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Magic, Sorcery, and Spells

Magic is Everything!

Magic is an elemental and metaphysical construct whose origins and background are difficult to trace and understand, yet it is also one of the most malleable and fantastical concepts to many. The ideas and potential for one to understand, use, control, and master the arts of magic is borderline-limitless, hence to some societies and worlds, it has become universal for individuals to take up magic as a skill to possess, which furthers its massive importance and influence towards them. While magic is not existentnote  in the real world, the Pantheon, being a realm with all sorts of thoughtful possibilities, is more than open to accepting magic as not just a common element and concept, but also as a lifeblood to many in the Pantheon itself, especially for those who seek to use it or to enhance their understanding under it.

The House of Magic and Sorcery is a logical conclusion to represent the presence and importance of magic in the Pantheon. Being one of the earliest of its kind, the House maintains a very archaic design and architecture, and it serves as a nexus to housing a central battery that tethers and maintains the functionality of magic in Pantheonic Laws and Rules that is bound to every one of its users. While a controller of sorts, it is not where all of magic resides; the nature of magic is incredibly sporadic and unpredictable depending on the user and the world they originate from, hence their laws would operate very differently if it were not for the nexus battery in the House. If the battery is destroyed, the stabilized magic that was stored would become chaotic and affect each and every user to varying degrees, and at worst, it could even affect the Pantheon in some shape or form. As a result, maintenance and protection of the nexus magical core are considered a top priority to the House and in the Pantheon generally.

This is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Pantheon, considering that the magical corona that is emitted constantly has a tendency to shower and showcase a colorful series of magical casts and spells that blanket and flow throughout the Pantheon. Visitors claim to have seen spectral creations of a lot of things created via magic, and some of them have even helped in establishing conventional platforms and traveling roads, such as bridges and stairways. Several monuments and establishments dedicated to commemorating magic are quite commonplace and temples and labyrinths are also a staple in the overall landscape of the House. Their designs are said to be heavily inspired by libraries and archiving centers, something which fellow Houses of Knowledge and Narrative have noticed and have been eager to support the House of Magic and Sorcery by collaborating and donating books about magic and witchcraft to these facilities, with enhanced magical security and protection, of course. There are magical academies established around the House to provide up-and-coming scholars and users with a facility where they can further learn and understand magic, though the entry rate has not only been high, the demands for being enrolled have been considerably high and competitive if mainly to keep a manageable number of students and deities and not to overfill the academies.

The House maintains two representative groups that serve to be the headlining members and defenders, though support and aid are always appreciated. Given the Magical Girl Guardians maintain a high level of influence and legacy here, the Magical Girl Sisterhood has its main base of operations situated here, having council meetings and discussions about the state of the Pantheon and magic, what ways can be done to provide aid and hope towards others, as well as looking after the well-being of the community, whereas The Four Magicians have taken up a more active role in maintaining defense and negotiating an amicable relationship between the Sisterhood and the Grand United Alliance of Good after certain events have not only weakened the Sisterhood's strength and influence but also damaged their once-strong relationship with the GUAGnote  and consequently led to the former defecting from the latter to form its own independent organization.

While the usage and understanding of magic are universal in the Pantheon, the intent behind it is wholly dependant on the ones who possess its powers, and it ranges from every side and corner of the alignment spectrum. Certain deities have been banned due to their dangerous usage in their magical powers as well as endangering others on a grand scale, such as Shadow Weaver, Horde Prime, Mina Loveberry, Kefka Palazzo, and Embryo and efforts have been made to monitor and keep them away from the House as much as possible. On another note, the House of Magic and Sorcery has a rather interesting relationship with the contrasting House of Machinery and Technology. Many of the heroic and benevolent deities are quite supportive of one another and even maintain a sporting competition against one another. That said, there are some select deities on the of technology who absolutely despise magic and want it eradicated and vice-versa to magical beings who hate technology back.

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Magical Girl Guardians

    Fate Testarossa-Harlaown 
Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Goddess of Saddened Magical Girls (Ace of the Navy, Golden Flash)

    Madoka Kaname 
Madoka Kaname, Goddess of Magical Girl Deconstruction, Co-Founder to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Kriemhild Gretchen, Penitent Gretchen, Godoka, Madogod, Madokami, Ultimate Madoka, Madoka Kumquat)
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Kriemhild Gretchen 
Ultimate Madoka 
  • Overdeity (as Ultimate Madoka), borderline Overdeity (as Kriemhild Gretchen), Intermediate Goddess (as a regular magical girl)
  • Symbol: A pink Soul Gem
  • Theme Song: "Clementia" for relaxing days. "Connect" or "See You Tomorrow" overall, though "Sagitta Luminis" was heard when she ascended to the Pantheon; "Hikari Furu" is the vocal version.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally. Chaotic Good as Ultimate Madoka.
  • Portfolio: All Loving Heroine, Nice Girl, Cowardly Lion, Will Keep Fighting for a Happy Ending, Archer Archetype, Feminine Pink Archetype, Rose-Haired Sweetie, Is Usually Forced to watch the Conflict between Witches and Magical Girls, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Naïve Everygirl + Newcomer, Supporting Protagonist, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Wishes for All Magical Girls to be Saved Which Transforms her into the Abstract Personification of Hope
  • Domains: Magic, Redemption, Healing, Family, Forgiveness, Peace, Love, Kindness, Hope.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Herald: Iroha Tamaki, her family (Junko [mother], Tomohisa [father] and Tatsuya [younger brother])
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Oriko Mikuni, Gaea, Atrocitus, Thaal Sinestro, Larfleeze, The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Charmcaster, Bloody Marie, Malekith, Archaon (he instead sees her as an enemy), Claus, Mr Freeze, Ulquiorra, Obito Uchiha, Void Termina
  • Opposes: Kyubey and the Incubators
  • Complicated Relationship: Homura Akemi
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Sheogorath
  • Beloved By: Nearly every Good-Aligned Deity in the Pantheon
  • Madoka Kaname is initially your fairly normal girl, going to high school with two friends and looking after her younger brother whilst also being tended by her parents. Things change when she meets up with an enigmatic transfer student, Homura Akemi, and a mysterious cat-like being known only as Kyubei, both of which lead Madoka to discover the concept of Magical Girls and their eternal battle against abstract, other-dimensional beings known only as "Witches". Despite wanting to ask for a wish from Kyubey and enlist in the battle as a means to provide safety, Homura does everything in her power to stave this situation as much as she could, believing that to become a Magical Girl would only cause further suffering and despair. These assessments prove correct as a veteran, Mami Tomoe, Madoka's best friend, Sayaka Miki and a rival, Kyoko Sakura all die in their efforts to battle the witches. Furthering the complication is the revelation of Madoka being destined to succumb fighting against Walpurgisnacht, becoming a powerful Witch known as Kriemhild Gretchen which would destroy Earth and that Homura has been travelling through different timelines to prevent Madoka from undergoing such a fate. Eventually, Madoka decides to wish for the salvation of Magical Girls and for the erasure of Walpurgisnacht. In doing so, Madoka transcended from the metaphysical world, becoming an abstract Goddess of Hope and not being able to interact in the physical realm. She saved the world, albeit only Homura and Madoka's brother, Tatsuya, clinging onto thoughts and memories of her.
  • Madoka's wish was what eventually led her to the Pantheon. Even though she learned about the Forever War between Good and Evil between Cosmos and Melkor rather pretty early, Madoka chose not to personally involve herself in battles, instead preferring to tend, nurture and look after the Forces of Good and provide them with encouragement and support. Additionally, she would also surface towards the virtuous in times of need and provide them with the moral support to persevere, the most common being Magical Girls of course. These actions were what made Madoka one of the most celebrated and loved figures in the Pantheon, which was helped by her sweet, gentle and compassionate nature towards nearly everyone she came across and simply wishing for the best outcome to occur.
    • Things took a very heavy toll and downfall for Madoka once a rebellion broke out between YHVH and Lucifer, both of whom had decided that Good and Evil were not the ideal positions for universal structure and instead elected to represent Law and Chaos respectively. Lucifer, in an attempt to assert advantage and dominance, recruited Homura and knowing how protective he is of Madoka and guessed that she would pull the most questionable of acts if it meant her safety, even if it meant stripping away all of Madoka's powers and influence. The aftermath was the rising powers of Law and Chaos, but with Madoka powerless, much of the Forces of Good had their morale deteriorated and were forced into a severe situation when many of the influential Pantheonic Magical Girls rebelled as well due to angst and disappointment, eventually splintering off from the GUAG.
    • In spite of her ordeal, Madoka continued to be as much of an influence as she could be, even making a few new friends along the way, while also dealing with a spiked increase of villainous forces. Realizing that she would be targeted and that Homura's overly defensive nature isn't helping her emotionally, Madoka sought to recover her powers. Kouta Kazuraba, Bro'dee Walker and Gordon Freeman decided to back up Madoka's wishes and work with her in this occasion, while also trying to avoid direct contact with Kyubey and Homura. In time, Madoka would find a way to restore her powers, albeit somewhat. While she may not have the influence, she asserted that she will use whatever she's got to fight and protect her friends and her world, no matter what.
  • Madoka's defining trait is her loving and tender nature. This was part of the reason why she is beloved by many in the Pantheon, though many have noted that she doesn't take an active role when it comes to combat. That is not to say that Madoka is weak, as she is capable of going against formidable foes as a regular Magical Girl. Getting situated to the Pantheon without her godlike influence has proven difficult.
  • Usually, Madoka resides in a fairly normal household with her family as her heralds. It's also because she's obligated to look after her little brother, Tatsuya, who is one of the only people to remember Madoka after she had ascended to Godhood. This earned her the approval from the Heroic Protectors of Family who are welcome to invite Madoka anytime in their presence and to provide assistance towards troubled visitors and residents.
    • Her decision to remain more active in her personal life means she doesn't have much involvement in the Magical Girl Sisterhood, who are still trying to recover from the rise of YHVH and Lucifer. They still hold Madoka in very high regard and firmly believe that she will, one day, return with all of her powers restored. Usagi Tsukino, the current leader of the Sisterhood, makes as much effort as she could to look after Madoka and advises the other members to be on the lookout as they do not have any sort of trust and expectations towards Homura, whom they believe is too obsessed, fanatical and reckless in looking after Madoka, especially after making a pact with Lucifer.
  • While not a full-time member, she still wishes for the best towards the Grand United Alliance of Good and is on good terms with Cosmos. The Goddess of Harmony has a very high opinion of Madoka and does the most she could to look after and encourage her. Given the events that have transpired regarding YHVH and Lucifer, she is willing to give Madoka a break and let her be comfortable in her quiet life.
  • It's not enough that Madoka is a Hope Bringer. She was once the abstract and anthropomorphic representation of hope itself and her presence was what inspired so many to carry on in the fight against evil. This has earned her a vast number of both friends and enemies, the latter of which makes her very uncomfortable whenever it's brought up. Because of this, Madoka is one of the best-known deities in the Pantheon and is considered to be the symbol of hope for the Pantheon. Many villainous deities want to murder her or break her, either to make a point or as the first step in destroying all that is virtuous and good in the Pantheon, especially its heroes. On the flip side, Madoka is quietly watched and protected by many who consider her a friend, most notably Homura Akemi, the Emperor of Mankind, and Cosmos herself. This potential for some of the Pantheon's fiercest conflicts is an important reason why Madoka prefers to stay out of the Pantheon's Forever War. She also feels that her enemies overestimate her importance because she knows that hope itself can never truly die.
  • Even with so many enemies, Madoka hardly expresses any sort of contempt or hate towards them. Still, there were a few that manages to earn her an incredibly negative opinion and those aren't going to be shaken off anytime soon.
    • Lucifer may not be the worst nor the one that Madoka hates the most, but her opinion of him isn't changing at all, especially considering it was he who convinced Homura Akemi to further indulge herself into becoming more protective of Madoka to the point of jeopardizing and endangering anyone who gets in her way, regardless of alignment and further twisting Homura's mindset into becoming militant. Madoka sincerely wants to reconnect with Homura and be friends again, but the latter's protection to the former has been reaching borderline addiction for Homura, and battles between her and other beings, magical girls or even Physical Gods have become increasingly gotten more brutal and emotionally damaging. It's for these reasons that Madoka has uncharacteristically come to hate Lucifer.
      • Her opinions on his followers varies; she has nothing but respect for Raidou Kuzunoha, Flynn and Luka despite being Lucifer's son, for example, as the three of them are kindred spirits, and felt a deep gratitude toward Yu Narukami after he helped her friend Sayaka conquer her witch. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, of course, have had to struggle through a lot of things, especially someone who sounds a lot like her, and are just as determined to bring back hope as the first three above. They also have no plans to further associate themselves with Lucifer due to seeing the conflict between him and YHVH as being no better than Akechi and Shido.
    • YHVH himself brands Madoka (and by extension, Homura) as reasons why the Pantheon is in a worse state than it originally was. He also scoffs off Madoka's wish, thinking that it was rather selfish on her part and distorting the natural state of things, which is how the rate of suffering and dissent is increasing. YHVH also believes that the deaths and sacrifices of Magical Girls are a necessary step in preventing further discord, which was taken with by scorn by many, even when he did concede for once that replacing Witches with Wraiths was a good alternative.
    • Nagash, much like Madoka was once a human before becoming a god, though unlike Madoka who instantly acquired her powers via a wish, Nagash worked and trained for decades to create necromancy and centuries to claim Godhood. And conversely, Nagash is everything Madoka is not, and the Great Necromancer has made it a point to damage Madoka as much as he can, given how her reputation is similar to Sigmar. He did break her spirit once during a GUAD invasion by killing Mami and Kyoko in front of her and mocking her for her inability and cowardice. Nagash remains one of the deities Madoka hates the most primarily due to how Nagash, on top of wanting to kill everything to create an undead army, is also a sadistic and wrathful fiend who relishes on torturing and abusing his victims and followers.
    • The Jokers are prominent architects of destroying any ounce of hope and spirit should they please to do so and are more than eager to do it again. Madoka is frightened by both of them, albeit for differing reasons; the Bad End Agent relishes on Breaking Speeches and, like Nagash, is an Omnicidal Maniac. The Clown Prince of Crime sees Madoka's anguish as comedy and is very overt about hurting Madoka psychologically just because he finds it funny. Not helping was one occasion when the Clown Prince of Crime tried to kill Madoka's family, only to be fended off by the Sailor Guardians, when he promptly bailed off, knowing he wouldn't stand a chance alone.
      • Still, those two weren't as bad as The Batman Who Laughs, who combines his tendencies to destroy hope and leave entire worlds in ruins with frighteningly high intelligence and possessing a sharp wit and tongue that is meant to utterly demoralize anyone with his words. One fateful meeting had The Batman Who Laughs relentlessly mocking her nature and desires and gleefully slamming Madoka for not doing anything about herself and burdening everyone else instead of helping them. It got so bad that Madoka sobbed uncontrollably for minutes and nearly turned into Kriemhild Gretchen until Guts confronted and battled him, forcing The Batman Who Laughs to flee. To this day, he remains the one enemy that Madoka fears most as his mere presence is anathema to Magical Girls and will stop at nothing to destroy one's hope.
  • After her traumatic experience regarding Nagash, Madoka was subjected to constant visits from the Magical Girl Guardians who've made efforts to cheer her up to varying successes. The event also caught the interest of the seven Lantern Corps, who decided that Nekron's ever-increasing presence meant that they were to band together and scour the Pantheon for potential recruits. Hal Jordan, Iroque and Carol Ferris were quick to meet and console her with guidance and support, alongside getting to learn about Madoka more personally. They quickly became friends and Madoka entrusting her goodwill and support encouraged the Green Lanterns, Indigo Tribe and Sapphire Star Corps to strike an alliance with the Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    • Bro'dee Walker has remained one of Madoka's most staunch, loyal and protective followers ever since her earliest days in the Pantheon and it wasn't long before Bro'dee became one of her closest friends outside of the Magical Girl community. Bro'dee has made as many efforts as he can to look after Madoka, even trying to befriend her family and working to improve her confidence and self-esteem when she lost her powers. And of course, he was among those who joined Madoka's quest in regaining segments of her powers.
    • The more morally questionable Lantern Corps, namely Thaal Sinestro, Atrocitus and Larfleeze are not as kind and approachable, but given how the other Lantern Corps are friends with her, they are willing to be as affable as they can towards her. Thaal respects her optimism, though given Madoka doesn't represent fear in any way, there's not much to relate to. Larfleeze is the most distant, seeing Madoka as an ally of convenience only. Atrocitus is surprised to learn how despite enduring so much loss, Madoka doesn't harbour any sort of rage within her, which is how he himself felt when Atrocitus lost his family and planet to the Manhunters. Additionally, if Bro'dee can earn Atrocitus's approval, then potentially so can Madoka and he displays some degree of kindness towards her in return. Madoka, on the other hand, finds the presence of the three of them to be difficult but is pleased to see that they're willing to keep their word in looking after and working with her, even if it's due to circumstance.
  • Madoka was able to make friends with Xion, mainly due to the fact that after going through a series of tough ordeals, they'd really want to just step down to a more mundane and quiet life and enjoy it as much as they can. There's also the similarity of Xion willingly sacrificing herself so that Roxas doesn't get assimilated and ensure Sora's survival. As a result, Madoka and Xion can relate to how both find it difficult to come to terms with their angst but are grateful for the friends and support that they're getting in the Pantheon.
    • Of similar note, Ragna is also another figure who gave his life to protect his loved ones and save the world, his reputation be damned. Madoka feels sad about Ragna's past and his situation about his family, especially in regards to his sister Saya, but Ragna affirms that it's okay. As he's still looking out for threats, especially Yuuki Terumi, Ragna is quick to check if Madoka is safe. She affirms that she can fight, though is not in the mood to unless she really has no other choice.
  • While she might be the softest girl to interact with regarding the Incubators, it still doesn't change the fact that Madoka puts herself as much distance as possible towards them. It's not enough that Homura hunts them down and even has them kept under her surveillance, but most of the Pantheonic residents, even the more overt villains prefer to not wanting anything to do with them, mainly because they think their intentions of staving off universal destruction are honeyed words that actually mean prolonging their own survival or their goals are just too different for other villains and they simply find it boring or "out of their taste".
  • To many people's surprise, Madoka became friends with Guts and Spawn, both of whom visually and aesthetically could not look any different from the concept of Magical Girls. Guts was surprised to learn of Madoka's nature as a benevolent goddess (at first), given how Guts only knew about malevolent deities from his world and seeks to protect her as Kyubey reminds Guts of the Godhand in the sense that they would offer wishes to come true towards someone. A similar sentiment is shared with Spawn, who compared the Incubators to Malebolgia as both attempt to make deals with the price of one's soul and desires. The Hellspawn complimented Madoka for finding a loophole within Kyubey's logic and occasionally tells her to be ready for a fight, given her reputation in the Pantheon. Madoka reciprocated with an agreement, though she tells Spawn that he is capable of redemption, something that he doesn't know how to react by.
  • In spite of her reputation, there are a select few heroes who are not too fond of Madoka, or at least disagree on her stance towards a lot of villains. For example, her decision to pardon and reason with Obito Uchiha is still seen as a point of contention by some, especially Jason Todd and Statesman, who find it baffling how she was being tender to someone who willingly committed an attack towards a village, orphaned several people, was the catalyst of many a tragedy and started a war over a delusional claim of bringing peace. To settle for an easier reception, Madoka was forced to grant Obito probation in the Pantheon. This doesn't mean Jason and Statesman hate Madoka so much as while they do appreciate her efforts and general character, Jason found it bizarre whereas Statesman expressed disappointment.
  • Outside of the grand alliances, Madoka seems to be opposed most by the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers, especially given that many of the members, instead of outright destruction target to take control of every corner of the Pantheon and subject it to suffering and subjugation. Such a notion meant that the opportunity to crush hope was an expected standard, which paralleled what Madoka represents.
    • Darkseid is more than willing to become a potential Arch-Enemy to Madoka and takes glee in how Magical Girls of her world are very susceptible to low self-esteem and entropy. The Lord of Tyranny sees Madoka as being reminiscent of Superman due to their messiah-like receptions and he cannot fathom to see another deity like Highfather be a new sort of competition. Darkseid also took notice of the Wings of the Magius and anticipates their arrival in the Pantheon, seeking to further poison their motives of "saving magical girls" and convert them into witches or hollowed-out shells of their former selves to spite Madoka and break her into becoming Kriemhild Gretchen in a gambit to eradicate much of the Forces of Good and demoralize them into submission. If this doesn't work out, Darkseid will not hesitate in simply sending Madoka to the Omega Sanction.
    • Sauron and the Anti-Spiral also heavily oppose Madoka, although they have their own reasons for doing so. Sauron finds Madoka's knack of making friends quickly and being a beloved figure to be a sore irritation on his end whereas the Anti-Spiral finds Madoka just as disappointing as Team Dai-Gurren, namely in the sense that they weren't able to fully commit to creating an ideal world. Madoka reciprocates her disappointment towards the two; the former for being too easily susceptible to corruption and outright pitying his formerly failing reputation in the Pantheon before joining Darkseid and the latter for losing track of their goals and stooping low to breaking people's spirits just to keep them under their control.
  • She has a difficult time with what to think of Gaea. By concept, Madoka respects what the Titaness desires and understands that she wants the best for nature and its inhabitants, doing the best she can to preserve them. Madoka even understands that one of the reasons Gaea is territorial is due to the damage the GUAD had already wracked upon the Pantheon. The difficult part, however, is how extreme and vengeful the Titaness can get in her goals of maintaining nature. Madoka personally sees this as too dangerous as Gaea is risking harming her reputation towards others and, at worst, being just as bad as YHVH and Lucifer if she keeps on going. Fortunately, Gaea is tender and considerate towards Madoka and appreciates her wishes, though it doesn't do much in tempering her attitude. Conversely, Madoka gets along with the Nature Uprising, given that most of them are benevolent beings who desire the best moral choices, even if Nature is an important aspect to consider.
  • Is very complimentary of Luke Skywalker, given that he was able to provide a glimmer of hope for the galaxy years after the Jedi Order was decimated and when the Galactic Empire had most of the advantages against the Rebel Alliance. Luke is grateful to be acknowledged by Madoka, though he affirms that he still has much left to do as a Jedi, especially since Rey and Ben Solo were also in the Pantheon and sought to look after them. Conversely, Madoka gets a little panicky when hearing about Darth Bane. Being the Sith'ari, Bane was a counter to Luke's character and is willing to destroy the foundations of those he serves if it means assuring a greater victory. Bane scoffs at Madoka's idealism and loving nature, seeing them as weak and personally doesn't take her seriously, not even after getting some of her powers back. Despite being a capable fighter, Madoka steers clear of Bane, knowing full well that Bane would be ready for such an occasion and is a masterful fighter and strategist in his own right.
  • She is prone to feeling sympathetic and sorry for villains and foes who tend to feel pitiful and/or are broken down by the stress of becoming villains themselves. Charmcaster is one of them and is comfortable around Madoka and Ulquiorra, despite his nihilistic nature and generally not caring much, usually doesn't consider harming Madoka. In a more extreme example, Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, uncharacteristically treats Madoka rather amicably and with some ounce of respect, despite facing opposition from other Magical Girls, especially Sayaka and Kyoko. While Malekith is nice to Madoka, he's practical and understandable enough to recognize the terrifying might of Kriemhild Gretchen and needs to affirm that he can be on friendly terms with her as much as he could.
    • Despite feeling sorry for him, Archaon has no intention of reciprocating and instead sees Madoka as a "false messiah, deluding herself to suffering and weakness". The Everchosen simply disregards Madoka and prefers to have her slaughtered as soon as possible to prevent the possible arrival of Kriemhild Gretchen and to relieve her of the suffering that he thinks she is enduring. That and Madoka seems to remind Archaon of Sigmar, whom he used to worship diligently and is still bitter over the fact that his former god didn't come to spiritually rescue him all those years ago.
If anyone ever tells me it’s a mistake to have hope, well then, I’ll just tell them they’re wrong. And I’ll keep telling them till they believe. No matter how many times it takes!

    Sakura Kinomoto 
Sakura Kinomoto, Goddess of Magic Wands, and Co-Founder & Mother-Saint to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Sakura Avalon, Mistress of the Clow Cards)

    The Sailor Guardians 
The Sailor GuardiansMembers , Goddesses of Magical Girls (Group: Sailor Senshi/Scouts/Warriors/Soldiers | Usagi/Moon  | Ami/Mercury  | Rei/Mars  | Makoto/Jupiter  | Minako/Venus  | Chibi-Usa/Chibi-Moon  | Setsuna/Pluto  | Haruka/Uranus  | Michiru/Neptune  | Hotaru/Saturn )
Left: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Chibi Moon. Center: Sailor Moon. Back: Sailor Pluto. Right: Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus. Bottom: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune
  • Ranks:
    • Sailor Moon: Greater Goddess (Overdeity as Eternal Sailor Moon or Neo-Queen Serenity)
    • Everybody Else: Intermediate Goddesses
    • Chibi-Usa: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Their planet symbols
  • Theme Song: "Moonlight Densetsu"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warrior, Cosmic Motifs, In the Name of the Moon, The Power of Love, The Power of Friendship
  • Domains: Planets, Love, Friendship, Magic, Power, Elements
  • Allies: Luna, Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Galaxia
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship: Shukuro Tsukishima (feared by Chibi-Moon, treated with caution by the rest)
  • Closely watched by: Whis (Hotaru)
  • The Sailor Guardians, a group of young women who have the ability to transform into majestic Magical Girls. They are the reincarnations of the leaders of each planet in the Solar System, who lived in prehistoric times during the prosperous Silver Millennium. At first, they lived their new lives as regular Japanese girls, but they soon awoke to their destiny as warriors for good. They would go on to defeat many evil forces who had sinister plans for their world and ensure a new Silver Millennium of peace and prosperity for the Solar System.
  • For many, this team is the very definition of magically-empowered girls, so it was pretty much a given that they would ascend and represent Magical Girl. They are often called the "Godmothers of Magical Girls". Because of that, they act as senpai to some of the newer magical girls. Also a given is their large role in the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, with Usagi being considered the leader of the group, second only to the actual goddess Madoka, currently inactive (see her profile for why). It goes without saying they are well-connected with all the magical girls in the Pantheon. The Sailors are overall some of the most active and recognized deities around.
    • Even they owe something to ones that came before though, and they pay respects to Cutey Honey with that in mind, as without Cutey Honey, the Sailors may well never have existed. Oddly Cutey Honey is a cyborg, something pretty unusual among magical girls, who tend to be all magic, not science. Cutey Honey remains relatively obscure even with the Sailors' reverence, not that she minds.
  • The Sailors keep good relations with Gon Freecss' and Yusuke Urameshi's crews in honor of their respective creators' marriage. The Sailors have pledged to help the two boys and their friends out whenever they run into trouble; the reverse is also true.
    • Things can get quite lively when Usagi, Yusuke and Gon are in each other's vicinity; the ditziness of Usagi and Gon combined is all too exasperating for Yusuke (who has more common sense) to deal with. On the other hand, Gon becomes a pacifier while Usagi and Yusuke give each other crap, though Gon more often than not sides with Usagi's point of view, much to Yusuke's frustration.
    • Kurapika often carefully observes Sailor Venus whenever she brings out her Love-Me Chain. More than likely he's trying to get inspiration for new uses of his own chains, which he's a relative newbie at wielding compared to Venus. Minako is totally fine with this, though she has the opinion that Kurapika already makes good (if terrifying) use of his chains.
    • Killua has found more common ground with the Outers than the Inners on account of him offering a much more pragmatic and grounded perspective in contrast with the overly-idealistic Gon, which is a similar relationship to what the Outers have with the Inners. He also appears to have a soft spot in particular for Hotaru, likely because her isolated life and frightening powers reminds him of Alluka in several ways.
  • It's disappointing that they have to deal with Chaos in the Pantheon. They aren't super upset, as they know Chaos can never be fully destroyed and will rise again and again. Their dismay was much greater when Queen Beryl showed up, as determined to get Mamoru as ever, even though the Sailors are now far more powerful and numerous than she remembered. Her rage was great when she learned about Chibi-Usa, and Beryl seems particularly fixated on killing her.
  • Fought a great deal of Monsters of the Week in their time, given every single Big Bad they had to contend with used them. They oppose SHOCKER for its evil activities and being well-known for producing such monsters to pursue their harmful goals. They are against Yapool for the same reason, with the added offense of wanting to conquer the universe, which is the Sailors' duty to protect. It's for this reason that they often fight alongside Kamen Riders and Super Sentai, having a particularly good rap with the latter.
  • While they are no longer technically rulers of their former home planets (though this might change in the new Silver Millennium), they take issue with others using them for their own gain or damaging them. Evolto and King Ghidorah boast the accomplishment of destroying Martian and Venusian civilization respectively, which infuriates Rei and Minako in particular.
    • On the other hand, if their planets produce evil civilizations, that is something they won't stand for. Rei seems to have really bad luck with this, as many ascended Martians are prone to violent conquest, often murdering millions in the process. As far as she's concerned, such races do not represent her planet and she will personally stop any further attempts at conquest (so will the other Sailors, of course; anyone who threatens cosmic peace is bad news). Fortunately there are some good Martians as well, like J'onn J'onzz, who surprised Rei by having psychic abilities. Also acknowledges John Carter for the help he provided to a Martian princess, despite being suddenly transported to the planet with no warning.
    • Conversely, they are on the side of those who foster peace among the galaxies, being supportive of the Creepy Good Heptapods, who went as far as trying to communicate to humanity about an approaching disaster. The Sailors' regard is extended to Louise Banks, who worked with the aliens to translate their language. The same is true for Robert Capa, who fought to heal the sun and pushed back against the deranged Pinbacker who wanted to let the sun die, jeopardizing the Solar System.
  • Most of them were born from the Greek Pantheon gods. Well, in their past lives they were. There are some inconsistencies, like Pluto being born from Chronus who is conflated with Saturnus. Either way, the classical gods show a lot of favor to the Sailors, as they tend to do with any of their progeny. Of course, some of them come across as pretty despicable despite being nominally good (Chronus is just despicable much to Pluto's chagrin), so the Sailors' feelings on them are more reserved.
    • There's no need for reserve when it comes to Athena's most loyal warriors, the Bronze Saints, who the Sailors were surprised to learn were very similar to themselves, what with the Cosmic Motifs. Usagi tends to get along well with Athena, who's pretty decent among Greek gods, as well as Seiya for initially not entirely buying into the hero thing. Minako and Shun, Ami and Hyoga, and Rei and Ikki bonded over their similar fighting styles. Ikki also favors the Outers for their tough demeanors. Less obviously, Makoto and Shiryu like to have sparring matches with each other to train their martial arts.
  • Have become aware of the stigma surrounding their genre where tales like theirs are dismissed as too girly or childish to be appreciated. One victim of that turned out to be VA-11 Hall-A's bartender Jill Stingray, who was into a show called Model Warrior Julianne as a kid and was teased for it. Fortunately she still retains her passion, and Usagi has encouraged her to never give it up. Jill thinks she might try to get into Sailor Moon as well.
  • They have a connection with Android 21. Sailors Moon, Chibi Moon, and Pluto played a part in her resurrection and ascension within the Pantheon after observing the matter through the Door of Space-Time as well as helped rescue her from the aftereffects of the provocation of Zamasu. However, rumors and theories that any of them were involved in the creation of the Earthling Soul that helped reveal the full extent of 21's tale are provably false.
  • Usagi. Ditzy crybaby. Poor student. Also the reincarnation of Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, and now Sailor Moon. She disliked being a hero at first, but eventually realized what was at stake and with enough time and support of her fellow warriors, she matured and grew into her role as leader and future Queen Serenity.
    • It's not surprising that she is close to Cosmos as Usagi is the leader of a group that once served as one of the most prominent divisions of her GUAG. There's also the fact that they share the goal of bringing harmony to the world. However, when Usagi decided to ask Cosmos what she might know about Sailor Cosmos, the most powerful Sailor in history, Cosmos was incredibly coy on the subject. Usagi has taken this and ran with it, developing a theory that Cosmos may be the identity or alternate incarnation of Sailor Cosmos. (In reality, quite a few others are privy to information hinting that Sailor Cosmos is actually yet another future incarnation of Serenity and thus Usagi herself, which would explain Cosmos' secretive stance on the topic just as well.)
    • Has become very close to Wonder Woman, another important mark in the history of the Action Girl with ties to Greek mythology. The Moon Princess couldn't help but remark on Diana's beauty, and was complimented back when Diana called her cute. This friendship led to Diana recognizing Wiseman from Usagi's stories when she saw past footage of him with Shukuro Tsukishima, leading her, Ichigo, and Lin Beifong to take Tsukishima to the Sailor Guardians to decipher the truth and purge Death Phantom's influence from his mind.
    • The Chaos Gods are actually scared of her. Her destroying the 4 personifications of Chaos of her universe and defeating the very concept of it is very worrying to them. Tzeentch even lost his usual smug Just as Planned attitude upon hearing news of her return.
    • Has become very good friends with Johan "Jesse" Anderson, due to their cats getting along very well and him having a Pegasus that reminds her a lot of her non-ascended ally Helios. Though she has wondered if his Rainbow Dragon has any relation with the Silver Crystal, due to reminding her of that time it got broken in seven pieces.
    • Warmed up to Androids 17 and 18 after seeing their performance in the Tournament of Power, in which they defeated an ego-corrupted Magical Girl and her friends by embracing the spirit of the genre, as well as were repeatedly motivated by their sibling love for each other, as well as 18's romantic love and 17's respect for Krillin, into becoming a pivotal part of their team's success to the point that 17 ended up winning the entire tournament. This became solid when he made the wish to restore all the deleted universes, especially after the revelation that this wish saved the whole of Dragon Ball.
  • Ami is the smart one, shy and studious. Started opening up after befriending Usagi and becoming Sailor Mercury, gaining confidence as the team grew. Became something of a minder to the team's antics.
    • Spends most of her free time wandering around the House of Knowledge either reading or discussing various things with Twilight Sparkle and Hermione. She occasionally participates in Belle and Nico Robin's book-reading contest, with whom she has also bonded with over their past loneliness before finding a circle of people who accpeted them. Gets along well and keeps in touch with other team strategists such as Fuuka Yamagishi, Izzy Izumi and Miyako Inoue. Fuuka and Izzy are actually similar to her in temperament, being introverts, but Miyako is very much not and is kind of a spazz, which can surprise Ami. However Miyako also makes her laugh in tense situation, so it's all good.
    • Is training under Dr. House to further her goal of becoming a doctor, despite his often unpleasant personality. Still, she acknowledges that he's very likely the best in the field, so she bears his harshness with patience, which in turn makes House respect her and not be quite so hard on her. During this training Ami has also met Joe Kido, who's working towards the same profession. Joe can be a nervous wreck during procedures and due to the pressures of his parents, so Ami often serves as his emotional support and tutor.
    • Vanitas has taken an interest in her. His claims of her being "one of the only Sailors to have fallen to darkness," (which were later proven to be correct), haven't sat well with her. Luckily, Usagi has been nothing but supportive, even getting Riku (with Absol) and Terra to talk with her. Evidently, it's been working.
  • Rei is a traditionally graceful girl. Works as a priestess in her grandfather's temple. Possesses psychic powers which allow her to predict omens, which have caused others to shun her. Joined the team after Usagi and Ami solved a mystery that was giving the temple a bad rep. Tends to call Usagi's skills into question, but Rei's loyalty, once gained, is unwavering.
    • Doesn't have a good relationship with her father, with him being all but totally absent from her life, which is why she lives with her grandfather (mother is dead). This may be why she gets along specially well with Puella Magi Kyoko Sakura, who also had a tough relationship with her father. Also their families both run (or ran) temples, though of different religions.
    • Funnily enough, there was a time when she was a lot more hotheaded and more crazy about men. And even worse, sounding like The Starscream towards Usagi. While Rei feels that Usagi needs some Tough Love once in a while, she is not so proud of how others have interpreted her. This has led to an odd friendship with Sabrina, who's also well-acquainted with getting her personality changed depending on the tale. And coincidentally Sabrina has psychic powers too, leading to the two joking that the two things must be connected.
    • Befriended Kotoura when she learned of her psychic abilities and how badly she was treated for them, even by her own family. She confided with the young psychic about her own isolation due to being considered a freak. They also connected over their strained relationships with their parents and being raised by their kooky grandfathers.
  • Makoto's height and strength got her labeled a delinquent. Her rep followed her as she got transferred to Usagi's school, where Usagi understood that Makoto was misjudged for her appearance and was really a nice girl with girly interests. As Sailor Jupiter, she is the brawn of the team. Doesn't stop her from being boy-crazy though.
    • Although she is not a delinquent, she has made friends with a pretty notorious one: Daidouji of Hanzo Academy, after Daidouji thought she was worth picking a fight with in her pursuit of stronger opponents. She was pretty impressed that Makoto held her ground despite being some 10 years younger, remarking that someone of her talents (that one too) would have been very welcome at Hanzo Academy. Daidouji has "adopted" Makoto as her little sister since.
    • Makoto sometimes trains with Misaka Mikoto to improve her use of lightning. More concretely, Makoto is trying to figure out how to use her electric affinity to generate and manipulate a magnetic force like what Misaka has. She thinks that exploring the extent of her powers like that could reveal things she had no idea she was capable of previously. The two of them bonded over it, and it helps that Misaka reminds Makoto of Rei sometimes.
    • Every boy's her senpai. Well, that is, she tends to fall in love with most handsome male gods around her age and say they "look like her senpai" (this senpai was the great love of her life), for some odd reason. Ever since ascending, she has borne witness to the foolish antics of deities like Brock and Sanji who also tend to fall in love with everybody of the opposite gender. Realizing how it looks, Makoto is becoming more self-conscious of that part of her now.
  • Minako became a Sailor and went through a great deal of sadness before meeting the team. She realized her true love was with the Dark Kingdom and had to kill him. Sad and ironic fate for the Guardian of Love, who forsook her love life afterwards. Doesn't stop her from being the most chipper of the Sailors somehow.
    • Her poor love life actually garnered a kinship with Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, who in their dedication to the protection of their cities have gone through a lot of heartbreak, with Peter having shockingly lost his love to the villains as well. The incompatibilities of the hero life with romance are a sticking point in their conversations.
    • Has joined the Pantheon's volleyball team, and trains when not helping Usagi. One of her teammates happens to be Precure Akane Hino, so they've become even closer. She spends time at the Houses of Musicality and Gaming as well, and either attempts to further her dream of becoming an idol or plays videogames. Has met Kirito and Asuna through the latter hobby, and she is a big shipper of them, likely fuelled by the fact that Kirito also sadly lost someone he cared about during the deadly game.
    • She's also close to Precure Makoto Kenzaki, both due to their connections to music, and possessing Undying Loyalty to a princess and blaming themselves for said princesses' death and the destruction of their kingdom. Though Minako is not quite as serious as Makoto (or at least pretends not to be), which can be exasperating for the very earnest Precure.
  • Chibi-Usa is the future child of Usagi and Mamoru. She traveled back in time from the 30th century to escape the Black Moon Clan who defeated the Sailors. Once they were dealt with, Chibi-Usa came back to live in the 20th century and make friends. She became a Sailor herself, though ineffectual. Mouthy Chibi-Usa often butts heads with Usagi, making them more like sisters, while fawning over Mamoru.
    • Once saw The Lich go after Finn and Jake and quickly transformed to attack it. Upon learning more about the Lich, she immediately declared him the most disgusting being alive, even comparing him to Death Phantom, a former enemy of her world who actually corrupted and brainwashed her to turn evil as Black Lady. She's even wondered if this ancient monster helped influence her captor into becoming what he was.
    • For a time it was hard to say whether she is closer to Future Trunks as they both traveled back in time from a devastated future or to Son Gohan as they're the children of immensely powerful parents with weighty expectations upon them. Trunks "won" as she grew apart from Gohan after he fell for Videl and had a child named Pan. Some think she might've had a crush on Gohan when he was still a kid but doesn't want to admit it. For her part, though, she's fixed on Helios.
    • Has developed close connections to dream-related deities as a result of her being the most trusted by Helios, the guardian of dreams. Her favorite might be NiGHTS, a playful purple jester who sometimes visits her at night and invites her to play in dream worlds. She also gets special protection from the dream-weaving dragon Ysera. However, she wishes Madotsuki would wake from her sleep someday and see that reality has many good things to offer as well.
    • Originally was someone who couldn't wait to grow up and do adult things. Meeting Helios taught her to appreciate her limited time as a child though. Having learned the value of childhood, she has found a frequent playmate in the form of Jack Frost, one of the Guardians of Childhood. Initially Jack thought the little princess would be a brat, but was quite wrong. The Guardians of Childhood in general appreciate her for accepting being a child and thus believing in them.
    • With Death Phantom's return, she near-immediately screamed in horror, and along with Usagi instantly alerted the Dragon Team to make sure to protect Android 21 in case he attempted to raise her hunger. Then Wonder Woman and company brought another mind-manipulator to the Guardians' temple to investigate why he was still being villainous, and it turned out to be Death Phantom's fault. Chibi-Usa won't be caught dead anywhere near Tsukishima, even though he's assured that he has no intentions against her.
  • Setsuna had been the guardian of the Space-time Door for thousands of years without rest. Supposedly follows a strict code of conduct, which she doesn't hesitate to break for the ones she loves, such as Chibi-Usa, her only consistent companion in her lonely life. Eventually was allowed to live on Earth, mainly sticking with the Outers, while being more compassionate and open to working with the Inners than them.
    • Used to be part of the Elite Time Police Enforcers, making her often too busy to fight with the other Sailors, look after Hotaru, or just spend time with Chibi-Usa. She can't help but think that history repeats itself, given the thousands of years she spent guarding the Space-time Door before joining the Sailors, although this time she had company in her duties and sometimes Hotaru and Chibi-Usa would come and help her out, so it wasn't so bad like before. She still keeps in touch with Chronoa, Chronormu and Trunks in case they need reinforcements.
    • Initially understood Homura the most when she kept turning back time over and over again to save the one she loved and for her loneliness, a feeling Setsuna is all too familiar with. Then Rebellion happened, and, well. Still, Setsuna retains a rather big amount of sympathy for her, more than the other Sailors, though she wisely keeps it to herself and doesn't let it interfere with her job. She just hopes Homura goes back to how she was someday.
  • Haruka and Michiru warrant being talked about together given they're a couple, and almost never seen apart. The most cynical and pragmatic of the Sailors, their way of doing things clashed with the Inners, and so the two kept apart. Their preconceptions were proved wrong time and again, with Usagi's idealism saving the day. They had to concede their views and came to accept Usagi as their leader. Still rather aloof though.
    • Highly celebrated among LGBT deities and followers for what a landmark they were in terms of mainstream representation. Any LGBT-themed celebration basically requires them to attend; they find this rather tiresome and often retreat somewhere calmer where they can be alone. Though on the other hand they have met and befriended a certain amount of deities, like Xena, Gabrielle, Korra and Asami, who similarly tend to be propped up as pillars of LGBT representation. They also like Lexa for her ruthless and no-nonsense personality.
    • Haruka is known for her driving skills and is enthusiastic about motorcycle racing. She seems to just love speed, which might be an effect of her Blow You Away affinity. She is welcome in the House of Travel whenever she feels like entering a race, and has become a (friendly) rival to many drivers there. She particularly enjoys racing against Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas (she is not interested in Turbo Duels though) due to the intensity of their races.
    • Michiru's an accomplished violinist and often invited to perform at the House of Musicality. Somewhat troublingly, Sayaka tends to be reminded of Kamijou when she sees Michiru performing. Haruka tries to defuse her angst by jokingly telling her not to fall in love, which does succeeded in snapping Sayaka back to the present as she gets flustered and denies any interest.
    • Despite what others may have assumed, the two are not cousins. Nor are they cousins who are dating each other.
  • Hotaru was a lonely girl with strange powers that isolated her, but Chibi-Usa befriended her, becoming each other's first friend. But Hotaru was targeted by Haruka and Michiru who believed Saturn was evil. Not helping was her father working for the Death Busters; she was herself possessed by Mistress 9, causing her to have violent outbursts. With Sailor Moon's help, Mistress 9 was destroyed and Hotaru was able to awaken as a proper Sailor.
    • The closest thing the Sailors have to a Dark Magical Girl. Her troubled story (specifically her relationship with her father) allowed her to become close to Fate Testarossa, who did everything to please her villainous mother. Fortunately, her friendship with Nanoha redeemed her. Hotaru can't help but compare it to her friendship with Chibi-Usa and reflect on how friendship can improve a person.
    • Her father wasn't always an abusive and evil bastard and initially struck the deal with the Death Busters in order to save Hotaru's life. Hotaru doesn't hold anything against her father, who she believes was driven to madness by the situation. But she won't stand for the Child Abuse Supporters' actions. And you can bet even someone like Fire Lord Ozai fears the wrath of a planet destroyer.
    • As the Sailor of Ruin and Rebirth, she is highly feared as a planet destroyer, which she can do with but a movement of her glaive. Few know that she only destroys a planet when it's beyond help, and so it can be rebirthed anew, cleansed of evil. Few understand it, but the deities that rule over life and death do. For this reason she is held in mutual high regard by Xerneas, Yveltal and Shishigami, while Whis is looking to her as a potential replacement God of Destruction, much to Beerus's annoyance. Also tries to juggle friendships with Spring Sprite and Firebird, which isn't easy; Saturn is trying to convince the two they are two sides of a coin and shouldn't be enemies.

The Four Magicians

These are the Four Gods that guard the House of Magic.

    Harry Potter 
Harry James Potter, God of Functional Magic (The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, Vampire)

Kalecgos, Guardian of Mana (Kalec, Aspect of Magic, Spell-Weaver (formerly), Ambassador of the Blue Dragonflight, Steward of Magic)
Humanoid Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Kirin Tor symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Atoning for his brethen's actions, The Chains of Commanding, Using the guise of a Half-elf, Heartbroken Badass, Neutral No Longer, Only Sane Man for Blue Dragons
  • Domains: Magic/Mana, Dragons, Ice, Leadership
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationships: Malygos
  • Conflicting Opinions: Caim and Angelus
  • Respected by: The House of Gaming
  • Kalecgos originally was a Blue Dragon youngster who served as Malygos' investigator, but later when his race started to wage war against all magic user, Kalecgos went against his former master and helped defeat him. Later, as a way of atonement, he picked up the mantle of Aspect of Magic when Deathwing attacked and after his defeat, Kalecgos became one of the members of the Council of Kirin Tor. With the mastery on all kinds of magic and being a creature whose magic capabilities were granted by the titan themselves, Kalec ascended as a Guardian for Mana to ensure it wouldn't fall on the wrong hands.
  • The pantheon's existence was something that never occurred to him before and primarily wants to learn about the different usages of Magic outside of his realm. He was happy that the other dragon aspects were already here and warmly welcomed him to their ranks, but there were two things that spoiled his entrance to the pantheon.
    • The first one was learning that Deathwing was back again, since the pantheon doesn't have permanent death, it was obvious that Deathwing would return. However, with almost all the people that were involved in defeating the Worldbreaker, Kalecgos was sure that they could handle whatever Deathwing was planning, but he worries about the Black Dragon's allies who may be as dangerous as he is.
    • The other was learning that his master was in the pantheon as well, and even trying to declare war to all magic users to boot. However, instead of being angry at his former student, Malygos was just disappointed and said nothing to Kalecgos after seeing him, which may imply that the former Aspect of Magic may be heartbroken about the betrayal of one of his own race.
  • As an aspect of magic, it was a matter of time before Mage Killers would add him to their black list. Anti-mage and Kiritsugu Emiya were quick to attempt to destroy Kalec, but they weren't prepared for the dragon being so formidable even when he is not using magic. Others like Tirek want to drain his powers, but the dragon was smart enough to not approach him.
  • While his humanoid guise would indicate that he is a half-elf, that's actually just the form that he is comfortable with. Arche Klein was happy to meet someone who was a half-elf like her, but was disappointed to learn that it was just a dragon in disguise. She still befriended Kalecgos in the end.
  • Back in azeroth, Kalecgos dated many people which unfortunately suffered awful fates. His latest lover, Jaina Proudmoore, is still alive and well, if a little out of her mind at the moment. He was relieved to see her again in the pantheon, but surprised that this Jaina was more calm and peaceful that the one he knows. This Jaina also remembers him, but refuses to talk about the situation that she has back in her home world.
    • When it comes to other Human-Dragon relationships, Caim and Angelus was one that sparked his interest, since they seem to be rather close. But Caim's method makes Kalec hesitate to approach the dragon rider, as he reminds him a lot of how his master Malygos ultimately did what he did and so keeps it casual with both Caim and Angelus.
  • Being a dragon, it was a matter of time before Dragon Slayers would want to get his head, but only Ornstein and Smough had tried to hunt him down with little success. Ripto also has it after him, one because as a sorceress, Kalecgos can easily render most of his attack useless and because he also befriended Spyro.
  • Became allies with Paarthurnax after learning how he also atoned for his sins by repressing his natural urges, similar to how Kalec's race also waged war against magic users.
  • Creatures Made of Magic were worried when they heard that a new blue dragon who specializes on magic control entered, feeling they would be absorbed. Thankfully, Kalecgos is not the type that eats magic, so they felt safe in the end. However, Xerath was the only one that was exempt from that rule, since his reckless use of magic has made him a target of Kalecgos.
  • He wasn't particularly happy that Deathwing had amassed a huge number of dragons to aid him. The ones that Kalecgos worries is those like Mordremoth, Zhaitan or Acnologia, who all can eat magic.
  • From his lover Jaina he heard about the Magical Girl Sisterhood, who didn't have a strong opinions about Blue Dragons after Malygos entered. However, they all respect Kalecgos and serves as a mentor to them so they don't become reckless with their magical abilities.
  • Don't confuse him for Malygos. Apparently it's been done before and has caused some confusion.
  • The House of Gaming as well as numerous adventurers thanked him for being the one that provides the mana resources. Too bad he can't give them infinite mana.
  • As one of the leading forces of Dalaran, he was quick to aid in the defense of the Citadel after the League of E.V.I.L. decided to launch an attack on it. He personally became a legendary minion for mages and once he caught wind of the ascension of Rafaam, he enlisted a few of his allies in taking down the League in the pantheon.
  • "The fate of the world hangs in the balance."

Merlin, The Divine Classical Wizard (Numerous names and spellings [Merlinus, Merlyn, Aurelius, Ambrosius, Myrddinpronunciation  Wyllt/the Wild, EmrysHigitus Figitus , Ambrosinus, Dragoon the Great, Great Hierophant Merlin, Legendary Prophet Merlin, Arthur Rountree IV, Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl] and titles [The Archwizard/mage, the Great Druid, The Magus of Flowers, Caster, Grand Caster, The Master WizardZumbakazing , Sorcerer Supreme, Omniversal Guardian, The Sorcerer, The Last Dragonlord, The Doctor(?), SCP-2824], Mertin, Your Edgy OC from Seventh Grade)
As a Caster 
In the Battleground of the Gods 
As a young man 
  • Greater God (possibly Overdeity; can vary from incarnation to incarnation)
  • Symbol: His hat, his white beard, and a wand and/or staff (probably made from lignum vitae)
  • Theme Song: Merlin (by Escape Key), Merlin (by Douglas Mcarthur), Higitus Figitus, Merlin's Magical House, Flower Magician, Merlin's Arrival in Camelot and The Call of Destiny Alternatively, Secrets by OneRepublic when in his younger incarnations.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Chaotic Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Public Domain Composite Character Who's Been Depicted In Many Different Ways, The Smart Guy, Wizard Classic (complete with Wizard Beard, Magic Staff, and Long Robe), Eccentric/Trickster Mentor
  • Domains: Magic, Wizardy Outfits, Arthurian Mythology
  • Heralds: GwenddyddHockety Pockety  (his sister), Gwendolen (his ex-wife), his various familiars (primarily Archimedes, a highly educated owl), Penny the Penguin, The Order of Unicorn
  • High Priest: Arthur Langtry. Alternatively, Dave Stutler
  • Followers: The Wizard Shazam, Vitruvius, MagicMan.EXE, Star Swirl the Bearded
  • Court Mage to: Good-aligned deities in the House of Royalty (especially King Arthur Pendragon and King Artoria Pendragon, Aragorn, Princess Zelda, Marth, Richard [Tales of Graces], Queen Elizabeth I), King Triton, Rand al'Thor, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Disney Princes and Princesses (especially Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Belle and the Beast, Tiana and Naveen)
  • Allies: the ascended Knights of the Round Table (Sir Lancelot du Lac, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain), the Seven Deadly Sins (Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, Gowther, Escanor), Good aligned members of the Houses of Fairies (especially Oberon and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather), the Halls of Draconic Beings, Demons, and Angels, Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, Kalecgos, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy Goof, Minnie Mouse, Scrooge Mcduck, Riku, Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Roxas, Xion, Squall Leonhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Link, Arthur [Ghosts 'n Goblins], and Uther the Lightbringer, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, the Dovahkiin, Yoda, Diana/Wonder Woman, Zatanna Zatara, Doctor Fate, John Constantine, Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Nico Robin, SCP-990, Cloud Strife, Tyrion and Teclis, Ben Grimm/The Thing and Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Tifa Lockhart, Master of Chaldea, Shirou Emiya, Ereshkigal, Mordred/Saber of Red, Sherlock Holmes, Billy Batson/Shazam, Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jaime Lannister, Santa Claus, Aisling, Athena, Chiron
  • Magical Mentor to: Sora, Oliver, Atsuko Kagari, Diana Cavendish, Star Butterfly, Kairi, Axel/Lea, Raven, Sabrina Spellman, Jack and Annie
  • Aloof Ally: the House of Nature (especially Avatar Aang) and the Nature Preservers, Gilgamesh, and Solomon
  • Friendly Rivals: Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, Abe no Seimei, Väinämöinen, Yen Sid
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned deities in the Hall of Demons (especially Nosferatu Zodd), the Hall of Fairies, Maleficent, the Hall of Draconic Beings, Lucifer, and Satan (Castlevania), Trigon the Terrible, Mordred, Artoria Pendragon Alter, Shang Tsung, The Masked Mutant, Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conquerer, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel, Joffrey Baratheon, Aerys II Targaryen, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Ultimecia, Morathi, Malekith, Nagash the Undying, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Jafar, Lord Voldemort, Xehanort's Incarnations, Organization XIII (Luxord, Larxene, Vanitas)
  • Odd Friendship: Deities in the Houses of Lustful Behavior (especially Jiraiya, Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Master Roshi, Barbarella), Lustful Acts (especially Elvira, Charlie Harper, Mata Hari), and Persons of Desire (especially Richard "Dick" Grayson/Nightwing, Francine Smith, Desire of the Endless, Naze Turbine, Big Boss, Dark Magician Girl, Mrs. Robinson, Mai Shiranui, Bayonetta, Mary the Three-Breasted Prostitute)
  • Unknown Rival: Kamek
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cid Highwind, Princess Bubblegum, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Headbutting Heroes: Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Twilight Sparkle, Maximillion Pegasus J. Crawford
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Doctor and his TARDIS
  • Amicable Exes with: Nimue Inwudu/Madame Xanadu
  • Spear Counterpart (usually) to: Lady Merlin
  • Interested in: the Houses of Science, Machinery and Technology, the Hall of Swords (especially Kazuma Kuwabara, Rex and Pyra/Mythra, and Finn), Fi, Soul Calibur, and Excalibur (Soul Eater)
  • Respected by: the Houses of Magic and Sorcery (including all deities from Harry Potter's worldWockety Wack , especially Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Professor Minerva McGonagall, Horace Slughorn, Severus Snape), Time and Temporality (especially Sirius, and Shu Shirakawa), Prophecy (especially Nozdormu), Shape, School, Knowledge, and Philosophy
  • Respects: the House of Love and Affection (especially Flonne, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama, Elisa Esposito and the Asset, Shelyn, Heart Aino, Rio and Mele, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu), the Hall of Opposing Fate, Nine the Phantom, Odin, the Phantom Stranger, Lord Kroak
  • Wary of: the GUAG Magus Killers (especially Anti-Mage), beings that can petrify such as Medusa (both of them)
  • Pities: Knight Artorias
  • Opposes: the Heartless, Aztar/Spectre, the Great Old Ones (especially Cthulhu)
  • Opposed by: the SCP Foundation
  • Conflicting Opinion: Timmy Turner, Optimus Prime, The Enchantress
  • The individual known as Merlin is no ordinary being, even by Pantheon standards. Most may know him as a cambion (a child of a demon father and a human mother) born to be the Antichrist until he was baptized and transformed into an Anti Anti Christ with supernatural powers, but as a living legend, Merlin is actually host to a wide range of various conflicting histories. In some, his magical abilities stem from being Born of Magic, with no actual father. In others, he is a Half-Human Hybrid, his father (or, rarely, his mother) may be an angel or a fairy like Oberon or a (non-Pantheonic) god. Anything and everything is possible in the Pantheon, and so each and every one of his contradicting origins is considered equally correct. How that works is a great mystery, though time travel and split timelines may be involved. If we're really being honest, though, it's actually more just a mess. A mess story, if you will.
    • This extends to even his more obscure backgrounds, such as being an alien, a drunken human charlatan with advanced technology, or even a god from a previous universeAbra Cabra . This has earned him some rather odd associations with certain deities, such as making him a natural enemy of the Great Old Ones like Cthulhu as well as Jörmungandr and his two co-gods, Fenrir and Hel, who embody the destruction of the gods whose power became Excalibur. Like his friend (and occasional enemy) King Arthur, his conflicting legends can make his morality rather... flexible, but Merlin is almost always at least on the side of good even if he may not always seem to be so. His splintered ancestry makes him an ally to good fairies, dragons, and angels; and the adversary of demons and other evil equivalents to those three groups. In one of his many incarnations, Merlin is known as a Caster—A Grand Caster, actually—and takes a "pretty boy of Middle Earth" appearance to take part in the Holy Grail Wars. Unfortunately, while the Master of Chaldea appreciates his support in battle, not many other Servants like him that much—probably because he's an arrogant skirt chaser who loves to play pranks on people (Solomon and Gilgamesh are the most frequent targets of these). Ereshkigal puts up with him because she likes how his Fertile Feet cause beautiful flowers to grow in her native Netherworld. Merlin prefers the Saber of Red to the regular Mordred because the latter is (usually) more evil in character than the former; it helps that as Servants they both work together remarkably well. Is very terrified of both Medusas, as well as any being who can turn others to stone, as their power acts as a Fate Worse than Death that bypasses his immortality. Sherlock Holmes doesn't particularly like him as a Servant, but does enjoy chatting with a fellow legendary figure like himself.
    • As an unfortunate side effect of having to juggle so many conflicting memories and experiences—some potentially very traumatic—Merlin suffers from infrequent, but intense episodes that drive him insane and change his personality, usually so that he's practically incomprehensible and useless as an ally. Rarely do these events cause him to become violent and/or evil (though that does happen sometimes); even so, Merlin usually flees to a special part of the House of Nature prepared for him by the Mediators of Nature and the Nature Preservers (a service he is grateful for). There, he lives alone, wandering the woods as a crazy (crazier than usual) wildman and giving anyone he meets bizarre prophecies that always come true somehow until his sanity can be magically restoredDabra Nack . The group of holy knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins are given the responsibility of curing him. Merlin was introduced to them by another Merlin who is a member of their group. It's unknown if he and the SDS' Merlin are actually separate people or if she is one of the wizard's many timelines that has gotten separated somehow (some signs seem to point to the latter); Merlin often refers to her by the name "Gwenddydd" to avoid confusion, and the two usually exhibit an almost sibling-like rapport with each other.
    • Regardless of the complicated issues of his past, he is almost universally known as an advisor to King Arthur, or his female counterpart, Artoria, as the case may be—but not to Sir Arthur, the Silver Knight (though he does think he's rather funny)—and his/her knights of the round table (It should come as little surprise that he is also allies with the ascended members of that group, Sir Lancelot du Lac, Sir Galahad, and Sir Gawain). Merlin was in large part responsible for the young king's birth and subsequent crowning. According to most legend, Merlin used magic to assist Arthur's father, King Uther—no relation to Uther the Lightbringer—in conceiving Arthur with his mother Igraine. Merlin, foreseeing that the resulting child would grow up to be a great king, took the infant and placed him in the care of Sir Ector and his son Kay. He then placed the famous sword in the stone ("There was also an anvil, but I guess 'Sword in the Anvil' isn't as catchy.") with the famous and provocative inscription: "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king born". When Arthur was a teenager, Merlin met him again and subtly prepared him to become king, and when the boy finally fulfilled his destiny and pulled the sword out as was planned—Merlin had, of course, enchanted it so that only someone with Uther's blood would be able to pull it, knowing that the only person who fit that criteria was Arthur himself—the wizard took his place at Arthur's side as his mentor and guide. Their presence in the Pantheon hasn't changed that very much, and they make fairly regular visits to each others' Houses to give or receive advice (and perhaps more, as some of their interactions might have you believe...).
  • Most people don't know it, but Merlin has a twin sister named either Gwenddydd or Ganieda who like her brother was blessed with similar gifts. While she doesn't appear in the Pantheon very often, as she prefers to spend time in the mortal world with her husband, Merlin's relationship with her gives him pleasant interactions with the twin deities Tyrion and Teclis. He likes testing Teclis' title as the Greatest Mage of Uthuan.
  • As the Once and Future Kings can get fairly busy with their royal and Pantheonic duties, Merlin often extends his talents as a Court Mage to other members of royalty when not actively serving them. He is widely admired for his great wisdom and counsel to the point that he is well-regarded by the Houses of Knowledge, and Philosophy and all who value such, including Athena and Chiron. He respects those members of royalty who not only possess heroic principles, but actively try to live up to those ideals, such as King Richard of Windor, Arthur Curry of Atlantis, and Marth of Altea, who are highly advocated as such by Artoria herself. It should come as little shock that Merlin is a dangerous enemy of the less righteous range of royalty in the Pantheon, such as Artoria's evil counterpart Artoria Alter, Joffrey Baratheon, and Aerys II Targaryen. However, he rarely opposes these deities directly—people shouldn't expect magic to solve all their problems, after all—and prefers to counter them by supporting their adversaries, such as Jaime Lannister, from the background.
    • Remains loyal to most British rulers since Arthur and Artoria, such as Elizabeth I, even if he believes the former two are still the most worthy of the throne of England. He finds it fun to tour the England of today, even if he has to do so in secret to avoid revealing the Pantheon's existence to the mortal world. He happily makes trips to supposed places where famous sites and events from Arthurian legend are purported to have existed, though he refuses to disclose if any of them are legitimate and which onesHigitus Figitus . Among his favorite of these places include Merlin's alleged birthplace, Carmarthen, Tintagel Castle—especially Merlin's Cave—in Cornwall, and Drumelzier, his presumed burial site. It also probably helps that the mortals have honored him by naming such things as an asteroid and a helicopter ("See, Archimedes, now what did I tell you? Men are flying.") after him.
    • Has a special fondness for Princess Zelda, as her status as the mortal-incarnated goddess Hylia—often depicted as an angelic being of light magic—and her status as an amalgamated identity meshes well with Merlin's history, regardless of what version of his backstory may hold precedence (it probably doesn't hurt that her incarnations tend to look vaguely similar to Artoria). Zelda appreciates what magical assistance he lends her, and in return lets him wander the lands of Hyrule and study its magic as he pleases. He's currently trying to find what connection, if any, there is between the Light Force and the Triforce; he's convinced that it may be the missing piece of the mythical "Tetraforce". In times of great crisis he's been known to appear to the current Link as a mysterious old man to grant aid by providing him with weapons or instructions—or even just to have fun by playing games with himMigitus Mum . It's dangerous to go alone, after all.
    • Often gives his aid to the Disney Princesses when they need it. Cinderella has been known to affectionately refer to him as her "Fairy Godfather", and Ariel has noted his vague resemblance to King Triton—whom he gets along with, as well—and enjoys teasing him about it ("I imagine just about any two people would look the same if they had white hair and a long white beard. Believe me, I would know."). Isn't sure what to think of the Enchantress from the story told by Belle and the Beast; her curse upon him seems rather harsh, but without knowing her side of the story he's refrained from judgment. Tiana and Naveen see him as a sort of distaff counterpart to Mama Odie. Aurora likens his somewhat scatter-brained and eccentric personality to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather—the three fairies who raised her and who he also knows—while Merlin often likes to get into discussions with her on what it means to be a "classic whatever". Due to this, he opposes the villains associated with them, such as Ursula, Dr. Facilier, and Jafar.
    • Very occasionally assists Santa Claus when he's fallen behind on his Christmas duties or dealing with enemies of Christmas—easily his most notable adventure in this capacity was against some incarnation of the devil.
    • Was present when Superman and Batman were formally knighted by King Arthur after time traveling to the past and helping them take down alien imposters of them, and has also served as a mentor to an alternate version of Batman who lived in that period. He was once assisted in defeating Kang the Conqueror by the Fantastic Four's the Thing and Human Torch while time traveling.
  • As an enduring figure in the realms of imagination, Merlin has many different manifestations of himself simultaneously present in numerous worlds with contrasting magic systems. As a result, Merlin is a sort of Jack of All Trades when it comes to magic users in the Pantheon, and while he may not necessarily be—though he often is—the ultimate wizardPrestidigitonium  of any one world's style of magic, his experience makes him singularly competent at magic from various realms at the same time. No single magic user in the Pantheon possesses a knowledge of magic quite as diverse as Merlin's, and much of his high reputation in the Pantheon comes from his unique gift to use and combine different forms of magic to achieve results that no single form of magic may be able to achieve alone; nearly every being of magic respects his knowledge and ability.
    • Has friendly relations with some of his main competitors in the field of magic, such as Abe no Seimei, Väinämöinen, Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, and Yen Sid. The former two are often considered his Japanese and Finnish counterparts, respectively, and while the latter three owe at least some of their personas to Merlin, Abe, and Väinämöinen, Merlin still sees them as worthy contenders in their own right. When Merlin isn't busy trying to explain the events of Kingdom Hearts to the (mortal) Fairy Godmother with Yen Sid or comparing familiars with Dumbledore, the legendary wizards often get together to have tea and discuss complex and sophisticated magical ideas and discoveries with each other and some other wizards. Much to the magikoopa's irritation, Merlin has no idea who Kamek is.
    • Gets along well with his fellow members of the Four Magicians. He is considered a famous historical figure in Harry Potter's world; he is highly amused whenever he hears someone involuntarily utter one of the often colorful euphemisms making use of his name, such as "Merlin's beard!", "Merlin's pants!", and, best of all, "Merlin's saggy left—"Alakafez . It has been claimed that he attended HogwartsBalakazez , where he was sorted into Slytherin House. Though this claim does garner him some respect from other Slytherin alumni—such as Malfoy, Snape, and Horace Slughorn—this is a highly debated topic in the magical community (detractors, including Hermione Granger and Professor McGonagall, argue that the historical era of fifth or sixth century that Merlin is known for long predates Hogwarts' recorded founding in 990 AD) and one that Merlin himself is either unable or unwilling to weigh in on. As one of the Marvel Universe's previous Sorcerer Supremes, Merlin (whose name is usually spelt "Merlyn" by Marvel characters who associate with him) shows a high amount of regard for the current one, Doctor Strange. Coming from a former Omniversal Guardian (with all that that implies), that is very high praise; the admiration is, of course, mutual. Besides his connection to dragons detailed below, Merlin also bonded with Kalecgos when he came to him asking for help learning about magic from other worlds, an aforementioned specialty of Merlin.
    • While she acknowledges his impressive magical ability, Twilight Sparkle is a bit disdainful of Merlin, as she first nominated Star Swirl the Bearded for his trope and believes he would have made a much better fit ("His epithet is even 'the Bearded'!") and was forced to concede before the judges' ruling. Much to her dismay, she couldn't even get him in as a High Priest; the best she could do was get him a position as one of Merlin's followers. She refuses to entertain theories that Merlin and Star Swirl might actually be one and the same ("Next you'll be saying that time traveler and that pony with the hourglass cutie mark are the same, too.").
    • Ever since the Spectre tried to destroy magic during his Day of Vengeance, Merlin has declared that he will never work with Aztar. Has on occasion consulted with and for the Justice League Dark, a special division of the Justice League composed of magic-based superheroes that is dedicated to dealing with supernatural threats. Members of this team in the Pantheon include Diana/Wonder Woman, Zatanna Zatara, Doctor Fate, John Constantine, and Alec Holland/Swamp Thing. Merlin has a solid respect for each of them, especially Constantine and Zatanna, who each served as magical guides for his spiritual successor, Timothy Hunter; on the rare times when he chooses to join the team in the field, Merlin adopts either the form and name of Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl (who became one universe's version of Merlin while living in the Arthurian times) or a younger, handsomer male look he calls the Demon's Bane—a tribute in part to the Hellblazer.
    • With all of this, it should come as little shock that he opposes those who use magic for evil purposes, like Shinnok, Quan Chi, Morathi, Lord Voldemort, Nagash the Undying, Malekith, and Ultimecia, for example. He is particularly passionate about opposing Malekith, as the evil Dark Elf serves as a twisted reflection of King Arthur. As one of the most famous beings of magic in the entire Pantheon, he is also one of the prime targets for the Anti-Mage's hatred, and Merlin has often suggested kicking him off the GUAG's Magus Killers (and that the group change what he considers to be an overly threatening name).
    • Merlin believes that certain powers such as the Force are actually just different names for magic. Studies into these phenomena has brought Merlin into contact with the wise mentors Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, whose relationship with Luke Skywalker is similar to his with Arthur, and Anakin Skywalker, whose conception by the midi-chlorians runs parallel to Merlin being Born of Magic.
  • Yes, Merlin is a shapeshifter. Rules of his ascension into the Pantheon require him to remain in his trademarked look of an old man with a white beard and other wizard-y things—the exact parameters for his appearance were determined by one of the look's original creators, the Norse god, Odin—consistently for extended periods of time to maintain his position, but beyond that he has no restrictions to what form he can choose to take. Animal, vegetable, mineral? Man or woman? Young or old? There is very little that Merlin can not change about his appearance. For a while, he used to take on the form of a girl regularly to interact with Nine the Phantom, who he respects for her knowledge of both magic and science and who is well-known for her hatred of men (suffice to say, things didn't end well when she inevitably learned the truth...). Even the forms of other deities are completely open to him—one of his favorite shapes to shift into is that of a young Avatar Aang, which he can use to troll others by pretending to enter the Avatar State... or simply to avoid Katara asking him what clothes she should wear tomorrowMalakamez Meripides .
    • Has engaged other shapeshifters in so-called "Wizard's Duels", battles of wits in which both parties use their shapeshifting abilities to try and destroy or incapacitate each other. During these competitions, he limits himself to forms with identifying traits, which serves to make desperate clashes against deities like Shang Tsung and the Masked Mutant intense and lighthearted bouts against those like Aisling particularly entertaining to watch. Merlin's skill is great enough to earn the respect of many in the House of Shape, especially to Billy Batson, who likens him to the old wizard Shazam who granted him his power—even if he and the Council of Merlin did appear as demonic antagonists during the Trials of Shazam.
    • By the same token, Merlin's temple is variable in appearance as well. While on the outside it usually takes the form of a plain old cottage (much to the surprise of many deities who expect more from one of the Four Magicians), a large stone tower, or even a hollowed out tree. The inside is just as changeable; it's been described by some as being a large library filled with books, while at others say it's a lab filled with brewing potions and implements for such. Merlin has at times implied that his temple might be a bit sentient, and those who believe he and the Doctor are the same tend to point to it as being his TARDIS. As a core member of the RGRC (Radiant Garden Reconstruction Committee, formerly known as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee before that world's former name and glory was reinstated), Merlin's temple serves as the headquarters for its current ascended members—Squall Leonhart, Aerith Gainsborough, and Cid Highwind—who now work together to try and restore other worlds that have been damaged or forgotten—whether by the Heartless or otherwise—with occasional help from Sora, Donald, and Goofy along with other friendly deities such as Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart.
  • As the Law of Knowledge—the most basic of The Laws of Magic, all of which the wizard knows by heart and can quote verbatim—states, "The more the person or magician knows about a person or phenomena the more control he has over it. This is an absolute rule which applies to the human organism as well as modern technology." Merlin, therefore, possesses a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the worlds and their science, and is highly respected by the Houses of Knowledge and Philosophy. Fascinated with modern and futuristic contraptions and marvelous feats of engineering, he spends considerable time in the Houses of Science and Technology; one of his hobbies is trying to create scale replicas of some of his favorite cases of technology. While his designs are almost always functional, if a bit simplified, trying to actually use them himself tends to go horribly wrong—usually because of circumstances involving "this infernal beard". That said, he does have a bit of a rivalry with certain scientists. Princess Bubblegum's infamous skepticism towards magic has lead to numerous rows between them over the nature of magic and whether there should even be a House for it, and those given the opportunity to attend one of the aforementioned RGRC meetings can expect to find themselves with a front row seat for one of Merlin and Cid's squabbling sessions about the virtues of magic or science. Don't be fooled, though. They may not get along all that well, but when they combine their talents there's little that can stand against them.
    • There are, of course, those who believe Merlin to be little more than a charlatan doing, at best, fake magic with advanced technology like Optimus Prime and Timmy TurnerHockety Pockety . Others, like Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots, know him as just an incompetent hippie (and Merlin would like to quell all rumors that he ever kidnapped Shrek's wife...). Sonic the Hedgehog has shown a small amount of distrust of him, as he once confronted his slightly villainous granddaughter, Merlina in his version of Camelot. Merlin himself argues that while her methods may not have been all right, they were at least well-intentioned, and swears his conjuring of that world's illusionary King Arthur was also filled with the same.
  • As the last Dragonlord, Merlin gets along well with most of the dragons in the Pantheon, speaking their language and commanding them when necessary—though not all of them are as readily willing to obey him as his title usually dictates. On one notable occasion, he found and hatched a dragon egg in his magic shop in France; the resulting dragon now lives in La Tanière du DragonTranslation , a cavern underneath Le Château de la Belle au Bois DormantTranslation  given to Merlin by Mickey Mouse. He's expressed a slight preference for red dragons overall, especially over white ones. According to certain legends, Merlin prevented his own death as a young boy by using his knowledge to discover that a pair of battling dragons, one red; the other white, were the reason why King Vortigern's castles kept getting demolished as soon as he built them. The battle ended with the red dragon's triumph; and Merlin predicted that the Britons, represented by the red dragon, would repel the Saxons invading them, represented by the white dragon. He and the Dragonborn—whose own morality and personality are almost as varied and erratic—often exchange messages in dragon language—though they must be careful not to speak to each other that way, lest one of them get accidentally Fus-Ro-Dah'd.
  • Is of great interest to the House of Time and Space for the unique condition he has, whose name was coined by the wizard himself. Where most deities travel forward through time from birth to death, remembering the past, Merlin does the opposite; he experiences the future as he travels from his death to his birth. Luckily for him, he was also born with a comprehensive knowledge of both the past and the present, allowing him to interact with others and function with little obvious difference. He has employed this knowledge of the past in numerous discussions on historical matters with Nico Robin; his enigmatic and confusing histories often leave her reasonably frustrated. This backwards perspective can be largely, but not entirely, credited for both his odd personality—his reactions to first meeting other deities can range from bursting into tears to fits of rage—and his incredible gift for clairvoyance, a talent that has earned him wide acclaim by the House of Prophecy. His ability does come with a massive downside, however, as while he can see and remember the future, he is powerless to alter it; he knew that the kingdom of Camelot would be destroyed, but was helpless to stop it—and rumors have circulated that he's seen a similar end for the Pantheon.
    • He was contained for a good while by the SCP Foundation; though the real name he gave them was Arthur Rountree IV, they labeled him SCP-2824. They could not keep him imprisoned forever, but even so he's still careful to keep himself out of their path; with his power he has little problem escaping from them, sure, but having to is just irritating. While there, he met SCP-990, with whom he consulted on his forecasting of the Pantheon's end. According to him, the only ones with the potential to avert the Pantheon's otherwise inevitable destiny are those occupying the Hall of Opposing Fate. Merlin has let his friend Riku know, and he's been assured that they'll do everything in their power to help. This intrigued the dragon Nozdormu, who awaits to see if whether their efforts will be in vain, as he expects they will be...
    • If that wasn't enough, he also has an incredible affinity for chronomancy; he's more than capable of traveling forward and backward through time as he pleasesWockety... er... , and he often makes references to future people, places, and/or events that haven't yet occurred (and yes, he does get along splendidly with the Genie who shares this quality—the Genie may even have been the one to teach him the trick). He's created special enchantments that allow time to go slower in a certain place to help train Kairi and Lea with their Keyblades, and has replicated this feat to help other members like Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, and Xion do the same. His mastery of time is so potent that when he assisted Sora, DonaldWhere was I... ? , and Goofy in saving Disney Castle from Maleficent on request from Queen Minnie, he did so by somehow conjuring a means of traveling through time that circumvented the complicated rules that all others in that universe are bound by.
  • In certain cases, other individuals, both god and mortal, have taken his place, role, and/or appearance in their own universe. How such cases affect Merlin's nature is unclear, but he has stated that these are counted as valid amongst his other backgrounds. He might be, for example, a future version of the Doctor. How, when, and which Doctor is something of a mystery—even to the Doctor himself. They usually just stay away from each other, as the Doctor's reincarnations rarely like each other that much, and well, they just don't have the time for that.
  • As one of the most famous wizards in history, many prospective magic-wielding deities approach him hoping the Master Wizard will give them some pointers. Despite how busy he is, Merlin always tries to make some time (sometimes literally) to educate those he sees high potential in, regardless of their ability. Over his lengthy and far-reaching existence, he's taken on a wide variety of apprentices. Beyond his famous relationships with Nimue and Morgan le Fay and lesser known students like Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan, he will occasionally pop in to the House of School to serve as a guest speakerOh, yes, thats right. , both on the subject of magic and other, more mundane things he has some proficiency in. This isn't a completely altruistic enterprise, though; helping people from other worlds learn magic grants him exposure to whatever exotic new forms they may bring with him, further increasing his already potent knowledge base. The best teachers learn as much from their students as they do from them, after all.
    • Speaking of her, most are surprised to learn that he has an amiable enough relationship with his former student and ex, Nimue Inwudu AKA Madame Xanadu. Sure, she betrayed him and prevented him from being able to stop the destruction of Camelot, but it was because she was manipulated by the Phantom Stranger into thinking that doing so would actually save the kingdom. Ultimately, both have come to accept that Camelot was doomed to fall from the start and hold no hard feelings towards each other or even towards the Phantom Stranger. Besides, Merlin got his revenge when he took away her magic and immortality, so they're even as far as he's concerned.
    • He thinks it's impressive that Diana Cavendish and Akko Kagari are as capable with magic as they are despite having their magic sucked out of them, and feels it's admirable how they can bring the former's grasp of magical theory and tradition with the latter's innovative resourcefulness and determination to come up with truly unorthodox ideas. However, while they both think the wizard is awesome (even if Diana probably wouldn't put it so simply as Akko does), they do prefer to be instructed by Shiny Chariot—not just because she's their idol (though that certainly helps...), but because they're more familiar and comfortable with her.
    • Is a competent teacher to Oliver and Star Butterfly, who both show immense potential in the art of magic despite their almost polar opposite temperaments; Merlin often sends them on missions with his other pupils, Jack and Annie, to other times and places throughout the Pantheon and the Multiverse with the magic treehouse as part of their training. It's also thanks to Jack and Annie that Merlin somehow has a penguin check as a herald, as it was a gift from one of their quests to find the secret of happiness.
    • Sometimes helps Sabrina Spellman and Raven when their magic goes astray. His interactions with Sabrina can be a bit awkward at times, as he once dated her aunt Zelda and the relationship didn't end well; though he still harbors a bit of a grudge and thinks she's a bit too narcissistic, he mostly accepts that that's just a part of being an average teenager ("You can always count on a teenager to be self absorbed."). As for Raven, he's perhaps one of the few good relatives she has on her father's side—in Raven's universe, Merlin is the son of the demon Belial, who is the son of Trigon, making Raven his biological aunt. Much to Raven's consternation, the Master Wizard occasionally makes fun of this by calling her "Auntie Ray".
  • Also has some skill as a crafter of magical weapons and artifacts, often being the one who creates the legendary sword Excalibur. He is known to be the creator of the Amulet of Daylight, the mystical charm that provides the one chosen by it the powers and weapons of the Trollhunter; and he has even shown the unique and somewhat incongruous ability to create Keyblades, a skill that came in handy in the Guardians of Light's fight against Master Xehanort and his Organization XIII when he provided new ones to Riku and King Mickey (the Braveheart and Star Cluster) when theirs were damagedHockety Pockety... . He's more than willing to lend allies new magical weapons or try to repair their own should theirs be respectively lost or damaged, and he's quite interested in (and has in rare times expressed slight jealousy in) other magical weapons such as the Soul Calibur or the Master Sword and its spirit Fi ("A spirit in the sword? Why didn't I think of that?"), and the blades of Kazuma Kuwabara, Finn, and Rex and Pyra/Mythra. Doesn't really know if he should be credited for the annoying deified version of Excalibur in particular, but if so then he's not sure whether to be embarrassed or pat himself on the back for creating such a clever way to keep unworthy fellows from wielding it. On the other hand, he really hopes he had nothing to do with the corroded sword the knight Artorias makes use of, as he reminds him far too much of the actual King of Knights.
    • Keeps a book containing the Hundred-Acre Wood amongst his personal collection. While the residents of that Hundred-Acre Book are not exactly the same as their counterparts in the Pantheon—though what exactly they are isn't defined—they are inextricably linked, and developing a relationship with one, as Sora has, translates to developing a relationship with the other.
  • For all his unbelievable power and abilities, Merlin does have one huge, gaping weakness: his Extreme Libido. As a demonic offspring, Merlin is subject to periods of powerful lust, and spends much more time in the House of Love than is probably healthy for anyone. Don't worry about having to picture him... doing stuff as an old man (Oh, I guess it's too late now, huh? Whoops!); he usually takes one of his much younger and more attractive (no one said anything about male...) forms during recreational activities of this sort. His escapades have put him in good relations with certain provocative and/or laidback ("Hee hee!") deities there that most who know of him wouldn't expect to associate him with, including but not limited to lustful men like Master Roshi, Charlie Harper, Glenn Quagmire, and Jiraiya; deities who don't mind meaningless flings like Panty Anarchy, Barbarella, Kyu Sugardust, Dick Grayson, and Max Moxxi; just distractingly attractive or seductive deities in general like Elvira, Mata Hari, Dark Magician Girl, Naze Turbine, Francine Smith, Mai Shiranui, Desire of the Endless, Mrs. Robinson, Bayonetta, Big Boss, and Mary the Three-Breasted Prostitute.
    • This is not, however, meant to imply that he visits solely for that purpose. As deities like Flonne and Shelyn have observed, it's the contrary. Merlin has the highest regard for real true love, beyond that of the physical; he considers it "the greatest force on Earth", and has pointed to Heart Aino as proof of it. He can often be found around the House of Love with such deified couples as Zen and Rei, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama, Rio and Mele, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu—usually singing about how love is "A Most Befuddling Thing". It's a sentiment most, if not all, deities there can agree with—even if they're not quite sure why he feels the need to turn them into squirrels to illustrate it...
  • Speaking of the Dark Magician Girl, Merlin has been known to express irritation at Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, for making his card's ATK and DEF so low ("1400 ATK? 1400 ATK?! 1400 ATK?!"). While he thinks the Monty Python group are hilarious, he's also very disgruntled that he wasn't included as part of their rendition of the quest for the Holy Grail ("Instead of me, they chose to use some wizard they call... Tim?")
  • Rand al'Thor reminds him strongly of Arthur, and he can't help but notice that his name "Merlin" is very reminiscent of his two mentors, Thom Merrilin and Moraine Damodred. There's some speculation among the Pantheon that there may be a possible connection between them, but nothing concrete is known.

    Doctor Strange 
Stephen Vincent Strange, MD, God of Pure Sorcery and Magical Gestures (Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, Dumb Magician (only Hulk can get away calling him this), Doctor Strange Supreme, Sorcerer Armani)
  • Greater God, Overdeity as Doctor Strange Supreme
  • Symbol: An Ankh or the Eye of Agamotto
  • Theme Song: A Knack for Magic, The Master of the Mystic (End Credits), Spell Caster
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Gesture, Floating Power, Glowing Power, Tomes of Eldritch Lore, Not Having To Explain How He Did That, Weird Curse Words, "Tantric Magic", Martial Artist While Spellcasting
  • Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Healing
  • Heralds: Wong (his assistant), Clea (his wife).
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Nabu/Doctor Fate
  • Enemies: Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Thanos, The Anti-Monitor, Zeref, Gill, Urien, Bill Cipher, Kolin, Vandal Savage, The Illuminati, Melkor, Hela
  • Respects: Gandalf
  • Closely Watching: Charlie Nash, Juri Han
  • Was once a wealthy and highly prominent neurosurgeon, albeit cold and unsympathetic to his patients. When a dreadful accident damaged the nerves of his hands he searched long and hard for a cure, eventually coming to the Ancient One. When he became aware of demons, interdimensional conquerors, and unspeakable things, he learned to think of people other than himself and took up the study of the mystic arts so that he could defend the world.
  • Over the course of forty years developed an unparalleled mastery of magic. Knew something of the Pantheon and the gods therein long before attaining godhood himself. He is rarely seen within the Pantheon.
  • Was briefly a very standard super hero. Sometimes he gets teased about that. He's also very good at Scrabble.
  • There's a joke going around the pantheon that he only shows up when it's important due to his high sorcery rendering most conflict pointless. Strange admits that his constant battles with monsters keep him very busy indeed, but he tries to show up whenever he can.
  • Part of the "Illuminati" of Marvel which includes Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor and Professor X. When a couple of their members grab the Idiot Ball and start getting ideas on how to manipulate the Marvel universe for the better, he usually stays out of the ensuing bickering and disaster that follows.
  • The actual Illuminati, led by Gill, Urien, and Cipher, he doesn't trust at all. He's closely watching Nash and Juri, who seem to be getting manipulated into serving Gill's agenda without ever knowing about the man.
    • Then it turned out that faction is merely a subset of the larger conspiratorial Illuminati, which had its overall mark ascended into the Pantheon.
  • He has learned The Dread Lord ascended into the Pantheon and is getting ready to send him back into The Dark Dimension.
  • That Cape? It's enchanted and can fight on its own. Making it a Badass Cape twice over.
    • Also, his famed relic The Eye of Agamotto may or may not actually be an Infinity Stone (the one of Time, to be exact).
  • Dr. Strange's threat level (to Melkor) has since further increased upon the discovery of one particular feat he's performed: annoying a timeless Eldritch Abomination to submission. Sans in particular shows some interest in this, as he's done a similar feat before, except his opponent's Determination was literally inexhaustible, whereas Dormammu's inexperience with the concept of time itself led to his downfall, and all Dr. Strange had to do was set up a time loop and keep on losing over and over until Dormammu gave up.
    • Ever since then, Dormammu has loathed this particular phrase:
    "Dormammu, I've come to bargain."
  • Is pretty shocked that such a young and polite seeming wizard like Zeref could be so completely evil and deliberately oblivious to anyone's reaction to said evil. When he tried to confront Zeref on his actions, all Zeref did was ask him what type of magic he was using.
  • An alternate version of him is also a time traveller and a Seer who used the resultant knowledge to carry out a centuries-long plan to unify his Earth against the incoming threat of Thanos. A different alternate version of him, while on the surface took part in a losing battle against the Mad Titan, seems to be acting according to the only possible outcome that will ultimately result in Thanos' defeat. On that note...
  • Has bonded with Sherlock Holmes, as both have shared an avatar. Has also paid a respecting visit to Alan Turing, an amusing cross between technology and wizardry.
  • Nabu, before his official ascension, attempted to usurp Doctor Strange's position in the Pantheon, which resulted in an epic clash between them, which spanned multiple dominions across the pantheon. Although Strange was defeated in the end, he put up an incredible fight. Strange now keeps an eye on the Doctor with the goal of keeping him in check.
  • In an alternate timeline, the event that turned him into Doctor Strange was the death of his love Christine Everhart — his heart instead of his hands. However, despite fighting off Dormammu, Steven was unable to let go of Christine's death and tried to rewind time to prevent it, only to find out it was impossible. Her death was an Absolute Point — a moment in time that has to happen. Strange would refuse to let this go, using the Infinity Stone of Time to keep him from aging as he spent centuries gathering the strenght to undo the Absolute Point. He ultimately was able to do so, but it came with drastic costs. With all of the monsters he slew, he had a new bestial form. Christine was only able to be alive for a few moments before she and the rest of the universe became destroyed. The last that was left of that variant of Dr. Strange was a broken man, lost in a small crystalline prison lamenting how his one action doomed the entire universe.

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