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Greater Gods

Vanitas, God of Removed Inner Enemies (The Masked Boy, Source of the Unversed, Ventus-Vanitas)
Unmasked Vanitas 
  • Greater God (aspires to be an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: The Unversed symbol. Alternatively, his mask or his keyblade’s keychain gears.
  • Theme Song: Enter the Darkness, The KHIII version when he's serious, Unbreakable Chains while unmasked
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil under Xehanort
  • Keyblade(s): Void Gear
  • Portfolio: Manipulative Bastard, Humanoid Abomination, Is Even More Evil and Insane Than His Master, Laughing Mad, Ax-Crazy, Enemy Without, Evil Twin, Is the Embodiment of the Darkness That Was Inside Ventus, Is the Source of the Unversed, Rejected Redemption and Chose to Remain Evil to the Very End
  • Domains: Darkness, Negativity, Planning, Trickery, Evil
  • Allies: Darkseid, Lord Recluse, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Cooler, Broly, Archaon, Dark Link, Bernkastel, Number 96: Black Mist, Larxene, Vaati
  • Friendly Rival: Yuuki Terumi
  • Enemies: Terra, Aqua, Riku, Kairi, Mickey Mouse, Son Goku, Beerus, Yuma Tsukumo, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Gardevoir, Absol, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Shadow the Hedgehog, Madoka Kaname, Princess Sofia, Dark Pit, The Master of Chaldea, Sully and Mike
  • Friendly Enemies note : Ventus, Sora
  • Former Master: Xehanort's Incarnations
  • Interested In: The Dark Matter Horde, The Dark Star, The Shadow Queen
  • Headbutting Villains: Konrad Von Carstein, Gregor Clegane, Jeanne d'Arc Alter
  • Opposed By: The Emotions, Zamasu
  • Envious Of: House of Friendship and Camaraderie, Hall of Happiness, Generally Anyone who gets Along with Ventus and makes him Happy
  • Respects: House of Hatred and Rancor, Hall of Jealousy and Envy, Malekith, Khorne and the Hounds of War
  • Complicated Relationship: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hidenote 
  • Unwitting Pawns: Randall Boggs
  • Annoyed By: The House of Light and Brightness and the House of Dreams and Nightmares (because his minions The Unversed can’t get in either of those halls because of the unique properties of said houses)
  • Vanitas is the enigmatic and mysterious second-in-command to Master Xehanort, who wound up clashing against Master Eraqus's three apprentices, Aqua, Ventus, and Terra when the three students were investigating a series of attacks by mysterious creatures known as the Unversed all across different worlds while Vanitas aimed to aid his master in recreating the χ-blade, an ancient Keyblade that had the power to open Kingdom Hearts. During their final battle, it was revealed that Vanitas was, in fact, the personified darkness of Ventus's heart given physical form and that he was the originator and creator of the Unversed. Despite being able to recreate the χ-blade with Master Xehanort's aid, Vanitas was defeated with the combined efforts of Ventus, Aqua and King Mickey Mouse and was subsequently faded away in darkness to be merged back with Ventus, though Xehanort did succeed in taking over Terra's body to use for the next couple of years.
    • Vanitas would eventually resurface, being handpicked by Master Xehanort as part of his XIII Seekers of Darkness in another effort to recreate the χ-blade. It was also around this time where he would properly meet Sora for the first time and while their initial battles were interrupted by the sudden disturbance of Sully and Mike in Monstropolis and Aqua in the Land of Departure, Vanitas would finally face off against Sora and Ventus in the Keyblade Graveyard as the two made their effort to stop Master Xehanort. Defeated and knowing that he would have to return to his original defeat years ago, Vanitas admitted that he was darkness and that he long accepted the villainous self that he was born into. Shedding away any condescending remarks, he somberly turned down Sora and Ventus's pleas of turning good and decided to admit defeat and fade away for good.
  • Vanitas ascended into the Pantheon sometime along with Master Xehanort, though the exact circumstances of this remains a mystery, seeing as Vanitas has proven himself to be a rather enigmatic figure who doesn't bother to elaborate on circumstances for most of the time, instead choosing to bide his time and wreak havoc. That said, it is rather likely that Vanitas was bought along as Xehanort was keen on bringing along a fellow collaborator into this new realm and that Vanitas, being a personal apprentice of his, was among the best that he could consider.
    • Despite this, Vanitas in the Pantheon has been actually independent of Master Xehanort and instead acts on his own accords and desires. Most would actually consider that this would mean Vanitas would be more open to causing more chaos and mayhem, but instead, many were surprised to see that he had become a lot more reserved and mellow during his time in the Pantheon. This was especially evident after his fight against Sora and Ventus in the Second Keyblade War, in addition to having had some time in the Pantheon "growing up" in a sense, which has allowed Vanitas to become somewhat more introspective and philosophical about himself and his beliefs. He's still a crazed battle maniac who will relish in making a dreaded mess, but it is clear that Vanitas has changed in a sense, though the only way he expresses this is his more quiet, reserved, and near-affable demeanor that he developed in the Pantheon.
  • Ever since the final defeat of Master Xehanort, Vanitas has barely mentioned his former superior and instead chose to continue on being a malevolent figure. Oddly enough, both had the same goal of destroying worlds, but this was where their desires deviated; whereas Xehanort wanted to experiment and calculate his research and methods in an effort to, in his own words, balance out light and darkness, Vanitas was instead more invested in destroying worlds for the sake of it and finding a powerful opponent to face off against. Not to mention, with Xehanort and his incarnations having gone silent and inactive from the Pantheon, almost as if they've disappeared, Vanitas is now the most dangerous deity from his native realms to have come to the Pantheon.
    • There's one more thing he's since wanting to get back on, finishing what he started in Monstrolpolis and get his payback towards Mike and Sully from foiling his plans. Though he's not exactly pleased to learn that Mike and Sully have a lot of friends to help them out, Sora and Ventus included. He also doesn't take it kindly when someone tries to call Vanitas out for retreating when he very easily could have just resurfaced and attacked Mike and Sully. That said, those two aren't really his main interests, though they're still sore spots for him, Vanitas does desire to take over Monstropolis as the energy output it makes from children's screamings via fear is a potential creation ground for more Unversed. He's biding his time, waiting for the right time to strike.
  • Outside of Xehanort himself, Vanitas might just be the biggest threat from the realms that he comes from. Wielding the Void Gear Keyblade with fast, unpredictable, and chaotic blows and attacks and combined with his bloodthirsty nature, it's more than justified why so many are rather hesitant to consider making contact with Vanitas, let alone fight against him. And that's not getting into the fact that he can create the Unversed through his negative emotions, effectively making him a literal One-Man Army. While not going out to ridicule someone or randomly attacking someplace for his own amusement, Vanitas would normally lounge around the Houses of Fighting and Combat, Military and Warfare, Power and Abilities and Weapons, looking to test his blade against someone and to sharpen his Keyblade skills. Predictably, no one really likes him.
  • While he prefers to do things on his own, the fact that all of his enemies have someone to rely on or have a strong bond with made Vanitas realize that he would be needing allies to even out the score with. Because of his knack of wanting to spread misery and mayhem, he found himself getting along with The Joker pretty well. The Clown Prince of Crime was impressed by Vanitas's flair, seeing as the latter's ability to create the Unversed anywhere and anytime means that he can cause chaos at whichever place he is in and without urgency was a good way to pull off a theatrical show, in The Joker's mind that is. Vanitas also finds Joker's sense of comedy to be appreciable as it goes along with his sadistic ways of mocking and attacking others.
  • When it came down to alliances, Vanitas initially considered the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, if primary because Master Xehanort set up his allegiance there and Vanitas's utmost desire was destruction. However, once word got out of Darkseid establishing his own faction in the Harbingers of Repression, he was intrigued to discover how the Lord of Tyranny was aiming to subjugate every one of his foes to submissive torment. The fact that Darkseid was cold and calculating like Xehanort, yet no less sadistic and rage-filled like his meant that he was someone that he would find an easy time working with. While not too interested in the Anti-Life Equation, Vanitas was inducted in the Apokiliptian Blitz section, as Darkseid found promise and potential in him. Also, the sheer anger and malice drawn by the God of Apokolips mean that Vanitas can create a larger army of Unversed than before. He's since become a bigger threat than he was before.
  • While he simply clashes against Aqua and Terra, who hate him with all of their guts for how much he was hunting and tormenting them for his own amusement, Vanitas is shockingly more civil towards Ventus, though it doesn't change the fact that they're still hostile to one another. Being that Vanitas is the literal darkness of Ventus's heartnote , he sees himself as Ventus's brother or at least the dark side to Ventus's light. By extension, Vanitas also associates this with Sora, given how he was chosen to be Ventus's successor. They will clash and battle every now and then, and Vanitas does intend on taking over Ventus's heart, but he does come to see the two as Worthy Opponents and forgoes his condescending nature by being as much of a good sport as possible. He does affirm, however, that he is a willing advocator and user of Darkness, so regardless of him being nicer than usual, Sora and Ventus do concede that Vanitas is a threat that has to be dealt with.
  • As he is a being empowered by hate, Vanitas naturally feels drawn to the House of Hatred and Rancor, where, to the shock of many, he can express as much rage and frustration as he could, which further accelerates his creation of the Unversed. It's since become a safe zone for Vanitas to often drop by and relieve himself in a rather creative and dangerous way. A good deal of deities have attempted to find ways to stop Vanitas from entering the House of Hatred, but there's been little success on the matter. At one point, there was a massive surge in Unversed population which many of the heroic deities have tried to quell off. Some villains found this rather amusing and think Vanitas makes a great sporting deity for them. One exception is Zamasu, who quickly proclaimed Vanitas as a being "born of sin and condemned to do nothing but sin". In essence, Vanitas's very existence infuriated Zamasu... and Vanitas only enjoyed it more.
    • On the subject of hate, Vanitas did display one sort of Valor; being resilient and battling to the very end. This was something that the Blood God, Khorne, really appreciated and at one point, offered Vanitas an invitation to the Hounds of War. While the proposal was interesting, Vanitas declined; fighting and more fighting gets boring at times, especially without some free time to gleefully mock and brutalize his victims psychologically and emotionally. It's why he ended up favoring the Harbingers of Repression at the end of the day as his superiors are welcome to let Vanitas indulge in his sadism, so long as it doesn't compromise Darkseid and the other leading generals. Naturally, Khorne didn't take this well, though isn't giving up in trying to get Vanitas to his side.
  • Aside from hatred, another negative emotion that Vanitas reacts to strongly is jealousy. This stems from how, as he shares a connection to Ventus, he can technically see and feel anytime the latter is feeling joyful and peaceful to be with his friends and be given as much support and admiration as he could. To say this didn't affect Vanitas badly would be an understatement. With jealousy having a strong relation to anger and hate, Vanitas was inclined to visit the Hall of Jealousy and Envy where he expresses some bliss in letting out his negative emotions and practicing how to weaponize them. The Emotions, learning of just how much of a crazy madman Vanitas is, have tried to find ways to stop him, but the dark Keyblade Warrior's newfound allies have made the effort more difficult.
  • Vanitas's very character and reputation caught the interest of Yuuki Terumi, a psychopathic madman who sought to torture, ridicule, and demean everyone he came across partly because he enjoys being evil and partly because it is the hatred of others that sustains his lifeforce. Additionally, his desire to destroy the universe and remake it in his own vision stems from the fact that he is the God, Susano'o. This would have been a nice collaboration, seeing how the two have a strong kinship... but their loyalties towards differing leaders placed a wedge to that. Terumi being Zamasu's best supporter meant that having a connection to someone who works in Darkseid's ranks would frustrate the Fallen Kai, so it was best that their relationship was best to be managed without angering each other's parties too much. Vanitas and Terumi still maintain some respect for each other's malice and hate and would sometimes compete against one another without wholly antagonizing the other out of good sport.
  • He also found a good working relationship with Vaati, a sorcerer of dark magic who took an interest in the darkness of peoples' hearts and seeked to exploit this to his own advantage, in addition to wanting to become a Hylian to secure his conquest of Hyrule. Seeing how Vanitas, an artificial being, has an incredibly dark heart that fueled his innermost desires and motives certainly intrigued him and wanted to test them out. After a tough fight, Vaati and Vanitas came to see how similar they were in some respects and proposed an alliance, an act which furthered Link's animosity towards the dark Keyblade User.
  • While a maniacal and insane being, Vanitas is rational and understanding enough to bide his time, wait and be civil whenever he can be. As a result, he tends to find a hard time coordinating with those who are far too insane and driven my madness to work around with, such as Konrad von Carstein and Gregor Clegane, who are fellow bloodthirsty warriors who live to kill and butcher. While their ferocity and fear factor impresses Vanitas, they're also prone to sometimes being deficit regarding orders and thinking rationally about something, which often results in frustrating attempts for the three of them to be working together. Konrad and Gregor, however, do possess enough hatred to produce a powerful set of Unversed, so while working with them is ridiculously hard, Vanitas does find some sort of use regarding them.
    • By contrast, and to his own surprise, Vanitas found some measure of respect towards Broly. The fact that the Legendary Super Saiyan is actually capable of understanding his situation and trying to make full use of what is given to him was a welcoming thought for the dark Keyblade user, not to mention how the potential darkness Broly carries within is so potent that keeping track of him was somewhat of a necessity. Broly also saw Vanitas as a fellow strong being to work with and the idea of the two forming an alliance caused concern for the Z-Fighters, especially Goku, whom Broly has a high amount of Irrational Hate towards. Perhaps Vanitas can learn something regarding the Saiyans and figure what he can do to fight stronger beings.
  • Vanitas initially felt that Dr. Jekyll wasn't worth his time, but after hearing about the connection of Mr. Hyde, he quickly expressed interest and sought to unravel more about the split-personality phenomena. He took his time to wait until Jekyll lapsed into his Hyde persona before confronting him. Learning of the idea of permanently splitting off from his human side, Hyde quickly sought to ally with Vanitas in the hopes of achieving this goal. If Ventus had this event happen to him, then why Hyde shouldn't go through it. Vanitas does see him as a useful comrade to have, especially when he needs a fellow brute to assist him, plus the addition of more carnage simply amuses him. That said, despite mutually liking one another, once Jekyll regains control, he immediately ditches Vanitas to his own devices, which annoys the dark Keyblade User. Incidentally, it also further motivated Vanitas to try finding a way to split Jekyll and Hyde from one another; he cannot afford to lose someone who could be of use to his plans after all.
  • One of the few allies outside the Harbingers of Repression is Dark Link, who as the shadowy doppelganger of Link feels as if they have something in common, given that they are a personified sort of darknesses to a well-known hero. Dark Link feels as if Vanitas is a much-needed partner to have regarding his own feud against Link and generally, the two get along well, with the former seeking to improve his swordplay and become stronger under the latter's supervision.
    • Despite his good relations with Dark Link, Vanitas had more than enough problems in trying to get along with other dark counterparts. One of them was Dark Pit, a mirror version of Pit created by his Arch-Enemy, Medusa. However, rather than becoming evil, Dark Pit was born with a consciousness of his own and set off to seek his own path. While aloof and sometimes abrasive, even Dark Pit knew not to associate himself with Vanitas. He's had enough experience fighting against evil beings and Vanitas being a crazed madman wasn't going to be in his favor. Jeanne d'Arc Alter was initially considered by Vanitas as a potentially good ally to have, but those chances were dashed when she caught on with Vanitas's attitude and motives. Vanitas was infuriated, but this wasn't the primary impetus; Jeanne Alter, for all her feuds against the original template wishes to see her happy and well and wants to take care of the Master of Chaldea, which greatly contrasted against Vanitas's raving jealousy towards Ventus and having to live being motivated by hatred and to accept his physical and psychological darkness. Vanitas has since made efforts to attack and torture the Master of Chaldea in the hopes of coercing Jeanne Alter to join his cause, though she (alongside many others) have had to chew out on Vanitas that what he's doing is nothing more than pissing Jeanne Alter off even further and increasing their animosity. And he keeps trying, to everyone's dismay and frustration.
"Because I am darkness. And I do stand by your side. I'm the shadow that you cast. How much closer could I be?"

Intermediate Gods

    Elmer C. Albatross 
Elmer C. Albatross, God of Sociopaths With Moral Codes (Child of Calamity and Light, Smile Junkie, Mr Happy End(ing), El, El-El, Elross)

Lambda-11, Goddess of Blank Slates (The Mechanical Soul)


Lesser Gods

    Garfield Lynns/Firefly 
Garfield Lynns, God of Pyromania (Firefly)

    Koishi Komeiji 
Koishi Komeiji, The Goddess Without a Self (The Closed Eyes of Love)
  • Lesser Goddess (would be Intermediate Goddess if she had consciousness)
  • Symbol: Her closed third eye/heart with yellow and blue roses blooming from its veins
  • Theme Music: Hartmann's Youkai Girl (also With Lyrics)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (just barely)
  • Portfolio: Closed Mind, Cursed With The Power of Mind Reading And Shutting It, Third Eye, Invisible to Others Aside of Children, Blocking Mind Reading, So-Called Cheerful Child, Manipulation of Subconscious, Non-conscious Fighting, Oxymoronic Being, Hearts and Roses as Projectiles, Stronger Sibling
  • Domains: Subconscious, Emptiness, Psychics, Hearts, Roses
  • Allies: Satori Komeiji, Utsuho Reiuji, Kellam, Her Hat (it helps her relax <3)
  • Enemies(?): Hata no Kokoro
  • A satori who had the power of mind reading. Emphasis on "had". Due of the nature of mind readers, humans and youkai alike hate her and her sister. Where her sister locked herself away, Koishi decided to close her third eye to remove her powers... which as a result closed her mind entirely. Now all she does is wander aimlessly without a goal, without a will.
  • Used to be Goddess of Subconscious due of her "Embers of Love", but when judges pointed out that her ability to manipulate subconscious goes further than mere penis jokes, gods started to think about her position. In reality, she can make people see whatever she wants them to see, like their greatest fears and inner selves.
    • Eventually, due of the nature of her powers is hard to pin-point, she was given one of tropes harboured by Lambda-11 in exchange.
  • She is really unwelcome person of House of Mentalism. Her powers allow her to sneak anywhere without being spotted by most people, meaning that she can sneak up to a person plotting their latest schemes and bring up bad thoughts in their mind. Not only that, but her unorthodox fighting style makes it hard to fight her.
  • Most gods cannot recall ever seeing her (then again, neither can she) due of her powers. However, there was an incident what caused an item called Mask of Hope to make it possible for people to notice her, even giving her emotions. Unfortunaly, the mask has even since lost its powers and she has returned to her former self.
    • The original owner of the mask, Hata no Kokoro used to really want the mask back as losing it caused her emotions to go haywire. Where she might not need the mask, she still tries to get it back from Koishi sometimes.
  • If she is going fishing and she is looking for a fishing rod, you better find one quickly! Things got out of control really fast just because of that.
  • No, she is not that Hartman's Youkai Girl. Even as a god in House of War, he couldn't be able to do anything to her behaviour.
  • Has known to suddenly just call random gods repeatedly, usually only ending when she gets right behind them. She seems to do this as a way to scare people for her amusement, but how effective this is varies between person to person.

Q-Bee, Goddess of Hive Mentality
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Soul Bee (a miniature version of herself).
  • Theme Music: "Iron Horse, Iron Terror"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Hungry/Stupid
  • Portfolio: Figural and Literal Bee People, Cute Monster Girl, Stingers, Authority Equals Asskicking, Non-Mammalian Hair and Breasts, Insect Queen, Extreme Omnivore
  • Domains: Bees, Queens, Monsters, Hunger
  • Allies: Jedah Dohma, Swarm, Famine the Horseman, Crow
  • Enemies: Artix von Krieger
  • Rivals: Queen Sectoria
  • The queen bee of the Soul Bee race, a race full of quite literal Bee People. She is the queen, the rest of them are workers. Enough for her to weaponize them.
  • Her humanoid appearance is to lure humans to her, and most of the humanoid traits might not be real (like her eyes in her face; those orbs on her head are the real eyes). She captures humans and use them for breeding and to be feast upon. When she says she wants to eat you, she means it literally.
  • Where Soul Bees can devour everything for substance (like robots), they obviously feast on souls. She usually visits Famine the Horseman to see if he has any spare souls in hand.
  • Unfortunately, she is not the brightest person around. Her desire to feed her people has lead to a situation that they were on the verge of extinction due of devouring too many souls, leaving with nothing to eat. That is why gods make sure that her people don't go into a feasting rampage.
  • Is in eternal battle with Queen Sectoria and her Sectas. So far, Sectoria is winning.
    • Gained an ally within said fight by the name of Crow. This may have to due with how similar Crow views Q-Bee to another Bee princess he once kidnap by the name of Princess Apodia, even finding Sectoria too distasteful for his liking. Not that Q-Bee seems to mind (or maybe isn't even aware, not that she can be blamed for this), still seeing him as a good friend.
  • Not to be confused with Kyubey, a.k.a. QB. Not helped by the fact that Incubators eat Grief Seeds, meaning that they eat souls. She once tried to eat him, after which she commented that "Incubators taste horrible". She plans on using them to breed more Soul Bees in the future instead.



Legion, Deity (Deities?) of Mind Hives (Infiltrait0rN7)

    Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura 
Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura, Dual Gods of Wanting to be Special and Its Consequences (Super High School Level ???, Super High School Level Hope, Izuru the Ultimate X, Hajimeme, KAMUKURA KAMUKURA YAS QUEEN, Literally Just Some Guy, Hajizuru)
Izuru (left) and Hajime (right)
  • Demigod (Izuru is an Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: An evidence bullet with the kanji for 'Future' written on it (Hajime), the crosshair symbol in his irises (Izuru)
  • Theme Song: "Utae, Uso Ronaru Yorokobi wo (Enoshima's hymn)" (shared with Junko Enoshima)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Hajime), True Neutral (Izuru)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: The Ordinary, The Talented, Ambition, Apathy
  • Allies: Chiaki Nanami, Monomi/Usami, Ibuki Mioda, Makoto Naegi, Kyouko Kirigiri, Sayaka Maizono, Mikan Tsumiki, Sonia Nevermind, Peko Pekoyama, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Nekomaru Nidai, Phoenix Wright, Yu Narukami, Guy Cecil, Ichigo Kurosaki, Junpei Iori, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nagito Komaeda, Monaca Towa, Tohru Adachi (Izuru only)
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsumugi Shirogane, Tohru Adachi (Hajime only), people with god complexes, all corrupt authority figures
  • The two have a rather shocking tale: Hajime, who long desired to be special, volunteered for a project that would make him so. But the cost was erasing his personality, with the new persona being christened Izuru. The pair earned their places in the pantheon after Izuru set up the killing school trip, wherein he reverted to Hajime, who rallied the other students, helped to defeat Junko Enoshima, and returned the SHSL Despairs to their ordinary selves.
  • Hajime was very surprised to learn he’d ascended, considering himself just an ordinary and uninteresting “scrub”. Izuru, on the other hand, treated his ascension the same way he treats everything else—with a dry “how boring”. The only thing that perked him up a little was noticing that Human Chiaki had also ascended.
  • It was originally thought that Izuru was a violent Serial Killer out to destroy the world in the name of despair after Junko Enoshima broke his spirit. It was later discovered that he was only loosely affiliated with her, didn’t commit or was framed for many of the atrocities associated with him, and turned on her as soon as she wronged him by executing a certain gamer. That said, he’s still hardly a nice person and creeps most of the other deities out by virtue of being utterly impossible to read.
    • Due to this, the Future Foundation members watching Hajime to ensure he doesn’t relapse have relaxed a bit, as while Izuru isn’t harmless, he rarely acts unless provoked. So they don’t consider him as much of a threat anymore.
  • Their situation, that of being two separate personalities in the same body, isn’t a first for their franchise. But unlike Toko Fukawa, who can change her personalities with certain triggers, the two of them did not originally exist at the same time, nor could they switch—Izuru was only created when Hajime was erased, and Hajime only returned when Izuru stepped back.
    • After waking up from the Neo World Program, they found themselves reaching an accord and now share their body in harmony. Hajime seems to be controlling their body most of the time, but it’s implied Izuru is still in there, which accounts for how he can coexist with and take control from him in the pantheon.
  • They were both very happy to see Human Chiaki again, and had a rather sweet reunion. She was briefly confused upon seeing Izuru, having met him before but not gotten any answers on his situation with Hajime; once it was explained, she happily welcomed him with open arms as well. Now they spend a lot of time in the Gaming Pantheon with her, as she’s the one thing the two of them can agree on liking.
  • Hajime isn't exactly sure what to think of Nagito Komaeda. Was he justified in trying to kill everyone? Were they really friends? How much of what he says about himself is true? Does he really have a disease that's eating away at his brain and causing him to act the way he is? They seem to be getting along better after a while though.
    • Izuru’s opinion on Nagito is much more straightforward—“he’s boring”. He does seem a bit wary of him, though, having seen that while his luck can counter Nagito’s, Nagito’s is still incredibly volatile and dangerous.
  • Both Hajime and Izuru were very displeased to find that Junko had ascended, given her very long list of crimes against both the world and them as individuals. However, they know that there’s pretty much nothing they can do to pay her back, since she takes pleasure even in losing, so they just try to ignore her.
  • Hajime formally asked for forgiveness from Usami upon hearing of her ascension, and thanked her for defeating AI Junko. He also finally got to thank AI Chiaki for everything she’d done.
  • Due to the fact that they sound identical, Hajime gets along well with Narukami, Cecil, and Ichigo. He also really dislikes Adachi for being, in his words, “a nightmarish cross between Izuru and Junko”.
    • While Hajime just straight-up dislikes Adachi, Izuru’s relationship with him is more complicated. He does understand being utterly bored with the world; however, Adachi’s sociopathic and manipulative tendencies remind him too much of Junko for him to truly say he likes him. Adachi, meanwhile, often tries to convince Izuru to join him in livening up the world by killing. Most are reassured that Izuru, having tried that before and found it boring, probably won’t be taking him up on that offer.
    • About Narukami... let's not forget this line. Yu understands all too well.
  • Hajime also ended up becoming friends with Junpei Iori and Takumi Inui, as he understands the former’s desire to be special all too well and the latter’s identity crisis as a result of having split personalities.
  • One thing both of them have in common is being a source of many memes. Neither is exactly proud of this.
  • Can also be found in Identity Issues.