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Members of Blue Diamond's Court in Homeworld society.

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    Blue Diamond 

Blue Diamond
Voiced by: Lisa Hannigan

"You cannot fathom how much I've mourned, what thousands of years of grief has done to me!"

The second Diamond mentioned and the first to appear in the series proper in "The Answer". The leader of Homeworld's diplomatic Gems, she was at the Sky Arena during Rose's rebellion, and Sapphire used to report directly to her.

For her tropes, see her page.

    Blue Diamond's Pearl 

Blue Diamond's Pearl / Blue Pearl
Voiced by: Deedee Magno-Hall

"I thought I heard someone. I think we're not alone."

A Pearl owned by Blue Diamond.

  • All There in the Script: Called "Blue Pearl" in the credits.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: In Unleash The Light, she's the one who suggests sending a battalion to retrieve Pyrope and Demantoid's Prisms by force if they don't respond to the heroes' ultimatum, though this is still lighter than what Yellow Pearl suggests (that those two be destroyed).
  • Character Development: She started out as nothing more than a quiet, obedient servant of Blue Diamond, and had been like that for thousands of years. Later on, however, Steven gets her to admit she likes drawing and does it as a hobby, and she smiles when confessing it. Following her liberation from Blue Diamond's ownership in Unleash The Light, she gains a broadcaster role with Yellow Pearl in The Movie and is far happier than all the other times we've seen her, in addition to snickering when Yellow Pearl snarks at White Diamond's expense, even though they seemed to be on frosty terms before. In Steven Universe: Future, she participates in art with Yellow Pearl, Vidalia, and some Uncorrupted Gems on Earth, and her drawing skills are shown to have gotten even better.
  • Cold Ham: Blue Pearl is quiet, outwardly stoic and her voice is very soft. And yet, at times, she can be just as overdramatic as Yellow Pearl.
  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference: During her first appearance in "The Answer", she is barefoot. All her subsequent appearances have her wearing blue ballet slippers.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She looks horrified when Defense Zircon asks what happened to Pink Diamond's Pearl.
  • Every Proper Lady Should Curtsy: When announcing the appearance of Blue Diamond in "The Trial".
  • Expressive Hair: Very subtle, but her hair moves a whole lot more than from any breeze Greg might have created when he startles her in "Steven's Dream".
  • Eyes Out of Sight: Much like Sapphire, her hair always covers her eyes; entirely fitting with the eye motif that Blue Diamond seems to have.
  • Hammy Herald: While never stopping her soft, quiet way of speaking, she serves as Blue's herald during public appearances and manages to be just as over the top as Yellow Pearl in a more Cold Ham way.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • To a degree: despite her very reserved nature, it seems Blue Pearl is very well trusted by Blue Diamond to the point that she takes her along for things she doesn't even want Yellow Diamond to know about, such as her visit to Earth to mourn at the site of Pink Diamond's death. However, "Reunited" and "Change Your Mind" imply that she doesn't accompany Blue Diamond to Earth if the latter is accompanied there by another Diamond.
    • She enjoys drawing, even having a job as a courtroom artist.
    • By the time of The Movie she appears to be operating the gem equivalent of a TV station with Yellow Pearl, implying she left her Diamond's service at some point during the Time Skip.
  • Leotard of Power: A blue one under a sheer tutu, accentuating her ballerina-like appearance.
  • Mirror Character: To both the Crystal Gems' Pearl, Yellow Diamond's Pearl, and White Diamond's Pearl. Unlike her three cousins who seem, despite their position in Gem hierarchy, to have gained skills in areas outside their station (Crystal Gem Pearl being a warrior vs Yellow Diamond's Pearl being a secretary vs White Diamond's Pearl having more authority than Blue and Yellow Diamond) — Blue Diamond's Pearl seems to be doing what a Pearl was made to do by simply standing around and looking pretty.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She wears nothing but a low-cut leotard and sheer tutu. Justified in that Pearls are just made to hold your things and "look pretty".
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Inverted. Despite being the third Pearl we've seen onscreen, she's the first one who matches the "stereotypical" Pearl as described by other Gems.
  • Nice Girl: Blue Pearl is fairly polite compared to Yellow Pearl. She even welcomes CG Pearl back when the latter returns to Homeworld.
  • Not So Similar: Compared to Crystal Gem Pearl's autonomous emotion and Yellow Pearl's disdainful rudeness, Blue Pearl's deferential compliance is really strange.
  • Not So Stoic: Not as much as Sapphire, but she does have her moments. She is visibly startled by Greg in "Steven's Dream", and appears annoyed when Yellow Pearl stands next to her in "That Will Be All". In "Together Alone", she expresses a little bit of enthusiasm when revealing her enjoyment of drawing, and sheds a Single Tear when introducing Blue Diamond, but it's hard to tell if this is genuine or just for dramatic effect.
  • Pet the Dog: She is very kind to Pearl when she returns to Homeworld.
    Welcome back.
  • The Quiet One: Unlike the Crystal Gems' Pearl or Yellow Diamond's Pearl, Blue Pearl doesn't speak at all during "The Answer". And after her debut, whenever she does speak, if at all, her voice is very soft.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The... Blue Oni to Yellow Pearl's Red Oni. She's quiet, composed, and passive in stark contrast to Yellow Pearl's loud, sassy smugness.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: Pearls are designed for their owner's preference, exist only to be passive servants to high-ranking Gems, and seem to be universally pale with waifish figures. This Pearl also happens to be stoic, mysterious, quiet bordering on silent and has a short blue bob, so she fits this like a glove so far.
  • Shrinking Violet: Shy, performs her duties without a word, and easily frightened.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: In a flashback from "Change Your Mind", Blue Diamond mentions that she and other Homeworld Pearls got chased down the halls by caterpillar-like alien creatures Pink Diamond brought to a ball.
  • The Stoic: She barely even changes her expression during the entire time we see her in "The Answer". The only time she reacts to something is when Sapphire says that the Rebellion will be defeated (by looking up). Otherwise, she keeps her head bowed down at all times. When she reappears in "Steven's Dream", she is visibly startled when Greg pops up from behind a bush, but then returns to her stoicism and speaks without effect to her Diamond.
  • Time Abyss: She was alive during the Crystal Gem rebellion, making her at least 5,750 years old.
  • True Blue Femininity: As with all other Gems serving under Blue Diamond, she has a blue color scheme, and is more traditionally feminine than Yellow Pearl.
  • Uncatty Resemblance: Like her owner, Blue Pearl has blue coloring and Hidden Eyes.
  • When She Smiles: She smiles when crossing out a drawing of Steven in "The Trial", as well as when she reveals her enjoyment of drawing in "Together Alone".

    Blue Diamond's Ruby Guards 

Ruby Guards
Voiced by: Charlyne Yi

Ruby Guard 1: Hey! Can't wait for those rebels to get here!
Ruby Guard 2: Haha, yeah! When I see those rebels, I'm gonna punch them right in their faces!

Two of the three Rubies (along with Crystal Gem Ruby) assigned to protect Sapphire 5,750 years ago. One's gem is on her right forearm, and the other's is on the back of her right hand. Aside from gem placement, they're entirely identical, in both looks and personality.

  • Arc Symbol: A notable aversion. Unlike every other Homeworld gem, they do not have a diamond on their uniform.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: They're red, Hot-Blooded, and Red Shirts.
  • Birds of a Feather: Played with. On an individual level they don't exactly get along, but being so alike makes it easy for them to fuse and their resulting fusion has no notable differences to a regular Ruby besides its size and possession of three gems, indicating that it's very stable.
  • Blood Knight: Both very eager to fight the rebels.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: The giant Ruby they fuse into is intimidating, but no match for Rose Quartz.
  • The Dividual: They're Twindividuals, as they're identical, very similar in personality, and only seen with one another.
  • Expendable Clone: They're so easily replaced that, at least by Blue Diamond's standards, it's acceptable to break their gems as well as their bodies for offenses rarer Gems would face no such punishment for. If "our" Ruby is any indication, they consider themselves expendable because they're essentially clones, lacking significant differences from each other.
  • Hot-Blooded: Even more than the Ruby we know and love; she was actually their voice of reason, trying to calm them down from fighting one another by reminding them that they'd fight the rebels together as a fusion. In response, one of them punched her into Sapphire.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: They have several shades of this, being overly eager to fight the rebels and trying to rush onto the battlefield without any other plans aside from “punch them real hard”. Our Ruby has to calm them down.
  • Not So Similar: Despite being physically near-identical, they managed to show a clear difference in personality from the future Crystal Gem Ruby in a short amount of time; they're mostly interested in fighting while she was more interested in Sapphire.
  • One-Shot Character: Their only appearance is in "The Answer".
  • One-Winged Angel: They fuse together (along with the Ruby that would later become Garnet) to fight the rebels. Their fusion is basically just a bigger Ruby. She ends up not being all that tough.
  • Planet of Steves: They're Rubies, hence they're both named Ruby.
  • Red Shirt: Their placement in the Gem caste system is as common soldiers and the two of them are poofed shortly after their debut.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: What became of them after they retreated to their gems is unknown.
  • The Worf Effect: Their fused form is quickly broken by Rose Quartz and the two of them are thereafter reduced to their gems by Pearl.

    Holly Blue Agate 

Holly Blue Agate
Voiced by: Christine Pedi

"What are you all doing in here?! Get to your stations! Even you hideous off-color betas! Get out of your cubbies and into your places! It's the least you can do for the Diamond that kept your worthless, sorry gems in service!"

A quartz Gem in charge of operations at the Zoo. She's very beholden to Homeworld values, sucking up to her superiors while denigrating her subordinates for any assumed flaws.

  • Aliens of London: Her accent is distinctly Mid-Atlantic, which is way too appropriate for a Gem who acts and speaks like a strict schoolmarm villain straight out of a Broadway production.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: The ring-like patterns in her hair resemble the cross-section of a cut agate geode.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Averted when she tries to apprehend Steven and Greg. While her electrified whip probably would have hurt them, she's no match for Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl triple-teaming her at once.
  • Bad Boss: Most of her screen-time is her being verbally and physically abusive to her subordinates. If the "an Agate terrifies" line in Yellow Diamond's Villain Song is anything to go by, her entire caste are meant to be oppressive overseers. It comes back to bite her on the gem when the Crystal Gems escape the Zoo with Greg and Steven, the Amethysts merely laugh at her humiliating defeat and wave them off.
  • The Baroness: "An agate terrifies", and Holly Blue Agate is a combination of Rosa Klebb, Drill Sergeant Nasty, and overly strict boarding school principal, although her obsequiousness toward her superiors in the Gems' Hive Caste System kills some of the menace.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Has a rather Rubenesque figure, and is easy on the eyes to boot.
  • Boots of Toughness: She's the authoritarian supervisor of Pink Diamond's Quartz soldiers and zoo, and wears white thigh-high boots.
  • Boyish Short Hair: It serves to make her appear more professional.
  • Control Freak: Especially to her own squad.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Crystal Gems wasted absolutely no time stomping on her.
  • Dean Bitterman: She orders two of her subordinates to not run in the hallways, and is livid when she thinks they vandalized the door to the Zoo. The official Tumblr blog even notes that she runs the Zoo like a boarding school for miscreant Amethysts.
  • Devilish Hair Horns: Her hair is styled in two cone-like shapes on either side of her head. Considering her nasty nature, they also qualify as Horns of Villainy.
  • The Dreaded: She's essentially made her subordinates fear her, and until her Curb-Stomp Battle at the hands of the Crystal Gems, she is. As in a Bad Boss, she was apparently made to be one.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Also comes off as this as she's constantly berating her subordinates for fooling around and not behaving like proper soldiers.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: She hopes the Diamonds appreciate the hard work she's put in towards preserving Pink Diamond's legacy. Said Diamonds don't think much of her for being too much of an ass-kisser.
  • Fantastic Racist: Times four! She's rude and dismissive of Pearl, is disdainful toward Ruby, treats her Earth-born Quartz soldiers badly, and pretends not to understand the (half-)human Steven, which he readily uses to his advantage by communicating plans to the Crystal Gems right under her nose. The only Gems she treats with respect are Sapphire and the Diamonds, who both rank higher than her.
  • Feet-First Introduction: And the way she keeps her feet together shows her uptight attitude.
  • Hate Sink: She premieres just as the Diamonds' sympathetic side is shown, and between her prejudices, bossiness, and suck-up behavior, Holly Blue does a great job directing both the audience's and the cast's hatred of the Diamonds to herself.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: While she's no longer antagonistic to Steven and the Crystal Gems in Era 3, she appears to dislike the changes that have occured, wishes she could continue being a Bad Boss towards her subordinates, and overall refuses to join in all the fun and remains bossy and uptight. Though, Wy-Six implies that she's been teaching him how to be strict, indicating she's starting to stop seeing humans as stupid animals.
  • Hypocrite: She calls her Amethyst guards a "defective lot" and incompetent at their work. This coming from the same Gem who not only fails to recognize Pearl is obviously not owned by Sapphire, blames some of her Amethyst guards for causing some damage to a door that they couldn't actually have done, oh, and thoroughly failed to notice there were TWO DIAMONDS when she went to check up on Blue Diamond.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Tells a pair of Amethysts not to shout in the hallways... by shouting at them.
  • Ironic Name: She seems to be the only Gem in the Zoo not made on Earth and insults her subordinates for their birthplace. She's also named after Holley blue agate, quartz found only in a very specific location on Earth.
  • Jerkass: She's an incredibly rude, snotty, uptight elitist who spends most of her first appearance either abusing her Quartzes or talking down to others. Even in Future where the Diamonds and other Gem elites have long since changed their attitudes for the better, she's longing for the good old days where she controlled the Human Zoo with an iron fist.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • The Quartzes she mistreated and belittled just stood by and laughed as she was defeated and humiliated by the Crystal Gems. Pearl, who had to put up with her condescendingly dismissive treatment, gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, tells her to be quiet about what she just witnessed, and further rubs it in by saying "That will be all", accompanied by Steven clapping his hands.
    • In Era 3, Holly Blue has lost any authority whatsoever over the Earth quartzes, who are free to party nonstop in front of her face, and is at a loss for the Diamonds constantly obsessing over Steven. Her only options are to stay in the Zoo, where the humans now running the ship are the only one listening to what she says, or simply abandon her post entirely.
  • Lightning Lash: Her weapon is an electrified whip, which perfectly fits her status as a disciplinarian and overseer.
  • Meaningful Name: In gemstone mythos, agates are used to strengthen the body and balance the mind to promote productivity. This is somewhat fitting considering her Drill Sergeant Nasty attitude towards the Amethysts she looks over by reprimanding them and telling them how to behave.
  • The Neidermeyer: Because of her bossy attitude and constant mistreatment of her subordinates, the Amethyst guards aren't very fond of her.
  • Praetorian Guard: "The Trial" reveals that the Diamonds have Agate guards in their retinues.
  • Pointy-Haired Boss: Literally AND figuratively! Her obsession with kowtowing to rank drastically compromises her objectivity and competency, to the point where she'll miss flagrant attempts at infiltration and assume them to be her underlings' fault.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: She is always sweet-talking any higher ranking gem in the area, to the point that even Yellow and Blue Diamond are shown to be annoyed by it. She addresses the aristocratic Sapphire as "Your (Grand) Clarity".
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Watches over the remote Human Zoo, visited only by Blue Diamond, while most Gems know little to nothing about Pink Diamond.
  • Smug Snake: She loves nothing more than talking down to lower-ranked Gems and pushing them around, but she doesn't even last ten seconds against the Crystal Gems in a fight and is utterly humiliated for all her downtrodden Quartz subordinates to see.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: She complaints that the Ametgyst guards she's commanding are incompetent.
  • True Blue Femininity: As with all other Gems serving under Blue Diamond, she wears a blue uniform. Her skin, hair, and weapon are also blue.
  • Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning: Her whip emits blue lightning.

    Holly Blue Agate's Quartz Crew/The Famethyst 

The Famethyst
Voiced by: Michaela Dietz (Amethysts), Kimberly Brooks (Jaspers, Carnelian)

Formerly of Pink Diamond's Court. A group of Amethysts, Jaspers, and a single Carnelian from the Prime and Beta Kindergartens on Earth, commanded by Holly Blue Agate and serving under Blue Diamond.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Most of them are called by their number and the sole Carnelian by her type, but Amethyst refers to the thin Jasper as simply "Skinny". It's clear that Amethyst means it kindly, and Skinny is amused.
  • Amazon Brigade: Albeit with the usual "sexless and referred to with female pronouns space rocks" caveat.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Skinny's gem is on her navel, and is exposed by her uniform top.
  • Big Fun: Are full-bodied and muscular like most standard-issue Quartz Gems, but have the same boisterous and playful personality that the Crystal Gem Amethyst has.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Unlike the other Quartzes, Skinny's hair is short, although it's still wild and spiky like her sisters'.
  • Call-Back: In "Beta", Peridot observed that a carnelian came out sideways at the Beta Kindergarten. The Quartz Crew include a single short, goofy-looking Carnelian. Also, Amethyst expresses solidarity with the imperfect Gems that emerged from the Beta Kindergarten, including "this skinny looking one right here". Later, viewers meet a member of the Quartz crew named Skinny.
  • Call-Forward: In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", it's shown that the Amethysts of the Famethyst were among the first Gems to emerge on Earth, and we see them waiting for the last of their unit to emerge before being ordered to get moving without her.
  • Contralto of Danger: The Amethyst that gets Greg and Steven out of the zoo has a deep, commanding voice that sounds nearly identical to Jasper's. But as it turns out, they're not all that dangerous.
  • Cool Big Sis: All of them are this to our Amethyst. They all came from Earth, just like her, and many of them emerged from the same Kindergarten as she (Crystal Gem Amethyst being the last to emerge, long after the rebellion and evacuation had already happened). And unlike Jasper, they gladly accept her as a sister after meeting her and help her escape.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Skinny is not only a contrast to the Jasper we know but to the other Amethysts. The rest are laughing, boisterous pranksters, while she's just off to the side, playfully snarking, "You Amethysts are so cliquey."
  • The Dog Bites Back: After enduring Holly Blue's demeaning and abusive treatment of them, they decide to watch and laugh as the Crystal Gems hand their superior's ass back to her. When Holly Blue orders them to take out the Crystal Gems, they just wave goodbye to the departing opposition.
  • Fantastic Racism: Are targets of this by Holly Blue Agate for being born on Earth, and defective in the case of Skinny and Carnelian, the latter two she calls "hideous off-color Betas". Holly Blue's words also imply that if it weren't for Blue Diamond's desire to keep them as reminders of Pink Diamond, they'd not "be in service" anymore. It's likely that she's not the only Homeworld Gem with this belief.
  • Friendly Enemy: They may be Homeworld Gems, but they're very friendly with the Crystal Gems, to the point of downright helping them with their rescue mission.
  • Genki Girl: Carnelian, full stop. "I'M NOT THE SHORTEST ANYMORE!"
  • Heroic Build: They have stocky and muscular builds appropriate for Quartz soldiers, the only exception being Skinny.
  • The Hyena: They're jovial and fun-loving, and they enjoy a good laugh much like our Amethyst, their "little sis".
  • Immortal Immaturity: They're all thousands of years old, with the attitude of a bunch of rowdy teenagers.
  • Last of Her Kind: Many Amethysts and a few Jaspers are shown, but only one Carnelian is seen. Since this group contains all the remaining uncorrupted Quartz soldiers made on Earth (aside from the main Jasper), it's quite possible that she's the last of the Earth-born Carnelians.
  • Leitmotif: Skinny Jasper is introduced with, hilariously, Jasper's own leitmotif.
  • Lima Syndrome: They're the guards of a People Zoo, and when a bunch of humans became sad from Greg rejecting them, some of the Quartzes give them very sincere-sounding consolations and ask them to talk about their problems.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Amethyst is delighted to find out that they came from the Prime Kindergarten on Earth, making them her "sisters".
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Even more so than the Ruby Squad, since they outright refuse to obey Holly Blue's orders to stop the Crystal Gems and even help the Crystal Gems in rescuing Greg.
  • Mirror Character: To the Jasper from Yellow Diamond's Court in multiple ways. She's a perfectly formed "ultimate Quartz", while several of them have visible physical flaws including Carnelian's short height and Skinny's ...well, skinniness. She takes her duties as a Homeworld warrior seriously, while they love to play around and have fun. She looks down on "defective" Gems and despises the Crystal Gems, as opposed to these Quartzes who happily embrace Amethyst as family, defect and all, while assisting the Crystal Gems against Holly Blue Agate. The contrast is especially striking between different Jaspers. Whereas "ultimate Quartz" Jasper is hulking, loud and belligerent, Skinny is slim, laid-back and friendly.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: The Crystal Gems (and Greg) would've probably had a harder time escaping the Human Zoo had Holly Blue not demeaned and abused the Quartzes stationed there. As a result, when they do escape, the Quartzes don't even bother trying to stop them. They even bring Steven and Greg into their room after they meet with Amethyst, who turns out to be Amethyst Facet 5, Cut 8XM, showing that they're even willing to help the Crystal Gems in rescuing Greg.
  • Mook Carryover: Like Jasper, they used to work for Pink Diamond. Unlike Jasper, they were reassigned to Blue's court instead of Yellow's and aren't nearly as active.
  • Nice Girl: They immediately accept Amethyst as one of them, as opposed to the first Jasper we met, who disdained her for being small, with the only Gem mentioning it being the Carnelian cheering about no longer being the shortest amongst them.
  • Oh, Crap!: One of the Amethyst guards has this reaction when Holly Blue Agate catches Greg and Steven outside of the zoo.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: The Jaspers are orange-skinned and wear standard Blue Diamond uniforms.
  • Palette Swap: Most of them resemble a purple version of that Jasper. Fortunately, that's where the similarities end.
  • Planet of Steves: All of them are named Amethyst or Jasper, except for the one Carnelian. However, to offset this, they also avert the Race-Name Basis that the Crystal Gems follow by casually using their facet cuts.
  • The Prankster: Just like the Crystal Gems' Amethyst, it seems. Their first appearance has them making a fool out of Steven and Greg by pretending to be an evil bunch who're holding poor Amethyst hostage, but then they burst into laughter and reveal it was all a joke.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Despite working for Homeworld, they're hardly malicious to the Crystal Gems and even help them in rescuing Greg from the Human Zoo. They laugh and joke with Amethyst, and they make no attempt to stop the Crystal Gems from returning to Earth, even giving them a friendly wave goodbye.
  • Race-Name Basis: Averted, as they seem to use their Cut numbers (8XL, 8XJ, 8XG, etc.) as their identifying names.
  • Really 700 Years Old: They were formed in the Earth Kindergartens around the time of the war, making them at least 5,000 years old.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Holly Blue's prejudice against them for being made on Earth hints they were all posted at the very remote Zoo to keep them out of sight of the other Homeworld Gems (and possibly to be another reminder of Pink Diamond for Blue Diamond to visit).
  • Regal Ringlets: Amethyst 8XJ has tube-like curls in her hair similar to Rose Quartz's. Not surprising, as they were both made by Pink Diamond for her court.
  • The Runt at the End: When our Amethyst shows up, Carnelian is seen running around while carrying Amethyst over her head and joyfully celebrating because "[she's] not the shortest anymore!"
  • Sad Clown: They seem to get through Holly Blue's abuse by being jovial jokesters.
  • The Slacker: Skinny seems incredibly laid back, not caring about anything, as she teases the Amethysts for being "cliquey". Quite the opposite of her perfectly-formed sister.
  • Super Soldier: Quartzes are produced by Homeworld to be soldiers, so naturally this is what they are.
  • Technicolor Eyes: The Amethysts have purple eyes, the Jaspers have yellow eyes, and the lone Carnelian has orange eyes.
  • There Is Another: Their appearance confirms the existence of other Kindergarten-born Amethysts and Jaspers.
  • Token Good Teammate: They're some of the nicest Homeworld Gems out there. As Humanity Is Infectious, possibly justified by them taking care of the Zoomans (like how a certain other alien pulls a Heel–Face Turn by taking care of a human-blooded individual).
  • Tragic Keepsake: They are living ones for Blue Diamond, who is keeping them alive in the memory of Pink Diamond since they were born on her planet.
  • True Companions: With each other, all acting like sisters and sticking together. Even Amethyst being a Crystal Gem doesn't sway them from accepting her into their family. Lampshaded by Skinny, who playfully snarks that they're "cliquey".
  • Wild Hair: Like Amethyst, they have long, unkempt manes of hair (except Skinny, whose hair is short but still wild and messy). The Amethysts have white or light purple hair, Skinny's is an aged off-white (IE; slightly tinted yellow), and Carnelian's is ruby-red.
  • You Are Number 6: Individuals are referred to by their cut, as is standard for Homeworld Gems. Three of the Amethysts are identified as Cut 8XL, 8XG, and 8XJ. Notably, they reveal that our Amethyst's designation is Facet 5, Cut 8XM.


Voiced by: Della Saba

"What an ordeal. But the Diamonds needed me. That's the burden of being the best."

A small Homeworld Gem sent by Blue and Yellow Diamond to retrieve new humans for the zoo.

  • Aliens of London: Aquamarine speaks in British Received Pronunciation, which oddly means she pronounces her own name differently than most characters ("ack-wuh" instead of "ahk-wuh").
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Following the initiation of Era 3, she and Eyeball were cast out and forgotten. At least, that's what she claims.
  • Antagonist Abilities: Her Tractor Beam can freeze anyone in their tracks, up to and including Alexandrite.
  • Arc Villainess: For StevenBomb 6, which revolves around her leading Topaz on their kidnapping mission.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Is about the size of a toddler and looks like a silly little fairy, yet is capable of freezing Alexandrite with little effort using her wand, and before that manages to knock Steven out by flinging him into a tree and launch Pearl skyward by utilizing it.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: The size of a small child and in charge of a Gem fusion over ten feet tall.
  • Bigger Stick: Her wand alone (which does not seem to be a Gem weapon, as she stores it on her head rather than her gemstone) is nearly unstoppable — because there's almost nothing it can't stop. She doesn't even consider the Crystal Gems besides Rose as worth her time of day. However, without it, she's basically helpless against a larger Gem. When she returns in Future, she's since lost the wand, and even when she fuses with Eyeball to form Bluebird Azurite, she is drastically less powerful.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She at first seems like a lost and innocent Gem, perhaps even a child-Gem, but she's really using her small and childlike appearance to her advantage in order to get the information she wants for her mission. Once she captures Connie, she shows her true colors.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Aquamarine barely cares about the original mission, so she captures Steven/"Rose" as an excuse not to even expend the effort to finish it.
  • The Comically Serious: Although menacing, the fact that she thinks "My dad" is an actual name of a human is comedy gold.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: To Jasper. While Jasper relied on brute force, Aquamarine is physically weak but cunning and she relies on her tractor beams to immobilize enemies.
  • Crocodile Tears: Her gem's cut is tear-shaped and on her left cheek near her eye, which, combined with her childlike appearance and immature attitude, definitely evokes this. She lampshades it in "Stuck Together".
    Aquamarine: Oh no! Is Rosie upset because her widdle deal didn't work? [points to her gem] Look, I'm so moved, I'm crying. Just kidding, that's my gem!
  • Deliberately Cute Child: She's not a child, but she has the look and ability to mimic it. This is how she moved around Beach City with no one thinking twice of her asking random people, "Are you my dad?" The mask drops when Connie and Steven track her down and try to help her, since Connie was on her list of humans to grab.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Gee, Aquamarine, you really didn't expect your fusion with Ruby to be recognized by Steven and his friends even though your gemstones are literally on Bluebird Azurite's face? To a lesser extent, threatening Steven when he's under the Diamonds' protection was a bad idea because all Steven has to do is tell Yellow and Blue about an Aquamarine threatening him, and it's over
  • The Dreaded: Pearl and Garnet are both shocked when they hear that an Aquamarine and a Topaz fusion have arrived on Earth.
  • Elite Mook: Pearl's reaction to her and Aquamarine's statement that the mission was a "waste of an Aquamarine" both imply she's a much more unique and powerful Gem than the previous Gems sent to Earth. Rebecca Sugar confirmed during a CN Side that she is indeed a very high ranking Blue Gem.
  • Evil Brit: She speaks with a posh British accent, emphasizing her condescending tone.
  • Expy: While creating Aquamarine's character, Rebecca Sugar used Cartman from South Park as a comparison for her maliciously bratty and narcissistic personality.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: She's cruel, cold, arrogant, and looks even more like a child than Ruby or Peridot — so much that Steven and Connie took her asking "are you my dad" to refer to an actual parental figure.
  • The Fair Folk: Has a very obviously fairy-like design, with her tiny stature, wings, dress and wand... and is a malicious, spiteful little brat who's willing to have Topaz murder Jamie if it means getting the Gems to cooperate with her.
  • Fantastic Racism: Like Yellow Diamond, she calls humans "organics" with clear distaste and disgust.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She speaks in a mock polite tone and taunts the Gems to their faces, as well as casually discussing killing humans like she might have to replace a broken item she was tasked with bringing to her boss.
  • Final Boss: Of Season 4 with Topaz and Topaz. It's a Curb-Stomp Battle that ends in their favor.
  • Flight: Her wings let her fly just like Lapis.
  • Hate Sink: And how. In a show that goes out of its way to show that almost everyone has some good in them and even genocidal dictators can pull a Heel–Face Turn if given the chance, Aquamarine stands out as one of the most loathsome characters due to her condescending attitude, narcissism, and noticeable lack of any kind of redeeming qualities. It's very telling that she is one of the very few characters in the series to outright reject a chance at redemption.
  • Horrifying the Horror: At the end of "Doug Out", Onion is frightened when she and Topaz are about to capture him, and he has a concerned look on his face when she names the humans she was assigned to retrieve, which includes him.
  • Humans Are Insects: Aquamarine hates being on Earth, and reacts to a bunch of captured "organics" struggling with a mix of disgust and amusement at their distress. Despite being tasked with taking specific humans alive for a Zoo, she considers them interchangeable and expendable enough to fudge her goal when it conveniences her. Peridot and Jasper didn't act this bad.
  • Immortal Immaturity: Looks and acts like a spoiled child despite being immortal.
  • Implied Death Threat: She's not above making them if she has to:
    Aquamarine: Hey, Topaz, can you remind me? I mean, my memory is perfect, but our orders were to bring back these six humans. I'm just not sure. Did they specify... alive?
  • Irony: She opposes Homeworld's reforms and refers to fusion Gems starting to care about each other (getting "sentimental") as a problem, yet she willingly engages in fusion with Eyeball Ruby, despite cross-gem fusion being highly looked down upon prior to Era 3.
  • Jerkass: Egotistical, cruel, and incredibly mocking. Even her first non-silhouetted appearance, which only had her talking for the last few minutes of the episode, mind, made it very clear Aquamarine is an utter brat through and through, and she continues to be equally — if not more-so — unpleasant following it.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Her mean-spiritedness aside, her warnings to Topaz about what would happen to them if they went through with poofing her and escaping with Steven and Lars do have a point. The Diamonds would view them as traitors no better than the Crystal Gems, and the knowledge of Steven's existence would paint both of them as fugitives who willingly collaborated with their planet's greatest war criminal. Shattering would just be one of many punishments awaiting them if Homeworld chose to bring their full might to bear in hunting them down.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Upon being defused and defeated by Alexandrite, she states she’s learned her lesson and even attempts to apologize to Steven, only for it to turn out she was completely and utterly lying.
  • Karma Houdini: Even besides what's necessary for her mission, Aquamarine is cruel and mean, threatening to kill her captives (who she was clearly supposed to bring in alive) and constantly disparaging her subordinate. The most she gets for punishment is being disliked in Era 3—which she ironically considers a major offense she wants revenge over.
  • Knight of Cerebus: The plot takes a much darker turn when she and Topaz begin kidnapping Beach City's residents as the arc culminates in Steven sacrificing himself to save the others by outing himself as Rose Quartz. In other words, her appearance brought the show to its lowest point.
  • Lack of Empathy: Refers to fusion Gems starting to care about each other (getting "sentimental") as a problem.
  • Leitmotif: A twinkling, music box-esque melody with a tinge of ominousness to it, befitting her character.
  • Literal-Minded: This is what makes Steven realize Aquamarine was following Peridot's list of names of the humans he listed off when he first met Peridot. When Aquamarine said she was looking for "My Dad", she wasn't talking about her father (not that she even has any) or even Greg. She was literally looking for someone named "My Dad".
  • Magic Wand: Her Tractor Beam, though more Clarke's Third Law than real magic, does look like a wand. When not in use, it transforms into the ribbon on her head.
  • Making a Splash: Downplayed. She can form wings out of water and use them to fly, but beyond that, she has never demonstrated the ability to control water as a weapon the way Lapis does. Considering Aquamarine's heavy reliance on her wand and that she could be an Era 2 Gem, who have limited powers, it is likely that she cannot.
  • Mean Boss: She'll insult Topaz openly and to her face.
    Aquamarine: I can't believe they wasted an Aquamarine on a job like this. It's so easy, you could have done it yourself, Topaz!
  • Meaningful Name: Aquamarines are gemstones associated with eternal youth and good luck; Aquamarine looks like a child and her mission to Earth is the only one out of the others to be successful (and even more so considering she managed to bring "Rose Quartz" with her). Aquamarines also promote service, communication, and mental reasoning. Aquamarine brags of being "the best" in her services to the Diamonds and having a perfect memory, and not only talks the most compared to the Topaz duo but manages to get herself out of a pinch by reasoning with them.
  • Moth Menace: Like all butterfly themed things on Steven Universe she is very evil.
  • Narcissist: She'll never hesitate to compliment herself. She even says going to Earth is "the price of being the best".
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Played with. In Homeworld's eyes, taking down Rose Quartz was seen as an act of heroism, so when Aquamarine managed to take down Steven (who was believed to be Rose by Homeworld), she was celebrated and praised for a time, until Era 3, in which Aquamarine is cast out and forgotten for what she did to Steven, whom Homeworld now loves due to changing the Empire for the better. Needless to say, she doesn't take it well at all.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Going the opposite extreme as Jasper and the Diamonds, Aquamarine's design is far less detailed and more stylized than any other Gem or human — even Onion! Her head is just a sphere with hair shaped like a football, and her only facial features are eyes, her gem, and thin lips. She kind of looks like some kind of advertising mascot, strongly contrasting with her cruel behavior.
  • The Noseless: Like Sapphire, she has no nose.
  • Not So Above It All:
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • The moment Steven tells her he's Rose Quartz, she drops her mocking attitude and says "no way" in a hushed tone while looking legitimately shocked and angry.
    • When Topaz manages to overpower her and pin her while threatening to use a destabilizer on her, the look on her face as she's talking her down subtly indicates that she is terrified.
    • Her tone and expression when telling Topaz to unfuse and that they'll never speak of the incident again seem almost somber. It's undeniably a stark contrast to how she usually says everything with an at least mildly jerkish or insulting manner to it.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • While she's incredibly condescending towards the Topaz twins, treating them like Dumb Muscle at the best of times, she does seem to hold a modicum of respect for them underneath the bratty banter. Tellingly, after discovering Topaz helping Steven and Lars escape, Aquamarine has a perfect opportunity to attack Topaz with her wand, but simply destroys the escape pod instead and doesn't resist when the fusion pins her to the ship's engine block. When she successfully talks Topaz down, Aquamarine — instead of punishing her or threatening to report her insubordination to the Diamonds — simply tells her that so long as Topaz calms down, unfuses and gets back to her duties, they'll never need to speak of what happened to anyone, with a far less nasty tone and expression than usual. Although this may be to prevent another attack from Topaz, it should be noted that Aquamarine makes that last proposition while she has the advantage, as she is the only one holding a weapon and Topaz is on her knees.
    • In spite of Eyeball Ruby being much lower ranked than her, as well as Aquamarine's strong belief in Homeworld's caste system, not once does Aquamarine treat Eyeball poorly because of this, instead merely bickering with her and mostly treating her with actual respect.
  • Photographic Memory: Claims to have one (which is backed up by the fact that she remembered the six varieties of humans she was tasked with bringing back), but only brings it up to ask a rhetorical question. It would certainly add to her similarities to Lapis Lazuli.
    Aquamarine: Hey, Topaz. Can you remind me? I mean, my memory is perfect but...
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: While her physical strength is nothing to write home about by Gem standards, she is still capable of holding Greg one-handed while flying.
  • Put on a Bus: She's not seen again after she sends the Topazes off in "Stuck Together". It is unknown if she was among the Aquamarines cheering when Blue and Yellow Diamond return to Homeworld with Steven or flying around the Era 3 ball. She finally returns in Steven Universe Future, looking for revenge.
  • Redemption Rejection: Along with Eyeball Ruby, she refuses to accept Homeworld's reforms in Era 3, and hates Steven so much she'll hurt his friends to get revenge on him. For the first time in the series, Steven is forced to accept her as someone he can't change.
  • School Uniforms Are the New Black: Her outfit resembles a prep school uniform.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: She's a tiny Gem even smaller than Peridot and is the brain to Topaz's brawn, with a perfect memory.
  • Smug Snake: She plays the childlike innocence angle for as long as it'll work, but her actual personality paints her as an incredibly smug and condescending brat who is used to always getting her way and doesn't take dissension or disobedience lightly.
  • Squishy Wizard: Her Tractor Beam wand is very powerful, but Aquamarine is easily overpowered if the opponent can get past it.
  • Stealth Pun: Her gem is on her cheek. Her general behavior is cute but also irreverent and disrespectful. She's "cheeky".
  • Tattoo as Character Type: In American prisons, a teardrop-shaped tattoo below the eye, much like Aquamarine's gem, means the prisoner with it has killed someone while in prison. Read that as you may but it should obviously contribute to the idea that Aquamarine isn't someone to be messed with.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: the snobby, sophisticated girly girl to Eyeball’s cold, war veteran tomboy.
  • Tractor Beam: Has a small wand that fires a blue beam that immobilizes anything it hits, even a massive Gem fusion like Alexandrite.
  • Unreliable Expositor: She claims that the other Gems cast her out for hurting Steven. But we didn't see that happen and have her word on it while she's seeking revenge on him for reforming Homeworld.
  • Villain Decay: When she first appeared she was hinted to be extremely powerful and dangerous, and easily defeated the Crystal Gems. When she returns in Future she's not much more than an annoyance. This is due to her losing everything that actually made her a threat - her wand, her ship, the aid of Topaz, and most crucially, the full institutional backing of Homeworld and the Diamonds. She doesn't seem to have any powers of her own beyond her wings, and all she's gained is a single Ruby partner and a fairly weak fusion, and is defeated without much difficulty.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Prior to Era 3, she was praised and celebrated for a time for managing to take down Steven.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: She and Eyeball bicker a fair bit after they un-fuse in "Bluebird", only to immediately perk up and fuse back together when they remember how much they both hate Steven.
    Eyeball: (sarcastically) Wowie-wow-wow! He is so annoying!
    Aquamarine: (overlapping) I hate him so much!
    (Beat, as the two look at each other)
    Both: (happily) I know! Me too!
    Steven: (as they fuse again) Are you kidding me??
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Dual Boss version with the Topazes. They mark the first time the Gems have gone up against an Elite Mook and almost effortlessly beats ALL of them, including Alexandrite.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Despite Aquamarine's pride in herself, she's only dedicated to appearing to do her mission. When Steven blatantly lies about what kind of human he is, she chooses to ignore him to get the job done faster. On a more positive side, though, she was willing to cover up Topaz's disloyalty.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She and Eyeball run off in "Bluebird", swearing they'll hate Steven forever, and are never heard from again.
  • Winged Humanoid: She can make watery butterfly-like wings sprout from her back.

    Defense Zircon 

Defense Zircon
Voiced by: Amy Sedaris

"This is ridiculous. 4,000 years of loyal service to the court and this is what I get?!"

A blue Homeworld Gem assigned to be Steven's defense attorney in the case of Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond.

  • All There in the Script: "Defense Zircon" is the name the credits use to distinguish her from the other Zircon.
  • Amoral Attorney: Averted; she does her best to get Steven acquitted, even though they both think he's guilty, but that's just part of her job (for which she'll be killed if she fails).
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Asks several after her "Eureka!" Moment.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Noticing the discrepancies in Pink Diamond's death allowed some doubts into thinking Rose Quartz killed her.
  • The Cameo: She briefly appears in The Movie during Steven's transmission, thankfully alive and well.
  • Character Tics: Holding her arms behind her back.
  • Cheated Angle: Her defining facial feature is her crescent moon-shaped cowl. It switches positions where it's pointing at. From the side, it looks like it's pointing straight forward, but when viewed from the front the cowl points either left or right depending on how she is standing.
  • Classy Cravat: She wears one, fitting of a lawyer and with her gem in place of its tie.
  • Cowardly Lion: Despite her understandable nervousness, she still manages to pull through and turn the case around when things are looking bleak for Steven.
  • Determined Defeatist: She knows that the case is hopeless with the Diamonds serving as the prosecution and Rose Quartz as the defense witness. Defense Zircon still tries her best.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: She accuses the Diamonds of having murdered Pink Diamond, to their faces.
  • Disregard That Statement: After she realizes that she just accused the Diamonds of shattering Pink Diamond, she attempts to withdraw her own accusation. Yellow Diamond just crushes her with a single finger.
  • Don't Answer That: Tells Steven NOT to confess to the guilty charge. He doesn't listen.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: After 4,000 years of service to the Homeworld court, she cannot believe she's been ordered to be, what they believe, Rose Quartz's defense attorney — even though she wasn't around to witness Pink Diamond's death, she knows it's an insurmountable task.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In "Homeworld Bound", she's seen on what amounts as a campaign poster, not only confirming that she's safe, but she's running for office against the other Zircon as well!
  • Entertainingly Wrong: A pivotal moment in the show's backstory is the shattering of Pink Diamond by Rose Quartz. In "The Trial", Steven, who possesses Rose's Gem, is put on trial by Blue and Yellow Diamond, who want to see "Rose Quartz" answer for her crimes. During the trial, Defense Zircon realizes that the known details about the crime don't add up. For starters, how did Rose, by then a known war criminal, get anywhere near Pink Diamond in the first place? Defense Zircon concludes that Pink was lured from safety by someone she knew and trusted, and the only ones she knew, trusted and could have shattered her were the other Diamonds. "A Single Pale Rose" reveals that Blue Zircon was very close, but would never have considered the truth: The one responsible for Pink Diamond's shattering was Pink Diamond herself. She faked the whole thing because she was Rose Quartz all along and wanted to shed her Diamond persona entirely in favor of living on Earth.
  • "Eureka!" Moment: During a recess in the trial, she talks with Steven and realizes that the Diamonds are so interested in Steven/Rose telling what happened because they don't really know, just hearsay from others. She then puts together a solid defense about why the one who shattered Pink Diamond couldn't have been Rose, but another Diamond. Unfortunately for Zircon, she is poofed for her troubles.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She starts defending Steven in earnest when she realizes that he is innocent. Defense Zircon believed the case was hopeless and that "Rose Quartz" was guilty. She is horrified when Steven explains he isn't Rose but has her Gem, so he must bear her responsibilities. Then Defense Zircon steps into her element when she figures out Steven wasn't there at the shattering. Thus the story makes no sense because no one knows what really happened.
  • Expy: Of Phoenix Wright. She is presented with an impossible case, with almost no information to go on or time to prepare. She spends the first half of her presentation grasping at straws and the whole court against her, until she discovers a tiny contradiction, at which point she begins turning the case on its head and in her favor in a matter of minutes, countering any points made against her client, and arriving at a ludicrous, yet entirely logical conclusion that hits very close to the truth.
  • Fantastic Racism: While presenting her case to the court, she makes some condescending comments about humans, though she might've just been saying that to make her speech more flowery and persuasive. Her actual views on humans are unknown, though they're probably not very positive, considering Homeworld's general contempt for organic life.
  • Gone Horribly Right: She is assigned to defend Steven, who poses as "Rose Quartz", in a trial before the Diamonds with the penalty of shattering if she loses her case defending a rebel. She realizes that the reason such a trial is occurring is that the Diamonds don't know what happened when Rose allegedly killed Pink Diamond, and makes the case that such a lack of information would be impossible, as Pink Diamond should have been surrounded by dozens of her members of court and guards who would have detected Rose, a wanted fugitive. The logical conclusion she arrives at is that only someone who was already close to Pink Diamond could have approached her without being suspicion... like another Diamond. Yellow Diamond is so upset by the accusation that she poofs the Zircon. Possibly subverted in that Blue Diamond clearly wanted to know more about how Pink died (thus getting what she wanted) and was upset with Yellow's actions, which may save Zircon from a shattering.
  • Head Desk: She bangs her head repeatedly against a column while Steven is confessing his "crimes" to Blue Diamond.
  • High-Class Glass: Wears a holographic monocle which can spawn other holographic screens.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Since neither Yellow nor Blue shattered Pink Diamond and they both loved her deeply, Zircon accusing them of shattering her can come across as this.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Blue Diamond charged her with being Rose Quartz's defense attorney, much to Zircon's consternation. Even though Defense Zircon gets poofed for accusing the Diamonds of murdering Pink, Blue Diamond saves her and Prosector Zircon from getting shattered by Yellow Diamond. She's doing much better by the time Steven enacts his Era 3 reforms.
  • Meaningful Name: Zircon is known as a gem associated with giving guidance where guidance was needed as well as compassion and wisdom. Naturally, Zircon isn't an Amoral Attorney and noticed that there were a few suspicious details in the story of how Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.
  • Nervous Wreck: Justified, as she knows if she loses the case, she will be shattered along with her defendant and her recent client is Rose Quartz (actually Steven). However, despite the pressure of the case, she composes herself long enough to list the reasons how unrealistic Pink Diamond's demise is after figuring out why it doesn't make sense.
  • Nice to the Waiter: Zigzagged. While she is brusque with Steven and even grabs him at one point to ask him about his testimony, she is much more polite than previous Homeworld Gems have been to who they think is Rose Quartz. Though she seems relieved when Steven also says that technically he's innocent because he carries Rose's gem but is not his mother.
  • No Time to Explain: Has little to no time to explain their doomed case.
  • Oh, Crap!: Just after she finishes a convincing argument for "Rose's" innocence and insinuating that a Diamond was responsible for Pink Diamond's shattering, Yellow Diamond rises from her chair to tower over her. Zircon is understandably terrified.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: The only reason why she's "Rose's"/Steven's lawyer is that she was assigned to the job. However, she is genuinely helpful and depending on how you view it, friendly, to Steven as they try to put together their defending case, and she does seem to put aside the issue of being on opposite sides of a war when she figures out there's more to the story of how Pink Diamond was shattered, to the point that she accuses the Diamonds of an inside job.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Like all Gems, she is The Ageless and she specifically is at least 4,000 years old.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: She's technically right that a Diamond must've been responsible for Pink Diamond's death, and it is weird that Pink's Pearl didn't do anything to prevent it. Pink Diamond herself planned her "death" with the help of her Pearl. Defense Zircon was just wrong that one of the other Diamonds was the one who shattered her.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Her accusation to the Diamonds that they had something to do with Pink Diamond's death ultimately ended up wrong, as Pink Diamond chose to "die". Now both Zircons were stuck somewhere on Homeworld in their gem form until they reformed.
  • Shout-Out: Along with the monocle and Gag Nose noted in Prosecuting Zircon's description, Defense Zircon's nervous mannerisms are based on the screenwriter character from Film, Film, Film, a 1968 Soviet animated film that parodies the filmmaking process.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: She only appears in "The Trial", but she reveals that the circumstances surrounding the shattering of Pink Diamond don't make sense, and voices that the most likely culprit is not Rose Quartz, but one of the other Diamonds. She is then immediately poofed by Yellow Diamond. Sure enough, it turns out one of the Diamonds did "kill" her — Pink Diamond faked her own death to fully take on her Rose Quartz identity.
  • Speech Impediment: Unlike the Prosecuting Zircon, Defense Zircon speaks with a noticeable lisp.
  • Spot the Thread: Notices some suspicious holes in the story of Rose shattering Pink. Even Steven starts questioning the story as Defense Zircon makes her case, and recalls it as he goes to ask Pearl for the truth.
  • Sudden Name Change: The show's soundtrack calls her "Blue Zircon".
  • Too Dumb to Live: Maybe accusing your own Diamonds wasn't the smartest idea.


Voiced by: Lisa Hannigan

"You'll never be alone-y as long as you are combing."

A Pebble shaped like a comb. She sings to Blue Diamond whenever she is combing her hair, and is put back whenever Blue Diamond doesn't use her.

  • All There in the Script: She's only named in the credits.
  • And I Must Scream: Averted. She doesn't seem to care much about having to spend the entirety of her existence singing or sitting in one place. Though looking at the other Pebbles, it's possible she can morph to a form that can move but isn't supposed to.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: She's a living, singing comb
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: She's sized to Blue Diamond's Brobdingnagian proportions, making her noticeably larger than the average pebble.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Pebbles look human in shape, but are much less detailed. This Pebble is attached to a comb if the comb isn't actually a part of her body.
  • Black Bead Eyes: Her eyes are black dots, showing the difference between her and the other, regular-eyed Pebbles even more.
  • Blush Sticker: Comby has permanent blush on her cheeks.
  • Broken Record: She always sings the line "You'll never be alone-y as long as you are combing" over and over.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Her chant suggests Blue Diamond made her to ease the loneliness from Pink's absence. Though from Blue Diamond's perspective, Comby's probably more of a Security Blanket that's incidentally living.
  • One-Shot Character: She only appears in "Familiar".
  • Punny Name: Comby is an adjective used in geology to describe mineral crystal structures in veins, as in a "comby vein of quartz".
  • Significant Double Casting: The only non-Pink Diamond-created Pebble seen in the show, and the only one voiced by Lisa Hannigan, confirming that life created by a Diamond shares that Diamond's voice actor, as was the case with the Watermelon Stevens and Pink's Pebbles.

    The Lazulis 

Nice Lapis and Mean Lapis
Mean Lapis (left), Nice Lapis (right)
Voiced by: Jennifer Paz

A pair of Lapis Lazulis who continue to destroy planets since that was what they were meant to do.

  • All There in the Script: They're not referred to as anything but "Lapis Lazuli", but the credits list the one with freckles and her gem on her abdomen as "Nice Lapis" and the one with longer hair and her gem on her left arm as "Mean Lapis".
  • Creative Sterility: Their water-based attacks are powerful but very simple, until CG Lapis displays her more elaborate techniques and they begin copying her.
  • Defeat Means Respect: After Lapis shows them how much more powerful she is compared to them, they stop making fun of her and agree to follow her orders. Deconstructed, as they don't respect Lapis' values, just her "strength", which annoys Lapis since she considers her show of power to be a weakness.
  • Evil Counterpart: Both qualify as this for "our" Lapis, since they destroy planets just because, unlike Lapis who only stole the Earth's oceans to get home and eventually felt remorse for the planets she terraformed off-screen. Mean Lapis especially, since she doesn't pull a Heel–Face Turn like her cohort.
  • Immortal Immaturity: They're immortal beings, and they look and act like petty teenagers who relentlessly mock and insult our Lapis.
  • Jerkass: Mean Lapis discourages Nice Lapis from dancing and mocks Crystal Gem Lapis for singing and dancing "like Pearls". She overall has an unpleasant attitude, refuses to go to Little Homeschool, and acts condescendingly towards Steven Universe. It's no wonder she's called Mean Lapis.
  • Making a Splash: Like all Lapis Lazulis, they can control water, which they often use as powerful water jet cutters to tear apart terrain.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: It's made clear that "Nice Lapis" isn't actually malicious and is simply submissive to her friend's influence.
  • Obliviously Evil: They aren't really malevolent and don't seem to understand the damage they're causing, simply continuing to terraform planets because it's what they're made for and see no reason to stop.
  • One-Shot Character: "Why So Blue?" is their only appearance.
  • Regal Ringlets: Mean Lapis has curls at the end of her hair and a haughty attitude.
  • Rogue Agent: Even after the end of the Diamonds' conquest, they're still devastating worlds because it's what they're used to. Despite being respected as on par with the Diamonds, Steven can't convince them to stop peacefully.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Mean Lapis doesn't show up to Little Homeworld at the end of her debut episode like Nice Lapis does, and is not seen or mentioned again.