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Combining swordplay and sorcery is a viable strategy in your Standard Fantasy Setting, but perhaps this magic wielding character prefers to engage enemies at a distance to use their Improbable Aiming Skills. Or perhaps this character lives in a setting where Fantasy Gun Control isn't in effect and swords are obsolete. Enter the Mage Marksman.

The Mage Marksman comes in mainly two flavors:

  • The Magic Gunman, who uses a firearm in tandem with magic. Aside from simply being another means of bringing the pain, magic spells may supplement the missile weapons, such as time spells that make it easier to land headshots, enchanted bullets that scoff in the face of physics as they ricochet around the room or using telekinesis to rip an enemy out of cover. The Magic Marksman is commonly found in Urban Fantasy and Gaslamp Fantasy settings, where magic exists but using a sword or a bow simply wouldn't make much sense.
  • The Arcane Archer, who uses archery instead of firearms. The Arcane Archer often has Trick Arrows, and due to heavy influence from the Forest Ranger archetype, will often be a Beast Master who uses animals to do their close-range fighting, or have a Green Thumb which will often be used to entangle opponents with plants, though these are by by no means the only possibilities. The Arcane Archer will usually be found in the Standard Fantasy Setting, but may wander into other fantasy settings too.

Compare Magic Knight and Kung-Fu Wizard, wherein the character uses a sword or their bare hands alongside magic. See also Postmodern Magik and Superhero Packing Heat. Not to be confused with Depleted Phlebotinum Shells, where the weapons or bullets themselves are magically enhanced, though a character who fights like this may well combine these tropes.


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Magic Gunman

    Anime & Manga 
  • Burn The Witch (2018): Ninny Spangcole and Noel Nihaashi are witches and use unconventionally-shaped guns called Witch Kits.
  • The titular character of Coffin Princess Chaika uses a sniper rifle as her Gundo and shoots a versatile array of magic spells from it, which includes combat (the Ripper), support (the Breaker), and utility (the Searcher) spells among them.
  • The Spirit Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live uses a flintlock pistol and a musket in combat. She is never seen reloading them and gets a few occasions to show that they can be fired multiple times without reload such as her first major fight with Mana. On the occasions she does use "ammunition," she uses magic derived from one of the twelve time-based powers of her Angel Zafkiel.
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Maam has a magic gun created by Avan which fires spells from specially prepared cartridges - as a Priest she can use this to cast her own Healing Hands spells at a distance, and she also keeps a stock of offensive magic prepared by friendly Mages. By cramming two fire spells into the same cartridge, the gun can melt an icy prison that No Sells all other magic... at the cost of shattering. As Maam has no way of attaining a new gun afterwards, and was already starting to feel that she was a mediocre spellcaster who brought nothing unique to the group, this leads her to completely abandon the fighting style and retrain as a Bare-Fisted Monk.
  • Background characters Alzack and Bisca from Fairy Tail use Gun Magic as their main power but this is more of a case of All There in the Manual. Each uses a different variant, with Alzack firing Trick Bullets from a magic pistol while Bisca uses Requip Magic to switch guns as needed.
  • Psychic powers ("Stands") are all over the place in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, so inevitably a few users wind up being gunslingers. Hol Horse and Guido Mista both have Stands that allow them to redirect their bullets mid-flight, and in Steel Ball Run arc (set in the Wild West), most people there are already gunslingers who now have to factor super powers into their gun fights.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Teana Lanster, a mage who fights using illusion magic and a pair of Magitek guns that fire energy bullets. She has the ability to guide the trajectory of her bullets and fire several of them at the same time. She also eventually masters the title character's Signature Move, Starlight Breaker.
    • Vice Granscenic is a sniper who has a sniper's gun similar to Teana's guns and uses energy bullets.
  • Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica uses her magic powers to conjure single-shot muskets, bombards and cannons out of thin air. Sometimes in massive amounts, only to have them fire a shot each and disappear. Homura Akemi has time-control powers but her lack of offensive ability has her resort to using ordinary firearms in combat. This has massive synergy with the fact that her magical shield can store an entire Hyperspace Arsenal, and her time stop powers allow her to abuse said arsenal with impunity. At one point she froze time, then fired an entire army base worth of weaponry at an Eldritch Abomination. She and Mami battled it out with all of their magical power and Gun Fu skills during the movie Rebellion. And it was awesome.
  • In the world of The Saga of Tanya the Evil, there are soldiers who are also adept at magic, and weave magical spells together with their marksmanship, allowing them to fire bullets with the explosive power of artillery shells. Tanya Degurechaff, in particular, is such a dangerous markswoman that she's capable of using a spell that lets her fire a Fantastic Nuke from her rifle.

    Comic Books 
  • Jill Carlyle, the third Crimson Avenger, is a spirit of vengeance who uses guns that shoot bullets that can pierce through anything, including the flesh of Nigh-Invulnerable creatures.
  • Doctor Strange:
  • Anna Fortune, a member of the Justice Society of America, is a low level magician who fires magic bullets called "spellcasings" from her Arm Cannon.
  • Legend of Oz: The Wicked West has all four compass witches wielding a pair of magic pistols as the symbol of their office. Dorothy ends up tipping the balance upon becoming the Witch of the East and West.
  • Star Wars: Republic: Jedi Zule Xiss and Dass Jennir wield both lightsabers and blasters in combat during the Clone Wars and the aftermath of Order 66, respectively.
  • Trinity of Sin: Pandora: Pandora is trained in use of magic and firearms, with her guns being enchanted themselves.

    Fan Works 

  • The second Mistborn series, Wax and Wayne, is full of this. Guns were invented in the setting sometime after the first series, and the settings magic is all based around metal, so unsurprisingly allomancers and feruchemists have found a number of ways to use their powers in a gunfight. Wax is the most prominent, being the protagonist and having two powers that are very handy in a gunfight: he can telekenetically push on metal and alter his own weight at will. He's come up with a huge list of tricks from simply shoving enemy guns out of their hands or nudging their bullets off target, to giving his bullets and extra push so they can penetrate cover or increasing his weight to more easily handle the recoil of higher caliber firearms.
  • Draconis Memoria: Given the setting’s technology, magical powers alone no longer cut it on the battlefield, as a well-aimed bullet is just as deadly as (and cheaper than) a blast of fire or force. Thus, Cadre and Syndicate Blood-blessed alike go into battle equipped with at least one, and preferably more, firearms, and most are as adept at using them as they are with their supernatural powers.
  • In The Dresden Files Harry routinely uses guns in combination with his magical tools, as does most everyone in the supernatural community. For human wizards there is a practical element to it, as The Laws of Magic include a death penalty for any human who kills another human with magic, regardless of the situation (partially because it has a corrupting effect on the perpetrator). Of course there's also a certain practicality to it. Not every wizard or supernatural being has significant offensive magical abilities, and firearms are one of the most generally effective weapons against a wide range of supernatural threats.
    • Wild Bill Meyers, one of Harry's fellow wardens, uses a lever action Winchester rifle, which is also enchanted to act as his Wizard Staff.
  • In the Elemental Masters series, Air Masters can use their powers or the aid of sylphs to improve their aim. Giselle in From a High Tower in particular gets a job as a lady sharpshooter in a Wild West show thanks to her sylphs and Air magic improving her already very good marksman skills. (At one point, she finally masters Annie Oakley's trick of splitting a playing card in half with a bullet).
  • Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero is a ruthlessly pragmatic low-level "magic user" (as opposed to an authentic "magus"), who only sees magic as another tool to complement his weapon arsenal. The ultimate symbol of this is his "Mystic Code" (The equivalent of a magic wand in the Nasuverse): A Thompson Contender with enchanted rifle shells filled with two of his powdered ribs. The strength of the shell means that it will punch through almost anything short of dedicated armor that most people won't have on hand, but if the target uses magic to defend himself, the bullet enchantment will react to the spell and cause the mage to explode from the inside out.
  • Kairi Sisigou of Fate/Apocrypha is a necromancer who carries a Sawed-Off Shotgun that fires severed human fingers as heart-seeking ammunition as well as grenades made up of human hearts filled with teeth and nails.
  • The Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia is full of these. The story takes place in an alternate reality of the 1930s where a small but significant portion of the human population has magical abilities. Though the main characters are all powerful mages, they also train with and routinely use conventional weapons including firearms extensively.
  • Johannes Cabal: The titular Necromancer's magical abilities have fairly limited use in the thick of a fight, so he's never without his trusty Hand Cannon, a Webley .577 revolver that can make short work of most immediate threats.
  • Night Watch (Series) plays with this. On the one hand, simple defensive spells keep even low level Others from having to worry about bullets. But on the other one of the main reasons for The Masquerade is that equally simple spells make guns effective again, and a single Other can drag dozens of mortals into the fight with them. This fear is realized in The Last Watch, to terrifying effect.
  • In The Powder Mage Trilogy, this is the principle ability of the titular Powder Mages. As the name suggests, their powers come directly from gunpowder, including the ability to ingest it to get stronger and faster, spontaneously combust it within a certain range, or (arguably most importantly) use it to fire bullets accurately at impossible ranges. This makes them one of the only effective combat counters to the Privileged, whose sorcery is more traditional and far more destructive. The fact that a Powdermage can feasibly hit a Privilaged in the head from well over a mile away is pretty much the only thing keeping the latter in check during most of the wars in the series.
  • The titular character of Skulduggery Pleasant fights with elemental magic and a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • The Coruscant Nights trilogy, set a year or so after Revenge of the Sith, introduces a Jedi sect called the Gray Paladins who eschew lightsabers in favor of blasters and favor a minimalist approach to the Force. The mainstream order considered them borderline heretics. Two dozen or so Paladins survive the Battle of the Jedi Temple and quickly become valued resistance fighters (although only one appears in person).
    • Members of the New Jedi Order often carry blasters in addition to lightsabers. This shouldn't be too surprising given many of their number are former military.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Iron Fist (2017): Danny Rand becomes this after giving up the original Iron Fist power to Colleen at the end of the second season. After a Time Skip in the epilogue, he is shown with new powers enabling him to focus his chi through a pair of pistols and controlling the bullets in midair.
  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger/Power Rangers Mystic Force: MagiShine/Solaris Knight's weapon of choice is a magic lamp shaped gun that can shoot bolts of golden energy after he rubs it first.

    Myth and Legend 
  • Railroad Bill was an African-American outlaw who robbed trains and sold goods to the poor at a reduced price, like a Postbellum Robin Hood. Aside from his skill with a rifle, he was believed to use shapeshifting powers to evade capture time and time again.
  • An old bit of German folklore talks about a marksman who makes a Deal with the Devil to obtain a set of seven magical bullets; six of them fly wherever the shooter aims them and strike their target without fail, while the seventh is controlled by the devil with predictably unfortunate results. This legend is also the inspiration for the opera Der Freischütz.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Castle Falkenstein supplement Sixguns & Sorcery has spellslingers, gunslingers who could enchant magical spells onto their bullets.
  • Deadlands had Hexslingers; a combination of a Huckster (a spell-caster) and a gunslinger, who specialised in spells that affected their shooting.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Dragon magazine #71 has Murlynd, a "Quasi-Deity" of the Greyhawk campaign setting. He is able to shoot guns in combat as well as casting spells.
    • The Spelljammer and Forgotten Realms campaign settings had primitive firearms (e.g. flintlocks) that could be used by spellcasters.
    • Some variety of magic-based archer has also appeared in various editions of the game. The Ranger class is very commonly used as an archer, using a combination of ranged combat and nature-themed magic for either more damage or secondary effects, and having the option to get an animal companion as well. Fifth Edition also had the Arcane Archer, a Fighter subclass based on firing magically enhanced arrows.
    • As of 5th Edition, an artificer can be built as this, provided that they get a proficiency in firearms (either at the DM's discretion or by taking the Gunner feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything) or martial weapons (by taking the Battle Smith subclass).
  • Dungeons: The Dragoning has the Magitek Gunner class follow this to a T. Their signature class feature is the Elemental Shot series of feats which allow them to apply magical effects to firearms attacks. They gain access to both spell schools and Gun Kata styles and a feat attained in the last level lets them pre-cast and store a spell into a gun.
  • Pathfinder.
    • Spellslingers from the Ultimate Combat book. They are a wizard archetype who can use spells to magically enhance bullets.
    • 2e's Guns and Gears adds the Spellshot archetype for the Gunslinger class, which gives the character the ability to magically conjure their firearms to their hands and fire magically-enhanced bullets.
  • Shadowrun
    • Mages can cast spells, but smart ones will keep a firearm handy as well. Not only is a decent semi-auto or automatic a relatively low investment in terms of skill points and nuyen, but guns have no Drain and people can't tell you're a mage as easily if you use a gun to attack.
    • Gunslinger Adepts can use their magic powers to enhance their ranged combat skills, becoming something like Gunkata embracers, with a mix of gymnastics and dual-wielding pistols as their signature combat style.
  • Stormwild Islands allows this. Encouraged by the Pursuit combat skill, which gives access to a spellcasting focus that doubles as a ranged weapon, and that skill's actions in combat can be performed equally well with a weapon or a magic implement.
  • Most pyskers in Warhammer 40,000 prefer to fight at long range, though using their powers to assist their shots is more of an RPG occurence (Dark Heresy, etc.).
    • Taken to extremes with the fanmade Imperial Guard unit, the 1st Membranes, who are almost all psykers, resulting in an entire army of these.
  • Warmachine of Iron Kingdoms has many examples.
    • Cygnaran Gun Mages cast spells through their magelock pistols. This frequently takes the form of creating Depleted Phlebotinum Shells by casting their spells on the bullet itself.
    • All Warcasters are accomplished mages, and many carry a gun of some kind with a Hand Cannon being the most common sidearm. They can spend Focus to improve accuracy or damage, and some have spells or abilities which improve their ranged attacks. A few Warlocks have firearms as well.
    • Allister Caine takes it up to 11 by being both a Gun Mage and a Warcaster, dual wielding magelock pistols. Kara Sloane is a Friendly Sniper Warcaster.
    • Characters in the Iron Kingdoms RPG can take Gun Mage as a career.
  • In the World of Darkness both Old and New, while characters in any game can be proficient with firearms, Mages and Werewolves are the best known for enchanting their guns or otherwise incorporating them into their magic. In historical supplements, similar effects can be done with bows.

    Video Games 
  • Abyss Crossing: Rinne's first party member, Nehan, is a gun-wielder who specializes in magic damage.
  • The mobile game The Alchemist Code has several jobs that use guns; if you pair a gun set with a magic set, you can get the basic version of this trope (and the same for the Arcane Archer variant, as there are bow classes). However, the Magia Gunslinger goes beyond, with their job set incorporating magic into the actual shooting of their weapons. Several unique jobs exclusive to limited or collaboration characters also get in on this, such as Seraphina from the Disgaea series (more like the Magia Gunslinger) and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV (he uses magic, but has a skill that just shoots an opponent, sometimes locking their attack abilities as well).
    • Edgar, one of the protagonists, also fits this trope in a specific way; he can use Alchemy to make shots without bullets in his gun.
  • In Bayonetta, the Umbra Witches fight with a combination of guns and black magic, either to augment their physical abilities or to summon up demons or torture devices to execute their enemies. Such is their skill with both guns and magic that they are quite capable of quadruple wielding any gun, their witch powers being used to fire the ones mounted on their feet.
  • The BioShock series allows the player to use Plasmids/Vigors in addition to a selection of guns and RPGs.
  • In the Borderlands series, whose combat is almost entirely gun-based, the Sirens are women with various psionic abilities. Lilith can transit another dimension, Maya can temporarily trap a foe inside it while Amara's powers are more direct and fist-focused.
    • In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, every character class can use spells alongside guns, but the Spellshot class can combine the two much more efficiently. They can even replace their action skill with another spell (which are effectively the game's replacement for grenades), letting them dual-wield.
  • Lita from Breath of Death VII is both a gun user and Player Party's dedicated Black Mage.
  • Breath of Fire:
    • The later games tend to feature this type of character, with earlier games featuring Arcane Archers (see below), frequently from the Grassrunner and Forest clans. Thanks to the Master/Apprentice system from 3 and 4, it's easy enough to make them either focus in one area, or develop them equally in both.
    • Breath of Fire III has Momo, a Grassrunner who fights as The Red Mage for the team. She uses a giant bazooka that lets her hit as hard as the team's heaviest hitters, and knows a variety of healing, support, and attack magic. She leans a bit more towards magic; her bazooka packs a huge punch but has terrible accuracy, but it's easy enough to compensate for it with the right equipment.
    • Breath of Fire IV features Ursula, who uses handguns and shotguns and is the game's fire-magic specialist. Her stats tend to lean more towards physical combat, but she's no slouch with her spells either.
  • Bullet Witch pretty much has this trope as its basis. Protagonist Alicia has a magical gun that looks like a broomstick, can morph into either sniper rifle, shotgun or Gatling gun, and its ammo is reloaded with magic. Not to mention her deadly mass-destruction spells when things get really hairy.
  • In the Korean MMORPG CABAL Online, Force Archers fit both definitions:
    • They attack with long-ranged magic attacks amplified and honed by their crystals befitting the Arcane Archer. Their Battle Mode 3 allows them to transform into a Magic Gunman for a limited time and attacking two monsters in different directions at the cost of unable to use some of their skills.
    • Force Gunners, which is another branch of the Archer Class, are Magic Gunmen who also use their magic to summon guns and mechas to attack enemies.
  • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia introduces Albus, a member of the eponymous Order. The Order uses Glyphs, special symbols imbued with magic, to fight monsters. While the protagonist, Shanoa, can use Glyphs by imprinting them on her skin (easily accessible through the power of a Sexy Backless Outfit), she's the only known human that can do this. Albus instead uses Glyphs by channeling them with a magic flintlock that shoots out spells and bullets imbued with magic.
  • Lucca from Chrono Trigger fights with a pistol, and becomes the party's fire-mage once they get trained in spellcasting.
  • In the Dark Forces Saga:
    • Kyle Katarn develops abilities in the Force as the series progresses, yet his arsenal of blasters and bazookas and grenades and what-have-you always remain within arms' reach. His apprentices Mara Jade and Jaden Korr follow suit.
    • In the first level of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, your ally Rosh is equipped with a blaster pistol and has some rudimentary Force abilities.
  • The player character in Destiny has been blessed with the ability to use supernatural powers in a Space Opera setting. As such, everyone is expected to be equipped with some manner of high tech firearm. This is most notable in the Hunter Gunslinger subclass and any Warlock subclass.
    • Two factions, the Hive and the Reef, make extensive use of rituals and magic. They also outfit their soldiers with guns.
  • Arius of Devil May Cry 2 fights using sorcery and a customized revolver. He ditches the latter after being turned into a demon.
  • While her default weapon is a staff due to her magic specialization, Flonne from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness makes for a decent gun user as her skill for them is ranked at B (the scale goes S-A-B-C-D-E and affects how fast the character levels up in that weapon class' usage). Swapping her weapon to a gun becomes a plausible option thanks to that, especially in a game where No Experience Points for Medic since at least this way she can gain experience points via combat (her starting spells are healing-based). Out of the default party members she's the best one at guns until Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth joins in Chapter 10.
  • Corvo Attano and Daud from Dishonored are both this and Magic Knights, using the powers granted to them by the Outsider in tandem with ranged weapons such as pistols and crossbows.
  • In Eternal Darkness, any character from the 18th century onward (starting with Dr. Maximilian Roivas) can be this, as guns are prominently featured as weapons, and use of the game's Tome of Eldritch Lore allows for spellcasting.
  • In Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, the Gunner class can inflict a variety of status ailments with their enchanted bullets, and their counter skill magically teleports adjacent attackers away from them.
  • Final Fantasy
  • Grim Dawn allows any class to use guns. The Inquisitor mastery has the ability to dual-wield pistols and an arsenal of magic artifacts and devices, while the Demolitionist uses a variety of explosives enhanced by pyromancy. The dual-classing system allows either mastery to be combined with another class or even used together (referred to as a Purifier).
  • Xigbar and his human self Braig from Kingdom Hearts is a Space Master, and goes Guns Akimbo with his Arrowguns.
  • Played with in Knights of the Old Republic. Most blasters aren't as powerful as lightsabers or the top-end vibroblades, but an upgraded blaster mixed with Force powers (either as buffs or as outright attacks) is still an effective way to take down Jedi and Sith enemies who have to close in to use their weapons. It's even more viable in the second game, given how many of Exile's crew (who have backgrounds as soldiers already) can be cross-classed.
  • In the Korean MMORPG Kritika, handguns are the weapon of choice for the mage class.
  • Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina have the Abnormality based on the story of Der Freischütz, as well as the E.G.O. equipment manufactured from Der Freischütz, aptly named Magic Bullet. As a reference to how the bullets will never miss their mark, they travel through a portal and pierce through everything in their path. In the former game, this can potentially cause Unfriendly Fire if you're not careful.
  • League of Legends has a few champions among its enormous roster who specialises in this type of weapon:
  • Mass Effect's biotics invariably enter combat armed with some form of gun in addition to their powers, though most prioritize their powers. Thane stands out as a biotic sniper, while Samara combines powerful biotics with a machine gun. Jack also has the ability to modify her ammunition to have the biotic warp ability when fired - It is essentially like firing warp attacks from your gun. Liara later learns the same trick.
  • Wren, an android in Phantasy Star III, uses heavy guns as his primary weapon and can also use melee and time techniques in battle. Another Wren unit is met in Phantasy Star IV, but that game redefined what androids could do, replacing techniques with Skills.
  • The eponymous Warlock of Project Warlock can use both guns and magic spells effectively, with guns requiring their respective ammo and magic spells drawing from his mana pool.
  • Your character is this in Remnant: From the Ashes, due to the fact that spells are in form of weapon mods, which are installed into guns, and in order to charge them up to be casted, the guns have to be used.
  • The Secret World has several flavors of this in both the generic starter decks and the faction-specific ones.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • The protagonists of Digital Devil Saga typically do battle by Voluntary Shapeshifting into magic-wielding demons, but they're all competent in the use of firearms when in human-form.
    • In Persona, some Persona-users supplement their magic abilities with a firearm of some kind:
      • In the first Persona and Persona 5, your party members can use firearms in addition to their Persona abilities (and melee weapons), with Maki Sonomura from 1 being a rare double example who wields both a pistol and a bow. In Persona 5, the guns themselves are sort of magical; they're basically airsoft replicas in the real world, but the Metaverse gives them lethal power thanks to Clap Your Hands If You Believe.
      • Persona 2: Maya Amano has dual pistols, Eikichi Mishina carries a machine gun disguised as a guitar case, and Katsuya Suou has a handgun.
      • Persona 3: Antagonist Takaya Sakaki carries a revolver.
      • Persona 4: Private detective Naoto Shirogane favors pistols, while the murderer has his police-issued handgun.
  • Wizards in Space Station 13 can choose to do this, even being able to summon their own guns.
  • StarCraft:
    • Terran Ghosts are humans with psionic powers trained into assassins for the various Terran governments. The weapon of choice for ghosts is the Canister Rifle, a sniper rifle that can charge normal bullets with psionic energy to increase their destructive capacity.
    • Protoss Adepts use psionic amplifiers to project their minds for teleportation while weakening their enemies, and use a glaive cannon that fires energy blasts as their weapon.
  • Tales Series:
    • Max/Fog from Tales of Eternia is a variation. His gun has a Craymel Cage (a Power Crystal with spirits locked inside) mounted, and thus is magical by itself. All of Max's artes are spells, and he shoots them from the gun.
    • Legretta the Quick from Tales of the Abyss, uses dual pistols as well as some offensive magic.
    • Tales of Innocence features two of them. Illia Animi uses dual pistols as her weapons of choice, and can utilize supportive magic along with Water/Ice based offensive magic. Ricardo Soldato, meanwhile, has a rifle and uses Earth- and Dark- based magic.
    • Patty Fleur from Tales of Vesperia PS3/DE has a gun and can use spells. She's a downplayed example, though, since her gun-related artes are fairly mundane, and her actual fighting style is closer to Fighting Clown.
    • Hubert Oswell from Tales of Graces has a Bifurcated Weapon, one of the modes of which is dual pistols. All of his magic is used exclusively in this mode, and he fires some of his offensive spells out of his guns. Amusingly, he always changes his weapon in this form for any spell, and then immediately connects them back.
    • Ludger Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2 has dual pistols as his tertiary weapon. While he doesn't learn any spells, some of his artes are blatantly magical, including things like firing water bubbles or homing fireballs.
    • Shionne from Tales of Arise wields a rifle and uses both healing and fire-based combat magic.
  • Trails Series in general has no shortage of people who fight with guns. Since all playable characters has a battle orbment, a type of Magic from Technology devices, it pushes them to the territory of this trope and several playable gunslingers in the series (most notably Olivier/Olivert and Musse) tend to statistically lean towards Arts.
    • Curiously, most of guns in the setting use the same technology as battle orbments. They work on "orbal energy", and it makes guns far less lethal than they should be, but gives them Bottomless Magazines. Gunpowder weapon, while rare and underdeveloped, is still powerful enough that a burst from machine gun qualifies as a S-Craft.
    • Recurring character Olivert/Olivier's primary weapon is an Orbal Pistol and statistically tends to specialize in magic whenever he's playable.
    • Towa Herschel Trails of Cold Steel saga is a bit of a special case. In the second game she gets a gun that fires spells, not just charges of orbal energy.
    • Ixs, a villain from The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak saga, uses rifle that shoots physical bullets but his shots are enhanced in a way that the bullets change their trajectory at impossible angles. He's categorized as this trope because his self-buff craft, "DROP-01 X," boosts his magic attack and magic defense instead of his physical stats implying that either the shots are manipulated by orbal energy or Ixs uses a genuine magic outside of orbal technology.
  • The Psyshot class in Tales of Maj'Eyal combines Psychic Powers with guns and Steamtech to do things like shoot a bullet that inflicts paranoia on the enemy and causes them to attack at random, or create a psychic explosion of shrapnel that inflicts Knockback and stun on everything nearby.
  • When playing on the special Halloween map Helltower, any of the player characters of Team Fortress 2 can start casting spells they pick up around the map while still using their guns as normal.
  • In Warframe, while all the Frames wield what is essentially space magic and can use guns, Mesa and Harrow's void powers supplement their gunplay. Mesa has the ability to store up damage with each hit and later release it all at once on a single enemy and has the ability "Shooting Gallery" that causes the weapons of nearby enemies to mysteriously jam and prevent them from shooting back. Harrow takes it much further in that his abilities support the team through heals and buffs based on how much damage he does, with headshots resulting in much bigger buffs, and his first ability not only freezes enemies in place but forces them into poses that make headshots even easier to attain.
  • In the Space Western MMORPG WildStar, the Spellslinger class is a "Guns Akimbo Mage" that fires enchanted bullets.
  • In the XCom games, psionic human soldiers and some aliens are still able to use guns and other conventional weapons.
  • Billy Lee Black of Xenogears utilizes revolvers, magic-enhanced guns and shotguns, and he's wields powerful healing magics.
  • The Hunter class in World of Warcraft. Their first ability is called "arcane shot", directly invoking this trope. While some of their other abilities are mundane, some of them include magic: mostly nature magic but occasionally arcane or shadow. They can use either bows or guns (with certain races having a preference for one over the other). It is also one of the two "pet classes" (the other being Warlock, which is a pure caster) and Hunters can tame a variety of pets to use for various encounter types making it one of the more flexible classes in the game. They also have abilities that lay traps, the traps usually also use some type of magic. In the original version of the game, the Mage class could also use ranged weapons (again, either guns or bows). This was done to either avoid running out of mana, or avoid pulling aggro when in groups. The mage could not cast spells through their weapon, but they could cast spells with the weapon out. Using crowd control spells plus a ranged weapon was a decently effective and mana efficient way of kiting around mobs, so it was also sometimes used by griefers (to bring a mini-boss into a city, where it would spam-kill low level players for example).
    • Some NPCs such as the Dark Rangers also fall into this trope. They use ranged weapons and shadow magic combined. The Legion expansion also introduced NPCs that use bows and light magic.

  • The Weird West world of 6 Gun Mage is built around an order of gunmages, who use magic Cast From Hitpoints to enhance their aim, make their shots explode or charge them with other forms of energy, and so on. The main protagonist, Kylie, is one such gunmage. It turns out she has far greater magical potential than most other gunmages, allowing her to use a specially crafted repeater to make shots, whereas the rapid fire rate and resulting drain of the repeater would kill other gunmages.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons has an Amazon Brigade called the Gun Witches. Not much is known about them, but from what has been seen so far they definitely qualify for this trope.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: With the setting being more of an After the End world that got a The Magic Comes Back episode, guns are still around. Among the mages seen in the story, Lalli always has a rifle with him while scouting, and is actually seen using it on-panel in Chapter 13. Since the Power-Strain Blackout exists in this setting, it's also most likely best to avoid using magic when a well-used weapon will have the same end result.

    Web Video 
  • In Critical Role, Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III is the perfect example of this. his first gun, The List, has 2 of its 6 barrels enchanted with fire and ice. Later, he takes the Magic Initiate feat (warlock), which allows him to cast the spells Hex, Minor Illusion, and Friends. Later the group meets Dr. Ripley who is a wizard-gunslinger multiclasser, who uses illusions and blink, to disorient her opponents.
  • Linkara weilds a magic gun named Margaret. It is eventually revealed that Margaret was a little girl sacrificed to create an ultimate weapon for a demonic cult. She slaughtered the cult and eventually found her way to Linkara.

    Western Animation 

Arcane Archer

    Anime & Manga 
  • Bastard: One of Dark Schneider's spells conjures up a bow and arrow of magical energy.
  • Yuno from Black Clover can use his Wind Magic to cast the spell Swift White Bow, forming a large wind bow and six arrows to fire at enemies. The arrows can even block enemy attacks and then split apart to continue targeting the foe.
  • Quincy from Bleach namely the Ishida family use archery to channel their Reishi into arrows. The Quincy from Vandenreich also use bows or crossbows.
  • Cure Heart from Doki Doki Pretty Cure has an attack called "Heart Shoot"; she uses her magical bow to fire a gigantic heart like an arrow. The group attack "Lovely Force Arrow" follows the same principle, only there are four Pretty Cures who bows and arrows.
  • Inuyasha features the Miko Kikyo and her Reincarnation Kagome, who both wield a bow and arrow to focus their spiritual magic.
  • Signum from Lyrical Nanoha has an attack called "Sturmfalken". Her Cool Sword Laevatein takes the form of a bow, "Bogenform", and then Signum creates a magical arrow that creates a big explosion. In the movie adaptation of A's, the energy around the arrow takes the form of a fire falcon.
  • One Piece: Kuja archers can channel Haki into their arrows to increase their impact. Their queen Boa Hancock can create and fire arrows that petrify anyone attracted to her as one of her Devil Fruit abilities.
  • Elves in PHD: Phantasy Degree can use magic to create bows and arrows. Iris is especially talented in materializing magic arrows, as she can form her arrows spontaneously, unlike Hexion who needs to use hairs to forge them.
  • Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins uses magically created Energy Bows and energy based arrows that inflict illusion based spells on opponents.
  • Sinon's ALO character in Sword Art Online is primarily an archer, but she can supplement her skills with magic to enchant Trick Arrows on the fly.
  • Cure Beauty from Smile Pretty Cure! gains an upgraded attack called "Beauty Blizzard Arrow"; she turns her two ice swords into an ice bow and creates an ice arrow.
  • Cure Aqua has an attack called "Sapphire Arrow" in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GO!GO!; she creates a bow and arrows made of water.

    Comic Books 
  • New Mutants: Dani Moonstar can focus her psionic powers into energy arrows which can stun an opponent by disrupting their central nervous system or force them to relive a traumatic memory. Later stories have them causing physical damage.
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Lyta Milton has inherited magical powers from her mother Circe and is trained in archery.

    Fan Works 

  • In Codex Alera, one of the powers of woodcrafters is the ability to fire arrows with supernatural accuracy.
  • Deryni series: After Conall loses to Dhugal in an informal archery contest early in The King's Justice, Kelson explains to Dhugal why it wouldn't have been fair for him to have joined the competition, and he shoots an arrow "precisely in the center of the target." Then he demonstrates how he can use his Deryni powers to enhance his archery skills, shooting a second arrow exactly alongside the length of his first. Dhugal is suitably astonished when Alaric Morgan does likewise at Kelson's request (without looking at the target while he shoots); the result is four arrow shafts in a tight square in the target. The scene foreshadows their parts in the rescue of Duncan from Loris and Sicard; Kelson and Morgan use their powers to deflect the arrows of Loris' archers as they shoot at the captive Duncan.
  • Discworld series: Mustrum Ridcully is a wizard who likes to hunt animals with a crossbow in his spare time.
  • In the Inheritance Cycle series, various characters (mostly Eragon) use the magic word "Brisingr" before firing an arrow, which covers the arrowhead in blue flames, and makes it burst into a large ball of flames on impact with the target.
  • In The Night Angel Trilogy, Durzo Blint at one point used his Talent to load arrows into his bow as soon as he fired the last one, effectively creating a rapid-fire bow.
  • Sword of Truth: Richard uses magic to guide his arrows unerringly into striking their targets, at first without knowing, later deliberately.
  • Villains by Necessity: Sam it turns out does have some magic that he inherited from his birth father, but doesn't know at first. This results in him having an uncanny ability to hit things using throwing daggers. He may miss his target, but they still always hit something. The dagger ricochets up to that point, even if by physics it should stop. Once, Sam even hits himself with his own dagger as a result.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Any spellcasting character proficient in archery would qualify. In 3.X Edition (and Pathfinder) a ranger with the archery Combat Style is a particular example, gaining archery-improving feats and a handful of nature- and hunting-related spells.
    • The arcane archer prestige class combines both archery and spellcasting into one class, with the signature ability of imbuing area spells into arrows to deliver them from great distances.
    • There is also the marksman, a psionic class that specializes in ranged attacks. The specialization includes options for enhancing either crossbow or bow attacks.
    • 4th edition has the Seeker, the Primal power source equivalent to the Ranger class. Their bows fire missiles made of primal magic. There's also the Euphonic Bow paragon path for Bards, which is all about using their magic songs to enhance their marksmanship (and vice-versa).
    • 5th edition characters can pick up the Magic Initiate feat to add spellcasting to their repertoire. It also includes the Arcane Archer Martial Archetype for Fighters, which imbues its arrows (but not crossbows or thrown weapons) with an effect inspired by one of the schools of magic and can magically guide missed shots to new targets.
  • Pathfinder:
    • The Arcane Archer prestige class returns from Dungeons and Dragons. In 2nd edition, it became the Eldritch Archer archetype.
    • In 1st edition, the Eldritch Archer magus archetype changes the class from Magic Knight to this. The Starlit Span path has the same effect in 2nd edition.

    Video Games 
  • Raven in Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura is both a skilled archer and a mage who learns spells from the Water and White Necromancy colleges of magic.
  • In Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, Firis Mistlud has learned how to use the bow from her sister Liane (she used a Magic Staff in the previous game). Since she's not as skilled at archery as her, she uses alchemy to enchant her arrows and help her hit her targets. Firis can also add elemental properties to her shots.
  • Thorn in Battleborn decimates her enemies with arrows and special magic powers, such as blight fields, which deal significant area-of-effect damage. She can also apply her powers to her arrows, inflicting enemies with a damage-over-time effect called "curse".
  • In Blackguards, Niam is an archer who can use magic.
  • Breath of Fire:
    • The first two games feature this character type, before switching over to Magic Gunman:
    • The original game has Bo, who fights with (you guessed it) a bow, and knows some low- and mid-level attack spells. However, he's a borderline example, since his spells will typically fall out of use before too long (thanks to his Wisdom and AP stats, both of which start low and have terrible growth rates).
    • Breath of Fire II has Bow (not to be confused with Bo above), who fights with a crossbow and is by far the best healing-magic user on the team.
  • Chrono Ark: Johan uses a combination of tech-based trick arrows and magical homing arrows. His gear consists of a compound bow and a magically-refilling quiver.
  • Marle from Chrono Trigger fights with a crossbow, and becomes the party's ice-mage once they get trained in spellcasting.
  • Dark Souls:
    • Dark Sun Gwyndolin from Dark Souls is geared with the Darkmoon Bow, which fires magical Darkmoom Arrows towards people who trespass his room. He also has a catalyst for casting powerful sorceries.
    • Aldrich, Saint of the Deep from Dark Souls III uses the upper body of Gwyndolin he's been devouring to fight against you. He's geared with the same equipment used by Gwyndolin, but he uses a more aggressive combat style, and he can launch a Rain of Arrows upon you.
  • The Diablo series each features one such character playable starting with the Rogue, an archer who was the middle ground of magic users between the Sorcerer and the Warrior, the Amazon whose archery was supplemented by support magic such as making enemies glow, which make them easier targets and summoning Valkyries. The Demon Hunter in Diablo III favors Automatic Crossbows and using Black Magic against the demons themselves.
  • While her default weapon is a staff due to her magic specialization, equipping Flonne from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness with a bow in order to get around the No Experience Points for Medic situation in the game is a viable strategy since those are her second-best weapon skills at Rank A (the weapon affinity system goes S-A-B-C-D-E). Finding and equipping a magic bow that boosts magic-related stats makes it even better.
  • This is a viable build for Angelo in Dragon Quest VIII, particularly in the 3DS Updated Re-release which gives him more skill points.
  • In Divinity: Original Sin II, the two default starting classes for archery-based characters both also have a level in a spell-casting skill. The ranger uses a combination of a bow and Pyromancy, while the wayfarer specialises in using a crossbow in combination with Geomancy.
  • The Elf of Dragon's Crown has this as one of her potential builds. Investing in Elemental Lore allows her to cast a variety of spells depending on her surroundings, providing her with additional utility and firepower to complement her bow and arrows.
  • Dragon's Dogma has the Magick Archer class, a Mage/Strider hybrid class who uses Magick Bows to fire magical shots with homing properties. Some of it's techniques involve bolts of ice magic capable of Roboteching in on enemies, lightning shots that bounce all around the walls and fire shots that act as a time-delayed bomb.
  • Dungeon Crawl features the Arcane Marksman background, which starts you with a ranged weapon of your choice and a spellbook with several spells for making your foes easier to hit. The Portal Projectile spell in particular fits this, letting you teleport your arrows straight into their targets.
  • Elden Ring: Player builds aside, there's multiple enemies who fit the bill.
    • Starscourge Radahn fights from a distance with a greatbow and arrows enchanted with gravity magic to hit harder. Close the distance, and he switches to dual-wielding enchanted greatswords. The Spirit Ash Redmane Knight Ogha also uses gravity-enchanted arrows, as he studied gravity magic alongside Radahn.
    • Royal Knight Loretta's signature spells, Loretta's Greatbow and Loretta's Mastery, involve conjuring a bow made of magic and firing charged arrows at the target.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, this is a very viable build. The most popular form is the "Witch Hunter" build which combines boosts to Marksmanship with Conjuration, Alchemy, and Enchanting. Summon an ethereal "Bound Bow", summon a couple of meat-shield mooks, and use poisoned arrows to strike down foes quickly. Alternatively, enchant a standard bow for extra magical damage. The "Nightblade" build boots Marksmanship and Illusion, allowing you to turn invisible to sneak up on foes for critical hits or to safely retreat to a safe distance once the fighting has begun. (Skyrim does away with the pre-made classes, but you can still create this build by developing the same skills and investing in the right perks.)
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Fire Emblem
    • In Fire Emblem Fates the Priestess class can use both bows and healing staffs and promotes from the basic healer class of Shrine Maiden. It's female-only, though — men get the Monk Class which uses spears instead of bows. The Adventurer also wields bows and staffs, and unlike the Priestess can be accessed by either gender.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, while no class specializes in both bows and magic, any class can equip any physical weapon and magic has limited uses so bringing a backup weapon can be useful. Of the game's mages, Hubert of the Black Eagles, Mercedes of the Blue Lions and Professor Hanneman have strengths in using bows. Their Strength stats are still lackluster, but the Magic Bow, which deals damage based on the user's Magic stat instead, can be quite potent in their hands. Mercedes and Hanneman even have special bows available to them late in the game that synergize with their Crests.
  • Every bow-wielding playable character in Genshin Impact is this, as their Visions allow them to channel their respective elemental magic through their arrows and apply it with each shot. Likewise, Hilichurl Shooters are naturally capable of using the elements of Pyro, Cryo, and Electro and applying them with shots fired from their crossbows.
  • God of War (PS4): Atreus starts with a normal hunting bow, but over the course of the game, he upgrades his weapon to fire different types of elemental arrows and gains the power to summon various ethereal beasts to aid him.
  • The Fateless One in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning can become one by specializing in the Finesse and Sorcery trees, and wielding bows as their weapon of choice. The associated Destinies provide a bonus to both elemental and piercing damage, which bows tend to have in higher proportion than other physical weapons.
  • League of Legends has a few champions among its enormous roster who specialises in this type of weapon:
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Princess Zelda is always something of a sorceress and on many occasions will take up arms with a bow and arrow mostly to fire the Light Arrows.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
      • Revali is a Rito archer who also has wind-based magic that allows him to rise up in the air rapidly.
      • Yiga archers use their teleportation in conjunction with their bows to stay just out of Link's reach and snipe him.
  • The early Might and Magic like II, III, and IV had the Archer class. Besides being good with bows and crossbows, they also could equip medium armors, some weapons, and got arcane magic spells. It shows up in later games, too — VI and VII had the Archer class in more-or-less the same, allowing for game-mechanics, way as the early games (with the mage part made rather explicit by fact that in both games one of the class promotion ranks was Warrior Mage), VIII had the Dark Elf race/class which was the same plus some special tricks.
  • Hands of Necromancy sees you as a sorceror fighting the forces of hell, and you can obtain a Pistol Cannon halfway through. Turns out despite being a magic-user, you're pretty adept at using a gun.
  • Elven rangers in Heroes of Might and Magic V are able to enchant their arrows with harmful spells.
  • Nightwolf of Mortal Kombat fame is a Magical Native American who can manifest bows and arrows out of spirit energy. He can also call down lightning to strike enemies.
  • Minamoto no Hiromasa in Onmyōji (2016) is a talented archer and is well-versed in kekkaijutsu, even though his real-life historical counterpart was known for being a musician.
  • Overwatch: Although most of Hanzo's abilities are handwaved with sufficiently advanced technology (sonic arrows function like echolocation, but through walls, for example), there's no real explanation for the spirit dragons he summons with his ultimate. Theories abound that they are hard light projections activated through cybernetics in his tattoo, but no explanation has yet been given. Or for how he curves an arrow in the "Dragons" short.
  • In Persona, both the original game's Maki Sonomura and Persona 3's Yukari Takeba use bows in addition to their potent Persona-based magic. Maki in particular is a rare double example who also wields pistols.
  • Ronyx in Star Ocean taught himself how to use both bows and offensive magic when time travel separated him from his preferred phasers. This backfired on him a bit in the Updated Re-release, since staves were changed to boost the wielders' magic power while bows give no bonus just like the original version.
  • Tales of Maj'Eyal also has the Temporal Warden, a class which combines archery, dual-weapon fighting, and Chronomancy. Highlights include summoning versions of yourself from alternate time-lines to provide a Rain of Arrows, firing an arrow that explodes into an Unrealistic Black Hole, or a melee strike that sprays out a wave of temporal distortion over nearby foes.
  • The Tales Series
  • Trails Series has Kevin Graham and Alisa Reinford. The former uses a crossbow, while latter uses ordinary bow. Like everyone else in the series, they also has battle orbments, that let them use magic-like abilities. Additionally, Kevin is actually a Dominion of the Gralsritter, and has a Stigma, that gives him supernatural powers.
  • One of the best Aramon units in Total Annihilation: Kingdoms is the mage archer. In addition to having much longer range that regular archers, they can enchant their arrows with powerful spell effects.
  • In Warcraft III, features a few in the form of hero units Priestess of the Moon (the most notable being Tyrande Whisperwind) has a ranged attack and boosts ranged abilities of surrounding units, but can also cast spells as well as Dark Ranger's like Sylvanas who favored Necromancy and the Naga Sea Witch who favored storm flavored spells.
  • In World of Warcraft, the hunter class has many arrows with special effects. Most of them are Trick Arrows, but some, such as Arcane Shot and Black Arrow, are undeniably magic. In addition, most of their special shots do some form of magic damage. Also, since hunters can use both guns and (cross)bows, they could also fit the Magic Gunman type.

    Visual Novels 

    Western Animation 
  • Lord Balthazar in The Smurfs (1981) isn't above using weapons such as muskets and crossbows in addition to magic against the Smurfs if it suits his purpose.
  • Opal in Steven Universe is also an example of this trope. Since she's a fusion gem, she can fuse the weapons of the two gems that she's made of, Amethyst and Pearl, into an Energy Bow which shoots magic arrows.
  • Wakfu, and the game it's based upon, has the Cra character class ("bow" in French is "arc"). They can fire a wide variety of magical arrows at machine gun rates and even shoot clouds down (literally - Eva did this to water a field once).

    Real Life 
  • While calling it outright magic would be too much, Japanese art of Kyūdō can be described as cross between archery and spiritual practices.


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