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    Sailor Galaxia 
Sailor Galaxia, Goddess of Golden Coloring (Legendary Sailor Soldier, Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica, Soldier of Solitude and the Milky Way, Strongest Solder in the Galaxy, Most Powerful Soldier in the Galaxy, Star Galaxia, Leader of Shadow Galactica, Shadow Galaxia, Golden Queen, Empress Galaxia, Sailor Scout of Destruction, Golden Ballerina, Chaos Galaxia)
Untransformed Galaxia
Chaos Galaxia
  • Overdeity, especially as Chaos Galaxia
  • Symbol: Her golden bracelets
  • Theme Songs: Golden Queen Galaxia, Shadow Galactica, Sailor Galaxia Attacks, Golden Queen Galaxia's Locket Memory
  • Alignment: Originally Chaotic Evil, now Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dark Magical Girl, Fallen Heroine, Sealed Evil in a Can, Used to be an Omnicidal Maniac, Person of Mass Destruction, Lady of War, Galaxy's Strongest Woman (at least until Chaos appears), Killing Heroes, No-Nonsense Nemesis, believed Chaos was too monstrous for her even before her Heel–Face Turn, skilled in planning, Fear
  • Domains: Galaxy, Magic, Chaos, War, Atonement, Power
  • Heralds: All of Shadow Galactica, but only when being influenced or possessed by Chaos.
  • Allies: The Sailor Guardians (Especially Sailor Moon), Mamoru Chiba, Madoka Kaname, Mami Tomoe, Father Balder, Twilight Sparkle, Ahiru, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Ushio, Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Tippi and Count Bleck, Ultraman King, Killia, Takuma Saiou, Medivh
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: Cosmos, Beerus
  • Worthy Opponent: Goku Black (one-sided on his end)
  • Opposes: GOLB
  • Concerned Over: Homura Akemi
  • Unnerves: Princess Sally Acorn
  • The Dreaded to: Most villains in the Pantheon and for good reason
  • Feared by: Johan Liebert of all people
  • Conflicting Opinion: Discord, Q, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog), Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Akame and Night Raid, The Silver Surfer
  • Pitied by: Palutena
  • Sailor Galaxia was born on an unknown and trashy planet, living alone and miserable for some time before discovering that she was a Sailor Senshi. She left her planet, deeming it not good enough and she started upon a quest to find one she found worthy. She soon came across Wiseman, who told her of Saggitarius Zero Star. The birthplace of stars and the center of the galaxy. Having been searching for a purpose, she came to the conclusion that she needed more power. She formed her base at the Galaxy Cauldron and collected all of the Sailor Crystals she could find, building an empire she dubbed Shadow Galactica, her power centered at Galaxia Palace, her castle. She soon gained followers, the Sailor Animamates, who killed the Sailor Guardians of their home planets and stole their Sailor Crystals under Galaxia’s orders. Knowing that Chaos was manipulating her, and that she stood no chance at defeating the beast alone, Galaxia sought to take the Silver Crystal and use it to defeat Chaos. She and her minions arrived to Earth and slaughtered Tuxedo Mask and all of the Solar System Senshi, all while trying to break Sailor Moon in any way she could think of like resurrecting Mamoru and her friends as pawns under her control and sending them after Usagi. She planned to kill not only Chaos but Sailor Moon as well. In the end, though, after dissolving the Star Seeds of Mamoru and the Solar System Senshi in the Galaxy Cauldron, Chaos emerged from it and attacked Galaxia, fully aware she was planning on betraying it. Sailor Moon saved Galaxia, who lost the will to fight. Upon realizing that Usagi Tsukino was the universe’s brightest star, Galaxia’s bracelets shattered, killing her.
    • In the 90’s Anime, Sailor Galaxia was a heroic Sailor Guardian who sealed Chaos within her own body to keep it under control. However, Chaos began corrupting her thoughts, and Galaxia, realizing what was happening, expelled her Star Seed from her body before it was too late, hoping that it would give future guardians a chance to defeat her. She soon arrived to Earth, and Chaos was expelled from her body by Sailor Moon and she became one with her Star Seed once more.
  • Was very, very pissed to see Chaos ascend to the Pantheon with its spawn as its heralds and has vowed to never give into its manipulations again or allow herself to be possessed by it once more. Her anger only grew when Queen Beryl ascended with the rest of the Dark Kingdom serving as her heralds. She hit a breaking point when Nehelenia and her Dead Moon Circus ascended, vowing to fight back against them and free the Sailor Quartet from their Brainwashing.
  • She quickly ascended as the most powerful Sailor Senshi capable of destroying planets with no trouble. She also cemented her status by taking down Sailor Moon's comrades with ease and ripping out their star seeds in the process. She's also well-known for being extraordinarily powerful, being able to display more power than any of Chaos’ spawn even when she hasn't transformed and can rival Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • She plans to keep the forces of chaos at bay even if Sailor Moon suggests to stop acting on her own. She does not believe she is by herself in her fight anymore, and yet she still feels guilty for acting with Chaos in the past.
    • However, she decided to get the aid of Sailor Moon and the Magical Girl Sisterhood so a crystal similar to the Sapphire Crystal could be created, as it is destroyed if the holder finds something other than destruction to care about. In the end, with the help of several Overdeities, they successfully made a duplicate of it, which, unlike the original, won’t be destroyed by love. She is forever thankful for this as she can combat the forces of chaos more easily now.
    • Her acting with Chaos in the past to the point of being more sadistic and ruthless than Esdeath as well as worse than Honest had Akame and Night Raid believing that upon her ascension, she was still a malicious empress. When they attacked her, though, she refused to fight back, completely wishing to atone for her crimes no matter what it takes. Even if it requires others killing her.
    Sailor Galaxia: “I was a cruel monster. I get why you hate me. In the end, though, all I seek is forgiveness, and if you try to kill me, I won’t fight back. I deserve death for what I’ve done.”
  • She is able to understand Father Balder and considers him a kindred spirit. She knew first hand the price of holding a being of Chaos inside your body. A similar being of Chaos, Don Thousand, she despises. Not only for following the nature of Chaos, but it relies on corruption similar to what Chaos did to her. This hatred extends to The Light of Destruction which, much like Chaos, is an Omnicidal Maniac who relies on corruption and brainwashing and much like it did with her, possessing someone, namely Takuma Saiou. She has become good allies with Takuma and they both have dedicated themselves to putting an end to these evil forces once and for all. She also found herself pitied by Palutena, due to her experiences with the parasitic Chaos Kin who possessed her body and stole her soul. She thinks the Chaos Kin sounds just like Chaos and has decided to help in combatting it should it ever ascend. Fortunately, she has learned not to seal Chaos within her body. Given what happened last time, this is probably a good thing.
  • She gets along with other people who wish to atone. Anakin Skywalker became a Sith due to Palpatine’s manipulations as well as his own grief. Count Bleck tried to destroy everything and himself due to him thinking that his father killed Timpani. They are both getting better, and she gets along with them just fine. She does not, however, get along with Dimentio, who she recognizes as a being of chaos due to his goals and overall being totally evil.
  • Originally felt Madoka was a foolish girl for trying to befriend someone like her. Then she remembered her battle with Sailor Moon and realized how much she reminded her of that soldier. Eventually they began to get alone even if Madoka was surprised by some of Galaxia's past actions. She was all the more glad when she got her Magical Girl powers back, and is supporting her desire to get her Goddess powers back as she knows what it is like to have a being of chaos screw you over.
  • Once had an encounter with Frieza and the two exchanged blows. To many’s surprise, she managed to kill him, despite him resisting her ability to erase things from existence much like he did with Toppo’s Hakai. He has promised to make her beg for death for such a humiliation. She sees him as nothing but a sadist but does recognize that he helped save the multiverse during the Tournament of Power. Her animosity towards Frieza also extends to Cooler and King Cold. She does recognize that they aren’t as sadistic as Frieza is, but the both of them being capable of Pragmatic Villainy makes them, in her eyes, similar to beings of Chaos from her world.
  • She considers Vanitas to be a vile creature, loathing his very presence and being reminded of Chaos and it's many incarnations. Which made her even more surprised when she met Ventus, who was nothing but nice to her. She is working with him to finish off Vanitas once and for all, especially after learning of his plans for Madoka...even if she isn’t his true target...
    • Subsequently, she has found a sort of kinship with Terra. Though unlike what Galaxia did with Chaos, Terra tried to fight back against Xehanort when he took his body, even reanimating his discarded armor using his will alone to continue the fight. Though he didn't succeed, she at least respects Terra for trying where she didn't.
    • Though she isn't a magical girl, she is nonetheless impressed with Aqua's abilties as a Keyblade Master and they have become good friends.
  • She does not know how to feel about Discord as he is another being of chaos. However, he is not like the other beings of that realm. As she came across Twilight and spoke with the pony, she considered her a strange kind of alien, but still a worthy magical girl. She does however, know how she feels about Lord Tirek. In her eyes, he’s a dangerous being of chaos who, if left unchecked, could absorb too much magic and practically go on a rampage unopposed if he gets too powerful. Tirek is interested in stealing her magic, but knows that he has to be meticulous about it so as to avoid getting erased from existence.
    • Bill Cipher, on the other hand, is a chaotic being she believes has to be put down for the sake of everyone, his Weirdmageddon having the potential to cause the entire multiverse to collapse. He actually once tried to make a deal with her. That she would help him reach his physical form and in return he would help her save others from the pits of being manipulated by Chaos and similar beings. She declined, knowing he was no different from Chaos in his manipulations, chaotic nature and willingness to let his Weirdmageddon slowly cause the multiverse to collapse. Bill Cipher only laughed at this.
  • Her past actions remind the Silver Surfer of Thanos, and he keeps an eye on her despite her Heel–Face Turn just in case she is manipulated or possessed by Chaos once more. She fully welcomes the Silver Surfer’s desire to watch over her. She believes Thanos’ actions to be similar to her own when working with Chaos and has been threatened numerous times by him, the Mad Titan stating that he’ll make magical girls forgotten amongst the cosmos if she dares keep interfering, to which she responded by saying that he’d likely do that anyway and if sacrificing herself to stop him is what it takes, then so be it.
  • Hates, hates, HATES Yapool. He, much like Chaos, is a being of Chaos and she has been seen fighting against Yapool’s Choju. He finds her frustrating and has decided that if she keeps defeating his Choju with ease, he’ll have to step in to fight her. Personally.
    • Doesn’t like Ultraman Belial either as he reminds her of her own past actions and like Chaos, is an Omnicidal Maniac. She is one of the first responders to the threat of his evil and has proven to be very efficient in fighting him. He wants to get rid of Galaxia as he finds her to be quite the thorn in his side. Ultraman King himself finds it wonderful that she managed to see the error of her ways, though both know that Belial is far Beyond Redemption.
  • Zamasu went on a tirade about how mortals are abusing their power and that they have access to power only divinities deserve. She simply pointed out that, having stolen Goku’s body, he effectively became a mortal with god-like abilities who proceeded to slaughter other gods. Zamasu ended up lashing out at her in a fit of rage, but she didn’t care even as he kicked her ass. At the time, though, his components, Goku Black and Future Zamasu had been forcibly separated by a powerful god and they decided to go at things unfused for a little bit. This was mainly so Goku Black and Future Zamasu could learn about beings capable of things similar to the Mafuba more quickly than they would be able to when fused. Given how the two act as split components...and Zamasu’s immortality, she got her ass kicked. Hard. Though Goku Black does think she is a Worthy Opponent, something Zamasu disagrees with as she is a filthy mortal and Galaxia does not return his Villain Respect. Of course, Galaxia has recognized how much more serious the two are as split components but she has not said anything about it, not only for the safety of the Pantheon and her being The Atoner, but also because, well, he’s Zamasu.
  • Many manifestations of Chaos consider Galaxia a hypocrite and a traitor. Lord Chaos plans to bend her to his will and make the senshi remember her place in darkness. Lucifer finds her hopes of redemption amusing even if she is his enemy. She sees Lord Chaos as far too similar to the Chaos from her world due to him being an Omnicidal Maniac and also thinks Lucifer’s manipulations of the emotionally vulnerable Homura make him no better than Chaos, something which actually pissed him off.
    • That being said, despite her hatred for Chaos and similar beings, she thinks Lucifer’s statements about them misrepresenting chaos to be complete and utter bullshit. This is because she knows that the Chaos from her world is the embodiment of all nothingness and that Amatsu-Mikaboshi is the Anthropomorphic Personification of the Primordial Chaos. She’s also been trying to draw more attention to Chaos, knowing that if its spawn were threats to creation itself...well...even the strongest of Overdeities should be careful against it.
    • GOLB having possibly predated time is, in her opinion, further evidence that Lucifer is full of shit. She hates the Lich as he reminds her of Death Phantom, the spawn of Chaos responsible for her meeting the damned entity by giving her the 411 on the Galaxy Cauldron, who also used to be in the Pantheon initially. The fact that they both want everything destroyed and even worked together during Death Phantom’s short time in the Pantheon only made things worse. Once Death Phantom returned and the two liches resumed their partnership, including now sharing both the Malefic Black Crystal and the Well of Power, to say that Galaxia was infuriated and horrified would be an understatement.
  • The golden senshi was surprised to learn about a duck gaining the ability to become both human and magical girl, but learned to appreciate her will power and feels she is worthy to protect those she cares about. They will sometimes meet and hang out and Ahiru was very surprised by some of her past actions. She is glad that Galaxia had a change of heart and is battling against the forces of chaos.
  • Johan Liebert once thought it to be a good idea to mess with her mind using her actions with Chaos in the past as ammunition. Unfortunately for him, she’s heard of him and knows what he looks like and erased the man from existence before he could get close to her. He made two or three more attempts with the same results and has slowly been developing a fear of Galaxia, much to the amusement of many.
  • Despite her being Lawful Evil, Galaxia hates Ragyo Kiryuin. She sees the depraved woman as similar to a member of one of the villainous factions that the Sailor Guardians told her about. Professor Souichi Tomoe. This animosity extends to Nui Harime, not only for being her utterly psychotic dragon, but also because she sounds disturbingly similar to Sailor Moon.
  • Galaxia enjoys learning about other females who fight the forces of darkness as she does. Some she gets along with. Then there are others that make her feel nervous. One girl in particular Homura Akemi she worries about now. She does not want her to end up like she did and fall into the pits of chaotic darkness even if her fears come too late for the girl.
    • She also fears that Chaos is targeting Madoka not out of a desire to control her, but because it seeks to drive Homura Akemi into anger and despair before taking control of her. Chaos hasn’t commented on this. She knows that if this is true, then Homura constantly coming to her defense to protect her might be exactly what Chaos wants.
  • She fears meeting Cosmos in person, believing that doing so would make her remember her past misdeeds. While she knows that she is running away from her fears, Sailor Galaxia does not want to face the Goddess of Harmony at the moment but hopes to do so someday. Galaxia otherwise respects Cosmos immensely, seeing her as the embodiment of everything the Sailor Guardians stand for, almost like a good counterpart to Chaos itself. Unknown to Galaxia, Cosmos watches over her occasionally and awaits the day she finds the will to face her fears and forgive herself.
  • She eventually met Medivh and found that she shared a lot in common with him, since both were once possessed by powerful evil beings that drove them to destroy everyone and everything they held dear. Through her conversations with Medivh, Galaxia found it easier to gradually confront her fears and redeem herself by being a hero again.
  • Heard that there was going to be a DEATH BATTLE! and that she was scheduled to fight Beerus. Having since turned a new leaf and all, she refused to participate.
    • And when she heard that Beerus engaged an Alternate Universe pre-redemption version of herself and won handily, after seeing the details of the battle, she's made a note not to cross his path, though she can sometimes be found apologizing profusely to the Destroyer Deity for any damage her pre-redemption counterpart caused.
    • This has lead to Grandfather Paradox deciding to summon an evil future self of Galaxia, which happens to be from a universe where she never had her Heel–Face Turn but she and Chaos were still defeated. Sailor Galaxia was utterly pissed at him and he’s become one of her top enemies for daring to throw the past back in her face. Chaos has grown interested in his ability to summon a Galaxia who is not reformed though was disappointed when the one in the Pantheon defeated her.
  • "Sailor Moon... You believe in the future of this galaxy... Are you a Scout who loves all? Sailor Moon..... .....The star I finally found. So big and bright, but never mine to have."

Greater Gods

    The Emotional Entities 
The Emotional Entities, Nonvirate Deities Of Colour-Coded Emotions (The Life Entitynote , The Butchernote , Ophidiannote , Parallaxnote , Ionnote , Adaranote , The Proselytenote , The Predatornote , Umbraxnote )
The Life Entity.
Seven of the entities, with Sinestro in the foreground. In clockwise order: Ion, Adara, The Proselyte, the Predator, The Butcher, Ophidian and Parallax.
Umbrax when it attacked Earth(the smaller planet in the foreground).
  • Greater Deities (base rank for most), Overdeity (the Life Entity and the entities with a powerful enough host)
  • Symbol: A white prism emitting a rainbow, with ultraviolet light off the distance (group profile), the sigil of their emotion's Lantern Corps (individually)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Ion), Neutral Good (Adara), Chaotic Good (The Proselyte), True Neutral (The Life Entity), Chaotic Neutral (The Butcher), Neutral Evil (Ophidian), Chaotic Evil (Parallax, Umbrax). The Predator varies depending on circumstances; it is naturally Chaotic Good or True Neutral, but its hosts can drive it to be Chaotic Neutral or even Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Possession, Light, Life, Emotion (all), Creation, Genesis, White, Resurrection (The Life Entity), Rage, Red, Retribution (The Butcher), Greed, Orange, Coveting (Ophidian), Fear, Violence, Evil, Retcons (Parallax), Also Retcons, Willpower, Good (Ion), Hope, Compassion, Blue, Faith (Adara), Also/Especially Compassion, Indigo, Empathy (The Proselyte), Love, Obsession, Crystals, Violet (The Predator), Guilt, Shame, Hidden Powers, Ultraviolet (Umbrax)
  • Ambiguous Situation with: SCP-073, Naoya, Kane (Command and Conquer), Cain and Abel (The Butcher), Crowley, Satan (Paradise Lost) (Ophidian), Noah (Adara)
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Mankind, Discord (all of them), Painwheel (The Butcher), The Crystal Gems (The Predator)
  • Interested in: The House of Revenge and Retribution (The Butcher), The Hall of Regret and Shame, Travis Coates (Umbrax)
  • Allies
  • Headbutting Villains: Thaal Sinestro (Parallax and Umbrax), Nurgle (Parallax)
  • Rivals: The Chaos Gods, No Face (all of them), Ungoliant (Ophidian, and to a lesser extent Parallax), Moro (Ophidian), SCP-1548 (Umbrax)
  • Enemies
  • Frenemies: Tzeentch (Adara), Nurgle, Nerose Satanel (The Proselyte)
  • Wary of: Chernabog, Chakravartin, Nurlge (The Life Entity), Elmer C Albatross (The Proselyte), Eos, Yanderes, Slaanesh (The Predator)
  • Pities: The House of Despondency (Adara)
  • On poor terms with: The House of the Undead and Phasmata (The Life Entity), the Halls of Tainted Love, Romantic Loss, Infatuation and Obsession (The Predator)
  • Additional relationship with: Atrocitus (The Butcher)
  • In the DC Universe, there is power through emotion. Emerging from the white light of life was the Emotional Spectrum, where the seven emotions of rage, avarice, fear, willpower, hope, compassion and love would be presented by the colors of the visible light spectrum; ROYGBIVnote . The first to feel these emotions would become the Emotional Entities, cosmic beings who usually express themselves with hosts. Hidden behind the Source Wall was another side to the spectrum; one based off hidden emotions and wavelengths outside human perception. The only one known so far is Umbrax, the ultraviolet entity of shame, guilt and nihilism.
  • Applies to the lot
    • These entities were for a long time thought lost; except for Parallax who had bonded with Sinestro, and Umbrax who was hidden, they sacrificed themselves to replenish the emotional spectrum by sinking into the Source Wall. However the Life Entity found itself in the Pantheon due to passing through whatever is beyond the Source Wall. When the Wall was broken the other entities started following the White Light and eventually all of them managed to arrive to the pantheon. This led to a merger of the ascended entities' profile with their brethren.
    • The SCP Foundation believes the entities should be contained and studied, especially Umbrax. Some like Parallax are at arms against this, others like Ion think this is a good idea but do not trust the Foundation. Despite the attempt at containment, the Emotional Entities managed to secure a place as one of the two general heads of the Emotion House alongside, well, the Emotions. Mainly it's that they feel a kinship towards them, being emotional embodiments. They're a lot more alien and some have compared them to the Chaos Gods, those asides from Khorne and the Butcher there isn't a 1-1 correlation and they regard each other as rivals.
    • Their trope was once held by Koro-Sensei, however he has permitted them having it as he has his own trope. Their ascension came as big news for the various lantern corps. Having been imprisoned for so long by Larfleeze, Ophidian was reading to settle the score with him. Ion, Adara, the Proselyte and the Predator were on good terms with the Green Lanterns, Bro'dee Walker, Iroque and Carol Ferris. Parallax is a somewhat reluctant ally of Sinestro, and Umbrax has had a working relationship with him in the past. The Life Entity tries to keep a check on their interactions so they don't compromise its plans. As for the Butcher, it is generally kept in check by Atrocitus.
    • The Emotional Entities tend not to hang around each other, instead exploring the pantheon to promote whatever emotion they are and find nourishment from. The exception is the Life Entity, who has a leading position in the Eternity Blessing and despite its somewhat manipulative nature is the most grounded of its "family". It has gotten the entities to agree on one important thing: life and emotions must continue to exist, which is why the GUAD must be opposed no matter what. Asides from Nekron, the entities hold a shared contempt for Nagash as his "make everyone" my undead slaves" would rob them of emotion and being.
    • The entities do not all share an ally, but they do have a shared enemies list. They are usually related to beings who would stamp out emotion, life itself or have other issues with them. Within their own universe this is Nekron and Krona, the latter having ensnared them for a time for his emotional experiments and they're rather salty about it; Parallax being the exception as it found the Mad Guardian's ends useful for it.
      • None of them care much for the third or sixth Hadou Gods. Nerose Satanel doesn't wish to snuff out the Life Entity as that would kill almost every DC Comics god, but his enforcing of happiness at the cost of free will to everyone would starve out the entities. Hajun inflicting a Hate Plague on the multiverse would derive all but the Butcher of food, but Hajun would inevitable derive him of hate to feed off.
      • Cyrus doesn't oppose the Life Entity as he wants some form of life to persist, but his belief in the chaos of emotions has him loathe the Emotional Entities. The Auditors of Reality regard all, even the Life Entity, to be too chaotic for their tastes. Though Cyrus has arguably reformed, he still considers the emotional entities too dangerous...and for most he's probably right.
      • Ungoliant, noticing they are all entities of light, considers the Emotional Entities a banquet waiting for her to feed on. She can't fight them off when they're in a host, so she waits until they are on their own so she may feed on them. The majority of the entities consider her abhorrent, but Ophidian and Parallax regard her as a rival; the former relates to her gluttony due to being avarice incarnate, and the latter respects her fear factor.
    • The Imperium of Mankind is well aware of their similarities to the Chaos Gods and consider containing them (the Life Entity Ion, Adara and the Proselyte) or exterminating them (The Butcher, Ophidian, Parallax, the Predator and Umbrax) to be important. Discord had a more bemused opinion as he was curious about what they would become if he Discorded them, though he refused to do on the Life Entity. Given their inherent nature as certain emotions, this lasted all of five minutes, but had interesting results. Visually their colors were inverted
      • The Butcher and the Predator basically swapped places. Personality-wise they become a Tsundere and Yandere.
      • Ophidian and the Proselyte became the entities of charity/selflessness and selfishness. Not quite taking each other's attributes, but close. An anomaly of the process, which other emotional entities experienced, was spitting up an inverted Lantern Power Battery and ring. Ophidian created a Teal Lantern battery and ring that represents charity, while the Proselyte created an Amber Lantern battery and ring that represents selfishness.
      • Parallax became the entity of courage, more or less the same as Ion but still held more autonomy than Ion. It spit up a Purple Lantern battery and ring that represents courage. Ion, rather than inverting its colors like most of its kin, instead turned grey and become the entity of apathy. The result was the creation of a Grey Lantern batter and ring based off apathy.
      • Adara became the entity of despair, and spit up an Orange Lantern ring and battery. This enraged Larfleeze as he felt it was mocking him, but while they use the same color scheme they were powered and inflicted despair. He decided to use it as a "fools gold" booby trap for whoever tried to steal his stuff. Discord tried to see what'd happen with Umbrax, but couldn't figure out how to Discord an entire star.
  • Applies to the Life Entity
    • God spoke: "Let There Be Light", and there it was. The Life Entity is the White Light, the one from where all life began in the DC Universe. This makes it Nekron's number one enemy, for not only disturbing the darkness with life and light, but being the linchpin to all life. The first and most powerful the Emotional Entity was also the first of the pantheon, coming to benefit under the Flame Imperishable of Eru. Melkor noticed the similarities it had with that fire who's failure to locate began his fall and hopes to obtain the Entity to get something close to it. Rumor has it he even wishes to subjugate it as a host. The Entity's response to such claims?
    Life Entity: "Better men have tried. Overdeity or not disgraced Valar, I am subject to none, lest of all a soul as hopelessly nihilistic and corrupted as you".
    • The Life Entity is closely guarded within the House of Life, as it is feared what will happen should Nekron succeed in capturing and attempting to kill the Entity again. Asides from him, the Life Entity has a number of other worries such as SKYNET who is unattached to life due to being a machine, and would love to terminate it to exterminate organic beings. It is less concerned with the House of the Undead or Chernabog, but the latter dislikes the light it brings while begrudgingly admitting its existence is necessary. And the former have many who are damaged by the white light.
    • The Life Entity once had Firestorm, the Martain Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Aquaman play the four classical elements routine to forge a successor; Swamp Thing. It was done rather manipulatively but was for the best of life. Captain Planet felt it was similar to how he is formed, and the Entity agreed. The White Light has since become an important figure of the Eternity Blessing, due to its desire to protect all life.
    • Holds a kinship with Xerneas due to being a figure of life and replenishment. Initially it and Yveltal, along with Dhuum were on poor terms as they were death entities and Dhuum disliked how it revives people. However Dhuum calmed down when he realized the Entity only does that for very special occasions and normally doesn't like reviving people. It also accepted Yveltal when it became more clear it represents destruction as a necessity, not as an enemy of life. On the flip side the Life Entity has become more skeptical of Chakravartin for how sinister his scheming is despite the kinship of being progenitors of life. It is less skeptical of Nurgle as he loves all life, and the Life Entity agrees, but feels he is a bit too obsessive.
  • Applies to the Butcher
    • The Butcher was created from the first murder, out of rage from it; be it the slain or the slayer is unknown. However it is likely the former, as the rage it is attracted to is retributive and vengeful. As such it doesn't think much of the House of Hatred and Rancor as most members inspire rage and/or are completely unjustified in wrath, but not all. It prefers the House of Revenge and Retribution. As far as the Spectre is concerned, the Butcher is its Evil Counterpart. Scar regards the Butcher as a being to be opposed, as he doesn't want to be consumed by his anger once more.
    • One of the beings in the House of Hatred that the Butcher likes is Mephisto, as the Lord of Hate brings it plenty of hate and even rage to feast on. Another is Angra Mainyu. When it bonds to a host the Butcher allows one to achieve vengeance, and its allies are brimming with a desire for revenge. For said allies the Butcher is content to simply aid them. For an actual host, the Butcher's ultimate goal is to take Bruce Banner as his host, creating "The Butcher Hulk" persona. It hopes this is retained as a personaltiy even if removed. The Hulk has other ideas.
    The Hulk: "Hulk is Hulk!" *punches the Butcher*
    • Others the creature is fond of is Kayeko and Sadayo, who it wishes well in their vengeance and hatred even if it knows it can never get the two to get along. The Butcher wants to aid Painwheel on her path of revenge as well. The Butcher, unlike the other Chaos Gods, actually gets along with one of them; Khorne. Granted as personifications of rage "get along" is relative, but they do feel a certain kinship. Khorne represents rage and hatred in all its forms, not just the mindset of the Butcher, which can lead to some disagreements, but compared to their usual temperment it comes off as civil.
    • Using certain symbolic cues, it is believed that the first murder which created the Butcher was Cain's murder of Abel. Again, it's unknown if he was born from Cain's rage towards his brother or the rage at Cain for fratricide, but given the Butcher prefers hosts of pain-born rage it was probably the latter. The SCP Foundation considers it relatively important to prevent the Butcher from interacting with any incarnation of Cain or Abel because of the possible consequences of the Butcher meeting one of its "creators".
  • Applies to Ophidian
    • Ophidian the Tempter was the first to desire more than they should have, becoming the embodiment of avarice. Or greed, if you will. Along with Parallax and Umbrax Ophidian is on the malicious side of the Emotional Entities. It is known as the Tempter as it brings out greed. Larfleeze captured it because he was too full of want for even the orange snake. It is most fond of Famine for inspiring greed through hunger, and considers the ever-gluttonous Gluttony "kind of a cute pet". Ophidian likes his brother Greed the most due to being the exact emotion it embodies, though at the same time it considers him competition and a potential host. Not that Greed doesn't like the snake. When it comes to the Chaos Gods, the being is closest to Slaanesh since s/he is all about desire and self-interest; something avarice is all about.
    • Ophidian resents Larfleeze's capture of it, and wants a replacement for the Orange Lantern...more specifically one that it believes it can cowe and do its bidding. It has been considering Mr Krabs and Smaug, and though it's intentions towards them is selfish it does seem to like their greed. Ophidian has promised them many riches to aid in taking down Larfleeze. The Tempter is more seriously interested in powerful hosts most befitting of its avarice such as planet, star and even dimensional eaters. It is also interested in Android 21 and taking control of her Heart and Hunger, which horrifies her.
    • All of the Emotional Entities oppose Apophis, one of the major figures in the GUAD, for obvious reasons. Ophidian is the first to oppose it, being a fellow snake. Though malicious, the destruction of the universe would deny it things to covet. Apophis regards the ordered universe as somewhat offensive and antithetical to chaos. Neither can fully understand each other's desires, and they certainly don't accept it. Ophidian also opposes Moro, but more so as a rival than an outright enemy; he wants it all and the Tempter respects that. Moro knows Ophidian wants his power and intellect, and knows their combined power would likely surpass even Lord Beerus. However he cannot the snake's desire to make him a host unless he is capable of subjugating the being to his will and not the other way around.
    • The creature was implied to be the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve. Like the Butcher how that works when it apparently predates the human race by billions of years is left to the theologians. Out of the many demons, Crowley and the Satan of Paradise Lost confirmed they were/took the form of said serpent. Ophidian has yet to speak about how it feels about Crowley and its true relationship with either, but it does find kinship in Satan for desiring that which is beyond their reach.
  • Applies to Parallax
    • Associates itself with the Dementors due to being malevolent emotion eaters. While their palates of fear and despair are different, they are closely related and can easily work in each other's favor. Plus it has the easier time possessing people consumed by loss, despair and fear. It associates with Pennywise as well due to their love of fear, with Pennywise finding it like "salting the meat". Other "friends of fear" the bug has is Cell (who's ambition beyond obtaining and fluanting his perfection is to see people's faces contorted in terror) and Freddy Krueger (who lives to bring lethal nightmares).
    • Parallax also formed an alliance of convenience with Nurgle as the despair the Great Unclean One brings fuels Parallax, but their methods and worldviews are very different. For starters the Fear Entity can't grasp how Nurgle demonstrates a propensity for depondency and love simultaneously. The Imperium regard Parallax as the worst of all the emotional entities and something they must exterimate, however it mocks them, and the Emperor of Mankind to his face, by pointing out the imperialistic, oppressive regime has generated so much fear that it could forever subsist on their terror, even boasting to the Emperor's face that he is the Chaos God of Fear and Repression. The Emperor proceeded to go at its sore spot by saying it is deep down a terrified little bug. Parallax responded very poorly.
  • Applies to Ion
    • Ion was initially believed to be an honorary title of the Green Lantern Corps, given to an empowered Kyle Rayner. His newly found Overdeity status was in fact due to an emotional entity, Ion. Barring the Life Entity it is the first emotional entity, the very first creature to will itself to act. Unlike Parallax Ion is wholly symbiotic and passive. It resembles a winged dolphin with a living lantern on its jaw. The being is easily the most controllable and understood entity, which is why the SCP Foundation is the least concerned with it.
    • Given the feud of their lantern corps and Parallax's past history, Ion really doesn't like the Fear Entity. It has the bravado to get under its nerves by reminding it it was once a fearful insect, causing Parallax to scream that it fears nothing. Beyond Parallax Ion really doesn't care for the Anti-Spiral, who's desire for suppression of evolution and development makes him against willpower. That said, it is knowlegable of the Spiral Nemesis and fears it as itself free of restraint and reason. However Ion is confident people won't go that far.
    • Other enemies include YHVH and Nurgle. The opposition to YHVH is obvious; YHVH believes free will is an evil to eradicate, and Ion is basically free will personified. Lucifer just wishes it wasn't nearly as passive. The Willpower Entity prfers not to talk about Lucifer as he represents the dangers of the emotion it embodies, but prefers him over YHVH. As for Nurgle, the being is all about giving up and accepting stagnation. In short, the antithesis to will.
    • The opposition to the Anti-Spiral led to Ion getting Team Dai-Gurren's attention. As the first life form of the DC Universe to will itself to act, it is basically the first instance of Spiral Power. Ion could see the power's similarity to the green light of Will and soon became really fond of them, though still has a closer relationship the Green Lanterns. It is also fond of James Henry Trotter for overcoming fear, and Team Lightyear for being space superheroes like the Green Lanterns.
  • Applies to Adara
  • Applies to the Proselyte
    • The tentacled Proselyte is no terror, but alongside Ion and Adara one of the nicer Emotional Entities. The personification of compassion, the Proselyte hopes to expand that and with the ability to use multiple energies of the emotional spectrum simultaneously it is good at this. It may be the entity on the best terms with The Love That Moves The Stars, due to His omnibenevolence. He does wish it could be a bit more orderly but as the first being in its universe to be compassionate, considers such a being wonderful. As a being of compassion it is somewhat baffled by Elmer Albatross acting compassionate despite not feeling compassion.
    • The Proselyte finds it difficult to find enemies, as even with evil deities it believes they can be changed to see the light, even if the Indigo Tribe must forcibly convert them. However it does indeed have enemies; the omnimalevolence of Dis is intense even for the Proselyte for he has rejected all that is good from himself, and detests the idea of it spreading compassion out of a delusional belief it would deny souls for Hell and thus catharsis in them sharing his torment. It and Parallax are old enemies, though not to the extent Ion is; the war of compassion and fear is ancient, and the Proselyte denied Parallax a powerful host in Barry Allen.
    • Unlike the reprogrammed Indigo rings the Proselyte seeks out the truly compassionate. It is this reason that it seeks the all-loving SCP-999 for a host, and the blob is willing to allow this provided they have mutual control. The SCP Foundation is currently deciding if this should be allowed: benefits are 999's calming abilities will be magnified and become a powerful ally, detriments is that they can't predict any side effects of a Cosmic Entity bonding with an anomaly. The Ethics Community and O-5 Council have yet to reply and this dissapoints the Proselyte.
    • The entity naturally gets along with Jiminy Cricket, what with him being The Conscience. Unlike its brethren the Proselyte is somewhat fond of Nerose Satanel, even if it believes his desire to stamp out all other emotions than happiness is going too far; by eliminating sin everyone will be by default compassionate. The Third Hadou God respects the Proselyte but feels its oppositon is a bit hypocritical given it is happy to ally with the Indigo Tribe, however the tentacled indigo being explains there's a certain limit it feels Nerose passed. The Proselyte is also frenemies with Nurgle; Papa Nurgle has compassion towards all life, but the Proselyte believes making bacteria and viruses equal to the point of infecting everything is misguided. As far as Nurgle is concerned the Proselyte is a full friend, but could be more of an equal opportunist.
  • Applies to the Predator
    • Like Parallax and Ion, the Predator was thought to be something else at first. In its case, Carol Ferris believed the Predator represented her aggressive male side. It split from her and that male persona tried to win over the female side. However it turns out the Predator was in fact the Emotional Entity of love. In its natural state the creature resembles some sort of dragon/dinosaur made of pink/violet crystal. The Crystal Gems were intrigued by this and the being personifying love, speculating that perhaps their ancestors were the ones who's love birthed the Predator.
    • Unlike Parallax who corrupts its hosts, the Predator is corrupted by its hosts insecurities and issues when it comes to love. This is why the Predator isn't interested in hosts, alongside the Life Entity (cannot be controlled) and Umbrax (doesn't seem physically capable). While the Predator is inherently pro the House of Love and Affection, it is against corrupted and obessive loves. Most members of the Halls of Romantic Loss, Infatuation and Obsession and Tainted Love would likely make it a dangerous force if it were to bond with them.
    • It took a while, but Carol Ferris was able to realize the Predator is love in its pure form and was Good All Along. She has managed to tame and protect it. As with the Proselyte, the Love That Moves The Stars considers it a virtuous force and the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorus despises it for just that. Another who sees it with contempt is Thouzer, as he believes love is a weakness. However this is on him alone, as the Predator merely regards him as misguided and lost in his conceit. On the opposite side of the coin, it has respect for Anna and Elsa due to their pure familial love for each other.
    • The Predator is under the protection of Aphrodite and Shelyn, what with being love goddesses. The former can be questionable at times, but the Predator is love incarnate and that is to be protected. She makes sure to keep the creature away from yanderes which it is a bit afraid of, and Slaanesh who the Predator percieves as a corrupted version of itself or possibly what a Fusion Dance of it and Ophidian would be like. Aphrodite also protects the Predator from Eos. The goddess of the dawn wishes she got to the Predator first as it may have allowed her to overthrow Aphrodite as goddess of love and even free her of the unquenchable lust. The Predator disagrees as it believes bonding with Eos would only make her curse worse.
  • Applies to Umbrax
    • Even compared to Parallax, Umbrax is the Black Sheep of the Emotional Entities; it is of the hidden underbelly that is the Invisible Emotional Spectrum. There emotions control you, not the other way around, and Umbrax uses it to great effect. Sinestro was able to turn millions into Ultraviolet Lanterns. Umbrax doesn't take willing recruits and regards the Hall of Regret and Shame as potential thralls. Travis Buckle is a surprising choice for its potential slaves due to being a normal human. But he has plenty of guilt to exploit.
    • Umbrax is a purple-black sun, who's native location is a phantom galaxy. It is not the only living sun as SCP-1548 and the Lumas are a thing. The latter are terrified by Umbrax, but the former was intrigued by it. Umbrax realized that the Star That Hates would destroy the Earth if it arrives, and while not against that in general Umbrax wants to dominate the minds of humanity instead, so SCP-1548 is getting in the way. 1548 wonders why it's so concerned given Earth beat it back with the power of the white light, but Umbrax countered this by saying "I want to get even".
    • Umbrax exploits the emotion of shame and guilt, leading to people siding with Doom. It attracts self-destructive people and causes them to act out on their darkest impulses. This has intrigued the Grand United Alliance of Evil, and though he is currently waiting to see more from it Melkor has hopes he may use this to achieve his "Vile Lantern Corps"note . Umbrax isn't convinced yet.
    • It is most pleased by both Junko and Johan's efforts in bringing out the worst of people, inflicting despair and exacerbating guilt and shame. It'd love to make them willing and high ranking members of the Ultraviolet Corps, but they lack a sense of shame or guilt to drawn on. Another being it is fond of is Malal, the outcast Chaos God who represents self-destruction and anarchism. In short, perfect for it and the Ultraviolet Corps' cause. Umbrax itself can relate to being an outcast, as it wasn't part of the conventional emotional spectrum and has spent much of its existence locked away from the rest of the universe. Sinestro is less than pleased with Malal.
      • Despite Malal's animosity with the Chaos Gods, Umbrax has no problem with them. It actually likes Nurgle for its association with despondency and nihilism, which the shame and guilt of the Ultraviolet Corps can work with.

Intermediate Gods

Ahtal-Ka, Goddess of Gold-Colored Superiority (Atlal Ka, Atrulka, Atoraru Ka, Pavilion Mantis, Empress of Ruins, Psycho Mantis, Altarothdrome)
Click herefor Empress' Throne
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when using Empress' Throne.
  • Symbol: Her Hunter Icon
  • Theme Songs: Queen Haunting the Castle Ruins, Writhing Castle Ruins, Proof of a Hero ~ MHXXver
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Giant Spider Mantis, Bamboo Technology, Fights with Improvised weapons and a mech: Empress' Throne, Gadgeteer Genius, Gold Makes Everything Shiny, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Final Boss of Generations Ultimate's Online Mode, Cannibalizes the males, Threat on par with Elder Dragons, Evokes the look of a Pharaoh
  • Size: Large
  • Domains: Mantises, Gold, Spiders, Webbing, Improvised Armaments, Mechs, Hoarding, Pharaoh Motifs
  • Followers: The Marauder Captains
  • Allies: Scyther and other mantises, King Togwaggle
  • Enemies: Link, Tamatoa, Yami Yugi, Anakaris, Barroth, The Radiance
  • Opposed by: The Monster Hunters
  • Opposes: The Halls of Water and Moisture and Electricity, Users of water and electric elements
  • Subject of Interest of: Agitha, Sig
  • Feared by: Misty, Billy
  • Banned from: The House of Commerce, The Great Treasury
  • Herald: Garuba Daora or Kulve Taroth (alternates between the two)
  • As the Grand United Alliances wage their endless war rumors circulate of something dragging the debris left behind in battle to who knows where. Most didn't pay any mind, too busy trying to dismantle each other's efforts to bother spending time on such myths and it seemed to spread around Mooks which is why it never received that much traction. That quickly changed when the House of Military and Warfare reported a large mechanical creature causing havoc across various battle grounds. When it left, entire cities and fortresses seemed to have disappeared along with it. Now roused, the House of Defense organized a team to track down the menace. They managed to find it lurking within the great desert within the House of Metal and Minerals, and found... a bug, the size of a car, completely unlike the stories of a hulking metal monster. Then the creature pulled out a Humongous Mecha from the sands and proceeded to crush its attackers. It was eventually subdued, but then was deified for its status as the most dangerous Neopteron and a Final Boss that worked alongside its gold coloring. It continues to roam the place wanting to add more to its colossal mobile home.
  • In combat Ahtal-Ka utilizes her webbing, defense weakening pheromones, and claws to take down assailants. In addition, she can swing and carry debris whether it's a large metal beam, Dragonators, or a really big wheel. Then there's the aforementioned mecha, called the Empress' Throne, where it tries to smash those under it either through using its body or with falling debris. It can still use pheromones and shoot streams of webbing in this state. Over the course of the battle, she can use her equipment more creatively so it stands to reason why she's as dangerous as the Monster Hunters claim.
    • Of course, Billy and Misty fear this thing regardless due to the former's intense phobia for spiders and the later's phobia for bugs in general. Ahtal-Ka doesn't bother interacting with them, though if pissed enough she'll decide to web them up and leave them in whatever house they happen to be in.
  • Since it's weak to water and electricity it naturally stays away from the Houses of Ice and Cold and Electricity and sticks to roaming deserts commonly in the House of Nature. When it does venture out she's almost always in her mech as those weaknesses do not apply. The exception is when she's out scavenging for more parts to further strengthen her machine, mostly due to the much more dangerous inhabitants in the Pantheon she has to contend with. Such ventures got her banned from the Vault in an effort to regulate it lest she create a much stronger war machine. Its already said to defeat entire armies, any further would be going too far. In fact, you could say Ahtal-Ka was inspired by humans to use fortress ruins to complete Empress' Throne due to the strength they have.
    • When she starts causing trouble and the Monster Hunters are temporarily unavailable, Link is one of the popular choices in subduing the Neopteron. To Link, the mantis is quite like the Gohmas he fought against all throughout his reincarnations. Plus, it wasn't the first time he fought against mechs before, and he seems to be quite good at disabling the metal monstrosity. Though it encouraged the Pavilion Mantis to be much more methodical in its actions she still gets driven off.
  • It may come off as a surprise that female Ahtal-Ka are naturally brown, but can quickly become gold colored should they devour the males. Such colors it makes for itself helps attract even more males to devour. Unfortunately, she is the only one of her kind in the Pantheon and thus has started resorting to similar substitutes. Those who are gold themselves should beware her trying to chomp down on their flesh. She does leave her fellow mantises like Scyther alone, however.
    • Her golden hues have caught the unwanted attention of Tamatoa, who really wanted to add the Neopteron to his shell. When he finally tracked the Neopteron down, he didn't expect the Pavillion Mantis to be... a lot smaller than he expected. Thinking it'd be an easy win, he fought the Neopteron only for her to drive him off in return which resulted in the mantis snagging some of the Treasure off his shell in the ensuing fight. After the experience, she was inspired in stealing away golden objects which ended in her prevented from steeping foot within the House of Commerce. She decided to use her webbing to steal away the riches outside the entrance.
  • Being avid bug fanatics, it didn't take long for the likes of Agitha and Sig to be observing the monster in its natural state. They were warned not to overstep their bounds by nearby denizens but they assured they know what they are doing. And besides, both of them are capable of handling themselves on the off chance they have to fight. Not like the Barroth that tried to attack the mantis only to quickly turn tail and limp away after she retaliated.
  • Many deities took the opportunity to call her Psycho Mantis as well as refer to her mech as a Metal Gear. The man himself doesn't pay any mind to the Neopteron that much. It did caught the attention of other pilots of mechs, finding her one of the most unusual examples. It's not everyday you find a big mantis smart enough to be controlling debris held together by webbing alone.
    • And before you ask, no, her mech is not the Equal Dragon Weapon. The Monster Hunters made that very clear much to the disappointment of the House of Knowledge. They wanted a good lead on the information surrounding the thing along with its history with the Elder Dragons. Though after looking a little bit more into its history... maybe its for the best it doesn't come into light.
  • Her appearance evokes the style of an Egyptian Pharaoh, some deities pointing out her mech is somewhat reminiscent of a sphinx. Being a Pharaoh himself, Yami Yugi wasn't amused that she uses the appearance of one for her own gains at the cost of others. Anakaris holds a similar sentiment, finding himself insulted that such a dangerous monster would resort to such a guise.

With blood and rage of crimson red,

Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

Together with our hellish hate,

We'll burn you all—that is your Fate!

Atros, The Violent Red God (Atrocitus, Butcher, The Red Lantern, Lord and Master of the Red Lantern Corps, Wrath, Hate, Righteous Vengeance)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when serving as a host to The Butcher)
  • Symbol: The Red Lantern icon
  • Theme Song: The Destiny of Atrocitus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Revenge and Unstoppable Rage, Will Never Stop in Pursuing and Exacting Vengeance, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Blood as a Weapon, Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain Depending on the Writer, Badassery with or without the Ring, Blood Magic, Red Is Violent, Is as Powerful and Reflexive as he is Intelligent and Manipulative, An Average Man Made Psychotic and Vengeful from Tragedy, Seen as a Demon, Leader of a Berserk Corps (While Retaining his own Will), Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, 3.5 Billion Years Old
  • Domain: Anger, Rage, Blood, Battle, Tragedy, Vigilantism, Vengeance
  • Heralds: His fellow Red Lantern Corps Members
  • Patron: The Butcher
  • Pet: Dex-Starr
  • Allies: Lordgenome, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Afro Samurai, The Dinobots, Bloody Marie, Painwheel, Edmond Dantes, Murky, Kokonoe Mercury
  • Potential Lantern Recruits: Asura, Maul, Sasuke Uchiha, Carrie White, Alith Anar, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, John Wick, Roberta, Beatrix Kiddo, Van, Arya Stark, Khan Noonien Singh, Viral
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Other Lantern Corps, Team Dai-Gurren, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Son Goku, Vegeta, Optimus Prime, The Sailor Guardians
  • Enemies: Krona, The Anti-Spiral, YHVH, Sheev Palpatine, Nekron, Brainiac, Darkseid, Griffith, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evolt, Killbas, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Unicron, Megatron, Frieza, Cooler, Baby, Dead Moon Circus, Asdrubael Vect, Fabius Bile, Ezekyle Abbadon, SKYNET and Terminators by Extension, AM, Yuuki Terumi
  • Opposes: Ganthet, Khorne, Galactus, Regime Superman, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Ren Hakuryuu, Gustavo Fring, Sōta Sarushiro/Simon Keyes, House of Hatred and Rancor, Anyone who Advocates or Represents Lawful Evil, Malignant Artificial Intelligences, or Commits Acts For the Evulz.
  • Opposed By: Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Clark Kent/Superman, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Space and Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, The Space Sheriffs, The God-Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man, The Doom Slayer
  • On Speaking Terms With: Angela and Roland, Eddie Brock/Venom, The Venom Symbiote, Flash Thompson/Agent Venom, Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer
  • Respects: Saint Bro'dee Walker, Guts, Sakura Matou, Kratos, The Saint of Killers, Agni, Akame, Night Raid, Marik Ishtar
  • Pities: Alma Wade, Malygos
  • Pitied By: J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Aang
  • Additional Relationships: Anger, Odio
  • Long ago, Atrocitus was once Atros, a simple man of Ryut who led an ordinary family life and a decent profession. That was until the Manhunters turned on all life, slaughtering everyone in his sector. Ever since that day, he has been Atrocitus, swearing revenge on the Guardians and their Green Lanterns for not only playing a role in his suffering but also for not upholding their standards as protectors of the cosmos, establishing a splinter organization known as the Five Inversions, representing the five survivors of Ryut. Eventually, following the Sinestro Corps War, Atrocitus would establish a creed and, creating a Lantern Power Battery via rage and blood, killed the remaining members of the Five Inversions to power it up. In doing so, Atrocitus created the Red Lantern Rings and became the first member and leader of his namesake Corps, now dedicated to finding like-minded individuals who have succumbed to rage and grief, whom Atrocitus saw as notable candidates for his Red Lantern Corps. Due to the rise of the Black Lanterns and numerous other events, Atrocitus has had to team up with the other Lantern Corps despite their difference, even including the successor of one of the Green Lanterns he killed, Abin Sur, and Thaal Sinestro, whom the two had a harsh enmity against each other. As of now, he's decided to keep the truce with the Green Lanterns up, as the Old Guardians are dead, and having other matters on his hands.
  • With the Pantheon seeing Nekron becoming an increasingly bigger threat until the Lord of the Living decided to amass an army dedicated to the destruction of all life, the Emotional Spectrum were quick in having to bring their representing Lantern Corps into the Pantheon as their way of furthering their influence as much as putting in whatever stops necessary to stop Nekron from achieving his desires. Of course, the Butcher bought Atrocitus along as its main patron saint, and with it, the Red Lanterns announced their presence throughout a new galaxy by proclaiming their creed towards anyone they came across that they deemed "punishable". Recognizing what he had been led into, Atrocitus expressed anticipation and wariness, yet was still ready to carry out what his Corps was established to do. He was intrigued about the Pantheon upon the short time he traveled it shortly upon ascension and figured that with having to protect more, he would also be getting a shot at more recruitments into the Red Lantern Corps as well as the fact that the other Lantern Corps were also asserting their influence here, though Atrocitus didn't mind it. Since then, the leader of the Red Lanterns has dedicated himself and his corps to upholding their way of justice and ensuring the Pantheon is safe, whether or not their methods are deemed too excessive and extreme by most.
  • Atrocitus is easily the most outwardly intimidating and fearsome of the Lantern Corps leaders and has proven himself to be among the most brutal and dreaded vigilantes in his own universe, not to mention the fact that he specifically makes a note that whoever he targets is truly deserving of getting punished. The Pantheon was no different; Atrocitus took advantage of scouring the House of Space and Cosmos and declared that he would take matters into his own hands regarding potential threats. He doesn't care about what either Guardian groups think about as due to his experience with the Guardians of the Universe, he doesn't have a very positive thought on authority in general. To his anticipation and satisfaction, the Red Lantern leader was impressed by the vast amount of deities and places the Pantheon offered as that means a better opportunity to expand his own Corps and improve the chances of defeating Nekron and exacting justice on the wicked. It helps that in addition to being feared as much as Sinestro, Atrocitus is as powerful as he is intelligent and quite understanding and sympathetic towards those who have gone through tragedy, considering they are the very individuals that Atrocitus wants to see being recruited as Red Lanterns as loss, grief, and sadness tend to be the strongest seeds of Rage, as attested by what he went through before becoming one of the universe's most ruthless vigilantes.
  • While Atrocitus does mean well in his vision to uphold justice, his methods are… not very welcomed, and it doesn't help that he set up his Central Power Battery such that anyone inducted as a Red Lantern tends to become feral and aggressive towards anyone they deem to be a threat or guilty of punishment. This is why he's barely tolerated by The Grand Spacial Onlookers who have monitored Atrocitus to make sure that he doesn't step out of line in his brutal assault against the wicked. To his credit, Atrocitus does acknowledge that he would have to step down to some degree and grant some semblance of consciousness and sentience to anybody who wears a Red Lantern Ring anytime he's in the Pantheon. As Guy Gardner had displayed, the Reds are still dedicated to upholding what Atrocitus preaches, and he's come to accept that notion, if mainly out of pragmatism and making sure his vision continues on. That said, some have conceded that Atrocitus has ironically made the Pantheon's cosmos side a bit safer despite his vigilantism, and he's more than welcome to use this as a reason why the Red Lanterns are needed in the Pantheon.
    • In addition to The Grand Spacial Onlookers, Atrocitus also came into contact with the Sailor Guardians, though this was after he caught on about the Dead Moon Circus, led by Nehelenia, and learning about their past actions and their heinousness decided to hunt them down for it. The Red Lanterns held a vicious fight against the Dead Moon Circus until the Sailor Guardians showed up to repel their enemies. They were surprised to encounter the Red Lanterns and then intimidated by their twisted sense of justice and retribution. Atrocitus decided to play nice and state that he serves to punish others for their sins, but Sailor Moon retorted that his actions would only make others more fearful due to the Red Lanterns' abrasive and destructive nature. Atrocitus affirmed that they have a similar role to fulfill in the Pantheon and that they shouldn't treat each other as enemies, telling Usagi that sometimes lethal force is necessary and that the girls should consider toughening up in regards to the Pantheon's galactic threats. Since then, the Sailor Guardians don't support Atrocitus in what he does, and he believes they are capable of being good defenders of the cosmos if they somehow gain a spine to kill others for justice and retribution, which is something the girls couldn't do. That said, they have fought alongside one another on a few occasions, with both parties admitting that some enemies are too strong to warrant an alliance with someone.
    • At first, Atrocitus didn't really pay much mind to the ascended Transformers as their scuffles were initially divorced from any interferences towards the Red Lanterns. Then came Unicron and the fact that his endgoal as about the same as Nekron and the Manhunters meant that Atrocitus had to look out for the cataclysmic Transformer and to seek whatever means necessary to stop him. This also resulted in him learning about the Autobots and Deceptions, with Atrocitus predictably calling out Megatron, Starscream, and their most notable followers for the destruction they wrought on Cybertron and countless planets, claiming them to be just as guilty as Unicron. Of course, Atrocitus's fearsome reputation didn't win any points for Optimus Prime either, who preferred to end fights quickly and seek peaceful resolutions if they can be managed. Atrocitus personally doesn't mind the Autobots and even came to respect Optimus's heroism and morale as it was something that he deemed rare. On a more positive note, the Red Lanterns found a reliable partner in the Dinobots who, while reckless to almost childish and destructive levels, are more-or-less vigilantes who want to beat up bad guys for being bullies, something which Atrocitus found quite amusing. He personally likes Grimlock and Slag the most for simply being the two most powerful of the group as well as Grimlock being a capable leader and Slag's brutal and uncompromising nature making him a Red Lantern in all but name.
  • If there's one thing Atrocitus despises just as much as corrupt figures of authority, it's malevolent artificial intelligence, and considering that a group of those were responsible for the destruction of his home planet and the death of his family, it's hard to fault him for it. His learning about AM and SKYNET only served to make Atrocitus more than furious, deeming them to be among the worst that technology has to offer, and is incredibly disgusted to see that AM is a guardian figure in the same House as he is. Both A.I's only look at Atrocitus mockingly with AM being amused that his rage is not too different from its own hatred and SKYNET stating that the extermination of his planet was a necessary direction to serenitynote . Of course, just hearing about what they said only served to make Atrocitus more pissed off and he's more than determined to annihilate the two of them to make sure that nothing like them ever comes in the future. By extension, Atrocitus also has a low opinion on Terminators due to their innate nature as literal killing machines, though expresses conflicting thoughts about the reprogrammed models, seeing as some of them are genuinely mm privates to do good and oppose SKYNET just as much as anyone else does.
    • He would inevitably come to realize that Krona, a rogue guardian, was really responsible for causing the Manhunters to become genocidal in their programming, all just to satiate his own curiosity. This made Atrocitus resent maverick figures who like to sacrifice and endanger others for the sake of their curiosity and extends this rage towards anyone who dabbles into it, be it someone as grand as Brainiac or someone as small-time and petty as Shou Tucker, believing they deserve to be punished for their heinous acts. Even then, Krona's revelation hasn't deterred Atrocitus's disdain for the Guardians either, as he thinks they are too stuck up in their own way of guiding the Lantern Corps and that they resort to hiding truths and restraining them from being authorized to help as much as they want to, which Atrocitus sees as an injustice. Considering that the Guardians did try to hide archives about the Blackest Night and many of its members were corrupt, Atrocitus does have a point to his beliefs.
  • While dedicated to finding those who have endured or struggle with grief and loss, Atrocitus is also careful enough just who to exactly consider as he is aware that there are those that, despite their tragic background or even possessing a sense of honor, may as well be just as guilty or reprehensible as the ones who freely enjoy to committing acts of evil. As a result, while he understands Gus Fring and even believes he can make an effective Red Lantern, he also refrains himself from giving him a ring for that exact reason and for Gus secretly being a drug lord who is not above excessive revenge and threatening innocents in his line of work. He also knows Gus is quite intelligent and perceptive, which meant that pairing that with a Red Lantern Ring would just not be a good idea regarding Atrocitus's leadership in the Corps. That said, Gus personally doesn't care about possessing a Lantern Ring, thinking it's just a waste to have one for his profession and that he personally finds the ability to puke plasma something that he finds disgusting. Even then, Atrocitus expresses more contempt for Masato Kusaka as while he did feel from a horrible past experience, his motivations and desire say otherwise and Atrocitus thinks Masato having a Red Lantern Ring would lead the Corps into advocating and even committing genocide, which he personally finds revolting and going against the core principle of the Red Lanterns' sense of justice and punishment. While Kusaka has entertained the idea of having a ring for himself, Atrocitus is not amused in the slightest.
  • While Atrocitus seeks for more Red Lanterns above all else when it comes to allies, he's not above having alliances outside of his Corps, that is if he can manage to understand and even collaborate on his goals. To the surprise of many, he found himself getting along with Frank Castle and Bruce Banner, though in the case of the latter, it's when in his Hulk phase, otherwise Banner himself tends to be quite uneasy around him. Atrocitus found the two to have exceptional rage, unquestionably motivated by tragedy, and supports their endeavors, especially Frank in regards to his crusade against crime, feeling that it is justified. Frank himself saw that Atrocitus is open to helping him and generally allows it, so long as it allows him to get the job done quickly. Reciprocating this gesture, Atrocitus gave Frank a Red Lantern Ring and told him that there will come a time he would need it in addition to stating that it is a sign of respect from him. While Frank hasn't worn the ring yet, he's kept it secured somewhere, only stating he would wield it if absolutely necessary. In contrast, while Atrocitus respects Bruce and the Hulk, he's more hesitant on giving him a Red Lantern Ring as the Hulk's perpetually increasing strength and uncontrollable rage combined with a ring would prove too destructive to stop and reason with without causing untold collateral damage. That, and Hulk himselfnote  has a more malevolent form of its known as Titan that surfaces when Hulk grows abnormally angrier than usual, which further justifies Atrocitus from not giving a ring to Banner.
  • While giving them a Red Lantern Ring would be a bad idea given their own destructive and untamed nature, Atrocitus does feel sympathetic for Alma Wade and Malygos, believing that the predicaments they went through were undeserved and that what they suffered through was something that nobody should have ever went through. He thinks that Alma's revenge against Project Origin for their unethical and torturous experiments on her was justified and thinks that her rage would make her a viable Red Lantern, but doesn't want to give her a ring because he knows that the ring would bolster Alma's power to the point of being potentially uncontrollable. He also doesn't want to give the ring to Malygos for similar reasons as his insanity has made him a dangerous dragon to approach, let alone fight against. Atrocitus can relate with Malygos in being among the Last of Their Kind and becoming overcome by grief and madness, but he also thinks that the dragon is too misguided in his goals to rid the universe of magic and allying with someone as problematic as some of the Pantheon's most obstructive lawmakers makes Atrocitus rather wary of him. On the other hand, Alma doesn't think much about Atrocitus but generally lets him be as he doesn't antagonize or interrupt her out of respect whereas Malygos sees him as a threat as he assumes Lantern Rings and the Central Power Batteries are a form of magic and feels he has to kill Atrocitus and the other Lantern Corps to further his aim to wipe out magic.
    • By contrast, Atrocitus himself is pitied by Martian Manhunter and Avatar Aang mainly because they know how it feels to be among the last of their kind. Atrocitus has had some scuffles against the Justice League, but personally doesn't hate J'onn or even Superman and Supergirl, even if the two Kryptonians aren't on good terms with the Red Lantern leader for several reasons. J'onn is one of the few who can hold a civil conversation with him and Atrocitus will sometimes concede, though he admits that he's too much into his role to really give up on being a Red Lantern, despite appreciating J'onn for trying to help him be more open and considerate about his thoughts. With Aang, he was saddened to learn how Atrocitus's circumstances were far worse than his own and understood why he was grumpy and angry all the time. While Aang feels sorry for Atrocitus, he doesn't support his vigilantism either and really wants him to reconsider his ways. Much like with J'onn, Atrocitus respects Aang's words and advice but tells him that being a Red Lantern is all that he really has left and what defines him as an individual at this point. Despite this, he can still respect the Avatar for his kindness and commitment.
  • He developed a form of interest towards Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, and their experience and stories with the Venom Symbiote. Atrocitus was surprised to learn that Eddie wasn't all too different from him as they both decided to use their anger to dictate their life goals as well as aim to exact justice in their own unscrupulous ways, though Eddie realized that his overreliance on rage has been detrimental, making the Symbiote morally worse, and is seeking ways to become a better hero. That said, Atrocitus doesn't really mind that and sees Eddie and Venom as being justified in how they want to pursue their way of protecting others, even if their ways are becoming different. While they would have been allies at first, Eddie can hold a decent conversation with Atrocitus and they can work together in regards to a common foe like Carnage. With Flash, Atrocitus sees him as a man wanting to right his mistakes and can respect him for that, though Flash himself is a bit more uneasy towards the Red Lantern leader than Eddie, even if the two of them don't antagonize each other.
    • On another note, Atrocitus also reached amicable terms with Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer, for once saving Atrocitus's planet by becoming a herald to Galactus. Both being individuals who want to safeguard the universe, albeit, in very different ways, Atrocitus can respect Norrin's actions, though he's not exactly too approving of having to pay servitude to Galactus, a known devourer of planets who had terrified trillions in the cosmos due to his power and having destroyed multiple planets. That said, Norrin's status as a herald meant that Galactus can be convinced and be directed to instead devour planets with no life in them as he's a being those actions are entirely based on his dietary nature and needs. Atrocitus simply wants to make sure Norrin checks on Galactus on a frequent basis and while he's aware that the Devourer of Worlds is actually placid and not malicious in nature, he still worries about Galactus's destructive power, hence why Atrocitus feels uneasy about him wandering around the Pantheon.
  • Traversing throughout the Pantheon, be it in the cosmos, on traditional lands, or even through dimensions, Atrocitus has found a number of candidates that he considers worthy of being Red Lanterns and had made several efforts in approaching them and engaging in a conversation about their grief, struggles, and how that influenced their anger. While Red Lanterns can naturally detect those with great rage by simply sensing one's emotions, Atrocitus prefers to interact with others and gauge their feelings personally so that he could dictate how effective they would be under his Corps. Additionally, because the rings have a tendency to latch onto a wielder rather instantaneously without warning, Atrocitus justified personal meetings as it means a Red Lantern Ring could approach him instead and he could personally offer them to those that interest him. In the event they don't want to wear it, Atrocitus insists on leading letting them keep the ring, stating that they would need it in the future. It's his way of playing the good cop for the Pantheon after all. That, and considering how Red Lanterns work, Atrocitus had to make a deal with Saint Walker in helping to remove a Red Lantern Ring from someone without killing them.
    • As unscrupulous, unpopular, and shady as he is, Darth Maul remained a viable and valuable option for Atrocitus to consider, much to the dismay of the Jedi Order and their closest allies, who believe that Maul's status as a renegade and former Sith Lord means it is not really possible to easily negotiate with him. Atrocitus, having studied psychology before, was quick in convincing Maul about dealing with Palpatine first, whom Atrocitus considers among the biggest sinners he's come to know in the Pantheon. Intrigued by the concept of the Red Lanterns as well as an opportunity to gain further power, alongside Atrocitus being open to honoring his end of the deal, Maul was open to accepting a ring under his possession, though he doesn't use it as he also remains rather prideful of his own martial and analytical skills and he doesn't want to over-rely on a Red Lantern Ring to dull them. That said, Atrocitus made sure to only mention Palpatine as the object of revenge as he doesn't have any plans for the Jedi, though he admits that the Jedi Order was reckless and flawed and that is a part of why they fell from grace was their fault.
      • Speaking of which, Atrocitus normally came to not see the Sith in a positive light, seeing most of them as corrupt scourges towards the galaxy. Darth Vader was one of the few exceptions as Atrocitus recognized that a huge part of his rage came from grief and he could clearly understand that. That said, both figures are wary of one another, despite Atrocitus being rather sympathetic to Anakin and even praising his talent and natural prowess, regardless of being a Jedi or Sith. Vader can see where Atrocitus is coming from regarding keeping the galaxy safe via violent means as he also convinced himself to do such in a delusional fashion, but he vehemently refuses to become a Red Lantern as, despite much of his power coming from rage, he doesn't want to be fully consumed by it at this point, and Atrocitus actually respects this notion, albeit because he knows that Vader with a Red Lantern Ring may be too much for him to fight against, let alone command and control. Vader also knows of Atrocitus's interest in Maul but doesn't hold him against it too much as Atrocitus has made it clear about being aware and careful about what Maul desires. For now, Atrocitus and Vader share a difficult partnership, mainly because both hate Sidious and agree that some threats have to be dealt with in an alliance, regardless of how strenuous it must be.
    • He was impressed to learn that a number of figures he's come to learn about have had their lives and goals dedicated to exacting vengeance. Sasuke Uchiha was among those people and Atrocitus admitted to finding the matter rather complex, considering how despite being the perpetrator of the Uchiha's extermination, Itachi, Sasuke's brother, was himself a victim of manipulation and being pushed into doing something he didn't want to do. Atrocitus even mused about how the Red Lanterns were somewhat similar to the Sharingan via being powered by emotions and getting stronger through grief, albeit at the cost of sacrificing one's sanity. With Madara now traveling the Pantheon to fulfill his own goals and Sasuke having to act as a shadowy protector, Atrocitus gave Sasuke a Lantern Ring, telling him that one day, Sasuke will need it. The Uchiha can relate with Atrocitus, though tends to keep their interactions as minimal as possible as Atrocitus's rather extreme methods of exacting justice is something Sasuke isn't a fan of.
    • He approves of Carrie White letting out all of her pent-up rage and anguish towards those who bullied her. While some have criticized Atrocitus for praising Carrie for essentially carrying out a school massacre, he does relent in that some of the students were not deserving to be killed and that he personally seeks to help Carrie in controlling her powers, hence his desire to enlist her in his Corps. Atrocitus also likes Alith Anar, John Wick, Scorpion, Roberta, Beatrix Kido, and Arya Stark for their efforts in exacting revenge as well s proving themselves to be exceptional fighters in their own right, seeing them as potential recruits if he can manage it. He finds Alith Anar's tactics to be very worthy in his quest for revenge and retribution and can relate with Wick in regards to being protective of a pet they own. Of course, Atrocitus had Red Lantern Rings distributed to them as well as Carrie and made sure they don't leave them. He wants to make sure they will eventually need them and doesn't want to push them into wearing them for now. Of course, his potential recruits have been either unsure or wary about Atrocitus's intentions and methods which were justified. He personally doesn't mind it that much.
    • He has an... interesting story to share with Khan Noonien Singh (or rather, his "Kelvin Timeline" counterpart), namely that the two actually met before they ascended into the Pantheon, and Khan himself became a Red Lantern... after killing Atrocitus and the other Red Lanterns for it. Atrocitus himself hasn't forgotten about the incident and still holds that he has a score to settle against Khan, but he does acknowledge that his ring was unable to recharge at that time, so he was at a disadvantage and sees that Khan, in addition to his great rage over past tragic circumstances, has a good deal of leadership and is a suitable figure to draft into his corps regardless. Khan was delighted to learn that he could have a Red Lantern Ring again and accepted one. Despite this, he and Atrocitus share the most tenuous interaction out of any of the potential Lantern Recruits for obvious reasons, and the only reason they haven't been fighting against each other is that Khan and Atrocitus realize each others' strengths and use for one another and the former wants to use the powers given to him by the latter to exact his own desires without having to directly antagonize Atrocitus too much. Of course, both are preparing for the inevitable moment when they would come to blows with each other, something that Atrocitus is all too willing to remind him of.
  • While they're also potential recruits, there are those that Atrocitus still respects mainly due to how they've managed to represent their anger and grief and, in his perspective, made things better for them and for those whom they care about. He has a twisted sense of appreciation for Sakura Matou because of her tragic and abusive upbringing. Atrocitus finds Sakura to be among the best possible candidates he could consider for his Corps and while Dark Sakura would have been a potential problem, the fact that Sakura has since curbed this issue has made things more comfortable on Atrocitus's part. He even expresses this towards Guts, Kratos, The Saint of Killers, and Asura, admiring their vengeful mindset (at least when they dedicate themselves to it) and for accomplishing their desires. That said, he only sees Guts as a viable candidate for a Red Lantern as he was careful and considerate enough to know that having an actual god wearing the ring would not be a good idea. On the other hand, Sakura tends to put some distance from Atrocitus but admits that she sympathizes with him and could probably hold a good conversation, even if she doesn't exactly approve of his vigilantism. Guts, Kratos, and Asura are more apprehensive, given that Atrocitus can be manipulative if it means advancing his goals, but he's rather cordial towards them and makes a point to not piss them off, believing that even being on neutral terms would be better than to constantly push them into becoming Red Lanterns.
    • He even found appreciation for Night Raid as he can agree that liberating The Empire through assassination and bloodshed was more than warranted, provided just how corrupt its government was. The same thing also applied to Marik Ishtar, who simply wanted to experience the outside world after being trapped in being a tombkeeper for so long, which led to a torturous and painful life, and this fueled his grief and rage over his circumstances. That said, Atrocitus hasn't really sent out Red Lanterns to either of them for differing reasons; while some members of Night Raid, like Akame, Tatsumi, and Mine have experienced moments of anger being born out of desperation and sadness, they are not overwhelming enough, and Marik's turbulent mental state meant that he would just be additional trouble if he was given possession of a ring, and that could turn disastrous in case he turns into Dark Marik. Night Raid and Marik, conversely, share a neutral viewpoint on Atrocitus, though the former have thought of forming a partnership on particular circumstances if possible, even if it's likely it would be a difficult one.
  • Despite being a strong representation of Rage, being all too willing to advocate its use, and also possessing traits of being a proficient use in martial skill, Atrocitus does not like the fact that he is favored by Khorne of the Chaos Gods, especially after learning about the quartet and their goal of wanting to wash away the universe in their effort to spread chaos. While violence hasn't been an issue for Atrocitus, he affirms that he uses it primarily because that's the way he exacts justice upon the wicked and Khorne's advocacy for prolonging violence and bloodshed for the sake of it doesn't exactly align with his motives, even if it does allow for more opportunities for individuals that Atrocitus can draft into his Corps. Despite Atrocitus's insistence on his opposition against the Chaos God, Khorne ignores this and continues to respect the Red Lantern leader and pushing him into becoming a Patron. Regardless of how many times he's been tempted, Atrocitus continues to deny it and is all too willing to kill any Daemons and Followers of Khorne if they ever dare to challenge his might and conversation nice him to pay allegiance to Khorne. And despite his opposition to the Chaos Gods, Atrocitus doesn't win any points for the Imperium of Man either. Regardless of how well-intentioned he is, Atrocitus is an alien, and a dangerous berserker at that, meaning that he's considered a threat to be eliminated by the Imperium and the Emperor of Mankind, much to Atrocitus's dismay, who sees them as not helping their case in defending others with that sense of xenophobia and being just as warmongering as the other alien races and the Forces of Chaos that they spent years fighting against.
    • In contrast, he's on more manageable terms with Odio, who became a vengeful monster hellbent on destroying everything because he saw several of his loved ones die and was deceived, betrayed, and hated one too many times despite trying to be a hero for his kingdom and decided that if he was to be ostracized and despised in spite of his contributions, then he'll become a force of evil and oppose humanity as his way of retaliation. He's since mellowed out after being defeated and atoning for his acts whilst warning the seven heroes that anyone can become just like him with enough hate. Odio's story affected Atrocitus to a degree and he did take some time to reflect upon his anger and hate. He's since decided that they've since come to define him since and while ruthless and unforgiving, he's still willing to at least try making the galaxy a better place and takes Odio's story as a lesson on being careful about his own actions and making sure he doesn't become just as bad as Krona, Nekron, or the Manhunters.
  • Due to his desire to exact vengeance towards the wicked as a form of justice, he caught the attention of Angela and Roland, figures of the City who have since tried to change their ways to make up for the large number of bad acts that they've committed in the name of vengeance, which is especially notable as Angela's revenge was indirectly responsible for the death of Roland's wife and unborn child, which instilled him a desire for his own revenge. Over time, they learned to realize how revenge was not going to fulfill them and from there, they dedicated their time to healthily moving past their traumas with Angela redirecting her efforts toward the Heads of the World. Atrocitus found their tale interesting and while he does hold the two responsible for what they've done in the past, the fact that Angela and Roland acknowledge this, are reeling from their own tragic past, and actively work to be better, made him decide to see instead if he can try to maintain a formal acknowledgment with the duo. Roland was shocked at the depths and extremes Atrocitus would go to justify his way of retribution in regards to the death of his race and family but manages to remain calm and maintain some civility with him, as does Angela, who thinks it's best to be on good terms with Atrocitus for more practical reasons. The Red Lantern leader accomplished his aim of keeping tabs on them and often checks to see if Angela and Roland are owning up to their actions and past. He would have considered giving them a Red Lantern Ring, especially for Roland, as a form of help against the Head but given their change in mindset, he's decided against it.
  • He also serves as part of The Killing Trinity in the House of Slaughter.
"This universe's rage is my rage. I shall punish those who deserve retribution. I shall be an instrument of vengeance."

    Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero 
"You will know the sting of winter."

Kuai Liang, God of Blue-Coded Cryomancers (Sub-Zero II [actually Sub-Zero VI], Tundra, Cyber Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, Grandmaster Blueberry Ice, Chilly-Willy, Snowman, Scorpion II)
Cyber Sub-Zero
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God when wielding the Dragon Medallion
  • Symbol: The Dragon Medallion and the Lin Kuei Symbol
  • Theme Music: Helado by Harvard Bass, Chinese Ninja Warrior by The Immortals, Lin Kuei Raceway, Lin Kuei Temple (MKX Round 1, Round 2, Round 3),
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral (Forcibly Lawful Evil when under Command of the Cyber Lin Kuei or as a Revenant)
  • Portfolio: Cryomancy, Smashing Ices Into Pieces, Highly Visible Ninjas (Sorry, we Meant Lin Kuei), Reluctant Warrior, Meaningful Name, The Abel to Bi-Han's Cain, Proves to be Better than his Direct Predecessor, Turning Good, Defecting From a Bad Organization and Rejoining to Said Organization as a Force of Good, Legacy Character, Having Three Variations (Cryomancer, Unbreakable, Grandmaster)
  • Domains: Destruction, Ice, Kombat, Good, Mentors, Siblings
  • Heralds: Tomas Vrabada/Smoke (his best friend, shared with Cyrax), Sareena, the loyal members of the Lin Kuei.
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Syzoth/Reptile, Ermac
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva
  • Respects: Clark Kent/Superman, Anna, Sasuke Uchiha, Eddard "Ned" Stark, Master Oogway, Master Splinter
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mr. Freeze, Kolin
  • Kuai Liang was once a member of the legendary clan of assassins known as the Lin Kuei, renowned for their ferocity and skills in kombat and killing. He initially took up the name of Tundra while his older brother, Bi-Han chose the title of Sub-Zero. However, Kuai Liang's time as an assassin in the Lin Kuei was to take a drastic turn, starting with the fateful day Bi-Han was killed by the vengeful Shirai Ryu Spectre named Scorpion, forcing Kuai to inherit the Sub-Zero mantle in the hopes of avenging and honoring his brother by defeating Scorpion in kombat. However, at the same time, the Lin Kuei were going through a process known as the Cyber Initiative, which was to convert all of their members into mechanical cyborgs in an attempt to reach the peak of their fighting and kombat prowess. Kuai Liang objected to the process and defected from the Lin Kuei, instead choosing to fight and join alongside the forces of Earthrealm under the God of Thunder, Raiden. Deciding to bury his feud with Scorpion after learning about the true circumstances of the Shirai Ryu clan's massacre, Kuai Liang would also later encounter Bi-Han now resurrected by Quan Chi as a wraith known as Noob Saibot, and their differing alignments and goals meant that Kuai now had to oppose and fight against the very brother whom he looked up to and desired to avenge.
    • Sub-Zero, like the rest of the other combatants, met their end in the Battle of Armageddon, though, in a revised timeline, events went on a different path when Kuai Liang himself was captured, converted into a cyborg, joined with the Earthrealm forces anyway, and was later offed by an empowered Sindel. Initially resurrected as a revenant to serve under Shinnok and Quan Chi, Kuai Liang was later restored to life by the efforts of Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, and during his travels, discovered that the Lin Kuei was wholly cyberized. Devastated and enraged, he confronted and reprogrammed Cyrax into regaining his sentience, working together to bring down the clan's grandmaster, Sektor, which they succeeded in. Cyrax chose to detonate himself and the other members of the Cyber Lin Kuei so that Kuai Liang could start the clan all over again as its new grandmaster. Ever since then, he has continued to align himself with Earthrealm and its interests, becoming a steadfast defender and eventually coming to terms with Hanzo Hasashi and declaring a partnership with the similarly reformed Shirai Ryu, as demonstrated with their battles against the forces of the fallen Elder God, Shinnok and the Time Titaness, Kronika.
  • Kuai Liang has been a veteran in the Pantheon, having been ascended shortly after his resurrection and his rebuilding of the Lin Kuei into a force of good. Not surprisingly, given that the presence of Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Shinnok, and Kronika are not just intact in the new realm, but still intend on carrying out their devious desires, he was very quick to get himself in contact with the Grand United Alliance of Good and establish a position there as a leading general for his clan's warriors as well as many others but justified himself by stating that ever since his revival, he's committed himself to be a leader in an effort to atone for the wrongs that his clan committed as well as provide a beacon of protection from whatever threats try to endanger his world. His efforts were seen as commendable by many and he's won himself plenty of supporters since, despite his once fearsome and brutal reputation. That said, while Sub-Zero admits to seeing the Pantheon as a second home of sorts and is more than welcome to accepting new alliances and friends whom he can align and fight with, he's also made it clear that if pushed sufficiently, he will not hesitate to kill when necessary, even if said threat happens to be his older brother, Bi-Han, who since becoming Noob Saibot, has remained Sub-Zero's most personal nemesis.
  • The feud between Scorpion and Sub-Zero was a very well-noted one, with both of them desiring vengeance against each other, seeing as Bi-Han was assumed to have killed Scorpion's wife, son, and clan whereas Scorpion returned the favor by killing Bi-Han later on, leading to Kuai Liang adopting his brother's identity and wishing to defeat Scorpion to avenge his Bi-Han's death. It wasn't until later on that they've finally buried their enmity and chose to commit their focus on defending Earthrealm, if mainly because it was really Quan Chi who killed Scorpion's family and misled him by accusing Bi-Han, all in a ploy to get two enforcers on his side, succeeding with Bi-Han as he became Noob Saibot. This tale was actually known even before the two ascended into the Pantheon, though these days, they're more likely to either be fighting each other as a means to hone their strengths or working together to combat a mutual foe. As a result, they've formed their own Deadly Alliance, using their combined might of ice and fire to avenge those in need as well as punish the wicked for their sins. While not the most powerful heroic figures by any stretch, they are among the most feared thanks to their tenacity and willingness to be brutal and unforgiving towards their enemies.
  • As the secondnote  person to inherit the mantle of Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang is a cryomancer with the ability to create, control, and manipulate ice into whatever effect and style he wishes to conjure it. Naturally, he was inducted into the Hall of Ice and Cold where there was a whole population of similar-powered beings like he was, but despite his relatively simple uses in ice compared to many others, Kuai Liang still managed to differentiate himself from the rest, namely by having a level of authority and leadership that many have seen as commendable and worthy for a hero, as well as his mastery and sharp knowledge of how to use the cold for his benefit. Though his cryomancy is not as flashy or spectacular, Kuai Liang makes up for it by mixing it up with his martial arts skills as well as his former occupation as an assassin, turning him into among the most formidable, feared, and strongest cryomancers in the Pantheon. Even so, Sub-Zero is aware the Pantheon is home to a series of powerful foes, some familiar, some new, and that regardless of his own craft, he feels the need to improve his skills and authority for upcoming battles.
  • His title as the grandmaster of the reformed Lin Kuei has alerted quite a few figures in the Pantheon, with most praising Sub-Zero for doing the best he can to bring it up to a high moral standard and protecting his world by looking after and training the next generation of fighters in preparation. The assassination band, Night Raid, was among those who took up to respect Kuai Liang as both of them shared a similar desire for helping people out, regardless of their ruthless occupation. Kuai similarly respected the group for their efforts in liberating a corrupted empire from a politically and morally spoilt government and upon hearing of their sacrifices, stated that they should be honored to die for a just cause and to continue on with their duty. One survivor, Akame, has oddly found herself associating herself closely with Kuai, as the two could relate to having to serve a corrupted organization and having to fight a sibling due to their differing alignments and grudges, Akame's case being her younger sister, Kurome. Sub-Zero, at the very least, presented some appreciation for the girl for at least managing to reconcile with her sister in some way, whether Kurome either survived or died in battle against her older sister, something which can't be said about Kuai's own feud with Bi-Han.
    • In addition to Night Raid, Sub-Zero would also come to learn of the empire that they had attempted to take down, and while he clearly came to dislike its prime minister, Honest, his bigger enmity was towards its army general, Esdeath. Much like Kuai himself, Esdeath also had control over ice, but rather than use her powers to provide something beneficial, she instead chose to serve a corrupt empire and choose to sate her bloodthirsty desires of killing as well as dominating others. Kaui saw her as not too different from what Shao Kahn usually does whenever he decides to invade realms and has dedicated his time to stop the empire's most feared general by any means. In an odd contrast, Esdeath's belief of the strong dominating the weak meant that she sees Sub-Zero as a Worthy Opponent after he had confronted and defeated a large portion of her personal troops. She confided that if it weren't for Tatsumi, or that Kuai Liang looks rather rugged, Esdeath would have fallen in love with him, much to the grandmaster's dismay.
  • He naturally opposes the Grand United Alliance of Machines, given his own experience regarding the Cyber Lin Kuei. As far as he is concerned, while Kuai Liang doesn't necessarily oppose sentient machines and thinks that they have a right to coexist with organic life and even cooperate to lead a life together, the GUAM was a reminder of the Cyber Initiative's goal to cyberize organic life as they believe robotizing one's self would remove the restraints of being organic and reach one's true potential. Of course, Kuai feels repulsed by this notion, believing that willingly choosing to convert one's self into a machine means taking away their own humanity and possibly their own consciousness, as his friend, Cyrax, had been through. Taking notice of the Cyber Initiative's desires as well as an alliance with Sektor and Triborg, the GUAM is willing to accelerate this plan as a means to bolster their own forces, and if it means spiting Sub-Zero, either by principle or directly, then so be it. Kuai isn't going to let any of this happen under his own watch.
    • Then there was an instance where he was approached by the Tenno. At first, Kuai Liang thought they were agents of GUAM or another squad of Tekunin coming for him but it turns out that the Tenno didn't come with bad intentions. The Grandmaster was understanding of their situation and having heard of his mighty ice powers, the ones who used Frost Warframes wanted to train under him. Ironically, his acceptance of them ended up enraging Frost more; considering that Kuai Liang has now taken cybernetic beings under him and continues to call her a disgrace, she feels he is being a Hypocrite. However, he doesn't think so, as for one the Tenno don't have any lust for power like she did when she was part of the Lin Kuei.
    • Additionally, Sub-Zero has met with one of the GUAM's leaders, Brainiac, in an event where his attempts to push back Kotal Kahn's invading troops resulted in Kuai being magically transported into another world where superheroes thrived, yet were distrusted due to the actions of an alternate Superman. It just so happened that Kuai Liang was seeking a way back to his realm when Brainiac attacked and while he was successful in repelling the Coluan, he was open to the idea of training the younger members of the Justice League, namely Supergirl, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm, and fighting against the One-Earth Regime. He's retained these thoughts and memories in the Pantheon, and while his willingness to kill was a point of contention, Kuai has remained on good terms with the Justice League. And of course, Brainiac's actions are similar to Shinnok's, minus the "collection bit", which has motivated Kuai to fight against the Coluan should the latter ever be planning or initiating an attack in the Pantheon.
  • He has quite an interesting relationship with Batman and Superman, all things considered. They're allies of course, though the main difference lies in Sub-Zero's willingness to kill, something which Batman seeks to avert at any cost. They did meet each other at one point during a fight against Shao Kahn and Darkseid, and Kuai was once inspired by The Dark Knight to become a heroic vigilante at one point. In the Pantheon, Kuai Liang has nothing but admiration for the Man of Steel and feels that it is always an honor to be fighting alongside him, which Superman appreciated. With Batman, Sub-Zero does commend him for his battle against crime and is open to the idea of working together, though the Caped Crusader states that he'll be needing the Lin Kuei Grandmaster only when a desperate situation calls, given that he feels uneasy about working with those who would kill willingly. Superman doesn't actually mind the "kill-policy", despite his more extroverted and benevolent naturenote , and doesn't mind Sub-Zero being around for company. At the very least, he can serve as a good mentor or an aide to the Justice League from time to time.
    • Damian Wayne and Cassandra Cain were two children who were born and raised to be assassins by their parents and while they certainly have proven themselves to be far deadlier than their youth and precociousness implies, However, these have also severely stunted and damaged their social and emotional psyches, to such an extent where Cassandra was unable to talk and Damian was initially aloof and confrontational, at least until Batman came to formally look after them as his children, with Damien being his biological son. Kuai Liang is eager to see their combat prowess and believes that they hold great potential as protectors of Gotham and Earth if they commit themselves greatly to the task of defending their home. He personally respects and sees great potential in the two of them, especially towards Cassandra, while he has made attempts to personally mentor Damian in his own way if mainly to teach him on how to control his temper. As a result, Sub-Zero fights both of Batman's protégés as a way for them to hone their skills and often offers advice for them in battle. It helps that Damian, an animal lover, wants to hitch a ride on one of Kuai's frost dragons, which the grandmaster has offered on the bet of defeating him in fair combat, likely as a good way of motivation.
  • The Lin Kuei's nature as an organization for skilled and powerful ninjas caught the attention of a similar group known as the League of Assassins, led by the mysterious and immortal Ra's al Ghul. Initially, Ra's scheduled a meeting, desiring to align his group with Sub-Zero's hoping that their combined might can result in creating the most feared clan of ninjas in the Pantheon. Kuai Liang accepted the invitation, however, their discussions of an alliance ended in failure as Kuai and Ra's found each other to be too different; yes, the League of Assassins do (ostensibly) want to benefit their world, but Sub-Zero was disappointed by Ra's' willingness to undertake underhanded actions such as threatening the lives of millions and gambling with others' lives in his twisted perspective of protecting and saving the world. They called off their meeting and have remained on poor terms. Even so, Sub-Zero has a lower opinion towards Ra's' daughter, Talia, as her actions were more personal, and thus, worse, in addition to Talia acting more openly condescending and cruel towards her enemies.
  • The Lin Kuei are sometimes said to be a clan of ninjas. It's actually not, though their attire and their reputation as assassins and hooded, masked warriors certainly give off ninja vibes, as much as Kuai would like to deny this claim. Even so, it doesn't deter him from being associated with ninjas every so often, and the Pantheon hasn't been any different. For one, Kuai had a peculiar meeting with Sasuke Uchiha and sympathized with his plight of being the sole surviving member of the Uchiha Clan, given that Kuai Liang himself is the last living reminder of the original version of the Lin Kuei, not to mention they have (or in Sasuke's case, had) an intense feud against an older brother. Learning that Sasuke's desire for vengeance was not unlike Scorpion's and that he sought atonement, Kuai was considerate and managed to remain on speaking terms with him. He's also one of the few in the Pantheon to learn of the true circumstances behind the Uchiha massacre, after which he admitted that he'll be willing to have a talk with Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, once the latter finds a way to ascend into the Pantheon.
    • As per anyone else who has encountered him, Kuai Liang views Madara Uchiha with as much disdain as he would for someone as egotistical and defiant as he is. Aside from the fact that he would jeopardize and abandon his own clan simply for disagreeing with him and waging war because he cannot comprehend the idea of a unified alliance as well as petty jealousy, Sub-Zero also got to learn about how Madara became the way he was because of the death of his brothers, especially Izuna, and he personally believes the Uchiha hasn't exactly done a great job in honoring his fallen kin's memory. This happened to strike a nerve on Madara as anything regarding his family tends to be a sensitive topic for him. It's here that Kuai noticed that for all his reputation and influence, Madara lacks discipline and restraint and was not hesitant in pointing this information out towards him, to which Madara reacted aggressively. Luckily, Sub-Zero was aided by Sasuke during that time, but Madara has asserted that he will kill Kuai the next time he mentions his family ever again. The grandmaster finds it confusing on how he wants to bring peace, yet is adamant in wanting a battle every now and then, and notes that while Madara has abandoned the original intent of using the Infinite Tsukuyomi, his new plans are not for the greater good as far as Kuai is concerned, especially considering that Madara has been eyeing for Kronika's Hourglass for quite some time.
  • He has gained what most would consider an Odd Friendship with Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Beyond the two of them being formidable controllers of ice, they are also burdened with the task of being a leader of a sizable community of people as well as having struggled with some sort of struggle regarding their occupation, with Sub-Zero having to defect from his clan at one point and Elsa fearing that her nature as a cryomancer could jeopardize Arendelle and her relationships with her closest ones, especially her younger sister, Anna. Funnily enough, the main reason Kuai and Elsa got to know each other was that Johnny Cage insisted on calling Frost "Elsa", and, when finally annoyed enough, the Deceptive Disciple had enough and decided to meet up with Elsa. Ironically for her, Frost's hostility towards Elsa and attacking her was what led to the Queen of Arendelle becoming friends with the Lin Kuei Grandmaster. Elsa is grateful for Kuai Liang's support and the promise of being able to better her control over her ice powers, given Sub-Zero's own mastery of that particular element. Meanwhile, Frost has vented that Sub-Zero has grown weaker since he's taken to mentoring Elsa, but some, her own allies included have noted that Forst is acting out that way because either she's actually jealous of Elsa being more approving in Sub-Zero's perspective, or really being unable to comprehend the fact that Elsa may as well be latently stronger than Frost.
    • On the subject of siblings, Elsa was saddened to learn that Kuai Liang is on terrible terms with Bi-Han and offered condolences over his troubles. Given that Elsa herself was an older sibling who was idolized by a younger sibling, she could see why Sub-Zero felt sensitive about the subject of siblings. While he doesn't comment much about his own blood relative, he does offer a degree of respect towards Anna, whom Kuai could see as a respectable follow-up in looking after Arendelle as well as reminding Kuai of his younger self to an extent, back when he looked up to Bi-Han. Anna, like Elsa, was upset to learn of Kuai Liang and Bi-Han's bad blood with one another but assured that she would be open to working with Sub-Zero in maintaining good relations with Arendelle and the Lin Kuei as well as peace in the Pantheon, regardless of how hard the task is.
  • He's seen as… "radical" by the Ninja Turtle, Michaelangelo, which initially didn't go off so well as he started giving off Johnny Cage vibes with his humorous demeanor. That said, Kuai Liang decided to confront and fight the Ninja Turtles, being able to defeat Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello before engaging in a fierce fight against Leonardo. While the battle ended in a tie, Sub-Zero took the time to commend each of the turtles' strengths and feats in their match, whilst also highlighting potential weaknesses, whilst finally praising Leonardo for being an effective leader. This display of honor and discipline eventually allowed the Ninja Turtles to respect Kuai in return and since then, they sometimes tend to keep Sub-Zero in contact in case they have a friend in need for any threat they come across. In the grandmaster's perspective, he believes the turtles are an effective team and, when sufficiently motivated, can be true heroes on a good day, though he does often need to lecture on Michaelangelo's light-headedness and Raphael's impulsive nature. He does appreciate Donatello for his analytical skill and genuinely sees Leonardo as someone who could be a potential candidate for his Lin Kuei organization.
    • Additionally, Sub-Zero's relationship with the Ninja Turtles would eventually lead to him also learning about the Foot Clan and their notorious leader, The Shredder. It didn't take long before Kuai declared Shredder an enemy to the Lin Kuei for their years of unethical and dishonorable practices of their actions and intent to Take Over the World on several occasions, with Shredder reigning control. Whilst initially comparing him to Shao Kahn, Kuai Liang also noticed one particular iteration of Shredder, namely the Utrom Shredder, Chrell, and how his innermost desire is to destroy multiverses just to assure he can kill off his arch-enemies, suddenly reminding Sub-Zero of Shinnok and further justifying his stance of opposing him. Shredder, conversely, sees him as merely another friend to the Ninja Turtles, though admits that he takes Kuai a little more seriously than most of his other enemies as the Lin Kuei grandmaster once pulverizes a Foot Clan squad and challenged an iteration of Shredder with brutal results on Sub-Zero's favor.
  • He once took interest in a world known as Westeros, which was dominated by political shrewdness and acts of deceit and cruelty, prospects that Kuai has done a lot to avoid for his iteration of the Lin Kuei. Furthering this, the fact that the world's greatest threat, The Night King, has great control over ice as well as the undead, put Sub-Zero at a point of unease, seeing as he quickly registered him as a grave threat that needs to be stopped. The concern for a new enmity aside, he found new allies in the House of Stark, commending Ned's nature as a good ruler and father, Jon Snow as a capable leader and a true man of honor, and respecting Arya for her skill and ferocity as an assassin to the point where Sub-Zero even offered her a position in the Lin Kuei, which Arya declined, stating that while they have a common goal of maintaining the reputation and status of what they hold important, she has other desires in her mind, namely to travel to new lands, which Kuai respected, stating that he'll be available whenever Arya needs help.
    • At one point, he did have a reliable ally in Daenerys Targaryen, as it turned out that the two had very common goals and desires, namely to restore and revamp the reputation of an organization in which they initially came from as well as rise up to become prominent leaders who could make a difference to their worlds. Sadly, Daenerys succumbed to loss and hatred, becoming a mass destroyer with the intent to invade and subjugate other lands into her dominion, and Kuai was upset and disappointed to learn of the outcome, especially when Daenerys had to be killed by Jon to prevent her from becoming a tyrant and potentially becoming worse than her predecessors. While Daenerys still desires good, she's since lost whatever goodwill she had with Kuai Liang and the two are on poor terms with one another. Interestingly, Kuai himself had also found and bred two dragons into his services, making sure that Daenerys's mounts, especially Drogon, have someone whom they have equal footing against in case the worst situation between Sub-Zero and Daenerys breaks out.
  • Sub-Zero also found interest in a collective of anthropomorphic animals who are part of the Jade Palace, consisting of a Red Panda named Shifu and a turtle named Oogway, who served as the heads of the palace, a quintet of skilled warriors known as the Furious Five, and a panda named Po. Their resolve and commitment to honor impressed Kuai Liang, though initially, he was skeptical at why Po was considered to be the Dragon Warrior. As a form of demonstration, he challenged Po in combat, and while each of them landed some good blows, the match was abruptly cut by Oogway, who took to explaining Kuai just why Po was considered the Dragon Warrior. These two events have helped Sub-Zero to better understand and get along with the Panda, even if his laid-back attitude reminds him of Johnny and Cassie, and it helped that Po found Kuai to be a genuinely good challenge and was happier to see that he got a new friend to tag along with. The grandmaster also learned about the former Dragon Warrior-to-be, Tai Lung, and was surprised to hear that he shared a good deal of similarities to his own former apprentice, Frost. That said, there isn't a chance of a civil arrangement to be had as Tai Lung is dead-set on reclaiming his title, and that Kuai Liang personally irritates him of being similar to Shifu. On the contrary, Kuai pities him, though he would not hesitate in brutalizing him if they were to ever battle.
  • His opinion towards other cryomancers widely varies depending on their alignment, though some can elicit a nuanced perspective on his part. For one, while he doesn't like Captain Cold for leading what he thinks is a disingenuous lifestyle, despite his own insistence of honor and standards regarding his criminal activities, he feels sympathetic for Mr. Freeze, seeing as he became a villain due to tragic circumstances and has been in a perpetual cycle of wanting revenge and trying to cure his wife's illness ever since. Kuai believes that reaching out and helping his issues can redeem him, but Freeze has been quite hard to approach, choosing instead to remain solitary as a means of remembering happier times of him being with his wife, Nora. Another cryomancer, Kolin, has displayed great use of her abilities, but her ties to the Illuminati have made Kuai rather skeptical about her allegiances and desires, I stead seeking to approach Kolin with caution. On a lighter note, Sub-Zero does enjoy the companies of Jack Frost and Cygnus Hyoga, given their own commitment to protecting others as well as proving their own heroic actions as influential towards others. The fact that they see Kuai as a teacher of sorts due to his experience also helps with them having a strong, reliable partnership with one another.
"Let the cold be your tomb."

    Princess Cadance 
Princess Cadance, Goddess of Pink Princesses (Mi Amore Cadenza, Cadence, the Crystal Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when empowered with others love)
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, a crystal heart with gold filigree
  • Theme Music: "Love Conquers All"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Introduced Into the Show to Sell Pink Princess Toys, Subverting Her Expected Hatedom, Winged Unicorn, The Greatest Foalsitter ever, Happily Married, Being Universally Adored By Her Subjects, The Fate Of Equestria Hanging In The Balance During Most Of Her Appearances, Frequently Winding Up In Distress But More Capable At Getting Out Then Her Demeanor Would Suggest, Using Love Powered Supportive Magic To Best Her Foes (Including Vastly Stronger Ones). Having To Go Through A Lot Of Suffering To Get Her Happy Ending
  • Domains: Love, Royalty, Pink
  • Herald: Flurry Heart (her daughter), the Crystal Ponies
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Allies: Her husband, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle, Every Other Good-Aligned Deity From Equestria, every good-aligned deity from the House of Love and Affection, Princess Peach, Millhiore Filiano Biscotti, Pyrrha Nikos, Princess Uni-Kitty, Garnet, Anthony Higgs, Gentaro Kisaragi, Elena, Dr. Samuel Beckett
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Discord
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Napoleon, Xehanort's Incarnations, The Dementors, Black Mage, Every Evil-Aligned Deity From The House Of Hatred and Rancor, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Opposes: All dark-side deities of the House of Love and Affection, especially the Hall of Tainted Love (minus Erina Joestar who she actually likes), Kyu Sugardust (evolved into heated rivalry)
  • Cadance ascended upon transcending the stigma of being a Pink Product Ploy introduced awkwardly into the show to sell merchandisenote , and becoming a well received character in her own right. All the good aligned Equestrian Deities rejoiced upon the news (Twilight Sparkle especially rejoicing that her sister-in-law was ascending), with Pinkie Pie throwing a huge party to celebrate.
  • The celebration was going well until Queen Chrysalis and the changelings showed up, seeking revenge against her from last time. This time, the good guys were prepared for her. What they were not ready for however was the Changeling Queen being backed up by the evil deities of The House Of Hatred (who view her as everything about Equestria they oppose), and their allies and followers. Despite putting up an epic fight, the heroes were pushed to the brink of defeat, only be saved by Anthony Higgs, who was present to allow his then High Priest Shining Armor to attend. The result of Cadances and Shining's love was a Heart Beat-Down that repelled most of their foes with anti-climactic ease and weakened what remained enough to turn the tide of battle. This led to those in attendance to think even more highly of it. The Mane 6 in particular had this to say:
  • While she seemingly lacks the sheer magical and physical power of her aunts, what she has is based off The Power of Love, which is up there with The Power of Friendship as the strongest force in the setting. Cadance has been shown to conjure a Heart Beat-Down the size of a city, create a city-sized evil repelling and damaging barrier for days on end (lasting the while through pure resolve). Even her "mundane" powers include potent supportive abilities like dispelling mind control, and protecting from illness powerful enough to make Discord sick. Cadance is right behind the Elements of Harmony as the most powerful magical force in her series.
    • The Dementors wound up opposing Cadance upon realizing her powers were equivalent to a Patronus Charm that can outright obliterate Made of Evil beings like them, a feat beyond even the strongest magic of their setting*. That, plus her talent for inspiring the love, joy, and hope to power such magic makes her the biggest threat to their existence. However, even she's unable to outright kill them, but an affected Dementor is left severely weakened should she try.
  • Gets along Princess Peach, owing to how similar they are (the only obvious difference being species), especially in that they wind up in peril so often. Cadance pities Peach due to that, unlike her, she frequently lacks the ability to stand up to said peril, and is trying to help Peach learn use her powers to better fight back. Cadance opposes Lord Tirek putting her into the distressed damsel role proper when she lacked her magic.
  • Xehanort has expressed great interest in her upon learning of her powers, thinking of her as a potential literal princess of heart. This disturbs many in the Pantheon.
  • Even amongst the Hatred Deities, Khorne has a stand-out hatred of her for reminding him of his foe Slaanesh and being a Badass Pacifist, and was pleased at how Cadance was disturbed and angered by the comparison.
  • Was pretty much disturbed at the dark side of love that was present in the House of Love of certain deities.
    • She also angry at deities like Gideon and Raynare, whose actions against Ramona and Issei left them scared in terms of romance. For a love goddess like herself, that unforgivable.
    • As somepony who supports monogamynote  (holds lenience for threesomes, and has conflicting opinions on harems), she harbors a lot of opposition on Kyu Sugardust, another deity specializing on love, and whose modus operandi is to make casanovas (who by definition cheat on so many girls) out of casanova wannabes or other people hopeless in the romance department. Kyu herself harbors no ill will towards Cadance, and hopes that she and her husband Shining Armor continue to live happy lives. That said, they will work together in opposing the deities in the Hall of Tainted Love, at least in the battles where love itself is at risk.
    • Cadance also called Kyu's alignment into question, presenting the case of Audrey Belrose as an example, wherein she suffers an emotional breakdown upon discovering her boyfriend was also dating a total of 11 girls (Kyu included). Kyu has so far refused to comment on this and doesn't want to get rough on this matter since despite her rank, she's no fighter.
    • This dynamic between the two developed further as more and more deities with love issues ascended, as they keep encountering each other. Eventually, this one-sided opposition from Cadance's end became a rivalry both reciprocated.
    • This rivalry between the two rose to new heights with the ascension of Youta Tada and Lumi: the curse of the God of Deep Jealousy was quick to be abused by the love fairy, who has taken it upon herself to smuggle her clients into the parallel world to easily inflate her numbers (the curse's effects on its victims also gave her motivation, both in career and morality-wise). Cadance is understandably appalled by the potential problems this could pose, but knows that the pretense of saving people from the curse keeps her from directly stopping the love fairy. As such, she has instead thrown her full support behind trying to kill the God of Deep Jealousy and break the curse, thus taking away the 'moral high ground' from Kyu. To many gods' amusement, the situation has escalated into near Death Note levels of conspiracy and gambits between the two (not that they're the only "players" in that game, of course, just the most prominent).
      • Speaking of Lumi and Youta, Cadance took it upon herself to lecture Youta about how he sleeps around despite being in love with Lumi. This initially didn't go well for the alicorn princess, who trotted up to the two of them and very nearly got her head chopped off by Lumi: the paladin had had a run-in with a unicorn from her world after losing her virginity and nearly got bucked in the face. After assuring them that she, and for that matter any other unicorn from Equestria, has nothing against non-virgins, Cadance gave Youta a stern talking-to. As Youta explained, his goal is to kill the God of Deep Jealousy, and then spend a happy life with Lumi. He has no intention of sleeping around for the hell of it and in fact takes great pains to avoid sending the women from the parallel world into heat.
    • When Johnny Bravo ascended, Cadance admitted to reveling in the love fairy's frustration in her attempts to make a Casanova out of him and—having been on the receiving end of his advances once (before he backed off upon realizing she was already spoken for, on top of the threats sent his way)—knows Kyu will never succeed.
    • In regards to harems, she finds them complicated and highly susceptible to things going wrong, even when she sees harems that are actually working out well or have really good reasons to exist, such as Shido Itsuka, the Turbines, and Yumina's Bride Conference. It's another reason she prefers to support monogamy.
    • That said, her only issue is with the number of lovers in a love set. She has no real problems with same-gender pairings, only that they better be ready to face scorn from those who don't approve.
  • Some deities don't know what to think of Cadance's love spell. Some see it as rekindling the love two people share, while others think it's blatant brainwashing like Twilight's "want it, need it" spell. Cadance likes to think of it as the former and not the latter.
  • At first was pleasantly surprised to learn that Black Mage, of all people, had come up with a spell utilizing The Power of Love, and she proceeded to find out more. Her reaction to learning how it utilized love (consuming it, causing a measurable rise in divorce rates) was horrific enough, but then she learned how he got it, and his "love" of White Mage. It was little surprise that Discord set her to this. It WAS a surprise to learn that she was willing to pull an Enemy Mine with Chrysalis (who had practical reasons to assist) in order to deal with him.
    • Much worse than Black Mage is Ato-ko Shirogane, whose modus operandi is breaking up couples, and she enjoys it. Another foe she's willing to cooperate with Chrysalis to stop. At least Ato-ko won't be messing with them personally given that Shining Armor has no interest in her whatsoever.
  • As a romantic concept, Cadance actually hates the idea of shipping, although she has used the word a few times; she believes in true love, not random romantic pairings. While many 'shippers' already nominally support her and Shining as a couple (and haters of them are just more concerned with their sudden introductions and irrational dark side theories of Cadance's powers (like the brainwashing theory)), she can't stand that side of the fandom as a whole. That isn’t to say she doesn’t find some pairings cute; she just can’t bring herself to support them.
  • Also found in the House of Royalty.

    The Science Team 
"Hello Gordon!"

The Science Teammembers, Divine Team of Different Colored Texts (Gordon: Dr. Freeman, Mr. Freeman, Gordon Feetman, Wayne | Tommy: Tommy Coolatta | Coomer: Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer | Benrey: Security Chief Boper, Stong, Bipple, Benny, Xenrey | Sunkist: The Immortal Dog, The Perfect Dog)
left to right: Dr. Coomer, The Skeleton, Gordon Freeman, Dr. Bubby, Benrey, Dr. Tommy
  • Intermediate Deities. Benrey is actually a Greater God and Coomer can become a Greater God using the SuperPlayer Feature
  • Symbol: The Series' logo
  • Theme Song: Hello Gordon! (Dr. Coomer's Bumpin' Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (Gordon and Tommy), Chaotic Neutral (Coomer and Bubby), Neutral Evil with Chaotic Evil leanings (Benrey and the Skeleton), True Neutral (Sunkist and also The Skeleton)
  • Portfolio: Self-aware AI, Five-Man Band, Fire-Forged Friends, Made of Iron, Too Dumb to Live
  • Domains: Humor, Adventure, Improv, Theater, Virtual Reality, Texts
  • Heralds: Darnold, Forzen
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Headcrabs, The Vortigaunts, The HECU, The Black Ops, The House of Law and Justice (especially Corrupt Cops like C.R.A.S.H. and Manny Pardo), SCP-261
  • Opposed by: Wikipe-tan (Bubby and Benrey)
  • Odd Friendship: Charlie B. Barkin (Gordon)
  • Many people are familiar with the tale of Black Mesa, an accident caused an alien invasion to occur on planet earth and Gordon Freeman fought his way out of the facility facing several dangers in the process. But what would happen if he wasn't alone? What if he had AI companions this time? What if this time, this Gordon could speak and communicate with others? The result isn't exactly what many experience but this Gordon found himself caught in this particular mess because of he happened to not have his passport at hand that day (oh and he had a dick slip but he would rather not bring that up. This is the tale of the Science Team, a dysfunctional group of insane individuals who nobody has clue how they even managed to get out of Black Mesa or why they were selected to become deities.
  • Gordon first entered the Pantheon alone, the court of gods was very confused considering they already had a Gordon Freeman ascended but then his good friend Dr. Coomer came in, greeted Gordon in his usual manner and explained that the Science Team was selected for their colourful text subtitles, the ones used to define which character is which. Then Tommy, Bubby and even Sunkist joined soon, Gordon was really glad the Science team was back in action but many feared they would cause untold chaos in the Pantheon. But unfortunately for Gordon, the title also included one nasty visitor and co-holder: Benrey, the man that caused the whole incident in the first place. Why? Gordon didn't have his passport.
  • First thing the team did was figure out how the Pantheon worked. They explored a bit until they came accross a few deities who found the team to be quirky but nonetheless pretty harmless until Benrey shot Kenny McCormick in the head, getting the Science Team in trouble with the Pantheonic authorities and making Gordon desperate in the process. Gordon later explained it wasn't their intention, Benrey is an asshole and that they didn't mean to harm that kid. Nonetheless, they were left off with a warning, since Kenny is no stranger to unusual deaths and Gordon has tried his best to kick Benrey out of the Pantheon with no success.
  • It's believed the G-Man is responsible for the Team's ascension, possibly to keep an eye on his son Tommy. The G-Man normally isn't seen with the group or ever mentions that he has a son, but secretly backs this version of Gordon and his friends in order to keep everything in working order (Benrey is a constant source of problems but otherwise nothing bad tends to the Science Team at least).
    • Speaking of which, the actual Gordon Freeman was utterly confused to see another version of himself who even talked and his fellow scientist friends only make things more complicated to understand, especially because Benrey is constantly asking this Gordon about his Passport (Gordon never really answers his requests, take a guess why). Freeman at the end of the day seems to be friendly towards the Science Team and his counterpart but the Vortigaunts aren't quite so, the Science Team still open fire to the Vorts on sight and calls them Vonneguts.
  • By all accounts, everyone besides Gordon are supposed to be AIs but manifest themselves as characters from the Half Life series. Most people tend to forget that fact but the behavior of Dr. Coomer tends to clue most that they are in fact, closer to NPCs than AIs. Actual Artificial Intelligence deities are curious about the so-called "self awareness" this group possesses.
  • Black Mesa used to have a privileged access to Wikipedia (The Online Encyclopedia anyone can edit?) and the Science Team would use it frequently, mostly to define innocous things like chairs. The existance of Wikipe-tan certainly caught the attention of both Dr. Coomer and Tommy, who are huge fans of the site but she isn't exactly on good terms with the whole team, mostly relating to the incident of Benrey trying to edit Gordon's death in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and later when Bubby destroyed the servers of Wikipedia, which enraged Wikipe-tan immensely. Of course, Bubby has tried to shoot her so nobody would ever edit Wikipedia, the site that no one will ever edit again but he failed and bailed once things got poorly.
  • Gordon really dislikes cops, possibly given his experience with Benrey but he hasn't said why he dislikes them so much. The emnity the groups has with the House of Law and Justice and the added fact that the Science Team robbed a bank after getting out of Black Mesa had only escalated things further but Gordon and co try to direct their hate towards the corrupt police officers, one particular encounter they had with Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski where they tried to bust Gordon for his missing passport just to mess with him ended with Gordon putting a bullet in Tenpenny's head and the rest of his friends shooting at Pulaski.
  • They are also on very bad terms with the Military, mostly because of their encoutner with Forzen and the HECU (plus the Black Ops, the big booby spies really annoyed the Science Team). Sunkist especially is a bit scared of army men after he was captured by them but Tommy has assured him that evil armies wont hurt him.
  • The Science Team always goes crazy whenever there is Soda available after developing a habit of breaking vending machines and eating/drinking whatever is inside. This got the team into trouble (again) when they came in contact with SCP-261 without Foundation authorization (some of the deities guarding thought Gordon and the Doctors were officially sancioned and the few that were suspicious about them suffered a terrible case of bullet to the head). Gordon tried to be nice and try to get things without breaking anything but after the machine refused to give anything because Benrey kept asking 261 if it had a PSN account, Gordon shot the machine and several anomalous materials were dropped, which the Science team slurped in seconds. No one knows how they managed to survive but some think Dr. Coomer suffered an allergic reaction and had to be hospitalized (he is really allergic to radiation).
  • The whole group are huge fans of Elvis so when they learned he had his own temple they quickly went to visit him. He was nice enough to give them tickets to his next show and Elvis is probably the only pedestrian type deity the Science Team hasn't shot in the face at first sight.
  • Given the aforementioned Wikipedia incident, Gordon gets strangely along with Charlie Barkin and he never thought he would end up befriending the actual cartoon dog but after what he has seen, nothing surprises Gordon anymore. Charlie is still wondering if Gordon actually died in his movie.
  • Dr. Coomer is very aware that he is just a program and that he is a mere NPC that was broken once he learned there is NOTHING outside the boundaries of the map, which made him try to possess Gordon but that ultimately failed. He related a lot to Monika because she also suffered the same existencial crisis when she discovered her role in her game and even tried to take control of everything, which also failed. Monika found him odd but a friendly fellow and invited him and the Science Team to meet her fellow clubmates and everything went swimmingly....until Bubby shot Yuri in the face because her poems scared him (and he is also a better writer in his opinion). This little incident didn't really sour them on the Science Team (though they have banned Bubby from ever participating. And Benrey too just in case)
  • Dr. Coomer is a very exceptional boxer and huge fan of Punch Out, especially the one from the SNES. So he was very excited to meet boxers from said franchise and has challenged a few of them to a fight. Coomer was surprisingly good too, having a record of 10-2 after a few days. He also wishes Gordon would upload his conciousness to the Punch Out series.
  • Bubby is actually an Artificial Human, the only succesful one of his series (yes, "series"). He has a lot of failed clones and has a dislike for them, so everytime he sees one he is quick to dispatch them.
  • Sunkist is the perfect dog, some say Tommy created him from some freak accident in Black Mesa. He is also immortal and his appearance is rather....unusual to say the least, akin to a living png. His Immortality attracted a lot of unwanted attention of those seeking immortality but Tommy has driven anyone who has tried to steal his dog and it's like Sunkist is defenseless either.
    • Sunkist also managed to make another two unusual friends, Doge and Walter who welcome him as if he were any other friend from the Dogelore universe. Doge is trying to figure out how to learn that dog version of the Sweet Voice Sunkist can use.
  • Benrey is actually not human and could be an alternate version of the Nihilanth who is obssessed with the PS3 and Heavenly Sword. He is also secretly in love with Gordon, hence the constant teasing and trolling, which makes people wonder if he is a Tsundere or a Yandere, but most have figured that having your passport with you may save you from a nasty encounter with Benrey and his sweet voice.
  • For the record, even if they are quite silly, they can also be quite dangerous. Most notably, they once got into a fight with Melkor and WON. In Coomer's own words: DON'T FUCK WITH THE SCIENCE TEAM!
  • They can also be found in Words.

    Sumireko Usami 
Sumireko Usami, Esoteric Goddess in Purple (Expose the Esoteric! The Secret Sealing Club's First President, The High School Girl Who Chooses Books Over Luxuries, Mystic and Difficult-to-Handle Schoolgirl, First President of The Secret Sealing Club)
  • Intermediate Goddess (scales up to Greater Goddess depending on how many Occult Balls she uses in battle)
  • Symbol: A purple skull surrounded by seven Occult Balls
  • Theme Music: Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Purple, Psychic Powers, especially Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Badass Cape, Chuunibyou, Deliberate Friendless Background, Joshikousei, having Doppelgänger(s), being an esotericist, constantly hanging lampshades, urban legends, possessor of a Magical Camera, getting her own spinoff entry in the franchise and is both the playable protagonist & final boss of it
  • Domains: Psychics, High-School Girls, Occultists, Final Bosses, Dreams
  • Heralds: Doremy Sweet
  • High Priests: Wraith
  • Followers: Elijah Price
  • Allies: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Fujiwara no Mokou, Youmu Konpaku & Yuyuko Saigyouji, Haruka Kotoura & the ESP Research Society, The Kamen Rider & Paranatural Activity Clubs, Madotsuki, Shigeo Kageyama, Tatsumaki, Ness & Lucas, Kaito Kuroba, Goro Akechi
  • Enemies: Every evil deity in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, Airy, Queen Chrysalis
  • On speaking terms with: Okina Matara
  • Friendly Rivalry: Mewtwo
  • Annoys: Lady Maria
  • Opposes: Koishi Komeiji, the GOC
  • Opposed By: Yukari Yakumo, The SCP Foundation
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Occult Research Club, Homura Akemi
  • Declared persona non grata by: Pretty much every single good-aligned ''Persona'' deity in the Pantheon
  • Reimu found it odd that for a good while since early 2021, Sumireko hadn't been around whatsoever, especially noting that her initial entrance was almost exactly how she came into Gensokyo for the first true time (for reference, she broke into Gensokyo with the power of the Occult Balls- she did again to enter the Pantheon). However, one phone call later, and she soon found the human psychic terrified in a warzone in the House of Military & Warfare, clearly a little older and in a bit of a panic. After some clearing up and escaping from said house with the help of both Reimu & Marisa (in which all 3 learned that Sumireko had suddenly dreamed herself out of, 2 years ago, and into, now, the Pantheon), she was re-ascended under her current trope, being informed that her original trope was removed during a trope cleansing a while back.
  • She is regarded as being one of most powerful psychics in the Pantheon- and that still rings true to this day. Her telekinesis abilities are considered top notch, being able to bring down stuff like radio towers with ease. She also knows teleportation, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, death avoidance (which baffled some who fought her at first), summoning doppelgangers of herself, and can pass her spirit through the Hakurei Barrier in her dreams. Heck, the fact that she found a way to create a hole in it is enough to show how skillful she is. When Airy learned of this fact specifically, she threw a hissy fit, but then recollected herself to figure out how to utilize Sumireko to get to Reimu, but the esotericist caught on quickly.
    • Her reputation as such has earned her the respect of fellow psychics Shigeo, Tatsumaki, as well as Ness & Lucas. She tries to downplay herself at first, but eventually hams up the praise and embraces it fully. Mewtwo, on the other hand, was eager to challenge the esotericist, and as such, they duked it out for a good while after agreeing to a time and place, with many seeing the brilliant display. At their limits (Sumireko with the Occult Balls & Mewtwo with its Mega Evolutions), they still were punching up to each other's weight class, but exhaustion got to Sumireko first, and just barely, as Mewtwo fainted quickly after. They both hope to rechallenge each other at some point in the future, and can be seen together training and honing their abilities, sometimes in inventive ways.
  • Turns out, outcast clubs, especially those that center around mystique & esoterica, come pretty often even at the Pantheon. So, Sumireko has taken it upon herself to meet these fellow clubs, and hopefully learn more about what secrets they had to offer.
    • Some who observe Sumireko would find her to be like an anti-Haruka. She always had control over her psychic powers, was popular due of how smart she was and isolated herself from others simply because she thought that weak people form bonds to make up for their weakness. Some also noted her to be like an anti-Yuriko, creating the occult circle "Secret Sealing Club" to make people stop following her and keep everything she knows to herself. And despite all this... she gets along with the ESP Research Society.
    • When Sumireko caught wind of a group known as the Occult Research Club, she was rather ecstatic to learn of people that she thought shared interests with her. Turns out, however...that wasn't the case, mostly. She still tries to get the group into actually being interested in the occult and enigmatic, but a lot of the time, they are more interested in each other than what Sumireko has to say.
    • Fit rather well with the Paranatural Club, unsurprisingly. They were excited to have a powerful psychic on their side and are eager to see how well she does against the spirits of their hometown, and Sumireko was ecstatic to hear of those that can satiate her interest in the unknown. The Kamen Rider Club, by proxy, were also well on-board with Sumi as an ally, and so cemented her position as a great benefactor to the spookier, more combat-oriented side of the Elysium Academy.
    • Was hotdialed by the SOS Brigade scarily quickly after her re-ascension. I mean, being a psychic- er, esper- does put you on Haruhi's curiosity list rather quickly, and given Sumireko's past reputation, it was a surprise to many why she wasn't called in back then, and only now. This call sent Sumireko into a ditzy panic, because she might accidentally bust out Haruhi's secret whenever they'd meet up, so she usually drags anther Touhou Project deity along, usually Reimu or Marisa, to keep herself in check.
  • After the Urban Legend incident, Sumireko gained the ability to travel through dreams to the world of Gensokyo, which was furthered upon during the Perfect Possession incident, as well as that one month where nightmares involving her getting assaulted by just about every Gensokyoan repeated nearly ad-nauseum. In the Pantheon, she continues to develop these powers into something much more controllable and tangible, which has led to many strange occassions.
    • Bumped into Madotsuki once while dreaming. As both are isolationists escaping reality through dreams, they got along pretty quickly, and often visit each other in their respective worlds, dream or not. Yukari Yakumo is keeping a hidden eye on them- as their powers combined, or at least Madotsuki's under certain conditions, is very much threatening to Gensokyo's safety.
    • Evil deities who have any form of dominion or power on dreams is immediately on Sumireko's shitlist, as she doesn't really like her dreams being messed with in any way, especially after having to endure her own self-induced, self-contained incident involving them. She thinks that if she can put herself in a dangerous position in her own dreams, then she only shudders at what those deities can do. Of those deities, only Freddy Kreuger seems to be just as scared of Sumireko as she is of him- he witnessed firsthand her psychic ability in the Dream World, and needlessly to say, that set him straight for a while. Everyone else is at Sumireko's power level or higher, so they kept an eye on her, especially since she is friends with Madotsuki.
    • Wandered into the Metaverse once while dreaming. This set off a lot of alarms for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who have previously managed to limit who can enter that world to literally just them, and this little detour put most of the Pantheon on edge. Even Sumireko herself couldn't comprehend how she managed to get in, as she was nowhere near a Meta-Nav or a Phantom Thief. Regardless, and despite her many apologies, she's considered persona non grata to the group until it is figured out how Sumi ended up there, and they are currently in hot debate over how she is to be handled once the situation has resolved.
      • If you're asking, yes, she did in fact use her 3D-printed gun in there, and a Shadow got concussively blown out. That is even more unexplainable, considering how the Metaverse operates when it comes to weaponry.
    • After Reimu and Marisa reminded her of it, she is on neutral terms with Okina, albeit with a bit of a bitter opinion, for helping her deal with her dream double. Other than that, there really isn't much to say about this, but Okina does chime into Sumireko's dreams on occasion alongside Doremy.
  • Urban legends are pretty much Sumireko's alley- in fact, she utilizes them to a terrifyingly high degree, even going as far as getting in and out of Gensokyo with little hassle. Hearing about the Midnight Channel, which itself is also one such urban legend, she set out to investigate it, wishfully thinking that with the Invesigation Team's help, she can also gain a Persona. Unfortunately, she got into a few scuffles with said Team, especially after trying to get in even after being denied when asked, as they have learned of her status towards their fellow Persona-users among the Phantom Thieves. Again, despite protests and even fights, poor Usami is forced to stay out of the TV World as well, and is kicked out quickly if she dreams into it. Sumireko at that point assumes that pretty much every good-aligned Persona deity has her on their blacklist, and therefore stays away from any related activity.
    • Being ostracized by the Thieves as a bad-bad guy might be fine for those people, but when you’re an outcast to them by way of heavily conflicting opinion, you know you’re in some real deep shit. Oddly enough, this has landed Sumireko with a striking friendship with Goro Akechi of all people, a friendship that eventually led to Akechi having Usami as a Confidant, to the surprise of quite a few. That further split the opinion of Sumireko (and Goro) down the Phantom Thieves, and by extension the Investigation Team, S.E.E.S, and the other Persona protagonists & their immediate friends, who are already conflicted with both deities.
  • Getting spooked out by things may be child's play to Sumireko, but Koishi legitimately made her terrified on more than one occasion thanks to the latter's Urban Legend, as well as the rest of the cast ganging up to teach her a lesson a while later. That latter action sparked something in Sumireko that would see her try to end her life in hopes of bringing down the Hakurei Barrier, which, remind you, she nearly succeeded in. This behavior caught the attention of a few more malicious deities who wouldn't want to miss the opportunity in utilizing a scared girl as a suicide bomber. However, she has wizened up since, so she isn't as easy to fool or scare into doing such a heinous act.
  • Was once spotted making a mad dash towards the House of Food in a differently-colored version of her usual outfit. Turns out, said outfit had a few too many similarities to Kaito Kuroba's alter ego, Kaito Kid. After he himself was confronted abut it, he said that he never wore an outfit quite like Sumireko's. When they met sometime since then, they both were very interested of each other's exploits, and have considered partnering up together for something in the future.
  • Can be found frequently in the House of Otherness, generally just striking up conversations with any deities she finds in its various halls, or stopping by Yuyuko & Youmu's shrines after a long day. What makes this strange is that alongside using the normal routes to get into the House, she also uses the route guarded by Lady Maria. The Old Hunter doesn't seem all that enthusiastic that Sumireko just fights her not to get in as a treasure hunter, but as an occultist and a weirdo, always curious about weird shit. However, funnily enough, Sumireko actually respects Lady Maria's wishes and strictly sticks to going into the House of Otherness after defeating her and nothing else.
  • At first, she seemed excited about learning of the Global Occult Coalition, but as she dug deeper and learned more of their agenda, her opinion soured. This only worsened when she was actually approached by some representatives of it to act as an informant for when the higher members of Gensokyo's society go out of line and into their domains. Naturally, she was pissed about that, and so are both Okina & Yukari when they learned about the offer when Sumireko told the secret god, who then informed the gap youkai.
    • Through some further digging into organizations that also oppose the GOC to some degree, she found out that some SCP agents have been keeping track of Yukari, and vice versa with Ran & Chen having eyes on the organization. She is perplexed at what the hell is up with both the SCP Foundation & Yukari, and she intends to bring this potential feud to light in the future. Both parties are aware and are not happy about someone looking to upend things between them.
      SCP Representative (whose name has been redacted to protect his identity): "For someone who runs a "Secret Sealing Club", the entity known as Sumireko Usami seems to want to reveal secrets more instead of keeping them to herself. We will now openly say that we have a dedicated task force to keep her in check from leaking anything regarding our information on Gensokyo & its inhabitants."
      Yukari: "I'm not surprised that Ms. Usami would do something like this. But know this, Sumireko- there are some secrets best left alone."
  • The Urban Legend incident has left Sumireko with the ability to have a doppelganger in Gensokyo while she lives in the Outside World, a factor that just goes haywire during the Perfect Possession incident and her Nightmare Diary incident. Queen Chrysalis, upon learning of this, used this to Troll the high schooler to pass the time while she schemed, acting poorly as Sumireko on purpose to annoy her. At least Sumireko can be able to detect whether Chrysalis is nearby, even if she is disguised as the esper, in order to drive her away, but she still remains rather irate about this.
  • "Oh, hey, liking my profile so far? Well, a lot of these do usually have quite a few things in common, and one of the most common things a deity can have is, well, an opinion on Homura Akemi. She does my trope well, I'll admit, but she already is ascended as the Goddess of Retroactive Preparation, so there's that. Now, about the whole thing she has involving that time where she caused a major rebellion, that, that I can say is a little bit of a stud on her shoulder. She may be mysterious and gun-toting and sleek and all that, but deciding to rip the powers of god from your best friend just because you love them is kind of upsetting. If I were to do that, ergo, ripping away someone's powers, to Mokou, she wouldn't be happy either, as now she'll have to see me suffer eternally and that's a no-go. And out of love, no less? I call BS, lots of it, but given that she's suffered quite a nasty bit, well...I'd just say that's some crazy disproportionality."
  • "You shouldn't underestimate humans these days. One can find just about anything by searching on the net, after all!"

Lesser Gods

    Krulcifer Einfolk 
Krulcifer Einfolk, Divine Representative of Feminine Blueness
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess using Fafnir)
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device (Fafnir in standby mode)
  • Theme Song: "Never Lock Again"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: True Blue Femininity, Freeze Ray, Pretends To Be Lux's Girlfriend But Later Falls In Love With Him And Becomes His Fiance, Sniper Rifle, Combat Clairvoyance
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, Lisesharte Atismata, Celestia Ralgris, Yoruka Kirihime, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, the Guardians
  • Rivals: The Infinite Stratos deities
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Megatron, Arcturus Mengsk, Apollyon, Gregor Clegane, the Grineer, Oryx
  • Krulcifer's ascension was actually very easy to achieve. When she was asked why she should be in the Pantheon, she said with an eloquent smile "I am Lux Arcadia's lawful fiance." At first, they didn't take her claim seriously until some research by the Pantheon's bureaucracy revealed that Lux was indeed chosen to marry her by the Einfolk family. Wanting to avoid a political incident, the Pantheon's higher-ups gave Krulcifer the all-clear.
  • Her arrival to the Pantheon was celebrated as a huge party in her temple, in which Krulcifer, worthy of her title, wore the most magnificent blue dress she could find in her extensive wardrobe.
  • The first thing she did upon ascending was walking towards Lux's temple and plant a kiss in front of everyone. Lux was flustered and nervous and barely had time to register what happened, but at least was glad Krulcifer had ascended.
  • Her Drag-Ride, Fafnir, is equipped with a Sniper Rifle that can freeze parts of enemy units near-instantly. Krulcifer uses this alongside <Wise Blood>, Fafnir's special ability which allows her to predict where the enemy will move in the next few seconds. This gives Krulcifer an excellent opportunity to control the battlefield from a distance.
  • While she was legally adopted into the Einfolk family, she was actually found in the ruins of an ancient Precursor facility. While many humans in her world can manipulate Precursor technology, Krulcifer can exert authority over some of their machinery and the artifical humanoids in charge of maintaining such facilities acknowledge her authority. Even so, there is no clear answer to what she really is. This has led to some theories that Krulcifer might be a Precursor with a human appearance or a human spliced with Precursor DNA. Nothing has been proven so far.
    • Despite having been raised by nobility, Krulcifer never really led a happy life. She was terribly verbally and emotionally abused to the point that being treated as an ornament is considered a "good day" to her. For that, she feels no end of sympathy towards Weiss Schnee, who endured similar circumstances. She regularly visits Weiss' temple to refine her skills with the rapier.
    • Because of her origins, she has been targeted by the Grineer, who hope to harvest her Precursor DNA To bolster their army. Fortunately, the Tenno, who were on Yoruka's speed dial, and the Guardians, who defend the Last City the same way she defends Arcadia, stand ready to support Krulcifer should a confrontation ever take place.
  • The Infinite Stratos deities look at Krulcifer with distrust and discomfort, caused by Lux's victory over Ichika Orimura. Although Krulcifer was glad Lux won that particular fight, she decided to take the high road and show them politeness and civility worthy of a noblewoman. Houki Shinonono and Rin Huang saw much of the Sarashiki siblings in Krulcifer and reconsidered the possibility of ascending them, if only so they can fight Krulcifer should the need arise.
  • Being a member of nobility, she feels comfortable in the House of Royalty, learning diplomacy, history and politics. Princess Zelda and Aragorn of Gondor have become her mentors and hope to groom her into a benevolent influence for the Einfolk family. At the very least, Lux is happy to see her interact with adults that actually treat her with kindness and respect.
  • Much like Lux, she has no love towards tyrants and rulers of evil empires similar to Arcadia, such as Darth Sidious, Megatron and Arcturus Mengsk and Oryx; all of whom believe in survival of the mightiest and galactic domination. She isn't fond of warmongers either, like Apollyon and Gregor Clegane, believing they bring dishonor to the ideals of knighthood and warfare.
  • Can also be found at Female Appearances

    Mirelia Q Melromarc 

Mirelia Q Melromarc, Goddess of Graceful Purple Ladies (Mirellia Q Melromarc, MILF Queen, Queen of Melromarc)

    Null Sector 
Null Sector, Extremist Faction of Purple Replacing Black
Null Sector's Logo
Null Sector's Units in Overwatch 2
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Null Sector Emblem (Pictured)
  • Theme Song: Uprising
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but consider themselves Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Arc Villain, Fantastic Racism, Killer Robot, Mecha-Mooks, Red Eyes, Take Warning, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Omnics, Racism, War, Conflict, Revolution, Invasion
  • Units: Nulltroopers, Eradicators, Slicers, Detonators, B73-NS (Modified Bastion Units), OR14-NS (Modified OR-14 units)
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Eliksni, The ascended Decepticons, Sigma, Ultron, Sektor, Triborg, Makuta Teridax
  • Enemies: All Humans, Overwatch (Special mention to Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjörn and Tracer), Bastion, Orisa, Zenyatta (Traitors to omnics), The Corpus, the ascended Autobots, ARIA, Aigis, Bladewolf, Jenny Wakeman, 2B, The Think Tank (Specifically Mobius and 0), Mata Nui, The Toa Nuva, The Turaga, Lumine, Dr. Weil, The Iron Giant
  • Null Sector is infamous for being the organization behind the King's Row Uprising, an attack that where hundreds of robotic units took control of the area, murdered hundreds of people and took important figures like Mayor Nandah and Terkartha Mondatta captive. It wasn't until a small group of special Overwatch agents were deployed that the omnic extremists were stopped. While in their world they have been shut down for about 7 years, they have resurfaced again in the pantheon, thanks to the efforts of the newly established GUAM.
  • Their purple colour scheme and general aggresive nature is what gave them a position in the Pantheon. They were baffled at first, since their cause is one they consider a just one, even if a tad extreme. The ascended agents of Overwatch aren't happy to learn of their presence and they consider Null Sector an impending threat that could bring serious conflict to the pantheon affairs.
    • Speaking of Overwatch, they consider them a huge threat to their cause, considering that only a small group of their agents was the reason they were taken out of comission. They especially have a disdain for Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjörn and Tracer.
  • For all their claims that they want to create a new nation for omnics without the interferance of humans, the King's Row Uprising basically undid all the hard work omnics and humans have worked on to achieve peace and equality, making the situation in King's Row for omnics much more worse. It's theorized that Talon had something to do with said attack but nothing has been confirmed.
  • Null Sector hasn't wasted their time making it known that they don't like any kind of humans or entities that aren't robots, including robots that don't adhere to their cause. They hold a special grudge towards the ascended omnics labelling as traitors, not to mention that both Bastion and Orisa are horrified to know that Null Sector employs their own brand of Bastion and OR-14 units which both are based on.
  • Null Sector is a hot topic among ascended robots given their With Us or Against Us attitude. Notable deities like Jenny Wakeman, Aigis, 2B or Bladewolf have been labelled as traitors for their connection to humans and refusing to join them. It got to the point that they have been continuously attacked by their units and their temples tend to become warzones, which forced the GUAG and friends of said deities too push them back.
  • Given their use of robots as Mecha-Mooks, the omnic extremists do not think highly of the Corpus for, as they say, enslaving their brethen just for dirty business. They initially shrugged them off as a nuisance until Null Sector attacked one of their facilities and took control over it, which have made them a serious threat to their business.
  • They have been approached once by the members of the Think Tank, mostly thanks to 0's curiosity of the Null Sector units. Things ended up horrible thanks to 0 dismantling a few of their members, not helped by Mobius also having "enslaved" some of their brethen as well, which ended with the Think Tank being invaded by the omnic extremist for 1 week straight.
  • Lumine and Dr. Weil are two deities that Null Sector consider the worst scum that could ever exist. The first one for using his own kind as slaves and being a traitor in general while the second one also hates machines and doesn't think highly of them. In this particular case, most pantheon authorities actually don't mind that the omnic terrorist have been attacking these two, because they totally deserve it.
  • While they are quick to attack any robot that doesn't agree with them, they haven't tried to do the same with the Iron Giant, considering that him alone could do a number on their units.
  • The detonators have caught the attention of the many ascended Mad Bombers given their sheer destructive potential. Some even have tried to steal a few but to no success.
  • Null Sector, upon catching wind of the Turaga’s forging of Masks of Biomechanics, specifically designed to take control of robotics, were outraged and mounted an assault on their temple, forcing them to take on their old Toa Metru forms for the first time in the Pantheon. The six were only barely able to hold them off, even with their restored powers, but nonetheless demonstrated the efficacy of the Kanohi in the process, slowing down their forces significantly and forcibly shutting down their weak-AI auxilia. This failure has pushed Null Sector into an alliance with Teridax, an old enemy of the Turaga who has promised them a way to counter the masks’ power.
  • For all the claims that they want to free robotkind from humanity's grasp, it's implied that most of their units were programmed by force to obey them, making them look like big hypocrites.


    Lightning McQueen 
Montgomery McQueen, God of Red-Colored Speedsters (Lightning McQueen, Stickers, Chester Whipplefilter, Lightning Dragon McQueen, Frightning McMean, Monty)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Rust-eze logo
  • Theme Songs: Real Gone, Life is a Highway
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Driver, Is Popular In Japan In-Universe, Is Best Friends With Mater, Hot Paint Job, Becomes Sally's Boyfriend, Super-Speed, Took a Level in Kindness, Becomes Cruz's Mentor
  • Domains: Cars, Racing, Speed, Red
  • Heralds: The citizens of Radiator Springs, Cruz Ramirez (his protege)
  • Allies: Flash Thompson, Mabel Pines, Star Butterfly, Ruby Rose, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Krim Steinbelt, Mashin Sentai Kiramager
  • Friendly Rivals: Dominic Toretto, Captain Falcon, Sonic, Barry Allen, Rainbow Dash
  • Rivals: Dick Dastardly (one-sided for him)
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Gary Smith, Tenjuro Banno, Char Aznable
  • Caught the interest of: House of Science, House of Health and Diseases
  • A race was going on in the Pantheon with non-ascended racers because someone here thought it's a good idea that whoever wins the race, will become a deity. When the race was held, the victor who emerged from it was......Lightning McQueen, who represents Red Ones Go Faster because of his color scheme and how he is one of the most famous and fastest racers in his world.
    • Because of that race, Dominic Toretto is fascinated to see an actual talking car in the Pantheon and challenges him to a race, which McQueen wholeheartedly accept, although they both tied when the race was finished. They have since then become friendly rivals, challenging each other to a couple of races. He also became friendly rivals with Captain Falcon because of similar reasons, although McQueen is somewhat surprised to see he's also a bounty hunter.
    • He got to meet other speedsters, who uses their feet such as Sonic (usually racing with him without any vehicles or drives on his vehicle), Barry Allen and Rainbow Dash (who raced using her wings). Nonetheless, he developed a friendly rivalry with them.
    • However, there is one racer that is willing to cheat in every single way, just so he could win. Knowing that he is an actual car, Dick Dastardly thought that he could find a way to sabotage him and win the race. Unsupringly, that backfired with McQueen winning the race. This causes some heated rivalry between the two, although that's only one-sided for Dastardly.
  • The reason he used to be so such an arrogant jackass at the beginning? His first friend in his racing academy betrayed him during the final race of the semester by tricking him into thinking his lug nuts are loose when really, his pit crew removed them on purpose so he can win and get a sponsorship deal. As a result, he stayed away from his classmates and never made any more friends, vowing never to trust anyone. Of course, he's improved thanks to his time in Radiator Springs.
  • Gets along with Flash Thompson because they both used to be jerks who eventually learned their lesson and became nice people. When they hang out, they usually each other's adventures of what basically happened in their lives.
  • Due to her red clothing and her Semblance is speed, he find some common ground with Ruby Rose. It helps that racing isn't her profession and has a more pleasant personality, making them much more like friends rather than friendly rivals.
  • One day, Mabel Pines and Star Butterfly thought that it's a good idea to see what's inside of McQueen because they are extremely curious. When he heard of this, he politely declined their offer, stating that they would be afraid of knowing what's inside it, and ran away quickly. After this incident, Mabel and Star quickly apologized to him, which he politely accepted and because they remind him of his best friend, Mater, he became friends with them verg quickly.
    • Thanks to this incident, a lot of deities, especially those of the Houses of Science and Health and Diseases as they are curious of what's inside it. This made McQueen afraid of what will happen and usually hides in one of his friend's or friendly rival's temple.
  • He hates bullies such as Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, and Gary Smith because it reminds him how much of a jerk he was back then before his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Ended up becoming allies with Shinnosuke Tomari, due to being a red-clad hero driver. It helps that he is much more unique to other Toku Heroes is that he uses a car rather than a motorcycle.
    • It also got him to meet Krim Steinbelt. The latter is impressed that McQueen is able to actually understand the Shift Cars and thus, became their translator.
    • This also got him to be enemies with Tenjuro Banno, who wanted to stop time completely through another Global Freeze and digitize them all into data, which means that if nothing moves, there'll be no more races. Banno considers him ineffectual, but is fascinated of sentient cars like him and hopes to invade his world to gain more subjects for his experiments.
  • Since his own mechas are red and fast like McQueen, Char Aznable would consider him a testament that he has chromatic superiority across all worlds, although McQueen ended up hating him as he used others for his own methods.
  • It's true that he changed into a purple Doc Hudson-esque paint job at the end of the third movie to experience what the late Doc Hudson did. However, this is just for fun and it won't be permanent; this is only for the time period in which he'll be Cruz's crew chief for a short time to get her going, after which he'll return to his original red getup eventually.
  • His tires are named "Lefty", "Righty", "Backy", and "Backy Junior". It's not known which rear tires are "Backy" and "Backy Junior" respectively.

Nepgear, Goddess of Powerful Purple People (Purple Sister, Gear, Ge-Ge, Nep Jr., Gearsy, Innocent Heroine)

    The Piñatas 
The Piñatasnotable members, Divinely Colorful Wildlife
Some prominent Piñatas; Clockwise: Franklin, Hudson, Fergy, Les, Paulie
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Happy Candy piece
  • Theme Music: Viva Piñata
  • Alignment: True Neutral with the more prominent Piñatas closer to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Simulation Game
  • Domains: Piñatas, Creatures
  • Allies: The Farmer, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Banjo & Kazooie, Lemres, Pinkie Pie, Eliza Thornberry
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer
  • Source of Intrigue for: David Attenborough
  • Tense Relations: SCP Foundation, Naughty Bear
  • On mostly good terms with: Bojack Horseman (Hudson)
  • Piñata Island is home to a diverse selection of Piñatas based on various animals. The gardens in that place are maintained in order to ensure its prosperity and to attract other Piñatas who, after certain conditions are met, become proper residents of that garden. Anything can happen in the gardens of Piñata Island, ranging from romance between certain Piñatas to dealing with unwanted guests (though some can become proper residents of the gardens with the right tools). There are even some named Piñatas who serve as notable residents of the place living out their own lives.
  • A large patch of land was found in the Pantheon, though none of the people who discovered it was interested in claiming it for themselves. It wasn’t until The Farmer came across this piece of land that it was put to good use, especially regarding the tools that were laying around the area. It took a bit of time for the area to be restored and by the time The Farmer came back to do some additional work, he discovered some colorful creatures roaming around. It surprised The Farmer to see such vibrant critters inhabit that place, but he otherwise had no objections to seeing those living Piñatas around. With some extra work, the garden grew in scale and with it, more Piñatas came to the place and a colorful section of the Pantheon dedicated to being a sanctuary for these Piñata creatures was made thanks to The Farmer’s diligence.
  • While there are plenty of different Piñatas inhabiting the Piñata Island gardens, there are a few prominent Piñatas that more or less serve as de facto figureheads of such given how long they’ve lived in that place. Whenever The Farmer is too busy to maintain the place, the likes of Hudson Horstachio, Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, and Franklin Fizzlybear among other denizens make sure the gardens of Piñata Island are in good condition whenever they aren’t busy living out their own respective lives. Those prominent Piñatas have their own personalities ranging from Hudson’s boisterousness to Franklin being laid-back, which add to the diverse going-ons across Piñata Island beyond garden maintenance.
  • There are a wide variety of Piñatas that live in Piñata Island, with upwards of 90 species of Piñatas being seen. These Piñatas are largely based on real-life animals and some mythical beings such as dragons and unicorns. The concept of an entire ecosystem themed around Piñatas and sweets is highly unusual, though it hasn’t prevented a lot of nature-savvy deities from looking more into it. David Attenborough, who has spent his life documenting nature and animals, managed to find a lot of idiosyncrasies that made the Piñata animals stand out from normal creatures and the idea of a limited docuseries centered around life on Piñata Island and how different it is from regular creatures overall (especially regarding how these creatures evolve and mate other Piñatas within the place) has been considered for production.
  • At first glance, Piñata Island has a few things in common with The Hundred-Acre Wood, mainly that it’s a whimsical place with animal-like characters being the prominent residents of those places. What makes them different is that Piñata Island is prone to having some more dire situations happen in the place isn’t maintained while the Hundred-Acre wood has minor inconveniences that get resolved relatively easily. That hasn’t stopped the residents of those respective places from visiting the other and getting along with the residents there, with Franklin finding good friendship with Pooh Bear via honey-flavored candy and Fergy befriending Piglet for having a similar cowardly, but well-meaning disposition.
  • Candies are not only a favorite food of Piñatas (especially Fergy) so long as they are not Sour Candies (which cause bad conditions if a Piñata eats them), but they happen to have candy inside of them and bleed them if beat up. Many deities who enjoyed sweets were interested in a land of Piñatas, though for the most part, they know when to not step over a metaphorical line that would get them banned from maintaining Piñata Island. Of these candy connoisseurs, Lemres has particularly enjoyed his visits there, especially with the mix of magically conjuring up candy and manually making his own during those instances. In spite of Lemres being a certifiable weirdo, the Piñatas have no issue with him being in Piñata Island and he has assured that none of the candies he makes are sour.
  • Banjo and Kazooie ended up on Piñata Island while searching for more Jiggys to help them open up another part of the Pantheon. A land of living Piñatas wasn’t anything unusual for the duo given how many offbeat characters they’ve encountered prior to this. The two were approached by Langston with a few favors related to getting rid of some pests that were in the gardens, finding some missing Piñatas, and to get a party on the island ready. For their efforts, they managed to not only receive some Jiggys, but they were welcome to visit anytime as honorary guests given their diligence and willingness to be around with a company as eccentric and varied as Piñatas. There’s apparently statues of not only Banjo and Kazooie present in Piñata Island, but also one of Mumbo Jumbo, a friend of the duo.
  • The SCP Foundation was very wary of these Piñatas given how the organization had to deal with SCP-956, a Piñata that murders children and causes candy made out of said children to spill out, causing any children who eat that candy to become more of that Piñata. A few members of the Foundation kept a low profile while investigating life on Piñata Island in case someone similar to that SCP was running around. Many of the Piñatas were suspicious that someone was spying on them, which then turned into annoyance given the relative frequency of said events. It got to a point where Langston saw one of the Foundation members and told them that not only are there no signs of any murderous Piñatas, but that such a thing would not be allowed on Piñata Island at all, especially given how often they tried getting Professor Pester and his Ruffians out of that place, not to mention the Sour Piñata problem that the place deals with. While The SCP Foundation did concede that none of the regular inhabitants of Piñata Island meant any harm, it didn’t change the possibility of SCP-956 being around in the Pantheon and things between the Piñatas and the Foundation have remained awkward at best.
  • Naughty Bear, having had plenty of bad experiences back in his world, was not eager to visit a land of Piñatas, especially since he was under the pretense that they would act similarly to the other teddy bears he had to put up with. Much to his misfortune, he somehow ended up on Piñata Island while trying to look for SCP-1048 after the latter gruesomely harassed him. It became clear to Naughty Bear that Builder Bear was nowhere to be seen on Piñata Island, but during his time looking around, he did bear witness to what goes on over there, including parties, mating rituals, and all-around weirdness that resulted in Naughty Bear leaving and not wanting anything to do Piñatas. Sometime after Naughty Bear’s “visit”, Franklin believed that he saw some strange-looking sour Piñata of an unknown type and there has been some apprehension among other Piñatas about whether or not Naughty Bear, this weird “sour Piñata” that Franklin saw, would pose an issue given how his anger stemmed from being bullied rather than outright malice.
  • P.T. Boomer, a greedy miser who hates childish magical things, was revolted upon hearing reports of a land inhabited by living Piñatas. He saw the place as yet another attempt to make money, which in that case involved attempting to blow up every single inhabitant and have their remains converted into cardboard, with Piñata Island being turned into an industrial complex. Those attempts would end in failure, more precisely with him getting caught and launched out of the Cannonata into a place far from Piñata Island (which would only add to Boomer’s contempt of these Piñatas).
  • Hudson Horstachio is the most popular Piñata on Piñata Central, which has resulted in him being targeted by Professor Pester and his Ruffians, which serve as recurring nuisances for the place. He can be vain, arrogant, and rather full of himself, but remains a good friend towards the other main Piñatas. His ego tends to be kept in check by said friends.
    • Of all the deities that Hudson had something in common with, he didn’t expect the commonalities to come from Bojack Horseman. Like Hudson, Bojack was a very popular horse celebrity, but whereas Hudson had some friends that were able to make sure his pride didn’t get out of control, Bojack went on a very self-destructive path and his attempts at redemption came with a lot of obstacles to put it mildly. Even though Bojack has continued to try to come clean in the Pantheon, it still unnerved Hudson to see what could happen if he let his fame get the better of him. When they had their initial conversation with each other, Bojack noticed a bit of himself in Hudson, but conceded that at least Hudson is doing a better job at not getting caught up in his fame and Hudson has tried his best to not fall in the dark path that Bojack took. They still maintain decent terms with each other even if Hudson is worried about the possibility of being like Bojack (though Hudson’s problems aren’t going to reach the same severity as Bojack’s anytime soon) if things don’t work out.
    • Donkey was one ungulate who Hudson has a better and more consistent friendship with given the former’s lively attitude. Donkey was more than on board with the idea of a land of living Piñatas and has sometimes helped Hudson out with arranging parties that go on in the place. A few things that surprised Donkey during his visits was the existence of a dragon Piñata known as a Dragonache, as well as the mating habits of various Piñatas and how some of them turn into different Piñatas under certain circumstances.
  • Fergy Fudgehog likes candy a lot even by the standards of other Piñatas (especially since they are made of candy and eat them). Despite this, he is terrified at the idea of having to be sent off to childrens’ parties far away since it involves other Piñatas getting beat up.
    • It didn’t take long for Fergy to learn that the Pantheon had a lot of children and that inevitably, a number of them would be interested in parties. It was through various anecdotes and news stories that would sometimes reach Piñata Island that Fergy better understood who some of those kids were. He’s been apprehensive about the friendly and energetic (if benign otherwise) children, but it’s the truly vile children who actively harm others that Fergy wants no association with, especially if their “parties” turn out to be every bit as horrifying as Fergy claims children’s parties are. While Langston has at least made sure the Piñatas don’t go to the parties of evil kids, he still insists that Fergy and Paulie go to a party held by a friendly child whenever possible.
  • Like Fergy, Paulie Pretztail isn’t a fan of going to childrens’ parties, though it’s more out of seeing them as annoyances rather than outright fearing them. He is very good friends with Fergy despite their disagreements, is a bit more down-to-earth and comparatively smarter, and is a good cook.
    • As Paulie was getting ready to cook something for his friends, he heard some creaking coming from the floorboards. It eventually annoyed him to the point that he demanded that whatever small creature was hiding, be it a Mousemallow or otherwise, come out. The creature showed itself as not a Mousemallow, but rather Remy the Rat, who didn’t really have the appearance of a Piñata much to Paulie’s surprise. Remy explained that he was looking for some ingredients to create some sweets and other meals and he ended up on Piñata Island while doing so. Seeing that Paulie was already in the process of cooking something, Remy decided to help out and improve what was already present in Paulie’s meal. Once that was done and Remy got the ingredients he was looking for, Paulie was a bit bemused to learn of another animal cook, but had no problem with Remy in any case.
  • Franklin Fizzlybear acts like a surfer, sounds like a surfer, and happens to enjoy surfing. He is laid-back, a little too honest at times, and is overall an amicable and approachable bear even with his quirks in mind.
    • Setting aside his friendship with Winnie the Pooh and his uncertainty on if Naughty Bear really isn’t that bad of a bear, Franklin has managed to learn about other ursines and has taken a chance on meeting them, with shenanigans ensuing from such. Yogi Bear stumbled on Piñata Island while looking for other picnic baskets to take and was greeted by Franklin shortly after arriving. Yogi witnessed a lot of unusual events going on, including the fact that Piñata Island is home to a bunch of walking, talking critters filled with candy (which meant Yogi believed there were a lot of picnic baskets filled with candy in Piñata Island). Yogi was more than welcome to visit the place provided that he doesn’t do anything that would seriously damage Piñata Island, with Franklin making sure Yogi doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus during his visits. Paddington was another bear who Franklin enjoys hanging around with, with the former being given some marmalade-flavored candy in addition to helping set up some of Piñata Island’s parties.
  • Despite being a small creature, Lester Galagoogoo is a very smart Piñata and has been able to get his friends out of trouble. That said, him speaking in gibberish results in others not taking him seriously.
    • Les was temporarily able to speak coherently (in a deep voice) temporarily, but it wasn’t really enough for him to communicate with his Piñata friends better (even if half of the residents of Piñata Island can talk normally while the other half can’t). Eliza Thornberry took an interest in Piñata Island and was surprised at how many quirks there were in that place for animals. She encountered Les during her initial visit and to the Piñata’s surprise, she was able to understand him perfectly. Eliza was more surprised after learning that some of Piñata Island’s residents (such as Les’ friends) can speak like a normal human while others couldn’t. In any case, Piñata Island was a really interesting place for Eliza to visit, with her often giving Les some encouragement during those times.
  • Ella Elephinilla is one of few elephants in which the saying “an elephant never forgets” doesn’t apply to her for the most part. She is a kind elephant all things considered and had a position of royalty as queen of one of Piñata Island’s gardens, but ended up forgetting about it like a lot of other things.
    • Word of another mystical land ruled by animals reached Babar, who decided to visit Piñata Island to get a better understanding of how things work there. Babar believed that there was some sort of leader who ensured the prosperity of these Piñatas, though he wasn’t able to find anyone who oversaw the land. It was during that time he saw Ella Elephinilla, another elephant who Babar was willing to strike up a conversation with. Babar was surprised at not only how much Ella forgot things, but how Ella used to have a position of royalty before she forgot it. Regardless, he holds nothing against her and wishes nothing more than for Ella and Piñata Island’s other residents to continue thriving in an unorthodox world.
  • Tina and Teddington Twingersnap are basically conjoined snakes who get on each other’s nerves very often. The pair can’t live without each other despite all the bickering after having been split in half at one point.
    • Catdog found out that there was another conjoined creature in the Pantheon, with Dog being very eager to meet up with that creature and Cat really only tagging along since while other conjoined creatures do exist in the Pantheon, whoever it was that Dog was talking about happened to be a proper deity. After wandering around for a bit and finding themselves near the entrance of Piñata Island, they encountered Tina and Teddington Twingersnap. Both conjoined entities got along with each other rather quickly, with the Twingersnap commending Catdog for maintaining a good friendship in spite of all the problems that come with being conjoined. Catdog were then surprised to hear that Tina and Teddington were just one kind of Twingersnap in Piñata Island and that not only were there others of that kind, but also Fourheads, which were four-headed versions of Twingersnaps that have two extra heads on each side. Dog didn’t mind the existence of Fourheads, but such a thing really weirded out Cat when he first saw them.
  • Langston Lickatoad is largely responsible for making sure the Piñatas head to the right party and manages a cannon that does just that. Things don’t fully work out for him, partially since Fergy and Paulie aren’t that keen on flying off to get beaten up at parties.
    • After another unsuccessful attempt to get Fergy and Paulie into the Cannonata, Langston decided to try and find other party planners that would lead to more successful parties that the two would go to. Pinkie Pie was getting some party favors for an event and Langston approached her with a request to set up a party on Piñata Island. She was not only more than willing to take up a request, she asked Langston to help set up the party event that she was working on. Langston wasn’t sure what to make of it, but decided to take on Pinkie Pie’s request to make her happy. Pinkie Pie then found herself in Piñata Island, a very colorful place and had Langston’s party set up while the Lickatoad ended up in Equestria, a colorful place with residents just as weird as that of Piñata Island, which overwhelmed Langston during his initial stay. Once both events wrapped up, how Pinkie described her party that Piñata Island partook in (she was very fond of the residents there, even being a fangirl of Hudson’s) did convince Langston to let her be a guest party advisor for the place, with her helping Langston get a better handle of how things happen in Equestria, even if the place is still a bit much for him.