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Why does one serve? Why does one follow? Those under the Hall of Obedience Mindsets can explain why. It is more of a hall and forum to which deities discuss their loyalties and roles. The most cerebral part of the overall House of Loyalty and Service, it's a relatively peaceful place to be. The various alliances have been taking notes on its denizens for the purpose of trying to encourage further employment.

The Human Resources department of the house is located here.

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Greater Gods

Genos, Patron Saint of Life Debts (Demon Cyborg, Modern Art)

Rem, the Shinigami of Complete Obedience

Intermediate Gods

Fenrich, God of Subordination through Idolatry (Moonlight Fang, Fenfen, Mr. Werewolf, Valvatorez-Sitter)
  • Theme Song: Candlelight
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with evil attitudes
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty, fists as weapons, possible man crush on Valvatorez, Chessmaster Sidekick, hostility towards those too close to Valvatorez, Wild Hair, Servile Snarker, being the meanest member of the Hades Party, Sarcastic Devotee
  • Domains: Loyalty, Servitude, Worship
  • Allies: Lord Valvatorez, the Prinnies, Hachiko, Viridi, Riza Hawkeye, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Elsa la Conti, Clarice di Lanza, Genn Greymane, Hikaru Kato Sulu, Mirei Shikishima
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Artina, Monkey D. Luffy, Adell, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Midna, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Fahrenheight Ţepeş/Alucard, Rika Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Princess Luna, Thaal Sinestro, Illidan Stormrage, Desco
  • Rivals: Wolf O'Donnell
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, anyone who would offend or even inconvenience Lord Val, anyone who gets too friendly with Lord Val, Axel, Gul'dan, Jaraxxus, Aurum
  • Respects: Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Opposes: Axel
  • Good Counterpart to: Vanilla Ice
  • Fenrich, being The Consigliere to Valvatorez, advised his lord to pass a bill in the Court of Gods that would allow Fenrich to ascend. After a little bit of bribery, Fenrich was allowed to take this position.
    • Now that he is in the Pantheon, Fenrich will make plans to ensure Valvatorez becomes supreme ruler of all creation. He also has a tendency to literally follow Valvatorez wherever he goes, like a baby duck. As such, Fenrich is never in his temple.
  • Do not call him "Fenfen", as he hates that nickname with a passion. He can barely stomach the name "Mr. Werewolf" as it is.
  • Fenrich's principal ally is Valvatorez, his lord and master, and he does not appreciate anyone insulting his lord or getting too comfortable around him. At best, he'll put up with working alongside Valvatorez's other allies in the Pantheon.
  • There is at least one other god that Fenrich admires, that would be Hachiko. Fenrich appreciates the undying loyalty of the dog, while having no concern over his owner.
  • Many have joked that Fenrich and Valvatorez could be compared to J.D. and Turk. Upon finding out who those two are, Fenrich remained oddly silent, not explicitly denying the comparison.
  • Fenrich looks at Wolf O'Donnell, a wolf mercenary, and is reminded of his days as the Moonlight Fang. Though Fenrich considers Wolf to be "a stray mutt with fancy toys". Wolf shares this resentment and the two have formed a rivalry. Oddly, the rivalry consists of racing atop Netherworld Cu Siths (while wearing safety helmets).
  • With his views on the pointlessness of human wars, or their habits of pollution, Fenrich has surprised even himself by getting on good terms with Viridi. Though he'd prefer she didn't exterminate the humans just yet, because demons still need their fear energy.
  • Fenrich is not one to share information with others, but catch him at the right time (read: when he's with a perfectly willing Valvatorez), and gods can hear Fenrich tell the tale of how he and Valvatorez first met. However, he will never say why he chose to follow Val.
  • May or may not actually be a Tsundere.
  • Many keep their distance and watch their backs the moment Fenrich grins. While there are plenty of successful manipulative schemers in the pantheon, his grin is a sign that whatever he's planning, it will succeed if it already hasn't. It doesn't help that the Prinnies under him and Valvatorez are surprisingly good at collecting information.
  • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is a bit popular with his fellow werewolves. One was with Fenrich. The two see a lot in one another, both are deeply loyal to their vampiric masters, both are former mercenaries, and both wouldn't hesitate to kill one another if their respected masters were to order it. The two actually formed a pact with one another, said pact being that they would aid one another in returning their masters to their former glory. Valvatorez would retain his Tyrant status and Rachel would retain her powers as an Onlooker.
  • When Genn Greymane met Fenrich, they were in a rocky start as he thought that the Werewolf was a really big dick, even for him. However, they actually got to know each other better and both actually have some semblance of respect for each other. Greymane is worried since he sees a lot of his old self in Fenrich.
  • When Elsa la Conti found she and Clarice di Lanza have a similar backstory to Valvatorez and Fenrich in that Elsa and Fenrich were sent to kill Clarice and Valvatorez, they couldn't do it and ended up be befriending them. When Elsa told Valvatorez this, Val and Fenrich became friends with Elsa and Clarice. Fenrich was less than enthused though due to more deities getting closer to Valvatorez.

    Jerid Messa 
Jerid Messa, God of Following Orders Without Second Thoughts (Jerrid)
  • Theme Song: "Jerid Messa"
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Titans Emblem together with the Baund Doc and Gundam MK-II (Titans Color)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but is mistaken for Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Jerk Jock Bullies, Anti-Villain, Butt-Monkey, Cartright Curse, The Rival, Social Darwinist, Oldtypes that later evolves into Newtypes, Even Evil Has Standards, Glory Seekers, Char Clones Who Happens to be a Stark Contrast to the Original
  • Domains: War, Mecha, Loyalty, Rivalry, Domination
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Paptimus Scirocco (In-Universe superior), Mouar Pharaoh (his Love Interest)
  • Mecha Piloted: RMS-106 Hizack, RMS-117 Galbaldy β, RMS-108 Marasai, RX-110 Gabthley, RX-160 Byarlant, NRX-055 Baund Doc (Pink), RX-178 Gundam MK-II (Titans Color, currently)
  • Allies: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Esdeath
  • Rival: Kamille Bidan
  • Not in Good Terms With: GUAE Mecha Cohort
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, Haman Karn, Shun Daimonji, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Jimmy Hopkins, Kakashi Hatake, Reiji Arisu, Jaune Arc.
  • Opposes: Bask Om
  • For starters, Jerid Messa is your typical Titans member, being an egotistical and overconfident person who disregards the lives of others who isn't a Titans member, ranging from bullying Kamille upon mocking his name for being girlish up to the moment he killed Kamille's mom with the excuse of "Just Following Orders", which in fact, it became the worst crimes he committed that sparks his intense rivalry with Kamille during his lifetime.
  • Upon his ascension, he tries to align himself with the Mecha Cohort for two reasons, he wanted to settle the score with Kamille again after knowing his presence in the pantheon as well as he wanted to instigate an Enemy Civil War within the Mecha Cohort in an effort to dethrone both Char and Haman out of the division so he can give a spot to his Titans teammates whenever they ascend in the future. However, he didn't succeed after Char had seen his plans from the beginning, prompting him to reevaluate his plans.
  • The Titans ace pilot seems to have a fond of spending time with the Reagan twins since they shared alot of common of being bullies towards the heroes. For some reason, Eliza gains a crush on him because she is wondering about Jerid`s familiar voice, which reminds her to her first crush and Candy's first love Anthony Brown.
  • Sometimes, he is seen having a training session with Esdeath after the female leader of the Jeagers noticed that they shared a similar philosophies which is the reason why she gives him the time to train with her in order to prepare for their next battle against their respective rivals in the future.
  • Most Bully Hunters in the pantheon particularly hates his guts for obvious reasons. Jimmy Hopkins, Shun Daimonji and Kaito Kumon are among them, with Jimmy doesn't like his bullying tendencies, Shun just rubs him off since he reminded him of how he used to be before joining the Kamen Rider Club, and Kaito doesn't like him for being a part of a tyrannical elite group who uses Social Darwinist philosophy in a villainous way while he ironically calls him a weak person for following orders whatsoever.
  • Jerid is always at alarm every time he's near Haman, because of the fact that the last time he was near her, she took off her earring and threw a bomb.
  • For many reasons, Jerid became enemies with the likes of Kakashi Hatake, Reiji Arisu, and Jaune Arc after he noticed that their voices were sounded similar to his own. Not to mention that the three of them doesn't like him considering his actions of being a bully who only follows orders even if its bad, considering how his group operates.
  • Opposes Bask Om with a passion as he is not very fond of his former superior's atrocities through gassing the colonies. Although he's also part of that said operation for following the orders without protesting it whatsoever, he sees this act to be very distasteful which is the reason why he aligned with Scirocco in the end.
  • Everytime he walks in the halls of the Pantheon, a crowd of people start playing this song because it's true.

Lesser Gods

    Bellatrix Lestrange 
Bellatrix Lestrange, Goddess of Insane Women in Love with Evil Men (Bella)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A blood Red Heart with a Snake wrapped around it
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Psycho Supporters, Dark Action Girls, Childish Psychopaths, Loves To Inflict Pain, Experts At Torture, Yanderes, Love Makes You Crazy, Love Makes You Evil, Absolute Insanity, Mad Love, Cold-Blooded Torture, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Hero Killers, Douchebags, Trolls, Goths,
  • Domains: Madness, Love, Magic, Destruction, Evil
  • Herald: Delphini Diggory, her daughter
  • Followers: Mrs. Lovett, Itsuki, Shooter McGavin, Connor, Ramirez, Colonel Sergei Vladimir
  • Allies: Lord Voldemort, Quan Chi, The Dementors, Tira.
  • Rivals: the Queen of Hearts
  • Enemies: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Albus Dumbledore, Mele, Issei Hyodo
  • Opposes: All non-magical humans (muggles) except noted, especially Lydia Deetz
  • Opposed by: Sirius Black
  • Feared by: Draco Malfoy, Cinderella
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Frankenstein's Monster
  • Pities: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Among those who serve the Dark Lord Voldemort, no one serves him with as much passion as Bellatrix Lestrange. Records of her mortal life depicted her as a witch with an uncanny beauty and destructive insanity. Will gleefully kill muggles and torture wizards to insanity in his name. She may have met her demise, but that has only bolstered her resolve. She remains the most steadfast member of the Malum Magia division.
    • God help you if you are caught disrespecting Voldemort, as Bellatrix would love to drag you through all three Forbidden Curses, saving the Killing Curse for last.
  • As it is a class only for evil magicians, she gets along well with the group. Some may find her insane, but they can't deny that the woman gets things done. She has become the resident whip, making sure that members remain loyal to their leader Voldemort.
  • Strongly dislikes staying in the House of Love, finding all the naive, idealistic goddesses annoying. Often causes disruption by trying to torture them, or by trying to escape fro the House to be with her beloved Voldemort. As such, she has to be constantly reigned in by other deities to keep her at bay.
  • While she remains enemies with Harry Potter and his friends, it is more of her devotion to Voldemort than any malice against them. For Neville Longbottom, it's a personal affair. She was responsible for torturing his parents to the point of insanity. She would later try to do the same to him and his friends when she took over Hogwarts. When he later ascended into the Pantheon, he was actually glad she was there. That way, he would have the chance to kill her this time.
    • Hermione keeps a strong face against her, but she remains shaken from the time when Bellatrix tortured her. Nowadays, she wants her dead as much as any other student at Hogwarts.
    • When she found out Sirius Black returned from the dead, she merely crackled with glee. In her mind, his return gives her an opportunity to kill him again. She was stopped short by the full might of the House of Justice, eager to protect him to rectify their previous mistake. She would have to settle with taunting about it to Harry Potter, which did not amuse him in the slightest. Sirius is plotting to end her.
  • Rumors have persisted that she has developed a fear of Molly Weasley, the witch that ended her life. Some say that the way she looks at Ron confirms that theory, one that Bellatrix has vehemently denied.
  • Many believe that Malfoy was the key to the Dark Lord's ultimate defeat. If Voldemort had only figured out that he was the one with the power to control Dumbledore's wand, he could have turned the battle in his favor. It is that reason that Bellatrix searches for him, both as revenge and as a chance to fix that mistake.
  • Has blamed Mele for her lack of a consistent relationship with Voldemort. Contrary to popular belief, the two have indeed tried a sexual relationship. But Mele insisted that it would never work, as the Dark Lord does not know the concept of love. Bellatrix vowed to kill her on the spot for saying that.
    • She may hate muggles, but even she can have a bit of pity for Harley Quinn. She secretly hopes the clown can get the Joker to reciprocate her feelings. Not that you will get her to say that.
    • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child revealed Bellatrix managed to give the Dark Lord a daughter, Delphi. She has since been brought as her herald, even if both barely met as Bellatrix lived.
  • Has yet to forgive Issei Hyodo for blowing away her clothes in a prior fight. The fact that he had the gall to flirt with her only increased her hatred of him.
  • Her avatar has gone on to have connections with many other deities, with most of them reacting with horror. Bellatrix is barely humble enough to admit the muggle did a damn good job acting as her.
    • She can tolerate Tyler Durden, at least because she like his style of taking out one's anger physically. Tyler was also wise enough not to mention she looks like his girlfriend.
    • Is part of a bitter rivalry with the Queen of Hearts. All because the queen couldn't handle her avatar to sound like her. Bellatrix responded by casually killing any soldiers that went after her. Just more muggles to get rid off.
    • Cinderella once thought that her fairy godmother had finally arrived at the Pantheon. Instead, it was Bellatrix who used the disguise to try and kill her. The other princesses were able to fight her off before that could happen. The poor woman now fears for her life.
    • If there is one thing she hates Bonham-Carter for, it's for playing the potential suitor for Frankenstein's Monster. Now she has to spend a good amount of her time avoiding the monster. Her pleas to tell him she's already claimed fell on deaf ears.
  • There is one muggle in the Pantheon she holds lower in regard than anyone else.Was furious to find out that a muggle holds the title for Goth. Her other followers constantly defend Lydia Deetz, seeing her as the right choice for the title. Bellatrix has sworn to kill her on sight so she can find a more suitable replacement.

    The Boss 
The Boss, Goddess of Nation Loyalty (The Joy, Voyevoda, Mother of Special Forces, Legendary Soldier, Mercury Lady, A Patriot Who Saved The World, Jane Lynch)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess authority)
  • Symbol: Her snake-shaped scar
  • Theme Music: Snake Eater (Instrumental, Abstracted Camoflouge, Piano Ver., Donna Burke, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Blood Knight, Team Mom, Badass Normal, Fought in World War II while Pregnant, Ladies of War, Even the Girls Want Her, Good All Along, The Futility and Arbitrary Nature of War, Anti Villains, Honor Before Reason, Jeanne d'Archétype, Patriotic Fervor, The Paragon, White Shirt of Death, Loyalty to the End
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Patriots, Steven Armstrong, Vladimir Makorov, Nikita Drogvich, Banzai Chargers, Red Skull, Frank Underwood, Galeem and Dharkon, Arnold Berkman
  • Opposes: Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli
  • Feared by: Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
  • Respects: Funny Valentine
  • Respected by: Liquid Snake
  • Pitied by: Sofia Valmer
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Enclave
  • The Boss is perhaps the greatest unsung hero in American history yet her story has been sealed away due to various aspects around it exposing major risks to national security. Born to one of the founders of the Philosophers, the Boss would eventually be renowned for her achievements in World War II where her infamy lied in the creation of the Cobra Unit—a Multinational Team consisting of various persons with odd powers. Her unit would help signal the war's end by Storming the Beaches of Normandy and would be disbanded soon afterward. Christened as the Mother of the Special Forces, she remained quite infamous and very respected even by those who are listed as enemies to America at the time. Eventually, she raised and trained a young man named Jack who would one day become the infamous Big Boss—only to leave her student afterward to participate in American projects for the Cold War. The CIA and military repeatedly disrespected and sabotaged her missions at the time as they think of her as a relic of the past, having the Boss take the fall for various failed operations that would have gone smoothly if she was not obstructed by them. However, no matter how much badgering she received the Boss did not complain in the slightest. The Boss was even the first human to reach space as well though was never acknowledged for it due to her failed crashing. In space, the Boss found the resolve to have the world united in peace.
    • The mistreatment of the Boss continued after her recovers with the Philosophers threatening to kill her child that they kidnapped unless she killed her baby's father. She accomplished the mission easily. The Boss managed to get into contact with an old friend, Zero and helped found the FOX unit. It would be then that she would embark on the Virtuous Mission, her final operation that would reunite her with her old student. For the American government, she would pretend to defect to a Colonel Volgin's splinter group to find the Philosopher's Legacy, a slush fund made by the Philosophers that is worth billions which the branches are fighting for. Volgin however, muddied the mission's outcome severely by activating a nuclear weapon in Russia For the Evulz—making America pretend that she truly did defect from them and tasked Naked Snake to eliminate her. After all of Cobra Unit members, she united for one last mission died off one by one as well as Volgin's forces falling to Snake's might—the Boss awaited her student for one final lesson. Perhaps she could have defeated him easily considering her expertise far outweighed his but she was defeated as well. With one last request, the Boss asked her student to take her life as there could only be one Boss and one Snake. Finally, the Boss died—her reputation was deliberately destroyed to save America from embarrassment, and the resulting disgust from those who truly respected the Boss formed the Patriots with the belief that her dream of peace cannot come true unless they force the world to. However, Big Boss would leave the Patriots after conflicting with Zero over what the dream of the Boss truly was and made his own mercenary company as a result. That pursuit for her dream would be the catalyst for the next conflicts the world faces decades later...
    • Due to it being years since the Cold War, World War II, and the Patriots being destroyed—the world got to learn of the horrible things that went through the Boss and how the United States treated her like a tool once all of that stuff was declassified. There were immediate demands for the woman to be ascended to the Pantheon from every culture, to which the Court of the Gods could not refuse. The Boss eventually showed up to much applause but she ignored it all. All that the Boss asked was what were her next assignment orders with a dead serious face that scared the crap out of everybody. All the US presidents in the Pantheon (especially Kennedy who the CIA had the Boss blamed for the Bay of Pigs to not embarrass his term) were just about to give a long formal apology and even they were speechless by how determined the Boss was in protecting America. That moment drove so many to tears and the first order that the Boss received was, "take a goddamn break." The presidents had to tell the Boss this was for the benefit of America (they still feel bad for still using her to save face) so she relented. The first person who greeted her in the Pantheon was Revolver Ocelot who managed to grey himself out since the last time she saw him. It was then Ocelot revealed that he was her son, with him expecting the Boss to be floored by the revelation. The Boss though just starkly asked if he embraced the American identity yet. Ocelot was bewildered needless to say and just replied that he worked as a FOXHOUND member for a long while now. The Boss then said to Ocelot that perhaps they could bond later but for now, she needed to take a break and needed to distance herself from military organization members for a bit. They could eat over burgers and milkshakes but that is as much bonding as they could do, she was afraid. As much of a Magnificent Bastard he was, Ocelot could not tell if his mother wanted to make a genuine effort to bond while her professionalism is getting in the way or trying to ditch him.
  • Looking at what her dream did to the world, the Boss was more or less unimpressed by what they had done. Shockingly, she is not opposed to the goals the Patriots wished to entail. The Boss could see even then in The '60s that information and communication will become more widespread as technology advanced, which culminated with The Internet being born. With humans having inherent tribality much like nations, it would be no secret that sides are going to be formed in which sentiment against others ideologies may worsen with every passing year. Considering that America prides itself on democracy, then there every ideology more or less justifies its existence under free speech laws no matter how extreme or hypocritical they are. The Boss does not care if American went from one political spectrum to another nor does not care if the government starts manipulating its citizens with a false sense of free will. However, the Patriots are not being enforced out of the will of the American government, they are formed by a group of reformists using the money that the United States plucked from the Soviet Union's hands. So even if the intentions are noble in hindsight and there is nobody who the United States would have used the Patriots wisely, she cannot approve of its existence as it subverts America's will. The Boss made way to see Zero who helped found them and even he agreed that they should be stopped, just because they were all malfunctioning and enforcing themselves as brutally as it could.
    Zero: Wait, are you saying that you don't care that the Patriots are harming innocent people?
    Boss: I only care if it is America that is behind such things—not an outdated AI that only seeks to serve what it is programmed to do. If America should make mistakes then those mistakes should be made by America, even if they do not own up to them.
  • Finally, the Boss went to face her old student within Big Boss. She surmised it is a rather tacky name though it fitted her student well. It was then Big Boss rushed at Boss with CQC but she disarmed him almost immediately. Considering that Big Boss was one of the few who mastered the martial art, it speaks volumes on either how efficient the Boss is... or how unwilling that her graduated student is to fight her again. Instead of dwelling on the tragic ending of Operation Snake Eater, the Boss only asked what the hell happened to the world after her death. As professionally as he could, Big Boss explained all the events with the Patriots, Cipher, Outer Heaven, FOXHOUND, and how it all ended thanks to surviving cloned son. Big Boss lamented to the Boss that it took him that long and to know her dream of peace was not having soldiers not under the thumbs of bureaucrats nor controlling the world for order—all that he assumes she wanted was everyone on the world settling their differences and uniting for a better future. It would seem like naïve wishful thinking though it is a powerful dream, either way, considering that all conflicts in the world are due to different ideologies attempting to supplant one another. The Boss told Big Boss that was a good guess, better than the last ones he made. Big Boss was left completely in shock over her response as he may have got her dream wrong the entire time. He then went on a furious rant to the Boss, basically screaming that he thought the Boss was a fucking fraud for letting the government get away with murdering her and that everything that the Patriots did was for her sake. Big Boss could not believe the implication he was still misreading the Boss even at death's door. The Boss could only turn to her furious ex-student and tell him that it does not matter what her will is now. The response that she gave to him managed to settle him down a bit upon understand her words and found that the Boss did not contradict his thoughts on her nor did her ideals changed.
    Boss: Jack, does it matter what I believe in? You are you, and I am me, and was making a world where soldiers not are tossed away was a dream you thought was mine, or was it yourself? All that matters now is the mission—the next mission that we will carry on our lives to see through. You have yours and I have mine, and whether we meet in the battlefield, I cannot say. What I could say, Jack is to live for yourself and not others.
  • Volgin would normally be surely pissed off upon hearing that the Boss is here as she was an undercover spy for the US government and was meant to search for the Philosopher's Legacy he gained. That said though, Volgin has pissed alright though it is more for being terrified that the Boss is here. Even Volgin who is Ax-Crazy enough to try to start a nuclear war with both the Soviet Union and the United States does not dare to cross the Boss unless he has to. The Man on Fire persona he takes on does nothing to alleviate that fear the Boss instills within him as he knows that no matter what he throws at her, she WILL find a way to completely obliterate him if he tries messing with the United States again. Volgin is not the only one who is afraid of what the Boss could do like all of America's enemies are wary of what she could do to them with only the truly foolish taking her lightly. Hence why the Boss was given a Greater Goddess-authority despite taking orders from any American government agency as her influence towards the country's military is that strong. Not to say that she agrees with such an "award for her efforts" but holds it highly either way.
  • Steven Armstrong is one of the few that the Boss truly loathes. Being a senator, it was expected that Armstrong would be self-serving in one way or another though trying to bring America to anarchy through war IS something she cannot abide by. Armstrong is essentially having his batshit insane Darwinist ideals imposed onto the populace unwillingly no matter how much he tries saying that it is what America wants all along. American patriots may be attached with the freedom and justice concepts (that the rest of the collective world loves mocking) though not to the extent that the majority want to fight to the death for luxuries. Only the strongest force in America would rule and would probably replace such a "fight or die" system as the Boss pointed out. Armstrong only told the Boss that she is a relic of the past and that even her skills and patriotism do not compare to the power of nuclear armaments and self-enhancing nanomachines. The Boss said that Armstrong is right and that her abilities now do not compare to what he can do... so she asked the topmost American scientists to implant her with nanomachines to be like Armstrong except these nanomachines would be superior to his in every way. The president had to beg the Boss that what she is doing is suicide but she cited that they will experiment with nanomachines to enhance physical and cognitive abilities one way or another. Perhaps using a "relic" like herself would showcase how efficient such technology is. When hearing such rumors on the Boss using nanomachines herself, one could see thatArmstrong was rather nervous about such a prospect.
  • Regarded very highly by WWII military members. Captain America himself even heard what the Boss was capable of and said that in terms of sheer skill set that she was the best of the best (of course, the Captain is superior physically but he does not count himself since enhanced genetics are "cheating"). Nobody dares to show any sexist attitude to her as everybody is silenced the moment the Boss enters the battlefield. Even Broforce who by all accounts is the most destructive and strongest American squadron looks up to what the Boss does. Despite all these praises, many of her superiors are understandably hesitant on sending her on missions and make it look like their exploiting her loyalty and skillset yet again. They extended her ordered vacation indefinitely but they secretly have her dream recruits and go on very secretive missions because she is just that valuable to them.
  • Surprisingly regards Funny Valentine well despite being blacklisted from the Pantheon-ascended American presidents. She says that regardless of Valentine's willingness to sacrifice other countries, he had the ambition of America being the greatest nation of all time. The Boss may not approve of the paved road but humanity (aka the American people) will not change the result even if they bemoan the method to reaching that result. Fortunately, the Saint's Corpse is back in America's possession and even she cannot access them. She may not be permitted to take orders from Valentine due to the being orders from the other presidents but she can truly say that Valentine was as American as one could get. Valentine also places the Boss highly for her loyalty to the country and informed her that those like Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli will use the Saint's Corpse for their ends (such as leg therapy or for another nation) and at least told the Boss that if another nation were to try and get it, then she must retrieve it back.
  • Due to being a woman in the military at a time where sexism was rampant, Jeanne d'Arc herself was impressed by how good the Boss is to the point that nobody cared that she was a woman. That said, the Boss regarded Jeanne well for being a patron saint of various military-related things though warned Jeanne on one thing. The Boss is perfectly okay in extending a hand of friendship to people from other countries (she did lead the Cobra Unit into battle after all) but if Jeanne went to war against what the Boss is sworn to protect over some divine voice in the sky, then the Boss will not hesitate at all when putting her down. No amount of friendship can have the Boss be standing ideal to those who would harm her country, as the Sorrow could attest to. Even Jeanne who had seen plenty of war knew how serious she was on committing to her patriotism.
  • Has decisively mixed feelings on the Enclave despite being not too dissimilar to the fascist Axis powers that she fought against. However, in her eyes, the Enclave embodies the determination of the United States and its attempts to reinstate itself no matter the cost. Most people are not willing to parley the Enclave for their genocidal tendencies, to which the Boss replies that ALL countries have committed genocide because they believe it was for the security of the state. Not to say it is justifiable but thinking America up on a moral pedestal then acting shocked over doing what they think is a necessary evil is incredibly naïve. All countries want to rule the planet and America is no different when it comes to adopting any ideology to remain in power. The Enclave embodies America's willpower and adaptation in a world of chaos, so how can she judge it if it was the will of her country? That said, her superiors have told her to be opposed to the Enclave as they do not embody America in the Pantheon—making her do just that. No hard feelings though which do not need to be said. That said though, the Boss is considered to be trustworthy enough to deploy Liberty Prime by them and "found" the access codes for it.
  • Captain America had surprisingly questioned how far the Boss was willing to go for her country. Even though Steve Rogers is and forever is a patriot, he draws the line when the American government becomes what he sees as too oppressive especially when it is to promote regulations on superpowered individuals who can easily be manipulated by the government for "security of the state" reasons. The Boss then asked Rogers was how much America changed since he was put to sleep, to put it mildly. She pointed out that America's methods and ideologies on what is just are always changing. When the atomic bombs hit Japan at the end of the war, many approved of such action since seeing the enemy be defeated was on everybody's minds but once years later came and America saw the two Communist nations as its enemy—the atomic bombings were then and now seen as a Moral Event Horizon that revealed weapons of mass destruction that could end the world at a moment's notice. Even at the Captain's time, there were numerous prejudices against minorities throughout the war and after the war—many minorities who were deemed security risks were heavily monitored in camps they were forcefully relocated to. Whatever he may believe in, Steve Rogers has idealism that very much is in opposition to cruel reality no matter what period he lives in. He still respects the Boss but simply cannot understand her point of view on the matter.
    Captain America: I was raised on the American dream of peace and justice. I can't just follow through with what the government says if it is against that...
    Boss: I'm sorry but there will always be a price for peace, even if it means paving it with the suffering of others. The Amendments have been rewritten numerous times throughout history and the American dream has also been rewritten. I cannot take that dream of yours but you cannot say that your ideals are what truly embodies our nation's beliefs for eternity.
  • Sofia Valmer knows more than anything about what it is like to have children be taken away. She feels nothing but sorrow for the Boss having her child be taken away from her and essentially being blackmailed to being loyal to her government (even though she was unwaveringly so already). Though the Boss appreciates the sympathy, it does not matter to her now. Her son has grown alive and well and she will remain loyal to the United States no matter how much abuse she takes from them. Valmer was disturbed over her disregard over it such a misdeed done against her but the Boss is the kind of person to look towards the future than the past. Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to different people.
  • Though has been long deceased when the fifth Smash tournament happened, her Spirit managed to be obtained by Galeem where she was fitted into a clone of Samus Aran (thanks to their similar visual appearances). Despite being only a Badass Normal in her lifetime, the Boss as a Spirit is infamous for kicking the butts of most people who faced her. She would grab them with the weaponry of Samus and decimate them with the finesse she has. Arguably, Galeem deemed her too powerful to let loose as he blockaded the Boss off from other fighters even though she could have made quick work with most of them. Samus herself respects the Boss highly for her professionalism and skills and was even impressed by how well the Boss used her weaponry. The Boss said it was an honor to use Samus as her vessel to fight once again but secretly, also took data on Samus and gave it to her superiors.
  • Frank Underwood deemed the Boss a great threat to his plans on dominating America as her popularity and loyalty to the other presidents made him unable to procure her on his side. The Boss does not have a high opinion on Underwood as he does have any principles on protecting the United States and only seeks to gain further power for himself. She is authorized to place Underwood on arrest on sight, resulting in Underwood having to take a low profile and put into hiding by the GUAE. Underwood may have many threats against his life in the Pantheon but had to beg the GUAE to make sure the Boss did not tie him up in his sleep to be hauled to a Kangaroo Court.
  • Smoker and Monkey D. Garp consider her an honorable soldier despite coming from different governments. If the Boss were to ever join the World Government then she has already reached Vice-Admiral at the minimum if not considered for an Admiral position. They believe that the Boss secretly is holding back or is unaware that she is using Haki as when during a sparring session against Smoker, she managed to grab him with CQC despite Smoker being able to just phase right out of her grip. The Boss does know what Haki is yet shown no interest in cultivating it in front of others.
  • Nick Fury and the Boss work closely together for the security of the American homeland. Most heroes would object to the more extreme measures that Fury takes but the Boss is not one of them and does it as efficiently as she could. Since SHIELD is an entirely separate military branch it is questioned how can she just be present in so many divisions (stealth, space, ground combat, air force, special, etcetera). The reason being that the Boss technically belongs to her own division (nicknamed the Boss division) that could do such things. Many members of the division are classified though a good indicator on who they are is their effectiveness in all sorts of mission and being seen working with all divisions together.
  • 2nd Battalion and many other World War II infantries (any prior war veterans as well) are obviously outdated when it comes to combat. Even when trained with new technology, they end up remaining with the surplus of World War weaponry they are accustomed to and are treated statistically as commodities or at worst, Cannon Fodder. That was until the Boss led the 2nd Battalion and many others in one battle and succeeded with little causalities. Many including the soldiers were shocked at the victory and asked how did the Boss do it. All that the Boss said that it did not matter if soldiers were using sticks and rocks to fight. A good strategy and tactics overcomes any battle and people ought to think of that when fighting.
  • She does not think highly of Arnold Berkman for having no loyalties to his nation. She once saw Berkman trying to hog away from a battle while his soldiers were valiantly fighting with but she caught him and called Berkman a coward for abandoning those who would die for their country. She gave him the ultimatum that if he did not do a retreat, then she would arrest him right there and send him back after having all secrets squealed out of him. Berkman took the more embarrassing but less lethal option.
  • "Isn't it beautiful? It's almost tragic. When life ends, it gives off a final lingering aroma. Light is but a farewell gift from the darkness to those on their way to die. I've been waiting, Snake, for a long time. Waiting for your birth, your growth, and the finality of today."

    Ishida Mitsunari 
Ishida Mitsunari, God of Fanatic Devotion (Dark King, Curse King, Lord Grumpy, Emonari, the Great Malevolence, Toyotomi's Left Arm)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crest - "All is one under Heaven"
  • Theme Music: Out for Blood*, Osaka - Winter Siege (vocal version by Minchul, Shin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Casting a Shadow, Despair Event Horizon, Unstoppable Rampages, Tears of Blood, Revenge Before Reason , Fanatical Loyalty, Violent Tendencies, Troubled, but Cute, Glowing Red Eyes Of Doom, Inability To Smile
  • Domains: Revenge, Angst, War, Devotion.
  • Followers: Mitsunari refuses any and all that would worship him. If they claim themselves devoted to another, then it should go without saying that they would never put anyone higher than their lord or lady.
  • Allies: Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Gilgamesh, Vergil, Eren Yeager, Bisharp
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oda Nobunaga,
  • Enemies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Chosokabe Motochika, Starscream, Fortinbras, Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Rose to the place due to showing strength by at one point Curb Stomping Date Masamune in combat. Of course, the reason why he's so powerful is due to his hatred of that IEYASUUUUU!!!!
  • Isn't entirely happy with Oichi following him around (or her new nickname for him), but chooses to ignore her in favor of his devotion to Hideyoshi.
  • As Hideyoshi rose from the grave (or rather, returned to life in the Pantheon), Mitsunari was overjoyed and once again swore fealty. However, he still wants to make Ieyasu pay for the griefs he suffered for years in Hideyoshi's absence.
  • As a god of pure devotion, anyone who bears a connection to the concept of betrayal is on his personal hit list. And he will not rest until he's torn apart anyone who would dare turn their backs to another.
  • Was once in the Emotion house, but moved to the House of Mentalism. Coincidentally, the Mentalism house is located in the exact location of Ieyasu's old house. When he realized this, it infuriated him greatly. He slightly calms upon moving to the House of Personality.
  • Though very unusual, the House of Friendship as a whole holds a level of respect to Mitsunari and Yoshitsugu, despite the former's vendetta against Ieyasu and the latter's position in their opposing House. The reason for this respect comes from the mutual bond the two share, which is a very rare sight within the halls of the Pantheon compared to most similar relationships.
    • Sadly, his alliance with Yukimura, Keiji and Motochika ended when they found out that got deceived by his craziness.
      • Same applies to Sasuke Uchiha ever since Mitsunari reminds Sasuke of a blast to the past of how things could've been different for him.
  • He was once visited by Fortinbras who offered him the strength of Genma to eventually slay Ieyasu. Mitsunari WAS about to accept, until he received visions that he'd be just a pawn of Fortinbras' ploy, with Fortinbras confirming that it's the truth. Mitsunari channels all his dedication to Lord Hideyoshi to instead outright refuse and drive Fortinbras away from his house and threatens that any Genma who approaches him will be decapitated without mercy. This was shortly before there was an announcement that any Toyotomi loyalist must always refuse the Genma. Hideyoshi is impressed with Mitsunari's steadfast loyalty this way.
  • Being a being that also have moon motifs, Mitsunari actually was visited by Diana. The two ended up in a fight, but after sharing both their stories and their zeal to those they believe in, Mitsunari actually put down his sword and actually considered Diana a kindred soul, someone he could call 'ally'.
  • However, regarding his other self, the Mitsunari from there is just outright disgusted. While both of them are in tandem for their loyalty to Hideyoshi, the fan-wielding portrayal would do anything just to make sure his katana-wielding counterpart would just shut up already. Both of them really hate each other to this day. That, and the fan-incarnation admits outright he himself has a bigger sense of mercy than the katana-version.
    • That, and the "other" Hideyoshi who looks much more of a monkey and uses a three-section staff is instead just put off by the katana-wielding Mitsunari's devotion. Staff-wielding Hideyoshi is now even more angry and upset over the twisted mind of Mitsunari being the result of his other self's absurd actions; he's gone a bit far, but not that far. As for Mitsunari's thoughts on the other Hideyoshi, he deems the smaller, more monkey-like (as opposed to ape-like) version an embarrassment to the name "Toyotomi Hideyoshi".
      • The saihai-wielding Yoshitsugu on the other hand, just dismisses him and flat-out deems katana-Mitsunari to just see a therapist already. That, and he would never ever consider him his friend akin to the Mitsunari he knows (despite Koei-Mitsunari still being a bit of a stuck-up snob). Toudou Takatora by that proxy is even less amused with Basara-Mitsunari overall. So far, Mitsunari has seen the reactions of several other alternate versions of his "allies" and "enemies", and he's quite either non-nonchalant or outright offended. Practically everyone from the Musou-side of things had to plug up their ears whenever his Hair-Trigger Temper voice got the best of him.
      • Upon this version of Mitsunari seeing the fat-gentleman-version of Ieyasu however, his rage would've exploded to unimaginable lengths if fat-Ieyasu was responsible for his monkey-version-lord's death, which is not the case. For now, he seems content with sparing him until the time comes...though both versions of Ieyasu and the other Mitsunari can barely stand the katana-Mitsunari's raging voice.
      • Via the voice of Mitsunari sounding akin to some hot-blooded guys all-around (and perhaps MAYBE Rob Lucci of all people), his Koei-self happens to sound like the son of Geese Howard (or a happy-go wrestler by the name of Ramon). On the latter note though, don't expect Koei-Mitsunari to start spouting objections akin to Miles Edgeworth/Reiji Mitsurugi, or acting akin to Raven.

    Jeremiah Gottwald 
Jeremiah Gottwald, God of Undying Loyalty (Orange-kun, STORM OF LOYALTY)

    Mina Loveberry 
Mina Loveberry, Goddess of Being Recruited from the Gutter (Mud Sister)
Transformed Mina

    Morrigan (Dragon Age
Morrigan, Goddess of Sarcastic Devotees
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her gold-colored necklace
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lady of Black Magic, Abusive Parents, Broken Bird, Court Mage, Dark Action Girl, Deadpan Snarker, Defrosting Ice Queen, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Hot Witch, No Social Skills, No Sympathy, Of Corsets Sexy, Purple Is the New Black, Took a Level in Kindness, Vain Sorceress, Voluntary Shapeshifting,
  • Domains: Magic, Shapeshifting, Snark, Ice, Animal
  • Followers: Zenkichi, Sancho Panza, John Casey, Zoe Washburne
  • Allies: The Warden and the Inquisitor, Tharja, Geralt of Rivia, Ryu (Breath of Fire), Miranda Lawson
  • Rivals: Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg (friendly for Yennifer)
  • Enemies: Corypheus
  • Opposes: The Evil Queen
  • Respects: Charles zi Britannia
  • Respected by: Daria Morgendorffer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alistair Theirin, Leliana, Isabela of Riven
  • Pities: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
  • Odd Friendship: Shego
  • Feared by: Xander Harris
  • The Warden has been about once more, looking for a chance for another of his crew to ascend. Alistair and Isabela both worked alongside him to summon the next in line. To the horror of those two, they brought back the snarky sorceress known as Morrigan. Not exactly on good terms with either Alistair or Isabela, she has nevertheless played a crucial role for Orlesia. Thus, the Warden placed her in the House of Personalities for her sharp quips despite sticking around with the group for so long.
    • The Inquisitor also puts their trust in the woman, who helped them defeat Corypheus while they were mortals. While not romantically involved, she puts some trust on the Inquisitor as one of the few who believed in her.
  • Pivotal in Corypheus's initial defeat was her transformation into a dragon. Already well known for shapeshifting to various animals, this particular defeat is her greatest feat for now. This gained the respect of Ryu.
  • Many snarkers were awaiting the inevitable showdown between Alistair and Morrigan. Renowned snarkers in their own right, the behavior is elevated greatly whenever the two are together. Daria herself can't help but make a smirk whenever she gets a chance to see the two battle it out.
    • Many deities think their banter hides something else. Despite both of them vehemently denying the rumors, the existence of timeline in which they had a child and they seemed to have mellowed toward each other did not help them.
    • Her relationship with Isabela isn't much better. She is the only one in the Warden's group that turned down a potential group sex with her or any other companions. The witch replied that she wouldn't touch her even if she were into girls.
  • It came as little surprise that she made quick friends with Tharja. The two even share the same preference in clothing. They also hold an odd loyalty to their leaders despite their deadpan tones. The two can be seen practicing spells or tormenting Alistair further.
  • Has maintained good relations with Geralt under the insistence of the Warden. That hasn't stopped her from forming a rivalry with Geralt's own trusted mages, though she makes it clear who she prefers. She sees a lot of herself when thinking of Yennefer while she can't help but notice Triss bearing similarities with Leliana (not a good thing in her book). As a result, she leaves most of the teasing to the redhead. With that said, not even she would snark to Ciri, deciding that the poor woman is under enough pressure as it is.
  • While she has interacted little with fellow misfits gathering Shepard, she has taken an increasingly warm liking to Miranda. The two had a conversation, with much of it involving their devotions to their parent figures and their eventual rejection of them. Their powers also compensate each other fairly well, with Miranda's technology and biotics working well with Morrigan's shapeshifting and curses.
  • Her earlier life was spent with her mother far from civilization. Her mother harbored a deep mistrust of humankind, and the two eliminated potential threats, with Morrigan playing the innocent girl trick on unsuspecting males. Xander knows she's changed for the better, but she still keeps an eye on her. Morrigan responds by creeping up on him, which always gives him a fright.
  • Whether her allies approve or not, she has always been a believer of Social Darwinism. To her delight, there was already a representative of the role by the name of Charles zi Britannia. The two may not be as close due to her Character Development, but he will always have a place in her heart.
  • Some would call her the (slightly) heroic version of Shego, another follower who can't help but point out the leader's flaws. The two may work against each other, but they are willing to set that aside for conversations over why they stick around.
  • Other villains aren't so lucky. Take the Evil Queen for example. Morrigan's vanity was enough for the queen to consider giving her the title of high priest. Morrigan has long since distanced herself from that mindset. The witch even takes it so far as to prevent other potential followers from siding with the Queen.

    Richard "Dick" Simmons  
Private First Class/Captain Richard Simmons, Patron Saint of Butt Kissers (Dick Simmons)

    Sun Shangxiang 
Sun Shangxiang, Goddess of Conflicting Loyalty (Sun Ren, Lady Sun, The Warrior Princess, Archer Princess, Bow Waist Princess)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Wu Kingdom Banner. Alternatively, A Bow and Arrow surrounded by a Bladed Ring.
  • Theme Song: Intense Collision
  • Alignment: Alternates between Neutral Good and Lawful Neutral with occasional moments of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Only Daughter of Sun Jian, Is Perfectly Content with Liu Bei (Despite said Marriage being Arranged) which Brings Personal Conflict for her and between the Wu and Shu Kingdoms, Boyish Short Hair, Fighting alongside her Family and/or her husband, Rings of Death, Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Tomboy Princess that Becomes more Feminine Overtime, She-Fu, Precision Guided Wind And Fire Wheels, Is More Capable and Combat-Heavy than in the Original Literature Adaptation
  • Domains: Princess, Royalty, Loyalty, Family, Fire, Love, Conflict, Marriage
  • Heralds: Liu Shan (her step-son), Lianshi (her armed maid/best friend)
  • Allies: Lea/Axel, Alexstrasza, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Fa Mulan, Princess Sofia, Sunny, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Zuko
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, Sima Yi, Sima Shi, Lu Lingqi, Diaochan, Cao Cao, Oda Nobunaga, The Child Abuse Supporters, Nightmare, Tira, Shan-Yu, Noob Saibot, Sektor, Frost, Azula
  • Special Relationship: Liu Bei (her husband), Sun Jian (her father), Sun Ce (her brother)
  • On Good Terms With: The Ascended Members of the Shu Kingdom
  • According to written history, not much is documented about Sun Shangxiang of the Wu Kingdom. What is recorded was that she was expected to marry Liu Bei, a leader of the Su Kingdom which ended up working in both parties' favours. In another series of historical events, Shangxiang was very dedicated and protective of her family, a factor that still remained even after she had married Liu Bei. However, after the Battle of Big Fan, which was concluded by the assassination of Guan Yu, Lady Sun was forced to choose between her family or her husband, ultimately going with the former. Despite this, she still appreciated and loved Liu Bei and she remains the primary reason on why each kingdom doesn't fully hate another. She later sides with her husband in later events, though she still retains some form of loyalty to her father and brothers.
  • Lady Sun had been in the Pantheon for quite some time, albeit as Liu Bei's herald. While she didn't mind it all too much, given that their feelings for one another were genuine, she was despondent in that she couldn't really get to meet up with her father Sun Jian and brother Sun Ce properly. It all came to a point when she decided to confess to Liu Bei that while she loves him, she also wants to have regular meetups with her family. She decided to prove her worth by writing a letter to the Court of the Gods about her situation.
    • Lady Sun's ascension was rather complicated. She met Sun Jian and Sun Ce in court and bought along Liu Bei under a ceasefire. Hering her testimonial and wishes, the court highlighted Lady Sun's troubling decision between choosing the Wu Kingdom for her family or siding with the Shu Kingdom for her husband. She personally said little, clearly hesitating and finding it difficult to favour a side. After an hour of recalling past events, Sun Shangxiang ascended into the Pantheon, although her representing trope meant that she would need someplace new to stay in so she can maintain regular contact between Liu Bei and the Wu Kingdom
      • Fortunately, she has a spot in the Hall of Subordinates, which means that maintaining contact with Liu Bei is a lot easier than she anticipated. Still, trying to meet up with her father and Sun Ce is problematic. She'll hopefully try something out, though she does want to see if Liu Bei will help her out in that regard. Luckily, he and Sun Jian are in good relations for now.
  • As per usual for a Tomboy Princess, Lady Sun is often seen honing her fighting skills and her use in her Wind and Fire Wheels and Bow. That said, she has been getting rather girly rather recently. Still, Lady Sun has asserted that she's a fighter first and foremost and she isn't backing away from battle anytime soon. Her tomboyish trait was what allowed her to befriend Princess Sofia in the first place. Lady Sun is open to teach Sofia in how to fend for herself.
    • Before someone asks, Lady Sun can use a sword. That said, she only did so once. Still, she'll use one of her rings and bow aren't available and will tell her opponents why she's carved a reputation in fighting against armies like the rest of her family and kingdom.
  • Obviously, trying to bond with the Wu and Shu Kingdoms proves harder than expected, even though they're doing their best to keep a good relationship. That doesn't mean that Lady Sun is willing to explore the Pantheon and meet up with new faces. That and new threats mean the Wu and Shu should begin to make preparations to ready themselves for further battle.
  • As Goddess of Conflicting Loyalty, Lady Sun came into contact with Zuko during a travel to the House of Family and Relatives. She was surprised and saddened to learn of what the Heir to the Fire Nation had to go through regarding his allies and family. As difficult as it was for Lady Sun to be a benefactor for two kingdoms, Zuko's was emotionally and psychologically stressful and hard to bear. Zuko, however, was happy to learn that Lady Sun gets along with her alliances offered a friendship as a sign of goodwill and understanding, which she accepted.
    • Speaking of, she immediately came to dislike Zuko's father and sister, Ozai and Azula. Lady Sun can express some degree of pity towards Azula given that she was also a victim of circumstance and abuse like Zuko, only in her case, it was more psychological and based on expectation, Ozai, on the other hand, she has nothing other than utter disregard for. She came from a family that, regardless of their arguments with one another, still loved and fought for each other, whereas Ozai had absolutely no view of how to take care of others empathetically.
  • While by no means a ninja, she does associate pretty well with Kuai-Liang, with Lady Sun asking if the Lin Kuei are willing to have an alliance with the Wu and Shu Kingdoms. Kuai has made it clear that the two of them have to prove themselves worthy of defending themselves and their lands if they want the alliance Lady Sun has proposed. Still, Kuai is open to working with her in situations pertaining to defending their worlds regardless.
    • Lady Sun also found out about the time Kuai had his own issues with his clan during his time in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Namely that his loyalty was being challenged when the Lin Kuei higher-ups were interested in creating cyborgs, which Kiau saw as a perversion to the Lin Kuei's ethical code, prompting him and his closest compatriot, Cyrax to rebel. While her circumstances of having a troubling time with loyalty was more based on family and relationship, Lady Sun still opted to support Kuai's actions regardless.
  • Lady Sun became friends with Lea when they met at the House of Friendship and Camaraderie. Beyond the fact that the two of them use giant bladed wheels (formerly, in Lea's case) and have an association with fire, Lea, as Axel, also had his bout of being torn between serving the organization and remaining friends with Roxas and Xion. Lady Sun decided not to press too much about this, especially given the situation that Axel was in by that point. Lea, however, is willing to allow Lady Sun to hang out with him and probably introduce her to Roxas and Xion if she had time.
  • She often visits the House of Family occasionally, given her strong ties to her father and brothers and often tries to make sure that they can hang out as much as they could when visiting it. She enjoys the company that is provided there and is eager to play with children if given the moment. That said, she vehemently opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, who themselves disgust Sun Jian for their take on "raising" children.
  • While they aren't part of the same kingdom, she still chose to nominate Liu Shan as her herald. It's mainly because he's her step-son in Liu Bei's part and she clearly loves him. It's also one of the reasons she takes visitations in the House of Family so that she can dote and play around with her step-son as much as she could. Yes, Liu Shan isn't a kid and does sometimes get annoyed, but he does respect his step-mother enough to hang out with her. Oh, and he can fight back if need be.
  • Has an audience from the House of Love and Affection, mainly because of her marriage towards Liu Bei. Despite this, however, Lady Sun doesn't actually visit the House all too often. It's more to do with the fact that they'd start asking questions like would she prefer her husband or her family and given how difficult Lady Sun has taken that, she would understandably be nervous about those sorts of questions. The most she could do however is act all boisterous and huffy about her pride and reputation if mostly to divert their attention.
  • During a trip to the House of Knowledge, she read about Soul Edge, it's malevolent nature and the damage it caused throughout its carnage. Lady Sun became concerned about it when despite the cursed sword's origins in Europe, it's influence managed to spread all the way towards Southeast Asia, which Lady Sun saw as alarming and urged the Wu and Shu Kingdoms be ready themselves when it comes to the Azure Knight, Nightmare.
    • She was also somewhat disturbed when she met Tira, a former lieutenant to Nightmare. She possessed a giant ring, just like Lady Sun, but she was clearly not sane and relished in killing others. The two had an even match against one another, ending when reinforcements from Lady Sun's side made their presence, prompting Tira to flee the scene. She has promised about killing Lady Sun though, which meant that she has to be prepared to meet the next time, given Tira's unpredictable nature.
"I'm happy that we're in this together. Now, let us go out there and fight!"

    Yes Man 
Yes Man, God of Sycophants (PDQ-88b Securitron, Goddamn TV on wheels)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His smiling visage
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Courier's very own sycophant, Nice Guy, But is still cunning mastermind, Extreme Doormat to only the Courier, Named this way for a reason but it's also because the only name to go by, Dissonant Serenity
  • Domain: Jovialness, Trickery, Planning, Sycophants, Pragmatism
  • Heralds: Securitron Army
  • High Priest: The other Yes Man
  • Allies: The Courier, Richard Simmons, Benny
  • Worries: Robert Edwin House
  • Enemies: The Courier's enemies but especially Father Elijah, Ghengis Khan, Null Sector
  • Hates: Arthur Maxson, Anyone who reminds him of the Great Kahns
  • Yes Man was once a regular Securitron that, after being damaged, was recovered by the Chairmen's Leader Benny for the purpose of usurping House and taking over New Vegas in the coming Second Battle for Hoover Dam. While Yes Man is very much capable of doing so, Benny isn't, and there was the problem of unfinished business with a certain delivery man heading right for him never mind his reputation in the wastes. By chance, and poor programming on Benny's part, Yes Man and the Courier would go on to make their mark through Benny's plans and the Mojave Wasteland would be forever changed... at least, that would be the case in one of the potential outcomes anyways. Indeed, it is ambiguous as to what side the Courier took during the Final Battle but nevertheless Yes Man is happy to serve the Courier in any way he can.
  • He was actually present long before the Courier was and while capable of plotting a takeover, the other gods have taken steps to prevent Yes Man from doing so mostly by telling him not to and isolating him in places like basements and such. There are others however who are looking into taking advantage of him for their own purposes. That was, until the Courier came to the Pantheon themselves and revealed Yes Man had his "Assertiveness" Upgrade already installed on him, meaning the commands told to him by the other denizens was an act ordered by the Courier for a bit of a laugh and any plans by just asking him to help plan things for them was bound to end in failure anyways. Some question the upgrade as proof the Courier went to an independent route for the Mojave Wasteland as such a thing did indeed happen by its end, but this reasoning is flimsy without anything else supporting it.
    • On that note others question what the upgrade entails as it could mean Yes Man is capable of usurping them with his newfound "Assertiveness". The truth is, Yes Man has no plans in undermining his new boss. The Upgrade means he can act independently and run things on his own meaning there won't be anyone like the Courier trying to pull the rug from under their feet like with that oversight during Benny's absence. As a result many deities can attest to seeing the modified Securitron in a number of odd places in the Pantheon, usually running the Courier's other errands. Managing the Courier's inventory, dealing with their allies and enemies both old and new, stockpiling on a number of armaments under people's noses. Those kinds of things. He's quite glad to not be stuck in a dingy basement as his entire world.
  • Yes Man may be programmed as a jolly and overall friendly robot, but one should never forget that said robot is capable of not only playing two of the most powerful factions in the Mojave Wasteland, but also ruining the plans of a Crazy-Prepared Pre-War businessman who's calculations on the timing of when the bombs would drop was off by a day. He also favors the more pragmatic options in situations, in some cases the more brutal ones not unlike something House would do. There's also the fact he's an automaton with a Gatling Laser, a submachine gun, a grenade and even a missile launcher with auto repair never mind a seemingly neverending supply of spare bodies should he be destroyed but considering the general population of the Pantheon, this gets overlooked. Of course, Yes Man plans to remedy this when it comes time for the Courier to enact their own little plans in the future.
    Yes Man: "Well I just can't let everyone else have all the fun now can I? Why not have another huge killer robot into the mix? Or heck, even an army while we're at it. We already have multiple movements full of them! Big world, huh?"
  • Mr House was... not happy when he learned of Yes Man's existence. While Benny's treacherousness came as no surprise to him (no absurd calculations needed for that) the very fact that he's pretty much a phantom in his network and also has access to his own Securitron army is indeed a cause for concern. Even if the relationship between him and the package Courier remains ambiguous but not openly hostile. Not helping in this instance is the fact that Yes Man is seen around the Courier in their more dubious moments, usually when said moments involves some tech support. Yes Man reciprocates the very negative feelings. But with only the good vibes he brings out.
    Yes Man: "I don't like Mr. House one bit! No wonder the good guys want to kill him and take his stuff!"
    • As the Courier's enemies are his enemies as well neither they are any happy with Yes Man's ascension as it means one more ally of theirs is up and against them. Father Elijah seems especially angry as something potentially sophisticated as Yes Man is in the hands of some package Courier and not him. Yes Man meanwhile could only "aah" at the realization of why the Courier specifically chose to bury him in the Sierra Madre's vault.
  • Incapable of any form of anger or rage, due to how he was programmed, and while he does not mind said programming there are times where he wants to be angry but just... just can't. Like when your boss blows up the large army beneath everyone's feet, meaning they are going to try and issue a take over without any back up to speak of. At best it's just Angrish and making huge leaps and bounds in logic to make some amount of sense of such poor decisions. That said, he doesn't mind the jovial persona even when referring to some people he personally doesn't like.
    • And speaking of people he personally doesn't like, he's a bit more irate when the Brotherhood of Steel is brought up in conversation. Understandable given their reputation and stance when it comes to technology, especially with Arthur Maxson at the helm in the Pantheon where they are much more aggressive than previous iterations. He's made it clear time and time again he doesn't want them around anymore.
    • Yes Man appears to also hate Ghenghis Kahn, likely as a carryover for his Irrational Hatred for the faction in the Wasteland known as the Great Kahns. Its irrational in the fact that Benny hated them and the robot is only just copying his opinions on them. Yes Man had made it clear he wouldn't mind if Ghenghis' temple suddenly and unfortunately exploded one day. Or if he was filled with lead. Or vaporized in the epicenter of a bomb. On that note, anyone who reminds him of the Kahns gets similar comments and views.
  • Yes Man considers Richard Simmons of the Red Team a friend of his due to his role as the group resident Professional Butt-Kisser. Simmons thinks he's exaggerating, now being a far cry from immediately sucking up the Sarge and whatever orders he barks out but Yes Man was still insistent he can at least relate experiences. "I guess," was Simmons' reply. He at least is capable of not putting up with the more insane plans unlike Yes Man, whom Simmons still finds the most passive robot ever (of all time!).
  • Null Sector in their goals of growing their strength sought out Yes Man to join their cause. When he, politely, refused through sending a predictably friendly letter they instead were enraged and sent over troops to take him and the Securitron army he leads by force. Alive or dead. The attacking forces were then in for a surprise when during the journey to Yes Man's temple they were greeted by some of the enemies they made in the Pantheon, in part to Yes Man tipping off the request made to him along with the approximate calculations of their mobilizations and arrival upon refusal.
  • "Hey! Hi there, good to meet you! What can I do for you today?"


Varys, God of Position Loyalty (Lord Varys, The King's Spider, The Eunuch, The Spider, "Rugen", Lord Eunuch, Undergaoler)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: None that he has chosen himself, although others apply a Spider to him.
  • Alignment: Lawful-there are arguments for Neutral and Evil
  • Portfolio: Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster, Being willing to give information to the right people, Animal Motifs of a Sneaky Spider, employing Creepy Children, Loyal to the Position, Agent Peacock, possibly being evil, doing things for the greater good, Master of Disguise, delivering 'justice' through cold-blooded murder, Lacking a Penis, Master Actor, The Plan
  • Domains: Ambiguity, Knowledge, Royalty, Vision, Spying
  • Heralds: His little birds
  • Followers: He is often seen discussing strategy with Zero/Akane Kurashiki as they plot to manipulate their respective worlds, and general opinion classifies her as Varys' main follower
  • Interested in: The Global Occult Coalition
  • Allies: Unknown. TV Varys has settled on Jon Snow , and in general he finds Osiris promising. Some theorize a connection to Daemon Blackfyre
  • On good terms with: The SCP Foundation
  • On speaking terms with: The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Law, AUTO
  • Respects: Sage Harpuia
  • Rivals: Petyr Baelish Dr. Liara T'Soni, Kreia
  • Enemies: All deities who threaten the stability of the world, mainly the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and the Night King. Also Pennywise, The Coachmaster, the Reasons
  • Evil Counterpart: Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposes: The House of Magic and Sorcery, the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Chaos, The Ones, other GOI not mentioned
  • Pities: Wolfgang Schreiber
  • The ever enigmatic Varys is the spymaster and Knowledge Broker of the small council, having served in the court of King's Landing since mad King Aerys. Some might say he encouraged his madness. He claims to serve the realm, making him seem enigmatic. Even if one agrees his beliefs are truly enlightened, he is difficult to trust. He's good at disguises and can play up the Sissy Villain role so people don't think much of him, but underestimate Varys at your own folly.
  • He ascended shortly after his schemes to bring a Targaryen to the Iron Throne of Westeros succeeded, although whichever Targaryen it was, his superior, George R. R. Martin, is unwilling to say. Some even claim he did not succeed, and is merely baiting the Gods by claiming to know spoilers for Game of Thrones. If you consider Order Versus Chaos to be a thing, then he is on the "order" side compared to his arch-rival, Littlefinger, who is sowing chaos. Neither exactly fits the alignment, however.
  • With the help of his little birds, Varys knows anything and everything about anyone that takes his interest. However, whether or not he'll let others know how much he knows is a question that nobody knows the answer to. He claims that all he wants to do is make the realm safer for the children, however, his true motives are, like everything else of his life, shrouded in mystery.
  • The House of Family and Relatives does not trust Lord Varys, and they've said "no, we didn't factor you being eunuch into it". Varys admitted that's fair, and he has no hard feelings. However he will help them deal with the Coachmaster. Even if you think he's evil, what the Coachman does is horrifying to him and he is helping the victims of the Coachman seek asylum.
  • When asked where his loyalties lie, Varys said "the realm". He is Loyal to the Position, and ultimately felt he should change his role in the pantheon to reflect that. This means he has a dim view of the different warring alliances as he knows ambition, passion and desire has devastated his own realm of Westeros; he sides with no alliance. However he has made the GUAD his clear enemy, as they want the destruction of his and all realms, making them wholly incompatible with his vision.
  • Though he is keeping with a relatively neutral path, he was willing to hear out YHVH through Metatron. They pointed out that he was in many ways Law-aligned, wanting a peaceful world through extreme measures, and said they could help achieve that. However Varys believe they go too far and are trapped, preoccupied in conflict with the GUAC. Cosmos argued that the GUAG is inherently peaceful due to their desire to end evil itself, which Varys agreed but pointed out though their side has the compassion the GUAL is often lacking they can be...inefficient in combating the GUAE. Ultimately Varys came out of his conversations with distrust of the GUAE and GUAC, but not being above exploiting them or potentially finding converts there for his desires of societal change. He has some respect for the GUAL and GUAG, but is Choosing Neutrality.
  • Though he has some respect for the Great Will, Varys is contemptous towards the heads of the Reasons. They want to shape the world to a new vision, but are hypocrites who Varys believes would leave the world to ruin. They're far from the vision of an ideal ruler he desires. When it comes to cleaning up society he is not sure what to think of YHVH's close ally/other self, Yaldabaoth, or his foes the Phantom Thieves. Ultimately he feels he should see more of their accomplishments before deciding who's new order would be most beneficial for their realm.
  • For now, he is aiding the SCP Foundation as their goal to protect mankind, if doing so amorally sometimes, and secretive nature fits Varys well. However they don't trust him, not helped by the fact that he is intrigued by the GOC and wonders if they are a superior means of achieving his goal of a peaceful realm. However he does make his stance on the other Groups of Interest clear; they are not to be trusted and risk the stability of mankind.
  • Not one for the House of Magic, as he was castrated in the first place as part of a magical ritual. He still asks "why does nobody trust the eunuch", and feels Eunuchs Are Evil is a negative stereotype. He pointed out that Osiris is a fine and noble ruler without a penis, though Osiris himself is wary of the Lord of Whisperers. And despite being clearly evil Varys sympathy for Wolfgang Schreiber because he was castrated and abused, leading to his insanity. However he is adamantly opposed to the cause he serves.
  • Finds himself agreeing on Kreia with a lot of her views on the Force, believing it is an amoral puppetmaster who has engineering a Forever War between the Dark and the Light Side. Naturally he doesn't like the Ones. However he is more a rival because he disagrees with Kreia on a number of points, mainly the method. And he isn't sure whether the Balance Between Good and Evil is irrecoverably flawed or merely in need of improvement, so for now he opposes the Ones rather than declaring them his enemies.
  • Sometimes you can find Varys talking with AUTO about their different means of protecting people around them, and willingness to do what some may consider evil to do so. You can find Varys testing his craft in the House of Disguises. He's most impressed by Arsene Lupin. The Master of Whisperers holds some respect for Harpuia, due to his nobility despite serving a dictator and ultimately choosing to be a better ruler.
  • Due to their similar professions and the power of her position, he has somewhat of a rivalry with Dr. Liara T'Soni, a.k.a. The Shadow Broker. Though Varys notes that while she is skilled and intelligent, she lacks experience. She asks what type of children he uses, and it depends. He either has children that have been mutilated or regular, ordinary children he takes care of.
  • Grew very worried when he heard Stannis Baratheon had ascended, as they had never trusted him and find his claims of helping the realm dubious due to Varys helping Aerys II. He was also concerned that Pennywise was in the pantheon, due to him being a Child Eater. The clown initially had a hard time figuring out what to frighten Varys with, given his stoic demeanor, but managed to get him panicked by taking the form of the very man who castrated him while demonstrating magic.
  • Seeks the ideal ruler; wise, self-aware, not weakened by desire but also strong-willed and concerned for the people. He spends a lot of time examining the Houses of Leadership and Royalty for just that. In a way, he is the polar opposite of Prime Minister Honest, who Varys hates. In fact spending enough time in the same house as him and seeing how they're polar opposites has made them arch-enemies and foils.
  • Seems to want a Targaryen on the throne, probably. His decision to have private conversations with Daemon Blackfyre set off some alarm bells. Why? Well there's no proof there's anything but some mutual interest, but it comes to speculation about "Young Griff", Varys' idealized ruler. Allegedly Rhaegar's son who was swapped and saved from the Mountain, a common theory is that he is really a Blackfyre imposter and Varys is in on a scheme to put a Blackfyre(through the female line, because the male line is exhausted) on the throne. Potentially for personal reasons, such as Varys being part of the same family tree.