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Who's a good dragon? You are, yes you are!

"Dragons, they are kind and amazing creatures that can bring people together."

European Dragons are traditionally shown as forces of nature. They can only be tamed by the select few, and the ones that aren't tend to wreck villages and cities, as well as eat livestock and destroy crops. Almost like predator animals, but bigger and stronger. Expect them to be giant winged beasts, that breathe fire. Eastern dragons are usually more benign, but are powerful, almost god-like beings capable of immense destruction if they are angered.

Then you have these dragons. These dragons tend to be only slightly bigger than an adult human and have much rounder features. Expect them to be a Friend to All Living Things, or at least a Friend to All Children. If they are a lot bigger than humans, chances are they'll be a Gentle Giant. Despite their friendly nature, disturbing their friends or home can result in a major case of Beware the Nice Ones. If they aren't intelligent enough to talk, they may act like cats.


This is a fairly recent trope as far as depictions of dragons are concerned. The idea of dragons as relatable characters in their own right in European culture can probably be dated back to Kenneth Grahame's short story The Reluctant Dragon, published in 1898. It would not be until the late 20th century, though, that "cute" dragons truly became a fixture of popular culture. Nowadays, such portrayals are extremely common, to the point of almost rivaling the original, more monstrous, portrayals in number.



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  • Harry the Dragon, mascot of the Harris Teeter supermarket chain, is this kind of dragon.
  • Delbert the Dragon was the mascot for La Choy chow mein in the 1960's, wherein he would provide the dragon fire to cook the titular chow mein.

     Anime and Manga 

     Films — Animation 
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, it was the general consensus that every dragon species was considered "extremely dangerous; kill on sight" from the smallest Terrible Terror to the most ferocious Monstrous Nightmare (with the exception of Night Furies, the Book of Dragons instructing one to "hide and pray it does not find you" should you encounter it). As Hiccup was quick to discover, he learned that most species of dragons are actually just animals with a capacity of intelligence and compassion and only defend themselves from weapon-wielding humans that hope to either exterminate or exploit them and in the case of Helheim's Gate, a giant chief dragon that would eat them should they not bring it tributes. By the end of the first film, he has taught the rest of his village this and soon enough Berk has made peace with dragon-kind.
  • Mushu from Mulan is a relatively rare example of a Chinese or Eastern dragon being depicted this way.
  • Xiao Shen Long from the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf film Mission Incredible: Adventures on the Dragon's Trail gets into action only to fight the villainous dragons, but other than that he's quite friendly towards the goats (and wolves) and teaches them some martial arts moves to use on their journey.

     Films — Live-Action 

  • Discworld features Captain Vimes's clumsy pet dragon Errol.
  • Falkor from The Neverending Story is a Luckdragon, a white Eastern-style dragon covered in fur known for their intelligence, optimism and being lucky. A luckdragon's voice is described as being like "the golden note of a large bell", and their singing is the stuff of legends. Swooping in to save the day when things seem at their most dire is kind of his thing in general throughout the book.
  • My Father's Dragon: Dragons in general are friendly, but Elmer forms a special bond with one in particular.
  • In the InCryptid novel, Discount Armageddon, the dragon William turns out to a be a fairly Nice Guy despite being a giant fire-breathing behemoth. He is a fairly good husband and is friends with The Heroine Verity Price.

    Mythology and Religion 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • CHIKARA had Dragon Dragon, a guy in a foam green dragon costume. That was it, and it got over as soon as he walked out to the ring at Running In The Red on November 13, 2005. He was a pure Face, and Oleg The Usurper was notorious for destroying him at WiF! (Wrestling Is Fun!) Ripe For The Picking on July 27, 2013.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Magellan from Eureeka's Castle is a friendly dragon who is taken care of by Eureeka. He doesn't always understand new concepts, his tail seems to have a mind of its own, and whenever he gets upset, he tends to make sneezes powerful enough to shake the whole castle.
  • Süsü, the protagonist of Süsü, a sárkány is a friendly, kind-hearted and somewhat dim-witted dragon who befriends the citizens of a medieval-type kingdom.

    Video Games 
  • Pokémon has several Dragon type Pokémon that look more like giant plushies than some of the other Dragon types:
    • Pokémon Red and Blue. The original Dragon type Pokémon: Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite from the first generation. All of them are as cute as a button (well, Dragonair is more beautiful), and Dragonite is known for helping humans drowning or lost a sea. That said, it's also the first pseudo-legendary Pokemon and shouldn't be angered.
    • Altaria from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is an odd example. It's a part Dragon-type for some inexplicable reason, but it's a large, gentle fluffy bird with cloud wings with no visibly draconic features, and sings in a beautiful soprano that makes you feel like you're in a dream. It's Pokedex talks about it hugging its trainer with said wings. In the remakes, it gains a Mega Evolution which makes it even fluffier and gains the Fairy type. Also, it looks humorously ridiculous when wet because those clouds "deflate."
    • While Pokémon Black and White's Haxorus is not an example, its pre-evolution Axew is downright adorable. Iris in the anime even lets hers ride in her hair!
    • Pokémon X and Y introduced the Goomy line: Goomy, Sliggoo, and Goodra, Expies of the Dratini line of the first generation. All three of them remain cute though their evolutions, with Goodra being so friendly to its Trainer it loves to give them big hugs. Unfortunately, they're all covered in slime, and a hug from Goodra will get you slimed as well.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon has the Normal/Dragon Type Pokémon Drampa, a lovable grandfatherly type whose uses of great power happen to be because you should Beware the Nice Ones; this Pokemon is known for growing attached to children, especially.
  • Spyro the Dragon: The titular character, despite his snarkiness, is quite friendly towards other people he meets. That doesn't mean he's soft on his enemies, however.
  • World of Warcraft usually has serious godlike or evil dragons, but a few are more silly. In particular, the Bronze Dragonflight is most likely to be played for laughs due to hanging out in an Eldritch Location between time. Except for in the Bad Future where they become the Infinite Dragonflight.
    • Chronormu is the ambassador of the bronze dragons. Though she's actually quite smart, she always has her head poking into different timelines, giving her a Ditzy Genius personality. She also usually prefers to remain shapeshifted as a gnome named Chromie, making her come off as even more quirky.
    • Faerie dragons (while not actual dragons in lore) are usually depicted this way. They're adorable nature spirits who want to share magic and be your friend. Then again, they're a major case of Beware the Nice Ones, since they don't really understand mortal rules and have been known to eat people they don't like.
  • In Anna's Quest, an entire religion is built around a good Red Dragon that saved the world. Anna also helps to reunite a mother dragon with its lost child, and the dragon repays Anna by transporting her to distant places.
  • Sub Terra Draconis stars a cute little dragon who wants to build the biggest hoard ever.
  • World of Mana has the recurring Flammie, who serves as the Global Airship in some games. While their backstory and even gender are different each game, Flammie is consistently depicted as childlike (except in Heroes of Mana), friendly, and a loyal ally to the heroes.
  • Taiko No Tatsujin:Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb has Raruko, a cute, friendly little dragon who's Princess Soprano's friend, and teams up with Don-chan on his quest to find the seven orbs to restore Soprano's stolen voice.


    Western Animation 
  • All the dragons from Dragon Tales seem to be the size of adults compared to the kids and are all super friendly to the kids who visit them.
  • In the Gummi Bears episode, "Someday My Prints will Come", Tummi finds a mechanical decoy that makes dragon footprints, and when he bounces across the kingdom of Dunwyn with it, he lures a dragon out of her cave. This dragon is the friendliest dragon in the kingdom, in contrast to the stereotype of large dragons. The Gummi Bears befriend her and defend her from the knights of Dunwyn, who think the footprints that were made by the dragon decoy were made by a real dragon.
  • The dragon from Jane and the Dragon is a bigger example than most, but when Jane went to slay him, he turned out to be sweet and the two became friends. He's shown to be very protective of Jane, and hurting her is not a good idea.
  • Muppet Babies (2018): In the series' first episode, "Sir Kermit the Brave", when Kermit gets separated from the rest of the babies, he meets a polyester dragon named Belladotta of Sweaterhelm, or Dot for short. Dot helps him overcome his fear of the dark by revealing that she's afraid of the dark as well, and she reunites him with his friends. In a later episode, "Puppy For a Day", Dot helps the babies search for Rizzo, who pretends to be a puppy to teach them about responsibility, when he goes missing.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Due to being raised by Twilight Sparkle ever since being hatched, Spike ends up being the nicest dragon in the entire show along with having interests in things that other dragons would consider lame.
  • Show Within a Show example: Bonky from the Recess episode "Bonky Fever" is a dragon who serves as the show's equivalent to Barney the Dinosaur; he's a Friend to All Children and beloved by kindergarteners, but disliked by older children. Mikey briefly goes through a phase where he develops an obsession with Bonky out of fear of turning 10.
  • Animaniacs (2020) had a dragon named Benedict in the short "How to Brain Your Dragon", who had an interest in the arts. He destroys the castle at the end of the episode, but it was an accident induced by his over-acting.

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