted, Guy took it upon himself to teach them a lesson. Tifa was impressed but affirms that he's never getting her affection. She did state that they can be working partners and work on a friendship, under the condition that Guy stops hitting on her. He gladly accepted the deal and the two ave kept in contact whenever their services need help.
    • Due to his days as a police offer being put off after being forced to kill someone, which incidentally caused an explosion that killed some innocent people, Guy doesn't really reflect much on those days. Even then, he still found himself on good terms with Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, two detectives who ended up spoiling a case by killing an important suspect out of rage. Guy was somewhat put off by Cohle's nihilism and Hart's infidelity but is happy to learn that they're recovering for the time being.
    • Is often cited to be the Green Lantern who exhibits the most willpower out of any of them, and given how revered his comrades from Earth are, it's a high compliment. Heck, it's what allowed him to maintain his psyche to some extent during his stint as a Red Lantern. He, Bruce Banner and Ryuko Matoi were able to find common ground with this and respect one another for their ridiculous determination. And if he isn't with his fellow Lanterns, Guy would most definitely fight with them. It helps that Atrocitus is nervous about handing Banner a Red Lantern Ring, given his powers as the Incredible Hulk.
  • Exclusive to John:
    • John Stewart was born in Detroit, Michigan and since his early years, had to endure the struggles of poverty, racism and discrimination as he grew up. His mother, Shirley, was a community organizer and proved a morally influential figure for her son as she would encourage John to find a way to make the world a better place. That said, she wasn't happy when John wanted to enlist himself into the United States Marine Corps, though he protested. He would go on to become a skilled and talented marksman, gaining the role of Sergeant, though an altercation between Anarky and his commanding offer, Lieutenant Tasker, had John compromise his duty over saving civilians in Seaside Colosseum, Gotham City and actively defying the latter. John was court-martialed, but given an honourable discharge for his heroism and moved to San Diego, California to study architecture to become an architect as a well-paying work. One day, John took a class in Ferris Air where a Manhunter suddenly attacked. John immediately sprung in to defend the helpless; this was when a Green Lantern Ring dried to his position and grafted itself into the man, turning John into a Green Lantern and enlisting him in the Corps. With his newfound power, John defeated the Manhunter, earning his position when he was momentarily transported to Oa to be praised by the Guardians of the Universe. Unbeknownst to him, it was the Guardians who sent the Manhunter to Earth but chose not to tell this information to John, knowing that he had potential in rebelling against authority if he was morally challenged, not to mention that they had been keeping watch of him for quite some time.
    • As an architect, John takes visitation time in the House of Craft where he thinks he can use his education to provide for others and to keep himself refined. They like him due to his hardworking nature and his wariness of others around him and wanting to help them out. That and John's power can allow the House of Craft residents to clarify how they should set up buildings, architectures, furniture, etc, which has greatly helped.
    • As John is a former US Marine, he often visits the House of Cultures to pay his dues and regards to what he believed was the right thing to do. Despite his talented combat expertise, he refrains from entering the House of War due to a majority of deities choosing to advocate war, which goes against the ethics of the Green Lantern Corps. John does sometimes think of wanting to attend the House as he's aware that there are some well-meaning deities there who would want to do the right thing, but he's biding his time for the moment. As least for compensation, some soldiers do praise him for being an inspiration.
    • With his military history, John was able to get along with fellow marines and US soldiers like Jax and Jacqui Briggs, Cassie and Sonya Blade and James Rhodes, the former four of which were defenders of Earthrealm. Regardless, all five of them earned John's respect, with the Briggs and Cage families for possessing exceptional courage and determination in protecting their realms and the latter for using his expertise to help his world as War Machine.
      • Having fought in the Vietnam War, John was surprised to hear the tale of John Rambo and though many were intimidated by his ruthless streak, John wanted to find a way to reach out to him. And when they met, John was stunned to hear of the depravities and troubles that Rambo had to endure and even sadder, he found it difficult to adjust to a normal life, constantly getting pulled back into fight after fight. John decided that as a fellow soldier, he'll see to helping him out and wished him luck in finding a peaceful settlement to live him. Rambo paid his respects and sees John as one of the few beings that he can relate to and talk with. He also paid some sympathy towards fellow ex-US Marine James Heller, who went on a rampage after his wife was killed by the machinations of Alex Mercer, though was relieved to hear that he's kept his daughter safe. Heller appreciates John's condolences, though prefers to be left to his own devices, though John tells him to keep in check of his powers.
    • He once met up with Huckleberry Hound. In fact, John himself happened to be a fan of works featuring the blue canine and was happy to see him again in the Pantheon. They recall their last experience pretty well, where they joined forces to combat against racism and prejudice via corrupt police officers. In the Pantheon, John will sometimes seek out Huck and do some heroics in fighting and stopping corruption, though he isn't afraid to use his ring if things go too far.
  • Exclusive to Kyle:
    • Kyle Rayner was a gifted and talented, but struggling art worker. His christening as a Green Lantern came out of a critical and desperate situation when Ganthet stumbled across Kyle and granted him the only remaining Green Lantern Ring after Hal Jordan went on to destroy the Corps and the Guardians of the Universe upon becoming Parallax. His new role as a superhero made him seek the help of ex-girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt who proposed that Kyle take steps in training and taking up a new look to make himself distinguishable. He made his mark by defeating Mongul, receiving the respect of the Justice League and rekindling his relationship with Alexandra. However, she was suddenly killed by Major Force, who was sent to investigate the newest Green Lantern. After confronting and defeating him, Kyle was approached by Alan Scott, who proposed that they prepare themselves for an incoming threat, which turned out to be Parallax. Although he and Earth's heroes engaged in an epic duel to decide the fate of the universe's which Hal desired to save in a twisted fashion, Kyle manages to defeat him, proving himself more than worthy of why he was a Green Lantern.
    • Like John, Kyle also frequents the House of Craft, albeit his profession as a painter leads him there for different reasons. He tends to spend his time there drawing and painting artworks and desires to travel around the Pantheon to get more inspiration and ideas for his future works. As for his superheroics, his profession has helped in Kyle being one of the most varied and imaginative users in the Green Lantern Corps.
      • He quickly became friends with Eko, Ramo, Lola, Quill, Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, fellow beings with a strong connection towards art and painting. Given that they were mostly kids (except Ramo, Lola and Quill), Kyle tends to be a lot more gentle towards them than to his other teammates (which says a lot, given how much of a Nice Guy he is), They tend to enjoy Kyle's skills of conjuring all sorts of creative arts into Hard Light constructs with his ring, while Kyle himself is pretty eager to see his new friends' skills in using their craft.
    • He is a fan of Anime and Manga. For further demonstration, he could create a construct of a Magical Girl to use against his foes, a feat that made the Magical Girl Sisterhood rather impressed. It's also how we wound up becoming friends with Rohan Kishibe, with Kyle complimenting his works, though Rohan himself can be rather eccentric and egregious. Regardless of their conflicting personalities, they respect each other for their work, with Rohan being eager to have Kyle's story be used as his own inspiration of sorts for his manga series'.
      • Kyle, in general, is a pop-cultural nerd and sometimes loves to geek out on a lot of things in his spare time. Spider-Man took notice and exchanged some friendly banter between himself and the Torchbearer. Tellingly, the two could relate I'm trying to uphold responsibility due to their powers and anguishing over the death of a loved one, which allowed Spider-Man to be comfortable about Kyle knowing about his identity of Peter Parker, seeing as the Torchbearer is someone who earned his trust and has proven himself a responsible and great hero, even without his ring.
    • Although he doesn't reference him too much, Kyle has a great deal of respect towards Vincent van Gogh and was excited to learn that he was in the Pantheon. That said, Kyle did express some unease at the idea of meeting up with hi, given how tragic and miserable van Gogh's life was. Despite this, he wants to find a way to make feel like he meant something to the world and that he's an inspiration, in spite of van Gogh's secluded nature.
  • Exclusive to Simon:
    • Simon Baz was a Lebanese-American whose life took a turn for the worse once 9/11 occurred and he and his family took to being bullied, mocked and ostracized for being Muslims and his sister Sira being a victim of the former, which Simon took it upon himself to protect her. Nevertheless, Baz remained committed to helping and providing for his family, earning a degree in engineering and working in an automotive plant and after getting fired, doing street-racing and going as far as to become a criminal during times of desperation. Unfortunately, he once stole a van that, unbeknownst to him, was wired with explosives. A chase ensued where Simon was arrested and tried for being a potential terrorist due to being a Muslim and being sent to Guantanamo Bay. This was when he made contact with a Green Lanter ring, though further complications arose when after escaping prison, he was faced with distrust by the superhero community for his past and not helping was Sinestro tampering with his powers, which led to Simon clashing against the Justice League a few times. Eventually, the matter was resolved with Simon becoming a respected member of the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Simon often attends the House of Family alongside his family where they can take their time to settle and be given sanctuary for the time being, knowing that the Child Abuse Supporters are too embroiled in their feud against the Heroic Protectors of Family and other outside forces. The House of Family are sympathetic to Simon's prejudiced past and misfortunes, but also deeply admire him for putting in a lot of effort to heal his brother-in-law and best friend, Farid Amar, from a coma, a feat that the Green Lanterns didn't consider achievable.
    • He is a pretty gifted street racer, though as of becoming a Green Lantern, he doesn't really indulge in that activity anymore. Still, he did go on to befriend Dominic Toretto and Brian Walker, who themselves are street racers who got themselves caught up against numerous conspiracies and grudges that tend to escalate to extreme levels. Simon likes their company, given Dom's dedication to his "family" and Dom and Paul themselves commend Simon for his familial care and desire for help. They once spoke about how one day, Dom and Brian may end up taking their cars up from space and performing an orbital drop from there, which Simon thought impossible unless he could help with that sort of seemingly impossible stunt.
    • Being a former criminal, Simon finds common camaraderie with struggling and/or honourable thieves like Omar Little, CJ Johnson, Sly Cooper and Aladdin. They could potentially form a team of thieves that would prove unstoppable if they bought along Carmen Sandiego, but Simon isn't in the mood. He does wish them luck and seeks to find time to hang out with the four of them at some point. On the other hand. while acknowledging him as a supervillain, Simon does sympathize with William Baker, who normally does petty crimes to provide for his family, something which Simon himself did. Like Spider-Man, he wants to help William, though progress is slow, given how most demonize him for being Sandman.
  • Exclusive to Jessica:
    • Jessica Viviana Cruz was once an ordinary girl whose life took a turn for the worse when she and her friends went out on a hunting trip, only to encounter a group of mobsters who were burying a body and, not wanting to leave any witnesses, retaliated by shooting and killing her friends. While Jessica survived, she was left traumatized by the incident, developing extreme agoraphobia and becoming extremely meek and unwilling to properly socialize with others. Suddenly, the Ring of Volthoom found its way onto her, taking control of and corrupting Jessica, who attacked her home of Portland, Oregon and forcing the Justice League and Doom Patrol to confront her. She was pacified by Batman, who was able to relate with her regarding the loss of their loved ones and keeping themselves in isolation. This helped Jessica to be taken under by the League with Hal Jordan promising to mentor her in the meantime. However, events concerning Darkseid, his daughter Grail and the Anti-Monitor forced Jessica back into action, which prompted her into freeing the Dark Syndicate to prevent the battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, though her ring regained enough of its consciousness to possess her again. Fortunately, Jessica was able to get the Black Racer into confronting her, where she managed to fake her death in an attempt to destroy the consciousness of the Power Ring, which soon crumbled. For this act of bravery, a Green Lantern Ring was sent out to Jessica Cruz, inducting her into the Corps.
    • Jessica has a difficult time adjusting to her surroundings and the Pantheon is no different. Although she is hailed a hero, Jessica tends to keep her head down for the most part and can't bring herself to properly communicate with others. More often than not, if she's not doing heroics, she's in her domain just sheltering herself and being looked after by her sister, Sara. However, when the situation calls for it, Jessica will waste no time if it means wielding her ring into the battlefield.
      • It should be noted that there was a time in which she was an outgoing, fun-loving and free-spirited girl, that is until she and her friends ended up at the wrong place at the worst possible timing. An effort has been made by the House of Friendship to try reaching out and helping her become more social over time. They don't even have to express their sympathies, but the fact that Jessica went through such a harrowing event meant that she was someone who needs aid, and they're more than willing to step up for the job.
    • She's really not all that good with communication and thus, tends to have very limited friends. Her nervousness bought a few deities to attention, one of them being Yuzuki Shiraishi, who used to be taken advantage of the fact that she was a celebrity and was left with no friends and little proper social contact. Jessica commends her for building up some courage to go out to Antarctica and make new friends while Yuzuki admired Jessica's ability to persevere through tragedy, which she certainly felt sympathetic for. They do their best to keep in contact, hoping to better each other in being more interactive with others, especially for Jessica.
      • Jessica also became quick friends with Kim Possible. Being heroes aside, both have a lot of difficulty in trying to be interactive towards others, though with Kim, it's more apparent when she's with Ron Stoppable. The two do their best to give out tips and advice on how to be more extroverted, which often doesn't work out, much to their chagrin. Fortunately, Sara is open to helping both of them out.
    • While she may seem cowardly in nature, it's to do with the fact that she isn't fully over her trauma of losing her friends. However, this doesn't stop the fact that she earned her position in the Corps; she built up her bravery to extract Volthoom's influence from her and even stood defiantly against Darkseid of all people. She's happened to have become well-acquainted with Courage the Dog for a similar reason, they're still going to get the job done in spite of their fears and nervousness. That said, while he's certainly courageous, Jessica doesn't want to see Courage be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, seeing as he'd rather be more content in living a quiet life with Muriel.

Killia, God of Heroic Self-Deprecation (Sir Killia, Cryo Blood Overlord, Tyrant Overlord Killidia)
  • Greater God Overdeity at full power
  • Symbol: Red taloned gauntlets encased in ice
  • Theme Songs: Kill Real, Moving On
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good formerly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Heroic Self-Deprecation, Anti-Hero (type 2), Good Is Not Soft, Love Redeems, Limit Break (Time Master), Draconic Humanoid, Good Old Fisticuffs, An Ice Person, Supreme Chef, Terrible Artist, Magically Inept Fighter, Bully Hunter, Revenge, Mr Fan Service, Enemy Within (conquered), Clueless Chick-Magnet, Single-Target Sexuality, The Comically Serious.
  • Allies: Usalia, Kenshiro, Riku, Zuko, Alexstraza, Ysera, Spyro, Bahamut, Palathurix, Uther Lightbringer, Gabriel Belmont, Sub Zero, Cygnus Hyoga, Queen Elsa, Jaina Proudmore, Madoka Kaname, Dante, Raiden, Sayaka Miki, The Investigation Crew, Lionelle, Kharazim
  • Enemies: Lucifer, YHVH, Senator Armstrong, Darkseid, Palpatine, Trollkaiger, Gul'dan, Jaraxxus, Satan, Gilgamesh, Gork and Mork, Esdeath, Ornstein and Smorgh, Ragnaros, Nefarian, Xehanort, Doflamingo, Shao Khan
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Miia (one-sided)
  • Killia came to the Pantheon after an... interesting encounter at the Court of the Gods. After being judged "White", Killia made a comment about how he isn't a hero, nor is he very nice either. Eiki after repeated nagging, snarked at him saying what the audience could plainly see.
  • If he is seen with light blue hair and gold wings, then Killia has activated his Overload skill "Tyrant Revelio". How it actually works is under fierce debate by many time mages in the Pantheon. Is he under the effects of a triple strength haste spell, or is he freezing time during his onslaught of flash steps and attacks? This news makes Homura Akemi nervous since Killia has the tools to exploit every weakness (physical contact, 2-second delay) her time magic has.
    • The first victim of Tyrant Revelio ended up being Satan. After making one of his arrogant comments regarding human monkeys and Killia's friendship with some of them, Killia decided he had enough. Satan didn't even get to finish his sentence before seeing a red taloned gauntlet impaled through his chest from behind him. To further add insult to injury, many humans were pointing and laughing at him as he lay defeated. Turns out angering someone who gets a +100% bonus to his attack modifier while in Revenge Mode wasn't such a good idea after all.
  • Miia doesn't trust him over her "experiences" with a dragonnewt. Even worse for her, Killia's element is ice.
  • Gets along with those who have found redemption. He's especially close friends with Riku and can't help but smile when Riku talks about "Way to the Dawn".
    • This extends to those who have had to fight their inner darkness and gained control over it as a power up or otherwise conquered it, like Raiden and Sayaka Miki.
  • Found a friend in Madoka Kaname after it was shown that he brought hope to many worlds after they were brought to the brink of despair at the lowest point of the Void Dark War.
    • There are rumors of Kibou Go considering recruiting Killia as their "Token Anti-Hero Teammate". These rumors worry both the Liebertarian Movement and Trollkaiger given that Killia does not hesitate to kill if he thinks he has to.
  • When Killia arrived, he was quickly glomped by Usalia, who was overjoyed at the arrival of the "Saviour of Toto Bunny". Lamington was there too in secret, greeting one of his old comrades from the Void Dark War.
  • Is disgusted with the idea of Might Makes Right, though he is significantly more tolerant of those who at least don't pick on the weak. This is ironic given he used to believe in it himself. Given how those who believe in it tend to pick on the weak, he had this to say about it.
    Killia: Being the strongest Overlord means being constantly surrounded by betrayal and enemies, with blood being washed away by new blood.
    • As the embodiment of said philosophy, Lucifer has since become at the very top of Killia's to kill list.
      • And then Sayaka told Killia about what Lucifer did to the Sisterhood, especially to Madoka during The Great Upheaval. It took all of 5 seconds for Killia to swear revenge on their behalf. Rumors abound of a planned joint attack with Tyrant Valvatorez and Gabriel Belmont on the Labyranth of Amalia.
  • In addition to hating bullies, Killia has no love for those who abuse their power. YVHV's approach to law is just like the words "Obey or die", which in Killia's eyes makes the mad creator god the ultimate bully. Just as evil if not worse than Void Dark. He has since sworn to take Revenge on behalf of every innocent YVHV has ever killed. Hitting Etna with a curse that downgraded her to Level 1 and prevented her from both gaining experience and levelling up for the second time has only increased his anger at YHVH, which was evident when he broke the curse. Flonne had to physically restrain him from going out and beating YHVH to a bloody pulp immediately after breaking Etna's curse.
  • Is quite popular in the House of Food for his amazing cooking talents, especially when it comes to curry. Alas, patrons have to be quick, lest Usalia detects the scent of curry and subsequently devours the entire pot in a few seconds. Killia learned his cooking from Liezerota.
  • He's a surprisingly good singer too, being the one singing "Kill Real". Eren Yaegar has noted the Attack on Titan inspirations the song has.
  • Killia is not allowed anywhere near the House of Craft on the grounds that each picture he draws is an Eldritch Abomination capable of driving people mad with how horrible it is. Two of such pictures (one of Red Magnus and one of Liezerota) are sealed in the Treasury's Maximum Security wing for the protection of everyone's sanity.
  • Morrigan and Panty tried to use their charms on him once. It didn't work. Turns out his Single-Target Sexuality makes him immune to seduction to the point where "Balor Gaze" doesn't work on him.
  • Ornstein and Smorgh tried their usual dragonslaying antics on him. It didn't turn out so well for them.
  • Gets along well enough with Lionelle through their shared hatred of those who abuse their power and limited hesitation to kill. There is some degree of discomfort though due to many of her lion-like features being reminiscent of his girlfriend.
  • The fact that Jaraxxus sounds so much like his master Goldion has made Killia's enmity towards the Eredar lord personal.
    • Kharazim, on the other hand, has his full respect due to reminding him of Goldion.
  • Given his vulnerability to fire, he doesn't get along with any evil fire users. A similar hostility exists against many evil casters over a similar weakness against staves.

    Metro Man 
Metro Man, God of Heroic Fatigue (Music Man, Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, Markiplier)

Intermediate Gods

    Sanger Zonvolt 
Sanger Zonvolt, The God that Cleaves/Smites Evil! (Zengar Zombolt, Sanger Sombold, The Sword that Cleaves/Smites Evil, The Sword that Cleaves/Smites Gods)

    Sir Galahad 
Sir Galahad, God of Pure Heart Restrictions (Galaad, Sir Galahad the Pure/Chaste, Shield Bastard (by Mordred), Jenkins, Shielder, Knight of Heaven, Saber Alter, Noble Knight Gwalchavad, basically Lancelot but better note )
Sir Galahad by George Frederic Watts
Saber Alter 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white shield with a red cross on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Purity Privileges, Heroic Bastard, Chaste Hero, The Strongest Knight, The One Chosen to Find The Grail, Literally Escorted to the Heavens, Messianic Archetype
  • Domains: Knights, Purity, Children
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Sir Gawain, Merlin, Solomon, Silver the Hedgehog, Bell Cranel
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Yaldabaoth
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Clark Kent/Superman, Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight.
  • Complicated Relations: Lancelot (his father), Mordred (more decisive with Sir Mordred)
  • Sir Galahad is the illegitimate son of Lancelot due to his mother's actions and one of the Knights of the Round Table. He is known for his utmost purity, mainly due of it allowing to do things like sit on the Siege Perilous, use two swords what would cause harm to the wielder if they were unworthy and being the knight to finally find the Holy Grail.
  • Has a really bad relation with his father, Lancelot, likely because he refused to marry his mother and generally not raising him since youth. In general, he is probably the one to call out his father's faults. Not helped by the fact that he has seen him turn into a villain once.
    • While he might have Bastard Angst regarding his father, he cannot really agree with Goro Akechi's actions to get back at his father, as Galahad would rather confront his father personally than conspire against him.
  • Didn't as much die as much as he was taken to Heaven by angels. This has impressed Eliphas due of him being able to ascend like that, a compliment Galahad is not sure if he should be flattered by or not.
  • There are a lot of arguments on if he really is the real Grail Knight or if the title should belong to Sir Percival. He definitely debuted in the Arthurian Mythos much later than most of the other knights.
  • His chastity is often mocked by other gods. Other gods try to test his chastity, such as tricking him into a castle full of horny women. He was "saved" by Lancelot before anything would happen, even if he insisted he would be fine.
  • Still seems to mess up if asked what is his favourite colour.note 
  • Is said to be the last descendant of King David. Because of this, Solomon and his wife build a ship containing knowledge from the past and David's sword so that Galahad would one day find it. He is grateful to finally have the chance to meet him in the Pantheon, though Solomon feels bit inferior to Galahad since while Solomon asked for wisdom from God, all what Galahad asked for was the ability to die when he wanted.
  • Mordred really never got along with him, even if they worked together as knights. When asked what he thinks about Mordred's rebellion since he had already ascended to the Heavens when that happened, he doesn't want to give a real answer, though learning that Mordred was also a bastard does make him think about few things.
  • Despite being "pure", most people find it incredibly difficult to get along with Galahad, due to being utterly impossible to relate to. Superman, due to knowing what it's like to face many of the same problems, extended a hand of friendship, though even he admits that Galahad is very difficult to get along with since he's "kind of a jerk".
  • In one world, he was portrayed by Silver the Hedgehog, something he is fine with.
  • Probably the one person who would rival Kenzo Tenma when it comes to purity. However, he is fine holding the position he has now. He is also impressed how pure Bell's heart and is happy to train if he wants to.
  • To counter the The Incineration of Humanity, he was summoned by Chaldea Security Organization into the body of Mash Kyrielight as an experiment. However, he refuses to do anything due of being disgusted by Chaldea's experiments and merely stuck around to look over Mash. Ultimately he gave Mash his powers as a Shielder-class Servant in order to save her life.
    • Things took a turn for the worse on his part after the Incineration of Humanity was prevented. At first it seemed like he merely left Mash alone after the fact, leaving her powerless. But when a new threat starter looming in the horizon, he appeared in front of the Master of Chaldea to tell them that defeating Goetia only has made things worse, telling that they should just give up and refusing to offer any help to them before leaving. Many were flabbergasted by this, especially since this is effectively the third time he has refused to do anything directly to stop a crisis (including refusing to be summoned by the Lion King even to stop her). If anyone were to ask what is up with his bleak view on things, he would tell them to leave him alone about it.
  • Even though his most defining characteristic is his purity, there exits an Alter version of him. Contrast this with Jeanne d'Arc, who is so pure that it is impossible for her to have an evil side, with her Alter version being an Evil Knockoff of her. Fortunately, Galahad Alter is less evil and more snarky.
  • Since he is the knight who found the original Holy Grail, Yaldabaoth thought that he would use him in his plans. However, Galahad is wise enough not to fall into his tricks, and says that his Holy Grail is a mockery of the real one.
  • One of the people Mephisto wouldn't dare to make a contract with since he thinks that having his soul would be more of a problem than worth. Heck, just convincing him to make a contract with him would be an achievement as of itself.
  • He isn't overly familiar with his family from his father's side, but he knows that his grandfather is King Ban. So he is rather confused by certain thief carrying a similar name.

Lesser Gods

    Blitz Team 
The Blitz TeamMembers , Heroic Neutral Deities (Leena: Rinon Toros | Brad: Ballad Hunter | Steve: Doc Toros | Liger Zero: Jaeger, Schneider, Panzer)
From left to right: Brad Hunter, Liger Zero, Bit Cloud, Leena Toros, Jamie Hemeros and Steve Toros.

    Edward Kenway 
Edward James Kenway, God of Underhanded Heroes (Captain Kenway, Edward the Legend)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ship's Jolly Roger, the Assassin insignia with a skull inside it
  • Theme Song: Black Flag Main Theme, The Fortune of Edward Kenway
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Underhanded Hero, Anti-Hero, Guile Hero, Pirate, Lovable Rogue, Broken Ace, The Atoner, Adventurer Archaeologist, Aura Vision, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, The Dreaded, Dual Wielding, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, One-Man Army
  • Domains: Piracy, Death, Stealth, Combat, Atonement
  • Heralds: The crew of the Jackdaw
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templars, Shay Patrick Cormac, Sakazuki, Stannis Baratheon, Black Manta, Luxord, Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will or endorses slavery
  • Complicated Relationship with: Blackbeard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • One-Time Employer: Al Capone
  • Edward was born in Swansea, Wales to humble farmers. At the age of seventeen, Edward met Caroline Scott, who intervened on his behalf during an altercation. The two fell in love and, despite their differences in social status, were married. Wishing to provide Caroline with a decent life, Edward became a privateer for the Royal Navy and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies. However, an abrupt end to the War of the Spanish Succession and the promise of gold, glory and fame eventually seduced him into a life of piracy. It was during this quest that Edward first encountered the Assassin and Templar orders, and became embroiled in their struggle. After losing nearly all of his closest friends over the course of several years, he realized the folly of his quest for glory. He then joined the Assassin Brotherhood, hunted down the Templars in the region and entrusted the Observatory to the Assassins. Eventually, Edward learned that Caroline had passed away during his absence and was later introduced to their daughter, Jennifer, whom he had unknowingly fathered prior to his departure. After returning to Britain and receiving a pardon, Edward soon acquired an estate in London and married Tessa Stephenson-Oakley, with whom he fathered a son named Haytham. Edward also joined the British Brotherhood of Assassins and eventually became their leader. However, Edward was ultimately killed in his manor by mercenaries in the employ of the Templar Grand Master Reginald Birch, who wanted to acquire Edward's journal.
  • Originally ascending as one of Ezio's many followers, Edward drew the attention and sympathy of Il Mentore due to his past tragedies. Deciding to grant him a position as a deity, Ezio eventually succeeded in granting him the title of God of Underhanded Heroes. Although all of the Assassins had used underhanded methods to various degrees, Edward was most well-known for his use of such methods.
  • Edward's first meeting with his grandson was...awkward to say the least. Coming from such different cultures as piracy and Native Americans, it wasn't easy for Edward and Conner to connect at first. However, as they both did come to embody the Assassin's Creed eventually, they did end up bonding during "work" protecting others in the pantheon.
  • Edward quickly befriended fellow pirate deities such the Straw Hats, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Edward Newgate, Boa Hancock and the Gokaigers. He's quite supportive of Luffy's dream of becoming Pirate King and was amazed by all of the skills and abilities of his crew. Although he finds the Gokaigers pretty weird, he relates to the fact that they don't think of themselves as heroes. Having previously lost all of his comrades, he enjoys once again being around people who understand him. However, due to being a pirate, Edward also became enemies with Sakazuki, who has placed him pretty high on his list of pirates he intends to eliminate, and Stannis Baratheon, who hates pirates in general.
  • Edward gets along quite well with Jack Sparrow, whose love of rum exceeds even that of Edward. Edward is also on good terms with Will and Elizabeth, who sympathize with him over his pirate past and regard him as being at least more reliable than Jack.
  • Sora having his own ship called the Leviathan gained him the attention of Edward and other sailors in the Pantheon. Edward quickly came to like Sora due to his enthusiasm for being a pirate, although he also cautioned him to try and avoid the more unsavory aspects of the pirate's life. Edward was decidedly less happy to hear that Luxord, one of Sora's enemies had his own vessel as well. After a battle with Luxord, Edward and Sora also encountered Heartless that could possess ships and commandeer them for terrorizing the seas. Fortunately, their weak points made them tremendously easier to sink than conventional man-crewed ships.
  • Having spent the later portion of his life traveling the world in search of First Civilization sites and artifacts, Edward occasionally teams up with Lara Croft to go on adventures. Although intially skeptical of Edward, Lara came to appreciate his ability to keep up with her and his use of Eagle Vision to avoid traps and find hidden places. Since then, the two have been good friends.
  • Edward managed to strike up a friendship with John Constantine after the two had noticed that they shared the same voice. As they had both lost friends and gone through incredible hardships, they quickly bonded and can occasionally be seen hanging out together.
  • Like the other Assassins, Edward strongly dislikes Shay Cormac. The fact that Shay works alongside Edward's son Haytham and was responsible for Adéwalé's death has resulted in Edward attacking him on several occasions, although these encounters have so far always ended in a draw. Shay and Haytham have occasionally attempted to turn Edward against the Assassins by pointing out how he had worked with the Templars in the past, but Edward has consistently refused to do so, fully affirming his allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood and that their cause is something that he truly believes in.
  • He quickly became enemies with Black Manta upon discovering that he was willing to hurt children. Manta being a modern pirate initially intrigued Edward, but the extent of his cruelty was something that Edward could not tolerate.
  • Due to his friendship with Adéwalé, a former slave, Edward dislikes slavery and strongly opposes Calvin J. Candie and Stephen. Candie is particularly annoyed by the fact that he's being judged by a pirate, but nonetheless, he and Stephen try to avoid Edward as much as possible.
  • Edward was pleasantly surprised to hear that Blackbeard was in the pantheon. Assuming that the claims of him being Chaotic Evil were just a result of Thatch deliberately cultivating such a reputation for himself, Edward decided to seek him out. However, Edward discovered that, within the pantheon, Blackbeard has a habit of switching between different incarnations of himself from various universes, ranging from the treacherous Marshall D. Teach to a buffoonish Rider-class Servant. As a result, their encounters vary from the two having a drink and pleasantly reminiscing about old times to the two engaging each other in combat. Their relationship isn't helped by the fact that, when Blackbeard and Al Capone engaged in a rap battle, Edward was hired by Capone to retrieve his rum supply from Blackbeard, during which he killed several members of Blackbeard's crew. Edward has since apologized for doing it, insisting that it wasn't anything personal, but it still remains a sore point between the two.

Ike, God of Humble Heroes (The Hero of Blue Flames, The Radiant Hero of Legend, Bike, Emblem of Radiance)
Radiant Dawn 
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God as an Emblem
  • Symbol: His sword, Ragnell
  • Theme Music: Ike's Theme known as Eternal Bond in his home series, The Devoted
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil when controlled by Fell Dragon Energy
  • Portfolio: Being a badass even if he didn't intend on being one, Humble Hero, Nice Guy, wielding the Ragnell with one hand usually
  • Domains: Swordsmanship, Heroism
  • Allies: Marth, Lyndis, Caeda, Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Shulk, Sigurd & Seliph, Tailto, Meta Knight, Link, Arturia Pendragon, Zero, Chie Satonaka, Blake Belladonna, Mario
  • Rivals: Roy
  • Enemies: Grima, Tabuu, Ganondorf, Nightmare, Soul Edge, Gilgamesh, Adam Taurus
  • Odd Friendship: Guts
  • Worthy Opponent: Sir Lancelot
  • Ike's journey began thanks to an encounter with the Princess of Crimea. Although he was hesitant at first, throughout the journey he grew to become a capable leader even if he didn't intend on being one originally. This kind of heroism is what brought him to the Pantheon.
  • Zero has plenty of respect for him for being able to go up against greater threats and growing to become the man that he is.
  • He participated in the Smash tournament during its third iteration. When he came back for the fourth one, many noticed how different he looked, even though he looked like that prior to said tournament.
  • Many gods were surprised to see that Ike looks similar to Guts. The Radiant Hero of Legend and The Black Swordsman did meet up with each other and had a quick battle. Although they don't agree with each other's ideals, they actually get along a bit better contrary to what most deities originally imagined.
  • Although the Ragnell isn't quite the Falchion when it comes to dealing with Grima, Ike will still help fellow deities and Smash participants Marth, Lucina, and Robin bring the Fell Dragon down.
  • He is known to fight for his friends. If anyone goes after them, don't expect Ike to give the enemy any sympathy.
  • Whenever a contest is going on in the House of Popularity and Ike is among the contestants, expect the crowd to chant "we like Ike."
  • Heard about a Black Knight in the Pantheon and decided to confront him. The battle ended in Ike's favor and even he was surprised that this Black Knight wasn't much of a threat compared to the one from his own journey.
    • Ike later challenged Sir Lancelot, who is known as the Black Knight in his Berserker form. As that was the form Lancelot was in during the battle, Ike was in for quite a match. When the battle ended, Ike considered this Black Knight to be on par with, if not more than, Zelgius.
      • On the other hand, he considers the god of Black Knights, Nightmare, to be a true threat. Ike has formed an alliance with Arturia Pendragon in order to defeat the Azure Knight.
  • If he isn't in battle, he is probably in the House of Food having some meat. Chie Satonaka is seen talking to him and they've become friends because of their shared interest in steak. They even have some friendly battles in the House of Combat. However, Ike has declined to try anything that Chie makes.
  • While he is capable of using other bladed weapons such as axes rather well, he prefers to use the Ragnell when in combat. This includes hammer, and in fact, one of his strategies to fight someone like Nightmare is... bring a hammer. It worked last time with his verse's Black Knight!
  • Given that he killed the nearest equivalent to YHVH in his world, with assistance from that world's Goddess of Chaos, it's fairly easy to guess how he feels about the GUAL. That is to say, he doesn't like them. At all.
  • Many would say that Ike held a big disdain towards nobility in general, especially when there's so many evil nobles in his verse. After meeting with other Lords of the Fire Emblem-verse, Ike loosens up, acknowledging that not the majority of nobles are bad, his realm was just unfortunate to house nobility assholes aplenty. He just hopes that after he left that realm, the people will work on it so nobles can be good again.
  • After meeting some new friends from Jugdral, Ike started wondering where has he seen that purplish silver hair and thunder magic coming from youthful figure like that Tailtiu. One night later, Ike had a nightmare involving a certain horrendous torture that he heard Tailtiu went through... except this time it involved his friend back home: the thunder mage Ilyana. After figuring out the similarity between the two and waking up from that nightmare, Ike proceeded to officially befriend her and swore that he'll never let her or Ilyana suffer what his nightmare preceded. Because, you know what Ike does to his friends.
  • Somehow, to his most dreadful shame, Ike found out that Azura has better growth in Strength than him. At first, Ike jokingly thought it was a mistake, until he got suplexed by Azura herself. After that, Ike went deeper to his journey about what it means to be a man of physical strength. Is eating and training a lot (or fighting for his friends) not enough?
  • As of late, he seems to have picked up his father's axe Urvan and trained in various ways to utilize it. He becomes an even more fearsome foe in battle, but somehow, he feels uneasy when people started calling him 'Bike'. Especially Little Mac.
  • Given his dealing with the laguz in Tellius, he naturally became enemies with Adam when the bull Faunus attacked him out of disgust of his continent's situation. Despite the Radiant Hero's accomplishments, going against a speedy opponent whose blade sheath also serves as a shotgun was a little beyond Ike's experience. Thankfully, Blake was there to pitch in and rescue him. Together, they managed to force him to retreat.
    • Once that was over, Blake was curious as to why Adam had attacked Ike like that; it wasn't the usual anti-Human sentiment. After hearing of Ike's life story, the cat Faunus has admired him for finding a way to settle the racism in his world.
  • Recently, Ike has been spotted in the world of Elyos as an Emblem, a spirit housed within a ring that grants its wielder great power. It remains to be seen if this power can be obtained in the Pantheon.

Liam, God of Hardened Heroes (Angelus, Angel, The Scourge of Europe, The Vampire with a Soul)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Angelus)
  • Symbol: His gravestone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Angelus)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Vampire Detective though more of a Clueless Detective, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, The Atoner, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Cultured Badass, Dark Is Not Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Villain Cred, Tall, Dark and Broody, former Sadist, The Dreaded, received a Gypsy Curse, Scarily Competent Tracker, proud practitioner of the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique
  • Domains: Good, Redemption, Strength, Protection, Magic, (Evil, Chaos and Destruction as Angelus)
  • Followers: Dalton, Dr. Tachyon, Jane Doe, Olivia Pope, Kyle Katarn, Kei Nagase
  • Superior: Joss Whedon
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Sol Badguy, Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Rivals: Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Enemies: Dracula, The Mayor, Yuuki Terumi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Xander Harris
  • There are plenty of people in the GUAG that would give villains as many as 77 chances to redeem themselves. Then there are those who will off you the moment you cross the line. Those followers go to the domain of Angel. Once a former enemy of Buffy, he now helps the Scoobies take down the bad guys his own way.
    • Buffy hesitated to ascend him for a reason. There was a time when he was one of the most feared vampires in the multiverse. His Angelus persona revelled in causing as much chaos as possible. And there is still the possibility that someone could convert him back into that monstrosity. Nevertheless, both Melkor and Lucifer see an opportunity to corrupt him to do their bidding.
    • Xander was the longest holdout. Already wary of vampires, he was especially adamant against ascending someone as powerful as Angel. Constant pressure forced him to reconsider, but he has yet to keep his eye off him.
  • His arrival revived one of the most contentious shipping wars in the Multiverse. He and Spike were Buffy's most like suitors and their fans fought tooth and nail for their side to win. The two hated each other long before that; the two clashed over their opposing viewpoints of evil. Their change of hearts has done little to soothe the tension. Angel takes great pleasure in seeing his pupil in the Fallen.
    • In a rare form of not Jossing a theory, Joss Whedon stated Angel indeed had at least one sexual encounter with Spike. The prospect of a One True Threesome between him, Spike, and Buffy nearly broke the House of Love. None of the three would comment on the possibility.
  • Angel may have the face of an Angel, but the angelic deities know better than to judge him at face value. This is a vicious man even with the change of heart. Angel himself told them to just refer to him as Liam, his original name, whenever he visits the sub-house.
  • He had hoped that no other Buffy villains would be in the Pantheon, but the Mayor was happy to berate him over his romance with Buffy. Angel thinks of him of a hypocrite who hides behind his friendliness to enact evil deeds.
  • As one of the top vampires in the business, Alucard wasn't impressed with this newcomer, even when he regained his powers. Angel for his part doesn't trust him to serve humanity's interests.
  • After leaving the Scoobies, he decided to create a detective agency to help out people. With that said, don't expect anyone to hand him the title Vampire Detective as the group is far better at fighting demons than solving mysteries.
  • As of late, he has partnered himself with the troubled slayer Faith. They have helped each other achieve redemption for their pasts against all odds. Sol Badguy has offered to help them go down that path.
  • It looked like Terumi wanted to give him a warm welcome in the Pantheon, sending him a rather big gift. When Angel opened it, he was thrown into a fit of rage. The reason being Terumi sent him a coffin with a note, saying: "Hope you like your new bed". Three hours later, the other members of Trollkaiger found their bloodied leader buried six feet under in the very coffin he sent the vampire. The lesson? Never mention coffins to Angel.
    • Don't call him a 'eunuch' either. No one knows why he hates the term, but no one has been brave enough to ask him.
  • Dean may have his misgivings, but Sam convinced him to try and make amends for his pasts. Yet Dean wanted to make clear that if he becomes Angelus again, the hunter won't hesitate to put him down.
    "Doesn't matter what you try. Doesn't matter where I am or how badass you think you've become. 'Cause you know what? I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys."

    Naofumi's Party 
Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo, Triumvirate Deities of Rude Heroes and Nice Sidekicks (Naofumi: Hero of the Shield, Devil of the Shield, Master Naofumi, Savor of the Heavenly Fowl, Shieldbro, Loli Magnet || Raphtalia: Raph, Raftalia, Hero of the Hammernote /Hero of the Katananote  || Filo: Big Fat Bird (Call her that at your own risk), Firo, Hero of the Claw)
Left to right: Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo
  • Lesser Gods (Naofumi and Raphtalia's fragments are this, while their divine selves are Overdeities)
  • Symbol: Their respective weapons (Naofumi's Legendary Shield, Raphtalia's Vassal Hammer or Katana, and Filo's Vassal Claws)
  • Theme Music: RISE (official English version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes
    • Naofumi: Shield, Protection
    • Raphtalia: Swords, Slaves, Loyalty
    • Filo: Birds, Claws, Strength
  • Herald: Rishia Ivyread, Atlas, Fohl, Melty Melromarc, Every villager in Naofumi's village
  • Allies: Rias Gremory, Kirito and Asuna, Tusk, Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato
  • Enemies: Malty, any deity that wants to mess with the worlds (like GUAD), Embryo, wicked women who screw over others (like Raynare), corrupted royals in general, Stain, Dolores Umbridge, Atrocitus, Parallax, Issac Westcott
  • Odd Friendship with: Morgiana
  • Complicated Relationships: Mordred (Filo), Rocket Raccoon (Raphtalia)
  • Opposes: Cornelius Fudge
  • Exclusive to the party:
    • Naofumi was originally a regular college student and otaku who found a book titled "Four Heavenly Weapon's Manual" which told the story of four Heroes summoned to defend another world. In an instant, this became his reality as he was summoned to a new world and declared one of the Legendary Heroes. Becoming the Hero of the Shield, Naofumi briefly fantasized about the adventures he would lead, but is treated as a joke for having a shield. Naofumi met a woman named Myne who seemed to want to help him, only for her to stab him the back by robbing him of his equipment and falsely accusing him of attempting to rape her. His reputation ruined and now full of hate, Naofumi turns his back on the world and tries to find a way to get back to his world.
      • Naofumi would eventually come across a slave trader who can magically bind slaves to prevent from betraying or disobeying their masters. Seeing this as the only way to get an ally, Naofumi would buy a tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia, who was dying from an illness and devoid of hope after losing her parents and childhood friend, as well as going through several abusive masters. Although afraid of Naofumi at first, Naofumi treating her like a person, feeding her healthy food, and providing medicine to cure her illness allowed Raphtalia to see Naofumi as a good person and becomes all too willing to become the sword to his shield, becoming his first loyal party member and falling in love with him. She would also age quickly into an adult after levelling up from slaying so many monsters, due to her people's natural ability to physically age as they level up, though Naofumi's trauma from Myne's betrayal distorted his perception and prevented him from noticing. It wasn't until Raphtalia fully proved her loyalty to him despite being forcibly freed that Naofumi finally saw the physical changes she went through. Since then, Naofumi and Raphtalia have become inseparable.
      • Filo was originally a newly hatched filorial that Naofumi bought from the slave trader. Filo grew up from a small chick to a big queen filorial in just few days, and because of that, she was allowed to pull the carriage Naofumi got as a thank you gift from the villagers. To Naofumi and Raphtalia's shock, Filo turned into a young girl with wings, and is able to switch between that and her filorial form at will.
    • Both Naofumi and Raphtalia would befriend Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, both of whom would dream of becoming fantasy heroes just like Naofumi and Raphtalia, but fell victim to bullying, forcing Ichiro to endure a small period of depression and Ryoko even attempting to commit suicide. Naofumi and Raphtalia saw much of themselves in the young lovers and promised to do whatever they can to help them.
    • Stain once attempted to kill Naofumi, seeing him as a false hero too because of his methods and the fact that he has slaves. Naofumi's party managed to repel Stain, all the while calling him out on his views and how they cause more harm than good, especially when he's targeting heroes whose reasons aren't altruistic, but not bad at the same time. Stain has made Naofumi a target ever since.
    • While everyone was concerned about how Morgiana would react to Naofumi having slaves, considering how she hates slavery, it surprisingly turned out well. Morgiana noticed how Naofumi treated his slaves like equals, and thus earned Undying Loyalty, all the while opposing slavers who are not like him. Because of this, Naofumi is one exception to her hatred of slavers.
  • Exclusive to Naofumi:
    • He and his company come to the Pantheon from time to time (time is relative to whatever dimension he's in) to take vacations (sometimes by leaving fragments at the Pantheon).
      • That's the official reason. In reality, he came to the Pantheon in order to monitor the many world-destroying deities that live there.
    • His legendary shield has the special ability to adapt the properties of other shields it encounters into itself. For this reason, Naofumi has visited the House of Weapons in order to get the most out of said ability, which has drawn the ire of some people, given the means by which the Legendary Shield gains new abilities.
    • While visiting the House of Food (disguised as a bird), he was invited to a drinking competition. In the end, all of them were kicked out for emptying the House's alcohol reserves without determining a winner, so Naofumi took out the Lukor fruit for everybody. It's said that only the most hardcore alcoholics managed to avoid passing out that day.
      • Incidentally, that fruit has been planted for alcohol and future challenges.
    • Naofumi sees a lot of himself in Ange, someone who was mistreated and looked down on by society and Took a Level in Cynic, before finding people who helped her to regain some of her faith. Unlike Naofumi, Ange actually turns her back on her former world when its society lost its ability to use Mana, though considering how the people didn't change for the better and had the nerve to beg for her help after everything they did, Naofumi can't really fault her for that, though he also points out that there may have been some people who were different from the other Mana users, with Ange's loyal maid Momoka being an example.
    • He's also stopped by various Blood Knights fairly often, as they want to test their strength against the strongest shield of all. He refused them each time, saying it was a bother, so some of them decided to just randomly attack him. There has yet to be anybody who has succeeded in damaging him.
    • He's allied himself with Captain America, for obvious reasons. Although Steve has repeatedly spoken about his notably less-than-heroic acts. Naofumi's response is typically that he did what he had to in order to survive, since the king took refused to give him any money or support out of a misplaced and petty grudge. All the same, Naofumi still respects the Captain for trying to hold on to his ideals and principles.
    • Although Issei Hyoudou reminds him of the moronic Hero of the Spear Motoyasu (With whom his relationship is strained), the two are on good terms, as, unlike Motoyasu, Issei isn't an idiot, despite his Harem Seeker tendencies. This has resulted in Naofumi being invited to the Chick Magnet Quintet, although, due to his trust issues regarding women, he declined.
      • Incidentally, Atlas, his shield's spirit, has shown interest in joining the Special Lovers Squad. Due to not being an official god, though, she can only be there as an Honorary Member.
    • Upon learning about the way Raynare tried to take advantage of Issei and noting the similarities between that and what he suffered at the hands of Malty (whose nickname 'Bitch' is very well-deserved), Naofumi has offered his assistance in dealing with Raynare.
    • Naofumi became curious about Overskills, so he has been seen talking to Shiroe about it. In turn, Shiroe asks about Naofumi's fighting style, and how he gets by with only defensive and supportive skills and his shield.
    • Naofumi is naturally liked by animals, so sometimes, when he's seen in the House of Beasts, many of the animals there would gather around him and show their affection (much to his dismay).
    • On the rare occasion that he comes across hostile monsters, after slaying them, he would often cook them. This naturally attracts the attention of many hungry deities, causing these cooking sessions to turn into full-blown feasts, often with Naofumi as the only chef.
    • Naofumi in his exploration of the Pantheon found other people that sounded similar to him such as the Cyborg Genos who he gets along with fine, and Tenya Iida who at first irritated Naofumi for his prattle on proper heroics reminding him of Itsuki but later found that Iida was willing to change and learn but Naofumi got a bad reputation at U.A. not that Naofumi cares.
      • Related, Naofumi once mistakenly believed that he had seen and heard Ren, Hero of the Sword, in the Pantheon, and tried to greet him (as the only one of the Cardinal Heroes whom he had respect for), but was instead greeted by a very confused Kirito. This wasn't helped by the fact that they sound VERY similar when speaking Japanese, though the mistaken identity was eventually cleared up. The two are on fairly amicable terms, although Naofumi isn't exactly comfortable with the large number of females Kirito is often seen with. He's also made this comment in regards to Kirito's story, at one point:
    • Naofumi gets along very well with Harry Potter, especially after hearing he was subject to a smear campaign by Cornelius Fudge after trying to warn everyone of Voldemort's return. Naofumi doesn't take too kindly to Fudge's actions, since they remind him of how he was treated like a pariah by the king of Melromarc. He also detests Dolores Umbridge, seeing her as no better than Malty. Naofumi's also sympathizes with Harry being forced to endured an abusive childhood just because he has magic, yet still understood the importance of love and kindness throughout the years. Harry in turn also sympathizes with Naofumi's methods, remembering the time he used dark magic both within and outside of Hogwarts.
    • Initially, Naofumi thought Shido Itsuka was just like Motoyasu when he found out about his harem, but they put in a good word for Shido and told Naofumi everything Shido has done for them, such as walking through a snowstorm and jumping straight through a laser beam. This earns Shido Naofumi's respect, and the two have become good friends since. Shido warns Naofumi to be careful around Isaac Westcott, who is just as evil as Malty (if not more so) but is far more intelligent and competent.
    • Naofumi shows great respect for Lux Arcadia for remaining on a nobler path than him, despite becoming an indentured servant since childhood. Lux, in turn, sympathizes with Naofumi for having been mistreated by corrupt royalty, having had to deal with a corrupt emperor before in the past.
    • At first, Naofumi was jealous of Touya Mochizuki for having an easier, comfortable life while Naofumi had to endure bitterness and discrimination. Touya admits that yes, compared to Naofumi, he got lucky, and every day, he must remind himself of how lucky he is.
    • Sympathizes with Elliot Alderson, seeing the abuse he had to endure at the hands of Angela being similar to how he had to endure the mistreatment from Malty. That said, Naofumi would rather be on his guard around Mr. Robot.
    • Naofumi doesn't see himself as a hero, but no matter how many times he objects, many gods are quick to point out that, at least out of the Cardinal Heroes, Naofumi was the most heroic, despite the way he goes about it.
    • Naofumi typically tries to avoid the House of Anger, for fear that it may cause his Shield of Rage to act up. Given that the Curse Series shield runs the risk of consuming Naofumi in pure unfiltered anger when used (Which can result in him lashing out at those around him, including his closest friends- only Raphtalia can snap him out of it), this is probably for the best.
    • Because he is a Pragmatic Hero, Naofumi gets along swimmingly with Batman, who often functions a barometer on what is considered morally acceptable for A-list superheroes and Hal Jordan, who worked really hard to earn his redemption after he was possessed by Parallax. Batman and Hal would tell Naofumi to be careful around Atrocitus, who thinks Naofumi would be worthy of a Red Lantern ring thanks to the Wrath Shield.
    • Naofumi would meet the Shield Knight and notice that her relationship with Shovel Knight contrasts that with his relationship with Raphtalia. While he and Raphtalia were able to stay together through their journey in Raphtalia's world, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight got separated, with the latter becoming the Enchantress up until her lover was able to free her from her curse. This reminds Naofumi of the time when Ren and Itsuki were corrupted by their curses and had to be saved by their future wives, so he does at least congratulate the Shovel Knight for saving the one he loves.
  • Exclusive to Raphtalia:
    • Immediately after ascending, the first thing Raphtalia would do is to greet Master Naofumi. She is proud to officially stand by Naofumi's side, vowing to remain his sword no matter where he goes. Naofumi is also glad to see Raphtalia in the Pantheon, since she is his most trusted and loyal companion, as well as his first bride in the historical documents.
    • Raphtalia admires Samurai Jack, a fellow katana wielder, after hearing of his many accomplishments during his quest to return to his time. The famous warrior is also legitimately impressed by all the good deeds Raphtalia manage to do alongside Naofumi. Though he does express concern when he learns Raphtalia was originally Naofumi's slave, he's far more willing to listen to reason, hearing the full story out and accepting that Raphtalia is genuinely loyal to Naofumi and that the latter treats the former as an equal. Naofumi and Raphtalia are glad he didn't react the same way as Motoyasu did when he heard about Raphtalia being a slave.
    • Raphtalia gets along with Blake Belladonna and Makoto Nanaya, all of whom are Little Bit Beastly who have been on the receiving end of Fantastic Racism. Although Blake and Makoto were shocked to learn that Raphtalia was originally a slave, Raphtalia assured that Naofumi treated as an equal despite buying as a slave. The two appropriately turned their anger to the right people when Raphtalia explained how her people were given the same social standing as monsters, and being a slave is the only thing that gives her legal protection against anyone who kills Demihumans for sport. Blake and Makoto actually lampshade how really bad her world is if being a slave is preferable to being free.
    • Raphtalia once crossed paths with Eveline, who also underwent Rapid Aging, albeit through genetic modification. Though she acknowledges her desire to have a family, she points out it does not excuse her actions, since she basically brainwashed and killed people to get such a family. She's always ready put a stop to Eveline if she tries something funny.
    • Raphtalia tends to speak with fellow tanuki Mamizou, Tom Nook, and the Tama Hill Tanuki every now and then whenever she isn't speaking with her comrades. Raphtalia is happy to speak with other tanuki (even if the ones from Tanuki Hill tend to gross her out with their... size-altering testes). The other tanuki welcomes Raphtalia as one of their own.
      • Raphtalia would also cross paths with Rocket Racoon, who she initially thought was a tanuki in beast form, only to be disappointed to find out he is really a talking, bipedal raccoon. Raphtalia would work alongside Rocket against a common enemy, but she disapproves of his kleptomaniac tendencies.
    • Thanks to Shido, Raphtalia becomes great friends with Tohka Yatogami. Not only are they great swordswomen, they become stronger and better people thanks to the men in her life (Shido and Naofumi). The two have promised each other to help the other win the heart of the man they love.
  • Exclusive to Filo:
    • Filo is downright happy to ascend to the Pantheon, since she now gets to be alongside her beloved master and fellow slave Raphtalia. The feeling is mutual on Naofumi and Raphtalia's end.
    • As a Filorial, Filo is natural enemies with dragons, so every evil dragon in the Pantheon becomes her enemy.
      • Despite being a natural enemy of dragons, if a dragon has proven themselves good, she can overcome that hatred and befriend them. Some of these include Yoshi, (a dinosaur with draconic traits), Charizard (whom Ash and Harry would put a good word in), and Paarhunrnax (whom Filo is impressed by how he overcame the evil nature inherent in all dragons of Skyrim through great effort).
      • Filo also dislikes pedophiles or lolicons, since they remind her of her Abhorrent Admirer, Motoyasu Kitamura, who had first made fun of her as a filorial before she took on a human form. She has bad memories of the much older Spear Guy trying to get her affections, before and after his Sanity Slippage. If any pedophiles try to make a move on her, she will not hesitate to kick them in the crotch, or if that is not possible, punch them in her human form with a magical strength-enhancing glove.
      • Because of the above incident, Filo befriends Rom and Ram due to their shared hatred of pedophiles, and forms a kinship with Chris Hansen for the same reasons. They all form a group of pedophile hunters to prevent any pedophiles from making a move on children.
    • Filo would soon befriend Yoshino, someone who is capable of Flight and controlling ice and water to support Filo in air combat, and Kirin Toudou, who is a great swordswoman the same as Raphtalia.
    • Filo gets along with Medli, since she is also a bird person like she is. They both note the contrast between their elements (Filo with her Wind-Affinity magic and Medli being the Sage of the Earth) and show great interest in the differences.
    • Filo would soon meet Flonne, someone who Motoyasu had compared to Filo (a version of Flonne from Motoyasu's world anyway). Filo and Flonne do see the resemblance between each other, but they acknowledge that they are different people with different interests. The two still get along swimmingly, with Filo even seeing her as a Cool Big Sis just as Sicily did before her.
    • Filo would meet Sara Crewe, someone who reminded her of her Best Friend, Melty Melromarc back in her world due to being kind-hearted royalty. Filo treats Sara as a Cool Big Sis, with Sara acting like a parental figure to Filo.
    • Filo became fast friends with the Chocobos, who are a lot like Filorians back in her world. She tends to race them during their spare time. She, in particular, showed great interest in a fat Chocobo that served as inventory storage, which reminds her of how Melty once slept on her feathers. Filo also met Totoro, who like her, could also be a makeshift bed, allowing others to sleep on them comfortably. The two actually like each other a lot.
    • Filo would meet Mordred, who the former thought looked like a female version of Motoyasu. Filo learns that while Mordred is nothing like the Spear Guy, she is still someone to be cautious of, especially after she called him a girl.
    • Gods tend to be interested in Filo's cowlick, whether it's because it's cute or something to joke about, much to Filo's chagrin. The cowlick represents Filo as a Filorial Queen, and she will get more as she gets stronger and older.


    Atari and the Trash Island Dogs 
Atari Kobayashi and the Trash Island DogsThe Tribe , Holy Patrons of Kinship Between Heroes and Dogs
L-R: King, Boss, Rex, Atari, Chief, Duke
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Atari’s picture of Spots
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Dogs, Friendship, Heroism
  • Heralds: Tracy Walker (Atari’s girlfriend), the other dogs of Trash Island (notably Spots, Jupiter, Oracle and Nutmeg)
  • Allies: Isabelle, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Nintendogs, Shadow, Chance, & Sassy, Buck
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil, Katz
  • On good terms with: Hagen, Rowf & Snitter, John Wick, Old Yeller & Travis Coates
  • In 2028, dog flu has spread throughout the Japanese city of Megasaki, resulting in all dogs being banished to Trash Island. An orphan by the name of Atari goes to the island some time following the decree in order to look for his dog Spots, who once served as a bodyguard for him before being taken away. He then encounters a tribe of dogs led by Chief, who help him look for Spots, who is later revealed to be Chief’s long-lost older brother. As it turns out, the dog flu was made by Mayor Kobayashi, Atari’s uncle, as part of a plan to wipe out dogs entirely similar to what the mayor’s ancestors attempted to do 1000 years prior. With the help of foreign exchange student Tracy Walker, Atari and the dogs show that the cure for dog flu works and after a haiku performed by Atari, the Mayor rescinds his plan for dog extermination, but not before the Mayor’s right-hand man Major Domo attempted to forcefully follow through on the plans unsuccessfully. After a medical operation to save Atari and Spots’ lives, dogs have been reintegrated to society, Mayor Kobayashi and his associates get arrested for political corruption, and Atari (who is now mayor of Megasaki) and Tracy are a couple, with Chief and Nutmeg (one of the former dogs from Trash Island) serving as their bodyguard dogs.
  • Duke told his canine friends a rumor he heard about a far-off place that contained many individuals far different from anyone from Megasaki. A couple days later, Atari received a letter from someone claiming to be from a “Pantheon” that wanted to meet with him and the dog tribe he befriended to discuss something. The time came for the meeting between Atari and the letter’s sender, with Chief and the rest of the dog tribe present as well. The meeting eventually wrapped up, with Megasaki and its inhabitants being designated as part of the Pantheon. The dogs had a brief discussion about what transpired, with the rumor Duke heard about being true, though they didn’t really expect to get involved with a place much bigger than anything they could have imagined and dealing with life outside of Megasaki. Even with how different things are going to be for Atari and the dogs, they’re still looking to move forward with their home being part of a much larger world.
  • One dog that was able to help Atari and his canine companions get accustomed to the Pantheon was Isabelle and the fact that she was a dog standing on two legs wasn’t lost on Chief and the dog tribe. Setting aside that quirk and her ditzy behavior, Isabelle proved useful in getting Atari and the dogs to understand the Pantheon’s strange nature since she apparently could understand both humans and animals thanks to her experience in working with Villager when it comes to towns. What helped further was that Isabelle worked with towns that had much better management when it comes to residents in contrast to Atari’s uncle who singled out a species in an attempt to get rid of them. As a young mayor himself, Atari has received plenty of advice from Isabelle in regards to maintaining Megasaki while she has had plenty of conversations with the dog tribe after her regular business talks with Atari.
  • As Atari and co. would find out while venturing outside of Megasaki, the Pantheon had plenty of elements far beyond what they were used to. They would end up in an unusual town that has been stated to be home of various supernatural phenomena, prompting Atari and the dog tribe to be careful while navigating the area. They eventually found a house and learned it was home to Courage the Cowardly Dog and his owners, the Bagges. Atari and the dog tribe decided to stay for the night and while Muriel was as kind to them as she is normally, Eustace’s cantankerous attitude was another story, especially since the abuse he handed out to Courage was something Chief and the dog tribe couldn’t stand. Later that night, Courage heard something and investigated, with the dog tribe following his lead and discovered that Katz was plotting another revenge scheme. Katz broke into Courage’s house and attempted to kidnap whoever was inside, but Courage and the dog tribe (with some difficulty) were able to thwart Katz’ plan (which only furthered Katz’ hatred of dogs thanks to Chief and the others helping Courage foil the kidnapping plot). Following that trip, Courage has taken a liking to Atari and the dog tribe and the sentiment was generally shared, even though Atari’s canine companions did talk among themselves about why Eustace kept being a problem to Courage despite the latter trying to get him out of trouble at times.
  • There were a handful of other dogs who ended up stranded somewhere and embarked on a perilous journey to return to civilization that Atari and the dog tribe met with. Among such dogs were Shadow and Chance who, along with a cat named Sassy, ended up lost on two separate occasions and had to journey back home, and Bolt, a canine who had an acting career and got lost as a result of being to caught up on his job and while heading back to reunite with his owner, learned to get back to reality. Both respective canines learned just how dire things were back then in Megasaki regarding the dog flu and how those responsible tried to destroy all the dogs the city abandoned as part of a power play. Even Sassy knew that, for all of her posturing about cats being better than dogs, someone who supports cats that plans to wipe out dogs entirely was horrible and she would never tolerate those kinds of beings. Those kinds of dogs were someone who Chief and the dog tribe have had regular conversations whenever they aren’t busy helping Atari with his duties as mayor.
  • Dog owners (or just people who liked dogs in general) were a fairly common sight in the Pantheon and Atari and his canine friends were able to get acquainted with a good number of them. There were a few denizens in the Pantheon that had to deal with a tragedy related to their dog that Atari and co. found to be much more severe on a personal level than what they were used to. Travis Coates ended up having to shoot his faithful dog Old Yeller when the latter contracted rabies and John Wick was an assassin who attempted to retire from the profession, but the murder of a dog his deceased wife left behind forced him back into action. While it was mitigated a bit by the fact that Travis adopted Old Yeller’s puppy son and John adopted a separate dog during his adventures, hearing about having to put down a dog and losing a personal gift from a loved one respectively hit Atari and the dog tribe rather hard. As Megasaki is a city that is friendly towards dogs (especially in contrast to before Atari became mayor), Travis and John have made visits to the place in their downtime, though John ended up getting into fights with intruders that either want to take down John himself or just steal/murder dogs that inhabit Megasaki.
  • While Atari and the dog tribe expected to find some opposition to dogs during their time in the Pantheon, they ended up finding a handful of denizens who are willing to murder dogs to achieve their own goals. Cruella De Vil was one such individual who was willing to murder dogs, with her case being to create a fur coat for herself. After hearing about Megasaki, Cruella learned just how many dogs there were that could lead to the creation of multiple fur coats that could be enough to start a large fashion empire and made an attempt to get to that city to steal most, if not all, of the dogs to fulfill that dream. Atari and the dogs learned of her attempt and with the help of their friends, they were able to drive her out of Megasaki and a measure was put in place forbidding her and anyone supportive of Cruella from going near Megasaki. As with many other preventative measures enacted in the Pantheon, it hasn’t stopped Cruella and those following her goals from trying to break in the city again.
  • Hagen was a dog whose story got the attention of Atari and the rest of Megasaki. Hailing from Hungary, Hagen used to have a loving owner in Lili until a tax law pertaining to mongrels like himself was in effect, resulting in him being separated from her and after surviving the harsh settings of the city, led an uprising with the help of other imprisoned dogs that was stopped at the end by Lili playing music. Chief and the other members of the dog tribe met up with Hagen to discuss their respective endeavors and were very understanding of the pain Hagen went through, even if there were plenty of casualties in the process given how much people didn’t care about dogs. In turn, Hagen knew that the bond between Atari and the dog tribe from Trash Island was genuine in the face of a tyrannical regime that threatened to eliminate dogs from their city. While Chief and the dog tribe are a bit disappointed that Hagen can’t be with Lili full-time, they are willing to talk to him and provide support whenever possible.
  • While Hagen had a tragic story, what Rowf and Snitter went through was arguably worse as Chief and the dog tribe would learn when meeting the duo. Rowf and Snitter were originally subjected to animal tests and after escaping, went on the run and had to survive various terrible ordeals. Rowf doesn’t think fondly of humans due to his past and learning about a dog extermination plot had the potential to worsen that aspect of himself, though Chief said the plot was foiled in part of Atari’s haiku about dogs and dogs were welcome back on Megasaki after Atari became mayor. Chief mentioned that he used to be gruff before Atari’s kindness helped him improve his personality substantially and while Chief’s story is not likely going to change how Rowf perceives humans, Chief and the dog tribe told Rowf and Snitter that surviving goes a long way to making things better for themselves. Both parties have maintained a good friendship with each other, with Snitter having some sort of hope that he and Rowf will find someone as kind-hearted as Atari in their travels.
  • Given the number of dog-lovers present in the Pantheon, it didn’t come as much of a surprise for Atari and the dog tribe to learn of the various other dogs that inhabit that world, often of varying natures. They learned of a kennel inhabited by puppies that are referred to as Nintendogs, with Atari and the dog tribe enjoying the time spent there playing with the puppies and the dog tribe developing a protective instinct towards the Nintendogs to keep them safe from anyone that endangers the puppies. Atari and his canine companions would learn of a handful of strays, notably Buck who survived in the wild following the death of his master John Thornton. Having learned to survive without their owners even though they eventually reunited with them, the dog tribe can understand what Buck has gone through and has learned some survival skills with him whenever things get bad enough and the dog tribe is separated from Atari by antagonistic forces.
  • As mayor of Megasaki following his uncle’s arrest, Atari has gotten himself involved in the more complicated politics of the Pantheon when it comes to his home. While there were some who were understanding of his plight, there were plenty of corrupt politicians that Atari opted to avoid since they could end up causing more trouble for Megasaki than what his uncle ever did prior. There are also some mayors who happened to be incompetent, but not fully despicable, such as The Mayor of Townsville, that ended up being more of a burden given their character. Regardless of the varied politics and capabilities Atari learned regarding Pantheonic politicians, he knows who to talk to and who to keep his distance from when the city of Megasaki gets involved in something significant.

    Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot 
Elliot Alderson, The Broken Heroic God (Mr. Robot, The Mastermind)
Click here to see Mr. Robot 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The fsociety logo
  • Theme: Mr. Robot Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Mr. Robot alternates between that and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Depressed and flawed Hacker with Massive Emotional Baggage, Crusade Hacker in the Night, Founder of ''fsociety'', Wants to benefit and save the World, Often talks to the Viewer, Able to effectively understand People with his Words, Master Hacker, Excellent Liar (Can fail at times), Keeps Himself Socially Isolated, Not Good at Socializing but will Do the Right Thing Regardless, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Cynical but Well-Intentioned, Went through numerous critical and endangering situations, Surprisingly Cute, Extremely Nice
  • Domains: Hackers, Rebellion, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Crisis
  • Herald: Darlene Alderson (His sister)
  • Allies: Hackerman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi, Otacon, Neo, Morpheus, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Pollyanna Whittier, Lisbeth Salander, Radical Ed, Frank Pritchard (All of them have trouble dealing with Mr. Robot)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec (Both are allies under the Mr. Robot persona), Tony Stark/Iron Man, Norman Jayden, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Will Graham and Clarice Starling
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor, Eliza and Neil Reagan, The Corpus, Sundowner, The Slavers, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, Penelope Mouse
  • Additional Relationship: Freddie Mercury
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Sombra
  • Visitor of: House of Canines
  • An unsocial security worker in day and a hacker at night, Elliot Alderson lived a life confined in struggling to communicate with others and battling severe depression and anxiety. Then one day, he encountered an enigmatic anarchist, Mr. Robot, who offered him a chance to join an organization called fsociety for a grand ambition; to Save the World from top global conglomerates, particularly E Corp. Elliot, a naturally gifted and skilled hacker, managed to commit 5/9, a hack that plunged much of the world into a Class-5 Societal Disruption, resulting in a grand economical depression around the world. Unfortunately, while E Corp was affected by the damage, what was to come later was far worse and drastic than Elliot hoped to be...
  • Mr. Robot; the enigmatic and caustic leader of fsociety is in truth, a darker, more extreme-driven persona of Elliot taking the guise of his deceased father, Edward Alderson. Whereas Elliot was restrained by his morality regarding his actions, Mr. Robot is far more willing to commit dangerous and life-ruining acts if it meant achieving his goals. They would often battle against each other for supremacy, neither of them fully triumphing over the other. Elliot sees Mr. Robot as insane, whereas the latter sees the former as too weak and frail to really push onto achieving their goal. Not helping matters is the fact that Elliot was once thrown out of his house window by his father when he announced Edward's leukemia diagnosis to their family. And with Mr. Robot being supposed an idealized version of his father, their situation gets even worse.
    • Ultimately, Elliot found out he flung himself out of the window after undergoing a psychotic breakdown, and Mr. Robot found out that his efforts regarding 5/9 Stage 2 would only benefit his opponents and that there was nothing he could do. Elliot came to terms with his Split Personality, with Mr. Robot reciprocating the feeling and deciding to work with Elliot in taking down the Dark Army.
  • No one is sure how Elliot managed to ascend into the Pantheon. There are rumours that Elliot hacked his way into it, whereas others have stated maybe Mr. Robot's influence had something to do with it. As of now, Elliot has remained quiet about this. His first signs in the Pantheon was simply him prodding around with his hoodie on before entering a building and working on his computer desk, presumably ready for a hack.
  • Elliot is really good at deducting and revealing a person's personality and feelings by the use of his own words. Unfortunately, because his beliefs in people tend to be pessimistic, he mainly talks about the negatives and causes himself to isolate. However, he is a good person in heart and likes the company of genuine and morally upstanding individuals.
  • Met up with Pollyanna Whittier, and immediately became friends due to Pollyanna's sweet nature and Elliot seeing her as a good soul, something which he expressed towards his late employer Gideon. Whenever Elliot seeks company, Pollyanna is among the first he visits, seeing her occupation as serene and optimistic. It also helps in that Pollyanna serves as a subversion to Elliot's views on people.
  • Is on good terms with the House of Canines. He blackmailed his therapist's ex-boyfriend, "Michael Hansen" (real name Lenny Shannon) who uses a fake profile to meet underage women to have sex with and abused his dog, Flipper. Elliot did this because "Hansen" was cheating behind behind his therapist's back and the idea of his having sex with underage prostitutes was disgusting on Elliot's mind. Alongside incriminating him, he also took Flipper from him, after which Elliot treated her a lot better than "Hansen" ever could. He occasionally takes visits to the House of Canines for Flipper to visit.
  • Hackerman was greatly intrigued by the amount of energy and skill Elliot has in hacking. Elliot sees Hackerman as a good soul and gets along with him pretty well, although his Mr. Robot persona would much rather prefer Hackerman to be more militant in his work. Elliot also found company under Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi and Otacon as all of them are skilled in hacking and technology. They would all want Elliot in the GUAG White Hats, although Mr. Robot seems to be making things difficult. Only time will tell if Elliot will be able to convince Mr. Robot to join the White Hats. Elliot also found friends with fellow hackers Radical Ed and Frank Pritchard, the two of them being keen on supporting Elliot out.
    • Managed to make friends out of Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix and Vanellope Von Schweetz. Not much is known about how they got along, though rumor has it that Vanellope thinks Elliot is cute. Bentley's experience with Penelope Mouse is not different to when Elliot himself was blackmailed and used by his closest friends for their own goals. Alongside opposing Penelope for an understandable reason, Elliot took pity towards Bentley and has the biggest relation with him in regards to the hackers.
    • He made contact Lisbeth Salander during a hacking session. Agreeing to meet in person under the plans of hacking their enemies, the two were surprised to learn they were pretty similar to one another. Despite working together, Elliot and Lisbeth tend to keep each other anonymous in an effort to keep up with their unpredictability in their work. Mr. Robot sees potential in her, thinking about bringing her into fsociety.
  • Sees Bruce Wayne as one of the more accepting rich people in his views. Hacking into his information was tough, though he hacked enough to uncover his identity as Batman. Seeing this, Bruce paid a visit as himself, sympathising with Elliot and offering him therapy and guidance. He was surprised to see Elliot's ambition in saving the world to be larger in scale compared to his goal in defending Gotham, although Bruce reprimanded that Elliot seeks company and allies should he proceed. He also became fast friends with Barbara Gordon as both of them are master hackers, although the two of them differ in their personalities. Barbara is willing to help out Elliot whenever possible, although Mr. Robot is a lot more problematic, seeing Bruce as another vigilante, although he does admit that his tech would be useful in regards to their skills.
  • Aiden Pearce took notice of Elliot and offered him an alliance to take down those who exploit people using money and technology. Elliot is respectful of Aiden, but the extremity of his methods and his willingness to sometimes have innocent people involved in his crusade makes Elliot rebound in doubt. Mr. Robot however is more than willing to join Aiden, believing that destruction and damage is inevitable when it comes to revolution. The same sentiments go for the San Francisco DedSec, although they are less morally ambiguous than Aiden for Elliot to only be slightly more comfortable working with.
  • Gets along with Neo, seeing as he was a hacker and ultimately built himself up to be a hero. Elliot also sees Morpheus as a good influence for Neo and has stated that he would like to help regarding the Matrix if possible. He also seems to be rather respectful about Tron, viewing him as benevolent for a program.
  • Elliot has a rather complicated history with the FBI. As a hacker who exploits personal information and scandals, he gets some degree of flak from FBI agents. To further this mess, Elliot's sister Darlene had a relationship with one, Dominique "Dom" DiPierro. Seeing as Elliot has good intentions, some of the agents get to sympathize with him, especially Norman Jayden as both of them undergo a drug issue that they try to overcome. Others, such as Will Graham, Clarice Starling and Peter Burke, while sympathetic are more hesitant to work with him due to Elliot's criminal history. And that's not even getting into his Mr. Robot persona, who can't bring himself up to trust FBI agents in any way. Neal Caffrey is more amicable and has befriended Elliot rather easily, though he himself would get into arguments should Mr. Robot ever show up.
  • Elliot normally tends to oppose giant corporations, seeing as them leeches that feed on other people, draining them off of their money and caring only for themselves. Its no wonder he dislikes Mr. Burns for that aspect. Elliot also hates Eliza and Neil Reagan for being incredibly entitled and only caring about themselves. And while Elliot doesn't have much to say about Superman, he hates Lex Luthor because he is able to tell that Lex is fixated on a petty grudge against the Man of Steel and for someone with a vast amount of resources, wastes it only for himself. Mr. Robot agrees with Elliot about them, which says a lot.
    • Once met Patrick Bateman in his Mr. Robot persona. Patrick's egotism and pretentiousness were incredibly grating, escalating to the point where Mr. Robot prompted to punch him in the face just to shut him up. The two had a hard brawl, with Patrick driven to kill and Mr. Robot managing to knock him out for a time. Elliot sees Patrick as corporate scum, though doesn't recall the experience with him. Same thing goes for Handsome Jack, whom Elliot would like to hack one day just to drive him nuts, in addition to benefiting the Vault Hunters. Elliot and Mr. Robot also took notice of Norman Osborn and with a hack, figured out his Green Goblin identity. They've agreed on a reluctant alliance with Tony Stark in regards to combating him, with Tony thinking about training Elliot as a hacking protege of sorts, though he isn't interested.
    • Elliot however, does have one commerce-based individual in the Pantheon who he likes; Robert E.O Speedwagon. He is able to deduct that Speedwagon is a humble and caring person who invests his money on topics that matter and Speedwagon has decided to try helping Elliot out about his mental health issues. Its tough, but Speedwagon will try to manage.
  • Above all, Elliot hates massive corporations that benefit in the deaths of people, and it has been a major contributing factor in his views on people. The Corpus and Sundowner's Desperado company are among those that Elliot despises with a passion, being individuals who seek war for the sole intent of profit, and he is willing to team up with anybody in the House of Justice if it means bringing them down. The Slavers are another group that Elliot loathes, to the point where upon hacking their tracks and their objectives of extorting a group of children, he immediately notified the House of Heroism about it, prompting an a quick and well-deserved beatdown. Also dislikes Walter White and Gustavo Fring for their pride and indulgence in crime, in addition to Elliot's struggles with drugs.
  • Was shocked upon hearing about the Grand United Alliance of Machines and their intentions to robotize the Pantheon for their own needs. He's been trying to convince Mr. Robot to join the GUAG White Hats solely to combat against them, thinking his hacking skills can be used to good use for the general public in this occasion. Mr. Robot, understanding the Machine Council being something way beyond even their minds and skills has agreed to join the GUAG in combating against them.
  • During a hacking session, he came across Sombra, who's hacking skills were beyond what Elliot and Mr. Robot are capable of. Elliot does sympathize with Sombra over their tragic pasts, but he can't bring himself to associate with her due to Sombra's allegiance and harming innocents. Mr. Robot has admitted to stating he needs help in dealing with Sombra, but his extreme methods make him difficult to trust in the wider Pantheon.
  • For all their tension and struggles, Mr. Robot does care for Elliot. Ever since finding out the true circumstances of Elliot's accident, they've been getting along much better, though its a long road before Elliot will begin to treat Mr. Robot like his father.
  • A lot of Pantheon residents think Elliot is adorable. He hasn't made a comment about this yet, though he feels relieved to see there are those who genuinely like him. Its thought Elliot's experiences and nature are what make him so endearing.
  • He is surprised to see he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. And like everyone else, Elliot enjoys his music a lot. Freddie was initially surprised by his look-alike but accepts Elliot as a fan nonetheless.
This is the world we live in. People relying on each other's mistakes to manipulate one another and use one another, even relate to one another. A warm, messy circle of humanity.

    Kenzo Tenma 
Kenzo Tenma, God of Infinite Goodness (Herr Doktor Tenma)


Sethe, Goddess of Heroines Haunted by Literal and Figurative Ghosts
Sethe in the film adaptation

  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The tree-shaped scar on her back
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Haunted Heroine, Mama Bear, Child by Rape, Rape as Drama, Dark and Troubled Past, Sympathetic Murderer, Believing Slavery To Be Worse Than Death, Killing Her Infant Child Beloved So She Wouldn't Be Enslaved
  • Domains: Former Slaves, Child Murder, Trauma, Ambiguity, Guilt, Families
  • Heralds: Denver and Paul D.
  • Allies: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Casca, The Punisher, Abraham Lincoln, Aveline de Grandpré and Adéwalé, The Yokokawa Siblings, Zofia Zawistowski, Selma
  • Pitied by: Many deities of African-American origin and other ex-slave deities, but more notably Anakin Skywalker, Naofumi's Party, The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, Zamasu
  • Fears: The Hall of Ghosts, Yubaba
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Medea, Scarlett O'Hara
  • Opposes: The Slavers, Griffith, Candie and Stephen, Colonel Benjamin Cameron, and any other rapist or slaver by default
  • During the era where African-Americans were nothing more but slaves, many were treated harshly by slave masters that cruelly treated blacks as expendable property. Among those with frightening stories to tell about their slavery is Sethe, a refugee slave who suffered immense trauma during her early years of slavery, from the usual cruel treatment to even rape by relatives of one of her crueler owners, the "schoolteacher". Even when escaping slavery, she and her family were pursued by those who sought to recapture slaves, and when the time came, she only had one way to save her family from being enslaved by the schoolteacher: Killing her children to prevent them from suffering a horrible life as slaves. The attempt warded schoolteacher away, but Sethe killed her infant daughter, whom we know as "Beloved", which would also continue to haunt her as later on, a strange figure that appeared to be her dead daughter, now alive, came to claim Sethe's attention at the expense of those close to her. Eventually Sethe got over her traumas as a slave and the death of Beloved, which led to that "thing" that was supposed to be Beloved disappearing before it took over Sethe's life.
  • It's difficult to tell what happened to Sethe and her family after their ordeal with the supposed ghost of Beloved, but eventually, after they moved on, she and her relatives would find themselves in a very unfamiliar place called the Pantheon. The House of Heroism was looked for more potential heroes to add to their ranks, but when they found her struggles with moving on from her past traumas from being a slave and being haunted by what she thought was her dead daughter, they took heavy pity on her and decided to ascend her for Haunted Heroine. After learning how the Pantheon was generally more inclusive toward blacks like her and that Denver would have a better life getting an education at the Elysium Academy rather than trying to send her to Oberlin College in her world, Sethe accepted the offer, and had brought along Denver and Paul D to accompany her. She considered bringing in her older children but decided it would be better to let them choose their own life.
  • One of the first things that Sethe did after her ascension was to request the revival and return of Beloved, wishing to see her firstborn daughter for real. Her request was denied, reminding her that she was the one who killed Beloved in the first place, and as justified as her motives were, it is still murder of her own daughter, so it was considered just to not let Sethe bring back her deceased daughter for that reason alone. While incredibly saddened by the decision, she decided to reluctantly accept that she won't be able to see Beloved again, believing that she was never worthy of such an offer anyway. Such a development only furthered the pity of many deities from the House of Family to the point that some reconsidered the idea of bringing back Beloved, though there's still very little chance of that occurring.
    • The Hall of Ghosts frightens her in general since it keeps reminding her of the time that she and her family met what they thought was the ghost of Beloved. Her heralds, Denver and Paul D, dread it more since the Beloved that appeared in their home tried to take all of Sethe's attention for herself, and only became a problem that threatened to split them apart. Even the more benevolent ghosts like Casper are deliberately avoided, to their disappointment.
  • The House of Family has quite the diverse range of feelings toward Sethe. Most generally pity all of the suffering they've went through due to the lurking threat of slavery in her time, but the topic of Sethe and her murder of Beloved is a highly debated topic. There are some who believe that she can be forgiven since she not only had a legitimately reasonable motive to try to kill her and the rest of her family, and that she genuinely did not want to do it and her incredible remorse for doing so, since for her, there was no other good choice. Others are too stubborn to forgive or have empathy for her since for them, murdering an infant, and her own daughter on top of that, is just beyond redemption regardless. The House of Prophecy and Fate noted that if she didn't kill Beloved, then her family would have been taken away and enslaved by schoolteacher, for the bloodshed Sethe caused convinced her pursuers that she was too insane to take back.
    • Regardless, since Sethe genuinely cares for her family, the Heroic Protectors of Family consider themselves obligated to protect her within the Pantheon. Her family is also watched over by many other deities that oppose slavery in general, especially Aveline de Grandpré and Adéwalé who want to show her that there are always people who will look out for her and those she cares for, and to prevent people like her from suffering from slavery again, to hopefully make Sethe more trusting in general. Sethe's glad of this, although the fact that there are plenty of slavers and people like the Harbingers of Repression in the Pantheon frightens her, deeming the lot of them as equally irremissible.
    • Sethe also has plenty of respect for Abraham Lincoln for bringing about the abolishment of slavery, even if she is a bit upset that it didn't happen earlier. Lincoln's glad on his part that his actions have prevented more people from suffering similar fates as her, and hopes the best for her, despite being a bit disturbed by her killing of Beloved as well.
  • While Sethe doesn't really like to deal with other visiting deities often, Casca became a close friend that she found herself growing comfortable towards over time. Casca found herself fit to earn Sethe's trust since she greatly understands Sethe's trauma from being raped, knowing well how difficult it was to psychologically recover from being raped by Griffith on her part. But she has managed to recover her sanity from that trauma, and is determined to help Sethe do the same. She doesn't know if Griffith would ever have a reason to target Sethe, but has told Sethe that she would happily stand up for her should the event arise.
  • Her hatred toward slavery is very self-explanatory, and people like The Slavers or Candie and Stephen are the kinds of people she never wants to encounter in the Pantheon, ever. On top of many deities being willing to protect her from such deities, including the Punisher who is more than willing to make the Slavers eat lead once again, Sethe has been considering getting her own form of self-defense against them. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, also wants to help with defending her after being more openly willing to fight for the side of good, due to the fact her mother was also captured and enslaved by Tusken Raiders, and died under their captivity. Sethe doesn't know what to think of the former Jedi since as much as he cared for his loved ones, he did slay innocent children himself while serving under Palpatine, though knowing that she isn't really one to complain about it herself.
    • There are even other more sympathetic and less cruel slave owners that find Sethe's experiences to be pitiable, although Sethe doesn't want to deal with them regardless on principle of them owning slaves at some point. Naofumi who primarily owned slaves as a pragmatic choice and treated his slaves like Raphtalia kindly definitely doesn't get any respect from Sethe even if he's a benevolent slave owner, since as a former slave of the kind Garners in her world, being a slave still meant being vulnerable to being taken away by other crueler slave masters, and to her, slavery is still slavery. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, a race of aliens that enslave all sentient life they meet, completely understand Sethe's motivations behind her decision to attempt to kill her children and herself, having been under horrible slavery for generations under the Dnyarri, which they would describe as something that makes oblivion seem merciful in comparison. In fact, it's the very reason they even attempt to enslave all other races they meet in the first place. While Naofumi and his party intend to help defend Sethe from enemies she can't deal with despite her dislike of them, the Kzer-Za simply left her alone when learning about her, and have grown a bit more disgusted by humanity after realizing the atrocities that slaves like Sethe went through.
  • Even Zamasu cannot help but feel sorry for Sethe, deeming what Sethe went through as too much, even for a filthy mortal like her. With that and the fact that her best option was to kill her children back then, Zamasu, being Zamasu, cites her suffering as a justifiable reason to eliminate all mortals for the sake of preventing more cases like Sethe's. While Sethe believes in having an ideal world where no one would have to suffer under slavery like her, she's appalled by Zamasu and similar deities using her suffering to justify even more deplorable actions, especially mortal genocide. Sethe had responded to such points by claiming that she does not endorse any Visionary Villain or Well-Intentioned Extremist that uses her traumatic past to condone their own goals, and wants nothing to do with them.
  • Sethe's temple would eventually be visited by Scarlett O'Hara on accident during an excursion of hers, and while Scarlett thought that Sethe and her family would welcome her, things ended up getting rougher than expected. Sethe didn't really have any reason to like her given that O'Hara's culture leans towards those who would own slaves, so Scarlett O'Hara's reception was rather cold. While disheartened by the lack of welcoming atmosphere, O'Hara decided to still attempt to reach out to her, feeling sorry for everything Sethe went through. Since O'Hara was genuinely being kind to her and her relatives, Sethe didn't try to kick her out and tolerated her presence as she would with any other decent person until she left on her own. Learning about Sethe's backstory actually ended up terrifying O'Hara, and even had a nightmare of being in Sethe's place as a slave once since then.
  • Selma and her tribulations were something that Sethe could understand, deeming the life of her children to be more important than themselves in the long run. While Selma wasn't too sure what to think of Sethe's killing of Beloved, she knows that it was something that Sethe really didn't want to and continues to feel sorrow for even now, and they hope that the both of them can find a better lifestyle in the Pantheon. Sethe also chose to welcome Seita and Setsuko as guests, as Sethe had lived through the Civil War herself and took pity on their struggle to survive on their own. Even knowing of Beloved's death at Sethe's hands hasn't deterred them too much, with both Sethe and Seita knowing the pain of burying family too well.
  • It would be an Understatement to say that Sethe was extremely furious at Benjamin Cameron's ascension to represent the KKK, a post-Civil War group that promotes racist values. Sethe claimed that the man didn't belong in the Pantheon regardless, let alone 10 miles near her house, along with any of his allies. While Cameron does feel sorry for Sethe, believing that Sethe's experiences as a slave were intolerable even for him, Cameron thought it would be a brave take to claim that Sethe got off killing her daughter lightly in the Pantheon. Some deities in the House of Prophecy and Fate that were unamused by Cameron's attitude towards Sethe's infamous murder of Beloved decided it would be appropriate to carefully arrange some minor things so Cameron would become a casualty of Collateral Damage in an unrelated battle later on.
  • Despite Medea being a mother who also infamously murdered her own children to protect them from slavery, Sethe doesn't think too positively of Medea's character. The big reason being that Medea also had dealt with a rival fiance to her husband Jason rather nastily. She doesn't like the idea of husbands cheating on their wives either, but murder for that reason alone is unacceptable for her. Medea, on her part, feels sorry for Sethe having to go through so much trauma as a slave, and hopes the best for her and Paul D. As for Zofia, who was forced to kill a child of hers by a Sadistic Choice, initially thought Sethe was no different from Medea. But after learning of what Sethe went through as a slave, and her desire to not let her children go through what she went through, Zofia began to warm up to Sethe, and her pity towards Sethe is mutual. They both do wish that they never had to go through a life that would have to lead them to killing a child, but the past is the past.