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Some expect food to taste a certain way, but there isn't really a guarantee on how those who eat it will react to it. This is basically the taste-test area of the House of Food, and it's possible that visitors could get sick from eating certain foods.

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Intermediate Gods


Amethyst, Goddess of Eating for Fun (Ame, Amy, Purple Puma, Ultimate Wingman, Amethyst Facet-5 Cut-8XM, Fun Mom, Purple Mom, Grape Mom, Sister Mom, Purple Grimace)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Deity as Alexandrite or Obsidian)
  • Symbol: The amethyst gem embedded in her chest
  • Theme Songs: Amethyst's Theme, On the Run, Tower of Mistakes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with some doses of Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Eats Purely for Fun, The Youngest Gem Prior to Steven, Ashamed of Having Been Created for Evil Purposes, Liberal Shapeshifter That Retains her Gem and Colors, Cool Big Sis to Steven, Pintsized Powerhouse, Can Set Her Whip on Fire, makes use of Rolling Attacks, The Last of her Kindergarten's Gems to Emerge and Much Smaller to Boot, Big Eater, The Unapologetic, Brutal Honesty, Butt-Monkey, Serious Anger Issues, The Gadfly, Beware the Silly Ones, Sad Clown, The Lad-ette.
  • Domains: Eating, Gems, Shapeshifting.
  • Heralds: The Famethyst
  • Allies:
  • Uneasy around: The Diamond Authority.
  • Friendly Rivals: Buttercup, King Dedede.
  • Enemies: Vilgax, Darkseid, Darth Sidious, Horde Prime, Shang Tsung, The T-1000, King Ghidorah, Aku, SpaceGodzilla, Ultraman Belial, Yapool, Alien Empera, Zim.
  • Pities: Tai Lung
  • Amethyst was a gem born in Earth's Kindergarten (a Gem creation facility), however because of issues relating to the war forcing the Homeworld Gems to retreat, she was left behind by all other gems that emerged from that Kindergarten. Amethyst spent years after her emergence there, alone and forgotten until she was found by Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems, who took her in. Afterwards she became a member of the Crystal Gems, acting as one of Rose's closest confidants, though completely unaware of her past and the ramifications of the Gem War. When Rose died to give birth to Steven, Amethyst took on a sisterly role with the young gem/human hybrid, and went on to help him in many hardships that culminated in Homeworld's reformation. Later on, she continued to assist Steven on his many adventures, culminating in Steven leaving Beach City to get help with his personal problems and bidding farewell to Amethyst and the other Gems.
  • Amethyst was ascended once Steven's adventures ended, with her now working as a counselor for other gems to find themselves just like she once did. Her temple was made to be similar to her room in the Beach House only much bigger and messier than before. Amethyst was glad to find her fellow Crystal Gem allies and friends upon ascension, and went on to find Steven in the Pantheon as well, though she still respects his choice to take some time off for himself and his therapy. For now Amethyst has began expanding her social circle even more than before, especially with many deities similar to her that she made friends with in the Pantheon.
  • While the Diamond Authority have redeemed themselves from their previous behavior and goals, stepped down from leading Homeworld and even help to repair shattered gems they still don't give much of a good impression to Amethyst, who while tolerant of them prefers to hang out with other people, as she still won't fully forgive them for what they did and nearly destroying her home planet of Earth.
  • Among her first non-gem allies in the Pantheon was Kirby, as the small Star Warrior reminded Amethyst of Steven in many ways, from their star motifs to their general cheerfulness and willingness to make friends and even their association with positive emotions. Kirby's status as a well-known Big Eater also became another point of bonding between the two. This last reason also led to her becoming a friendly rival of King Dedede, leading to some heated competitions in the House of Food to see who can outdo the other at eating, even at times doing Gourmet Races (sometimes with Kirby tagging along).
  • Many wrestling deities were eager to see her, as they had heard of Amethyst's alter-ego, Purple Puma, a fierce and powerful wrestler capable of overpowering everyone who fought her, however they were quite disappointed to hear that after she managed to overcome a lot of her self-esteem issues she began to drop this act. However, she's gone back to it for some fun now as her opponents range from still as weak as in her world to others who can overpower and defeat her, giving her more incentive to fight, now without it having to be a way for herself to compensate for her insecurities. In that vein, all evil wrestling deities became her enemies once she hit the ring again as the Purple Puma.
  • Used to have issues with her origins (made on Earth to conquer it and sapped Earth's resources to be created), but after conveying it to Steven, and a rash decision to fight Pearl, she's mostly gotten over it and come to terms with it. This has not only helped her become stronger in battle, but also helped her grow completely in future events including meeting other quartzes like her known as the Famethyst; while she has not abandoned her rebellious and troublemaking tendencies, she's a lot more disciplined now and far more confident about herself. This got her an unusual ally in Hordak and Entrapta, both outcasts to the groups they were once a part of (Hordak to Horde Prime's empire and Entrapta to the Etherian Princesses), Amethyst felt even more sympathy for Hordak when she heard that Horde Prime would forcefully mind-wipe and manipulate him into obedience, even overriding Hordak's free will to impose his own. The three occasionally hang out to talk about their issues and sometimes to remember the experiences that helped them grow and eventually become more confident about themselves. Amethyst has even joked that Entrapta can join the "Shorty Squad" alongside Peridot (Steven's growth has made him no longer an official member) and herself.
  • She was once her team's youngest member and the most immature, almost living off as a slacker who went along with whatever happened around her, for this reason she made allies with other deities from CN shows (who she met in CN City) who showed a similar demeanor to her. Among these stood out the likes of Mordecai and Rigby, who once were a pair of lazy slacking interns who used to get caught up in all sorts of crazy situations and events when trying to do mundane park activities, at times Amethyst has joined some of their crazier exploits even going along with the golf cart rides to have fun; another was Jake the Dog, a laid-back, relaxed and somewhat childish magical dog capable of shapeshifting like her, Jake himself likes to screw around with his shapeshifting but will always do the right thing if need to which made him a good friend of Amethyst; finally there's K.O who met and befriended Garnet in a crossover adventure when the villainous Strike threatened to end CN City, Amethyst found some interesting similarities in their self-esteem issues and self-loathing, with K.O's becoming bad enough that he nearly turned into a destructive force because of it.
  • With her strange appetite she got another ally in Max Tennyson, a human member of the secret organization of the Plumbers, who has a very peculiar fondness for all sorts of strange alien dishes and food that most would deem inedible. His story of romancing Verdona, an Anodite woman who like Rose was a shapeshifting being of light and having children with her, reminded Amethyst of Greg's own story with Rose, down to Steven inheriting Rose's powers just like Gwen and Sunny Tennyson (granddaughters of Max and Verdona) did when they inherited the anodite nature of Verdona.
  • Her shapeshifting and general attitude got her two allies in Beast Boy and Shazam/Captain Marvel; both superheroes have a similar laid-back attitude and can change shape at will. Since both are also typically teenagers or children, they got along well with the gem. At one point before meeting her in person, both thought she was the Princess of Gemworld and were a bit confused once they did meet. Amethyst respects Billy's pure-heartedness and willingness to do good no matter what, even in worlds where he isn't the Wizard Shazam's Chosen One. As for Beast Boy, he likes that Amethyst has been able to not only improve as a person but also overcome her self-esteem issues to become more confident about herself and eventually becoming a counselor to help other gems with low self-esteem issues.
  • Michelangelo of the TMNT also earned himself a spot among her closest allies, as the fun-loving yet skilled ninja turtle found common grounds with Amethyst on how their teammates (and in Mikey's case, brothers) used to at times think little of them and often took them for granted. That Mikey has issues with his perception of himself as a load to his brothers also helped, as Amethyst understands the feeling of thinking of oneself as a burden to others. They ocasionally are seen gorging on large amounts of pizza on the House of Food and have even gone on sewer adventures at time, even eating some... less-than-appetizing stuff such as whatever they find in the sewers that catches their eye.
  • To the surprise of many, despite her strange palate and tendency to eat whatever she gets her hands on, she's actually a really good cook alongside the other Crystal Gems, enough to end a feud between two feuding families who have run food establishments for years just so she and her friends won't drive both out of business. While she's remained uninterested in professionally becoming a chef, since she has a job as a counsellor to attend, she still does at time help a few chefs in the house cook up a thing or two. But usually speaking, her reasons for visiting any of the Halls of the House of Food is simply to grab a snack for the day or whatever else she feels like eating.
  • The Scout was an odd ally of hers. Scout (real name: Jeremy) actually found common grounds with Amethyst on their status as runts/younger child, since Scout had to train his speed when he proved weaker physically than his older seven brothers and ultimately could never get into their fights with pure strength instead relying on getting to the fights faster to win, similar to how Amethyst learned to use her speed and own skillset. The two also bonded over their quirks and laidback attitude, and while Amethyst at times has been exasperated by Scout's jerkish qualities, the two still get along and hang out from time to time to have fun around the Pantheon, usually by either stirring up trouble or fighting evil forces scattered around it.
  • Despite his evil ways, she pities Tai Lung, a warrior who was never quite content with himself and his own accomplishments and was desperate for outside approval and support; especially from his adoptive father, Shifu. While Amethyst does oppose Tai Lung's evil-doing and his sympathetic backstory does not stop her in this regard, she has found a strange amount of empathy with his plight as she herself knows what it feels like to be weighed down by self-loathing and a desire and craving of validation from others.
  • Being a fellow user of Rolling Attacks who have laid-back demeanors, Amethyst became fast friends with Sonic, as the friendly speeder hedgehog proved to be a fun presence for her, especially when the two get up to fighting bad guys or just spar in general. They can even be seen eating chili dogs together. She's hung out with his friends as well.
  • The childish Imajin Ryutaros, one of Rytaro Nogami's heralds and source of power for his transformation of Den-O, became another ally of Amethyst once she met Ryotaro himself possessed by Ryuta. She took a liking to his more energetic and fun-loving attitude. Though she did get at times a bit unnerved by how quick he can be to resort to violent solutions, she nonetheless keeps being friends with him. The two at times are even joined by Scout whenever they feel like taking a stroll around the Pantheon to pass time, sometimes getting up to chaotic antics much to their other allies' frustration or taking delight in beating down evil forces whenever they arise or threaten peace.
  • Amethyst's purpose for her creation was to be a weapon of war meant to help fight the Crystal Gems before the Diamonds' corruption attack made the Kindergarten she would be born in get abandoned many years before she emerged from the ground. This made her an all with Vivi Ornitier, who was also made to be a weapon of war but ultimately ended up turning to good.
  • At times the Crystal Gems have been compared to the Powerpuff Girls in overall team dynamics and individual personalities. Amethyst got along well with the trio once she and the other Gems met them, especially Buttercup, the toughest and rudest fighter of the Girls and someone who has a knack for being both tough-as-nails and kind and compassionate to others. They also sort of became friendly rivals, at times making friendly competitions when fighting evil together to see who can beat the most bad guys in a fight.
    • A similar ally was made in Rainbow Dash, as the tomboyish pegasus is very similar to Buttercup and just as likeable as her. Amethyst has found herself impressed by the Sonic Rainboom she can perform while Dash has been impressed by Amethyst's skills at shapeshifting. Dash has also found common ground on the issue of having had an inferiority complex masked by an arrogant streak, which like Amethyst she grew out of as time passed and she learned to believe in The Power of Friendship that the other Mane Six helped her understand.
  • She got to meet Zim, a little green alien, who reminded her of Peridot. However she soon found out from interacting with Zim that he was not like Peridot once the superficial similarities were removed, as Zim is an unrepentant and proud wannabe planet conqueror and unlike Peridot fully supports the Irken Empire's conquests, even if he might have destroyed the whole Empire through his blunders and antics with the Florpus. Regardless, Zim views the Gems as obstacles to his self-believed eventual conquest of Earth and therefore Amethyst has come to view him as an enemy, even if he's low on her threat level list.
  • Since she considers Earth her home (as she never knew any other place up until Homeworld's threat returned), those who threaten it or have done so in the past are her enemies. Among these stand out Darkseid, Vilgax, King Ghidorah, Spacegodzilla, Ultraman Belial and Alien Empera all evil extraterrestrial or demoniac entities who had tried to destroy Earth at many points for either their own amusement, get something from it, or simply to spite their enemies. Of these enemies stands out Darkseid as his attempts to suppress free will give her even more reason to loathe him, as she fought hard for her freedom to live as she wanted and won't take kindly to anyone trying to take her freedom away. Belial also stood out for his callous treatment of his son/genetic clone, Ultraman Geed, viewing him as a pawn for his plans in spite of Geed having his own identity and free will, just like how the Diamonds intended to use her.
    • Though he did not threaten Earth, Horde Prime ended up becoming another hated enemy of hers. Like Darkseid, he seeks absolute control over all lifeforms and can even use chips and mind control to turn others into empty puppets for him to control not unlike White Diamond did before her redemption which Amethyst experienced herself. His genocidal nature also put even more bad deeds for Amy to hate.

    Mr. Scratch 
Mr. Scratch, The God that Loves the Taste of Evil (The Avatar of the Dark Presence, The Herald of Darkness, Alan Wake's Evil Doppelganger, A Psycho)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A bloody razor surrounded by darkness. Alternatively, his screaming face covered with blood in monochrome.
  • Theme Song: The Happy Song, Dark, Twisted and Cruel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Doing evil just for kicks, Not afraid to be the center of attention, Avatar of the Dark Presence, Doing evil things because it's so sweet, living embodiment of all the nasty rumors that have circulated about Alan Wake, causing a certain someone to do the same day over and over
  • Domains: Darkness, Shadows, Evil
  • Herald: The Dark Presence (to which he's otherwise an avatar)
  • Followers: The Taken
  • Allies: Satan (Castlevania), Nightmare Moon, Randall Flagg, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Angus Bumby, the Heartless, BOB, Kun Lan, David Zappa, Jack of Blades, Bloody Mary, The Entity
  • Enemies: Alan Wake, Tidus, all deities pertaining to light (including the sun and fire), Gwyn, Nier, Max Payne
  • Opposed by: Shizuku Tsukishima
  • A few months after his appearance in the Pantheon, Alan Wake disappeared, and after searches failed to locate him, was declared dead. However, something strange began to happen: Alan's friends began to see him — or someone who looked like him — around the Pantheon. They could never catch him, but he would always appear again in the corner of their eye. Even stranger, every time a sighting occurred, someone in the Pantheon would go missing as well. Then one day, two years after Alan's disappearance, the sightings stopped.
  • Most people thought that was the last Alan would ever be seen… until he reappeared in his House, exhausted, wounded, and clutching a nail gun. Alan explained what had happened to him: an avatar of the Darkness that had taken the form of an evil duplicate of himself named Mr. Scratch trapped him in the Dark Place, forcing him to live an episode of Night Springs over and over again. He had only managed to escape by rewriting the script to destroy Mr. Scratch and bring back the people he had killed in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, Scratch somehow managed to survive, and unbeknownst to anyone else, took up residence in the House of Monsters. Thankfully, he could only keep hidden for so long before he was found out, but no one's yet found a way to destroy him for good.
    • They thought that he may have finally been rid of for good, when the Heartless themselves ascended into Pantheon. Unfortunately he only moved to a different House instead, specifically the House of Tastes.
  • Mr. Scratch's favorite hobby is killing people in cruel and sadistic ways. Some of his favorite tricks include the classic "bag over head" captive and seducing an unsuspecting woman, then slitting her throat while she's watching TV. With the numerous victims the Pantheon affords him, he's eager to try out a few new methods he's cooked up.
  • For whatever reason, his name cannot be spoken out loud. People can say the "Mr." part just fine, but when they try to say "Scratch", it instead comes out as a short burst of static.
  • He's not as vulnerable to light as the Taken, but a large enough burst will weaken him.
  • Mr. Scratch likes having fun with his victims... whether they want to or not.
  • He has a lot of opinions on what weapons will do the job when you're trying to kill someone. However, he prefers bladed weapons, saying that guns don't give you the chance to connect with people that knives do.
  • Mr. Scratch, like all the Dark Presence's minions, is stronger when he's in a dark environment, but he's infinitely more dangerous in the Dark Place, where he can alter reality on a whim.
  • He's stated that he prefers the real world to the Dark Place, saying that what with all the "big bastards" down there, anything he does won't have much of an impact.
  • Isn't fazed by Alan and other gods trying to take him down, claiming he has all the time in the world, or as he puts it:
    "There's no rush. After all... it's not a lake, it's an ocean. Oooohh!"
  • After getting fed up with Alan hogging the spotlight, Mr. Scratch decided to pop down to the Remedy offices and make the case for his starring role.
  • Likes to work with Xehanort and The Heartless, as he hopes Xehanort can help him bring the Dark Presence into reality; also has the same reasoning with working with Nightmare Moon and Vanitas, especially since Vanitas is a being of pure darkness as well and the progenitor of the Unversed, which are similar to Scratch's own Taken. Needless to say, the two get along terrifyingly well.
  • Is working along with Randall Flagg under Satan to help usher in The Dark Presence after helping Satan take The Great Will's throne.
    • He has an ulterior motive to working with Satan: he wants the demon to make him a real being; if he's separate from both Alan and the Dark Presence they can't hold him back anymore.
  • Has unsurprisingly struck up a friendship with BOB, who was glad to meet another embodiment of pure evil such as himself, especially since Mr. Scratch didn't seem to be a pansy like his former partner, MIKE, was. The two have even floated the idea of becoming partners to torment the denizens of the Pantheon. This did not sit well with Alan Wake when he heard about the potential partnership, especially now that he has to worry about two Humanoid Abominations trying to make his life a living hell.

    Tohka Yatogami 
Tohka Yatogami, Goddess of Asking If Something's Edible (Princess, Tenka Yatogami, Dea)
Click to see her Inverse Form 
Click to see her Full Form 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Inverse or Full Forms)
  • Symbol: Herself sitting on her throne
  • Themes: "Tsubomi ga Hiraku Toki", "G.P.S. (Golden Powder Snow)", "Delicious Date" (can be heard on this page)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Neutral Evil in her Inverse Form
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Culinary Curiosity, Magical Girl Warrior, Big Eater, BFS, Battle Ballgown, Clingy Jealous Girl, Purple Is Powerful, Purple Hair and Eyes, Genki Girl, Lady of War, Innocent Fanservice Girl, Inverse Form, Full Form, Sword Beams, Not Having A Name Until Shido Gave Her One
  • Domains: Eating, Swordfighting, Ballgowns, Magic, Love
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, Illusive Man, Lex Luthor, Nobuyuki Sugou, Ganondorf, Altair/Military Uniform Princess, Norman Osborn
  • Pities: Natsuru Senou
  • Conflicting Opinion: Professor X, Magneto
  • Tohka had one of the more amusing introductions in the Pantheon. She barged into the House of Food and started eating as many meals as she could find, to the confusion everyone present. Shido Itsuka was asked to intervene and he managed to calm Tohka and take her back to her temple, where he offered to cook her a special meal. Excited, Tohka agreed and peace was settled.
    • As it turns out, Kotori had called in a few favors among the Pantheon's higher-ups to ascend Tohka. When asked why, Kotori merely replied that Shido's life in the Pantheon was too dull and Tohka could make things more exciting and unpredictable for him. Of course, Shido knew his sister better than that and thanked her.
  • Tohka's memory is one big hole. No records of her life before becoming a Spirit exists, even in the Pantheon's most secure databases. Any attempts to get her to remember her pre-Spirit life have been unsuccessful so far.
  • Her presence in the House of Food earned her the friendships of Soma, Megumi and Erina; who acknowledged Tohka as one of their best customers. She also befriended Kirby, whose optimism and constant apetite reminded Tohka of herself. The two often go for lunch together and, if push comes to shove, beat up any bad guys that stand in the way of their food.
  • Tohka saw a kindred spirit in Arturia Pendragon, both in fencing skills and apetite. Even their first meetings with Shido and Shirou are similar. Arturia took a liking for Tohka and has agreed to teach her in the ways of the sword. Arturia even confided in Tohka about her personal issues and the downfall of her kingdom. Tohka replied that while she doesn't know the pressures of running a kingdom, whatever burdens she has become easier to endure if she has someone she can trust. Arturia thanked her for such sincerity.
  • Another goddess that earned Tohka's friendship was Wonder Woman. Much like Artoria, Diana is another mentor figure for Tohka in swordsmanship and philosophy. Although she feels a bit nervous about Diana's pragmatism and willingness to do the Justice League's dirty works, she at least knows her heart is in the right place. They also love ice cream and regularly have enormous scoops to complete their training.
  • Quickly associated with Laura Bodewig, Yoko Littner, Chiffon Fairchild and Nao Midorikawa thanks to having the same Japanese voice.
    • Tohka's new friends also encouraged her to meet Asuna Yuuki. Conversely, this has put her on Nobuyuki Sugou's hit list. Horrified by his dishonorable actions towards Asuna, Tohka remembers that Isaac Westcott threatened to do the same to her.
  • Is a close friend to Nintendo princesses Peach and Zelda. Seeing how dedicated Mario and Link are in their protection reminds Tohka of Shido and how he would walk the distance for her.
    • She also struck up a friendship with Azura. The young songstress had been ostracized since childhood due to her origins, similar to Tohka's situation before Shido found her. Tohka is glad Azura found happiness with Corrin, who sounds oddly similar to Shido. Also, Tohka enjoys Azura's singing voice and finds her easier to deal with than Miku.
  • Before Shido's infamous crossdressing episode, Tohka herself attempted to crossdress to keep Origami away from him in a plane trip. Observe.
  • Tohka has complicated feelings on Charles Xavier and Magneto as their philosophy reminds her of her world's stance on Spirits. While admiring Xavier for his stand on the mutant's side and disgusted with Magneto's more extreme actions, she dislikes Xavier's tendency to keep secrets from his fellow X-Men and admits the Crapsack World nature of the Marvel Universe tends to justify a lot of Magneto's hatred for them.
  • Because of her bad experiences with Westcott, any god that reminds her of him automatically becomes her enemy. This includes Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious for his cruelty and vindictiveness, Altair/Military Uniform Princess for her overall destruction and The Illusive Man for his constant manipulations.
  • Cannot help but feel sorry for Natsuru Senou, and not just because they share the same voice. While his stupidity does get annoying at least when he is not faking it, she is genuinely concerned that his harem is made up of overly aggressive and clingy girls who won't take no for an answer. And don't even get her started on the fact that the girl he does like has been hypnotizing him for her own ends. All of this has made Tohka to decide to make things easier on Shido and support his quest to save the Spirits.


    Erina Nakiri 
Erina Nakiri, Goddess of Picky Eaters (God's Tongue)

    Megumi Tadokoro 
Megumi Tadokoro, Goddess of Comfort Food
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her lucky charm
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Food that brings warm, fuzzy feelings, Cute Clumsy Girl, Blue-Haired Prone to Tears before becoming more confident, being a national-level table tennis player as well as a chef, Yamato Nadeshiko
  • Domains: Food, hospitality, shyness
  • Allies: Yukihira Soma, Nakiri Erina (?), Remy, Ryou, Kirin, Shiina, Toriko, Komatsu, Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Observed by: Lucifer. No, seriously.
  • Formerly the High Priestess of Yukihira Soma, Megumi ultimately managed to ascend herself after the reveal of her incredible potential as a chef. While she was thrilled at this development, her newfound position as a goddess was a source of incredible pressure on poor Megumi, and she found herself being overwhelmed during her next assignment before Soma managed to help her calm down.
  • While Soma and Erina's cooking usually bring nigh-euphoric reactions to those who eat it, Megumi's food is more downplayed: those who sample her cooking find themselves relaxed, warm and happy, oftentimes bringing up memories of home life to those who enjoyed the cooking of their families.
    • Despite her demure demeanor, Megumi's cooking has in fact caught the attention of the Demon Lord Lucifer himself. The Lords of Chaos were eating out to celebrate winning a skirmish against the GUAL, and Homura Akemi ordered Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen, one of Megumi's dishes. Upon tasting the ramen, Homura started trembling all over, staring blankly ahead as she was hit by a vision of her sharing a blanket with Madoka in front of a warm fire on a cold winter's night and eating the ramen together. She was forced to excuse herself from the table when she began crying uncontrollably. Lucifer found it astonishing that a mere bowl of ramen managed to have such an effect: Megumi had actually managed to invoke regret in Homura for turning her back on such simple comforts in exchange for power. Not even Nanoha and company had managed to shake her that badly. While Homura seems to have recovered, Lucifer is eyeing Megumi as a potential threat to Homura's loyalty to the cause of Chaos.
    • Kyouko Sakura is a frequent customer of hers: Sayaka Miki has theorized that Megumi's food reminds Kyouko of her happy home life before everything fell apart. Kyouko has offered no comment; when asked, her ears went red and she went back to her food, not responding.
  • While not cooking, Megumi sometimes goes to the House of Sports in order to keep her table tennis skills sharp. Many a deity has underestimated the shy goddess before finding out the hard way how skilled she is.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Remy. Apparently, one of the rat's dishes had an effect on a food critic very similar to her own, making him remember the joys of his mother's cooking. That, and she thinks Remy is rather adorable.
  • Once tried to help teach Chie Satonaka and the rest of the Mystery Food crew how to cook; they had heard she had less-than-impressive grades before becoming a genuine chef in her own right, and hoped that they could learn how she pulled it off. Megumi credited her growth to Soma, but agreed to teach them anyway. The lessons ended after a half-hour with Megumi wandering off somewhere to stare at a wall.
  • An unfortunately common test subject for Soma's dishes; on the one hand, she often is the first to try his most spectacular creations, but on the other she's often the one who first tries his failures.
  • Slowly becoming friends with Toriko after Soma introduced them; although Toriko's personality is a little overwhelming, she gets along pretty well with fellow chef Komatsu, who is much calmer by comparison and is giving her a few tips of his own on how to improve her skills.
    • Her attempts with some of the ingredients from Toriko's world didn't turn out too well: Soma had neglected to tell her about some of the more exotic ingredients and the fact they break many 'rules' of the foods she's worked with, and she ended up making a more than a few disastrous dishes. As she has no intention of setting up shop in Toriko's world in general, she's politely declined to try again, sticking with the 'normal' ingredients she's familiar with.

    Soma Yukihira 
Soma Yukihira, God of Impossibly Delicious Food


    Ryou Machiko, Kirin Morino, and Shiina 
Ryou Machiko, Kirin Morino and Shiina, Goddesses of Orgasmic Food Reactions