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Pantheon / Warhammer

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:note 

The Human Nations

The Empire

  • Karl Franz, God of Having Many Titles (Emperor Karl Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Elector Count and Grand Prince of Reikland, Prince of Altdorf, and Count of the West March) as a Intermediate God under Titles (House of Naming).

The Elder Races

The Dwarfs

The High Elves

The Dark Elves


The Wood Elves

  • Orion, God of Wood Elves (The King In The Woods, The Hunter, God-King of the Deep Wood, Master of The Wild Hunt, Lord of the Forest, Protector of the Oak, Shield of Athel Loren) as an Intermediate God under Humanoids (House of Otherness).

The Lizardmen


The Undead

Vampire Counts

Tomb Kings

  • Nagash, God of The Undead (Nagash the Great Necromancer, Lord of Undeath, The Undying, The Great Betrayer, The Usurper, He Who Shall Not Be Named) as a Greater God under Afterlife Entities (House of Life and Death) and one of the Lords of the Unliving (House of Undead).
  • Settra, The God Who United Kings (Settra the Imperishable, King of Nehekhara, Lord of the Earth, He who Holds the Sceptre, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, and many, many more...) as a Greater God under Monarchs (House of Royalty).

The Forces of Chaos

Gods and Daemons

Warriors of Chaos

  • Archaon, The Godly Product of Violation (Archaon the Everchosen, The Anointed One, Lord of the End Times, The Favorite Son of Chaos, The Scourge of the World, The Three-Eyed King, Diederick Kastner) as a Greater God under Offsprings (House of Family).




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